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  • File : 1315389898.png-(219 KB, 600x764, 1295369507187.png)
    219 KB Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:04 No.16212919  
    Bloody Magpies thread?

    Bloody Magpies thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:06 No.16212926
         File1315389977.png-(590 KB, 1400x1000, 1315387595185.png)
    590 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:08 No.16212936
         File1315390083.png-(194 KB, 600x764, 1315389898406.png)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:09 No.16212941
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:10 No.16212943
         File1315390209.jpg-(793 KB, 2000x2290, bawww.jpg)
    793 KB
    just try stealing her virginity

    just try
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:10 No.16212946
    Well they can't steal this text
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:11 No.16212950
    Unrelated but,

    That's a damn fine drawing of Fulgrim ya got there.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:12 No.16212963
         File1315390345.png-(37 KB, 510x546, 1315056716597.png)
    37 KB
    I like where this thread is going.

    Specifically, thanking everyone for their many fine gifts.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:12 No.16212964
    you ain't seen shit
    and it's a very old drawing that has been circulating on the internet for a bit of time
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:13 No.16212973
    If this thread is not at least as funny as the link, I'll steal all your lives.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:15 No.16212981

    but I'm undead
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:15 No.16212986
    Then I'll take your unlife.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:16 No.16212994

    but I don't exist
    I was you the whole time
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:17 No.16213001
         File1315390638.png-(28 KB, 510x546, blankcup.png)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:17 No.16213004
    correcting my link.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:20 No.16213013
    Then he stole himself.

    At birth.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:25 No.16213042
         File1315391140.png-(46 KB, 510x546, cupcup.png)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:29 No.16213059
    Now THAT'S regression.
    Well done.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:35 No.16213089
         File1315391742.jpg-(214 KB, 620x877, 1315264115312.jpg)
    214 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:37 No.16213100
         File1315391865.jpg-(52 KB, 270x300, blood-raven-captain[1].jpg)
    52 KB
    Brothers! I found free bolts!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:40 No.16213113
         File1315392034.jpg-(190 KB, 510x546, 1315218609839.jpg)
    190 KB
    Funny, I actually noticed you're all out of bolts
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:41 No.16213120
         File1315392096.png-(54 KB, 510x546, boltcup.png)
    54 KB
    Wonderful, brother! We must thank them.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:44 No.16213142
         File1315392240.jpg-(28 KB, 331x311, 1305054661542.jpg)
    28 KB
    God I love this thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:44 No.16213147
         File1315392255.jpg-(65 KB, 489x600, Abbadon.jpg)
    65 KB
    Dear Blood Magpies

    I want to have my youknowwhat back. Your "change of arms" was a complete and utter scam.

    If I don't get my youknowwhat right now I'm telling EVERYONE that your chapter actually stole it's name from some old Thousand Retards Prophecy.


    Lord Abbadon, Champion of the Dark Gods.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:44 No.16213148
         File1315392268.png-(50 KB, 510x546, boltycup.png)
    50 KB
    Do you ever get sense of deja vu?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:45 No.16213152
    I bet Captain Titus was pretty pissed when he stopped the Orks from looting his forge world only to have the Blood Ravens show up.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:46 No.16213154
    >inb4 forgeworld on a cup.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:46 No.16213161
    He was so happy about the Orks that he gave generous gifts to his friends, the Blood Ravens.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:48 No.16213175
         File1315392528.png-(276 KB, 510x546, 1315222441772.png)
    276 KB
    You seem to have forgotten this, brother.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:49 No.16213183
         File1315392594.jpg-(213 KB, 510x546, gracious-gift.jpg)
    213 KB
    We actually won a few in a sweepstakes
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:50 No.16213184
         File1315392610.png-(24 KB, 100x100, 1315222160279.png)
    24 KB
    Oy, he's da git wut stole our A! We'z needin' it back to fix da WAAGH!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:50 No.16213187
    Is there an exhaustive list of all the shit these guys have stolen.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:51 No.16213190
    There was but it was "gifted" to them also
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:52 No.16213194
    I can tell you what they've not stolen.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:52 No.16213195
         File1315392773.png-(19 KB, 510x546, 1313949319477.png)
    19 KB
    The very idea! We just have very generous friends. Perhaps we could come visit you and talk over a cup of coffee? Then we could be friends.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:53 No.16213196
         File1315392784.png-(95 KB, 510x546, 1315218374960.png)
    95 KB
    Do tell
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:53 No.16213199
    I did.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:54 No.16213207

    I happen to find this paradox.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:56 No.16213215
    There is, but the list is currently in the possession of the Blood Ravens.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)06:58 No.16213221
    Carmen Sandiego has to steal the Blood Ravens.
    The Blood Ravens have to steal Carmen Sandiego.

    Who wins?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:00 No.16213232
         File1315393204.jpg-(85 KB, 548x630, 1314967458782.jpg)
    85 KB
    God these never get old
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:00 No.16213239
         File1315393257.png-(79 KB, 510x546, blankcupasdasd.png)
    79 KB
    Oh, thank you. I dropped that paradox.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:00 No.16213240

    Orks who loot both.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:01 No.16213242
         File1315393264.jpg-(84 KB, 510x546, 42224.jpg)
    84 KB
    Why hello there Blood Ravens.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:01 No.16213245
    This happened in a thread once, but somehow, all records of the outcome went missing. Very mysterious.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:02 No.16213249
    >gifted armor by the ultrasmurfs
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:02 No.16213252
         File1315393359.jpg-(33 KB, 220x315, 220px-Ultramarines_Space_Marin(...).jpg)
    33 KB
    This is getting ridiculous! Give those back at once!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:09 No.16213291
         File1315393750.jpg-(251 KB, 1098x1689, 1314155338994.jpg)
    251 KB
    A classic.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)07:46 No.16213350

    None can beat our champion.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:40 No.16213414
         File1315399223.png-(37 KB, 510x546, Eliphas.png)
    37 KB
    Greetings, Brothers.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:41 No.16213429
    That cup would make an excellent gift for a certain cuptain of the Blood Ravens honour guard
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:42 No.16213449
         File1315399359.png-(876 KB, 1156x1500, Exemplar Dude.png)
    876 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:42 No.16213450

    You mean this cup would make an excellent gift for a certain cuptain of the Blood Ravens honour guard?

    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:43 No.16213458
         File1315399413.jpg-(487 KB, 803x1200, gay knight.jpg)
    487 KB
    Okay, where the fuck is the Terminus Decree?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:54 No.16213509
         File1315400050.jpg-(80 KB, 600x450, commissar.jpg)
    80 KB

    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:55 No.16213515
    Okay, Stubbs dropped a Baneblade right between Aurelia and Cadia. Who would snatch it first, Creed with his Tactical Genius or the Blood Ravens with STEAL RAIN?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:56 No.16213521
    Creed is about making things appear from nowhere. Bloody Magpies can make things dissappear suddenly.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:58 No.16213524
    doesn't matter
    >Creed gets it.
    >Ravens steal it from Creed.
    >Ravens have it.
    >Ravens get it.
    >Ravens have it.
    either way, Ravens win.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)08:59 No.16213532
    Oh god. They are just two sides of the same coin!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:00 No.16213537
         File1315400404.jpg-(135 KB, 510x546, Brother Bean returns with gift(...).jpg)
    135 KB
    Back from Subsector Tolkius, Planet Midius Terra. The local offered us a gift of the Chapter Brothers.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:02 No.16213556
    Am I the only one who finds this image horrifying?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:04 No.16213568
    You probably enjoy consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation, don't you?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:04 No.16213571

    Nope me too. I was about to save it for fap material and axe out the dark eldar, then I saw that.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:04 No.16213574
    And it is heterosexual. And Married.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:05 No.16213580

    Yeah I guess the Dark Eldar's grin is a little creepy.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:05 No.16213584
    I am ashamed.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:06 No.16213587
    and both participants are over 21.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:08 No.16213593
         File1315400914.jpg-(1.06 MB, 2100x2290, taunygirl.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:10 No.16213613
    Dark Eldar are stealing a Magpies thread? Oh wow.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:12 No.16213620
         File1315401154.jpg-(444 KB, 1300x1790, haters de kid.jpg)
    444 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:13 No.16213627

    and human
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:13 No.16213628
    clearly the Magpies stole the Eldar and are using them for amusement.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:16 No.16213640
    why boner
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:18 No.16213650
    that's what those soft, doll-faced, tasty-looking blue women are made for, anon.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:18 No.16213651
    And White Christians from America.
    And not under the influence of any illicit substances.
    And of sound mind and body.
    And not giving or receiving payment in any form.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:19 No.16213655
    >And White Christians from America.

    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:22 No.16213677
         File1315401740.png-(270 KB, 1240x1754, haigure .png)
    270 KB
    You know NOTHING of weird boners.
    >> Braith117 09/07/11(Wed)09:23 No.16213689
    Speaking of blood ravens, I did notice that both my lascannon and meltas went missing after that mission in Space Marine.

    They just made planetfall and they're already stealing shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:25 No.16213696
    What if they're white Christians from England?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:27 No.16213723
    Then the situation is slightly less perverted than if they're American.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:31 No.16213751
         File1315402270.png-(24 KB, 510x546, Slaneshi.png)
    24 KB
    Honestly, I'm not even drinking Recaf.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)09:31 No.16213758
         File1315402316.png-(41 KB, 510x546, Slaneshi Inquisition.png)
    41 KB
    Wait, sorry, forgot the inquisition was about.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 09/07/11(Wed)09:37 No.16213804
    And I thought 40k was safe. Well atleast they're not futa.
    >> Technomancer 09/07/11(Wed)09:42 No.16213843
         File1315402937.jpg-(969 KB, 1700x1500, hurp haigure.jpg)
    969 KB
    >Implying I'm not going to draw it now that you suggested it.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:00 No.16213948
    For everyone who thought the blood ravens came to steal a titan you were wrong. They originally came for the power source in order to run the lights in wareworld. Heck you try paying the electric bill for an entire plant.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:01 No.16213957

    >implying they pay the bill
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:03 No.16213965
    Ugh, just please go away. Your fetish shit being posted here is bad enough.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 09/07/11(Wed)10:05 No.16213977
    Oh what the hell.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:08 No.16213996
         File1315404507.png-(80 KB, 510x546, blankcup741.png)
    80 KB
    His fetish? I beg your pardon, but it was generously gifted to us some time ago.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:10 No.16214014
    it's curious how the expression "fetish shit" is always used when it comes to disapproving fetish content. I don't know, there must be a dozen other ways to express it just as briefly and bluntly, but it's about the only term used in that case. Especially by a certain mod.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:12 No.16214026
    "shit" is a common term for "general stuff"
    so it's "fetish stuff"

    I do try to vary my curses though, I notice I use "crap" a lot in particular.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:13 No.16214030
         File1315404824.jpg-(1.2 MB, 483x3182, bloodravens.jpg)
    1.2 MB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:33 No.16214140
    Where does the "stealing ravens" meme come from? Is it because they "stole" that titan in dow1?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:35 No.16214148
    Because in DoW2 they keep finding pretty important relicts of other chapters.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:35 No.16214151
    In DoW 2, they have a suspiciously large amount of equipment from other chapters and organizations. Most of the time they're said to have been "gifted" to the Blood Ravens, a term which we now believe to be analogous to "we stole it".
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:35 No.16214153
    In DoW2 they keep on "finding" important relics from other chapters, either that or they were "gifted" to them.
    >> Ragnasal !!69YZM9mjEHH 09/07/11(Wed)10:36 No.16214157
         File1315406197.png-(28 KB, 160x160, th_wtfamiread.png)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:37 No.16214161
    The 40k timeline will finally advance when they rediscover the critical part of the golden throne in the Blood Raven chapter vault, burried under tons of other shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:38 No.16214165
         File1315406332.jpg-(71 KB, 640x480, Spongebob Money.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:39 No.16214167
    In dawn of war 2 the Blood Ravens have several pieces of war gear from that were "gifted" to them by other chapters despite those chapters having no records of such gifts.

    So /tg/ assumes that they steal everything that's not nailed down whenever they come into contact with other Imperial forces.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:42 No.16214182
    There should be one of an ultramarine with gears of war on the cup.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 09/07/11(Wed)10:45 No.16214197
    Oh, that made my day.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:45 No.16214200
    dammit /tg/

    never change
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:49 No.16214216
    >So /tg/ assumes that they steal everything that's not nailed down whenever they come into contact with other Imperial forces.

    Some of those item descriptions are fairly clear that the chapters involved don't remember gifting them anything, much less recognizing their chapter as being real space marines.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)10:54 No.16214239
    The orks called them "bloody magpies"

    They knew. And must be silenced.
    >> TheCollector !EXVlxJM9Rg 09/07/11(Wed)11:10 No.16214318
         File1315408220.jpg-(18 KB, 290x279, magpie.jpg)
    18 KB
    I kinda like the Blood Ravens myself.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:11 No.16214325
    Diomodes said the Chapter was pure and no longer warped with enigma.

    Does that mean no more stealing?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:12 No.16214326
    Well of course YOU do. You're a damned Brother-Captain!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:15 No.16214344
         File1315408514.jpg-(9 KB, 210x210, crown_button.jpg)
    9 KB
    You've no proof of that/
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:18 No.16214365
    Because you damn Bloody Magpies stole it.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:19 No.16214370

    because you stole it
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:50 No.16214584
    >Get up! Think, "I'll go to /tg/ today and make a Bloody Magpie thread!"
    >Come to /tg/
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)11:53 No.16214610

    In one case they had a thunderhammer wielded by the Marshal of the Black Templar as they stormed the Imperial Palace during the AoA. Aka: Something the Black Templars would never give to another chapter, particullary one full of witches. They also had stuff like a suit of armor and a heavy flamer belonging to the Adeptus Custodes.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)12:07 No.16214712
         File1315411670.png-(81 KB, 510x546, carmenmug.png)
    81 KB
    Well they sneak around the Imperium from Terra to Aurelia,
    They're sticky-fingered filchers from Typhon down to Tartarus
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)12:12 No.16214732
    oh god, it just hit me that BR is Blood Ravens...
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)13:56 No.16215411
         File1315418193.png-(39 KB, 508x545, YOUHAVCAPTANDIOMADEEEEEES.png)
    39 KB

    Whatever are you talking about brother?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:01 No.16215445
    I still don't have a reasonable outcome to the one question that plagues us all:

    Blood Ravens vs. Genestealers.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:03 No.16215456

    Genestealers start blood raven cults.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:12 No.16215534
    The Genegifters
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:18 No.16215583
         File1315419531.jpg-(631 B, 1x1, 1x1.jpg)
    631 B
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:20 No.16215594
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:21 No.16215605
    Took the whole damn post.
    >> Benign Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:31 No.16215687
    Thats not the emperor dumbass. Its a blood raven wearing some gifted armor.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:45 No.16215821
         File1315421153.png-(2 KB, 253x168, 1295286642516.png)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)14:50 No.16215860
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)15:07 No.16215991
         File1315422439.jpg-(302 KB, 1600x905, magpie404.jpg)
    302 KB
    This page has been 'gifted' to the bloodravens
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)15:14 No.16216049

    This needs to be implemented!
    I would be so amused by it!
    >> Ragnasal !!69YZM9mjEHH 09/07/11(Wed)15:18 No.16216075
    That means moot would actually have to pay attention to /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)15:28 No.16216178
    If only the creators of The Iron Giant knew the horror they were unleashing on the Internet.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)15:42 No.16216335
    shouldn't have gifted that pose.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:25 No.16216682
         File1315427123.jpg-(185 KB, 510x546, tgisbadatmemes.jpg)
    185 KB
    Some original content for you, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:32 No.16216734
    i love this thread
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:33 No.16216743
    I know there's one thing the blood ravens can't steal.

    My hatred of them.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:36 No.16216763
         File1315427774.png-(38 KB, 510x546, BloodRavenOCDNS2.png)
    38 KB
    Frankly, I was largely involved in the early few threads and even I'm starting to feel it's run its course.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:46 No.16216860
         File1315428414.jpg-(17 KB, 235x206, UR A MAGET.jpg)
    17 KB
    Relic devs? I know you're here, stealing our memes.

    You better make this one canon.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:48 No.16216879
    The regret of the makers is how you can tell a meme is truly born.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)16:51 No.16216908
    inb4 reddit steals it
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:00 No.16217003
    The mug should have '404' on it. They 'found' it.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:02 No.16217022
         File1315429354.png-(33 KB, 510x546, BloodRavenTauStealthCup.png)
    33 KB
    The ones that are just a square sloppily pasted to a mug, or the shit like the bolts, are just aesthetically bad. It's just irritating to see. It's also possible I MAD that these never caught on, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:04 No.16217039
         File1315429464.jpg-(130 KB, 1600x905, Magpie 404.jpg)
    130 KB
    Here ya go
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:10 No.16217075
    The 404 wasn't found because it was 'gifted' to them. CLASSY
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:18 No.16217112
    You're not quite getting what a 404 is, are you? It's the fucking error code, not what your browser was looking for.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:44 No.16217292
    It needs to be a picture of a thread. You get a 404 because you can't fin the thread you were looking for. And oh look who has it.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)17:45 No.16217297
         File1315431910.png-(63 KB, 511x546, 11.png)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)20:06 No.16218680
    It says '404 not found'. It's because the Bloody Magpies 'found' it. Probably in a bunker with some Spess Mehren corpse near it.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)20:22 No.16218943
    But every other time he has stolen something, it is on his mug. The missing "thread" needs to be on the mug.

    I can't believe we are arguing this.
    >> Curious 09/07/11(Wed)20:54 No.16219366
    ITT: Anon gets belligerent over Bloody Magpies.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:00 No.16219408
         File1315443627.jpg-(9 KB, 150x100, faggot poster 4chan.jpg)
    9 KB
    Do you know how difficult it would be to have the 404 image to be the missing thread? I sure don't, but it's probably not a very easy thing, especially in PAINT. Besides, it's just a humorous picture, not a clinical study of the proper execution of a meme.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:02 No.16219426
    Where in the world is
    Captain Sandiegos
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:04 No.16219443
    I'd just make it the reply box with captch saying something silly, like "Blood Magpies!".
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:05 No.16219463
    Not the exact missing thread dumbass. Just a thumbnail of "a thread." Why is this concept difficult?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:06 No.16219468
    That's dumb as shit, 404 - not found doesn't mean they didn't find a fucking 404, it's just "Error code - explanation of error code". They fucking have a 404 right there, it's not what wasn't found!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:07 No.16219481
         File1315444077.jpg-(141 KB, 500x493, legendary thread.jpg)
    141 KB
    Or you can just use literal thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:10 No.16219520

    What have I done?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:14 No.16219558
    You gifted the kindness and charity of /tg/ to the Blood Ravens.
    Well done initiate.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:17 No.16219594
         File1315444640.png-(47 KB, 510x546, 1315058584831.png)
    47 KB
    Just came back from Graia, that Captain Titus, hell of a nice guy.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:18 No.16219605
    So were there any named Blood Ravens in the new space marine game?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:19 No.16219617
    And now a classic:

    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:20 No.16219630

    No, just "squad corvus" although i could swear the blood raven that talks had the same voice actor as Diomedes in Retribution.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:36 No.16219762
    I was a little disapointed that the blood ravens didn't really have any lines but damn if it didn't feel sweet smiting the foes of the imperium beside them
    >> Curious 09/07/11(Wed)21:46 No.16219881
    Do you know how difficult it would be to have the 404 image to be the missing thread? I sure don't, but it's probably not a very easy thing, especially in PAINT. Besides, it's just a humorous picture, not a clinical study of the proper execution of a meme.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)21:56 No.16219984
    HUAHUE REPORTU, the Primach of the Blood Ravens, voices his concern with his thread.
    "no BR? i repot yu"
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)22:06 No.16220098
    What if... the orks looted the blood ravens or the blood ravens accepted "gifts" from the orks?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)22:15 No.16220202
    Whatever happened to the guy who said he was going to make a land raider model that was originally ultramarine, then got looted by orkz, then gifted to the blood ravens?
    >> Anonymous 09/07/11(Wed)22:32 No.16220382

    I think someone stole it.

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