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  • File : 1311221510.png-(7 KB, 272x394, bug colony.png)
    7 KB Bug Colony: III Conquest Begins GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)00:11 No.15653048  
    The GREEN Hive Lives on.

    You are the collective mind of a Bug Colony.
    Your Mission: Survival and Proliferation of your Species. Using d20's and popular vote you will either make or break the Hive.

    Previous two threads
    Thread1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15633864/
    Thread2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15638547/
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)00:15 No.15653077
         File1311221753.png-(45 KB, 1067x786, thehive.png)
    45 KB

    1 Hive Chamber
    1 Surface Tunnel [reinforced and waterproofed]
    1 Hidden Surface Tunnel [Crevice]
    2 Queens Chambers
    1 Worker Hatchery
    1 Soldier Hatchery
    1 Breeding Chambers
    1 Aphid Farm
    1 Pit
    1 Stone Deposit
    1 Iron Vein
    3 Fungus Farms [1 in Crevice]
    1 Redberry Farm [in Crevice]
    2 Redberry/Tallgrass Farms [Outside]
    2 Small Water Resevoirs [Full]
    5 Mineral Deposits
    5 Repositories

    UNITS: 70/75
    2 Queens [no upgrades]
    20 Soldiers [Spine-shooters, Ironhides, Camo,Hibernation]
    10 Flyers [Wings, Webbing, Camo, Webspikes,Hibernation]
    10 Heavy Workers [Hibernation]
    30 Workers [Webbing, Ingestion, Ironwebbing Cables, Hibernation]
    1’Colony’ Breeder
    1H-Worker Breeder
    1Ripper Swarm
    Units: 75/75

    20 Aphids

    9 points, 6 iron, 10 units tall grass, 8 stone, 1 Teal-Back Shell
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)00:17 No.15653090
    please select a location for the Queens new chambers or I will pick it myself.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)00:22 No.15653146
    rolled 3 = 3

    OP do we mistakenly think that Repositories increase pop cap?

    Put the Queens chambers behind the now Breeding Chambers.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)00:27 No.15653176
    Repositories hold stuff and increase pop cap by 10
    you start out with 25 free popcap.
    I just realize with the grubs you actually go over popcap limit.
    Unless I missed you guys building a 6th repository
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)00:29 No.15653190
    and thanks anon for posting the link to the new thread, i couldnt find it once i had accidentaly closed it (its on page 15 now)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)00:30 No.15653193
    i think second queens chamber should go at the back of the bottom repository on the latest Hive Map,
    keep it secret, keep it safe
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)00:33 No.15653213
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)00:35 No.15653227
    Is there any sign of the aphids breeding? If we're going to expand, it'd be nice to have more cows.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)00:54 No.15653348
    Aphids are being fed 2 units which keeps them happy but they'd need to be fed 2 additional units per feeding to get about 10 eggs which will mature very quickly. Aphid population is directly related to amount of food available.
    Also the Breeder Bugs will stay and lay eggs in the appropriate Hatchery, decreasing the egg time even more.
    Map Updated.
    >> Praetor Lillifag 07/21/11(Thu)00:59 No.15653385
    rolled 16 = 16

    To get extra population, get unused soldiers, scouts, grubs, and rippers to hibernate while not in use, letting us have more workers.

    We researched it, and now let's use it.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:11 No.15653468
    rolled 11 = 11

    Unless hibernation takes time to go into/get out of. In which case we need to have at least all of our soldiers still at the ready in case of emergencies. I missed out on a lot of the other thread, so sorry if this has been covered.

    I agree on needing to get those workers busy.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)01:15 No.15653486
    You have five Soldiers Hibernating
    15 soldiers awake (and ready to go move the debris from that blocked tunnel downstairs)

    Population: 79/80
    Map Updated
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:20 No.15653524
    Feed the aphids just enough to double their population.

    Queue up 10 repositories. Or, if possible, expand the current repositories downward. Make them multi-level.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)01:25 No.15653556
         File1311225916.png-(46 KB, 1067x786, thehive.png)
    46 KB
    Hibernation take a little to wake them out of and if you wake them en mass they may need food.

    map didn't upload the first time
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)01:32 No.15653614
    rolled 7 = 7

    oh lawd, I am so behind.

    I left right after Heavybugs got made, someone wanna catch me up on the capabilities of our new bugs?
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)01:33 No.15653619
    I have to ask something, really.
    Did you guys actually give the Colony Bug the ability to fly while I was gone? I'm thinking of a bunker with rockets glued to it here.
    Also, where are the rippers at, what are they up to right now? (and GM, give us a little bit of description for them please) They could camo in the long grass for observation purposes.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)01:35 No.15653636
    rolled 10 = 10

    Build more population cap increasers, Repositories and whatnot.

    Also, who thinks it's time for a spider hunt?! Let's USE them soldiers!
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)01:38 No.15653649
    +8 Income
    17 points, 6 iron, 6 units tall grass, 8 stone, 1 Teal-Back Shell.
    The Aphids nom-nom and start makin babies.

    You Could expand the repositories up or down but it will still cost 4pts as that's the cost in energy for feeding the busy workers.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:39 No.15653655
    We should expand the hive chamber so we can get a bigger pop cap.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:42 No.15653672
    rolled 19 = 19

    Expand the repositories.

    What impact would building another farm have?
    What are the mines looking like?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:45 No.15653691
    rolled 13 = 13

    First we should send out the scouts to locate the spider(s). No sense sending out our pitiful military if it turns out there are a dozen Brown Recluses waiting for us.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:45 No.15653694
    When we evolve something for all of our bugs is that all bugs we have now, or all bugs we have now plus the ones based on them, or all the bugs we are ever going to evolve?
    and what dose the hive chamber do?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)01:53 No.15653749
    rolled 8 = 8

    Seconding this. So

    Expanding + Scouting
    Possibly more farms?
    Possibly rooms for breeder bugs (Like it says here >>15653348)?
    Maybe some more evolution in there. We've still got that shell laying around, haven't we? Can we feed it to a queen and use it to upgrade something?
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)01:59 No.15653787
    rolled 19 = 19

    Also i think we need to consider having our tunnels start sloping down gently so that it is harder for large things to dig us out.
    Not enough to necessitate a change in drawing style but more like the colony in the documentary pointed out in thread two
    also that would automatically redirect water down to the as yet unfinished sections where it wont hurt anyone if it got in.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)02:00 No.15653791
         File1311228003.png-(18 KB, 591x497, themines.png)
    18 KB
    +8 Income
    25 points, 6 iron, 6 units tall grass, 8 stone, 1 Teal-Back Shell.
    Aphids are laying eggs

    Hive chamber doesn't do that sorry.
    If you guys invent some research I can price it and you can discover a new way of increasing pop cap.

    >expand the repositories (down I'm guessing)
    -20 pts
    >What impact would building another farm have?
    more income but the fungus is the only thing you have 'seeds' for and its under strain as is. thankfully your outdoor farms will be nice and healthy to harvest once it stops raining. (when did you guys last check the weather?)
    >What are the mines looking like?
    Pic related. 15 soldiers are still ready to move the debris if you want. You will be warned when the deposits are nearing depletion.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:02 No.15653808
    i say the soldiers should excavate the tunnel.

    we should also investigate that fissure a little.

    also great quest OP. i was toying with the idea of running something like this but i think youre handling it better than i would have.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:08 No.15653840
    rolled 15 = 15

    >If you guys invent some research I can price it and you can discover a new way of increasing pop cap.

    Let's see if we can make our bugs more resource-efficient. We could outfit them with organs filled with symbiotic bacteria that help break down nutrients, for example. This should make it easier to support a large number of bugs even if we don't add to our hive structures.

    Expand the repositories.

    Have the soldiers move the debris.

    Send the scouts out into the quarry again.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)02:08 No.15653842
    The hive chamber is where bugs idle, some sleep or eat,where raw material is broken down into manageable storage bits. Its an all purpose room that will only need to be expanded when the hive reaches populations over 100.

    If you upgrade a strain, it applies to all units of that strain now and forever on but not the bug it was based on. Some upgrades can be purchased for all units, some for just single strains. Any bug strain can get wings but not all of them need it, so they save points by picking the ones that need it most.

    Forgot to add stone&Iron and subtract points
    5 points, 12 iron, 6 units tall grass, 12 stone, 1 Teal-Back Shell.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:10 No.15653855
    rolled 13 = 13

    I'm not so sure excavating the tunnel is a good idea yet. Checking that fissure to make sure nothing nasty is going to come out if it sounds good though. I'd prefer to play it safe and build our resources, defenses, and research some more things to make our units better.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)02:28 No.15653988
         File1311229686.png-(22 KB, 651x497, thehivegroundfloor.png)
    22 KB
    Thank you.
    I'd love to hear about your idea. I'm always looking for ways to improve my game and you may have a brilliant idea about management.

    Digging the repositories
    Soldiers moving debris
    Scouts Report: Light drizzle, the rain is almost clear. The Pool is overflowing! it has nearly reached the Cavern-Tunnel but waterproofing and the outdoor farms have stopped it.
    Workers Re-Open the crevice Hatch and find minimal flooding, the farms are doing great!
    New Map: Surface Map
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)02:30 No.15654008
    The fissure is dark and slightly moist. the Soil around it is actually hard rock.
    No threat
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)02:30 No.15654012
    rolled 2 = 2

    Mutation idea: Increase load capacity of Scouts, make them capable of bringing home their prey.

    Order Scouts to hunt newly surfaced bugs as soon as rain stops.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)02:33 No.15654035
    rolled 16 = 16

    yes lets do that i think we should buy that sonic communication/weather detection and put it on the scouts.
    We can also put it on mantises later.
    As for the pop cap lets build more repository's, research those gut bacteria and figure out a new room to increase pop cap without storage capacity because we have lots and lots of empty store rooms.
    >> LordHighlander !1i97F2cM1o 07/21/11(Thu)02:34 No.15654039
    rolled 5 = 5

    Alright, lets get a second breeding chamber behind the queen's seconds chamber, and upgrade some reposatories.

    What is our que looking like right now?
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)02:36 No.15654068
    rolled 8 = 8

    to the hunt
    >> LordHighlander !1i97F2cM1o 07/21/11(Thu)02:37 No.15654079
    rolled 5 = 5

    Find new bugs that are surfacing!

    Also, can we get another tunnel, a false entrance, built outside, set up a rocktrap in our normal one that closes it off, and prep the false entrance so that it will flood if we so choose at the cost of say... a single worker?

    And what would the cost be, of making our queens telekenetic? (Or whatever that will allow them to contact any ant in our hive's?)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:40 No.15654103
    rolled 3 = 3

    We do not need telepathy.


    That's a radio 10,000 times smaller than a human hair.

    We can do better.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)02:42 No.15654122
    rolled 5 = 5


    Like that, but focus on rainworms because killing them is far easier and researching them could give us tentacle reasearch upgrades and better digging and burrowing for Workers and Rippers
    >> LordHighlander !1i97F2cM1o 07/21/11(Thu)02:42 No.15654131
    rolled 20 = 20

    Less efficient.

    Telekenetic requires only the initial resources, no upkeep, and offers strict controls, while ensuring that the hive is kept in good communication.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:46 No.15654163
    rolled 19 = 19

    So far, all of our mutations have required only the initial resources and no upkeep. There's no reason there can't be strict control with a radio network, and it would also keep the hive in good communication.

    Plus, radios are realistic, while actual telepathy is firmly in the realm of fantasy. I have no idea how that will limit it in terms of cost and other things.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)02:48 No.15654185
    No need for a second Breeding Chamber (its a biolab and doesn't benefit from redundancy)

    Que (minus things already accomplished
    7. Paralytic Toxin
    1. Workers
    2. Workers
    1. Heavies.
    The store rooms are actually filling with stuff I just didn't bother to track it on the map because I could just tell you when you need a new one instead of trying to keep track of another 20 things.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)02:49 No.15654189
    rolled 16 = 16


    No seriously guys, telepathy will only drag this game down the chasm of bullshit science. We're already straining it with the lightning-quick evolution we're pulling off here, although I have to say it's great fun.

    Telepathy is too easy a solution. We can come up with something more creative. That radio is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:49 No.15654194
    it wasnt that great. or original. basically i was going have the players play as an ant queen that escaped a conflict, then have them pick out a starting location and try to rebuild and stuff. the way i was planning it focused entirely too much on mathhammering everything (like every food source providing different levels of nutrition and shit like that). it was surely doomed to fail.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:51 No.15654216

    hey, we could be an alien bug colony!
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)02:57 No.15654290
    The main reason I've been interested in these threads was this VERY VERY OLD vidya called Empire of the Ants. I just couldn't for the life of me remember the proper name of it.
    Now I've finally rediscovered it.


    Also, THIS is our new theme tune for expansion:
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)02:59 No.15654311
    rolled 1 = 1


    requesting that any spare workers begin building a warrior arena

    that way our warriors can train themselves and improve in combat and begin to work in squads and using tactical moments

    We have a Breeding Chamber but can we also get sort of a science chamber....breed us a Brain Bug that can start developing new technology for us?

    and yes give the brain bug the ability to eat captured enemy brains to learn all they know
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:01 No.15654332
    rolled 2 = 2


    approving of the warrior training idea
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:01 No.15654336
    I think we need a drawfag that could make a quick sketch of our bugs.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:05 No.15654374
    Does the breeding chamber have any tendril like upgrades

    I see this image of our Grubs shooting out spike tendrils out their mouths that drag in prey for dinner
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:08 No.15654392
    rolled 20 = 20

    We should come up with a detailed description of them first, if OP doesn't already have one.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:12 No.15654419
         File1311232344.jpg-(56 KB, 420x420, Baneling_SC2_DevRend3.jpg)
    56 KB

    this is how I picture the workers (but without the boom capabilites)

    warriors I am hoping look more mantis like
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:26 No.15654517
    this thread is slow tonight
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)03:28 No.15654535
         File1311233291.png-(42 KB, 636x1011, thequarry.png)
    42 KB
    This one is already a mathhammering one which is why i plan on [plot reveal] Having a colony over a certain population and food generation, have a dedicated harvester force and then not worry about food unless they got attacked and the pop fell down again [/plot reveal]

    Breeding chamber is where test eggs are laid in viscous pools of queen goo and various hormones and proteins are secreted before and after laying to create new or improved strains. The place also smells like hot cauliflower.
    Brain Bugs, Tendrils, Venom, Almost anything can be developed, the more advantageous or powerful or complex a Strain or Upgrade is the more it costs in resource to develop. Things cost less if they are based off existing bug species that the hive already produces. A "Brain bug" or "Learning Upgrade" would allow consumed biomass to be studied and replicated to a degree.

    -1pts for Soldier Arena, thankfully any Soldier bugs that Sparr and get hurt can rest in the hatchery where they regain health.

    +8 Income
    Aphids are hatching (10) the farm will hold 50 you have 20(+10 hatching)
    12 points, 12 iron, 2 units tall grass, 12 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell.

    You need to harvest Tallgrass or Aphids will starve. 30 Aphids require 3 units of Tallgrass (5 workers to harvest&haul it)

    Posting Quarry map Because I haven't posted it in this thread yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:31 No.15654560
    rolled 19 = 19

    Reassign some workers to harvest tallgrass, so that the total number harvesting is 5.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:36 No.15654593

    Let's add 3 workers to the tall grass harvesting to reach the required 5.
    We could take the ones digging.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:39 No.15654618
    rolled 8 = 8


    begin to have half of all idle soldier begin in training exercises that focus on teamwork (we are going Spartans here)

    send a team of workers out to harvest tall grass for Aphids

    have queen dedicated to producing a brain bug

    have breeding chamber begin to research a worker/Aphid hybrid (a worker with aphid ability that doesn't need tall grass just dirt and at the same time produces that delicious mountain dew)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:41 No.15654636

    What's a brain bug? a smart little bastard?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)03:41 No.15654638
         File1311234079.jpg-(99 KB, 400x266, Teal-Back Beetle.jpg)
    99 KB
    I can make one but I think the players and a drawfags interpretation will do just fine.
    Just to help with scale and sizing
    Workers are the base size (whatever that is)
    Soldiers are twice as big as workers and should have mandibles/pinchers/fingly-fangs/grabbing limbs of some sort.
    Scouts at this point probably look like wasps and are slightly smaller than the beefy Soldiers.
    Heavy Workers are Bigger and more heavy shelled then workers (I pictured them as trilobites for some reason)
    Grubs, Queens, and Rippers are whatever but theres plenty of reference material

    Pictured is the body of a Teal-Back Beetle (3 times the size of Soldier)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:45 No.15654672
    rolled 6 = 6


    thinking of it as a bug that can take over the higher functions of the hive but leaving all decision making to queen

    having a brain bug should give a bonus to all activities since it understands a better way to do things like where to dig, where is best to forage, and basic hive logistics plus it would be able to analyze things and figure out how to reproduce things that the breeding chamber might not have access to
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:51 No.15654699
         File1311234661.png-(59 KB, 642x504, worker.png)
    59 KB
    rolled 3 = 3

    Here's my shitty attempt at some art.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:54 No.15654726

    Nice. I think the brain should be in the rear part, like this:

    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)03:56 No.15654737
         File1311234968.png-(47 KB, 1067x786, thehive.png)
    47 KB
    Workers eat food, and eating dirt by itself wouldn't yield enough nutrients with your biology.

    Biochemical Brain: The queen develops the ability to consume biomass and replicate some of the genetic code into synthesized upgrades for bugs.
    Cost:15 Points


    Brain Bug
    New Strain Cost: 2pts
    Learning ability: 15 pts
    Cost of unit: 1pts
    Plus the logistics of trying to protect additional creatures as well as loosing Population capacity with another, specialized mouth to feed.

    Your really better off upgrading the Queen(s) for 15.
    And yes its 15 points because it can do a LOT of good.

    Soldier bugs Training Now.
    Map UpDated
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)03:56 No.15654745
    rolled 13 = 13

    lets check out the ??? area to the south and collect more grass than we nee so lets have a total of 7 grass collectors. then we should have the queens work in an order like this.
    currant Que
    1 brain bug
    2 research sonic transmission for scouts
    3 rippers
    4 scouts
    5 workers
    6 make sure the grubs have iron armor and improve there acid
    7 mantis guard
    8 research sonic transmission for mantis guard
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)03:57 No.15654746
    rolled 12 = 12

    Send flyers out to scout for new prey and a location to start a new sister colony

    have one of the queens produce a queen larva and put it in hibernation till scouts find a location

    Requesting that we upgrade our Queens and keep feeding them iron
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)04:01 No.15654781
    rolled 9 = 9

    cool i like your solderer idea the mouth could be more insectile and mandiblee but thats hard to do and it really should have 6 legs but its way better than i could do.
    Good job.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:02 No.15654792
    rolled 3 = 3


    I'd go for upgrading the queen.

    Also, what about an upgrade for workers that allow them to eat almost anything? That way they could always consume the less needed resource each period.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:04 No.15654803
    rolled 4 = 4

    Hey guys... i have this crazy idea...
    what about researching the capacity to eat other living creatures? then we could capture some other bugs and create a special chamber to breed them. Then our bugs wouldn't have to worry a lot about food.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:06 No.15654824
    rolled 7 = 7

    Thanks. Too bad there doesn't seem to be an actual drawfag following this quest.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:08 No.15654835
         File1311235721.jpg-(27 KB, 300x652, usersubmitted-907964.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 19 = 19


    research Biochemical Brain for queen then feed her a Aphid

    produce one brain bug anyways we can specialize it to something else(pic related)


    like the idea of sonics

    Propose looking into giving warriors a electro shock ability through tendrals
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:10 No.15654845
    rolled 10 = 10


    It'd be a waste of points. Let's stick to the queen upgrade
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:16 No.15654891
    rolled 6 = 6


    thought they had that already with Ingestion


    Queen Upgrade: queens begin to ooze out a substance that slowly spreads through out the hive, any bug on it slowly will heal over time get a bonus to any movement (yes I know it is creep) and should improve any webbing.....the cost should be very cheap because it is a passive ability that is very slow

    they only problem with breeding food is that you got to feed them why feed something else when it could be used to feed us instead....the breed would have to give a very large bonus like the Aphids do for it to work

    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)04:20 No.15654910
         File1311236442.png-(25 KB, 1025x497, themines.png)
    25 KB
    old unfinished Que
    7. Paralytic Toxin

    1. Workers
    2. Workers

    1. Heavies.

    New Proposed que.
    1. Heavies.
    1 brain bug
    2 research sonic transmission for scouts
    3 rippers
    4 scouts
    5 workers
    6 make sure the grubs have iron armor and improve there acid
    7 mantis guard
    8 research sonic transmission for mantis guard

    Disreguard or integrate old que?
    It has stopped raining
    Scouts Deployed to search:
    location for sister hive
    surfaced bugs
    ??? area

    The breeder chamber allows for anything to be researched, a creature with learning abilities could make things cheaper but not open new channels or tech as all channels and tech are only limited by the players input. You want laser bugs? buy laser bugs. you want cheaper laser bugs? go kill a laser bug and feed it to a queen with 'Biochemical Brain', Bam cheap laser bugs, no additional upkeep.
    You could upgrade Worker ingestion by a bunch so that they require little or no unit cap upkeep. Workers could really only be the ones with little or no upkeep as they are simple creatures that dig, and haul.

    +8 Income
    Workers return with Tallgrass
    20 points, 14 iron, 6 units tall grass, 1 4 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell.
    Moved Debris in collapsed tunnel (meant to post earlier not sure if I did)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:23 No.15654928
    rolled 15 = 15

    focus all scouts on finding a location for new colony
    focus on starting a new colony

    Research a Queen upgrade that allows them to be instant communication with one another psychic like ability

    SPLIT THE HIVE!!!! double our strength, EXPAND
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:23 No.15654929
    rolled 8 = 8


    I thought ingestion had other functions.
    Hey GM i think it'd be useful to write a brief explanation of all the not-so-obvious powers when starting a new thread, eventually this'll be confusing
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)04:25 No.15654935
    >Queen Upgrade: queens begin to ooze out a substance that slowly spreads through out the hive, any bug on it slowly will heal over time get a bonus to any movement (yes I know it is creep) and should improve any webbing.....the cost should be very cheap because it is a passive ability that is very slow

    Queens Creep: 5pts
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:25 No.15654945
    rolled 16 = 16


    That's it. Improving ingestion for workers would be great for the "economy". After all it's our most numerous unit.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:27 No.15654954
    Psychic is bullshit, we've been over this. It kills the mood.

    At least give it some pseudo-science.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:28 No.15654961
    New guy here, it already is.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:30 No.15654975
    rolled 20 = 20


    focus on expanding if we can expand then research should come faster as a result plus it is always a good idea to have a backup just incase have 8 of our flyers out looking for a new hive location, send 1 flyer to ??? location, send 1 flyer looking for new bugs

    get queen the Biochemical Brain upgrade and feed her a couple of Aphid with each new generation..

    i propose we don't need a large number of warriors if we keep them training just yet (quality over quantity at the moment I think)
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)04:31 No.15654977
    rolled 5 = 5

    yes lets get the workers down to costing nothing.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:34 No.15654995
    rolled 10 = 10

    ok ...how about you take a queen larva during gestation and we somehow split it to where it will produce twins or triplets and begin such have a shared bond where they can feel each other emotions at a basic level


    get us that creep, creep the world
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)04:35 No.15655001
    rolled 1 = 1

    i agree thats why i like the sonic idea and have been pushing it.
    I dont like creep it doesn't feel right.
    Now if we bought a universal upgrade to speed our movement on our silk id love that.
    But a living goo carpet doesn't feel right dispirited the awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:36 No.15655007
    rolled 6 = 6


    i like that idea....as a counter balance any queen larva that are split are weaker than normal queens
    >> Abilities Explained GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)04:37 No.15655015
    indeed. i shall do that.
    Worker Ingestion: +Dig Ability in Hard Soils, +5 to Unit Cap
    Spine-Shooters: Soldiers Ranged attack
    Ironhides: Carapace Improved Strength
    Camo: Bug is very difficult to spot when immobile.
    Webbing: Bug Shoots web (like a spider)
    Ironwebbing: Bug Shoots Strong Web cables, can be used in reinforced construction
    Hibernation: Bug hibernating is rendered defenseless and immobile, requires NO unit cap while in Hibernation.
    Wings: Unit can fly and hover
    WebSpikes: Bug shoots spike with web attached (grapple)
    Transport: Bug can Carry 4 Units/Resource (Soldiers and Up count as 2)
    Ripper: Can chew through carapace easily
    Breeder: Can produce (1) type of bug faster than a Queen.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)04:40 No.15655027
    Please guys, keep focused. You see a brain bug upgrade, you immediately drop everything else?

    We should get it, it is a very good idea, but we really don't have much that we could do with it. The queen could absorb more DNA, but there is hardly anything around that could be harvested that we do not know already.
    For the moment, focus on expanding harrasing forces (like Scouts and Rippers) and make them swarm out there to scout out and damage the enemy.

    Meanwhile, give out some more ideas for long range comms. The radio idea was well-recieved, I presume?
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)04:41 No.15655029
    rolled 12 = 12

    seeing as queens are the brains of the outfit that makes some sense and it doesn't make everything psychic and means the sound will still help for other thing i would be OK wit this especially if it were less precise than the sound idea.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:41 No.15655031
    rolled 11 = 11


    what would be the cost of developing photosynthesis like ability?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)04:45 No.15655060
    The Queens can currently make:
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)04:46 No.15655062
    rolled 20 = 20

    yes that would be especially good on the mantis guards.
    and maybe the scouts though that would make them green and i think brown is more versatile camo.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:48 No.15655072
    rolled 4 = 4


    Cost for upgrading worker ingestion?
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)04:50 No.15655086
    Think of it like this: this place is Afghanistan in the Eighties. The Teal-Back Beetles are the Soviets in their main battle tanks, and we are the mujahadeen that hide in the hills with a RPG at the ready, just waiting for them to make a mistake. You should be very, very powerful before you try to surface and go official or they will curbstomp you.


    You said that a breeder was working on one, how is that coming along?
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)04:50 No.15655088
    rolled 16 = 16

    Gentlemen, It is time to make GLORIOUS CONQUEST! What reports from our scouts sent to hunt surfacing bugs? have we more food stores?

    Also produce 2 more batches of soldiers, and just for the shits and giggles, let's give em all wings so we can fuck some serious airborne shit.

    Also send scouts to scout the beetle nest.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:51 No.15655095
    rolled 15 = 15


    scouts have camo ability so it should not matter what color they are...just put the photosynthesis cells in the wings...shouldn't change it up to much

    agreed the Biochemical Brain isn't much use right now but it has huge potential in the future, what is to say we don't give the ability to our scouts.....they find prey take a bite come home to the breeding chamber and then we go something new to play with
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)04:57 No.15655126
    rolled 7 = 7


    Say scouts return with the sample, I would support this if the sample would give us a complete layout of its strengths and weaknesses

    such as we find species A...take a bite we learn they have a hard shell, acidic blood, and charge ability but they have no range abilities and are generally very slow with weak legs
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)05:15 No.15655210
         File1311239741.png-(9 KB, 591x253, thehiveinprofile.png)
    9 KB
    >Almost anything
    unless you have some kind of plant thats also a bug your better off harvesting plants for food and finding a plant that ups the unit cap.
    Advanced Worker Ingestion: 8pts to make workers unit cap go away now and forever.
    2/10 Scouts have returned.
    The weather is totally clear, blue skies, the water in the pool is still at overflow, there are 2 drowned earthworms in it. They spotted 4 more earthworms trying to get back underground and [Plot] A small RED ant hill [/plot]
    by jove your right
    (2) Colony-Bugs idle in the Hive Chamber
    (1) Ripper Swarm idle in the Hive Chamber
    (1) Worker Breeder, Colony breeder in Worker hatchery/Queens chambers respectively.

    Posting Map to help clarify scale.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)05:17 No.15655221
    rolled 16 = 16

    this would be all kinds of FUN even if we still needed queens to actually eat stuff to steel abilities.
    and we totally need to make the workers not drain our pop cap improved ingestion ahoy.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)05:23 No.15655251
    rolled 15 = 15


    I say we should buy the advanced ingestion
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)05:24 No.15655257
    rolled 13 = 13

    >A small RED ant hill

    Oh shit.

    What size? Any indication of how many ants there may be?
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)05:26 No.15655268
    rolled 5 = 5

    improved ingestion upgrade is probably the best 8 points we could ever spend.
    also where do you guys think mud thach should be on the research que?
    we should have the scout fish out the dead worms from the pool with there web lines.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)05:30 No.15655289
    rolled 20 = 20

    THE FIENDS! This shall not stand! Make ready more soldiers, and sure up the defenses! We prepare for WAR!
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)05:32 No.15655299
    rolled 16 = 16

    Oh, and assign some Heavy Workers to begin modifications to the drainage pit so we can get that water out of there. If it rains again we're buttfucked.

    I also wholeheartedly support Improved Ingestion.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)05:32 No.15655300
    rolled 7 = 7


    get Advanced Worker Ingestion

    send both scout back to web down the 4 earthworms that trying to burrow back into the earth....send soldiers with some heavies to get them first....the dead ones are not going anywhere at the moment

    how much for scouts to have Biochemical Brain to do what is in >>15655126 post?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)05:35 No.15655321
    3 for advanced ingestion. so it shall be. -8pts
    On top of the double stacked Repositories
    you now have

    Units: 75/130

    Sent Workers to farm now well watered Tallgrass farm

    +5 Resource points from minerals
    +2 Resource from Fungus Farms
    +3 Resource from Aphid Farm
    +3 Stone from Gathering
    +3 Iron from gathering
    +3 units Tallgrass from gathering
    +4 units Tallgrass from Farming
    20 points resource, 17 iron, 13 units tall grass, 1 5 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)05:35 No.15655322
    rolled 4 = 4


    when scouts get back..i think it would be to send 2-3 to maybe web one and bring it back to the hive so we would have a idea of their abilities first.....PLUS....whats to say we can't send in a queen assassin in to kill the Red Queen and take over their hive from within and assimilate them
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)05:38 No.15655336
    rolled 1 = 1


    Give our queens Biochemical Brain
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)05:40 No.15655346
    rolled 19 = 19

    Tse previous natural 20 demands SOLDIERS!

    Honestly guys, our military is laughable.

    Add 5 squads of soldiers to the Que, and 3 squads Heavy Workers, to serve as siege engineers.

    Did we end up giving colony bugs the Starship Troopers-esq chemical breath weapon?
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)05:42 No.15655361
    rolled 12 = 12

    ...WAIT, That's genius! An assassin caste that can mimic the chemical signature of other species!

    Gm, what are we looking at for an Ant CIA?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)05:43 No.15655363
    rolled 10 = 10


    well if anything we can wipe them out and take over and that could be our new colony.....do we have a soldier training area as well and the soldiers have suppose to be training this whole time so any idea what kind of combat level they would be at?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)05:45 No.15655380
         File1311241532.png-(42 KB, 636x1011, thequarry.png)
    42 KB
    The hill is very small, the chambers below likely in only the developmental stages.

    Scouts also noticed a ravine North of the outcropping where the first Teal-Back Beetle was spotted.

    Quarry Map updated
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)05:45 No.15655381
    rolled 5 = 5

    I dont know but we relay should have that death breath/tail squirt.
    and we the 20 and 19 demand solders and i agree.
    they come right after the improved ingestion.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)05:49 No.15655394
    rolled 8 = 8

    yes they should be about worker size and have a wicked deadly poison and a hidden stinger.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)05:53 No.15655409
    rolled 17 = 17

    Seconding the SpyBug having deadly deadly neurotoxin. Go in, kill key targets, and generally fuck shit.

    Assassin Bug:
    Deadly Deadly Neurotoxin-laden stinger
    Chemical Blending
    Adaptive Coloration
    Small enough to be carried by a Scout.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)05:59 No.15655429
    rolled 20 = 20

    while i am one of the first to declare war on these red fiends maybe they are similar enough to us to talk to and breed with so we may not want to kill them but instead make them our vassals.
    of course if we cant breed kill them kill them all. Or you know become slave takers ant do do that.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:00 No.15655435
    To-Do-List (que) [can be changed]
    Paralytic Toxin
    Worker-Breeder:(4) Workers
    Heavy-Breeder: (4) Heavies.
    Research sonic transmission for scouts
    (1) scouts
    make sure the grubs have iron armor and improve there acid
    mantis guard
    research sonic transmission for mantis guard
    End List

    Colony Bug
    Design for Colony Bug:
    Base: Grub (already includes hardened chitin)
    Colossus- 1 per batch
    Acid Spitter: basic hit point reducing acid [not ranged]

    Give Queens Bio-Brains? I need a conclusive yes or no from the majority.

    Could create a new strain of bug
    Mimic Bug: A genetic blank that can meta-morph to replicate any bug once it has consumed a little of target bug types biomass. Metamorphosis takes time.
    Mimic bug Research cost: 15pts
    Mimic bug Unit cost: 5pts per unit of (1)

    Its a very complex bug with very complex chemicals.

    The Soldiers have improved Combat.
    (I'm not going into the numbers of combat and stats as it requires too much additional writing and mathammering)
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:02 No.15655444
    rolled 15 = 15

    also i assume we are dumping the dirt we excavate into the crevice so the the redbery plant there can have moor room to grow and it hides our main entrance.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:05 No.15655458
    don't worry about dirt logistics I'm not bothering with another headache to manage.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:06 No.15655462
    Excuse me, I missed the thread, so what exactly is this colony bug for?

    >frugivores dstobl
    No, captcha, they eat everything.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:06 No.15655464
    rolled 19 = 19


    Mimic Bugs are a must...for information value alone...give a it the queen killing technique that allows it to become the new queen of the colony....so it is a one shot bug ...high cost but high pay off
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)06:06 No.15655465
    rolled 11 = 11

    No on the Bio Brain, useful, but not right now.

    Mimic bug would include deadly deadly neurotoxin, yes?

    Move Unit Production tasks to beginning of queue., Add 5 batches of soldiers. We need to get some serious muscle going here.

    New Strains Mimic Bug and Mantis Guard, in that order after Unit Production is finished.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:09 No.15655473
    rolled 1 = 1

    To-Do-List (que) [can be changed]
    improved ingestion
    Paralytic Toxin
    Worker-Breeder:(4) Workers
    Heavy-Breeder: (4) Heavies.
    Research sonic transmission for scouts
    (2) solders
    biochemical brain
    (1) scouts
    make sure the grubs have iron armor and improve there acid
    mantis guard
    research sonic transmission for mantis guard
    End List

    and then we resurch the mimic it should also have the a hidden poison sting.
    Also are the mimics only good for one change or are they multi use?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:10 No.15655475
    oops forgot to add new tasks
    To-Do-List (que) [can be changed]
    Paralytic Toxin
    Worker-Breeder:(4) Workers
    Heavy-Breeder: (4) Heavies.
    (5) Soldiers.
    Research sonic transmission for scouts
    (1) scouts
    make sure the grubs have iron armor and improve there acid
    mantis guard
    research sonic transmission for mantis guard
    End List
    each unit (1) of any bug is actually (5) Bugs, its a batch of eggs. Unless otherwise stated (colony and breeder bugs are 1 per batch)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:12 No.15655487
    I think we should send a Colony Bug along with the Rippers, several Soldiers and Scouts to the webbed rock pile. I believe we all agree the possibility of a spider? If its wounded then we can't let it heal.

    If we can kill it then we should take the initiative; moreover, if all the missing beetles havn't been eaten by possible spider then that means a pile of delicious bio-matter is just waiting for us to take home. Possibly all bundled up and ready for us.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)06:16 No.15655505
    rolled 16 = 16

    Scouts are open-air troops, not much good in the close quarters of the Rock Pile. Not to mention whatever IS in there kicked some serious Beetle ass. a Colony, a ripper swarm, and some soldiers probably won't do much. Our current military population levels do not allow for any overt military actions. We can either focus on mutating our bugs, and striking out with Mimic bugs, or we can build the shit out of our military and stomp them like that.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:18 No.15655510
    rolled 10 = 10

    How about this list guys??
    improved ingestion
    (5) solders
    (1) scouts
    Worker-Breeder:(4) Workers
    Heavy-Breeder: (4) Heavies.
    Research sonic transmission for scouts
    Research mimic
    Research mantis guard
    Research Paralytic Toxin ?scouts?
    make sure the grubs have iron armor and improve there acid
    research sonic transmission for mantis guard
    mud thatch
    biochemical brain
    end list

    I support this and attempts at peaceful contact with the red heretics
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)06:21 No.15655523
    rolled 16 = 16

    I second the revised checklist. less squabbling, more doing.

    Also, peaceful contact with an equal species that likely has less resources, and a bigger military, not too smart, until we know their full capabilities (hint hint: use a scout to pick off a worker, have a mimic eat it, metamorph, get dropped off, and provide intel/assassination of queen)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:24 No.15655531
    rolled 2 = 2


    Research Mimic...give it a inflitrate ability along with the hidden poison stinger attack...send it in to red nest....if they seem hostile it will have order to seek out and kill all queen larva then kill the queen itself...without the queen the nest will die off and we can move in.......if not hostile we need to create a diplomatic strain and begin to converse...if we become friends maybe just maybe we can get them to send their troops into the rockpile first then we can move in and clean up
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:26 No.15655544
    rolled 1 = 1

    I was thinking that if we want telepathy and brain power those both make good abilities to combine in a brain bug plus we could add the ability to communicate with and or enthrall other bugs as our slaves. both of the later two are far far to risky for the queen what do you guys think?
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)06:26 No.15655545
    More troops because more troops.
    But in the long run we will need more rippers to get this bird down.
    Nothing is better to kill a big animal than tons of little ones gnawing at it.
    Also they would possibly excell at fighting larger insectoids like spiders since they are not flexible enough to pick them from their back.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)06:27 No.15655548
    rolled 2 = 2

    I'm out for tonight. Until next cycle, brethren!
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:30 No.15655555
    rolled 20 = 20

    farewell and blessings apone your hibernation may we speak again.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:31 No.15655559
    To All players that ask questions answered by skimming the GM posts in the other 2 threads (which I've addresed in the first post of this thread)
    I will answer your question if it is convenient to do so otherwise Skim my posts in the Archived threads.

    Mimic bugs are one shots that Become the target bug type, to add a killing Poison it will be 6 points more (the poison takes time but can kill anything small than say a Bluebird.

    Scouts have returned from the South and South East. Report: good sister hive location at Redberry Bush across the Quarry. No Activity around Rock Pile

    +5 Resource points from minerals
    +2 Resource from Fungus Farms
    +3 Resource from Aphid Farm
    +3 Stone from Gathering
    +3 Iron from gathering
    +3 units Tallgrass from gathering
    +4 units Tallgrass from Farming
    -3 Units Tallgrass (aphids)
    -5 for Soldiers (50 bugs)
    25 points resource, 20 iron, 14 units tall grass, 18 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:32 No.15655564
    >(50 bugs)
    Correction 25
    I cant brain today, I have the dumb
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)06:36 No.15655582
    Looks like our Will be done, for the night. *put on compound shades*

    We should stop gathering tall grass and keep upt the farming.
    Free workers go into the mines
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:39 No.15655589
    rolled 12 = 12

    mayhaps we should all rest i know im tired and we got up around the same time.
    I can archive the thread and can pick up tomorrow??
    Btw exultant game so far.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:41 No.15655594
    rolled 3 = 3


    Split the Nest in equal parts...send half to the Redberry Bush with a queen and begin grow both Nest to original levels

    Have primary nest create a Mimic and infiltrate the red nest with the aid of the scouts
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:43 No.15655602
         File1311245026.png-(44 KB, 636x1011, thequarry.png)
    44 KB
    Units Summary
    2 Queens [no upgrades]
    20 Soldiers [Spine-shooters, Ironhides, Camo,Hibernation]
    10 Flyers [Wings, Webbing, Camo, Webspikes,Hibernation]
    10 Heavy Workers [Hibernation]
    30 Workers [Webbing, Ingestion, Ironwebbing Cables, Hibernation]
    1’Colony’ Breeder
    1H-Worker Breeder
    1Ripper Swarm [Ripper]
    5 Grubs [Hard shell]
    (25)Soldier eggs
    Units 100/130

    Scouts Report: Weather Sunny.
    New Discovery: South east Quarry, BLACK ant Hive spotted, comprised of 3 Hills (1 big one 2 smaller) Hundreds of ants marching east into 'The Wide Plains' unknown destination. Hundred or so Around hive gathering Tallgrass,minerals, wood, and stone.

    Teal-Back Beetles Spotted flying interception around High Cavern. Cant get closer without engaging them.

    Map: Updated
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:44 No.15655604
    rolled 6 = 6


    if we are going to have another nest we need to get scouts with sonics and increase the number of scouts as well....they will be pony express
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:48 No.15655620
    rolled 6 = 6

    oh hit black ants aree tough wemay have some issues whelp i guess we need to do some more expanding.

    oh and get that tree limb we need more wood
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:51 No.15655626
    rolled 6 = 6


    Get a Mimic into red Nest

    Build 2nd nest at Red Berry Bush, have the 2nd Nest begin to pump out Soldiers and Grubs

    Get 2-3 scouts watching Rock Pile Fortress

    Based on the map I believe that we need to acquire the Rock Pile Fortress, we are currently stuck between 2 different species, one that has hundreds already, while the Mimic is gathering information on the Reds we need to fortify our position
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:52 No.15655631
    Tallgrass feeds the aphids that's why your harvesting it en mass.
    Give aphids 4 units tall grass to have them reproduce and make 10 more aphids for +4 honeydew income instead of +3

    Someone archive it yes please. And lets find a good stopping point in the action. I will stay in the thread to answer questions but no game progress will be made. I am on Pacific Daylight Time and can run this thread whenever I wake up. (likely run from noon till x o clock in the morning)
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)06:52 No.15655633
    Ok, guys. Do you thing we will have the firepower to put down those black ants?
    If we upgrade our grubs with hot acid spitting, we could just frythem by the dozen.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)06:54 No.15655640
    rolled 17 = 17

    i think there are 6 more hives of bugs like us based on post two of the first thread.
    also can we push the upkeep cost of the heavy worker down to?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)06:58 No.15655655
    5 Workers dispatched to dead branch to collect wood.
    2 scouts to watch Rock-Pile, frequent updates as they will trade off returning to the hive to report and surveying the Pile.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)06:58 No.15655659
    rolled 4 = 4


    Black ants are currently engaging something that requires hundreds of them so I suggest we keep our distance (for the moment)

    Send a Scout out to the plains to observe what is occuring and keep tabs on it (if the blacks are currently in a war say with the beetles and begin to lose, then maybe we might have some options)

    Focus on Red at the moment and expanding. The rock fortress does sound desirable and might be worth it.

    Lets end with the Nest splitting in half for the beginning of a new Nest and the creation of a Mimic sent to the Red nest
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)07:01 No.15655670
    rolled 18 = 18

    OK I archived it now night all.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)07:01 No.15655674
    The colors was 1) to give identity and pride to Our Hive. 2) Let players know which bugs are there's and which aren't
    It didn't dictate the number of other species of living critters in the Quarry.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)07:04 No.15655684
    How about we havethe mimic smuggle a modified ripper with mind-control abilities into the red hive?
    We just take control of the queen to drive them into attacking the black ones to have them both annihilate each other. Then we just take over what remains of their hives with our workers.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)07:10 No.15655699
         File1311246617.jpg-(286 KB, 2038x1255, corrupter_03a.jpg)
    286 KB
    rolled 6 = 6

    I would say to get the most out of the two (TWO, FUCKING TWO!) Colony/Acid Hose Bugs that we have idling inside the base now (how the hell did you fit them in there anyway?) and upgrade them with Advanced Acid, or Burning Acid or something. Make them ranged, they seem to be using it as a close combat weapon at the moment.

    They should be able to do heavy acid spam on enemies, pic very related.

    Also guys, do not forget, we may be a hive, and bugs, but we are not ants. They will see us as alien and may not be happy to see us. About the mind control rippers, I think it would be easier to just take the Queen hostage with a strategically placed swarm of Rippers all over her. But if we can afford it, mind control (of course, NOT FUGGIN TELEPATHY) is sweet all of itself and should be researched.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:12 No.15655704
    rolled 2 = 2


    we would be stuck in the middle between them in a war....besides we currently know of only 1 Red nest...if black has 3 then Red might have more as well...gain intel first and expand ourselves...it is our best bet....why waste resources, military strength and time on something that could be a ally
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)07:16 No.15655731
    we will decide how its split tomorrow.
    -20 points for Mimic total cost
    Queen lays mimic egg
    Soldiers are hatching.(25)
    5 points resource, 20 iron, 14 units tall grass, 18 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell.

    Game Progress Ends
    Game discussion Open.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:22 No.15655762

    one question: Say we decide on making a new batch of Workers or Soldiers, currently it is 1 egg= 1 worker/soldier, could be actually reduce the sizes of the worker or soldier by say 1/4 and then 1 egg could then produce 4 worker/soldier?
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)07:23 No.15655771
    What's better than spitting acid at the enemy?
    Spitting combustible acid at the enemy and them lighting them ablaze with our special breed of lens-bugs.
    Yes, you heard right! A lens-bug. We make a baloon-style bug filled with water and shaped into a lens. The scouts lift it up and use it to set fire to the drenched hive.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:24 No.15655772

    what is the status of the earthworms? did we ever send anyone out to get them?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:25 No.15655779
    rolled 13 = 13

    Sounds neat, but do we really need it? For one thing, it could only be used with the sun out, and we can set things on fire with much simpler and less-vulnerable devices.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)07:26 No.15655781
    Alright, to shoot off onto a completely different tangent here, what do we do when we meet humans?

    Drive them off with a flood of acid, or try to befriend them? (I'm betting that the first human to discover us will be a small kid and we could impress it with marching in squares and sweet formations. When that little sucker takes us home to him, well, instant second base. If it is a nerd or student, it could be even better since they sometimes believe in the Spiderbro or are Biology students and when they have an acid-spitting, ever-evolving species of bugs around to observe and carry all over we could easily spread all over the globe.)

    You do know that there are liquids that instantly ignite upon coming in contact with oxygen, or in laymans terms, squirt your gland and kaboom goes the bugjuice? The lens is nice and all but waaay to vulnerable and slow.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)07:30 No.15655801
    Ok... you want them to spit napalm?
    Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:31 No.15655809
    rolled 10 = 10

    We probably have the capability to evolve a parasite bug that could take over a human brain. It might be possible for us to use humans as we do any other strain.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)07:34 No.15655814
    World domination plan #185691748 coming in 3...2...1...
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:34 No.15655816

    lens bugs....when out side and positioned they tap into solar energy and become like a tesla coil, shocking and burning anything in their range, with no distinction of friend or foe, they are protected by a specially created bug guard that possess a special shell that makes them immune to the lens bug attack, when not in use they are stored inside the guard bug
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)07:38 No.15655831
    as it stands every time the queen lays a batch of eggs you get 5 bugs of that type.
    workers could be doubled (like zergling) or doubled eggs for same price (doesn't matter which except for asthetics)

    The only bugs that dont come in clutches of 5 are
    Rippers (20)
    Breeder (1)
    Mimic (1)
    Colony (1)
    Queen (1)

    Nope no one went to go get them
    There are 2 drowned in the pond (a little difficult)
    and (as of last check) 4 outside trying to get back underground.

    Two kinds of fluids, One Acid one Catalyst.
    Spray acid over target, make a trail to dafe location, spray cataslyst, acid activates, active acid activates other acid, follows trail, Target is engulfed in acid (that is if it hasn't moved off or gotten away somhow)
    Moving targets could be shot with combination shot for instant acid.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)07:43 No.15655857

    Sure, we could do that...

    ...but it seems kind of funny to do so. I think it is a great idea to put a bug into someone's brain and... I dont know... DIRECTLY talk to them because they can decipher our audio-radio now. I would find that cool, to be honest, if it happened to me. But taking over is brain is way too risky. There are some species out there in nature that do take over other animals, and the result is always that the mind-controlled one suffers from zombie-like symptoms, meaning lower dexterity, tiredness, awkward behaviour and sometimes even rotting in certain body parts.

    It could be a good idea if we catch a lone person, far away in the wilderness and without relatives and THEn mind-control him to use him as some sort of taxi to carry our whole nest fifty kilometers non-stop before dropping dead and having his ribcage used as the new starting-point for our next hive, but here, where there would probably be more humans waiting not too far away, we should probably be better off trying to befriend any humans, in a mutually beneficial relationship. (i.e. you carry our queen into your school building for another base foir us, we sacrifice a Colony Bug for your biology experiment)

    Equip the Colony Bugs with the combined acid, they need the instant firepower.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)07:45 No.15655869
    The big variable there is IF you encounter humans.
    For this campaign I hadn't planned on it.
    You will find you have enough difficulty with the species smaller than dogs and racoons.
    Also to clarify.
    The Hive Bugs are Not Ants, they are Bugs.
    Your very own Genus, but you might say your in the Formicidae family because of your similarities to ants.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:50 No.15655877
    rolled 15 = 15

    >But taking over is brain is way too risky. There are some species out there in nature that do take over other animals, and the result is always that the mind-controlled one suffers from zombie-like symptoms, meaning lower dexterity, tiredness, awkward behaviour and sometimes even rotting in certain body parts

    Good point. If we're unable to control a person's mind in such a manner that their intelligence, dexterity, etc. is preserved, we'll have to settle for suggestion.

    Stimulate the pleasure center to reward, stimulate the pain center to punish. Once you're in the brain, it's trivially easy to mess things up, so all the parasite would have to do to quickly stop a "rebel" is release an electric shock and give them a seizure.

    Even so, the parasite plan should work on most or all lifeforms with a brain.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)07:55 No.15655894
    indeed but parasites with mind control are going to be real expensive and take a lot of time because they'd be so good.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)07:56 No.15655900
    rolled 20 = 20

    But we shouldn't need them for a good long while, since it's so much easier to control the enemies we face now with chemical signals.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)07:59 No.15655912
         File1311249590.png-(65 KB, 1003x672, Spiderbro.png)
    65 KB
    rolled 18 = 18


    I dont think I'm making myself clear enough here.
    We should not, I repeat, NOT, antagonize or hurt humans at all. Now, this may be my personal bias speaking, as I believe myself to be more or less human, but I really think that we could add another level of depth to the story if we actually try to socialize with humans somehow. Just taking them over and using them as tools seems like a waste, from a storywriter's perspective, anyway.

    If anything goes wrong, (the pain-pleasure conditioned human finally has had it with us, someone else notices and he is just pissed enough to let them discover us etc. etc.) we will be royaly boned.

    Also the Spiderbro story rocked. If we would go out of our collective bug-lives like that, I would be happy.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)08:03 No.15655930
    rolled 12 = 12

    So far, our policy has been one of conquest, but you may be right. We could potentially accomplish much more through cooperation, anyway.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)08:11 No.15655958
    is there a way to update the achived thread? it cuts off a little early, other wise ill just copy paste the info I need.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)08:11 No.15655964
    Our Mimic bug. Just how good is its Mimicry? If it killed, consumed and replaced another species Queen could it then produce units?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)08:13 No.15655980
    Just put in the thread number and fill the other spaces with whatever you want, then click go. If it's already archived, sending another archival request will update it.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)08:17 No.15655998
    The power of my 18 compels you! Let's become DiplomatiBugs!

    (A nickname I found for our Overseers: CommandAnts. HA!)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)08:18 No.15656000
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)08:26 No.15656044
    The Mimic bug BECOMES the target bug type and color but is under your control.
    also it only needs biomass sample to replicate.
    if its a queen of a different species then yes it will make that species bugs.
    Oh yeah forgot to update Supply list
    5 points resource, 20 iron, 14 units tall grass, 18 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell, 1 Teal-Back Beetle leg.

    Forgot we had that leg lying around from the first beetle encounter.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)08:46 No.15656162
    rolled 4 = 4

    To make grubs into the tanks we always wanted, how about giving them guns?
    Based on pressured air (or even liquid), we could have them propel slabs of our bugcrete at the enemy.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)11:37 No.15657332
    rolled 15 = 15

    Alright I'm awake, and I've read what I missed.

    Great idea on the Mimic Bug, I was conceptualizing something like that last night, but I went to sleep.

    Red ants and Black ants huh? They could be a problem, as they expand extremely quickly. Do we have any kind of size comparison for them?

    I think we need to drop telepathy, guys. It's just not a viable option.

    However, a Diplomat bug is a great idea. Give it wings and several forms of communication (visual, acoustic, pheromones, and tactile) and we could potentially communicate with any bug out there. If we get the ants to be peaceful toward us, then send the mimic in to assassinate, we could just watch them stagnate without a queen.

    Still we should take those red ants out, then take that rock pile fortress, set up a soldier-breeder there and make it a castle of sorts, with tunnels running underneath it to both the Hives (assuming we colonize near the redberry bush as planned).

    Note: To bring all of our military out of hibernation we're gonna have to build more repositories and/or get that advanced Worker Digestion upgrade. I suggest we do both.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)12:27 No.15657740
    rolled 18 = 18

    I'd like to have a poll on how to develope our military forces.

    We need a complete list of all concepts out there and then we vote for the numbers we would like to do.

    I throw in mine and whatever I remember:
    1. Grubs firing solid projectiles through air/muscle power. Possibly using heavy workers to carry ammunition.
    2. Napalm shooting Colony Bugs
    3. Lens-bugs to burn enemy colonies with sunlight.
    4. Drop canisters (possibly an organism or just webbing) filled with napalm/combustibles on enemies. (Scouts have lifting hooks anyway)

    Just copy/paste the list and add whatever you want. We shall vote when we have enough ideas together.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)12:36 No.15657802
    rolled 8 = 8

    1. Grubs firing solid projectiles through air/muscle power. Possibly using heavy workers to carry ammunition.
    2. Napalm shooting Colony Bugs
    3. Lens-bugs to burn enemy colonies with sunlight.
    4. Drop canisters (possibly an organism or just webbing) filled with napalm/combustibles on enemies. (Scouts have lifting hooks anyway)
    5. Grubs spray a stream of acid
    6. Grubs develop larger, extremely tough front carapace (use it to block passages off)
    7. Colony Bugs develop Swarm Breeder trait
    8. Diplomat bug with many kinds of communication.
    9. Bigger mandibles for soldiers
    10. Develop bright colors for our military, yellow black and orange are danger signals in the insect-verse
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)13:28 No.15658179
    I'm pretty sure the only thing going through my head when we discovered the red ants was this;

    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)13:49 No.15658294
    1. Grubs firing solid projectiles through air/muscle power. Possibly using heavy workers to carry ammunition.
    2. Napalm shooting Colony Bugs
    3. Lens-bugs to burn enemy colonies with sunlight.
    4. Drop canisters (possibly an organism or just webbing) filled with napalm/combustibles on enemies. (Scouts have lifting hooks anyway)
    5. Grubs spray a stream of acid
    6. Grubs develop larger, extremely tough front carapace (use it to block passages off)
    7. Colony Bugs develop Swarm Breeder trait
    8. Diplomat bug with many kinds of communication.
    9. Bigger mandibles for soldiers
    10. Develop bright colors for our military, yellow black and orange are danger signals in the insect-verse
    11. Colony Bugs with Heavy Squirters and Larger Secretion Glands (long range hosing)
    12. Colony Bugs with Digestive Acid (debuff for enemies, structures and crops, makes killing/destroying/harvesting them with other forces way easier)
    13. Colony Bug Ripper Coating (being-climbed-onto defense, also limited close range combat)
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)13:50 No.15658302
    Plus some I just thought up:
    14. Ripper Infestion (ability to 'dig in' in current location if the location has cover and concealement (long grass, anthills, tunnels, rocks etc.); the unit of Rippers is effectively lost and unreclaimable, but still there. It will go on to ease up farming/harvesting processes, provide scouting updates if you send a messenger over, does not weight down on the pop cap anymore and provides a debuff I will call 'Harrased' to any enemy passing through. Effects: slowed, weakened units may die, unorganized animals might be driven off) (CLEVER BUG)
    15. Scouta (the pun, it burns); the mandibles of the Scout units get morphed to very pointy, jagged spearheads pointing straight forward, in combination with strenghtened neck joints and harder head. They also learn a new technique of attack: The Divebomber. Flying way up and then dropping almost straight downwards, they can even punch through hardened carapace. This is where the second part of the upgrade comes in: they carry around five Rippers with them, and after punching a hole through the enemy, the Rippers enter the hostile through that hole and start tearing it up from the inside.
    The Scouts lose some direct close combat skills though because biting gets harder with these (shouldn't matter much, since these guys should use hit'n'run tactics to be effective anyways.)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)13:55 No.15658323
    DESTROY the RED ant hill, kill them all! We are the queens fury! Bug marines! First, send 3 scouts to see their exact number, then send the soldiers in!
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)14:01 No.15658362
    why does the mimic bug remind me of a callidus assassin so much?

    on that note...

    I just had an idea.
    How about we get the imrpoved brain for the queen, and then let her eat a lot of fungus, and make a fungus/worker hybrid. Basically, the usual worker, but the queen and breeders can save their work laying eggs since they now grow from the walls through spores!
    Since workers dont fill our cap, we wouldnt have to worry about masses of workers growing in our hive
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)14:04 No.15658378
    rolled 7 = 7

    Millions of worker ants that grow from spores on the wall; BRILLIANT! They don't cost food anyway.
    >> Praetor Lillifag 07/21/11(Thu)14:07 No.15658393
    rolled 6 = 6

    Possibly plant some of the spores in a Colony Bug's shell to give it a working crew.

    Can Colony Bugs spawn Rippers yet?

    Also, do they have camo? If we colored their shells right, we could have them pretend to be rocks.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)14:12 No.15658418
         File1311271920.png-(64 KB, 272x394, 1311221510327.png)
    64 KB

    We can do a lot better than that...
    If we manage to get diplomatic relations, then these guys will be our vassals, our bitches to throw at any given enemy. We need to keep them alive for that though.


    Disregarding W40kfaggotry, I don't even think that that is physically possible. That is a huge genetic leap there. Maybe when we've taken over the Quarry and have fifty queens we can TRY to research it.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)14:20 No.15658470
    rolled 19 = 19

    See the proposed improvements here >>15658302

    I don't think I like the idea of the dug-in Rippers, they'd have no way to get food for themselves and would die fairly quickly. I think our best option is the Colony Bug-Ripper pairing and strengthening that bond however we can.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)14:28 No.15658529
    And what about the Stuka-Scouts? Blitzkrieg ahoy.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)14:39 No.15658610

    >we are the mean green
    >we are not orks

    sorry, you lost me
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)15:09 No.15658834
    rolled 15 = 15

    I think it would be more cost efficient to develop a new sub-strain of soldier for that. The Scout is a light, fast support unit (web traps, grapples etc). We could use the soldier as 'fighter' type units.

    Base: Current Soldier (with hardened carapace)
    +Large, stiff mandibles
    +1 Transport slot (for Rippers)

    Omfg we just create Beedrill! Instead of his drills they're full of rippers!
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)15:12 No.15658848
    rolled 12 = 12

    So, we just created our first biplane. Let's make a bomber next. You know, dropping ripper swarms into the enemy.
    >> Praetor Lillifag 07/21/11(Thu)15:13 No.15658855
    rolled 18 = 18

    Replace their spine banks with Rippers and put venom on them, and we have a bomber.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)15:18 No.15658879
    I see the Grub as a giant tank that rolls into battle crushing everything before it, as it opens its gaping wide mouth, barbed tentacles shoot out it's mouth and ensnare prey pulling it in while our soldiers ride on its back firing away

    (totally the sand worms from Dune idea)
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)15:25 No.15658920
    Okay, wait. AFAIK, the Scouts are larger than the Workers but smaller than the Warriors. With the web sots, I think I can work up something even more Stuka-like...
    Lets lose the hardened faceplate on this one. I think it would be better to split this unit into two separate units.

    Unit: Stuka (Divebomber)
    Base: Scout (no spines, webbing)
    +Jericho Wings (create howling, whining noise when brought close to the body while diving down)
    +Bombing bays (storage place for Ripper-sized weapons)
    This is where you get to choose:
    -Ripper Bomb (bag made from own web, containing five Rippers)
    -Acid Bomb (web bag made with assistance from Heavy Workers or Colony Bugs)
    -Napalm Bomb (web bag made with assistane from Napalm Colony Bugs)
    -anything else you can think of

    Now for the attackers
    Unit: ODST (Crunchers)
    Base: Warrior (with hardened carapace)
    +Jericho Wings (create howling, whining noise when brought close to the body while diving down)
    +Large, stiff mandibles
    +Venom on the mandibles
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)15:33 No.15658980
    rolled 6 = 6

    If we kill the spider, we can ingest a small amount of the venom and produce venom sacs for future use. These look fine to me, though I think only the Ripper bombs are viable. Acid would eat through the web, and we don't have napalm, just better acid on the Colony Bugs.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)15:41 No.15659047
    this might be fun but i see no point especially if we give scouts the improved lift we have talked about so they can carry bombs and samples. Especially because rippers already tear through tough armor
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)15:44 No.15659076
    I like this but think this is best suited to a new strain based on the ripper. And we really will need active forces sooner than traps so we may want to hold off.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)15:45 No.15659082
    thats what the colony bugs are for
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)15:46 No.15659094
    rolled 18 = 18

    Well we do need a flying warrior type. All our soldiers are earth-bound atm. The only fliers we have are Rippers, Colony Bugs, and Scouts. Once we get a good flier design, we can streamline our ground forces a bit more efficiently.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)15:51 No.15659138
    well the mantis guards were planed to have flight eventually

    I support us becoming spider bro given the opportunity..
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)15:56 No.15659182
    There are multiple possibilities to realise flying warriors.
    1. Give current soldiers wings
    2. Make a heavier choppier Scout strain
    3. Make some Rippers specialised in attacking the wings of enemies and bringing them down to the still Earth-bound soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:00 No.15659227
    Also totally forgot the Mantis Guard.
    BTW, while liking the idea and image of them, I don't entirely see their place in our military conception.
    Scouts are light cavalry, Soldiers - well, generic soldiers, Rippers are the infantry that spams all the tanks being cannon-fodder, Grubs are currently defensive, in the future also offensive tanks. But the Mantis Guard? I can see their place as personal guard to the Queen, and also as Hive Guardians, but that doesn't require wings.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:04 No.15659256

    I agree that the Mantis Guard should be Royal Warriors, but to compliment this I think we should wait till we can have STEEL or a substance as hard and sharp as it comes along before we make them.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:04 No.15659258
    rolled 14 = 14

    -sigh- tbh I've never really liked the idea of the Mantis Guards (I think it's kind of a waste of resources when we could just use a slightly souped up Soldier to do the same thing), but everyone else seemed to like it, so I didn't say anything.

    We need just standard flying soldier units. Big mandibles and spine shooters, hardened carapace, and I really like the idea of the Jericho Wings.

    Design for Diplomat bug:
    Base: Scout
    Advanced (1/squad)
    Good Eyes
    Jericho Wings (Can be vibrated to communicate)
    Cricket Legs (Can be rubbed together to communicate)
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)16:08 No.15659305
    rolled 3 = 3

    Ifwe give the mantis the ability to blend into the enviroment, it is ideal for ambushing, as they can stay in one place motionlessly for a long time. They could feed on whatever comes their way while laying low. So they would basically have the role to rush to a position where enemies are bound to turn up and can hit 'em hard when the chance arises. This could be a good way to capture biosamples of enemies.
    We hide where they usually harvest food or get water and when one is unwatched, we grab him.

    Not really the great supplement to our line-infantry, more like a partisan or sniper.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:10 No.15659318
    >Big mandibles and spine shooters,
    Both are rather hard to use in air combat (well, the mandibles are nice against small squishy targets, but not against beetles). I vote on better usage of webbing, flying to a beetle, grabbing it, webbing it till it falls.

    >Design for Diplomat bug:
    I like. May add that biochemical brain for making USEFUL contact with others and hardened carapace for the case it fails.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:13 No.15659352
    rolled 10 = 10

    get the queen to eat the beetle leg and make us some tank bugs
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:15 No.15659373
    rolled 1 = 1

    I'm actually interested in attacking larger creatures
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:17 No.15659392
    Well, we DO have iron. Natural occurring steel... isn't very probable.

    In this case they won't need most of the stuff they have. Hell, Rippers may make better partisans, since they are small and much cheaper
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:20 No.15659420
    sounds like we're throwing a lot into the diplomat, makes sense, since if everything is our ally, we become more than a hive, we become an empire. however, what if some other race is not only hostile, but also has absorption capabilities as we do? i don't want our diplomats just being a "what are they fully capable of" buffet for someone.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)16:21 No.15659435
         File1311279673.jpg-(160 KB, 1482x568, tgwhatwhatwhattemplate.jpg)
    160 KB
    >flying Rippers and flying Colony Bugs
    GODDAMIT I always forget that the Rippers can fly. I suppose they are more like in the pic. That was my thought process btw.

    Also, since when can the Colony Bug fly? Nobody wanted to answer that question last night too. This fella is supposed to be a tad too heavy to still fly when he's lugging around four Workers or twenty Rippers and a heavy-duty Acid Tank with him. He could probably still glide off of high places though. Otherwise this would be too overpowered, I mean, the guy could do strafing runs with his Acid/Napalm Hose and leave nothing but Apocalypse Now.

    Not having hardened carapace is a sign of trust, because he is laying his life into their hands. Better for diplomacy this way.

    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:26 No.15659504
    rolled 8 = 8

    Colony Bugs can fly. I included it in the original design.

    Whereas Praetor and Hodo are our Military Strategy specialists.
    I think we form an effective Hive Mind :3
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)16:28 No.15659525
         File1311280086.jpg-(185 KB, 500x391, 4626096567_ea5575b525.jpg)
    185 KB
    rolled 14 = 14

    I love the smell of napalmin the morning.
    Smells like... genetic superiority.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:28 No.15659528
    The stuff he has is not very crucial. He has lots of communicating capabilities, but I don't care if the enemies get that, too. The only important stuff he has is Good Eyes and Wings, but they are rather easy to develop (and if the enemy has absorbing capabilities, chances are he already has them. Flight, at least).

    >Not having hardened carapace is a sign of trust, because he is laying his life into their hands. Better for diplomacy this way.
    I see what you mean. But still, they are all bugs. If the enemy is savage enough to kill a diplomat, they will most probably not care for such subtleties.
    But I still love your ideas.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)16:37 No.15659618
         File1311280651.jpg-(23 KB, 400x386, afeee4f3-96fb-4406-b6ce-b48229(...).jpg)
    23 KB
    rolled 15 = 15

    I am still opposed to the very idea of trying to do diplomacy with those... insects.
    I can and will not stand against everyone who likes the idea, but we should keep the hand on the trigger, should they go THIS IS SPARTA on us.
    A thousand rippers of the Green Bug Empire will descend upon you! Our napalm will outshine the sun! Yadda, yadda...
    TL;DR: I demand swift retaliation if our ambassador in slain.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:38 No.15659621
    Some thoughts on military.
    We need to have a viable strategy against all kinds of enemies. So long, we've seen
    1. Ants. They are probably smaller and certainly are more than we are. To kill them we will probably need some sort of area damage spammer. Acid-Grubs sound just fine, but they will need protection that can be managed by normal soldiers. Bombers (like colony bugs) may also be just fine.

    2. Beetles. They are hard and bigger than us, but not unkillable. My strategy on them would be Ripper-spam, assisted by some soldiers on the ground.

    3. Spider? Don't know much about that dude, but he probably will be some sort of a glass cannon, having a weak abdomen and deadly poison. I guess some sort of grubs assisted by soldiers in second line would be good, with grubs not getting themselves killed and/or webbed as they close the distance, and the soldiers who hid behind the grubs until then finishing him off.

    4. Vertebrates. Well, until our empire is huge and really mighty, we need some sort of scare-off tactics for them.


    Btw, guise
    You know what we need? We need some fucking Dachshund-Bugs, who will go inside enemy colonies and finish off/scare out everything there. With the bigger goal of killing of their Queen.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:40 No.15659635
    I was thinking on including some hidden cargo on our diplomat. Either an egg of an Mimic Bug or a squad of Rippers, with most going into vengeance-rage, and one or two flying back and reporting on the treason.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:41 No.15659639
    rolled 18 = 18

    I definitely agree, if they kill our diplomat (expensive!) they will be crushed. They may have legions of zerglings, but we have superior genetics and superior firepower.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)16:41 No.15659640
    Alright, you lot, I'm thinking. The Colony Bug will still suffer some sort of flying hindrance, it just doesn't seem right to have him as agile as the Scouts.
    Just aesthetics-wise, lets say that he cannot hover, ok? He can fly, but while the others are basically helicopters, he is an Airbus A-380. He may not need a runway, but he still has to shove himself off the gound at high load capacity. He always will go from one point to the other but turning in-flight will be damn annoying, alright? This also limits his aerial support role to repeated strafing runs, which are bad enough on themselves, but at least better than a battleship of doom hanging in the air over the troops and raining down fire and destruction.

    The mental picture of a Jumbo Jet doing loopings together with F-16 just makes me shudder.

    That is what Ripper Spam is for. In the thightness of underground tunnels, there is only Ripper up your butt.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)16:42 No.15659650
    rolled 13 = 13

    Fools! I see you have grown soft in my absence! WE are the future rulers of this quarry, diplomacy is for lesser life forms incapable of taking what they want by force!

    Have some scouts follow the Black Bug army.

    meanwhile, a Scout needs to pick off and carry back a sample of each hive's Worker Unit for our mimic bugs to eat. Then, we have a scout drop off our spies at each Hill, with the intention of assassinating both queens.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:43 No.15659657
    rolled 12 = 12

    >Dachsund Bugs

    See >>15655435

    Everything else looks fine as far as strategy goes.
    >> Praetor Lillifag 07/21/11(Thu)16:45 No.15659670
    rolled 4 = 4

    We've sighted a Bird. We may need tactics for that.

    For Ants, Grubs and a Colony Bug could try to flush them out of their hive, possibly with Rippers.

    The beetles just need to have their armor pierced to fail. Acid or grapples in ripper-made holes and they're dead.

    The spider(s) could be lured out by a Grub melting their webs, and then Scouts could use grapples and drag the thing(s) about while our soldiers and ripper wail on it.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:46 No.15659675
    >Colony Bug
    Well, if we want to use him in the military, I imagine him as some sort of B-52, big, slow, but capable to make some slow rounds above the asses of that ants.

    >Rippers in the Tunnels
    Yeah, they are great for it, but I still think there bay be need for some heavy support down there. Maybe the rainworm-genes we may acquire soon may be helpful here. I think of some Grubs or the like just slowly advancing and ignoring all the traps. May also even be some sort of altered Heavy Workers.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)16:49 No.15659706
    rolled 17 = 17

    Birds are easy, use the proposed paralytic toxin, then bind them in cable type web to be feasted upon at our leisure.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)16:49 No.15659708
    For birds, tactics is simple, but costly. You take a Colony Bug but leave away the acid glands. You make him extra delicious looking through various means. You load him with Rippers. You present him to the bird. It eats him. The Rippers do their work. Problem solved.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:52 No.15659738
    Will, you may be too bloodthirsty, talk softly and carry a big stick.
    An Empire could be 100x better than just our colonies on their own, especially if we subjugate them to do our bidding, like in strict a caste system.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)16:53 No.15659748
    You mean using Colony Bugs as Dachshund Bugs? Mite b cool, actually.

    I mentioned Vertebrates, although I have to admit that I my solution ("some sort of scare-off tactics") was... well, half-hearted at best.

    Flush out may be dangerous with them, since they are more Zergling-spammers than we are. I would rather prefer to make some Colony-Bugs wait for them outside and kill off everybody who sticks their head out of the anthill.

    Well, Rippers really were designed as a counter-beetle measure, although some webbing action in the air can not be bad, either.

    We need some defence strategies as well, however
    >> Praetor Lillifag 07/21/11(Thu)16:55 No.15659764
    rolled 15 = 15

    I'm fairly sure the Colony Bug would HAVE to stay outside. Isn't it about 3 bug stories tall?
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:55 No.15659771
    rolled 9 = 9

    Alright does someone want to start compiling an official list of our ideas? Then let's vote on which changes we want to make in what order, and then make that the queue.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:57 No.15659791
    rolled 9 = 9

    The mimic bug infiltrates a society and kills off a queen and key members of the enemy's infrastructure.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)16:58 No.15659793
    rolled 14 = 14

    How about you do it yourself, oh industrial engineer?
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)16:59 No.15659807
    rolled 13 = 13

    Because I have to go for a bit. Otherwise I would. I'll be back though.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)17:06 No.15659846
    Alright, to mobilize our general troops and civilians up to standard, I suggest a new upgrade:

    +Studded Carapace (handholds for Rippers): The Rippers have a place to rest on your shoulder now from all the hard flying. Every unit equipped with this can carry up to +5 Rippers with it without penalty. For Collosus units, this value is +15. They will help in both fighting and working (i.e. cutting down grass or enemies)

    Our workers are suddenly troop transporters. Jikes. Also, they work harder and faster.

    For the aerial harrasment, a reworked set of fliers:
    Unit: Stuka (Divebomber)
    Base: Scout (no spines, webbing)
    +Jericho Wings (create howling, whining noise when brought close to the body while diving down)
    Aerial attacks:
    +Acid Glands for drop-down precision squirts of death right into their eyes
    +Webbing for immobilization of priority targets

    Unit: ODST (Crunchers)
    Base: Warrior (with hardened carapace)
    +Jericho Wings (create howling, whining noise when brought close to the body while diving down)
    +Large, stiff mandibles
    +(Venom, when researched, until then use Acid Spit)

    (Studded Carapace is recommended for both so that they can carry additional forces right to the enemy)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:08 No.15659865
    Well, that's the master plan. I am however unsure if that is that easy.
    a) Is the Mimic Bug capable of multiple transformations? I understood the GM in the way that he transforms only once.
    b) MBs are probably prone to... accidents. Before they manage to kill off everybody important, the chances are good that they get discovered and killed, especially since the transformations takes time. We will need more MBs if we rely completely on them and they are expensive.
    c) We still need some way to get them inside enemy hive.

    Do nor get me wrong, I like them, I really do. But they need to have a backup plan.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:11 No.15659877
    rolled 11 = 11

    I defiantly agree with 1, but 2 and 3 seem kinda meh...
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:15 No.15659898
    The mention of Mites gives me an idea. Why not have a variant of the Ripper who isn't based on attacking and is even smaller.
    Make them able to subsist on plant juices and be made in large batches for cheap. Now we lay them everywhere on plants and wait for the enemy.
    They use pheromones to tell us whats going on and if need be can hop on the bodies of other insects and be smuggled into enemy hives. When the bug leaves the mite just hops off and returns home.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:15 No.15659901
    While I like your ideas, we really need to cut out on tat diversity. Developing new strains is expensive and strenuous for the Queens. Rather have some broad-purpose units.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)17:15 No.15659903
    rolled 14 = 14

    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:19 No.15659935
    That gives ME an idea. Consider the following:
    Some small useful bugs that can symbiont with just about everyone (I think some cleaning bugs or the like). They spread through the valley, everybody likes them. What nobody knows is that they deliver intel to us, and upon a command may turn against their hosts - probably in the Ripper manner, but some more parasitic-mind-control-zombie shit would also be appropriate, even if expensive as fuck.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)17:21 No.15659945
    rolled 6 = 6

    New bugs are great and all, but we need to stop thinking of ourselves like Human military, where each soldier is a valuable asset. What we need is bulk. Sheer, Insectoid Bulk. Did you alll miss the post about the HUNDREDS of Black Bugs on the move? We have MAYBE a hundred able bodies bugs. of which maybe a third is combat ready. We need more troops, or else we're just another High Value target, rich with supplied just asking to be raided by a meager half of their forces.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)17:23 No.15659958
    rolled 2 = 2

    Grand Unified Military Vote

    1. Grubs firing solid projectiles through air/muscle power. Possibly using heavy workers to carry ammunition.
    2. Napalm shooting Colony Bugs
    3. Lens-bugs to burn enemy colonies with sunlight.
    4. Drop canisters (possibly an organism or just webbing) filled with napalm/combustibles on enemies. (Scouts have lifting hooks anyway)
    5. Grubs spray a stream of acid
    6. Grubs develop larger, extremely tough front carapace (use it to block passages off)
    7. Colony Bugs develop Swarm Breeder trait
    8. Diplomat bug with many kinds of communication.
    9. Bigger mandibles for soldiers
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)17:23 No.15659967
    rolled 10 = 10

    Second Part, field too long.

    10. Develop bright colors for our military, yellow black and orange are danger signals in the insect-verse
    11. Colony Bugs with Heavy Squirters and Larger Secretion Glands (long range hosing)
    12. Colony Bugs with Digestive Acid (debuff for enemies, structures and crops, makes killing/destroying/harvesting them with other forces way easier)
    13. Colony Bug Ripper Coating (being-climbed-onto defense, also limited close range combat)
    14. Ripper Infestation (ability to 'dig in' in current location if the location has cover and concealment (long grass, anthills, tunnels, rocks etc.); the unit of Rippers is effectively lost and irreclaimable, but still there. It will go on to ease up farming/harvesting processes, provide scouting updates if you send a messenger over, does not weight down on the pop cap anymore and provides a debuff I will call 'Harassed' to any enemy passing through. Effects: slowed, weakened units may die, unorganized animals might be driven off) (CLEVER BUG)
    15.,16 & 17. Ripper handles, Stukas & ODST as seen here >>15658920
    18.Diplomat as proposed here >>15659258
    19. Parasitic spies who blend in with the enemy or something >>15659935

    Everyone vote now.
    You may vote for all ideas you support.
    The ideas with the most supporters will be realized.
    Just list the numbers you want. Order of which will be discussed later on.
    But the overall number of votes for each will be taken into consideration.
    This vote is not guaranteed to lead to the preferred units actually used, as we still depend on GM for implementation.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)17:26 No.15659990
    rolled 4 = 4

    1. Scale wise, no solid slug projectile would do more damage than acid, venom, or chemical warfare.
    2. Yes please.
    3. Bullcrap. No.
    4. Why can't we just have colony bugs do strafing runs?
    5. Sure
    6. also fine.
    7. Elaborate? Deos this mean they spawn ripper swarms?
    8.I still think diplomacy is useless until we actually HAVE a big stick to carry.
    9. I would prefer deadly deadly venom to larger jaws.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:29 No.15660007
    rolled 14 = 14

    1, 9, 15, 19
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:29 No.15660008
    My vote:
    1. Get Queen I to work on that Diplo-Mite.
    2. In the meanwhile, the other Queen shall work on the following, in this order:
    >5. Grubs spray a stream of acid
    >4. Drop canisters (possibly an organism or just webbing) filled with napalm/combustibles on enemies. (Scouts have lifting hooks anyway)
    >9. Bigger mandibles for soldiers
    >6. Grubs develop larger, extremely tough front carapace (use it to block passages off)
    >2. Napalm shooting Colony Bugs

    Drop completely:
    >3. Lens-bugs to burn enemy colonies with sunlight.
    due to lack of efficiency
    >1. Grubs firing solid projectiles through air/muscle power. Possibly using heavy workers to carry ammunition.
    less useful than acid/napalm

    And what was that Colony Breeder trait?
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)17:29 No.15660020
    Could you please just type down the numbers?
    That makes counting much easier.

    Would you mind deleting that and posting again?
    Then the list would be easier to read whole.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:33 No.15660051
    2 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 9 - 11 - 12 - 19
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)17:35 No.15660069
    rolled 20 = 20

    10. And we want them to see us as a threat right off the bat because..? My vote is No.
    11. Long range chemical hosing, i can get behind. I vote Yes
    12. They have that already, IIRC
    13. Colony bugs are already troop carriers, they can already carry a bunch of rippers into combat.
    14. I have to say that's an interesting idea, but pretty impractical, and makes more work for GM. I vote No.
    15.,16 & 17. No. Colony bugs function as our personnel carriers, soldiers are there to fight, scouts are there to harass the enemy in the air and provide recon. Unless our primary military unit will be rippers, this upgrade makes little sense. Jericho wings, while sounding cool, tell the enemy OH HEY, BOMBERS, LET'S GO HIDE. A firm No on all of these propositions.
    18. this is a repeat, No, we have nothing to back up our talk. At a later date, sure.
    19. Already created, Mimic Bugs.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:38 No.15660101
    2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 18, 19

    Definitive no:
    1, 3

    Also I'm >>15660008 I didn't see the second post before I voted.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:41 No.15660134
    >19. Already created, Mimic Bugs.
    They WERE NOT created yet, they are still a proposition IIRC. Also these work on another way. being cheaper and way less deadly. Also everybody knows here that they are nor original members of their hive.

    >12. They have that already, IIRC
    The stress lies on DIGESTIVE acid.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)17:43 No.15660147
         File1311284591.jpg-(104 KB, 600x600, listen_up1.jpg)
    104 KB
    rolled 15 = 15

    Guys, stop getting so caught up in New Bugs and Upgrades. As it stands, we have a laughable military, roughshod defenses at best, our anti flooding system barely survived a SHORT rainstorm, and we have TWO, count them, TWO likely superior species out there capable of wiping us off the map.

    We need three things, more construction of defenses, more weatherproofing, and more military bulk, before we even CONSIDER contact with the other species. peaceful or otherwise.

    The only action we can afford to take against any bug at this juncture is to send Mimic bugs to observe them, and eventually kill their queens.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)17:44 No.15660159
    rolled 4 = 4

    Here comes my vote.

    1 2 4 6 11 16 18
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)17:45 No.15660171
    rolled 13 = 13


    Mimic bug has been researched, and laid.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)17:46 No.15660176
    rolled 16 = 16

    Forgot the song for Balooney.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)17:46 No.15660177
    rolled 4 = 4


    4 (specifically ripper bombs), 5-12, 15-17, 18, 19 (which is our Mimic Bug).

    I realize that's a lot, but I think we have a lot of good ideas.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)17:49 No.15660204
    2. Napalm shooting Colony Bugs
    Because setting anthills on fire is cool.
    4. Drop canisters (possibly an organism or just webbing) filled with napalm/combustibles on enemies.
    For Scouts, gives them lots of guerilla tactic possibilities.
    7. Colony Bugs develop Swarm Breeder trait
    Shit out Rippers on the fly, instant restaffing in mid-battle.
    8. Diplomat bug with many kinds of communication.
    The evil ambassador awaits.
    9. Bigger mandibles for soldiers.
    Stukas, here we go.
    11. Colony Bugs with Heavy Squirters and Larger Secretion Glands (long range hosing)
    This is number one priority so that we can get the most out of our heaviest units.
    12. Colony Bugs with Digestive Acid (debuff for enemies, structures and crops, makes killing/destroying/harvesting them with other forces way easier)
    Would be important for anything that we want to absorb and kill, i.e. everything.
    15. Ripper Handles
    Because you can never have enough angry maws on the frontlines.
    17.ODST plus Jericho Wings
    With 9., why not. Also, insects always make noise when they fly, see buzzing of bees and flies. Might as well sond like Nazi Divebombers for coolness.
    We want vassals, now.

    Well, what do you propose? The two forces have likely not even noticed us anyway. And even if they did, they probably wouldn't want to start up a second front with us, given how we field Acid Hoses like the americans field tanks. We can focus on the Teal-Back Bugs for now, they are the only ones that really know of us. And we have the Colony Bugs and Rippers specialized for them.

    Ripper bombs are unnecessary, the sucker can fly anyway.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)17:50 No.15660213
    rolled 16 = 16

    I'm sure we all realize that, Will. We're getting our long-term planning done now whilst OP is away and we have time to get a solid plan down. When we're done long-term planning, we can focus on medium-term and short-term planning.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:52 No.15660223
    While you are probably right, it doesn't change anything on the discussion. Construction jobs are for workers, we decide here what to do with the Queen. Military bunk really IS for her, but now we also discuss how to build our military.

    Well, I stand corrected. Thanks, mang.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)17:58 No.15660280
    What is the difference between 8 and 18?
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)17:59 No.15660292
    ...none, I think. Scratch one, it doesn't really matter.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)18:00 No.15660309
    The Thread will Begin again at my next post when I've speed-read through whats been written for Inquires and resolution on actions.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:01 No.15660314
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)18:02 No.15660326
    rolled 13 = 13


    Ok, favs (5 votes) till now are:
    2 Napalm payload for Coloniy Bugs
    6 Grub frontal armor
    11 Heavy spitters on Colony Bugs

    Behind this with 4 votes each:
    4 bombs
    5 Grub acid spitting
    9 bigger mandibles for soldiers
    12 Digestive acid for CBs
    18 Optimized antbasador
    19 parasitic spies

    You may vote as well.
    You only need to read here:

    >> Shark Bait !AkQaZaQyXM 07/21/11(Thu)18:04 No.15660334
    I've been reading this for days and posting, assuming a name and hopefully a Hive "Economic Advisory" position.
    Here's What We Do:
    we load both our Colony Bugs with Workers (40), fly over to largest redberry bush, and begin construction on Second Hive within that sides quarry wall. Colony Bugs come back, pick up full loads of Warriors(8) for Second Hive. all of these units, we will breed special for exporting, so as not to decrease our numbers. third Colony Bug trip brings over Queen with more Workers, Scout escorts.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:07 No.15660357
    Good idea (even if not new), but the time is not ripe yet. We shall wait until we have like 200 bugs to get 50 or so over to the new hive.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:07 No.15660362
    We do need to figure out a way to create a subway or such system from that hive to the other, to avoid detection from above ground travelers.

    If we took what is just a HUGE TRANSPORT BUG, that happens to move faster over web and made what is just a subway system, we can move resources and units with little worry as to what spots us above ground.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)18:12 No.15660401
    To anyone who cares, I'm still proposing this one.
    +Studded Carapace (handholds for Rippers): The Rippers have a place to rest on your shoulder now from all the hard flying. Every unit equipped with this can carry up to +5 Rippers with it without penalty. For Collosus units, this value is +15. They will help in both fighting and working (i.e. cutting down grass or enemies)
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:13 No.15660406
    Actually, yes. We still have lots of Heavy Workers, don't we? Some of them may work about this as a long-term project.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:15 No.15660418
    The idea is not bad. We need GM approval on the functionality of the Rippers in the times of peace, however. We also would need lots of resources to give that carapace to everybody - and after that we will need fucktons of Rippers.
    >> Record keeper bug 07/21/11(Thu)18:20 No.15660454
    Will is right using the resources we have NOW is most important and we NEED a bigger military
    1.Ineficiant we should ignore.
    2. ok
    3.to dumb to live
    4. Colonu bugs can do this now and better.
    5. The sooner the better
    6. Yes later
    7. Meh maybe much later
    8. I like but could do without.
    9. A poison sting would be much better
    10. No we like camo.
    11. yes pleas
    12. Yes pleas
    13. meh
    14. To much work for the gm
    15. This might be ok but is probably not worth it
    16. just buff the scout Also jerico wings are dumb
    17. no just give solders wings Also jerico wings are dumb
    18.I want an empire
    19. I like this a lot
    So I am fore
    And against
    >> Shark Bait !AkQaZaQyXM 07/21/11(Thu)18:24 No.15660473
    they could be a strain of aphid!
    all the other ants would be using them, wait, what if we crossed our aphids and rippers?
    Herds of aphids that suddenly turn on their ant masters!!
    i agree with Will here, an army first over ambassadors.
    we need to stop the ants from taking this valuable resource form us.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:27 No.15660496
    rolled 12 = 12

    Maybe we should get something for hive clearings? Something that can take a beating and have a long/short ranged attack. It's doable with current strains. Basically I'm suggesting terminator armor for ants.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)18:29 No.15660513
    Except that the Colony Bugs can only carry a max of four Workers per Bug. The twenty-per-bug option exists only for Rippers. When you want to take that Redberry Bush, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned, Oregon Trail-like way.

    The Queen has died of dysentery.

    We have hardened Warriors already. Grubs will be even tougher, those are already en route.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)18:29 No.15660522
    rolled 15 = 15

    >Implying armor would do you any good when you are drowned in biting and acid shooting ants
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:30 No.15660523
    That's more or less what I meant before with the Dachshund-Bugs. The idea kinda died, with the mentioning of
    - Rippers being quite capable of trench warfare
    - Maybe some grubs evolving into an offense-focused species.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:31 No.15660535
    Well, that IS what armour is for, protecting aggainst enemy attacks, innit?
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)18:33 No.15660544
    rolled 9 = 9

    You never saw what ants do to heavyly armored beetles/played Space Hulk, have you?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:35 No.15660571
    I get what you mean. But still, how do you imagine destroying an anthill completely without some hardcore house-to-house warfare?
    Destroying their Queen will help a lot, but there will still be hundreds of ants around.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)18:38 No.15660590
    rolled 17 = 17

    We are about to make flying flamers and might bedivebombing with napalm. Their numbers matter naught.
    >> The Baloon Bug Guy 07/21/11(Thu)18:39 No.15660593
    Napalm Colony Bugs, set the whole anthill on fire. Eat shit, numerical superiority
    >> Shark Bait !AkQaZaQyXM 07/21/11(Thu)18:42 No.15660617
    need GM clarification on carrying capacity
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)18:45 No.15660649
    2 Napalm payload for Coloniy Bugs
    6 Grub frontal armor
    11 Heavy spitters on Colony Bugs

    Behind this with 4 votes each:
    4 bombs
    5 Grub acid spitting
    9 bigger mandibles for soldiers
    12 Digestive acid for CBs
    18 Optimized antbasador
    19 parasitic spies

    Price Quoting all of these now.
    in the mean time. Income. Also keep and eye out were about the hit 300 posts where ill have to make a new thread (300 is the auto sage limit if im not mistaken)
    Also the Mimic bug is hatched.
    +5 Resource points from minerals
    +2 Resource from Fungus Farms
    +2 wood from gathering
    +3 Resource from Aphid Farm
    +3 Stone from Gathering
    +3 Iron from gathering
    +3 units Tallgrass from gathering
    +4 units Tallgrass from Farming
    15 points resource, 20 iron, 2 wood, 18 units tall grass, 21 stone, 1 Teal-Back Beetle Shell,1 Teal-Back Beetle Leg.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)18:46 No.15660662
    rolled 9 = 9

    The four slots are four SQUADS. So 5 workers per slot. Or 4 resources. Soldiers and scouts take up 2 slots due to their size.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:51 No.15660707
    We must do something with all that iron. I guess it's IRONCLAD ERRYTHING time, starting with the soldiers.

    And if we continue the more-sneaky-while-not-so-shooty line, the parasitic spies and maybe the antbasador/diplomite may be nice.

    Further, I guess we shall start making our Colony Bugs fucking machines of death.
    >> Hodo Astartes 07/21/11(Thu)18:52 No.15660724
    rolled 6 = 6

    I need to hit the feathers. (Final Japanese exams tomorrow)

    Can someone keep vount of the votes?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)18:55 No.15660748
    It seems to me that the GM does now.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)19:00 No.15660780
    rolled 7 = 7

    How about after we're finished with the current ideas we consider making a tunnel from the crevice to the outside with the intent of digging out a watch tower?
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)19:01 No.15660786
    rolled 8 = 8

    He returns! Huzzah!

    OK gentlemen, Short term planning time.

    Production Queue:
    5 squads soldiers
    2 colony bugs with Napalm breath.
    5 Ripper Swarms(I guess, I wasn't really around for their creation so I'm not sure what they do)

    Research Queue:
    Ironhide Soldiers
    Ironhide Colony bugs (if not already researched)
    Soldier Venom

    Building Queue:
    Improved Flood prevention.
    Elevated spire on all surface entrances to minimize water spillover.
    More Population increasing buildings.

    All in favor say Aye.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)19:03 No.15660793
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)19:05 No.15660815
         File1311289504.jpg-(81 KB, 683x476, justasplanned.jpg)
    81 KB
    rolled 18 = 18

    >Feed 5 iron and the beetle stuff to the Queen.
    >Indestructible Colony Bugs
    > Only the beginning
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)19:06 No.15660834
    Aye, I guess.

    Also Riper Swarms are armour-piercing flying zerglings.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)19:07 No.15660848
    rolled 7 = 7


    Explain the spire please.

    Later down the line we could improve the Rock Fortress to be a Rock Tower of Destruction.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)19:07 No.15660850
    No feeding of beetles to the Queen before dat absorption-brain.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)19:08 No.15660857
    Any assistance with keeping track of votes is GREATLY appreciated. Efficient count = what you want faster.

    To Summarize the Colony Bugs Carrying Capacity once and for all. (invalidates my previous rules)
    Colony Bug Profile
    Base: Grub (already includes hardened chitin)
    Colossus: 1 per squad
    Flying: Unit can fly
    Acid Spitter: basic hit point reducing acid [Not Ranged]
    Transport Space: Unit has 4 slots, each slot holds 5 workers. Soldiers, Scouts, Heavy Workers, and Grubs are bigger than workers so a squad of 5 takes up 2 slots.
    In Summary a Colony bug can carry a MAXIMUM of
    20 Workers
    10 Soldiers/Scouts/Heavy Workers/Grubs
    2 Breeders
    4 Ripper Swarms
    4 Points/Units of Resources (minerals,wood,stone,iron)

    2 Colony Bugs would be able to Haul a queen but progress would be slow.
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)19:09 No.15660859
    rolled 18 = 18

    Current Orders

    5 Scouts Retrieving Worms
    3 Scouts Follow Black Host
    4 Scouts retrieve genetic sample ( A Worker will do) from Red and Black Hives.
    Soldiers continue cleanup operations, await further orders.
    Colony Bugs Hibernate, we will need them, but not this second.

    All in favor?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)19:12 No.15660903
    What do our Heavies do? I guess so tunnel-grabbing?
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)19:12 No.15660906
    Also in 'Peace' times they can be stationed in a little alcove by entrance ways or places that need guarding to serve as an early warning/deterrent to intruders.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/11(Thu)19:13 No.15660915
    rolled 14 = 14

    Can the creatures within/on fire onto creatures below?
    >> Will 07/21/11(Thu)19:15 No.15660936
         File1311290142.png-(25 KB, 960x540, Spire diagram.png)
    25 KB
    rolled 18 = 18

    Over 9000 hours, etc. etc.

    also yes I misspelled Water.
    >> Rillius !TA0T5gpKEQ 07/21/11(Thu)19:20 No.15660996
    rolled 14 = 14


    Sounds good for now, OP. We will provide you with voting tallies for infrastructure updates and research ideas. I think Military movements will be a bit more free-form though...
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)19:26 No.15661072
    Making new thread and updating the archive on this one.
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)19:28 No.15661103
    No they can't they are inside the colony bug
    >> GM !!rfSQtaw22xn 07/21/11(Thu)19:39 No.15661228

    New Thread

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