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  • File : 1307556368.png-(128 KB, 300x278, school logo.png)
    128 KB Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:06 No.15198203  
    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking," the voice says from the speaker overhead. "We're about to make our final approach into Orlando, so please observe the seatbelt and no-smoking signs. It's a pleasant 82 degrees on the beach, so be sure to get out and enjoy the sun, and thank you for flying with us today."

    "So there really is just a human in the front of this piloting it?" Atlas asks nervously, adjusting the baseball cap that hides the cluster of computer jacks on his scalp as the flight attendant walks by, making sure everyone follows the captain's orders. "There's not a computer or something running things?" he asks when she passes.

    "The plane has an autopilot that does most of the work," Megan explains, always eager to show off her knowledge, "but yes, there is a human component. Ours is named Mike."

    "And there aren't any antigravity thrusters or anything on this? We're just... flying through the air?" he says, looking out at the bright white clouds under the wing of the plane.

    "No antigravity," Megan agrees with a smile.

    "And the ocean... we can actually swim in it? There's no toxic waste or mutroids?"

    "Yes!" Sam says exasperatedly, flopping around in her seat to look back at the young man in the baseball cap. "Geez, doesn't anyone in the future know how to have fun?"

    "Ixnay on the uture-fay, ummy-day," Clarissa hisses, nodding at the young boy across the aisle who seems to be taking an interest in the teenagers' conversation.

    "Mommy, that guy has a computer head!" the boy says, pulling on his mother's sleeve.

    "That's nice, dear," the woman replies without glancing up from her romance novel.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:09 No.15198227
    The year is 1995, and anti-mutant riots are sweeping the nation. Fearing what might happen to you if your true nature is discovered, your parents have enrolled you in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where you can learn to harness your amazing gifts, or at least be isolated from those who fear and hate you. But for now, it's summer vacation, and Aino, Sam, Megan, Clarissa and Atlas are headed for Disney World!

    "You know, it's a good thing Atlas can fool the metal detectors into not going off," Sam whispers to you as the five teenagers and Sam's mother debark into the crowded terminal, surrounded by hordes of tourists in Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, and sunglasses. "I don't think we'd be able to talk our way out of an 'Excuse me sir, why do you have more electronics in your head than Darth Vader.' And it's not like Clarissa would be any help," she says, elbowing you as she points out the blonde girl attached to Atlas' arm, explaining all the components of late 20th-century American airports. "She's been mooning over him the whole flight. I mean, he's like way too old for her, you know? He's gotta be at least seventeen."

    "I don't know why I let you talk me into bringing him along," Sam's mother says, overhearing the last bit of your conversation. "I thought this was going to be a trip for just us girls!"

    "Mooooo-oom," Sam whines. "I told you, he's an orphan! And he has no place to go except hang around the school with the Professor for a week while we're gone! Plus, he's never even been out of New York before in his life! Oh, hey, we need to get him a swimsuit!"

    "Plus we're the only people he knows for the next hundred years, right?" Megan whispers from your other side, smiling.

    (cont. on next page)
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:10 No.15198237
         File1307556628.jpg-(51 KB, 211x274, man 01.jpg)
    51 KB
    Suddenly, someone collides with you, knocking you backward as your suitcase slips from your hand and bangs against the tiled terminal floor!

    "Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry, miss," the man says, reaching by you to retrieve your suitcase. As Sam helps you back to your feet, you realize he was on the same plane as you and your friends - and if you didn't know better you could swear he'd been watching you during the flight as well!

    "Aino?" Sam asks after he hands your suitcase back and walks away past you. "Everything OK?"

    What now, mutie?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:13 No.15198263
    Check pockets and suitcase for bugs.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:14 No.15198266
    Check the suitcase to see if there's anything missing or extra under the guise of checking whether the suitcase or anything inside has been damaged. Also try to remember whatever details of his person in case he turns out to be important.
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)14:15 No.15198270
    "N-nothing. Thanks for asking though." *Do as >>15198263 said and head towards the rest of our group while throwing some paranoid glances over our shoulder.*
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:19 No.15198294
    Do one better; ask Clarissa and Atlas to make sure that a bug wasn't planted on us. They're machine telepaths so they should be able to force any bugs to transmit only the things we want.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:21 No.15198317
    Feel torn about Clarissa having so much fun with Atlas.

    Also, Atlas is -such- a code name. He needs a real one, like 'Charles'. Oh yeah, and check to make sure you've got all your stuff and grin to the strange man and say 'yes'.

    Also, flash back for a moment or two: Did we tell Atlas and Remote to warn future Spiderman and Karl about the two sentinals so they could bring down Master Mold?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:23 No.15198331
    I love it how paranoid we are.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:24 No.15198340

    "What's wrong, forgot your underwear?" Sam laughs as you brace your suitcase up against a bench and pop it open. "You *did* bring a swimsuit, right? Ohmygosh, do you think Atlas can even go in the water, or do you think his head is gonna get all rusty and short circuit?"

    "Geez, Sam, could you put a lid on it for ten minutes?" Megan asks, receiving a nice wet raspberry for her trouble. "Ewww," she says, wiping the front of her top dramatically. Hey, what's wrong, did something get broken?" she asks, peering over your bent-over back with concern.

    "Girls, let's go, we're going to miss our ride to the hotel!" Sam's mom calls, turning around to realize that the three of you aren't next to her anymore.

    "Well, whatever's the matter we can take care of it later, right?" Sam asks, as Clarissa laughs loudly at something Atlas says.

    Hmm... you can't seem to see anything amiss, but if you wanted to check a little closer...

    Roll a d100 to see what you come up with! To roll, put noko dice 1d100 in the email field! Highest of three rolls decides, so get to it!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:25 No.15198352
    rolled 47 = 47

    Alright, let's see if anything's amiss.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:25 No.15198355
    rolled 83 = 83

    Activate Paranoia Sense!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:25 No.15198357
    >Also, flash back for a moment or two: Did we tell Atlas and Remote to warn future Spiderman and Karl about the two sentinals so they could bring down Master Mold?

    I'm going to say yes, the reprogrammed Sentinels put their hands up and explained what happened before Spidey and Karl got into a row with them. I thought about that after the game was over, but obviously the readers are two steps ahead of me!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:26 No.15198358
    rolled 28 = 28

    Still worried that the hacked Sentinals got blown up when they went back.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:26 No.15198365
    rolled 2 = 2

    Disreguard my worry...and dice roll
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)14:27 No.15198374
    check pockets and suitcases for bugs AND for our wallet. We just walked into Tourist Central. Even if he was on the flight with us doesn't preclude him from being a pickpocket.

    I'm assuming we've already handed off that vintage pic of Johnny Storm, and our Penguinel Battle Armor is safely stowed back in our room in the Mansion, along with the 2099 wrist-computer. Let McCoy have fun playing with that, brushing up on 100 years of biology, physics, and technology.
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)14:28 No.15198384
         File1307557733.jpg-(32 KB, 480x415, Austin_Powers.jpg)
    32 KB
    rolled 54 = 54

    Everything seems to be in oooooorrrdeeeeeerrr....
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:30 No.15198389
    Or...don't, please?
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:48 No.15198535

    "What do you mean, a bug? Oh wow, like a spy thing?" Clarissa whispers excitedly once you're all piled into the shuttle van and rolling through the palm-tree-lined streets of Orlando. "Ohmygosh, first you're like, traveling through time and hanging out with Johnny Storm and now you've got like, international espionage stuff going on! Thanks a billion for that again, by the way."

    "Um..." she pauses, frowning at your suitcase. "Well, I don't s- wait a minute." With that she pops it open and sticks her hand in, rummaging around and pulling up a tiny piece of metal, no larger than the head of a push-pin! "Here's your problem," she says, holding it up to reflect the bright Florida sunlight across its silvery surface. "But how did that guy get it all the way inside your suitcase without opening it?"

    "Maybe he's a mutant," Sam whispers, making sure her mother is preoccupied talking to the driver from the front seat. "Maybe his superpower is planting spy cameras in teenage girls' bikinis!" With that the girls erupt into shrieks of laughter, which Atlas can't help but join in on. "Hey, Atlas, what can you tell about this?"

    As he takes it from her fingers and examines it closely, Megan asks "So what's your real name, anyway? Aino's just been calling you Atlas since she brought you back with her."

    The young man looks up, confused for a moment, then looks out the window at the palm trees racing by. "I - I don't really have another name. I'm a degen, you know?" He looks around at the blank faces staring at him and says dryly "You don't know."

    (cont. on next page)
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:49 No.15198543
    Even if we don't find anything, ask Clarissa and Atlas to see if there are, hmm, foreign electronics in our vicinity.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:49 No.15198547

    "Degens are people that have been altered genetically for the sake of their owners. Research subjects, you know, things like that. I was already a mutant, really slight telepath, so I was like, prime synth-beef on the Red Market, scan?"

    "Anyway," he says, looking away again, "Whatever happened before Stark-Fujikawa bought me, I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, I've always been Atlas," he says, handing the tiny electronic component back to Clarissa.

    "Oh, kids, here's our hotel!" Sam's mom says with delight as the fifty-story building looms into view up the block ahead of you.

    "So what do you want to do with this?" she asks, holding it up to you.

    Indeed! What now?
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)14:50 No.15198555

    fffffffff I hate "field too long" errors SO MUCH. It looks so small in the comment field, too!
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)14:53 No.15198582
    rolled 7 = 7

    Screw paranoia, we're in Dinseyland yay! Let's go to Epcot so Atlas can catch up with historic events(their records were sketchy back then in the Future, and that doesn't really make sense) and we go shopping with the girls!

    Damnnn youuuuu prof, you left me hanging without warning and I had to browse the archives to fix my quest urges! I *had* to read MEIDU QUEST!! THE HORRORS, THE HORRORS! OONTS OONTS OONTS OONTS OONTS

    S-stupid prof, i-it's not like I like the quest or anything!
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)14:54 No.15198593
         File1307559246.jpg-(9 KB, 276x183, fear_and_loathing_in_las_vegas.jpg)
    9 KB
    Let's check out our room. After that, to the beach/pool!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:56 No.15198615
    Get Clarissa to backhack it, find out what, where and whom it's transmitting to. If it's important, we'll probably have to put off Disneylanding for a while. If not, I'm sure we can just feed it a loop and run around for a day or two.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:58 No.15198635
    Hug Atlas! And his name is 'Charles' now.

    Anyway, we did give Clarissa the photo? Flash back to what happened when we did.

    And...Ask Clarissa and Charles to see if they can find out where the video was transmitting to? Make a movie reference here, I can't think of one.
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)14:59 No.15198642
    rolled 15 = 15

    Voing we don't rush the name change, it's just so...cliche to name someone else, give their life a new meaning, romantic interest yada yada... instead chief, let's not worry about the name for now. What do you say we get ourselves a nice, mad fun time in DISNEYLAND and, if that name thing still bothers you by the end of the day, we get you a name? or encourage you to decide on one that's just rad? Also, Cosplay as that rabbit from Alice in Wonderland that's always late! inb4CLAMP'sArisuinWonderland though skateboarding would be cool...
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)14:59 No.15198649
    Interrogate it. I don't think it's a mic, but it could be a tracking device.

    If it doesn't give away our position, leave it be for now, but be extra careful around it.
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)15:05 No.15198693
    rolled 60 = 60

    Petition: It ocurred to me, whilst perusing the last thread on the archive, that there are many plans and actions that are left out by the 3-rolls rules. Since it's clear that there are more than 3 players in here(unless one of them IS ACTUALLY ME TOO*gasp*), what do you say we go instead by a five minutes rule? So that 100 roll is not wasted on EXAMINE THE DOOR?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:06 No.15198696
    Ah, come on, we're on a beach and we're gonna call him Charles Atlas.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:07 No.15198707
    Go up to our rooms, and have Atlas interrogate the bug to see what it does and if Clarissa can tell it to spoof our real location and what we say.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)15:08 No.15198712

    "Charles...Atlas?" he asks, as he sticks his arms out to the sides helplessly, not sure what you're doing until you're already embracing him. "Is that some kind of twencen reference that I'm not getting?" he says, to the smirks of you and Megan.

    "I don't get it either," Clarissa says, throwing an arm around him and sticking her tongue out at you behind Charles' back jokingly.

    "So who's Johnny Storm?" Charles asks as you all walk out of the hot sun and into the air-conditioned lobby.

    "Nobody!" Clarissa says defiantly.

    "That's not what you said when you were shrieking and rolling around on the floor after Aino gave you that picture," Sam says, poking her in the back and crying out with laughter as Clarissa breaks her hold on Charles to chase after Sam.

    "Girls, get back-" Sam's mother begins to say, before giving up and plastering on a big smile for the clerk at the front desk.

    "Sooooo immature," Megan drawls, rolling her eyes at you and grinning as the two of you and Atlas make your way to the elevator.

    "Is *this* thing antigrav?" he asks.

    (cont. on next page)
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:09 No.15198730
    I disagree. The system as-is has worked well to provide suspense as well as awesome. And in case of emergency there's always the Professor Fiat
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)15:11 No.15198746
    rolled 26 = 26

    lols I cna't speel

    >Orlando, FL
    Then we are at DisneyWORLD, not DisneyLAND? sadface.jpg
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)15:16 No.15198784
    pause time, find the fattest tourist we can find and drop it down their plumber's crack, then forget about it and continue our vacation. We've had a rough..... whatever the last period of time has been (we're really going to have to get with Reed and invent correct terminology to describe the where/when axis of time travel). We've got surf, sand, sun, and friends to frolic with!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)15:20 No.15198829

    "Holy cow-" Sam says, bursting in the door and flying off the ground for the first time since you left the Mansion this morning, zooming around the palatial suite as the rest of you pile in through the doorway and stow your luggage throughout the room.

    "Hey, there's a hot tub in the bathroom!" Megan calls from the other room.

    "Atlas, you'll have to sleep on the couch in my suite, I'm afrai- what, you girls are calling him Charles now?" Sam's mom says, exasperated. "Girls, he's not a puppy, you can't just rename him! And Atlas is a perfectly nice name, dear," she says to him. "Very regal."

    "OK, let's take a look at this," Clarissa says ten minutes later, once Sam's mom gets into the shower. As you fish the small machine out of your pocket and set it on the coffee table, Clarissa and Atlas lean in, and when he removes his baseball cap sparks begin to pop above his electronic head!

    Roll a d100 to see how well this spoofing goes, readers! Highest of three determines their success!
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)15:21 No.15198843
    rolled 47 = 47

    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)15:23 No.15198853
         File1307561002.jpg-(73 KB, 500x329, math_normal_in.jpg)
    73 KB
    rolled 10 = 10

    Hacking has never been so much fun!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:24 No.15198858
    rolled 93 = 93

    They hatin'
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:24 No.15198864
    rolled 6 = 6

    >Not a puppy
    But he followed me home!

    >software whavel
    Captcha suggest that the device may be using Whavel software.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:28 No.15198902

    There is the Mutant quest rolling we love. Was worried we were going to go a whole two actions without a 90+
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)15:34 No.15198951

    "Whoa, this is... this is really weird," Atlas says, as Clarissa nods in agreement."

    "This thing - it doesn't talk like any machine I've ever men," Clarissa frowns, "And it's transmitting something, but the signal-"

    "-Isn't going anywhere." Megan finishes. "Yeah, there's definitely something odd about this. Even with my admittedly gross powers of electrons I can sense something strange."

    "Careful, Megan, you're starting to do a Dr. McCoy impression again," Sam says, hanging upside down from near the ceiling and watching the others. As Megan flings a pillow at her Sam shrieks and flits out of the way, adding "And I think you're starting to get more fur on your ch-"


    "Been practicing in the Danger Room?" Clarissa asks, looking up from the tiny device. "Hey leader lady," she gets your attention as you watch Sam slowly raise a pillow at Megan in retaliation. "We've got this thing good and confused. You want us to get rid of it or just keep it and mess with whoever planted it on you?"

    "Time to hit the beach, girls!" Sam's mom says, emerging from the bathroom in an eye-catching neon green with black and white trim one-piece.

    "Yes, Mrs. Binh!" the teenagers all say innocently.

    What now?
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)15:37 No.15198973
    >"This thing - it doesn't talk like any machine I've ever men,"

    Sweet spinach, what a typo! Of course, our dear mutant means to say "met", not "men".
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)15:39 No.15198995
    "Break it. I have had my fair share of adventures for now. Now where's my swimsuit...."
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:40 No.15199004
    I say we hit the beach, and see how this thing likes seawater.
    Preferably by sending it on a one-way trip to the sea floor.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:42 No.15199017
    Smells of quantum entanglement.

    Let Atlas or Clarissa decide what to do with it. I.e. we shrug and then go get changed.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:42 No.15199020
    rolled 64 = 64

    Become completely distracted from IMPORTANT BUG by Beach! Yay!

    But yeah, keep it around and mess with 'em. It'll be a hobby!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:44 No.15199042
    rolled 74 = 74

    Quantum Entanglement? Yeah, see if we can check that. And see if it's transmitting across time.
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)15:45 No.15199053
    rolled 38 = 38

    I still say we drop it down an obese tourist's crack and forget about it. Someone wants to spy on use? They can enjoy the view.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:48 No.15199079
    Why plant the device if the signal's going nowhere..? I'd like go into further detail with examining the little bugger, but I don't think we can do it with Sam's mom looking over our shoulder.

    >> Still buttmad @ not being in the happiest place on Earth Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)15:52 No.15199112
    rolled 99 = 99

    >...starting to get more fur on your...

    *Bride's REVENGE theme starts playing, along with flashbacks with the Handsome McCoy on them*

    ALL STATIONS ALERT, CODE RED, CODE RED! Someone is trying to steal our Husbando(not that I really care, but I'm aiming at nothing short of 100% completition here!)

    Now, this sort of Technology is clearly ages beyond our understanding. I suggest we freeze it using a combination of Nitrogen and TIMESTOP!(just crazy enough to work!) and sent it over to Iceman so he can seal it permanently. Then pull an Ironman on it and send it to space, just like what he did with the Hulk!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)15:52 No.15199120

    "Hey, you still need a pair of trunks," Clarissa points at Atlas once she's changed.

    "Trunks?" he asks, confused.

    "You know, swim trunks. I bet they sell them in the hotel gift shop. Come on, I'll pay for them," she says, leading him out the door of the suite.

    As Megan opens the door and emerges with a shirt and a pair of shorts over her suit you duck into the bathroom, quickly change, and then hold the tiny transmitter up in front of your eyes.

    And concentrate.

    Even though you only got a glimpse of what your power might one day become in the fullness of maturation, you can still hold onto some spark of it, and as you push your perception out beyond the normal world to the timestream around you, you can see a subtle flow of tachyons plunging into and out of the device from the stream around it!

    "Knock, knock!" Sam calls, pounding on the bathroom door. "Yo, chief, you ready to go? Clarissa and Charlie are back!"

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)15:55 No.15199141
    Call professor about the device
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)15:55 No.15199150
    rolled 15 = 15

    All your suggestions work on the assumption that it's some sort of tracking/spying devise, and not a self-assempling Killerbot. Of course, mine works on the latter and might not be suitable if it is indeed backtracin' us THROUGH TIME! THEN WE'RE DUN GOOFED!
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)15:56 No.15199164
    *Cue close up image of Aino crushing the bug.* "I'm coming!"
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:02 No.15199233
    rolled 27 = 27

    Huh. Yeah, we're keeping this and testing with the bug.

    Other then that, feel a bit bummed out that Clarissa is hanging out with Charles.

    But, other then that, get dressed and lets go enjoy the sun and sand and surf!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)16:03 No.15199239

    Hmm, there seems to be some dissension about what to do with this device! In that case, it's time for our old standby, roll and vote! Roll a d100 and decide what you do with the device! Likely options are:

    >Trash it
    >Plant it on a tourist
    >Keep it around
    >Consult Xavier
    >Something else

    Roll a d100 and vote now! Highest of three rolls decides!
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)16:03 No.15199244
    rolled 52 = 52


    At least he could have given us a Penguinel X assistant, but noooo, he had to be a dick about it and give us a insignificant token!

    "Master Mold...SHAME ON YOU! Spying on a woman, in her private, leisure time? You've hit a new low for transdimensional IAs! Shameful!" Then FREEZE and sent it ot of the world!

    Or we could act as if we didn't realize this for double backstabbing time! Ask Princess Remote to get the surveillance system to track this one fellow for us, but he's likely gone.

    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:03 No.15199248
    Or it could be the cosmic time police who want to stop us from fucking up the time streams like MM did. There's plenty of ways to interpret this event.

    I say we stow the bug in a safe or freeze it in a time bubble out of sight. We probably should tell the academy about it though.
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)16:05 No.15199265
         File1307563502.jpg-(60 KB, 530x420, incredible_hulk_carrying-72385(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    Trash it.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:05 No.15199271
    rolled 12 = 12

    Consult the professor.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:06 No.15199280
    rolled 88 = 88

    Keep or Talk to Beast/Professor X
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:08 No.15199305
    I love you so much.
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)16:09 No.15199307
    Wow, I cna't speel 4 lief today, 4lyef! And being on a wii, where I can't effectively edit my text doesn't help either...but that's no excuse, SHAMEFURR DISPRRAY!

    Freezing it, then consulting with Charles X is the safe choice, but did we get through our adventures in time by playing it safe?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:09 No.15199316

    I try.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:10 No.15199324
    Freeze it, call prof, claim to follow orders, go to the beach.

    >entaymil ORBIT
    What do you mean, capthca? Launch the device into orbit?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:11 No.15199333
    rolled 14 = 14

    Forgot my roll
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:20 No.15199409
    Trash it.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)16:23 No.15199431

    As the others all file out of the room into the hallway and race toward the elevators in a thunderous commotion, Sam stays behind while you dial the Mansion's number from the hotel room's phone. A moment later, you hear Ms. Grey's voice say "Hello," but as you start to speak she continues with "You have reached the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible-"

    "Nobody home?" Sam asks. "Well, leave it here, then. They already said it wasn't transmitting anywhere, right?"

    With that you and Sam join the others for a well-earned afternoon montage of frolicking on the beach!


    Atlas' first hot dog!

    Sam running through a crowd of seagulls and sending them flying into the air!


    Clarissa teasing Megan about keeping her shirt and shorts on!

    Atlas' second hot dog!

    The seagulls returning to harass Sam!

    Atlas trying to recover his baseball cap from one of the birds!

    "Hey, Aino," Sam says, paddling up to you as the two of you bob in the warm Atlantic water. "Look, it's that guy from the airport again!

    As she points, you squint into the bright afternoon sunshine and scan your eyes across the crowd of bikini- and brief-clad beachgoers, when suddenly you catch sight of a man standing near the surfboard rental shack in a three-piece suit and tie - the same man that ran into you in the airport earlier!

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:25 No.15199447
    One more montage. Teenagers harrasing a man in a three peice suit!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)16:25 No.15199453

    Oh, Kirby help me, I burst out laughing when I read that!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)16:34 No.15199512
         File1307565253.jpg-(47 KB, 211x226, grimm 02.jpg)
    47 KB
    Final verdict? Advance to beatdown?
    >> Hipster-who-spells-Magick-with-a-K 06/08/11(Wed)16:34 No.15199513
    Panel of Aino strolling casually, seeing this man and saying "HEYA!"

    Gleely skipping towards him like a schoolgirl.

    Focused panel, were a sudden severe face says "Now, I'm not stupid, and I know if you wanted discretion you'd be already gone. The fumbling attempt at placing a tracking pin on me? expected as much. This pin streaming throgh temporal resonances? NOW THAT catches my attention. Let's talk."

    "incidentally, do you like ice creams? I'm kinda in the mood for a banana split"

    Make him/it spill EVERYTHING! Otherwise, where did we *exactly* find this pin? Maybe he doesn't know anything and this was placed by the X-mansion so they know we didn't get to bump uglies with some agent from an Eroge game who will bring the Antichrist forth this land!

    Nah, too crazy to work...OR IS IT?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:34 No.15199516
    Damn, how could I have been so blind!?

    Device planted in our suitcase without us perceiving it opening + temporal transmission = Time control

    Freeze the man, don't be surprised when he can still move.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:34 No.15199518
    We probably shouldn't arouse his suspicion just yet.
    Maybe keep an eye on him, but otherwise enjoy ourselves for now?
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)16:35 No.15199527
         File1307565324.jpg-(12 KB, 201x201, second%20scruffy%202.jpg)
    12 KB
    rolled 4 = 4

    May as well roll for 'em.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:37 No.15199541
    See? This is what happens when you listen to hipsters!
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)16:38 No.15199556
         File1307565519.jpg-(644 KB, 1800x1188, hipsterevolution.jpg)
    644 KB
    Rolling high is just so mainstream.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:46 No.15199625
    Clearly we must be robust.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:47 No.15199646
    Last I saw of this quest, Aino was in 2099 and was headed to the Xavier school ruins to teleport back to her starting time.

    I assume she made it back, but I didn't see the thread in the archives. Link please?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:50 No.15199672
    Here you go. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15186356/
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)16:53 No.15199714
         File1307566418.jpg-(59 KB, 233x390, mobius 02.jpg)
    59 KB

    The man does an about-face and begins reading the menu of the Snax Shack next to the board rental hut as you approach, nervously listing off the names of ice cream flavors out loud: "Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry, hmm-"

    "Yaah!" he shouts when you begin addressing him, knocking a surfboard propped up against the side wall of the rental hut over. As he stoops down and rights it, he points his finger at you a few times and sputters "You know, you have a remarkable ability to make things more difficult for me!"

    He leans up against the counter of the Snax Shack and takes off one shoe, pouring a trail of sand out of it. As he does so, he suddenly finds Sam and Clarissa in his face!

    "Hey pal, what's the idea of stalking Aino, huh? You some kind of Sentinel lackey or what?"

    "Excuse me, I don't have anything to do with-" he starts to say before looking at you and sighing. That instant, the two girls halt motionless, as does everything around them!

    A glowing rectangle the size of a doorway suddenly appears in the wall of the rental shack, and beyond it is too bright to see!

    "Would you please step into my office for a moment? There's something we need to discuss."

    What now?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)16:56 No.15199741
    Awkward pause and sigh. "I am on VACATION!" But stomp toward the door, grumblin about time travel.

    >icusMie Hon
    You said it Captcha, you said it.
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)16:58 No.15199755
    With a smirk of steeling our mind for tachyon domination, we step in.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:02 No.15199800

    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)17:05 No.15199852
    rolled 2 = 2

    "No,no,no. No more glowing doorways. I've had enough of them the last three days. We'll have a nice conversation out here on the beach. I REALLY don't want to spend the next few days bouncing around time and sapce, trying to get back to a quarter second from now. We're not going anywhere and neither are you. This is our vacation, we're going to enjoy it."

    [MFW this is all a job offer from Mojo who thinks we'd make a good sitcom. MFW I have no face.]
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:06 No.15199861
    Well then. We may be in over our head here.
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)17:08 No.15199877
    But Aino doesn't know that now does she?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:08 No.15199879
    "uhh... when is your office?"
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:09 No.15199899
    Nope! But we do, and YES! I knew I guessed right with 'timetravellers'
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)17:10 No.15199910

    As you step through the glowing portal with the mysterious man in tow, you find yourself in-


    Just... an endless expanse of white, reaching out in all directions around you! The glowing portal hangs in the air, unsupported by anything, and as your stomach begins to drop out from under you, you catch sight of a chair floating motionless in front of you and grab for it!

    The man in the business suit, meanwhile, simply strolls into the room as if there was ground under him, and plants himself behind an ordinary 20th-century office desk!

    The two of you sit without speaking for a moment in the vast empty non-space, as he taps something into the computer on his desk and frowns. "You know, I was hoping to keep you from having to deal with this directly, but you've been making things really difficult for all of us. I'm under a lot of pressure from the folks upstairs to wrap this little time/space collapse business up as neatly as possible, and that involves keeping an eye on the parties involved," he says, waving a ballpoint pen, "You among them," he continues, "until we can be sure that everything is largely back to normal."

    (cont. on next page)
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:11 No.15199922
    >"I am on VACATION!"
    This is a very good point.

    If there's anything that our recent adventures have taught us, it's that cavalierly entering strange glowing gateways in the fabric of reality is a great way to get stuck outside of your home timezone for the next half-dozen issues. If everything right now is frozen, then there's no reason why we can't talk business here. And there's ice cream here, which is a good thing to have when undertaking any serious conversation that about time manipulating issues.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:13 No.15199932
    "You know, this is SUPPOSED to be my vacation. Couldn't you have just left a message or letter instead?
    "But if you insist..."

    Enter the office with an exasperated sigh.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)17:13 No.15199938
         File1307567636.jpg-(58 KB, 247x322, mobius 04.jpg)
    58 KB
    "Oh, you're right, I never properly introduced myself. I am Mr. Mobius, and this is the office of the Time Variance Authority!" he says grandly, gesturing with one hand to the empty white nothingness around him.

    "Er, well, this is just one office. The rest of it is really quite busy."

    "The TVA exists outside of the timestream, to answer your question," he says. "We monitor timelines, keep track of when they diverge, that sort of thing. Let me tell you, we were all quite worried about the ramifications of that collapse! My neck was really on the line about that one, but then you pulled through marvelously! That Master Mold, on the other hand..." he shakes his head.

    "But enough about my job, listen, here's what we need you to do. For the next few days, I'll be monitoring from afar to make sure that there aren't any serious aftereffects. You can just pretend I'm not even there, and do whatever you like."

    As he rises to his feet he extends his hand to shake and asks, "Do we have a deal?"

    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)17:17 No.15199972
    "Are you being compleatly honest with saying it would be that easy? Can I still use my powers?"
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:18 No.15199986
    "You promice not to ruin my vacation? Or hurt my friends?" Reach out and shake. "You like Disneyworld? You can come with us!" Smile and hop up, and walk to his side. "And sorry about the whole deal, I mean, what's actually would have or did happen?"
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:26 No.15200041
    Hey, this is coming out of nowhere, but can Clarissa and Atlas communicate with each other telepathically? Seems to me that if they both have a target-limited form of telepathy, and it's directed at the same target, their minds might be on the same "wavelength", so to speak. At the very least, they could probably use Atlas' headputer as an intermediary.
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)17:29 No.15200064

    "Oh, yes, it's really just a formality we've put in place since that fiasco with the Time Bubble a few years back," he says, shaking your hand from across the desk as you stand on nothingness in front of him.

    "Oh, yes, of course you can still use your powers. As they are, there's nothing about them that can affect the timestream. If that changes, you might hear from us again," he says, frowning and glowering at you for a moment before smiling. "Kidding! But you will hear from us again if this happens again in your timeline's future."

    "I'm not- I'm not some kind of monster!" he sputters in protest as you demand that he ensure your friends are safe. "And I don't want to ruin anyone's vacations! I just want to get all this paperwork cleared up before the weekend!"

    With that, he walks around his desk and extends a hand, gesturing toward the glowing portal back to the Florida beach. "Anyway, like I said you can just ignore me."

    As you step through the glowing doorway and emerge on the beach again, Sam and Clarissa suddenly animate and look confusedly at the space where Mobius stood before time stopped!

    "Hey, where'd he-"

    "Told ya he was a mutant-"

    "OK, kids, I think we've had enough beach for today!" Sam's mom says as she joins the rest of you. "Who's ready for Disneyworld?"

    Anything else you want to do before the Magic Kingdom?
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:34 No.15200099
    Hug our friends and smile. "Just some paperwork I needed to take care of. Now, lets go!"
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)17:35 No.15200112
    Frolic. Tease Sam about Noah.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:39 No.15200135
    And then Clarissa about Charles! And then look forlornly to both, completely within the CCA rules.
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)17:42 No.15200154
    dang, I was going to ask what had happened to Moldy, but I guess that's out now. We have, and know about, his bug, so we can request a sit-down when necessary. You'd think he'd be a little more thankful after we technically saved him from being fired.
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)17:43 No.15200160
    also i wanted to ask him if the damaged timestreams were destroyed, or if they re-appeared since the collapse was prevented.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:44 No.15200172
    To be honest, I think Aino should probably be a bit afraid of using her powers at this point. She DID end reality as she knew it through them, and did get quite a few people killed...

    Also, we should ask to see Dr. Ricards and company/our parents/anyone else we care about and saw on the trip, just to make sure they're okay. This is relaxing, yeah, but what Aino went through had to have less immediate effects. (Got most of the FF killed, however necessarily...)
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:46 No.15200183
    Are these OC, what am I missing here? I Cannot find anything about these characters.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:49 No.15200200
    Welcome aboard, new reader! This is a quest in the fine tradition of /tg/ and the classic X-men comics. I suggest reading the back issues at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=mutant quest to get an understanding of our heroine and her personality, or jump right in with SCIENCE and heroic determination!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)17:51 No.15200219
         File1307569914.jpg-(24 KB, 564x151, continued.jpg)
    24 KB

    "Paper...work?" Sam asks as she hesitantly returns the embrace. "Whatever. I'm just glad that creep's gone."

    "I don't think I can take much more of this sun," Atlas says to you wearily, wiping his brow as you all shuffle back up to the hotel. "There's a lot less pollution in this era!"

    "Shut up!" Clarissa says, swatting your arm playfully as you suggest she help Atlas out.

    "Yeah, Clarissa, maybe you should give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!" Megan giggles.

    "I wonder what the other guys are doing," Sam says to herself.

    "I bet you wish Nooo-ah was here," Megan says.

    "Who's Noah?" Atlas asks.


    It's nearly dusk by the time you reach the gates of the Magic Kingdom, and for many of the students this is the first time they've see Disney World! As Mrs. Binh tries to herd the crowd of teenagers through the turnstile and make sure they're all accounted for, you see a familiar figure standing by a balloon vendor - wearing the same three-piece suit as before! He smiles, waves, and takes a bite of a corn dog as the others race by him without noticing!

    As the night goes on, he's never far from sight, watching from a distance like a guardian angel, and as you ascend to the highest point of the roller coaster and look from Mobius far below you to the girls in the car in front of you, the fireworks begin to explode in the night sky.
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)17:55 No.15200247
    Well, prof, there's another issue... Is it just me or are they getting shorter? Must be the economy...

    Also, are we going to see long-term consequences from the previous stories?

    A Long-term Reader
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)18:00 No.15200287
         File1307570412.jpg-(232 KB, 700x911, runes_large.jpg)
    232 KB
    No bloodshed, no broken bones - what a change of pace from the last few issues!

    We here in the Mutant Quest office would like to welcome all our readers, new and old, at this, the end of our sizzlin' seventeenth issue!

    For those of you just joining our story, here's a quick run-down on the cast of characters:

    Aino: Team leader, temporal distorter, scientific prodigy!

    Sam: Flying chatterbox!

    Megan: Shy on the outside, lightning on the inside!

    Clarissa: Tomboy technopath!

    Ricardo: Brash, boisterous momentum translator!

    Noah: Anyone he touches, he becomes!

    Luke and Mary Ann: Two teenagers, one consciousness!

    Caleb: Noah's brother - he's never revealed his powers!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)18:02 No.15200311
    Dear Prof,
    Is our dear Aino going to be finding someone what with Clarissa and Sam both finding boys to get sweet on?
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)18:04 No.15200335
    And with only pages to go before the back cover, let's jump in to the Mutie Mailbag and see what we find! Our first letter comes from a long-term reader:

    >Well, prof, there's another issue... Is it just me or are they getting shorter? Must be the economy...

    >Also, are we going to see long-term consequences from the previous stories?

    >A Long-term Reader

    He's on to us! It was that darn double-sized 15th issue that did it! We've been low on ink and trying to spread it out until we can catch enough octopi! Point taken, however - we'll see how much more we can squeeze those jerks at Acme Ad Agency for next issue!

    As for long-term consequences... I think we might be seeing some familiar faces in the not-too-distant future!

    (Bad choice of words?)
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)18:04 No.15200336
    To Marvel,
    I just read this and thought and what about Atlas? Or are we avoiding mentioning him?

    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)18:07 No.15200362
    >Dear Prof,
    >Is our dear Aino going to be finding someone what with Clarissa and Sam both finding boys to get sweet on?

    Don't count on Clarissa's crush to be anything more than novelty over his fancy hairdo, reader! After all, Atlas is at least two years older than she is, and who knows - he might have his eye on someone else!

    Think you smell romance in the air? Just wait for our tempestuous twentieth issue!
    >> Time variant no.56 !g.pXLshLpc 06/08/11(Wed)18:09 No.15200379
    When will our next game be?
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)18:11 No.15200391
    >To Marvel,

    >I just read this and thought and what about Atlas? Or are we avoiding mentioning him?


    There's a simple explanation for the confusion, SuperFan, one Mr. Mobius would be happy to clear up ad nauseam! Mutant Quest takes place in a timeline other than the 616 universe, so even though we might see some familiar faces from more weighty continuities, this also gives us some leeway to have a little fun outside of the standard canon!

    Besides that, about the only names that *haven't* been taken for super-beings are the Lucky Charms marshmallows!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)18:13 No.15200411
    >When will our next game be?

    More likely than not, the next issue will be in your hands by tomorrow!
    >> Magus O'Grady 06/08/11(Wed)18:20 No.15200462
    Magnificent issue, as always, Prof. Eagerly awaiting the next issue!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)18:32 No.15200565
    >Magnificent issue, as always, Prof. Eagerly awaiting the next issue!

    Thanks, Magus! Sometimes it's fun to do a slice-of-life segment, so we hope our fans enjoyed this excursion!

    That's the end of our Mutie Mailbag! Excelsior!
    >> Anonymous 06/08/11(Wed)18:33 No.15200573
    Oh, we enjoy! Slice of Life is awesome!
    >> Professor X !Wz87.gYWh. 06/08/11(Wed)19:06 No.15200865
         File1307574360.jpg-(31 KB, 500x496, 2257283062_e5f7870884.jpg)
    31 KB
    And lest I forget, you can read every back issue of Mutant Quest free of charge on the suptg archive:


    Keep up to date on next issue's schedule with the Mutant Quest Information Page!


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