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  • File : 1317062169.png-(46 KB, 1304x810, CatVSCommoner.png)
    46 KB Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:36 No.16432973  
    Ok /tg/ i come bearing a conundrum:

    Assuming that Dryads are humanoid enough to have orifices, how many ants would fit inside a dryad pussy?

    I know this is a strange request but i kinda need this for an online DnD 3.5 game i'm /d/M'ing.

    Oh an pic slightly related, It's 3.5 after all.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:38 No.16432984
         File1317062335.jpg-(19 KB, 426x304, 1315082827232.jpg)
    19 KB
    I...I'm not sure...I guess..
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:39 No.16432989
         File1317062372.gif-(1.38 MB, 224x178, 1311405135147.gif)
    1.38 MB
    >how many ants would fit inside a dryad pussy
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:40 No.16432999
    Spiders in a drow pussy thread again?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:41 No.16433006
    Spiders in vagina round 2?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:41 No.16433009
    A Brazilian.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:41 No.16433012
    What kind of ants are we talking about here?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:42 No.16433015
    Since the dryads are made of wood, theoretically any number of carpenter ants could fit in the dryad's entire body.

    1 Ant Swarm.

    Question answered.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:42 No.16433017
         File1317062540.png-(68 KB, 426x480, 1315083698141.png)
    68 KB
    >how many ants would fit in a dryad pussy
    Does this include the uterus?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:42 No.16433018
    >I kinda need this for an online DnD 3.5 game i'm /d/M'ing.

    No. No. You don't need this information. You need help.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:42 No.16433021
         File1317062576.jpg-(35 KB, 517x373, facepalm.jpg)
    35 KB
    ... God... Just fucking goddammit. Okay, gang, break out the calculators. *sigh*
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:43 No.16433025
    OP here. kinda like that yes... i got the idea from that and just spun it a bit further. And off course adapted it to work in a south American jungle type game with no drow but a lot of very scary and fickle dryads
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:43 No.16433027
    That's hard to tell. Ants are compressible and pussies extensible.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:44 No.16433035
         File1317062674.png-(85 KB, 1634x327, 1300534308428.png)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:44 No.16433036
    And there's ants of many sizes. Even among one given species.
    >> BARBARIAN !!WXmd45ve+ga 09/26/11(Mon)14:45 No.16433040
    Would this make termites equal to cervical cancer?

    >cervix organism

    >> CĂș Chulainn 09/26/11(Mon)14:46 No.16433052
    OP, your pic made me laugh. Thank you for brightening my day.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:50 No.16433079
    Let's say we utilize the whole vagina + unterus and assume the ants in question are Meat eater ants
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:52 No.16433100
    does anyone still have that calculation for Drow spider pussy? It could be useful here.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:55 No.16433119
         File1317063312.jpg-(3 KB, 160x128, mind blown.jpg)
    3 KB
    >bag of holding inside vagina
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)14:57 No.16433129
    Fuck it. They said being a doctor in a gnomish jungle logging outpost was hard but i never believed i would see this. A Dryad with cervical termite cancer.

    I mean, how the fuck do you cure that shit? They never taught us any of this in the guild school.
    >> Flamespinner !p89NLGAAV2 09/26/11(Mon)15:01 No.16433162
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:01 No.16433168
    No, cancer happens within one organism. This is an infection.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:02 No.16433176
    I bet it is on a whole other level than condoms, just be careful with whatever else you might have inside it.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:03 No.16433184
    with an heal spell.
    if it doesn't work, kill and resurrect.
    let the gods sort them out.

    or, if it's really plot relevant: fetch-the-medicine quest! will the party come back before the cancer makes her a vegetable?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:04 No.16433189
         File1317063861.png-(36 KB, 314x266, Female_reproductive_system_lat(...).png)
    36 KB
    According to pic, and assuming that the ants do not have the force needed to push the walls appart and the cervix up, I'd say not many.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:05 No.16433196
    rolled 91 = 91

    Well, that's my next character sorted.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:05 No.16433200
    I mean, they are eating her from the inside, killing her slowly but surely.I can't use magic to heal the wounds 'cause they will just keep eating away at her.


    The only thing i can come up with that would get rid of them is to actually *cut* out her entire vagina and if they have spread, pray to pelor it hasn't, cut her almost in two! And that will scar her so badly that she will never be able to regrow or regenerate. She will live her life as a cripple.

    Damn, damn, damn! Why do i always get the tough cases?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:07 No.16433214
    Why don't you just use an AoE low-damage spell to kill the ants, then heal her?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:09 No.16433239
         File1317064180.jpg-(47 KB, 400x300, pleased_to_meet_you_im_an_ante(...).jpg)
    47 KB
    I have the solution to your problem.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:10 No.16433246

    Imagine being eaten out by an anteater.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:13 No.16433264
    ...hungrily licking your ovaries through your fallopian tubes...
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:13 No.16433267
    That's why dryads put ants there in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:23 No.16433368
         File1317065027.jpg-(278 KB, 1224x552, 1316306572181.jpg)
    278 KB
    rolled 60 = 60

    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:25 No.16433379
    Baleful polymorphed Cleric is very dedicated to his patients.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:29 No.16433414
    Well, I guess this is as good a place as any to ask:

    Where would I go if I wanted to /d/M? Maybe OP has a spot open in his campaign?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:32 No.16433436
    Start a game finder thread on /tg/
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:36 No.16433472

    That dryad is sooooooooo marrying the anteater after that.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)15:37 No.16433482
    Wait, didnt we do this already with spiders and drow? anyone remember what the calculation was then?
    >> sage 09/26/11(Mon)15:54 No.16433632
    approximate volume of a vagina/approximate volume of a spider?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:00 No.16433689
         File1317067250.png-(324 KB, 354x634, what is this.png)
    324 KB
    >mfw i'm not from /tg/ and this is one of the first threads i saw here

    ae you guys alway like that?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:01 No.16433701
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:02 No.16433710
    this place seems... interesting
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:02 No.16433711

    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:02 No.16433722
    As >>16433035 seems to indicate, they used the tables from FATAL.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:03 No.16433723

    We are a lot of things.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 09/26/11(Mon)16:03 No.16433731
    Only during the day. During the day, the children come out of the woodwork and the mods are occupied elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:12 No.16433811
    Where are you from?
    /tg/ is one of the best boards and certainly the least disturbing.
    Instead of embracing fucked up ideas, we do rational discussions about them. This removes the horror.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:18 No.16433852
    Could you shrink down a party of adventurers and have them clear out the ants in hand-to-hand combat?
    >> Xenobiologist 09/26/11(Mon)16:23 No.16433903
         File1317068616.jpg-(88 KB, 592x799, tg.jpg)
    88 KB
    I love this board.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:24 No.16433913

    Unfortunately that picture is no longer applicable.
    >> Xenobiologist 09/26/11(Mon)16:25 No.16433924
         File1317068752.jpg-(62 KB, 750x600, TG2.jpg)
    62 KB

    Sad but true.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:29 No.16433947
    Are we talking like full volume, or just covering the interior surface? Ants don't mind crawling over and around one another once in a while, but if you have them piled up they'll just scatter and start building up a lattice out of pubes.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:32 No.16433975
         File1317069136.jpg-(44 KB, 405x640, heh.jpg)
    44 KB

    >a vegetable
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:38 No.16434021
    >Not sure if disturbed or incredibly turned on right now.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:40 No.16434037
    What, you can't be both?
    >> Xenobiologist 09/26/11(Mon)16:40 No.16434040
         File1317069643.png-(112 KB, 1048x854, TG3.png)
    112 KB

    I'd go with turned on.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:41 No.16434045
    ...You seem to be new here.
    How about I suggest you to spend some time on /d/?
    This will let you progress faster into the 4chan mindset.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:45 No.16434086

    Oh, I'm fairly familiar with /d/, but for some reason the description in this post really made me squirm. And yeah, I'm gonna go with "both".
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:46 No.16434091
    >how many ants would fit inside a dryad pussy?

    Well, cats are Tiny and ants are Fine. Four Tiny creatures or 100 Fine creatures can fit in one square, so 100/4 or 25 of them could fit, assuming the cat was completely hollowed out.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:49 No.16434117
    Considering people asking for it, I simply digged out the spider/drow thing out from the archive.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:58 No.16434174
         File1317070697.jpg-(31 KB, 982x178, 1290073589710.jpg)
    31 KB
    I am only a little surprised nobody posted this.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)16:58 No.16434180
    Are you a woman or an anteater ?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:00 No.16434197
         File1317070826.jpg-(305 KB, 1037x1136, 1290074343663.jpg)
    305 KB
    Oh I've got that too!
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:01 No.16434206
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:02 No.16434229
    But that's assuming individual ants with plenty of "breathing room", so to speak. If you treat the ants as a swarm (in other words, crawling all the fuck over each other), you can have 10,000 in a 10x10 square, which would be 2500 in a 5x5 square, or 625 in the space of a Tiny-sized creature (1/4 of a 5x5 square).
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:09 No.16434309
    Easymodo doesn't save the pictures, it sucks...
    Thankfully, we have more than one archiving site, as we deserve.

    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:11 No.16434337

    Throwing a low level fireball into a vagina doesn't seem like an appropriate cure for anything.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:12 No.16434349

    ...other than perhaps extreme boredom.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:17 No.16434391
    You've obviously never had to clear out centipedes
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:24 No.16434449
    Often less so than this.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:25 No.16434457
    Actually people found real volumes and measurements on wikipedia. The FATAL table it just there to illustrate how the poster feels about the question.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:28 No.16434484
    /d/ is pretty vanilla. I remember when I first went there I was disappointed at how horribly it failed to live up to its reputation, ant its only gotten worse.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:30 No.16434504
    A fireball would be a poor choice, since I'm pretty sure dryads are extra vulnerable to fire. Something like acid or sonic would be better.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:32 No.16434521

    Sonic would probably be marginally less unpleasant for the patient.

    I still think this -


    Is a better idea on the whole though.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:33 No.16434527
    Does anyone have that anteater aural sex picture? I thought I had it but I can't find it in my files.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:34 No.16434544
    There are too many dickgirls, in my opinion.
    Actual fetishes are extremely rare.

    Similar things go for /b/ - It's not as gruesome or randomly pointless as its reputation might lead one to believe.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:36 No.16434556
    Hedgehogs aren't really specialized towards insect eating. Knuckles would probably do a better job.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:39 No.16434583
    >Hedgehogs aren't really specialized towards insect eating
    Yes, they are. Hedgehogs eat meat - Mostly insects.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:42 No.16434614
    >Although traditionally classified in the now abandoned order Insectivora, hedgehogs are not exclusively insectivores but are almost omnivorous. Hedgehogs feed on insects, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons, and watermelons
    And they don't have long tongues, so how the hell are they supposed to get ants out of a vagina? You think he's just going to start munching away, while burrowing ever deeper in? He wouldn't even be able to breath once his face is in there, he simply can't make a substantial dent in the ant population that way.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:42 No.16434615
         File1317073371.jpg-(789 KB, 1072x1600, 010.jpg)
    789 KB
    Well 4chan has changed.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:45 No.16434627

    I think the question of whether you send a hedgehog or an echidna into a vagina is a purely academic one.

    If you're set on going with an animal option, I think the anteater is the only sane choice.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:45 No.16434634
         File1317073546.jpg-(57 KB, 225x321, mai chan.jpg)
    57 KB
    I mean I doubt even half of you read this. And this was basically considered mandatory reading.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:47 No.16434644
    Well, we know the babyfuck.
    What else is there to know?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:47 No.16434653
    I've not read it. Would you mind dumping for us?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:48 No.16434658
         File1317073704.jpg-(46 KB, 286x250, th_53419_p1_123_423lo.jpg)
    46 KB
    This is probably as /d/ as 4chan gets at this point. Which is sad considering everyone should fap to Sei so Tsui Dan Sha (manga in pic).
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:49 No.16434665
    Bob Sapp.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:50 No.16434670
    I end up reading it about once every four days or so. Good shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:50 No.16434672
         File1317073843.jpg-(331 KB, 830x1200, 011.jpg)
    331 KB
    I'm not gonna dump 200+ pages of guro manga on a worksafe board no matter how much you bet. Go look up Mai chan's daily life on /rs/.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:50 No.16434677
    its not fucking they did to her baby. in fact it was pretty fucking unacceptable in a murder his family in the most gruesome way possible way.

    He decided to see if it would still heal/regenerate after a "does it blend".
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:52 No.16434692
    It's not on /rs/ bro.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:54 No.16434703

    Now you don't even have to download anything.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:54 No.16434705
    That was an amazing thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:57 No.16434731
    The fuck is wrong with you Tyrone? Get your shit together.


    Also I seem to be missing the collection where that one girl get experimented on with leech DNA and ends up an amorphous blob that absorbs the professor into her vagina.

    And then she gets flushed out into the sewage.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)17:59 No.16434745
    Thank you sir.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:02 No.16434761

    > I cast shout on the Dryads vagina
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:04 No.16434780
         File1317074696.png-(159 KB, 761x522, Camp Heaven.png)
    159 KB
    Oh I just remembered. You kids should read Camp Heaven too.

    Don't worry. This image is just a dream sequence. There's not really any bestiality (besides one or two pages). Its much worse than that.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:08 No.16434807
    >one of the first images is two women bolted together with what looks like somewhere between 1-inch and 1 1/2-inch bolts
    >think about how dumb that is ant how 1/4-inch bolts would work just fine
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:10 No.16434824
    >Uncultured? Nigga you've got to excuse me for being offensive here, but what the fuck does dat mean? What is culture, is it being a homogenous blob of boring white people? Then yeah, we ain't that.

    >Look, I get that in the land of ice and frozen frogs, havin' a woman chained to your radiator might be a big deal. But come down to compton, we've got all sorts of women chained to radiators, and they ain't all did it so that the JTF can't evict their French asses.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:10 No.16434826
    The bigger ones look more aesthetically pleasing.

    It gives off that industrial emotionless feel.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:12 No.16434839
    >aesthetically pleasing.
    It just looks too big.

    >It gives off that industrial emotionless feel.
    It would do a better job of that if it were done right.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:13 No.16434851
    You just have no sense for art.
    >> Darth Itachi !!tNeHYqhngQr 09/26/11(Mon)18:14 No.16434853
    What's the deal with that pic? It makes absolutely no sense. A housecat in D&D can't do damage. Where does this misconception come from?

    And no mod, I am not ban-evading. You just can't count to 7 days.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:14 No.16434857
    You people are fucking crazy, you come up with the most elaborate solutions from sawing the bitch in half to sonic waves to anteater ovarian tongue-fucking (Mmmm...).

    Just fucking spray her you lunatics. If need be shake a bugbomb, shove it up her sweet sweet dryad pussy and pull the pin.

    There you go. No medical training and no charge.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:16 No.16434866
         File1317075376.jpg-(178 KB, 682x1000, 0035.jpg)
    178 KB
    >people haven't read drifting classroom
    >people probably havent even watched Azumanga Daioh
    well fuck i made myself sad
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:16 No.16434869
    I don't think that's a good idea. Ants are probably very resistant to shockwaves.

    Magic missile do not hurt allies, though... it might be effective after a good number of castings.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:19 No.16434886
         File1317075555.png-(80 KB, 941x670, Datfukkenthread.png)
    80 KB
    Oh god, fucking thank you for posting that screencap man. You made me remember one of my favorite /tg/ threads ever. I'm looking it up again on easymodo now. The first time I read this, I was practically in tears from laughing. Hustlers: the Slanging' and fucking Amish Territory By Night.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:20 No.16434890
         File1317075608.gif-(22 KB, 299x299, wiggam.gif)
    22 KB
    Someone said something about reading this guy's posts in the voice of Ralph Wiggam last night. It surprisingly works.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:20 No.16434896
         File1317075653.png-(34 KB, 946x665, Thisfukkenthread.png)
    34 KB
    Fucking St. Cloud, Minnesota By Night. God love that thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:22 No.16434908

    Magic missile only hits one target per missile (5 max) You'll never clear a swarm of ants out that way.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:23 No.16434914
         File1317075820.png-(15 KB, 138x152, 1294282402203.png)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:31 No.16434965
         File1317076297.jpg-(81 KB, 1024x529, dryad pussy.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:33 No.16434983
    >Internet Explorer
    >Seems to be stuck in Windows ME

    I have no words.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:33 No.16434989
    >dat browser
    the fuck?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:34 No.16434992
    >Right, there's only game that can handle this. FATAL.

    >Taking standard human traits, assuming adult female with no further modifiers, we get:

    >Height: 5' 4"
    >Gives vaginal depth potential: 6.4" [based on (height/12 + 2d20%), i.e. 5 1/3" + 20% as the mean value]
    >Vaginal circumference potential: 65 [based on d100 + (1d20 + 5) for motherhood] - equates to approx 6.5" circumference.

    >Given that diameter = circumference/pi, we get d=2.07", and r=1.03"
    Volume is defined as pi * r * r * h

    >Therefore, according to FATAL, the vaginal volume of an entirely average human female = 21.8 cubic inches.

    >Fucking FATAL. I hate you all.
    >> Jeb !!Ptc02ZkICDD 09/26/11(Mon)18:34 No.16434997
         File1317076492.png-(146 KB, 500x500, what dwarves do.png)
    146 KB
    rolled 5 = 5

    7.5cm x 9cm = 67.5cm2

    7mm x 10 = 7cm x 10 = 70cm

    Give or take for squeeze. 100 black ants can fit in an average pussy.

    Fuck working out the area of a dryad pussy
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:36 No.16435012
    or you could just google it: http://www.revirgination.net/vaginal-size.html
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:37 No.16435014
    That is the quote from the original thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:40 No.16435039
    We should invite /sci/ here to play with us.

    They love doing crazy math for no reason
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:42 No.16435058
         File1317076944.jpg-(148 KB, 942x697, anteater.jpg)
    148 KB
    never has that particular anteater been more appropriate

    >rape money

    no more late night tv for you, captcha
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:57 No.16435202

    Oh, I had what seemed to be the only computer that actually WORKED with ME installed. Never crashed when kept on for the whole day.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:59 No.16435217
    >Thankfully, we have more than one archiving site, as we deserve.
    Well now I am bummed. I was fairly sure that the thread existed on suptg, and checked it first. I must have mistyped something somewhere, cause it failed. Hence easymodo.

    Easymodo is still great though, if I really had to choose between one of them, it would be easymodo anyday.
    It's relaxing to know that any thread you might have taken a look at, or something you might have been interested in, can still be followed through to the end even if you missed it yourself.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)18:59 No.16435219
    I've always wanted to roleplay impregnating someone against their will.

    Where can I find a /d/M campaign? I am willing to pay many compliments for this information.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)19:13 No.16435334
    Explorer 6.
    Jelly of my balls?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)19:20 No.16435414

    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)19:24 No.16435451

    Very well, sir. Would you like them to be aimed towards the board itself, personalized, sexual, or customized for your person in particular? Keep in mind that last one requires you to post some details and minutae about yourself.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)20:14 No.16436019
         File1317082486.jpg-(32 KB, 464x465, whycouldn'tyouhavehadasequel.jpg)
    32 KB

    Supreese me.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)20:21 No.16436097
    which movie is that from?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)20:26 No.16436162

    Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Horny Events".
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)20:37 No.16436283
    I picked up that book once. It said I shouldn't read it, so I put it back on the shelf and walked away.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)20:38 No.16436296

    It's just as well. There is a disappointingly low amount of EROTICA where Violet fucks Klaus on the internet.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)22:39 No.16437658
    I feel the urge to scream and run away from you.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)23:21 No.16437982
         File1317093680.jpg-(280 KB, 849x1200, seisou_010.jpg)
    280 KB
    That is the funniest porno mag I've ever read.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)23:44 No.16438197
    Anyone have any recommendations for good monster-on-girl guro? Most hentai sites don't host that stuff and my internet doesn't play nice with exhentai.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)00:26 No.16438527
    No one?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)00:37 No.16438633
    I watched azumanga daioh. The boxed set was the penultimate anime I ever watched. Made me introspective and depressed at the end, because I was just leaving school.

    But... Wha? What the hell is going on in that comic? Please don't make me stoop to a level I thought I'd never go.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)00:40 No.16438658
    >Please don't make me stoop to a level I thought I'd never go.

    It's too late. If you're in this thread you're already too curious for your own good.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)00:41 No.16438671
    But this was just supposed to be a vaginal capacity thread!
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)00:49 No.16438730
    >But this was just supposed to be a vaginal capacity thread!

    Think about what you just said and then think about how your family would react if you told them you spent your evening discussing how many insects could cram into a monster's vagina.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)01:04 No.16438883
         File1317099879.jpg-(28 KB, 470x336, 1316997379977.jpg)
    28 KB
    My GM, after reading this thread:
    "This really makes me want to start our UA campaign, is all I have to say."
    >> jenny r 09/27/11(Tue)01:37 No.16439238
    The only thing that comes to mind is that the removal of those ants, if they are a boring species, will be troubling.

    If it goes anything like some antique house repairs i have seen, it should be simple. Just estimate the damaged areas, apply anesthetic and start making many small, deep holes with a the finiest drill available. Then apply a short living pesticide or repellent by injection. (either into the holes until it comes out of her, or pump it into here until it bubbles out of the holes). When the pests are clear, refil the holes. In this case, maybe a mixture of her own sawdust and a natural tree resin. Keep her.. erm.. passage stuffed tight with something as this point to make it easier to achieve a good stable fill. Might cap any holes with a small bit of color-matched doweling and sand flush, or take this as an opportunity, with consent, to add some flair with copper studs or contrasting hardwoods.

    Depending on the Dryad, she may need a very minor healing spell cast afterwards to prevent any discomfort, or perhaps a short time spent melded with the HomeTree.

    why did my brain spend time thinking about this?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)05:23 No.16440820
    >The only thing that comes to mind is that the removal of those ants, if they are a boring species, will be troubling.
    Could be even worse if they're interesting in some way.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)05:28 No.16440846
    >Think about what you just said and then think about how your family would react if you told them you spent your evening discussing how many insects could cram into a monster's vagina.
    MY family? Laughter and curiosity. Some horrible make-believe family of humorless freaks? I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)10:35 No.16442322
    bumping this absurdity
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)10:47 No.16442373
    Bumping to see what else comes up
    >ridueje absurd
    Yes captcha, ants living in a dryad's vagina and not her anus is quite absurd.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)10:50 No.16442392
    Why didn't the thread end here?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)15:41 No.16444140
    What does this have to do with UA?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)15:48 No.16444199
         File1317152923.jpg-(52 KB, 1188x89, quotedfortruth1.jpg)
    52 KB
    It's part of our charm. Pic related. We're the A-Team of 4chan. No matter how distasteful or inappropriate the problem, we'll always help people out (so long as it's even remotely gaming related or can be used in a game in some way), because that's what we do. It's part of who we are. We get shit done.

    As for the ant thing, first you need to define what kind of ants. Bullet ants or bulldog ants, that can be the size of a ten-year-old's thumb? Fire ants? Sausage flies? Gotta define some basic parameters first.

    Secondly, what type of dryad? If she's connected to a tree with thick sap, then we're going to have a problem, as ants tend to struggle when soaked in molasses or maple syrup. Not to mention wood density. Are we talking willow or redwood? Teak? Pine?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/11(Tue)21:09 No.16447116
    Maybe games of it leads to discussions like this?

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