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  • File : 1314682146.jpg-(234 KB, 600x890, muscle wizard.jpg)
    234 KB Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:29 No.16113211  
    I'm sure it's been attempted before, but I had an idea for Muscle Wizard that I wanted to try in a game. Rather than base class, it would be a prestige class. Perhaps I could get a bit of feedback from the elegan/tg/entlemen.

    Muscle Wizard requirements-
    Base Strength 13+
    Base Constitution 13+
    Base Charisma 13+
    Arcane Spellcasting 5th level
    Improved Grapple
    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Discipline- 8 ranks
    Intimidate- 8 ranks
    Must be able to cast Evocation spells.

    Muscle Wizards have a hitdie of 1d6 and BAB of 3/4
    They gain arcane spell growth and caster levels equivalent to wizards. They also gain unarmed damage bonuses equivalent to monk levels, although no other monk bonuses apply.

    Muscle Wizards may not wear light, medium, or heavy armor. They also may not wield a weapon of any sort other than a glove or a gauntlet.

    Muscle Wizards store their spells in their muscles. In order to do this as well as obtain a proper workout each day, the Muscle Wizard is less efficient than standard wizards. All spells memorized by the Muscle Wizard take two spell slots instead of one with the exception of Mighty Flex. Mighty Flex may be memorized only once per spell level.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:30 No.16113220
    Muscle Wizard level 1-
    Great Muscle- Permanent gain of +1 to strength, constitution, and charisma
    Muscle Casting- Muscle Wizards now use the Strength score in place of Intelligence for all arcane spellcasting.
    Mighty Flex 1 (Transmutation)- May be stored at spell levels 1-3. Grants (Spell level/2 round up) morale bonus to all rolls for 1d4 rounds. Heals entire party for (Spell level)d2 hp.

    Level 2-
    Flex Casting- Muscle Wizards may cast arcane spells by flexing at any time they choose. This has the effect of a Silent Spell with no spell level requirements. However, this may not stack with any other metamagic feat and requires full mobility.

    Level 3-
    Excellent Muscles- Gain permanent +1 to Strength, Constitution, and Charisma.

    Level 4-

    Level 5-
    Incredible Muscles- Gain +1 permanent Strength, Constitution, and Charisma
    Mighty Flex 2- Same as Mighty Flex 1 except now Mighty Flex may be stored up to level 6 spells.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:30 No.16113225
    Level 6-
    Solid Muscle- The Muscle Wizard now has +1 natural AC and 1/- damage resistance.

    Level 7-
    Awesome Muscle- Gain +1 permanent Strength, Constitution, and Charisma

    Level 8-
    Musical Muscle- the Muscle Wizard may use Perform (Barbershop Quartet) at 1/2 his caster level or at his highest Perform check once per day.

    Level 9-
    Perfect Muscle- Gain +1 permanent to Strength.
    Fist Casting- The Muscle Wizard may choose to imbue his fist with a spell. During his next attack, he must make a successful touch attack. Any spell cast this way bypasses reflex saves. Spell resistance DC is increased by one point for every three points above touch AC rolled by the Muscle Wizard.

    Level 10-
    Fist (Universal)- (Caster level)d10 bludgeoning damage to all beings and objects within line of sight radius. Living and nonliving creatures will be treated as not blocking line of sight, immobile structures and terrain may block line of sight. All creatures and immobile structures regardless of friend or foe will receive damage. The Muscle Wizard may cast Fist once per day as an epic spell.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:31 No.16113230
    Doesn't "Bastards and Bloodlines" have a feat that lets you swap your spellcasting attribute for *any other attribute*? Switch INT for STR/CON and there's your muscle wizard.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:36 No.16113270
    So, yeah. I'm still trying to decide whether this is viable (Growth will be from low level, so it would require a rather suboptimal character dedicated to the path) or overpowered due to the bonuses.

    Also didn't mention that bardic/sorcerer arcane spellcasting would also swap to strength usage instead of charisma. The charisma bonuses and requirements are simply there because Muscle Wizard is charismatic.

    Any thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)02:14 No.16113718
    Eh, nothing? I suppose it's a bit convoluted, but I wanted something with more character than simply changing cast from int to str.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)02:20 No.16113803
    - prestige classes don't have strict stat requirements, so "power attack" would be a good substitute for str (since it requires str 13+)

    label your abilities ex, su, or sp
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)02:20 No.16113805
         File1314685238.jpg-(434 KB, 750x750, muscle_girls_by_elee.jpg)
    434 KB

    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)02:30 No.16113919
    >> luffy316 08/30/11(Tue)02:32 No.16113940
         File1314685928.jpg-(446 KB, 1200x960, 1313897277548.jpg)
    446 KB
    you are now tempted to play a female muscle wizard
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:17 No.16114365
    Nobody said it was a male-only class, right?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:22 No.16114410
    Didn't we decide that Muscle Wizard was either an Illumian Aeshkrau Cleric/Archivist who uses Divine Metamagic + Persistent Spell + Greater Consumptive Field.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:31 No.16114491

    It's not the female part that's a problem, but the female+bald+mustache.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:33 No.16114503
         File1314689632.jpg-(229 KB, 849x578, sample_e5ba0320eb46e59d1decd99(...).jpg)
    229 KB

    BTW, femuscle wizards have already been done.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:37 No.16114535
    Actually I've played around with a idea like this for a while. Instead of wizards, have clerics and have a god of competition and sports. Have them pray daily through wrestling and what not, have a daily ability that would allow them to double their STR bonus for a round.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:40 No.16114547
         File1314690032.png-(84 KB, 341x226, yuugi the mightiest sorceror_1.png)
    84 KB

    Muscle sorcerers, too
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:42 No.16114559
    >Even the image itself spells it fine
    >Have not noticed it until now

    My autism just went into overdrive. My internet-shame will never end
    >> Ruby !!iPJbBu5S79g 08/30/11(Tue)03:51 No.16114608
    This sounds rather retarded. Not only do you have to have your high intelligence as a Wizard, but now you also need 3 other decent stats, thus forcing you to switch your speciality. Furthermore, having only a 1d6 hit die (which is a Wizard's normal hit die if you go by pathfinder) and 3/4 BAB, but also being limited by needing two slots per spell only makes it bad at all roles. It would be much better to just multiclass into fighter as a Wizard, rather than to use this crippling prestige class.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)03:58 No.16114648
    Rather, Muscle wizards use STR bonus to replace INT for normal wizards.

    Muscle Wizards may never wear any armor that covers their torso or arms (excluding hands) or incur a 30% spell failure chance.

    A muscle wizard's hit die are d12, but they may NEVER use any weapon or ranged weapon other than their own body, fists, legs, head ect.

    Muscle wizard may only have access to the Enchantment, Evocation and universal spells.

    That's just my input for a start. I could go on.
    >> OP 08/30/11(Tue)04:45 No.16114964
    Hm. Good points all around.

    Perhaps moving hitdie up to 1d8 and BAB to full would make it a bit more appealing, along with cutting the requirements down to 3rd level arcane spellcasting and only 5 ranks in discipline and intimidate. I know the strength, constitution, and charisma requirements are a bit unusual, but they do seem to fit the theme quite well and suit the class to a sorcerer/monk or bard/fighter combo. It's absolutely more flavor than raw power.

    If that's not enough, perhaps instead of crippling spell slots that badly, simply enforce the first spell slot each day to be filled with Mighty Flex, then leave the rest normal. Considering that's still giving wizard pace spell growth and +4 total to spellcasting stat, I'm pretty sure that's not a horrible restraint.

    As mentioned, no armor and gloves/gauntlets largely for the purpose of being able to punch oozes and the like. Although it wouldn't be much of a stretch at this point to say the Muscle Wizard can punch whatever he wants with no ill effects because muscles.

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