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  • File : 1314660601.jpg-(189 KB, 1280x719, Ignore_The_Hangglider.jpg)
    189 KB Riddle of Steel: When in Rome... John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)19:30 No.16109227  
    This is John Galt speaking, with a special TV offer.
    No wait. My mistake, I'm here with with The Riddle of Steel. I'm here to settle some scores, and the tally currently holds Gizka 1, Rome 0.

    Last time, we left off with our pigeon-sized protagonist having scaled to the top of a rookery at the edge of the interior city, seeking escape from the Vatican City after her assassination of Cardinal Whatshisname, the killing of several of his guards during a cross-city rooftop sprint, and a fortunate escape into a conveniently placed cart of straw.

    Now Gizka, the intrepid slave-turned-vigilante-turned-murderer-for-hire, finds herself just within leaping distance of the city's walls, but beset by a final obstacle before her hoped escape: A guardsman entertaining a prostitute on the sheltered section of wall over which she had planned to make her escape.

    Will she escape to continue her aimless life of entertaining violence? That's up to you folks.
    Following will be a recap of our heroine's stats, and then we may continue!
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)19:34 No.16109282
    rolled 6, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 3, 5, 3, 2, 6, 5, 1, 6, 2 = 55

    Fk yeah! I've been waiting for another RoS all day!

    from what I remember of the last thread, we can't simultaneously kill both the guard and the prostitute.

    However, I have given it some thought, and I have come up with a plan!

    We hold our sword in one hand, dagger in the other, leap down and stab the prostitute with the knife for say 12 dice (she screams loudest, she dies first) then on the next round we go for the guards exposed groinal area with gusto!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)19:36 No.16109309
    Hm. We need to take everything done in Riddle of Steel threads so far and do it in FATAL instead, just to see how it turns out.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)19:36 No.16109311

    Stupid dice, stop rollin ¬_¬
    but yeah, just to clarify, we leave the dagger embedded in the prostitute's throat/face because it would be a bitch to pull out quick enough to turn and fight the guard.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)19:40 No.16109359
    Sarah Gizka
    ST 4 WP 6 Reflex 10
    AG 10 Wit 10 Knockout 4
    TO 3 MA 6 Knockdown 7
    EN 8 Soc 5 Aim 9
    HT 3 Per 8 Move 11
    Gifts: Careful (M) Accurate (M)
    Proficiencies: Progressive School (Rapier +1, Pistols -2) 15
    Acrobatics at 6,
    Climb at 5,
    Acting at 7
    Equipment & Stuff: Fine Smallsword (bonus thrust damage), Broad Dagger Leather jack, Leather gloves, Leather leggings, Leather hood (coif), Two Flintlock Handguns (three reloads remaining), 12 Lira, 1 Florin
    CP: 26 w/ Smallsword

    Fatigue: 1 (no penalty)
    Injuries: bruised shoulder, bruised ankle, (Pain 0, BL 0)

    Known History: Birthplace unknown, spent childhood enslaved in Baghdad. Ended up servant to Spanish General Manuel Juarez, escaped after robbing the famous freedom fighter El Zorrino. Somewhere along the line, assassinated French Cardinal Flandri in Rome, is now attempting escape from the city's guards.
    Speaks Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Georgian. Can convey insults in Greek, Hungarian and Polish, but cannot actually converse.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)19:47 No.16109436
    Alright, that's easy enough. Now let me see if I read you right: The plan is to leap on down, and kill the prostitute and the guard? That's a bit callous, but we've established by now that Gizka's not exactly an empathic human being.

    It'd be a hell of an acrobatics to get to them without hitting the ground first and giving herself away, but Gizka's a hell of an athlete. Want to roll Move (11) at her Acrobatics of 6, to see if the jump can be made?

    Anything but the most outrageous failure will still get her onto the wall and probably unharmed, but getting far enough to kill both of them before they can react will be a bit trickier.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)19:48 No.16109448
    Character Creation alone would be an 8 week correspondence course.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)19:52 No.16109497
    rolled 9, 9, 1, 6, 7, 10, 7, 8, 1, 2, 5 = 65

    I heard 11 at 6.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)19:52 No.16109499
    rolled 2, 8, 6, 1, 2, 8, 5, 1, 9, 6, 5 = 53

    Here for move

    and I mean we kill the postitute this attack, straight in before she reacts, but the guard will have time to pull his sword because I think we need to wait for the next exchange to strike a second target. I'm not great on the rules though, so who knows
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)19:52 No.16109506
    Most people at the end of the last thread wanted to stealth by. I'll vote for that too.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)19:54 No.16109534
    DAMNIT GUYS! didn't we jsut agree that it'd be easier to sneak past them cuz' we're awsome? Failing that we were gonna hide the bodies as overly large pidgeons.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)19:55 No.16109545
         File1314662149.jpg-(538 KB, 605x873, 01.jpg)
    538 KB
    I made the character here in less than a week over 3 threads.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:03 No.16109638
    Aagh, dissent! Dissent is fun.

    Alright, now in our defense here, the amount of Acrobatics successes we just rolled (what is that, 7?) is enough to actually reach both of them, like, straight top-down drop.

    A happy medium might just be to land on them, and risk minor injury to slam one of them into the parapets, with probably slightly-less-than-fatal effects, leaving the other one to be killed or taken out in hand-to-hand. Even at the maximum penalty of -4, Gizka's combat pool with open-hand or pugilism would still be 22.

    Given the circumstances, that guard probably doesn't have much... Er... Groin armor.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:04 No.16109656
         File1314662684.jpg-(413 KB, 572x858, 02.jpg)
    413 KB
    Of course, since there are eleven sheets to FATAL's character sheet, I won't post them all, but the threads were archived if you want to check them out.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)20:05 No.16109667
    rolled 8, 3, 6, 2, 10, 10, 8, 2, 5, 9, 1 = 64

    Landing on the whore sounds like a good idea, then remove the bloke's nob with a single strike!

    then kill the whore, because no witnesses.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:05 No.16109668
    >Speaks Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Georgian. Can convey insults in Greek, Hungarian and Polish, but cannot actually converse.

    Jesus Christ, she's been around.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:06 No.16109684
    Bugger, ah well I guess this is what happens for not paying attention. So looks like its murderin' time. The reason we wanted to sneak past was so that noone knew which direction we left the city in, if we're gonna do this might as well kill em and hide the bodies to by us more time since they'll know we went this way anyway.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:07 No.16109694
    But, I don't want to give the impression that I ignored the end of the last thread. There WAS a lot of calling for stealth there, and given their distraction slinking by could also work.

    So let's do this the proper way: Who's for Stealth, and who's for Blood?

    Kzyrgis, I know where you stand, you lovable loon.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:09 No.16109722

    You'd be able to pick up every single one of those languages in a year or two spent in Byzantium. Except maybe Spanish.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:10 No.16109742
    Stealth preferably
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:10 No.16109743
    If Stealth is possible, then it would be the ideal result. We'd have to retcon however, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it.
    Just wait a bit longer before deciding on a vote next time, so that all voices can be heard, and I'll toss my lot in with the elbow dropping crowd.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:11 No.16109762
    Didn't some Spanish nutballs take over Athens in like the 13th century? You might even run into Spaniards there, if that's the case.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:14 No.16109809
    Not so germain to the adventure at hand, but I have something to ask of John Galt and everyone else. How is riddle of steel as a system? What I mean is for [a rather gritty, 'swift & deadly' combat, low magic (with consequences) game with a few separate races and the option to tech up], is it any good? would there be better systems for something like that?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:16 No.16109821
    I say we go Mario style on their asses. Let's try to drop onto the guard and maybe at least daze him, and take the prostitute out quick.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:22 No.16109880
         File1314663775.png-(40 KB, 174x224, Falling.png)
    40 KB
    Alright. Let's go with the takedown. In the future, I'll be less trigger-happy with my selections.

    Gizka steps back into the Rookery, and with a running start, flings herself off the very edge of the pigeon roosts. She sails about thirty feet (thanks to her height advantage) before landing on the unfortunate whore.

    Thanks to her enormous successes and soft landing place, Gizka evades all harm, but the prostitute will take about half of the leaping distance's damage for being smashed into a stone parapet... Which is 8 damage, randomly distributed via falling.

    The guard lets out an EEP of disappointment, but nothing quite resembling a shout.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)20:24 No.16109894
    See! I'm not the only one who wants to kill our lady of the night!

    and sorry I jumped in quick, I'm a bit tired so I just went for it. Let's go with whatever the majority is
    (vote violence or you'll get the same as the whore!)
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:24 No.16109904
    I still think we should steal the prostitute for a little hot les-yay pick-me-up sex on the road.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:25 No.16109918
    rolled 2, 3, 10, 3, 9, 2, 5, 7 = 41

    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:27 No.16109930
    Who is john galt?
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:33 No.16109993
    That's a lot of low-damage bludgeoning wounds.
    >2, 3, 10, 3, 9, 2, 5, 7 = 41

    She's probably out with bruised knees and a lump on her head. and a few purple spots on the ribs.

    Of course, with a WP score probably in the 2-3 range, odds are she's not getting back up.

    Gizka's back on her feet in a second of course. The guard, meanwhile, is struggling to pull up his pants and grab his spear from its leaning place at the same time.

    (I'll answer you in a second, thanks for waiting!)
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:37 No.16110038
    It's a good game for what it does. The combat is great, and the skill system is inoffensive, if not phenomenal per-se. The magic is actually pretty good if you get the hang of it, but it suffers from chronic vagueness and it obviously intends for the players and the seneschal to come to their own decisions involving what can do what. Particularly with the Revised Sorcery rules.

    I'd say Riddle of Steel, WFRP, and Burning Wheel are the three best games at what they do specifically, but I am unqualified to give you an order of quality. Riddle has its flaws, definitely. The game failed for a reason, but it's also the sort of game that if you like it, you'll LOVE it, and find yourself going through hell and high water to make it work for your group.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:39 No.16110060
    Hang on, I may have missed something in that damage calculation. The 8d10 roll you did was for the location, with each one getting one point of damage? And the total damage is hard set by the distance jumped?
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)20:41 No.16110081

    terrible thing in my throat, but yeah I don't have a lot of experience with RoS, but what I have had has been fun and has worked well for roleplay, although I tend to act more like a balloon full of blood than a swordsman during combat.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:41 No.16110087
    Ok then, let's stab him in the throat while he's fumbling.
    All in favor say aye.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:43 No.16110107
    Gotta go throat, so he can't sceam don'tcha know.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:44 No.16110126
    Oh yeah, let me be more specific on how that works.

    Gizka's jump wasn't uncontrolled falling, but rather a leap. It was a deliberate affair, and she scored well enough on an acrobatics that I'd rule she took no damage, having landed on soft prostitute.

    The prostitute, however, was just slammed into the stone footing of the wall by a flying woman. Full damage didn't seem fair, so I figured about 15 feet of 'falling on hard ground would be appropriate. Falling onto hard ground is 1 damage per 2 feet fallen, so, about 7.5. I figure hey, why not 8.

    Falling damage ignores toughness and armor, and is simply applied via a random table. So, those 8d10 were for the actual hit location. To save time, I skipped the exact locations, since it's just a prostitute, and I didn't want to hold you guys up for 15 minutes going through the umpteen hit locations.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)20:50 No.16110190
    Damn you I worked out the hit locations then went "nah, who cares" too. but now I feel obliged to say

    2 damage to knees, 2 damage to wrists, 1 damage to fore arms, 1 damage to head, 1 damage to shoulder, 1 damage to chest.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)20:53 No.16110228
    rolled 7, 7, 2 = 16

    Ha! You've done well. Yeah, she's got a few sprains, and is probably winded and dazed. I doubt she's going to be screaming before we can... Deal with her. Whatever that means.

    Meanwhile, we've got us a dead man! He's obviously surprised here, and unprepared, so we'll halve his CP. I like the sound of that thrust for 14 to the face or groin. He will panickingly try to block it with his hands with 3 dice, and will take half damage to his arms in addition to his likely lethal damage.

    So, 14 at 5.
    3 at 7. I'll get the guard's futile rolls.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)20:55 No.16110253
    rolled 5, 5, 10, 9, 5, 2, 2, 8, 3, 8, 10, 3, 9, 6 = 85

    Mmm... Sweet, sweet thrusting.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)20:59 No.16110293
    rolled 2, 6, 7, 3, 3, 10, 1, 10, 2, 6, 7, 2, 1, 2 = 62

    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:01 No.16110316
    Good lord. That man is dead. I think that's a str 14 hit to the head or groin (level 5 wound), and then a strength 7 (which is a level 3 wound) to the arm.

    Let's say... Gizka nails his forearm to his chin with a thrust, and kicks him off of it, to land in a heap against the crenelations.

    That's one thread dealt with, and another neutralized... But what about the girl?
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)21:03 No.16110328
    I wanna see this sword slash, cut her throat and paint the pidgeons a funny new colour!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:06 No.16110361
    I'm with >>16109904
    or at least, I would be, except it'd be hard to get her down the walls.

    ...What? Kyzgris is obviously the serial killer in her talking, it's only sensible we have a sexual predator in there too. We've obviously got some consciences in here also.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:08 No.16110376
    Cover her mouth with ours. We could use a stockholm-syndrome sidekick.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:08 No.16110384
    Jesus Christ, it's like I'm really playing with my group. Please, someone who isn't on a computer in Rikers Island get in here.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:11 No.16110407
    Well, I *suppose* we could just knock her out, or maybe try to intimidate her into staying quite. Not real sure how that would work in this system.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:12 No.16110425
    Just knock the whore out, no need to fuck and run.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:13 No.16110430
    She probably didn't see Gizka, so I say knock her out and let her be, but grab the guard's sword/dagger (if he has one), get his blood on it, and leave it in her hand, for the lulz.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)21:13 No.16110439
    if I was roleplaying Gizka I would have landed on the guard, cut his throat then told the prostitute "if you want to live, run!"

    but I'm tired and therefore I'm roleplaying the psycopathic part of Gizka's mind, probably the part that got her into this whole mess, when combined with the white knight part.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:14 No.16110447
    You ran away from your group of lunatics to seek sanity on... 4chan? Oh Johnny, you so crazy.

    But there's no time for sexual molestation, or we're going to end up fighting half of the city guard with tongue down a whore's throat.

    All common sense suggests we either kill her, or take her down the wall with us. I wouldn't bet on the second, I assumed we were just going to jump off the wall into water or bushes or something, but that sounds like a death sentence. Do we have rope?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:16 No.16110473
    Ah, now that's a thought. Let's throw her over the wall, and then jump down on top of her again. If she survives that she can come along as official fall girl for when things go bad.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:17 No.16110486
    hahaha, oh wow, we have to do this one now.
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/29/11(Mon)21:17 No.16110491
    Don't kill the prostitute, take her with us as an understudy and a sidekick
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:21 No.16110540
    Theeere we go. Gizka takes the guard's dagger out, and, after smearing some brain matter onto it, leaves it in the whore's hand.
    She looks bruised up, and will probably (if caught at all) claim that she was beaten and acted in self defense.

    The alternative being... Claiming that she was struck by the fist of God and woke up next to a dead guy with the knife conveniently in her hand.

    ...Nice ass though. Gizka shakes the thought from her mind. "You're not in the pits anymore," she reminds herself, and contemplates a stiff drink once she reaches the dustoff site, which is a trailhouse less than four miles away.

    The wall is about 50 feet high at this point, as it faces the water. She could climb most of the way down, and then jump in with no risk.

    Sound like a plan?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:22 No.16110552
    I suppose there are throwing rules under grappling? We could try telling her to jump off herself, but she'd probably run away before we could land on her.
    We would almost need to grab her and throw ourselves and her over at the same time.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)21:22 No.16110558

    screw my plan, fall girl it is!

    >captcha: name scumana
    yes captcha, we shall call her Scumana!
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:24 No.16110578
    I... I can't argue with that. That's actually a better plan. If it goes awry, it still looks like she got into a fight, killed the guy, and then fell off afterwards.

    Alright. She's in a lot of pain and dazed from the suddenness of the impact. Tossing her over would be as easy as helping her to her feet and pushing her. Odds of survival... Low, but that's showbiz.

    Is this the consensus?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:26 No.16110594
    Made a character over the better part of a day, but mainly because I basically jumped into this and literally learned as I filled it out. Character creation is really easy, once you've read through the core.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:26 No.16110599
    yes sir.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:27 No.16110613
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:34 No.16110683
    This is the funniest shit I've ever heard. I'm going to look up the water-falling damage business, but first...

    Gizka contemplates the distance from the wall to the water. Eh... Maybe ten yards? Twenty? And how deep is it... It could be mud two or three feet down if she doesn't time it right. The real question is-

    "F... Fuck, whaat," Gizka pivots on both heels to see the prostitute struggling to try and stand up, crosseyed. Pretty thing, blonde, a bit crosseyed, but that was probably the shock. Reminds her a bit of her old mistress's daughter, some Austrian lady or another. Always reminded her of a bird, the way she would cock her head and look at the slaves.

    ...Bird. Heh.

    "Hey, can you fly?"
    "Wha?" the woman looks up, confused, and Gizka grabs her by the collar of her half-donned vest.

    Let's make a grapple, shall we? 24 dice sounds appropriate, Gizka's about an inch shorter, but significantly stronger, and not hurt or surprised, so let's say the ATN of 7. Throw well, and her odds of survival increase as she's further from the walls.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:36 No.16110698
    rolled 1, 6, 1, 10, 2, 10, 10, 8, 9, 9, 3, 7, 9, 2, 7, 10, 9, 6, 4, 6, 1, 4, 3, 3 = 140

    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:42 No.16110766
    rolled 6, 1, 2, 5, 4, 5 = 23

    11 successes, eh? That'll do.

    The unfortunate woman actually makes it pretty far out, avoiding the hazardous shallow water, but not landing... Splendidly, shall we say? Let's go with 1-per-8 feet.

    6 damage, randomly allocated.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:44 No.16110787
    rolled 8, 9, 10, 6, 10, 2 = 45

    6d10, right?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:45 No.16110800
    I'd guess at a hurt shin, bruised shoulder, hip, maybe a bit winded from the one to III...

    Looks like she landed pretty flat on her side. LRN2DIVE.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:47 No.16110837
         File1314668874.jpg-(47 KB, 550x413, dog-possessed-879.jpg)
    47 KB
    That'd be a level 2 to the arm, another to the chest, maybe a neck or shoulder bump, and like... A leg.

    I can see it. She landed forwards and threw her arm out, then one of her legs did that whipping thing and hit last.

    This whole thing reminds me of how much I hate water.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:50 No.16110876
    hey this is graceful for a half conscious prostitute we should totally drop her off another wall to see how she does when awake.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:51 No.16110890
    Yeah, let's do that one. Less likely to kill her.

    Somehow, the girl managed to catch it all on her limbs and shoulder. She probably curled up into a ball.

    Gizka sees her hit the water with a wince. Note: Don't curl up.

    Now, she's got Swim at 8... Diving could let her get through this with little or no damage, but is it worth the risk? The girl will probably drown if she doesn't get down there soon, of course, but Gizka's probably still debating how much she cares.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)21:52 No.16110897
    she's gonna take even more falling damage if we land on her right?

    are we going to squash her??
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:54 No.16110940
    Is she under the water at this point, or floating on top? Either way she'd probably take less damage than normal, but it seems like it'd be better for us if she were on top.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:54 No.16110945
    Landing on her might increase the damage we take, and then we've got to get her to shore too. A clean dive is probably the best call here, the whore's had enough of a workout for one night. (Or has she.)
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)21:55 No.16110949
    sorry I deleted mine after I saw yours, but it was 2 to knee, 1 to shoulder, 1 to wrists, 2 to fore arms
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)21:56 No.16110966
    Who says we have to get her to shore? If she can reach the shore she deserves to live, if not, not.

    That was probably my bad. I somehow didn't notice that Galt had rolled in his post.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)21:57 No.16110977
    The way I'm looking at the rules here, a successful dive merely decreases the damage to 1 per 10 feet. Now I hate water, but I know a thing or two about surviving falls into it, and that seems a bit inaccurate.

    Let's say that by succeeding a Swim to perform a successful dive, Gizka can halve the distance of the fall. That'd be, what, 30 feet, 3 damage? Straight up nothing for our girl, unless we roll 3 6s or something. Then we're fucked.

    Or, we could just jump on the prostitute and take our 5 damage. Maybe acrobatics for 3.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:01 No.16111030
    meh, I say we swim, landing on the girl isn't worth it, especially with the possibility of my imagination getting hold of the idea of some stockholm lesbian sex.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:02 No.16111042
    Since it's a practical certainty that we can pass the swim dive, we might as well go for the 3 instead of the 5 damage.
    Pity though, jumping on her again would have been funny.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:03 No.16111044
    Solution: Roll the swim, and if successful allocate 1 damage to each of the arms and then 1 to the head.

    All of these are basically irritating wounds, not stuff that actually leaves damage.

    But if we fail, then... You know. Make it the full 1 per 10. For a botch, show no mercy.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:06 No.16111070
    Alright! The dive it is. Let the poor girl take a breather from falling damage.

    So, dive is AG (10) at 8. Success will, as suggested, limit the damage to a level 1 to the arms and head. A botch will... Probably result in death, but don't think about that!

    10 at 8.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:08 No.16111085
    rolled 2, 9, 8, 1, 1, 5, 7, 2, 5, 1 = 41

    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:08 No.16111087
    rolled 5, 2, 6, 9, 2, 8, 4, 7, 3, 10 = 56

    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:09 No.16111096
    If we fuck up this dive mark my words, we're going to get dragged to shore and tied up by the soiled dove. How much is the bounty on a cardinal killer? She could be our next viewpoint character!

    Yay seamless transitions!
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:10 No.16111109
    1 success! By the skin of our teeth!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:11 No.16111112
    Oh dear, didn't we give her a knife, too? Hopefully we decided against it or she lost it in the fall.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:13 No.16111136
    who knows, maybe we're the ones who get stockholmed!
    either way, my imagination wins...
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:15 No.16111163
    >2 successes
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:17 No.16111184
    That'll do. Gizka performs a flawless swan dive, and arcs upon landing to surface before she can potentially hit the bottom.

    Somewhat to her surprise, she finds the beleaguered and confused woman she just flung off on the shore, unconscious and half-drowned. Some people get all the luck.

    She's about four miles from the roadhouse where her horse and pay are, and she needs to get there before tomorrow, but it's not that far. There might be guards looking for suspicious hooded smallsword-wearing 4'8" green eyed women, though...

    What's the next move?
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:18 No.16111190
    Damn You! Sir...
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:19 No.16111208
    switch clothes with the prostitute! we can always get new ones but if the guards catch us I doubt we can buy a new head.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:21 No.16111222
    Could the prostitute pass as us well enough to fool the guards, at least for a little while? We could rough her face up a little and make it look like we jumped in, lost our sword in the water, and fell unconscious on the shore.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:21 No.16111224
    If we were to strip down a bit, maybe hide the sword in some rags, we might be able to pretend that we're bringing our injured sister/cousin to see some family.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:23 No.16111243

    Make sure prostitue isn't dead, and take her with us. She is rather hot after all.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:23 No.16111246
    We could also leave our flintlocks there too, since they're probably not much good to us after our swim.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:26 No.16111267
    It's true, the girl is about Gizka's size, though a bit taller and a lot softer of build, she could probably be fitted into the stereotypical assassin outfit with little effort.

    Unfortunately, the girl was also only partially clad when Gizka threw her off the wall. Perhaps between the two outfits, there's enough to fill the gaps, though, but it's hardly a coherent disguise.

    So, the options:

    -Disguise ourselves as prostitute, head to roadhouse.
    -Disguise ourselves as beggar, head to roadhouse.
    -Take whore with us to roadhouse as cover. Maybe get a ride in a cart using injured girl as cover.
    -Others involving killing and eating the girl and riding a cat into Mordor.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:28 No.16111289

    >-Others involving killing and eating the girl and riding a cat into Mordor.
    This if you please...

    nah I vote we strip her and do our best to look prostituty.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:29 No.16111294
    Eat cat, fuck Mordor, sell girl.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:31 No.16111312
         File1314671475.jpg-(293 KB, 952x844, TankCatintoMordor.jpg)
    293 KB
    It's just not possible. Gotta go with the prostitute disguise.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:33 No.16111332
    That's fair enough.

    Gizka makes a quick job of changing clothes with the girl. Wet stuff is harder to get off of course, but if you can take a man's eyes out without touching the lids, you can get a wet dress off.

    It's hideous. The dress is that pale pink color that comes out of a punctured lung, except without the satisfaction of someone dying. Gizka winces to don it, but does so. She tries to fit her unconscious benefactor in her own clothes, but has to cut them in a few places to make them fit-and to make them less recognizable.

    Let's make a Disguise roll, which is at Acting+2. For us, that's difficulty 9 using Gizka's Perception.

    So, 8 at 9. That's pretty solid odds actually.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:34 No.16111345
    rolled 9, 1, 7, 3, 9, 8, 5, 9 = 51

    No fumbles, please
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:34 No.16111346

    Take the girl with us for cover.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:37 No.16111368
    Thank you, RNG gods, I will continue daily prayers to your glory.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:38 No.16111376
    >continue with
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:40 No.16111396
    Three successes! That's not bad. Odds are any guards observing would only have their measly perception of 4-5 at 8 or 9. They're looking for a heavily armed assassin, not two women with bad taste in clothing.

    So, Gizka successfully dons the frilly pink dress of shame, and, regretfully, mauls her time tested leathers to simultaneously fit a larger woman AND look less badass.

    With marginal success, and an occasionally groaning but otherwise unresponsible partner in crime, Gizka can now set off to the Adjective Noun roadhouse. She's strong enough to carry the girl, but it'd be better to try and get someone to help her.

    The roads aren't crowded, but everyone has heard about the trouble today, and folks are a bit suspicious. Approaching the road from the cover of the bushes. Gizka discerns that several guards are walking about looking exasperated, while a few carts and folk on foot trundle by.

    One has more than enough space for two smallish women.

    Gizka could try to talk them into giving her a ride. She does have a single florin (which is kind of like having a thousand dollar bill, it's so valuable that it might as well be worthless) and some chump change lira, so she could also try to pay for transport.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:44 No.16111433
    Ask nicely for a ride, and offer a small fee, since it's only a few miles.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:45 No.16111445
    flash some small level coinage and some subtle T&A to try and blag a ride, with a promise of further payment when they reach the Inn. where she will change clothes and ecape on horseback.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:48 No.16111467
    We do have a prostitute whose services we could offer...
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:48 No.16111470

    This sounds good. Also - we should at least offer our unwilling accomplice someplace pleasant to sleep tonight, and the offer to come with if she's sick to death of prostituting herself to make ends meet?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:52 No.16111512
    >Jumped on her and threw her off a wall.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:52 No.16111515
    Why do we carry the girl ? Leave her where she is, maybe she'll be mistaken for us.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:54 No.16111532
    Alright. Gizka asks a farmer to help her and her poor sister in law go to meet their uncle, and offers him a Lira to ride in his cart. They seem a bit suspicious, but agree.

    The man and his two sons help Gizka get the girl in. Upon asking what happened, Gizka spins them a tale about a horrible brewery incident that killed her brother, and left this poor widow alone in the world, such that they're now seeking out a relative of theirs at the roadhouse.

    Who wants to roll acting?

    Let's go with With Wit at Acting of 7.
    The observer will have his Per of 4 at difficulty 7 also.

    So 10 at 7
    4 at 7.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:56 No.16111555
    rolled 2, 5, 7, 10 = 24

    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:56 No.16111558
    Rollin for Farmer
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)22:56 No.16111560
    (Clarifying, this is also explaining why the woman is severely bludgeoned and unconscious in strange attire, and why Gizka's clothes are ill-fitting.)
    >> dice+10d10 Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)22:57 No.16111572

    for Gizka
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:57 No.16111576
    rolled 2, 2, 10, 7, 8, 1, 4, 9, 7, 1 = 51

    cahptcha, dice ext.
    Gizka then
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:57 No.16111577
    rolled 1, 5, 10, 6, 1, 3, 9, 7, 7, 4 = 53

    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)22:58 No.16111583
    rolled 7, 10, 5, 6, 6, 3, 7, 9, 6, 4 = 63

    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:00 No.16111599
    >Me: "Derp Spelling Derp"
    5 successes though, can't complain there.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)23:02 No.16111643
    Good rolling men!

    The benevolent peasants are so sympathetic that they pick up the pace a bit, and give Gizka a cup of wine, which she politely pretends to drink, but instead pours down the unconscious woman's throat. (Drinking is, of course, against the word of the prophet, and Gizka is already far from confident of her chances with the almighty.)

    No suspicions seem to be raised, as the wagon's owner takes this route often, and is familiar to the patrols. The ride lasts for about an hour, thanks to a bit of foot traffic and another wagon with a broken axel, but they reach the destination in good order, without interference.

    Gizka enlists the help of the two sons of the driver to help her 'sister' into the building, intending on renting a room and deciding on whether or not to smother her to death later. She has the girl brought up to a cheap bed, and thanks her helpers with another lira.

    With that problem resolved, however temporarily, she must now set about finding her contact, getting paid outrageous amounts of gold, and leaving this godforsaken penninsula before the Borgias can capitalize upon her favor to them.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:05 No.16111666
    What was the plan with the contact? Was he supposed to wear a goofy hat? Do we say "The crow caws at midnight," or "Fuck the Police" and await his reply?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:06 No.16111682
         File1314673615.jpg-(30 KB, 500x300, motherofgod.jpg)
    30 KB
    >against the word of the prophet
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)23:09 No.16111708
    That's a good question, Satan.

    The answer is that he is to await someone requesting a "Hatchet in a blanket" from the innkeeper, at which point the contact will be notified of her presence and will come in to meet her.

    That does mean that she has a bit of leeway, it's not like the guy is sitting there twiddling his thumbs. She could afford to get back into her clothes, however ragged, though there's always the chance of a guard bumbling in and getting lucky recognizing her.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:11 No.16111751
    She speaks Georgian, which is an unusually specific language. She's probably a Turk.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:13 No.16111766
    Wait, this woman is working for the BORGIA? I thought she was just amoral female Enzio!
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)23:14 No.16111778
    Another layer revealed, no?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:15 No.16111794
    Showing up to an assassination payoff in a pink dress is classy as fucking hell. I say we do it, but bring our sword along in a bundle. It's not like Gizka has ever actually been hit before, the armor is entirely superfluous.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:15 No.16111795
    Well it'd probably be good to get out of the dress, since things might go south pretty quick. No sense in waiting around any longer than needed, I don't think.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:19 No.16111827
    Speaking from experience, fighting in a dress is hard as hell. There'd be a major CP penalty there, because armor, however heavy and cumbersome, is still supposed to be practical to fight in. Dresses just aren't, at all.

    I propose switching back, leaving the prostitute our Florin, and then heading down to get paid. We just flaunted the entirety of Rome. That's got to pay enough that we can afford one act of decency.
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/29/11(Mon)23:20 No.16111835
    We should totally have secks with the prostitute.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:21 No.16111848
    I don't agree with your definition of decency.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)23:22 No.16111860
    And amoral people know first and foremost that being a bastard works. The Borgias are definitely bastards, and they pay well enough. Plus, this will be enough to buy Gizka an early retirement from taking out her deep-set emotional issues on other people!

    I'm hearing switch back, and then go to the meeting. Agreed?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:23 No.16111868
    Started as a slave girl in Baghdad, so yes.

    "You're my new assistant, let's have sex" ?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:24 No.16111890
    Which definition do you want? We pushed her off a cliff!

    Oh, of course. I guess we could let her earn the florin?
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/29/11(Mon)23:24 No.16111892

    Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:24 No.16111897
    >leaving the prostitute our Florin
    lolno. if we get lesser denominations as payment we can leave someting else, but we aren't giving some ho a thousand dollar bill-ish type deal. But I agree with the armor.

    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/29/11(Mon)23:27 No.16111912
    >I guess we could let her earn the florin?
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)23:29 No.16111942
    (Oh you whacky rapists you. Also yeah, a Florin's like... What that girl makes in ten days. Ten good days.)

    Gizka heads upstairs as directed to the room she's rented. The whore is sitting on the demi-mattress that makes up the room's bed, rubbing her head. She looks up, too exhausted to be horrified.
    "So what now. Are you going to kill me? Third time's the charm."
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:30 No.16111957
    >Known History: Birthplace unknown, spent childhood enslaved in Baghdad
    >arabic slave, wat do
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/29/11(Mon)23:31 No.16111972

    No killing. Apologise for the impromptu use of her as a floatation device. Then secks.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:33 No.16111993
    "Your clothes. Give zem to me."
    If she corrects you on that you're already wearing her clothes, slap the shit out of her.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:35 No.16112016
    If we had wanted to kill her she'd be dead. Tell her she's welcome to stay in the room for the night if she keeps her mouth shut. If she doesn't, we'll find something sharp and point to throw her onto this time.
    Get our clothes back and go downstairs.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:36 No.16112035
    Give Gizka's tendencies towards homicide, I think killing her wouldn't be too out of character. On the other hand, she hasn't exactly done anything, so perhaps we could just tie her up so she doesn't kill us in our sleep then leave her there. Someone will find her eventually, hopefully after we are long gone.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)23:38 No.16112059
    I think a combination of this:
    and this:
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:43 No.16112117

    Roll to seduce.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:46 No.16112143

    This. So much this.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:49 No.16112168
    Come on, people, we have people to see, places to not be any long than we have to! There's no time for lollygagging, let's get a move on.
    >> John Galt 08/29/11(Mon)23:51 No.16112187
    Gizka doesn't answer, but instead demands that the girl undress, and begins taking off her own ridiculous pink costume.
    The woman, visibly mixed on what this means, obeys. She is clearly used to disrobing in a hurry, and has them off before Gizka can figure out how to get her arms out of the puffy sleeves.

    Gizka finishes undressing, and takes and dons her old clothes as best she can. The jack will never quite be the same again... Looking down, she finds the girl reaching for her dress. More by reflex than anything, Gizka steps on her hand.
    "You dress, but do not leave. I have plans, might need another person. You like money?"
    The girl, obviously terrified, nods.
    "Good. There is money in helping me. And less flying. Be a good bird, stay here, and you will see gold. We will be good friends, yes?"
    The girl nods again, frantically.
    "Good! I will have someone send up a soup. Soups. Is soup singular? Can I say 'a soup'?" Gizka furrows her brow. The girl looks confused. "Whatever. You stay."

    Gizka closes the door, and returns downstairs, confident that she has conveyed the message, but now concerned about her grasp of the language. Her plan right now is to collect her pay, and either simply leave, or depending on her mood, go back upstairs and give the girl a few lira for her silence. Depends on what the Borgia want.

    Downstairs, she gives the signal to the innkeeper, and asks for a bowl to be sent up to the girl. Then, sits down to wait for her ship to come in. A ship with golden sails.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/11(Mon)23:57 No.16112263
    Damn, Galt. I don't think I've seen much of your writing before; it's pretty good.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/29/11(Mon)23:58 No.16112284
    Goddamn we need an online RoS campaign, that is quality.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:01 No.16112318
    He's a certified writefag, I saw some of his older work on easymodo.
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:02 No.16112331
    And in that ship walks, with the signal-a live dove in a cage. He is a tall man, with deep set eyes and a sharp beard. He sits across a small table from Gizka in the crowded common room, and there is a moment of silence.

    "It is done, then?" he asks.

    "Yes. Killed him in that big building, with the pretty roof." Gizka answers.

    "How did you escape?"

    "A bird showed me how to fly." She almost smiles at his expression.

    "Good... Then you have earned your pay. A thousand florins, courtesy of my master."

    "I'll be glad to collect, and leave this accursed country."

    The man directs her to a chest sitting in a wagon outside, which he claims contains her reward. The wagon is for her to take as well, as-per their agreement.

    Gizka is free, and richer than God. But there are still a couple loose ends...

    -Deal with the girl
    -Check the money
    -Tell the contact about the girl, or ask him for further employment
    -Fuck it, leave
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:05 No.16112369
    (You are far too kind to me. Like, even I don't know about the soup/soups part, that was genuine confusion turned into dialogue.)
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:06 No.16112375
    Well, one would certainly say "we're making a soup for dinner tonight," but that sort of usage only seems to work when talking about the whole soup. Here, when only referring to a bowl of soup, it doesn't sound as good. Although, if they had been talking about the variety of soups available, and Gizka decided that she would have one sent up but didn't know which kind yet, "I will have a soup sent up" does sound ok.

    Fuck it, leave. It's late and I'm tired.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:07 No.16112387
    Check the money first.
    ALWAYS check the money first.
    As long as no one's peeking in the wagon, at least.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/30/11(Tue)00:07 No.16112392
    Check the money, always check the money. bring the contact out with you, so if the money is booby trapped or it's a trap his self preservation will make him tell you before you both die. Then go deal with the girl and leave. DO NOT tell him about the girl,it's always good to have a surprise up our sleeve even if that surprise is one terrified wet prostitute.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:11 No.16112426

    It's like Sheep. "A sheep" is fine for singular, "Sheep" is the plural.
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/30/11(Tue)00:13 No.16112437


    Also, take her with us.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:13 No.16112444
    lol, when referring to a quantity of soup, you refer to the container(s) with soup in them. ex. A bowl of soup, two cups of soup, ext. Don't ask me why, I don't make the language, I just speak it.
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:15 No.16112458
    (Ahh, that makes sense.)

    Alright then! Gizka goes to check the chest and then leave. The wagon is right on the edge of the water, next to the ferry. The idea being to take it across the Tiber, and head north towards Bologna. Gizka opens the chest and...

    There is the rapid clicking of matchlock mechanisms pulling back, behind her.

    ...That figures, doesn't it. She takes the single rose out of the chest, and turns. There are four of them, counting the messenger... And their master. He hadn't changed.

    "Sorry, Sarah." Tiberius shrugged. "If you can kill one Cardinal, you can kill another. And letting you go would just be bad planning."

    Gizka considered her last words carefully.

    "Piss." she said, flatly.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:16 No.16112468
    Improbable whorish rescue?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:17 No.16112475
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/30/11(Tue)00:18 No.16112483

    whorish rescue sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:21 No.16112517
    Time to pull a (pre) Big Boss
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:22 No.16112528
    Four guys, one shot each. We're quick, but we're not that quick; we'll take at least one or two shots. The only hope I guess would be to run for the ferry and hope we can launch it quickly. Stay on the edge and fight them off from there, if we make it that far.
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:24 No.16112561
    Both valid!

    There is a muffled cry from the window above. The mercenary spins to look upwards, and in a fit of foolishness, his men glance too.

    The whore vanished from the window, covering her mouth. Gizka is flying off the dock before their eyes even flick back.

    Alright! Last roll of the day boys.

    4 gunmen, with their shooting pools of 5 (sans aim, because of distraction) versus Gizka, who we'll say can use Acrobatics for this one.

    This is gonna be a doozy.

    10 at 6
    5 at 6
    5 at 6
    5 at 6
    5 at 6

    Never trust a fucking Borgia.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:26 No.16112582
    +1 TN for moving erratically... Shit, we're still at point blank range?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:26 No.16112583
    rolled 7, 5, 1, 9, 1 = 23

    There's no way we're surviving this.
    >> Kzyrgis 08/30/11(Tue)00:27 No.16112588
    forget the previous post I made.

    Throw the rose at the leader, hope that it distracts him long enough to leap in the water. then swim to the other side of the ferry, pull your way up and kill them if they get onto the ferry too.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:27 No.16112596
    rolled 1, 4, 4, 9, 5 = 23

    >> Executionfag 08/30/11(Tue)00:28 No.16112602
    rolled 2, 6, 6, 5, 3, 1, 1, 3, 5, 5 = 37

    This is why you never count the money, people.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:28 No.16112603
    rolled 3, 7, 4, 8, 8, 1, 6, 1, 4, 8 = 50

    Go Gizka, don't go all Tony Montana on us here!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:28 No.16112604
    rolled 4, 1, 7, 4, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 3 = 31

    A wing and a prayer.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:30 No.16112621
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:30 No.16112623
    rolled 10, 2, 3, 1, 9 = 25

    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:30 No.16112630
         File1314678656.png-(26 KB, 150x213, Masculine_Tears.png)
    26 KB
    >2 successes
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:31 No.16112633
    rolled 8, 9, 2, 4, 7 = 30

    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:31 No.16112636
    rolled 8, 7, 8, 8, 3 = 34

    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:32 No.16112651
         File1314678755.jpg-(52 KB, 657x487, U mad Troll.jpg)
    52 KB
    >mfw every one of those muskets so far has missed
    >> >>16112651 08/30/11(Tue)00:33 No.16112658
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:35 No.16112672
    That was roll #5, so it don't count, #4 hit though

    note to Gizka, don't pray.
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:35 No.16112680
    >2, 6, 6, 5, 3, 1, 1, 3, 5, 5
    That's two successes!

    >7, 5, 1, 9, 1

    >1, 4, 4, 9,

    >10, 2, 3, 1, 9

    >8, 9, 2, 4, 7
    MI-...Oh no. Hit.
    >> Executionfag 08/30/11(Tue)00:37 No.16112694
         File1314679026.png-(22 KB, 1245x250, Pmorethan0.95.png)
    22 KB
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:38 No.16112704
    rolled 3, 4 = 7

    Oh Gizka. You were a good little psycho.
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:40 No.16112729
    rolled 2 = 2

    I do believe that's the belly...
    >> Executionfag 08/30/11(Tue)00:40 No.16112733
    1 success. Effective DR is going to be... level 7 to 10 depending on the weapon. Mitigation by armour and toughness will be... 5.
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:41 No.16112738
    rolled 2 = 2

    Sorry, not a D10, a D6.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:42 No.16112755
    >not something we can major careful to 6
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:50 No.16112828
         File1314679821.png-(64 KB, 541x115, Belly.png)
    64 KB
    Three of the bullets wizz on past. And for the barest instinct, Gizka thinks she might just make it out alive.

    >BL: 18
    >S: All
    >P: All
    >"Serious damage to internal organs and heavy bleeding."

    She doesn't feel it, really. She is aware of it. She is aware of hitting the water. She is aware of the taste of the river. And of the blood. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. The rose's thorns are dug into her hand. She tries to let go, but can't.

    She waits for the blow to come, the second barrage, or a spear-thrust, but it doesn't. Just silence, as the darkness creeps at the corners of her eyes.

    She can''t feel much. It is cold. Colder than the water ought to be. The water almost feels warm. But she can feel her teeth, when she clamps them together, and thinks what she assumes are to be her final thoughts...
    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)00:52 No.16112854
    Ah... But that would be telling. That is a sad way to end a story... But this is Riddle of Steel. And stories don't always have happy endings.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:53 No.16112868
         File1314680035.jpg-(72 KB, 608x527, Manly Tears.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:54 No.16112877
         File1314680084.png-(253 KB, 640x480, PolnarefManlyTears.png)
    253 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:54 No.16112878


    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:56 No.16112900
    Aww man! John, why you do this! No I don't blame you, I blame the dice!
    Fuck you statistics! You killed Gizka!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:58 No.16112921
         File1314680283.png-(519 KB, 3800x2400, Smugdog.png)
    519 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)00:58 No.16112932
    ... possible continuation?

    >> John Galt 08/30/11(Tue)01:00 No.16112940
    Well. Whatever it was... That was a good hussle. I'm going to go get a bite to eat, then I'll be back.

    If anyone's feeling up to it after that bout of soul crushing, maybe we'll do the Sulla Gauntlet. Or we could wait for tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:03 No.16112982
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:04 No.16112984
    I need some mindless killing after that. Just don't make Gizka the final boss. (Or do it, and watch the aftermath. Maximum Trolling would be achieved.)
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:04 No.16112991
    What are you so smug about, asshole? Why I oughtta
    >> Anonymous 08/30/11(Tue)01:06 No.16113014
         File1314680802.png-(16 KB, 298x451, YES..png)
    16 KB
    I don't know what you took from that.
    I don't know what John meant from that.
    I know what I heard.


    I heard Kill Borgia.
    >> !SP5BRo9IC2 08/30/11(Tue)01:08 No.16113028
    Told you we should have fucked the prostitute

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