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  • File : 1321661301.jpg-(24 KB, 590x307, Whatcouldweusemoreof.jpg)
    24 KB TG Quest 24: Guerillas of the Mist OP 11/18/11(Fri)19:08 No.16958743  

    Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16932479/

    SUPER SHORT SUMMARY: You are the Transpace Guard, specifically a task force consisting of a few spaceships and their forces tugged through to other dimensions by your flagship, the TGS Oncoming Storm. Your forces are in orbit over a world infused with Horror. Currently you are having Lt.Commander Data and a Probe Droid accompany Heather and Doug Cartland through Silent Hill as they try to investigate. There's other stuff going on too, but let's try to take this one catastrophe at a time, eh?


    Entering Silent Hill....
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:11 No.16958763
    Drones indeed.

    Though we found no other signs of survivors when raiding the newspaper offices of the world?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:14 No.16958787
    One catastrophe at a time he said!

    We also has an Observer tagging along with the Data/Heather team. Psi-tech sensors may pick up interesting things, or at least any invisible or hidden units.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:16 No.16958814
    In addition to that Observer tagging along with Heather and Douglas, let's get Egon and the science teams working on getting the Storm's sensor array upgraded to include picking up PKE readings.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)19:17 No.16958819
         File1321661850.jpg-(6 KB, 144x213, imsad..jpg)
    6 KB
    "Borrowing" a car, Doug Cartland drives Heather and Lt. Commander Data towards Silent Hill. In the backseat are the pulse rifles and hardsuits requested, Data has not yet had time to instruct the pair in their use. The drive there is somewhat long and awkward.

    "So..." Doug begins to say. He nods towards the probe droid flying alongside the car. "He just gonna do that the whole where there?"

    "The Arakyd Viper-series probe droid is equipped with a repulsolift generator capable of speeds over any terrain up to 40 kilometers per hour. Its internal reactor ensures tha-" Data begins. Heather gives him a look. He stops. "Er... yes."

    "Oh, yeah," Doug says, nonplussed as he keeps his eyes on the mist-shrouded road. "This day... It's gonna get even better, isn't it? I'd like to turn on the car's music, but with the way this day is going? It'll just be 'What is Love' looped endlessly. Just because this isn't surreal ENOUGH."

    "Please, stop..." Heather quietly says, her gaze lost in the mist. The car remains silent for the rest of the trip.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:18 No.16958821
    Also, restate the idea from the previous thread, we should have Egon and our sensors get together and see what we can start picking up.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:21 No.16958844
    >'What is Love' looped endlessly
    I'm actually more partial to having Weird Al's 'Amish Paradise' looped for surreality.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:22 No.16958852
    "That and all radio signals are currently emitting generalized interfer-"
    "Yes, keeping the radio off is for the best. Are you perhaps familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan?"
    "Yeah.. better and better."
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:24 No.16958869
    Heh, Drones.

    Right, one disaster at a time. Have we had any luck getting the Leopard off the ground and into orbit? Need to know if we can get troops Out after we send them In. If we can't, then we need to be careful who we send to where, since once someone's deployed, they can't be recalled.

    Data, Heather Mason, and Doug Cartland can into Silent Hill.
    We have KI Silencers on standby for orbital drop, in case (read: when) giant face-mashing horrors appear.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:26 No.16958882
    Grab Heather's bum.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:29 No.16958898
    I wouldn't call Douglas a bum, just a PI down on his luck. Shouldn't manhandle him just for being frustrated, I mean, who wouldn't be in that situation?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:32 No.16958916
    I lold.

    Can we have Data run periodic internal diagnostics to make sure he's not getting fucked up by the SH mojo? Say, half-hourly?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:34 No.16958932
    He might want to deactivate the emotion chip if things start getting weird.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:35 No.16958941
    He should put his emotions on Standby mode as he enters. I don't know if Silent Hill can affect a robot, but there's no point in taking the risk.
    Heather's a woman. To troll the quest more effectively, you should suggest acts that are both lewd AND homosexual.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:36 No.16958943
    That's not really how Silent Hill works, though. It doesn't mess you up, it just reads you and creates monsters based upon your subconscious fears, regrets, and desires.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:38 No.16958961
    At least in our test run nothing hassled Data, so we're hoping he's incompatible with the SH effect.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:40 No.16958980
    Yes, but that was near the outskirts of its effects, right?
    Things may become a little more unpredictable as we get closer to the anomaly.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:41 No.16958990
    Well, in the same place we were fighting monsters before.
    But yeah.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:42 No.16959002

    Assuming that the conventions of SH still apply, that is.

    At any rate, it wouldn't hurt for Data to do periodic self-diagnostics every so forth, or for him to collect data on the anomalies that they encounter. It could help us deal with future Things That Should Not Be.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:49 No.16959063
    Perhaps, but how fast was Data able to do a self-diagnostics check? I'd rather not have them doing nothing for 5 to 10 minutes every half hour.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:50 No.16959080
    He can background run them. Costs us nothing, really.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)19:52 No.16959093
    The Leopard lifts off and attempts to make it into orbit. The ground shrinks beneath it, but instead of the stars growing brighter as the atmosphere fades, more and more mist surrounds the vehicle the higher up it goes. At last, it reports visibility is down to a few feet in front of the ship, with all sensors being baffled.

    You didn't check worldwide offices, you just had your probe droids scoop up the paper whenever they found them.

    The car finally reaches Silent Hill and Data, Doug, and Heather piles out, with the probe droid coasting to a stop next to them. Data takes a few minutes to suit the pair up in hardsuits and explain their function. Heather is not too keen on putting the thing on once she finds out the interior is a gooey mess of medi-gel quick dispersal pores. Necessity demanding it, though, she quickly goes behind the car to change. She emerges a short time later, suited up and arms crossed.

    "...I feel like a cosplayer," she grumbles. "Your turn."

    Doug winces as he goes behind the car and suits up as well, trotting out in the suit which doesn't hide his slight gut nearly as well as his trenchcoat. Data blinks and claps his hands together.

    "Excellent. Now that you are adequately protected and armed, we can begin, yes?"
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:57 No.16959127
    Oh. Have the Leopard land again.
    I wonder wtf's going on. It looks like trying to exit just sends you deeper into the mist.
    The question is, exactly where is 'Deeper into the mist'?
    We can tackle that once Silent Hill is over.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:01 No.16959160

    It appears as that our ground forces are stuck down there for the time being. Or at least until we resolve whatever's going on in Silent Hill.

    If there's enough time, perhaps we should have Data instruct Heather and Doug on how to properly use those pulse rifles they have.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:01 No.16959162
    Have the Leopard turn around and try to land safely again.

    Maybe if it can't escape to orbit, it can still fly over the surface. Also, does the Storm have a lock on the Leopard's signature? Can we direct them, or is the mist interfering too much?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:02 No.16959164
    >You didn't check worldwide offices
    Ah. What would it potentially cost to have someone head over to the offices of (say) the BBC in London, CNN in Atlanta, Twitter in San Francisco (Yes, it's not a news site, but you'd be amazed at how QUICKLY news spreads on it), and possibly the ABC in Australia if both the UK and the US turn out to be completely fucked.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:03 No.16959173

    In Silent Hill 2, if you tried to exit Silent Hill by hoofing it out of the roads, you would either end up inexorably and inexplicably heading toward the town again, or find your exit route blocked by insurmountable obstacles.

    We're stuck here until whatever's happening down in SH is resolved.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:04 No.16959177
    Yes, I agree.
    Data should show them the basics of the pulse rifle.
    They've both used guns before, and the pulse rifle is close enough to contemporary assault rifles, that they should have no problem picking up its functions.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:05 No.16959187
    I don't think we have the droid resources for that, and given the inability of any forces we deploy to return to space, I'd rather not send anyone else down right now unless absolutely necessary.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)20:07 No.16959199
    The Leopard is able to land safely, its pilots noting that the time is takes to descend is notably shorter than the time it should've taken given how long they ascended.

    The probe droid leads the way as the quarter begins to make their way into the town. Heather and Douglass carrying the pulse rifles while Data covers them with a phaser rifle.

    Heather looks around, frowning. "Well, we're here. But where to start..."

    "Guess we shoulda thought of that on the way," Doug says with a wince.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:11 No.16959230
    Perhaps start at the Church of the Order? That's where things usually seem to end at.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:11 No.16959231
    I'd start looking at the church, then the school.

    I haven't played in years, and I don't remember much, but I watched the movie recently... which probably doesn't help. But those two are as good as any from my point of view. Let's take care of Silent hill first, as we can tell that Heather is important and may be useful in circumventing our problems elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:22 No.16959298
         File1321665757.jpg-(514 KB, 1500x1492, insanity.jpg)
    514 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:23 No.16959304
    Might as well start with that.

    OP, if the rest of /tg/ agrees (and they may well not), I'd like to have the Aurors scry various population centers around the planet to see if any of Earth's cities remain intact. An intact city will have people to talk to in order to ask wtf happened, hopefully.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:24 No.16959314
         File1321665895.png-(6 KB, 341x146, blocked.png)
    6 KB
    Block that content son.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:25 No.16959323

    Prompt Heather. Can she remember any 'loose ends' that were never resolved when she was dealing with Silent Hill the last time? Are there any major locations that were possibly used to bring about the Silent Hill type mist/monsters that she remembers from her last visit?
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)20:27 No.16959339
    rolled 50 = 50

    Data nods. "Perhaps the Church of the Order would be a logical place?"

    Heather shivers, then nods. "Yeah... Yeah, I guess it would. Back to the chapel, then. Come on."

    The four begin walking towards the chapel, the main stronghold of the order...
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:29 No.16959354
    No, even the Farseers got mentally bitchslaped. Let's keep the Auror's off scry-duty. I'd prefer to keep their minds intact. Yes, even Fumbles.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:29 No.16959358

    We should probably do this. Perhaps add in scans for lifesigns and/or electrical grid activity. If we can find an populated city/community with utilities that work, we might be able to get a better idea on what happened. Or get into touch with a high-up government official.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:30 No.16959370
    What a disturbingly Average roll.
    Something's watching us and it wants us to not to interfere.
    Understood. I think we should make SOME effort to contacting a major news organisation (or the smashed remains thereof in the crumbling ruins of civilisation), but I don't know how to go about doing that.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:31 No.16959375

    If we decide to do this, we might want to use our ships' scanners instead.

    As mentioned in the last thread, the Farseers didn't look so hot after doing their whole farseeing thing. And magically glimpsing at non-Euclidean geometrical structures isn't good for one's sanity, either.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:33 No.16959394
    We know what happened. STOB went off and ever cult you can think of jacked into high gear and unleashed various brands of doom. Seems Silent Hill was the first to let loose though, and Heather is somehow the key to figuring it out.
    Yeah, the church sounds right, if there is anywhere that STOB-enhanced cultists that unleash Silent Hill would be, that's the best place to look.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:40 No.16959427
    Our scanners can't pierce the fog. We have to scry or send landing teams, and both have risks.
    Landing team can't get back to orbit, and might be killed by whatever's on the surface.
    Scrying has a risk of seeing stuff that breaks the mind, given that we don't fully understand how this fog works.

    We'd need to pick a city, either scry it or send a probe in not knowing if we'll get either back, then send in someone or something to check up on the News outlet.

    The question, then, is which city we'd investigate. Anyone have any ideas for a city that would survive the longest during a Horror-pocalypse, and also have a major news outlet?
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)20:41 No.16959436
    The journey to the church is long, and perhaps this made encounters with Silent Hill's inhuman inhabitants inevitably. Blaster fire from the probe droid, phaser fire from Data, and pulse rifle fire from Doug and Heather/Cheryl make most encounters relatively short and harmless, though.

    However, as they reach an intersection, halfway to their destination, several new monsters emerge from the mist to assail the heroes as they move through the fogged streets.

    The first to part the mists in front of the group is a horrible amalgam of flesh, clockwork, and pipes, some periodically hissing steam. Humanoid in shape with a head covered in wrapped wires, rusted metal erupts from bloodied flesh in several places across its body. It staggers forward, alternating between a mechanical, steady pace, and a manic, uncontrolled dash. Thin, metal tendrils that writhe with a life of their own extend from its right hand. Three more follow the first from the mist, heading directly towards the group.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:42 No.16959444
    Also, it is fairly obvious that certain horrors are not native. Judging from Castlevania and Strahd being across the street from each other.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:46 No.16959472
    >Anyone have any ideas for a city that would survive the longest during a Horror-pocalypse


    >And has a major news outlet

    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)20:46 No.16959475
    The second type of monster looms from behind the group, a small horde of what at first look like small children scamper forward, about fifteen of them. They are all hairless, with blood-red skin that seems unnaturally slick in the sourceless light of Silent Hill. Their eyes are black beads, like a doll's eyes, as they begin to convulse and choke, a gory tube of flesh and bone slowly ripping through their mouths.

    The third type appears to close in on the team's left flank, a quartet of humanoids completely wrapped in bloody linen, barbed chains tightly securing the cloth to their almost mummified forms as they lurch forward.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:46 No.16959476
    Right now, we're investigating Silent Hill. There are other things which we might be doing at the same time, and Egon is working with our sensors, but right at this moment we are following the Silent Hill portion of the mission.

    Ack. Do we have a match in our records to those creatures? Failing any other information, I presume blasting them is the right path. Have Data explain setting the weapons to variable frequencies, just in case.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:47 No.16959478

    Ech. I'd hoped that this wouldn't have happened, but there it is. Can't turn back now, though.

    Have the probe fly out of reach of the monsters and away from any buildings. Aim for the arms with the wires.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:47 No.16959479
    We'd never be able to get into Madagascar. The port is closed.
    We could try Australia. "Australian Horror" is running out of beer.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:51 No.16959493
    Wait, hold the blasting, check the overview from the Observer and look for a path around, only blasting as necessary to keep them back and gain a path.
    Silent Hill isn't a blasting game, so probably a bad idea to lean on that too heavily.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:52 No.16959500
    I don't recognise these monsters.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:52 No.16959501
    >horrible amalgam of flesh, clockwork, and pipes, some periodically hissing steam
    Well shit, looks like Silent Hill decided to up the ante by taking stuff from an android.
    If it's able to suck up regrets and fears from a machine, can you imagine the horrors that would be created from a Null space marine?

    Have the Probe Droid fire on the humanoids, Data to fire on the clockwork horrors, maximum power.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:53 No.16959507

    True... the monsters in SH could frequently be evaded. It was better than engaging the more dangerous ones in some cases.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:54 No.16959511
    While true, aren't there areas where you HAVE to fight?

    But I agree that we should try to get the team to a better defensible area.
    Can the Probe Droid float up higher and identify a better tactical position?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:54 No.16959512
    Nah, Probe Droid should stay at ground level, it and Data are there to help cover the others, and it things get rough it is easier to repair a droid later than have any of the others take a hit.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:56 No.16959521
    >Can the Probe Droid float up higher and identify a better tactical position?
    That's what we brought the Observer along for. Might be a small group, but at least when planned out the composition well.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)20:57 No.16959526
    Treat the monsters like you'd treat Pyramid Head. Find a way around, possibly running fast.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)20:59 No.16959537
    rolled 52 = 52

    ANON: "There is no entry on these monsters. They appear to be new."

    While the Observer busies itself attempting to find an escape route, Heather and Douglas open fire on the wire-wielders. Some of their fire goes through and one of the monsters drops to the group, falling apart into a heap of flesh and gears. However, the others appear to project a field that deflects the 10mm caseless rounds. Data's phaser then burns away another, before his weapon too, begins to be deflected.

    The probe droid turns and fires on the bound humanoids, the powerful weapon's repeated shots causing the foremost monster to fall and burst into flame.

    The tube-children begin to convulse violently once more and begin spitting out bloody spikes of bone, each with the crash of a gunshot behind it.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:00 No.16959545
    We can't be sure that's linked to Data, but considering that empaths can sense his emotions (when they are on) we shouldn't be that surprised, but we'd hoped that he wouldn't trigger a response, and we went a fair way without unusual responses, so if this is Data-linked at least he's been somewhat resistant.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:04 No.16959557
         File1321668253.jpg-(30 KB, 320x240, cube.jpg)
    30 KB
    >However, the others appear to project a field that deflects the 10mm caseless rounds. Data's phaser then burns away another, before his weapon too, begins to be deflected.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:04 No.16959558
    "Mr. Data, please confirm that your emotion chip is turned off. May I suggest anti-Borg tactics for the clockwork entities, as they appear to have adaptive shielding."

    Damn, we need to run, rather than fight those things. The more we throw at them, the more they'll adapt.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:04 No.16959559

    >shield that adapts itself to weaponry after a few seconds

    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:04 No.16959563
    Fuck, the wire-monsters are Borg.
    Please tell me we gave them Mass-rifles?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:07 No.16959579
    >10mm caseless rounds.
    Oh, I thought we sent pulse phaser rifles, I guess they were Aliens pulse rifles.
    >before his weapon too, begins to be deflected.
    Yeah, guess it is drawing from Data, make with the anti-Borg variable frequency settings and move to avoid these creatures.
    Also see if Data can blast those spikes out of the air, he's got hella fast hands and reaction time.
    The books mainly starring him were actually pretty good, btw.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:07 No.16959582
    No, but, we could drop them down in one of the drop pods meant for one of the pre-fab structures, if we really need to.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:09 No.16959592
    Ok, good, because not even the Borg can variable frequency that shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:09 No.16959594

    This is going to come across a stupidly obvious suggestion, but it may be a good idea to stay the hell away from those clockwork fleshborg and their arm-tubes.

    Also seconding using the variable-frequency phaser fire.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:12 No.16959609
    Considering they are powered by supernatural FU physics, I doubt the mass-rifles would help for long either. If it were actually borg-shields, maybe, but those wouldn't have adapted to bullets like that. This is SH's Horror Borg.

    We are Silent Hill.
    We will add your psychological and cultural fears to our own.
    Resistance is Futile.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:14 No.16959615
    Aliens pulse rifles? The borg things start to deflect bullets? SWITCH TO GRENADES, IMPACT DETONATION! TARGET THE RAPEBORGS, FIVE ROUNDS RAPID!

    On a related note: Do we have Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart on board? If not, get him after this.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:16 No.16959626
    Alright so we've got Silent Hill Borg and probable confirmation that having a soul is irrelevant, which means it was still a good idea to not send down the blanks and nulls of the Knights Inductor.
    ...In retrospect, we really should have been prepared to analyze the repercussions of what we would face if Silent Hill recognized Data.
    I mean, he's been through some tough shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:16 No.16959627
    That's it! That's why Silent Hill is the keystone for this crap!
    It takes people fears and crazy hang-ups and makes them real. If it got loose and spread across the world and encountered other crazy cults it would empower their crazy fears and ideas too, or even random shit a lot of people feared.
    Silent Hill either dragged in or outright created all this other crazy shit crawling around the world, and most of that stuff just breathes fear and terror to further fuel the whole damn mess.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:17 No.16959630
    >We are Silent Hill.We will add your psychological and cultural fears to our own.Resistance is Futile.
    I pray that Silent Hill never ends up anywhere near Deviant art. Last thing we need are skyscraper-sized kawaii uguu angel/demon/vampire/pony abominations with more colors than the fucking rainbow attacking us with dual-wielded katanas.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:18 No.16959631
    Well fuck me but that sounds all kinds of plausible.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:18 No.16959633
    You know what all of this has reminded me of, guys?
    The Evil Overlord List.

    The List says to make sure to have a 5-year old kid on your advisory council.
    Also, it's been found that young children are immune to Silent Hill's psychoreactive adaption, because they're too young and innocent to have anything that Silent Hill can use.

    Man, we should have sent that kid from the survivor family with Heather. He looked like he had a good head on his shoulders, and he'd probably be overjoyed to have a real blaster rifle.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:19 No.16959639
    Counterpoint: Heather and the detective would still have to face their fears.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:19 No.16959641
    Nah, those aren't fears. The only fears from DeviantArt SH will get is fear of being beaten up by bullies and fear of having people yell and not be nice at you.
    The greatest fear of any DArtist, is that someone will come along and pop their dream balloon fantasy life.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:21 No.16959652
    At least in Star Trek the scariest thing he's ever emotionally dealt with is the Borg. Most things weren't 'horror' level, and 99% of it was when he didn't have emotions to feel about them.
    We were concerned that he might garner an effect, but he's probably still the best one to have sent with them.
    I am very glad other people were pushing for these drones and droids last requisition period.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)21:21 No.16959655
    rolled 90 = 90

    "I am sorry to report that my emotion chip appears to have reactivated itself... I am... sorry. I cannot appear to shut it down," Data replies, firing on one of the Horror Borg with a variable setting. The shield is pierced and the monster falls as twin grenades from Heather and Doug manage to blow apart the other.

    To maintain their distance from the Horror Borg while they fire, the team is forced to close the distance to the Chained Mummies. The mummies' chains unwind and lash at them, scraping across the exterior of the hardsuits with great violence. However, most of the damage is absorbed successfully, and what isn't, is taken care of with medigel. Another mummy is slain by blaster fire as the hail of bone bullets from the tube children drain the shields of Douglas' hardsuit down to empty in one massive salvo.

    The Observer reports it has plotted an escape route.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:22 No.16959662
    True, but I would wager that we're probably have to deal with his memories of Lal (you know, his daughter), presumably in boss fight form.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:24 No.16959670
    Well let's escape I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:25 No.16959675
    ANON, consult the psyche profiles for Heather, Doug, and Data.
    I want to know what the fuck those other things are.

    I'm guessing the babies are related to Heather vomiting up the fetus of 'god'?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:26 No.16959682
    "Mr. Data, the Observer has plotted an escape route. The Probe Droid will cover your retreat. Please make you escape now."

    Get them out of there!
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:27 No.16959684
    How the fuck are we meant to beat Silent Hill, if even Data's horrors come back at him?

    Do we get one of BLU team, whose greatest horror is a Kritzkrieg'd Soldier attacking down a narrow hallway, give them one of the Destroids, and say "Get stompy"?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:28 No.16959687
    Move for the escape route, Probe Droid and Data covering their retreat while the Observer watches the path ahead.

    We'll have to find out that Droid's designation when this is over.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:30 No.16959694
    That reminds me, an Orkz only fear is having no one to fight.
    So yeah, too bad we don't have one.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:32 No.16959710
    Perfectly ordinary people can survive Silent Hill just fine, even with no combat training.
    It's not about fighting, it's about self discovery and shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:33 No.16959717
    Ah, but we went and put in people who's lives are about combat and plot devices, so the whole 'ordinary people survive' won't really work anymore, I think.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)21:34 No.16959719
    "That way!" Data yells, pointing. The probe droid hovers down a bit and fires its blaster, providing cover fire as the team makes a break for it. The bone bullets of the tube-children tear into Data in places, but his android frame can take much more punishment than that. After a few tense minutes the team manages to elude their pursuers and keep on their path to the Chapel.

    ANON: "Working... analysis may take some time. ETA fifteen minutes."
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:34 No.16959726

    Data and the others: get the hell out of there!

    Also: fire a grenade at the densely-packed horror-children as they retreat. That may destroy/disrupt those monsters long enough so Heather/Data/Doug won't get shot in the back as they retreat.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:36 No.16959734
    WAAAAAIT A MINUTE! Silent Hill should not be able to summon the inner demons of a machine. SEND A REALITY STABILIZER DOWN TO DATA'S POSITION! S.U.E. ALERT!
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:37 No.16959743
    ...What are the chances that the Chapel will be locked and miraculously inaccessible to all our weapons until we complete a series of counter-intuitive puzzles?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:37 No.16959747
    I'm pretty sure we already have reality stabilisers.
    That's, like, #2 on the Checklist for "shit you take with you when going into fucked up situations", right below Guns.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:37 No.16959748

    It works on emotion and it is a standard power of the SH universe. It's just gonna be a wasted resource sending down that thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:38 No.16959755
    >Silent Hill should not be able to summon the inner demons of a machine.
    But Data has an emotion chip.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:38 No.16959756
    Or Silent Hill isn't based around souls, but 'merely' memories and emotions. Of which Data has both.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:39 No.16959757
    Reality Emitters were specifically taken from our TG Recruits Team in order to equip Heather and Douglas, and Data was already issued a Reality Emitter back when he was recruited.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:40 No.16959767
    They're already packing a reality stabilizer.
    People forget how close to human Data is.
    Even without emotions the Naked Now effected him, and with his emotions they are detectable by empaths. Doesn't seem like mind-melds or actually telepathy works on him though, so we imagine he's at least immune to direct mind-fucks, but he's still an emotional being.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:41 No.16959772
    Door, meet Missile.
    Missile, meet Door.
    Hi Door!
    Bye Door.
    Unless an orbit-to-surface missile has emotions, and we fight twisted mutant CIWS or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:42 No.16959787

    I wouldn't say wasted. It will probably lessen the severity of any supernatural horror/whatever they encounter there, but not nearly as much as the emitters can reduce the powers of a SUE.

    I.E. a joke that makes everyone laugh (undead, machines, etc.) for 30 seconds straight regardless of its content would be rendered almost useless (makes no sense, no internal consistency), but a salvo of magic missiles from a wizard would suffer a minor reduction in effectiveness (magic creates force, force = ouch; LOGIC!).
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:44 No.16959796
    We already have defensive emitters.
    About the only thing we could potentially do now is to carpet bomb the place with them, but I sure as fuck wouldn't want to be the one on pickup duty.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:44 No.16959800
    It fucks with sensor readings, best not to try long distance shots, nor try close air-support. I don't want to see SH conjuring up ship-scale or ship-board threats.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:46 No.16959812
    >is an emotional being
    Well, as long as his emotion chip is on. And we just witnessed Silent Hill remotely activating the chip and preventing it from being deactivated.

    Also, the Naked Now was actually the water affecting Data's processors, not so much his emotions being tampered with (since he didn't have emotions at the time).
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:49 No.16959826
    As soon as the monsters are out of sight, activate a radio. Detects monsters in a Silent Hill environment.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:49 No.16959827

    Actually, that raises a question I have been pondering. How much can we scale down our ships' weapons output? Provided we still have a track on our men on the ground, we could theoretically provide call down strikes on particularly nasty targets. I am leery of using except as a last resort though for the following reasons:

    -The answer to all questions (especially Silent Hill verse) is NOT MORE DAKKA.

    -We are screwed if the Horror Borg develop a resistance to orbital bombardment. And Silent Hill has just enough plot-hax to make it so.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:50 No.16959832
    Guys, next time we get back to base, we should recruit an Emotionally balanced person, with Good morals and a plethora of Common sense. :P
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:51 No.16959839
    Screw that, Lets hire on Baron Munchausen!
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:52 No.16959842

    I...honestly don't think we have the funds for something THAT rare.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)21:53 No.16959853
    A few minutes later, with the Observer's scouting enabling the away team to evade most of the monsters, the team arrives at the ominous form of the Chapel... but something is wrong.

    The Chapel is different. Where once it blended into the facade of Silent Hill being a normal town, this new stronghold of the Order is a tall cathedral of gothic architecture, leering gargoyles, and intricate reliefs and stained glass depicting scenes of heavenly judgment and gruesome punishment.

    "...I guess they did some remodeling," Heather comments. "Do we just wanna stroll in?"
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:55 No.16959862
         File1321671311.jpg-(212 KB, 796x567, oh my god nope.jpg)
    212 KB
    ...Please don't be Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:55 No.16959865
         File1321671325.jpg-(10 KB, 200x235, hankhill.jpg)
    10 KB

    Well, there's this guy.

    I'm not sure if he'd be of much use outside of SH though. Unless we have an itching for a clean-burning, efficient fuel.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:56 No.16959872

    Has Data's shield recharged?

    Hi-res scan from orbit of the chapel. Can we get any info from heat imaging or other methods?

    If it can't be accessed from orbit, utilise the sensor package from the probe droid.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:56 No.16959875
    Don't forget that they must have an uneventful past. Star-Lord's a decent dude, but he's been through all kinds of bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:57 No.16959876
    Let's have the droids take a look inside, first.
    Have the Probe Droid open the doors, while everyone else hides, and then have the cloaked form of the Observer coast in and take a look around.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:57 No.16959880
    Why do some people keep thinking that the emitter do that? They just cut off reality distortions and SUE powers. Anything canonical would still work, if you visited Monty Python canon, the Funniest Joke in the World would still kill you.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:58 No.16959882
    >Data's shield recharged?
    Oh, that reminds me, Douglas' shield was also down to zero. Should check his, too.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:58 No.16959886
    no. bad.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)21:58 No.16959888
    ...I'm stumped.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:00 No.16959894
    Balls. Ok, caution to max, creep around and look for side entrances and scan for threats.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:00 No.16959896
         File1321671634.jpg-(18 KB, 222x175, Tristram-cathedral-d1a.jpg)
    18 KB

    I hope it isn't either.

    I also hope it isn't this.

    Have the probe peek through the doors first. See if the observer can detect anything with its sensors.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:01 No.16959900
    Well if we're not going to have the droids go first, what do you suggest?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:01 No.16959903
    >this new stronghold of the Order is a tall cathedral of gothic architecture, leering gargoyles, and intricate reliefs and stained glass depicting scenes of heavenly judgment and gruesome punishment.

    I have an idea.
    Cut off communications to the ground team and see if the chapel reverts to normal.
    Finding chaos cultists down here is OUR fear, /tg/, the people participating in the quest. If we, the players, leave silent hill, then maybe we won't be up against Chaos there.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:01 No.16959905
    I don't know what that is. Elaborate.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:03 No.16959911
    I don't know... stealth maybe?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:04 No.16959918

    That one cathedral/church from the first Diablo game. It's a bit out of genre, but damn if that wasn't an atmospheric game.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:04 No.16959919
    Can Silent Hill do that? Reach through a radio transmission and peer into our thoughts while we sit in orbit?

    But then again, it was able to determine that Data had an emotion chip, and to turn it on.

    Maybe it'll work. We can be out of radio communication for a few minutes, I suppose, and see if it works.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:05 No.16959926
    How will we be able to reestablish communications?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:06 No.16959928
    Not into our thoughts while we sit in orbit.
    Into our thoughts while we read 4chan.

    Right after we entered Silent Hill, 4chan was down for a few days.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:06 No.16959931
    google is your friend. It reveals that that cathedral is from the Diablo series, where the titular demon was imprisoned.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:06 No.16959935
    Have them turn the communicators back on.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:07 No.16959937
    Simple. Close the thread for 30 mintues or so, then open it up later.
    At least the Mist doesn't stop you from closing 4chan pages.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)22:07 No.16959939
    The Storm still cannot pierce the mists, while the probe droid's equipment merely receives a chaotic mish-mash of energy readings that don't seem to make sense.

    ANON: "The 'Tube Children' appear to be a manifestation of Douglas Cartland's inner guilt over failing his son, who was killed while robbing a bank, as a father. Essentially, they symbolize his little boy turning into a mindless murderer that constantly threatens all around him with fatal harm. He was killed by gunfire, and so vomits up the bullets that slew him so that others may die in the same way, especially his 'father'. Still analyzing others..."

    All shields are recharged.

    Cutting off communications does not do the trick...

    ...but I wish to hell I'd thought of that while planning this part.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:10 No.16959959
    You know, I was kind of afraid the 4th wall trick wouldn't work.
    God damn it, Silent Hill.

    Wait, I have an idea.

    Gee, it sure would suck if this quest was boring, and we easily and instantly made our way through every challenge! I sure do wish this quest continues to be engaging, and does not devolve into easymode freewins.

    Are the rest of you posters AFRAID that, with all of the heroes we're recruiting, this quest might become a bit too EASY to solve?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:15 No.16959967

    No way about it.

    Have the probe droid perform a quick visual recon before the rest move in.

    From now on, that droid is on point.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:18 No.16959976
    Have the Observer look around the outside of the church. Is there are side entrance we could use?
    If there is, we'll use that.
    Either way, have the probe droid take point, unless the Observer can also fit. I would prefer the Observer if it can, because it's cloaked and can warn the others of upcoming dangers.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:21 No.16959987

    Beware what you wish for.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:23 No.16959993
    >Are the rest of you posters AFRAID that, with all of the heroes we're recruiting, this quest might become a bit too EASY to solve?
    Fuck nope. It can't happen. we have S.U.E's and Chaos and the Culture an shit to worry about.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:26 No.16960016
    If this Silent Hill starts to draw on fears beyond the fourth wall, I'm gonna call it a day. Too silly.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:26 No.16960026
    I suppose I was afraid that other people wouldn't be on board with the idea.
    This goddamn Silent Hill is making the players' fears real.

    I wonder what would happen if you walked into Silent Hill with the mindset "It's okay if my fears consume me, and okay if I conquer my fears, but it'd suck royally to just walk from one side to the town to the other, learn fuck all about my inner demons, challenge nothing, encounter zero interesting things, and completely waste my time"?
    Would the Shiba Inu show up and tell you to stop metagaming?
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)22:29 No.16960049
    Neither the observer nor probe droid can find another way in, but when the probe droid goes to enter, it finds the door locked. Nonplussed, the droid generates a cutting laser from one arm and begins to burn through the door. It takes a while, but the door finally falls forward with a loud clang that seems to echo through the air. The probe droid advances within, entering a small antechamber with two broad oaken double doors in front, two small basins filled with water to either side of the breached door.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:35 No.16960090
    Have the probe droid check the ceiling just in case, and then have the rest of the team enter.
    There's probably either something in the basins of water, or they're related to some kind of puzzle.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:35 No.16960095
    I don't recognise this area, but I haven't played Silent hill. Is this normal for the church's interior?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:42 No.16960158

    I don't remember SH3 so well.

    But as I recall, all the SH games have had weird puzzle shit in them. We may be seeing that in this room, or they may just be there for decor.

    At any rate, have the probe and observer explore the room more.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:44 No.16960170
    >puzzle shit
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:45 No.16960176
    I'm pretty sure the way Silent Hill scans your memories and emotions isn't something you can outsmart, like, at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:46 No.16960189
    Stop being stupid.
    Silent Hill has rotten wooden boards that can resist repeated blasts from a shotgun.
    Just because it's logical in reality doesn't mean it makes sense here.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)22:52 No.16960245
         File1321674762.jpg-(117 KB, 355x500, all_doors_locked.jpg)
    117 KB
    Wish I could contribute more to the quest, but I don't know Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:01 No.16960323
    Alright, so our current plan seems to be to have the probe droid make sure the coast is clear, then have the rest of the team enter the church, and examine the water basins for clues.

    Then what? Do we go left door or right door?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:02 No.16960331
    rolled 2 = 2

    1 for left, 2 for right.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)23:21 No.16960383
    The probe droid enters the right door, entering a long hallway filled with pews and statues of various saints. Alessa is among those enshrined.

    The others walk into the antechamber, beginning to look around.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:25 No.16960404
    How full are each?
    Does the team see or detect any mechanisms? (Though I've got to wonder how much of SHs 'mechanisms' were actually mechanical..)
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:25 No.16960405
    Okay, have the Probe Droid hold up, and scan the statues for anything out of the ordinary, such as hollowness or strange materials.
    Also check between the pews for any kind of dropped item that might be a key to a puzzle or a clue.
    Especially inspect the Alessa statue.

    As for the others, have them see if anything has been dropped into the water basins, then join the droid past the right door.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:27 No.16960413
    I'll lurk in the thread. I don't know nearly enough about Silent Hill to contribute, so I'll just watch for anyone suggesting anything retarded (e.g. sending Char or a Knight Inductor to Silent Hill) and otherwise be quiet and watch what happens.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:27 No.16960414
    Oh right, also have the team examine the relative water levels in each basin, and see if they match.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:27 No.16960417
    More detail on Alessa shrine.
    With Heather as the keystone here, it is a fair assumption that the Alessa factor will be involved somehow.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:32 No.16960442
         File1321677177.jpg-(77 KB, 493x486, ramirez.jpg)
    77 KB
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)23:38 No.16960481
    The probe droid begins to inspect the statue.

    Heather, checking the right basin sees something glittering at the bottom. Douglas finds nothing in the left.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:40 No.16960489
    Data, did you bring a Tricorder? Scan the right fountain, see what's in it.

    I bet it's a Key. Or an Ambrosia, a Lion's heart, a Sacred crystal, or some other "Shove me into receptacle A to allow passage past obstacle B" (aka a Key).
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:40 No.16960492
    Data should have a Tricorder, right? Scan that thing for traps.
    Then have the Probe Droid use a manipulator arm to grab it.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:43 No.16960507
    Have Data scan the basin to make sure it's not a trap, then have the probe droid come back and retrieve the shining thing. Sure, it'll interrupt the droid's scans, and take an extra minute.
    But the probe droid can better afford losing a manipulator arm than Data could.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)23:47 No.16960526
    The tricorder scan shows it to be a coin of gold. The probe droid returns and, finding nothing treacherous about the water, plucks the gold coin from the basin. Shortly afterward, a siren wails in the distance and the water in the basins turn a deep crimson, liquid streaming forth from them to crawl up the walls and along the floor, staining the antechamber and the hall beyond with ever spreading veins of blood. The door that was cut suddenly shudders and rams itself back into place, sealing the way out.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:50 No.16960537
    I suppose that putting the coin back won't do anything.

    Quick, do we check the statues to see if this key goes there, continue down the hallway, or go left?

    I say, give the coin to Heather, the probe checks the statues for a coin-shaped hole, and the team goes down the hallway to the other side.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)23:55 No.16960558
    To the probe droid, Data, Douglas, and Heather have vanished, while the church has remained perfectly normal.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:56 No.16960561
    Find a coin slot.
    Data has a tricorder, the Probe has sensors, Heather is Heather.
    Why'd we grab Heather's bum, though? He's useless at finding coin slots.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:57 No.16960569
    SHIT! I forgot that dual world shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:57 No.16960570
         File1321678650.jpg-(152 KB, 716x301, dat quadratic ass.jpg)
    152 KB
    >Why'd we grab Heather's bum, though?
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)23:57 No.16960572
    I'm new to Silent Hillage. How does dual world work?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:00 No.16960592
    Okay, so the Probe Droid is the one with the coin, right?
    I suppose it should look for a coin-shaped slot in the statues.
    Data, Heather, and Douglas to go down the hall.

    However, if anyone who's played Silent Hill believes this to be a bad idea, please speak up now and we will defer to your knowledge.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:03 No.16960602
    Everyone should look for a coin slot.

    Otherworld: Unlocks locked doors, Locks unlocked doors, summons freaky shit.

    It's basically the Dark world from a link to the past, only with more pyramid heads.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:04 No.16960608
    Actually, it's DAMN fine to have the robot stuck on the light side. It could be complicated to get the coin to the dark side though.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:04 No.16960611
    Why did anyone expect a tricorder to be much help here.. (Note to selves: Remember to have Egon look into the tricorders after ship sensors.)

    Does the Observer still have a bead on our team? Hopefully that crazy psi-tech pays off.
    Can the ships still communicate with them? I wouldn't be surprised if they were cut off from communication.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)00:07 No.16960623
    "This phenomena is unknown to me..." Data begins to say as he looks around. "...but my emotion chip... appears to be generating an anomalous amount for fear for something that seems relatively harmless."

    "Your chip might be smarter than you, then," Heather says, readying her rifle as she enters the hall. Douglas follows close behind as Data does the same.

    The hall has been changed dramatically. Blood-red light seeps in through the shattered stained glass windows as all of the statues save one are shattered and broken. The statue of Alessa.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:07 No.16960625
    You know, I just realized: we're having a psionically active machine look into an extremely powerful and highly malevolent pycho-active genius loci. Is that particularly wise?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:09 No.16960631
    Relax. The worst that the malevolent location can do with a probe droid is click on it a few times to make it say funny things.

    The statue of Alessa is intact. Silent hill folks, tell me whether this is a "Defend the statue from baddies" mission or "Break the statue" mission.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:09 No.16960634
    ...Have the droid toss the coin in the air, and then have Data snatch it out?
    Crap, it's possible we just rendered a puzzle unsolvable.
    In the future, characters that can enter the otherworld should touch all quest related items.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)00:10 No.16960641
    The Observer's sensors are being blocked from seeing within the cathedral, and it cannot seem to move towards it. However, given the advanced nature of Protoss technology, this DOES tell you that something major is probably within. So at least you chose your target right.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:11 No.16960644
    Is the Probe still scouting around, looking for open doors or coin slots?
    No puzzle is unsolvable when you have photon torpedoes. There are over 100 ways to get to the other side of a door, "Unlock it and walk through" is only one of them.

    Data, follow Heather's lead. I assume Heather knows what she's doing.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:11 No.16960647
    Alright, so let's have the team examine the statue of Alessa, and the probe droid will do the same.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:13 No.16960650
    Good idea. If we check what's different between the worlds, we might get clues on how to proceed.

    Is Data able to see what the probe sees (and vice-versa) via communications trickery?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:13 No.16960652
    ...Are you deliberately not understanding the genre?
    The otherworld is even farther removed from rational reality than normal.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:14 No.16960656

    In all likelihood, the Statue of Alessa could just be there for dramatic effect or symbolism. I think there was a puzzle in Silent Hill 2 that relied on statues, but I don't recall breaking any of them being a solution; also, the protagonist of SH2 probably wasn't strong enough to break a statue on his own without pushing it off at a great height.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:15 No.16960665
    Right, but remember that Heather is from Silent Hill 3, and had no direct interaction with the main character of SH2, nor even faced the same monsters or puzzles.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)00:19 No.16960680
    The probe droid notes a small bowl filled with offerings below each of the saint statues. Alessa's is empty, while the rest have various odds and ends in theirs. Everything from dollar bills, pocket change, to incense, candles, and small packets of...something. The statue of Alessa herself is that of a beautiful young woman in robes, her hands outstretched in benediction.

    The otherworld team finds that the offering bowl is filled with blood, the statue's arms raised to the heavens instead of outstretched towards the observer.

    "I'm pretty sure I never looked like that," Heather comments.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:23 No.16960696
    Have the Probe Droid drop the gold coin into Alessa's offering bowl. To my gaming senses, that sounds like the right answer.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:24 No.16960703

    I wonder...

    The Heather we have with us right now is post-canon Silent Hill Heather. But the detonation of the T.S.O.B. means that many realities can crash into each other and become one.

    Could it be possible that this Silent Hill that Data/Doug/Heather and the probes are exploring is a timeline in which Heather did not stop the cult and/or realized the rebirth of Alessa?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:28 No.16960720

    The coin-dropping may be the only way of progressing at the moment.

    Have the probe examine the packets, but be sure to not to disturb them or take them out of the bowls. Do they have any distinguishing markings? What are the packets made out of? Are they packets like condiment (i.e. ketchup or mustard) packets? Or are they more like red envelopes?
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)00:31 No.16960743
    The packets appear to be various small envelopes.

    The probe droid drops the coin into the bowl. A barely audible tone is heard.

    In the Otherworld, the blood spills away from the offering bowl in front of Alessa, leaving it bare.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:34 No.16960760
    What's the significance of red envelopes in the context of Silent Hill?

    Also, have the team in the Otherworld check the offering bowl, see if there's anything in there now.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:35 No.16960762
    Nothing in the bowl at all? No items or engravings?
    Does the team notice any other changes?
    If not, it might have changed something elsewhere, might be time to explore more..
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:39 No.16960784
    ...Fuck. The only way to open the Otherworld bowl was for the droid to drop the coin in the "normal" bowl. That means that even though Silent Hill can't get any ammunition for monsters from the droid, it nonetheless has a way of accounting for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:45 No.16960817
    Well, at least that leaves one thing normal.

    Everyone, spread out and search for Doors. Note that doors that are locked for Data, Heather, and Heather's bum are likely unlocked for the Droid, and vice-versa.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:45 No.16960820
    Which means that it KNOWS about thinking machines. That even though it's just a machine, it can account for things that it can't detect as alive.
    Can you imagine what it would have done if it had touched the null field of a Silencer?
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)00:45 No.16960823
    Nothing else is in the bowl. The other bowls are all smashed and cracked, so you can't tell what they once held.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:45 No.16960824
    Does that mean that the Droid can open doors for Heather and co.?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:46 No.16960828

    Carry on OP, you magnificent bastard you.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:47 No.16960845
    Well, time to explore, I suppose.
    If there wasn't any noteworthy exits in this room, I guess they should check that other door.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:48 No.16960855
    ...I'd really rather not.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:53 No.16960879
    Damnit, I just realized that we should have given Data one of those lightsabers we looted, since his Positronic Brain can probably be advanced enough to figure out how to use it without cutting himself or his allies.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:53 No.16960887
    When did we loot a lightsaber?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:55 No.16960904
    When we looted the Super Star Destroyer Executor and killed a pale imitation of Darth Vader.
    It was back in the "Mecha-Godzilla in Kyoto, Rewriter Bomb at Tokyo Tower" arc.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:55 No.16960905
    wehn we took control of the Executer from the mashup world
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)00:56 No.16960909
    When we killed President Vader.
    We haven't done anything with it since wielding a lightsaber without dramatically enhanced reflexes is a fast way to lose some limbs.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:00 No.16960938
    It could be useful if you just glue it to something for use as a welder or bayonet.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:01 No.16960952
    Should we open those red envelopes? Or is that just asking for trouble?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:04 No.16960971
    Red Envelopes contain plot items.
    Opening them is how you move forward in the puzzle.
    of course, this being Silent Hill, it's up to you to decide whether descending deeper into madness counts as 'good'. ;)
    >> Rational 11/19/11(Sat)01:05 No.16960984
    In this case, yes. It's a shame we don't have any vidya bros in here who played them recently.

    Huh, come to think of it even Yatzhee would be useful. He loved those games.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:07 No.16960996
    damn it i need to figure out how to remove my name when i don't need it.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:08 No.16961012
    More than one. Vader had one, Bush had one, and I believe several of their 'samurai trooper' personal guard had them. It also sounded like more were found on board the Executor when it was being cleaned up and inventoried.

    Which reminds me somehow that we had KotOR masks sent down for the three of them. But I suppose those only stop mind-fucks, not emotion reading powers of Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:12 No.16961041
    And since SH even accounted for the droid, I don't think we could have done any better than Data, the droid, and the Observer.
    It would have picked up the EMH, it would have probably done even worse things if we had brough HK-50, and who knows what Silent Hill would have created from the Disquiet of the Silencers.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:13 No.16961044
    They stop poison gas, too.

    Lightsabers can apparently cut through anything. If we could make bullets out of Lightsaber, they'd be truly powerful. The only problem is: How do you make a magazine to hold them, or a trigger mechanism to launch them?

    Maybe we can get lightsabers where the handles are made of Iron. Then we can shoot the lightsabers out like railgun slugs, and eject the handles in flight.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:13 No.16961051
    This whole mess kind of makes me wish we had some sort of space-to-surface tether/space elevator. It wouldn't be that hard to get our hands on one or make one.

    One thing to learn from this is to remove Data's emotion chip before he goes into another mindfuck world, since hax powers can mess with him through it.
    It's actually pretty easy to remove and replace, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:14 No.16961055
    Send down BLU team.
    Entire Silent Hill is now RED team.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:15 No.16961066

    Are you High?

    What kind of horror would a team of immortal mercenaries fear??
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:21 No.16961099
    Spy: Fears Pyro.
    Pyro: Fears Soldier.
    Soldier: Fears Demoman
    Demoman: Fears Scout
    Scout: Fears Heavy
    Heavy: Fears Sniper
    Sniper: Fears Spy
    Engineer: Fears people shouting constantly in his ear at him to build more dispensers and teleporters.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:21 No.16961100
    No, they are now the Gmod Monsters.
    Which are all terrifyingly Hax-Powerful.
    Those are just a few examples.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)01:21 No.16961101
    rolled 32 = 32

    Exploring the hall, the Otherworld team finds two doors leading from it, one to either side of a bloodied altar at the end of the hall. Above the altar is a statue of a horrible, disfigured corpse. A red mask is strapped to its face.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:25 No.16961122
    rolled 1 = 1

    You know the drill. 1 for left, 2 for right.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:27 No.16961134
    Okay, let's have the Probe Droid examine the red envelopes to check for puzzle keys.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:32 No.16961176
    They can cut through _almost_ anything, but it can still take time to melt through some materials, they'd make poor bullets.

    Droids have extensively been shown in their home canon to be completely immune to mind effects and even emotion sensing, they are safe. Roughly speaking, our probe droid couldn't be pulled into the otherworld or have anything pulled from it to create fear monsters, but SH still has accounted for using it in the puzzles.

    The emotion chip is fused into his positronic net now, while he can toggle it, I think we would object to removing it.

    Hm. Is removing the mask a horrible idea?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:33 No.16961179
    rolled 1 = 1

    The envelopes only appear for the Otherworld team. Heather or Data or Heather's bum can open them.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:33 No.16961187
    I apologise for the roll.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:36 No.16961195
    I don't mean that SH would have been able to pull monsters from HK-50 or the EMH. I just mean that it probably would have tried to make even more nasty puzzles that are dependent on the EMH's holographic nature, or HK-50's humanoid form and combat ability.

    As for removing the red mask...I dunno. Gamer-sense says take it off, but it might trigger a fight, too.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:44 No.16961251
    No, the envelopes were in the bowls of the other statues on the droid's side of reality.
    Those statues and bowls are smashed on the otherworld side.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)01:46 No.16961268
    EMH is might pull emotions from. Voyager crew never had a real empath around to confirm it, but we do know from Moriarty and his lady friend that sufficiently advanced holograms do have an empathic presence.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)01:59 No.16961360
    Heather goes to open the left door. It opens to reveal a long hallway of worked metal, polished to a high sheen. A hatchway is at the far end.

    "OK, that's new," Heather says. "Well, all of this is, but that's... REALLY new."
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:01 No.16961376
    ...It's the Otherworld but it's polished instead of rusted?
    That's bad.
    That's very bad.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:01 No.16961380
    Hm. That more of a Trek-style hallway and hatch, or does it look like something else?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:02 No.16961385
    I'm pretty sure the Otherworld can be shaped to a certain extent as well, can't it?
    Either this is Data's Otherworld, or we just found the path to a SUE.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:03 No.16961390
    Data, you go first. Does this hallway remind you of anything? Scan the hatch at the far end with your tricorder.

    Heather, Data has his own fears and memories. He's intelligent and good at working past them, but he has them nonetheless. That's what the "borg" business you heard on comm chatter was. We'll warn you of anything we see that may be a part of his memories, such as this hallway.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:04 No.16961400
    Might as well open the other door too before running down any strange hallways.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:05 No.16961412
    I agree with this. Let's check what the other door holds before we enter what may be Data's own world of horrors.

    And has the probe droid opened those red envelopes yet?
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)02:07 No.16961422
    "It... does indeed resemble a Federation standard ship hatch..." Data admits uneasily. Douglas goes to open the other door. It reveals a long hallway of stone bricks with three more doors, one to the left, end, and right side.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:09 No.16961438
    Let's hold up first.
    Get the probe droid to open those red envelopes.
    Maybe the keys they drop will be clues to what we have to do next.

    Then have it open the same door in the realworld so that we keep the team together in case another puzzle comes up.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)02:09 No.16961439
    The probe droid opens the letters. They are prayers and wishes, normally for someone to either live, or for someone to die. Nearly all concern life or death in some manner.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:10 No.16961450
    Is anyone named specifically?

    Replaced the letters in the envelopes and back into their respective offering bowls after scanning the letters into memory for later analysis.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:11 No.16961452
    Is that something we can do? Because I'm in favor of that.
    Also, can the Probe droid examine the fog equivalent of the hallway?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:12 No.16961457
    Neat. Any particular names, or any possible codewords?
    Just send copies of the letters to Data. If there's cryptic messages, he'll figure them out in 0.02 seconds. Data can read them out to Heather, too - Heather will recognise some of the names.

    I'd like to explore the Data hallway first since it only has one hatch, instead of the 3 the other way.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)02:17 No.16961485
    In the real world, both doors open into normal hallways, set with a few oaken doors. Both halls turn north at their ends.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:18 No.16961486
    Yeah alright. Best get it over with I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:19 No.16961497
    It's 2am. Should we end this soon?
    If not, pick a door and go through.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:19 No.16961503
    Okay, so after scanning the letters in and returning them, have the droid communicate the contents of the letters to Data for analysis, and so he can read them out to Heather and Douglas to see if they recognize any names.

    Also, ANON, what about that analysis on the mummy monsters from a bit back? Is it done?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:26 No.16961536
    I wonder if we'll get a "MEANWHILE..." for the other problems around the globe, or if they're considered to be done sequentially.

    If sequentially, then we'll likely have a lot of scouting done (Probes, Science, Newspapers, Boots-on-the-ground-talking-to-people, etc), but we'll have wasted a lot of time here.

    If simultaneously, then we can be done faster, but we'll have less resources available for each mission.

    Either way, I hope our infantry and mechanised forces are getting lots of rest.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:27 No.16961537
    Hey guys, I've archived the thread.
    Just to let you know, there's some asshole who's downvoting all of our archived threads. Don't forget to vote.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:31 No.16961559
    Hmm. Wonder who's upset and how we upset them?
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)02:36 No.16961585
    ANON: "Analysis complete: Chained Mummy. The similarity to the deceased body of Harry Mason, wrapped in bloodied linen, makes the connection to Heather/Cheryl clear. This is probably a manifestation of suppressed guilt at being the indirect cause of her father's death."

    They appear just to be prayers and offerings of prayers. No code here.

    Data approaches the hatch...

    And we call it here for the night. Hope everyone had fun!
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:39 No.16961601
    Roger that. Next session when?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:40 No.16961603
    I suppose I should just be glad that Silent Hill is only making puzzles that require our droid, and wasn't able to make monsters from it.

    Okay OP, when's the next session?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:40 No.16961604
    Seeya man, have a good night. Thanks for running things!
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)02:47 No.16961633
    I'm glad our Silent Hill is winnable. We'd be right fucked™ if we sent a KI silencer or an Xcom psi troop.
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)03:02 No.16961705
    Next session will be Sunday at 7, I believe.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)03:03 No.16961713
    Right, see ya there. That's 16 hours from now.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)03:26 No.16961790
    Don't you mean 30 hours, since today is Saturday, and he said Sunday?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)13:03 No.16963789
         File1321725785.jpg-(41 KB, 500x375, sundaysundaysunday.jpg)
    41 KB
    Sunday Sunday Sunday!
    Monster Horror Rally!
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)18:14 No.16965540
    In hindsight, should we have sent some of the Transpace Guard rookies instead of Data? We should have their psyche profiles on file, and you'd think that at least -one- of them wouldn't have had a tragic past.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)18:15 No.16965552
    I don't know. We're Meta beings. Could Silent Hill do something with that fact, different from affecting Canon beings?
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)19:00 No.16965832
    Is it wrong that I almost wish we sent down some of our heroes, even if it would be an egregious tactical error, just to see what monsters would have been formed from their memories and trauma?
    Because OP is really getting into the Silent Hill spirit.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)19:43 No.16966093
    In retrospect, I think it was a grievous tactical error to send Data, though I think we can still get past it. Spike would only have produced things like Heather (Julia's corpse, etc) and the elf would probably have produced orcs or something.

    The Borg are one of the most fearsome entities that any of our characters' imaginations could have manufactured - others may be marginally more dangerous, but constant adaptability is going to be fucking hard to get around. The Borg plus silent hill is going to SUCK
    >> OP 11/19/11(Sat)19:55 No.16966180
    It's not wrong. You just feel my disappointment at not getting to use all the ideas I wrote up.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)19:58 No.16966198
         File1321750705.jpg-(233 KB, 900x1309, steampunk_cyborg_technomancer_(...).jpg)
    233 KB
    I'm a bit disappointed that I can't seem to turn up decent images to match-up with the horror steamborg.
    We're going to have to recruit some drawfags to play around with our new Silent Hill horrors.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)20:05 No.16966247
    Everybody has something traumatizing in their life, more that enough for Silent Hill to work with.
    Data still seems like the best choice we could have made at the time.

    Also, from a story point of view, Data gaining more humanity in confronting the fears and insecurities that Silent Hill throws at him is pretty cool.

    You might even say I'm something of a fan of the character's exploits, so this is turning out to be fairly awesome to me.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)20:08 No.16966269
    Well, the mists are all over the world, so who says only our teams in Silent Hill are at risk for that?

    As >>16959627
    noted, everything could be linked back to the Silent Hill effect.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)20:20 No.16966349
    ...Yeah, in hindsight, we really should have considered the ramifications of being mistaken. I mean even if
    has a point and this will be a fascinating character study, the Borg are incredibly terrifying, even without being twisted and reimagined by Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/19/11(Sat)20:21 No.16966353
    Would it be possible to see those ideas after the mission's complete, as kind of a bonus content thing?
    >> Fireman Prime 11/19/11(Sat)20:23 No.16966360
         File1321752201.jpg-(60 KB, 300x356, OFWTSIT.jpg)
    60 KB
    Coming out of the dark to second this. I want to see Darius' and Mouse's SH-Horrors in particular.

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