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  • File : 1312848555.gif-(24 KB, 320x200, overkill1.gif)
    24 KB Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:09 No.15869516  
    This makes video game names. Let your brain make something out of whatever you get!

    >Mysterious Tetris - The Movie
    A blind man has been selected as the only one who can beat the alien's game of Mysterious Tetris, where you cannot see the blocks as they come down, only hear them.

    >Islamic Jungle All-Stars
    A radical terrorist cell in Africa has grown bored, and whn playing with the kids they realize their untapped sports and athletic abilities, leading them to tour Southern Africa in a publicity campaign that will draw them ever dloser to being able suicide bomb the president of Congo and his parliament at once.

    >Ancient Piano Agent
    Deep within Warehouse 11, a golem stirs to life again as the music of a warehouse worker's iPod plays some of the golem spirit's old music, and he now acts as a new Warehouse Agent while providing private concerts to the Regents at request.

    >Aero Limbo Anthology
    The old tales of an afterlife in the heavens are true, but rather than an earthly paradise these poor souls now coast along the jetstreams and lounge upon clouds while seeking the true nature of eternity, and possibly the gates of heaven itself.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)20:14 No.15869566
         File1312848863.png-(155 KB, 686x647, 1307634884328.png)
    155 KB
    >Undercover Fire Siege
    You are a saboteur for the invaders, and the city you are in has managed to stave off your forces, causing your general to give you new orders: burn the city down from within, demoralize and distract the defenders, and avoid detection at all costs.

    >Christian Pokemon 2K
    In the year 2000 B.C. monsters with supernatural powers still yet roam the earth, and it is only by the power of your faith that you may tame and control them, that you may end the evil sorceries of the demons, The Elite Four, and stop the atheistic villainy of Team Rocket before they can blind every man from the light of YHWY.

    >Lovely Basketball Assassins
    On the court, you take names; in the clubs you steal hearts; in the bedroom you take lives, all as part of a covert counter-insurgency squad of the NBA.

    >Ingenious Mind Control Blast
    Only the smartest can survive this deadly nuclear war, as you must outwit the psychic control mechanisms of your foes in order to insure your own defenses are not compromised, and to input your own coordinates into the deadly warhead before they are launched in this global battle of alpha psychics and genocide.

    >Underwater Bubblegum Ignition
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)00:14 No.15872436
    >Cthulhu's Dating Z
    An average man who lives and average life suddenly finds his self driven to insanity as he tries to have a romantic relationship with things that caused me to rip my eyes out with a screwdriver the second I heard about the first one. OhGodWTFItstooDisturbing
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)00:34 No.15872690
    >Brain-Damaged Viking Choreographer

    Honestly, I think this title speaks for itself.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)00:43 No.15872767
    >Legacy of Punching Knights
    A knight finds himself stripped of his weapons by sorcerer magicks only to discover he has a penchant for punchin'. The knight goes on to POW and BIFF his way through battle after battle, moving on to bigger targets every time.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)00:53 No.15872868
    >Go Go Hitman in Africa
    After the death of Penny and his near exile from the US, Professor Gadget was forced to employ his talents for crimesolving to instead assassinate key targets, merely to pay for necessary repairs. This is his story.

    >Scandinavian Go-Kart Express
    Watch foolish Go-Karters fly through the frozen climates of Scandinavia. Can they avoid the deadly invasion of Skiing Fins?

    >Lost Punching Connection
    He awoke with no memories, no identity, nothing. Nothing but a championship belt for a wrestling ring that never existed. Hogan must find his mysterious past the only way he knows how, by punching!

    >Amish Puppy Apocalypse
    Oh god. Uh.
    After the Gamma Event, all beings on earth were faced with a simple choice. Be Amish, or perish. Mankind said no, but the Puppies said yes. And now they come for Humanity, to force it into a confrontation, in the Final Churning!

    >Blazing Furry Insurrection
    Fun fact, burning furries just makes them angrier. Can Duke Nakem stop the tide of flaming fetishists, or will he too turn to his inner pyromaniac otherkin?

    Jesus these are hilarious. Others include
    >Ghetto Fun Noodle Slayer
    >Panzer Indian Express
    >Frisky Vocabulary in the Sky
    >The Simpsons' Nazi Incident
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)00:58 No.15872919
    >Frankenstein's Skydiving Pimps
    I... I just...

    >Space Trailer Park Hospital
    Mankind has lived among the stars for centuries. While it failed to eliminate the class system, it managed to make enemies. In one especially troublesome part of the galaxy there is a space station that tends to the ailments of wounded space rednecks. It is here that you must overcome the trials of space hickery and alien dickery as you treat the sick and wounded while also fending off alien invaders.

    >Galactic Hoedown Scandal
    Set in the same universe as above. Even amongst the poor there are different levels. At the top, these Lordnecks fancy themselves as better than the rest and only marry within their own circle. Every year at the galaxy hoedown, they formally marry off one of their children to another Lordneck's child. This time, however, they discover that the bride-to-be has already been had! Not only that, so have three other bride-to-bes for the next three hoedowns! Will this end in bloodshed and feudin' or can someone dig up the truth?

    >Hazardous Beach Gladiator
    An ex-pit-fighter is taken from his world and placed in our modern society. To make his living, he turns to the beach! But with only the skills to kill, he becomes a beach menace instead of a beach lifeguard!

    >Fiery Bomb Desperadoes
    Every PC group ever.

    >Psychedelic Viking Siege
    The trippiest rape and pillage ever.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:12 No.15873081
    >Bowsers Mall Battle
    After years of getting his reptilian(?) ass handed to him, Bowser decides to open a boutique in a mall, selling high-end shell polish and reinforced shells. But a certain plumber has opened up a similiar store just across the building...

    >Australian Nazi Hero
    ...starring Arnold. 'Nuff said.

    >Unholy Skydiving Fight Club
    You have only 60 seconds to dive after a parachute thrown from a plane, strap it on, and keep your opponent from beating you senseless and stripping it off of your soon-to-be-dead unconscious body.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:14 No.15873102
         File1312866865.jpg-(42 KB, 540x539, bible_fight.jpg)
    42 KB
    >Papal Duck Trader
    Speaks for itself, hilariously. Dem Papal privileges man,. Main enemy is angry dutchmen.

    >Mighty Chicken 25th Anniversary Edition
    Christ, alternate Doom like game (with Big Bird instead)

    >Incomprehensible Devil Overload
    The Dark Bureaucracy has decided that the traditional temptation approach, has invaded earth themselves. If Mankind cannot put Form 2315451-412B on Satan's Desk within the working week earth will be lost!

    >Enormous Dragon School
    Can Bahamut successfully pass highschool and get a date for prom, or will that nasty (but attractive) Tiamat ruin it for him? (Important note, everyone is normal sized dragons, in stretched giant school uniforms)

    >Legacy of Barbarian Summit
    Three hundred years ago all the Barbarian Chieftains met to unite and pillage the world. Today they have succeeded. You, one of the descendants of the conquered aristocracy, must drive them back or let civilization die forever.

    >Incomprehensible Bandicoot Hoedown
    It is all in Japanese so fuck if I know

    >Masters of the Bible Beatdown
    Pic related, mortal Kombat style

    >Demonic Badminton in Middle-Earth
    I call Sauron!

    >Third-World Business Warrior
    In Latin America, he is a warrior of great renown. In America, he is a successful businessman. But in this new world, he is both. He is >title<. Make cash! Buy Mercenaries! Create a diverse stock portfolio! Decapitate Steve from Accounting!

    >Stupendous Typing Over Normandy
    How fast can you type? FAST ENOUGH TO BEAT THE NAZIS?! FIND OUT NOW!

    >Raging Werewolf Through Time
    Alright I'd pay to see this. Werewolf murders his way through every major human era, up to and beyond the modern age.

    >Flamboyant Makeout Crusader
    Uh, fabulous in Palestine? Well that makes Saladin and Richard look rather more intimate.

    >Papal Sumo Underworld
    When asked about his obesity problem, Pope Leo the fuckifIknow stated simply that he needed to beef up to crush the puny Protestants.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:17 No.15873144
         File1312867071.jpg-(17 KB, 340x223, 1306057772053.jpg)
    17 KB
    >Raging Werewolf Through Time
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:25 No.15873236
    Play scenes such as;
    A far more interesting end the battle of Thermopylae!
    Jack the Ripper's True Origin!
    A SURPRISE ENDING to the invasion the Aztec Empire!
    The new and improved assassination of Kennedy!

    And More!

    >problem likeduce

    Also the overthrow of the Venetian Republic via slaughter-politics
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:34 No.15873329
    >Telekinetic Jetpack Strikes Back
    You're tired of being used by everyone just so they can look cool. They don't even properly maintain you! After a freak wrench accident, you develop telekinesis. Now it's time to kick the asses you've hauled through the air all these years.

    >Angry Banjo Throwdown
    Are you a bad enough dude to go banjo-a-banjo with some of the toughest rural musicians this side of the Mississippi?

    >The Secret Weapon of the Booty Rangers
    Dat ass

    >Tony Hawk's Manlove Simulator
    Shredding, grinding, 180s... maybe some skateboarding somewhere in there.

    >Presidential Sniper vs. Street Fighter
    The Street Fighter crew gets revenge for Kennedy's assassination.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:38 No.15873376
    >Fiery Grizzly Bear from Outer Space
    It's a bullet-hell shooter. You are the Grizzly Bear in the title, incinerating Space Forest Rangers in their attempts to douse your flames with water and the dark arts.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:42 No.15873429
    >Space Porn Syndicate
    >Morbidly Obese Pogo Mania
    >Mind-Bending Manlove Commander
    >Asian Plumber Yoga
    >Ghetto Grizzly Bear Fight
    They're all rated M. Yes, all of them.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:44 No.15873455
    >Alien Cooking Fortress


    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:45 No.15873474
    >Asian Plumber Yoga

    Oh great, another Mario spinoff...
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)01:53 No.15873564
    >Rural Equestrian Assault
    A young man hellbent on revenge in a Western Pennsylvania farming community goes on a horse murdering spree.

    >Olympic Cooking Pimps
    This game show cases the latest addition to the winter Olympic games. To make it more relevant to the kids, they have hired Snopp Dogg and Ludacris to star in the game.

    >Hitler's Vegetarian Throwdown
    The year: 1942 The Combatants: WW2-era world leaders, the arena: Auschwitz, London, Normandy, and Pearl Harbor. Special bonus unloackable stage: Hiroshima/Nagasaki post nuclear explosion.

    >First-Person Indian Simulator
    Experience the trail of tears and Custer's Last Stand from the eyes of a Native American
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:03 No.15873670
    >Elmo's Mind Control Tale
    Sesame Street will never be the same.

    >Tasteless 3D Adventure
    You play as an obese white-trash drunkard racist in da hood, trying to save yer bitch! IN 3D!

    >Intellectual Breakdancing Takedown
    Machiavelli v. Leonardo Da Vinci, FIGHT

    >Extreme Dentist Pro
    Can you successfully fill in a kids cavity? Can you do it while ON FIRE? CAN YOU DO IT TO A SHARK WHILE ON FIRE?!

    >Super Landmine College
    The best fucking reality tvshow, where insufferable characters are made up for with random explosions that can KILL!

    >Corporate Werewolf Smuggler
    >all of my money.jpg

    >Sid Meier's Buddhist House
    CAN YOU ACHIEVE SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT?! CAN YOU?! (if you cannot, reincarnate)

    >Rocket-Powered Writing in the Desert
    Uh, what

    >Leisure Suit Bomberman Destruction

    >Scottish Zombie Factory
    Generic fighting game with kilts

    >Hitler's Equestrian Rampage
    The blitzkrieg was rather different in this timeline.

    >Underground Makeout Crime Scene Investigation
    Serious identity crisis in the making there

    >Inbred Circus - The Resistance
    I... no comment.

    >Death-Defying Equestrian Boxing
    Evel Knievel punches a horse!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:21 No.15873812
    >NCAA Monster Truck - The Quickening
    SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY: There can be only one!

    >Paranoid Unicorn Fortress
    The best Dwarf Fortress mod.

    >In the Lost Kingdom of Moon in the Dark
    Alright, so get this. It's a JRPG that was never localized outside Japan. In it, every single thing is pitch-black except the options and menus, as well as the dialog.

    >Unholy Hockey Explosion
    In the year 2051, Hockey has become too brutal for the living. As manager for an up and coming hockey team, it is your job to dig up corpses, animate them into undead monstrosities of your choosing, and teaching them to play hockey. Also, the puck is packed with explosives.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:24 No.15873835
         File1312871040.jpg-(111 KB, 500x300, 4109 - Futurama macro meme par(...).jpg)
    111 KB
    >Aquatic Sloth Tactics.
    Turn based RPG/RTS where you carefully, slowly plan out your attacks and moves, commanding your team of Aquatic Sloth Commandos as they invade the aquatic fortress of Dark Lord Cthulhu.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:25 No.15873843
         File1312871113.jpg-(12 KB, 220x264, Jim_Horne_(1953).jpg)
    12 KB
    >Legendary Plumber Siege.
    See: Mario
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:27 No.15873859
    >Helicopter Octopus Onslaught
    Oh god...!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:30 No.15873895
    >>Super Landmine College

    I really, really, really, like this one.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:51 No.15874059
    >Viking Robot Phonics
    Okay, so it's The Lost Vikings, but meant to be edutainment. I am surprisingly okay with this.

    >Hardcore Metal Bandits
    Sidescrolling beat-em-up: your once-insignificant metal band gains the approval of Satan and leaves a trail of destruction on the way to your next gig. Collect all the guttural chanting powerups, massacre the angels that pesky Christian rock group keeps summoning, and defeat the rival bands to win the approval of your dark master!

    >Heroic Bazooka Tale
    JRPG-style indie game. A piece of chewing gum looks back on its life and reflects on all that it's brought about simply by always trying to do the right thing. Who would have guessed that, stuck to the bottom of a desk, one could change the course of history? Perhaps you'd like to hear the tale, stranger?

    >My Very Own Go-Kart Orchestra
    Fun fact: You can troll the hell out of any amusement park by recruiting 4 or 5 friends to ride the go-karts with you, blocking off the entire track once you're about halfway out, and then busting out the bagpipes.
    And this flash game will prove it to you.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)02:53 No.15874082
    True Crime: Goblin For Kids
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:02 No.15874156
    >Tasteless Shaving EX
    Shave your genitals in the most inappropriate situations!

    >Aquatic STD Incident
    Congratulations, you have passed your herpes on to a dolphin after some unfortunate heavy petting. It is now your job to ensure it doesn't spread to the rest of the population!

    >The Sims: Software Domination
    The latest expansion for The Sims 3, now even more brutally difficult on your computer's processor!

    >Furry Godzilla Annihilation
    Assuming it's Godzilla annihilating furries, GOTY.

    >Kermit's Drug-Dealing - The Dark Project
    The Muppets have fallen on brutal times, and now its prime mascot plans to supplement his income by hooking the children who love him on well-disguised amphetamines. Once he reaches his quota, he'll be a plane ticket to Cuba away from leaving everything behind.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:08 No.15874193
    >>Adventures of the Llama of the Blood God.

    An adventure game starring a beastman of Khorne?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:10 No.15874207
    >Masters of the Bungie King
    Can you handle the noon rush at Burger King? How about dangling from a 300-foot rope?

    >Satan's Cricket Camp
    Fiddle contests are passe. Everyone keeps challenging Satan to games of Unholy Skydiving Fight Club, that's not so bad. What's bad is the ones that want to play cricket - demons are terrible at team sports, and all the talented mortal players go to heaven. Now it's up to you to whip up this team of the damned into shape, literally.

    >Rock and Roll Lacrosse Corps
    Ditto, on the mortal plane.

    >Samba de Grizzly Bear Fun

    >American Biplane Overdrive
    You and your crack team of stunt pilots have tumbled through time into World War I. What's more, your best flyer has disappeared, and there are rumors that Germany has found another ace, one even more talented than the legendary Red Baron. Can you bring her to justice, get back to your own time, find true love, AND avoid wrecking the timeline? Well, what else are you gonna do? Get to it!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:13 No.15874219
    Good god, these are hilarious. The best one so far:

    >Tactical Piano Baseball
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:14 No.15874223
    Downtown Nuclear DJ
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:15 No.15874229
    >Great Lowrider of Might and Magic
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:19 No.15874258
    >>Enormous Chainsaw - Total War

    This might actually make up for the last couple of games in the series.

    >>Epic Car Carnage

    So like Twisted Metal? I think I might actually play this game if it existed.

    >>Low G Theme Park Experience

    Another game that might be fun.

    >>Dynamite Hillbilly Unleashed

    Damnit, a random name generator is coming up with better ideas then the entire game industry has over the past few years!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:21 No.15874277
    >Rock 'n' Roll Math Tribe

    For ages 5-10:

    Have you ever wanted to runaway from home to an island of pure awesomeness and do some math with rock stars? NOW YOU CAN!!!! That's right, your child go be doing math right now! WITH REAL ROCK STARS!!!! ROCK STAR MATH!!!!! Let these rock stars take your child away and teach them all about the world of math. You may never see them play videogames again because they love math so much! C'mon, do you want some grubby hobo on the side of the street teaching your kid about math? Or worse, finding out themselves? NO YOU FUCKING DON'T!!! BUY THIS SHIT BEFORE ALL THE MATH IS GONE!!!!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:21 No.15874278
         File1312874495.jpg-(12 KB, 468x286, 1324564357.jpg)
    12 KB
    Morbidly Obese Porn Story
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/09/11(Tue)03:21 No.15874284
         File1312874515.png-(306 KB, 537x719, FirstPersonScorchedEarthDetect(...).png)
    306 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:22 No.15874288
    But then... who was talking to him?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:23 No.15874294
    >Major Drug Dealing College

    Hey, I think I went there... I think.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:28 No.15874347
    Attack of the Hobo Crusade
    >You have to fend off homeless crusaders from pillaging rich people homes, fun for the whole family!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:31 No.15874373
    >Kamikaze Landmine Through Time.
    Kamikaze Landmine is a time travelling cyborg. He goes through out time, beating the shit out of history's greatest warriors.
    >Crazy Bedtime Rider
    A Flash Game, like the one with the shopping cart and you go off jumps. That one but with a Bed.
    >Hillbilly WWII Underworld
    Bloodrayne, but with a Redneck.
    >Presidential Chase Syndicate
    Need for Speed plus Mario Kart, with Presidents.
    >Excruciating Beast Armageddon
    Gamma World: The Video Game
    >Super Sexy Janitor Racer
    >Panzer Bimbo 2K
    A female Nazi Officer is turned into a cyborg and cryogenically frozen. In the far off year of 2000, she awakens to destroy everything in her path in the name of the Third Reich
    >Prehistoric Monster Truck Restraunt
    Diner Dash, but AWESOME
    >Tiny Pony Legend
    Legend of Zelda, but from the perspective of Epona
    >Hitler's Bowling at the Olympics
    I think this explains itself, really.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:37 No.15874415
    >Big Nuclear Preacher
    Why are you a giant nuclear-powered robot? Who cares, it's time to preach to your flock about fire and brimstone, and win over godless heathens with your kiler combo scores!

    >Return of Bow Hunter World Cup
    Who thought combining soccer and hunting games was a good idea? Apparently you do, at least when you're drunk. Fight off your hangover and persuade Gamestop to take this trash back!

    >M.C. Escher's Bandicoot Melee
    These damn bandicoots are everywhere! They're clogging up the impossible waterwheel, tripping people on the endless stairs, they won't even tile the plane properly. They have to go, by any means necessary!

    >Screaming Monkey of Love
    An ironically named, completely clean text adventure. Everyone learns a valuable lesson, but that goddamn monkey still won't shut up.

    >Weary Valkyrie In My Pocket
    Uses the DSi's built-in camera to identify dead bodies, then a minigame starts where you drive them to Valhalla in a rented pickup. Fun for kids-trapped-in-warzones of all ages.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:37 No.15874417
    >Interactive Dinosaur Underground
    Walk around! Look at objects! Talk to the Pterodactyl! Leave you mainstream life behind and be obscure with the mighty thunder lizards. Now in flannel shirts.

    >Apathetic Surf Simulator
    Surf, Or don't. Whatever.

    >Urban Ostrich Knights
    In these mean streets only one group can bring justice. An ancient order bought into modern day life. Armed with the largest bird eggs in the world.
    Ride with the ostrich knights for great justice.

    >Vampire Night Fever
    You're life sucks. You can't go out in the day and you're sick all night. Live like the undead now!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:47 No.15874497
    >Masters of the Battle Racer
    A japanese mecha title! Race through dangerous canyons and mountains in your Battle Racer! Destroy the opponents, and win the grand prize!

    >The Glory of Sunshine City
    I... I'll leave this one to another anon. Make me proud.

    >Android Computer of the Third Reich
    The Nazi's have done it again! Now Hitler has become an unstoppable android, and his cold logic has proven able to smash every ally assault! It is up to you and your team to take him out before the whole world is controlled by his abominable intelligence!

    >The Last Unicorn Beatdown
    Faced with the extermination of her kind, The Last Unicorn decides to get mad! This summer, prepare to crush, blast and gore the forces of darkness! Can you defeat the Red Bull?
    You are the Red Bull, demon beast bound to the will of King Haggard. It is his will that you hunt down, defeat, and drive to the sea every last unicorn in existence. Now go forth, and bring darkness to the face of the earth!

    >Tiger Woods' Hitman II
    Golf is a serious game, and Tiger Woods means serious business. The latest scandal has gotten out of hand, and like last time, he now looks to You to make his problems dissapear.

    >Kabuki Monster Truck Blast
    This is... too crazy/awesome to consider... Kabuki actors overact interpersonal drama and rivalries while they attemp to use the weapons of their monster trucks to destroy eachother?
    Shit, did I just describe the Super RObot Wars series?

    >Mario's Motorcycle Rally
    Mario Kart Wii, motorcycles only. Next!

    >Awesome Racing Riders
    Old. Next!

    >Star Wars Karate College
    I'm burnt out. Someone take this guy.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:51 No.15874526
    >Nasty STD rebellion

    Were is your god now?
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:52 No.15874535
    >Return of Bow Hunter World Cup
    >Who thought combining soccer and hunting games was a good idea?
    Two ways for this one.
    >In soccer, the use of arms or hands are forbidden from use, but no more! Each of you are now armed with bows&arrows to use on your opponents, but take care to avoid being hit yourself!
    >FIFA thought a little audience participation would be a good idea, and have provided select members of the audience with bows&arrows, that they might shift the tide of battle in favor of their team!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:52 No.15874537
    >Android Computer of the Third Reich
    OOoo I love puzzle games
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:54 No.15874557
    I can't write, but I can share!
    Would some anon adopt one or all of these beutiful titles?

    >Jamaican Beautician Power

    >Adventures of the Stapler Expert

    >Dance Dance Golf Explosion

    >Mighty Lego Voyage

    >Pagan Math Extravaganza

    >Quiet Plunger Insurrection

    >John Romero's Amish Knights
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)03:59 No.15874593
    Oh Lord, I'm lollin'.

    >Search for the NASCAR Dungeon
    Can your band of intrepid adventurers find the legendary tomb of Earnhardt the Intimidator?

    >Vampire Pokemon Police
    Things were never the same after Officer Jenny got bitten by that Haunter...

    >Escape from the Bible - Collector's Edition
    The Book of Exodus was only the beginning!

    >Disney's STD Posse

    >Ultraviolent Whale Shootout
    There's a whole new reason to call them KILLER whales!

    >Inappropriate Banjo Hoedown
    Deliverance: The deleted scenes.

    >Star Wars Goth Oppression
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:01 No.15874607
    >Master Chief's Unicycle Thieves
    Starting as a poor space orphan you must work your way up the ranks of the toughest gang this side of Halo. Steal as many unicycles as you can to win the love of your kindly old adviser Master Chief himself

    >Catholic Tennis Man
    Speaks for itself really

    >Lucky Spider Spectacular
    One of those weird Japanese games

    >Paranoid Hippo Uncensored
    That Hippo is always looking over his shoulder, thinking someones after him. He's right; it's YOU. Dive into the grimy world of pachyderm stalking and candid photography in this exciting new stealth title. Now with bonus Schizophrenic Elephant levels!!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:12 No.15874699
    >Viking Square Dancing Offensive

    >Twisted Squirrel Boy
    He's bitter... He's angry.... He's got a fluffy tail....
    All those nuts belong to you! Bite the other kids! Show them who the nuts belong to! You! Give everybody rabies! That will show them!

    >Holy Acid Scam
    Pretty sure there's a movie about this one.

    >Scooby Doo and the Shark Munchers
    When scooby snacks aren't enough....

    >Fisher Price Jackhammer Hagglers
    Do you go into the store and look at all that heavy machinery. Do you think it costs too much? Want to offer less but you're too shy? Well now you can practice the art of arguing about prices in the comfort of your own home. It's helped millions worldwide!

    >Amateur Rugby in the Dark
    Just like the real thing.
    >> I apologised on 4chan !!857o4GkKJgy 08/09/11(Tue)04:13 No.15874704
    >WWII Raccoon Gaiden

    A tiny raccoon has been entrusted with the secret plans for the Nazi superweapon "Gervulf" armed only with the Thompson SMG and Rocketboots all Raccoons are born with he must navigate his way through five levels to deliver the plans to the allies!

    >Psychedelic Programming of the Blood God
    ... puzzle game where players a Khornate Cogitator that secretly runs a hive, trying to make his blood and skulls quota for Khorne. Players operate numerous traps across 100+ levels trying to kill as many people as possible.

    >Unbelievable Goblin Simulator

    Players command the Free Goblins League, a left wing revolutionary front for Goblinoids of all kind. Players must lead the goblins to freedom in the face of Dwarves, Ratmen, Undergound tentacle monsters and Orcs kicking them and telling them to get back to work.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:14 No.15874717
    >Star Wars Karate College
    Some people think Jedi are cool because they get lightsabers that can deflect blaster bolts and cut through anything. Come to Star Wars Karate College and learn to focus your chi and do that with your BARE HANDS! Really, it's just a game about trying to expand your school and managing the miles of red tape involved in running a business in the Old Republic. You'll run into disputes with the zoning committee, rival schools, and the mainstream Jedi, which can all be settled diplomatically or by sending your students to kick people in half.

    >Adventures of the Stapler Expert
    The famous stapler used in Indiana Jones and the Lost Keys has gone missing,and only you can track it down!

    >Quiet Plunger Insurrection
    Top-down shmup. Acting in unison, plungers quietly slew the armed forces of the world as they sat on the throne. Now, one man in an incredibly high-end luxury toilet featuring automatic flush, weather forecasts, bidet, flight, and dual laser cannons, is humankind's last hope against the armies of plungerkind.
    >> I apologised on 4chan !!857o4GkKJgy 08/09/11(Tue)04:17 No.15874731
    >Elmo's Valkyrie of the Third Reich

    ... I know have the mental image of Elmo in a Nazi uniform. I have no idea what the rest of the game would be like.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:18 No.15874739
    >Infinite River Beatdown

    The river is overflowing and drowning your beautiful village. Put your boots on and punch that river back to its stream!

    >Presidential Duck Troopers

    The super-secret military operation to train bodyguards for the President gone wrong.

    >Fruity Handgun Special Edition

    Earth is being invaded by aliens, and mankind's last hope is a mildly retarded kid with rainbow-colored deagle.

    >Inbred Shopping 1942

    I'm so confused.

    >Barbie's Hillbilly - Limited Edition

    Ride your very own pink donkey! Play banjo with the girls! Win over your brother from your jealous sisters!

    >Perverted Deer Hunter Zone

    The first no-guns hunting game! Great for kids!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:31 No.15874833
    >Advanced Mech Freak
    The sequel to the acclaimed Mech Freak, someone has broken your prized Battletech model AGAIN and you are totally freaking out AGAIN. Now featuring 30 different arm-flails, 160 curses and 44 incomprehensible screams, endings ranging from "collapse sobbing in a puddle of tears and urine" to "destroy all life", and of course, unlockable achievements.

    >Charlie Brown's Ninja of the Damned
    This game is too amazing to describe. Screenshots of it blind with their perfect beauty, even its genre is a word too sacred to mention. /tg/, I must leave you now, for I cannot go on living in a world in which this game does not exist.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:47 No.15874935
    >Perfect Spelling in Crazyland
    In a world that defies all sense, you are on a mission to create order where there is none, and to correct your fellow man from their madness induced ignorance. Master a frustrating control scheme as the terrain and physics alter randomly! Collect scraps of papers and other such junk to form the letters you need to build the words you need to calm each area! Beware the native Crazies!
    Remember kids, Don't Do Drugs!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:52 No.15874972
    >Leisure Suit Fashion 3D
    The market has train simulators, city simulators, factory simulators, pet simulators, plane simulators, bug simulators, and even sim simulators! But breaking out into a fresh new niche of the simulation market, it's 'Leisure Suit Fashion... THREEEE-DEEEE!!!'
    Master the tools of the trade as you draw up designs for snazzier and classier suits, then tailor them to your ideal specifications, all in full three-dimensional detail and control! Take over the fashion world with your hot new styles and well placed marketing, and watch as the stocks of your company fly sky high!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:54 No.15874992
    >Hitler's Landmine Epidemic
    Hitler has gone power crazy, and insisting that landmines be placed everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Enjoy this hilarious simulation of 'what if' as your subordinates explode again and again in the most outrageous places, all the while as you and your team work to pick your way through the smoke and explosions!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)04:59 No.15875023
    >Fluffy Programming in Middle-Earth
    I know there's programmer out here somewhere. Take this one as your due.

    >Scottish Karaoke Forever
    The only game where singing badly scores you MORE points! Get some friends together, have a few beers, and then start up this game as you try to each out-sing each other's score! (Drunken voice vocoder included.)
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:39 No.15877461
    >Lazy Lego Maniac
    You have the power to grant your lego creations life to do battle with other Lego Maniacs. You have 30 seconds to build something from the rendom bunch of peices you just grabbed. Good luck!

    >Incomprehensible Chess 64
    Nobody ever tried to push the N64 to it's theoretical computation limits. Until Now. Master the Tesseract! Win and lose the game in Chrono Chess! Unlockable M.C. Escher board!

    >Monster Cheese Struggle
    You are an old and moldy cheese that has been out too long. Long enough, in fact, to become sentient, sapient, and monstrously cheesy. Defeat your opponents in the effort to become the Big Cheese!

    >Mega Ice Cream Zombies
    The zombie apocalypse has struck, and it is delicious! PLay as children, teenagers and adults as you chow down, hack apart and bulldoze the ice cream zombies into slushy neoppolitan mush! Unlock hard mode: Diabetic Type 2!
    >> Titanium Man 08/09/11(Tue)11:41 No.15877470
    >Apathetic Lizard Turbo

    You're a lizard, I guess. And you can go fast. Or whatever. I dunno. Whatever floats your boat man.
    >> Titanium Man 08/09/11(Tue)11:44 No.15877484
         File1312904672.jpg-(27 KB, 350x330, 432215_f.jpg)
    27 KB

    >Incomprehensible Chess 64
    >Nobody ever tried to push the N64 to it's theoretical computation limits. Until Now. Master the Tesseract! Win and lose the game in Chrono Chess! Unlockable M.C. Escher board!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:44 No.15877487
         File1312904683.png-(467 KB, 514x653, Enormous handgun detective.png)
    467 KB
    Funny to see someone else start these threads :) I make a thread like this once in a while on other forums and chans, except we also draw/photoshop our covers.

    I'll dump some covers here, hopefully some of you will get inspired and come play with us :)
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:45 No.15877490
         File1312904728.png-(304 KB, 1024x1024, hobo_planet.png)
    304 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:46 No.15877493
         File1312904771.png-(498 KB, 509x653, Emo hoedown desperadoes.png)
    498 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:47 No.15877496
         File1312904832.png-(936 KB, 778x881, war of the wheelchair gaiden.png)
    936 KB
    fun fact: I googled Gaiden when I made this cover, I had no idea Gaiden meant like "saga"
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:48 No.15877502
         File1312904882.png-(859 KB, 636x722, peaceful drug dealing extreme.png)
    859 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:48 No.15877506
         File1312904920.png-(162 KB, 452x320, Deep Space Cannibal Dreamland.png)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:49 No.15877510
         File1312904970.png-(263 KB, 353x500, guitar wizard overdrive.png)
    263 KB
    Used a picture I requested from a drawfag here on /tg/ to make the wizard :)
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:50 No.15877513
         File1312905015.jpg-(149 KB, 500x700, 1309701702632.jpg)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:51 No.15877519
         File1312905061.jpg-(158 KB, 632x554, 1309696577239.jpg)
    158 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:51 No.15877522
         File1312905104.jpg-(183 KB, 300x430, 1291617735621.jpg)
    183 KB
    Look at that mean old dog oppressing the middle east! :/
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:54 No.15877534
         File1312905299.png-(461 KB, 500x577, 1258938969690.png)
    461 KB
    This is your next Sci-fi BBEG, and coincidentally I think stephen king has made a story about this already...

    The way I see it, the adventure is aboard a space station and the players are agents trying to unearth the truth behind a series of political assassinations on the station, and ever murder happened in an elevator.
    They will be led around on a merry goose chase and trying to find out who the killer is by questioning NPCs, but in the end it turns out it was the elevator itself all along! It's computer had been affected by a real AI virus... that thinks it is Satan!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:57 No.15877545
         File1312905466.jpg-(142 KB, 607x866, 1258999255600.jpg)
    142 KB
    This is your next Call of Duty title.

    You'll fight as Private Rollings as he is sent to infiltrate germany during WW1 and sabotage their secret weapon, an armored Tricycle.
    There will be many memorable boss fights, such as the female nazi jugend SS officers on their unicycles of doom, and the mutant doctor Kraupstein and his robot-apes dispensing terror from their Tandem Cycle
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:58 No.15877549
         File1312905521.jpg-(717 KB, 1470x1374, first person vampire football.jpg)
    717 KB
    say I didn't interupt you guys conversation did I?
    Sorry I'll wait my turn before speaking
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)11:59 No.15877553
         File1312905571.png-(752 KB, 979x528, erotic midget explorer.png)
    752 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:00 No.15877556
         File1312905635.png-(404 KB, 637x722, star wars acid quiz.png)
    404 KB
    At times I've been tempted to make little platform games based on the titles I've made
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:01 No.15877559
         File1312905685.png-(311 KB, 408x522, Frisky mummy smuggler.png)
    311 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:01 No.15877563
         File1312905717.jpg-(78 KB, 353x500, 1258946408012.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:02 No.15877566
         File1312905772.jpg-(106 KB, 450x566, 1291591037491.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:05 No.15877576
         File1312905902.png-(665 KB, 979x529, the lost kingdom of dental box(...).png)
    665 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:05 No.15877580
         File1312905947.png-(440 KB, 783x422, Nuclear Dentist Stars low.png)
    440 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:05 No.15877582
         File1312905959.png-(351 KB, 512x384, 1311411261067.png)
    351 KB
    >Barbie's Helicopter Combat

    Barbie and Ken take the war to the chinese plagiarism dolls.
    Rain down death and destruction upon your rip-off enemy with weapons such as machine guns, bunker breakers and napalm torpedos!

    [Type: 2D-Arcade Shooter]

    >Heinous Donkey Chronicles

    The Kingdom of Derpia has prospered for the last 400 years, up until a vile yet cunning donkey has kicked the King to death, only to start a hunt on the remaining members of the Royal Familiy.
    Is is your quest to protect the family, lest Derpia will fall into eternal darkness!

    [Type: JRPG]

    African Cricket Incident

    In the year 2015, the President John Akulula of the small African Country Mwombamwa invites all presidents of the African Union to a traditional game of Cricket.
    As Akulula strikes, his ball explodes happens to kill all other present presidents, resulting in their respective countries declaring war against Mwomamwa.
    Play as Akulula and lead your country to the total domination of Africa!

    [Type Turn Based Strategy, similar to the Total War series]

    >Revenge of Ponie Epedemic
    All fans of Ponys, outspoken or not, transform into drooling zombies. While this at first goes unnoticed by the rest of mankind as the fans hardly change, they soon start to infect others while summoning physical Avatars of the Ponies into this world to make it theirs.
    Play as one of the few non-infected and shoot your way to safety.

    [Type: Survival Horror]
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:06 No.15877587
         File1312905976.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, glorious.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:07 No.15877590
         File1312906033.jpg-(415 KB, 2050x1280, 1275986962231.jpg)
    415 KB
    I'm not nearly out of them but this is where I'll stop and let you guys do some talking too
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:08 No.15877597
    OH NO you don't!

    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:10 No.15877606

    I second this.

    Your images are to delicous
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:10 No.15877608
    > The Great Wagon of the Blood God

    Khorne and his followers set out on the Oregon Trail in search of fighting. The danger's will be plentiful, as Nurgle seeks to destroy him with all sorts of disease.

    > Super sexy alien annihilation

    Uh, killing super sexy xenos in the name of the emperor?

    >Kermits Plunger over Normandy

    Kermit is an OSS agent in France in 1944. Miss Piggy is the head of the biggest nightclub in Normandy and she is willing to give Kermit information on the Germans if he finds her plunger and fixes her toilet. Dogfighting is somehow involved.

    I dunno lol
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:12 No.15877618
    >Orbital Big Game Hunter
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:16 No.15877635

    "We're going to hunt some game. Some BIG game."
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:19 No.15877648
    >Magnetic Dinosaur Gaiden
    You play the as the wacky dinosaur Gaiden who uses his amazing magnetic powers to escape from asteroids in this JRPG-Platformer!

    >Duke Nukem: Mafia Dynasty
    Duke Nukem must travel back in time to fight aliens disguised as the Italian Mafia in ancient Japan.

    >Spectral Jazz Underground
    Infiltrate the underground rave called SPECTRAL JAZZ UNDERGROUND and fight for supremacy in this innovative rhythm based fighter.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:22 No.15877659
    > Catholic Forklift Crusade
    Tired of all the heretics and heathens running around in the world, the Pope orders a crusade to reclaim the world in the name of Christ.
    The only thing available to the crusaders are forklifts, which they utilize to great effect.
    You are one of these proud crusaders, and you must drive your forklift to victory in the name of church.

    >Irish Demon Nation
    One day, Ireland was unexpetedly taken over by a horde of Rampaging Demons. You play as one of the survivors, your mission: To free your homeland from the iron grip of the Demon Nation.

    >Shameful Disco Gaiden
    ... Ok I got nothing.

    >Educational Sailor Through Time
    And educational game involving a man with a time-traveling ship.
    He takes the player on educational adventures throughout the worlds famous time periods.

    >Galactic Unicycle DJ
    In the galactic community, no other competition is held in higher regard than the Master of Unicycle DJ Competition.
    You have to prove that you are capable of mixing the best beats, while riding your unicycle with the most skill, to gain the title of Unicycle DJ Master.

    >Wooden Motorcycle Island
    A racing game where the players ride motorcycles made out of wood, set on a scenic tropical island.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:23 No.15877661
    >French Bimbo in the Middle East

    Um, get stoned the video game?

    >Colonial Disco Colosseum

    The great men and women who arrived to unknown shores must have a Disco Dance off to the death.

    >Panzer Pirate Boxing.

    In a world where outlaws use tanks to raid and pillage, 15 of the most infamous of the "Panzer Pirates" must put on the gloves and duke it out to see which one is best
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:37 No.15877720
         File1312907821.png-(387 KB, 497x563, Depressing Burger Insanity.png)
    387 KB
    Oh god I am almost stoned enough to start working on one of these games. If I'm not busy in the weekend I think I will.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:38 No.15877726
         File1312907892.png-(167 KB, 349x500, 1291666958872.png)
    167 KB
    I can almost see for my inner eyes what the games would look like in-game and what kind of features they would have
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:39 No.15877738
         File1312907967.png-(445 KB, 500x447, 1258964261182.png)
    445 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:40 No.15877749
    So that's why the Iron Men rebelled!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:45 No.15877763
    >Panzer Pirate Boxing.
    >In a world where outlaws use tanks to raid and pillage, 15 of the most infamous of the "Panzer Pirates" must put on the gloves and duke it out to see which one is best

    That would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:46 No.15877767
    How's the blind Tetris one work? I just imagine blocks falling down and shouting, "I'M A FOUR-LONG LINE! I'M A FOUR-LONG LINE!"
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:46 No.15877768
         File1312908382.jpg-(82 KB, 446x668, 1259010482632.jpg)
    82 KB
    You play as Hitler.

    The war is over, you have died, self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

    But your soul is still fighting.

    The game starts with Hitler waking up in hell, and we get a quick flashback as he realized that he was wrong all the time, he wasn't fighting for good.
    However, his wrongdoings has led him to understand how to create world peace after 50 years of reflection.
    Now you play as Hitler as he enters Satans great colluseum race, where the most evil of souls throughout history wage battle atop of a hellish steed.
    Hitler intends to win the race, and then challenge The Devil himself for the right to be reborn on earth again.

    The ending will blow your mind.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:48 No.15877782
         File1312908503.png-(383 KB, 401x561, 1291612112805.png)
    383 KB
    Based on the TV-series
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:49 No.15877788
         File1312908570.jpg-(180 KB, 433x497, 1258998004916.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:50 No.15877792
         File1312908616.jpg-(244 KB, 1202x801, 1264025461547.jpg)
    244 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:52 No.15877794
         File1312908720.png-(263 KB, 452x320, Psycho Hamster in 3d.png)
    263 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:54 No.15877804
         File1312908840.jpg-(496 KB, 847x674, 1275983716193.jpg)
    496 KB
    The only game twice as bro as Halo
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)12:55 No.15877805
         File1312908905.png-(300 KB, 353x500, mr terrorist in my pocket.png)
    300 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:00 No.15877823
    Nah, you'd simply learn to determine it with the mass and strength of the object and learn to triangulate the movement through 3D surround sound
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:04 No.15877842
         File1312909450.jpg-(150 KB, 688x800, GIANTMIDGETMAXX.jpg)
    150 KB
    By strength I mean the velocity of which the tetris block travels.

    Also is this a real game? I can't tell
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:06 No.15877857
         File1312909563.jpg-(20 KB, 420x415, 1258922727564.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:09 No.15877871
    >> Titanium Man 08/09/11(Tue)13:10 No.15877882
         File1312909838.jpg-(50 KB, 640x480, 1312839167540.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:12 No.15877892
         File1312909953.jpg-(1.34 MB, 1554x1761, HSO.jpg)
    1.34 MB
    I kind of like the premise for the setting.

    The players plays as part of a small group of survivors from after the airbound laser squirrels took over the world.

    You'd have to free your people from the nut-refineries that the squirrel keep a small population of earth alive to work them.
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:14 No.15877905
         File1312910083.jpg-(33 KB, 534x399, 1311414847904.jpg)
    33 KB
    Ok I'm looking for another cover, but this image just caught my attention while I was browsing and it just said "post me"
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:15 No.15877915
         File1312910158.jpg-(131 KB, 450x630, 1310837844174.jpg)
    131 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:16 No.15877922
    >Ancient Piano Agent

    I read this as Ancient Porno Agent. I want that game!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:17 No.15877927
         File1312910271.png-(1.06 MB, 706x1000, 1310651058487.png)
    1.06 MB
    Speed up in the name of our lord Jebadiah, we need to harvest those Dollah-Dollah Bill fields fore winter!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:20 No.15877938
         File1312910418.png-(429 KB, 459x613, 1310756118353.png)
    429 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:21 No.15877948
         File1312910485.png-(632 KB, 765x684, 1310749780242.png)
    632 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:22 No.15877957
         File1312910549.png-(187 KB, 700x987, 1310603171944.png)
    187 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:23 No.15877961
         File1312910606.jpg-(473 KB, 856x800, 1310575527884.jpg)
    473 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:46 No.15878067
         File1312911976.png-(216 KB, 353x500, 1259014511900.png)
    216 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:54 No.15878117
         File1312912489.jpg-(140 KB, 640x480, 1310831873653.jpg)
    140 KB
    Oh god I played this as a child, it was the only game worse than Superman 64
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)13:59 No.15878147
         File1312912741.png-(484 KB, 600x852, 1310568751341.png)
    484 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)14:09 No.15878219
    "Renegade Fighter of the Deep": Hailed as the best submarine sci-fi warfare simulator with beat-'em-up elements EVER!

    "Insane Bong Takedown": "Like, dude, I'm so gonna fuck your shit up. Hand me that potato peeler..."


    "God of Cowboy Punishment": Deadwood just got worse...
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)14:28 No.15878345
    >Elmo's Valkyrie of the Third Reich

    Easy. you're Elmo Kinderschänder, Aufseher of the hittlers youth, and your role is to select the prettiest, most devout arian pre-teens and raise them to become the posterchild of patriotic duty, deadly giant robot pilots and the perfect brides for der fhurer and his closest collaborators.

    pump these princesses full of Vrill and pray to the dark gods they don't go all Vergewaltigung on your ass!!
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)14:34 No.15878398
         File1312914845.jpg-(123 KB, 296x417, 001.jpg)
    123 KB
    Monster Shark 95

    Set to the hot single: "This Is How We Do It"
    >> Anonymous 08/09/11(Tue)16:43 No.15879552
    >Hazardous Punching Strike Force
    Radioactive boxing gloves and Army Rangers never went so well together.

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