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  • File : 1321158659.jpg-(183 KB, 789x716, 1321088350627.jpg)
    183 KB TG Quest 23: Oh Look at the Time OP 11/12/11(Sat)23:30 No.16932479  

    Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16930200/

    You, the crew of the TGS Oncoming Storm, have found yourself in quite the shit sandwich, being trapped in a world that seems to now be home to several potent Horror beings. Finding Strahd von Zarovich and Dracula in Transylvania, zombies in Pennsylvania, and Silent Hill in Maine.

    You are currently questioning Heather Mason and a small band of survivors just outside of Silent Hill.

    "No... not really," Heather says.

    "I was trying to help Heather," Douglas says. "I still feel like I owe her one, ya know? Yeah, those cultists got the slammer. At least I did SOMEthing right."
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:35 No.16932534
    "Okay. What about the priest and the family? Locals? Or people who were drawn towards Silent Hill?
    "Also, did you hear anything on the news or radio about what was happening in the other states, like Pennsylvania? And other countries, like England or Japan?"
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:35 No.16932538
    Has the EMH completed his examination?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:38 No.16932569
    We also have the Mountains of Madness in Antarctica.
    And REALLY DENSE swirly fog over Japan.
    There may also be other things elsewhere on the globe.

    Well, I'd say now's a good time to ask the survivors if they want us to take them to a safe location, or if they're happy where they are.

    We're waiting on a probe report from Antarctica
    We're planning to send an away team of robots with Data to Pennsylvania to try to research resistance/immunity to whatever turned the zombies into zombies.
    We're debating if we should send a person into Transylvania to talk to the locals and learn more info, or talk to Strahd or Dracula since neither are mindless killbots, and they may be reasoned with.
    As noted, we're talking to Heather.
    We're doing absolutely fuck all with Japan since the mist is too strong to look past by any means, so we're focusing on other things first.

    Since Heather's finished her canon storyline, it's likely that whatever was in Silent hill can't be generating the fog any more.
    The Fog, then, is likely spamming out of Japan. The difficulty in stopping it is that we literally CAN'T FUCKING SEE there, and going in blind is just going to get everyone killed.

    So. waiting for EMH @ Maine, waiting to see if Heather and the other survivors want to come to our ship, and waiting to see if the ship actually can leave atmos.
    Waiting for more science! reports on Zombies
    Waiting for more Recon on the mountains of madness
    And waiting for /tg/ to argue whether it's a good idea, or a dumb idea, to send some of our living humans into Transylvania to chat with the locals.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:39 No.16932581
    from last thread.

    >Also, can we identify anyone familiar among the survivors?
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:41 No.16932602
    But Heather has clearly been fighting Silent Hill type monsters, and the astronauts saw the mist spreading from Silent Hill's location first.
    Even if the final boss is indeed Walpurgis Night, that doesn't explain the monsters.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:44 No.16932636
    Well, the locals are a bunch of fucking Medieval peasants. From what they were saying, it seems likely that they're part of one of the two vampires' local peasantry.
    What we could try to find out is if the two vampires are on speaking terms, or they hate each other, each thinking the other is a pretentious windbag.

    But first, we need to find out if our transporters can even penetrate the mist that's there.

    Also, the ISS astronauts did say that the Mist was also coming out of Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:44 No.16932637
    Which reminds me again that we haven't heard the report from the probe sent to England.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:44 No.16932640
    You forget we also have Ry'Leh there too.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:46 No.16932658
         File1321159568.jpg-(24 KB, 296x446, Event_horizon_ver1.jpg)
    24 KB
    Juuuuust to be sure, do a double check scan around Neptune for signs of pic related.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:46 No.16932670
    Can our sensors determine the Height of the mist?
    If so, I'd like to target a Remote region of earth that isn't used in horror stories (e.g. Kalahari Desert), and fire LOW-POWERED orbital weaponry at it, to see if the mist strengthens or disperses in response.
    We need to find some way to penetrate mist.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:47 No.16932680
         File1321159671.jpg-(31 KB, 493x367, oh god no no no not again no.jpg)
    31 KB
    Oh lord in heaven no no NO NO NO!
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:48 No.16932683
    The problem is, affecting the Mist in that fashion might draw attention to our actions. It's a dangerous course of action.
    >> Fireman Prime 11/12/11(Sat)23:48 No.16932684
    If Event Horizon does show up, imma grab a jetpack and an ox-supply, go out da' ship, and start slapping shit manually.

    Scan the FUCK out of Neptune ASAP.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:51 No.16932715
    Oh crap. We should do this too.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:52 No.16932730

    That fucking ship.

    I'll space myself, thank you very much.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:53 No.16932753
    If we find that ship, I say we just blow the fucking thing up.
    Unless our Gellar fields work on it.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:54 No.16932778
    Nah, first step we blast the midsection with a singularity beam and separate the gravity core from the main ship.
    Then rescue any survivors with our Knight Inductor Silencers.
    >> OP 11/12/11(Sat)23:55 No.16932782
    Neptune is clean.

    You don't see any familiar faces among the survivors.

    The EMH determines that everyone is free of contaminants and with his treatment should be relatively healthy. They are malnourished, however.

    Heather appears to be thinking deeply about something.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:56 No.16932803
    We need more answers.
    We've seen what horrors have been unleashed, let's put more effort into locating the respective Protagonists.
    We'll need to get someone that can get the villagers to talk in Transylvania.
    We need to determine which Zombie outbreak is in PA. If RE-style, locate Raccoon City and STARS. If LFD style, locate the Survivors.
    Japan seems pretty hairy. I mean, while it might not have started there, Japan's horror stories will make you shit white. Avoid for now, see if a probe can get a long-range scan from far off, but under the cloud cover.

    Recon, Locate heroes, Back them up and gain info.
    DON'T tell them about the Meta.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:57 No.16932808

    There should be rations in the landing craft.

    Maybe even some emergency personal arms we can pass to heather and the adults.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:58 No.16932828
    Again, if there are any spares int he landing craft, we need to attatch a Reality Emitter to Heather.
    She's a walking reality distortion.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:59 No.16932837
    Alright, do we have any rations or food bars on the Leopard? May as well get the people something to eat.

    Have Data prep a Chaffee-class shuttle from the Indefatigable. Get a tricorder and a phaser, and extra rations from the Relentless and medical supplies, then go down to where the Leopard is and pick up the EMH and give some food over to to Heather and the survivors. The two are to then go to Pennsylvania in order to research the zombies there.
    >> Anonymous 11/12/11(Sat)23:59 No.16932842
    Should we transport the people off planet now?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:00 No.16932852
    Yeah, but a distortion which way?
    And what will happen if we try to have her wear one?

    Anyway, the EMH should have one, and Data can bring down a spare when he goes down.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:00 No.16932853
    Inquire as to what Heather might be thinking about.

    Start preparing to move the dropship, but first see if we can locate an other Silent Hill protags in the region.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:01 No.16932856
    Wait a second, can the Leopard craft fly back up?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:01 No.16932864
    Well, now we just wait for things.
    > see if a probe can get a long-range scan from far off, but under the cloud cover.
    We tried but unfortunately we lost contact with it. It looks like no communications can go In or Out of the mist.
    >We'll need to get someone that can get the villagers to talk in Transylvania.
    Beam down Spike Spiegel if our teleporters work. If they don't work, we'll send Spike down in his Swordfish (it has VTOL capability).
    >Get the Dropship and the survivors out of the mist
    Try this to see if it works.

    We're still waiting on Cmdr. Data's report on the zombies he was sent down to look at (to see if we can resist their infection).
    It'll be many hours before we have a clear picture, but we have a Probe searching Antarctica for the lost expedition and any survivors from it.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:02 No.16932875
    We can't get a transporter lock through the fog. Already been tried and failed.

    We can try, but the Farseers already said that it will be much more difficult to leave the planet than to enter it.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:03 No.16932878
    We are not sending down Spike without an escort, he's far too easily ambushed.
    Send down some Knights Inductor.
    All humans have always venerated a Space Marine, even if they never saw one, Should help with the communication and cooperation.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:03 No.16932883
    Didn't the lost expedition take place in the turn of the century? Why would there be anything left?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:03 No.16932885
    Hm. If we can't get the survivors out of the fog, then I'm worried that we'll be forced to play a round of Heather Tower Defense against hordes of incoming zombies and Cthulhus or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:04 No.16932887
    Data isn't needed for zombies. Send HK-50 with the EMH to provide fire support if needed.

    Have Data working sensors and handling the piloting of shuttlecraft by remote. Also, we should prep more shuttlecraft to head down to locations.

    Who do we trust to deal with a double vampric threat and get suspicious villages to open up?
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)00:04 No.16932889
    You still are waiting on the report from the Pennsylvania probe.

    "I hate to do it... but... I think I should go back to Silent Hill," Heather murmurs. "I can't shake the feeling that some answers are hidden there, somewhere. And sitting around isn't my style. Even if it is a hell of a lot more comfortable."
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:04 No.16932891
    Good point. Hopefully they've left journals or an Elder sign.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:04 No.16932892
    I don't like sending Spike down, alone, into a village of possibly hostile peasants, and the domain of two vampire lords.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:05 No.16932899
    > I think I should go back to Silent Hill
    "Gee, I think I should get horribly murdered today! Doo de dee".
    Still, if it's something she thinks she has to do, we should at least send the Leopard with her.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:06 No.16932909
    I agree. We need to get he some back-up with reality stabilizers.
    Again, I say send down Darius and crew to back her up and level the playing field. Possibly Data as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:06 No.16932913
    >"And sitting around isn't my style. Even if it is a hell of a lot more comfortable."
    "Sorry, heather, but I can't allow that. You are the only proper eyewitnesses we have and we can't lose you yet."

    Should I add this?
    >and worse yet, our more occult associates inform us that if any harm comes to you, something bad happens."
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:07 No.16932927
    As much as I hate to say it, you're probably right. But it would be appreciated if you wait for us to air lift these other people, and send down some escorts.
    Don't get me wrong, we aren't impugning your competence on any level, it's just that we would prefer you not go in alone the second time around.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:07 No.16932928
    Heather already knows her death is a bad thing. If she thinks she needs to go back to silent hill, I trust her.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:07 No.16932929
    Remember that. We need to help her unlock the mystery here.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:08 No.16932933
    "You may be right, Miss Mason, however it's still too dangerous. Let us first secure the area, make sure it's mostly safe."

    There, that should get her to stay still for a while.

    Send the probe droid back out to check out the town of Silent Hill.

    If we send in any person, they'll be attacked by their worst fears and subconscious demons. Again, a living person is a liability in Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:10 No.16932949
    Guys, we know that there are multiple horror Canons crossed over into this one.
    We don't know if the dimensional incursions from The Mist have occurred or not.

    I think it's too dangerous to send anyone to Silent Hill without at least making sure that the only monsters there are the ones that our teams bring in with them.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:11 No.16932957


    This is where Darius & the KI might come in handy. While I know very little about WH40k or the Reasonable Marines, they probably have a lot of experience in calming down huge crowds of relative peasants and comforting them so they can do their job of killing Chaos stuff. Plus, huge knight-looking figures in shining armor with legendary weapons that practically glow with goodness.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:11 No.16932963
    I wonder if we would be better off if we had 40k Orks under out control in Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:13 No.16932979
    My rage for you is like a thousand exploding suns.
    If I went to Silent Hill, YOU would be attacking me.
    And I would kill you with fire.

    We need to keep her alive, and let her do her thing so we can solve this. We _cannot_ do that without sending people to her and with her.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:13 No.16932980
    I'm sorry, but the Orkz win over ANY horror genre I know of.
    That's their nature.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:13 No.16932981
    An Ork's greatest fear is having nothing to fight.
    So the Ork will go into Silent Hill, and have to battle against NOTHING.
    And it will truly be horrifying for him.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:14 No.16932998

    If nothing else, we can probably afford to spare a drone to escort her while she does her business.

    A scouting probe is the least of our arsenal, but having a floating robot with advanced sensors and a blaster cannon couldn't hurt her chances.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:16 No.16933013
    We have been explicitly told that she has to survive, and you are advocating sending her off without an escort? Or with just a drone?

    Are you ain idiot? Or are you a troll trying to ruin this quest?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:17 No.16933019
    Well, any escort we send summons monsters!
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:17 No.16933020
    My god.

    This is pure genius.

    We probably should have tried sending Orks against Zombies too.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:17 No.16933021
    It's more likely he just joined after that statement was made, maybe even just this thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:17 No.16933023
    Same reason I want them on Silent Hill duty. The Knights Inductor are pretty much supernaturally calm and resistant to all forms of mindfuckery, and heavily trained.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:17 No.16933030
    And you're an impatient idiot that would get people killed just as long as your need for something to happen was satisfied.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:18 No.16933038
    >The Knights Inductor are pretty much supernaturally calm and resistant to all forms of mindfuckery, and heavily trained.
    Especially with the Silencers with them.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:20 No.16933045
    Yes, but the least of the problems with hiring and Ork is that he would have to be sterilized so he wouldn't keep spawning Orkz.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:20 No.16933047
    Okay, but Silent Hill doesn't fuck with your head, so much as materialize all of your inner demons and regrets.
    As someone in the previous thread pointed out, the KI have a lot to be regretful for.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:20 No.16933051

    While they would no doubt be an asset in protecting Heather, we must also consider the fact that they might be facing Silent Hill versions of the enemies that they've faced in the past. Heather might be handy with a lead pipe against bleating bipedial flesh-things, but not so much against faceless crab-walking not-quite-Orks that yell ¡HHHGGAAAW and shoot bleeding squigs from their eyes.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:21 No.16933056
    We. Are. On. A. TIMER.
    She is the KEY.
    She has to do her thing, and we are NOT going to send her out there with 'maybe a droid' when she is the most important person we know here right now.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:21 No.16933058
    The Silencers should counter the effect as long as they stay together and all have Reality Emitters.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:24 No.16933077
    Well, we can send the KIs and Heather into Silent hill, while Data and the EMH work on finding a counter to the Zombies.
    Send Tosh to bullshit around in Transylvania (he knows how to hide if he's attacked).
    Meanwhile, our probes keep searching Antarctica for anything useful.

    Any science team should try to understand what the fuck this goddamn mist is, and how one could potentially communicate through it. Even if it means duct taping a Reality emitter to a rock, tying a note to the rock, and throwing the rock back and forth between the surface of the planet and space.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:24 No.16933079
    We have 2 fucking weeks.
    Three hours to scan the area and make sure that it doesn't have any monsters except those that Silent Hill will create when someone enters will not adversely affect our ability to complete our objective.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:24 No.16933080
    No, they counter the warp and psykers.. though the Farseers DID compare what they felt to the Warp, so hell, maybe they can.

    All reality emitters do is cancel out SUE abilities, they are no good against Canon abilities.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:24 No.16933088
    >We have 2 fucking weeks.
    Nope. the Elfdar said if we want a Good End, we have to get shit done TODAY.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:26 No.16933095
    It's actually pretty ingenious. Anyone we send will likely make the enemies much, much more deadly, as Silent Hill gets fresh material.
    Like if we send people down who actually are good at fighting, than the monsters of Silent Hill will also likely learn to do more than just shamble around in a disturbing fashion, which means that they will be much better at being able to kill Heather.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:26 No.16933096
    ANON, and Farseers: Do we believe that Silent Hill can access Mr. Data's subconscious or not?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:26 No.16933097
    >, they are no good against Canon abilities.
    Incorrect. The less sense something makes, the weaker it makes it, even if it's a Canon thing.
    If you try to throw a rock, it does nothing, but if you try to throw a Ki Blast, it would weaken it so it wouldn't kill you, and if a S.U.E. tries to snap her fingers so your head pops, nothing happens.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:26 No.16933102
    I'd like to send the other Survivors up to our ship even if heather isn't going, so the Psions and Aurors can probe their minds for any pieces of information they may have.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:27 No.16933103
    That is incorrect.
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)00:27 No.16933111
    This. Heather should be able to handle her own as she did in canon, so just sending her with a probe seems like a pretty good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:28 No.16933113
    They said no such thing.
    "Human... great evil has made this its home. We cannot allow it to remain unchecked. Though we have wandered into the jaws of oblivion, know that even a day's delay may cost you the world here. Of all the futures we saw, the only ones that held any hope in them were those in which we confronted the demons of this place, sought its mysteries with all haste. We are not sure why... But now that we are here, we invite disaster if we try to leave. You MUST NOT attempt to leave until this planet is free of taint..." The farseer closes her eyes. "We have two weeks before the horrors within this places roils forth into the greater multiverse. We have that time to stop it."

    That is the text what they said.
    Yes, they said that delaying too long is bad. But so is blindly charging in and making the situation worse.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:28 No.16933119
         File1321162126.gif-(79 KB, 2048x1801, news6.gif)
    79 KB
    Okay guys. This might sound like a stupid suggestion, BUT:

    We should send either a person, or a drone, into the office of any of the major News stations around the world, and see if there's any surviving Papers or Computers or People that can tell us the news as it pertains to this world.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:28 No.16933120
    okay, but we need to send down some armor and weapons.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:29 No.16933129
         File1321162181.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, oh my god yes.jpg)
    3 KB
    >see if there's any surviving Papers or Computers or People that can tell us the news as it pertains to this world.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:30 No.16933136
    About the ki blast: no, it won't protect against directed energy attacks like that, because it would not protect against a fireball spell.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:30 No.16933138
    Ah, right. Drop podding down some equipment for Heather will be good regardless of what she does.

    Seems wise. Considering the weird bullshit going on in the eastern United states, we might try the Los angeles times or the BBC.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:30 No.16933139
    She needs more because this Silent Hill is more.
    This is the center of a massive reality distortion.
    For all we know, Silent Hill _itself_ is a SUE, particularly since it seems the 'god' was not in the picture when all this went down.
    She needs a reality stabilizer with her, and preferably some armor and a better weapon.

    We're arguing over other back up.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:30 No.16933141
    Now that's a good idea. Even with the infinite ammo submachine gun, and the motherfucking magical girl powers, the enemies didn't become any more powerful.
    Theoretically, a change in equipment won't provoke a response.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:30 No.16933143

    If we get a positive "no" from the Farseers that Data's past will not be subject to being manifested by SH, and that he will not be affected by SH, he might be the best person we can send with Heather. A naturally fast/strong android with a positronic brain for those brain teasers, and who also has combat programming and training from years of away missions during his time on the Enterprise.
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)00:32 No.16933154
    Well, we can agree on better armor/weapons, and there shouldn't be a problem with sending another RS with her, but I really, really don't want to give SH more stuff to throw at us that we aren't prepared for.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:32 No.16933155
    Considering that the mist generally started from the eastern US seaboard, trying LA or San Francisco might be a good idea.
    Also Moscow, Paris, and Hell, even Cape Town in South Africa, and Sydney in Australia.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:32 No.16933159
    We can't sit back too much.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:32 No.16933162
    "Hey, Transpace Guard officer, do you want me to hand you this Newspaper of major events in the world from a few weeks ago when all this shit started happening?"
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:32 No.16933163
    Because I have nothing else to contribute, here's some music to listen too.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:34 No.16933174
    That being said, are there any horror things that happen in Siberia? Need to be thorough.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:34 No.16933177
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)00:34 No.16933180
         File1321162450.png-(247 KB, 320x276, A_BOMB.png)
    247 KB
    >mfw I just posted that in another thread
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:34 No.16933187
    What can I say?
    I literally dropped my jaw when I opened it, figured I needed to share it.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:35 No.16933189
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)00:36 No.16933200
    Disregard media, acquire madness.
    A good, Transpace-Guard-esque plan.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:36 No.16933201
    Fuck it man, let's just exterminatus the whole planet and be done with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:37 No.16933204
    I just thought of a counterpoint.
    In Silent Hill 3, Heather fought monsters that were the result of Claudia's and Alessa's subconscious as well.
    We have no idea who the fuck brought Silent Hill up to turbo, but it is very likely that the monsters will be based on -their- crazy as well.
    Like if a SUE is responsible, who the fuck knows what the monsters would look like?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:37 No.16933210
    Farseers already said that's a bad idea.
    You think we didn't already ask them that?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:37 No.16933212
    Egon: "You know, I hear there are people whose entire JOB is to gather information about what's happening to the world at the moment. The files I have refer to them as 'news reporters'".
    /tg/: "Shutup Egon. Send more drones."
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:37 No.16933217
    Yes let's pickup news media stuff. Should be faster than having drones do the scouting and we don't know what's up.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:38 No.16933219
    >Drones crash into Dracula's coffin
    >Drones rain down upon the city of Ry'Leh
    >Drones populate the Strip at LA (ever noticed how similar it sounds to Ryleh?)
    >Drones taking pictures at Niagra Falls
    >Drones playing hockey in New York.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:38 No.16933222
    >Like if a SUE is responsible, who the fuck knows what the monsters would look like?
    A complete lack of sex, an excess of fatty foods, and social awkwardness.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:38 No.16933223
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:39 No.16933228
    Dude, we should just read the Newspaper.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:39 No.16933233
    The drones should still be doing the scouting in areas to find what's going on RIGHT NOW, such as what monsters are there, and if there are any protagonists that need rescue.

    We just need to raid the news offices in order to find out how things led up to the current situation.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:39 No.16933235
         File1321162761.jpg-(86 KB, 750x600, BackUpPlans.jpg)
    86 KB
    No, we already figured that wouldn't work.
    That was Plan A.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:39 No.16933236

    That might not be such a bad idea. Or if we can see if ANON can do the same without sending a probe.


    Now this might be a GREAT idea. If we have such armor that's easy to wear/use for a woman of Heather's height/size, we should definitely send one down for her to use. Maybe even for Detective Cartland, since he insists on going with Heather.

    I'd hold back on the guns though, unless we have some arms that don't require much training. An untrained civilian with a mass rifle may cause a lot more harm to her allies than her enemies.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:40 No.16933245
    The farseers warned us that trying that will just piss off Yog-sothoth, Cthulhu and Azathoth.
    Protip: You do not want to piss any of these off.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:40 No.16933248
    If Heather needs to get into Silent Hill, I support sending Knights Inductors in with her. Preferably Darius and the Silencers at the least, a full squad just in case. Seriously though, having the Echo of the First Age to boost everyone's courage and willpower is definitively needed to confront Silent Hill. I imagine Heather would be glad to have a squad of superhuman heroes as a bodyguard the second time around.

    We can use of SCP, Delta Green and UNIT troops on the other (less mind fucking) locations along with our other Heroes, with the Marauders and the second KI squad on standby in Low Earth Orbit (can you say Orbital Drop Shock?).
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)00:40 No.16933250
         File1321162824.jpg-(56 KB, 365x524, drone_sighting.jpg)
    56 KB
    I'd do this.
    >pic related; drone misfire
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:40 No.16933252
    You know, as soon as I posted that Meshuggah song, everyone went nuts.


    Let's have a the shuttle carry the Silent Hill team to wherever they need to go, and get them armed, armored and Reality shielded.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:42 No.16933263
    What comic is this?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:43 No.16933264
    Still saying that sending in Space Marines who've endured decades of combat and the horrors of war is just inviting trouble.

    Go ahead, take the KI along. And when monsters and demons from their regrets and memories appear, we'll all know to blame you.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:43 No.16933265
    Deadpool comic. Don't know which.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:43 No.16933266
    If only we had Ruby with us. She's good at this kind of stuff.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:44 No.16933278
    Actually, we do.
    However, I don't want the world to summon up Czopaje.

    I wonder what she's been doing all this time? Playing (cheating) poker with Spike and that one mech pilot fellow?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:45 No.16933281
    note to thread: remember to stay frosty and keep your eyes open for any bullshit.

    Yes, apparantly we need to be reminded of this.

    as well, we clearly need some Nanotrasen grade Assistants up in this bitch, because we apparantly have run out of hardass motherfuckers who know everything about everything and are robust as fuck

    somehow I doubt we have arms that could be used by mere mortals
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:47 No.16933302
    You mean Demonbane and mankind's Elder Gods won't clean up after us?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:48 No.16933313
    The Elder Gods are already awake.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:49 No.16933321
    Calm rational ones are better than our other choices.
    Think about our selection of troops. KI are the most well adjusted in the whole bunch.

    However, if ANON and the Farseers say Data is Silent Hill immune, then we may just send him with her. Along with armor and weapons.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)00:49 No.16933328
         File1321163390.jpg-(10 KB, 225x225, NeedaHand..jpg)
    10 KB
    "We do not know."

    You send your probe off to collect the locale newspapers. The last one is dated a month ago. Apparently whatever happened was so swift as to prevent reports on it. You do, however, find a few reports on doomsday cults holding 'worship services' all over the world. These cults were mainly characterized by a Six-Fingered Hand symbol, but you also recognize a few Mythos and Order cults as well. All of these cults appear to have arisen simultaneously and independently.
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)00:50 No.16933336
    Those fuckers from d20 Modern are at it! They're the worlds most generic doomsday cult, but they're everywhere. Well, the more we know.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:52 No.16933347

    Again, it may not be a good idea to send the KI with Heather. They would be kickass, no doubt, but remember: Silent Hill can and WILL match any living beings we send with her with their worst nightmares and subconscious horrors made flesh.

    Darius with that legendary blade *might* be able to defend Heather well enough against crab-walking Un-Orks that rip open their chests and spawn squigs that barf rusted sheets of razor-sharp metal. Or fleshy, faceless comissars that attack you by shooting themselves in the head and spraying you with corrosive viscera.

    But we have no guarantee that they could run into horrors that they would not be able to defend themselves against! Remember Pyramid Head? The invulnerable horror that James really couldn't do much against except run away and shoot them ineffectively? Imagine that, but dialed up to 15000000x due to dealing with the unmentionable horrors of the Warp and the sometimes equally horrifying policies of the Imperium.

    The catch with this scenario is that IF we send a team of BAMFs with Heather, Silent Hill will match us point for point and then some! If we send someone who isn't technically alive or conscious, though, we may be able to circumvent that. Ditto if we send Heather/Douglas with advanced equipment to help them survive.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)00:53 No.16933358
    You don't have her yet. She's been in reserve since the first thread, essentially letting you know you can pick her as a Hero choice at any time you gain an additional Hero.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:55 No.16933367
    Right which is why I advocate just relocating some of our troops' mass effect armor and mass rifles to be given to the 7 survivors and Heather.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:55 No.16933371
    I suspect KI Silencers + Reality emitters would help, as of course would giving Heather and Douglas some armour.

    If we didn't know it specificly from what the farseers said, I'd reality bomb this place.
    Castlevania, Silent Hill, Lovecraft mythos, doomsday cults, some type of japanese bullshit I don't understand.
    What's next, A Flaming wheel within a flaming wheel with eyes on each spokes trundles along, says "Lol no" and turns cities into pillars of salt?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:56 No.16933378

    For people that don't know.

    Okay, I'm voting that we send Data, with a small medkit, tricorder, Reality Emitter, kinetic shield, emergency transporter armband, and phaser rifle along with Heather and Douglas.
    We also supply the two with kinetic shields, spare reality emitters, and some of the pulse rifles from the TG rookies. The pulse rifles are pretty much just fancy assault rifles, so they should be easy enough for the two to use.
    Also send the Probe Droid with them.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:57 No.16933387
         File1321163858.jpg-(43 KB, 250x327, junji ito.jpg)
    43 KB
    >some type of japanese bullshit I don't understand.
    Let me tell you the reason why we must NEVER go to Japan in person.

    Junji Ito.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:57 No.16933388
    I hope Data's already collected enough information on the Zombies for our research team to finish the work.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:58 No.16933394
    Show to the Delta Greens and have them confer with ANON. See if we can put together any leads.

    And fuck it, easy test. "Mr. Data, take a drone with you and do a scan on foot of the block surrounding the dropship. Report anything unusual."
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:58 No.16933395
    You over-estimate the effectiveness of reality emitters.
    Also, KI Silencers really only work against the Warp. While some of the horrors here might be Warp-like in nature, there's no way to know if Silent Hill is one of them, or if that trace was caused by another horror Canon.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:58 No.16933396
         File1321163913.jpg-(196 KB, 576x800, kuroual.jpg)
    196 KB
    Dial-up their Elder God versions, then they clean up after our mess =D
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)00:59 No.16933400
    True, but there is ONE aspect of the Pariah Gene that carries over universally:
    No mind reading, no psychic influences, at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:01 No.16933413
    Did we ever test that with the Aurors and the Psionicists?
    We should test that right the fuck now, and see if that holds true or not.
    I want to see if all of these assumptions about the power of the Silencers to resist any kind of psychic intrusion actually has any basis in Meta-fact.

    They're all still up on the Storm, so it should only take a minute of trying.
    >> Research Fag 11/13/11(Sun)01:01 No.16933417
         File1321164118.jpg-(279 KB, 900x675, 1319590142732.jpg)
    279 KB
    Why not send down a couple of these?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:02 No.16933422
    Exactly. And the whole Knights Inductor are descended from a null-aura gene-seed. Silencers are just the most powerful examples.

    I keep trying to tell people that and I get blown off.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:03 No.16933425
    Data and the probe comply, not finding anything in that area.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:04 No.16933431
    >And the whole Knights Inductor are descended from a null-aura gene-seed
    Wait, really?
    Not as far as I know. IIRC they try to make any blanks they find into Space Marine Silencers, or at least agents of their force.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:04 No.16933432
    How's the research on Zombies coming, OP?
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:05 No.16933441
    You are STILL waiting on the probe. I don't know why people thought research got started.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:05 No.16933442
    rolled 7 = 7

    Quickly what year is it on this earth ?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:05 No.16933446
    ANON, please have the Knights Inductor Silencers, X-COM psi troopers, one of the Aurors, and one of the psionicists please go to one of the Psi-Labs for a brief experiment.

    Let's see if the Silencer is really immune to ALL psychic effects or not, and get this settled once and for all.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:06 No.16933451
    >Juni Ito
    >Uzumaki, The Enigma of Amigara Fault
    Let's NOT go to Japan.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:06 No.16933452
    Apparently people think hours have passed, when it's only been...what, 10-15 minutes in-game?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:07 No.16933458
    Alright, groovy.

    Outfit Data, Douglas, and Heather with some armor and weapons they are comfortable with plus reality emitter, along with a probe-droid and an Observer drone, let Heather do her thing.

    Have the Knights Inductor loaded onto a dropship and ready to deepstrike as needed.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:09 No.16933472
    Okay, so it's safe for androids, it seems.

    We send Data, with a small medkit, tricorder, Reality Emitter, kinetic shield, emergency transporter armband, and phaser rifle along with Heather and Douglas.
    We also supply the two with kinetic shields, spare reality emitters, and some of the pulse rifles from the TG rookies. The pulse rifles are pretty much just fancy assault rifles, so they should be easy enough for the two to use.
    Also send the Probe Droid with them.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:10 No.16933480
    It is October 30th, 2011.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:11 No.16933485
    We could see if the Indefatigable's replicators can make some kevlar vests.

    Not much, but we don't really have anything else readily available.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:11 No.16933493
    2 hours since you arrived.

    The Silencers seem to be immune to everything X-COM can throw at them, but who knows what Silent Hill is capable of.

    Everyone seems to be in agreement over arming Heather and Doug with a pulse rifle (that can be done) and armor (cannot be done, you have no spare armor.)

    I'd like to know if you are sending people with her, and who. A clear consensus would be nice. It might be the sleep deprivation, but trying to follow what you're planning has been especially hard this night.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:11 No.16933494
    >Not much, but we don't really have anything else readily available.
    Yes we do.
    Borrow the Mass Effect suits from some of our troops, send them down.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:12 No.16933498
    >and armor (cannot be done, you have no spare armor.)
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:13 No.16933505
    OK, so you're taking off a KE barrier from someone and giving it to them. OK that can be done, we'll say the MI lose out since they're heavily armored anyway.

    Is this all you're sending?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:13 No.16933509
    rolled 2 = 2

    dam want to time jump back to pre 2003 and fix up Fred Rogers to easy mode all this silent hill stuff
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:14 No.16933511
    It looks like Data will do, and people might agree on the Silencers now.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:14 No.16933514

    Unless we wanted to send down the Silencers as well?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:14 No.16933515

    I'd be content with this plan.

    If/when we need the KI, we can call upon them in that scenario as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:16 No.16933525
    Also two of our KotOR masks for Heather and Douglas to borrow.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:16 No.16933527
    I'm still for only Data and the probe droid. Maybe an Observer drone as well.

    As the scientists said, the Silencers may be immune to Potter-magic and psionics, but they might still be vulnerable to Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:16 No.16933529
    Actually, enough masks for all the survivors.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:17 No.16933536
    Fiar enough.
    If SHTF then we can drop-pod down the Silencers.
    Sound good?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:17 No.16933537
    Data, the Silencers, Darius (+Ringil), and the equipment.

    You know what this means, people.

    In the meantime, see about getting the EMH, and any survivors that want to follow, up onto our orbiting vessel. Restrict their access to a break room or something so they don't see any incriminating info.
    I'd like to have the Psions and the Aurors pick through their minds to see what else we might be up against.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:18 No.16933540
    Oh, right. Get Masks on everyone, and Reality stabilisers on everyone.
    Gotta get mindfuck resistance rolling.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:18 No.16933542
    But why? The survivors aren't going back into Silent Hill, they're staying aboard the Leopard.
    Only Heather and Douglas are going back in, with our support.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:18 No.16933546
    The regular survivors we can try evacing entirely.
    >> Fireman Prime 11/13/11(Sun)01:18 No.16933547
         File1321165113.jpg-(9 KB, 167x236, creeped_out.jpg)
    9 KB
    Timed underwater escort boat mission boogaloo.
    I'm not paid nearly enough.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:18 No.16933549
    Oh, ok.
    I figured thoroughness was good.
    Sorry bro, but no go.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:19 No.16933557
    Nah, let's save Darius for another locale.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:20 No.16933561
    All right, I've got to call it here. Sorry we got so little done today, but the late night of yesterday is taking its toll.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:21 No.16933568

    I think Darius might be put to better use investigating Transylvania with some other people. His experiences in the Reasonable Marine Corp. may make him especially qualified to deal with commonfolk who are currently beset by horrors beyond their understanding.

    Plus, we won't have to deal with any monsters that SH can cook up using the immense amounts of regrets and/or terrible experiences that any active member of the military in WH40k experiences.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:21 No.16933576
    I'd say include at least one Silencer. If it does function similar to the Warp, then he will also be protecting those around him as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:22 No.16933578
    >Plus, we won't have to deal with any monsters that SH can cook up
    Ah, yeah, that's a good point. We're out of the dominion of SH and into the dominion of Castlevania.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:23 No.16933583
    Okay, since Data is going down in a shuttle, he can bring all of the extra stuff along, and while he goes with Heather, the EMH and HK-50 can go to Pennsylvania.
    Now, does the Leopard have an astromech or some other droid that can operate the Leopard? Otherwise, I don't like leaving the survivors alone in the dropship, and it might be better to have HK-50 stay with them, or try to get the dropship into orbit.

    The EMH really doesn't need protection, really. He's a hologram. Unless someone has photonic weapons, they're not going to be able to harm him at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:24 No.16933592
    Alright OP. Do you have enough that you can start right away tomorrow night?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:24 No.16933594
    Data is already down there. We even sent him on a semi-solo patrol to see if Silent Hill managed to throw anything at him.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:26 No.16933605
    ...shit, I'm with OP. Last night's session must have taken its toll.
    The idea of having the HK-50 stay with the dropship is still sound, I think.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:26 No.16933606
    You forget the little emitter. He needs some protection. ie, HK-50
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:28 No.16933625
    Archiving needed. As usual most us too tired to think it at.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:29 No.16933630
    already done.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:31 No.16933645
    Yeah, I think so. I'll open with the Silent Hill team exploration.
    >> OP 11/13/11(Sun)01:32 No.16933653
    Did it go through? Not seeing it.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:33 No.16933661
    Oh damn, you're right
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:36 No.16933677
    I just noticed.
    Have we been calling her Heather, or just Ms. Mason?
    Because at the end of SH3, she says she doesn't need the fake name of Heather anymore, and can go back to being Cheryl.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)01:37 No.16933684
    We'e been going back and forth.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)02:34 No.16933979
    So we have Data and the probe droid (?) escorting Heather and the Detective (equipped with some of our finest weaponry?) into Silent Hill, to solve its mystery.
    We also have a probe dispatched to Antarctica, to find the remains of the Expedition, the lost city, and with any luck, find an Elder Thing.
    We're also entertaining the notion of sending Darius and the Knights Inductor to Transylvania, to see what's going on with the vampires.
    Also we're trying to analyze what type of zombies we're dealing with in Pennsylvania, and SCIENCE up a vaccine? But who's doing the science, if Data is with Heather (also when did that happen? I thought he was deployed to PA).
    >> Research Fag 11/13/11(Sun)03:33 No.16934384
    Just checked, Egon Does have experience with Cthulhu shit
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)19:10 No.16937245
    Is OP still on for tonight?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/11(Sun)19:15 No.16937285
    >Also we're trying to analyze what type of zombies we're dealing with in Pennsylvania, and SCIENCE up a vaccine? But who's doing the science, if Data is with Heather (also when did that happen? I thought he was deployed to PA).
    The EMH is going to be doing that, and people seem to want to send HK-50 with him as fire support.

    Data first needed to land in Maine because our transporters can't penetrate the mist, and so we would need to use a shuttle to get the EMH to go to Pennsylvania.

    I also suggest we show the survivors (who appear to be just local natives, rather than any Canon characters or Protagonists since ANON couldn't identify them) how to close the dropship doors and to use the radio to talk to us, in case something tries to attack the dropship, and we can deepstrike KI or MI backup.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)00:35 No.16937370
    The Fairy Warband Quest guys are still running their quest, and I'll not have a bunch of damn pixies show us up!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)15:14 No.16937587
    Bump. In the hope that the attacks are stopped by the time quest time rolls around.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)19:50 No.16937704
    I still think we should endeavor to bring them to our ship.
    I mean don't we only have the one leopard dropship?
    Like our teleportation tech is ineffective, and I don't think bringing any of our space ships below cloud level is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)20:02 No.16937711
    >I mean don't we only have the one leopard dropship?
    No, we have 2 Leopard dropships. We could try to get them to come up into orbit, but the Farseers did say that it's easier to go down to the planet than it is to leave. Trying to get the dropship to leave the planet might result in...undesirable consequences.
    Such as the dropship crashing due to Canon Plot interfering.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)20:18 No.16937724
    Oh hey, looks like the attacks have stopped for now.

    Okay, as for the Peabody Expedition in the Antarctic:
    Someone did bring up the point that the original expedition was sometime at the turn of the century, 1920's-ish.
    While true, we don't know how time works in a crossover. The Mountains, and the expedition, might have been here for the better part of a century. Or, it might have been brought to this world a day after the Elder Thing came out of hibernation and escaped from Peabody's camp.

    Until we find the expedition's camp, we won't know.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 11/14/11(Mon)20:47 No.16937812
    Watch out for The Thing while you're out there.

    And whooo first time post after the dodos' attack!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)20:50 No.16937821
    Huzzah! The quest lives!
    Oh, and 4chan too.

    Furious beating to those responsible for interrupting questy goodness!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)20:51 No.16937829
    That's true. The Thing might be another horror Canon that got pulled into this.
    But since it's a bio-organic lifeform, and we made sure to send a droid, we should be okay.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)20:54 No.16937842
    Fortunately, the Thing From Another World would be in the Arctic, rather than Antarctic.

    Side note: Let us never visit the Arctic of this world.

    >FDA-Approved oughloa
    I don't care if it's FDA-Approved, captcha. I ain't eatin' it.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)20:59 No.16937877
    Well, that depends, though.
    If it's The Thing from John Carpenter's The Thing, then it's in Antarctica somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:07 No.16937923
    Damn, you know, I never realized that difference before.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:11 No.16937954
    Yeah, see, this is what's so dangerous about Crossover Events. You might think you know what you're up against, only to find out that you're fighting a different version of it, and that your plan has led you to an ignoble end.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:15 No.16937974
    Which reminds me, nearly everything we've seen on this world seems to be sourced from games, video and traditional, which makes me wonder what variant of Mythos we are dealing with, rather than straight up Lovecraft. I want to guess Delta Green, but really we have no evidence yet.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:22 No.16938026
    Yes, so far everything appears to have come from games, but we can't be sure.

    Now, the appearance of the cults seems to coincide with the S.T.O.B. being deployed.
    And the cults all seem to be ones from games.
    However, we should still take care; we're not completely sure, and we could get blind-sided by a Cloverfield or a Jason Voorhees if we're not careful.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:44 No.16938232
    I was wondering since this is horror world with cults and eldritch abominations, should we try and get the only Elder God who is actually semi-quasi-friendly to humans? I'm talking about Mantorok from Eternal Darkness. He even was a fertility god for his people. Or would getting him to be on our side make us a target for his enemies, three lesser gods and a lich from Roman times?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:47 No.16938250
    That assumes that Eternal Darkness is one of the horror Canons that was brought into this world.
    Also, how would we even get in contact with it without drawing attention to ourselves prematurely?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:52 No.16938291
    I can think of two places where we may talk/get info about it, Roivas mansion, Rhode Island and the Cambodian temple. The "without drawing attention to ourselves prematurely" that's gonna be a bit harder.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)21:59 No.16938343

    A certain violinist may be of use to us in this moment. I wonder if we can find Erich Zann
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:01 No.16938359
         File1321326067.png-(263 KB, 309x400, Beyond the Mountains of Madnes(...).png)
    263 KB
    Was thinking about Antarctica anomaly

    If its Lovecraft, as stated before, its definitely the Elder Thing's city. Hopefully its the one from the 1931 Peabody expedition, in which case we might have a handful of Elder Things, and at least one shoggoth, and of course albino penguins
    - If so, bring electricity, lots of electricity

    If its John Carpenter's The Thing, well, we'll need Data & EMH to isolate some signature that can detect the presence of The Thing. Once it absorbs you, it'll be you, and every part of it is conscious, making it a serious menace. Extremes of fire and cold work well to kill and immobalize it.

    If its Mountains, get Egon and Delta Greens working together. Possibly Tobin's Spirit Guide has something we can use to our advantage.

    Also, if we can, have someone scan the coordinates:
    47 degrees 9 minutes South; 126 degrees 43 minutes West
    49 degrees 51 minutes South; 128 degree 34 minutes West
    See map here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%27lyeh

    They're the locations that Lovecraft and Derleth (in that order) each located R'yleh, in which case we have Cthulhu to deal with too.
    - Lure him to Coney Island and use lightning to dispose of him, old hat for Egon at this point I would imagine.

    Lastly, I was horribly reminded of the CoC publication "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" (see pic) and if this is the case, that really worries me.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:02 No.16938371
    Even if the Mountains and the Elder Thing city are at the Antarctic, there's no way to know if other stories from the Mythos have also crossed over.

    Besides, Zann disappears at the end of the short story, and so far, the only Canon character we've made contact with, came from after her Canon had stabilized and become a closed Canon.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:04 No.16938391
    >>Was thinking about Antarctica anomaly

    There's a Shin Megami Tensei game that takes place in Antarctica. I think it was called Strange Journey.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:19 No.16938482
    Alright. What structures or things can we look for to confirm if that Canon is one of the ones pulled to this world? Are there people or places to look for?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:23 No.16938518
    If it was Strange Journey, we would know right away, since we would notice a giant all-encompassing black mass threatening to engulf the entire world.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:26 No.16938560

    If the SMT: Strange Journey canon is in here, then there should be a huge cylinder made of darkness expanding from an area on Antarctica.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:28 No.16938570
         File1321327703.jpg-(443 KB, 470x636, SMT-Strange-Journey-shin-megam(...).jpg)
    443 KB
    Picture of the Aforementioned black mass: The Schwarzwelt
    >> Anonymous 11/14/11(Mon)22:35 No.16938629
    Judging by that picture, it should be pretty easy to spot. Though if it was that big, I would hope that either ANON or the probe droid would have reported it by now.

    I mean, we already have a probe droid on the surface of Antarctica, and it hasn't reported anything like that. It sounds unlikely, then, that the Strange Journey Canon is present here.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/11(Tue)21:26 No.16939085
    Now that 4chan lives once more, no reason to let this thread go to waste.
    So does anyone have any bets on what the inciting incident of all this was? Like how did the Six-Fingered Hand ruin everything forever?
    And aren't they too obscure for someone to make SUEs of?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/11(Tue)21:28 No.16939095
    Aside from the Silent Hill Investigation, and the Pennsylvania Zombie Investigation (EMH and HK-50 only), we need to consider our options concerning Transylvania.
    We need to test to see if the mist is thinner there, and if our beaming technology works. If not, then we need to choose which dropship to send, and which team.

    I would suggest Darius and a Knight Inductor Team equipped with the magic weapons. The Space Marines are bigger, stronger, and faster than humans, and so would be good against any attackers. The magic weapons should prove useful against the vampires and their minions, if they prove hostile.

    Now, I'm hoping that, as two sapient and fairly arrogant vampire lords, they won't like sharing a world with another vampire lord, let alone all of the eldritch horrors that are trying to awaken.
    They may be willing to not interfere with our investigations.
    Of course, they could just as well be contaminated by SUE-energy, or they may decide that they like it here and will oppose us.

    Also, if we send the Al'Kesh down, we should test its beaming technology on the surface, see if it can do site-to-site transports while within the mist, rather than through it.
    Yeah, it's not logical, but the mist isn't a logical thing, it's a Plot Device and probably operates on its own rules.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/11(Tue)21:30 No.16939114
    I don't think they made S.U.E.'s.
    I think they are simply a disruptive force, that normally can only destroy a single Canon world, if the Narrative calls for it.
    But by being sucked through a Crossover Event, Narrative no longer keeps them down any more. There's no Narrative here leading adventurers and protagonists along to stop the cults' plans at the last moment, saving the world.
    And this world is the result.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/11(Tue)22:30 No.16939493
    Alright, anyone got any ideas on how we're supposed to resolve this mess?

    From what we've seen so far, I think we have to 'beat' each Canon. Silent Hill has puzzles to be solved, we probably have to get some Protagonists to an extraction point in Pennsylvania, we may have to defeat both vampire lords in Transylvania, defeat whatever's in Japan.

    But I don't know what we're supposed to do in Antarctica. We can't save the Elder Thing that was revived in the short story, because it has to die. Maybe we're supposed to rescue the Protagonist after he evades the shoggoth and gets out of the tunnels?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/11(Tue)23:52 No.16940186
    It seems that when the STOB went off, suddenly every cult on this world suddenly ramped up and unleashed each version of hell they could come up with.

    Also yay for the site working for a bit. Hope OP hasn't gotten too discouraged by 4chan being down.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/11(Tue)23:54 No.16940201
    Here are some notes on the Knights Inductor from Not LongPoster from the Knights Inductor thread:
    Some notes on Knight Inductor gene-seed, since there seems to be some confusion on the questers' part: all Knights Inductor gene-seed has the Blank gene spliced into it, but as most Neophytes Inductor are not Blanks, and they only get the organs implanted after they are mostly grown up (late teens), the effect is basically an increased resilience in the face of Warp weirdness (and a complete deadening of any psychic abilities, assuming the implantation takes -- their gene-seed doesn't play nice with psykers, and since the Knights need astropaths and Librarians, they generally just bar psykers from getting implants entirely). Said resilience is more mental than physical; I chose to represent it in Deathwatch as a bonus to Willpower.

    On the other hand, Neophytes who are Blanks are substantially empowered by the process, and with training and a set of implants similar to the Animus Speculum, they can manipulate the size, shape, and intensity of their null-field. With enough experience, they can have enough control to extinguish daemons at close quarters while not affecting their allies.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)00:02 No.16940258
    Mental note: Consult Kei Katsuragi on how to disarm STOBs.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)00:39 No.16940490
    It's not so much disarming them, as finding them.
    We need to find them before the Void Engineers or Chaos can find them.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)00:56 No.16940573
    Eh? Hadn't gotten the impression before that we were dealing with any more STOBs, just clean up after the one.
    Geeze, the sector is well and truely fucked if there are more of those damn things floating around the Meta.
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)00:56 No.16940579

    Tomorrow at the usual time. Sorry I couldn't show up, but every time I checked the 'chan, the DDoSers were having their way with the poor thing. Hopefully they won't return tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)01:02 No.16940601
    Roger that, OP.
    We'll see if this thread survives until tomorrow night. You'll have to make a new thread, but if this is still alive, it'll make finding the new one easier.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)01:03 No.16940609
    Well, I thought that the bit of intercepted communication that the TSAB showed us implied that the Void Engineers believe there are more S.T.O.B.'s to be found in that sub-sector, and that's why they and Chaos are fighting so hard to secure it.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)01:10 No.16940653
    This is a question I've been meaning to ask, but does Heather remember being Alessa? And does she have any of the psychic power Alessa possessed?
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)01:14 No.16940677
    Yes, by the end of the games she has regained 'her old memories.'

    As for the psychic powers... Well, there are ways to look into that, if you care to.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)01:28 No.16940779
    ...I'm just gonna table that. Indefinitely.
    Although then again, didn't Alessa create both the fog world and the otherworld?
    Like that's a legitimate question. I thought she did, but I'm pretty sure there have been games set sequentially "after" Silent Hill 3 where the curse is still there.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)01:47 No.16940868
    I don't think so. Silent Hill 4: The Room takes place in a different town, South Ashfield, but does involve an alternate world like the Otherworld.
    As for Homecoming, I'm not sure when in the timeline it's supposed to take. We'll need a Silent Hill expert to weigh in on that one.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)03:22 No.16941401
    Catching up with TG quest and I had a few thoughts (some of which is reiterating points already made):

    - Glad to see reason winning out against the need to turn this into yet another large scale combat engagement. Well done all you people arguing for caution.

    - We have this elven tracker/ranger guy right? Wouldn't he be a good fit with medieval Transylvania?

    - Even though we all seem to be familiar with the canons involved here, I don't think we can assume that they are as we remember. There are reality distortions everywhere. This means the Plateau of Leng might have more than a few Elder Things and a Shoggoth.

    - Egon is probably an expert on the Cthulhu mythos. The original Ghostbusters was extremely Lovecraftian.

    - Whatever we commit on the ground, we should hold some big guns back. We have no guarantee that we'll be able to transport them back up in a hurry and we have no idea what threat Japan poses.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)03:38 No.16941494
    >We have this elven tracker/ranger guy right? Wouldn't he be a good fit with medieval Transylvania?
    I suppose so. In combination with Darius and the Knights Inductor, he would be good in pointing out to them natural hazards.

    Of course, he might also be useful in Pennsylvania. The problem with Pennsylvania is that it contains both heavily developed cities, like Allentown, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Bethlehem, interspersed with farmland and just forests.
    Walk 5 minutes away from a Wal-mart and you could end up in a forest with no idea where you are, even though there might be a major highway not 50 feet away.

    >we have no idea what threat Japan poses.
    We might need to send another probe down there.
    But instead of bringing a probe down onto Japan like last time, maybe target Korea or China, and have the drone fly low into Japan.
    At the very least, we'd find out whether there are survivors in those other countries.
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)19:59 No.16942987
    Huh this thread is still around. TG Quest will go active in 20 minutes. Sorry for the delay there were... unforeseen consequences.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)20:22 No.16943064
    Boards are up and down. In the vein of conspiracy and dark tidings, I am slightly suspicious that the lobbyists supporting the bill are the ones DDoSing because they think that the mythical 'anonymous' is amassing its forces here for an attack.
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)20:25 No.16943073
    Hmm. Think I should wait until all this blows over?
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)20:27 No.16943086
    I want to say no because I'm bored, but we should probably wait until it blows over so the regulars can all come.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)20:41 No.16943160
    Hey, /tg/ is finally working.
    How we looking here?
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)20:47 No.16943200
    I was set to start up, but it looks like no one's around due to lolattacks.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)20:56 No.16943270
    Amusing that I can't get on all day, but once it is Meta Quest time, /tg/ seems to be working alright.
    Maybe the jerks are fans of the quest too.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)21:05 No.16943335
    That, or the ones stopping them are.
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)21:36 No.16943552
    Well, looks like only a handful of people are around, so I guess we'll try again on Friday.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)21:38 No.16943568
    Bum rape the nearest person.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)22:28 No.16943712
    Ah, dammit. I get in just to find out the session's cancelled.

    Then again, with idiots like >>16943568
    around, it's probably for the best.

    So, Friday, then?
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)23:05 No.16943989
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)23:10 No.16944056
    I'll see you at 7PM server time on Friday, then.

    Oh, question: Will our White Mages acquire Job Points and be able to train into other jobs?
    >> OP 11/16/11(Wed)23:11 No.16944061
    Possibly. Depends on how long they live.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/11(Wed)23:33 No.16944280
    Hopefully they are at least maxed on White Mage.
    That will be the challenge most of our people must overcome in the service of the Transpace Guard.

    On a related note, I've seen people mention Time Mage a few times, unfortunately that is off of the Black Mage so parlaying our White Mages into those would take time, unless OP says they have some Black Mage cross training already.
    Also, it occurs to me that Chemist is the White Mage prereq, so that might be some knowledge we could leverage as well. Though in game you still had to by the potions they used, in theory they may have useful knowledge.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)00:16 No.16944671
    Maybe if we get workshops, they could brew up some healing potions and ethers.
    Though I think we need a Bulk Transporter first.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)00:18 No.16944697
    Our plan in the previous thread or so, was for us to cross-train/multiclass the White Mages with Time Mage/Summoner/Geomancer/Oracle skills.

    Summoner for the Carbuncle spell (massed magic reflect).

    Geomancer and Summoner have spells that, when creatively used can raise up temporary bunkers/fortifications on the spot.

    Time Mage spell for casting haste, etc. Oracle for defensive stuff and messing up the enemy with blind/confuse/mute.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)10:15 No.16947760
    Of course, keep in mind how much training that much development would have required in FFT, and then transfer that to over here.
    We'll probably not have them that strong for a while, and we'll need to be throwing them into dangerous situations for XP and Job Points, and making sure they don't die.
    Which means that we need to plan things obsessively rather than charging in and trusting in our weapons to see us through.
    Faith in firepower is misplaced.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)13:24 No.16948478
    >Which means that we need to plan things obsessively rather than charging in and trusting in our weapons to see us through.
    Fortunately for our troops, we've become quite taken with obsessive planning. The benefits of which were awesomely obvious at the Battle of Tokyo.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)13:29 No.16948506
    I'm amazed these threads last so long without dropping off the board.

    Since Silent Hill is "finished," I'd be interested in unlocking Heather's abilities and recruiting her if she's interested.

    She's willing to go back to a literal hell to save her world. That's not something you find every day, and we can always use another psychic with experience in hell-worlds.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)13:35 No.16948532
    Maybe, and that would save on all the memory editing we're going to have to do otherwise. Hopefully we can keep her sane while she tracks down whatever it is she is meant to uncover to solve the problems here.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)13:48 No.16948623
    Possible, though I am worried about her reality distortion.
    Maybe it's the result of her coming from a video game Canon?
    It's possible, however unlikely, that another Silent Hill game might be created with her in it. Maybe this is a manifestation of that potential?

    >I'm amazed these threads last so long without dropping off the board.
    Part of it, I think, is that some of us use stealth sage's in order to allow post counts to increase while not adding to the bump limit.

    Remember that it's not a post limit, but a bump limit. Sage's help to let the thread stick around longer. That's why it's funny to me seeing people trying to sage-bomb something, when in reality it does nothing.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)14:31 No.16948888
    I think Silent Hill will be much easier to go through with a team of kill-droids at her back.

    Those monsters are fucked.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)14:40 No.16948940
    That'll be because Silent Hill won't be able to feed upon the regrets of a droid.
    The kinds of horrors that would be produced by sending in Space Marines would have meant instant mission failure.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)15:52 No.16949263
         File1321563131.jpg-(57 KB, 400x400, EVE.jpg)
    57 KB
    So is it agreed that the probe droids were pretty much the best idea ever?
    The only regret I have is that we didn't think to requisition one of these (there were like at least five more besides the main one). Or would it have been worth too many points?
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)15:56 No.16949283
    It's still possible, of course, that Silent Hill might be able to get something from Data. However, since his regrets revolve around the lack of emotions, I don't think they'll present much of a threat.

    Most of us believe that sending only the robots with Heather was the best choice.
    There's still the guy that wanted an entire KI squad to go with her right into Silent Hill.
    He'll probably make a return to advocate more head-long charges into danger.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)15:59 No.16949302
    He's probably the same dude who wanted to destroy all those American cities for no fucking reason in that world we reset.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)16:05 No.16949344
    I hope that that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories game doesn't have any unfortunate ramifications for what's happening with Heather, since it effectively reboots her, as well as Dahlia, and Harry.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)16:13 No.16949398
    As the person that initially suggested it, the idea wasn't for charging headlong, they simply seemed like the best living people to send along.

    Thinking on it though, I've decided holding back on them would be better, the null-aura generates Disquiet, and even though the Silencers can shape and control it, I don't think extended exposure around other people in that place is wise. Still our best choice to drop in if Heather and company get in over their head.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)16:31 No.16949508
    >As the person that initially suggested it, the idea wasn't for charging headlong, they simply seemed like the best living people to send along.
    But that's exactly what you were doing; charging head-long into a dangerous situation and making it worse by bringing along people that would be a liability with their own emotional baggage and the completely unknown and unpredictable result of bringing the Null gene into the Silent Hill-controlled zone. By using Data and the probe droid, we get around the problem of walking into a psychoreactive area with living beings, and still provide extra firepower support for Heather.

    All things that we already went over and explained, even as you continued to demand we send a Knights Inductor squad into Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)17:18 No.16949727
    I agree completely. But I also think we should send kill-droids in there, not just probes.

    What happens if something huge shows up?
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)17:20 No.16949734
    I wasn't the only one suggesting their use, there were some other fools suggesting sending a crazy kill squad of shoot everything.
    I suggested them because I felt they might be immune, or at least resistant to Silent Hill's effects.
    I was also the one that suggested sending Data instead if he proved immune/resistant, and the one that sent him on a patrol to fully test that theory before backing sending him and the probe droid.

    Please try not to assume everyone you disagree with is the same person, just as I'll try to assume you aren't the only person that sounds like a pretentious ass.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)17:25 No.16949766
    That may be the case, but I still believe you to be a reckless asshole, and I won't be satisfied till you're dead and your entrails splattered against a wall.
    >> Anonymous 11/17/11(Thu)20:47 No.16951159
    I love you too.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)01:32 No.16953014
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)11:38 No.16955743
    Depending on the type of zombies that are down there in Pennsylvania, this might be a good time to get our TG Recruit squad some combat experience. It may perhaps be best to keep the Al'Kesh with them, for easier emergency pickup.

    I'm actually now regretting that we didn't keep the Ring teleporter on the Al'Kesh; the much stronger matter confinement field used by the Rings would probably be able to punch through the mist's interference.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)17:34 No.16957941
    I guess we'll have to think of getting one Al'kesh with the rings when we can get more. I think those things are my favorite little bomber/transport now.
    Though when we get around to upgrading we should get some shielding and/or ablative armor on them to beef them up some.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)17:42 No.16958030
    They already have shielding, and they have a cloaking device.

    Actually, I think we should get a pair of stargates.
    Have one on the Storm, and the other on the Al'Kesh.
    That way, we can Ring down one gate, and have our ground troops use that to go back and forth from the Storm and the planet.
    And if we need to pull out, everyone goes through the gate, and then it gets Ringed up on to the Al'Kesh.
    This would be one way to go back and forth quickly if there's something interfering with our transporter technology, as happens sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)17:53 No.16958145
    Sup lads, I'm here.

    Earlier today, I had a dream in real life. A Canon had been violated (An assassin killed the president). First, a female agent was sent in to restore the canon, and failed miserably, necessitating a prince of persia "wait, that wasn't really how it went" rewind.
    Then, I was sent in, and though I fucked up at parts, I did okay.

    The plan: 1. Ensure the Vice President makes the same important decisions that the President would have made, if he were still alive.
    2. Prevent the Assassin from doing further damage to the timeline.

    How she went about it:
    Use Hax powers to seduce the Vice President and seduce the Assassin. Enact a truly bullshit web of lies to somehow keep BOTH romanced, which then collapses, leading to her seducing even MORE people in an attempt to maintain power.
    This is where I'm sent in, I defeat her in a fight scene, and time rewinds to see how I'd do it.

    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)17:59 No.16958184
    This thread is still here? Wow.

    All hands brace for TG Quest in one hour!
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:06 No.16958230
    How I went about it:
    As soon as the female agent warps in, kick her in the cunt and tell her to piss off.
    Use Hax powers to disguise myself as people who are supposed to be in the Whitehouse, steadily learning more about my next mark, then disguising as him or her until I was in a position to talk to the Vice President regularily.
    Convince the VP to have the same policiesm approaches and attitudes that the President had.
    Collect Evidence on the Assassin's attack on the President (again, mostly hax-fueled), then have the Assassin imprisoned.

    My plan backfired when the Assassin escaped and tried to destroy Washington with a nuclear device. I had to use my hax in a public area to prevent the explosion, and I blew my cover.
    I portrayed myself as being sent from God to enact His will, and bullshitted up reasons why the VP had to follow the (dead) president's plan.
    I murdered the Assassin while he was in jail to prevent him from trying that shit again.

    To correct the hole left in the Canon by having an Angel showed up, I started a conspiracy theory that there was OBVIOUSLY no nuclear threat to Washington and DOUBLE OBVIOUSLY there was no angel, it was all governmental bullshit to push their policies through.

    I had to destroy any hard evidence of my presence, and murder people who knew too much and wouldn't stfu about it. I was successful, but that left the hole in Canon of several other government workers being dead.

    I didn't try to fix that hole; just said "Job done" and got a B rank for the mission, with the Canon holes of "The Vice President received Divine Inspiration" and "Some other people are dead".
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:17 No.16958327
    Somehow I think a pair of actual Stargates are going to be a little too expensive. Al'kesh is comparatively cheap and easy to come by, particularly after the Goa'uld are largely defeated.

    Maybe we can track down a similar solution from another canon for mass gateway operations. I can think of some magic based ones, and Protoss use that sort of technology a fair bit.
    As for shielding, I'd just feel better for our troops if we increased that beyond the baseline for the Al'kesh. At the moment I wouldn't want to use it outside of situations where stealth was relatively assured.

    Then again, I have to wonder where the SG teams were getting some of those extra Stargates they were using for special projects, there's enough other people figuring out how to make them, maybe the SGC was as well by the end and never really talked about it much.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:22 No.16958374
         File1321658526.jpg-(28 KB, 379x395, fallout_thumbs_up_ALL_teh_Pics(...).jpg)
    28 KB
    Awesome. We'll be here.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:38 No.16958506
    I think for cheap Stargates, all you have to do is find a planet that's on the cartouche but was listed as uninhabitable.
    They don't show them that much in the show, but there is mention that some planets just don't have anything besides the gate and DHD. We could probably take some of those.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:51 No.16958608

    So, the plan is:
    1. Darius and the Elf to Transylvania.
    I think Spike would be good to also send, since he's pretty much our King of bullshitting, and being able to talk down Strahd or SotN!Dracula will be useful.
    2. Droid to Pennsylvania to beam up data for the SCIENCE! team to science over
    Works for me. Need to find out if these are viral zombies, magic zombies, parasitic zombies, or all three.
    3. Data and the Silencers with Heather to Silent Hill
    Also works, but I'm really scared about this one.
    4. Wait for the Observer to finish searching Antarctica for the remains of Peabody's expedition.
    Works too.
    5. Check for survivors in Korea or China
    I think we should use Auror/Farseer scrying instead of a droid for this one, since there's a damn fierce storm near there.

    Have Egon look into The Mist. The Storm has sensors. He mightn't be able to understand much, but he may have some input on how it works.

    Have the UNIT, SCP, Delta greens, X-com squad, WHMs, Psions, Abjurers, Sandmen, TG squad, (rest of the) KI squad, Mobile Infantry, Madcat pilots, Destroid pilots, Starship crewmen, Tosh and Char tell each-other horror stories to pass the time. It might increase their plot savviness.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:57 No.16958659
    I think we settled on Data, Probe Droid, and Observer drone, with the Silencers on standby to be dropped in if shit hits the fan hard enough.
    And Data is already there.

    We were sending the EMH and HK-50 to examine the zombie situation in PA more closely.

    I don't think we should risk Spike in vampire territory.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)18:59 No.16958671
    No, that's not the plan.

    1. Darius and Fanalon to go to Transylvania with a squad of KI, but only after checking that they can be beamed down and back up. Otherwise, they'll need to take either the other Leopard or the Al'Kesh.
    The problem with bringing Spike along is that he's human, and so is food for either of the vampires.

    2. Data and the probe droid are going with Heather. Not the Silencers.

    3. The EMH and HK-50 are taking a shuttle to Pennsylvania to start tests on the zombies while the probe droid continues searching.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:00 No.16958675
    Oh, my bad. Proceed then.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:03 No.16958700
    >Have Egon look into The Mist. The Storm has sensors. He mightn't be able to understand much, but he may have some input on how it works.
    Actually, that makes me think of something we should have thought of long ago. Have Egon start work on tuning our sensors to register EKG readings. Having ships do flybys while he uses his little hand-held unit has been kinda silly.
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)19:04 No.16958715
    Loading new thread... Please wait.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:07 No.16958739
    I could have sworn that we had asked him to hook up his PKE meter to the ship's sensor array before.
    Am I remembering incorrectly?
    >> OP 11/18/11(Fri)19:09 No.16958749
    New thread here: >>16958743
    >> Anonymous 11/18/11(Fri)19:10 No.16958755
    Not recently, but if he and science team can make phaser-proton beams and convert ships into giant ghost-traps, there's no reason he shouldn't be able to tweak the sensor array.

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