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  • File : 1315117637.jpg-(52 KB, 319x480, Roman_Break.jpg)
    52 KB Riddle of Steel: Proper Gaming, for Proper Romans John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)02:27 No.16173878  
    Gentlemen. It has been a long time in coming. We have delayed. We have procrastinated. We have sidestepped.

    And when I mean we, I mostly mean I.

    But the time has come for the Riddle of Steel matchup I promised you all those weeks ago. The time has come for the gauntlet, the onslaught, the ordeal, the hassle!

    The time has come for Legionary Sulla Vs. The World.

    So sit on down, grab a cup of sour wine and press the thumb: We're about to shove a hobnailed caligae up history's ass.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)02:37 No.16173982
         File1315118240.jpg-(153 KB, 1280x720, Rome Roman Announcer.jpg)
    153 KB
    (On this side, a man who needs no introduction. The Plebean who you're seein',the Roman for all seasons, the breaker of formations, the gutter of Gauls, the instigator of Illyrians, the immolator of Iberians,

    Legionary Gaius Gaius Sulla!

    (Legionary Sulla)
    ST 6 WP 6 Reflex 6
    AG 6 Wit 6 Knockout 8
    TO 5 MA 4 Knockdown 6
    EN 7 Soc 3 Aim 5
    HT 7 Per 5 Move 9 (8)
    Proficiencies: Sword & Shield 12
    Equipment: Short-Sleeved Mail Shirt(AV 4), Pot Helm (AV 5, open faced), Scuttum(-.5 CP, -1 Move), Gladius, 2 Pilum Javelins, Pugio Dagger, Cestus (right hand) (AV 4, bonus punch damage.)
    CP: 18 (17 in armor w/ shield)

    (This deathmatch brought to you by Cinna's Slaves. A Slave for every occasion.)
    >> bump 09/04/11(Sun)02:38 No.16173994
    I think I'm gonna bump this
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)02:42 No.16174027
         File1315118547.jpg-(42 KB, 624x352, Roman_Announcer_Guy.jpg)
    42 KB
    And on the other side, the teeming, timeless hordes of EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T ROMAN.

    From first to ninth shall be shown now, the tenth fighter will be a bonus, a mystery, and the return of an old favorite.

    1 A Gallic Warrior
    2 A Germanic Warrior
    3 A Saxon Warrior
    4 An incredibly well dressed Bulgarian Warrior
    5 A Genoese Warrior
    6 A Samurai Warrior
    7 A Norse Huscarl
    8 A Swiss Halberdier
    9 A Hussite Warrior
    10 ???

    Yes, Legionary Sulla will be time traveling today, why?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)02:46 No.16174064
    But first, all rise for the national anthem of whichever place I pick randomly out of my directory first.

    ...Alright, a little bit out of date (about 2000 years.) But it'll work.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:48 No.16174085
    Fuck, I still haven't done my flail master.

    What is it with me and excessively aggressive characters?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)02:49 No.16174098
    Now I know that I don't always get everyone online at once, so I'm going to wait a few minutes before starting. Let's say, until 3:00 4chan time, in the hopes that I attract the usual company. That's about 12 minutes now.

    In the mean time, if you're here, let me know!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:52 No.16174121
    Flails are pure evil.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:53 No.16174126
    your faith in your shield makes you weak!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:53 No.16174131
    Well, yes and no.

    They're pretty nasty weapons, yes, being so pure offense.

    However, nothing in RoS is as evil as grappling.

    Fuck, Galt didn't even want to finish the grappling fight he did. The results were simply too horrible.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:54 No.16174135
    I've made no more than two posts in your threads total. I don't count.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)02:55 No.16174146
    >The Bear Fight
    I feel physically ill just remembering it.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:57 No.16174168
    >Incredibly well dressed bulgarian warrior
    I'm very curious as to what this is going to be.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:57 No.16174171
    That was about how his first session as a character went too.

    Only that time, I was fighting an inexperienced cut throat with a pitiful little dagger.

    I should totally give him the berserker trait as a gift though. That'd be quite fitting.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)02:58 No.16174177
    I'll believe you on the point of grappling. The flail scares me because it's such an offensive weapon. I'd be as scared using one as fighting against one.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:00 No.16174195
    I'll give this thread a bump just for your name.
    Bitches don't know bout my objectivism.
    >> City Builder 09/04/11(Sun)03:00 No.16174199
    No Egyptian enemy? :(
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:04 No.16174245
    The big flail isn't that big of a deal. You just always, always throw red, get a good chance at having high init, and depend on that VL reach.

    At least, that's what I intend to do. It's not like you need more than one solid hit with the thing either.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:05 No.16174254
    Objectivism is a philosophy that I am sympathetic to, but I'm going to go out of my way here to say that I am not an adherent. The name is a result of a very long and unfunny joke. It's a punchline to itself. That's all.

    With that said, I think we're about ready to begin. Just gotta try not to ruin my shishkabob as I type...
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:07 No.16174264
    No mongolian or turkish enemies either.

    That... IsbecauseIhaveasequelplanned.
    >> City Builder 09/04/11(Sun)03:09 No.16174278
    Mongols are the best, man!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:12 No.16174296

    This will be the first thread I'll be actively following, rather than just reading the colourful descriptions and giggling at the sauna fights. Hopefully I can understand the system better through your examples, which as I understand it was how these threads began.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:14 No.16174320
    Alright! So. Here's going to be the format for this one.

    You guys are going to control Sulla. He's a brute, he's the sort of guy who breaks formation so hard that even Chronos can't reign him back in.

    He's the kind of guy who gets bored in the morning and time travels so that he can fight Hannibal Barca, Oda Nobunaga and Jack Churchill at the same time.

    I'm going to throw these ten adversaries at you, and control them myself. However, almost all rolling will be handled by you since, as we demonstrated before, my dice-rolling hand is cursed, and I will end the world if I try.

    Fatigue and wounds will carry over between matches, so don't go getting this poor guy's leg cut off first round. Play it like a champ, and Sulla will surf his way into the future on a wave of corpses a mile wide.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:17 No.16174342
    Heck yeah man, that's what we're here for. If you have any questions, I'm sure someone will be able to answer 'em. I don't know everything, hell, someone actually pointed out a major rules error I had been making a few threads ago.

    This is a learning experience for all of us.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:27 No.16174419
    I cannot wait. *grin*
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:27 No.16174422
    Legionary Sulla is having a good day. A better day than usual, even. He's up to six, and he isn't even feeling the burn yet.

    A gaul swings low. He catches it on his shield, and steps forward to smash the boss right into the longhair's face. There's a crunch like... The crunch of a smashed face. Seven. He smiles, and steps back. Oh, how he wants to keep going forward. But he knows that the Centurion would be upset...

    Eight comes along, nine comes along... But he does not break rank. Centurion Mallo had such a heartfelt talk with him yesterday about sensitivity in the workplace. "You make the rest of us feel just awful," he had said. "Nobody can keep up with you, and that makes us sad. Please consider other peoples' feelings too!"

    Also, they had whipped him.

    Sulla sighs around twelve. It just isn't the same, getting them like this. It feels like eating one slice out of an apple and claiming the whole. Sulla looks to the sky, and prays.

    "Oh heavenly badasses above, please, hear the plea of Sulla, your number one fan, and grant me an eternity of breaking rank and killing barbarians... Pretty please?"

    And somewhere above, beyond the clouds, something seems to have heard him. For a great void opens up right there, in the heart of cisalpine gaul, and swallows Sulla up.

    There, in the darkness, momentarily confused, he sees his first enemy approaching. T'is a savage gaul, with murder in its eyes. Sulla braces his shield, and adjusts his grip on his sword. And just to complete the effect as he advances...

    "Legionary Sulla, get back in formation!" he chuckles to himself.

    Red or Blue, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:28 No.16174427
         File1315121330.jpg-(43 KB, 506x316, ep08_1.jpg)
    43 KB
    Bumping in hopes we can get people to kick this off.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:31 No.16174446
    Alright, I'm in. Remind me what this is? We're deciding whether we're attacking or defending, right? So if we choose red we have the initiative, if we choose blue the enemy does. Do we have any reason not to choose red?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:32 No.16174453
    The enemy chooses red or blue TOO!

    If both go red then we generally see two bodies on the ground. Not one.

    I vote for Blue. These strange circumstances are worthy of caution. Also he's totally going to come to us and we should take our time and enjoy this.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:33 No.16174459

    I have no idea. I'm going to assume blue lets us wait and take their shit then whack the fuck out of them when their combat pool is out. Let's do that.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:34 No.16174462
    I vote for red. Strange though they may be, they are not unknown to us!

    Besides, it's a dirty Gaul.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:35 No.16174475
    At the beginning of combat, both combatants throw red or blue, to decide what their very first move is.
    If both throw red, than they try to attack at the same time, which is very dangeorus for both of them.
    If both throw blue, they have to throw again because they just circle around each other.
    If they mismatch, then it turns into a pretty regular fight.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:36 No.16174478
    True they are a dirty Gaul. Perhaps rushing to dispatch them and possibly find new and less dirty opponents IS the best option....

    Basically are you making an aggresive play or being defensive that round.

    Mind I've not read my Riddle book in some time and do not have it at hand. So some of my memories may be flawed.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:36 No.16174489
    I vote Blue as well. We may break ranks often, but we're still more disciplined and better trained than any Gaul barbarian. Let him flail on our shield, then counter with gladius to the neck!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:38 No.16174509
    >A gaul swings low. He catches it on his shield, and steps forward to smash the boss right into the longhair's face.
    This is going blue.

    That scene in Troy where Achilles rushed the huge guy and jumped up and stabbed him in the neck before he could be hit in return? That's going Red.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:38 No.16174511
    we could attack and defend on the same round: with red we could do a simultaneous block/strike, defending we could overrun (better if we're investing at least 9 dice in defense)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:39 No.16174523
    ...We have a shield. These choices are exactly the same. Let's go blue so that we guarantee that we're going to kill this idiot on his turn.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:40 No.16174535

    And blue sounds like the better idea. We're facing a dynamic target and we're stationary. Plant the scutum in the ground, let the dumb Gaul motherfucker bounce off it then stab him in the balls.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:43 No.16174543
    I'm hearing a lot of blue. That's not very aggressive, but I guess the man is just breaking into his stride. Hard to break years of training, no?

    The Gaul throws red, obviously. He will devote 5 dice to a cut with his deadly gallic blade that totally isn't a slightly inferior Norse Sword. This cut will be aimed at Zone IV, or Sulla's neck-shoulder-lowerhead area.

    With the aggressor's action declared, Sulla may now declare his response.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:45 No.16174557
    Sulla's combat pool is 18, right? What's the length of the Gaul's weapon? And is he using a shield?
    I move that we simultaneous block/strike with 10 and 5. Unless the Gaul's sword is VL, that should be allowed right?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:46 No.16174568
    Not sure how it works out in game mechanics, but how would deflecting the blow with the shield and striking with the sword work? Total noob here.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:46 No.16174569
    Block the attack, duck low and stab the son of a bitch in the thigh? What kind of actions would that entail?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:48 No.16174583
         File1315122488.png-(77 KB, 493x290, RoS Gladius.png)
    77 KB
    This here is Sulla's primary weapon. The Gladius. There are many like it, but this one is his.

    It's got Thrusting ATN of 6, and it can cut alright too. It does have Short range though, and the barbarian's weapon has Medium range, which means that Sulla does suffer a 1 die activation cost to attack the guy, until he closes his range.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:50 No.16174591
    Now on the subject of blocking with a shield and stabbing with a sword, that's a maneuver called Simultaneous Block/Strike. It lets you... Simultaneously block and strike.

    However, it does entail that you devote half as many dice to either the striking or the blocking as the other. So, Sulla with his pool of 18 could Strike for 2 (with cost of 1 for range) and Block for 4, for example, and still have 11 dice left for the second Exchange before the round ends and he gets 'em all back.
    >> Sulla Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:50 No.16174593
    5 dice on the incoming attack? Block with 8 dice and finish him off on the next exchange.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:53 No.16174622

    Not a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:53 No.16174626
    a norse sword would be medium, against our short gladius.
    I'd rather keep a couple more dice for the second exchange, but I'm with you for the block/strike.
    blocking with 7, attacking with 5 should leave us with 6 dice and the range advantage.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)03:53 No.16174628
    (Now, of course, Sulla is wearing armor so his pool is actually 17, but you know what I mean.)


    Anyway, this is a good action. Sulla has 8 dice at difficulty 5, against the Gaul's 5 dice at difficulty 6.

    Gaul: 5 at 6.
    Sulla: 8 at 5

    Let the rolling commence! First come first serve, as always. After this, unless Sulla somehow dies, he will make his attack of 4 (5-1 for range) at difficulty 6 to the Gaul's nonexistent defense.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)03:55 No.16174636
    rolled 8, 1, 7, 4, 10, 5, 10, 6 = 51

    8 at 5
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:55 No.16174639
    8 may have been overkill
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:56 No.16174651
    The Gaul obviously has a shitty pool, or he'd have blocked too. I think we're going to kill his ass.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)03:57 No.16174656
    rolled 4, 6, 2, 9 = 21

    4 at 6 to stab (we didn't declare location, so let's just say his ugly face, zone XIII)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)03:59 No.16174673

    Should have gone chest. Ripped the son of a bitch open.

    Just for clarification, we're trying to roll over the target number, right? Not under?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:00 No.16174679
    rolled 5, 1, 2, 9, 3 = 20

    Correct, rolls over the TN are hits.

    Dice for the Gaul's futile attack, 5 at 6
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:01 No.16174685
    Aye, it's over the TN.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:04 No.16174711
    book says "equals or beats," so we're looking for die roll >= TN
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:07 No.16174722
    Of course, yes. Equals or beats, sorry. Wasn't thinking.

    Now if I'm reading this right, it's a solid block. 6 blocking successes to... What, 1 success from the Gaul?

    Sulla blocks the absolute fuck out of that attack.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:11 No.16174741
    Does our Gallic friend get to try to defend against the strike portion of Sulla's block & strike maneuver, or is he just gotta eat that ST6 + 1 + 2 (rolled successes) thrust to the head?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:12 No.16174749
         File1315123922.png-(109 KB, 585x195, Face_Thrust.png)
    109 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    Oh my, that's 2 successes on the thrust. Now, the Gladius does Str+1 damage base (Strength 7 in this case) plus margin of success, which is 2.

    So, that's 9 damage to the face. The Gaul has a plate helmet (AV 5) and Toughness 4, but it only covers the upper head.

    So, now we roll for hit location! I will roll this, as my cursed rolling is often beneficial here. This determines where exactly the attack hits, and thus, if armor applies.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:12 No.16174756
    Nom nom delicious gladius.
    Well, his doctor DID say to include more iron in his diet.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:13 No.16174766
    Yep, he's just got to take it, because Sulla blocked and struck simultaneously. This is the power of the shield/sword combo.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:13 No.16174769
    Did the Gault just die in one exchange? A pox on all gauls for hardly being a fight.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:16 No.16174785
    Light up a cigarette and chill for the rest of the round.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:17 No.16174788

    Sulla blocks the Gaul's strike, and stabs him in the throat. The proto-frenchman falls like a stack of wet newspapers. That's One.

    Sulla glances about for another foe, and immediately one is upon him!

    A German, in a bear skin with a spear and a small shield.

    Sulla's pool has refreshed, and he can now roll red/blue. The German looks more seasoned than the gaul! Let's see what happens this time!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:17 No.16174789
    Is that... Level 5 damage to the throat?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:19 No.16174802
    Blue again.
    That spear could wreck us if we're not careful.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:19 No.16174803
    Oh yeah. Delivering a low die attack with no defense on a sword shield fighter? The man committed suicide by Roman.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:20 No.16174810

    Blue again. We've got the shield for a reason.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:20 No.16174812

    Agreed. Knock it aside with the shield then stab the fucker in the throat.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:22 No.16174823
    Alright! Sulla throws Blue. The German throws red, but he's looking to be more of the cautious sort. He throws 6 dice on a thrust to Sulla's chest, and 3 dice on a block with his shield.

    Because of his spear's VL range, Sulla's attacks will suffer a 3 die activation cost, which is rough, but not unsurmountable.

    What will Sulla's reaction be?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:23 No.16174828
    Not to rain on people's parade here, but can't Simultaneous Block/Strike only be used if you throw red, not blue? That said, a similar maneuver exists for defense called Block Open and Strike.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:24 No.16174839
    Is the spear wood or metal-hafted? Lop the tip of the spear off with the gladius!
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:24 No.16174842
    Straight block w/out attack, let the kraut burn the 3 on a needless block. 8 dice.

    yeah, we ended that round with only like 6 dice left because that incurred a 2cp cost
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:25 No.16174851
    By my understanding, you can use offensive maneuvers during a defense, but because they always hit after the aggressor's attack, they're generally a bad idea unless you buy the initiative, which ranges from tricky to impossible.

    Simultaneous Block/Strike is the exception, to the point that there are optional rules suggesting that players MUST try to buy the initiative in order to initiate an attack as a defensive action. But those are complicated, so screw those.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:26 No.16174859
    I thought the only reason for the Block Open & Strike to exist was so you could use it reactively, as Sulla just did.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:29 No.16174875
    Block Open & Strike is a more conservative move, because it does not force you to devote dice to attacking, and it doesn't restrict as much.
    Simultaneous Block/Strike is a more ballsy and dangerous maneuver that tends to eat up a lot of dice in one exchange, but it's a good way to nuke an enemy with a lot less in the way of skill without much risk to oneself.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:31 No.16174893
    However, this is a good idea. Why waste an attack? 8 on the block it is.

    So, the German's 6 dice on the thrust, to Sulla's 8 dice on the block.
    German: 6 at 6
    Sulla: 8 at 5.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:31 No.16174896
    oh, you also get an extra die for each additional success you got over the attack you just blocked (so Sulla should have had 9 dice instead of 4 on his thrust against the gaul?)
    >> Ze German 09/04/11(Sun)04:32 No.16174904
    rolled 9, 10, 5, 1, 10, 8 = 43

    Pierce the heavens with my drill! 6 at 6!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:34 No.16174920
    So I take it we can't cut the spearhead off?

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:35 No.16174923
    That's if you use Block Open and Strike, which is what makes it awesome. But, it also forces you to launch the counter-attack on the next exchange.
    Sim-Block/Strike, which we used against the gaul, lets you hit instantly, but requires a large dedicated pool, and doesn't give you any bonuses for blocking successfully.

    We should use a BO&S in one of the next exchanges, it's a great maneuver.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:36 No.16174929
         File1315125384.png-(2.04 MB, 1538x2037, now you have seen some shit.png)
    2.04 MB
    WOO! John Galt is back!
    Shower us with your wisdom!
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:36 No.16174932
    Aw, sorry I totally forgot about that. Yeah, that's not an option they included, though they mentioned that such things are possible. The closest is Expulsion or Disarm, which is something you do when you don't have an awesome shield to block the hell out of someone with.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:36 No.16174933
    rolled 1, 2, 8, 7, 2, 1, 6, 9 = 36

    sulla's defense, 8 at 5
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:36 No.16174934
    Sulla, you going to roll? I don't trust myself to have our hero's life in my hands.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:36 No.16174936
    There's a "beat" maneuver that attacks the opponent's gear, but I don't see it on the list of Sword & Shield maneuvers.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:37 No.16174943
    tie means the German keeps initiative, right?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:38 No.16174946
    what the fuck
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:41 No.16174973
    Let's see... Sulla successfully blocks with 4 successes to 4, though just barely. That's very impressive rolling on the German's part.

    However, because he didn't actually hit, I believe Sulla retains the initiative.

    Sulla spent 8 dice, so he has 9 remaining. The German has an unclear amount remaining himself. Sulla must declare his action, and then the German will retaliate.

    Gentlemen, what should Sulla do?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:41 No.16174974
    yes, and the roman has the option to full evade next round.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:42 No.16174980
    Ignore the monkey. It's exactly what it looks like.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:43 No.16174981
    Bear with a poleaxe started in the previous thread because somebody was complaining about how shields can theoretically let damage through since they have armor ratings, and it was pointed out that yes, they can in theory, but it takes a horrendous amount of strength to inflict actual injury if the guy is even modestly buff and armored behind his shield. The example of what would be needed was a bear with a poleaxe.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:44 No.16174993
    Would sundering our foe's weapon do us any good? A strong strike on the spear might break of the pointy bit, and then we go choppy on our demoralized foe.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:44 No.16174994
    WOW. My mistake, Ties result in the aggressor retaining initiative!
    I'm dumb. Sorry about that, I got it into my head that Sulla got 5 successes.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:44 No.16174995
    bear with a poleaxe.
    it...happened.... in the late night riddle of steel thread...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:44 No.16174998
    page 77, on ties initiative goes to the aggressor
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:45 No.16174999
    The German can try to simultaneously block & strike, but at the cost of 1/3rd of his remaining pool. Screw it. Lose 2 dice to range and spend the rest on a 7-die thrust to zone XIII (he wasn't described as having a helmet)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:45 No.16175000
    you mean APE
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:46 No.16175006
    Wait, seriously? Oh no, I can see it. If the guy has like good chain on, and a shield, and average toughness, you'd need like 15 damage to hurt him. Bear with a poleaxe. Even with the armor penetration, that'd be a tiny wound unless he got a lot of successes.

    That's fucking hilarious.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:47 No.16175013
    We await Ze German's declaration, then. Ignore >16174999
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:50 No.16175042
    Good eye chief. I almost let it slip through there myself.

    Alright, the German and his small remaining pool will throw down 4 dice on a thrust to Sulla's head.

    This is seriously all he's got left for a win strategy. He can't even expect to block/strike.

    Sulla's retaliation?
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:52 No.16175062
    9 dice left, simultaneous block/strike doesn't strike me as great, as we've have a 4/2 split of some sort after the 2-die range penalty. 9 dice to Open Block & Strike. Killerate the fool next round with massive pile of d10s
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:52 No.16175064
    Block Open and Strike then? Noob again, not sure about the dice amounts.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:53 No.16175069
    sorry, 7 dice. Open Block & Strike costs 2
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:54 No.16175086
    Ah yes! A chance to play with our new favorite toy, Block Open & Strike.

    Now it does have an activation cost of 2, so it's actually only 7 dice.

    ...7 dice at 5. Versus the German's 4 at 6. This is totally gonna be a close call guys.

    Sulla: 7 at 5
    Germany: 4 at 6

    >> Ze German 09/04/11(Sun)04:55 No.16175098
    rolled 6, 7, 2, 3 = 18

    4 at 6, last chance for glory here
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)04:56 No.16175105
    Damn you, Sullaninja.

    Yepper! Feel free to roll if you haven't been, the more the merrier.
    This will all get more educational once we move past the fodder rounds. Next adversary is where things start getting interesting.
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)04:56 No.16175112
    rolled 1, 9, 10, 2, 4, 8, 4 = 38

    7 at 5, setting up the overkill for next round (if the dice Gods are reasonable)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)04:57 No.16175117
    rolled 5, 8, 4, 9, 2, 7, 8 = 43

    (Block) Open Sesame!
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:00 No.16175149
    Mother of God. Luckily for the German (though surely, not luckily enough) Sulla only succeeds by a margin of 1. This still means that he will get 1 bonus die during the next exchange!

    Pools refresh, Sulla is back up to 17+1 if he attacks.

    Sulla has the initiative! This is the time, gentlemen!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:02 No.16175173
    Damn. For a moment I saw my roll and thought we'd have 20 dice this round. Still good though.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:02 No.16175177
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:03 No.16175187

    No, you fool! What have you done!?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:04 No.16175194
    the german has a pool of at probably 13.
    let's keep 6ish dice, just in case we need to defend later, and that's still a thrust for 12 - almost his whole pool.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:04 No.16175195
    I'm a little worried about what happens if we somehow fail to kill this guy here. What's our range penalty here,
    So 3? Is 15 dice enough to overwhelm this guy's... What is his pool, like 13? Is 15 at 6 enough to overcome 13 at 5?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:06 No.16175217
    Luckily, the German has a small shield, so his DTN is 6, not 5. Sulla has a very large Roman Scuttum, which lowers his combat pool a bit, but gives a better defense score of 5.

    So it'd be 15 at 6 vs (about) 13 at 6. Those are good odds, but maybe not gamblin' man's odds.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:06 No.16175223

    This. I like this idea the best.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:06 No.16175227
    You know what? Hell yes. I say hell yes, let's do it. If the noob wants to try and reserve some dice for hitting us, then he'll pay for it with his blood.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:07 No.16175235
    The problem is the range penalties because his weapon is xboxhueg. We'd only be hitting with 9, which is worse odds. Especially if the jerk just does what we did last turn and blocks open.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:09 No.16175261
    do we get extra Javelins between rounds?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:09 No.16175262
    I'm hearing some calls for the conservative option of 12(-3) and saving some for defense, and others for full attack.

    Let's hear a bit more discussion on it, before we commit. This is an important moment.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:12 No.16175283

    Well, if we full attack then would our strike override any simultaneous block/strike the german does? Because if so then it might not be a bad deal. But if the German can hit us, then we're fucked with nothing for defense.

    I still like the 12-6 deal.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:12 No.16175294
    I'm now seeing a flaw in the defensive plan:
    if we don't attack decisively, the german will give us a taste of our own medicine, and do a simultaneous block&strike for... 8 and 4?
    decent defense against our 9, and a free attack
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:12 No.16175295
    I think the longer we play this guy's game, the more tired we're going to be when we start fighting people who are actually tough. We need to end this now. Full attack has good odds, and can only fail if the guy totally commits, which just puts us back where we started, to do it again.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:14 No.16175310
    this is sort of important. knowing whether or not our ranged options are limited to 2 Pilum Javelins total vs 2 Pilum Javelins per fight could change our whole battle strat
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:14 No.16175316
    If we full attack, our blow will land before his, even if he block/strikes, and he'll have to divide his pool. That means we can kill him and cause his attack to flub.
    If we miss, then we're in trouble.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:15 No.16175325
    It is total, yes. Though there might be a chance to go and pull a javelin out if it doesn't bend in a guy's shield or something.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:17 No.16175346
    rolled 2 = 2


    Flipping a coin then. Heads (1) we go full attack. Tails (2), we do the 12-6.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:17 No.16175347
    ok that's what I thought but wanted to double check
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:17 No.16175358
    would it make any sense to keep just a couple of dice back from a full attack, so that if the german fully commits we can blindside him next turn?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:18 No.16175368

    As it often happens, you find out precisely the result you want when you flip the coin. I switch the result the full attack because I want to see this German son of a bitch die here and now.

    I vote all 18 into assaulting this fucker.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:21 No.16175397
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:21 No.16175405
    Oop, I see you there. Scratch this post.

    15 dice at 6 for Sulla
    8 at 6 for the German!
    >> Sulla 09/04/11(Sun)05:22 No.16175412
    rolled 6, 6, 7, 7, 5, 10, 2, 9, 5, 10, 7, 2, 1, 2, 10 = 89

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:24 No.16175425

    Fuck yeah! 9 successes. Kicked the mangy fuck all the way back across the Rhine.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:24 No.16175426
    rolled 1, 5, 9, 10, 1, 1, 1, 4 = 32

    All for Germania. Time for a repeat of Teutonburg.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:25 No.16175438
    9! So he can't even HOPE to block!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:25 No.16175442
         File1315128348.png-(519 KB, 3800x2400, Smugdog.png)
    519 KB
    >2 successes
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:26 No.16175450
    9 vs 2
    well this is the end of the German
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:26 No.16175451
    I... 9 successes to 2 blocking successes.
    That's a margin of 7. That's... That's 14 damage.

    Where are we hitting this guy? It's going to be a level 5 wounded literally no matter where you choose, now it's just a matter of which table you'd like to roll on.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:27 No.16175458
    MoS of 7.
    was it groin?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:27 No.16175459

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:27 No.16175464
    Chest. Go through his shield. Straight fucking through. Legionary Sulla is a bear with a poleaxe in a Roman body.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:27 No.16175466
    I'd just like to take this break in between fights to state that this is better than Deadliest Warrior in every single way. I think on Wednesday nights we should have a DW thread where we stat out the fighters for that night and then battle them here ourselves. But perhaps this isn't the time for that idea.

    Regardless, bring on the saxon!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:29 No.16175475

    The full attack idea was for the groin, so that's where we strike.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:29 No.16175477
    even in death, he has 1/3 chance to disarm us
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:30 No.16175484
         File1315128611.png-(145 KB, 532x283, Groinshot.png)
    145 KB
    rolled 4 = 4

    'Tis true, the first cry was of groin, and I must honor that sacred rite.

    Not a terrible idea, actually. It'd be impossible with more modern stuff of course, but there's not much of the ancient battles that you couldn't simulate as well or better in RoS.
    But we're not narrated by that guy. You know the one.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:32 No.16175506

    This is true. The one eyed Spartan does have a pleasing voice.

    Regardless, food for thought.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:33 No.16175519
    Like I said in the last thread; at least DW demonstrated why it is a bad idea to, for example, only have cloth leggings against a guy with a katana.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:34 No.16175529
    And not stick a goddamn aventail under your pot helm.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:35 No.16175535

    Sulla rushes in, and skims off the lower edge of the German's shield, slamming the sword straight into his groin at an upward angle.

    It is a horrible thing to behold.

    The German collapses in a heap. But there is a clanging of a sword upon a shield... And as Sulla turns, there is a blond man with a hauberk of chain, a shield, and a strange helmet, some 30 feet away, with a javelin already raised!

    Quickly, what is to be done? Sulla could draw his own javelin, trying to block the Saxon's on his shield and then return fire, or advance with his sword and close to melee.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:38 No.16175554
    Get in there, this guy isn't dangerous enough to warrant a javelin, better to get into close range while he's got something other than a sword in hand.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:38 No.16175558

    Oh shit!

    I say we close for melee with shield raised. Save our javelins for the samurai and shit without shields. Let's stab this fucking Saxon right in his Saxon face.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:42 No.16175595
    Fair enough! We'll say that Sulla can split this Exchange into his defense against the Saxon's javelin, and then his attack on the afterwards mostly-helpless Saxon!

    The Saxon's throw is, however, 8 dice. That's something pretty fierce all things considered.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:43 No.16175614

    He's a Saxon. They lost to the Normans. Can't be that bad.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:47 No.16175641
    So we devote a defense, and what we've got left is our attack next exchange? Fair enough. I saw we put 10 on it, 7 is enough to kill a guy.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:49 No.16175650

    Agreed. Although with the 8 throw, that's a pretty vicious move. Maybe 11-6?

    Either way, it's either 10 or 11.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:49 No.16175654
    That's the idea. So, Sulla's shield has a missile block of 6.

    So it's:
    8 at 6 for the Saxon
    10 at 6 for Sulla
    Go! This Marathon's not even half way over!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:50 No.16175665
    10-11 is good, I'd err on 10, because there's a really good chance that the javelin will hit the shield anyway and do dick for damage even if we fail to outright block it. Missile weapons really suck against shields in Riddle of Steel...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:51 No.16175668
    rolled 4, 3, 2, 5, 5, 6, 1, 1 = 27


    Sulla, roll your shit!

    They're d10s right?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:51 No.16175673

    Also, that roll was for the Saxon. Figured I should make that clear.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:52 No.16175675
    Galt, as the guy who bitched and whined for so long to get this, I must thank you with all my heart!

    Now, to get some popcorn.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:52 No.16175680
    rolled 5, 9, 9, 6, 2, 1, 9, 1, 10, 3 = 55

    10 at 6 for Sulla
    >> Saxon 09/04/11(Sun)05:52 No.16175684
    rolled 6, 5, 2, 3, 1, 6, 1, 8 = 32

    And now we come to swordtime! Well, javelintime.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:56 No.16175706
    Should probably not noko the rolls in here. Someone could rig the enemy to lose very simply by not rolling d10's.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)05:56 No.16175707
    Oh yeah, I saw that. 8 dice is what the Saxon rolled, and that's 8. That's... 1 success.

    To Sulla's 9001 successes.

    Sulla catches the javelin upon his shield, and knocks it aside, closing the distance to the unfortunate nord!

    Sulla has 7 dice remaining, and the initiative! The Saxon is also currently unarmed, having only his shield out.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:56 No.16175708

    Well that was a success. 5v1. Javelin rolls away harmlessly or some shit.

    Either way, let's stab this guy now. I demand Saxon blood.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:57 No.16175726
    rolled 9, 3, 9, 5, 5, 2, 6 = 39


    Also 7 into the attack! Press the assault! Sweep the leg! Hack the bone!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:58 No.16175730
    7 TO GROIN
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:58 No.16175741
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:58 No.16175746
    rolled 6, 10, 2, 3, 9, 8, 1, 3, 8, 10 = 60

    what's the Cestus like in combat?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)05:59 No.16175760
    ignore the dice Capcha ate my noko
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:00 No.16175767
    Yikes. A swing to the lower legs might actually be the best idea, as this guy does have a hauberk, and the Gladius does hit on 6s with a cut or a thrust.

    The Saxon, either way, will defend with 5 dice at 5. He has a big shield too.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:01 No.16175774
    Oh, Cestus is awesome. ATN 5, but it's Hand range, and only does Str bludgeoning damage. Its advantage is that it is totally unstoppable compared to regular punches.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:02 No.16175781
    rolled 10, 8, 10, 1, 7 = 36

    Here's for Saxywaxy.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:03 No.16175788
         File1315130584.gif-(86 KB, 600x399, rome_lg_07.gif)
    86 KB
    rolled 10, 10, 1, 5, 5, 6, 2 = 39


    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:03 No.16175791
    Agh, lucky blond bastard.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:04 No.16175800
    I once tested a starting character with an arming glove, which apparently works the same, in wrestling against a peasant. It ended with a level 5 bludgeoning wound to the face in the 3rd exchange.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:06 No.16175816
    Alright. The Saxon blocks the blow with his shield.

    Sulla is back up to full, so is the Saxon.
    Unlike the Saxon, however, Sulla has a sword out. Technically, the Saxon has the initiative. Technically.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:07 No.16175830
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:09 No.16175839
    Right. The Saxon, sort of at a loss for options, attempts a shield bash. He is outranged, so he loses 1 die. He attempts this bash with 10 dice.

    So 10 at 7 for the Saxon. What will Sulla do?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:09 No.16175840

    So what does the Saxon decide to do? Because I think Sulla might have to do another simultaneous block/strike. That seemed to work well. Maybe go 10/7 (block/strike) depending on what the saxon does.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:10 No.16175848

    Can one block a shield bash? Or should we go all out attack and thear this fucker's heart out?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:12 No.16175865
    A bash for 10 at 7? That Saxon is a real card. We have to go 2:1 ratio with a simultaneous block and strike, but it's worth it. Let's go 10/5, with the 10 on the defense.
    He bashes at 7, we defend at 5, and then stab him in the brain. If he lives, then WE bash HIM in the groin next turn.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:13 No.16175868

    Go for it, broheim.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:14 No.16175870
    rolled 10, 6, 5, 2, 6, 3, 9 = 41

    10 at 7
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:14 No.16175875
    In fact, blocking is just about the only thing that works on shield bashing. Parrying is impossible, though partial evasion can be done.

    So, the Saxon is bashing with 10 at 7
    Sulla is blocking with 10 at 5, and then counter-attacking with 5 at 6.

    ...This isn't going to go well for the Saxon. Such is the price of not being quick enough on the draw.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:15 No.16175881
    rolled 2, 3, 2 = 7

    >10 at 7
    >roll only 7
    oops have 3 more
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:16 No.16175892
    rolled 4, 9, 3, 4, 1, 10, 3, 2, 4, 5 = 45

    10 at 5
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:17 No.16175901

    Thank Mars he only rolled 2 successes.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:18 No.16175904
    rolled 7, 2, 7, 4, 8 = 28

    counter-attacking with 5 at 6
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:21 No.16175924

    Eh, could have gone worse.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:21 No.16175925
    Yikes. Soundly blocked, and its looking like a good hit too. Where should it be targeted?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:23 No.16175936
    Let's disarm this guy, litterally. Elbow!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:23 No.16175942
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:23 No.16175944

    Upper thigh.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:25 No.16175951
         File1315131921.png-(156 KB, 524x330, Arm_Cut.png)
    156 KB
    rolled 2 = 2

    I LIKE IT. Arm strike! That's 3 margins of success, for a total of 9 damage, unless you somehow hit the chain hauberk.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:27 No.16175968
    Er, sorry, that's a level 5 unless you hit the hauberk.
    You don't.

    So, level 5 to the... Forearm. Oh lordy.

    >BL: 12
    S: 10
    P: 12-WP
    >"Arm destroyed, perhaps cut off"

    Sulla catches the Saxon's shield bash with his own shield, and reaches over to neatly snip the nord's arm off at the wrist, just as it manages to close around the hilt of its sax.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:29 No.16175977

    Now the Bulgarian. The well-dressed Bulgarian. Let's fuck this fashion conscious central European up.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:30 No.16175987
    Dude, the guy isn't dead. Let's just step back and laugh at the guy as he bleeds out screaming.
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:31 No.16175993
    Hmm, can the Saxon shrug this off? if so go for a grapple, he's gonna die anyway, he might as well make it messy.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:31 No.16175994
    the Saxon isn't quite dead
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:32 No.16175999
    grapple and punch him in the face with our Cestus
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:32 No.16176002
    He's missing an arm and is in quite a lot of pain. It would be a simple matter to execute him now, so we may as well skip it. Unless Galt doesn't want to?
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:33 No.16176008
    I meant the saxon grappling, but I suppose they could both go for it, mano e mano
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:34 No.16176010
    let's finish him. it would be bad form to let him bleed.
    then proceed to loot his javelins.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:34 No.16176014
         File1315132487.png-(598 KB, 375x941, FABULOUS.png)
    598 KB
    The blonde northman collapses, holding his wrist and screaming. He vanishes, likely back to his frozen homeland.

    Suddenly, Pic-Related appears. He looks as shocked to be seeing Sulla as the other is to see him, but they quickly get with the program.

    He has no shield, but a very vicious looking mace, and strange armor of uncertain durability.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:34 No.16176015
    either way I still want to punch him with our Cestus
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:36 No.16176024
    We don't want to catch that mace on our body or flat on our shield.
    Javelin time!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:36 No.16176025

    Seriously? That guy? Fuck it, Full attack going for the gut. Let's just stab the everloving fuck out of him and move on to an actual threat.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:36 No.16176026
    Oh shit, what a swagger motherfucker. Sulla better be careful, only tough motherfuckers show up on the battlefield with their swag on like this.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:37 No.16176033
    > that helmit and neck guard
    looks like I don't get to face punch this round.
    also do disarmed or discarded weapons stay around, or do they vanish with the opponent?
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:38 No.16176037
    Stab to the gut, but leave about 6 for a defense if he manages to block.

    and can swords break in tRoS? because if so then I am worried about what that mace might do on a parry.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:39 No.16176040
    Exactly. This guy is probably strong as shit, and who knows if he has leather or chain under that chic sheet he's wearing.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:39 No.16176043
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:40 No.16176048
    or even plate.
    but he brought a mace to a sword and shield fight.
    if we dupe him into an attack, we can capitalize on that.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:40 No.16176049

    Exactly. He could have leather under that chain, so let's get the init fast, and go for a full out gutfucking.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:40 No.16176053
    The Saxon's javelin is still laying where it fell after Sulla blocked it aside. Dropped weapons seem to remain, things still being held seem to return with the slain/defeated.

    So, am I hearing a full stab, or a stab with 6 left over (11)? The mace and the gladius have the same range, so there is no penalty.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:41 No.16176055

    This. Let's loot the Saxon's javelins. Facepunch guy, you'll get to do it whe we get to the samurai. Beat the yellow off that Nip with the cestus.

    As for a course of action, throw one of those pilums at this motherfucker. The only other obvious target I can think of would be the Swiss halberdier. As of right now, it's either pilum to this fucker's chest, or running straight at him to block the mace then stab him in the gut.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:41 No.16176060

    No range penalty?

    Agree with >>16176049 that guy, and go for full stab.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:42 No.16176064
    Oh, sorry, I'm getting a head of myself.
    We must first throw Red/Blue. Contextually, I'm assuming Sulla threw Red, is this correct? The Bulgarian has thrown blue, for his part.
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:42 No.16176068
    yeah but remember what just happened when you don't keep you hand on your sword?

    I say stab and block,11 and 6
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:43 No.16176072

    Yeah red.

    So, he threw blue, we have init, and he has no ability to block. Gut stabbity.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:44 No.16176075
    Well, whatever we do, if we take the mace on our shield it could shock our arm numb. More force on a small area and all that.
    I could be talking out of my ass, never read the rules for RoS. I just understand combat, and this seems so close to IRL it's scary.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:45 No.16176083
    Yep. A Mace to the shield could screw our blocking ability all to hell. Which is why... full stab.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:47 No.16176097
    Alright, full thrust seems to be the consensus, which is 17 at 6.

    The Bulgarian (dun dun dun) Will devote 18 at 6, a parry with his light mace!

    17 at 6
    17 at 6

    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:47 No.16176101
    not as much as a mace to the face, and we don't know what this guy is packing. a poorly rolled all out stab maght bounce off and leave us defenceless before his skullcrusher.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:48 No.16176105
    rolled 3, 7, 8, 3, 8, 5, 1, 3, 1, 1, 6, 4, 6, 3, 3, 8, 7 = 77

    17 at 6 attacking
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:48 No.16176106
    Not a stab, we don't know what sort of armor he's got.
    Cut his hand off.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:48 No.16176109
    Sorry, not a consensus, but the best bet given that this guy has no shield.
    Also, it is 17, not 18, my mistake. He's savin' one just in case he survives this.

    That is all. Proceed!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:48 No.16176111
    rolled 2, 8, 8, 1, 6, 10, 6, 4, 8, 2, 8, 8, 10, 5, 1, 10, 4, 7 = 108

    Rollan for Parry.
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:48 No.16176112
    rolled 1, 10, 10, 1, 6, 1, 10, 8, 9, 5, 10, 4, 3, 8, 7, 2, 3, 7 = 105

    Bulgarian, 18 at 6 right?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:49 No.16176114

    You're not allowed to roll for Sulla anymore.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:49 No.16176116
    rolled 1, 9, 3, 3, 8, 10, 10, 10, 9, 4, 7, 8, 8, 6, 2, 3, 3 = 104

    17 at 6 defending
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:49 No.16176118
    rolled 1, 2, 7, 10, 8, 4, 1, 4, 2, 3, 7, 5, 10, 10, 8, 10, 5, 4 = 101


    Well crap, discount that roll then since it's 1 die to many.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:50 No.16176122
    Wait, if we're thinking he's packing some armor, though there are some obvious exposed bits in the picture, what if we went for more conservative stabs, leaving more dice for some kind of dodge maneuver?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:50 No.16176123
    rolled 2, 2, 7, 7, 5, 1, 7, 9, 6, 6, 5, 2, 5, 2, 5, 6, 2 = 79

    OH, too bad, he's rolling 17 now.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:52 No.16176133
    rolled 2, 9, 5, 1, 3, 9, 10, 7, 3, 1, 9, 7, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 3 = 83

    Well fuck. No matter what the result either 18 or 17 on all of the results we have, it's a full parry after Sulla's failure of a roll.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:52 No.16176135
    (It was 17 for the defense, yeah, sorry about that.)

    Shockingly-indeed, for almost the first time in his life, Sulla finds his attack outright delected by something other than a large plank of wood.

    The Bulgarian, in the second exchange, tosses his 1 remaining dice for a blow at 5 to Sulla's head, straight down.

    Fear the Fine Light Mace. FEAR IT.

    1 at 5 for the Bulgarian.
    Sulla has no remaining pool.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:53 No.16176141
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:54 No.16176143
    rolled 7 = 7

    1 at 5
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:54 No.16176147

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:54 No.16176149


    I told you all the full attack wasn't the way to go! Now Sulla has to deal with the embarassment of being struck by a BULGARIAN!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:55 No.16176151
    rolled 2, 6, 8, 8, 7, 6, 2, 8, 6, 3, 9, 5, 9, 9, 6, 9, 2 = 105

    Let's hope for something like a grazed toe.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:55 No.16176154
    head bump!
    will we even have a pool next round?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:55 No.16176156
    Wait a moment. Straight down? Pot helm with AV5 for the fucking win.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:55 No.16176158
         File1315133754.png-(151 KB, 547x307, Head_Smash.png)
    151 KB
    rolled 3 = 3

    That's one die, for a total of 7 damage to wherever it is he ends up hitting. 8 if it's the helmet or chain armor.

    Sulla might actually get hurt here, ladies and gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:56 No.16176163

    Full attack would have worked out just fine if only >>16176105 that guy hadn't been allowed to roll.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:57 No.16176169
    +1 damage vs armor, 1+dr (that doesn't include either av or toughness, does it?) shock...
    I don't think the helm will save us from a painful next round.
    BUT, we can full evade
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)06:58 No.16176173
         File1315133904.png-(151 KB, 548x303, Head_Swing.png)
    151 KB
    Wait, dammit. Not a thrust. Keep the 3 though.
    >> Scannon 09/04/11(Sun)06:58 No.16176174
         File1315133929.png-(173 KB, 1280x1024, slavs.png)
    173 KB
    Thank you for this Galt. It's made my morning.
    Sorry I haven't been able to scan recently. Life's been topsy-turvy. I'll go and make a bacon sammich and then get on it.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:59 No.16176178
    I do believe this is the same result no matter what. Sulla's face just got caved back through the other end of itself.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:59 No.16176180
         File1315133969.png-(22 KB, 249x322, 1273465704635.png)
    22 KB
    >if only >>16176105 >that guy hadn't been allowed to roll

    oh sure blame me and not /tg/ dice
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)06:59 No.16176182
    rolled 4, 2, 3, 10, 8, 3, 8, 2, 5, 6, 10, 3, 6, 6, 4, 9, 3, 10 = 102


    A blow to the head, the exact reason I said we should keep 6 to block.

    so are we stunned or what?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)06:59 No.16176184
    Fuck, I need to be getting to bed. I've got to be at a brunch in like 6 hours.

    Hopefully Legionnaire Sulla is still up and fighting by the time I get back.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:00 No.16176189
    rolled 2 = 2

    Face it - we got caught up in "all full attacks all the time" and failed to adapt. Don't blame anyone but yourself.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:01 No.16176195
    I do believe we are in fact, DEAD unless that helm covers the lower head and face, which I don't believe it does.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:01 No.16176197

    >Blame God or blame yourself!

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:02 No.16176198

    Well.... yeah. But it would have been fucking glorious to have the guy just show up and BAM, spitted like a roasting pig.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:03 No.16176211

    AV5 on the helm, mace does 8 dam, and I think ignores the helm and our toughness. So... 8 dam... I think we just lost an eye.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:03 No.16176212
    Alright, Str 7 vs Sulla's Toughness 5.
    That's a level 2 to the lower face.

    >BL: 1
    S: 8
    P: 6-WP
    Let's go with a broken nose. I don't think Sulla could fail a knockout roll if he tried. The Bulgarian grazes Sulla's with the mace, and there's a painful crack. The Roman emits a sound about halfway between cursing and laughing, before the blood starts running down his face.
    "Son of a circus whore!"

    Sula might just be in trouble... His WP is strong enough to ignore the Pain, but he's just suffered 11 shock total from his already nonexistant pool...

    He's going to start the next round with 6 CP.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:03 No.16176214
    >MoS 1
    really? are we fighting a bear in disguise?
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:04 No.16176215
    yeah but we're now taking a strength 7 hit to the lower head. your fault.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:05 No.16176220
    He IS an eastern European. We should have known better. That sauna fight should have thaught us to be wary of the crazy Balkanites.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:05 No.16176222
    Nope, I just thought the 7 damage was AFTER Toughness for some reason. Carry on, gents.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:06 No.16176226
    6 cp?

    Fine with me, go with full evade and backing up to force him to move to us.

    I wasn't the only one advocating for full attack.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:06 No.16176229
    Is there any way we can back off and regroup? Maybe grab a pilum or that javelin?
    We're gonna get creamed if we stay within arm's reach.
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:07 No.16176233
    Bulgarian has the initiative right? if so then I vote he should swing left to right, aiming for Sulla's shoulder/neck region. and if he has a poll of 17, we can throw 11 dice on the strike and still match Sulla's 6 if he decides to take the hit and strike back.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:07 No.16176235
    definitely full evade.
    once we have a pool back, we can talk about strategy.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:09 No.16176241
    So if we dodge with 5 dice we might stand a chance to hit back in the next round? Like I can't see blocking twice with 3 dice a pop going well, but on the other hand, he doesn't have a shield so if we can get on the offensive, he can't very well do simultaneous block and parry, can he?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:09 No.16176243
    Don't be so critical of the man's decisions. To be entirely fair here, this could've gone either way. If Sulla had connected at all, the situation would be exactly reversed. Significantly more in fact, because the Bulgarian doesn't have awesome WP, and piercing wounds are the scariest thing in the world.

    How was anyone supposed to know that this particular random warrior had a combat pool of 18? Aside from >>16176220 of course.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:10 No.16176246
    Uhh, hate to break it to you, but the Bulgarian is the enemy here.
    Let Galt decide what he does. You focus on keeping The Angriest Roman alive.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:12 No.16176261
         File1315134745.jpg-(304 KB, 1446x1000, trollhoffercrossbow.jpg)
    304 KB
    Galt, at some point could we stat up Hans Trollhoffer?

    Also, does TRoS have rules for fighting on horseback?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:13 No.16176267
    Arright arright, we can salvage this people!

    Full Evasion is an option. Let's say that the Bulgarian, still wary of the Roman, devotes 10 dice to a blow to the side.
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:13 No.16176268
    Sorry, I suppose I'm just anti-roman. Well, Sulla's best bet now is to put all his weight on another stab, there's no way we're getting away from this one if we lose momentum
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:13 No.16176271
    Proficiencies: Everything 15; Trollhofing 16
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:14 No.16176273
    Yeah that's the problem with mob mentality - it's got a kind of inertia to it.
    Reading back thru the posts is pretty cool if you imagine it as Sulla's thought stream, where he's all fired up and makes a split-second decision and then as he's swinging he's already realizing that it was the wrong one.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:14 No.16176275
    Remember, we have 6 cp for this next round. He has 17.
    He can block for 10 and cut us up with his remaining dice in the second exchange.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:15 No.16176277
    I must bow out of this one as it is late, I hope the results are up on the archives should this thread be gone by my return.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:15 No.16176278
    10 dice? the roman is done.
    we might get lucky on a full evasion, but averages say the balkie wins, and then hits us again with no chance to dodge.
    or we can take the hit, and gladiate his face.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:16 No.16176283
    What are the rules on full evade?
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:16 No.16176284

    but that's just delaying the inevitable. The only way out of this situation is a lucky stab.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:16 No.16176286
    rolled 5, 4, 8, 2, 2, 9, 10, 5, 1, 5 = 51

    lets see these 10 dice
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:17 No.16176290
    Full evasion ERRY DAY.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:17 No.16176291
    Sulla's just been given a smarting knock to the head. If I were him, I'd get the fuck out of there and cower behind my shield until the ringing stops. Then we switch up tempo and gut the fucker. Remember - for all we know the dick has Brigandine on under the fabulous clothes.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:18 No.16176292
    we could cut his arm off it don't look nearly as armored
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:18 No.16176293
    But we aren't in pain and shock wears off, doesn't it?
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:19 No.16176294
    you know what? that's a far better idea than mine. arm slash anyone?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:19 No.16176295
    If Sulla successfully full-evades, the Exchange ends instantly, and the two must throw red/blue again.

    Since Sulla's decreased pool is only Shock, he would regain it for the next round. He actually has no pain damage, because he's got balls of savage steel. This would more or less put him back on even footing.

    If it fails? Well... You know. Then it fails. Hail mary if I've ever heard one no?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:19 No.16176299
    Get him on the hand.
    No armor on the wrist; we can see it.
    And anywhere else, we may get lucky and disarm him.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:20 No.16176304
    yes, but we're facing 2 exchanges before refresh.
    with 6 dice.
    if a full evasion fails, the first blow won't kill us, but the second will.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:20 No.16176308
         File1315135238.jpg-(642 KB, 2000x1373, NN9vm.jpg)
    642 KB
    A stop-hit to the wrist on one of his swings would work. Hans Trollhoffer style.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:20 No.16176309
    The problem is that the Bulgarian has the initiative right now. If we attack, we automatically hit AFTER that guy kills us! We need to withdraw first, regain our bearings, and then do this the smart way. A sobering blow from a mace is the only good kind.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:22 No.16176314
    What we need is, we NEED to get back INITIATIVE.

    Full evade!
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:22 No.16176318
    I concede, Full Evasion and pray. I still think we're just going to die slower.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:24 No.16176324
    with 6 cp?
    full evade.
    can we roll acrobat to get more dice on the evasion?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:24 No.16176325
    10 for the Bulgarian at 6.
    6 for Sulla at 4.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:25 No.16176333
    rolled 2, 6, 7, 9, 2, 8 = 34

    6 for Sulla at 4
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:25 No.16176334
    Er, yeah, just forget I said anything, Sulla's got some good stats, but his odds aren't phenomenal given what he knows. Better to try to dodge.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:26 No.16176338
    rolled 8, 7, 7, 10, 6, 9, 6, 4, 1, 2 = 60

    Bulgarian pride man!
    I don't even know where that is...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:26 No.16176341
    rolled 9, 10, 2, 6, 6, 10, 8, 10, 1, 9 = 71

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:27 No.16176343
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:27 No.16176344
         File1315135652.jpg-(7 KB, 214x190, 1309035599101.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:27 No.16176346
    quick disregard this roll >>16176338 and use this one >>16176286
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:30 No.16176357
         File1315135826.png-(138 KB, 554x286, Upper_Body.png)
    138 KB
    rolled 4 = 4

    Oh damn. 7 to 4... That's a margin of 3. That's a Str 9 wound to somewhere on the upper body. Sulla can actually shrug that off, most anywhere, but that's not the problem, per-se...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:30 No.16176358
         File1315135828.jpg-(35 KB, 280x390, SNN11TV4A_280_843664a.jpg)
    35 KB
    Oh cock!
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:33 No.16176381
    >BL: 0
    S: 5-WP (0)
    P: 4-WP (0)
    "Glancing Blow-Will leave a nasty bruise"

    Sulla catches the hit straight on his side. He is not terribly impressed.

    However, the real problem is that because Sulla failed to escape, the Bulgarian can now actually use his 8 remaining dice on him.

    And there can be no defense. Vertical blow to the head will do... No need to get fancy here.

    The Bulgarian gets 8 at 5. This may be the end...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:34 No.16176389
    rolled 8, 3, 8, 3, 7, 2, 5, 8 = 44

    The Bulgarian gets 8 at 5
    is this the end of our hero
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:35 No.16176395
    Ah. Sulla's chain armor gives him AV 4 on the torso. His Toughness is 5, for a total of 9. This means that the Str 9+1 (plus 1 for armor penetrating mace stuff) only actually inflicts a level 1 wound on him.
    And for Sulla, that's a joke. He pisses more level 1s than this every morning.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:35 No.16176396
    rolled 3, 8, 3, 9, 5, 3, 2, 2 = 35

    Here goes...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:35 No.16176399
    rolled 3, 1, 4, 7, 5, 4, 8, 5 = 37

    yeah that looks like it's over
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:36 No.16176405
    rolled 5 = 5

    Yikes. That's a Str 11 hit.

    Refer here:
    For the table. It... It is actually still possible for Sulla to basically ignore the damage done by this.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:36 No.16176408
    the mystery opponent is Bueno-grande the pollaxe bear.
    calling it.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:38 No.16176416
    Could be worse... could be 1 success
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:39 No.16176426
    That's Sulla's Toughness 5 plus armor 5, for a total of 10.

    A level 1 wound.

    >BL: 0
    S: 8-WP (2)
    P: 5-WP
    "Glancing Blow."

    Sulla is made of lead wrapped in steel wrapped in Rome, ladies and gentlemen.

    Sulla takes 4 shock damage thanks to the mace's weird special abilities, but besides that, he has just walked away from this without actually dying.


    The Bulgarian is shocked. Sulla is still alive, and at a pool of 13.

    The Bulgarian has the initiative. In what might actually be desperation, the Bulgarian puts all 18 dice on a swing for Sulla's neck.

    Course of action?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:41 No.16176433
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:41 No.16176436
    Uh, 10 on a shield block, and if that's a success we can try a handectomy with 3
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:41 No.16176439
    catch the mace with your mouth and bite it off
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:42 No.16176441
    what is this witchery
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:42 No.16176442
    So we are utilizing some kind of a Roman version of rope-a-dope tactic here?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:44 No.16176455
    This is an insane plan, but I like it. 10 dice on a block, and then try to cut the guy's arm off in the following exchange. Alternatively we could buy the initiative, and then just try to beat him to the cut. I seem to recall Willpower factoring into it, and Sulla is some sort of will beast.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:46 No.16176462
    So it shall be!

    We will finish this exchange, and pick it up in the next thread, as we're really hitting autosage levels here.

    18 at 5
    10 at 5

    If Sulla actually gets this hit off, then the Bulgarian is in seriously deep shit, be aware of that, and roll!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:47 No.16176470
    either way we need to cut that god damn arm/hand off
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:47 No.16176472
    Er, 18 at 6 sorry. Durp.
    >> Vulgar Bulgarian Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:48 No.16176474
    rolled 2, 8, 8, 1, 2, 2, 4, 6, 5, 5, 4, 1, 7, 6, 6, 1, 5, 4 = 77

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:48 No.16176476
         File1315136913.jpg-(50 KB, 320x478, tiger-blood-energy-drink.jpg)
    50 KB
    Buy the initiative. Stop-cut to the mace holding hand.
    Sure, it might CRITICAL FAILURE, but guys, this is Sulla. LET'S NOT BE VAGINAS ABOUT THIS.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:49 No.16176482
    rolled 7, 7, 9, 2, 3, 10, 7, 8, 7, 8, 2, 6, 4, 1, 9, 9, 9, 2 = 110

    18 at 5
    >please go low
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:49 No.16176486
    rolled 2, 1, 3, 4, 9, 7, 9, 5, 5, 7 = 52

    6 successes!
    Not unbeatable!
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:50 No.16176492
    You know what? The man's got a point. If you are willing, we'll do this. It could be the fastest way to decisively spit the nails into this coffin.
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:51 No.16176506

    Sulla... Successfully blocks the unblockable! The Bulgarian's total advantage has turned in upon itself!

    Sulla now has 3 dice that cannot be blocked. 3 dice at 6!

    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:53 No.16176520
    rolled 8, 6, 10 = 24

    3 dice at 6
    what's the worst that could happen
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:53 No.16176521
    rolled 3, 7, 10 = 20

    Cut his fucking arm off, we've been wanting to do it all day
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:53 No.16176523
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:54 No.16176529
    rolled 3 = 3

    3 Successes. Total of a Str 9 hit.

    is the table.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:54 No.16176530
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)07:57 No.16176551
         File1315137422.jpg-(194 KB, 836x1024, trollhoffer.jpg)
    194 KB
    Now, can someone archive this thread and Galt begin the next?
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)07:58 No.16176560
    A level 4 to the forearm.
    BL: 6
    S: 8
    P: 8-WP (4)
    "Arm Broken, lots of blood."

    Sulla blocks the Bulgarian's swing with his shield, and brings his Gladius down upon it in a hideous cut. The bones crack beneath the force of the blow, and the Bulgarian's mace falls heavily to the ground. The Bulgarian curses in an indecipherable tongue-though one needn't speak it to get the gist, somehow.

    The Bulgarian does not Vanish, though it is clear he is now helpless. Sulla could take one more refreshed round's worth of actions against him, or let him go like the defeated dog that he is.

    Your call.
    >> Kzyrgis 09/04/11(Sun)07:59 No.16176576
    He broke our nose, OF WITH HIS HEAD!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)08:00 No.16176585
    can we beat him to death with his our mace?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)08:00 No.16176589
         File1315137650.jpg-(382 KB, 1200x791, trollhoffer3.jpg)
    382 KB
    Stab to groin.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)08:01 No.16176592
    Can we poke at his torso?
    I just wanna see if he's actually armored, after all that.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/11(Sun)08:01 No.16176594
    derp. or we could punch him with the cestus
    >> John Galt 09/04/11(Sun)08:02 No.16176600


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