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  • File : 1321676652.jpg-(31 KB, 600x300, dark-souls(1).jpg)
    31 KB Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:24 No.16960401  
    This as a campaign would be absolutely amazing.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:28 No.16960418
    I'm playing a 4e campaign where my DM is sampling some of the boss fights. I've never played the game, but our Warlord is a big vidya fan, so he spotted it right away.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:28 No.16961144
         File1321684106.jpg-(905 KB, 875x1149, 1275512204683.jpg)
    905 KB
    Honestly, I'd enjoy the setting as a whole outside of Lordran. Adventure your way through Astora and Catarina and all those countries.

    It's hard to translate the basic concept of the game to tabletop because Dark Souls is an action game, but you can make up for it with Original D&D-style traps and monsters that rely more on figuring out a weakness than straight-up fighting.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:33 No.16961182
         File1321684407.jpg-(127 KB, 627x877, 1319264239477.jpg)
    127 KB
    OH HO
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:36 No.16961197
         File1321684589.jpg-(352 KB, 1000x657, astrea.jpg)
    352 KB
    first they make me kill garl and astrea, then i talk with quelaag's sister.
    fuck you from software, i play these games to kill monster's, not innocents
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:37 No.16961203
    >first they make me kill garl and astrea
    You only need 3 out of 5 souls to unlock the door to 1-3. So no, you don't have to kill Garl and Astraea. You're just not used to the idea of doing something in a game besides MURDER, you monster.
    >> Iron Lung 11/19/11(Sat)12:30 No.16963601
    Doesn't work that way.
    All the greater souls have to be gathered to unlock the pit of th nexus. Just slaying the False King isn't enough.
    Aestraea must die.
    It's a dark, fucked up world. And there's a trophy for bagging Halfbreed Priscilla.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)12:34 No.16963625
    Ornstein and Smough are already bad enough, why would you subject people to them in pen and paper.

    Although lordran and anor londo would be awesome as settings.

    I heard a theory that the number one sunbro is actually gwyns son and a god of war who was kicked out of divinity for doing something stupid (presumably challenging his father?)
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)12:35 No.16963635
    Actually - it would be terrible. The setting is good enough but the be-kill-and-repeat be-kill-and-repeat doesn't work well for pen-and-paper, roleplay-heavy games.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)13:05 No.16963804
    >doesn't work well for pen-and-paper, roleplay-heavy games
    lol @ this
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)13:06 No.16963809
    MOstly true, but you could play it like Call of Cthulhu with the knowledge that you will shortly be dead. Revel in your time!
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)16:02 No.16964825
    ...why anyone would kill her? she anit attacking anyone
    aslo if this really was a pnp or tabletop game the gm must be a killer gm or an asshole
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)16:06 No.16964839

    That, of course, is a problem of mechanics, not setting. And if you translate it to pen-and-paper, well, you won't have the same mechanics anymore now will you?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)16:23 No.16964920
    I was thinking of trying to design a game based around dark souls. It would probably take place outside of Lordran, based around the idea that some undead go into hiding, and avoid being captured and sent to the undead asylum. I'm haven't decided on what system I'd use (possibly a heavily modified Riddle of Steel or Warhammer fantasy RP).

    Whatever system I ended up using, I'd add in a Humanity as "currency", 1 would be consumed every time a PC died (and if it consumed their last humanity, they'd be brought back as a Hollow). It would be extremely rare outside of Lordran. PC's would have a very small chance of getting one after killing humans/human-like monsters. The only surefire way of getting humanity would be to kill another undead and take it off of him. Not sure if I'd have it so an Undead can drain all the Humanity upon killing another, or only enough that they can come back once.

    The goal behind the Humanity system is to give a sense of paranoia to the players, due to the irony that other Undead are the only people Undead can reveal their identity to without fear of persecution, but they're also the most dangerous. Also being able to come back allows the GM to play more hardball with encounters (and takes off stress to design battles that are hard enough to be a challenge, but not so hard that someone dies). And it could be fun to see how bloodthirsty players get once they start running low on Humanity.

    What do you guys think? Sorry if it was to long
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)16:53 No.16965114
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)16:56 No.16965129
    Demon's Souls was better.

    Just saying.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)17:01 No.16965174
    and i respect you opinion
    but i prefer dark souls its bigger and has more stuff to do and die, in my eyes
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)19:39 No.16966065
    That sounds pretty awesome actually, makes for a lot of potential interesting betrayal.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)00:23 No.16967802
    I'd had a similar idea, but for Fantasy Craft instead.
    Make humanity loss from death a form of permanent stress damage, with the character's Charisma mod being the only form of DR against it.
    Make death sudden, frequent, and awful.
    Serve cold.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)00:24 No.16967809
    Talk about a railroad fest.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)00:50 No.16967995
    Go away troll you obviously have never played Darksouls.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:55 No.16969749
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)06:00 No.16969781
    You have to include bloodstains. Some of those are just goddamn hilarious.
    >Message: Imminent Death
    >Message: Demon ahead
    >Message: Try fleeing
    >Bloodstain: Armoured knight walks forward, stops, then turns around at a dead run before suddenly flying sideways over a cliff
    >Seems legit
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)06:05 No.16969815

    If I tried to play a game of Dark Souls with my PnP group, we'd end up doing nothing but the "PRAISE THE SUN" gesture the entire time.

    >Alright guys, let me see your character sheets aaaaaand you're all Warriors of Sunlight.
    >Seriously? Nobody wants to be a Way of White, or a Dark Moon, or Gravelord?
    >And why is the character description for all of you just-
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)10:37 No.16971088

    Your friends give sunbro's a bad name.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)10:41 No.16971117
         File1321803666.png-(171 KB, 1300x1091, 1321796947002.png)
    171 KB
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)10:44 No.16971138
    This, this is a terrific idea.
    Doubly so for those really random deaths where someone just stands up, turns around, and leaps off a cliff.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)10:46 No.16971154
    You'd have to essentially create the backstory yourself. Darksouls is like a first person PoV novel, the read learns nothing that the character doesn't learn. You can miss almost 75% of Dark Souls story line if you miss a few key items and conversations. Which is sad for the game, but gives DMs great opportunity.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:06 No.16971291
         File1321805190.jpg-(67 KB, 700x990, 24197-dark-souls-gwyn-lord-of-(...).jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:08 No.16971304
    Do you even find anything out about the places outside of Lordran? I can't remember anything other than small tidbits, like how the knights of Catarina don't like being called onion heads.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)11:11 No.16971323
    The character creations options tell a little.
    Dubious Carim, Joyful Catarina, Redneck Great Swamp people.
    It's not much to go on, but taken with the rest of what there is you get sweeping generalizations like "Vinheim is full of intrigue and pricks. Magical ability can be critical determiner of personal success. There are both 'pure' Sorcerers and hybrid Mage-Knights amongst her forces."
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:17 No.16971374
    Not a lot to go on, to be honest. That was one of my big gripes with Dark Souls. I didn't really get a sense of what the world outside was like. Heck, I didn't even really get why linking the fire was so important, or why the outside world sent people to the undead asylum in the first place.

    Unless all of the outside world was turning into something like the Undead Burg.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:19 No.16971390

    >Undead asylum
    Because undead tend to go hollow and they didn't want to re-kill them outright.

    >Linking the fire
    To prevent more undead to happen.

    Have fun being cinder for the flame until some other schmuck comes along to take your place in a thousand years.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:22 No.16971410
         File1321806136.jpg-(29 KB, 512x287, neat.jpg)
    29 KB
    >Dark Souls thread on /tg/

    Fuck yeah


    I liked that you only knew what your player knew, and only if you searched for it, instead of having to pass through endless cutscenes.

    It would be really cool to know more about the setting of course.

    >Unless all of the outside world was turning into something like the Undead Burg.

    Well it is said that some kingdoms were getting attacked by hordes of undead, like the land of the Balder knights and Knight King Rendal.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:23 No.16971418
    The point is not knowing. Dark Souls' main theme is loneliness.

    >Playing Dark Souls after a sudden break up with a girlfriend that lived with you for a year is REALLY weird.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:23 No.16971420

    I meant character, not player.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:23 No.16971428
    I'd say there's enough info given about the outside world to give a GM a base to make his own world. Though I suppose some GM's might prefer a setting that's already completely fleshed out. I myself love world building, but I can understand how it might not be for everyone
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:27 No.16971457
    I'm pretty sure the good end is killing Gwyn and walking out like a boss.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:29 No.16971462
    I know the theme is loneliness, but it's just getting on my nerves a bit. I've played through Dark Souls twice, and I'm still not entirely sure why you do everything you do, unlike in Demon's Souls, where it's pretty clear why it's so important to lull the Old One back to sleep.

    That said, I think Dark Souls is the better game. Demon's Soul just gave a better picture of the entire world, I thought.

    While on the subject of the lore though, why did Seath have a Lord's Soul? IIRC, the intro says Gwyn, Nito, the Witch of Izalith and the Pygmy found a Lord's soul each, and there's no mention of Seath having one. And what is the Bed of Chaos? I remember reading a theory that it was the Witch of Izalith gone wrong, any truth to that?
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)11:30 No.16971464
    Ok, so Fire Linking is critical because the fires of world, both the divine and the mundane, are going out and not coming back.
    Like literally, mundane physical combustion is slowly failing to work.
    This is tied to the Gwyn, the god of Sunlight and the first Lord of Fire. No one's quite sure how.
    So if someone doesn't find out why, the world goes dark and the Age of Fire ends.

    The Asylum's an odd deal. It's not about compassion per se, but ritual. There a prophecies about salvation being brought by an Undead hero. It's probably also a necessary way of dealing with people who might be important politically but are both A) not staying dead and B) 100% guaranteed to go insane.
    A nation being plagued by a handful of deranged, unkillable Nobles could have some serious fucking problems.
    It's also hard to judge just how messed up things are. The Undead Burg is clearly deserted, but the Asylum look's like it's been a century since any kind of maintenance was done.
    Were there ever caretakers? Did the demons run them off?
    Was Anor Lando and it's lower tier areas an actual city before? Why do the guardians of Anor Lando always attack you, even if you're in the Princess Guard?
    That shit's simply not right is surely part of the atmosphere, but to know a little more wouldn't be so bad.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:31 No.16971479
    Bed of Chaos and all the chaos creatures and demons in general happened when the witches of izalith attempted to create a copy of the first flame.

    If I recall correctly, Seath got a part of Gwyn's soul, just like the lol4king did.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:32 No.16971485
         File1321806727.jpg-(34 KB, 500x397, Couchsurfer.jpg)
    34 KB
    pic motherfucking related.

    I've been saying this all week, my DM's been coming over to mine to watch me get shat on by the bosses for ideas for our campaign too.

    I've never played a more satisfying game on an off note
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:32 No.16971490
    Walking out is the bad ending. You're supposed to deal with the fire.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:32 No.16971497

    >Seath the scaleless

    In the description of the lord's souls it says that Gwyn gave a piece of his soul to him, same with the four kings of New Londo

    >Bed of chaos

    Also in the description of the Lord's soul, apparently the witch tried to replicate the first flame, but everything went wrong and the bed of chaos was born, the witch probably died or became part of the bed of chaos.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)11:33 No.16971499
    The Bed of Chaos is the Witch of Izalith after trying to replicate the Fire of Creation, and it reconfiguring her into her insane, nightmarish state.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:33 No.16971502
         File1321806810.jpg-(87 KB, 620x700, 1320714116384.jpg)
    87 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:33 No.16971504
    I fucking attacked him by accident, now I can't go anywhere near that bridge without getting chased by lightning bolts all the way into the drakes mouth
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:34 No.16971506
    I've heard people saying this. I don't see why it's the "good" end. Neither end is really great. Either you link the fire and doom yourself to become the next Gwyn, and keep perpetuating the loop I guess, or you let the world descend into darkness and rule the insane undead.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:34 No.16971511
    Sounds good
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:35 No.16971521
    Start a new game, Brolaire is the best thing that will happen to you in this game.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)11:36 No.16971528
         File1321807019.gif-(787 KB, 480x360, applause.gif)
    787 KB
    Fucking brilliant.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:37 No.16971532
    I can't believe I never thought to check the Lord's Souls descriptions. Thanks for clearing that up. So you only really collect three Lord's Souls, the Pygmys being the one you don't get, and the one Kaathe calls the Dark Soul.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:38 No.16971535
    So guys, what's the real difference between Dark Souls and Demon's Souls? Because, from what I've seen so far, it just looks like a rehashed Demon's Souls.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:38 No.16971536
         File1321807102.jpg-(42 KB, 332x700, 34873476346.jpg)
    42 KB

    Pretty much, yeah


    Lost Izalith is a cool place
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)11:40 No.16971547
         File1321807238.jpg-(7 KB, 204x247, datass1.jpg)
    7 KB
    To an extent, it is.
    There is some recycled content, shined and tuned to a higher quality.
    What's the difference? Dark Souls is MOAR mode. Demon's Souls is worth playing, but Dark is just....MOAR.
    MOAR Weapons.
    MOAR Magic.
    MOAR Enemies.
    MOAR fucked-up stuff happening.
    Etc, etc.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:41 No.16971552
    I have no clue what to do with this egg head thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:41 No.16971553
    I have every intention of playing it through again when I'm done this play through, so I'm just fucking about learning the enemies and shit instead of playing like I should atm
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:42 No.16971565
    Dark Souls improved a lot on Demon's Souls, with some minor steps back, in my opinion. The mechanics are MOSTLY the same, but the areas, characters, bosses and story is all new, with a few cameos from Demon's Souls.

    I gotta save Solaire sometime. Breaks my heart everytime I reach Lost Izalith and I can't help him.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:43 No.16971567
    The atmosphere is entirely different, there are many, many new mechanics, there are a lot of safety nets that are gone, and this game will fuck your mother in the ass while the first gets the mouth.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:43 No.16971568
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:48 No.16971601
    It just bugs me how they did some things great and messed up some other stuff.

    The level up system, for example, is great. You just increase the stats and press ok, instead of pressing ok for every single stat raise. But you can't tell how many souls you need for a level, unless you have enough already. Which just bugs me.

    PVP is another thing. Not having to be hollow to invade is great. Nearly entirely removing the ability to invade for the first 70% of the game? Not so great.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:50 No.16971624
    Good news, they will show you the souls needed in the next patch. Should the patch ever arrive.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:51 No.16971634

    I think they are fixing the level up system in the patch, you should be able to see the required souls.

    Yeah, the darkwraith covenant is badly designed in that aspect, that doesn´t stop people from beating LMAO4KING at SL1 though
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:52 No.16971641
    I'm assuming there's a good few players in here...

    Can anyone tell me if I'm wasting my time levelling my strength to use the Black Knight's greatsword / Stone greatshield?

    Feels like I could be using it to do something else useful other than Str 38 / dex 18 with average other stats
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:54 No.16971653
    Strength is a viable build, but apparently you shouldn't raise it over 66
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:54 No.16971661
    That's great. I'd really like some low level PVP too, though. It just goes to shit at SL50+, which is where you usually get a chance to PVP.

    I also wish they'd add some conversation for the Dragon and Gravelord convents. There's a freaking surviving dragon, why can't it tell you about the dragons side of the war. What was the war all about in the first place?
    Same with Nito, what's his story? Why did he throw in his lot with Gwyn and the rest? What's the purpose of the Gravelord convent?
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)11:56 No.16971669
    Big Hat Logan just lost his shit, and I''ve got a knot in my throat even I layer on Magic Resistant armor.

    Actually the weapons even out pretty decently as you start upgrading them completely. Assuming you're not dead set on being a PvP master (at which point you just want some clever build that has nothing to do with what you like otherwise) what you fight best with is what will serve you best over all.
    I'm a Warpick mother-mother-fucker myself.
    And the Stone Shield is seriously decent. That and Havel's Shield are the last word in walking through the shitstorm like you just don't care.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:58 No.16971676
    Honestly, I liked that you didn't know how many souls you needed.
    I thought that was the whole point.
    They want you to get yourself killed, to take another risk.
    like this:

    >hmm, did I need 15k or 16k? I guess I'll go a little bit further, fight a couple more guys before I head back
    >sword in the dick

    The only way to check if you're achieved a level is to go to a bonfire and bring all the enemies back to life! Huzzah!

    On a different note more related to the thread, I think we could put the tomb of horrors just as a zone in this world and it would fit right in.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:59 No.16971681
    Fucking A, I'm glad I spent my souls getting strength enough to use it if you're mentioning Havel's shield in the same sentence as it.

    Any tips for fighting the Moonlight Butterfly / or w/e the hell it's called in Darkroot Garden?

    Also, I've been planning a campaign on this game since I started it, my current group only has one other player but they're all looking forward to it
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:00 No.16971689
    I started out with a strength build when I first played, but it was pretty harsh. After I beat Gwyn I started a new character and focused more on vitality and endurance, and used weapons that don't scale with stats as much, and had a lot easier time. Of course, it comes down to knowing what to expect the second time around as well, but Gwyn turned from a monster at SL74 with my first char to a fun, somewhat challenging fight at SL67 with my second.

    Take this as you will.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:01 No.16971692
    Agreed about the Covenants.

    The War was basically for creation. With Fire came change, and contrast.
    With Fire mortals gained potency, and rebelled against the dragons.
    The mortal pantheon, such as it was, were united against the Dragons. Beyond that, everything else was fair game.
    And I think...._think_ the lack of information about those two Covenants is actually the point.
    They're greater powers. Beyond easy comprehension as you are to your dog. You abase yourself before them, and you serve to gain a fraction of what they are.
    It's not logical, it's primal.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:01 No.16971695
    Put on your best magical resistence gear, get roughly 2 dozen firebombs, dodge its attacks until it lands and then throw a lot of stuff at it.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:04 No.16971716
    Ahh, the butterfly.
    Endurance. It'll land after a few minutes gadding about. Youv'e got about 15 secs to really punish it before it goes nova. It's homing blasts are stupidly deadly, so keep your HP high and measure your evasions carefully.
    Repeat until victory.
    It does straight Magic damage, so prepare accordingly. There's an NPC phantom's sign in the weeds at the base of the stairs. She's a caster, and makes for terrific support fire if you can survive the trip there alive.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:06 No.16971729
    Tips for the butterfly?
    Get a humanity, summon the witch girl. her sign is in some weeds under the staircase in the tower.
    She will practically do the fight for you. Keep her healed, toss a few hits when you can, try not to get hit much.
    Now let's try not to get too sidetracked into DS General here, there's more than enough sunbros on /v/ for this help.

    Have we decided what system we prefer for running a Dark Souls campaign yet?
    Dare I say it, but the D&D4e healing surges remind me of estus flasks.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:06 No.16971730
    Mm, statless weapons are odd.
    Like, a Lightning or Fire weapon's beastly. But Raw is kinda weak.
    I got a Butcher's Knife, and it starts at B Strength. I'm running it straight to +15, and it looks like it'll be nearly 500 damage at 50 Strength when it gets there.
    Lots to learn.
    Goddamn I love Dark Souls.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:07 No.16971731

    Just came back from lunch. To add to this, the humans speak a diferent language than the one the ancient lords and their people speak.

    For example, you can only speak to Quelana, leader of the chaos covenant, if you have the old witch's ring (or pendant, I'm not sure)
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:08 No.16971739
    Healing surges etc are very easy implemented in whatever system you take. I don't think a class system would work very well for Dark Souls.

    I'd say The Riddle of Steel.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:09 No.16971740
    Not what I meant. When you're at the bonfire, you don't know how many souls you need to level up. In Demon's Souls it said something like "674 souls needed" when you were leveling up with the Maiden. In Dark Souls it says "674 souls needed" only if you actually have 674 or more souls already.

    Dodge the beams, hit it when it lands. Keep in front of it, and keep a good shield up. I had the most trouble dodging the nails it threw out in a grid pattern. The rest you just gotta roll when it's about to hit you.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:09 No.16971741
    Got it in one -the Old Witch's Ring.
    She doesn't really help explain much, but get _Infected_ and then return to her manservant egg-bearer, and he gets positively chatty.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:11 No.16971755
    I think she's only called "The Fair Lady", since Quelana is a different person.

    Also, what happened if you heal her by offering Humanity to her enough times?
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:14 No.16971773
    AFAIK, and I say this with some serious disappointment, _nothing_.
    I got rank 3, with 80 Humanity given, and she didn't change even her dialogue.
    Now THAT is a FeelsBadMan.jpg moment.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:15 No.16971779

    >There's a freaking surviving dragon, why can't it tell you about the dragons side of the war. What was the war all about in the first place?

    If you talk with the merchant Domhall (the one with that awesome horned helmet with glasses that you probably all know) he tells you a little about the dragon covenant, but nothing really important, only that there's a survivingeverlasting dragon somewhere and that some guys protect him and practice to become dragons themselves.

    As for Nito, even if you could talk to him, he probably wouln´t want to, he doesn´t look like that kind of guy.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:15 No.16971784
    Something I've been wondering about. I read a theory that the Pygmy is the original human, and he was known as the Pygmy because the original people, the people of Anor Londo, were giants. Which makes sense in a way, except everything in Anor Londo is human sized. Anyone else heard about this theory?
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:18 No.16971807
    I hadn't. Not sure what to make of it.

    Curiously, a friend was watching me farm Humanity amongst the mini skeletons, and he said, "huh, they're little pygmy undead?"
    Yeah, I had a MFW moment. They ARE PYGMY UNDEAD.
    They aren't literally _baby_ skeletons. The proportions are wrong. They could be Pygmy dead, however...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:20 No.16971818
    I made a passing joke theory way back on /v/ once along those lines saying the crow isn't gigantic, it's normal sized and we're all adventuring in tiny town, and so on.
    I don't think it really matters though, there's no real frame of reference.
    It's a land of impossible things stacked on top of improbable things, wrapped around batshit loco.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:23 No.16971836
         File1321809793.gif-(1.18 MB, 260x197, dragonslayer bow.gif)
    1.18 MB

    Well, it seems most races are more or less the same with diferences in height.

    My guess is that Anor Londo's average citizen was not taller than a silver knight, but still taller than the humans (pygmys), the Fuckhuge guards and the blacksmith in Anor Londo are a separate race.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:23 No.16971837
    What happened to the Pygmy anyway? Kaathe mentions he found the Dark Soul, but I don't remember if there was any big significance to that.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:24 No.16971847
         File1321809857.jpg-(102 KB, 640x480, 1320163761770.jpg)
    102 KB
    I should have known better, but when I heard "kiln of the first flame", I will expecting a WoW-esque shades of red dungeon.

    My face when I descended the stairs and found nothing but cold ash.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:26 No.16971862
         File1321810003.gif-(500 KB, 198x198, 982389573486.gif)
    500 KB

    >mfw I looked at the sky in the kiln

    Same with the ash lake, I love the atmosphere in this game.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:27 No.16971868
    Is that a good face or a bad face?
    I liked the vast drifts of ash. Terrifically poetic.
    I was a bit disappointed there wasn't more to do there, but I got over it fast enough.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:29 No.16971879
    A good face. I was happy to be saddened by the atmosphere. I think Dark Souls really got the "era of glory coming to an end" feeling down.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:30 No.16971886
    Here's the thing though.
    This game really does have an amazing atmosphere.
    Running as a campaign will take some careful descriptions to try and get that same punch.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:31 No.16971892
    OH god yes.
    When I first got to the Ash Lake and heard the choral music, I flipped my shit.
    Nothing good comes of areas with permanent music in Dark Souls. Even Firelink Shrine.
    And then I saw the Hydra vault, oh so gracefully, the sandbar, and it was TIME TO PANIC!
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:32 No.16971902



    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:43 No.16971996
         File1321811015.jpg-(27 KB, 215x233, macha baw.jpg)
    27 KB

    I gotta whine about one thing, however: sonuvabitch the achieve The Honor of a Knight is going to be hard to get.
    I spent two hours failing to chop off Seathe's tail, and there are dozens of rare-drop weapons!
    Fucking Titanite Catch Pole.
    Fucking Titanite DEMONS!
    I'm taking this all the way, but goddamn I still my shit kicked once in a while.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:54 No.16972085
    I loved reaching Ash Lake for the first time. But I couldn't help but wonder how it fits in with the rest of the world geographically. It's the place Gwyn and the rest fought the dragons, or at least looks like it. It's also way below Lordran, but Lordran is stuck way up in the mountains. So is this underground just under Lordran, or does it stretch all the way under the rest of the world? Or is it actually on the surface? If it's on the surface, it should be reachable from other places in the world, which begs the question why it's untouched.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)12:59 No.16972115
    I....have no idea.
    I think it might be directly below and far beneath the Kiln of the First Flame..?
    That ash could've washed in from the original ignition blast, and settled amongst the roots of the many, many titanic trees down there.
    So many mysteries.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:02 No.16972137

    The geography is kind of fucked up, if yoy reach the kiln of the first flame you'll se a sky when you yould be underground.

    I remember reading a theory about Lordran bein an inverted world or something, but I'm not really sure.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:03 No.16972141
    It's the First Flame. The flame is going out. Hence, ash everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:03 No.16972144



    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:03 No.16972151
    I think the kiln is extradimensional.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:04 No.16972154
    But then again, maybe the stairs transport you to another world. Speaking of, did anyone else love teh part when you go down those stairs and there are all these incorporeal black knights walking amongst you? Gave me chills.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:04 No.16972155
    I hate having to theorise about everything, but getting everything explained would ruin the charm.

    It's a catch 22.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:07 No.16972164

    maybe, but in the intro of the game you see the base of the archtrees, and then you go underground and see the first flame.


    When I reached that place I instantly remembered the description of the black knight sword, when it says they were all burned by the kindled flame.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:08 No.16972173
    T'was jaw-dropping.

    Well put.

    An interesting observation. The Lordvessel does, after all, allow you to _warp_ between fires...
    Does kind of suggest a Godwin's Law sort of scenario, that the player and the other NPC's are mucking around with things who's nature they have only the dimmest grasp of.
    I was surprised that, for example, Nito was such an easy fight. I was expecting something like the original Leechmonger -him constantly draining me, while he regenerates.
    But maybe that was the point. And that's why Nito has servants now. Because he _has_ far less power then he did.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:11 No.16972191
         File1321812690.jpg-(46 KB, 405x405, 238975235.jpg)
    46 KB

    >But maybe that was the point. And that's why Nito has servants now. Because he _has_ far less power then he did.

    That actually makes sense, in his Lord's soul description it says that part of his power was already offered to death.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:24 No.16972278
    i think he is weaker because there are more UNdead than dead but i dont really now how his power works

    aslo there is info on priscilla? because i just dunno she look so lonely and sad and all that...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:26 No.16972297
    Someone on the internet suggested she might be the daughter of Seath and a giant, but that's about all I've heard. I can't recall there being any real mention of her in the game at all, or the painted world of Artorias for that matter.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:29 No.16972314
    Gwynevere's daughter, most likely with Seath. Because of her half-god, half-dragon ancestry, she is considered and abomination and has been treated like shit her entire life before finally being shoved into the painting and simply ignored, something that she is actually incredibly thankful for.
    This is why she simply asks you to leave over and over again when you get to her 'fight' - because you're not meant to be here, only she is meant to be here, you have to leave or you'll get her in trouble and they might make her leave the painting again!
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:29 No.16972318
    Priscilla is described as "an abomination to all life" in her soul's fluff text.
    She's half dragon, and half something else. And it's apparently entirely, absolutely wrong that she exists at all. No clue.

    She's lonely for being persecuted. That said there's quite a bit about Araimis that goes unexplained.
    Like, why are there other people/Hollows in that picture? Did they all get sucked in and trapped? What about the Harpies? What the fuck is up with them? And that Undead Dragon. And the Phalanx-things.
    Her weapons is called Life-Hunter. I can't help but think that's significant somehow.
    She also breathes frost. I wonder if the subtext is that she's a creation of Seathe.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:30 No.16972320

    Peculiar Doll description:
    A strange doll in strange dress.

    There once was an abomination who had
    no place in this world. She clutched this
    doll tightly, and eventually was drawn into
    a cold and lonely painted world.

    Lifehunt Scythe description:
    Scythe born from the soul of Priscilla, the
    stark white crossbreed trapped inside the
    Painted World of Ariamis.
    Even the Gods feared Priscilla's lifehunt
    ability, and in the hands of a mortal, its
    power will turn upon its wielder.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:31 No.16972324
    A Giant.
    That does make sense.
    She also has the Anor Lando accent. Lots of Thee's and Thou's, like the Giant Blacksmith. Also like Dusk, come to think of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:32 No.16972341
    About the geography.

    Let's start off with Anor Londo, the city of gods, crossroad of the world and a fucklonely place. It is the bedrock, the thing towers above all. Then theres the Duke's Archives and then the Crystal Caves, most likely built upon a dead vulcano, Mars mountain level.
    Then there's Sen's Funhouse, glued to Anor Londo and the Undead Parish with Burg and Firelink Shrine. Then shit goes sideways.
    New Londo is underneath Firelink and connected to Valley of Drakes.
    Valley of Drakes is connected to Funtown and Dickstabforest. And the Valley isn't one, it's two narrow paths with a fall to underworld.
    Funtown seems to be the shithole of Anor Londo, with dem trees and all. Quelaag's Domain is quite straighforward going down.
    Back to Firelink. From there you can go to the Catacombs and down to Tomb of Giants. You'll go down quite a nice distance, then suddenly in the tomb, light. And fuckhuge Trees. Just like in Ashlake.
    Back to funtown, wade through the loads of fun and go down the Great Hollow to Ash Lake (oooooh), oh shit, big trees everywhere.
    Then there's Kiln, Kiln is located under Firelink, but has a open sky. If you look back towards the shrine you'll a fuckhuge wall the overshadows you.
    So, my theory for a fantasy world.

    The world is supported by fuckhuge trees that grow underground, fed by a huge sea. Kiln of the first flame is like ground zero for the first kindling of the flame, i.e, a large hole that takes up a large amount of the world, about 1/7(?) and can be seen FROM SPACE.

    The explorable area and Dark Souls would amount to about ... 1/4? With the rest being "inhabited" by normal humans and other countries. Like broletaria in Demon's Souls before the fog came and the other countries went oh shit and went after the oil-souls

    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:34 No.16972350
    The Peculiar Doll. I never made that connection, but it makes sense. I did wonder what the deal with that doll was.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:35 No.16972356
    Thee and Thou are not an accent. They are a more affectionate form of 'You' from old English, used when talking to family members or someone you have feelings for, whether romantic or otherwise.

    It is heavily, heavily implied that Priscilla is the half-dragon spawn of Seath and Gwynevere, by the way.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:35 No.16972358
    Thanks, Anon.
    Food for thought, surely.
    A few years ago I played a pale-skinned half-breed character named Priss. That Priss carried a polearm called (mockingly, for she was comparetevely weak) Godslayer. She too was hated for her unnatural nature. She too went into exile to escape being persecuted.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:36 No.16972368
    so she is trapped since her childhood in that painted world (who the fuck is aramis or whatever?) becouse her powers? the gods sound kinda greek here...
    and she look pretty nice enough
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:39 No.16972382
    What implies she is the daughter of Seath and Gwynevere? I can't remember anything implying this.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:40 No.16972396
         File1321814435.gif-(1.4 MB, 320x240, saluting cuties.gif)
    1.4 MB
    Right, it's a linguistic affectation. I understand.
    My point was that it was peculiar to a small set of characters with somewhat similar origins.
    As for her parents, that's a great idea except for one problem: [why are there no goddamn spoilers on this board?!] Gwynevere isn't real. [/spoilers].
    *waggles eyebrows*

    It's good. I like it.
    Notice too that Darkroot Basin (I lol'd at Dickstab Forest, well done) has a gigantic blast shaft leading up through it. I don't wonder if that doesn't connect along those lines as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:41 No.16972402
    Well, you need the thing to enter the painting in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:42 No.16972404
    Gwynevere was real at one point. She left to go get married, perhaps to the King's favorite duke? The Illusion is being made by Gwyndolin because he is a lonely fucker.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:42 No.16972405

    I'm pretty sure she is either Seath's daughter or one of Seath's experiments. No idea why people think Gwynever is the mother (perhaps the size, but I don´t think so considering thats not her real size)
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:43 No.16972407
    Gwynevere isn't real? How do you figure? She's just an act carried out by Gwendolyn?
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:43 No.16972413

    He made the ilusion to gain the player's thrust due to giant titties
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:44 No.16972420
    Million dollar questions indeed, Anon.
    Who painted Araimis? Why does it have the same Hollows as everywhere else?
    Why is the painting as it is?
    Did Priscilla will it into being?
    Is it actually a painting, or gate to somewhere far off?

    She does refer to it's inhabitants as being "these people" so presumably it was populated when she arrived.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:45 No.16972422
    Huh, didn't know that. I guess I always found it before going to the painting.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:45 No.16972424
    im not saying it is but it kinda makes sense:
    seath was a companion and made duke by gwyn and the MIGHT know each other, then we have this and that and priscilla borns and sice gwynevere is a goddess if i remeber well and seath a dragon the child has tho have a enormous power
    and iceys
    sure, why not
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:47 No.16972432
    As I know it she is, and always was, an illusion created by Gwyndolin so that he could act without being seen.
    Hence her being unlikely to be a mother.
    I could be wrong, as has been said there's much to know, but very little to learn.
    And yes. Dem titties. My god.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:50 No.16972449
    It's also entirely possible there's another actor yet unnamed in this whole mess: Gywndolin (and potentially Priss's) actual mother.
    Whatever else we know Gwyn had a couple of kids, so though they might've sprung out like Athena from Zeus, odds are good there's some unnamed Goddess doing the deed somewhere.
    Also, wtf Gywndolin has tentacles! What. The. HELL. kind of bloodline did he get mixed with?
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:51 No.16972461
    Gwynevere is real. She just isn't there anymore.
    It is an illusory image of a person who exists, but left a long time ago. Essentially, it is the godly version of a photograph.

    Or, if you prefer, a divine body pillow. Even gods get So Ronery I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:51 No.16972467

    Why thank you.

    The Darkroot is kind of strange. It is underground, lit by little flowers and a river runs through it, but it kinda alings with the fuckhuge tree theory. The blast shaft ... I can't make any sense of it right now, since I only go to dickstab to kick the puppy and to get my sweet voice acting.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:52 No.16972468
    >He made the ilusion to gain the player's thrust due to giant titties
    >to gain the player's thrust
    >player's thrust

    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:54 No.16972476
    they are god if i remeber well, bro
    they do what they fucking please

    can someone give me a quick rundown on the daugthers of chaos (my fair lady... i sorryyy)
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)13:55 No.16972482
    Ok, so...
    Gwyndolin creates an image of his missing/dead/gone mother, who he manipulates a sect into defending as the center of Anor Lando. He's So Ronery, I can buy that.
    Gwynevere is also Priscilla's mother, possibly with Seathe in some bizarre fashion. May be related to her current state, or lack there of.
    There are parallels, sure.

    But...Gwyndolin's a tentacle thing. Reminds me a little of the Pisaca demons in the Archive. Probably unrelated, really.
    Hmm. Still.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:55 No.16972486

    Gwyn had at least three kids

    1)Gwyn's unnamed firstborn, fallen god of war

    2)Gwynevere, queen of sunlight, beloved by all, she left Anor Londo to marry with the god of fire

    3)Gwyndolin the darksun, last child of Gwyn, only deity left in Anor Londo, he was raised as a daughter for some moon thing (therefore /v/ loves him)


    Wow, I made an unintended pun, lol'd
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:56 No.16972489

    Quelaag; The Fair Lady, Daughter of Chaos, Breaker of your heart; Bed of Chaos, the Fused Mass of the Original Daughters of Chaos; Lost Quelaana, Sweet Voice, Sweet Body, Undead.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:57 No.16972493
    Isn't implied that Sunbro is Gwyn's sun
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:57 No.16972495

    Gwynevere IS real, but you never meet her, only an illusion created by Gwyndolin. If I recall correctly, she is somewhere outside Lordran, banging a Fire God.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:58 No.16972503
    i dont really sure if i wanna know gnywdolins mother...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:58 No.16972507
    I bid thee farewell, it has been excellent.

    Praise the Sun.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:00 No.16972515
    lol, it's np.
    She's called Quelaan. She's the sister of Quelaag, and she's in the state she's in because she ate/absorbed something called The Blightpus (yuck) to save the life of Eingyi, her servant-guy -hence his dogged loyalty (get an egg-head and talk to him, he'll tell the whole story about that).
    It's basically giving her petrifying-super-cancer-AIDS and AFAIK the Humanity given just holds the disease at bay.
    The fact that she can't tell you the player from her sister is probably a good indicator of just what a sorry state she's in.
    Quelaag was probably fighting and killing the various intruders to keep her sister fed with Humanity while she worked out some kind of solution. Hard to say.
    AFAIK Quelana, the ancient pyromancer, never finds her way to that little area -whether by volition or not.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:02 No.16972526
    Could be. I actually think Solaire is exactly what he appears to be, and nothing more.

    Ahhh. Hot Dickings indeed, ho ho.
    Thanks, that fills in a couple of gaps.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:02 No.16972530
    my heart broke because:
    1- quelaag only wanted humanity
    2- humanity to atleast ease the quelaans enomous pain
    i just... i just... i...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:04 No.16972538

    You just need to read Solaire's armor and weapons descriptions.

    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:05 No.16972554
    He hasn't snapped on me yet, he's still sitting in the Sunlight Maggot area talking to himself.
    It's a damn shame. Dude has got guts, and a noble spirit.
    He deserves better. So many do.
    Poor Reah. Poor, poor Reah. She just rushed me empty handed -I couldn't do anything except that I had no desire to do at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:07 No.16972561
    I didn't give a shit until the Fair Lady mistook me for Quelaag and asked me to be safe.
    This fucking game doesn't want you to feel good about anything.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:08 No.16972573
    Wait, you can talk to him in the facehugger area without him attacking you? How? I always met him by the bonfire before the Lava Lake of Dragon Asses, and the next time I saw him he'd gone mad.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:10 No.16972577
         File1321816220.png-(242 KB, 338x994, darksoulspriscillacomic.png)
    242 KB
    this game really knows how to twist the knive doesnt it?

    have some cuteness i make it easier
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:10 No.16972580
         File1321816251.jpg-(90 KB, 720x960, Praise the sun.jpg)
    90 KB
    I think that's what he meant.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:18 No.16972619
    I think he's glitched in my game.
    The wiki says something about him just sitting there instead of being hostile on the bridge if you use the Chaos Servant 2 shortcut.
    I'm a bit confused by it, to be honest.
    I am pleased not to have to kill him though!
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:20 No.16972630
    Lawl, the face on that sun.

    I swear that no matter how hardcore you are there is _always_ someone somewhere who will worm their way in and make you feel bad for what happens to them.
    And then they'll make killing them a Trophy.
    Goddamn it, From.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:20 No.16972632
    I know there's something about being able to save him if you have at least 40 faith, but I dunno.
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:22 No.16972645
    Well, he's fucked then.
    I'll watch out for that when I play through with a dedicate Faith caster.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:23 No.16972656

    You can save him by taking the Chaos Servant 2 shortcut and killing 9 chaos bugs. If you have not yet killed 9 chaos bugs and the LOST IZALITH title card shows up, he is doomed. If you save him, you can summon him to aid you against Lord Gwyn.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:28 No.16972700
    one question i cleared the bell gargoile
    without seeing... laurec it was? i fuck up bad or worse?
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:29 No.16972709
    He is in the church, you have to punch in some boards. I don't know if he is still there if you cleared the gargoyles.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:32 No.16972733
    He'll still be there, but you won't get that shiny sun medal thing for freeing him after the gargoyles
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:32 No.16972735
    Don't worry. He should appear in Firelink Shrine anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:32 No.16972739
    i looked he is not
    ok, next destination? (get fucked!)
    >> Iron Lung 11/20/11(Sun)14:34 No.16972750
    Well, it's been grand /tg/.
    This sort of thing is what brings me back -be complimented or cringe as you see fit. =]

    Caution and Courage, Brothers.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:35 No.16972763
    praise the sun!
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:35 No.16972764
    Next destination: Blighttown. Have fun falling to your death and getting lost.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:38 No.16972783

    You might want to visit Darkroot Garden first though. Dem blowpipes man, dem blowpipes.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:40 No.16972797
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:41 No.16972804
    Blowpipes, pygmies, toxin, darkness, despair, Blighttown.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:42 No.16972813
    That sounds like a list of crap floor messages, be a bit more specific for a fellow Sunbro?
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:43 No.16972825
    the classics, really
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:44 No.16972834
    You forgot the FUCKING MINIATURE DEEP ONES, sir. The ones which EAT THINE FACE.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:45 No.16972841
    Everything is poisonous in blighttown, especially a bunch of assholes with blowguns.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:45 No.16972844
    I hate how you have to wade through a poison swamp before getting to a boss. Shit was slightly frustrating if you ran out of purple moss.

    Although, helping some guy who's not played Dark Souls before as a phantom makes my heart swell with joy when we complete Blighttown in 1 long-as-hell try.

    Host derped when we fought Kellogg's though, got himself killed just before we beat her. Felt bad man.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:47 No.16972861
    In Blighttown there are several sneaky bastards armed with blowpipes. They have a nasty habit of filling you with toxin darts when you least expect it. Luckily they won't respawn after you stab them to death, but they can be a major pain in the ass when working your way down to the swamps.

    Darkroot Garden has enemies that drop antidote to the toxin.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:47 No.16972863
    You'll have to go through the Depths before reaching Blighttown though.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:49 No.16972885
    Oh fuck! Yeah, those too. And mosquitoes. Endless hordes of non-exp-yielding mosquitoes.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:53 No.16972906
    ...i gotta need a guide or a map fer this one...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:54 No.16972908
    You don't HAVE to, if you have the masterkey.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:00 No.16972972
    There are these pygmy dudes with blowpipes who can shoot at you from far away, the blowpipes can give you Toxic, which is Poison on steroids. They're also hard to spot from far away because they blend in with the brown. Fortunately, they don't respawn when you kill them.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:13 No.16973061
    ok, so darkroot first aint? and wheres the exit im lost in the undead burg/church
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:15 No.16973076
    Right side of the church.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:17 No.16973109
    It's past the blacksmith
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:17 No.16973112
    sould be easy...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:19 No.16973119
    Just run past it, it's pretty slow.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:19 No.16973120
    Run Forrest, run!
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:23 No.16973161
    really no need to (be) defeat(ed) the deamon?
    ha! i expected worse from you game!
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:27 No.16973204
    Bow. Several hundred arrows. Time.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:41 No.16973361
    BABIES! I engaged the Titanite Demon in glorious pitched melee combat! The foul beast didn't even hurt me once as I nimbly dodged and blocked, scoring blows against it with my battle axe!
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:42 No.16973377
    Even in NG+, it still gets me with that stupid jump attack.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:47 No.16973437
    I was still using my club when I killed it. I think I'd scored some Leather Armor by that point though. Was playing as Depraved.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:27 No.16973787
    You have to roll to the side a bit, his jump is a little weird.

    A good man you are. I would've played Depraved, but I only had Dark Souls for a limited time. Redbox'd it for a day because I just don't have the money to buy it.

    Got to Sen's Fortress before I had to return it. I really enjoyed the traps and environment there.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:36 No.16973874
    Favorite thing to do in this game is to walk into the locked area of Darkroot Garden as a human, stand firmly, and fight wave after wave of invaders untill they finally kill me. Good times. Really makes me feel epic.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:43 No.16973927

    >Was playing as Depraved
    >as Depraved


    Yeah, only problem is the 80% chance that you will geta fog ring-tranquil walk of peace-havel armor-flip ring-lighting zweihander-piromancer.

    Fuck the forest.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:11 No.16974185

    Oh god yes. First time I ran into one of those fuckers I saw him cast a spell I'd never seen before. Didn't know what to expect, but I thought I was ready, bowed to him to start the fight. He walks forward and starts hurling fireballs when the Tranquil Walk of Peace field hit me. Couldn't run. Couldn't dodge. Couldn't do anything but die.

    I shrug it off, declare it the cheapest bullshit I've ever seen, and do some more pvp. Several fights later I run into him again. This time I decide to try to run away and avoid him untill the spell runs out. He catches me anyway, same thing happens. As I'm fading away, he makes a rude gesture at more corpse. It's on now.

    I get myself a hollow shield, upgrade it to +5 fire. Next time I run into him, I just put my shield up and slowly walk towards him, eating the small amount of damage until the spell runs out and I cut him in half with my zweihander. Fuck. Yes.

    Luckily I haven't seen many people who are cheap enough to use that combo. While I hope it's because they intentionally avoid being dicks, I know it's probably just that they're not aware it exists.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:25 No.16974317
         File1321827914.jpg-(31 KB, 337x425, Arnold-Schwarzenegger-commando.jpg)
    31 KB
    >On NG+.
    >Have both the Greatshield of Artorias and Greatsword of Artorias plus maxed out Elite Knight set.
    >On the way to increase faith to 50 so that I could become a sunbro and use Gwyn's soul to get that blasted thunder bolt thingy.
    >My face.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:27 No.16974337
    The faith requirement gets lowered by 5 everytime you successfully engage in jolly co-operation and defeat a boss.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:29 No.16974357
    You need 50 faith to use the miracle you get from Gwyn's soul.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:31 No.16974380
    all of you should watch this video, it's hilarious
    and I want to point out how right the guy was when he called it "the most heavy metal game ever"
    because that's what it is
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:35 No.16974407
         File1321828518.jpg-(66 KB, 534x484, thor_creamsicle.jpg)
    66 KB
    Indeed. I feel rather cozy playing this character. Reminds me of my Demon's Souls character that had that blackwood set with the shield and everything plus the god damn Dragon Bone Smasher.
    Hulk mode. ENGAGE!

    ... Too bad I am getting stomped by gravelord boosted giant skeletons in the Tomb of Giants at the moment...
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:35 No.16974419
    I feel like this game isn't really hard so much as it just requires a fuck ton of patience.

    "Ok I'm at a boss. Ok it killed me, time to run back through all the enemies I killed to get here and try out what I think is the right pattern."

    Rinse, repeat.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:39 No.16974465
         File1321828795.jpg-(271 KB, 800x778, demons_souls_in_a_nutshell.jpg)
    271 KB
    Absolutely correct. It ain't hard, just frustrating.
    If you want hard, try Touhou series.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:41 No.16974482
    Try the harder difficulties. It gets really hard really fast.

    But you do have a point. The entire point is to die over and over until you learn all the patterns and can run through the levels blindfolded without taking any damage at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:43 No.16974510
    Son, I am disappoint. It's not that hard for being a Japanese shmup. Hell, it's not even that hard a game. It just looks harder than it actually is. In fact, it's a lot like Demon's Souls in that it doesn't really require much other than memorization.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:43 No.16974511
    Touhou is easymodo compared to anything by CAVE. Just saying.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:45 No.16974527
         File1321829124.jpg-(259 KB, 533x2000, demons_souls_hyena.jpg)
    259 KB
    If someone were to make an RPG based on the Souls series, the first thing to do would be to make stats for the best NPC ever... Fucking Patches.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:55 No.16974629
    To add insult to injury, not only is being screwed over by him one of the better things you can do in the game, forcing you to behave like a goddamn moron and fall into his obvious traps despite knowing better, but fighting him is annoying as hell since he employs a giant-ass shield and spear for phalanx douchebaggery.

    I have to say, though, the fire bug trap was so obvious I've never once fallen for it. Luckily for me, I haven't seen any mentioning of it actually giving you stuff like the slightly less obvious hole in the floor trap.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:21 No.16974861
    If you feed her enough Humanity, she regains some of her strength. You can't cure her disease, though. She remains blind and cursed to bear only stillborn eggs.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:52 No.16975181
    Wait... so what was Gwyn's plan?
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:02 No.16975275
    Oh, Patches. You're a lovable dick.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:04 No.16975295
    His plan was to draw out the age of fire by using his own soul as cinder. It was not a very good plan.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:04 No.16975297
    speaking of dicks, he'll sell you yours back for only 40,000 souls
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:38 No.16975603
    one little tip:
    you CANT block the black knigth greatsword and if u try u become a fucking pancake
    trust me on this one
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:50 No.16975696
    Huh. Never found that out. I always killed her for the reward.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:57 No.16975733
    He dropped that sword when I killed him.

    Feels fantastic man.
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)20:48 No.16976218
    come on man burger king greatsword ain't shit close to a direct punch of mushroom men
    >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)20:56 No.16976284
    The Penetrator's stab is unblockable. Do not try to block the Penetrator.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:00 No.16977794
    >> Iron Lung 11/21/11(Mon)01:55 No.16978706
    I believe in Santa Claus again.

    Forest Covenant summons me to fight some intruder who's farming everyone. I get smacked up like everyone else.
    We regroup, mass charge. He turtles up, and falls back.
    And falls off the cliff.
    Here's the Christmas miracle: You Gain 560,013 souls!
    Mon visage!

    So thanks Nagato_99, if you ever read this!
    With your act of generosity I paid for my Wisdom of a Sage trophy.
    Merry Christmas to you, you noob-slaying power-building saint of a man!
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:11 No.16979695
    on the upside noone is stupid enough to invade in blightown
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:19 No.16979748
    Start off with something like Vanguard.

    All of the players think they're tough shit, get their asses handed to them, die, and come back as undead.

    End the first dungeon by saying 'you all have died. the campaign is now started, the real dark souls starts here'.

    Don't even let them know they're playing a DS campaign until then.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:53 No.16979959
    This is an interesting idea, but I'd take it in a slightly different direction. Assign each PC some random amount of humanity - like 1d3+3 each - but don't tell them about this mechanic, and instead note that each PC has simply gained a small birthmark-looking thing (aka darksign) somewhere inconspicuous. When they die, revive them after a little bit, and subtract 1.

    If they have above whatever your roll's upper limit is, start having it affect them in positive ways - better saves, better perception, something along those lines. Scale it up with how over that limit they are. When they die, though, reset it to that maximum starting.

    If they're below that rolled minimum, though, they start to lose some of their inherent humanity. Range this from things like memory loss and paranoia to extreme delusion. At 0, they're fully hollow - completely severed from human, unable to go back, full NPC.

    Could be cool if you pulled it off right.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:58 No.16979987
    Do not attempt to block the Penetrator. You will be penetrated.

    Do not turn your back to the Penetrator. You will be penetrated.

    Do not bend over near the Penetrator. You will be penetrated.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:04 No.16980033
    With a name like that, he just doesn't really have other reactions to things.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:07 No.16980049
    aslo you gotta make it depresing, not 40k grimdark, depresing. the npc that the party likes? hollow
    the guy you helped out? goes yurt on everything
    it need hope spots so dont go to hard on depressing stuff
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:13 No.16980084
    Yeah. If you just crap on everything from the getgo it gets hard to give a shit after awhile. The key is to do one step forward, one step back. Give them hopes so they can be (mostly) shattered.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:20 No.16980119
    useing solaire is a great idea:
    he is nice, friendly, will help you with the boss, can have a chat (this is lodran, remeber?)...
    but if u do notthing he will go mad. in a game should be something like this exept harder, saving him from something big a dragon or deamon...
    thats me idea atleast
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:22 No.16980130
    Spoiler: You can save Solaire.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:30 No.16980176
         File1321871437.jpg-(81 KB, 400x400, 1319077089541.jpg)
    81 KB
    I had that happen to me.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:32 No.16980184
    >but if u do notthing he will go mad
    He already knows.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:35 No.16980197
    I had little problem with blight town, why does everyone hate it so much?
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:39 No.16980208
         File1321871952.gif-(2.75 MB, 320x240, ds_smash.gif)
    2.75 MB
    Low visibility, shoddy frame rate, sneaky dudes with blowguns with Toxic darts, poison swamp, almost all enemies are poisonous, those that aren't breathe fire and lots of potentially for tumbling off ledges to your doom.

    Also, pic related.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)06:00 No.16980285
    So it's the swamp from Demon's Souls?

    Why would they make the shittiest level, one that nobody liked, again?
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)06:08 No.16980317
    Because nobody liked it. That's the point.

    Blighttown is World 5 distilled down into a pure dose of misery and suffering. My friend ended up stranded down there, his primary weapon broken, out of humanity and with no easy way back. That's when the game finally broke him, he stopped complaining about getting shat on and he built himself back up again.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)06:28 No.16980425
    because from likes fucking with us
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)06:53 No.16980562
    I liked the swamps...
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)07:00 No.16980594
    Then you have no soul.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)07:46 No.16980821
    Which world you hated seemed to depend on what character you played. Some hated the tower, some hated the swamp. Most seemed to hate the swamp, though, if only because of the tiny walkways, platforms and islands that forced you to fight gigantic trolls without falling off, as it pretty much meant instant death.

    At least the bosses were easymodo.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)07:52 No.16980842
    I fucking loved the tower. It was a bleak and horrible place, and the jail before hand was eerie and menacing. I loved my first time going through it, creeping about cautiously, listening for the sound of a bell over the ethereal song of the only half sane prisoner there.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:02 No.16980897
    I did too. Especially since I played a knight templar specialized in taking down mages with my halberd. Though the boss of the second level was complete and utter bullshit.

    To players with little magical protection and no reliable way of handling Mind Flayers without getting one-shotted by that force ball thingie, it was hell.
    >>   11/21/11(Mon)08:19 No.16981000
         File1321881559.png-(321 KB, 1016x479, 1320295577267.png)
    321 KB
    Tidbits about the story that many don't notice: Gods exist outside of lordran. Most notably in Carim. Lautrec of Carim is guided by Fina, the god of love in Carim, whose arms embrace his armor. He is in the land for dubious reasons, and gives you a sunlight medal for your troubles in freeing him. Did he get it legitimately, or through sinister methods? He is available for summon in the first two of solaire's summons, but hasn't got a yellow sign. How does he fit into the Dark Souls timeline?
    Oswald of Carim is a pardoner of Velka, the god of sin and punishment. You can find a set of Pardoner's clothing and Velka's rapier in the Painted World, implying that a pardoner went into the world to either pardon or punish someone. Perhaps to right the sin in the creation of Priscilla.

    Priscilla is Seathe's progeny, but was an abomination by the kingdom's standards, but due to being of a high nobility, was granted sanctuary in a painted world created by her, where she welcomed any other outcasts (mutated humans, mutated rats, things that have no place in the world).
    Seathe, being distraught over his daughter's predicament, takes up experimentation in order to grant her acceptance by fixing her flaws, but ultimately goes crazy in his other project to seek immortality. After going crazy, his experiments spiral into horrors and butcherings. His channelers travel the land to abduct people to be experimented on, which it is hinted that if you purchase all of Rhea's miracles, she is abducted and found as an abomination in the duke's archives.
    >>   11/21/11(Mon)08:21 No.16981016
         File1321881688.jpg-(2.45 MB, 2048x2048, 1317091320208.jpg)
    2.45 MB
    The blacksmith's petrified body after the moonlight butterfly was a friend of Havel the Rock, and was the one that locked him in the tower where you find him, as he couldn't bear to see his friend hollowed so.

    Solaire is from the land of Astora, where he did not quite fit in. You can tell from the elite knight armor found, and seen on Oscar of Astora in the beginning of the game, or in various Astoran relics (crest shields, Astora Straight Sword). Astorans are generally very well presented knights dedicated to finery, while Solaire is in self-painted, ragtag armor and arms. He is a warrior of sunlight. The warriors of sunlight had a standing in the Undead Burg, as evidenced by the statue there in the absence of most other things. Solaire mentions the distortion of time in the game, and given the fact that his armor is much more crude than known Astoran armor, we can assume he is from an earlier time. He mentions the sun but doesn't speak of Gwynn. He is searching for his own sun, and can be found (if you act properly) in the kiln of the first flame, the only NPC to do so. Many say Solaire is Gwynn's son after being banished for challenging Gwynn, but maybe Solaire is Gwynn's son AS he attempts to fight his father, on his way to the kiln of the first flame. Solaire hollows Gwynn, and is blamed for the dimming of the fires.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:26 No.16981051
         File1321881994.png-(19 KB, 350x350, trollsun.png)
    19 KB
    Your sun sucks!
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:27 No.16981058
    The first tower boss was pretty terrible too.

    As a matter of fact, the problem with Demon's Souls was the bosses. They were either way too easy (Adjudicator, Leechmonger, Monk, the final boss), way too hard (Flame dude, Mad King, chimera twins) or plain annoying (False Idol, giant spider, giant knight, giant lightning manta ray) or just plain not bosses at all (Dragon God, Phalanx, that one swamp chick).

    The only one I remember being impressed by was the Old Hero, since he actually managed to be a challenge that wasn't annoying, but unfortunately he lost any challenge once you figured out his gimmick.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:31 No.16981080
    that make some sense... i think
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:39 No.16981125
    Do you mean the proper final boss, or the False King? Because the latter was an excellent fight.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:40 No.16981134
         File1321882829.jpg-(135 KB, 995x773, 1318515887380.jpg)
    135 KB
    It needs a really dickish DM
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:40 No.16981137
         File1321882852.jpg-(285 KB, 931x641, whatislove_maneater.jpg)
    285 KB
    You mean the Maneaters? I loved that fight. Pathfinding abuse aside, they stuck you onto a narrow bridge and threw a flying monster with knockback attacks at you. Then they added another one a minute later.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:42 No.16981152
         File1321882975.png-(87 KB, 600x600, 1321046800080.png)
    87 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:43 No.16981157
         File1321883014.jpg-(442 KB, 800x542, 1321046635966.jpg)
    442 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:44 No.16981162
         File1321883054.png-(486 KB, 800x1000, 1318731909650.png)
    486 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:44 No.16981166
         File1321883087.jpg-(74 KB, 400x345, 1318790915154.jpg)
    74 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:46 No.16981175
         File1321883174.png-(2.76 MB, 1152x1153, 1317562622382.png)
    2.76 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:47 No.16981185
    Actually, I figured out by the third time I died, the secret to demons souls was to wear no armor and dodge-tank like a motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:49 No.16981201
    That's for pussies. Proper men wore as much armour as possible and simply learned how to avoid attacks without rolling. To be honest, I kept on getting amazed by how terrible most people were at the fundamentals of the game. The dodge button is entirely optional. All attacks can be avoided without it.

    Tower shield master race reporting in.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)08:53 No.16981219
    i wish i hav a tower shield the normal one i ok 100%damage reducion is nice but i wana tank the fucking universe damn it!
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)09:07 No.16981302
         File1321884449.jpg-(236 KB, 533x800, Dark Souls sif.jpg)
    236 KB
    What the hell is the deal with the pendant?

    The pendants description in the game is accidentally replaced with that of a Sunlight Medal, but in the description of the gifts it says: ""Trinket. No effect, but fond memories comfort travelers."

    In the Demon Ruins you can meet Solaire, and he is depressed. Perhaps you can use it to cheer him up somehow? Or if you don't kill the chaos bugs and goes hollow perhaps you can use it to reverse it? I have him moping in the Lost Izalith shortcut, I'll try to 'use' the pendant there.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)13:26 No.16982717
    as a mage with a alright scimitar, i fuckin learn anti-magic field and carried both magic items til i got old one talisman just for those fuckers cause i just KNEW i'd see those fucking mind fucks again
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)13:37 No.16982821
    Step 1: Wear the thief's ring
    Step 2: Always stay in soul form
    Step 3: Don't be a retard

    You'll never have to face the mindflayers long enough for any of their spells to matter.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)13:42 No.16982845
    Nobody really knows what the pendant does, but apparently one of the devs claims it is the 'best item choice' from the starting list.
    I begin to wonder if that is simply because it does absolutely nothing and therefore makes the game harder.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)13:57 No.16982923
    I've heard the pendant gives you extra dialogue with a "hidden" npc in the abyss. I'm going to go try to track this npc down right now, I'll be back in a bit and tell you if that's true.
    >> Iron Lung 11/21/11(Mon)13:57 No.16982925
    Yeah, I know jack-all about the Pendant as well.
    I keep waiting to hear about it triggering an extra dialogue option somewhere.
    Other than that, nada ideas or expectations.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)13:59 No.16982937
    Follow Dark Souls Thread on /tg/,

    go to sleep,

    wake up,


    check back,

    still here.


    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:05 No.16982987
    I too am aware of this feel.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:18 No.16983065

    You can trade the Pendant for a Souvernir of Reprisal, if you played D2LoD you'll be reminded of player ears that you get when you kill them in PvP. Here it is a trophy for killing a sinner.

    Other than that, it is utterly useless.

    You get it as starting gift (not advisable) or you'll get it from Rhea after saving her in the Tomb of Giants.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:20 No.16983074

    I'm back, and all I can confirm is that the abyss sucks.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:21 No.16983081
    I hated the abyss so much.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:21 No.16983084

    Yeah. It does. The only cool people were Four Kings and Kathee. Four Kings turned out to be a douch so I killed him, Kathee was Frampt, but not.

    It sucks ass.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:55 No.16983260
    anybody know what a primordial snake is? (what are frampt and khaate)
    aslo i know frampt lies but does khaate says the whole truth? i dont think so
    >> HollowPerson !!WIL2ghjpeMu 11/21/11(Mon)15:15 No.16983352
         File1321906513.png-(28 KB, 510x546, Slaanesh.png)
    28 KB
    God damn, I started working at this, had around six pages wrote, though of what system to use and all and then my motivation vanished into thin air.

    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:48 No.16983534
    this is more of a setting but im sure there gotta be something
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:07 No.16983654
    i'd like to make a game outta this too but as far as the system goes i was thinkin something along the lines of shadowrun cause of the similar build/leveling systems but i don't know if they have a fantasy variant
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:09 No.16983676
    Earthdawn, maybe?

    Personally, I'd use the riddle of steel. It would work perfectly for the martial combat, but you'd have to houserule an entire magic system, on the other hand.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:19 No.16983743
    yeah i've been expecting to have to boondoggle some kind of magic system although keeping it somewhat basic shouldn't bee too hard, 3 types -fire, miracles, soul. and juggle what... 4-5 elements? can't be that tricky..
    gonna have to look into those 2 systems though for sure
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:26 No.16983778
    Magic is for tiny babies anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:27 No.16983784
         File1321910836.jpg-(27 KB, 322x328, 1296840748553.jpg)
    27 KB
    >mfw I had literally no troubles with Blighttown whatsoever, apart from framerate issues

    Truth be told, I had been to the Garden first, and got buttloads of moss from the killer trees. I guess with enough moss, you don't have to worry about poison or toxin, and not having to worry about that made the whole area a breeze.

    Conversely, I got my shit stone cold wrecked in the Duke's archives for the longest time.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:54 No.16983927
    Pretty much.

    Even with the grass, you run into the issue that you're low on health and you need to think about using the item, which will probably get you killed.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)17:24 No.16984158
    i want the options to be there, and at the very least pryomancy has to be just cause of it's relation to the flame.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)17:39 No.16984293
    takin off for awhile sunbros keep the thread alive!
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)17:41 No.16984304
    It wouldn't be terribly hard, all things considered. There are only three non-mundane damage types - magic, fire, and lightning - and three casting sources - sorcery, pyromancy, miracles. Most of the spells aren't terribly complicated either.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)17:51 No.16984384
    well there's also, holy/unholy, although i'm still lose as to wtf unholy is good for.
    then you've got poison, toxin, and bleed but should those count as mundane? i mean maybe bleed should but the other too i dunno.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)17:54 No.16984408
    Honestly, it is a bad idea to try to emulate the system of Dark Souls. It is a video game and as such it has video game mechanics. A better idea is to take the setting and go from there.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)18:11 No.16984542
    Humanity was rare as fuck IN Lordran.

    How much rarer can you make it?
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)18:11 No.16984548
    I would generally agree. It's one of those things that sounds a lot better on paper than it would pan out.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)20:29 No.16985652
    bumping this beautifull thread
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)00:13 No.16987044

    Well, I was thinking of making it rare enough that having more than 5 humanity would be really good, with 3 being more standard. Even without farming, you typically had quite a bit more than that, unless you were doing a lot of kindling/trying to play in human form a lot. And once you realize you can farm the skeleton babies, you can get a good 50 in half an hour.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)00:38 No.16987168
    Getting a bit annoyed with the Duke's Archives.
    Crystal Undead aren't that big a deal and the mind-flayers are easily dealt. No, the problem is the goddamn respawning, teleporting mages with one-hit-kill melee attacks and hard-hitting infinite range attacks.
    Also doesn't help that I'm about as lost as I was in fucking blighttown.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)04:30 No.16988208
    But it's already a roleplaying campaign.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)06:01 No.16988643
    Fight crystal undead out of sight of the mages. Get up in the grill of the mages. Don't be a bitch and eat their melee attack; it's got a big windup but hits three times on a single thrust.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)07:41 No.16989161
         File1321965708.jpg-(22 KB, 325x234, sf32_oneWithNothing.jpg)
    22 KB
    The 1.05 patch is finally here for US! There's summon signs everywhere, TWOP and RoF have been nerfed, Gravelord Servant and Path of the Dragon actually get into fights!

    >mfw I'm in Europe
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)07:44 No.16989180
    I'm in germany and I have the patch.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)07:53 No.16989224
    Was it released today then?
    >> Ireland here, so we're on the same time zone afaik
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)07:58 No.16989256
    From what I've seen on the /v/ thread, the patch hit the xbox a few hours ago, but not PSN yet.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)08:00 No.16989262
    Cool stuff.

    Know where the patch info is posted?
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)08:14 No.16989311
    Can't find it, but when I played a bit earlier, I noticed that Priscilla's Dagger now has an S in dexterity, the antiquated dress pants part had its physical protection nerfed to 15 and I think the droprate for humanity on rats is higher now.
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)15:03 No.16992006
    i will finaly be human again, god damn!

    i was thinking and if we can make/find a system for this we surely can make stats for creatures and npc!
    your BBEG now can make titanite demon, taurus demons AND capra demons
    you can proceed to crap pants
    bright side? solaire might be with your party!
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)16:53 No.16992735
    >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)21:41 No.16995424
         File1322016112.jpg-(11 KB, 300x360, Scarlett_Johansson_300.jpg)
    11 KB
    This thread is still going?

    I love our family.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/11(Wed)00:09 No.16996717

    Our family is a wonderful family.

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