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  • File : 1320892255.jpg-(178 KB, 1000x812, 1281754384666.jpg)
    178 KB Farming it Quest, Pt III, to kill a god. Anonymous 11/09/11(Wed)21:30 No.16900817  
    "I need you to kill Istavaan and stop his assault on the Baresti." The crone explains "Chop the head of the serpent and well, you know the rest..."

    You are Bill son of john, a farmer of something or other, you've dealt with the fae and now have been asked by one to kill the baron/lord of the region you live in.

    What shall you do?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/11(Wed)21:35 No.16900871
    If we do, we can get in on the ground of a new tenure agreement with his replacement, if we get away with it. I say we go for it.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/09/11(Wed)21:42 No.16900958
    Take another bite of our bounty of the river soup. Is it still cold?

    Also, you know my stance on this. I want more fertilizers for the field, and already made an oath to put Istavaan under a plot of wheat we would have tithed for him.

    Wait, I'll do that in THE mish-mash accent!
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/09/11(Wed)21:49 No.16901013
    "Ya ken thar Oi be dislikin' th' man's ooderin' me what ta plaent. Ah oorlredy plaennin' ta put 'im unda' thar plot o' wheet. We coo'd do eech udda' a faver."

    +stifles laughter in the office+
    +manager asks why I am smiling+

    "Anyways, Ah reckon we coo'd talk aboot what favers we owe eech udda' more plaenly."
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/09/11(Wed)21:54 No.16901057
    The crone nods.
    "Aye, we could though what good would talking plain do for us?"

    the soup is still flavorful though it has grown cold from sitting and chatting.

    "This lord of yours has made dealing with several mutual enemies. By no means do you need to start now, by Baresti cannot fall to his hands nor your empires."
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/09/11(Wed)21:54 No.16901060
    PS: Add this if fae is miffed about renegotiating terms,

    "Ah've jes' kill't a ghool yessernite. It ain't purdy. Who'd care fer me farm 'ere, if Oi be losin' me mind loik soom awful beastie?"

    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/09/11(Wed)22:02 No.16901114
    "Aye..." she replies a look of disdain on her face, wrinkles curling in on themselves."Good that you killed it. We needn't let them get thinking they're safe here."
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/09/11(Wed)22:19 No.16901251
    Second thread http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16865876
    First thread http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16817316

    OP, you might want to do a recap post for the first post, so that potential players are interested.
    Awaiting for further anons.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/09/11(Wed)22:19 No.16901254
    As you sit there enjoying your cool meal you feel the fatigue of the day wearing away, muscles relaxing as you begin to unwind for a little bit.

    Though, in the distance once again you hear hoofbeats....
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/09/11(Wed)22:26 No.16901314
         File1320895606.png-(19 KB, 300x150, 300px-Kog_Flag.png)
    19 KB
    >apologies on the short posts, I'm trying to get a little warmed up first and stretch the mental muscles.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/09/11(Wed)22:42 No.16901473
         File1320896563.jpg-(151 KB, 1008x392, 1273230953713.jpg)
    151 KB
    A quick summary of prior events:
    You as Bill son of John have committed murder of a messenger to a local minor lord. In the process you have stumbled on a possibly world shaking chance at cornering the spice market with a plant that no man in your country has ever seen.

    Cue, conspiracy after conspiracy culminating with you being given the option to cut a deal with a Fae, this fae has promised you a rather hefty gift in the form of untold riches by helping you grow that plant. that night, you lost your house to a greenman a form of magic user that uses plants to do crazy things.

    In making another deal with the fae you manage to beat your foe and have been given the option to complete your bargain with this spiritual being by killing Lord Istavaan the dude in charge of your little corner of the empire as well as stop him from defeating the Baresti a local tribe that inhabits a resource rich region of the country side.

    You, are a farmer, you have crops to sow and you have a long days work ahead yet. But, in the distance come hoofbeats of someone making their way to your little hovel.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/11(Wed)23:20 No.16901811
    Aaaaaaaaah fuuuuuuuuuck not again.

    "Oi miss umm....faerie ladah.Vamoose companie's comin'"
    >> Anonymous 11/09/11(Wed)23:39 No.16902000
    why the hell does it feel like Op is always trying to kill us?
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/10/11(Thu)00:07 No.16902314
    Right! Sane, sane, act like you are sane.
    Is Bill's beard and clothings free of rabbit and elf blood?

    Prepare to meet? What, the cavalry? Satyrs? Centaurs? Lord istavaan to deliver his next onto the axing block?

    See the image from this post: >>16901473
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)01:44 No.16903124
         File1320907484.jpg-(110 KB, 750x600, 1273163029408.jpg)
    110 KB
    The clip clop of slowing hooves reaches you, rounding the corner is another young man in armor, Silver and green.

    "Sir farmer! I am from the Silver chalice, I come bearing tidings on this fine day for you and your...grandmother?" He's certainly naive by the looks of things. "Word has come to us of a festival to be held in three days time, it has been my solemn duty to spread this word to the surrounding farmsteads and hamlets, it shall be in the town of Esvine two days travel from here."

    and without another word he charges away off to deliver another message.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/10/11(Thu)01:44 No.16903126
    Did OP fall asleep?
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)01:56 No.16903206
         File1320908219.jpg-(46 KB, 604x483, 1277825392599.jpg)
    46 KB
    right here dude.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)02:11 No.16903319
    I feel bad for that guy. I hope he at least had a fully automatic, and could go down killing a few dozen of them.
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/10/11(Thu)03:53 No.16903885
    Sorry, posted and run.
    "Weeerll, wasn't whut Oi was expectan', fer sooth. Thot' th' Bulger knave woo'd be lookan' fer 'is men or soomwhut."
    Scratch ear.

    "A festive, ey? Coman' an' goan' woo'd take loik five or so days, tho'. Are ya goin', ladee?"
    Yes, I know it's strange to ask, but feels more stranger for Bill not to ask. He's been treating the fae like everyone else...

    How many wheat seeds we have left, and how many can we ration for the helpers and for our own food and stock? I'd vote for not going actually, but we'll see. Maybe the fae would like to go. And, oh, how far was the town with the maid?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)08:04 No.16905182

    We need more information from the elf or at least we need to try to weasel out some powers of her.

    "I know that I need to pay that favor but how do you propose a single farmer to take out a minor lord? You want that man dead but from where I am sitting, this seems like a suicide run no matter how you look at it and if I understand correctly, he has several green men under his employ and don't forget all the soldiers that he has. How could I manage to take him on?"
    >> weird (Pessimistic & Perverted Bloody Farmer) 11/10/11(Thu)10:08 No.16905897
    Sleepy bump.

    Fae mentioned that Istavaan has made enemies. Powerful enemies, on many sides. And at the same time she explicitly mentioned that she does not expect the lord to be fertilizer IMMEDIATELY -she is amenable for that to be a long term goal- but of immediate concern is that Baresti should not fall under his or our current empire's reign.

    Seems a bit more easier. We just need to disrupt his ability to mobilize enough army... We could force him to abandon the plan entirely or at least be routed if he does attempt it.

    Plans for the farm- I mean, plans on how we'd do that? Well, we can further disrupt tithing attempts, ruin his coffers, saturate market with saffron (would magic vase speed up maturity+production?), gain more money, or even leak info to Baresti...
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)11:18 No.16906387
    All of those are possible thins and sorry for taking so long apparently the sun is hiding today...
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)11:20 No.16906402

    But really, how the hell does she expect us to do that? We need power.... but I do not want the kind that leaves us a monster.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)11:22 No.16906412
    The fae ponders your predicament.

    "Thine child, why not do what thou dost best. Grow the man his wheat, flood his coffers till he is so bloated with gold he will not move?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)11:25 No.16906437
    "But how will that help him getting killed?

    Don't get me wrong, I'll gladly do what I do best. All of this murder is taking its toll on my job"
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)11:41 No.16906553
         File1320943316.jpg-(143 KB, 576x720, Crone_by_poopbear.jpg)
    143 KB
    The fae smiles, gap teeth showing.

    "Istavaan has foes remember, when a pig like he dost get fat. Well, The wolves come calling to take a bite from him. Think now child, what should be better, your axe between his shoulders or his own foes putting his head on a pike?"
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)11:46 No.16906602
    "I would prefer that his own foes kill him.

    So, how could I alone make sure that this plan comes to fruition?"
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)11:51 No.16906643
    "Flood his markets with your flower child. Ensure that this farm prospers like no other and destroy his current chokehold on the markets by taking out those beneath him, and above you." She explains looking out at your field. "Give me one bag of wheat of the three you have, we shall attend the fields and gather what you need to for a new shelter, when you return you shall need simply to put the pieces together."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)11:54 No.16906662
    Do what she says.

    "Will do."

    >and destroy his current chokehold on the markets by taking out those beneath him, and above you.
    "Do you know who those people are. And do you mean to destroy them economically.... or more permanently?"
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)11:56 No.16906681
    Frost seems to settle around you and the fire dims, as the old woman smiles.

    "Why, he has many legs child, he is like a spider, take away those many legs, kill his greenman strangle that fat leper bulger, make the knights cower....do as you must child but for now....let me have more stew."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)11:58 No.16906704
    Well, I wanted direct names but I wont ask again in case I anger her.

    >.let me have more stew.
    "Of course... I think it needs to be warmed up a little first.. unless you would like it cold?"

    Then bring her a bag of wheat just as she asked us to do.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:02 No.16906731
         File1320944528.jpg-(52 KB, 400x596, Queen_of_Ice_by_roxaralu.jpg)
    52 KB
    she smiles and hungrily eats more of the cold think slop of stew. As you place the bag next to her it seems to steadily shrink away to nothing, the lines of age on her face smoothing away revealing a young woman beneath the crone.

    "Thank you child, for now, go to the festival the order of the emerald rose will certainly be there, strike at them first. Kill their greenmen and begin to the long bleeding out of Duke Bulger and the eventual death of Istvaan. It is bulger who controls the flow of many crops in the region take his head and free the market my dear farmer."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:04 No.16906744
    >Kill their greenmen

    "Am I to do this relying solely on my mortal powers?"
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:07 No.16906766
    A smile crosses the faes lips.

    "Sometimes child I cannot be there to hold your hand. But, A word to the wise and a baubel to the cautious. This festival is one of the old traditions what you may venture into, will be a place where my kynd are still worshipped and given praise. My siblings there are in danger now child. The greenmen wish to take them away, you however..."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:09 No.16906777

    "How could I contact them and show them that I can be trusted? Perhaps you can give me a token I could show them?"
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:13 No.16906809
    "Why child do you take me for neglectful? Think now what did brother hare give you?" She says finishing another bowl of stew. "Besides, I trust you to know how to deal with them, your touched now child in your own way. you've been on this land long enough for it to mark you as one of our children, they will come to you in their time of need so long as you make yourself known and give them an offering that befits them."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:16 No.16906833
    "Ah... thank you.

    I suppose they will inform me what offerings they desire..."

    Nothing more to say for now.
    we need to do this
    >we shall attend the fields and gather what you need to for a new shelter, when you return you shall need simply to put the pieces together.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:19 No.16906862
    You, Bill son of john have a few options right now;

    You have to go to the festival that much is obvious and it will take time. You have the option of walking, using the cattle and wagon and also the option to stop in glacou to offer people a ride and possibly make some dosh/get some favors in the process.

    What shall you do?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:21 No.16906872
    Do we have to move RIGHT NOW?

    How long will the trip take?
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:25 No.16906899
    the festival is in three days, Esvine is two days travel on foot. In theory you could cut it close and get there a little late. Given the nature of the festival it will at least last a few days. You remember when the town of glacou still venerated the old spirits...they were a better time for the farms it seemed and often you remember your father and or mother coming home piss drunk in each others arms possibly with a third party.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:28 No.16906921
    Glacou is between the Esvine, right? How far away is Glacou?

    And will it take the same time to move with the cattle and the cart?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:29 No.16906926
    Oh my...kinky.

    I saw we hop on the wagon with the cows and ride into Glacou, pick up our lady friend, and then head to the festival.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:30 No.16906932
    using the cattle it will be slightly faster.

    Glacou is along the same road that leads to Esvine, there is a slightly faster shortcut that delves straight through the wood but, its far from safe.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:33 No.16906957
    >pick up our lady friend
    ....Lets not.
    We are going to murder someone and having her is unnecessary risk. Besides, we might be dealing with spirits. I do not know how she will react to this.

    Okay, so when do we need to move out to come there in time?
    And do we have anything from the crops ready which we could sell?
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:39 No.16907008
    none of your crops are ready though you do have a couple of nice small logs of oak that you know could fetch a decent price. As for moving out today or tonight would probably work best.

    Either way, fancy post.

    You've set your road looking out into pale blue sky you realize that somewhere along the line things have changed, the road you had first stepped out on has shifted once more, a hand guiding you towards possibly a greater destiny. At the same time a shadow looms behind you, a figure in white, vase in hand, soft words and small smiles as deadly as daggers.

    a modicum of power, you can now feel the presence of spirits.

    >The price
    nada, this comes from working your land, your own blood, sweat and tears pay the price.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:42 No.16907028
    >the road you had first stepped out on has shifted once more, a hand guiding you towards possibly a greater destiny. At the same time a shadow looms behind you, a figure in white, vase in hand, soft words and small smiles as deadly as daggers.

    Is this a metaphor? Or is there actually someone behind us following?

    Oh, and I do hope we took our axe and money... Though I think we should leave half of it home, hidden and ask the Fae or the spirits to look out for it.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:45 No.16907047

    And so it shall be you take with your five gold coins, and your handy axe. With a flick of the reins you start out along the road. Your wagon wheels creaking as you make your way towards Glacou. You manage to reach it with little fanfare, the village is once more quiet and what greenery was here has died away in favor of cobblestone once more.

    you have options right now, the inn looks inviting for sure, and there is that barmaid...or you could keep going.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:47 No.16907055
    Lets keep going.

    I don't want to get distracted. And taking her along will be only trouble.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:48 No.16907064
    We still got a task to do before leisure.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:50 No.16907089
    With a sigh and a longing look at the bar you flick the reins once more, though the cattle refuse to move.

    "Sirrah! I have ye a message from master Clagnog." A young boy cries out waving what appears to be a letter from the blacksmith. "He requires your aid sirrah."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:52 No.16907107
    Read the letter.

    (this sounds suspicious... Is there a forest nearby where we could contact some spirits?)
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:55 No.16907127
    Let's not rely too much on spirits.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:55 No.16907129

    Istavaan's dogs are sniffing around, they've word of a man missing and of someone asking about shipments of steel and wheat to issue with the Baresti. careful where you tread, The empire has eyes everywhere.

    Bares noq quthon.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:55 No.16907140
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:56 No.16907148
    I think Bill needs to take a speech class...even the dwarf speaks and writes better than we do.

    Anyway, take a back-route out of the village and go around to avoid any trouble.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)12:58 No.16907159
    Burn the letter (or eat it is there is no fire).

    Do we need to?

    He didn't specifically say they are looking for us, did he?
    Oh well, take the back, dangerous, route. Hopefully the spirits will protect us.

    >And so it shall be you take with your five gold coins, and your handy axe.
    We took the ruby heart too, right?
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)12:59 No.16907162
    you steer them cattle abouts with ease, breaking away from glacou fast as you can. Even so its still a little unsettling, you make your way to the halfway point between the two villages with little fanfare. Along one side is a small modest inn, now glutted with travelers from all over the area heading towards the festival. On the other, a small field also packed with people. The sun is setting and there's a certain chill to the air.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)13:00 No.16907165
    that too.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)13:00 No.16907169
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)13:20 No.16907326
         File1320949223.jpg-(60 KB, 459x604, 1265103457486.jpg)
    60 KB
    You shrug and flick the reins the cattle grudingly move forward. As you make your way into the forest beyond you hear the echo of thunder in the clouds and a large wet plop hits the brim of your hat. The cattle, ignoring you out of exhaustion meander to once side of the road and stand their ground firmly and unwilling to move. This probably is a good thing given you now are beginning to feel steady rain pounding on your back and dripping on the brim of your hat. theres also another sensation, a crawling in your gut, butterflies these are not. More like centipedes squirming in inside of you.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)13:22 No.16907352
    Archive link to Pt II, please? I missed it. Also, what happened to the 1st thread?
    I am a fast reader, so I should catch up in a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)13:22 No.16907357

    Well, find a nice tree and camp under it for a while. Start fire if possible.a
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)13:23 No.16907366
         File1320949410.jpg-(206 KB, 500x499, 1260232765634.jpg)
    206 KB
    links here.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)13:27 No.16907405

    There ya go, oddly enough this tag seems to fit too well at times
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)13:27 No.16907413
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)13:49 No.16907639
    >link mind

    Anyways, you can't seem to start a fire, the wood around here is too wet though you have found some wild plants and nuts to munch on for the time being and your cattle seem more than happy to help clear a small section of the wood by mowing down any shrubs that get in the way before they settle in for the night. All the while that crawling sensation in the pit of your stomach hasn't gone away yet...
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)13:50 No.16907650
    >All the while that crawling sensation in the pit of your stomach hasn't gone away yet...

    Clutch your ruby heart and try to sense any spirits.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)13:57 No.16907705
         File1320951440.jpg-(232 KB, 576x600, 3bd7bf37f96b5f86e56f2cdbe563d8(...).jpg)
    232 KB
    You hold the small heart in your meaty fist, if just out of fear. As you look around you begin to dip into the other side, the land talking to you. Telling you what is amongst it, hidden and waiting for those who can walk amongst them.

    All around you they crawl, minor spirits hundred if not thousands of multifaceted eyes glittering in the waning light, staring back at you. curiosity peaked. At the same time something else moves out amongst them, larger, older. Something that has long since died and refuses to rest, its anger palpable as it prowls through the forest looking for those that in days past took its life.

    The smaller spirits have come to you, drawn to the smell of warm dirt and cold blood you exude, trying to hide from whatever it is that lurks deeper in.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:01 No.16907734
    Can we communicate with the spirits?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:01 No.16907737
    Invite the small spirits to crowd around you and cover you, since they seem benign enough. Try and get some rest for the night.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:05 No.16907774
    With a gesture you usher them towards you, the clearing you reside in is filled with a pale, warm light. they fill the space standing on any space that they can find, including your cattle's back. All staring at you, looking on with eyes that have seen the shift and stretch of the land itself. And yet, they seem scared, terrified of something that you cannot fathom.

    Even as you stretch out on the ground, leaning on one of your great bovines as a backrest you notice that they seem to be staring, always staring.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:07 No.16907790
    Soooo... we can't communicate with them?
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:08 No.16907794
    not verbally no
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:11 No.16907822
    Gestures then?

    Scribbling in the dirt?

    Maybe we can speak to them but they cannot speak to us?
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:13 No.16907847
    you take a stick and begin to scribble in the mud, drawing....what?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:16 No.16907860
    a penis
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:17 No.16907863
    rolled 18 = 18

    IMPROVISE (rolling for effect)

    [honestly, I have no idea]

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:17 No.16907867
    Are you afraid of something? If you are, make a signal.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:18 No.16907879
    rolled 19 = 19

    I would like to know what they are afraid of and if we can take that shit on and if they would lend them their power.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:20 No.16907892
    rolled 86 = 86

    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:20 No.16907894
    you draw a very simple shape, a fire.

    the minor spirits stare for a few seconds before a few leave...a while later they return carrying what appears to be perfectly dry wood, how they found it is beyond you. Carefully they set up a fire and soon have a crackling blaze going.

    As they do this you begin to feel something crawling along your back, and with a sharp sting something tugs at the back of your head, ripping hair out and running back into the group...which once again stare at you....
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:22 No.16907907
         File1320952974.jpg-(160 KB, 1000x1000, MODERN ART.jpg)
    160 KB
    rolled 28 = 28


    Draw this.
    We are asking for their collective power to deal with whatever the awful thing that is in the forest.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:23 No.16907909
    They move about for a bit, piling on top of each and seeming to blend together forming a bestial shape, hundreds of eyes cover its body and gnashing teeth sit in wolf like jaws, they circle you and the fire staring from all sides...In the distance you hear the crash of breaking branches...

    Another mass takes the rough shape of a man, together they whirl and dance fighting each other blending and breaking apart by the firelight. eventually though the man is swallowed whole...
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:24 No.16907924
    rolled 78 = 78

    I see, they are trying to warn us that it will eat us.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:30 No.16907968
         File1320953434.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1351x864, 1320876953124.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    They fall apart back to their separate shapes and huddle around you staring at the picture you've drawn. looking at each other they seem to be talking soundless before coming to an agreement. In the dirt the draw an image of a man, beside it something else, a tear drop? and beside that an scribble of what might be a spirit.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:35 No.16908009

    They need an offering?
    Our tears? ... How will force ourself to cry? Do we have an onion on our hand... perhaps we should pinch ourself to experience pain which will make us drop few tears.

    Then give that to the spirits.

    At least that is what I make of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:37 No.16908035
    rolled 55 = 55

    Cut ourselves in the palp of the hand after carefully cleaning the axe. Drop some blood.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:40 No.16908067
    rolled 43 = 43

    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:40 No.16908070
    you try to force yourself to cry to no avail. The minor spirits stare at you passively as the sound of rending trees draws closer.

    Once again they draw this time, a hand with a single tear drop shape coming from it, a spirit standing beneath it. All eyes trained on you, they wait...

    even before you raise the axe you find one on your outstretched hand, tiny claws digging into your skin as it opens a toothy mouth wide, biting down on your wrist...Blood flows freely onto the ground the various beings scramble to lap up the blood from the wound as something massive appears at the edge of the fire...
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:42 No.16908089

    I feel stupid.
    Should have know it to be blood.

    Heft your axe and be ready to pound that shit.
    Hopefully, the spirits will grant us strength.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:51 No.16908153
         File1320954693.jpg-(166 KB, 1108x721, The_Forest_Ancient_by_Zephyri.jpg)
    166 KB
    you grab your axe your arm still bleeding freely as something masive steps into the clearing, its body is composed of various bits and pieces of forest, logs for legs and thorns for teeth it stares at you with unbridled rage.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:55 No.16908176
    rolled 78 = 78

    Kepp your distance and guard. We need to wait till the spirits grant us power.

    If it attacks, dodge.

    Counter-attack if it is safe. [tollan]
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)14:56 No.16908194
    you begin to circle watching a long tail swish back and forth snapping young trees with ease. It would seem your axe is a proper weapon for this fight.

    the beast lets out a grating sound, the creaking of heavy trees and the scream of wood being cut echoes in the still air as it charges.

    Roll to dodge boys.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:58 No.16908216
    rolled 10 = 10

    > May the dice gods be with us
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:59 No.16908217
    rolled 20 = 20

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)14:59 No.16908219
    rolled 50 = 50

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:05 No.16908263
    rolled 38 = 38

    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:06 No.16908274
    you barely get out of the way as it charges past, trampling down vegatation and leaving a trail of rotting plant matter behind it. It turns back towards it baneful eyes staring, wooden teeth grinding.

    The staring eyes move finally, with fluid motion they surround you encasing you within living armor. the forest floor now seems to be writhing, a living carpet of spiritual beings pulling down on the monstrous thing before you, slowing it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:09 No.16908296
    rolled 69 = 69


    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:10 No.16908306
    rolled 16 = 16

    Cut its head off!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:10 No.16908309
    rolled 10 = 10

    And then for the torso. Chop it to pieces.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:11 No.16908316
    rolled 53 = 53

    Go for the eyes!
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:12 No.16908333
    you charge in with fury and zeal, swinging your axe high you bring it down squarely on the beasts neck a solid wooden thunk echoing as you begin to chop away at the wooden neck, its gonan take more than one hit but you've got a start.

    Even as you revel in the fight...ROLL FOR DODGE
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:14 No.16908344
    rolled 24 = 24

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:20 No.16908375
    rolled 55 = 55

    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:25 No.16908415
    You barely get out of the way as a foot long spike of hard wood dives towards you. The beasts body shudders for a moment as it frees itself turning to face you once again. Sap is leaking from its neck. and it seems less than thrilled.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:28 No.16908432
    rolled 70 = 70

    Strafe for its side and aim at the neck again!
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:35 No.16908473
    You duck and doge by the beast, the spirits mercifully slowing the big bastard down as much as they can though how long they can keep it up is hard to say. You bring your axe upward, swinging up and into the monsters neck. Thick sticky sap sprays you in the face as you cut more of it, the head starting to hand to one side even though it seems to be losing little steam.

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:36 No.16908481
    rolled 40 = 40

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:37 No.16908486
    rolled 17 = 17

    Slide, slide away
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:37 No.16908489
    rolled 24 = 24

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:37 No.16908490
    rolled 52 = 52

    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:40 No.16908508
    you manage to roll out of the way, just in time it would seem as a massive clawed leg would have taken your head off, instead it merely cuts deep into the bodies of the spirits that cover your body. You're getting short on breath but it looks like the sap leaking out of it is taking its strength and feeding the minor spirits who get a chance to feed on it.

    the beast glares at you again trying to ignore the spirits that are crawling up its legs.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:43 No.16908525
    rolled 13 = 13

    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:43 No.16908532
    rolled 91 = 91

    Roll to the side and attack it again.
    We almost got its head!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:44 No.16908540
    rolled 35 = 35

    Chop its head off!
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:50 No.16908578
    You get damn low and go in for the kill, your axe cuts cleanly a cold light coming from it as you sever what would be a major artery. Pulsing sticky sap sprays out covering your face as you feel a bestial since of pride in the kill.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)15:53 No.16908595
    For a moment nothing happens, the beast finally fall however. Its massive weight landing with the sound of a fallen tree. its might chest heaving in and out for a few moments more before finally expiring. The minor spirits seem pleased with this melting away back into the shadows, leaving you with the great monsters corpse.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:55 No.16908606
    Carve the monster open and claim its heart.
    I dunno.

    Want a trophy.

    Then move more wood to the fire and go to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:57 No.16908620
    rolled 20 = 20

    >move more wood to the fire
    Its legs, for instance
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:59 No.16908625
    I guess we use the body as firewood and keep ourself warm through the night. And by the time its all burned out the remains might give away treasure.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)15:59 No.16908629

    Have nice dreams of peacefully farming and not having to fight monsters every night
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:02 No.16908641
    rolled 64 = 64

    And about the girl at the Inn
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:09 No.16908678
    It seems we're becoming more storybook hero and less farmer.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:11 No.16908688
    Well... we are not exactly a hero. We can kill an innocent man without a remorse.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)16:15 No.16908715
         File1320959738.jpg-(14 KB, 304x232, muse.jpg)
    14 KB
    you toss a couple of burning sticks onto the body of the beast and settle in for the night your cattle have meandered back now that the fight is over. As you lay there dreaming of the joys of the simple life and having a wife you realize that this is not the life you enjoy even if you've been thrust into it.

    "oh child, you truly are amusing."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:17 No.16908730
    As long as we are not provoked by arrogant fellows who trample on our fields we are a normal fellow. And also believes in blood fertilizing.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:18 No.16908734
    "Hello, who must you be?"
    Unless it is the Fae we have been dealing with before.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:18 No.16908735
    That asshole stepped on our field, he deserved it.
    Say "I wasn't expecting a visit so late, what can I do for you?" but y'know, more hick-y
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:18 No.16908738
    Man, that is like cutting someones throat our with a switch-knife just because he bumped into you on a busy street.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)16:19 No.16908745
    Cool hands reach out to you in your dream.

    "merely a friendly hello child." she whispers. "You've had a long day, and I have to say I did not expect you to get into so much trouble so fast. But, fear not. Should you need my guidance merely dream child."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:21 No.16908759
    Not on the street man, on our turf.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:22 No.16908763
    On the contrary, it's more like someone stepped into our shop and cracked a very expensive vase, while acting like an arrogant prick. Then we slit his throat...still not justified but slightly more understandable.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:22 No.16908764
    "... I did not expect to be fighting some huge beast either. Good thing that the spirits helped me."

    >Should you need my guidance merely dream child
    "I will"
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:25 No.16908783
    Come on man, he wasn't arrogant. He was just delivering a message.

    more like if someone stepped into our house in dirty muddy boots. Annoying as fuck but you wont kill him over that..... right? You wouldn't kill someone for something minor as that?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:29 No.16908817
    Actually.... I would have used a baseball bat due to the fact I dont know who the fuck he is and why the hell is a stranger doing inside my house etc.
    Difference is if you know the guy or not, and in this case he was the annoying stranger who became something useful at the end
    Lets procide to sleep
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:31 No.16908837
    > *proceed
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)16:31 No.16908840
    The fae smiles, "Yes, sadly though the beast was far from a genial guardian...he was what had kept your kind out of the forest. The little ones will have to figure out what to do now..."

    And with that, I end todays session of farming it quest. General Discussion is now open
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:34 No.16908861
    >And with that, I end todays session of farming it quest.

    Tribe/Empire quest is over for today, now FarmerQuest too.

    ...FINALLY I can play Skyrim without alt-tabbing all the time!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:39 No.16908886
    I envy you so much... but its alright because of the fact its nighttime and a work day tomorrow...
    So we have ether doomed the spririts by taking their guardians life or we have doomed the nearby travellers by unleashing the spirits from their domain ... Awesome!! :D
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:40 No.16908898
    >So we have ether doomed the spririts by taking their guardians life or we have doomed the nearby travellers by unleashing the spirits from their domain ... Awesome!! :D

    Chaos Farmer. That's what we are!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:43 No.16908917
    Someone archive this
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 11/10/11(Thu)16:51 No.16908980

    aaaand done
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)16:59 No.16909036
    >General Discussion is now open
    I don't really have questions.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)18:09 No.16909543
    true we sorta established well damn near everything last thread didnt we
    >> Anonymous 11/10/11(Thu)19:29 No.16910294
    is it just me or is this quest a tad bit like harvest moon on Pcp?

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