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  • File : 1320197485.jpg-(277 KB, 800x805, Ork Disguise.jpg)
    277 KB Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:31 No.16811807  
    Seventh session of Deffwotch was yesterday. I found it hilarious.

    As always, in Deffwotch, a group of orks have tricked the Imperium into thinking they're spess mehreens. They run around stealing fights from the beakies (and everything else not nailed down), and having a right good larf.

    Kroz Rubbykonzes - Flyboy
    Grimslag 'Eadmangla - Kommando
    Wazgor Shakbag - Stormboy
    Grakgut Grumwizzlewot - Painboy
    Grisbane Da Charmin' - Freeboota (Was unable to make it this session, had prior engagements)
    Wurrza Zzappar - Weirdboy

    'Ere we go.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:32 No.16811830
         File1320197564.jpg-(67 KB, 394x604, holler cemetery.jpg)
    67 KB
    The players resumed their watch on da Looted Krooza, staring at the exploded remnants of the space hulk they were just on. Pieces are breaking up in atmosphere. There appears to be no more slaught.

    "Dat 'splozion woz righteous n' propa. Lacks lootz tho..." says Kroz.
    "Oim gittin' roight ti'ard o' dis." Grakgut sighs, "We shuld git inta a noice foight dat ain't wit no squig-sacks. Noice n' proppa."
    Grakgut begins to reminisce.
    "Oi remembah back a'fore. Wen foights wuz noice n' proppa. A krumpin' 'ere. A ded git dere." sighs Grakgut.
    "Forgot ta loot'em tho." adds Kroz.
    "Ah, yea. Dat too." notes Grakgut, nodding warmly at the nostalgia.
    "Speakin' o' fights an' loot, boss,... says Uzgob as he walks in, "Guess who's lookin' for ya?"

    Uzgob pushes a button on a control panel. A message starts.
    "Testicles, testicles, you all gettin' this?" says a very familiar voice, "This is Inquisitor Doggfather to the Watch Station on Catalyst Station."
    "Oi! It'z dat Inky Zishun!"
    "If you could send over that Kill Team that helped me out before, that'd be ballin'."
    "Ah! Dat git kan git us a gud foight!" exclaims Grakgut.
    "I'm holding position over the holy world of Surat Thani, the Cemetery World. I'll be waiting for a response. Doggfather ou-" the signal cuts.

    "...wots a semmatery?" asks Kroz.
    "Oi gess dis be a riddle fer Clarence." says Grakgut.
    "Sem Terrians...da Empurah's World guards?" poses Wurrza.
    "Iz dat un of dem places dat 'as all dem roks dat just sit in da ground?" asks 'Eadmanga.
    "Meybe. Letz go foind out." declares Grakgut.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:35 No.16811864
         File1320197758.png-(2.21 MB, 1024x819, Gone Guru.png)
    2.21 MB
    Heading down to the Mek Shops, Clarence is working on his buggy.
    "Oi, Clarence!" asks Grakgut.
    "How can I help, boss?" asks Clarence.
    "Wots a seemytarry?" asks Grakgut.
    "A Cemetery?" Clarence ponders a moment. "A Cemetery is where the humans bury their dead...and the deads' possessions."
    "Wut." replies Grakgut, "Dats stoopid."
    "CLARENCE! Did ya just say...LOOT?" yells Kroz.
    "Dey just leave da stuff undaground?" asks 'Eadmangla.
    "In a way, boss." says Clarence. "Yes. Often, selfish dead humans are buried with their material possessions."
    "Why do 'umiez bury dere ded gitz?" asks Grakgut, "Wen a git iz roight ded, yer supposeta stomp ovah 'im an' keep foightin'!"
    "yeah, dey won't miss der stuff, dez dead!" says 'Eadmangla.
    "As a mark of respect. When an ork dies, Gork and Mork give him a new body so he can keep fightin' and winnin'. A human gets no such blessing." says Clarence.
    "Wot?" asks Grakgut, taken aback, "Dis be da saddest ting oive evah 'eard."
    "... poor humies... im feelin... sad fer dem now.." says 'Eadmangla.
    "An' wut 'apppenz oif yoo bury a git 'rong?" asks Grakgut.
    "Yeah, we'ze seen some o' dem come back up." adds Wurrza.
    "Almost everyone has a soul. Some human souls become restless at times. Maybe they were buried wrong, maybe they had unfinished business, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that, boss." says Clarence, as he heads back to work.
    "So deyz become ghosts?" asks Grakgut, "OI NEED TA KRUMP ME A GHOST! DEN GIVE IT A ROIGHT PROPPA SERGERY!"
    "'ERE WE GO!" yells Kroz as he hits the go button.
    >> 7 - The Gentleman Thief Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:36 No.16811872
         File1320197803.jpg-(44 KB, 1024x768, Warp travel.jpg)
    44 KB
    As the Looted Krooza enters the warp, its expected to take about three days. However, over the second day, the searchy gubbins once again pick up strange signals. Ships that appear there once, only to disappear. This is starting to sound very familiar. Once again, all the guns start blazing in every direction.

    "Toime ta test CyGrot!" yells Grakgut.
    Heading to the other side of the Mek Shop, Uzgob points at a closet. "It'z in dere, boss." sighs Uzgob.
    "Why yoo lookin' loike a krumped git?! Dis be fer Soiense!" says Grakgut as he walks to where Uzgob was pointing.
    "Dat fing ain't proppa, boss." mumbles uzgob as he starts fixin' the skanna jamma.
    "Oos ta say wuts proppa an' wut ain't?" states Grakgut.
    Opening the closet, all five grot heads turn to Grakgut. "krzzt....We see you, boss..."
    "...Ew." mumbles Grakgut, "Uhh.. CyGrot! Go an' see oif yoo kan deetekt dat otha ship!"
    The armless monstrosity that is CyGrot begins walking, rather oddly, towards the bridge and the searchy gubbinz. After about 15 minutes, Cygrot reaches the bridge. 'Eadmangla falls out of his chair staring at it.

    "WOT DA ZOG." yells Kroz.
    "Lookit Kroz! Oi fixed da skannin' problem!" declares Grakgut happily, "Oi made dis git!"
    "Oy...it's got a lotta 'eads..." mumbles Wurrza.
    "bzzzt...good ta seeeeeee-ee ya, boss..." the Cygrot says as it turns to Kroz.
    Wurrza tries to read its mind. He senses a great disturbance in the warp, as if six voiced cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. It is unnerving. Wurrza gains one insanity.
    "Now! CyGrot! Use da searchy gubbinz an' see fer dat otha ship!" yells Grakgut.
    Making Detection by two degrees, Cygrot's heads all suddenly point in different directions.
    "He'zzzzzzzzzzt that way, boss..." the Cygrot says. The heads move around as if tracking something.

    Everyone on the ship proceeds to fail ballistics tests to shoot in random directions.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:37 No.16811883
         File1320197872.jpg-(110 KB, 500x500, ork science.jpg)
    110 KB
    "Si-i-i-gnal lost. boss..." says Cygrot. Its five heads do a 180. At this point, 'Eadmangla notices that as Cygrot's five heads turn in unison back at the Kill Team, something is laying there. A sixth head. It doesn't appear to be moving.

    "Wuts 'rong?" asks Grakgut.
    "wuts... dat" stutters 'Eadmangla. He taps the head, and it twitches a bit. He pokes it with his finger, and the head convulses, before falling silent.
    "Oi'll 'ave ta git a new 'ead. Meybe a weirdboy dis toime..." ponders Grakgut.
    "Roit...let's get da weirdboy...wait I'm da weirdboy!" says Wurrza.
    "...Meybe Oi kuld stikk on Skarrfangs 'ead..." considers Grakgut, "But dat git is roight kunnin. Bettah brain 'im a bit foirst!"
    Grakgut drags Cygrot off and sticks him back in the closet.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:41 No.16811924
         File1320198081.jpg-(63 KB, 585x284, Avenger.jpg)
    63 KB
    "Turnin off da warp fingies... Iz almost dere." says Kroz as he prepares to leave the Warp.
    Grakgut heads to the pain bay just as the Looted Krooza begins shuddering. The ship exits the warp over a rocky plateau-filled world. Thermal storms blaze in the atmosphere. The players can also see the form of Inquisitor Doggfather's Avenger-class Grand Cruiser. It is broadcasting inquisitorial IFFs.
    "Ah, Deathwatch. Good to see you again." says Doggfather through the voxcaster.
    "Hop aboard the Dogg Pound, we can discuss it more here, in comfort." says Doggfather.
    "Awight. I'z bringin' da grog." says Kroz.

    Some of the grots immediately run to the mess hall, and start packing it on the Last Danca. 'Eadmangla grabs his grot Dak, ties it with some string to a stick, sticks the stick on his armor, puts a helmet with a happy face on it, and walks proudly onto the Last Danca with his new Cherub. Boldo flutters in as the doors lock. Lights flash as the Last Danca is shot out the launch bay in the general direction of the Dogg Pound. The Kill Team finds the bay that Doggfather was talking about. Their landing isn't the softest, but it's decent and there is no damage to the Last Danca or the Launch Bay. The doors of the Last Danca flop down. The surrounding bay looks quite opulent, with plush carpet and soft purple walls.

    "Dats sum snazzy wotzitz." says Kroz.
    "now dis is flash." says Grakgut, "Wut if dis git iz a flashgit datz pretendin' ta be a quizzytoor?"
    A servitor waddles up to the door.
    "Kill Team, Lord Doggfather can be found in the Observation Bay, ten levels up and a kilometer down ways." says the Servitor. Boldo flutters out and lands on the servitor's head. The servitor does not seem to notice.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:43 No.16811954
         File1320198180.jpg-(16 KB, 300x349, Snoop Dogg.jpg)
    16 KB
    Everyone heads up to the Observation bay, though 'Eadmangla ducks into a side room and starts stealing carpet. Besides the crew and many strange smoke clouds rolling through the ship, the way up is relatively uninteresting. The players finally reach the observation bay, where they see the stars through the thick glass.


    "Ha ha ha...'bout time you got here, homies." says Doggfather. He is holding a burning piece of paper and sitting in a large fluffy chair, "Come hit this shit."
    "Wot?" Kroz asks as he takes the paper and tries it out. Grakgut then proceeds to punch the paper, and by extension, Kroz's face.
    "OW! DAT WUZ ME FACE!" yells Kroz.
    "Whyz dis git keep askin' fer me ta krump dat papah?" asks Grakgut, confused.
    "Wot wuz dat?" asks Kroz.
    "The good shit." says Doggfather, "Now, on to business."
    "Roight!" says 'Eadmangla.
    "A very famous thief in the sector has stated he's gonna steal a bunch of artifacts out of this holy world." coughs Doggfather.
    'Eadmangla begins to sweat.
    "Why'd da thief announce 'imself?" asks Grakgut.
    "He sometimes does. Now, here's the thing..." he says, "This thief...I know it's not him this time."
    "Woddya mean?" asks Kroz.
    "Because..." starts Doggfather.
    "...because otherwise I wouldn't have brought it to his attention." says a voice. Another figure sit on a nearby fluffy couch. It is wearing a purple overcoat and a feathered hat. It's a Tau.
    "Xenos!" yells Grakgut.
    "You can call me Korst'la..." says the Tau, "...Korst'la the Third."
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:44 No.16811972
         File1320198275.jpg-(143 KB, 1280x960, Tau Hi 5 Whitebread.jpg)
    143 KB

    "... you'ze one of dem Tau! Wut you doin' 'ere?" asks 'Eadmangla.
    "We...kinda tolerate this one." coughs Doggfather, "just barely."
    "Wot? Why?" asks Grakgut.
    "His grandfather helped out the sector nearly fifty years ago, along with a company of the Black Panthers and a busta Rogue Trader whose neck I personally would have liked to throttle."
    "So...wot we'ze gonna do?" asks Grakgut.
    "Well, we're going to find the thief who's soiling my good name." says Korst'la, "even I don't hit cemeteries.
    "Why? Nuffin' gud in dere?" asks Kroz.
    "Just don't seem proper, Deathwatch." says Korst'la.
    "I'm going to have you search the nobility vaults." says Doggfather, "that's the most likely place for a strike."
    "Wot lootz dey got?" asks Kroz.
    "Man, I don't know what the fuck these noble-types have. It's always something illegal." sighs Doggfather, "so that's what will probably go first."
    "To da Nob-vaults, den!" yells Wurrza, "We'ze burn doze thieves out like fiery squigs!"
    The inquisitor passes the Tau a burning paper. "And I'll be searching the vaults of the Guardsmen." says Korst'la.
    "HEY, JAMAL, GET OVER HERE." Korst'la yells.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:46 No.16811987
         File1320198369.jpg-(24 KB, 401x501, Pimped out Fire Warrior.jpg)
    24 KB
    A spess mehreen appears, a techmarine in the colors of the Black Panthers chapter. Behind him appears to be an Eldar, in a spiky looking professional dress and a clipboard.
    "Battol Brutha Jamal? You'ze da flya of dere ship?" asks Kroz.
    "One of the best! 'Bout time someone recognized my skill!" says Jamal.
    "Uh, Korst'la..." says the Dark Eldar as she pushes up her glasses.
    "Yes, Lady Melchert?" asks Korst'la.
    "Those are..." starts Lady Melchert.
    'Eadmangla hold his breath, and Grakgut starts shaking his head vigorously.
    "...some of the finest Spess Mehreens I've ever seen!" declares Korst'la.
    Lady Melchert facepalms. Jamal begins heading off to prepare Korst'la's ship.
    "Shuld any of youze need a ride, da Chapta Relik da Last Danca 'as rokkit pod space." offers Kroz.
    "Nah, bro. We're good. My Phantomfish work just fine for me." says Korst'la, "But thanks anyway."
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:47 No.16812002
         File1320198448.jpg-(826 KB, 1024x768, Desert.jpg)
    826 KB
    The way back is relatively quick. The Last Danca has been refueled and stands ready for action. Boldo chirps and flies in the door.
    "Skooire Boldo. Youze always 'round. Dats gud. youze learn lots wif us."
    Boldo chirps.
    Kroz makes the necessary preparations for departure. Unfortunately, the bay has no launch rail, so takeoff is a bit slow, though still fast enough to get where the kill team want to go. Circling around the Dogg Pound, the kill team reaches the other side, to see a Tau Custodian-class Battleship.
    "Like what you see?" asks Korst'la over the vox.
    "It's shiny," says Wazgor, "But it's not shiny enuff."
    "Studio 69's been in my family for three generations. It's an old ship, but it's what's inside that counts." says Korst'la.
    "I suppose that means Jamal's on polishing duty again!" says Lady Melchert over the vox.
    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-" the channel cuts out as Jamal screams.
    The kill team suddenly sees a purple ship pass them. It looks like a Tau Orca, but much more rounded and heavily armed. And then it disappears.
    "Bettah git goin', dey'll beat us to da foight!" says Grakgut.
    "... ow'z e got dat fing to go not seein?" wonders Kroz as he heads planetside.

    Breaking atmosphere, Kroz flies through the thermal storms relatively easily. The kill team finds a large, sprawling complex. This appears to be the Mausoleum of the Nobility. Landing relatively softly, the doors of the Last Danca fall with a thud.
    "Iz we da first unz to da foight?" asks Kroz.
    All of a sudden, the kill team sees a disturbance in the clouds. The purple ship once again appears, and flies further.
    "We're checking out the other vaults. Good luck, Deathwatch. " says Korst'la.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:48 No.16812012
         File1320198532.jpg-(105 KB, 350x228, Tunisian Mausoleum.jpg)
    105 KB

    The sun is hot, and the ground is dusty. The constant dust storms appear to be having their way on the Mausoleums. The kill team hears nothing but the howling winds.

    "Meybe... Meybe dis 'owlin' is da ghosts!" yells Grakgut, ""WOOOOOO!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dats ghostie talk fer 'COME OUT 'ERE SOS OI KAN KRUMP YA!"
    "Roit, can we get da skanna-jamma to 'elp out with da lootin...sweeping?" asks Wurrza.
    "Gud idear! Yellabox at Uzgob!" says Grakgut.
    "I'z on it, boss!" yells Uzgob. Uzgob runs the sensors. It seems that while most don't have much to offer, there is one that pings on the searchy gubbinz. Grakgut heads to that one while the rest of the Kill Team head to some other smaller mausoleums. Liberal application of Melta is a wonderful key, and the kill team opens most of the mausoleums. They find only old lasguns, charms, and dead guardsman skeletons, all of which are shoved into Kroz's and Wurrza's loot bag.

    Meanwhile, Grakgut walks up to the door of the supposed loot-filled mausoleum. He raises his klaw, and...stops. Suddenly, he can't move.
    "Wut da zog...?!" yells Grakgut, "IZ DIS DA GHOSTS?!"
    Grakgut continues yelling at the ghosts until the rest of the team reach him.
    "Oy, Grakgut..." says Wazgor, "Yer arma'z outta fuel!"
    "Zog! BRING ME MO' GAS!" Grakgut yells.
    "... wot... youze... HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kroz can't stop laughing.
    Wurrza opens the door with a doom bolt to the hinges, though he pushes and the kill team's heads are filled with the whispers of daemons. Being orks, they don't seem to care much though. The door crashes to the ground, and the kill team is suffused by a blue light in the crypt.
    "Got somethin' that might interest ya, heh heh heh..." says the Merchant
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)21:50 No.16812030
    I hate to interrupt, but I love these threads. And the concept is fucking amazing.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:50 No.16812033
         File1320198623.jpg-(41 KB, 400x300, Merchant stock.jpg)
    41 KB

    Wurrza picks up some sparky knobs for his burna. Kroz gets a good MIU, and Wazgor gets a Bigga Barrel for his Meltagun. 'Eadmangla tries and fails to obtain a pulse carbine. The team picks up upgraded gunner gunz for the Last Danca. And Grakgut demands a better power source. He spits out enough teef to autoget a fuel source. So the Merchant rolls him an isotropic fuel rod. Grakgut, lacking power cannot install it himself. So he keeps yelling until Kroz replaces the diesel engine with the isotropic fuel rod. The Merchant walks off.

    "KANT. MOVE." yells Grakgut.
    "hm... PUT... DAKKA... 'ERE...." reads Kroz, "Nooklear iz close enuff."
    The fuel rod takes, and Grakgut's armor has power again. Kroz nods at himself, proud of his technical expertise of thing goes in hole.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:52 No.16812049
         File1320198758.png-(96 KB, 394x294, Ork Country.png)
    96 KB
    The crypt is more or less empty. By now, the players have gone through most of the crypts worth going through. Kroz and Wurrza are coverd by about 30 charms each, and have massive sacks of lasguns and skeletons. The kill team now decides to loot the big mausoleum. Grakgut gets a running charge at the door and TONKA TUFFS through it, leaving an ork-sized hole for the rest of the team to get through.

    "ANY GHOSTS IN'ERE?!" yells Grakgut as he finishes charging in.
    "Of course not, Deathwatch..." a voice echoes back.
    "Okay, Oi'll be leavin' now." sighs Grakgut, and then he stops. "WAIT A MINNIT!" he yells, "ONLEE A GHOST WULD SAY DAT DERES NO GHOST!"
    Grakgut gets angry.
    "DIS GHOST BE TRYIN' TA TRICK ME!" yells Grakgut as the kill team starts charging down the halls.
    "Iz you loot?" asks Kroz.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:53 No.16812057
         File1320198797.png-(96 KB, 291x590, Concept Art.png)
    96 KB
    Charging down the halls of the Mausoleum, the kill team sees a figure in the far side of the room at the deepest end of the hallway...A human in a tailored black suit and a white vest. Out of the darkness of the Mausoleum, five Lectors hop out, flanking Richard Garo. The Lectors roar and begin circling.

    "GARO, YOU GIT! YOO AIN'T A GHOST!" yells Grakgut angrily.
    "Nice to see you too, Deathwatch." says Garo, "but it seems what I was looking for wasn't here after all."
    "DEN WHY'RE YOO STILL 'ERE?!" asks Grakgut.
    "You caught me as I was leaving, to be honest." he says.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:54 No.16812067
         File1320198849.jpg-(29 KB, 480x361, Zombie Goasts.jpg)
    29 KB

    Combat begins innocently enough. The Lectors take flanking positions, while Kroz and 'Eadmangla open up with pulse fire. The Lectors fire out some supressive shots, while Grakgut runs forward.

    And Wurrza pushes as normal. Warp Ghosts are summoned all over the place. This causes Fear 1, which the players get a +50 against because five of them. Everyone passes...except Grakgut.

    "GHOSTS!" He yells as he is forced to run away the distance he just covered.
    "Zog it, why you'ze runnin' like a weedy grot?" yells Kroz.

    I, of course, found this ironically hilarious.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)21:57 No.16812091
         File1320199023.jpg-(38 KB, 474x350, Crazy Screaming Arab Guy.jpg)
    38 KB
    Wazgor engages Garo by charging right into him with his jump pack.

    The next turn, combined pulse fire brings down a Lector, while Grakgut runs away. The Lectors continue firing, and Garo is dueling Wazgor with twin swords.

    "I was once Vanus, you know." says Garo as he unleashes a torrent of fluid power sword strikes, "I can teach you so much, if you'd only listen."
    "Go suck a squig!" Wazgor replies.
    "Logic and understanding are the key! But you must open your mind to the truth first!" says Garo.

    Wurrza once again pushes. This time he whips everyone surrounding him (Kroz, 'Eadmangla, and Grakgut) into a murderous frenzy. They stop firing and begin charging into melee combat.

    Kroz and 'Eadmangla are pitiful in melee combat.

    Grakgut, however, is in his element. Together, the three take out two other Lectors.

    "Well, Deathwatch, it was fun, but I must be going." Garo takes a step back and disappears in a flash of light. The players mop up the rest of the Lectors, which explode in warpfire except for one.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)22:00 No.16812130
         File1320199224.jpg-(733 KB, 1600x1200, Warp Storm.jpg)
    733 KB
    The kill team suddenly hears noises - one a set of fast footsteps, the other a hissing of gas.
    "Heard it from this way, Doggfather." says a mechanical synthesized voice.
    "Late to da pahty!" says Grakgut.
    "Hmm, you were right." says Doggfather as he finishes running down. A few moments later, a Commander-Class XV-9 battlesuit also jets down the hall. The XV-9 looks rusted and battle-scarred.
    "My assistant detected anomalous signals, like a teleportation." says the XV-9, "Was there anything you all saw?"
    "Oy, dat Chaos Heretik Garo" says Wurrza.
    "Chaos? What-" starts Doggfather.
    Suddenly the Lector stirs. Its holoprojector activates. "Regrettable." says the hologram of Garo, " Although my rival, you were spectacular. I shall take my bow by opening my heart and revealing my wisdom."
    The image moves around. "What was once one is now two. Twin faces of the same being. Both are-" The hologram cuts out from combined fire from Kroz and 'Eadmangla.
    "OI WUZ LISTINEN TA DAT!" says a very annoyed Grakgut.
    "Dun't listen tuh him, 'e's wicked tricky." replies 'Eadmangla.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)22:01 No.16812146
         File1320199292.jpg-(1002 KB, 842x1191, O'Rly vs Black Templar.jpg)
    1002 KB
    "Twin faces? One now two?" Doggfather ponders a moment.
    "I have no knowledge of this." the XV-9 says.
    "Don't worry, Korst'la, Kill Team, I need to make a call." Doggfather pulls out a long range vox and dials a number.
    "Nuffin runs from Kroz this many times 'n lives. NUFFIN!" yells Kroz.
    "Yo Dre, it's Doggfather. No, who gives a shit about that? We've got-...YES, I'M BRINGING THE GUMBO NEXT TIME. But there's-NO, I DON'T CARE. GET YO' MALLEUS ASS OUT HERE. WE GOT DAEMONS AND SHIT." Doggfather yells as he hangs up.
    "This is troubling." Doggfather ponders a moment, "I need to look up what that Garo means, yes."
    Korst'la turns to the Kill Team. "Did you detect anything that was stolen?" he asks.
    "Sez 'didn't find wot i comez fer' 'fore we started foightin." says Kroz.
    "We ain't searched..." adds 'Eadmangla.
    "Interesting." the battlesuit hums. "I will have my men assist in the inventory in the interim."
    "I best not find yo' hands in the cookie jar." says Doggfather.
    "Be cool, homes. I said I don't steal from dead people." replies Korst'la.
    "Di'nt know dat dere wuz cookies 'ere..." says Grakgut.
    "Well, thanks for your assistance, Deathwatch." Doggfather says, "If I got mo' problems, I give you all a call."
    "Actually..." Korst'la says, "I may borrow them as well one day. I don't know how to pay an Astartes, but I'm sure we can find an agreement..."
    "Youze gots lotz'o stuff, weeze loike stuff. uh... IT ALLOWS DA DEFFWOTCH MUHREENS TA DO US JOBZ BETTA" interjects Kroz.
    "Ha. Maybe one day we can work together. But for now, I'm helping Inquisitor Smokes-a-lot here." Korst'la jets upward, the battlesuit's cape flapping behind it. "Maybe another day, Astartes." he says.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)22:03 No.16812167
         File1320199435.png-(2.86 MB, 3160x2272, Ork Krooza.png)
    2.86 MB
    The voxcaster starts shaking.
    "Boss!" says Pliskin, "We'ze got da goods! We'ze done 'ere!"
    "Pliskin, you gots da cookies in'ere too roight?" asks Kroz.
    "Uh, yeah, boss!" says Pliskin.
    'Eadmangla nicks the broken projector off the ground.
    "I'z gunna...uh...catalog dis bit." says 'Eadmangla as he stuffs it in his armor.

    Outside, it seems Doggfather is landing some of his men to assist with the cataloguing of the dead. "Astartes." "My Lord." "Sir." they salute the kill team as they walk past. The kill team is attempting to make the bags of looted stuff look as small as possible. Boldo flutters into the Last Danca as they take off. The flight back is fast and calm.

    "Dat floigth wuz borin'." says Grakgut.
    "Sorry. Iz wuz finkin." replies Kroz.
    "Finkin'? Dat ain't orky." says Grakgut.
    "Iz'll find us a warpstorm fer next time" retorts Kroz.

    "OY, BOSS!" says a nearby cardboard box as the players return to the Looted Krooza.
    "PLISKIN!" yells 'Eadmangla.
    'Ere's da rundown!" says Pliskin. The players received 500 XP and 2 PF.

    "All dem fings iz in me 'ead..." sighs Kroz.
    "Oi kan git inta yer 'ead fer ya, pull dem tings out!" offers Grakgut.
    "Naw. Need ya ta put one in tho." says Kroz as he shows him the MIU.

    We called the session there.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)22:08 No.16812218
         File1320199721.gif-(72 KB, 328x183, 4 horsemen Kelp, Football&(...).gif)
    72 KB
    I for one find it hilarious that the one searching out the ghosts was the one that failed the test. Otherwise, this session went quite well. And I think Wurrza takes far too much joy than a mortal should in making Perils happen.

    I wonder what happens if a nuclear fuel rod blows up, considering now two players are carrying them around.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)22:12 No.16812273
         File1320199974.jpg-(374 KB, 912x1216, Are you a wizard.jpg)
    374 KB

    >"Iz you loot?"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)22:18 No.16812332
         File1320200291.jpg-(180 KB, 363x449, Blue Shock.jpg)
    180 KB
    >Korst'la the Third

    >That fucking Tau
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)22:23 No.16812391

    >"I was once Vanus, you know."

    What's a Vanus?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)22:30 No.16812483

    It's a type of temple assassin.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:02 No.16812771
    CyGrot is going to need more upgrades.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:09 No.16812839

    That thing is freaky. How did shas'o even allow that thing to be born
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:12 No.16812864
         File1320203572.jpg-(26 KB, 300x206, DickWolf.jpg)
    26 KB
    The Orkiest Halloween Ever?

    Hmm, Richard Garo... So, Garo is kind of like garou, which is a popular term for werewolves or wolfy things. And Richard shortened down is Dick...

    The bad guy is Dick Wolf? It all makes sense now...!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:16 No.16812892

    Reminds me of the guys from Majora's Mask, the ninja assassins, especially with the "reveal my wisdom" speech.
    >> MagicJuggler !sMYbIFo6TI 11/01/11(Tue)23:21 No.16812934
    Ah, hello there. Yup, Perils is always fun.

    Oh, and >"Oy, dat Chaos Heretik Garo" says Wurrza.

    Oh for the rest, one of the Lectors was "Big Lector" or "Lector Prime." As in...larger than the rest. Incidentally, Wurrza originally won by 1 degree of success when pushing (the full +4)...so I burned a fate point, and got by +4/+5...*that* took it out and triggered the frenzy.

    (I'd best get some backup plan in case of party-based "Perils of the Derp" then. That, and pump more points into psy-rating...incidentally, what would it take to craft 'trinkets'/relics/daemonthingies?)
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)23:28 No.16812990
         File1320204490.jpg-(14 KB, 359x300, Ewan McGregor takes a fat hit.jpg)
    14 KB

    >"Oy, dat Chaos Heretik Garo" says Wurrza.

    Was there a mistake? This is what the logs stated you said at that moment in time.

    >Oh for the rest, one of the Lectors was "Big Lector" or "Lector Prime." As in...larger than the rest. Incidentally, Wurrza originally won by 1 degree of success when pushing (the full +4)...so I burned a fate point, and got by +4/+5...*that* took it out and triggered the frenzy.

    Yeah, he had a bigger gun, a plasma cannon to be precise. The rest still had their plasma guns.

    One of the trade skills depending on the desired trinket
    Trade Armourer, most likely
    Nope. Saying that right now. Nope. I can't repeat this enough. Nope.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:34 No.16813030
    Hey now. We may not be Grakgut, but there were some spectacular rolls considering our lacks.

    The Mega-armor running away like a pissy grot was both hillarious and worrisome. Also there was a lot more yelling at Garo for running away. Anyone that's dodgey like those ships in the warp is putting himself on the "very-bad" list. The one that involves torpedoes vs personel.

    That Dual-Wielding Mentat will know exactly what hit him. Da Looted Krooza.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:35 No.16813043
    As I recall, the answer was "spectacular medicae rolls"
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/01/11(Tue)23:37 No.16813054

    Well, yes, Kroz. You did manage to heavily damage one at least.

    But all 'Eadmangla had was a choppa, and it couldn't break Lector armor unless it furied.

    I did enjoy that one line from 'eadmangla.

    >"I think we just handed this to Garo."
    >> Anonymous 11/01/11(Tue)23:42 No.16813079
    Been meaning to ask this since last week; anyone up for drawing the party? Uzgob, Pliskin, Clarence, Boldo, the grots and CyGrot included?
    >> Kroz 11/01/11(Tue)23:43 No.16813087
    Yup, its Kroz. Forgot to put a name up on there.
    I thought he'd done a decent hit on one too?

    Will have to see about putting a stormfield on his spiky bitz. I'm sure a 2-handed Heavy-class gun made for meleeing will be appropriately Final-Fanta-Ork for our sniper's tastes?

    Already planning to tape a Burna to a Burna so they can Firesword while they Flamer anyhow.
    >> Kroz 11/01/11(Tue)23:46 No.16813105
    That would be AWESOME.
    Not just "It has PPCs" awesome.
    "MY HAT, IS, AWESOME!" awesome.
    >> MagicJuggler !sMYbIFo6TI 11/02/11(Wed)00:03 No.16813249
    Huh. Well then...

    I do need to work more with Grakgut as well; strike deals with him. After all, he's da surgeon, and Wurzza...has some Wrangling and the Beastmaster power...basically we need to kidnap more monsters for experimentin'/making pets.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)00:07 No.16813275
    Ork Cavalry is nothing new, but I approve of the idea nonetheless.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)00:10 No.16813306
    Dinosaur cavalry it is.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)00:19 No.16813386
    Gonna need a detachment of Ruff Ridaz now.
    >> Kroz 11/02/11(Wed)00:46 No.16813665
    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)00:58 No.16813799
         File1320209931.gif-(233 KB, 352x240, mechashiva.gif)
    233 KB
    no that's for the cygrot.

    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)01:11 No.16813940
    Far too practical. Make it more wasteful but startling, though...
    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)02:21 No.16814498
    These are always hillarious to read about.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/11(Wed)08:53 No.16816491
    Bump for the morning

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