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  • File : 1318971210.jpg-(54 KB, 533x400, fireball_2008_1juni_DSC01290_resize.JPG.(...).jpg)
    54 KB another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)16:53 No.16667394  
    LARP horror storytime, continued from >>16667252

    We have bad GM threads every now and then. Now we'll have a bad LARP thread. Not That Guys or something, but really, honest-to-God shitty LARPs you've been on. I have a few stories to share, most from a hungarian game so crappy that the bullshit level flies through the roof. (pic related, organizers of said game)

    Anyways, which one should I start with: from the top of my head, there is That Time When I Kicked a Guy In The Face (short, fits in one post, fun story about a bad NPC), Protect This Shit At All Costs, If You Succeed We'll Say That You Ruined The Game (medium, not-so-fun story about the quests and storylines they had), and Why I'll Never Go Anywhere Near That LARP Again (little longer, infuriating story about why the organizers the biggest assholes out of the game the LARP scene has ever seen)

    Meanwhile, feel free to post your own stories, I'd only like to have one rule: no second-hand stories, post your own experiences only please.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)16:55 No.16667405
    I say go in order
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)16:56 No.16667411
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:00 No.16667443
    listening to Beethovens 4th. KICK IT!
    Start with the short one I'd suggest and then working your way up.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:05 No.16667507
    Any is good but I'd say Protect This Shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:06 No.16667520
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:07 No.16667531
    Protect This Shit sounds the best
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:09 No.16667554
    You asked, I deliver. First is
    > That Time When I Kicked a Guy In The Face
    A short story, maybe the least interesting of all, but still, I kicked a guy in the face.

    Now you might remember some bad NPC-s from that game which I mentioned in the last thread, namely the Mass Dominate Lich, the T-Shirt And Shorts Predator, and the Fail Wraith. While this NPC monster - let's call it the Blanket Turd, actually it was some kind of "magic draining slime" ingame but who cares - is nowhere near as bullshitty as the big three, this will get funny later.

    > Magic Draining Slime, a.k.a. Blanket Turd a.k.a. a guy covered in a red blanket walking crouched (I guess they felt that a T-shirt and shorts will not be enough costuming for this)
    > Immune to physical weapons, attack magics make it stronger, there was some bullshit ways to defeat it but mine was better.
    > Devours people by enveloping them, represented as guy jumping at you, covering you too with the blanket, then you are dead.

    Smarter LARPfags might know where this is going.

    > Walk alone in the woods at night without light source.
    > See something amorphous jump out of the bushes at me, it was roughly above knee-high
    > Know that there are wild boars in the forest
    > Don't know about Blanket Turd.
    > Have only a split-second to react, what do.

    Now, just think about it for a moment, really, what else would you do.

    > Fucking front kick.

    Of course it was the Blanket Turd Guy.

    > Monster defeated.

    I mean seriously, who the fuck thinks that it is a good idea to come up with a monster which can be mistaken for local wildlife?

    He fortunately got away without any serious injuries, the kick only grazed his face and he took most of it on the shoulder. He didn't deserve it, the organizers did.

    Coming soon, Protect This Shit At All Costs, If You Succeed We'll Say That You Ruined The Game
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:16 No.16667633
    Meanwhile I will start the "How I Ruined an Entire LARP" story which was requested from me from the previous thread.

    So first of all this is the same game that my associate will tell stories from but my story happened at 2010 while his stories are earlier, he wasn't there at that time.

    Now the important part. At first I did not wanted to ruin that game. I knew that it's a shitty game and everything but I can enjoy myself regardless, I am a creative guy if it's about having fun (usually this starts with the sentence "I have a fucking GREAT idea!" and continues with my friends trying to kill me before I can actually do those wonderful things)
    But I hate it when the rules are crappy so when I saw the rules I told the organizers that the rules are one of the worst I've ever saw during my larping days, I told them WHY are those rules so bad and I assumed a few things that would make it better. The response? I'm just a player, I don't know shit about organizing a larp, I don't respect the organizers, I'm an asshole, they hope I will choke on a bagful of cocks and they banned me from their website... more than once because internet is a fucking magic for them. All this happened a month before the game, so I finally decided that hey, I can have a whole different kind of FUN on that game. After all I'm just a player and don't know shit about larps, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:17 No.16667638
    is that polyester?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:21 No.16667673
    No another hungarian larpfag, you are the wildlife!
    And then another hungarian larpfag was the badass.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:22 No.16667684
    Second is:
    >Protect This Shit At All Costs, If You Succeed We'll Say That You Ruined The Game

    So, this one needs some setup.

    Our party:
    > Two elementalist wizards, specializing in elemental attack and defense spells
    > Me as the town blacksmith, retired adventurer fighter, was amongst the best tacticians in his glory days

    Our resources:
    > Enough magic components for about eight or ten spells, so better make it count.
    > An artifact hammer which gave protection from mundane weapons and did fire damage, later enchanted to do holy damage too (useful against undead), wielded by me
    > A "mage tower", a circular building with only one passable entrance which was about two meters wide.

    Our quest:
    > There is a powerful spell scroll in the tower, which, if comes in wrong hands, could spell doom to all of the "good" side in game
    > Don't let the evil faction get that scroll, protect it at all costs

    Preparations we did:
    > Protection from Fire on me (this will be important as the casters' AoE spells were fire-based, so I can tank the opponents while the casters kill them with fire)
    > Teleportation Blocking Circle around the whole tower, to prevent enemy casters trolling in.
    > Prepare a magic amulet which lets us pass spell effects between each other (useful to extend touch-range spells).
    > Mind Shield on fucking everyone because this was after the domination attempt of the Fail Wraith

    What happened, will come in the next post...
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:23 No.16667697
    I am finding these stories quite entertaining. Just everyone keep in mind that there are good and bad larps. These are the bad eggs.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:27 No.16667734
    >Protect This Shit At All Costs, If You Succeed We'll Say That You Ruined The Game
    I thought that were two seperate stories... now I realised it was one. OH MY FUCKING GOD.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:36 No.16667829


    Now the team. Because everyone needs a team.
    It was a six men team, containing myself (wizard), my friend(fighter), a reenactor guy (wizard), my friends little brother(fighter), and two first time larpers who knew a little about swordfighting (they were fighters too)

    Now we were pretty sure that no one could kill our team through brute force. Not just because we are good at fighting (because half of the team weren't) but because literally no one could use any kind of weapon effectively at that game. That's why two of us were wizards to give a little magic support.

    As I said the system had flaws. As in the whole system was a big fucking flaw you could exploit wherever you wanted. I know because I did it. But we won't go that far ahead.

    The game had somewhere around 50 people in it plus us.
    When we got to the event it's already started and because the organizers were players/npcs too no one could register us in. At least that's what one of the lesser organizers told us, because we need other organizers for that and blah blah blah, go and play instead of bothering me.
    That meant we didn't had any money, components or any game item which everyone else got.

    So the first thing we did? We realized pretty quick that because the game has a town and a road there MUST be some kind of tax for walking on the road. And someone should collect these taxes. We were honest mercenaries so we thought it would be a pretty good job for us. We quickly realized that the taxes must be "all your valuables" so we did according to that and collected the road tax from everyone who we met while we walked along the road.
    After we looted the third time the elf camp the organizers realized we have to register in very fast and we should get our starting money.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:41 No.16667867
         File1318974103.jpg-(157 KB, 750x563, nybp53.jpg)
    157 KB

    So, our opponents were many, and came in multiple waves.

    Wave one:
    > About five or six kids with dickswords
    We batman'd them into oblivion with our crazy preparation, no spells were used.

    Wave two, about an hour later:
    > Same dicksword-kids, some enchanted dickswords, and a mage.
    > Mage starts throwing fireballs
    > I catch them like a fucking goalkeeper.
    > After he expended all his spell slots to accomplish fucking nothing - as he somehow didn't notice that I am immune to fire - see wave one.
    Here we had to expend I think two spells to ensure our safety as the enchanted weapons were actually not completely useless.

    Wave three, a few more hours later:
    > One NPC, a "two-headed ogre" which was played by the two organizers. pic related. It was almost fucking immortal and shit.
    > Beat it with a great expense of magic, but not before "two-headed ogre skill, the tower is now destroyed and has no ingame defenses"
    Anti-teleportation circle still works, so oh well.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:42 No.16667875

    Wave four, in the afternoon about two hours later:
    > A few of the previous kids, all with enchanted weapon, three NPC mages, and a metric fuckton of NPC undead warriors with enchanted weapons and shit.
    > They group nicely
    > Our casters shower them with AoE attack spells (a handful of thrown rice)
    > According to the numbers, they should all be dead, we saw no immunity markers.
    > Their caster shouts "DISPEL"
    Now one thing is, dispel magic had an incantantion which should be said at every use. That guy just shouted DISPEL in ENGLISH like he quoted from a fucking MMORPG. Second thing, dispel doesn't work on spells without a duration, like, say, ALL attack spells (you can't dispel a fireball). When we told them that:
    > Oh, it works now. If we dispel it in ten seconds, it will totally have no effect. And also, NPC casters have 20 spell slots each
    > Then kill them without magic, as even one of those casters could dispel everything we had combined four times.
    See, they really sucked at this boffer combat stuff, at this fight three guys attacked me at once, and THEIR WEAPONS FUCKING STUCK TOGETHER. I don't know how did they manage that, but now the holy damage came in handy.

    Organizers see now that shit has gotten serious. They even came up to us OOC and told that we ruin everyone else's play by not letting them have the scroll.

    Wave five, in the evening:
    > One (1) lead organizer saying he's OOC
    > "And suddenly, the scroll teleports away."
    > Grabs the scroll and starts to walk away.
    > We tell him about the teleportation blocking circle
    > "This is GM magic, it works through any defenses."

    What the flying fuck. They told us to protect the scroll at all costs, then just took it away because the organizers liked it better that way. No flexibility, they wanted the scroll to get to team evil, if they cannot get it, we are bad players for doing what we were told to do.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)17:53 No.16667994
    The third story will come a little later, I have a few other things to do.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)17:59 No.16668040
         File1318975173.jpg-(33 KB, 582x436, zardozhead.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)18:01 No.16668059
    how come you hungarians have all the fun?

    the most i've ever dealt with was a few fatgirls wearing fox-tail buttplugs
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:03 No.16668072

    now then the before mentioned "city"
    LARP cities tend to be bunch of cabins at best but on average strings between trees and some makeshift things that we call buildings.
    This was the later one without much makeshift thing.
    The organizers were very proud of two things.
    One is the scout tower which was a... something. Few planks nailed together and it was at waist height. It nearly collapsed when I walked near to it.
    The other thing was the "moat" which was a 10 meter long and maybe 20 cm deep ditch. The organizers had this dream - caused by some kind of drugs I presume - that the "moat" is all around the city and we must act according to it. It was pretty obvious that it was just 10 meter long and we can't even properly break our legs in it. Whatever.

    >why part of the comment not allowed?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)18:04 No.16668077
    Hunfag here.

    Sounds hot. Will persuade girlfriend.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:04 No.16668081
         File1318975462.jpg-(20 KB, 400x300, 1277637866360.jpg)
    20 KB

    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:08 No.16668117

    Fun fact: we were told (well, they told it to my friend who was the leader of the team and had good relations with the organizers) that we will be hired at the city to be the city-guards and what not.

    >testing which part is allowed
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)18:09 No.16668126
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:12 No.16668145
    On the game it turned out that there is no city. At all. Well, the strings and the ten meter long toilet was there and other things but no people in it. One "king" two random guy as guards, and three girl, one of them is the barmaid. And 15 other imaginary player who didn't showed up

    So we didn't really wanted to be guards here or anything, when we showed up at the game we had a little argument about what counts as weapon, why we have more than them and why will we go into the city regardless of what they say. Of course showing our good will we gave them some of our weapons but ignored the fact that they wanted all of them. Then we went to the "tavern" because they had drinks and at least the barmaid was a decent girl who we could talked to.

    After maybe 10-15 minutes the two random guard and the king disappeared from the city and as we later found out they just changed into different roles because it was "no fun for them"
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:26 No.16668252

    so the city which is more like a village after a plague with new immigrants is pretty defenseless and there are bandits out there who would like to loot the whole "city". We know it because we robbed them. I mean tax them. Some kind of scroll in the city library I think that they want but we generally don't care about things like that, we are just casually drinking at the tavern instead. The barmaid and the two other girl (one of them is actually is a middle aged woman) is generally scared because of this, so the whole town (all three of them) hire us for defending the city.
    Obviously we don't do such things we are just...
    >free drinks in the tavern forever
    ... noble defenders of this beautiful city.
    So we sit down at the gate with free drinks and snacks when the bandits come. We casually wave at them and say that they can of course come into the city but without weapons. And they can come with weapons too if they pay extra fee for that. We were pretty sure that we can kill them regardless of their weapons because as I said we actually did that so hence the confidence.
    They murmur something between themselves and decide that they doesn't really want to go into the city just now maybe later so they go away.
    the girls bring more free drink and snack, we ate and drink and get poisoned. Yes, we were poisoned by one of the city folks actually the middle aged woman. Her reason? She is EVUL!!!

    There goes our good nature...
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)18:26 No.16668257

    No offense, Larpfag, but you're making it sound like Hungarian Larps aren't the amazing swordmastery trip /tg/ implied they were. :(
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:27 No.16668265
    And now, for the conclusion:
    > Why I'll Never Go Anywhere Near That LARP Again

    Okay, so this will need some setup, too. I already told that I went to these games for personal reasons, which I will clarify now. See, my ex - who was my girlfriend back then, so I'll refer to her as such - was good friends with some of the girls who participate on that event, and promised them that she'll come too, so I came with her because there is no way that I'll leave her alone with the creepy organizer guy who took every opportunity to hit on her / try to pick her up, and hey, their first event was quite decent (apart from the horrible kits), the second was where the two previous stories happened, and the third was our last, that's which this story is about.

    Now the creepy-ass organizer guy would have been a sign which most people take seriously and leave as soon as possible, my gf did not. This story is not about this guy, he is the least of our worries here.

    Then there was the other organizer guy who thought it would be fun to enter play as an NPC character who is a World War II American soldier magically transported here. With an Airsoft tommygun. Which was functional, and loaded with BBs. Which he used. On a LARP without compulsory eye protection. And he was convinced that this was okay, because "he won't aim for the eyes". If it weren't for him being two times larger than I am - and I am not a man of small frame - then I'm quite sure the larp would have ended with him being sodomized with his own Airsoft gun. Bear in mind, this guy was one of the lead organizers, not some random idiot. This story is not about this guy, there is even worse than him...
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)18:29 No.16668286
    it depends on how many fox-tail buttplugs are involved
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:29 No.16668293

    this is only one game. the worst of the games actually. It won't be wise to make a generalization from this
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:29 No.16668294

    There are events in Hungary with decent and somewhat realistic swordplay and fights, and fighters who actually seem to know something about fighting. These are not among them.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:44 No.16668427

    So there is our third guy, the actual head of the staff. Fucker killed an old dog with an axe during the event.

    No, seriously.

    On the second day of the event an old grey dog strayed somehow into the area where we played, and the druid faction - as they were somewhat retarded - thought that it would be an awesome idea to feed him and in general make him stay around camp. The dog was old and his sight wasn't very good, so he was just walking around during the day.

    The problems came at nighttime, when the dog started to bark loudly at everything which moved. Some of the players panicked and told the organizers that "the dog won't let them near their own tent" and stuff. The organizers did a few phone calls, but hey, it's Hungary, authorities told them to fuck off, which I understand because as I found out later, the event was done without the knowledge of any kind of legal authorities (e.g. police, firemen, anything).

    So the lead organizer guy grabbed an axe and said that now they have to kill the dog, took about four other idiots, and they ventured into the forest, then returned with a bloody axe, and told that they hit the dog which ran away.

    Then they realized that now a wounded dog roams the forest randomly. Lead organizer announces that everyone - everyone, as in every participant of the event - must help them find and kill the dog. That was the time when I said fuck this shit, I'm leaving, I won't take part in this. We packed and left ASAP, never to come back again.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:46 No.16668447

    so we are poisoned, die from it everything, go to resurrection site, resurrect, wat do?
    Obviously we will massacre everyone we in the town, except for the barmaid who was kind of nice and latter we figured out that she doesn't knew anything about the poison. But because killing two bitch is not that great we went to a random direction to find spend time while maybe others will want to be in the city.
    We found the druids (they were like hobos according to their camp but they had free drinks so whatever. Yeah we are lowly, bribe-able human beings...) found out they are pretty okay. No it was the first day of the 4 day event and it slowly became night. So we went back to the town and indeed there were more people there now. My friend and the reenactor guy went for out OOG camp for a few stuff while me and the others waited at the city gate.

    It was dark 4 random stranger waiting at the gate, no guards. I talked a little with the first timers teaching them the ways of larping when someone with a lantern come to us and asks about what are we doing here with all these weapons. So as an answer I quickly stabbed him in the stomach three times and just to be sure two times more to show my teammates why don't you ask questions from random strangers with weapons at night when you are alone. We throw the corpse into the bushes then continue the talking and waiting... then ANOTHER random guy come to us asking the same questions... we killed that guy too.
    After that our leader and the other wizard came back so we massacred the city with ease, except the barmaid. We told here that it was actually pretty much personal because of the poison thing but we are not that bad so we don't have any hard feelings toward anyone now and of course the drinks at the tavern is free for us as per agreement.

    day one complete
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)18:47 No.16668459
    Oh my God, that's fucked up.

    And of course a half-blind dog is going to fucking bark at everything when it's dark out. The shit can't see anything and is probably terrified. Jesus Hell. That's why you don't fucking feed mangy stray animals.
    >> Not Entirely Anon 10/18/11(Tue)18:50 No.16668480
         File1318978210.jpg-(98 KB, 720x540, 190732_1673312042036_151447486(...).jpg)
    98 KB

    Y'know, that actually pisses me off more than the "crappy NPC/GM" asshattery that goes around LARPs. If you're really gonna kill an animal, do it fucking quickly and cleanly. if you can't do that, then leave it the fuck alone.

    I'd share shitty LARPing stories, but I play in the US, so evidently any stories I share are shitty by default. Like how the fight in the pic about got me thrown out of NERO. Or having my lunch taken by a marshal and thrown away for real due to an in-game spell and leaving me with nothing to eat. Or dickswords...so many dickswords...

    So please, continue. Your stories are only shitty in contrast to the usual awesome that Hungarian Larpfag shares with us mere mortals.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:51 No.16668495
    These are my most important horror stories from hungarian LARPs. Just bear in mind, this is the worst of the worst. There are LARPs out there which are quite decent, and some LARPs which are actually good and fun to play. You just have to look and ask around first...
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:52 No.16668503

    I thought that fight was a staged one
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)18:57 No.16668556
         File1318978634.jpg-(76 KB, 384x512, IMG_4146.jpg)
    76 KB

    Maybe I'll post a story from a different event later, until then, have an Imperial Inquisitor from our game setting as compensation.
    >> Not Entirely Anon 10/18/11(Tue)19:01 No.16668613
         File1318978870.jpg-(457 KB, 533x800, 1279406952281.jpg)
    457 KB

    It fucking WAS. That's my dammed job - I choreograph fights for film and stage (mainly stage, but I got to go play on Whedon's The Avengers back in August). People PAY ME to go arrange fights. That guy and I had ONE rehearsal, before his wife pooped out a kid and killed our rehearsal schedule, and we still nailed the fight. We did it with full knowledge and consent of the chapter ownership, because it was an "arena fight" with nobody around to get caught up in it.

    And I still evidently came within a flea's ass-hair of getting banned from the game, because evidently an out-of-chapter visiting player got a bug up his ass about HIS fight not "looking coolest" and went to the National organization. The response was "nothing about NERO is supposed to be realistic, especially including the fights".

    So now I live vicariously through the Eurolarp pics...a bitter husk of a larper driven mad and dangerous by the shitfest that is US larping.

    Oh, pic related, why oh why are we cursed with fuckheads who think that even TRYING to look good is "actively damaging the game and its reputation, and should be avoided at all costs"?
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:07 No.16668673

    This actually bears an uncanny resemblance to what the asshat organizers mentioned previously said to us. Once we were told that the fact that we did train medieval swordsmanship and know which end of the sword to grab and which end to hit stuff with, actually ruined the game experience for the other players who did not, because they were not able to beat us whenever they wanted or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:12 No.16668724
    sooo .... why is US Larp so shitty anyway ? i mean ... its not that you lack infrastructure, avaliability or knowledge to do better ...
    is it just the fact that there are plyers who are satisfied with dickswords and halloween costumes ?
    or is it the same problem with US (Power) Metal ?
    when you lack historical model you compensate with DRAGONFORCE EPIC DRAGON BATTLE ... stuff ...
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:13 No.16668742
    SCA's LARP is really good here.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:15 No.16668756

    okay first day was pretty boring by trolling standards but this is when things get interesting.
    First thing is the morning after regular npc meeting (our leader was part of it because as I said he was on good terms with the organizers... well mostly the organizers were thought that he is a great guy and he just didn't contradicted them. Also we were a separate action by our own right) so my friend come back from the meeting and says that we are now the bad guys. As in by GM magic we are all infected with demons and we are now team evil, because we are obviously evil _BECAUSE_ we have black cloths... Wait, there is more. We are now MUST collect a shitton of magic items. As in so fucking much that it was obvious that it was never meant to be quest that could be completed. But there are three traders in the game who are also cultist and we have to pass the items to them and whatnot. Well great. Oh another thing, we must attack the druid guys too (the only friendly faction to us) because GM said so.
    Well okay, we can play the game this way.
    So first thing first we tried to attack the druids. We got our ass handled because the druids were the most overpowered class in the game and we knew this so doesn't really put that much effort in it. After that we went on a killing spree and killed everyone on sight and looted their corpse for any magical item.
    Now the thing was that everyone realized that we are strong. Very strong. We even won in a 22 vs 6 without death on our side.
    So the organizers quickly decided that me and the reenactor guy can't use as much magic as the others because they said so. Also interestingly the other guys used more magic that systemwise was possible for them.
    There was even a landwhale who tried to use a spell on us without using any components. We just pointed at her and laughed.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:18 No.16668786
    I don't know whats best about the stories provided by hungarian larpfag. His broken English (no offense) or the awful game he was playing in.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:19 No.16668800
    Well, there was that time that I came on /tg/ to try and fix a shitty LARP I was playing in, got someone in the area interested in coming to an event, then showed him the site. He then informed me, and the entire thread, that the site's gallery contained nothing but tentacle porn.

    Fuck that game.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:20 No.16668810
         File1318980055.jpg-(186 KB, 640x480, DSC00498.jpg)
    186 KB

    I heard that the legal system is fucked up royally, too, but I guess our American bros can help us with the details.

    Pic unrelated, just showing what is the best way to fuck up being stealthy on a LARP
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:22 No.16668829

    ...is this the same LARP with the foxtail buttplugs, or there do exist two FATAL LARPs simultaneously in this universe?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:25 No.16668859

    well to my defense it's 1:30 am here and only half of my broken english is actually my shitty language skill, the other half is typos.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:27 No.16668877

    I remember that site and the tentacle porn
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:28 No.16668882
    I am really curious and would like a link please.

    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)19:46 No.16669089

    So things got a little tight for us and because of that we made security measures. If we get a quest item one of us will hide it in the forest alone. If one of us is captured by some means we won't lose every item (there was a truth saying spell). Then we went killing.

    After a little slaughtering and killing we decided we need to rest a little. Obviously all of us couldn't go into the tavern that would meant a fight with more people that we wanted to risk. But hey, we are the team evil now so we must make things more interesting.
    So I had this alchemy skill and I could brew different magical potions, and with a little exploit I made a potion that could turn anyone into a human. Then me and my friend walked as casually as we could (which was a very casual walk because the fucks that we gave was close to none) into the tavern, and said to an elf there that we wan't to speak with the elven princess because we have something she wants. This was more or less true. I mean at that point we surly had something that someone would want from us. Regardless as the elf left we ordered something to drink and poured the potion into it. We were humans so this thing doesn't had any effect on us. When the princess entered the tavern we started a little diplomatic talk. Generally we told so much bullshit as we could. We are experts on this and we can do it with a pokerface. We doesn't had any idea what the fuck she wanted from us but hey, we were important people and we had the strongest team. So no worries there. After a while we offered her a drink. She was suspicious and we had to drink from it beforehand, because maybe it's poisoned or something. I think you can guess the rest of it. as the talk was over with same fake agreement we left the tavern and I just whispered silently into her ears that she will be a human princess in about 5 minutes and it's permanent...
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:48 No.16669107

    Yeah, i contacted a friend of mine who helped the owner (his pic on the front page) who told him about it.

    It was totally his.

    Google steamcog larp for a good time- I mean to find the site.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:51 No.16669131
         File1318981905.jpg-(235 KB, 1152x768, 08.jpg)
    235 KB

    Oh Lord that sounds awefull ...

    We have cons here (small ones usually but also the "Epic Empires" Con with almost 1000 player this year ; Pic related ... my fellow comrade gunner ) wich dont even have a weapon check, because every player himself is responsible for his stuff and actions.
    I got injured 2 years ago and got 4 stiches because someone used his polearm with brute force .... but ... usually it works and nothing happens ... and i learned my lesson. Helmets are a mans best friend.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:53 No.16669156
    TROLOLOLO Wait, but aren't elf princes sexy?
    Drink potion: now take of year ears missy.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)19:59 No.16669227
    Anymore to the story
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:01 No.16669251
    Okay, as I'm officially fed up with the IT Security book and a test is due in six hours, the only logical thing to do is write the fourth LARP horror story. This one needs some backstory, too.

    This is a vastly different LARP from what I told about earlier, and also happened a few years before any other stories we wrote here. It was organized by the team of the grade A+ asshole guy described in great detail in the previous thread. The game itself was a historical LARP (or so they said) about Celts fighting Romans in Pannonia. Sounds nice in theory, huh? Well in practice, it is not.

    It is quite important to know that people from that like-Dagorhir-but-with-more-crappy-stuff stickjockfest took part in great numbers and the rules of that event only allow shields that are 40x30 centimeters at most, so lots of people just use the back of a smaller chair as shield, and use the longest dicksword (95cm) allowed by the rules with it. Noteworthy is the combat system, too, which was used widely back then. The rule was simple, one touch with a weapon on the torso and you are out, everything else has no effect. This is important to note because this event used these rules too (with the addition of ranged weapons kill on any body area, but armour makes you immune against it). Now some smart LARPfags can notice that if you strap a 40x30cm piece of shield to your forearm, then proceed "glueing" your forearm to your chest, then, according to these rules, you are virtually invincible frontally. This is the main fighting style of this group, who, for lack of better name - as the group's name doesn't even make sense in hungarian - we'll call Dickswingers from now on.

    To be continued.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:03 No.16669279
    It's not that the LARPs themselves are shitty. it's more to do how LARPing is perceived and the kind of people it attracts based on that. If most everyone thinks that it's a bunch of antisocial losers having make believe powertrips, then antisocial losers looking for make believe powertrips show up. Also most of LARPing I've participated in tends to focus on the high school and college age crowd so one is not only dealing with young people but with people who don't really get attached to the game.

    Due to the distance between LARPs, especially in larger states, a shitty LARP can be very popular due to player nots having another nearby LARP to attend. The legal system isn't a huge reason anymore since most LARPs are smart enough to get lawyers to write up injury waivers and requiring parents permission for minors. Beyond that it's a matter of personal tastes and player actions, neither of which can really be blamed on the LARP itself.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:09 No.16669373
    So technically if a person has some sort of sword skill they can commence to dominate in most Larp games.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:11 No.16669397
    Then let There be an age limit of 16 or something? IF kid's play they have to fight other kids. They have actul event's like that too.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:11 No.16669401

    But surprise! it we doesn't really got out from the city when there were shouting and people started to running after us. We casually started to run too.
    Later we found out that by one of the GM's "lol dispel" they dispelled the non dispel-able effect from the princess. Because it would conflict with story-line...
    But back to our running. You see running in a forest is a fun thing and I have a little experience in this. Also running in a wizard robe (and hat, both I put on before the event) is a little slower. Also mostly if you run deep enough into the forest others don't wan't to continue the chase. These people really wanted to catch me. I would like to think because of my charming personality.
    So it was then when I put on my trollface, got an empty tin can from my pocket, put a pine-cone (or what is it) into it and, hid the tin can into my sleeve and started to shake it.
    And this ca/tg/irls and elegan/tg/entlemen is what was my bard song skill. You see in the system there was a skill called bard song. It made you invincible no one could attack you with anything, not even with magic. Also nothing stated that I need to use a real musical instrument for this, just that I must play some kind of music. The real exploit here is lost in the translation I think.
    Regardless I just stopped running and walked toward the guys who chased me, when I passed by I just stopped shaking the tin can for a split second while I stabbed one of the guys with my dagger and continued my music with a little humming as I started to walk away...
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:12 No.16669405

    The other important part of the setup is that the organizers emphasized that this will be a historical LARP, so everyone put together a celtic or roman kit. They went great lenghts describing the sizes and types of the weapons used in that age (single-handed swords without large crossguards, shields are centre grip and not strapped to forearm, no two-handed swords, no heater shields, no chair backs, armour is either chain, hide or segmentata), and we spent weeks putting together decent celtic kits for ourselves, making oval centre grip shields painted with our clan colours and stuff like that.

    Now, all that preparation flew out of the window when Dickswingers appeared on the first night, claiming they came to play Romans. With strap-to-forearm chairback shields, bastard and two-handed swords, "studded leather armour" (which looks more like some goth/metal/sm accessory) and generally shitty gear including everything explicitly forbidden in the rules. When we asked the organizers about wtf is this, they told us that they won't send anyone away just because he cannot pass kit standards, so their gear is okay, too.

    That was the first time we were told that we are snobs and elitists for thinking that a kit standard is there to be followed, not to be ignored and shat on. The thing is, it was not the case of newbies not able to make better stuff, the Dickswingers regarded themselves as experienced larpers, most of them has been playing for years. They simply didn't give a fuck about kit standards and decided not to make new gear.

    To be continued.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:16 No.16669451
    no. Just on the shitty ones
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:18 No.16669469
    True, but so does location costs and lack of advertisement. There are a great deal of reasons why LARPs fail. Kinda depressing when you think about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:25 No.16669543

    Or ones where people can't sneak.

    I snuck up on a guy who was one of a bunch of sword-jockeys from Texas (We were playing in Ohio, which is a hell of a trip, kind of like you guys going up to Ireland for a game) during the only week-long event I've been to, it was one I went to part of. He and a bunch of other barbarians (race) were being told to berserk and kill everyone by plot (sounding oddly famillar...). I snuck up behind him, hit him with a web spell (packet thrown), which basically means you are paralyzed, then killing blow'd him. He was really good, though, as far as dagorhir style stuff went. His group seemed kind of dickish but not that bad.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:27 No.16669563

    Have responsible owners who will make sure they can follow the rules and who are willing to help them out, or at least someone responsible.

    Steamcog has neither, and I'm not sure if they will ever have one.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:28 No.16669576

    after that people very fast figured out that the mind guard spell which protects the user against any mental magic MUST protects against the bard music. Which is a skill not some magic.
    so they come to me start hitting with the dickswords stating that I'm dead. I told them that it's bad sportsmanship to cheat on a game like this and I will ignore them if they continue with these acts. So I had to ignore them because the rules clearly said that I am right.
    That's when the main organizer showed up (the axe and dog one) and kindly asked me to follow him. In fact he grabbed my shoulder raised his hand and said "Anon, come with me or I will punch you in the face" I just calmly said no and asked what is his problem, why should we just talk about it here and now? He started to tell me that I cheated with the bard music thing told the about the mind guard spell again and everything and said the bard music is a spell so it protects against it. I said it's not a spell, and HOLY FUCKING WALRUS! I have the fortune to have a printed out version of the rules with me, so all of can see what the rules says about this!
    After that it was an even less pleasant talking but a short one. He was mad. I think he was pretty much butthurt.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:28 No.16669585

    The location was actually quite nice, a backwater of the river Danube with a shallow lake, and lots of shoreline, and an awesome peninsula which we occupied and fortified to be virtually impenetrable against a land assault. There were some boats available for traversing the water, which we took great use of.

    Now the factions: Organizers and Dickswingers were Romans, us and a few random groups were Celts, and the Scotsman Samurai Celtic Pirate Ninjas (more on that later) as an auxilia for the Romans. The roman side outnumbered the celtic one for about 1,5:1, and our side was only partially combatant - we were a trader and generally sneaky bastard clan, so later we stole all the boats for ourselves and sold them back to anyone who needed one.

    Now a few words about the Scottish Samurai Celtic Pirate Ninjas. Imagine a random guy, now imagine that random guy in a lumberjack-style checkered shirt. Put a Kendo body armour on that guy. Give a Bokken crappily wrapped in foam into his hand, and put a scarf on his head, one like Jack Sparrow has. Now imagine six of these guys. These guys insist that their kit is a good celtic kit. Try not to laugh your ass off, because the organizers agree with them.

    To be continued.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:30 No.16669597
    Let's see... I could tell a story about how no one in steamcog knows the rules of the game, because they're not finished.

    Problem is, it might end up being a bunch fo bullet points, because god damn what a jumbled mess the two events I was at were.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:30 No.16669598
    I think buttdevestated would be more appropriate
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:31 No.16669611
    Attach them to experienced players who are willing to showcase larping.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:32 No.16669623
         File1318984373.jpg-(44 KB, 256x256, good_team_icon388.jpg)
    44 KB
    I've been to ones that don't allow anyone under 14 to play and anyone under 18 has to have a parent's permission and be accompanied by someone 18+. Of course that went out the window when one of the organizers showed up with his 9 and 10 year old nephews. He had the kids start out at lvl 5 as full players (we have two classifications - full, who can fight, and restricted, who can only rp) and then wouldn't let anyone actually fight them while the kids could fight anyone. Though the 9 year old turned out to be a complete berserker (I guess being able to whine to the organizer to get what you want has its advantages) and helped save my group when we were attacked by trolls. We bought him ice cream afterwards.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:40 No.16669681

    Oh, small additional info to that clusterfuck, the Scottish Samurai Celtic Pirate Ninja group called themselves "the Shikigami", and their leader's self-appointed title was "the Meridian", because that's so fucking celtic it shits leprechauns.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)20:41 No.16669689

    This was the time for the emergency meeting where they wanted to decide to whit what reason will they throw me out of the game.
    Of course I wasn't allowed to be there. That would be silly, I mean I've could have used reasons or something.
    Regardless there was a little argument there because I technically not cheated and always stayed in character. I always obeyed the rules, every one of them to the letter so they couldn't throw me out that easily. Also I am an asshole so they REALLY wanted.
    The main organizer even said
    "anon will go home or I will!"
    and after that my friend just said with a smile that
    "Then start packing because Anon will not go home"

    so after this they decided that I can't play for half an hour because they said so. Be generally doesn't gave a single fuck about this and continued to play. Fuck the police and everything. As I said I'm an asshole and I won't let them to ruin my game that I've paid for (disregard the fact that in the registration paper I wrote "Pedophile Joe" as my name)

    So after this the cultist signaled that they need us because they will make a little ritual and they need protection during this.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)20:44 No.16669726
    EXECUTE RAGE MODE, That must of been one bro 9 year old
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:03 No.16669865
    Yeah the 9yo was pretty bro. Had all the women fawning over him duel wielding swords while wearing a plastic Halloween costume helmet, cape and a Pokemon shirt. The 10yo was a dick though, I nailed him him the face with a beanbag.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)21:03 No.16669872

    so we went to the forest and started protecting them while they did the ritual thing. And one random druid actually found us accidentally. And he turned into a werewolf (well, imagine a very thin guy, half naked, screaming like he is going to take a huge dump right there. I'm not an Adonis either but I have the common sense to not do things like this)
    the problem was that we didn't had any permanent magical weapon only temporal ones. And those were empty at the moment... But still it's just a guy against 4 fighter. Thing is if they don't want you to get close to something they won't let you there. invincibility doesn't mean you can walk through a weapon or that you don't feel the hit. So the fighters chased him around a little while I prepared my last spell, an anti magic field then we lured into it. There he turned back and we used the ordinary rape method to kill him.
    After this the ritual was complete and we did a little more killing, I don't bore you guys with that stuff.

    So there comes the second night
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:14 No.16669942
         File1318986855.gif-(1.99 MB, 274x237, 1275678317720.gif)
    1.99 MB
    Made me think of this. Except with a halo.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)21:27 No.16670032

    two important thing happened that night.
    First as every night most of us was at the tavern because we really doesn't cared about everyone hating us and they figured out they will die less times if they let us into the tavern at least at night.
    So there was the reenactor guy with his magic staff and everything talking, drinking at the entrance.
    His staff was awesome because he had an actual lantern-kind-of-thing at the top of it and he used some kind of chemicals in it so the flame was green. It was pretty cool. And suddenly GM magical, even more overpowered werewolves appears! the invincible kind. You could figure it out from my the another hungarian larpfags stories.
    So the reenactor guy just staps back holds up one of his hands and says okay he will count as dead, but don't hit the staff and everything. And then one of the werewolves jump to him and with both of his dickswords hit the staff... I mean exactly the staff, not the defenseless guy...
    No the reenactor guy. He is a pretty good reenactor, he is very good at fighting and he is not a small man. He simply don't fight's at larp because if he want to do swordfight he can do it with real swords. And now he is a little angry about the thing that they started to hit the staff while he explicitly said that don't hit the staff, also now the whole top part is flaming because some of the alcohol in it got spilled out.
    So he just grab the werewolf guy by the neck, smash him to the nearest tree, holds him there and shouts his head of about this little misunderstanding.
    He was mad. But he wasn't butthurt, more like rightfully furious.
    Next day he left because of his job, and he wasn't sad about it. There were other little atrocities between he and the main organizer and he got to the conclusion if he stay there more he will murder someone.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)21:31 No.16670073
    how about I continue this story at the morning? because it's 3:30 am here
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:34 No.16670103

    That IS morning...
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:35 No.16670109
    Well, I'm still here reading it, but if you're tired then just go to sleep, man.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)21:35 No.16670112

    nope. 3:30 am is night. morning is somewhere around 11:00 am
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:37 No.16670125
    I'm going to repost my story from the tail end of last thread, because it is indeed a Bad LARPing story, but short and sweet- and a response to laserpointer/w T-shirt and shorts "Predator".

    Nah. What you have there is a dick with a laser pointer, and little else.

    I have seen plenty of people like that at LARPs. The smartass that thought sneaking in with a paintball gun and "hunting orcs" would be hilarious, for example.

    Result: Two paint-splattered shields, one very broken paintball gun, one guy turned into RL cops for trespassing and assault.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:39 No.16670134

    Mr. Paintball (who was not a kid, and in fact in his late 20's) decided it'd be fun to pop a few "orcs". Luckily, his aim sucked at long range and the annoyed pack of NPCs (four in all) decided to charge in and get the guy to quit it.

    Being charged by three teenagers and one barely-21 male in green facepaint and tabards freaked out Mr. Paintball, and he started shooting for the head as they came in. Shields in the front up- and luckily, nobody caught one anywhere else. Hey, Mr. Paintball had lousy fire discipline and just kept firing at the big moving boards.

    When they got close Mr. Paintball started screaming obscenities and SWUNG the paintball gun at them, smashing it on a shield and then started whaling away with the broken stock like a retard on meth. The screaming got plenty of attention, Mr. Paintball was restrained and disarmed, and the cops were called, Mr. Paintball found himself in legal trouble, and in a rare bout of intelligence pled guilty and was fined a few $100 and given community service.

    And after that, the worst we've had are people in cars driving by the road outside camp and screaming "NEEEEERDS!".
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/18/11(Tue)21:40 No.16670135

    then I will wake up early and finish it because I have other things to do today
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)21:47 No.16670198

    Alright then, hungarian. Szia.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)22:55 No.16670545
    It's because us Americans are really, REALLY litigious. An infamous case: a burglar injures himself in a victim's home. He sues victim. Wins. When you've got that kind of legal culture, most don't even dare to toe the line. They are way the fuck back from that line. They don't even look directly at the line.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:00 No.16670582
    I guess that's why you would do zero liability forms.
    I know you have to sign them to rock climb or go cart at a lot of places. It would be a little complicated, but a big organization could charge a nominal fee for participation/entry and everyone signs the form, which says that they are in no way responsible for anything that happens, and that no one else is in regards to other participants.

    So anything short of actually killing other players would be in.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:02 No.16670601
    Wasn't there one where a burglar got locked in a garage, had to eat dogfood for a week as the family was on vacation, sued for undue emotional distress, and won? He didn't even get charged with burglary because he never left the premises with the stuff.

    Or was that one an urban legend?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:02 No.16670605
    Does anyone have a cap of the Larp with the group of 'redneckish larpers' and their shitty experience with LARP that turned awesome, featuring dwarf-furrybro and the evil power-larping cockfag? Was an awesome story and I could use a re-read
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:21 No.16670740
    Now I wonder, does anyone know of any good larps in Australia? In NSW, VIC, or Queensland atleast? I imagine there is a big following for it here, our culture can be pretty bigoted at times.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:27 No.16670793

    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:27 No.16670803
    Trust me the story was good. I just can't remember all the players.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:30 No.16670822
    This pretty much.

    Baby Boomers are the ultimate NO FUN ALLOWED generation.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:34 No.16670860
    >Do as we say, not as we did

    Damn hippies
    >> Anonymous 10/18/11(Tue)23:35 No.16670866

    This one?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)02:23 No.16671989
    larp bump
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)03:02 No.16672164
         File1319007721.jpg-(137 KB, 720x480, DSC_6910.jpg)
    137 KB
    This might sound a bit strange but:
    Soccer moms are the reason Larps have a hard time in the USA? That's one more point to hate them for.
    >2 years ago and got 4 stiches
    Don't tell me it was some faggot from the Lichtlager with an incredibly long spear-kind of weapon with a heavy head with tons of duct-tape? The guy had blond curly hair and I think he was their herold or something.

    He managed to cause a laceration (platzwunde) above the right eye on a friend of mine. When my friend went down with blood all over his face, all that faggot said was "That's just fake blood." My friend told him that it was real and this jerk just went on "Too bad for you..." and kept on fighting. I was standing in front of him and I can tell you, I was REALLY close to just headbutt the fuck out of him. Pic related (I'm lying in the foreground).
    He would have eaten 2mm of finest steel.
    I regret not grabbing the bastard and draging him with me to the medics so we can also get his identity.

    And you wouldn't believe it, after my friend came back from hospital, we tried to find said guy and NOONE in the Lichtlager would tell us where to find him. Most even pretended to not know him.
    Yeah, playing the Moral High Ground Guard and Lawful Good guys and being lying assholes in reality. Good fucking lord.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)03:54 No.16672593
         File1319010894.jpg-(58 KB, 720x478, DSC_6998.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)03:59 No.16672626

    Now that I'm done with the IT security thread, back on storytiem.
    So I told you about the Scotsman Samurai Celtic Pirate Ninjas, and the overall expectations vs. reality thing. Now coming to a game with a set kit standard after putting a lot of work and effort into it, and seeing that even the organizers outright ignore it, is quite demoralizing for the poor sane LARPer, but fortunately, other people in the Celtic faction were total bros so we decided we'll have fun anyways.

    One of my best moments in LARPing was on this game, when - as we somehow managed to lose all three of our boats before this scene - about a dozen of guys from the Roman faction decided that as our peninsula is barricaded too well from land, they'll attack from the lake as they knew that only five or six people would be stationed on the peninsula at any given time.

    > See three boats coming in the distance, walk casually to the shoreline
    > Look back to see about 40 Celts, woad painted, beating their shields behind me
    > Did I mention that we hosted the crowning of the king?
    > Sometimes it pays to be a sneaky politically-scheming bastard in a honorfag society
    As they got near the peninsula, they noticed something was not right, so they stopped about 20 meters from the shoreline to think about what to do next. Meanwhile the king and I ordered our men to flank them from the shore because the lake was quite long and narrow.
    If it weren't for the two days of scheming and diplomacy I did before, we'd be totally wiped out. But this way we got a dozen prisoners and three boats.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)04:05 No.16672647
    yay you're back!
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)04:28 No.16672718

    IT Security test, I meant.

    Another time we got a boat even more like a boss. We saw four archers trying to flank another camp through the water, so after they disembarked about twenty meters away from our shoreline and disappeared into the forest, one of our guys swam across and brought back the boat to us.

    Cue the sad faces when they returned to where they left their boat.

    Next post will be about the bullshit, I promise.

    Good morning to you too.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)04:39 No.16672758
    I'm on the edge of my seat... keep going for the love of all that is good and just.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)04:39 No.16672767
    >>16672758 again
    also good morning to you, too.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)04:41 No.16672780

    back again

    So the other noteworthy happening that night. Generally everyone was out of character and some of them even started drinking alcohol. Which is kinda bad because they have started OOG fights. This is something that every sane organizer forbids. In theory this games rules forbids it too but I've seen organizers drinking too.
    Regardless me and my friend made a little game in the game at the night with the not drunk players. We went out to the woods with 2-3 large teams, and the goal was to "kill" silently other teams by touching his/her stomach, so it was generally a sneaking game at the dark. Me and my friend was one of these teams and we generally killed everyone in that game. It was fun because it was REALLY dark out there, like can't see your own hand dark and had a few priceless moments. Like when the other team try to prepare an ambush next to the road they hide in the bushes and even say that this is a perfect place for an ambush! Yes it is, that's why we was there beforehand and they literally sat down just a few cm away from us.
    After the game we went back to the tavern, talked a little more with the barmaid and while talking we casually filled our pockets from a chest which was on the nearby table and contained all of the city's money
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:00 No.16672915

    third morning.
    We wake up early do our morning things , get a quick breakfast and when it's game time we are at the city. No one else is there. Everyone is still in the our area sleeping or eating or something along those lines.
    So we generally started to loot everything we didn't saw at night.
    And we found one of the magic items in the tavern at the table freshly placed there. We look around, no one is there, it's already game time so we just pick it up and start walking out of the city to hide it. We barely make it to the gates when shouting stops us and the main organizer comes toward us.
    He is shouting something about we can't have that item (which was called the "death blade" and was actually a mace)
    the conversation goes something like this:
    >you can't have that item!
    >I already have it
    >but you can't, it's not in the game
    >it's game time, it's a game item, and it was in a game area. Yes we can.
    >But it wasn't in game there
    >_game_ time, _game_ item, _game_ area, in _game_
    then there was a little more shouting from him and called for another emergency meeting which contained only another organizer because frankly it was morning and nobody gave a single fuck about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)05:06 No.16672961
    I see, you are not only a master of awesome kits but also of awesome trolling.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:12 No.16673010

    so there we are and two organizers who saying how I break the rules and everything we just giving them the best "are you a retard?" looks that we can (we are good at this too) and they have to admit later that technically I didn't break any rules. Again.
    BUT they knew that in these days I was RUDE who even complained about me!
    I was like okay, then who are they? Nobody complained to my face so I would like to hear their stories.
    main organizer starts shouting that everyone who has problem with Anon come here.
    On guy comes to us, organizer asks him what's his problem with me? Ha says nothing, he just wanted to see what's all this shouting about.
    After an awkward silence (for them at least) they figured out this won't be good so the other organizer guys tries to save the situation
    "Some of my guys" (he was the elf leader) "complained against you but they are at the camp now"
    here we go again, I have to defend myself against imaginary complaints...
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:14 No.16673028

    I do my best
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:23 No.16673091
    I have some work to do now, so please be patient. Until then have a dildozer sword from the LARP the story about us being awesome mercenaries originates from. Seriously, this dicksword is so much wrong on so many levels. We theorized that the flat foam "handguard" is there that shit won't get on your hands while you drill someone's ass with it.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:24 No.16673095
         File1319016271.jpg-(72 KB, 384x512, DSCF4612.jpg)
    72 KB
    Of course I forgot the pic.>>16673091
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)05:24 No.16673098
    Oh yes, indeed.

    Man, if it wasn't that far to Hungary, I'd love to check out a Larp with you guys.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)05:25 No.16673109
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)05:26 No.16673118
    I understand the advantage of boffers, what with them being cheap, easy to make and (with a bit of work) looking quite nicely, but somehow I prefer Latexweapons. That said: they can look horrendeous too and are way more expensive. But if they're well made, they do look incredible.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:27 No.16673120

    So in reality there was three "complains" against me as in, shit they pulled out from their ass right then.
    The first that I was very rude against a group of people at night and said rude things to them.
    I admit that indeed there was a group of people that I talked to and said if they are continue to use flashlights at night maybe someone - not me of course - will show us a wizard staff sideways in their ass. A wizard staff very similar to mine but of course not mine. Just similar. Also I point out that in the rules that - I still have with me - says that using of flashlights at night in the game area is forbidden and actually the organizers tried to be funny they phrased this rule and the outcomes similar to my words.
    The other thing was an entirely OOG thing. You see at night me and the two new guy was at our out camp, I was just chilling at my hammock (Oh god, how I love that hammock, and how others hate it) some random guy obviously not completely sober asks if they can sit down next to our fire. Because we had a pretty good fire, these kind of thing was somehow beyond most of the players there.
    I say, why not? Of course while they are using our fire they could put some wood on it, we even had firewood close by that we collected.
    They jokingly suggest that my entrenching shove has a wooden handle so how about they throw it into the fire.
    I - jokingly of course - say that if they do that I have to stand up, pick up the shovel from the fire and have to rape their asses with flaming shovel.
    they didn't really thought it was funny, don't know why.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:29 No.16673130
         File1319016583.jpg-(67 KB, 384x512, DSC00853.jpg)
    67 KB

    This is a LARP horrortime thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)05:35 No.16673162
         File1319016937.jpg-(51 KB, 200x263, 1309452557463.jpg)
    51 KB
    Any more horror pics?
    pic unrelated although it's a nice image to show why you should NEVER go to a battlefield without a helmet.

    and a nice little link, some might know it, I linked it quite some times.
    Two people having a duel with axe and shield which highly amuses me:
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:40 No.16673180

    Have a horror vid.
    Bear in mind, this is not LARPing, this is a hungarian historical reenactment group, or at least they consider themselves reenactors. for fech/tg/uys a fun fact is that they consider "X-XVI. century" as their chosen era. That doesn't mean they have kits for every kind of style this interval spans, they use that same shitty kit (blue curtains and SM gear) for X. and XVI. century.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:42 No.16673188

    so after a little argument - which basically boiled down that I should die in a fire very quickly because they are the organizers - and a little more shouting on their part the main organizer got butthurt again, left with the magic item saying he will bring it into game later.
    So we went back to the traders chilling out a little and making plans for the rest of the day, the new guys and the little brother went for a little scouting meanwhile. They are back maybe 5 minutes later holding the previous magic item saying that they killed a bunch of random guys on the road and they had this.
    So all in all we are pretty close to completing our quest.
    Later in that day we kidnapped a "child" (a plastic doll) and hid it too. After this started the in game shitstorm because from that point EVERYONE tried to kill us on sight. There was a time when 40+ people chased the five of us through the entire forest, they captured some of us, and the safety measures proved worthwhile.
    This kill on sight was basically because the organizers told everyone that we are demon infected really evil and we want to kill the whole world and whatnot. Because until then they just thought that we are just a bunch of asshole mercenaries or bandits or something along those lines.
    >> Level 1 DK 10/19/11(Wed)05:46 No.16673208
    I suppose I have sort of a story. Certainly not as upsetting as Hungarian the 1st or 2nd. More of a story about unfortunate planning than GM dickishness.

    When I was in my later teens I participated in some LARPs run by a group who focused on getting younger players into the RP aspects of LARP rather than the A ( ages 12+ with a few special case exceptions where younger children(-12) were constantly with a reliable guardian). We rented into one of the local schools and spent the weekend there. It was mostly village play where intrigue was the main focus and the guards were mostly there just to raise taxes. All in all they worked well enough and there we no history of violent incident.

    After a number of months some participants voiced a desire to try something more actiony. However it was generally agreed that they didn't want to disturb the peace in our (mostly) peaceful village. So we started taking a few measures.

    I say we because I wasn't an official organizing member of the group, I just happened to live close by the main dude and we'd meet and talk about the game in general often enough.

    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)05:50 No.16673217

    aaand something important that I forgot last night while telling this story.
    Just after the bard music thing there was an IRL achievement that I unlocked.
    You see there was a bard in the game how had an actual guitar with him and tried to play on it for his bard music. It was marginally better than my music but not much.
    So the thing is that this bard had a fuckton of money he somehow, I presume he stole it from other people. People tried to kill him few times but lol bard music.
    But after my little argument about the bard music the organizer said that mind guard protects against the bard music. So That bard guy got killed at least ten times in a row just seconds after this.
    So after this he just smashed his guitar into pieces while he shouted "FUCK YOU ANON!!!!".
    So yeah, someone smashed to pieces a guitar in his anger because of me while I wasn't even there. I'm pretty much proud of this
    >> Level 1 DK 10/19/11(Wed)05:56 No.16673246

    So we arranged for a few wandering monster to stumble into the village at the same time we knew most of the city guard would be busy as far away as possible. That gave people a chance to run for their lives and gave them a bit of a thrill. You see, most people had no fighting skills aside from fist fighting, and people were generally too attached to their character to risk it in a spot of fisticuffs with a minion of the damned.

    Additionally we'd also arrange for zombie LARPs late in the evening (we only played during the daytime because of the young age of the players). Which consisted of 3 players hunting across the school for specific items while everyone else shambled slowly after tham in an attempt to eat their brains.

    Eventually summer rolled by and we could finally set our plan in motion. A one-shot outdoors LARP where roman soldiers face off with a germanic horde.
    >> fech/tg/uy 10/19/11(Wed)05:57 No.16673260
    SCA U SAY?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)06:05 No.16673276

    But back to the story.
    So everyone tries to kill us, we are now just 4 fighter and one wizard, I can't really use that much magic because GM restriction, but we have nearly all of the stuff we needed to gather.
    and we actually gather all of it. The cultists says that we must bring now all of the items two them so they can make a ritual (which will contain sacrificing the "child")
    So we went to gather the items slowly, dodging every patrol or just killing the smaller ones. the last thing was the "child" that I hid in the forest.
    That's when the witch from the beginning the EVUL one came to us waving and shouting that we can't see her. We was like PUT ON SOME CLOTHES YOU UGLY BITCH WE HAVE SERIOUS SANITY ROLLS HERE BECAUSE OF YOU!
    Because she had less clothes than IQ and wasn't a beauty. Also she was an annoying attention whore. Once I talked with the reenactor guy in the city when far away from her and she just walked toward us with some random werewolf and said to us that "I HOPE it doesn't bother you guys that I'm talking to a werewolf" She walked to us just for that and walked away. We counted the fucks that we gave but it was still zero.

    So this witch come to us stating that he is invisible, and invincible, we can't see her, hear her or touch her or anything, she can see and hear us,but can't interact us with any way. It's GM magic.
    BUT she has another GM magic which is she knows in game where is the "child". Problem is apart from me nobody knows where is the "child" IRL, so we MUST show her where it is. We were like, well okay, come with us, we will show you, we just wanted to go there...
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)06:09 No.16673287
    >never attacking the body, always just trying to hit the blade
    Well that's just boring to look at if they don't swing at each other but obviously aim for the sword.
    Now what pisses me really off is the fact they constantly hit edge on edge at full force... also STOPPING the blade. Noone would fight like that if a) the sword is supposed to cut something b) the sword is their (expensive) tool of trade/life insurance and c) if he wants to put up any kind of counterattack.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)06:09 No.16673289
    I second this question.
    Have a group of friends who are all interested in the same thing and if there is nothing going would anybody be interested in organising something. start small hopefully expand.
    >> Level 1 DK 10/19/11(Wed)06:09 No.16673290

    It was quite a simple setting. A roman army sent north to deal with the potential threat of a "nearby" germanic horde were camping out near the local governor's villa. The weekend would then proceed with the two armies staring each other down with minor skirmishes breaking out here and there. The generals then had to deal with their restless armies while at the same time they would be urged to make peace by the governor who had been on good terms with his neighbors and would rather it continued to be so.

    The one-shot nature of the event caused some problems with regards to outfitting. While the germanic tribes being barbarians upheld the tradition of wearing whatever worked, the romans are known for a rather stricter dresscode. Obviously few of the soldier had roman armaments lying around so we mostly glossed over the issue by giving people intructions of how to sew a simple tabard with a set pattern so it would be a mostly uniform army.

    >> Level 1 DK 10/19/11(Wed)06:50 No.16673340

    The last group were mostly the governor, his staff and family, local people. In short, civilians. We quickly agreed that a tunic of some sort would be plenty sufficient so we added details on how to fashion a tunic from two squares of cloth and a belt (sleeves optional if you were feeling fancy)

    So we hired a cabin and adjoining fields of valour overlooking with a forest and beach marking the edges. It being late august/early september means it's still quite warm in Denmark (which is where we were, not where the LARP was). As long as it didn't rain we were golden. Friday went by without issue and we revelled in the outdoor play and people got to get rid of their violent urges in duels and deathmatches.

    Saturday went on until the afternoon, then suddenly the wins of change were upon us. Quite literally. The wind started blowing in from the sea and all the civilians were loath to leave the cabin. You see we hadn't included any leg wear with the tunic so most people were in sandals and tunic only. We were Japanese schoolgirl trapped on a windy shore. We froze our nads off. The issue was raised and the solution was for the group to dip into the emergency funds, send someone to town for relief.

    And that's how the local governor acquired a fancy for wearing red tights.

    Sorry that took way too long for such a dull story.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)06:51 No.16673348
    One of the guys I train with is Polish, and used to do 'sword fighting' in home country. He's a bro, but I fear he used to get up to this kind of shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)06:51 No.16673355
    >Live Action Role Playing (LARPing, for those with girlfriends) and applied it to child discipline.
    So the ones using the acronym are the ones with girlfriends? Or is this some 'herpaderp only single nerds would do this?' which horribly backfired?
    Somehow this is Fox-News niveau.
    Also >"jousting"
    Jousting is on horseback with a lance, for fucks sake. I have a natural disbelief they managed to produce a homemade horse.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)06:51 No.16673368

    Have another one. Feel free to skip until the fights happen.

    The thing is, these fuckers GET PAID for this kind of bullshit. They get invited to participate in historical reenactment events and festivals, and GET PAID for that, while really good reenactors just get brushed aside because they don't follow the popular "pagan ancient hungarian heroes" image.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)06:55 No.16673386
    bumping for awesome story.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)07:31 No.16673419

    so there we are me and my friend, in the middle of the forest with the witch, we showed her where is the "child". I exchange a quick glance with my friend and then we ask her if there is anything more she want's from us.
    no everything is good
    Then I put on my trollface grabbed the "child" and as fast as I could ran through the forest to the cultists. The witch wasn't really a forest type person, she doesn't had enough cloths and she had a sandal too for footwear so it was a little problematic for her to chasing me.
    So when I reached the cultists I passed the child to them, but not the child's blanket, waited till they disappear and for the witch to appear. Then when she could see me I started to run again, this time a little slowly so she can keep up and see that the blanket is in my arms. She thought that I still have the "child" too. So I generally ran through the forest always searching for the biggest jungles to go through. After maybe half an hour I got bored emerged from the forest to a crossroad, waited for the witch and my teammates, then I just casually put the blanket down to the ground and I sat on it. Also asked our leader what are the plans now?
    The witch looks at me and the blankets, nearly in tears because she just went through the biggest jungle I could find for nothing and also she is obviously failed something very important. Then she asks where is the "child"?
    Fuck knows, I passed it to the cultist.
    And where are the cultists?
    Dunno, never asked them
    How could I find them?
    I suggest start searching. Fast. Because they doing the ritual know and when we get up from here we will start killing people to buy them even more time.
    And that's what we did and how we won that larp, ruining everyone's game and opened a portal to the demonic plane
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)07:31 No.16673420
    I've got a rule of thumb:
    If you spin during combat YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

    Seriously, I know there is quite a paradoxon with medival combat shows as in: the neat tricks don't look very cool and the flashy techniques being way too elaborate to use them outside of choreographed fights, but damn.
    Using fancy (and thus useless) techniques is one thing. Blatantly hitting a shield instead of the wide open head and doing unnecessary spins and shit. That's just wrong.

    I especially love how non-challant they are about halfassing their fight. Yohttp://boards.4chan.org/tg/res/16667394#16673287u can totally see how bored they are and how they just 'go through the motions'. Like they wanna get it over with.

    Oh god... 0:54 and the guy goes out of his way to get his arm into an unnatural movement just so he can hit the others shield WHILE HIS ENTIRE BODY IS UNDEFENDED.
    Also earlier you said their kit was bad. I now see why.
    Plain shirt with chainmail, some random helmets and boots and a black jeans. classy...

    offtopic: seems like posting goes down every once in a while...
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)07:40 No.16673451
    jugger tournaments with far more realistic and en
    tertaining swordsmanship than this ...
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)07:40 No.16673454
    >quicklink in the middle of a word
    how the fuck did I do that?
    Anyway, gotta go, will be back in the evening, please keep on going I want to read your trolltastic tales, hungarian larpfag and another hungarian larpfag
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)07:40 No.16673456

    So for the bullshit. As Dickswingers couldn't be arsed to move out of their camp (disciplined roman soldiers \o/ ), and the organizers just sat down around their campfire to talk about World of Warcraft, it was up to us to attack the Romans. Mind you, they outnumbered the total number of celts 1.5 to 1, and the two Celtic camps were on the opposite sides of the game area with no reasonable way to get around the Roman camp inbetween, so coordinating an attack was outright impossible, force ratio was more like 3 to 1 in their favor. We did some good attacks but most of them boiled down to "one hour walk towards their camp, five minutes of dickswinging with dickswingers, spend one hour as a prisoner (time limit set in the rules for keeping someone as a prisoner was half an hour, while the prisoner could be ordered to collect firewood for example. the few times we took prisoners they started to whine in the first five minutes insisting that time was already up), and one hour of walking back to our camp to rez.

    Now for some quickies:
    > Notice that we always get captured
    > Get captured on purpose with a metric fuckton of hidden weapons, they find none (le fuck, my sword was just under my cloak and they didn't even find THAT)
    > Start distributing weapons among the prisoners, we start a rebellion
    > Stab the first Roman I see
    > He happens to be an organizer
    > Says that we cannot rebel
    > why.jpg
    > We just can't, GM magic, it's now in the rules

    > As I mentioned earlier, ranged weapons kill by touching any part of the body
    > Lead organizer starts throwing spears sideways at ankle-height
    > He insists that this counts as a kill for everyone touched by it

    To be continued
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)07:53 No.16673548
         File1319025201.jpg-(1.32 MB, 1256x1500, Skot063.jpg)
    1.32 MB

    so that's the story of how I ruined a whole game.
    Of course there is more to it, little things that adds up but not that important.
    Like how they stroked nails into living a living tree while the it wasn't allowed in that forest, how they left there their litter.
    How some players in one second was out of play and at the other they tried to backstabb us, or generally the whole attitude of the players.
    Like when they are start fighting rough against us but when I hit someone on the head they start bawwing...
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)07:56 No.16673563
    Was there any response to your winning? Anger? Did they acknowledge it? That seems like the best part.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)08:06 No.16673602
         File1319025960.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1333x1000, 116_Már megint egy kép, (...).jpg)
    1.06 MB

    well they banned me out from every game they made. Which was only this one and became non existent this year. The main organizer then joined into another group of organizers trying to make another game. He wanted to ban me from that game to so I had a little facebook argument with him in the hungarian roleplaying group so everyone could see everything. And generally I acted as some innocent victim. So I trolled him hard there and I'm not banned from that game at the moment.
    They still call me "Fucking net troll" in their forums though...

    Also this acknowledgment thing... well it was just that they said yeah demonic portal opened blah blah blah and then later pretended it never really happened the next game they wanted to make had an entirely different story and was generally so much fail that the whole game ceased to exist after that. (they had to change the place too because of the damage they done to the forest, the nails and littering among other things)

    And now I have to go I will be back at the evening, or something

    pic is from that clusterfuck
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:17 No.16673636

    you are a champ - well done :)
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 10/19/11(Wed)08:17 No.16673638
         File1319026668.jpg-(24 KB, 282x260, 1272238457153.jpg)
    24 KB
    dear god...that dude with the spear, sketchy no?

    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:24 No.16673678

    The thing to FP would have been to switch characters to Dryads and Hamadryads, and stage a raid on the organisers as revenge for them despoiling your sister-tree

    Also, I love these threads. Let's have more
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)08:24 No.16673680

    > Organizers announce that everyone should gather on the field for the final battle on the last day's morning
    > Everyone shows up, except the organizers
    > We send one guy to their camp
    > They are packing because they want to get home early, tell us to do the final battle without them.

    > After the game, organizers ask us to organize the next game instead of them
    > We agree, as we had a metric fuckton of ideas how that could be made better
    > After months of planning we announce the event
    > Organizers accuse us of trying to steal their event.
    > wtf
    > Turns out by "could you organize the next event instead of us?" they meant "we'll tell you what we want and you'll do all the work instead of us but we'll be in charge"
    > We gently told them that off is the general direction we wish them to fuck

    > At night only daggers are allowed for safety reasons
    > We venture into the woods late afternoon with short swords, night comes on us so we still have our swords
    > Get near to the roman camp
    > Organizers and Dickswingers there with sword+board and two-handed swords
    > They tell us OOC to drop our swords because only daggers are allowed at night
    > They don't drop theirs, attack us with previously mentioned weaponry because now it is allowed
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 10/19/11(Wed)08:27 No.16673701
    Im rather curious to hear about the 'murican side of Larping if anyone knows about it. I'd love to do a wandercon or something along those lines but I have no idea how to go about that best.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:34 No.16673738
    Some pals of mine are involved in Ontario's Underworld LARP and I'll probably wind up going with them to at least an event or two next summer. I'm told it's one of the least bullshit boffo LARPs around and my friends assure me it is indeed actually pretty awesome.

    Still... threads like this make me worry because honestly any collection of nerds is going to result in at least one or two really unpleasant people showing up.

    Anyone here have Underworld horror stories or am I pretty much safe?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:38 No.16673758
    you'll have that anywhere you go though its just part of the whole dealing with large groups of people thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:47 No.16673804
    True, but a couple of jerks showing up or someone being a little too in-your-face about their furry fetish is one thing, and easily ignored, a bunch of people being part of a railroaded horror story of calculated dickery and cheating like in this thread is another.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:50 No.16673829


    NO NO NO
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:52 No.16673844

    Prepare for high-school bullshit, boring NPC's, and retarded shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)08:53 No.16673850
    Sounds like you have some personal experiences worth sharing.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:04 No.16673915

    It's not a very long, or complicated tale.

    Basically, I went there for a couple events over the summer last year. Having only heard about LARPs before, I too was worried about what I might find.

    At first, I though I was happily mistaken... The people at the LARP seemed fine, and I didn't realize at the time that Dickswords are the lowest form of LARP weapon.

    I wasn't the only newbie there of course. There were at least half a dozen other level ones, and a few of them were new to LARP's in general. I figured we would run into some lower level monsters, and let the veterans fight bigger stuff.

    Nope. Right away, we were assaulted by burrowing undead that we could not fight because we were so weak. The only way we could hope to survive any encounter in the game, was to hide behind someone who had been playing for years (read: giving the organizers thousands of dollars).

    As previously mentioned, nearly all the weapons made there were dickswords. Only a few weapons to the contrary would manage to pass the safety check (Which was totally arbitrary, and based upon whatever the person checking felt like at the time, as witnessed by several people with identical weapons getting mixed results).

    The one good thing I have to say about the Underworld LARP events is that they had a wonderful 'Tavern', in which actual food was prepared.

    It's not there anymore.

    So basically, you've got stereotypical LARP grievances, from shitty weapons, and shitty organizers... To decade long veterans who are still playing the same character, and are basically demi-gods in comparison to everyone else.

    My advice... Just, don't do it man. I kept in touch with one of the newbies at those two events I went too, and it turns out that he felt similarly about the LARP (Though, perhaps with less enthusiasm about his dislike). The sad part is, his friends didn't... They kept going.

    What effect this had, he never said, but I can only imagine.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:18 No.16673974
    All of this makes me wonder if any /tg/ers could run a LARP at a roleplaying con.

    It'd be like an IRL Quest Thread.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)09:23 No.16673991

    > Scotsman Samurai Celtic Pirate Ninjas challenge our king (who was backed by our clan) to a duel of honor for the rule over the Celts of this land
    > We accept, but if they lose they have to leave
    > Our king wins the duel
    > Organizers write in the epilogue of the event that the leader of the SSCPNs became the king
    > wtf

    > Organizers give us the quest (there was some bullshit victory point system by quests) to do a naval assault with at least 15 people
    > There are only 12 places in all the boats combined
    > Other quest is, don't let anyone who doesn't pay taxes to us on the shoreline (including the Roman legion, of course)
    > Shoreline was 1,5km long and there were eight of us, six were combatants
    > Third quest is, acquire a live chicken
    > wtf

    Meanwhile, Roman quests were:
    > Get a piece of red cloth (available abundantly) into every camp
    > Go to battle with at least three of your people half-naked
    > Do an assault with only ranged weapons, it doesn't have to succeed, no limit on the number of people participating.

    In retrospect, it was a quite shitty event, but nowhere near as shitty as the one hunlarpfag#1 and myself told about earlier in the thread. On this event, we at least managed to have some fun.

    If you wish, I could now give you some insight about how a decent - at least, in my opinion decent - LARP is organized, a.k.a. how do I organize LARPs.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:24 No.16673994
    I don't mind dicksword spammers that much since I can swordfight without falling down. I'd be more worried if they actually had a spear or something (Or were one of the ten people in North America who know how to fight properly with a shield). Likewise the old groups with super-characters don't bug me too much because again, they have to hit me before they can damage me.

    But your tales of over the top monsters are somewhat alarming. Did these monsters gun straight for you new guys or was it more of a wrong place at the wrong time kind of deal? I'm all for some arbitrary rules so that non-fit people can have fun in a fake combat. It IS a roleplay after all, but I'd like skill to count for something at some point so the idea of "nuh uh you're dead because I say so" or being forced to only fight things I can't kill even when I defeat them in actual combat is sucky.

    What happened to the tavern?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:30 No.16674019

    They didn't necessarily 'gun' for us. It's just that there weren't ANY monsters that low leveled folk could fight.

    As far as roleplaying goes, it only took about two events for me to realize that the only roleplaying worth anything was that which was done around a campfire at night. Any sort of RPing that wasn't small talk, was entirely focused on those high-level players that I mentioned earlier. The plot is also quite convoluted... But not in a good way... It's really rather subpar.

    The way I heard it, was that the guy who ran it couldn't make it up to events anymore. Nothing fantastical about it's loss... Though it was one of the only things about it that could be considered enjoyable.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)09:33 No.16674033

    Oh, and a small addition to the chicken quests, no, there were no props resembling chicken in game. Neither were live chickens in play. Later the organizers told us that the solution wanted was to go into the IRL town next to the game site, and ask a random farmer guy living there to borrow one of his chickens for a day.

    What the frantically flying fuckity fuck.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:39 No.16674050
    Brilliant. While they're at it why not make one of the quests be to flag down a passing car on the nearest road and insist that this random stranger get out of their car and have a duel with you before you'll let them proceed? (continue to flag down cars until someone will duel with you)

    I mean it's not like that breaks immersion or anything. That car is obviously black magic and that's why you must challenge its rider to a duel. Obviously the reason they give you the finger and drive off is because they are EVIL and not because you're forcibly dragging a complete stranger into your gameworld who doesn't want to be there.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)09:45 No.16674073

    I guess it's not a big surprise if I tell you that we got exactly zero points for quests.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:48 No.16674085
    >While they're at it why not make one of the quests be to flag down a passing car on the nearest road and insist that this random stranger get out of their car and have a dicksword duel with you before you'll let them proceed? You must also always refer to it as a dicksword duel and NEVER elaborate on what that means.

    You know, just to make it a little more challenging.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)09:51 No.16674102
    Well OF COURSE you don't tell the car driver what "dicksword" means.

    That would be breaking character...
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)10:02 No.16674154
    I kind of just like saying dicksword.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)10:07 No.16674184
    Don't we all?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)10:12 No.16674222
    Haha, this was the only larp ever i've gone home earlier from. And the shitstorm after it on the official forum was brilliant.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)10:15 No.16674249
         File1319033723.jpg-(149 KB, 800x600, ostrom19_web.jpg)
    149 KB

    You asked, I deliver. Enjoy your dickswords.

    (also, depiced on this picture is the part the aforementioned dickswingers team)
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)10:26 No.16674333
    I can see his identical siblings in the background. That must have made things confusing.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)10:37 No.16674396
    Fuck it. "Dildozer" is now my favourite word on the Citadel.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)10:45 No.16674455
         File1319035509.jpg-(113 KB, 384x512, P7010002.jpg)
    113 KB
    Okay now, I was asked in the other thread to get my ass back here and write a little about how to run a LARP.

    I'd separate this into two parts, one is the part which can be done from home in your comfy chair, let's call it online preparations. The other part needs you to actually move out - getting permissions to use a site, notifying the hunting clubs, preparing the site (pic related, a street name sign from the ingame town), and the actual event itself.

    Let's start with the online part. That constists of four phases: Preparation, Registration, Character creation and Finalization. Preparation is the basic stuff - rulebook, setting, webpage. This is usually larger when you start up a new series of events, or just want to do some drastic changes, fortunately now we have a decent setting and webpage, and the rulebook only needs a few bugfixes in the magic system. And then there is communication. Oh, communication. It is of utmost importance, don't forget to communicate with your players in every phase!

    Phase two and three run usually simultaneously, with maybe about two weeks offset (as in, as soon as someone registers s/he can create a character, but there is a period, usually about a month before the event when we stop accepting new registrations but allow character creation for two more weeks).

    To be continued
    >> Blackheart !!d+z47tvchVl 10/19/11(Wed)10:55 No.16674542
    Holy shit these stories...

    I'm tempted to, from now on, go to larp events just to help lynch the organizes of "Kill a dog" and "GM magic" and all their ilk. I bet my tiny fists can inflict a lot of damage.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)10:59 No.16674569
         File1319036365.jpg-(69 KB, 527x681, It's on Chaps.jpg)
    69 KB

    Only if you are also a tiny man with a chip on your shoulder.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)11:01 No.16674588

    Crap, linked to the wrong dang post.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)11:08 No.16674646
    having run more larps in the past than I care to admit (and been responsible for published material on the subject, back when I was young, stupid, and thought I knew everything...), I'll give my experience of running larps too, for would-be types.

    Documentation, documentation, documentation.
    Write everything down. if something gets given to player X, that gets written down. make sure that everything is signed off, etc.

    Delegation. the most important skill is to know what you can hand on to a minion to do in regard to setup, and more importantly, who not to delegate to.

    Rules systems, etc. Keep them simple. the more complex the rules, the more players can ruleslawyer them. keep them as simple as possible for the game to work, and no more.

    if you're running with more than 10 players per referee/gm/dm, you're understaffed.

    there's no such thing as a foolproof plot. fools are just so inventive.
    >> Blackheart !!d+z47tvchVl 10/19/11(Wed)11:16 No.16674710
         File1319037405.jpg-(58 KB, 400x357, 1318028492007.jpg)
    58 KB
    I'm 152cm tall, dunno about the chip.

    Very well fucking done, let them burn and wallow in their pathetic sissy rage. God I'm actually angry. Pic related is what I hope your faces were at the end.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)11:32 No.16674799

    Registration phase is quite straightforward - you just set up some system, be it online automated or manual to let the players register.

    Character creation is now a little bit trickier. I for one don't really believe in set plots so we don't even have GMs / NPCs in our events, just the organizers acting as referees if some rules-related problem comes up.
    So, anyways, character creation. The player starts thinking up his/her character's backstory, motivation and goals, and after a few turns of communication and cooperation with the organizing staff, a decent character comes out which fits into the world. as our system is very light on game mechanics, number crunching does not happen at all.

    Finalization is where it all comes together - of course connections between characters are observed in the character creation phase too, but this is when the plot itself is created - out of the character's goals and backstories. This links back to the character creation phase, as organizer input can really flesh out a character for this (for example, three players who didn't know each other before, one was the runaway daughter of a pirate lord, other was trying to get away from a failed heist, third was a contract killer. When the characters were finished, the second one's character's failed heist was related to the pirate lord, and the contract killer was in the employment of said pirate lord, who didn't even appear on the game, but became sort of Big Bad for the first two)
    >> Blackheart !!d+z47tvchVl 10/19/11(Wed)11:46 No.16674900
    Any moar?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)11:49 No.16674923
    >We gently told them that off is the general direction we wish them to fuck
    >The fucks given are close to none
    >We counted all the fucks we gave and it was zero

    I love it.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)12:22 No.16675233
         File1319041325.jpg-(97 KB, 384x512, IMG_4222.jpg)
    97 KB

    I humbly request your patience, I have some work to do. Until then, have a monk
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)12:33 No.16675332
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)13:22 No.16675711
         File1319044924.jpg-(323 KB, 800x532, fagyott_101.jpg)
    323 KB
    fucking elves
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)13:23 No.16675718

    I'm back.

    So as you can see, the plot what the player notices will - in an ideal case - relate to his or her backstory. I'm quite sure that this method motivates the player more than "save the world again please", as the problems are more relatable, and from the backstory and personal goals one can have a good guess what kind of play that player would like.

    Next question is, how long do these phases take? Let me quote Parkinson's Law for that - a set amount of work fills any time available. Most of it depends on personal preference, I personally start the preparation phase as soon as I decide that I'll do that event, start phase 2 and 3 simultaneously as soon as the preparations are complete, and set the deadline for registration four weeks before the event, the deadline for character creation to two weeks before the event - but last minute character creators will get less attention, I'll state that in advance.

    If there are such lazy-ass players who show up at an event unregistered, I usually send them away. If I have a good reason to not send them away, for example I know that they are good players and it is not their fault they didn't register, I usually write up a dozen or two spare characters for people like that (and for players whose character gets permakilled during the event and didn't prepare a spare in advance, I usually instruct anyone whose character could die easily, for example an assassin who will be executed if he gets caught, to make a spare character unrelated to the first in advance.)
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)13:40 No.16675845
         File1319046034.jpg-(2.98 MB, 3000x4000, DSCN4990.jpg)
    2.98 MB
    Organisers tend to forget to check the proper amount of padding of the weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)13:48 No.16675890
         File1319046501.jpg-(2.95 MB, 3200x2400, DSCN4989i.jpg)
    2.95 MB

    This probably could lead to minor or major injuries and bawing.
    Except some hilarious cases with funny faces.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)14:03 No.16675975

    The only thing worse than LARPers complaining about people hitting too hard/having too hard weapons is Battle Reenactors doing it.

    Man the fuck up and either challenge the cunt or take it out on him in the next melee.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)14:17 No.16676085
    Sad Aussie here being disappointing there is absolutely no LARP in the entire country that I know of. However, know that your tales of awesome and tales of lame are greatly appreciated. Bump.
    >> farmer fa/tg/uy 10/19/11(Wed)14:32 No.16676202
    Alright, so how terribad is NERO exactly? I hear its prevelant but I don't think its very much my style to begin with as Im more low to no magic
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)15:10 No.16676288

    Also, as a game organizer, expect to be hated. A lot. Practice your haters gonna hate walk. Lots of LARP players love to complain, and if they meet any problems during the game, chances are that they will hold you responsible for it either because they think you personally arranged that to fuck them over, or they will hate on you because you didn't do anything about it (or if you did, the way you approached the problem was wrong). Hell, even if you pull off a flawless game, they will fucking INVENT reasons to complain. True story.

    Of course expect most of that hating behind your back.

    Organizing a LARP can be quite a demotivating experience sometimes, I can only recommend it to people who are truly masochistic or truly dedicated to their cause. Preferably both.

    Anyways, /tg/, I request your input. What aspects of running a game do you want to read about?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)15:18 No.16676351
         File1319051903.jpg-(275 KB, 581x642, innuendo.jpg)
    275 KB
    I wouldn't frown on people showing up on cons. I mean, you don't have to accept them, but for a few larps, there is the possibility of coming unregistered. It's good for people that are on short notice or find it convenient. Or simply can't decide whether to come or not.

    However wit ha rigid plot where the players are bound into, it's a bit annoying to fix someone into the game at random.

    Also when you get to a certain point, the individual aspects of the game/background/plot won't be possible due to the large scale of things.
    Imagine making a coherent plot with 500+ players.
    At a certain point, this will go down, incidently, that's the point where unregistered spontaneous arrivals become viable.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)15:20 No.16676373
    Nothing to do with looking then? Check the Black Ravens site - there's links on there for a few groups around the country, and getting in contact with James Adams should be a good start, at least.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)15:28 No.16676438
    >that shield
    OH GOD
    Y'know... Heraldics have been invented in order to make people recognizeable on the battlefield. The way you handle colors in heraldics is centred around the idea to make them as visible as possible, so you don't have darkblue/black/darkgreen banners that people have no fucking clue what they're supposed to show.

    That's the reason you have clear distinct colors with a LOT of contrast that are even discernible even when seen from a distance.

    Why I ramble on about that shit?
    Cause I think my eyesight just dropped to hell seeing that shield and the colored unholy mess.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)15:29 No.16676458
    Just so you know, the thumbnail for that image is horrifying.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)15:53 No.16676679

    To be honest, I never worried about getting too big. This method was proven viable on events with ~80 participants so far, for larger events we put a "backdoor" for us in it, namely "Archetypical characters". Those always belong to some faction, and are somewhat equal to the player stating "I don't want any special stuff, I just want to be castle guard #4 or pikeman #7 with a simple character description".

    Yes, I know this system can easily collapse when shit gets in the three digit zone, but the possibility to have archetypical characters pushes that limit a little further. And frankly, I'd like to be actively threatened by this problem, because it would mean that there are at least ~120 good and willing players in Hungary, and they are all coming to my event.

    And to clarify, I told before that spontaneous arrivals don't mean auto-ban, I told that if the player has a good reason, then it's okay, have a character (or if the event is large enough, pick an archetype and have fun). But if their only excuse is that they couldn't be arsed to do about five mouse clicks and type in 4-5 lines of text for HALF A YEAR (because only do big events annually), then I'd like to suggest a fitting activity for them, namely taking a walk to commit sodomy on themselves.

    Incidentally, we do a smaller event at every LARP-season start which is open participation, which means newer people can come and see how this goes without investing a lot of energy into it, on these events character creation is done only at faction level.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)16:19 No.16676733
         File1319055583.jpg-(66 KB, 720x480, bofferswordblackyellow.jpg)
    66 KB

    Good fucking grief. I made swords like those when I was in elementary school.

    I sure as hell wouldn't trust them in the hands of a fifth-grader, much less those meatheads. Call us what you want to in the US for using boffers, but we can do a zillion times better than those pieces of crap on a stick.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)16:21 No.16676767
         File1319055679.jpg-(717 KB, 975x650, Ad Image.jpg)
    717 KB
    Not all NERO players are that bad. This guy is a NERO player, for example.

    But yeah, for every guy like him there's 10-20 people who are like the girl with the day-glo shield. And most of those people don't know that their costumes are objectively crappy or just don't care.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:04 No.16676912
         File1319061853.jpg-(48 KB, 256x257, hand.jpg)
    48 KB
    I sure fucking hope we're archiving this thread.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)18:07 No.16676955
         File1319062046.jpg-(23 KB, 350x232, asshole.jpg)
    23 KB

    My face was more like this.

    Also, I'm back
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)18:10 No.16676979
         File1319062242.jpg-(1.15 MB, 1000x1333, 041_Barbár bajnokválasztás.jpg)
    1.15 MB

    easymodo archives every thread, but not the pics, only the thumbnails
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:24 No.16676984
    His spaulders look like they'd be about the right size for Nathan Jones.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:26 No.16677027
    Ohio is nice and all but what about in the cold northeast that is new england? I remember see alliance as a possible chapter up here but that's all I know
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:34 No.16677066
         File1319063688.jpg-(708 KB, 1536x2048, P1010182.jpg)
    708 KB

    They're pauldons, not spaulders, so they're supposed to be big. But they aren't as big as they look in the pic; much smaller in person. I think it's the camera angle.

    His breastplate is pretty severely cut in across the chest, so the top lame of the pauldrons overlaps the gap. he's got a set of regular spaulders too, and you can see huge gaps in the protection (and since there's no reason in NERO to cover those spots, I can't say I blame him). Pic related - it's from about 3 years ago, and a lot of his kit's been upgraded since (I think he's got new greaves and a helm, plus adding some other bits I don't know the name for), but the core of the armor is still there.

    >>16676822 There's been NERO Cinci people on /tg/ LARP threads and probably are right now

    Good guess.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:47 No.16677119
         File1319064469.jpg-(37 KB, 500x281, wild-hunt-2.jpg)
    37 KB
    well it started out as an okay campaign

    ...and then people died. And we don't talk about that night anymore.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:51 No.16677133
    Thanks, I was the one who requested organising help. Ive been searchig vainly to find a good Ausfad LARP and been thinking im going to have to take matters into my own hands.
    I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to run magic and what sort of costs you would encounter for a LARP.
    Also, dont worry about the plot twisting thing, I DM for a bunch of players who are either trolling or doing the opposite of what you would expect. I also hate GM railroading and if i find myself using any of the 'GM Magic' mentioned so far I will request that I be hung from the nearest tree.
    Much obliged.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:56 No.16677159
         File1319065010.jpg-(721 KB, 2048x1536, P1010183.jpg)
    721 KB

    They're pauldons, not spaulders, so they're supposed to be big. But they aren't as big as they look in the pic; much smaller in person. I think it's the camera angle.

    His breastplate is pretty severely cut in across the chest, so the top lame of the pauldrons overlaps the gap. he's got a set of regular spaulders too, and you can see huge gaps in the protection (and since there's no reason in NERO to cover those spots, I can't say I blame him). Pic related - it's from about 3 years ago, and a lot of his kit's been upgraded since (I think he's got new greaves and a helm, plus adding some other bits I don't know the name for), but the core of the armor is still there.

    >>16676822 There's been NERO Cinci people on /tg/ LARP threads and probably are right now
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)18:57 No.16677163
    Much obliged my Hungarian friend, i was the one who requested advice earlier.
    I was wondering if you could also give me some pointers on magic in game and what sort of costs that you would run into.
    I have been searching in vain for a decent australian LARP and it looks like I may have to take things into my own hands.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)19:00 No.16677176
    Much obliged hungarian.
    Any advice on magic in game and on what sort of costs are to be expected?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)19:20 No.16677232
    >guy with a sword

    Is that actually a "legitimate" fighting stance, or is he a complete moron trying to imitate a movie or something trying to look cool?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)19:51 No.16677320
    Dude, that is so not how you greatsword. On so many levels it is not how you greatsword.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)19:53 No.16677327
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:04 No.16677349
    Bumping for the sake of goodness, also anything outside of Nero in the northeast?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:13 No.16677414

    That sword is being held waaay to high for a proper "tail" guard....
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:19 No.16677455

    these guys seem pretty legit
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:20 No.16677467
    I can never do larps because I don't want to go off into the woods with a bunch of anti-social weirdos.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:23 No.16677497
         File1319070197.jpg-(210 KB, 500x561, 1302394817420.jpg)
    210 KB
    sounds about like my major.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)20:35 No.16677632

    the sword is held so many way wrong that I don't want to count everything.
    And yes this is a pic about someone failing big time.
    ... or you can say that it's a secret japanes technique obviously...
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:37 No.16677670
         File1319071070.jpg-(6 KB, 230x217, tail guard.jpg)
    6 KB
    >Is that actually a "legitimate" fighting stance

    There's a guard for longswords... almost... distantly similar, pic related.

    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/19/11(Wed)20:39 No.16677691
         File1319071151.png-(1.11 MB, 954x666, superior2.png)
    1.11 MB
    oh yeah about failing
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:41 No.16677714



    Along with the hair, he's, like, a gay barbarian.

    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:54 No.16677865
         File1319072095.jpg-(1.15 MB, 2500x2500, 1309789767712.jpg)
    1.15 MB
    barely related - hillbilly inbred cousin, at best.
    alber is a guard from which you can shift into langort, transition to ochs or pflug with a single passing step. Technically, you could do a krump or zwerch from that position, though its mostly intended for a passing play similar to a gleisshau into langort to the upper openings.

    the kid with a neftbat is in a position that is'nt going to work for the same body mechanics with a real sword - simple mass and inertia would prevent it working, which is why alber is a position which uses very little rotational torque. Attempting to take a rotational cut like that, the wrist angle is going to force a turning from false to true edges that's going to be way harder to pull off with a real weapon as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:56 No.16677883

    It's possible he has nerve damage to that hand preventing him from using it normally.

    I hope.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:57 No.16677891
         File1319072238.jpg-(29 KB, 299x265, 00.jpg)
    29 KB

    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)20:58 No.16677897
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)21:01 No.16677947

    My picture is doing it right.

    The picture of the dink with the boffer - he's doing it very, very wrong.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)21:04 No.16677965
    >the kid with a neftbat is in a position that is'nt going to work for the same body mechanics with a real sword - simple mass and inertia would prevent it working, which is why alber is a position which uses very little rotational torque.

    Translation: "That silly fuckface would never, ever, ever get away with holding a real sword like that, and it's so bad that even with a fucking toy made out of styrofoam and duct tape he's going to give himself carpal tunnel with all the wrist-twisting bullshit he'll need to do to swing it."

    Okay. That didn't need any simplification at all. It just makes me angry. I feel better now, thanks for bearing with me.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)21:11 No.16678050
    Are there still any Hungarians in this thread?
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)21:33 No.16678287
    Good translation - sorry, I forget most people dont do that sort of stuff 3 evenings every week and dont know what the fuck zlber, zwerch, orts and all that shite is...

    and TBH, I think it's a cross of carpal tunnel and wanker's cramp he's asking for with that contortion.
    >> Rapefag 10/19/11(Wed)21:37 No.16678333
         File1319074627.jpg-(59 KB, 384x512, P1000729.jpg)
    59 KB
    Yes. I tried NOT to start posting here as even reading is somewhat addictive, but oh well I'm fucked. I'm the one making armour for Hungarian larpfags, also sometimes helping them with clothes. I mean, designing and sewing them. And sometimes dressing them, resulting in sentences like "sorry, I'm gonna punch a new hole in your girlfriend's ass, uh, I mean her hose's buttocks". Also lot of gay poses, especially when I help some of them armour up. This gets even better when I don't have time to get dressed myself completely, so there I am, in shirt, doublet, hat and braise, like some XV century martyrmaker/infantkiller. And you all get a photo of what happens if someone with a camera approaches me after helping out lots of folks after digging a latrine. With less than optimal tools. Through roots. With a red ant wutzitzname hive. Also, a broken rib I got earlier in unarmed practice. Good times.
    I also have an attitude and some anger management issues and a... somewhat vulgar sense of humor, and a desire to, well, look like a martyrmaker/infantkiller from the XV century, which means that I'm not afraid to wear a doublet that functions as a corset, and a split hose without a gown, thus I got the name Rapeman from Hungarian LARPfag. And I'm proud of it.
    Also, sorry about our seemingly irregular presence, it's 0335 here now. Picture.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)21:52 No.16678565

    I actually rather like how he attacks the language. And I do mean attacks, he savages it like a wild animal. But still, I like it.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)22:32 No.16679044
    bumping, if it works
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)23:09 No.16679450
    Hey, I'd like to ask a question about NER-

    What the flying fuckity fuck is that kid doing? That's the most retarded stance I have seen, and I've seen some good ones. If that's the kind of combat stupidity LARP's breed, maybe it's better there's only SCA and MET around here for LARPs.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)23:13 No.16679480
    at first I thought he was just holding it like a baseball bat then I looked harder, dear god I wish I hadn't
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)23:31 No.16679680
    Canadian fag here. A bunch of my friends have been pressuring me to join their larp, only problem is that I have actually done fighting classes for a couple years and I am fairly certain that their idiocy around weapons would cause me to flip shit and seeing as they are a bunch of neckbeards and I am the only fit one there...also I am fairly certain it would be full of fail and that I would have to take over as GM because I am the only one who actually has any experience either Dming some DnD or rping it up with my other bros, basically i say fuck it because canada is filled with fail when it comes to awesome shit like larps or DND, i envy the europeans and americans in this thread :(
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)23:37 No.16679744

    larp combat and real fighting have very little in common. you'll have an advantage in situational and spacial awareness, and you'll retune quicker to the different weight etc.

    but as they're rules-based games, so no thrusting, or X or Y allowed, you'll find it very different.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/11(Wed)23:43 No.16679820
    >i envy the americans in this thread

    LOL. Don't envy us.

    Our LARPs are filled with fat chicks and neckbeards.

    This fatty from my highschool tried to seduce me in her cabin. I swear to god, I could smell a cheesy odor coming from her cunt as she tried to force talk about erotic subjects. Promptly threw away my dicksword and drove home.
    >> That canadian dude 10/19/11(Wed)23:49 No.16679878
    I will give an example of their fail. Theres one quarter chinese guy that really wants to get into it (he basically looks like a fat white kid with slightly almond shaped eyes) and whenever he handles a weapon he literally does as many retarded poses while fighting as possible, think some anime character acting as flamboyant as possible anyways, hes always saying how he has ninja like reflexes because of his heritage and stuff. So one day he bought these two kendo fighting swords made out of a steel core and some super dense plastic, basically they were clubs shaped like a pair of katanas, so anyway he challenges me to a fight and I never told him I did kendo or any other weapons classes and he is proudly proclaiming his superiority to everyone. Anyway so he comes at me with a very easily blocked overhead chop like a total tard and being a nice guy I block it and then disengage before he tries to put all his strength into it. He then does the classic hah afraid of my strength eh? Then raises his sword again like an idiot both hands over his head stomach wiiide open i say fuck it and do a quick step forward and "cut" right across his fat stomach totally winding him and causing him to fold over like a bitch. After he gets up he says that it was unfair and that he totally would have won and still believes it to this day.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)00:00 No.16680012
    thats....pretty bad really
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)01:02 No.16680638
    for a minute I read that as fat chicks with neckbeards and I was horrified
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 10/20/11(Thu)01:12 No.16680718
    I can answer some questions about NERO. I know well its problems and played it for a few years to hang out with friends.

    Nowadays, when I go back, I just help out NPCing.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)01:49 No.16680971
    Clearly the answer is to fight him again. Only this time, when he inevitably charges straight forward to his doom, step forward under his attack, get behind him, and slap him across the ass.

    A good dose of the 'roids has a tendency to humble even the biggest idiots.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)02:30 No.16681295

    So, it's mostly academic here, as I have no NERO chapter within a thousand miles, but I'm curious. What're the fees like? What's to stop a group of guys gatecrashing the location and basically setting up Boatmurdered or something?

    Because I'm looking at the rules, and it looks to me that with a large enough group, say, 10 guys, you could have some crazy awesome smiths making armor and weapons that menace with adamantine spikes, and funding the pursuit entirely through having multiple ranks in Craft - mining, or toymaking, or basketweaving. Literally Dorf Fortress, since at L1 everyone has enough build points to do one thing pretty awesome, and suck balls the rest of the time.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)02:46 No.16681381
    Good morning fect/tg/uys and elegan/tg/gentlemen, I'm back.


    We have a pocket ninja around here too, fortunately he doesn't do LARP, just some epic-grade bullshit-jutsu. He claimed that all his punches are lethal, and even armour is no protection against him.

    > Oh, I accidentally happen to have some armour, let's try it!
    > We agree upon a time and location
    > For the first he does not appear, saying he got something else to do
    > Second the same
    > Third he is late about an hour, bashes a little on my cuirass for no effect, then tries to get me down somehow with a failkick, accomplishes fucking nothing.
    > Quickly weasels out when he sees that after a little grappling he'll get fucking thrown.
    > Later is excuse is that I have no honor, and he has so much honor that it's okay to be late and stuff

    le fuck.

    Also, I'll continue about the LARP organizing stuff later.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)02:51 No.16681405
         File1319093469.jpg-(123 KB, 384x512, IMG_4169.jpg)
    123 KB

    >What does stop a group from setting up a Boatmurdered

    Because it would be too much awesome for one location to contain, and the universe would implode.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)03:07 No.16681523

    I met one once. She tried to flirt with me OOC. I still show PTSD symptoms sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)03:38 No.16681689

    I am gonna tell you gentlemen something my dad told me when I was 17 and didn't want to go out with a girl because of some lame ass reason I can't remember...
    >Never turn down pussy.

    Granted, these sound like extenuating circumstances and this came about while he was telling me a story about how he turned down a pretty girl in high school just because she was unpopular and looking back he feels he shoulda hit that. But I will leave you with an addendum to the rule that should only be ignored only when confronted by the most ugly of ugly women.

    >Never turn down pussy, they make Jack Daniels and condoms for a reason.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)03:41 No.16681701
         File1319096488.jpg-(8 KB, 370x250, i'd hit it.jpg)
    8 KB
    opps forgot the pic
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)03:49 No.16681746
    >Never turn down pussy, they make Jack Daniels and condoms for a reason.
    Your dad seems like an awesome sort of person
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)03:53 No.16681767

    Let me rephrase that, because it seems like it wasn't clear enough.
    Fat chick WITH a neckbeard. I swear you, she had a mustache like fucking Mario.

    That's like, worst of both worlds.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)04:00 No.16681808
    Should've used a Masterball, eh?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)04:03 No.16681825
         File1319097781.png-(143 KB, 450x337, pic_detail4a1ef20c642bf.png)
    143 KB
    >Not cumming into her moustach and posting pics of it online

    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)04:04 No.16681835

    ...I always repay my debts and I never go back on a deal.
    >> VKO !qw2cdBTZAc 10/20/11(Thu)04:08 No.16681850

    Fees tend to be around 30 bucks a weekend for reasonable chapters, and like 50 for less cool ones. NPCing tends to be cheaper.

    The main reason you can't do make a ton fo shit is that you have to physically represent everything. Meaning you gotta bring that shit. They'll give you maybe some props if you're lucky.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)04:11 No.16681869
         File1319098280.jpg-(25 KB, 450x548, clinton-other-hand.jpg)
    25 KB
    > the rule that should only be ignored only when confronted by the most ugly of ugly women
    I DID mention that it should be ignored under grave circumstances, and Bearded Fat Chicks is pretty much the definition of grave circumstances.

    Hell, ole Bill Clinton might not even hit that...nah I bet he would, but that is why he is a god among men, he boldly goes where no other man will go.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)04:19 No.16681905
    >never turn down pussy

    Yeah, but back when your dad was a lad, all girls were pretty much slim.

    Fatsos are the norm, nowadays.

    I'm pretty sure he'd understand if you didn't want to plunge your meat spear into that fold of dough she calls a vagina, but if he doesn't, he's more than welcome to do it himself.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)04:38 No.16681999

    Costs vary a lot, depending on what do you want and stuff, and a very important factor is that where you are geographically. The cost of organizing an event can be between near zero (smaller game, site somehow acquired for some favors or something, props are reusable) and a metric fuckton of money. (rented location, lots of oneuse props, costs of waivers and shit). I usually do events with an admission fee of about ten dollars per person, not including any catering or lodging (this is a little more when we use a location which has to be rented), so that leaves me with around 700$ to get props (be it items or building materials for the site) and paperwork from.

    In Hungary event fees are quite low, we usually ask for a weekend-long event around 1000 - 2500 HUF ( about 5-12 $) per person and that does not include catering. That's mostly because we are all poorfags and for the average hungarian larper, even the very idea of a larp organizer finishing a larp with some monetary gain for his countless hours of work is something worth making an online shitstorm about "omg you just want our money". Bear in mind, that doesn't mean the organizer got any kind of gain, if someone thinks he did, it is enough to warrant a shitstorm.

    The other reason for an organizer to not even try to get anything in return for his countless hours of work is the local legal and tax system. Did you know that in Hungary legal issues regarding finances (for example, tax evasion) are exempt from the "innocent until proven guilty" rule? Instead, when someone at the tax bureau says that he thinks you did something illegal, YOU have to prove you didn't. (Mainly we are poorfags because average hourly wages are the lowest and tax rates here are the highest in the region)
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)05:03 No.16682148
    This amazing shit has been archived on Sup/tg/, never fear.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)05:06 No.16682172
         File1319101604.jpg-(108 KB, 384x512, DSC00477.jpg)
    108 KB

    You are our hero. Here, have this potion as reward.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)05:07 No.16682181
    >>16677066 They're pauldons, not spaulders, so they're supposed to be big

    I was looking more at the lower lames of the pauldron/spaulder than the top/main plate, those covering the uppermost part of the arm, and those shouldn't be halfway to sode even with pauldrons. Photography issue, well, perhaps.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)05:08 No.16682184
    Shit man, I was talking about a Dorf Fortress faction - All these guys would have on them in character in the first day would be the clothes, maybe some picks and maybe a couple weapons. Day 1, Everyone who has done nothing but take ranks in Craft (mining) gives all their starting moneys to the craft-dwarves (all points into armor or weaponsmithing!) who 'build' the awesome armor that the militia will wear on day 2.

    I mean, I didn't see a thing limiting your skill rank to your level or anything. Did I miss it? Cause I can't see anything stopping you from putting 5-6 ranks into Armor or Weaponsmithing as a starting character. No weapon proficiency, all he does is churn out ridiculous awesome armor or weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)05:11 No.16682206
    Actually, if the tax reform goes through, we will be top contenders for highest tax in the world with 27% income tax.

    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)05:16 No.16682241
    I know I'm late to the party BUT GOD DAMNIT
    Fuck ass-slapping. If he comes at you with his sword over his head fucking stab the fucker in the belly (Tsuki to the belly once was allowed, now you only stab the throat but for obvious reasons you shouldn't do that against Ninja McFagstance. If -for some divine reason- he is stupid enough to actually take a normal stance and you can get contact with his blade I recommend a little feint and then just go full Kote Men Do combo.
    >> That canadian dude 10/20/11(Thu)06:42 No.16682696
    I felt like being nice to him, if he challenges me again i think i will break one or two off his fingers for not knowing how to hold a sword.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)06:54 No.16682748
    Challenge him to a 2 out of 3 match with someone being the referee so he has nothing to complain about.
    Then slap his shit.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)07:49 No.16683043
         File1319111376.jpg-(332 KB, 1200x900, Lana107.jpg)
    332 KB
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)07:51 No.16683057
         File1319111501.jpg-(116 KB, 640x480, Ostrom Naplás 028.jpg)
    116 KB
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)07:55 No.16683075
         File1319111700.jpg-(1.08 MB, 1333x1000, 110_Párbaj.jpg)
    1.08 MB
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)07:55 No.16683079
         File1319111739.jpg-(1 MB, 1333x1000, 114_Párbaj.jpg)
    1 MB
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)07:58 No.16683087
    I really hope there the Hungarians manage to see this:

    I have a couple of questions for the Hungarians becaue your LARPing sounds epic.
    >How often do you have LARP sessions?
    >Do you LARP all year (as in every single month)?
    >How long does the LARP sessions last?
    >Is it possible for a foreigner to participate?
    >Is it a stupid idea for a foreigner to participate or even observe?
    Last question may seem rather stupid:
    >How far from the Slovenian border and or Budapest do you have your LARP sessions?
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)07:59 No.16683091
         File1319111949.jpg-(1.76 MB, 1000x1333, 008_Az ünnepelt buzi.jpg)
    1.76 MB
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)08:05 No.16683114

    >How often do you have LARP sessions?
    Varies. We do a big fantasy and a big postnuclear event every year, but we have smaller ones about every month.

    >Do you LARP all year (as in every single month)?
    We hold a break in winter.

    >How long does the LARP sessions last?
    One day, 24 hours, or a weekend (sometimes with off-time between midnight and 9am)

    >Is it possible for a foreigner to participate?
    Yes. On our last post-nuclear event we had a girl who spoke only English and Russian.

    >Is it a stupid idea for a foreigner to participate or even observe?
    Not at all. We can translate the rulebook and the informations for you, only the language barrier will put up a little problem with the other players.

    >How far from the Slovenian border and or Budapest do you have your LARP sessions?
    Usually ~60km from Budapest, look up "Tatabánya, Hungary" on Google Maps
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)08:08 No.16683128

    Behold, the Dildozer to end all Dildozers!
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)08:13 No.16683152
         File1319112787.gif-(1.61 MB, 230x172, facewtf.gif)
    1.61 MB

    You would think that if they're putting the effort to actually go to these events that they would at least make a decent costume and weapon and not just take a table leg as a sword
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)08:19 No.16683174

    also there are other games in the country so I would say there is somewhere around 10 games every year and a few more smaller ones
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)08:29 No.16683222
         File1319113744.jpg-(21 KB, 365x400, fireball_2010_fireball_2010_vi(...).jpg)
    21 KB
    also, here is a pic from the event I told you about
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)08:30 No.16683230
         File1319113826.jpg-(1.11 MB, 1000x1333, 064_Ronda, szőrös telepe(...).jpg)
    1.11 MB
    and this is the main organizers, who did that axe and dog thing also GM magic
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)08:34 No.16683253
         File1319114089.jpg-(1.85 MB, 2024x1088, efy165.jpg)
    1.85 MB

    but dunno, maybe he has more than one sound in his head
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)09:04 No.16683433
         File1319115878.jpg-(189 KB, 640x480, DSC00811.jpg)
    189 KB
    Here, enjoy some peasants being oppressed on a non-shitty LARP as a compensation.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)09:25 No.16683556
    No no no just fucking NO I saw that movie damn it I thought it was just going to be a film about how silly larpers could be...I was wrong soooo wrong and I cried damn it
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)09:29 No.16683582
    Well we told you, we'll show you the worst of the worst, the rock bottom. People tend to appreciate good LARPs after that.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)10:04 No.16683876

    Canada has Biccoline. This automatically puts you one step above nearly every US game out there at the moment.

    (And >>16683556, the Wild Hunt was filmed at Biccoline's site- players are a lot of the extras, too. )
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)10:25 No.16684025

    Also, the average pack of bootstrapping LARPers in the woods where the average age isn't above 15 and the number of actual teachers = 0 is going to look like someone opened a clown car full of fail when you go there with experience.

    The thing to remember is there's two kinds of newbie. There is the newbie, who has nobody to teach them but eagerly tries to learn from others.

    Then there's the noob, who thinks he already knows everything from watching too many movies (or anime, or reading comic books...). The bad thing about noobs is they attempt to teach newbies, which is an STD (Stupidity Transmitted Disease) waiting to happen.

    Noobs are cancer. People who learn and are willing to keep learning to adjust to a given LARP's combat style are the chemo. Beat the noobs repeatedly, but fairly, and offer to teach others and follow through with it. If someone comes along that can beat you, learn from THEM and improve everyone else.

    This is the only cure for retarded Naruto wannabes from fucking up entire groups. Walking off from a group with newbies in it is basically saying "Fuck off" to any hope of making a proper game of things or making what could be better, better.

    That being said, LARP combat is not = real combat. Never has, never will be- it's a LARP, not a re-enactment group. I've seen guys that could clean house in a kendo match or a fencing ring get repeatedly blindsided and taken down in LARP fighting, but I wouldn't "live" 30 seconds with them in their own element.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)10:36 No.16684077

    I don't want to know where the crotch stains came from.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)10:49 No.16684143

    That one ranks up there with the Frazetta contest pictures people keep posting as "LARP'.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)10:59 No.16684210

    >>Pic of bad Hungarian LARP labeled fireball_fireball

    I swear, it's got to be the Hungarian equivalent of LIGHTNING BOLT LIGHTNING BOLT.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:14 No.16684332
         File1319123684.jpg-(160 KB, 640x425, thefaceofbaduslarping.jpg)
    160 KB
    This is a picture-perfect example of what is really BAD US LARPing.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:20 No.16684370
    whre is biccocline located? think they would be itnerested in a US chapter?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:25 No.16684402
         File1319124308.jpg-(97 KB, 500x250, Biccolinetown.jpg)
    97 KB

    Biccoline's located in Quebec- and what really makes them exceptional is the site, more than the rules. Their standards are decent for costuming, though- a reasonable match for upper-tier US stuff. It's the fact that they have a huge-ass stretch of undeveloped land with a freaking medieval town built into the center that does wonders for their game.

    Anyone who tells you location doesn't matter for a good LARP is full of it.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)11:26 No.16684412

    the name of that larp was fireball.
    We just called it failball
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:28 No.16684424
    Alright, Though dear god theyre not french Canadians are you?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:31 No.16684441
         File1319124679.jpg-(21 KB, 247x544, sadgolem.jpg)
    21 KB

    One of the reasons US LARPs are shitty is because yes, they don't really go for the sharp visuals in most cases. It actually matters. Looking bad drags a game down towards being another crappy fighting game, because looking like >>16684332 does zero for people's imaginations. If anything, it's actually a negative.

    This is a golem outfit for a NERO game, pic taken straight from NERO's own national forums. What's frightening is that it's an IMPROVEMENT from what a lot of people use to represent a golem.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:33 No.16684453
         File1319124789.jpg-(82 KB, 868x578, biccoline1.jpg)
    82 KB

    They get people from all over Canada- so it's not all Quebecois. But fuck, if it takes being a French-Canadian to build that, I may have to start learning the language.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:33 No.16684459
    Goddamn those are some well dressed canooks
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:35 No.16684471
         File1319124917.jpg-(79 KB, 404x512, twogolems.jpg)
    79 KB

    By comparison, this is a golem from the Mythodea LARP a year or so back. Like I've said before, being even an inch higher than the rest of the sea of shit often seems like a great improvement until you realize where the bar has truly been set.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)11:35 No.16684473

    I hope that sadgolem is made out of sad
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:37 No.16684493
    so is mythodea hungarian?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:37 No.16684495
         File1319125048.jpg-(54 KB, 576x633, biccoline2.jpg)
    54 KB

    It's all about having standards and not giving them up for the lowest common denominator. When you cater to people by setting those standards at "crap", what you get is crap. When you set them higher, you get stuff like this.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:38 No.16684504
         File1319125128.jpg-(79 KB, 750x563, thissadgolem.jpg)
    79 KB

    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)11:41 No.16684531
         File1319125319.jpg-(84 KB, 536x720, 270381_245012178842237_1000000(...).jpg)
    84 KB

    nah, Mythodea is a german larp.
    This is the only golem we have
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:45 No.16684551
    Still a damn good golem also, the sad golem looks like a fantasy Cyberman...s
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)11:48 No.16684574

    well we are trying. But still far from the germans or the scandinavians
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:51 No.16684592

    Mythodea is a German game, actually. Most LARPs, players are in the dozens. Good ones, the 100s. Mythodea and a few like it count their population in the 1000's.

    To give you an idea, one of the Mythodea NPC factions, the Undead Flesh run to about 600 people in size. That's the largest of multiple groups of "cast" members the event runners use.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:53 No.16684607
    My favorite was when we had a 5th degree blackbelt in something or another show up. He used a saber style sword and pretty much eliminated an entire faction by himself. I've been fencing for 8 years so I provided a mild challenge for him compared to the rest. I still lost, but he had to work for it a little bit.

    Apparently they asked him not to come back which pissed me off. I thought he was a great change of pace compared to the usual dick stroking power egos that usually run the larps and enjoy being pretend kings without any danger of being deposed.

    Short story of what happened is that a minor faction hired him as a merc for a Thermopylae like last stand outnumbered 6 against 25ish. As it turns out they won (guy was also insane with a spear) . Then they went on an offensive, which mostly means the other or so provided a distraction while he took out everyone.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)11:55 No.16684615
         File1319126107.jpg-(132 KB, 640x480, IMG251.jpg)
    132 KB


    Is fucking golden.

    The only thing I'd like to add is the very special kind of noob, the veteran noob, more commonly called dickhead. The kind of the player who has been playing for a while (be it a few months or half a decade) and so he/she decided that he now knows fucking everything about larping, and of course knows everything better. He/she will be eager to share his experiences with everyone, especially event organizers, for example he/she will generously tell you that it is pointless to have a kit standard because it's all about imagination, and of course he/she will readily tell you exactly when or where you fucked up that event - because you did fuck up that event, that is a FACT.

    If a simple noob is cancer, these kind of dickheads are testicular cancer with some bonus leprosy just to make it fun.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)11:55 No.16684620
    Most of those are heavily funded, the really awesome Scandinavian ones spend 11 months of the year as store decorations.

    Considering what you've available it's done really well.

    Though i wonder, do you have a organized LARP community, or is it just a dozen clubs doing events?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:02 No.16684689
         File1319126566.jpg-(90 KB, 622x720, 1294106166376.jpg)
    90 KB
    Alright, Imma start another thread if you boys don't mind mostly dedicated to making LARPs and organzing them? Anyone wanna join in and lend a hand to a possibly /tg/ built LARP system?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:03 No.16684703
         File1319126633.jpg-(112 KB, 450x300, quongoblin.jpg)
    112 KB

    Been there, seen those.

    When I was young, I looked at NERO stuff and said "Hey, that's top shelf.".

    Then a friend of mine from Belgium/UK came over and started a game and started showing off latex weaponry. And I went "Wow, it gets better?"

    Yet I still know people in charge of games that won't let a latex weapon near their games because they feel they're not of a proper safety standard.

    Why? Because their idea of combat dates back to people at Dagorhir hitting each other with pillows-on-sticks, with all the force that implies. But because they're "veterans", they believe they know everything they need to know.

    Even people who LARP for decades can be noobs. All it takes is closing your mind to improvement.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)12:04 No.16684704
    just a dozen clubs. Once we tried an organized community but pretty quick fallen apart because of the people who knew everything better.
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)12:05 No.16684718

    I'll definitely join in as this thread is nearing critical size. About a /tg/ system... well, one thing is sure in LARP rulebook creation - there is no such thing as a LARP system good for everyone. There are different major "styles" of LARP rule systems, all are equally valid. Except when they are crap, but that happens mostly when the organizers are too deep up their own asses.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:06 No.16684722

    Fire it up, link it to this thread- though a lot of LARP threads turn into LARP general in the process, we're pretty aces about keeping to subject.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:08 No.16684744

    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:08 No.16684745

    What we can at least do is give you ideas from what's worked before and why it worked for a given type of LARPing system.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:09 No.16684752
    sounds good, to me
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)12:12 No.16684768
    thread link by the way.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)15:03 No.16686375
    All this bad LARPs are smalltime compared to russian "LARPs" in early ninites - an extremely lawless time. IRL beatings were common and some people used "swords" made from steel pipes.
    Picrelated - it's an early photo of an infamous group "Грибные Эльфы", Gribnye Elfi, Mushroom Elves. They constantly used hallucinogenic mushrooms, heavy drugs and drunk incredible amounts of alcohol during games, fought with heavy sticks and steel pipes. On several occasions they even used low-caliber firearms and knives.
    By the end of ninities they were so feared, that entire LARPs were stopped simply because of rumors of them coming.
    They wrote an excellent autobiographical book in 2007. And I personally know some of their members.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)15:03 No.16686379
         File1319137436.jpg-(29 KB, 500x500, Gribnie_elfi.jpg)
    29 KB
    Oh, forgot to add the pic.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)15:05 No.16686408

    is it still not translated to english?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)15:12 No.16686478
    Unfortunately not. But if it was, it'll be a total shock for European and American larpers.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)15:13 No.16686498

    How do they afford to get these?
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)15:16 No.16686525
    In 2000ies they became older and much more calm. They also recorded several rather interesting tracks.
    For example,


    The singer is the top left guy from previous photo, but 15 years older. He is singing Mushroom Elves Hymn, a song about joys of good fight, vodka and drugs.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)15:18 No.16686541

    they spent money on it. Like everyone who is serious about his hobby. It's not like these are much more expensive than some top army for 40k


    yeah I can imagine it. I heard stories from a russian guy about tents set on fire while someone slept in it.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)15:32 No.16686669
    According to the book, when they were working at some ecology-related job, they managed to accidentally set fire to a five-storey building in a remote region they were assigned to due to their own drunken infighting.
    And in the case of tents they burned, they also used axes to chop down nearby trees to make them fall on the tents.
    Basically, they were excellent example of IRL Chaotic Evil.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)16:20 No.16687060
    Is it just me, or does he look like the archtypical child molester stereotype?
    >C'mon kids, I'll show you a real puppy in my Van
    ten bucks say he's also wearing the dead dogs corpse as a hat when he's alone.
    >> hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)16:39 No.16687237

    according to hungarian laws he is technically a child molester. As in he tried to hit on girls under the legal age.
    And there are various interesting stories about him which are not that larp related but still shows what an asshole he is.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)16:46 No.16687322
    You mean outside of hitting on others peoples girlfriends and killing a dog for no reason?
    >> another hungarian LARPfag 10/20/11(Thu)16:48 No.16687336

    Additional info:
    > aforementioned guy complains that organizing is such a stressful work
    > proceeds to get drunk because of that during gametime
    > takes some sedative pills
    > walks around pulling a pine cone on a string saying "he takes pinecone for a walk"
    > gets surprised when all that stuff knocks him out cold
    > other organizers panic, game gets stopped
    > guy always tells everyone that he never drinks and hates drugs

    Other story
    > Guy tried to pick up three different girls by saying he has cancer and only has weeks left to live so they should have sex

    Seriously, you cannot make shit like this up.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)16:57 No.16687411
         File1319144259.jpg-(256 KB, 1024x566, Img_0171_done.jpg)
    256 KB
    And with the old thread gone, I can repost an image of a recent german Con.
    Pictured are a few people during the morning mess sermon for Saint Victorius. I'm the guy washing his hands (part of the Mess).

    This group is kinda notorious for their high kit standards and quite a few can also be quite annoying about keeping that standard (and some few overdoing it) but the guys on hat con were really awesome people, really much fun to play with.
    As this was part of a pilgrimage, we took our stuff and hiked a good 10km to the next station after the mess (which was in the next Nation IG, however due to logistics we basically walked a huge circle, however the tavern was decorated completely different so immersion was not broken)
    Next post will show the modus operandi of hauling stuff MEDIVAL STYLE.
    >> Anonymous 10/20/11(Thu)16:58 No.16687414
         File1319144299.jpg-(341 KB, 1024x713, Dscn1019_done.jpg)
    341 KB
    oh yeah carrying that shit LIKE A LORD

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