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  • File : 1307581089.jpg-(97 KB, 500x408, 3276250442_bf961ef9e4.jpg)
    97 KB Zerg Quest XLIIV Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)20:58 No.15202000  
    So, I usually link to the last episode here, but the archive appears to have erased it within the last week, possibly as part of their fuck-you-I-don't-have-room-for-this purge. I'm not going to lie, the fact that a tag search for "drawthread" returns dozens of zero or less-than-zero rated threads makes me question just how much room he needs to clear...

    So, here's a link to the thread before last: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14973676/

    It's sad that the last thread is lost. We fired 16 nuclear missiles to disable two of VoidGate's major computing cores, and gained access to the inside of one of its massive cannons. We decided that, rather than punching through the walls to take out the processing centers that let VoidGate control the weapon, we would just stroll down the hallways to the power source.

    We found a gigantic Protoss drive core, barely stable, putting off horrific amounts of radiation, and capable of providing enough power to fire the gun rapidly. With this kind of thing in place, VoidGate could shoot down every capital ship we have with one gun, but a retaliatory shot could send a whole region of the planet into a horrible fireball.

    VoidGate must be desperate to employ this sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:01 No.15202034
    I say we try and secure the power core for now, and look for a way to stop it from powering the cannon without blowing it up.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:08 No.15202120
    Cyberbrate and Labbrate examine the core as Warbrate's ground forces secure the room. From the look of it, the core is designed to run hot for approximately two weeks, then fall into a cold cycle where it produces no energy. It has four days left before it is scheduled for a cooldown.

    VoidGate has locked out the controls, and shut down all interfaces. Cyberbrate begins inspecting the circuitry for a way to block VoidGate's access to the controls. Labbrate warns that if we try and fail to initiate a cooldown cycle, the drive will definitely explode. No question.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:13 No.15202182
    >He doesn't use Easymodo!
    >Laughing Hive Queens.jpeg

    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:15 No.15202215
    We need to deactivate the self-destruct mechanism. In these circumstances, there's ALWAYS a self-destruct mechanism.

    If all else fails, I suggest we warp our cerebrate SELF in and try to hug the thing until it blows up.

    Sorry, I have no idea which damn PLANET we're on, so I'm basing this on the three lines of information provided.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:16 No.15202229
    See >>15202182

    Previous thread.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:17 No.15202238
    Well, hey! That's awful convenient.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:19 No.15202261
    Whoa. Slow down. I've already broken the fourth wall a little and explicitly stated that VoidGate doesn't do self-destructs. No worries, there.

    We're on Brullant, the final stronghold of the robot menace.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:23 No.15202294

    Like explode within the next hour or so, or explode within the week? Could our forces conceivably still try to secure a control room for this cannon?

    If we're not picky about losing technology to scavenge (which seems to be very difficult with VoidGate stuff), we could depart from the system and leave behind a sabotage group to make sure that the reactor goes critical while we watch the fireworks from a few systems away. Then send in a clean-up force.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:26 No.15202324
    No problem.

    For future reference, just search for your name (or a phrase you distinctly recall).
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:27 No.15202337
    Ah. Okay then. I take everything back. Sorry.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:30 No.15202367
    Improper tinkering with the core would likely result in an explosion that would definitely destroy any life within approximately 3,000 miles. The orbit of the planet would be noticeably changed, and seismic disturbances would be substantial for the entire planet.

    This is not something we will likely outrun.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:30 No.15202372

    Consult the Zerg science corp (with new addition Cyberbrate to the group). Is VoidGate still "alive" and manipulating stuff from within the planet, or is this just a last "screw you" before it shut down for good?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:30 No.15202378
    No harm, no foul. Welcome.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:32 No.15202408
    Labbrate theorizes, and Cyberbrate confirms, that VoidGate is a network intelligence, extending its vital computing processes over most of its available systems.

    Currently, its systems appear to be very limited, and isolated to Brullant.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:38 No.15202487

    Can we still send an attack force to search and secure/destroy the processing centers? Or are the locks that VoidGate put on the interfaces within the power-core containment room not dependent on a constant flow of commands from VoidGate?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:38 No.15202493
    Is Voidgate willing to reconsider it's position?

    The only reason that we attacked it was because it broke it's pact with us (and killed our 'diplomat'!).

    As a generally logical being, Voidgate should realise that surrender (possibly even unconditional surrender) is it's best chance of survival. The lack of efforts to surrender up until now only leads me to suspect that he's got ANOTHER hidden base somewhere.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)21:43 No.15202543
    The internal processing centers are the systems VoidGate has in place to control the core. Disabling them would remove the cannon and all of its subsystems from VoidGate's control. Labbrate reminds us that the processing cores are inaccessible except through tearing out certain walls, which could collapse the structure and detonate the power source.

    It suggests EXTREME CARE.

    We haven't actually communicated with VoidGate at all since the outbreak of hostilities. We don't know.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)21:57 No.15202699
    I say we keep up the attack and sweep the plant and make sure none of voids forces can stop us from doing what we want
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:02 No.15202757
    So, the highly dangerous and nifty core will turn off in four days? So, let's just take out all of VoidGate's terminators and the production facilities, and wait for things to shut down automatically. Then we can take it apart and build them on asteroids that we gingerly push at the Protoss/Kingston.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:02 No.15202758

    VoidGate put us on its "To kill all humans" list with an asterisk. Since not all zerg are human. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to try to get it to "surrender" as it managed to hack into foreign technology (protoss stuff) without any prior exposure to it. If we let it live, it'll just slip into something else and bide its time.

    Perhaps the Zerg Science Corp. have gleaned enough knowledge from constructing carriers and tinkering around with that Arbiter we have to know how the protoss usually control reactors of similar construction? If Cyberbrate can get the schematics and other scientific details about the power-core, perhaps we could figure out a way to safely defuse it using our own knowledge of Protoss technology.

    Also, didn't we contact the Jael'aten again sometime in the past? If we have a channel with them, it might be worth trying to talk to them and seeing if they can lend us any expertise in disabling hilariously dangerous jury-rigged bastard protoss power sources.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:04 No.15202780

    We DO have a few drones that was sent down with the attack force (if they didn't get themselves killed, that is). Perhaps we could try this the classic Starcraft way and start construction of a hive cluster, then begin to take control of the planet.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:10 No.15202828
    We will have time I suppose.
    How about we clear an area near the front, say a 1 mile circle, place a table and chairs in the center with ice tea, and have an infested terran sit in one of the chairs, pull back our forces and see what VoidGate does. If that's not taken as an offer for negotiation then VoidGate clearly isn't in the mood for surendering.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:10 No.15202830
    This one shuts off in four days. We haven't even checked to see if the other one we found is on, or in cooldown mode...or if there might be more than just the two.

    The Protoss don't build drive cores this size, because they are dangerous and unstable. The carrier's drive core is the largest they employ, and even that is considered a necessary risk, depending on the engineer.

    Any Protoss engineer's advice for dealing with this situation would be to leave and let the inevitable explosion take care of those foolish enough to use it.

    We could. VoidGate has consumed most of the resources, but there are always minerals and gas to find if you're willing to look hard enough.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:13 No.15202851
    Please open channels of communication. I don't care if it's via morse code using ultralisks as tapping sticks or overlords or leaflet drops from overlords. Turning on the radio might be a good idea too (nothing that can be corrupted by Voidgate codes though).

    Even if Voidgate is determined to resist until the last fuse, we can still spend it's last hours gloating.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:16 No.15202873
    Well, let's clear out the rest of the cannon installation, guard it and check the other one, and the rest of the planet for that matter. Doesn't creep also leech organic matter from ground, it would make it possible to recycle our corpses, Zergcycling is the new initiative on Cerbrate Street if I recall, or was that fiscal responsibility?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:16 No.15202874
    You'll have to choose how to open the lines of communication. VoidGate has used standard comms signals in the past. We have basic access to its internal information-sharing frequencies, as well.

    TUCAMP's suggestion is also possible, if a little unorthodox.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:17 No.15202884
    So my idea with the tea, but add a two way radio.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:19 No.15202906
    Better idea, semaphore. I can't decide if overlords, hydralisks, or ultralisk would be better with the flags.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:19 No.15202908
    I just realized the Cheetos I've been ignoring in the kitchen aren't the big, puffy ones. They're the badass gnarled crunchy ones. I am now eating Cheetos and feeling REALLY FAT.

    My arteries are clogging already!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:20 No.15202913
    Voidgate has proven to only look out for itself in the past. If we try to negotiate with it I doubt it would go for becoming our subordinate as it would not believe its survival was guaranteed.

    Remember its main goals are surviving and killing all humans.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:21 No.15202921

    Hey guiz, look what I found.


    I blame that fuck weird date ordering system. Damn thing makes no sense.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:24 No.15202948
    My failure is now complete.

    >Destroying all humans

    As a FUNCTION of surviving, even!
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:24 No.15202955
    For some odd reason your mention of Cheetos is making me want a beer. Curse you Cerebrate Anon and your beer association.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:28 No.15202982

    Let's do the two-way comm signals thing.

    Also, let's start scouring the surface for a defensible area and/or mineral/vespene sites for a base.

    Consult with Cyberbrate and the Zerg science corp. Are there any seismic disturbances, geographical abnormalities, or temporal signals associated with the power cores?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:28 No.15202987
    As it turns out, Zerg Quest is just a very, very elaborate ad campaign for Miller High Life.

    If I've gotten a single one of you to drink Miller, even once, I'm more effective than a weeklong media blitz of graveyard-shift commercials.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:29 No.15202995
    You mean besides the normal crazy readings from Protoss stuff, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:31 No.15203008
    Standard comm frequencies it is then, but directed at obvious terrestrial Voidgate receiving devices only. If we establish communications, switch to encoded frequencies as soon as it can be arranged.

    We don't want and cloaked wraiths or observers in orbit or cloaked dark templar listening in our attempts at diplomacy (Kingston would have a field day tearing apart the journalistic reputation of Radio Free Zerg).

    First message: broadcast every 30 seconds, "Surrender. Lay down your arms, power down your defences and we will permit the continued existence of Voidgate. Destruction of a potentially valuable ally is irrational. Negotiations to commence at coordinates [insert coordinates here]."

    Continue the offensive until we get a response.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:32 No.15203020
    I's grab a Saranac or a Guinness, so your MIller ad is a failure, and I was in the mood for a beer anyway, but back to the matter at hand! Walkie-talkies to talk to VoidGate? I still want the infested terran using it to be at a table with ice tea.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:34 No.15203036
    Now that we're looking for it, Labbrate is detecting some odd signals that could be consistent with a temporal disturbance. It's not coming from the power core, though.

    It's coming from a facility near the planet's southern pole. A cloaked wraith flyby reveals a facility unlike anything we've ever seen. The closer scans reveal evidence of another unstable power core, and a lot of equipment we simply cannot identify.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:35 No.15203048
         File1307586949.jpg-(12 KB, 276x339, WINDELL-MIDDLEBROOKS.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:38 No.15203067
    Blast! Dozens of ad dollars, wasted!

    Nearby the cannon, we broadcast the message. There is no immediate response from VoidGate.

    We set up a small table with a parasol at the coordinates indicated, and land an infested Terran in a business suit. He begins making a pot of tea.

    (I...may have just pointed the quest in an ENTIRELY different direction than previously planned)
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:39 No.15203079

    That's... not good. A power core at the South pole of the planet, which is presumably snowy and cold like the polar caps of Earth.

    Either there's another cannon located near there or that power-core is meant for something else. A planetary warp-drive maybe? Or some sort of black hole generator?

    Let's get a team of Zerg down there and get a closer look. Or some Dropbservers.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:39 No.15203083
    Oh dear. I hope that Voidgate isn't trying to pull off a Terminator.

    This quest is complex enough (7 factions!) as it is without throwing time-travel into the mix and I don't think the Zerg have any defenses to time travel.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:40 No.15203102
         File1307587250.png-(94 KB, 407x405, i am yuri.png)
    94 KB
    SEND IN THE ZERG! I don't like it. And have a cloaked wraith ready to blow the place up at a moments notice. I don't like time travel plots.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:41 No.15203115
    I don't like the sound of time travel. Prepare to missile the blasted thing into oblivion.

    Strap some ultralisks to the missiles, just to make sure.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:42 No.15203120

    The more we discover about VoidGate, the more I'm convinced that the best way to handle this situation is to rig the power cores to go all the way up to 11, then somehow make them disintegrate the planet. Or collapse the entire system upon itself.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:43 No.15203123
    2 - Send in units!
    1 - Nuke it!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:43 No.15203126
    I harvest more vespene gas and then I do some bad roleplaying
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:45 No.15203142
         File1307587523.jpg-(66 KB, 680x760, What Sagers believe.jpg)
    66 KB
    I haven't had to whip this old thing out since the third or fourth thread!

    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:45 No.15203144
    can we send a scouting force and ready the nukes in the event of shit hitting the fan?
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)22:46 No.15203152
    I'll make a correction to the statement of "I don't like time travel plots." I don't like VoidGate traveling back in time. I like the idea of us traveling back in time and killing Kingston on the Magellan.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:46 No.15203156

    I concur. It's time for some Zerg diplomacy. On that southern power core.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)22:48 No.15203173
    It's a science facility in the middle of the southern tundra.

    They'll see any scouting party coming a mile away. They'd see it farther out, but it's all snowy and ominous.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:55 No.15203209
    Send in units, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:55 No.15203211

    Incredibly wasteful and likely to make Accountabrate cry? Yes! Necessary? Maybe!

    If Voidgate has time-travel tech, or even the means to escape (star-gate), then all resources spent on this war to date is wasted and we'll all be boned LITERALLY before we know it.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:55 No.15203214
    Pull all assets away from the cannon and drop a nuke on it. There's no value to analyzing the thing considering how dangerous it is.

    Focus everything on the southern facility. It's either time-travel or VG's "main computer."

    If it IS time travel, I suggest we get our captured arbiter over there and start fucking with time fields in order to throw a wrench into any teleportation attempts.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)22:56 No.15203227

    Nuke it into oblivion. Send a strike force afterwards to sift through the remains.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)22:58 No.15203255
    send in units!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:00 No.15203279

    Hell, at this stage, I'm willing to crash carriers into the damn thing (although crashing arbiters would be interesting).
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)23:05 No.15203336
    If by interesting you mean tear a whole in the universe, then yes it is.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:06 No.15203348
    Is there any less vague info on the outpost?

    How strong are the readings? How big is this thing?
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:08 No.15203372
    would that be like dividing by zero?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:12 No.15203421
    (Well, I just can't see how that seems like the better option, but I'm not the one voting)

    Realizing the danger any tampering with the timeline by a rampant AI determined to exterminate us, we react by turning to Gorn. It may be crazy, but nobody can organize and transport an army as quickly and on as short a notice as it can.

    Sure, a few of the overlords don't arrive, and a few more don't arrive alive, but most of them get through. We have forces on the ground as soon as possible. They rush toward the southern pole of Brullant, trampling the ancient snows.

    As they rush toward the facility, an energy spike registers from our aerospace assets.

    The approaching hordes witness a bright light, and see...

    Roll 2d100. Hope for a critical success or two.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:14 No.15203450
    rolled 76, 37 = 113

    Oh damn.
    VoidGate dumped all of its power into an oversized Arbiter Temporal Distortion Field generator, didn't it?
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:17 No.15203476
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)23:20 No.15203517
    rolled 87, 4 = 91

    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:22 No.15203546
    (You know, I may have given it a 30% chance of happening in my head, but I never really thought this would be what happened. It seemed too...well, see for yourself. I'm ignoring the second roll for this reason)

    The Swarm sees...Kingston. Corvus Kingston, the Supreme Chancellor of the Terran Confederacy, completely naked, is walking toward a large globe of energy at the center of the complex.

    We almost stumble over a billion feet at the sight. Almost. Our forces are nearly upon the facility. How utterly should we destroy it?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:23 No.15203556
    rolled 66, 60 = 126


    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:24 No.15203562
    2/3 of /tg/ dice want the Kingston Retcon. Really, /tg/ dice?
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)23:24 No.15203568
    Clearly it's a hologram to confuse us. Press forward!
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:26 No.15203594
    rolled 87, 63 = 150

    Keep the facility. Kill the machine.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:27 No.15203606

    Have the Zerg science corp. attempt to pinpoint where the temporal disturbance is. Have our mutalisks/guardians tear open/dissolve the roofs of the buildings where the temporal disturbance is. Have Gausslisks tether down from overlord tendrils and rake the area with dense gauss fire to cover our ground units, then send in the rest.

    If we have any queens, have them hovering about ready to shoot some broodling spores at Kingston.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:28 No.15203611
    To tell you the truth I went to my kitchen and got me some soup, and I wondered what might happen. The first thing that came to my mind was Kingston is/was/will be a terminator... so now I'm loling.

    Anyway if we have any battlecruisers/carriers/nukes nearby, initiate orbital bombardment on the spot.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:29 No.15203629
    We must capture this facility utterly. Gorn did a great job getting our forces here in time; now, Warbrate is needed for his precision.

    Swarm the facility, we must have it. Ignore all costs and losses.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:30 No.15203634
    Do we have an frozen turkeys we can throw through the light before 'Kingston' gets through? The point is that if we can throw enough organic matter through the portal (being an insane drain of energy) first, then there won't be enough energy for kingston.

    If there's no way that this can be stopped, film the entire thing so that we can relieve Kingston as the robot he is.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:31 No.15203657
    Or considering that all our bigger troops have psychic attack powers, which is something we seem to forget a lot... Lets see if we can harm it. If it wouldn't work, attack it with anything we can,
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:33 No.15203682
    rolled 98, 93 = 191

    alternatively, Send a massive amount of zerglings into it.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:35 No.15203708
    This is why you shouldn't play with time in a quest. It fucks everything up
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:36 No.15203723

    Zerglings, broodlings, anything. Maybe even a few grenades. Hell, even drones would work. Although it would be a headache to see how present-day zerg traveling back to whenever that time is would affect the quest.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:37 No.15203739
    My thought process basically went from "he's asking about temporal anomalies?" to "Well, it's SkyNet. Now I have to have it send somebody back, but who?" I came up with it trying to fuck up the Xel'Naga to prevent the Overmind, it going to Xenta to prevent us, or it sending Kingston back to...be Kingston. 90 - 100 on the dice had the core going critical and blowing a hole in all your shit. That was the happy ending.

    Anyway, can /tg/ dice handle 1d1000? Somebody roll that and don't get a 1. Contingency die.

    Also, decide amongst yourselves how you're dealing with the situation, tactically.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:37 No.15203740

    Zerg gestalt consciousness attack!

    All of our hate, sorrow, and being fed up with VoidGate and KINGSTOOOOOON shenanigans!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:38 No.15203754
    Hmmm.. I just realised that saving the Terrans from an unseen robotic take-over might be just the thing needed for us to win the next election.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:39 No.15203777
    rolled 55, 15 + 1 = 71

    Send in something cerebrate-ish, and enough overlords with resources to stop Voidgate and kingston.

    We will we will rock you.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:41 No.15203799
    rolled 197 = 197

    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)23:42 No.15203818
    rolled 576 = 576

    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:42 No.15203820
    How about 20 broodling implant attacks from some queens? The kingston-robot counts as infantry, so it may just work.

    That or make it so fat with organic matter that only parts of kingston makes it through.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:44 No.15203831
    You have NO IDEA how relieved I am that none of these was a 1.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/08/11(Wed)23:44 No.15203835
    rolled 191 = 191

    Crash one of our battlecrusiers into it, that's my suggestion. I'd prefer a carrier, but we only have bc and wraiths there.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:47 No.15203871
    Pump Kingstonator with broodlings: 1

    Still open to suggestions.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:48 No.15203875
    The problem is that the Terminator's organic skin-sheath doesn't provide any way to take control of its neural functions.

    As others have suggested, I think our best bet is to try to send so much organic matter through the time machine that it shuts down before the Terminator can make it through.
    But...if we send them back, what if they're captured and analyzed by the Confederacy, giving the Terrans a boost in Zerg psionic research and allowing them to deploy the Psi Disruptor earlier than originally planned?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:48 No.15203877

    Have Warbrate & Gorn control the ground forces. Warbrate gets control of the Ultras & Gausslisks and other auxiliary/support units; have the Zerg Science Corp. on a direct line with Warbrate as well.

    Warbrate will direct the super hueg units of destruction to clear a swath through the major defenses, and ultimately to the facilities where the Zerg Science Corps detect the temporal anomaly. Gorn will then do his thing and drown the facility's defenders with huge swaths of zerglings & other ground units; Warbrate's gausslisks will act as a precise strike unit. Warbrate will also handle any available aerospace units that are on site, directing them as he sees fit.

    The Zerg Science Corps will advise both of our 'brates on priority targets and targets of opportunity, as well as what stuff that looks valuable and might be of use later (i.e. do not smash too hard).
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:48 No.15203884
    Wait a tic.
    Wouldn't alteration of timeline cause alternate realities to form, not modifying our current one, since what has happened has already happened, again causing the circumstances which brought something to occur be rendered null, forming a paradox?

    Pants theory. Also the dimensions of reality.

    So, is time travel something we really need to worry about?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:51 No.15203902

    Divebomb with extra-strength explody/acidy infested terran. If it does enough damage to level a command center in 5-6 hits, I think it'll take out a human-sized titanium robot.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/08/11(Wed)23:55 No.15203947
    Ok. Land invasion...but you didn't say what to do with the Kingstonator or the time machine.

    I've never put any stock in that theory, because A) it defeats the purpose of sending a murdering robot into the past if doing so does not save your murdering robot empire in the present, so why would Skynet do it? and B) it creates an entire universe without destroying a universe in the process, which kind of violates the laws of thermodynamics about as thoroughly as possible.

    If shit goes through this bime tubble, shit will change accordingly.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:57 No.15203965
    Wait a second. Are we SAVING organic Kingston by trying to destroy robo-Kingston or is robo-Kingston the real Kingston all along?

    If given the choice, I'd much rather have been facing an organic Kingston who was a worthy opponent rather than robo-Kingston, who is a cheat that was created by a sore loser.

    Time travel really, really sucks.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/08/11(Wed)23:57 No.15203968
    Very well.

    Eat the terminator. (With an overlord, or whatever. Hell, even having cyberbrate take him over, shoving an EMP up his ass, anything.)
    Insert massive wave of zerg, and a cerabrate with orders to colonize at certain quadrants so we can expand our operations at present time.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:58 No.15203975


    Let's try RAMMING SPEED! then. With all the systems cranked up to 11 to try to cause a huge explosion.

    Broodlings might not work so well seeing as how Kingstonator is only wearing imitation skin. Great for looking trim and powerful, but not so much nutritious goo for Broodlings to grow from.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)23:58 No.15203980
    We need to destroy the time machine. Rendering it inoperative is of the utmost priority. Kingston is the lesser threat at this point in time compared to whatever Voidgate has planned.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:00 No.15203993

    Even if the broodlings don't spawn that's still at least a few kilos of extra mass that Void-gate didn't account for.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:02 No.15204022

    Did you mean XLIV? That is not a Roman Numeral.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:03 No.15204025
    Counter sage bumpage. Damn, I forgot.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)00:03 No.15204026
    rolled 906 = 906

    Blow up the crazy protoss reactor at the cannon and hope it blows up the planet in time.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/09/11(Thu)00:03 No.15204027
    Depends. If he gets through, I'll have to make that decision. If he doesn't, I won't. The Ret in Retcon is for Retroactive.

    Kingstonatorlings: 1
    Forget Kingston! Blow the machine!: 1

    Wow. Opinions are varied, here. Way more plans than normal.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:06 No.15204043
    Nuke it! Nuke with everything we got!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/09/11(Thu)00:07 No.15204061
    Yeah. Not being able to find the previous thread got me all messed up. Then it turned out I just wasn't looking hard enough. Off to a bad start, it seems.

    Kingstonatorlings: 1
    Forget Kingston! Blow the machine!: 1
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:07 No.15204062
    Also, I'd like to see robo-kingston bluff his way to Emperor-hood with half his skin digested and robot bits sticking out.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/09/11(Thu)00:09 No.15204101
    All but the last two
    >> Anonymous Drunk 06/09/11(Thu)00:12 No.15204143
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:13 No.15204159
    Yes. I see no reason why we don't use a combined approach.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/09/11(Thu)00:16 No.15204180
    (Despite knowing full well you didn't really intend to vote for it, I notice that this means crashing a battlecruiser into the facility in order to detonate the core and destroy everything there got to 3 votes before everything else. That's convenient. Somebody roll 1d100. 1 - 10 means the Kingstonator makes it through before the cruiser hits)
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:16 No.15204183
    Combined approach using options 1, 3, and 4.
    >> Anonymous Drunk 06/09/11(Thu)00:17 No.15204187
    Man do I love a good comprise. FOR SWARM CHARRRGE!!!
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/09/11(Thu)00:18 No.15204208
    rolled 91 = 91

    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)00:20 No.15204224
    A nice 3 mile blast radius, yay.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:24 No.15204270
         File1307593470.gif-(1.08 MB, 297x168, 1302983707432.gif)
    1.08 MB
    I wish VoidGate could feel emotions, just so I could relish its frustration as its every plan and contingency is blunted by our actions.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/09/11(Thu)00:27 No.15204302
    Worried that our forces won't arrive in time, we direct one of our battlecruisers into the atmosphere.

    Kingston steps closer to the light. Closer to destiny. Time seems to slow at the pole, as if the universe itself is resisting. It flows fine above, however, The ship barrels down through the atmosphere, diverting all power to shields to mitigate the heat. Still, the pressure eventually torques the entire starboard engine off of the ship. It doesn't matter, as the craft still careens into the polar outpost just as the Kingston machine's right leg passes into the sphere.

    The explosion is massive and instantaneous. All of our ground forces converging on the pole are instantly disintegrated. Their very atoms are torn asunder in a flash of bright blue light visible from almost anywhere in the system.

    Our forces holding the cannon feel a massive earthquake. Cracks appear in the architecture of the building. The entire world shakes, as large slices of the pole begin to orbit the world.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)00:28 No.15204308
    Wait... Accountbrate is going to be furrious.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:30 No.15204338
    Accountantbrate would weep tears of frustration if it could cry.

    Fall back all forces to a safe distance from the plasma cannon.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:32 No.15204356
    It was necessary in the face of an immediate existential threat.

    On the plus side, maybe Voidgate is willing to surrender now that he's got no more aces up his sleave.

    If not, he's probably still up to something...
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/09/11(Thu)00:32 No.15204358
    >A safe distance

    If you're thinking that the cannon will explode, you should re-read >>15202367
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 06/09/11(Thu)00:33 No.15204377
    >Safe distance = Full scale evacuation of any resources which we could not replace, i.e. Data.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)00:34 No.15204382
    A safe distance is off planet.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:36 No.15204399
    Speaking of cores exploding: guess what was powering the time-travelling device that we just crashed a freakin' battlecruiser into?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:36 No.15204400

    If the Zerg Science Corp. think it is safe, have our Arbiter recall any irreplaceable assets. Have the safe end of the recall zone secured by copious amounts of defense forces (air, ground, and patrolling subterranean areas underneath the area) in case we get any unexpected visitors.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)00:37 No.15204410
    Try to unplug the cannons power core and take that too.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:41 No.15204457
    Shouldn't we wait to see if the quakes will quiet down and the automated cooldown cycle begins?
    The chances of successfully initiating a shutdown on the drive so it can be recovered are pretty slim.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:45 No.15204499

    By "irreplaceable assets", I mean any particular equipment we might have brought along that would be very difficult to replace. Or even the largest amount of Zerg that we can warp off-world.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 06/09/11(Thu)00:56 No.15204613
    (You, sir, are a genius. Gold star.)

    Our forces in the cannon's power station gather closely together as a blue light swirls around them. A moment later, they appear safely on Xenta. Not many are here, compared with the number of troops we landed on Brullant, but they are here.

    Our other battlecruiser, still in orbit, notices a substantial buildup of energy on the planet. Moments later, four explosions of similar apocalyptic scope as the last rock the planet. For a few moments, all scanners and sensors are overwhelmed, and the light is too bright to watch, even through a nictitating membrane and three feet of polarized transparent steel.

    When it is over, Brullant is no longer a proper planet. Its core is bare, ejecting pressurized magma into space, where chunks of its crust hover. Some float rebelliously away from the dying planet. Others hover, uncertain of whether to return home or strike out as a new moon. Still others dive back to where they once sat, their impacts unwittingly intensifying the death throes of the world.

    This world is no more. Even if, by some miracle, VoidGate's minions had dodged the explosions that tore the surface of the planet free, they would have been pulverized by the tectonic events that continue to end this celestial body.

    VoidGate is no more. Its threat is ended. Our victory is final.


    (Talk about going out with a bang, guys! Next week, we can find out what the rest of the galaxy has been doing while we terminated the terminators)

    (Also, I'm formally apologizing to the archivists. Obviously, I just don't understand the newfangled sorting algorithm. My bad, guys. Keep up the good work)
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)00:56 No.15204616
    I have a question: have we recovered enough Terminator parts by now, that we could construct our own Terminators with synthetic skin if we wanted to? And that with Cyberbrate, we could reprogram them to to be loyal to the Swarm, rather than VoidGate?

    Because I'd like to doctor up a couple Kingston-Terminators, and display them prominently on ZergTV as 'recently captured AI research facilities reveal disturbing development: Is Chancellor Kingston a robot in disguise?"
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)01:00 No.15204661
    To summarize the rest of the galaxy, hell in a hand basket.
    I like it.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)01:05 No.15204692
    Better idea, build a Kingstontron, and have it show up in our ZergTV programing to warn people about the evil plant monsters (Protoss) that eat planets and other such hyperbole.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)01:06 No.15204702
    We could even let Artisanlord do it as a "Breaking News Bulletin" to interrupt regular programming, and have a round-table conference call between Artisanlord, thumbling-proxy for Cyberbrate, thumbling-proxy for Labbrate, thumbling-proxy for Warbrate, and an uncomfortable looking Protoss Archon from that colony of archons as a 'special guest expert from the Protoss Empire'. Have the thumblings all wearing specially tailored suits and ties as they discuss the possibilities that the AI may have already replaced Kingston, possibly other high-ranking members of the Confederacy, and what this bodes for the safety of the Koprulu Sector for organic life.
    >> TUMCAMP 06/09/11(Thu)01:15 No.15204789
    So a zerg version of the McLaughlin Group?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)01:17 No.15204804
    Lets have Artisanlord write an epic saga to commemorate our victory.

    Send EXCESSIVE gifts and copious amounts of praise to all cerebrates involved (even Nargil, for the effectiveness of his new strains).

    Ridge-scratchers for EVERYONE!

    Send flowers and chocolates to accountabrate with a small 'I'm sorry' card attached.

    Spend an hour or so in conference with Artisanlord to ensure that we get as much positive PR as we can squeeze from the situation. I want to see if we can lobby for a seat in the Confederacy.

    Finally, speak to Accountabrate about the feesibility of launching an Initial Public Offering of shares in Zerg-corp-mining.
    >> Anonymous Drunk 06/09/11(Thu)01:35 No.15204922
    I second these. But not the part about wanting a seat on the Confederacy, cold ally at best, me thinks.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)01:41 No.15204959
    If Cerberate anon reads the archived threads, then I'd like to ask whether or not it would've been possible for us to get our arbiter in there and use its own temporal fuckery to disable the portal, or cause some kind of failsafe shutdown.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)01:57 No.15205086

    Picture this: Kerrigan in a business suit with glasses.

    We'll be shoe-ins as President-for-Life.
    >> Anonymous Drunk 06/09/11(Thu)02:02 No.15205122
    Baby sis, in tight three piece suit, sure why not.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)02:04 No.15205139
         File1307599464.jpg-(63 KB, 457x1456, Confused Boner.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous Drunk 06/09/11(Thu)02:07 No.15205174
    And it's things like this that make me drink.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)04:13 No.15206195
    We shall make this happen.

    >"Sis! Hey big sis! We found something that may help your diplomacy with the Toss and Humans! Here you go!"
    >Give her a slightly too-small three piece suit
    >Confused Kerrigan
    >> Anonymous 06/09/11(Thu)04:15 No.15206207

    in the short run, yes, and only if you don't care about images.

    searching can be a bitch and a half.

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