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  • File : 1312818613.jpg-(13 KB, 156x323, Knight.jpg)
    13 KB A Knight's Quest part 8 Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)11:50 No.15864745  
    So sorry for not being here during last Thursday. Things happened, shit had to be done, bosses had to be pleased. It was total shit at work, but I got the job done.

    Now without further ado, Knight's Quest. If you're still up for it!
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)11:51 No.15864756
    State of the Army.
    Current Army State=

    Current state of the Army:
    Lord Tarkin (Armored in Plate)
    Farran and Leoric. (Armored in Plate)
    30 Yeomen (Armored in Plate., armed with Spears/Shields and Bows & arrows)
    25 wardens (Armored in Chain, armed with axes, bows & arrows)
    50 Men at Arms (Armored in Chain, armed with spears/axes & shields, as well as Crossbows.)

    Count Urs' Troops, led by Knight Harold (armored in plate):
    He has an army of 120 Inf and 40 Mounted men. (10 Knights, 30 'light cavalry)

    50 Men At Arms, (Armored in chainmail, armed with iron shields and spears, wielding crossbows)
    50 Yeomen (Armored in Chainmail wielding Crossbows, armed with Tower-shields and Gladius')

    8 Knights, armored in Plate. Weapons, Swords, Iron Shields and Lances.
    13 Light Cavalry, Armored in Chainmail, wielding axes and shields.

    A full baggage train, special items: Imperial Cloth, might be handy for disguises.

    Nothing gained nothing lost here, furthermore, during Winter, there won't be much happening on the campaign trail. So you get this off.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)11:56 No.15864790
    The current season is Winter

    The Current state of the realm:
    Safety: Decent (There is something illusive in the woods)
    Morale: Good (While Alvin showed some cowardice during the fight he also proceeded to seal a bond with the village in marrying Karl's daughter)
    Farming: None (Winter)
    Housing: Good (The State of the village is alright.)
    Gold: Moderate (You have some gold left in your coffers, though there is little to spend it on)
    Wood-cutters: None (Winter)
    Marble: None (Winter)
    Iron Vein(s): (Mining has begun, one vein discovered, quality to be determined.)

    Important People:
    Magda & her Maids (The caretakers of the castle, only five remain)
    Karl (Spokesman of the villagers)
    Jehenna (Karl's wife and Priestess of Gaia (earth mother))
    Kalistra (Smart woman from Village, daughter to Karl and Jehenna, married to Alvin)
    Ulri (Priest of Gaia) (And beekeeper!)
    Alvin (New Steward, young, married to Kalistra) (Us)

    Layout of the Land:
    The castle is situated atop a hill, to the east of your lands forests ride up to the mountains in the east, the forests are filled with game. A road has been logged to reach the valuable stone known as Marble.

    There is a road leading through your territory, it crosses two rivers, both of them are bridged and guarded by towers and are tolled, (low toll), trade is going strong, a small temple to the earth goddess Gaia is the main sight in the village. Along with the newly made Inn Gaius' Rest, a palisade wall is being put up around the village as well, linking up the hill and with the Castle.

    Furthermore, defense works have been made to make the bridge more secure.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)11:58 No.15864800
    Known religions:
    Gaia (Earth-Mother) Goddess of Farmers
    Coin Father, Patron god of Traders
    Iron Prince, War God.

    Known civilizations:
    The Kingdom of Pendra (us)
    The Empire City-States (Loose federation all owning allegiance to the Empire, War)
    The Inner Empire (Shrouded in secrecy, but known to have an army like none have seen. Tech-wise more advanced then us. War)
    The Norselands (Vicious Raiders that often come for the other people of the world, pillaging is their game)

    People we know:
    Duke Hamish, Our uncle once removed, he loves us.
    Count Jenniker, noble to our north, has a reputation for being cruel to his peasants, likes our father was before he passed.

    Lady Isandra (Wife to us and mother to our Son)
    Angelo Urs Tarkin (One year old)


    An Adventurer arrives (Optional)
    Strange things in the Woods (Optional)
    The Countess (Mandatory)
    - No Secret Quest -
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)11:59 No.15864805
    Can anyone give a rundown of the last few days, work was a bitch last week
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:01 No.15864817
         File1312819276.jpg-(143 KB, 576x720, 29188.jpg)
    143 KB
    >>15864790 Wood-cutters: None (Winter)
    What? It's a whole fucking lot easier to get trees out of the forest when you can use sleds and such (or in the worst case just pull the trunk along the snow on its own). Either people start chopping down trees, or we start chopping down people.

    >>There is something illusive in the woods
    That won't do. Let's go kill it dead.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:01 No.15864818

    Here are the Archives:
    Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15780071/
    Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15791965/
    Part 7: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15804405/
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:02 No.15864827
    What kind of adventurer arrives?
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:02 No.15864829

    Winters here are. Not just, meh it's cold winters.

    It's Holy Shit my balls are freezing of worse then being in Siberia winter.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:03 No.15864831
    >That won't do. Let's go kill it dead.

    Bullshit! We need to befriend it.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:05 No.15864846
    Assuming that we return from the summer's campaign and hole up in the castle for winter, and we're not out raiding still?
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:06 No.15864855

    Hmm *Rubs chin*

    I want a raise of hands for this.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:11 No.15864886
    bumping for being noticed again.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:13 No.15864900
         File1312819987.gif-(385 KB, 515x811, st_george.gif)
    385 KB
    >>15864829 It's Holy Shit my balls are freezing of worse then being in Siberia winter.

    Since when have been stuck in Antarctica, and how the flying hell did they manage to grow any crops last season if that's the case?

    Sure, they can stay indoors if it drops below -30C, but if we're anywhere half suitable for human habitation that won't be anywhere near all the time.

    A knight doesn't befriend the hideous things living out there in the wilderness. He either kills it dead, or captures it, threatens to unleash it on the nearby pagans unless they convert, and then kill it dead once they're all properly baptised. So unless we have a city of heathens nearby...
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:17 No.15864925

    Alright true, given that. But we established that very little got done during the Winter.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:22 No.15864948
    is there any kind of church or temple in the village?
    if no start planning with the peasants what temple to build also make a spear wall (like the ones meant to stop cavarly) and maybe some ditches
    because should anyone attack us im sure they gonna attack us from the forest
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:24 No.15864977


    Current buildings:
    Castle (Duh)
    Bridge Gates + Towers
    Temple to Gaia
    Marble Quarry.

    As for digging a spear-wall, well you have a Palisade wall around the village, that should keep you safe from people getting in, at least for a time and provided they don't take catapults.

    But a spear-wall could be built, it just depends on how long you wanna make it, from river to river, just before the 'base' of the Castle's hill, or somewhere nearer to the forest.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:38 No.15865064
         File1312821526.jpg-(1.4 MB, 2800x2099, Knightquestworldmap01-names.jpg)
    1.4 MB
    bump with maps...

    Pallisade wall will do for now.

    woodcutting, the only thing that will make that utterly impossible is if its 3m+ drifting snow coming from the mountains... in which case, we dont have to worry about troops being able to move to attack us either... or the pass being open even.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:43 No.15865099
         File1312821803.jpg-(16 KB, 350x193, Argh.jpg)
    16 KB
    Anyhow, lets see what the gribbly thing in the woods is...

    what're the peasants babbling about?
    have any disappeared, or the likes, come back missing arms or heads?
    footprints in the snow the size of a man?
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:47 No.15865120

    Fine, Woodcutting restored. But it's Moderate, because, y'know Winter.


    Alvin stares at Karl who once again comes into his chamber with another axe, dropped by yet another woodcutter, the third in as many days. None have been seen again, "Something must be done.. there is something in the woods", Alvin sighed, the man simply offered him little peace. "Perhaps they just left?"

    He prompted, only to have Karl shake his head, "No something is in our woods, whatever it is. Give me leave to take a company of Militia into the woods", Alvin pondered for a moment to accompany the Militia.

    Do it, or Don't?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:47 No.15865122
         File1312822076.jpg-(57 KB, 800x441, French-Soldiers-monty-python-3(...).jpg)
    57 KB
    local monster? I sahid we've ahlready got one!
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)12:53 No.15865175
    moderate's ok. just as long as its not a case of "you cant do any in winter" I'm happy with that.

    Send the militia, and a few woodsmen who know the land and hunt there, and keep an eye for tracks in the snow. give each man a whistle. in snowy landscapes sound travels much easier...
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)12:58 No.15865213

    Putting on a large bearskin pelt you head out into the wilds, while there is quite some snow, your feet sink into their ankles. A short Gladius rests comfortably on your hip, a gift from your patron. Though you've got no idea how to use it, well stab, but that's obvious.

    Meanwhile, the men spread out after hitting the forest, it takes a full hour, but you spot something in the distance. A small lake, seemingly an offshoot from the river. But what makes your skin crawl, is the fact that you can see three men sitting besides each-other, all three look frozen solid. But the strangest sight of all is the young woman with them.

    She is clad only in some loose robes, looking more like summer clothes.. and she looks enchanting to say the least. She hasn't spotted you yet.

    A. Blow Whistle
    B. Approach her alone?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:00 No.15865229
         File1312822815.png-(77 KB, 350x350, HeresyStamp.png)
    77 KB

    and stab her

    no heretics allowed
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:03 No.15865250
    leave, go 300m down the route and THEN blow a whistle

    (btw, is she clad in white samite, and is this moistened tart likely to lob us a scimitar?)
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)13:07 No.15865287

    I don't catch the reference.

    Also, tie-breaker so need one more vote.

    And hopefully some more people. They must have been pissed that I didn't come.

    Fucking shit and I was enjoying it too.
    >> Korosov 08/08/11(Mon)13:10 No.15865321
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:11 No.15865329
    think 4chan's been flakey most of the day, so its quiet today.

    and the reference was:
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:15 No.15865360
    I like the idea
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)13:16 No.15865372


    I should have known that. I have that movie.

    Hope they'll show eventually. Really wanna get this underway.


    As you stalk away from the woman standing at the lake you blow your whistle, it takes a view minutes, but the men gather. You can see that she seems to be looking around, but seeing no-one goes back to drawing circles with her toes in what must be freezing water.

    Slowly you approach her together with much of the Militia, though your unsure as how to truly approach her.

    A. Talk to Her
    B. Kill her.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:17 No.15865379
    Alvin is a coward after all, so >>15865250
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:18 No.15865386
    Oh yes, Monty Python and the holy grail is one of the best movies I ever seen... but for now lets concentrate on this quest than on that movie, okay?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:19 No.15865396
    Chat her up.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)13:21 No.15865418
    My name fell off.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:24 No.15865443
    Is homeosexuality a sin/crime in this world?

    because if not, then if any member of the group is openly gay, he's the one being pushed to the front to resist her mysterials and sorcerous ways.......

    failing that, approach while covered by several people with bows, and with a few people a few metres behind.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:24 No.15865446
    A. and be polite. It would be a shame if we had to kill someone just because of our rudeness,
    > wrong letter ^_^''
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:25 No.15865452

    It is a crime to remain the same gender? Is everyone a shapeshifter?

    Or do you mean homosexuality?
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:27 No.15865463
    I thought we were playing in low fantasy ? ... Oh god, is she a forest nymph???
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:28 No.15865473
    my hands are wrecked today, I cant type to save mt life.

    (which is what I get for spending most of the afternoon with blocks of steel grindind it to shape...)
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)13:29 No.15865493

    We are. That's not to say that there aren't certain fantasy elements in this world.


    Stepping forward together with much of the Militia, a few men who've had trouble getting women up in front, she turns. Smiling softly, her eyes gleam with an inner power as she stands up fully. Her hair is long and blond, "Welcome Alvin..", she says softly. "I know why you have come.. you wish to destroy my collection.. don't you?", she asks softly.

    Waving her hand at the dead men, frozen to the log they are seated on.

    So.. tell her the truth, or ask her what the fuck the crazy bitch wants.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:31 No.15865510
    Ouch... atleast that job seems to be "high tear" .. I would rather do that then just standing on one place and welcoming people for 8 hours .... so tiresome
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)13:32 No.15865516
    Ask what's going on, but if she tries to kill Alvin, he bolts. The coward.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:35 No.15865547
    Alvin can honestly reply, "no, I do not come to destroy your collection."
    "who are you?, and what are you doing here?"
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:36 No.15865555
    Tell her that these woods are vital for our peoples survival. Without it the progress to improve living standards would be close to nothing.
    > bad livingstandard = stealing, angry mobs
    > no money, no milita = unsecurity
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)13:38 No.15865579

    That'd suck. Then again, my job isn't glorious either. Driving a forklift for eight hours. Whee!

    But enough of that.


    Alvin shakes his head softly, instead he asks her what her business here is. She seems surprised. "Silly.. I thought you knew..", she sits down on the lap of one of the men. Sliding her leg across the other, Alvin's eyes narrow, "I'm here to collect big strong men..", she touches the young frozen man's chest. Her eyes twinkling for a moment, "..I had an agreement with old man Tarkin", she winked, "maybe we can make a new one.. as your clearly not Gaius' son"

    Question her further, or just.. well end her now.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)13:40 No.15865587
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)13:43 No.15865607
    No need to get excited, me.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:43 No.15865612
    She cant be serious, can she?? Negotiate a new deal with her involving something else then strong men. Keep Talking!!
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:44 No.15865617
    "I suspect I would be best to get all the information.
    This is not something I heard of before. Perhaps you can explain exactly what's going on here, and I will relay it. Or you can come with us to the castle...
    and... Um. I dont think I'll sit down while you explain. My feet are a bit cold already."

    *stamp feet a bit, and conveniently stamp back and forth enough space to run llike hell when crazy witches steap your soul...*
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)13:48 No.15865644
    We're not bringing the Yuki Onna home with us.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:50 No.15865667
    > take witch home
    > witch curses the land
    .... no... it cant end like that .. Throw water at her! make her melt!... Burn her!! AAAaahhH
    > overreacting slightly
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)13:51 No.15865671
    Her eyes gleam over as she stands up, her fingers drum the man's head, obviously the sound is making some of the militia men uncomfortable. "My agreement was this, every three years.. I come for ten strong men. Men who can serve me.. and I will claim them as my own", her smile grew slowly, "but if you fail to give me my due. I will make you all believe in the legend of the White Witch", her wicked smile played on her lips.

    The White Witch was known, a supposed being of the wilds, she was one of few creatures that had a inkling of something beyond the grave. It said that in times of peril she might come to those who give themselves to her. And those that worship her grow strong and well.

    However her worship is pagan and not endorsed by the Kingdom, still.. she is standing right in front of you.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)13:56 No.15865712
    this agreement did'nt have a contract, something actually written down, did it?

    *thinks* - every three years? the locals should remember this from three years ago if so...
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)13:57 No.15865721
    So, -3 1/3 men per year for... not destroying the land? Alvin passes the decision to us, "In this case I can't speak for the current Count Tarkin, however when he returns from campaign he will decide on the matter.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)13:58 No.15865730
    Talk to her. Would the fact that the Lord who had made the deal with her is now dead and buried make her agree to a bit different and new agreement?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:01 No.15865756
    make new contract that you will give her 10 men every 3 year (so she doesnt need get them) on condition that those men shall be returned to us healthy after 3 years
    and we will make a "unoffical" temple for her if she helps us in battles etc

    (its obvious that she is using them as sex slaves )
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:01 No.15865759
    the old lord is dead, so the old agreement has passed.

    you have three, that will do for a year. No more will be taken, until this agreement is re-made.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)14:04 No.15865797

    True, but as I said, Paganism isn't common or allowed in Pendra. Thus they keep this under wraps.

    This year she'll need 7 more men, if you want to continue the agreement. Also nothing was written down but a pact sealed in blood is a pact stronger then anything.


    The woman smiles as you talk about changing the agreement, "Is it not a fair choice.. I do not ask for you Alvin..", she says, laughing softly, "Only for the lives of the men around you", taking a quick glance, you see that there are seven men around you. No one truly special in that way to the people of the town, but some are husbands, others sons.

    "But we can.. agree to different terms if you wish, perhaps I will take something else of these men to 'feed' me", she makes a note of changing her voice at the word feed, making it seem like she doesn't quite know how to call the thing which has given her this 'legendary' status.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:07 No.15865839
    are these 7 within earshot of this, or are they hovering back at a distance?
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)14:08 No.15865843
    That bastard Alvin, he just gave seven members of the militia to her. He's a horrible person.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)14:09 No.15865859
    Oh that maneater.... I guess we allow Alvin to give her them 7 men .... only if she shows you first that "feeding" her wont hurt them ...
    > watching Monty Python nows..
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)14:15 No.15865916
    Alvin slowly nods in agreement, the men surrounding him turn at him with a shock in their eyes. One tries to speak, but all quickly go blank-stared and drop their weapons, siting on the logs surrounding the lake.

    The White Witch smiles, "I will guard your woods", she whispers softly before giving Alvin a small crystal, it seems almost like a snowflake has been caught in it, "break that when you need me", she slowly approaches the Lake. "Three years", she holds her fingers up as she walks into the Lake, the men slowly following her.

    The Frozen ones, creaking and groaning, but moving none the less.

    Now how does Alvin explain where the Militia dissapeared to?
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)14:18 No.15865948
    Drowned in the lake?
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:18 No.15865959
    please tell me alvin's hair has now turned as white as snow....
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:28 No.15866064
    Is alvin curled up in a corned shaking and rocking back and forth going on about the "White witch that protects the pass from invaders" going to do his job prospects much harm?
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)14:28 No.15866065
    Ask them what they know about the White Witch... that will give them something to think. And I recommend having Alvin to go have a warm bath after this...
    >> Korosov 08/08/11(Mon)14:28 No.15866072
    3 man eating bears
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)14:33 No.15866134

    As Alvin approaches the village he's greeted by Karl and Jehenna, the two stare at him, and him alone, as he emerges from the woods. As Karl stops him he sees something very strange, a lock of Alvin's hair has turned snowy white. "The Witch..", breathes Karl softly, it's clear he knows, as does Jehenna. "You must never speak to any about your agreement. Least of all Lord Tarkin. He must never know, just like his forefathers".

    They slowly explain the story, apparently the first Lord Tarkin was a real asshole, he left his pregnant wife to die in the woods after he found out she had been impure when he married her. Chained to a tree by the Lake she vowed revenge and died, something heard her vow and made it so.

    That winter, a terrible storm came, that nearly destroyed the village and the castle, it was only ended by appeasing the demon with the blood of ten men for Lord Tarkin. It seemed to calm the demon and so it has gone, men drown, are lost in the woods.

    However Karl had hoped Alvin would stand up to the Witch, he didn't, he slowly grabs a small knife, "We must clean your head of hair, none may ever see the lock, for they'll know what you are", he smiled, "her emissary".


    Nope, he might be a pussy, but at least, he protected his new 'people'
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)14:33 No.15866135
    I thought it was winter..
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:37 No.15866178
    Playing Alvin is no fun. I'm out.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)14:38 No.15866197
    Poor Alvin.. And what? Karl knew about the witch and didnt even go himself to kill her?? ... and yeah, Alvin is booring now...
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)14:40 No.15866218
    Let's talk to the adventure that got in, we should have talked to him first, maybe he could have killed the White Witch, oh hindsight.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:41 No.15866235
    3 man eating bears, with a centrally-heated cave, and really bad insomnia....

    So, Alvin's decided to become a skinhead.... unwillingly. Hiding a bald patch, honest.

    And Tarkin has no clue.
    We'd better not decide to chain our wife up outside.

    Looks like the locals wont be too fussed about the dead, if its a thing that's gone on for, well, generations.

    Tarkin, however, might need more explaining.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)14:46 No.15866286
    After Alvin rests for a day he hears of the Adventurer in the Inn, as he approaches he sees the man mount his horse. He had the cloth of a man of the road, but the bearing, and size, of a knight. "You are the steward?", he asks, his voice gruff. Alvin nods.

    "Perhaps we can talk inside the Inn", Alvin follows the man in, the large adventurer explains that he was a Knight, though stripped of his knighthood by an Empire General after having returned from a suicidal charge.

    He is currently seeking revenge against the Empire, he says that the only thing he needs, is new equipment. It's clear that he's been in combat, his breastplate is dented, his sword seems chipped. But he seems like a proper soldier.

    A. Test him
    B. Send him to Lord Tarkin
    C. Send him on his way.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)14:47 No.15866300
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:49 No.15866318
    explain that assasins have come in the past, and that it is your duty to be cautious.

    therefore if he wishes to disarm, and remove armour, then an audience with the lord tarkin can be arranged. We'll make sure a few guards are there too, of course.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)14:50 No.15866330
    B-ish, we're at war just send him in the direction of the army and let them deal with him, we've got more important things to deal with.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)14:54 No.15866369
    But We're on campaign somewhere in the Empire, so it's be a trip anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)14:56 No.15866383
    are we? it was mentioned way back at the start of the thread, that we might be wintering up at the castle, and it was'nt concluded.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)14:57 No.15866388

    Deciding that sending him to Lord Tarkin unannounced might be dangerous, a pigeon is send ahead of the man. You give him directions and send him on his way. The large adventurer seeming pleased to be using his blade against the people he once fought for.

    Only one quest remaining:

    The Countess (Mandatory)
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:00 No.15866421
    Is she thinking of joining the campaign?
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)15:05 No.15866474

    Crap forgot to write what she wants.

    As Alvin returns to the castle he's greeted by Countess Isandra, she seems to be up in arms about something. Standing before Alvin she's tall enough to stare him in the eyes, the young man seems somewhat intimidated by the slightly older woman.

    "Alvin, word has come to my ears that my father's old Steward has been holding back funds for the war", there is some truth to her claim, you've not received the amount of gold normally needed. But they have had a rough season and you decided to let it be. As you explain this to Isandra she seems only more angered.

    "My Husbands needs his funds to feed his army, to pay his troops. If you will not claim the gold, I will"


    A. Go Alone
    B. Go together with her.
    C. Say you'll go but decide not too.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)15:05 No.15866477
    Tarkin's been away 9 months, been communicating by carrier pidgeon, and she's just become pregnant.......
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:08 No.15866518
    Go with her, also mention to the Urs steward that millet and buckwheat are also options. Ponder the construction of a reaper-binder and seed drill.
    >> Anonymous 08/08/11(Mon)15:10 No.15866533
    go with her

    see what is up
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)15:17 No.15866606

    Taking a few of the militia for security reasons, you accompany the Countess to the late Count Urs' lands. Her lands in fact, though yours by marriage.

    As Alvin enters the castle he's greeted warmly, though the steward's eyes narrow as he sees Isandra. "You've been stealing gold", she could have been more tactful as the man just gasps. "I ha.. we.. a ..", he coughs, "Our.. crops grew poorly", "As did ours", she responds quickly, "Mylady please.. I had to spare money, to make sure that I had gold to buy food", she shakes her head, "I saw the agreement Alvin made with the trader, we have gold to spare. My husband needs every coin he can get", she smiled, "Alvin, I would like you to conduct a full check of his books. Find out how much he's been stealing after my father died"

    A. Try to diffuse the situation
    B. Agree to her demands.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:20 No.15866632
    B for books. She is our boss, and could kill us with her bare hands! She's a scary lady!
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:21 No.15866638
    Also mention millet and buckwheat.
    >> Huyamva 08/08/11(Mon)15:21 No.15866641

    It seems to me the two aren't mutually exclusive. If we check his books, we'll be able to see how much he spent on food, and how much he embezzled (if any)

    Also, on a side note, don''t we rule his lands? I mean, we inherited them, right? Are they neighboring to us? If not, how far away?
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:23 No.15866655
    They're just down the road, a day's ride I think.
    >> !!8ur1MglPCmb 08/08/11(Mon)15:24 No.15866668
    rolled 1, 4 = 5

    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)15:26 No.15866679
    Hmm... these people should not need to starve just because of a thieft, as long as the gold was traded for food. But she is still our boss... So B.
    Still have her notice that a worker needs food to function, even if it is winter.
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)15:27 No.15866687

    Yes but Alvin is not up to the task of ruling two Counties as a Steward. Bit too much hay on his fork.




    Alvin slowly calms everything down, Countess Isandra being guided away, Helion shakes his head, "She is dangerous..", he says softly, sitting besides Alvin who glances at him but says nothing right now. He checks the books and reads how much money he's flushed away, a full three-hundred and fifteen gold crowns. Saying nothing right now he instead changes the subject.

    Talking about the harvest for the next season and what they might plant to have a better harvest, Helios agrees to look into it. As you are talking the Countess returns, she's holding a goblet of wine. "Did he steal the gold?"

    A. Tell the Truth
    B. Lie for the sake of Helios. (He is a good Steward and cares for his people)
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:31 No.15866746
    The truth, and mention the fact that you've been suggesting additional/alternate crops to be grown that should result in more food.
    >> Neufrem 08/08/11(Mon)15:36 No.15866782
    The truth would probably result with Helion being hanged.... maybe we should tell her the truth after she a good night of sleep instead of when she is drunk.
    I agree with this
    >> Gaius !!xTem6FcnJVT 08/08/11(Mon)15:39 No.15866806

    The Countess' eyes seem to turn to daggers as she stares at Helios, your words seem to take part of the hatred away. "You will pay the coin you kept behind next season. All of it..", she glowers at the man, "or I will come to collect forcefully", she turns towards Alvin. "Lets go, I no longer wish to remain.. here"

    As you return home she smiles at you, "Well done.. Steward", then rides ahead of you.

    Meanwhile 300km's away Lord Tarkin writes yet another impassioned letter of love to his wife before receiving report that an Empire mercenary is coming, he might be very useful during spring.

    That's it for tonight folks.

    I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully things will take off a little bit faster.

    Once again leave things you want to get done, reasonably, in the sections below. And Archiving in 3, 2, 1.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:41 No.15866829
    I miss read what happen, didn't read it as he was embezzling, so we say that he isn't but mention the new plans to increase the agricultural output. Then give the steward a firm warning that you will not cover for his embezzling again.
    >> TUCAMP 08/08/11(Mon)15:44 No.15866870
    Postpone the foundry idea until we have seed drills and reaper-binders. The drills will increase the efficiency of our grain fields, and the reaper-binder will increase the efficiency of harvesting said grains. We'll be able to build both easily.

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