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  • File : 1309933509.jpg-(53 KB, 640x480, 1249357051231.jpg)
    53 KB Anti Dungeon Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:25 No.15488939  
    My group of players are getting pretty in tuned with their innate dungeon dwelling. Abandoned castles, floating island chains, cave networks, they've done it all.

    now I want to screw with them a little. I want to make an anti dungeon, where caution or proactiveness will actually cause the party suffering where casual laid back attitude will make this a cake walk.

    for example; Party enters room with no floor except the ones the party can barely stand on. the walls begins to grow spikes and tries to skewer them. If anyone tries to jump, fly, climb down in panic the tight network of spikes will kill them. If they just remain cool and stand, they notice that the spikes at their feet level will interlock, making the floor for the rest of the party to go on. while the ones at their head level doesn't quite reach beyond their shoulder width.

    I plan to have the boss say something like
    "man, you guys look awful. It's not like this place was booby trapped or anything."

    any ideas /tg/ I'm kinda excited to see genre bending reverse tomb of horrors you guys can think of.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:31 No.15488972
    Threaten them with Exploding Runes, in actuality it's a teleportation spell to get to the next part of the dungeon.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:36 No.15489010
    Does nothing when you open it. Room has rust monsters in cages that are released after 2 minutes.

    Stepping into the room makes it roll at you. Turns out to be a large black orb with no discernible value or magic. Oddly light, could be used for volleyball.

    Your rogue is probably frothing with rage. Stepping on this obviously trapped floorstone dumps a bucket of ice water on the player. Chill out bro.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:40 No.15489035
         File1309934409.jpg-(16 KB, 480x360, Sirschmoopy.jpg)
    16 KB
    Taking a page from unforgotten realms, the door into the room disappears magically, there's no visible door out of the room, and a spiked ceiling coming down. There's a single pedestal with a button in the middle of the room. When you press the button, the ceiling resets and then starts back down again. When the ceiling is allowed to come back down just before killing anyone, it deactivates and retracts, with the door to the next room appearing.

    Bonus points if they hear a cat meow when the button is pushed.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:43 No.15489065
    A shadow of a giant lizard is cast across the wall of the next room. The source is an iguana cage, backlit by torchlight.

    Bonus points for describing the GRISLY RIPPING AND TEARING of tasty lettuce. :3
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:50 No.15489127
    floor covered in tiles with letters on them, and scrawled in bright paint is a large question. you can make it whatever you want, doesn't matter cause none of the tiles drop away, the question is just graffiti.

    Circular room with a large mesh covered hole in the roof. As soon as theyre in, the door behind them closes and water beings to pour in from the roof. They may have noticed a large complex looking lever in the wall at neck level that is jammed down and they cannot force it up, only on a a real good spot check will they realise its a bathtub drain lever with a built in overflow valve. Once the water has overflowed for a bit and reached the same height in the next room, the door opens. Breaking the lever in anyway jams the overflow valve.

    Corridor layered with trip wires, if tripped they drop a large box of spiders on the offending party. not dangerous spiders, just regular household ones that scurry off and generally ignore the protagonists.

    room with large weights suspended over it and more trip wires that are pretty obvious and easy to dodge. The door at the end is bared, the only way to open it is to trip one of the wires, anyone will do.

    large room with a seemingly bottomless pit dividing two platforms at either end. Several ropes hanging down that the players can swing on Tarzan style to get to the other side. The third rope in is a different color and greased and they will slide down it into the inky depths if they dont quickly jump off back onto the other rope. Trick is, the only exit is at the bottom of the greased rope.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:51 No.15489129
    This post could not have been posted at any better time.
    This is the perfect setting I need for a crawl I am creating
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:53 No.15489137
    A series of pressure plates that unleash pigeons into the room from secret entrances too small for humans. You must step on them all to unlock the door.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:56 No.15489163
    A room with lemonade and cookies on a table. Nothing else. The door is open, and a single balloon is tied to the door knob.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:57 No.15489167
    A room with statues made to look like gargoyles.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)02:58 No.15489174
    Most of these aren't really what OP is looking for though... something like where it's a big, scary looking monster and it doesn't attack them unless they freak out is more appropriate. And then of course, they mess with it and it does a lot of damage, making the rest of their crawl harder.

    Another idea: pressure plates that only activate if the character immediately jumps off of them, but otherwise reset after two turns of standing on them.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:00 No.15489191
    Amending this, instead of statues, just a room full of gargoyles who are enchanted so they can only move if they're touched.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:01 No.15489197
    In that case, the lemonade is actually an antidote for the next room, which is full of incredibly poisonous snakes. The cookies, though, are still cookies.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:01 No.15489201
    A room with a shoulder wide path going down the middle, and stepping stones to either side. The middle path APPEARS to look like it has been greased recently, but is actually just the texture of the floor and is completely safe. Whilst the stepping stones are covered in a slight film of lubricant that is near undetectable. Beneath the stepping stones can be anything, but I suggest a magic chemical that turns sweat red, causing the players to freak out.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:03 No.15489225
    Fuck, now I really want some lemonade and cookies.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:04 No.15489232
    This is beginning to sound even worse than the tomb of horrors.
    >> Not OP 07/06/11(Wed)03:05 No.15489236
    >a magic chemical that turns sweat red

    Stolen, for later nefarious purposes
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:06 No.15489242

    Why not milk and cookies?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:06 No.15489243
    A horde of skeleton warriors in the scariest, heaviest armor you can imagine. If attacked, the skeletons will hold them down and try to push them out of the room, or attack them depending on how violent the party gets. If they somehow manage to kill them all and search their bodies, they'll find each one was holding a card saying TO OUR FAVORITE ADVENTURERS, which the skeletons will give them and pat them on the back if they don't attack them.

    Maybe toss in some high fives and thumbs up.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:08 No.15489267
    I like these because they teach the players to think outside the box... Usually they'd just meta and assume that anything thrown in front of them is dangerous. It's nice to have stuff like antidotes instead of poison and neutral monsters instead of hostile ones.

    This'll totally fuck players over the first time, but when they get used to things not always being so cookie-cutter it could really help out, actually.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:09 No.15489274
    A room with an array of lasers, and as the party enters, a bat flies through a laser and bursts into flames. The bat actually just spontaneously combusted. In the room are 4 VERY powerful guards that are extremely powerful but only can move at 1 square less than the slowest member. At the end of the room is a door that touching causes the guards to increase in speed by 2. Walking through any of the lasers causes the guards to turn indestructible, yet immobile, and opens the door at the end. Make the guards immune to magic and ranged weaponry.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:09 No.15489279
    Dude, have you ever had lemonade and cookies?
    Shit's real, yo.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:11 No.15489294

    No I haven't. Kinda sounds nasty.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:12 No.15489300
         File1309936359.jpg-(31 KB, 656x581, 1293600701012.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:14 No.15489320
    A huge room with a Tarrasque in it. With that said, the Tarrasque is just an illusion and the room is part of a gallery of different creatures and objects.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:17 No.15489333
    After everyone starts to get the hang of OH THIS IS MADE TO BE EASY PFF WE GOT THIS, have a room with an ornate object of some sort on a pedestal, surrounded by various lesser treasures. The door out of the room opens into a courtyard, where the biggest, scariest fucking monster you can pull out of your ass is waiting for them. If they stole anything from the previous room, have it snarl and growl. If they try and put it down, have it snarl and growl even more.

    It only stops growling when you throw something away for it.

    Near the end of the courtyard, have a giant bowl with the name ROVER on it.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:17 No.15489336
    Have the party enter a long corridor with highly elevated platforms that are out of reach. Atop are powerful wizards casting magics that warp reality itself, inside magic bubbles. Any attempt to interact with the bubble at all causes the bubble to pop and the wizard inside turns hostile. Tell the party the wizards trapped themselves in bubbles to stop themselves from hurting adventurers, and they were merely trying to correct their ways. Also, any attempt to loot the wizards after telling them this causes them to fall asleep by a spell that can only be broken by one of the wizards in the room. Resurrected wizards will act friendly, and gladly remove the spell.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:19 No.15489343
    This is giving me some serious flashbacks. As much as I enjoy the more recent editions, the pre-WotC stuff was a lot more entertaining.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:25 No.15489386
    wide hallway (think three "people" wide)

    as the party enters, the central part of the ceiling quickly begins falling towards them

    the sides are pit-traps

    the ceiling stops falling ten feet above the floor.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:26 No.15489400
    sphinx, with a riddle.

    find a really hard riddle.

    if the party gives up the sphinx will just tell them the answer and let them pass anyways, and thank them for the company, and ask their opinion of the riddle that the sphinx had created.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:26 No.15489401
    >Set up a crystal ball on a pedestal outside of a room.
    >It shows the party triggering all of the traps in the next room.
    >Hope they memorized it. They need to set it off carefully in a different sequence to get to the other side of the room.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:30 No.15489429
    a room full of suspicious trip wires and pressure plates and buttons.

    all need to be tripped, cut or depressed before the door to the next part of the dungeon opens

    bonus points for the sound effects that go along with each trap (THUNK, THUD, grinding, heavy breathing etc)
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:31 No.15489441
    A museum full of harmless automatons of terrifying creatures.

    Like illithids, dragons, etc.

    Only one of the displays is real and it's a goblin/kobold/something minor with a really terrifying wand that will cause the exhibits to come to life if it's wielder is provoked. If the party approaches the goblin/kobold/whatever peacefully, he'll let them pass and thank them for not attacking an old curator.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:34 No.15489456
    A room full of complex mechanisms and a sentient, talking door. The door will constantly make up things they have to do to get him to open, but the only way to get him to open is to just push him. If the party stays with the mechanisms long enough, they find out that they were making a fancy meal for the door or doing his laundry or something.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:43 No.15489519
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    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:49 No.15489556
    3 hallways.

    2 have signs labeled horrible death and the last has a sign saying the right way.

    the signs are perfectly accurate.

    going into any of the other two rooms leads to a nearly impossible to escape from trap.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)03:58 No.15489596
    where's that image/comic..

    locked door, two buttons. "Open" gives the player a shock, "Shock" opens the door

    later on they encounter another locked door with two buttons, but this time with a time limit (closing walls, giant boulder, poision gas.. whatever. Bring out an hourglass for dramatic effect).
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:00 No.15489606
    An incredibly large golem of the hardest substance in your setting stands in front of a doorway. It will prevent anyone from passing through, but will not attack. It simply moves, grabs and places players away from the door, any non-harmful way of moving the players. If they attack, only then will it attack back. It's powerful.

    If they just ask it to let them through, it will step aside, open the door for them, and gesture to pass.
    >> Frog 07/06/11(Wed)04:07 No.15489638
    >floor covered in tiles with letters on them, and scrawled in bright paint is a large question. you can make it whatever you want, doesn't matter cause none of the tiles drop away, the question is just graffiti.

    Extra points if the question is "how many roads must a man walk down?" and the floor tiles can *almost* spell out "forty two"
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:07 No.15489642
    Include an extra branching path to the side of the exit.

    This path goes on for quite a while, with a bunch of enemies, traps, and such dangers.

    To find an empty chest.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:10 No.15489657
    Link to this archive? I need to come back and look over all these later.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:13 No.15489673
    Friendly pet mimic.

    It's disguised as a treasure chest but is obviously a mimic; if they spend more than a second looking at it, they'll see it shift about and whatnot. They attack it, and it immediately runs away, faster than they can follow. They try to open it blindly, and not only it holding onto loot, it's got a few weapons specifically designed to help out in later rooms... it'll follow them around like a puppy, and every so often puke out a ring or amulet it thinks is useful.

    And if they give it a name, it will purr and cavort merrily.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:13 No.15489674
    I have been planing some rooms for my party.

    You have a room with different colored plates going vertical in colors like white ,black, white, black etc. And the row next to it is blue, white, blue, white etc.

    You should also have 2 big monsters in each corner. This room should be big mind you.
    Whenever someone walks onto a plate of a color he/she walked on the previous turn he/she activates one of the monsters. When this happens a text appers on the wall: "Never walk in you past, only your future". So the characters have to walk like: white, black, blue, white, black, blue and so forth.

    It could be interesting to see how fast they can see the connection.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:19 No.15489690
    Okay, get this.

    There's this zombie in a room with a bunch of boxes reading GUNPOWDER and FLINT. That's all you tell them. He's not hostile, he stands in the middle of the room, looking at you, and does nothing. The zombie was a drug addict once. Once his dealer died, since he didn't know how to make what he had, he had to experiment. He died from grinding up some flint and snorting it and gunpowder. So, if you attack him, you'll grind up the flint lungs, which will ignite the gunpower, effectively blowing up anything within 5 feet.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:20 No.15489699
    Traps that do nothing, unless you attempt to disarm them. They instantly cause one of your party members to be imprisoned upon disarm attempt.

    Or something.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:27 No.15489747

    A long hallway, filled with some sort of danger... let's call it a cloud of gas. There is a sign informing those who pass through it that "The cloud is completely harmless to those who see the world as it is... let those who think they dwell beyond this world beware!"

    Or something like that, promising doom to those who don't exist in this world.

    Gas does nothing to the characters as long as they remain in-character; the instant a player mentions a rule, or an event that happened in a game this character was not in, or in any way begins to metagame, the gas inflicts poison damage, no save possible.

    ... player complains about not being able to make a fortitude save? Character takes more poison damage.

    ... player says you're being a vindictive dick just because he killed your stupid nosferatu cheerleader when he was running Masquerade? Character takes more poison damage.

    And so on.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:39 No.15489810
    Seems kinda hypocritical. The only way to avoid damage and especially to stop taking damage if you've started is to metagame, or I guess you might call it metametagaming. Seriously, it's an in game effect triggered by out of game actions, in order to punish people who think of the game in terms of it being a game, yet can only be escaped by doing that which it's supposed to punish. It's not like he was having his character talk about the rules or an other game or something. If he isn't metagaming hard, he'll have no clue what's causing him to start taking damage. It's just vindictive assholery to punish metagaming while actually encouraging it.
    >> OP 07/06/11(Wed)04:44 No.15489829
         File1309941854.jpg-(84 KB, 750x600, 1265033115046.jpg)
    84 KB
    Wow, so many good responses, I love you /tg/

    Another one, narrow passageway. The walls are lined with what can best be described as chainsaw blades on both sides spinning away from the entrance. The blades are however dull and rubbery, if the party touches it, it will catapult them out of the room over a very scary chasm with convinient hand grips like a football launcher.

    little do they know, if they just allowed themselves to be flung, they would've arrived at the other side of the chasm safe and soundly due to blades imprinting featherfall on their "victims"

    Altar of Death, demands that death must be presented. Players put inanimate object. path cleared.

    Room of patience. Huge monster, on the end with a breath weapon if party comes to engage it the floor collapses where they were standing. after two turns the monster gets bored and flies away, and with heavy load gone, the floor is sturdy enough to allow safer transit.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:49 No.15489862
    Not OP, but I am SOOOO going to use some of these in an up-comming campaign that I will be starting

    And then, at the end there will be a room full of books as the "prize" but in fact they are the only thing that is actually dangerous in the entire dungeon (things like Books of Lore when the PCs have no chance of making the saving rolls, and there is no way of telling it is a Book of Lore from a regular tome of spells)
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:50 No.15489869
    A portal gun, however, it's just an illusion where only light passes through the portal. so attempting a jump. SPLAT! The room can be crossed normally through series of complicated jumpt checks.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)04:58 No.15489931

    Well, yes, there's a degree of assholery to the Metagame Murder Mist, but isn't that the purpose of the thread?

    Besides which, if I'm told that the fog I'm in has turned poisonous, my first reaction is to say "shit, I run back to the entrance" which is perfectly kosher, incurs no further poisoning.

    (You're right, though, in that this can be abused and made ridiculous. I just like the idea of an in-game effect for out-of-game actions... perhaps damage for using one specific bit of game terminology? You say "hit point" and you lose a hit point, sort of thing. More fair, but now drifting away from the OP's quest.)
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)05:01 No.15489946
    I frikkin' love the pet mimic idea.

    Future hint: The OP's post number is the number of the archived thread, so if you know that it's real easy to find.

    Anyways, most of these are good ideas, but I see some of them (like the zombie gunpowder one) easily foiled by a ranger.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)05:15 No.15490043
         File1309943756.gif-(148 KB, 340x171, 1214009119155.gif)
    148 KB
    rows of chairs, looking suspiciously like chairs used to restrain people and torture them., complete with moisture, grime on the floor, and chunks of hair.

    actually a carwash, or more like an automated grooming station on rails. walking through will cause many constitution damage and other dickeries as soap is basically grease, hair cutting sheers deal damage as daggers, and dryers are basically burning hands if not on the chair and out of range in general. clothing repairs shoot web as instant fabric, but will be hard to remove if players squirm, perfumes

    If they sat on the chairs they will get a CHA boost due to a fabulous new look. The chair will lead them to the boss's lair who is having lunch and is delight to have the company of one so dashing.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)05:24 No.15490117
    Reversing mirror door.

    Walk in facing forward, you immediately walk back into the room through the same mirror.
    Walk backwards facing away from the mirror, you walk into the next room like a boss.
    >> OP 07/06/11(Wed)05:27 No.15490135
    OP here, going to sleep because it's 2 in the morning where I live.

    hopefully this will be alive in the morning and more lul will be had
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)06:39 No.15490516
    Bumping in hopes that it will. Fun concept OP, and a good list to work from.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)07:46 No.15490861
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)09:29 No.15491280
    A bright whitish-gold golem sits in the center of a room, legs crossed, body literally aglow. From its eyes shoot harmless beams of light, 1 for each party member, even if it has to use multiple beams per eye or get its eyes crisscrossed. Its body remains in the room, but its eyes follow them like a hawk no matter where in the room they go.

    The first time it is attacked in melee, it does nothing. The second time, it remains still for a second, then picks up the attacker and puts them a distance away from it, on their feet. The third time, and beyond, it throws the attacker across the room towards the way they entered from as hard as it can.
    If attacked from a distance from which it can't reach them with its arms, the first time, it doesn't react. The second time, it intensifies the light to blind the attacker, and create mild warmth. The third time and beyond, if the attacker is in the light from its eye, it creates an explosion in the area of the attacker that is harmless to anything but the attacker.
    It follows these procedures as best it can, even if attacked from outside the room.

    Its body is highly resilient to most, if not all forms of damage, and if it is damaged, it regenerates large amounts of HP per turn.
    If defeated, it simply collapses, and stops glowing, and by extension, stops illuminating the room, leaving it rather dark.

    It can easily be walked around to reach the door to the next room and all it will do is stare at them with beams of light.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)10:35 No.15491581
    got any more /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)12:54 No.15492558
         File1309971249.jpg-(125 KB, 728x1059, q068_13.jpg)
    125 KB
    pendulum death trap guantlet. Large blades will swing from the walls suspended by a chain at the top of the ceiling.

    it seems like an obvious "time your jump" kinda thing, butthe moment you jump and land the platform will sink a bit, turning the clockwork mechanism that makes the chains swing harder. Best way is to just wait couple of rounds until the chains stop moving, and just jump across with minimal rattlign of the chains.

    Room flooding with potion of water breathing.

    the incredible Sulk. High level Orc babarian stands as guardian. He will be freaking hard to beat, and will only punch and kick party just to do deal little damage while gloating and being a dick. If anyone says anything equivalent of "you are an asshole" to the orc. the orcstops fighting, and pouts and sits on the corner, hands you the keys
    >> Anonymous 07/06/11(Wed)13:26 No.15492877
         File1309973165.jpg-(45 KB, 250x333, CoversAlwaysLie.jpg)
    45 KB
    A large chariot race track. goal cross the finish line before the large demon riding a chariot pulled by nightmares. can have epic chase scene with traps and benhur stuff going on. Or you could just go backwards

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