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  • File : 1306392677.png-(174 KB, 400x500, Eyes_of_mordred_2.png)
    174 KB Eyes of Mordred: Part 2 Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)02:51 No.15055851  

    We are a successor chapter of the Doom Eagles and by proxy Ultramarines made in the 32nd Millennium. We were made to act against a counter against Eldar and Dark Eldar. We are renowned for our swordsmanship and being total bros. We have a defect that allows us to see in the dark, but makes it hard to see in daylight. We obey the Codex Astartes and specialize in Terror Tactics, as fitting our Esoteric Beliefs about fear. Our founding father was Mordred, a lowly tactical marine who devastated an Eldar Craftworld over many years before escaping. We live on an uninhabited and airless moon, with normal numbers bolstered by our fleet, thanks to our alliance with the Imperial Navy. Our greatest enemies are Dark Eldar, and our battlecry is "STARE INTO THE DARKNESS AND DESPAIR!"

    Things we need to work on:
    >Fluffing out their esoteric beliefs on fear
    >Chapter badge
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)03:09 No.15056042
    Bumps for the bump god.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)04:12 No.15056532
    Bumping hello.

    Last thread we were discussing chapter symbols. Eyes are hard, apparantly.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 05/26/11(Thu)04:16 No.15056557
    They could be friends with Scary Marines, who also use fear tactics, although more... silent about it.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)04:19 No.15056578
    Okay here is another vignette for ya. This is another chapter in the tale of Brother Percival:

    Initiate Percival waited. Only two more eyes to add to his collection before he became a full-fledged battle brother. However, his squad was devastated by the xeno forces. He was currently with the only other remaining squad member, Scout Sergeant Tristram, and some Devastator Marines waiting for reinforcements. A Hive Tyrant led his fellow Tyranids, charging at the remnants of the battleforce. Two hours remained until more Fifth Company troops came to assist their brothers. As he waited, he heard stomping footsteps. Peeking out from behind the cover he was hiding in, he noticed the Hive Tyrant walking towards him. The foul xeno must've heard the Marines! Quickly the Devastators set up their Heavy Bolter and shoot at the greater daemon, who responded with a blast of foul bio-plasma. Percival was knocked back, severely burnt, but his brothers weren't so lucky. He picked up the sniper rifle of Tristram. Those last two eyes had to be from something special. He jumped out of cover and jammed the sniper rifle into the roaring mouth of the Hive Tyrant, riddled with bullets but not yet dead. He pressed the trigger as fast as he could, before the Tyranid could recover from his surprise. The Hive Tyrant screamed and lunged at Percival with his scything talons, but he jumped out of the way, escaping with a scar on his face. Taking out a frag grenade, he threw it while running out of the way. After the dust settled, he examined the corpse of the Hive Tyrant and plucked out it's eyes, putting them in a vial. He quietly praised the Emperor for his luck.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)05:15 No.15056853

    Scary Marines are a gimmick chapter. Think of it as two different universes, the one with serious /tg/ chapters and one with ANGRY MARINES and so on.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)05:34 No.15056936
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)06:06 No.15057112

    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)06:20 No.15057191
    Someone needs to do some writefaggotry where a squad of Eyes of Mordred and a squad of Night Lords get stranded on a jungle planet. They also must try and make it as homoerotic as Predator was.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)06:59 No.15057437
         File1306407548.png-(221 KB, 405x500, 1306366724607.png)
    221 KB
    Skritt posted this last thread. While I like the symbol on the left-shoulder best, I'm not a big fan of either. I don't think they look enough like eyes... Maybe if you make the entire thing more eye-shaped...
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)07:49 No.15057864
         File1306410551.jpg-(3 KB, 99x104, eye.jpg)
    3 KB
    I have been trying to think of a decent eye symbol today but its difficult. How about something as simpe as this? If you have a suggestion shock, try and sketch it or draw it on paint. At the moment im not on my computer and have no mouse, so my drawing ability is limited.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)07:50 No.15057868
    More eye shaped? In the last thread everyone suggested circular... please, have a go at a simple design. It would help me out greatly
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)07:56 No.15057895
    I was thinking more like the eye in the end of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUwM3dNt5BQ but with a crescent instead of a loveheart.

    Also I really don't like the coal/red color scheme, as it doesn't look really intimidating enough. In the past thread there was a black with red details one that looked better IMO. Only put it on the op because it was on the wiki and the other wasn't.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)07:58 No.15057908
         File1306411098.jpg-(40 KB, 400x500, spookymordred.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)08:02 No.15057931
    Im in China, I can't watch youtube. I recommend you try and design it.

    Personally, I much prefer the coal and red colour scheme; I think the other one is more intimidating but looks worse over all.

    One anon suggested that some of the chapter use one and some use the other; would you be willing to make this the case? Perhaps first company use one, or a dedicated dark eldar hunting force, or the company which is tasked with protecting the area directly around the homeworld or something.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)08:09 No.15057965
         File1306411796.png-(19 KB, 330x247, Eversion2.png)
    19 KB
    The eye is in the background of this picture. Sorry but this is the only picture I can get, and I can't be bothered to rip it from a video or screenshot the game.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)08:15 No.15057993

    Yeah! That's more like it!


    Personally, I perfer the red/coal one to the one you posted. Something about about the luminous red is off putting. I'll have another go at a colour scheme.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)08:21 No.15058017
         File1306412494.png-(191 KB, 1000x1000, 1334d1170586e46f1a8d076aa7fa86(...).png)
    191 KB

    Also check the Tribe Twelve Eye.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)08:26 No.15058039
         File1306412804.jpg-(101 KB, 400x500, eh_marine..jpg)
    101 KB
    Christ, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to come up with a decent colour scheme with black and red. Never the less...
    >> Gareth the Merciless Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)08:38 No.15058095
    Unlike most of the Eyes of Mordred, who are surprisingly noble under their frightening exterior, Gareth the Merciless is a complete psychopath. He is one of the greatest warriors of the chapter, yet is kept from any command position due to his cruelty. He is known as the 1001st, as to exploit a loophole in the Codex Astartes he is not counted among the Chapter's members. This is due to the fact he works best outside of a squad, as many battle-brothers claim. He wears the skeleton of a Chaos Lord on his Terminator Armor. and wields twin lightning claws. The rest of the Chapter don't like talking about him for obvious reasons, and in fact they try to keep him as much of a secret as possible from other chapters.

    Is this character okay with you guys?
    >> Grim 05/26/11(Thu)08:42 No.15058116
    The Imperial Navy had been ambushed by the Dark Eldar in a vicious pincer-attack, wyches and warriors stalked the corridors and Guardsmen and other members of the Imperium were lined in a row with weapons aimed at their foreheads and shackled hands held behind their backs by the grinning Eldar.

    One of the men that had pissed his pants, nor shown any fear to the veteran Eldar warrior that stood in-front of the group with an alien pistol pointed at his forehead.

    The guardsman spat onto the ground, a glob of saliva dripping off the bladed foot of the Eldar Warrior as it looked down upon the human and there was a solid thud as the Guardsmen paid for his disrespect, spitting blood onto the floor and looking up with pure hatred to the Eldar as it prepared to shoot the Guardsmen before there was a loud crack as hand that held the pistol was severed with a powerful cleaving motion from a figure clad in red and black power Armour with an stylized eye symbol upon the helmet and a crackling chain-sword held between bloodstained fingers.

    The Warrior looked down at its hand, missing its most precious digits, screaming and reeling in pain as its comrades opened fire upon the figure who simply shrugged off the gunfire like it was a simple swarm of flies.

    The Guardsmen witnessed the bloodshed, dark Eldar screaming, crying and even being reduced to drug-fueled wrecks that weakly tried to stop the righteous judgement that was upon them.

    After what seemed like hours of bloodshed was a black hand covered in blood splatters was shoved in the Guardsmen eyesight, a super soldier offering the man a hand up and then releasing him from the cuffs, a bolt pistol being shoved into the nimble hands of the Guardsmen.

    "Who are you?" The Guardsmen asked.

    "We are the eyes of Mordred, are you ready to stare into the darkness?" The Space Marine replied.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)09:14 No.15058306

    Also fun fact: I named all the Eyes of Mordred characters after figures from Arthurian stories because I am a lazy prick.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)09:21 No.15058349

    Nice stories. I think that Gareth dude sounds alright. The second story was good, but im not sure about the last line... sounds like he is either inviting him to rock out together or inviting him for some anal sex.
    I quite like that red eye> i will try and recreate it
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)09:25 No.15058379
    I think this scheme looks too similar to the raven guard; I know they don't always have red shoulder pad edgings but plenty of people play the third company and give them red edgings. I liked the red and coal one because it looks unique, the white face and edgings remind me of bone and plus... in the dark, who will notice anything anyway?
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)09:33 No.15058430

    Yeah, I like that one as well. Just came up with an alternate colour scheme for the haters. Wasn't the best, I admit...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)09:34 No.15058438
    More red, I guess. Just not the GLOW IN THE DARK-esque red of the old version, except for the eyes.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)09:42 No.15058493
    Shit forgot to namefag. Anyway, going to bed. Make Mordred proud, fellow frigh/tg/uardians.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)09:43 No.15058504
         File1306417432.png-(216 KB, 400x500, eyes of mordred new eye.png)
    216 KB
    This more to your liking? The symbol, i mean
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)09:48 No.15058534

    Looks good to me!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:02 No.15058631
         File1306418573.jpg-(110 KB, 400x500, chaos_eyes_of_mordred.jpg)
    110 KB
    "You fools of the the false Emperor! We will purge our weak brothers and show the Materium the true horror of pure darkness and despair!"

    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)10:04 No.15058637
         File1306418641.jpg-(33 KB, 400x500, Eyes of mordred more red.jpg)
    33 KB
    I used #191E26 for the grey, with #9e0000 for the red on the Bolter and chainsword marine painter.

    I want to keep the half and half colour scheme as well
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)10:05 No.15058651
    Eyes for the Eye-mprah!
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)10:06 No.15058654
    Aww, I don't like half&half color schemes!
    Okay seriously going to bed now.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)10:22 No.15058766
         File1306419758.jpg-(44 KB, 400x541, Original_Colours.jpg)
    44 KB

    I like'em! To many boring plain "colour it all one colour" chapters.

    Then again, I liked the old Minotaurs colour scheme.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)10:34 No.15058880
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)10:35 No.15058884
         File1306420537.png-(202 KB, 400x500, Eyes of mordred new red.png)
    202 KB
    How about this? I think this looks alright. Although I would still like one of the companies to have the halved colour scheme, perhaps the company guarding the systems around the homeworld; could maybe call them the Shadow Watchers or some corny bullshit like that. I suggest the 8th Company due an honour bestowed upon them for fighting to last in the past to save the homeworld etc etc
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)10:41 No.15058927

    I'm not a fan of the squishy, unarmoured bits being red. But that's my only pet peeve with it. Apart from that, it looks pretty awesome.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)10:46 No.15058979
    I don't mind the squish being red on the mostly black sheme; i think it adds some colour. For the half and half scheme I was toying with the idea that they might ware black / coal grey robes - may help them remain hidden, but they could still show of their colours on parade. Just wear the robes for combat.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:48 No.15058990
    How else will Star Fox know where to shoot them if the four points on the underside of the carrier aren't flashing?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)10:48 No.15058992
         File1306421297.png-(3 KB, 108x111, chaos_mordred.png)
    3 KB

    "The Champion of Chaos Agravain first showed us the folly of following the codex and the fool Mordred. The Dark Gods whisper to us, they speak of his secret. Agravain showed us the weakness in our chapter, only through chaos may we be free!"

    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)10:57 No.15059061
    Foul warp corrupted scum! Traitors and heretics all! The whispers of warp are naught but lies; the truth path is that of our lord Mordred! You obviously did not heed the words of the chaplains when they interpreted his word using the vision pool.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)10:59 No.15059073
    Im having trouble making the halved colour scheme with the white face on the v5 space marine painter on Bolter and Chainsword. I want to try it out with weapons to see if black is a suitable colour for guns
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)11:09 No.15059141


    LOG: DE007722:2231
    AUTHOR: LLtfGddDff110#

    After calling for aid, the PDF forces on Kaliv II were overjoyed to see reinforcements arrive in the form of the Eyes of Mordred chapter. The cheers of joy soon turned into shrieks of terror as the chapter began to maim, slaughter and kill all PDF forces and civilians alike. The rein of terror lasted for three days until the chapter suddenly withdrew from the world. The very next day the real Eyes of Mordred arrived at Kaliv II. After pacifying the terrified PDF reminants and removing the various gruesome scenes of terror left by the imposters, a single banner was found, impaling the planetary governers mutilated corpse. The no tattered flag was identical to the Eyes of Modred Banner bar one detail. The single eyes pupil was in the shape of the symbol of the dark gods. The flag was burned along with the eyeless, mutilated corpses of the PDF victims and civilians."

    -------LOG ENDS--------
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)11:29 No.15059282

    Brother Captain Percival stood tall. The Guards defences had fallen and now it was left to him and his company to hold the traitors back until more Brothers could arrive, his ocular implants beheld the horde, once Battle Brothers of the Eyes of Mordred, now corrupted by the dark gods of chaos. The horde was silent, the leader strode forth, Agravain! There was no fear, he had bested his fear centuries ago. Agravain raised his power call to the air and displayed the relics Percival remembered oh too well. His eyes.

    "Fools of the mad chapter, prepare for darkness and despair eternal!"


    "Brothers!" Roared Percival, "We have faced our fears and never turned from the Emperors path! We shall show these cowards what true darkness and despair really is!"

    And as one voice did the battle brothers cry out,


    And the battle was begun.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)11:30 No.15059289

    power claw*
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)11:32 No.15059308
         File1306423958.png-(430 KB, 799x500, eyes of mordred new eye.png)
    430 KB
    Sounds like some ploy by the alpha legion to sully the good name of the Eyes of Mordred. At least, I hope its a ploy...

    So, these probably the final 2 contenders for colour scheme, yeh? I think it would be ok using both. There isnt much difference between them
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)11:37 No.15059342
    Can we get some fluff on Agravain before his fall? possibly on why he fell.

    When did he begin hearing the whisperings? After coming into contact with some chaos guys? after procuring some daemon eyes or something?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)11:51 No.15059455

    Initiate Agravain bounded through the haunted woodlands. His hallucinations had come and gone. He had stared his worst nightmares in the face and bested them, for the Emporer and for Mordred. He emerged from the edge of the tree line into the waiting company of the chaplains and librarians of the Eyes.

    "Well done Initate Agravain, you have overcome your fears and are ready for your trials."

    "Thank you my lords, I am honoured!"

    "Come initate, we have much to do, THE MASTER IS FALSE."

    "My lord?"

    "Your body must be baptised by the apothecaries, the first trial."

    "Of course my lord."

    "Come, I will lead you to the FALSE LEADER...do not stand idle."

    "My apologies my lord."
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)11:51 No.15059462
    Sergent Brangaine motioned in swift battle sign for his squad to move forward silently but swiftly. The damned traitors were storming the ruined walls of the garrison and so time was of the esscence. As they moved closer and closer towards the rear of the attacking traitors, Brangaine drew his mono-edged combat knife; the dull coloured grey blade reflected not a single speck of light. He dearly wanted to stab one of those swine in the head and take their eyes from them, but patience was needed. They must only strike when the time was right, when all hope seemed lost and the traitors would put down their guard. Squad Brangaine tensed themselves and silently prepared for the killing yet to come.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)11:52 No.15059479

    Long story short, Agravain never bested his one and only fear. The fear of betrayal by Mordred. The whispers are constant and never ending.

    After coming in contact with chaos for the first time, this weakness was exploited and he slowly grew corrupted.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)11:55 No.15059502
    Nice, good read as well. I think it would be suitable for chapter canon fluff.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)12:02 No.15059556
    Chapter Demeanor:

    Although they often spend much of their time of duty training, meditating on the 8 levels of fear and learning from the Codicium Mordred, when among members of the larger Imperium the Eyes of Mordred appear to be very noble and gregarious; they are not above using dark humour to lighten the mood. However, this easy camraderie is a front in order to hide some of the darker shames of the chapters past. Any who ask questions on that which they have no right will find themselves being swiftly diverted towards more suitable discourse and those who delve too deep often find themselves the victims of unfortunate accidents.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)12:07 No.15059596

    Shadow, Brangaine silentley signaled to stop. Squad Araden moved into positon just ahead. He nodded subtley to Sergent Araden who signaled to advance. Squad Brangaine moved forwards, the roars of victory rang out from the traitors beyond the wall, now was the time to strike. Squad Araden moved to secure the rear as Brangaine signaled to his brothers to hold as he peered beyond the wall. Sure enough, the traitors were in celebration of their impending victory, dancing among the mutilated remains of a squad of eyeless battle brothers, they had no idea of the wraith about to bear down upon them. Brangaine began to signal for the squad to advance when he caught sight of a brother, strung upon hooks, eyeless but alive. Sergent Araden, along with Squad Araden.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)12:10 No.15059628

    There was no fear when the mono blade emerged from his chest. No fear when his vision went dark. His helmet optics had recorded everything. It was as expected, they were infiltrated. He had done his duty.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)12:15 No.15059672
    God, these Agravain guys sound like mary sues.

    Seeing the ravaged form of Araden, Sergent Brangaine could feel his rage building inside him. The urge to rip the eyes from the traitors heads was stronger than ever... in these times he would always try and follow the example of the master to find the true path. When Mordred was alone on the craftworld, surrounded on all sides by flithy xenos, he did not back down. He did not fear. He hid, he struck and then retreated into the dark in order to sow havoc. Braingaine saw what he must do now; he signled to his squad in quick battle sign, before unclipping 3 frag grenades from his belt, pulling the pins with his teeth and then lobbing them into the celebrating traitors. With that, his squad executed a swift crouching advance. He would have their eyes...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)12:17 No.15059691

    "Brother Captain Percival, we have located additonal fire bases around our perimeter!" Called Brother Matlus as he slunk out fo the shadows along with his squad."

    "Very good." Brother Captain Percival raised his plasma pistol and fired upon Matlus, killing him instantly. His squad roared in anger and raised their weapons, their infiltration had been discovered. They were cut down.

    "Glory to Brother Brangaine!"

    "Glory to us all." Spoke Percival, no emotion. The day was theirs.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)12:18 No.15059699
    Hmm, conflicting fluff :p My section and yours... well, we can put it down to myth and hearsay on the outcome of the battle. Some said this, other said this...

    Anyway, im going to sleep now. Let His gaze be upon you!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)12:19 No.15059704

    Hehe, I was trying to make it a sort of double "just as planned moment". Where the loyalists were aware of the inflitration, but just had to be sure. add or delete as you see fit!
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)13:19 No.15060149

    So, we're all agree that this eye will be our chapter symbol? If so, we can put the thing up on the 1d4chan page.
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)14:06 No.15060486
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)17:24 No.15062219

    I made a thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)18:41 No.15063047
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)19:20 No.15063398
    Cool. I think the symbol should be added to the wiki
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)19:46 No.15063671
    Gareth tore his way through the traitor forces, laughing maniacally. One by one the traitor forces fell, until he was face to face with Agravain himself. "Come, brother, and join us. You would make a good follower of Khorne. Your slaughter shall glorify the dark gods!" said Agravain. Gareth replied "I serve none but the Emperor, traitor. I shall enjoy watching you suffer!" Thus the duel began. Gareth's armor was narrowly slashed by Agravain's sword, and Gareth responded by performing an uppercut with his Lightning Claws. The battle raged on for an hour, until Agravain was felled. Gareth tore off the Chaos Lord's armor and plucked out his eye. He reached down into him and tore out his skeleton. A trophy to remind all of the heresy within their ranks that they purged.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)20:12 No.15063868
    Bumps for the false bumperor! BUMP DOMINATUS!
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)20:30 No.15064010
    WHat are the chapter trappings?

    They at least a vial of eyes, but what else?
    Do they carry around a book about mordred (In a bit of writefagging I prelimary named some such item the Codicium Mordred).

    What else might they have?

    Also; cult of fear. And the whole dark eldar slaves thing
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)21:02 No.15064303
    >> Shock 05/26/11(Thu)21:28 No.15064594

    I think I mentioned it earlier, but why not have their recruiting world be composed entirely of freed slaves?

    Also I think the idea of them having "a book on how to scare people shitless" sounds like a pretty cool idea.
    >> Skritt 05/26/11(Thu)23:21 No.15065628

    entirely free slaves? So they populate their world by bringing freed slaves there... sounds like a full time job
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)23:23 No.15065656
    That seems incredibly impractical. And besides, they aren't big enough douches to use their "FUCK EVERYONE IF A SINGLE PERSON HERESIES" tactic on traumatized slaves.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/26/11(Thu)23:43 No.15065838
    >> Skritt 05/27/11(Fri)01:57 No.15067036

    I agree, it does sound impractical. I like the idea of them using dark eldar slaves, possibly ones they have captured in attacks on dark eldar ships however I don't think the recruiting world should be composed of them.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)04:39 No.15068253
    >> Shock 05/27/11(Fri)05:12 No.15068441
    Okay; no planet of free slaves.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)06:06 No.15068680
    One of the chapter's traditions is a ritual fight where both participants are blindfolded. It is usually done to determine successorship and to settle feuds between battle-brothers. Gareth was shunned by the chapter due to accidentally killing his opponent in a duel between him and a fellow battle-brother who was angered with his ignoble behavior. He was only re-accepted into the chapter's ranks as the 1001st after he went on a ten year one-man crusade. In rare cases one may usurp the rank of one above you by having a special duel where the higher ranked marine wields a staff instead of being unarmed like usual. The chapter believes that if you are skilled enough to defeat a more experienced marine when he has an advantage, you are truly deserving of his place. Otherwise, they frown upon marines getting promoted too young.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)06:10 No.15068703
         File1306491015.png-(121 KB, 400x500, spacemarine[1].png)
    121 KB
    Gah! When the hell did you guys start a second thread? What did I miss? Have we decided on a color scheme yet?
    >> Shock 05/27/11(Fri)06:25 No.15068766



    We're going with either one from this picture here. Technically, the current one is the one on the left. But we've not decided on it yet, so it could be either. Or both.


    Sounds good to me. Sort of reminds me of Klingons.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)07:02 No.15069069
         File1306494125.png-(78 KB, 400x500, spacemarine[2].png)
    78 KB
    I vote for the one on the right then, but it could use a brighter shade of green on the eyes. The eyes are the only part that are actually suposed to be glowing, so they shoud be more neony.

    ...or we could still use the GLOW IN THE DARK version. That wold be fun to paint. Pic related; now 150% more GLOW IN THE DARK!
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)07:02 No.15069072
    Man, I'm tempted to write some vignettes about Gareth's exile. I was thinking of him joining up with a Rogue Trader, and all the Eyes of Mordred being shocked when the person who they thought should be dead by now returns holding the eyeless head of an Ork Warboss or something.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)07:33 No.15069308
    Bump because 30 minutes passed. I think that is the time you can go between bumps or whatever.
    >> Shock 05/27/11(Fri)07:48 No.15069390

    I say, go for it!

    We probably should get all that stuff together and put it up on the wiki,
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)08:39 No.15069626

    Gareth set out on the shuttle. In ten years he had to bring the head of a powerful enemy of the Imperium to the Eyes of Mordred, or be forever banished from its ranks. He considered his options. If he could locate an Inquisitor he could become a Black Shield of the Deathwatch until he had claimed something suitable, but it would be hard to find one. His thoughts were interrupted when he came upon a large ship. The comms started. "Identify yourself, vessel." "I am Gareth of the Adeptus Astartes." he replied. "I am Captain Ivan, a Rogue Trader." the comms buzzed back. "A Rogue Trader? I demand to temporarily join your crew." he replied. "Really? Opening the docking bay."
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)08:45 No.15069659

    "So what are we here for?" Gareth asked. "This Space Hulk is rumored to have a STC on it. If anything's salvageable, I can sell it to the Mechanicus and live like a king." replied Ivan. "We need you because according to calculations, there is only a day before the Space Hulk shifts into the Warp for several years. Normally this would not be a problem, but the Ork infestation will slow us down." Gareth nodded, and put on the carapace armor. It felt extremely different from his old power armor. He wished the Black Carapace could make wearing that feel as natural as wearing his terminator armor. He picked up a bolter and headed out.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)09:08 No.15069765
    Gareth was knocked back. The Warboss laughed. "You says you'ze a Space Marine? You're not wearing their fancy arma, and you are nowhere near as 'ard!" Gareth shouted to the Rogue Trader "Get the STC and go! I shall show this bastard what fear is like! STARE INTO THE DARKNESS AND TREMBLE!" Gareth shot out the lights, leaving the Warboss confused as his eyes adjusted to darkness. "Heh, heh heh... You shall know what it's like to be the enemy of the Eyes of Mordred. Your Waagh! shall be destroyed before it's even started." A few hours later, a few Orks came to examine a mysterious scream from the Boss's room. What they found (after using one of the Mek's fancy torches, which was actually a heavily modified lasgun) was their leader's body gutted and decapitated, his blood being used to draw an eye...

    There was one more day before Gareth's task could be completed. Several members convened to talk about it. "I'm saying, Gawain, the Rogue Trader had to leave him behind on the Space Hulk! Even though it reappeared a week ago, there is no way he could survive four years on an Ork sh-" "Just like there was no way Mordred could've survived seven years on an Eldar Craftworld?" The Marines turned to see Gareth, one arm missing and covered in scars, holding a decomposed, eyeless Ork head in his remaining hand. "...Your survival makes me pity the Orks." Captain Gawain snarked. "You do not know the half of it, Captain. I have never seen Orks so scared of anyone except their Warbosses and Yarrick. So, am I redeemed?" The Chapter Master replied "Although you can never be truly redeemed for murdering that battle-brother, you can rejoin the chapter." Mordred replied "Good. I was getting sick of only slaughtering Orks. Any Chaos or something around?" "Well, yes. Several marines lead by Brother Agravain have fell to Chaos." the Chapter Master replied. "Looks like you'll get a valid reason for murdering those you fought with, Gareth." said Gawain.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)09:13 No.15069796
    *Those you fought alongside
    Slaughtering those you fought with is obvious. If you fight someone, there's nothing special about killing them. Polite sage for fixing my sentences.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)09:21 No.15069842
    I updated the wiki to have some information on Percival and Agravain, also adding the Blind Duels to the Beliefs section.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)09:57 No.15070007
    Bump for feedback on my story. Maybe sometime in the future I'll make an adventure taking place in the six years Gareth was with the Rogue Trader.
    >> Land Terrestrial !FEZKlA6o6g 05/27/11(Fri)10:28 No.15070180
    One last bump before bed. I love you frigh/tg/uardians and frigh/tg/als!
    >> Skritt 05/27/11(Fri)11:07 No.15070434
    I enjoyed the first 2 sections, but the last section seemed sloppy... "chaos or something?"... really? Would a space marine say that?

    The plot was nice though! Anyway, I like both of hte proposed colour scheme; half and half 'classic' and the red squishy bit alternate one (but not the glow in the dark one). As I suggested before, I suggest one be fore a special company of the chapter; I suggested the 8th Company being responsible for the systems directly surrounding the homeworld. It could instead be that they are specifically tasked with hunting and destroying dark eldar.
    >> Skritt 05/27/11(Fri)11:18 No.15070522
    The members of squad Laholt sat in their harnesses, the movement of the assault boat causing them to jostle and sway. They had already cited the right of true deliverance and for the final stretch of the journey they focused on the eight levels of fear. They had been tracking these damned Eldar for months and finally they had a chance to strike! Looking out of a viewport into the inky blackness of space, Sergeant Laholt could not see the sleek black hull of the Dark Eldar cruiser but he longed to be within, and make these eldar scum know what is true fear.
    >> Skritt 05/27/11(Fri)11:25 No.15070571
    Shards of crystal shattered against his armour. Red runes displayed that his armour had received damage in numerous places but was still more of less ok; he ran forward through the alien gun fire and slammed his elbow into the nearest xeno he could reach. The lithe warrior ducked out of the way and Sergeant Laholt was forced to sweep with his leg in order to bring the foul thing down. Before it could get back on its feet, a shot from Brother Edrius's bolt pistol finished it. They were approaching the slave pens and time was of the essence; They needed to grab the cargo quickly while the crafts defensive guns were still offline or they would be stranded on a hostile vessel. Bolters and knives at the ready, squad Laholt continued its advance.
    >> Skritt 05/27/11(Fri)11:44 No.15070729
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    Terminator, but the colours are dull on the painter

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