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  • File : 1316950143.png-(13 KB, 462x320, Musical+notes.png)
    13 KB 40k musical Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:29 No.16418931  
    What would a 40k musical be like?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:30 No.16418937
    That depends.
    What rhymes with heresy?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:31 No.16418941
    lots of organs

    hot sister pop star

    think russian army choir but imperial guard

    drums replaced with earthshaker cannons, autocannons etc
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:32 No.16418945
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:33 No.16418947
    Heresy rhymes with heresy
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:33 No.16418952
    Like everything that currently exists, plus everything else you can imagine, plus more.

    The Imperium doesn't have a single culture. It has thousands of planets with the same level of diversity as ours, and thousands more that put ours to shame.

    So apply that question to our planet. (What does earth music sound like?) Think of all the diverse kinds of music africa has, then the middle east, then europe, then think about how it has changed over time.

    The imperium encompases all that, and orders of magnitude more diversity on top.
    >> Mendou 09/25/11(Sun)07:34 No.16418954
    A symphonic orgasmic orchestration of chainsaws and bullet spray, the falsetto death-cries of a thousand souls, and the persistent, pervasive percussion of ten thousand orks marching lockstep over the bones of their conquered foes.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:35 No.16418959
    'Wanna see' if you're willing to stretch things, and I think you are
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:35 No.16418964
    Well it would be obviously set on an ice planet.

    >implying you can have a musical without iceskates
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:37 No.16418972
         File1316950657.png-(26 KB, 510x546, 1314293499481.png)
    26 KB
    I'd like to see some kind of rap battle between say....a grey knight and a daemon.

    "yo grey knights your shit is tragic, we'll kick yo' ass all the way back to might n' magic"

    "heretics on the rise, daemons i despise, look into my eyes"
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:43 No.16419008
         File1316951000.jpg-(67 KB, 640x480, 1312179736850.jpg)
    67 KB

    >think russian army choir but imperial guard

    REPO: The Genetic Opera proved that dark sci-fi can actually work, and seeing a scene of IG in the trenches, singing in unison as they get opened like soup cans from tau pulse guns...

    another scene, A squad of Space Marines singing about destroying a Monolith, with a Dreadnought providing a (vocoded) tenor....
    All the while the Necrons are giving a monotone vocal rhythm....

    Yes. All of my money. Take it.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:43 No.16419010
    'They say there's this female Commissar
    With legs like -this- and a chest to here-yah
    In battle they say she's most inspiring
    She even gets the ad-mech perspiring
    So all my guardsmen they wanna see
    But to me it smells like... HERESY!

    (from 'Heresy [Confessions of a lonely Commissar]')
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:46 No.16419028

    But father don't you understand?


    This foolish conquest will be the end of man?


    My son you fallen from my grace...


    Then I will rise above you and take my RIGHTFUL PLACCCCEE!

    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:47 No.16419029
    >"heretics on the rise, daemons i despise, look into my eyes"
    >look into my eyes"

    oh god no, no nonono
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:48 No.16419041
         File1316951304.jpg-(85 KB, 400x400, 1315472865310.jpg)
    85 KB
    Has anybody heard the song by Stratovarius called "millennium"?

    It's clear sounding, but at the same time it's rapid metal with good group vocals.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:51 No.16419053
         File1316951473.png-(37 KB, 510x546, 1315575458859.png)
    37 KB
    i like this
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:52 No.16419059
    Okay, tell me what you're referencing because I can't figure it out.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:53 No.16419068
    "lord Khorne will swarm..........on any motherfucker in a grey uniform......"

    "Mr Grey I got something to say......fuck the grey knights!...fuck, fuck, FUCK the grey knights!"

    ok that's kinda gay
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:54 No.16419076
    Well, given warhammer being cluttered with gothic grimdarkness, I'll bet its better in Opera.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:54 No.16419077
    Just don't let that one person who worked on Spider Man; Turn off the Dark, on board. Unless you want to see your actors to fall face first during a show
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:55 No.16419083
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:56 No.16419087
    Organs as in entrails?

    ..or the boring instruments?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:56 No.16419090
    that or melancholic barbershop singing by IG vets - on the even before the next big counterattack which will certainly kill them all
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:57 No.16419094
         File1316951824.png-(3 KB, 199x176, trollface.png)
    3 KB
    Executive producer:

    [nospoilerson/tg/]Matthew Ward[/nospoilerson/tg/]
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:57 No.16419102
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:58 No.16419104
    I remember a screencap of a Commissar singing a 40K-adapted version of that Gilbert and Sullivan Major General song
    Anyone have it on hand?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:58 No.16419106

    You could mix-and-match styles, I suppose. I for one want to see an IG regiment singing in unison.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)07:58 No.16419108
         File1316951931.jpg-(104 KB, 900x636, 1316406701309.jpg)
    104 KB
    There needs to be a whole backup section of sisters on vocals, then at the start of the third act they all die somehow.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:01 No.16419127

    By the Throne here I make my stand....

    On this void and marred deserted battle land...

    All my brothers gone and faith left to test....

    The foul Xeno, I can taste him on my breath....





    To die with my family is all...

    That I have left...
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:02 No.16419141

    That's pretty wicked.

    We should get a load of songs done, see if we can get a bunch in one place.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:03 No.16419147
    Xenos takes an "s" even in the singular form
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:03 No.16419148
         File1316952235.jpg-(20 KB, 444x319, m2510140_99060105261_IGLordCom(...).jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:06 No.16419162
         File1316952405.gif-(287 KB, 480x360, clapping.gif)
    287 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:08 No.16419173
    It is a mark of accent flavor. Such as how some IG generals refer to green skins as "The Ork"
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:11 No.16419191
    Mortarion will you join my quest?


    Horus I would follow you from east to west


    It is against the Emperor we stand


    His decadence corrupts the Imperium's land


    My Lord Magnus, the Emperor has called for you immediately
    >He knows I had to break his bonds! I am justified
    My lord! The space wolves are approaching!
    >Am I really in the right? Let them come, I am willing to be tied!
    Magnus! Prospero burns!
    >This cannot stand for any longer! My idleness adjourns
    My lord, the wolves do not relent!
    >Watch them scatter when I kill Russ!
    Great Primarch, we should escape!
    >In Tzeentch we trust!

    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:12 No.16419197
         File1316952766.jpg-(14 KB, 140x140, ork.jpg)
    14 KB
    voicez in my ear

    wot iz i doing ere'

    born from a plant

    internal monologue i cant

    all diz i find a bore

    i just want me wooooooooooorgh
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:13 No.16419206
    Something like this?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:14 No.16419209
    >not droppan sum jivez
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:14 No.16419213
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:14 No.16419215
    >The Martians spent the night making a new machine
    Clearly, this is a sign.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:14 No.16419216
    but that's wrong.

    You can say "the Man" to speak about mankind, you can say "the Ork" to speak about the ork race, but you can't just take a letter off a word that is already singular.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:17 No.16419233
    >We must kill the Or
    >This is the Imperium of Ma
    Why not?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:22 No.16419251
         File1316953340.gif-(127 KB, 432x398, 1314290621510.gif)
    127 KB
    Emperor.... watch your children
    The iron fist of fear is ruling our lives
    It's not too late to change the course
    We can make this world a better place to be in
    *big riff kicks in*
    How much more do we want until we're satisfied?
    What happens when we have what we want?
    Acquiring more , still there's never enough
    We forget those who really are in need
    The end is near, or so they say
    Selling peace with guns


    All this said by some noname imperial citizen, pleading with the authorities on the imperium being as brutal as it is to maintain order.

    Oh yeah, that's a direct ripoff of this song, but whatevs.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:22 No.16419254
         File1316953368.jpg-(617 KB, 1280x1914, glory glory the redeemer.jpg)
    617 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:36 No.16419328
         File1316954185.png-(444 KB, 1204x1125, 1310111256238.png)
    444 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:39 No.16419350
    Replace the Martians with Orks, Chaos or Tyranids, and the ending with one where the Astartes suddenly appear.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:40 No.16419359
    Why the fuck did I read this in the Llama song's tune?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:43 No.16419377
    Godammit /tg/


    Now I'm going to spend the next 3 FUCKING hours making a song from scratch with lyrics and instrumental back up. FUCK FUCK FUCK

    All I can say is it will feature your two most favoritest chapters in a in tandem duet
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:44 No.16419383

    "The end is near, or so they say
    Selling peace wi-" *BLAM* "HERESY!" by some Arbites.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:44 No.16419384
    Ummm give me your contact info, i need people like you for my project.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:46 No.16419398
    I shall return in a few hours. I need time to prepare the lyrics and record. I would greatly be in need of an animator to do something with the audio. It will be dying for visual aid since it will pair so well with the overall theme.

    I will take my leave now... there is much work to be done.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:51 No.16419424
    I think you might have given me my graduation project.
    I'll see if my friends want in.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:52 No.16419431

    Well damn, seems like someone beat me to it.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:54 No.16419445
    Tzeentch' servants on parade.
    Hide your face, so the Guard will never find you!
    Every face a different shade.
    Look around -
    there's another
    mask behind you!

    Flash of mauve.
    Splash of puce.
    Fool and king.
    Ghoul and goose.
    Green and black.
    Queen and priest.
    Trace of rouge.
    Face of beast.

    Take your turn.
    Take a ride.
    On a merry - go - round
    In an inhuman race.

    Eye of gold.
    Thigh of blue.
    True is false.
    Who is who?
    Curl of lip.
    Swirl of gown.
    Ace of hearts.
    Face of clown.
    Drink it in
    Drink it up
    'til you drown in the light.
    In the sound.
    But who can name the face?

    Seething shadows
    breathing lies.
    You can damn
    any friend who
    ever knew you!

    ..Well, that was surprisingly easy.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)08:55 No.16419447
         File1316955340.png-(39 KB, 508x545, 1316407068967.png)
    39 KB
    I very much approve of this.
    Emperor guide you.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:09 No.16419508
         File1316956154.jpg-(27 KB, 352x480, 1316823513474.jpg)
    27 KB
    there are actually some decent tunes here

    pic related, noise marines providing ripping chords
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:37 No.16419627
    Quick! I need a quip about Marneus that is a single syllable. Either about his mecha body or some other personality quirk.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:42 No.16419660
    I hear you asking for something that rhymes
    with a word we don't normally say,
    and for good reason too, because it brings to mind,
    death and frightening dismay.

    and you'd think you'd have learned the last time you asked
    why some words are so hard to rhyme
    there's a reason you know and I'm sure that you do,
    that heresy is a emperor-damned crime.

    but since you did ask and I'm a kind man,
    let me show you some words that might rhyme,
    My word won't be given, that you won't be blammed,
    but it will, that you'll have a good time.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:42 No.16419661
    Or two syllables I suppose. I can shove it in.

    Needs to be a negative or ironic.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:51 No.16419724
    I can think of a word, that might rhyme with yours,
    and it's something that people adore,
    but it's not easily found, at least nowadays,
    and it's a lack of it that people deplore.

    Now I'm not talking about those hospitalliers,
    With those arguably fine hips and more,
    Or their sisters in arms, with braziers,
    and wearing more yet more hardcore,

    What I mean are things that we tend,
    to appreciate more often or less,
    Like calling one another, by the correct address
    and other simple acts of kindness.

    Yes, that's the word, that rhymes with yours,
    that word we don't utter, oh heresy,
    alright it might not be too close of a match,
    but telling you was only courtesy.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:54 No.16419742

    Not sure man, I'm more an artist/animator than writer.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:55 No.16419752

    I mean, a one syllable quip about a stern metal spiritual liege?

    My mind's blank at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:56 No.16419762
    I see what you did there
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:57 No.16419766
    And your Chapter Master's _____

    I can cut the chapter and just use Chap' and squeeze a 2 syllable there if need be. Would help if it rhymed with rose
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:58 No.16419776
    I'm moving on for now. Either it will strike later or one of you will think of something good.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)09:59 No.16419779
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:02 No.16419797

    If you wanted to go for something rather simple that doesn't really fit the grimdarkiness it could be 'gross', but that seems rather immature for the rest.

    Shame it's not "And your primarchs a ghost", refering to the fact that Guiilman got himself killed and the dude in stasis is either Omegon or Alpharius, just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:04 No.16419816
    Never mind, I reworked the structure and eat up some words elsewhere. Crisis adverted. Moving on...
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:36 No.16419847
    To be honest, I really do think it's better,
    a lot closer to how your word rhymes,
    It has the same amount of syllables,
    both words have 3, both primes.

    Now I think you may have heard this before,
    but if you have I'm worried,
    for your soul, your life and more besides,
    so I think this shall be hurried.

    It's a word that those filthy xenos use,
    not that I would know anything about them,
    to normally describe what their seers do,
    when they're not being filthy xenos, ahem.

    Ah yes, those filthy xenos, I had a run in with one named Macha,
    I won't admit to anything, it was probably heresy,
    oh yes and that word,
    that word is prophesy.


    a meta poem about this thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:37 No.16419848
    I just KNOW there's some planet with rap battles going on. Maybe not gangster/hip-hop rap, but more hive-gang far more electronic rap.

    In my next Rogue Trader game, I'm gonna DM my players into a planet covered in Rappers with Rap culture, and maybe put a couple of Mekboyz and other "smart" Orkz on the planet who've joined the culture out of the influence of some psyker element in the speakers and mixers.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:37 No.16419849
    Like a music video by Immortal
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:38 No.16419864
    Ok so for the story that ties it all together I'm thinking an invasion by the Orks(Orks orks orks orks is the opener) on a paradise world is met with resistance by the Vostroyans and Catachans, allowing for music from both companies, slow russian chants from the Vostroyans. Faster Jungleish beats from the Catachans. Oh, and two of the lieutenants are star-crossed lovers. After they are all introduced the battle begins(another song here), the orks end up winning and the astartes are called in. Gray knights or Iron fists... any chapter you can set ballads to. They are have an intro song, and then onto another fight scene with the Catachan, Vostroyans and Astartes all whupping ork. When surprise surprise, Chaos. They enter with a squeal of a guitar(Song) and one of the Spess Mareens monologues about his fear of corruption which leads into yet another song, thats all I have so far. What do you guys think?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)10:55 No.16419950
    I am the very model of a modern Major-General
    I have information military, tech and astronomical
    I know the many Chapters and recount them alphabetical
    From Absolvers to Wolf Brothers, in order categorical
    I'm very well acquainted, too, with those matters heretical
    And respond to those of chaos both swiftly and methodical
    About xenos I'm simply not the only one
    Who's inclined to show them the hot end of my double-fusioned melta-gun.

    I'm very good at reinforcing my redundant infantry
    And asking that the Emperor takes time to watch over me
    In short, in matters military, tech and astronomical
    I am the very model of a modern Major-General

    I could continue but you get the picture.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)11:14 No.16420072
    Read it in his voice.... very unsettling

    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)11:48 No.16420332
         File1316965700.jpg-(103 KB, 900x630, By the Emperor!.jpg)
    103 KB
    I'm a Commissar, and I'm alright.
    I shoot my men, so they will fight.

    >He's a Commissar, and he's alright.
    >He shoots us up, so we will fight.

    I cut down orks. I yell and shout.
    I go to the lavatory.
    On Wednesdays I get angry
    And fuck up heresy.

    >He cuts down orks. He yells and shouts.
    >He goes to the lavatory.
    >On Wednesdays he gets angry
    >And fucks up heresy
    >He's a Commissar, and he's alright.
    >He shoots us up, so we will fight.

    I cut down xenos. I dance and sing.
    I write my poetry.
    I put on Eldar armor
    And look up at the stars

    >He cuts down xenos. He dances and sings.
    >He likes his poetry.
    >He puts on Eldar armor
    >And looks up at the stars?!
    >He's a Commissar, and he's alright.
    >He he shoots us up, so we will fight.

    I cut down Chaos. I wear a Ghost Helm,
    My runes, and a bra.
    I wish I'd been a seer,
    Just like my dear Macha.

    >He cuts down Chaos. He wears a Ghost helm,
    >Runes and a bra?!
    >What's this? Wants to be an Eldar?! By the Emperor!
    >And I thought he was so scary! Frak!

    I'm a Commissar and I'm alright,
    I shoot my men, so they will fight!
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)12:09 No.16420493
    Close.. so close.....
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)13:51 No.16421351
    bumping with mechanicus music

    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:37 No.16423967
         File1316990266.jpg-(35 KB, 209x333, abaddon.jpg)
    35 KB
    >Abaddon activates a stasis field around Creed, as he is leading a company of guardsmen. He laughs then breaks into song

    Look at these guardsmen.
    Amazing how fools’ll
    Show up for the bloodbath.
    You bunch of dumb cocks
    Rushed in like trained grox
    In time for my true wrath.

    Why can't they feel what I feel
    Why can't they hear the pain
    Soon they shall kneel
    To me when to their vain
    This world will be despoiled.
    Cadia will be despoiled.

    Now that your Lord Creed
    Cannot succeed you are
    Beginning to fear me
    Like tau fear assault phase
    I wonder from your gaze
    Can you comprehend me?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:38 No.16423972
    *leans over to a guardsman*
    I bring you death
    That which can’t be made quietly.
    *snips guardsman’s’ head with claw*
    Hold your breath
    Bear witness as your military society
    Is despoiled
    Cadia's despoiled by me

    *cocks claw-mounted storm bolter*
    Go ahead, flee dogs!
    *shoots bolter*
    Say it was heresy.
    *shoots bolter*
    Spread the faith, tell your squad.
    Tell my legend.

    *tosses a chainsword to a guardsman*
    Grab a sword. Kill your friends.
    Loyalists are over with.
    *shoots bolter*
    Look at him. Not a word.
    Like Guilliman!

    Then I win, then I get
    Everything I ever
    All the respect, all the glory
    And religious change.

    Chaos, that I run.
    It's Lord Abaddon's turn.
    You people all have to learn
    Let the Galaxy burn!
    *shoots bolter*
    *shoots bolter and sees a 5th edition Grey Knights Codex nearby and picks it up*
    (Hey, the latest Ward codex! Love his stuff-)
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:39 No.16423981
    No sign of Grimnar.
    Good, I would give anything
    Not to have a chorus.
    You’ve been waiting a while
    For this, Ezekyle.
    *aims claw at Creed*
    Time to avenge Horus.
    *hesitates and closes eyes*
    Vengeance for Horus!

    >hears noise and opens eyes. Sees that Creed is no longer there, turns around and sees a basilisk behind him

    Tactical geniu-

    >gets hit by a shell, sending him flying through the building into the sky
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:42 No.16424016
         File1316990576.gif-(497 KB, 300x229, kingclap.gif)
    497 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:44 No.16424028
    What song is this parodying?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:47 No.16424042
         File1316990840.jpg-(31 KB, 399x604, Dr._Horrible.jpg)
    31 KB
    Slipping, from pic related
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)18:56 No.16424104
         File1316991386.jpg-(45 KB, 335x327, 1299021811771.jpg)
    45 KB
    that's fuckin' beautiful man
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)19:04 No.16424184
    >before the sad ending battle, a commisar is training his unit of guardsmen to combat the approacing necron threat


    Let's get down to buisness
    To defeat the 'Crons
    Did they send me Xenos
    When I asked for sons?
    You're the saddest bunch
    I ever met
    But you can bet
    Before we're through
    Mister, I'll make a guard
    out of you

    Vengeful as a Daemon
    Put on fire within
    Once you trust his wisdom
    you are sure to win
    You're a spineless, pale
    pathetic lot
    And you haven't got a clue
    Somehow I'll make a guard
    out of you

    I'm never gonna catch my breath
    Say good-bye to those who knew me
    Boy, was I a fool in school for praising Tzeentch
    This 'Nid got 'em chopped to death
    Hope he doesen't punch right through me
    Now I really wish that I knew how to swim

    Be a guard
    We must be swift as a coursing river

    Be a guard
    With all the nuts of a great baboon

    Be a guard
    With all the strength of a cleansing fire

    We're all more or less guaranteed to die
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)19:05 No.16424192
    Time is racing woard us
    till the Crons arrive
    Heed my every order
    and you might survive
    You're unsuited for
    the emperors war
    So pack up, go home
    you're through
    How could I make a guard
    out of you?

    Be a guard
    We must be swift as a coursing river

    Be a guard
    With all the nuts of a great baboon

    Be a guard
    With all the strength of a cleansing fire

    We're all more or less guaranteed to die

    Be a guard
    We must be swift as a coursing river

    Be a guard
    With all the nuts of a great baboon

    Be a guard
    With all the strength of a cleansing fire

    We're all more or less guaranteed to die
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)19:08 No.16424224
         File1316992098.jpg-(27 KB, 496x500, what doth the morning bring.jpg)
    27 KB

    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)23:09 No.16426546
    Stand the fuck back, I'm going to record all of this shit. What do I start with?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/11(Sun)23:14 No.16426604
    We discussed this once. We decided it would be the Producers plot:

    Abaddon has realized that he can get better results leading a failed Black Crusade than a successful one. So he sets out to launch the worst Crusade ever, one that is guaranteed to fail.

    Only it succeeds and he ends up on the hook to the Ruinous Powers.
    >> 101 09/25/11(Sun)23:22 No.16426679
         File1317007341.jpg-(15 KB, 177x284, 101abq.jpg)
    15 KB
    *BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG*BANG*PING* Were the last sounds you heard before your life was stripped from you, the last thing you saw was your clip ejecting from your Garand. You were Private Nelson of the 101st Airborn, now you are dead. You stand now before the reaper himself, the world around you is dark, grey and colorless. He stares at you expectantly with his hand outreached. The question is... Now what? 1d100 decides action. Low is good, high is bad. 95 or higher is critical failure when using an action.
    >> 101 09/25/11(Sun)23:23 No.16426692
    Ignore my failure, I will repost after my derp levels deplete. Sorry for spoiling this thread.
    >> Sonir !FAIwcQVJw2 09/25/11(Sun)23:24 No.16426701
    rolled 15 = 15


    Cry bloody murder, and try to stay alive. Because fuck death, we have nazis to kill.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)01:06 No.16427564
         File1317013580.jpg-(8 KB, 320x240, 022658_13.jpg)
    8 KB

    Not dead, just sleeping. Got the lyrics finalized and was busy downloading the song components while I napped. Will take a bit to mix the soundtrack then I'll need some private time to record.

    Best estimate is 12 hours from this mark until finished product.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)04:10 No.16429071
         File1317024621.jpg-(69 KB, 563x587, 1314080078505.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)05:29 No.16429608
    So, uh, I fell pretty lame not making up a whole new song, but really? No mention of Hellfire?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)07:12 No.16430264
    What about this?

    Stop there demon, you've met your match
    'cuz when you cross the emperor there's no going back
    I'm the executioner, judge and the jury
    and the crime you've committed here is HERESY!

    What's this grey knight, you think I'm through
    You'll be a thick red mush when I'm done with you
    on the up-side, you'll be part of khorne's bed
    As I'll rip the skull clean out of your head!

    Not to interrupt but I think you're wrong,
    for it's you who won't be alive for too long,
    with the strength of the emperor I'll smite thee
    with the power of the imperium's fury!

    Foolish mortal, I can't be defeated
    Khorne's blessing is on me so your time left is metered
    Try fighting me, I'll merely lose my temper
    so just take a seat like your false god-emperor!

    I grow tired of talking, you foul warp creature
    In a glorious battle I intent to beat ya
    Force sword in hand and bolter at my side
    there's no place you can hide

    Fine, we'll see who's best in the field of battle
    And I won't rest until I hear your death-rattle
    then throughout your imperium, I'll make it known
    >> Anonymous 09/26/11(Mon)08:15 No.16430604

    But thats cheating

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