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  • File : 1317871299.jpg-(11 KB, 304x231, Mygoditsfullofsues.jpg)
    11 KB TG Quest Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:21 No.16534941  
    The man in front of you is harried, his uniform rumpled, a half-smoked cigar in his mouth, hanging limply from his limp. He looks over each of you with eyes that look like they haven't seen sleep in days.

    “My name...” he begins, with great deliberation. “...is Sector Manager Garret Holtz. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart... that no matter how bad your day is, it cannot begin to compare to mine. And no matter how bad my day has been, yours is going to be worse by far pretty soon.”

    Manager Holtz gets up and begins to pace around his desk in front you.

    “The Transpace Guard has the unpleasant duty of being stuck with making sure this section of reality doesn't implode on itself. Our mission is to make sure that all the various existence-shattering horrors, quasi-natural disasters, and quantum terrors are kept nicely away from universes filled with nice people whom some of pay our funding. For the vast majority of the time, that mainly just means we just sit and watch those nice rows of monitors and gauges that dominate the main floor of our lovely space-station here. Occasionally, however, some of those gauges start to go crazy, and we have to actually DO something about it.”
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:25 No.16534966
         File1317871516.jpg-(14 KB, 224x224, HealthyGrid.jpg)
    14 KB
    “I want to direct your attention to the display in your upper left hand heads up display,” Manager Holtz says, leaning over and flipping a switch on his desk. The familiar sight of a time-space distortion map pops up on your H.U.D. “See that? That's our computer's representation of this region of existence's time-space when everything is all nice and healthy and we have nothing to do but goof off and laugh at how we have easy jobs. The gauge looked like that yesterday. A nice baseline reading of 10 on the reality distortion monitors. Some deviance, but all well within acceptable boundaries.”
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:25 No.16534971
         File1317871543.png-(48 KB, 1344x174, Classic Blunders.png)
    48 KB
    Sauce on pic?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:26 No.16534975
         File1317871578.jpg-(17 KB, 224x224, Whathehell.jpg)
    17 KB
    “This is what it looked like when I was awoken by the sound of alarms and screaming this morning, with a reading of TWENTY HUNDRED. The damn gauge looks like Picasso's interpretation of tic-tac-toe or some shit. For the past fourteen hours I have been doing what I can to make this go away, and it's not been working. This is the point where it stops being my problem and starts being YOUR problem.”
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:26 No.16534980
    Stop it, it's probably from Spaceman of Futuron quest.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:28 No.16535000
         File1317871704.jpg-(8 KB, 480x360, Thelastguywhoworkedonthis...re(...).jpg)
    8 KB
    “Here in the Transpace Guard, when faced when a problem of this magnitude, we usually call up our best and brightest minds, the most elite of elite troops, the most powerful casters and godlings we can muster, and set them to work finding out the cause of this disaster and fixing it.”

    “In my case, all we have is you. It'll have to do, I guess. There are just shy of a million things that can go wrong and cause distortions in time-space, but lucky for you, there are only just shy of a hundred things that can cause distortions THIS GODDAMN BIG.” Holtz takes a long draw off his cigar, blowing the smoke on a wall-mounted portrait of an old man in uniform.

    “The facts as we know them, are simple. As of three hundred hours local time today, a massive distortion in space-time pretty much tore open the fabric of reality in 94% of the universes that fall into our patrol zone. Prior to that, things were pretty quiet, nothing set off any alarms. We're pulling the logs from the database now if you want to look at them. After the distortion, which we've taken to calling the Event, we've detected over 9,321 bridgeways forming between worlds that should not have them, and the number keeps going higher.” Holtz takes another cigar draw, looking pained. “What's more, we're registering time-compression, expansion, and just all sorts of general shenanigans in transpace between those universes. Our home-system's reality stabilizers are keeping us shielded and your ship should be the same... but it doesn't bode well for the situation. We've lost contact with most of our allies, offworld branches, units in the field, and... well, everything EXCEPT an observation base, Sky-Eye Thirteen. And from them, we're only getting a weak distress signal.”
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:30 No.16535017
    Oh god you aren't dumping us into the Crossover Wars, are you?
    Also, the Editor's weren't around then.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:30 No.16535027
         File1317871842.gif-(1.08 MB, 300x170, Chooseyourtroopswisely.gif)
    1.08 MB
    Manager Holtz collapses back into his chair, with a weary sigh. “You'll probably be facing S.U.E.s, rifts between worlds, monsters from beyond the veil of mortal knowledge... and all with the fate of countless worlds at stake...”

    Of the few dozen men and women assembled, one in the back waves his hand and speaks up.

    “Sir, does that mean we can expect back up, extensive support, and the best of equipment for this mission?” the rookie asks, brightly.

    Holtz begins to laugh hysterically.

    “You have no idea how this works, do you?” Holtz asks, wiping away a tear. “When I took this assignment, reassured by my superiors that nothing ever happens in this little sector of existence, I couldn't help but notice how low funding was. You're going to notice that too, because despite how hilariously grim this situation is, I can't give you much more than a single ship, some basic equipment, and some fod-, er, I mean troops. You want more than that, make progress with your mission, and find evidence of the threat. You bring back stuff I can throw in my bosses' face and scream that if they don't send us more stuff we're all going to die, I can give you more men and material. You start clearing or fixing worlds, kicking ass, and taking names, I can make the argument that you're not just some schmucks we're sending into the meat grinder and can get you more stuff. That's how this works.”
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:30 No.16535031
         File1317871856.jpg-(33 KB, 318x301, 1315751477882.jpg)
    33 KB
    Yes they were, post Crossover War Editor's is their Fourth Generation.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:31 No.16535040
         File1317871905.png-(289 KB, 569x900, corgi head.png)
    289 KB
    Oh, right. Tanks.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:36 No.16535079
         File1317872173.png-(56 KB, 219x244, ThisisprobablywhatHoltzlooksli(...).png)
    56 KB
    Holtz cruelly stabs his cigar into a stone ashtray on his desk, already overflowing with the corpses of countless spent cigars.

    “Which brings me to the first order of business. Here at TG-HQ, we can pull strings and get you outfitted with a single ship capable of using transpace to jump to alternate universes, six squads of troops, and two specialists to start with. Talk amongst yourself and figure out just what you want to be leaving with. We've got a wide variety of selections from all sorts of universes thanks to our network of alliances and... unique recruiting programs, but if you do something dumb like ask for Saiyans, Primarchs, or a G.S.V., I will laugh in your stupid face. To help you make what I pray will not be catastrophically bad decisions, I've upgraded each of your suits with an uplink to our Artificial Nanite Omnifunction Network. It'll help you figure out what needs to be done.”

    Holts opens a drawer and withdraws a large bottle of Baridian Death Ale and begins to pour it into a glass. “I'll be here slowly killing myself if you have anything to ask me.”
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:37 No.16535084
         File1317872233.jpg-(26 KB, 602x452, AI1.jpg)
    26 KB
    A computerized voice begins to reverberate in your ears.

    "Greetings. I am A.N.O.N. I have been activated to help you make decisions in your mission by accessing my own and TG's database, and relaying appropriate information. You may select either a Destroyer, Cruiser, or Carrier as your beginning ship. The Destroyer is the most heavily armed, but lightly armored. The Cruiser is very fast, and can execute transpace jumps far faster than the other choices. However, it begins with minimal weaponry. The Carrier boasts heavy armor, decent guns, and large transport space, but is the slowest, and cannot execute transpace jumps easily.

    You may choose three squads of troops from wherever you like, but keep in mind the more powerful the soldier, the less of them we'll be able to recruit. The same goes for whatever equipment you want to load them out in.

    You may select two heroes from whatever universe you like, but TG may have difficulty recruiting anyone too powerful. If we had the funding to hire demigods and superheroes, we wouldn't be in this mess.

    Decisions will be made based on popular vote.

    As always, if you have a question about any of the terms, items, or things you see, ask A.N.O.N."
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:37 No.16535087
    so does this mean I can post pony reaction images now

    because I got banned last time and it was bullshit and all but I'm more interested in whether its legal to post them now
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:40 No.16535114
         File1317872408.jpg-(544 KB, 4200x2282, magnus the red.jpg)
    544 KB
    It's still illegal, Besides it's Quest time now.
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 10/05/11(Wed)23:41 No.16535131
    rolled 68 = 68

    >Just don't spam them and you should be fine if the mod isn't feeling pissy that day.

    Now, for troops, can we mix and match, or will all of them be the same?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:42 No.16535133
    I certainly don't recognize it from any of the various Lego-quest threads (those were all pictures of physical bricks). If anything, it reminds me of 2001 (the scene where Dave is going to shut down HAL), and if that's it, I really want to know where I can find CG Lego 2001.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:43 No.16535149
    Emprah preserve us...
    Looks like we've got a hell of a job ahead of us.
    Well, let's get started.

    >You may select either a Destroyer, Cruiser, or Carrier as your beginning ship.
    My vote goes towards the Cruiser. We've got places to be, realities to save, and not a lot of time to do it in. Besides, we could have all the firepower of the Yamato and it wouldn't do us any damn good, not when the fabric of space and time itself is shitting its organs out.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:45 No.16535158
    Questan Timan.
    Voting for the Cruiser as our vehicle,with The Rookie from ODST and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. If we know what we're doing, we can use speed and gunslingers to our advantage.
    >SECOND elrica
    Captcha seconds the motion.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:45 No.16535172
    Gotta vote for the cruiser. If shit gets too hot, we can just jump out.
    >> OP 10/05/11(Wed)23:47 No.16535181
    I don't have a problem with mix and match.
    I wish I could help, but that image has been sitting in my image folder for years. I have no idea where I got it.
    >> Agent 57 10/05/11(Wed)23:47 No.16535183
         File1317872826.png-(15 KB, 334x416, 1316880160850.png)
    15 KB
    Gotta go with cruiser.

    Maybe generic imperial guardsman as one of the troops? Just and idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:48 No.16535196
    >You may select two heroes from whatever universe you like, but TG may have difficulty recruiting anyone too powerful.

    I pick Harry Dresden and Old Man Henderson.
    It's time to kick reality where it hurts.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:49 No.16535202
         File1317872940.gif-(2 KB, 180x180, 180px-RubyQuest.gif)
    2 KB
    Let's get us a cruiser.

    What would the adjustment be for a squad of Imperial Guard? If the setting is so over-the-top that we only get one or two of them then forget it.

    Would we be able to recruit Ruby as a hero? She knows about sanity shattering stuff.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:50 No.16535213
    >You may choose three squads of troops from wherever you like.
    I recommend we recruit one squad of UNIT soldiers, and one squad of the SCP foundation's military forces.
    They, more than anyone else I can think of, would be most suited for and most familiar with the sort of time/space shenanigans, reality-warping horrors, and god-knows-what-else we're sure to encounter.
    >> Greyheart 10/05/11(Wed)23:50 No.16535217
    Hellooooooooo multiverse! Anyways, I am voting for the cruiser: if we are dealing with Sues, then firepower may count for nothing when they can slice through our ship WITH THEIR HAIR. Ahem...also, I am voting that one of our Heroes be Rasputin from Psychonauts.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:50 No.16535218
    >Old Man Henderson
    He might prove to hard to control.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:51 No.16535229
    Seconding "Old Man Henderson", if we can manage to get him on board.
    Another suggestion: "Boxcar Joe, The Magic Hobo"
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:51 No.16535230
    OP, are semi-original units and characters permitted, or is it anything goes for now for simplicity?
    >> Fireman Prime 10/05/11(Wed)23:52 No.16535237
    >>16535158 here
    Changing votes.
    Sticking with the Cruiser.
    Requesting a squad of SCP Security Personnel, a squad of Imperial Guardsman (Catachan men, if possible), and a squad of UNIT troops.
    Heroes: Old Man Henderson, Ruby.
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 10/05/11(Wed)23:52 No.16535242
    rolled 85 = 85

    Cruiser's my vote.

    Now, for troops, we need something that won't die horribly.

    For a hero, I seem to recall one guy that had an ability that made things 'normal' for a while after he touched them from some animu.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:54 No.16535264
    Well, we did have Lead Jimbo.
    Also, I wouldn't suggest anything from Animu/mangaka. They have a tendency to be suicidally stupid, and have a hard time getting over things or going against their own nature.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:55 No.16535269
    We need to remember that IG from from an overpowered universe, we might not get as many as we are hoping for. They also don't take to well to reality being shattered.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:56 No.16535291
    Carrier (for the armored orbital-support goodness)
    Berzerkers of Khorne.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:57 No.16535296
         File1317873437.png-(866 KB, 670x731, rudeandnotginger.png)
    866 KB
    >UNIT Troops

    This man is your friend. He fights for space time.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:58 No.16535309
    No he distorts universes. A lot. Other than that he is alright.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:59 No.16535314
    He is also way, WAY above what we can requisition.

    Kharn and the 'zerkers are probably out of our league as well.
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/05/11(Wed)23:59 No.16535317
    Is it wieard that I read Holtz dialoge in J.J.Jameson's voice?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/11(Wed)23:59 No.16535319
    Yes, but they're only as deadly as UNIT troops honestly (flashlights/tshirts/morale).
    I really think Kharn is out of our budget here.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)00:00 No.16535329
    Imperial Guardsmen come in sets of twenty, a squad of twelve, plus eight extras to fill in the inevitable casualties. Be warned that as with all Imperium units, difficulties may emerge from culture clashes depending on who they work with. A.N.O.N. recommends you segregate them from the rest of the team. At least, at first.

    Regrettably, Old Man Henderson has eluded our recruiter's attempts to contact him. Given his service to existence in the past, it was decided to let the old man have his rest. At least, we HOPE he's resting...
    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)00:02 No.16535347
    If everybody votes for UNIT and SCP (both human), we should be fine for the IG.
    NEW HERO VOTE: Ruby, Spike Spiegel
    >> 2nd Lt. Rockwell 10/06/11(Thu)00:03 No.16535358
    >UNIT Troops
    >SCP Foundation Security Personnel
    >Imperial Guardsmen

    Might we consider swapping out the Guardsmen for an X-Com Tactical Squad?
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)00:04 No.16535364
    Is Ciaphas Cain within our abilaties?
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)00:04 No.16535366
    I'm fine with it, but be warned that I don't have the entirety of /tg/ lore memorized and may require reference links for some things. Of course, that applies to some fiction based things as well.

    It is perfectly natural. Holtz wants pictures! Pictures of dead S.U.E.S! And that picture of the old man looked suspiciously similar to the old J...
    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)00:05 No.16535380
    I honest-to-God second this motion. Great idea. Better than any of mine, at least.
    NEW SOLDIER VOTE: SCP Foundation Security Personnel, UNIT Troops, X-Com Tactical Squad
    >> ftqo 10/06/11(Thu)00:06 No.16535384
    squad of SCP troopers
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:06 No.16535392
    Seconding Spike; it'd be nice to have a detective of sorts with us as we try to ind out what the fuck is actually going on.

    Also, if we are doing IG units, can I suggest Gaunt's Ghosts? They would make an excellent edition in not only their firepower, but their stealth skills as well. As a result of the unit being integrated from a variety of planets, they would be more accepting of other cultures. And Gaunt himself would make a pretty good detective paired up with Spike.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:07 No.16535394
    We defiantly want Ruby here, but we need to keep her from the front line. We bring her out when shit starts coming out of the walls or we have a breach in our ship.

    They have an even worse survivability rate than IG troops. Plus they are more likely to shoot our guys than the enemy.
    >> Greyheart 10/06/11(Thu)00:07 No.16535403
    Now voting for:
    UNIT troops; SCP troops; Spike Siegel; Razputin.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)00:07 No.16535405
    X-COM Tactical Squads start with twelve and are pretty bad at first. If you manage to keep them alive, they get progressively better, rivaling Hero units with enough time and care.

    Cain is more or less an upgraded Commissar, right? I don't see why not. Be warned I haven't read his novels, though. (I know I should.)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:08 No.16535410
    Dr. Strange.
    Tentacle monsters.
    Tentacle monsters.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:09 No.16535419
    Agreed, x-nay on the X-Com squad.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:09 No.16535429
    >Get Gaunt's Ghosts
    >Lijah Cuu is one of the Ghosts we get
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:10 No.16535431
    X-com is a meat grinder.
    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)00:10 No.16535436
    I concur.
    NEW SOLDIER VOTE: UNIT Troops, SCP Security Personnel, Delta Green Investigation Squad
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:11 No.16535438
    But if we choose Gaunt instead, we'll get his whole unit since they'd follow him to hell and back.

    Really, they did. Gereon anyone?
    >> ftqo 10/06/11(Thu)00:12 No.16535450
         File1317874341.jpg-(71 KB, 503x348, 1309384258136.jpg)
    71 KB


    also, we should have cap as a hero, he's a great leader
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:12 No.16535453

    Fuck. Well, if hes coming back, I guess we should get Bragg back.
    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)00:13 No.16535457
    1. X-Com guys'll get Killed off too fast.
    2. Probably out of our budget, ftqo. Sorry. Spike and Ruby are more reasonable AND better suited to space and madness.
    >> 2nd Lt. Rockwell 10/06/11(Thu)00:13 No.16535463
    >NEW SOLDIER VOTE: UNIT Troops, SCP Security Personnel, Delta Green Investigation Squad
    Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:13 No.16535467
         File1317874438.jpg-(111 KB, 703x655, CREEED.jpg)
    111 KB
    Cruiser, for the quickgettingthereorhere.
    Dr Strange, to figure out/stop up the source.
    Creed, to deliver the troops.
    Troops are tentacle monsters, good idea.
    Also melta greandes.
    CREEEEED them into the assholes of our enemies.
    Massive damage.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:14 No.16535468
    Spike is Lazy as hell though!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:14 No.16535469
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)00:14 No.16535472
    Just curious, it helps give a gauge for what kind of named characters we can pick from.
    Who are we fighting anyway? E.D.D.R.W? John Freeman? Nyx? Drift?
    >> Greyheart 10/06/11(Thu)00:16 No.16535493
    Fireman, I humbly request your assistance on the Editor's IRC...thank you.
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)00:17 No.16535501
    Perhaps Gordon Freeman would be a better choice.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:17 No.16535503
    Are the X-Com troops rookies or not? This is important.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:19 No.16535521
    THIS. Gordon Freeman has access to portal technology via way of Portal universe being directly connected to his. The portal gun would probably be one of the best weapons to bring to the SUE fightan show. Additionally, Freeman has faced down madness, aliens, special forces and jumping puzzles.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:19 No.16535523
    I think she came into existence after the Crossover War. At least, I hope to God she came into existence after the crossover war.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:20 No.16535532
    OP said they start as rookies.
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 10/06/11(Thu)00:22 No.16535546
    rolled 93 = 93

    Freeman's a mute. He wouldn't be a great leader.

    I'd say our troops are smart enough to kill themselves if they know what they're seeing if we meet... That...

    Pray we don't meet THAT.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:25 No.16535580
         File1317875130.jpg-(253 KB, 1600x1200, whaleman.jpg)
    253 KB
    >fight the Golden Aquilas.
    Pic related, we're on the lower left.
    >> ftqo 10/06/11(Thu)00:26 No.16535588
         File1317875209.jpg-(352 KB, 850x555, 2010-01-22.jpg)
    352 KB
    How about some dire owls as troops?
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)00:26 No.16535589
    Finding out who the foe is, that's half your mission.

    I guess you could say the Enemy is Unknown.

    You have a point that some scale examples would be nice. Spike is a good example of a beginning hero, being skilled, but not superhuman. Captain America, being a peak human with immense experience would be just outside your recruiting power. Something more within your means might be Solid Snake.

    As much as I love him, Doc Strange is outside your pay grade for now. Raz sounds more within the bounds of reason.

    At this point CRUISER is locked in as the ship.
    UNIT troops are locked in as choice 1.
    SCP troops are locked in as choice 2.

    I'll tally 'votes' for the rest in 20 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:29 No.16535603
    Troop choice 3 could be the Starship Troopers!
    >> ftqo 10/06/11(Thu)00:29 No.16535609
         File1317875390.jpg-(338 KB, 850x425, 2009-07-21.jpg)
    338 KB

    dire owls man
    >> Agent 57 10/06/11(Thu)00:32 No.16535630
    I second Starship Troopers!
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 10/06/11(Thu)00:33 No.16535637
    rolled 18 = 18

    Dire Chickadees.

    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)00:34 No.16535652
         File1317875694.jpg-(102 KB, 1624x1325, 1314469105567.jpg)
    102 KB
    Delta Greens have literal souls of iron compared to the Starship Troopers.
    What's scarier: Bugs, or my picture?
    Because Delta Green kills stuff like my picture for a living, not as a guaranteed paycheck during peace-time.
    In the end, they're all fine choices, but DG boys are the -finest- choice at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:35 No.16535663
    Troop Choice 3: Delta Green Investigation Squad

    Hero 1: Ruby from Ruby Quest
    Hero 2: Ibram Gaunt from Gaunt's Ghosts if we can get him.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:36 No.16535664
    I know this is way the hell out of our paygrade now, but later on down the road could we acquisition some Kushan Salvage Corvettes? The could come in really handy, along with their R&D.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:36 No.16535667
    Oh hell yes. That's right!
    The only downside is that they are underfunded and poorly equipped...
    So let's spend more money on them!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:37 No.16535686
         File1317875860.jpg-(59 KB, 408x478, trollface 3dpg.jpg)
    59 KB
    >Kushan Salvage Corvettes
    OP as fuck, and our faces when
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:37 No.16535687
    If we get Salvage Corvettes later, that will be one sure way of getting funding
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)00:38 No.16535694
    Just a reminder...
    YOU are underfunded and relatively poorly equipped too.

    And this is very important. Book troopers with the power armor, or movie troopers with... uh... Caspar Van Dien I guess.
    >> 2nd Lt. Rockwell 10/06/11(Thu)00:39 No.16535702
    I know it's kind of an obvious choice, but do you think we could get John Fuklaw as one of our Heroes?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:39 No.16535703
    When going up against the S.U.E you need everything you can get. I think just one squad of five salvage corvettes wouldn't be too bad.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:40 No.16535709
    How many of the book troopers can we get?

    If it's more than two then I could see them working better than the D squad.
    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)00:40 No.16535713
    Perhaps if we get more hero slots later (freed up via death or such)
    Also: CharSelect Theme
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:41 No.16535724

    And a squad of salvage corvettes could net us funding for better stuff for the delta greenies. I would say the book ones with power armor would probably be better, but I am more of a Delta Green man myself.
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)00:42 No.16535732
    WAY TO POWERFUL, could be an MS himself.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:43 No.16535737
    What can we actually loot with them though? I don't think we will be doing much space fighting.

    A squad of Blood Raven Tactical Marines, on the other hand...
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Praetor Lillifag‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 10/06/11(Thu)00:45 No.16535756
    rolled 62 = 62

    >Squad of Magpies

    No, that'd result in our other soldiers wondering where their gear went while we were traveling.

    Starship Troopers or Delta Green seem like fine ideas.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:46 No.16535773
    Space looting. I was figuring what we would use is Blood Ravens taught by the Kushan in the ways of operating salvage corvettes for multi use capability. Of course knowing the Blood Ravens there is a strong chance they would arm the salvage corvettes which is not canon, granted in the apocalypse game you had the multi function salvage units, but that would be asking way too much.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:46 No.16535781
    Delta Green is the clear choice here.

    As a Hero I would recommend takeshi kovacs (not /tg/ related) if he is an option. wesley crusher odd proto-god powers could be fun
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:46 No.16535783
    >A squad of Blood Raven Tactical Marines

    This. If we can't requisition it, we'll apply the good old five finger discount.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:47 No.16535786
    Too much, we still need our Heroes.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:49 No.16535803
    My vote for Ruby and Gaunt still stands. Although we would need to keep them apart until we can get Gaunt being in a place where he doesn't have to kill psyker xenos.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)00:49 No.16535804
    I could see a squad of three. Your Heavy Support choice as it were. Of course it's been ages since I read the book, luckily I have a copy next to my PC, so I can flip through it for reference.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:51 No.16535822

    >Blood magpies in Salvage corvettes
    >Nothing can go wrong here

    Captcha: Burglarly utrpane
    See captcha agrees...
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:51 No.16535823
    Well then, changing my vote from Delta Greens to some Troopers.
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)00:51 No.16535824
    I vote for Gaunt as well
    >> Dr. Fluke Hawkins !NFbC/Kci56 10/06/11(Thu)00:52 No.16535832
    >Takeshi Kovacs
    If you can meet his price, your problem /will/ go away. Drop him in a combat sleeve and he gets my vote for single-character hurt-putting.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:53 No.16535837
    Blood Ravens. For later if we can't get them now.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)00:57 No.16535873
    The thing is you don't want anyone that will stick out. Ruby, will stick out like a sore thumb and will fall under the gaze of a SUE within seconds. Gaunt on the other hand won't. I say gaunt.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:02 No.16535917
    Ruby does have that third eye though, so she can gaze right back.

    We also keep her off the front line unless Creepy Ass Shit is going down.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:04 No.16535938
    Right now I'm just perusing this list:
    They seem to generally fit our bill.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:06 No.16535965
    Here's a good her we can use. Airman Third Class Axel Higgs. Solid, skilled, experienced, and used to impossible horrors. Originates from the GirlGenius Canon.
    >> Dr. Dick 10/06/11(Thu)01:07 No.16535970
    Yes, lets get some Ibram Gaunt at least. I've seen the name thrown around and I'd say hes a good choice. Not superhuman, but a great leader. And maybe some of his Ghost's if we can afford them.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)01:10 No.16536010
         File1317877839.gif-(373 KB, 280x158, Ourlastteamhadissues.gif)
    373 KB
    First Hero: Spike Spiegal
    Second Hero: Ibram Gaunt
    Third Troop Choice: Mobile Infantry in Marauders

    Our recruiters are currently attempting to locate the following, but have not managed to yet...

    On Stand-By: Delta Green Investigation Team.

    Manager Holtz is now leaning back in his chair with a goofy grin on his face. While you've been debating what troops to take, he'd been acting... to kill his liver. Half the bottle of Death Ale is gone. You didn't know it was possibly to survive that much, let alone still be conscious. Maybe he's augmented or something.

    "You done now? Good. Goood. Because the next order of business is figgerin' out where you wanna take that fancy new ship and fancy new troops to..." Holtz says, burping a bit to punctuate it. "You've got the resources of this base and A.N.O.N. to help you figure out where to go, but you better get a move on. If you have something to ask ME, do it fast. The remainder of my Death Ale is looking at me funny. If I don't drink it soon, I think it's going to try something."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:13 No.16536029
    You said we were receiving a distress signal from Sky-Eye Thirteen, right? Lets go there.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)01:13 No.16536030
    Holtz hiccups. "A name for the ship wouldn't hurt either. There's probably some due process bullshit about that, but I'm going to just pick the coolest one I see before I pass out."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:14 No.16536034
    How well do you know this Gaunt fellow?

    Did he bring any of his "friends" ?

    Can I have some of that ale before I embark on this suicide mission?
    >> Fireman Prime 10/06/11(Thu)01:14 No.16536035
    The 'TGS World of Tomorrow'.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:15 No.16536042
    "Sir, what sort of reaction can we expect from our neighboring sector HQ's? I'd like to know just how long we have before we get purged, quarantined, or reinforced."

    Also, name is the Unavenged Lover.
    >> Dr. Dick 10/06/11(Thu)01:15 No.16536043

    HMS Tiddlywinks.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:15 No.16536044
    I am liking this guy already
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:15 No.16536049
    I vote we head to SE13 (oh god one letter off) and figure out what's going on there.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:16 No.16536056
    Name the ship A Barn Door.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 10/06/11(Thu)01:16 No.16536058
    Well, where are our choices? What's the worst-hit realities? What's the medium-hit realities?
    >> Dr. Dick 10/06/11(Thu)01:16 No.16536059
    TGS Slyado?
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)01:16 No.16536063
    the Ship shall be known as "The Sue Smasher"
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 10/06/11(Thu)01:18 No.16536073
    Sue Smasher no. 13.
    So it's SS13.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:19 No.16536083
    Anyone else notice the grid is spiraling towards a small black dot in the center?
    Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have a Azathoth on our hands.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:22 No.16536102
    Remember guys, this could be a way to get more resources and back-up early on in the quest.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:22 No.16536105
         File1317878548.png-(3 KB, 209x215, 1316875913173.png)
    3 KB
    Lots of love for Gaunt in here.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:22 No.16536106
    aww, we should have chosen Scotty from Star Trek
    plot armor out the asshole, we could outrun any ship in the galaxy if we nag him enough while he's working on the engines
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:24 No.16536129
    How much do our troops and heroes know of the situation? Do we need to brief them ourselves our did the teams that picked them up and explain the situation?
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)01:25 No.16536132
    we'll grab him later
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:26 No.16536137
    >plot armor
    Next to useless in this scenario. Plot armor only works for them in their own setting, I believe.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)01:27 No.16536147
    "We got Gaunt alone, his buddies are still being processed. Mebbe next resupply," Holtz says with a hiccup. He glares at you. "NO! It's mine... all mine... My own... MY preci- OK, that's a little creepy, even for me. Yeah go ahead and have a shot."

    "Assuming you reach one of our branch HQs and its occupants have not been mind-controlled, driven insanity, or possessed by otherworldly horrors, they SHOULD help you." Holtz frowns. "Though that might be a big if with the grid like that... And that's only for our boys. I dunno what the locals would do. Some worlds might require some discretion."

    "Oh gods, you want the List..." Holtz moans. "I'll get it... but you'll have to be patient."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:28 No.16536158
    plot armor has to have some explanation, and the give one is that Scotty is simply an amazing engineer, possibly the best one available (well, Geordi La Forge and other Star Trek engineers pull off similar bs, but let's leave them out for the sake of simplicity)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:31 No.16536180
    Hey OP, whats the last book of Gaunt's ghosts you'll be going off of?
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)01:32 No.16536183
    "As much as you want to tell them. Our recruiters are on good terms with UNIT and SCP and they have the general idea of what's going on. The Mobile Infantry know they're being scrambled for a special tactics operation against unknown and new foes. We paid Spike a large fee, so tell him whatever you want. His loyalty should be assured assuming you don't go around cutting up babies. By the way, please don't go around cutting up babies. As for Gaunt... Er... Our recruiters had to get a little creative for him. He thinks we're some lost branch of humanity fighting the Warp."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:32 No.16536184
    Almost get knocked over by the smell of the stuff.
    "What is this made of, tank oil?"
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:33 No.16536190
    Gaunt's a quick chap, we'll need to think of something WHEN he eventually figures out whats going on.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)01:34 No.16536194
    I haven't decided. I'm tempted to restore his sight post last book.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:36 No.16536207

    >He thinks we're some lost branch of humanity fighting the Warp.
    This is not far from the truth at all.
    We can just tell him that we have had a massive warp storm hit, and we've no idea why. All we can do is hunt down the materialized daemons and hope that killing and banishing them will give our psykers time to pull things together.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:37 No.16536212
    So before that final section in The Lost arc? I like the idea of him having his own sight, but the subtle emotional trauma he suffered whilst undergoing that torture certainty adds a flavor to his character that might be interesting further into the story.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:38 No.16536225
    By the time he figures out what's going on though, he'll know his best bet is working with us.

    Plus, I think he's more practical than pious.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:40 No.16536240
    I imagine that restoration of sight wouldn't be too hard for us to do, we have a futuristic ship, perhaps the medical bays are able to

    speaking of which, does the ship have a crew?
    I mean helmsmen, chefs, morale officers, military police

    we have a fair number of people on board to take care of
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:40 No.16536242
    Make sure he understands that we may be working with some Xenos and mutants out of necessity so he shouldn't shoot them unless we give him the go ahead.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:40 No.16536243
    Alright then, Gaunt will work out. Spike seems cool; now the loose string we have to worry about is how the Troopers are gonna freak out when some of the "Alien" contact has somewhat human faces. Will they still go on with their steel resolve they had against the bugs? Anything less will be mission compromising.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:42 No.16536260
    Hey, whats this going to be tagged as in the Archive?

    It is being archived, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:42 No.16536264
    I don't think it will be a problem.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:42 No.16536266
    No problem, we just show them the videotapes from our training.
    No not those, the ones we watched AFTER we signed the dotted line.
    >> 2nd Lt. Rockwell 10/06/11(Thu)01:43 No.16536269
    Are we still taking suggestions as to the name of our ship?
    If so, I propose The "Fortuitous Circumstance"
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:43 No.16536275
    But anyways, about our destination...
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:44 No.16536284
    Well, lets grab that list and start our final preparations if we don't have anymore questions.
    >> Dr. Dick 10/06/11(Thu)01:45 No.16536291
    Oh yeah, that.

    So OP, which name did you like?
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)01:52 No.16536357
    "Only a part of it! Anyway, the worst hit appear to be a small cluster of WH40K-class universes, some of which appear to have been SMEARED over neighboring realities and merged to a degree. Those would be the big black tumor looking blobs on the grid... The big red blob used to be a... quarantine zone? That's not good. Might want to save that one for later. "

    "The ones least hit are the ones on the border of our patrol space, with the exception of this system, which unfortunately for us, is located a little more coreward... and dangerously close to that quarantine zone. Was that always so close? I don't remember..."

    Holtz appears to be a little unnerved at the revelation.

    "Er, anyway, let's see. The realities on the edge of our patrol zone seem to be unharmed, but they'll be dealing with aftershocks and fallout for a bit. Well as you can see on the grid, the further in you go, the more twisted it gets, but... huh. Looks like there's a safe zone in the middle there, like the eye of the storm or something."

    Holtz points to a big blue dot near the patrol zone border.

    "This blue area used to be a cluster of realities based on movies as far as I can tell, but... shit, with THOSE readings, I dunno what it is now."

    Holtz points to a small red dot near the 'eye' and the leftmost black blob.

    "Here's where SE13 is set up. Surrounded by distortion-storms, but it looks... relatively untouched."

    Holtz leans back in his chair. "Everything else is either unknown at this time, or just as equally messed up as everything else."
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 10/06/11(Thu)01:55 No.16536393
    Welp, then off to SE13 we go. Liberate the place so we can set it up for further incursions. Who's with me?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:57 No.16536409
    We should head to SE13, our ship should be nimble enough to get us through the storms.

    Go ahead and call our our guys together, let them know we are going to check out a distress signal we received from some friendlies.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:57 No.16536420
    on to SE13 I guess
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)01:58 No.16536426
    So uh, what's SE13 stand for?
    >> Greyheart 10/06/11(Thu)01:59 No.16536440
    I vote that the ship's name be: TGS The Oncoming Storm.
    >> Spawn_more_Synaps 10/06/11(Thu)02:01 No.16536454
    Cant stay, college tomorrow, g'night
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)02:02 No.16536465
    "I have it on good authority that they'll shoot most things you point them toward if you give them reason to do so."

    I'm tempted to give you another ship so I don't have to choose... Well keep the names in mind if you manage to lay hands on more vessels.

    "SS13... Sue Smasher 13... But World of Tomorrow and Fortuitious... Bah! I'll leave it to chance! I'll... wait. Oncoming Storm? I like it!" Holtz nods. "Gentlemen, I leave you control of the fully crewed TGS Oncoming Storm. Go forth and make TG proud!"

    ANON: SE13 stands for Sky-Eye Thirteen.
    >> Greyheart 10/06/11(Thu)02:11 No.16536539
    Well, let's go save the multiverse.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:18 No.16536593
    Let's meet the crew!
    >> Greyheart 10/06/11(Thu)02:23 No.16536651
    Oh, just a thought: did Spike get to bring his Swordfish?
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)02:24 No.16536659
    You depart for your ship in short order. As Holtz's office doors slide shut behind you, you hear him mumble something.

    "I wonder if Ingram and Cobray have to deal with this sort of shit."

    The newly christened TGS The Oncoming Storm is a large, streamlined vessel shaped like an elongated wedge with two long obelisk-like booster-engines attached to either side. Approximately four miles in length and designed to be able to go for years on patrol without need for resupply, it will be your home for the duration of this mission. Probably.

    Your troops are loaded onto the vessel without much trouble. The Marauders mumble something about the R&D boys going nuts this time, and Gaunt looks suspiciously at the booster engines, muttering that they better not glow green, but everyone gets to their stations with no problems. Preparations for Transpace Jump are made, and with a dull roar of reality being punched through, the Storm catapults itself towards its destiny...
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)02:31 No.16536722
    "Mr. Spiegal's swordfish is secure in the cargo-hold, sir!" an ensign reports. "It should prove useful as a scout vessel, or if fate hates us, an interceptor."

    ANON: "Though travel through Transpace is instantaneous, you do have a few minutes of realspace travel before you reach scanning distance for Sky-Eye Thirteen. Some interaction with the crew would be possible during this time. Do you have someone in particular I can direct you towards?"

    ANON: "It should be noted that your ship crew contains no Heroes and is comprised of Expendable Rookies at this point in time. Did I say Expendable Rookies? I meant new recruits. Of course, today's new recruit is next year's hero... with a little luck. Some may distinguish themselves."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:36 No.16536766
    Make an announcement over the ship's PA system that we are checking out a distress signal from some friendlies.

    It looks likes it's been untouched so far, so make sure to be ready to walk into some sort of trap.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:37 No.16536768
    No, let's not meet anyone at this time. However, by random selection assign one member in each squad a red shirt, and one a gold shirt (they don't have to be worn). The ones who have the shirts must always tail at the back of each squad. This may make the difference they need on the field.

    [ya'lll can countermand this is you think it's a bit much]

    >"Mr. Spiegal's swordfish is secure in the cargo-hold, sir!"
    >your ship crew contains no Heroes
    Does not compute.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)02:40 No.16536801
    Clarification: You have no Heroes serving as crew. Mr. Spiegal may man his Swordfish when the need arises, but does not man a crew-station aboard the Oncoming Storm. An example of a Crew Hero would be Scotty in Engineering or Wash at the helm.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:41 No.16536812
    Ah, that makes more sense.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)02:50 No.16536908
         File1317883832.jpg-(142 KB, 1024x768, spacestation5.jpg)
    142 KB
    ANON: The crew has been placed on combat ready status. The Marauders are being prepared for space-borne operations in case they are needed for boarding, space combat, or EVA rescue operations as needs warrant. Gaunt is requesting orders. Spike wants to know if you want him in his Swordfish or on standby.

    It isn't long before the Storm is within scanning distance of the space station.

    Sky-Eye Thirteen orbits a picture-perfect copy of Earth, high above the planet's surface and shielded from even its most dedicated sensors by virtue of TG stealth technology. Stealth technology which is clearly not active, as Sky-Eye is registering cleanly on all passive sensors.

    The ship's crew is requesting orders.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:53 No.16536935
    Broadcast our ID to them, look for a reply.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)02:55 No.16536950
    There is no reply from the station.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:58 No.16536977
    It's been corrupted. Blow it away.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)02:59 No.16536986
    What do our scanners say?

    If we have shields, go ahead and activate them. Tell our weapons teams to make sure the guns are ready to fire.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:00 No.16536995
    belay that order.

    A.N.O.N. begin full spectrum scan. I want to know if there are any lifesigns on board, if the reactor is still running, if there are any fluctuations at all, and if the airlocks or escape pods have been used.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:03 No.16537014
    Also, the planet, what's so special about it? Is there anything in that Canon we need to worry about? Is there any energy sources that should be there we arn't picking up?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:04 No.16537015
    And once we scan the station scan the planet below us, the moon if our scanners can reach it, and the area of space around us within sensor range.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)03:08 No.16537050
    "Shields online and ready, sir! Armor plates read maximum integrity! If something comes for us, we'll be able to take it!"

    A.N.O.N.: "The space station has full power and does not appear to have suffered any sort of combat damage, but... I can't detect any life signs onboard. Granted, our basic sensors cannot pierce the entirety of the ship. Several escape pods have been jettisoned... scanning local space. There. Eight pods jettisoned, and I have located eight pods in the vicinity."
    >> Greyheart 10/06/11(Thu)03:12 No.16537077
    Can we hail the pods, ANON? Also, I would like them scanned immediately.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:13 No.16537080
    Do we have shuttlecraft? If so, have them fly close and do further scans, and we detect no life, we blast the pods. If we have no shuttlecraft, send out Spiegel, and warn him that those pods may be infected.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:16 No.16537110
    Oh, if we do detect life, grab on and bring it in, then have it boarded by an away team or Spiegel. We don't want it on board yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:17 No.16537116
    Belay that order.

    Scan them first, hail them only if everything checks out. Turn our scanners to the planet after scanning the pods.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)03:18 No.16537128
    A.N.O.N: "The logs indicate this world was part of the Command and Conquer cluster. Trace deposits of the substance registered as Tiberium confirm this, and seem to indicate a world in the earlier stages of that timeline. However, there are no signs of human life that I can pick up. All the cities and installations on the surface appear to be abandoned. There are no installations or energy signatures on the moon. Except for the pods, space around us clear. However, I feel I should note that things behind the far side of the moon or planet would be shielded from our scan."
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)03:20 No.16537144
    None of the pods yield life signs once they are within better scanning range. As per your orders, the ship destroys them with a hail of cleansing laser fire.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:21 No.16537151
    Oh, great, so whatever bit of narrative mayhem occurred here whisked away all sentient life in the area. It must have begun on the planet, giving the poor bastards in orbit a chance to reach the pods, until it's area of effect reached outwards.
    No wonder this place is calm on the Reality scans, it's already been picked clean.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:23 No.16537174
    Let's check the far side of the moon, then the other side of the planet. If there is still nothing then we should transmit our findings back to Holtz and see if he has any advice for us.

    And make sure the engineering is ready to get us the hell out of here at the drop of a hat, I have a bad feeling about being here.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:26 No.16537214
    We should harvest some Tiberium for later use, assuming we can keep it properly contained.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:28 No.16537243
    Not wise, considering it's nature. Besides, we don't have the processing plants for it.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:29 No.16537258
    That is a terrible idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:30 No.16537261
    >we should transmit our findings back to Holtz
    Can we do that? I was unaware we could communicate across realities.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:33 No.16537294
    I have no idea if we can or not. If we can, go ahead and let him know that everyone vanished and we are in the process of scanning the rest of the moon and planet.

    If we can't, then finish up our scans and go back to base if we don't find anything.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)03:33 No.16537297
         File1317886418.jpg-(49 KB, 400x396, 1286566597905.jpg)
    49 KB
    Making a quick orbit around the moon, you detect nothing hiding behind the moon.

    You're not so lucky when you attempt the same with the planet.

    As soon as you clear the other side, the Storm's sensors detect a trio of triangular ships, each about 100 meters in length. They seem to have detected you as well, and are moving closer, though not on an intercept course.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:36 No.16537330
    Can we get an image of them on the display?

    Make sure we keep our distance from them.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:36 No.16537332
    Hail them, automatic greeting code. Relay the message to us with enough of a delay for A.N.O.N. to filter it of subversive frequencies.

    Inform Engineering that we may need to jump out of here. Our ship may be larger, but that means nothing when you share a multiverse with The Culture.

    A.N.O.N. scan for lifeforms and the ship itself for energy signatures. I want to know if they have shields up, weapons hot, and if the ships are biotechnical or otherwise.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)03:40 No.16537369
         File1317886845.png-(14 KB, 612x278, Notext_VR_nemesis.png)
    14 KB
    The following image flickers onscreen.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:42 No.16537382
    Oh fuck not the ORZ.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)03:45 No.16537408
         File1317887107.gif-(73 KB, 485x213, orz.gif)
    73 KB
    A.N.O.N.: "Roger. Transmitting standard greeting. Response incoming. Warning... Extreme levels of distortion within lingual patterns. Translation not 100% accurate. Visual incoming."

    A video image appears on your screen.

    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:46 No.16537419
    Oh hell. I never played Star Control.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:46 No.16537429
    Is peaceful contact an option, or should we get violent?

    And if we get violent, is there any chance the humans are still alive somewhere on their ships or can we waste them?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:46 No.16537430
    yadda yadda, we all know how this works, the ord's speech patterns are no match for the internet
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:47 No.16537436
    I say we blast them.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:49 No.16537458
    They might have the population of the world and the station on their ships, shooting should be a last resort.

    If we do have to shoot though, disable their engines.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:51 No.16537477
    It's 300 meters worth of ship. I doubt they can fit the population of a planet.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:52 No.16537482
    The ship we're facing

    The Orz themselves
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:54 No.16537489
    Maybe just the station then.

    Asking if the know what happened to the population of the planet and station is probably a bad idea, but I don't see any other way to do this short of blasting them and taking prisoners.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:54 No.16537490
    our ship has few weapons, we're more geared for speed, remember?
    we should try to get them to pursue us and attempt to evade their sensors by hiding in the shadow of one of the gas giants, Neptune may be best as it is farthest away (that means if we are faster we will have more distance to work with)

    Mainly though, do we need to destroy their ships to correct this universe or is there another cause.

    If we have to destroy their ships, I say we use tiberium missiles assuming we can lure them away from earth long enough for us to prepare them.

    I doubt the ORZ know how to deal with that.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:56 No.16537512
    And where would we get the Tib missiles?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:59 No.16537529
    Upon reviewing this, we need to make sure the situation doesn't turn hostile.

    They are dimensional travelers though, hail them and ask if they have any insight as to what exactly is causing the universes to collide with each other.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)03:59 No.16537534
    >>A.N.O.N: "The logs indicate this world was part of the Command and Conquer cluster. Trace deposits of the substance registered as Tiberium confirm this, and seem to indicate a world in the earlier stages of that timeline.

    I just want to use the Tiberium...
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:00 No.16537542
    all that is assuming that they want to fight, of course.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:02 No.16537556
    >Fucken Orz
    Ok, so we can run if we have to, and I doubt they can really follow us since we can go to places they won't.
    Let's ask questions and turn our ship in the right direction to GTFO.

    The Orz may be the ones calming this area.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:03 No.16537564
    Basically, we need to hail them and ask if they know why the boundaries between universes are failing and make sure we stay out of weapon range. Also: Make sure our crew and troops are ready in case we need to repel boarders.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)04:27 No.16537715
    "*Pretty Space* grows after the *spicy dance*! Orz can *slide* to all sorts of *new towns* now. Orz were *sliding* by when Orz saw *campers* from *above* and *below* dancing! Orz wanted to *dance* too, but both ships were *lumpy* and *jumped in front* of Orz. The two *campers* *squeezed the juice* from each other, then one *squeezed* too hard? It is silly. And now *slippery places* are everywhere. Orz found a *slide* near the orbiting *playground*. *Campers* watching *campers*? What a joke!"
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:28 No.16537723
    Ask them what happened to the campers. get ready to run if they freak out and attack us.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)04:35 No.16537765
    ANON: "Calculating contingency escape course. Destination?"
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:36 No.16537773
    Back to our home base if they cannot follow us.

    If they can follow us then chart out a few random, but safe, spots to jump to before jumping back home.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:39 No.16537785
    If they follow us, jump into one of those black 40K blotches. They won't follow us there.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)04:44 No.16537819
    "Which campers? There are so many. It is silly. Many campers, like bubbles. Not like Orz."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:47 No.16537838
    That campers that were on this planet and the station orbiting it.
    >> OP 10/06/11(Thu)04:58 No.16537902
    "Nyyyyygh. It is *frumple* question. Orz tell the story, but only once. Orz *slide* here after *spicy dance*. Orz found out that *becoming* easier after the *spicy dance*. *Other* came here, tried to *jump in front*, so Orz *pull* the campers away. They did not think it was *smooth.*"

    OP here. I think that's about all I can give for tonight. Hope you guys liked it. I'm off to bed, I'll pick this up tomorrow, same TG board, same TG thread...

    ...unless it gets deleted. Then I guess I'll have to make a new one.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)04:59 No.16537907
    no worries, mate, this'l be archived.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)05:06 No.16537934
    >> Anonymous 10/06/11(Thu)07:29 No.16538583
    Goddamnit, do it right. If you go into the fight against the sues using all the best shit from every fiction universe, then YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG and have become a sue yourself. No, the idea is to defeat them using technology and equipment that is native to that universe. The people doing it don't have to be, but the things they use has to be, or has to be similar enough that the natives don't notice a difference. The canon must be maintained, at ALL costs. This means things not part of the canon of that universe are exempt. Remember this.
    >> Dr. Dick 10/06/11(Thu)10:04 No.16539040
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