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  • File : 1306334649.png-(550 KB, 1014x665, PrimarchsDaughters.png)
    550 KB Primarch's Daughters/Warhammer High Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:44 No.15047148  
    Let's get a Primarch's Daughters/Warhammer High thread going.

    It's been a long time since this got some love, and now that blueboard is enforced and most of the sex-starved pervs have left or been banned we might actually have a thread about this that doesn't end in trolling and sex.

    Does anyone know is the writefag who did the Kurz/Angron revengefic actually finished it? There's only a unfinished version on 1d4chan.

    For anyone who has forgotten about the daughters or wasn't here during it's hayday, here's the 1d4chan link:

    Roaming writefags and drawfags are welcome as always!
    >> zamaziko 05/25/11(Wed)10:45 No.15047163

    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:46 No.15047169
    >Warhammer High

    I... uh... what?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:47 No.15047174
         File1306334844.jpg-(160 KB, 680x680, 1282235481147.jpg)
    160 KB
    shall we begin the drawfag summoning rituals?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:47 No.15047178
    You must be new here.

    I'd love to contribute, but it'd just be a fapfic about how Victoria works on her back to fund her father's extravagance.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:48 No.15047184
         File1306334895.jpg-(45 KB, 548x518, FuriaHaterGonnaHate.jpg)
    45 KB
    Oh and here's a pic for all you haters out there
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:51 No.15047205
         File1306335101.jpg-(195 KB, 666x848, Farah.jpg)
    195 KB
    Here's a pic of Farah i picked up sometime ago
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:53 No.15047224
    Nah, I was on /tg/ for a long time before the first primarch daughter thread appeared. Soon lost interest in these threads at it felt too much like fapfiction and made me a bit uncomfortable, but meh. Don't wanna derail the thread or anything so forget I said anything.

    My point was, I never heard of Warhammer High.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:57 No.15047252
    Can we keep it somewhat innocent this time? There are plenty of places I can go for fap fuel.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)10:57 No.15047255
    There was a bit of confusion about the title of the project back in the beginning, so it was given two titles. Both Primarch's Daughters, and later, when someone threw in Primarch's Sons and started discussing who held the major post of office at the school it got the title Warhammer High
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:00 No.15047279
    Could someone write a Meet The parent for Hana?

    i mean the one on 1d4chan isn't really a Meet the parent, it's more like a hitting on Hana and oops there's the fuckin' Khan type on thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:04 No.15047309
    Doing a repost to bring in some more folk to this. First up is Roberta's Chess game

    Roberta looked down at the chess board as she moved a knight forward, her pieces in position to move in for a secure win within five moves the next move. She could not help but smile, imagining the simple board playing out as a battlefield with her units supporting each other in unison, just as her father had envisioned. Her smile faded somewhat as she remembered what her father had said about feeling too good about one’s victories, something hard to take too seriously considering his own bragging about his “perfect” record.

    She looked up at her opponent, who answered her with a grin. Her eyes followed his hand as it descended upon the board and picking up… wait, what did his Queen do there? How had it slipped past her defenses? She examined the board and saw how her death-trap had been outmaneuvered. The man put down his queen in a position that now shone in its obviousness. Check-mate. How could it have happened? It must have been some tactical ge…
    As the man pulled out a large cigar and lit it, Roberta fixed her glasses irritatedly. She cleared her throat.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:17 No.15047397
    Freya never gets any (non-horrifying) love. Which is a shame because her design is nice.
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:21 No.15047425
    Dumping the Furia's Failed Date fic


    The snarling voice of Angron reverberated through the hospital as he crashed through ward after ward, flinging aside those doctors and nurses who dared to stand in his way.

    "I'm here Dad."

    Furia leant heavily against the tiled wall, the bandages around her head hiding her shock of hair.

    "My God, Furia, what happened to you?"
    Angron's voice trembled slightly, the furious anger draining away in shock as he saw his injured daughter. Furia shuffled towards him, eyes watery, and clasped herself around his leg just as she had when she was just a girl.

    "Oh Dad... I was out with Si..."
    "He's through there but Dad, wait! Please!"

    Angron was in a killing mood. He wrenched a cleaver like knife from his boot and stalked towards the dark room where his daughter's boyfriend was supposed to be. He kicked the door off its hinges and bellowed a challenge.


    The room's occupant was mummified in plaster casts. Blood and painkillers were pumped into him from gently beeping machines. Angron's slab like face creased up in confusion until he heard his daughter speak.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:22 No.15047441
         File1306336974.png-(10 KB, 493x402, 1289010981432.png)
    10 KB
    How 'bout dat Morticia?
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:23 No.15047443
    "We were coming back from the movies. We got... attacked. These gang guys. Wanted money. Guy hit me over the head with a lead pipe while I was whaling on his friend. When I came to, Si was like this."
    She sniffed and wiped her eyes on the hem of her hospital gown.

    "The witnesses said he kept trying to protect me. He tried to hold them off, but they were much stronger than him. He wanted to make sure I was OK."
    Angron blinked, uneasy at this sudden twist of fate.
    "How... is he... is he going to be OK?"
    Furia's lip trembled as she tried to hold back the tears, but it was too much. She fell weeping into her father's strong arms.
    "They... the doctors... they... they don't kno-o-o-ow!"

    Angron stroked his daughters head and murmered to her gently to calm her down. Anyone who did not know him as his daughter did wold have been surprised at the gentility of the monstrous man.
    As soon as he had soothed his daughter and directed her back to her own room, Angron made his way outside, stopping only to threaten a doctor with disembowelment if the young man he had just seen did not recover. Outside, he reached into his pocket for a mobile phone and slowly punched in a number with his meaty fingers. He was not raging. He was beyond simple anger. He had crossed deep into the levels of calm fury beyond that.

    "Is that Kelly? Hi Kelly. Is your Dad there? I need to talk to him urgently."
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:24 No.15047450
    Kurz put down the phone with exaggerated care. He paused, lost in thought for a moment, and then smiled slightly.
    "Yeah Dad?"
    "Some thing's come up. I have to go to work. Will you be OK on your own?"
    "'Course. As if anyone's going to break in after what happened last time."
    "Ha. Yeah. Good times."
    "Dad... I heard uncle Angron on the phone. He seemed... quiet. Is everything OK?"
    The Night Haunter paused uneasily, a razor sharp meathook in hand. He didn't like to involve his daughter in the family business.
    "Do you know about a young man named Simon? He's stepping out with Furia, apparently."
    "Yeah, a bit. Didn't think he'd be her type, but he seems nice enough. Why?"
    "He's in hospital. Furia too. Mugging."
    "Oh God."
    "Yes. They're not sure if Simon's going to pull through."
    There was silence from the den before Kelly spoke again.
    "... Dad."
    "Yes honey?"
    "Don't forget your toolbox."
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:24 No.15047455
    ~Later That Night~
    The cinema where Furia and Simon had visited was situated down town. The area had gone downhill in recent years, urban decay and crime claiming an area that had once been fashionable. The muggy, humid night air was alive with the thumping bass of loud music and the distant sound of fights breaking out. From his position in the gloomy shadows of an ally, the Night Haunter could sense a thousand different tastes and sensations on the air, from the pungent perfume dancing about a street walker to the acid tang of vomit pooling in a gutter. He could sense the lingering outlines of where Furia and the boy had been, and the fresh young blood spilled on the pavement. But what most interested him was a single delicate scent that teased his sense like the scent summer flower. Fear. Fear, strong and close.
    It was but the work of moments to track down its source. An apartment overlooking the street where the mugging had taken place. The fat man inside had clearly been the witness who had seen what had happened. Kurz adjusted his hat, put down his toolbox, and knocked at the door. A nervous voice called out from inside.
    "Who is it?"
    "You can think of me as a concerned parent." said the Night Haunter, slipping off his gloves and examining his claw like nails. "I just want to go over the details of an incident you observed earlier tonight."
    Behind the door, Kurz heard the sound of shotgun being loaded. He smiled slightly.
    "Go away, man! I ain't talking to no pig. Back off. I got rights.."
    "Oh, but sir, I'm just a concerned parent. I certainly wouldn't want any police here. I just want a friendly conversation, that's all. Is that really too much to ask? Perhaps if I came in..."
    The door burst open as the fat man came blasting out with the shotgun. The corridor was empty. There was no sign that anyone had ever been there. The man relaxed. Then he heard a mocking whisper in his ear.
    "Too slow."
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:26 No.15047463

    ~Still Later~

    "Angron? Yes. Turns out it was the local pill peddler. They were his clients, apparently. Didn't want the police to get involved, so he was decidedly unhelpful. Hmm? Oh no, he talked to me. Positively babbled. They hole up in an abandoned hotel on first and tenth. You can't miss it... oh of course. Wouldn't miss this for the world. You go on ahead, I'll catch up. A few loose ends to tie up."

    The night haunter snapped the phone shut and returned to his task.
    "Where were we... ah yes, we were discussing your future. Tell me... do you remember those old anti-drug messages? They weren't very effective, were they?"
    Kurz positioned the nail and raised the huge mallet in his hand.
    "You, on the other hand, are going to be a much, much better spokesman. You see, if thing I've learned as a parent it's that if you can't set a good example..."
    Kurz snarled and brought the hammer came down with a sickening crunch.
    "...you can serve as a terrible warning."
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:27 No.15047472
    In the hospital day room Vulkan and Guiliman sat in front of a flickering television in chairs designed for much smaller men. Guiliman sipped water, the plastic cup seeming comically tiny in his hand. They had been discussing their niece and her boyfriend.
    "How is he?"
    "Hard to say." shrugged Vulkan. "The doctors aren't telling us anything. It's serious though. The parents have agreed to let Magnus try and reach him. They wouldn't do that unless there was something very wrong."
    "Oh no. Poor boy. How's Furia taken the news?"
    "Not well. Most of the girls are with her now, or on their way. Lorgar and Faith are in the Chapel, praying for the boy with his mother and father. They feel they can be of more use there."
    "We're such a close family."
    Vulkan shrugged again.
    "It's the right thing to do, Roboute. It shouldn't matter if they're family, we should care for all who fall protecting the innocent"
    "I suppose so. On that subject of family, where's Angron?. It's not right to leave his daughter's side at a time like this. Why, if it was Roberta... well, suffice it to say that I would not leave her side for an instant."
    Vulkan shifted uncomfortably.
    "I... am not sure. Furia says he was here, but he left again. I believe Horus is trying to track him down. You know Angron. He can't stand sitting still."
    "Hah! Yes, I can believe that. Probably got bored and wandered off, the brute."
    Vulkan said nothing. He suspected he knew exactly what Angron was doing, but the less Guilliman knew of his whereabouts the better. He didn't approve of his brother's methods, but he knew for damn sure he wasn't going to let Guiliman interfere.
    "I'm going to find Dorn, help him repair the damage our dear brother caused. Perturabo said he was going to do it, but he had to leave suddenly. You coming?"
    "Sure. Least I can do, under the circumstances."
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:27 No.15047480

    Magnus the Red loomed next to the bed as still as a statue, his hand resting on the bandaged forehead of the boy lying there. To a casual observer nothing appeared to be happening, but the thin patina of frost forming on the metal bedstead spoke otherwise. The Cyclops' hidden might was focussed entirely upon the frail figure before him, a last desperate attempt to rekindle the soul of the child that had almost given his life for his niece's. He was failing. Simon was dying.
    Magnus drew himself together and probed deeper. He would not be denied this. He would combat this threat at close quarters. Closing his eyes, the Sorcerer reached out with his astral form and touched the flickering soul of the boy.
    Magnus reopened his eyes. The hospital room had disappeared, to be replaced by a twisted and distorted parody of a city street. The sky above boiled as lightning shot clouds scudded high above, red tinted stormlight casting too-long shadows. Across the street a neon lit cinema sign flickered intermittently, advertising a series of violent films. Magnus realised that this must have been the place where Simon and Furia had been attacked, seen through the warped memories of someone who had suffered terribly there.
    The psyker was jolted from his reverie by a whispering voice.
    "Who are you? You don't belong here."
    Magnus turned, but saw nothing. He spoke gently.
    "Spirit... my name is Magnus. I'm here to help."
    The ghostly voice laughed softly.
    "Too late for that. See the shadows?"
    The furthest ends of the street were now completely dark., crawling shadows climbing slowly up buildings and shrouding them in cold darkness.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:28 No.15047485
         File1306337302.png-(111 KB, 407x405, advicedoghorizon.png)
    111 KB
    Why am I enjoying this?

    Why am I enjoying this?
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:28 No.15047488

    "They will be here soon. They couldn't kill them before, so they came back."
    "Kill who, spirit?"
    "Those two"
    At these words, the door to the cinema collapsed into a fine dust that blew away on an ethereal wind. From the darkness stepped Furia and Simon. But just as the street appeared differently here, so too did they. Simon appeared smaller than he did in real life, his features obscured and hard to see, as though hidden by thick fog. By contrast, Furia glowed with red light, somehow more real than anything else here. She looked taller and stronger than she truly did, and more beautiful too. The scars and imperfections that marred her face had melted away, and her smile was not the irritating smirk that Magnus was used to but a beaming grin that lit up her whole face. As he strode towards the couple, the voice spoke in his ear.
    "Young love. He sees her as so much more than what others do. An ideal. She does not truly feel the same way."
    For a moment Magnus caught a glimpse of another face beneath the smiling countenance of the girl, one marked by irritation and boredom.
    "Spirit, you know more of this than I do. How did this all come to pass? How did these two come together?"
    The voice sighed.
    "He has long held feelings for the girl. They are of the same age, and of the same class, but she has only recently noticed him. She was failing her assignments, he was tutoring her. She sees this as some kind of reward for his services. He sees it as a date. He will soon tell her how he feels. She will soon laugh. And then..." "What spirit? What then?"
    "It ends."
    >> Furia's Failed Date Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:29 No.15047494

    On the top floor of the hospital, Perturabo heard the voice of his daughter.
    "Dad, people are beginning to ask where you are- why are you building a large bore artillery piece?"
    "Because I was asked to by your Uncle Angron, Petra. That is all you need to know." he said impassively.
    Perturabo worked steadily for another few minutes before becoming aware that the girl had not left.
    "Do you require anything else of me, daughter?"
    "No, I just... never mind."
    "Speak. Whatever it is you wish to say is clearly important enough for you to waste your time and mine."
    "I just wanted to ask if I could help, that was all. But don't worry about it, I'll go back downstairs."
    Petra was just about to close the door again when she heard the Iron Warrior speak.
    "There is a welding torch in the case over there. Lock that door and come make use of it, please."
    "Yes, Father!"


    And that's all there is at the moment
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:34 No.15047528

    Finish the tale because it does not have end.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:35 No.15047533
    I am sad to say that I enjoyed FFD. Fuck. Needs more Curze.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:38 No.15047553
    Things to add to if anyone feel up to it:

    Meet the Parent:
    - Horus
    - Vulkan
    - Rogal Dorn

    Expand on Meeting Sanguinius
    More slice-of-life stuff with the daughters
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:39 No.15047557
    I wrote a continuation for the Cora stuff a while back, but /tg/ was not pleased with the lack of sex. So, yeah, not really interested anymore.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:40 No.15047566
    > And then..." "What spirit? What then?"
    "It ends."

    damn... i almost shed a tear when i read that
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:45 No.15047587
    Here. Have a psycho Furia to tide you over.
    Think you could dump what you have written anyway?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:46 No.15047589
         File1306338366.jpg-(150 KB, 524x863, Psycho Furia.jpg)
    150 KB
    dammit. captcha made me forget the pic
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)11:55 No.15047625
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:02 No.15047680
    Maybe, I think it's on my older laptop. I'll look if I have a chance. It's mostly just CORA, FUCK YEAH! and then, not as planned.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:04 No.15047691

    heck any new writefic would be good.
    >> Racing the Khan Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:06 No.15047703
    Dumping "Racing the Khan" for all you Hana lovers.

    I was at a bike rally when I first met her. Not one of the big ones, but the kind of local shindig where you can find some really crazy shit. She was riding the biggest, baddest bike I'd ever seen. It had to be a custom job, probably built it herself or had someone she knew really well do it. She was wearing a leather jacket and an expression of absolute confidence, in herself, in her skills, in her machine.
    It was beautiful.

    I worked up the courage to talk to her and found myself vindicated. She was as cool as she looked, and quite a bit friendlier. She didn't dismiss me and I wasn't TOO intimidated by her. I knew bikes, and actually paid attention to personal hygiene, and that gave me a leg up on almost anyone else there. I complimented her bike, and she offered me a ride.
    I won't say she didn't wink when she said it, but I won't say she didn't.
    >> Racing the Khan Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:07 No.15047716
    Two weeks later I'm astride my own bike. Nothing to sneeze at, but not exactly a monster like Hana's. The rumble of the engine is some comfort. Something stable and steady I can focus on to distract myself from my nervousness. Maybe I'm a romantic bastard, but dammit, I wanted to impress her dad. Maybe it's love, who can say?

    I'm contemplating my navel like that, when suddenly the fucking KHAN rolls up beside me. If Hana's bike was a monster, his was some kind of eldritch chopper from beyond the abyss. The whole thing looked like someone had taken a single massive engine and bolted a seat to the top and wheels to the bottom. The Khan himself grinned at me and pulled his shades down to get a good look at me. It was only then that I noticed the tiny figure seated behind him as Hana. She grinned too, almost sheepishly. I'd only just put two and two together when the Khan revved his bike's engines, jets of flame spurting forth from it's exhaust pipes as he turned back to the road.
    I'd have thought I'd panic. But I set my teeth instead.

    "For Hana."

    And the race was on
    >> Racing the Khan Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:07 No.15047718
    Needless to say, I lost. But I did keep up, and I even managed to stay on my bike despite the insanity of some of those turns.

    I stood up, shakily, ready to hang my head in shame, when I felt a pair of leather-clad arms wrap around my neck, the smell of road-grit and engine oil filling my nose. I looked up into Hana's smiling face (Great emperor she's tall..) and felt a hell of a lot better.

    "Not bad." I heard a heavy voice say. "With practice I'd say you'd make a fine enough white scar."
    I heard myself thank him, just before he peeled off down the highway and Hana sat in the seat of my bike, patting the seat behind her with a smoldering look in her eye I can still recall perfectly.
    And that's when I knew that from then on, everything would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:07 No.15047720
    is this story on 1d4chan yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:08 No.15047726
    All stories in this thread are reposts from 1d4chan (sadly).
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:09 No.15047729
    *is this on 1d4chan? I cant find the title
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:11 No.15047752
    it's on the warhammer high 1d4chan page. It's under 4.6 Furia's Failed Date
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:16 No.15047782
    >doesn't end in trolling and sex
    >> Meet the Parents 05/25/11(Wed)12:18 No.15047797
    Hello. I'm the Furia writer who did some of the other Meet the Parents stories. I'm sorry about not updating, but between illness, work and computer failure I haven't had time. I am doing the ending now though. Hopefully I can have it done later today or tomorrow.

    I did do a tiny Perturabo Slice-o-life bit last time this came up, I don;t think it was added to the 1d4chan page.


    Perturabo was baking bread. Some would call what he was doing an art, but the Iron Warrior disagreed. It was a science, cold and hard, a science which relied upon exact mixes of time, thermal energy and raw material. Chemical engineering for those afraid to deal in truly important compounds. The act relaxed him. The fact that you could eat the products was also a nice bonus.

    When Petra returned home she found her father removing golden loaves from the colossal stone oven dominating their kitchen.

    "Daughter, your arrival is anticipated. The glazed buns you like so much are beneath that cloth."
    "Thanks Dad.
    "Please stand aside, this tray is exceptionally hot. Now report. How went the day?"
    "It was fine."
    "Your studies progress well?"
    "I haven't got my physics paper back yet, but the teacher has been sick and hasn't had a chance to look over it properly."
    "He is weak. He should do his duty. That is what they pay him for, correct? What else? Anything important?"
    "Well... Ms. McCann, my art teacher, she thinks I'm doing really well this semester. She wants to put up some of my work on display."
    "I said 'important', daughter."
    "DAD! This is important to me."
    >> Meet the Parents 05/25/11(Wed)12:19 No.15047803

    Perturabo rolled his eyes.

    "Oh very well. What is it, an exhibition of technical drawing?"
    "No. Besides, I told you, that's Victoria's thing."

    Perturabo began to sweat slightly .

    "Architectural planning? Botanical illustration? Surely not installation work?"
    "Daaaad... come on... I told you all this."
    "I am sorry, daughter, I do not know."
    "Petra, wait! Don't storm off!"

    Perturabo moved to intercept the girl but thought better of it at the last moment. As he heard the sound of the front door slamming he noticed flyer his daughter had left behind on the table. The school art fair was less than two weeks away. The primarch studied the paper for a few moments more before walking purposefully to his office. There he took a diary from his desk and wrote in small, neat letters:

    Petra's art exhibition. Important.


    Now back to typing. And again, apologies for the wait.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:24 No.15047850
    Could someone put this on the 1d4chan page?
    I just get a Server Error message when i try to add it to the page.

    Oh and do keep writing mr.Writefag! you seem to have gathered quite a crowd following for the Furia's Failed Date writefic.
    >> meeting dorn Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:31 No.15047910
    i have a dorn one that was done, but it won't let me upload it to 1d4chan, guess here it is though...

    I pulled up to the driveway and was immediately awestruck...
    I mean, I'd been 'dating' Remilia for a week now, and she'd told me that her dad did the fencing for her house, but this was plain ridiculous...
    The fence was at least thirty feet high and made from ceramite, the only possible opening being a gate left open to reveal a gravel path.
    I swore, this was going to be freaking hard.
    No sooner had the words left my mouth than a cute head peeked over the closest part of the fence, her auburn hair and cute smile sending my knees to jelly as they had so many times before.
    >> meeting dorn Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:32 No.15047912
    "Oh hey Greg" Remilia smiled, resting her head on her hands and her elbows on the fence "Sorry, I'll about this, I'll get the gate open"
    I regained my composure and smiled nervousy as slowly, ever so slowly, the gate opened slightly and I squeezed through...
    ...only for the first thing to greet me being the sound of alarms
    "Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" the alarms blared and I froze, stock still as a squad of tactical marines took up firing positions, their bolters foccussed on me
    "stand down! STAND DOWN!" Remilia shouted as she sprinted for me, shielding herself in front of me as the Marines lowered their weapons...
    "Sorry" she apologized to me as the alarms stopped and the marines lowered their weapons "Dad's a little paranoid about security...it's like he expects some kind of siege"

    It got worse from there....
    >> meeting dorn Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:34 No.15047921
    It was only when I turned from Remilia did I see the massively oversized Bolter pointed at my face by a man wearing ornate golden armour. This, I assumed was the great Rogal Dorn...
    Remilia's Father...
    "Remilia, aren't you going to introduce me to this fine young specimen?" Dorn said, lowering his gun that he was aimed at me
    "This is Greg" Remilia said, grabbing my hand and leading me closer to her father, which I saw as having been taller than I imagined. He also seemed to have a calm kind of gaze about him. Well, calm, but a real don't fuck with me attitude behind it. I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry.
    "And how do you know my daughter, Greg?" Rogal Dorn asked me, and my throat turned absolutely dry yet again
    I swallowed before I could speak up "We're...um..." a swift kick to the shin from Remilia told me I needed to answer this correctly "We're in the same class.... architectural studies, sir"
    "An architect?" Dorn's eyebrows shot up with surprise and mirth "Well why didn't you say so! You can never have too many good architects in one legion, can you?"
    "Uh...no sir" I stammered
    "Good man" he said and clasped me on the back, I nearly fell head over heels. Only Remilia catching me made me keep my balance.
    "I trust it my Remilia does well at your class?" Dorn asked, eying me slightly suspiciously, as if this answer was also a test
    "yes sir, she's a straight A's student" I replied quickly
    Dorn Sighed "Remilia, I thought you were improving this semster!" he said to the girl by my side indignantly
    >> meeting dorn Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:34 No.15047924
    "I am, dad...he's just being modest of me that's all" Remilia retorted before she shot me a dark look
    "Too much of your mother in you" Rogal muttered under his breath before turning back to me.
    "Greg, I need your advice...a few of Perturabo's kids have been flinging rocks at my wall and I need a way to keep them out to protect my little girl, what would you recommend?"
    I knew I was being tested so I scanned the fence...it had to be something else...something obvious...
    "Shutting the gate, sir?" I asked the answer, unsure on whether it was right. To my surprise, it seemed as though it was.
    "Correct my boy... Shut the Gate!" Don bellowed
    A marine pushed the button on the gate, the bolter attached to his arm training the narrowing gap the entire time. Dorn refocused his attention on me
    "So Greg, do you have any siblings?" Dorn asked
    "Um, a younger brother I guess..." I spilled, for some reason this seemed to please Dorn, but he turned to Remilia...
    >> meeting dorn Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:35 No.15047928
    "Honey, can you go get your cousin Sigrid from your uncle's house? I'd much like her and your friend's brother to get to know each other..."
    "But Dad..."
    "Do it" Dorn commanded, and Remilia stalked off a quick "He's not even my real uncle, just a captain you promoted to be my emperorfather" muttered under her breath...I watched her go and admired the cute figure before a huge hand clapped me on the shoulder.
    "She's really a sight for sore eyes, isn't she?" Dorn's voice said, and I couldn't help but nod, lost in my own mind of that perfect mind matched with those smooth curves.
    "Let me tell you something, son" Dorn said, grabbing me by the jaw and twisting my head around until I was looking directly into his eyes "I know you have feelings for my daughter, and she for you and know that if you ever break my little girl's heart I will put you in the pain glove and laugh. In other words, if you break her heart, I will break you like a good wall, you got me?"
    I nodded quickly, scared out of my mind
    "Good, now run along and find Remillia and you two kids have fun" Dorn said, releasing me as I scampered off

    (Sigrid is the daughter of Sigismund, original chapter master of the Black Templars)
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:46 No.15047986
    I've saved both


    for future posting on 1d4chan whenever 1d4chan will cooperate
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:49 No.15048012
         File1306342196.jpg-(193 KB, 1000x1000, EmprahRAWKOUT.jpg)
    193 KB
    YAY for new writefaggotry!
    have a Emperor RAWKING OUT for your troubles!
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/25/11(Wed)13:00 No.15048089
         File1306342815.jpg-(111 KB, 800x600, Monitering.jpg)
    111 KB

    this is relevant to my interests. please continue if you may.
    >> Fixing Hana's Bike Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)13:13 No.15048174
    bumping with another repost. This time it's "Fixing Hana's Bike"

    The scent of the garage was odd. It always had been to an extent, but now it was absolutely curious. Where a moment before, the air was filled with the acrid tang of welded ceramite and burnt plasteel, now the scent of rose oil intermingled with vanilla and cherry blossoms. This confounded the chemical auspexes of Techpriest Jerlaek, and was preparing to order a diagnostic on what tentatively was his nose when suddenly the garage door opened with a blast of relatively cool summer air. Kept in his dungeon-like state of perpetual darkness, having little need for ambient light when the full spectrum of vision and color were at his augmetic eyes beck and call, the Techpriest was blinded for exactly 3.023 seconds as his ocular lenses adjusted to the new stimulus.

    He saw three figures standing in silhouette at the mouth of the garage. The Techpriest readied his mechadendrites, and charged them discretely. His mission was not only to maintain the Legion's vehicles, but also in this respect, to protect his charge, and would do some come death or malfunction. As the figures approached him, and entered the din of his work strobes, he immediately deactivated his lethal array of vibrowhips and neural disassemblers. He clicked a few times, his vocoder activating with slowness.

    "Mistress Farah. Forgive me, I was unaware you were arriving here." She offered the polished chrome faceplate a warm, disarming smile.
    "No problem, Jerry! We just came to fix a couple of things." The Techpriest had always been confused as to why Farah Manus had opted to give him such a pseudonym, but filed it away for processing. To even try to understand females of her age was asking for a complete cogitative meltdown.
    >> Fixing Hana's Bike Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)13:14 No.15048179
    "I see, Mistress, and what is it that needs consecration and soothing?" Farah pointed over her shoulder to the tall, imposing girl in the middle with a strangely familiar two-wheeled apparatus slung over her shoulders, its' white and red paint marred black in a number of places by smoke and poorly anointed unguent. He reached out his partially biological hand towards it. "Of course, Mistress Farah, I shall offer the Omnissiah's blessings to..." a vice-like grip registered on his subdermal neurotransmitters. Focusing, he saw the girl, whom he now cogitated with some embarrassment and fear as Hana Khan, daughter of the Great Khan. She leaned in and whispered loudly,

    "Listen. Farah and Venus help me fix Janggi, but nobody," she pulled him even closer for added effect, not an easy task considering his augmetic bulk, "and I mean nobody touches Janggi but me. Understood?" The now terrified adept nodded the pistons in his faceplate and let out an assuring blurt of machine code. "Good. Ladies!," she said, with an air of an aristocrat, "we have work to do!"

    "Torque driver. Pneumohammer. Plasma torch. Swab." Hana was working at a furious pace, but with the precision of a chirurgeon. She repaired the damage from this morning, Venus handed her the proper tools without even having to look, and Farah observed, ensuring the proper rites were being initiated. Janggi was in pain, Hana could feel it. Not perhaps as acutely as Farah did, but Farah felt a general empathic feeling from nearly everything from lumen strips to battle Titans. But she wasn't bound to Janggi, not like Hana was.
    >> Fixing Hana's Bike Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)13:15 No.15048182
    The graceful machine was a gift from her father, a glory of twin-wheeled excellence the envy of any machine in the entire school. She could run down anything that called the ground its home, and could keep up with anything that didn't. True, Janggi wasn't exactly the artisan-crafted masterpiece Moondrakken, but she understood it would be rather awkward if she were to accidentally gun down five of her classmates each morning in a hail of bolter fire. As it was, the school had her coming to the office nearly every morning for disrupting some scholam lecture with her blaring engines. Engines that also had a bad tendency to want to erupt on her. That, however, wasn't Janggi's fault. It's spirit was a docile one, powerful, yet gentle, and expected to ferry a poised, collected girl from place to place. What it had found, however, was a hellion of speed and danger, a dark-haired blitz of energy that the fragile machine spirit couldn't possibly contain.

    That changed today.

    "Okay," Farah said, after the superficial damage was repaired. She flicked her mechanical fingers around the chassis, which Hana didn't seem to mind as she didn't have fingerprints to leave behind. "it looks like the problem you have is that Janggi's motive engine can't...keep up with you." This sharpened a dagger behind Hana's eyes.
    "Are you calling me fat?" Farah leapt back, put a hand behind her head and waved away the thought, knowing full well the reputation the daughter of the Khan had.
    "No! No! What I mean is that...it's not capable of holding your fighting spirit! Yeah..." her words seemed to work, as Hana went back to polishing the outer hull of the motrocycle.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)13:16 No.15048188
    "Hmph," she grunted, as daintily as an Ork with a rash. "Any suggestions then?" Venus looked over, and nonchalantly said,

    "Why don't you just put a rocket on it, and call it good?" The other girls looked at each other, smiled innocuously, then, suddenly, they grasped Venus and shouted in both ears, "Awesome!"

    Feeling like she'd just put her ear next to one of father's anvils while he was pounding out some new piece of weaponry, she slumped down and nearly passed out. "Just one thing though," Farah noted, "if you have so much of a problem keeping that old fuel-burner from exploding, what's going to happen when it's got fusion cells?"

    Hours later, the garage door opened once more. Techpriest Jerlaek peered into the gloom with his regular optics, seeing nothing, but hearing an odd humming sound. He almost had his thermal sensors primed when suddenly a blur of white plasteel, hair, and skirts zipped outwards and upwards from the garage, the sound of an anti-grav motor being taxed and a ululating shriek piercing the peace of silence that had existed. Then, as soon as it had ended, with the sound of a battle cry upon the field of glory, three girls shouted out, like warriors triumphant,

    "Mall time!"
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)13:43 No.15048343
         File1306345408.jpg-(89 KB, 483x678, 40kpd6.jpg)
    89 KB
    >It's been a long time since this got some love, and now that blueboard is enforced and most of the sex-starved pervs have left or been banned we might actually have a thread about this that doesn't end in trolling and sex.

    Don't make me repost all those fap-fics
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)13:50 No.15048400
    ... where might one find these?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:01 No.15048497
    there are some on teh 1d4chan page
    >> Practice with Cora (3/?) Found it. 05/25/11(Wed)14:06 No.15048548
    The rest of the afternoon had passed in haze after the events of the morning and the news that lunch brought. The raven-haired girl looked up into her open gym locker and sighed. She finished tying her sneakers and stood up, adjusting her practice jersey with a few gentle tugs. A quick gaze around the locker room revealed that only a few girls had yet to finish changing, practice would be starting soon. Quickly folding her clothes, she placed them inside and shut the locker door. Cora hurried out the locker room door and jogged out onto the gymnasium floor. Most of the girls had assembled on the far end of the court, while a few were still joking around while they waited. It seemed the cheerleaders were practicing today too, Cora noted, seeing Victoria and the rest in their own training gear stretching near the band section. Cora quietly fell in at the end of the line, no one had yet said anything to her, save for a smile from Freya as she approached.

    “Doin’ alright?” the daughter of Russ tempted.

    “I’ll be better when we start,” Cora responded, a bit more coldly then she meant. She sighed and then noticed Freya‘s shiner, “Sorry, how did you get that black eye?”

    “Eh, I got hit by a Thunder Hawk, I won though-- ANYWAY, Miss Gloomy, you won’t be waiting long, at least,” she said nodding to the top of the nearby bleachers. Had she not known who was there, Cora would of looked. As it was, she simply started stretching.

    “LISTEN UP, MAGGOTS,” came the blaring call of the assistant coach, “STRETCH ROUTINE, BEGIN!”
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:08 No.15048572

    Perhaps not the most subtle of assistant coaches, Kell certainly had the volume to command respect. The old stiff-neck was as unforgiving as he was loud and never seemed to lose any enthusiasm for both faucets of his leadership style. Starkly opposite to Kell was the head coach, who was directly to his left. Since taking over the program, Ursarkar E. Creed had made every state tournament, won numerous championships, and had never failed to make a surprise entrance. As far as Cora could guess, the coach had probably rigged some kind of rappelling gear from the ventilation ducts high above. That, or he had been hiding under an unassuming backpack in the bleachers everyone had failed to see, each was equally likely given the circumstances. Creed cracked his trademark smile as he bit down on a new cigar, unlit for the moment. The two then seated themselves at the top of the bleachers, preferring to watch from the vantage point, Creed always claimed it gave him a tactical edge. For a moment, Cora wondered if the coaches were even aware of her punishment.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:09 No.15048584
    Dirk and Cora sat quietly on their respective bunks, Dirk on top and Cora on bottom. It had been a long day at school for the siblings and Corax was off at a meeting trying to argue against Dirk's suspension.

    The silence was broken abruptly "Hey Dirk?" Cora called quietly. "Yeah?" He responded, staring at the ceiling and resisting the urge to lick the cut on his lip. "Why are you always getting into fight when the jocks make fun of me? You always get yourself hurt and dad always taught us not to rush in without thinking"

    Dirk just sighed and swung his body around to look over the side of the bunk bed to look at his sister. "Dad also taught us to always look out for each other. You're my little sister and those guys deserved it." Dirk explained. Cora blushed and nodded without a sound. The two shared an awkward pause before the doorbell rang. Dirk's head jerked towards the door. "I got it" He said quickly before leaping off the top-bunk with a thud and walked out of the room. Cora bit-her lip and watched him go, yearning, wanting.

    Dirk entered the living room. It was more of a study with the fireplace burning dimly and the fully-stocked bookshelves on either side. The large chair where his father usually sat faced the fireplace whose light he would use to read his books. He always argued that it was best to read where it was just bright enough to function.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:09 No.15048587

    Turning to the fore of the gym, Cora noticed Isis had taken her position in front of the team and had begun to call out different stretches for them to copy. Together, the team counted out the familiar motions, they followed the routine to the letter almost everyday with few exceptions. After a short while, the players paired up for more involved stretching. Freya and Cora took turns stretching out the other’s calves and hamstrings. As Freya lied on her back upon the gym floor with one leg raised, Cora pressed it forward gently, noticing that the cheerleaders had started to practice their tumbling. Changing off with Freya, it was Cora’s turn to be stretched. The stretching was feeling very good to Cora, after a rather tense day she felt herself slowly unwinding and the familiarity of the routine was, itself, comforting. The weight on her shoulders seemed to slowly be lifting and she was playing with the idea of just falling asleep there.

    A blaring whistle robbed her of any possibility.

    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:11 No.15048602
    Dirk trotted over to the door, his socks made little noise on the fluffy black carpet as he approached the door. He looked through the eye hole only to be surprised. Miranda was standing before the door, still in her uniform. Dirk undid the locks and opened the door cautiously. "Miranda? What are you doing here?" Dirk said surprised. She smiled shyly and shifted in her spot. "Oh well I wanted to see if you were okay. I heard about the fight." She said, fidgeting and adjusting her headband. Dirk chuckled and nodded. "Yeah I know you tried to warn me that I'd get beat up again. Come on in. My dad's not home so we can talk in the living room." Dirk explained as he swung the door open fully.

    Miranda was nervous and froze for a moment before entering. Dirk closed and locked the door behind her before escorting her over to the couch. Miranda sat down slowly and smiled nervously, beads of sweat running down from her headband and across her face.

    "Would you like something to drink? You look like you just ran a marathon." Dirk asked politely. "Oh yes please. Just some water. It's very hot out today and the school still hasn't fixed the AC unit." She explained. Dirk nodded and smiled. "Well they should have gotten Mr. Dorn to fix it!" He shouted from the kitchen. Miranda shifted on the couch and shook a little nervously, trying to stay calm. Dirk returned a moment later with an ice cold glass of water and sat down next to Miranda with it. "Here you go" Dirk said, handing her the glass. Miranda smiled and reached for it, so shaky was her hand that she accidental knocked it out of his hand and all over his face.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:11 No.15048606

    The team stood up and ran to the nearest court line. Another whistle marked the start and each girl immediately began to sprint forward. The cyclic running lasted for about ten minutes when the “last round” whistle blew. Each player redoubled her efforts and tried to make the last run their fastest. Though no slouch, Cora certainly wasn’t the fastest of the team. That title probably went to Angela or Isis, but Roberta was always quick to claim that she was a better distance runner and, if the rumors were true about her toned legs, Freya could run as long as she could stay awake. As the team finished their running for a short breather, the cheerleading squad took the opportunity to run through a new routine, which was rather impressive and completed with only a few minor mistakes. The timing and coordination of all the flips, throws, and jumps was very involved and something Victoria was always very proud to claim as due to her natural ability in the subject. By the look on her face now, however, Victoria seemed quite displeased and berated a few of her squad for their sloppy timing. In truth, Cora could agree with the reasoning, but not with the execution, it just wasn’t the way she would run a squad.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:12 No.15048611
    There are no fapfics with Angela and Isis.

    Or Angela/Isis.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:13 No.15048619
    By now Cora had cracked the door to her bedroom and begun curiously spying on the two. Miranda stood up in panic and pushed her hands over her mouth. "Oh my Emperor, I'm so sorry!" She said. Dirk just chuckled and lifted his black t-shirt to his face, dabbing it off. "I'm fine. It's good to get a nice splash of water in the face from time to time." He said. Miranda had stopped listening as soon as he lifted his shirt and was instead looking at his wet abs. Dirk was very muscular and dashing. Her hands slid down from her face slowly as she looked over the cuts, scars and bruising. He she watched him, she couldn't help herself any longer. "Dirk..." she whispered sensually into his mind. Surprised, he jumped. and looked around. She was staring at him now and her hands had begun to caress her soft breasts through her uniform. Her other hand slid underneath her skirt and she leaned forward. "Kiss me..." she whispered into his mind. Dirk was unable to resist, he was unsure of what had come over her or him, only that his body was all of a sudden swept up in a torrent of arousal and compulsion.

    Her will was too strong, Dirk was overwhelmed and threw his arms around her, shoving his tongue into her mouth and wrestling it around. Miranda moaned as her small form was pressed to his wet chest.

    Cora looked on shocked and jealously as her brother embraced Miranda. She couldn't fight her hands away from her slickening sex. Jealousy and anger burned in her heart and she damned her body for reacting this way. She reached underneath her loose sweats and began furiously rubbing her hot slick pussy. She moaned out quietly as she watched the spectacle, wishing it were her out there..
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:13 No.15048622
    As the break finished, Cora noticed the volleyball nets had finished being erected by a couple of the teams managerial servitors and the girls began to split up into the sections, divided by the more senior and junior players and then further by starters and the rest. The starters would take their places on one side of the net and the others on the opposite, cycling through so the starters always faced relatively fresh opponents. In theory, a starter could be challenged for her spot, but the lineup had been solid since the start of the year, the other girls content to sub in or start when a player was indisposed for a game. Cora had to keep reminding herself not to go to her usually spot, which Freya now took. Furia hadn’t shown, as Cora had expected, honestly, and Petra filled in the open position with Roberta to her left. It certainly wasn’t a weak team without her, Cora calculated, but it wasn’t optimal. Russ was a natural athlete, but she was better up front and Petra was the stronger pairing for Remilia and wasn’t as experienced up close. For all this, it seemed that the coach was at least willing to rubber stamp the lineup, he had hardly even made eye-contact with Cora since practice had begun and she wondered if it was intentional. In the back of her head, she knew what she had to do, even though it would probably do more harm then good.

    She had to prove the numbers wrong, the team was far weaker without her, more so than Isis had considered.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:14 No.15048630
    Oh, I remember this fapfic.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:14 No.15048631
    Meanwhile Dirk lifted Miranda and tossed her down on the couch. She landed with a thud and quivered before him. "Not so rough..." she whispered into his mind. Dirk looked down on her quietly and then grabbed her by the hair, lifting her onto her knees. "What the-!?" She complained. It was only now that she realized her arousal had caused her hold on him to wain.

    Dirk looked down on her, now back in control for the most part. He reached down and began undoing buttons on her shirt as she looked up at him nervously. "I-I'm sorry! I-I just..." She tried to explain. Dirk then suddenly tore her shirt open, frustrated with slowly unbuttoning it, and sent buttons flying all across the room. She shrieked in surprise as her red-lace bra was exposed, her nipples clearly erect beneath it.

    Cora shivered and moaned, she never thought her brother could act so savage. He was always bold and up front about things. He would go so far as to stand up to father and teachers without a second though. She never expected him to be so rough with a girl though. She couldn't deny that she didn't think it sexy though. Her fingers dripped as she continued to pleasure herself, an orgasm was imminent.

    Dirk stopped for a moment and smiled. "I forgive you..." He said quietly. Miranda nodded and looked up at him, red in the face. She shrieked again as he reached down and unbuckled his black jeans. Miranda was shaking now, nervous and excited. She watched in eager anticipation as He slip his pants down and kicked them off. She gasped as her eyes fell onto his massive bulge. She could see his hard cock underneath his silky boxers, already throbbing in anticipation and just as eager as she was. Her hands shakily slid down to her growing wetness once again as she stared. He guided her head forward,still clutching her hair and pushed slid his boxers away, letting his massive throbbing cock fall against her eager lips.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:14 No.15048633
    The whistled sounded and the scrimmage began. The starters always had the disadvantage and Cora caught the ball passed to her, it was her serve. With a quick wink from Farah and a nod from Venus, she knew she had a solid team of her own, but this was going to take a lot of effort on her part. She quickly glanced over the starters for her first target, settling on the most obvious. Petra was a fine player, but she was the interloper in this sense and was missing her knee pads for some reason. The plan formed in Cora’s head and she immediately put it to action. She tossed the volleyball high and stepped forward jumping to meet it before it had begun to come down. With a hammer blow she sent it rocketing downward over the net and outward toward the line. Petra anticipated, but hesitated, certain it would go wide. The ball slammed the ground a hairs width from the line.

    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:15 No.15048637
    A few of the starters traded looks and Petra seemed to realize her mistake. Freya was visibly stirred, her instincts unsure how Petra had let that one go. The ball was returned to Cora and she readied herself. Another leaping hit and the ball, again, soared in Petra’s direction. To her credit, she didn’t hesitate twice, but instead dropped to her knees, a move she would regret, and hit the ball into the net. Petra rubbed her knees as she stood up and Freya fumed, she was showing very little patience for her replacement. As if on cue, Cora watched Freya take a few steps forward, attempting to shore up the deficiency in her eyes. Such was according to plan. The stare on Cora’s face was as cold as Valhallan ice when she lined up and it was directed straight at Petra, who, despite the setbacks, seemed only more determined than ever. Their eyes locked for a moment and Cora repeated the motions again. The ball shot forward, Petra dropped, and Russ moved to back her up, realizing the trap too late. Freya knew the ball would over shoot her and Remilia hadn’t yet noticed her being so far out of position. With trained precision, Freya spun on a dime and dove to keep the ball in play. She reached out, but was mere inches short and the ball bounced off of the court. Petra regained herself and shot a look at Cora, Freya was now visibly miffed. Cora considered another shot, but decided against it, it was better to let Freya stew and keep Petra on her toes. Reverting to a more docile attack stance, the next volley was less hostile, lasting several bouts until Isis finished with a fantastic spike on a perfect set from Angela.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:15 No.15048642
    Miranda looked up at him, eyes wide and face beat red. She groaned nervously as her lips slowly parted, letting the already present precum drip into her mouth and onto her tongue. She moaned, her hot breath causing his stiffened cock to twitch and drip on her lips even more. Her hands shakily pushed aside her wet, red-lace panties and in between her drenched folds. Dirk could wait no longer and pushed, with great force, into her mouth. Miranda's moans were muffled as she gagged on his length, her mouth quickly becoming sore from his sheer thickness. Dirk tossed his head back and groaned lightly. He never imagine it would feel so good and he never imagined he would be doing this with Miranda. He reached down and undid her bra, causing her large breasts to spill out against his legs and begin bouncing against him as he thrusted.

    Cora let out an audible moan form the doorway as orgasm washed over her. She couldn't hold back anymore. He entire body writhed in ecstasy as she collapsed. Her wetness streamed down her leg and dripped onto the carpet as she lay there shivering.

    Dirk reached down and began groping Miranda's supple breasts. His hand was no gentler than he and gripped firmly. Miranda cried out again in vain as her moans were once again muffled by Dirk's fat cock. Without warning he released his grip on her chest and hair and pushed her onto her back. His large and muscular form knelt before her, his throbbing cock standing firmly at attention as it loomed over her. Miranda was panting and trying regain her breath in between moans. With one swift motion, Dirk whipped off her panties and cast them into a dark corner of the room. Miranda looked up at him, her shyness and resistance long-gone, and spread her legs wide for him. Dirk smiled at her submission and pushed her skirt up, revealing her glistening, bald virgin pussy.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:16 No.15048651
    A few points traded back and forth later, Cora had perfected her next plan. Freya was set to serve and Cora knew what was coming. A thunderous blow that could shatter bones sent the sphere hurtling toward the spot between her eyes. Reacting fluidly she deflected the shot high and motioned to Venus, who knew her part. With a set the match of any other person on the team, Venus left the ball hovering lazily near the net. Angela moved to block and Cora charged the net. Angela was, perhaps, the most gifted of any of the girls in terms of sports prowess, Cora would need a bit of luck to pull this off. As it was, she knew Angela was prone to go with her gut instincts more often than she ought and preferred up-front confrontation, Cora was not going to allow this. As Cora jumped to spike, Angela leapt to block, perfectly in the way of the ball’s path. At the last moment Cora did the unexpected, she tapped the ball with her hand upwards, just above Angela’s natural reach. The angelic visage turned to one of agony as he stretched her fingers, only managing to graze the ball on the way past. Isis was sent reeling and only barely managed keep the ball from the ground, but sending it back over the net. A strong hit from Farah followed by another set from Venus and Cora again charged. The starters were off balance, but braced for the impact. Cora spiked the ball and caught Remilia on her off foot, a rare mistake for the defensive star, but one Cora couldn’t pass up. The ball hit the ground. Another point.

    Substitutions were called and Cora jogged off the court. A couple of the starters seemed relieved to see her go, a few more than just a bit angry, and one simply stared. Compared to her victory conditions, things were going well enough, she supposed. She toned down her assault but kept the pressure on every time she was called in, scoring a few more points and earning several sour looks. However, her main goal was still left to be achieved.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:17 No.15048658
    He leaned fore ward slowly and let his thickness rest on her eager cunt. His hands gripped her wrists roughly and pinned them above her head. His dark piercing eyes gazed into hers momentarily before he began roughly grinding her. She moaned and pressed her head back against the cushion. She squirmed under him pushed back against his cock, drenching it as he leaned down and pushed his lips to hers, once again shoving his tongue into her mouth.

    By now Cora had risen back onto her knees and stripped herself naked. She roughly gripped her juicy breasts and teased herself with her other hand, intent on milking as many orgasms out of her body as it would allow.

    Dirk could tease himself no longer and slid his hips backwards a bit. Miranda groaned loudly on his lips and braced herself. With a swift thrust, Dirk stuffed the head of his cock into Miranda's wetness. She ripped her lips away from his and arched her back, letting out a loud moan as her entered. He continued to thrust forward, stuffing inch after inch into in of her tight, inexperienced body. Miranda's cries sent him into a frenzy as he did so. He released her wrists and wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her to him. She threw her arms around his neck and pressed her head to his shoulder, biting down and moaning in pleasure and agony.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:18 No.15048667

    Isis hadn’t become the team captain by accident. Her abilities were enhanced by natural gifts and trained to a keen edge. Where Cora could count on her finesse, Angela her raw talent, or Freya her athleticism, Isis was a blend of each and, though she wasn’t entirely certain, Cora would not have been surprised if she exceeded each of them. Simply watching Isis play was a learning experience, like watching a sword master dismantle an opponents defenses or an artisan crafting a masterpiece. Her shape, her very movement was beautiful, but not in a classical sense. Certainly, Cora thought, it was the same beauty one might see in a fine blade or bolter, elegant, yet rigid. Beautiful, but deadly. She had yet to be truly bested on the court, her instincts were rarely wrong and she had enough natural ability to cover any mistakes with ease. Thinking very long and hard, Cora locked in to studying her, nearly missing her call to re-enter the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:18 No.15048669
    Cora watched from the door and couldn't resist stuffing one of her tiny fingers into her own virgin hole. Her sopping wet pussy made audible as she began thrusting herself. Her other hand squeezing roughly on her chest and pulling at her nipples.

    Miranda wrapped her legs around her lover and pulled him in deep as he thrust. Her arms followed suit as they wrapped around his neck and held tightly. Her body was aching and writing but the pleasure was undeniable. "Fuck me baby. Harder!" She demanded. Dirk groaned into her ear as he continued to pump in and out. His thrusts were loud, hard and each one pushed as deep as her body would allow, beating against her walls and stretching her in every direction. Miranda's body shuddered as her ravaged her and all that she could manage was to hold on with all her strength.

    Cora continues plunging her own finger in and out of her, wishing it was her out there. "Oh Dirk..." she moaned quietly to herself. She closed her eyes tight and imagined her fingers was his fat cock and the hand on her chest was his. She had long yearned to be fucked by her brother but could never work up the courage to do so or even propose it. She opened her eyes once more to watch the action before painfully forcing a second finger into her tightness, setting off a second orgasm and causing her to bite down on her own to keep silent. Even as she drew blood she could feel nothing but pleasure as she began to writhe once again.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:18 No.15048678

    The clock on the wall revealed that this would probably be the last volley and Cora’s last chance to complete her mission. The last obstacle would be the greatest she knew. Despite playing solidly for the entire scrimmage, Isis showed no sign of wear, only a light perspiration from her extortions could be seen on her face. She swayed as a predatory animal might before assaulting its prey and her movements were as crisp as ever. Ideas swirling in her head, Cora tried to find an approach that could possibly work. Knowing she didn’t have enough hours in a day to wear Isis out or even enough room to order a lance strike safely, her options were rapidly deteriorating. This was turning out to be more of a mental exercise than a physical one, she chuckled to herself, it was enthralling. After a long day of uncontrolled experiences, this duel of wills was a blessing in disguise. She took her spot, still focused on Isis, as Freya stepped forward to serve. The berserker champion of the team was no more tired than she was when the game began and the serve rocketed toward Cora with all the force of the first. Her mind raced and her body reacted batting the ball into high arch. Venus adjusted her footing and squared off for a set. Venus nodded to Farah who immediately prepared to charge. To Cora’s surprise, Isis reacted. The team captain came forward to the net, abandoning her position to block the inevitable spike and finish the scrimmage on her own note. The iron-fisted spike of Farah was among the most brutally powerful of the team and the captain was allowing no chance for it’s success.

    It was then Cora found her answer and, as much as she hated it, she knew it would work.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:19 No.15048685
    Dirk struggled to keep his orgasm at bay. Her walls squeezed him tight as he continued to stuff her. Miranda was almost at climax as well and her body was near breaking point. As Dirk continued to plow her, her grip on him tightened painfully and she issued a high-pitched moan. her orgasm washed over her, causing her body to shake as he gripped him and her slick, tight walls to writhe in pleasure, massaging Dirk's cock and pushing him over the edge. His eyes shut tight and gripped her just as tight, his cock hilted inside her. He erupted without a second though, his hot cum barreling into her and filling her to the brim. She released her grip as he did and fell limp in his arms. Her psychic powers no longer under control, the doors in the house all slammed open simultaneously, revealing the nude Cora in her doorway pleasuring herself to her brother. Dirk's orgasm continued as Cora darted swiftly from the doorway, not sure if she'd been spotted. His seed ran deep inside Miranda and split out onto the couch below. The two lay the panting, sweat, cum and other bodily fluids soaking the couch.

    Dirk was the first to recover and rolled onto his back, pulling Miranda on top of him and pulling her to his chest, cock still hilted inside her. Miranda looked up at him slowly, clearly exhausted, and smiled weakly. Dirk continued to pant and met her gaze. He tried to think of something to say but nothing came to mind. He simply smiled back and pressed his lips to hers once again, this time gently and holding it for a few moments. Miranda shook on top of him and sighed contently when he pulled away. She placed her head on his chest and smiled to herself as her senses came back to her.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:20 No.15048694
    Bounding off her back foot she charged forward toward the net. As Farah jumped, she was followed shortly by Isis, and, by less than a blink, Cora. The great plan depended on two factors: One, she was faster than Farah, and Two, Isis held Cora’s devotion to the team in high regard. On the first, Cora was almost positive, the second wasn’t as clear, other factors were at play and it was too late to properly guess their effect. The last moments of the scrimmage was a do-or-die scenario, not optimal, but acceptable.

    Even as the iron hand of Farah was beginning to descend, Isis knew where the ball was going to go. She knew because she had seen it play out in her mind over and over. Farah was strong, but crude in her form. Perhaps she wouldn’t go as far as to call it simple, but it was predictable. Her hands together and as flat as she could make them, Isis was in the perfect position to block. There were no surprises left, nothing that could change the outcome. All was to her will and soon it would be finished, in her favor. Cora’s little vendetta would fizzle and the captaincy secure an unquestioned. She smiled, it was just the way as it was intended to be.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:20 No.15048699
    Several moment's passed as the two processed what had just happened before Miranda finally spoke. "I-I uhm... that was... amazing." She said shyly, tracing imaginary circles on Dirk's chest. "Sorry about the mess..." She added. He let out a slow chuckle. "Yeah it's okay, I'm gonna have to get rid of this couch and figure out a way to explain all the dents in the walls. I'm pretty sure the deadbolt pulled out a section of the door frame too." Dirk said half-jokingly. "I think I'm more worried about what you're dad is going to do to me when he finds out... and what MY dad is going to do to me." Dirk said with a chuckle. Miranda finally sat up and slid off of him. "Dirk... I-I won't let anything happen..." She said, pulling her shirt back on. Dirk just smiled as he pulled on his pants. "It's alright, don't worry yourself about it" He said bravely. The two pulled all their cloths back on, Miranda having to stuff the lower half of her shirt into the waistband of her skirt for lack of buttons. "I-I better go..." She said quietly. Dirk stood up, pulling his wet shirt back on and escorted her to the door. The two shared a short kiss before she quickly ran off.

    Dirk spent the next several hours trying to fix the house. Repairing the locks, feeding the stained couch to the huge fireplace and attempting to fix the doorway best he could. Oddly enough, Corax wasn't home yet. Dirk had finally given up on repairing all the damage and slumped down against the wall. No sooner did his exausted body hit the floor than the door flew open. He looked at the hulking figure in the doorway, it was definately father. Corax stepped in and surveyed all the ovious damage, ignoring his son for the moment before stepping in and locking eyes with him. The two shared an awkward stare-down and after a few long minutes Corax stepped into the room and moved to his chair, never none breaking eye-contact.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:21 No.15048702

    While thoughts of victory filled Isis’ head, Cora focused only on the ball. The time to strike had come. With a precise impact, Cora knocked Farah aside, the iron hand still descending for the ball. With a lightning fast strike, Cora contacted the ball and gave it forward motion. It was directly beside Isis’ head when the team captain realized she had been out-maneuvered. Never, not in a thousand years, would she have guessed Cora to go to such lengths just to prove her wrong. She watched as Farah’s hand came down hard on Cora’s back and the two fell awkwardly, crashing to the ground. Managing to turn her head from the scene, she saw the impossible. The volleyball impacted the ground exactly where Isis had been standing not five seconds before and bounced away, the other starters as astounded as her. Her own landing was awkward and she stumbled, trying to catch herself, taking another incredulous look to the other side of the net.

    Cora hadn’t seen the result, she even missed the look on Isis’ face. The daze of Farah’s hit was still smarting and she tried to help Farah up after regaining her feet. Perhaps the most confused of all, Farah accepted the help and then begrudgingly took her hand away when she began to realize what had happened, so hurt by the act that tears had started to form in her eyes in anger. Cora searched for an apology to say, but was cut short by the end of practice whistle. The team seemed hardly to notice, until they began to walk to the locker in ones and twos. Farah turned and left in anger as Venus chased after her, sparing a look at Cora that seemed to ask “Why?” Isis seemed in a daze and slowly walked to the other side of the gym, sparing not a word to anyone. Roberta was the first to speak to Cora.

    “What are you trying to pull?! Do you think you’re special or something?!”
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:21 No.15048703
    Corax eased into his seat and sat there quietly. He continued to stare for a moment more before finally speaking. "Well? Explain." His expression never changed as he awaited an answer. Dirk stood up using the wall to help him and leaned against it. "I got into an arguement with Cora about interfering in her school life. I'll fix the damage myself before my suspension is up." Dirk offered. A weak lie Dirk thought to himself. As long as he kept his poker face on though, it should be believable. Another awkward and heavy moment passed before Corax spoke. "Your suspension has been recinded, you are to return to school tommorow and when you get home I expect you to replace my couch and fix my house. In addition, you are grounded for the next week and you must help your sister with her studies." He decreed.

    Dirk nodded and silently headed for his doorway, only stopping when he once again heard his father's voice. "One more thing son." He began. Dirk twisted around so that he could see Corax. "Next time try not to have evidence on your person." Dirk was confused momentarily, reaching down and feeling his pockets. He looked back to Corax puzzled. "Nice Hickey." Corax said, cracking a smile. Dirk felt on his neck and shoulders until his hand fell upon a bite-mark. It was only then that he realized that Miranda's teeth had sunk into him during the act. Dirk froze in horror for a moment before quickly opening his door and dissapearing into his room embarassed. He could hear his father chuckling from the other room. He slumped down against his door and felt a vibration in his pocket. He whipped out his phone to see that there was a text from Miranda. "<3"
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:22 No.15048714

    “I just wanted,” Cora started, “to sho-”

    “Shut up! Are you a moron or something!? Isis went out of her way for you! Bile wanted you off the team and she stuck her neck out for you! She stopped him from just kicking you off the team outright! She cared enough about you to risk our entire season!”

    “’I didn’t know that! She never told me-”

    “Do you really think she would!? After all the crap your dad’s went through, after all the fights you two have had, do you think you really would have believed her? On top of all that, you disrespect her and the teams decision and nearly hurt a teammate to do what? To prove you’re good at volleyball? Newsflash, moron: We knew that! Had I been the captain, I would have used you until they removed you from sports entirely, but you know what? Isis should have done the same damn thing for all the crap you pulled today!”

    Cora was stunned, she didn’t know how to respond. As Roberta stormed off, Cora was left speechless.

    The silence was only barely broken by Coach Creed.

    Who was right behind Cora.

    The old coach leaned forward and whispered so only she heard, “Do you think you accomplished anything?”

    “I don’t know,“ she said. Cora felt tears coming on. The dawning realization that she had made a terrible mistake all the more clear.

    “I’ve commanded many armies, coached many teams, mentored many people. Sometimes, the ends justify the means, but rarely does it make the fallout any easier.”

    The young girl swallowed hard, almost not realizing the coach was already gone.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:24 No.15048726

    “How the crap does he do that?” Freya asked, ducking under the net and approaching Cora.

    “I’m sorry…” was all Cora could managed as she looked down at the floor, her tears starting streak her cheeks and falling to the ground.

    “Ah, no big deal,” Freya beamed.

    “Why aren’t you mad at me?” Cora asked, unbelieving.

    “I know you were right about this whole thing sucking. I think it sucks too and, personally, Isis having her feelings hurt doesn’t bug me that much. Farah’s a tough girl, her pride is the only thing that’s hurt, just give her a Baneblade or a Land Raider to play around with and she’ll probably forget the whole thing happened. As for Miss Perfect, she’s just upset the ball hit her in the face, that was funny.”

    “You’re wrong, I was wrong…very wrong…” Cora started to cry.

    “Come on,” Freya comforted her, placing her arms around Cora, “it’ll be fine.”

    Cora embraced Freya and squeezed tightly. Despite her over-simplification of everything, Freya was being truly empathetic and it was very comforting to Cora. She spent another good minute crying before she could compose herself.

    “That’s better!” Freya smiled, “I know what you need, how about a good 40k run to relax a bit?”

    “Maybe not that far…hey!” was all Cora could manage before Freya started dragging her around the court.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:25 No.15048732

    The two ran together for sometime, long after everyone else had left, Cora was sure. To her surprise, it was strangely relaxing, it at least let her mind focus on other things. She felt very at ease around Freya, she was happy to have her close by. It was similar to the way she felt with Kelly or Morticia, but neither of them practiced or played sports with her. Freya had shown her true kindness and friendship in her own special way and Cora was glad to count her as a friend. Cora realized it was getting to be late and she would need to go. Freya was showing no desire to stop and she felt a little bad ducking out before 20k were finished, but she needed a break. She leaned in close to Freya.

    “Thank you.”
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:25 No.15048740

    She split off as Freya continued making laps and jogged for the locker room. She entered to see that locker room was as deserted as she expected, her bag and locker untouched, thankfully. The sound of running water came from the showers, but she expected it had just been left on from the rest. She quietly undressed, removing her practice gear down to her undergarments. It had been a good workout, but a shower was very much in order she giggled to herself. She removed her bra and slipped off her panties, placing them into her gym bag. She was about to grab her hygiene products when she heard the running water abruptly stop. Cora instinctively turned and looked toward the showers. She watched as the door slowly opened and Isis stepped out staring numbly ahead. Cora was instantly struck by her appearance. It wasn’t the first time she had seen one of her teammates naked, but it was usually short and fused with an air of humor or embarrassment. As it was, Isis had little to be embarrassed about. Her still wet body was amazingly perfect, her smooth skin, tan skin unblemished, the well toned legs and arms connected by her thin, flat stomach and shapely breasts and full hips. She seemed to lose herself for a moment before realizing Isis was looking at her and her own pale, exposed body. She felt herself turning red and she reached for her towel on the bench, quickly covering herself. Isis made no comment and began to dry herself, seemingly content to not say a word to Cora.

    Her embarrassment was replaced by sadness and Cora felt the urge to say something, anything to her, even if just to try. She searched for words but, again, found herself lacking. Her eyes fell to the floor and she felt like crying again. When she looked up, Isis was in front of her, garbed in only her towel.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:27 No.15048759

    “You surprised me,” Isis spoke, not coldly or cynically, but sounding genuinely hurt.

    Cora’s mouth trembled, “I’m sorry…I didn’t kno- I didn’t think…”

    “I suppose we’re both to blame though, aren’t we? I backed you into a corner and you lashed out in defense. I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing, I just didn’t expect you to do the same.” Isis reached out a placed a soft hand below Cora’s chin, slowly lifting her head to meet her eyes, “There’s a tough girl behind the tears after all.”

    Cora felt ashamed and a lone tear slowly drew down her cheek. Isis gently wiped it away and moved a lock of Cora’s hair from her face to behind her ear, gently stroking her head.

    “If you’re really sorry,” Isis began, “Study hard. Get help, if you have to. Stop Bile from meddling in things that aren’t his business. If you can do that, I can have you on my team again, we can be a team again.”

    Cora felt excited as Isis drew her in and the two embraced. They released each other and Isis began to change as Cora walked to the shower, neither saying another word. By the time she had finished, Cora saw that Isis was long gone. She quickly changed and voxed a short message to Kelly and Morticia.

    She needed to unwind from the day’s events and she needed her most trusted friends to do so.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:32 No.15048805
         File1306348341.jpg-(552 KB, 1486x883, 1270255150763.jpg)
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    >> Foron 05/25/11(Wed)14:32 No.15048811
         File1306348378.jpg-(289 KB, 1000x740, 1305820533338.jpg)
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    This thread...

    /tg/ I am proud.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:33 No.15048818
    Fuck you, Foron.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:42 No.15048869

    More Cora and a promised add to the Angron/Curze fic. This is going better than thought it would!
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:42 No.15048870
         File1306348934.jpg-(82 KB, 400x379, 1298834836435.jpg)
    82 KB

    I take it all back.

    Every sigh of despair at the fall in standards.

    This is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:45 No.15048900
    Wow, new stuff. I'm pleasantly surprised.
    >> Foron 05/25/11(Wed)14:48 No.15048921

    Love you too, bro.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)14:53 No.15048974
    And a Cora/Kelly/Morticia fic promised.
    >> zamaziko 05/25/11(Wed)15:19 No.15049232
    hi it's me again can i have one about lyra? would be very appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)15:37 No.15049426

    We need all of them

    In a lesbian orgy fapfic
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)15:38 No.15049438
    Anon approves of this request.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)15:41 No.15049462
    The thing I dislike about fapfics, is that it usually amounts to

    1. Find fapfic
    2. Replace names, hair color, etc to taste
    3. ???
    4. Original content, guyz!
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:12 No.15049750
    I'd like a fic about a regular day in Angela's life.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:15 No.15049777
    Okay. Hold onto your balls.

    One day all the Primarchs daughters met up. One of them said "Let's fuck".

    And they all did. It was amazing.

    The end.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:17 No.15049791

    Also, nice trips.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:18 No.15049802

    Kind of like the Cora series? Wouldn't mind it. The Blood Angels are one of my favorite legion/chapters.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:20 No.15049820
    Plus we don't really have any that star Angela.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:22 No.15049837
         File1306354943.png-(80 KB, 707x692, Angry.png)
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    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)16:58 No.15050168
    Back near the beginning of the project, I said that I would write a Isis/Angela fapfic.

    I don't think that I'll ever finish it. I'm just no good at that kind of writing.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:01 No.15050199
    Ever consider dropping the "fap" part about it?

    Despite allusions to the contrary, writing something erotic is actually very difficult. A more "common day" type piece is a lot simpler, if involving of less fapping.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:02 No.15050206
    >let's not do fapfics
    >fapfics anyway

    I hate you
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:07 No.15050268
    Yeah, sure. I'll work on an ordinary day between Angela and Isis.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:14 No.15050332
    Godspeed, anon.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:15 No.15050351
    There's only 1 fapfic posted, I believe.

    And that was probably only posted to piss off the Cora's Day writefag.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:23 No.15050433
    I'll try to make it good.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:31 No.15050488
    Keep up the good work all you (non-fapfic) writefags!
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:52 No.15050690
    Anyways, do the girls have 'canon' personalities?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)17:58 No.15050734
    It mostly defaults to their Legion/primarch, with some exceptions. Of course, even this varies from writefag to writefag.

    In the case of Freya, she has all the roughness and directness of her father. Some take this too include a strong penchant for drinking and partying, while others have implied that she's something of a health-nut to support her athleticism, so much so that's she's even managed to get Leman off the bottle.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)18:35 No.15051037
    >even managed to get Leman off the bottle.

    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)18:37 No.15051062
    Crazy right? It's just meant to show how much he cares for, I guess that he's probably cheating a bit, but he still tries for her.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)18:41 No.15051107
    Remember the Horus Heresy books reveal that Russ is only pretending to be a drunken lout to everyone.
    >> Darius 05/25/11(Wed)19:05 No.15051325
         File1306364718.jpg-(113 KB, 803x641, yassariel2.jpg)
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    i like the concepts. Too bad i picked this thread too late.

    Next time i will make some designs...
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)20:09 No.15051821
    Which is a very effective disguise.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)20:16 No.15051886
    Do want greatly.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)22:57 No.15053400
    No more stories?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)23:59 No.15054079
    Did anyone actually read this whole thing? I just skipped over it, hoping for something else serious.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/26/11(Thu)00:38 No.15054436
    I read it. There's far too much fluffing about clothes and such in the first three posts. The rest is decent, though tending seemed rushed.

    As if I can talk.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)02:52 No.15055867
    Hey, you. I think the Emperasque needs to make an appearance in Warhammer High.
    >> zamaziko 05/26/11(Thu)03:20 No.15056131
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)04:34 No.15056663
    >fluffing about clothes and such in the first three posts
    Totally didn't get this, there's not more than a couple sentences about getting dressed.

    >though tending seemed rushed.
    Yet, you want more detail?

    It's only the 4th part of a series. Christ dude, just the chunk I'm responsible for is already 11,000 words. I can be more detailed if you want, but damn.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)04:45 No.15056713
         File1306399558.jpg-(88 KB, 500x375, 12548655411025.jpg)
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    >11000 words

    You know, you could troll BL and submit it to their write-in contest.

    Also, pic related.
    >> Iron Lung 05/26/11(Thu)05:07 No.15056818
    I read it, liked it.
    Plenty of focus on what was important -Cora's mindset, her focus and her tactical acumen.
    Also good work capturing a chunk of the insecurity and head games that're (plausibly) part of the teenage girl experience.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/26/11(Thu)05:10 No.15056831
         File1306401000.jpg-(80 KB, 548x518, Primarch Daughter 5.jpg)
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    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/26/11(Thu)05:10 No.15056834
         File1306401042.jpg-(100 KB, 1000x1000, Primarch Daughter 6.jpg)
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    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/26/11(Thu)05:13 No.15056846
         File1306401206.jpg-(107 KB, 900x393, Primarch Daughter 9.jpg)
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    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/26/11(Thu)05:15 No.15056855
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    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)05:20 No.15056873
    It's the rivalries that make for the most entertaining scenes.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/26/11(Thu)05:21 No.15056883
         File1306401696.jpg-(66 KB, 322x550, Primarch Daughter 23.jpg)
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    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/26/11(Thu)11:16 No.15059185
    I love it.
    I mean that Cora putting her clothes in the locker and so on don't need to take up as many words as they do, that's all, it's an editing quibble.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)11:52 No.15059471
    Purple prose?
    >> zamaziko 05/26/11(Thu)12:38 No.15059843
    OP give me my lyra now........pweeeease?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)12:53 No.15059946
    Maybe, but that's certainly not "the first three posts"

    Besides, everything could be said with less words.

    She went to practice
    Stuff happened
    Sad Cora
    Stuff Happened
    Tired Cora

    The end.

    Just about the same the quality.
    >> Inquisitor Smathers 05/26/11(Thu)13:01 No.15060001
    Oh. Hello there /tg/. And Here I had thought you'd forgot about Warhammer High. You just made my day!
    >> Furia's Failed Date Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:12 No.15060959
    Right. I've done the bulk of the thing. I'd like to write two little epilogues, but I'll post the main story first so you don't have to wait longer. Continues from>>15047494


    The Astoria Plaza hotel had seen better days. Once a jewel of a building, its façade of white marble gleaming white and its legions of staff oiling through polished halls with industrious pride, it now squatted in the decaying wasteland of the downtown area. Its magnificent windows were boarded shut and covered with metal grates, its doors barred and its walls covered in gang signs and years of graffiti. Where the rich and powerful had once rested in well-appointed rooms, the gang members of the Six Points Squad lurked. The location gave them a perfect stronghold from which to rule this neighbourhood. It's only working entrance was heavily secured, and a glimpse through the barred windows into what had been the lobby revealed a killing ground designed to halt a frontal assault in its tracks.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:13 No.15060965

    Angron contemplated the building in front of him from a position in the shadows. He had seen the gang assemble for the night, heard the pounding beat of music and raucous voices singing and shouting and smelt the mixed aromas of fried food and strong liquor. Bright light shined from an upper room through the boarded windows. The thugs were enjoying themselves, secure in the knowledge that they were safe. They believed that they were untouchable. They were wrong.

    Angron nodded to himself as he finally decided upon a plan. Few of his brothers would credit the berserker with tactical nuance, refusing to see him as anything more than a crude brute. What they failed to realise was that Angron's simplicity was not stupidity. It was directness. It was efficiency. It was homicidal bravery. Only those who were afraid that they might fail bothered to sneak and hide. A true warrior faced his enemies head on. Angron stepped forward, roared a challenge at the top of his lungs and hefted a parked car into the air. With the guided precision an orbital strike, the vehicle arced through the air towards the upper floor, tearing through glass, metal and concrete as though it were little more than cardboard. While the building's inhabitants screamed and shouted in alarm, Angron charged forward and began to climb up the wall towards the hole he had made. The assault had begun.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:15 No.15060988

    In the mind of a boy named Simon, Magnus the Red also prepared for battle. The encroaching darkness oozed against fine filigreed walls of frosty white psychic energy, a magical cage of light to hold it at bay long enough for the cyclops to ready himself. The astral spectres of Furia and Simon, memories drawn from events that occurred only hours ago, ignored him completely, engrossed as they were in a pantomime of a conversation.

    As Magnus sat on the grey steps behind them, meditating and focussing his energy, the whispery voice came to him.

    "Why are you doing this? The ending is already written. There is nothing that can be done. These events are mere shadows of what has been already seen and done. Choices were made that can never be unmade. There is no hope."

    "Wrong." growled the psyker. "There is always hope. The future is not written. I know it. I know I can save him."

    "Words. They mean nothing. And your walls are already breaking."
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:16 No.15060993
    Magnus felt rather than saw the hammering blows that assailed his defences. Their delicate, frost -like patterns pulsed and glowed as something beat against them. Although the murky shadows denied him the sight of his enemies, he caught glimpses of the foe with his witch sight - cold eyes glinting with baleful intent, the flash of an absurdly sharp knife as it struck the walls holding it back.

    "Red Man, this is the boy's nemesis. You cannot fight his fate. This is not your battle. Sooner or later, you will have to realise this."

    "Spirit, while I draw breath, I shall not allow this child to die. The doom that comes for him is conjured by his own mind, by his feelings of despair and failure. He can overcome them. He MUST overcome them."

    Magnus stood and raised his hands, summoning baleful blue fire that burned cold around his fingers.

    "And I will show him how."

    Magnus lowered his defences and charged at the surging shadows.
    >> Foron 05/26/11(Thu)15:17 No.15061002
         File1306437449.png-(85 KB, 322x452, 1275741071445.png)
    85 KB
    And I await for the full colour set of the Primarch's daughters.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:17 No.15061005


    Kaz squealed as he fled down the halls away from the devastation. Only twenty minutes ago it had been a perfect night. They had all the drugs, loose women, and, thanks to the mugging of some teenagers earlier that evening, the money to make the night go with bang.

    Then the explosion happened. The screams began. Kaz had been in his room entertaining some woman he had picked up in a bar somewhere when he heard the first blast, and the shouts of the first men on the scene. He could remember struggling into his clothes and tumbling after them half-dressed. He heard again Zack shouting something about a car and fires and the horrible gurgling shriek that marked the end of his life. Over and over again he saw himself coming to the blasted threshold of the door and seeing through the smoke and flames the enormous monster seizing his friend, lifting it above its head and tearing him in half. As the blood and viscera rained down upon it, the creature's eyes met Kaz's. In their yellow orbs Kaz saw his death. He had run, not even attempting to fire upon it. Whatever the creature was could not be stopped by mundane weapons.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:18 No.15061013

    That hadn't stopped his gang mates from trying though. The sound of gunfire and more screams echoed around the building, as well as the savage roars of the maddened beast charging at its attackers. It was unstoppable. Kaz knew it. His only hope lay in flight. A few people had already tried to leave via the main exit, but had found it blocked from the outside by an iron bar far too large for a man to lift pressed against it. As they had pounded against it, desperate to escape their doom, the monster had come for them. Kaz had heard it coming and had hurled himself into a dark corner, trying with all his might not to breathe out. He was sure that the giant figure had spotted him, but it had carried on past him, swinging an axe with practiced ease as it walked almost casually towards its prey. The men and women at the door had screamed and tried to run, but it was no use. The giant was upon them, hacking, slashing and tearing through them like a hurricane filled with razorblades. Arterial blood sprayed everywhere, painting the walls and floor with sticky crimson gore, the defences that they had erected to keep intruders out now serving to pen them in with their nemesis. The giant had shouted as he murdered them, the booming sound carrying over the slaughter and the gurgles of the dying, crying over and over words that sounded almost distressed.

    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:19 No.15061023

    Kaz could not imagine anything that his gang could have done to earn the ire of this beast, and did not intend to stay long enough to find out exactly what it meant. He had a plan. Fleeing through the old service corridors away from the sounds of combat, he headed downwards. There was a back door in what had been the hotel's kitchen. Kaz had been assigned to bar it shut, but he had never bothered to finish the job. It hadn't seemed likely that it would ever be a problem. Now, as he ran full pelt through grimy passageways thick with dust, his feet skidding across the wood, he was thankful for his indolence. It was perhaps the only thing that would save him now.

    In moments he was on the threshold. He grappled with the door, frantically turning the lock and pulling at the deadbolt. He could hear something coming closer and closer behind him, the roar of the beast accompanied by the regular crash of exploding mortar. The monster was nearly upon him.
    "Please!" he screamed as he wrenched at the handle. "Please, for the love of God open!"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:20 No.15061035

    With a shuddering jolt, the door slammed free and Kaz stumbled forwards onto the night. He tried to get up, but in some dimly understood part of his brain, the young man realised something was very wrong. The rank smell of blood was even stronger out here than it was inside, and the pools of gutter water gleamed scarlet in the fluorescent orange city light. Before he could so much as scream, a huge, dark shadow that eclipsed the light loomed over him. With snakelike speed he was hoisted into the air and brought face to face with a creature from his darkest nightmares. As his overworked heart finally gave out, the ganger just had time to hear a mouth full of sharp teeth whisper into his ear

    >> Nikolai !!KTAVcrjQz0F 05/26/11(Thu)15:21 No.15061046
    Kelly. *drools*
    This is why I love Konrad Kurze. Even his offspring are made of win.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:22 No.15061059
    Magnus the Red fought in the centre of a howling vortex of psychic energy, his curving sword cutting through the shadowy figures emerging from the swirling darkness. It was an impossible battle. The darkness oozed around him, the amorphous shapes clinging to the memory of the street and forming and reforming as he cut through them. Every ward he threw up was broken or methodically worked around, and even with his prodigious strength at arms, small clawed hands still managed to strike at him. Magnus himself being forced back, ever closer to the two ghostly figures of Furia and Simon. With every step back, the dark creatures harassing him grew stronger and more solid, drawing together to form the shapes of men in heavy coats, clubs dragging behind them. From beneath hooded tops, small white eyes filled with horrible purpose stared unblinking through Magnus at Furia and Simon. Magnus struck at them again and again, but the advance of the shadow creatures seemed inevitable. As another of his blows was thrown aside by length of pipe that seemed to be becoming more real with every passing second, Magnus snarled in anger.

    "This is unnatural! These creatures do not belong here!"

    "They are his personal demons, warrior. I told you this. Whether they were always here or only appeared after he fought and lost is irrelevant. They have come for him. Why do you delay the inevitable?"

    "More importantly, why do you seek to stop me, spirit? Are you with them? Are you responsible for this? Show yourself!"

    The whispering voice ignored Magnus.

    "Look behind you, warrior. The memories play out. The past becomes the present."
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:24 No.15061067

    Magnus punched the closest shadow as hard as he could in its hooded face and risked a glance behind him. The conversation between Furia and Simon seemed to be becoming more animated. The irritable face of the girl that the Cyclops recognised appeared on the doll like figure that stood before Simon, and the voices of the teenagers began to be heard growing ever louder. An argument seemed to be in progress.

    "What? You and me? Get real."

    "But... what about tonight? I thought we-"

    "Listen, I was just repaying your favour, alright? I was just trying to be nice. Didn't think you'd have any stupid ideas about this being a date. "

    "I... I..."

    The memory of Furia scoffed and spat on the grey pavement, the angelic veil evaporating to reveal the girl as she looked in the real world, flushed and angry.

    "Look at you. Are you going to cry? Please. As if a weakling like you stood a chance with me."

    "I am not a weakling!"

    "Oh yeah? Prove it. Go on. Hit me."

    "What? I'm not going to fight you."

    "Pfft. Coward. Won't even fight a giiiiirrrrl."

    "I am not a coward! I'm not going to fight you because... because..."

    "Go on, say it." sneered Furia. "Because woo wuv me!"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:25 No.15061076
    The gathering shadows wrapped themselves around the couple, draining all colour from the scene, while the figures continued to argue obliviously.

    "NO! I... I.... I'm not going to because I like you! I thought there was more to you than just... just violence! You're not the dumb bully they say you are!"

    "Who says I'm dumb? It's gotta be Big Berta..."

    "Look, no, I mean...fine. Maybe I was wrong."

    "Yeah." said the memory of Furia, a note of sadness breaking through the anger. "Maybe you were."

    As the girl padded away, the shadows detached themselves from their hiding places and followed her, becoming more solid with every second until they had formed into hulking, night-black figures. Magnus glanced at the shade of Simon shaking and spluttering on the steps, confused as to why his demons had not attacked, but the sound of grating voices speaking in harmony drew his eyes back to the figure of his niece. As one, the dark creatures began to harass the girl.


    "Back off."


    "Get out of my face."

    "OR WHAT?"

    "Or this happens"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:26 No.15061085

    Furia's fist arced around and slammed into the face of one of the creatures, the inky matter splashing apart before it was reabsorbed by its fellows.


    The creatures attacked as one, the distinct shapes of individual thugs melting into one another in a shifting mass of dark limbs and grinning teeth. Furia fought well, but her blows did little damage, the mass of the emergent creature shifting and swirling about her. First one shadowy tendril struck her, and then another and another. The girl was forced back, but refused to give up, lunging forward with murder in her eyes. But she was not the warrior her father was. She was struck from behind and tumbled to the ground. The dark entity engulfed her like an ocean wave and she was soon lost from sight in the mass.

    As Magnus moved to intervene, the shade of Simon howled and charged past him.

    "Leave her alone!"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:26 No.15061088

    The creature (or was it creatures?) shifted and looked at the boy with dozens of half-formed eyes, grinning teeth emerging from the smoky darkness to smile menacingly. Magnus knew that this was the pivotal moment, the moment this entire dream quest had been building to. The boy faced his own demons, the manifestations of his own guilt and despair for being unable to save his friend, but alone he would surely fall. Alone he was powerless to resist. He needed help. He needed allies.

    Magnus the Red pulled the strands of his power together and sent out a single message into the aether as he charged forward. Two words with enough force behind them to register to even the bluntest mind.

    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:27 No.15061099

    The remaining gangbangers ran screaming toward the top floor. Only three had survived the events of the night so far, among them the leader, a man named Wayne. Wayne had been busy getting drunk when the screaming had first started, but had sobered up with lightning speed when he saw the blood.

    It had been awful. Nothing had prepared him for the scene of carnage which he had found in the now deserted state room. Some had died when a car had somehow crashed through the windowed facade of the upper room, their bodies instantly pulped by the hurtling metal and the jagged spears of broken glass. They were, perhaps, the lucky ones. The survivors had been torn apart as though by a frenzied animal, blood and gore spattering the decaying plaster of the walls. Someone had been able to fire off a shot from their pistol - the weapon had been crushed through the man's chest. The beast that had done this had then slunk off deeper into the building leaving a wide trail of blood and viscera.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:28 No.15061104

    As Wayne stumbled away from the horror, his terrified mind filled only with the thought of escape, the laughter began. Soft at first, but growing louder by the moment, the sinister chuckling seemed to come from all directions at once, a rough, ugly sound that no human throat could possibly have produced. The laughter was soon joined by a delicate scraping noise dancing just at the edge of perception, the sound of a long knife brushing delicately across concrete.

    Wayne had fled upstairs, away from the screaming, away from the mad laughter. He had rallied a few of his men on the way, the small group dazed and confused by the sudden attack. Two had been sent back the way he had come, and told to shoot anything that moved. They barely had time to scream before they were attacked, but Wayne didn't care. Escape was the only thing on his mind. Perhaps if he could get onto the roof, he could somehow get away! Only one more flight of stairs to climb and he was free! As if sensing the flicker of hope blazing in his heart, the building echoed to the bestial roar of the monster. Wayne shrieked and shoved the gang members with him out of the way, knocking them to the hard floor in his panic.

    "No! They won't get me! They won't!"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:29 No.15061111

    Wayne didn't listen to their howls of pain and betrayal as he burst through the skylight door, bracing it shut with a beam of rotting wood. It wouldn't hold for long, but if he was lucky it wouldn't have to. The edge of the roof was so tantalisingly close, and beyond it was a wrought iron fire escape. He could do it! He could escape this nightmare!

    It was at this point Angron came through the floor. Exploding through the aging concrete and timber as though it were nothing more than a papier-mâché shell, the World Eater roared to the night sky a bellowing shout of furious exultation. He had found his prey. The Primarch's massive fist clenched around Wayne's throat and hoisted him bodily into the air. The gang leader found himself looking directly into the mad eyes of the hell beast that was slowly choking the life out of him, the blood shot pools of insane, unquenchable hatred boring directly into his soul. He heard the door behind him shatter and an awful, frightening voice speak.

    "Brother, wait..."

    As he slipped into unconsciousness, the voice continued.

    "We're not done with him yet."
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:31 No.15061125

    Magnus fought with all his might to reach Simon, but it was no use. The unnatural shadows resisted his every effort, and for every one that he cut down another two replaced it. The spectral form of Simon fought bravely, but his soul light was guttering and failing as blows rained down upon. Magnus knew that the boy's physical body was failing as his soul died. Nothing could stop it. The despair and guilt over his failure to protect the woman he loved was overwhelming him, the psychic wounds murdering him as surely as if they came from real bats and blades. The circle of life and light around the boy diminished faster and faster until he was just a vibrant splash of colour in an endless void, using the last of his strength to shield his memories of Furia from the onslaught.

    Then the heavens opened.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:33 No.15061138

    A shaft of light, pure and brilliant, broke through the darkness like a pillar of fire to burn the shadows away. The dark creatures shrank back, disorientated and confused at this turn of events, white eyes blinking at one another and clacking jaws gibbering softly. Simon too seemed confused that the assault had suddenly stopped, looking up warily and taking the momentary respite to better cover Furia. Magnus concentrated all of his psychic power on the light, focussing and strengthening it. It was hard to bridge the two worlds like this, even with help from the other side, but the Cyclops would not be defeated. His efforts did not go unrewarded, and Magnus rejoiced as he heard the words he had hoped to hear.

    "Get off me you fat bastard. And take your damn hands off there unless you want 'em broken."

    "...Furia? You're alive."

    "No shit."

    "But I thought... I saw you.."

    "Yeah well, you know, takes more than that to take me out."

    Furia sat up, the ghostly memory form becoming more solid and more real with every passing moment. She smiled.
    "And I had help, of course."

    She stood, helping Simon to his feet, and grinned in anticipation.

    "So what do you say - ready for round two?"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:34 No.15061153

    Pain. So much pain.


    That voice. That terrible voice. Almost instinctively Wayne tried to flinch away from it, but found himself unable to move

    " Don't struggle. It won't do you any good."

    Wayne finally opened his eyes and gazed up in horror at the two giants looming above him. He was on his back, tied down tightly by sturdy chains. The larger of the two giants crouched down on its haunches and leaned down so that it could whisper directly into the young man's ear, its hot breath stinking of raw meat and coppery blood.

    "Any last words?"

    "Why are you doing this?"

    "Because you hurt my family. Because you hurt an innocent. Because I was born to destroy filth like you." The creature paused before continuing gleefully. "But most of all because I really enjoy it."

    The blood soaked giant stood and nodded to its companion, who pulled what looked like a gigantic pistol from the folds of its clothes. Wayne shut his eyes and begged for mercy, knowing that it wouldn't make any difference. A shot rang out, followed by a hissing shriek. Wayne blinked. He was still alive, and the giant killers had vanished. It was only he breathed a shuddering sigh of relief that he saw the smoky trail of the flare lighting up the night sky above him.

    Across town, Perturabo smiled.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:36 No.15061162

    As one, Simon and Furia attacked the darkness, soul light building around them and chasing away the shadows. Magnus heard a voice behind him hiss in his ear.
    "It won't work! He will fall soon enough, warrior. Maybe not today, but soon, and he will drag down the rest of you with him."

    Magnus snarled in response and blasted ever more power into the aether.

    "Begone spirit!" He roared. "Enough of your lies! Go back to the void and trouble us no more."

    With a shriek, the shadows disintegrated, flying apart and burning up like scraps of paper caught in a fire. Magnus approached Furia and Simon and put his arms around them.

    "Miranda, it is done. Bring us home."
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:37 No.15061175

    Magnus awakened from his trance, shards of ethereal ice cracking and steaming off him as his body came back to life. Furia sat opposite him holding Miranda's hand, gazing intently into Simon's face for any sign of life. Long minutes passed. Then, just as Magnus was beginning to lose hope, the boy's eyes flickered open.

    "You're ok!" shouted Furia
    "I am?"
    "Yes, my son." said Magnus, stroking his hair with paternal affection. "It was touch and go for a moment there, but we brought you back."
    "Thank you."
    "Don't thank me, thank Furia. She fought for you, just as you fought for her."
    "Really... but I..."
    "Oh shut up and kiss me." said Furia.

    As the two kissed, long and deeply, the whole hospital rumbled to the sound of an explosion.


    "What the hell was that?!" said Roboute.
    "Sounded like it came from the roof. Come on!"
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)15:40 No.15061192

    Primarchs, doctors, nurses and even some patients were soon on the roof of the building. There they found Perturabo sitting in an oversized folding chair, smiling contentedly as Petra scurried about lighting huge fireworks covered with black and yellow chevrons.

    "Perturabo... what are you doing?"
    "I knew Magnus would do it. I thought a celebration was in order."
    The Iron Warrior paused, a flicker of doubt passing almost imperceptibly across his face.
    "The boy is alive, correct?"
    Vulkan raised an eyebrow and made to respond but was interrupted by Guiliman.

    "Look! Down there, the city is burning! Vulkan, come, leave him"

    Vulkan and Guliman left swiftly, but the Salamander's primarch paused at the doorway.

    "Perturabo... what did you do?"

    "Me? I did nothing. And you should go. I imagine that fire is spreading quite fast now."

    When the two had left, Perturabo called Petra over and helped her onto his huge lap.

    "Thank you daughter. You did very well."

    "Thank you Papa."

    Together they watched the night explode with coloured flame and listened to the wail of sirens.


    The End. Except for a little epilogue I still have to write.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/26/11(Thu)16:27 No.15061650
    It's not bad, though I think a bit more detail of the attack on the gangers from Curze's point of view would be pretty cool.
    >> vasso Baja !X8JzCOMTnk 05/26/11(Thu)16:28 No.15061656
    FUCK. YES.
    i love you writefreind. i really really do.
    >> Meet the Parents 05/26/11(Thu)16:36 No.15061728

    Yeah I know. I know its been almost a year, but I really just haven't have the time. There's also the fact that I know I'm not very good at describing combat very well. Still, it's OK for what it is, and its all writing practice in the end

    Thank you. It's flawed, but I'm glad someone liked it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)16:54 No.15061874
    I don't know, trying to show how Curze does his thing would kind of... Kill the atmosphere, for me. The whole /point/ is that you never know quite where he is or what he's thinking/planning, showing things from his perspective... Eh.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/26/11(Thu)16:58 No.15061906
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)17:35 No.15062323
    Yup. "He sneaks around behind him and giggles like mad, while the idiot's fantasy runs mad.", would just take away everything terrifying about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/11(Thu)18:10 No.15062738
         File1306447843.jpg-(45 KB, 330x367, Commissar.jpg)
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    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/26/11(Thu)18:36 No.15063011

    is there any draw fags out and about tonight/today?
    >> zamaziko 05/26/11(Thu)19:05 No.15063244
    man that was awesome. BUT I STILL WANT MY LYRA
    >> Iron Lung 05/26/11(Thu)19:19 No.15063390
    Fuck yeah, man.
    That was plenty high speed. Good characterization and solid language use.
    Legendary? No. But highly competent. Ya done good.

    Giant fireworks cannon ftw, too.
    Bonus points for the Furia romance.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)00:10 No.15066127
    Bump in the hopes of new content.
    >> Iron Lung 05/27/11(Fri)03:45 No.15067929
    *mutter mutter, slopping water, creaking wheels*
    Custodial bump.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)04:00 No.15068019
    Holy shit

    I heard tale, whispers on the fringe


    I too await the colored version of the OP pic and would like to express my gratitude to the writefriend, thank you sir
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/27/11(Fri)04:07 No.15068071
         File1306483675.png-(1.36 MB, 1997x1091, Primarch Daughter 16.png)
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    >> Indonesian Gentleman 05/27/11(Fri)04:16 No.15068109
    Holy shit... how could such awesome be left out of the archives?? Someone archive this, quick!
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)04:16 No.15068115
    hey I just got on, may i ask when there is no thousands sons?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 05/27/11(Fri)04:21 No.15068146
    Um... it's an all-girl school?
    Thousand Sons are, well, males?
    feel free to disregard this comment.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)04:56 No.15068361
    We need someone to update the 1d4chan wiki page now, with all this new material...
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)05:11 No.15068433
    >kelly is horribly generic
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)08:52 No.15069710
    ...Bottom right. Look again.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/27/11(Fri)09:30 No.15069883
    This hilarity must continue!
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)09:53 No.15069988
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    On her way to school, (insert primarch's daughter)...

    has a random encounter...

    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)10:33 No.15070210
    Implying they would ever need to make a contract with QB.
    Cue QB getting spitting on a power blade.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)16:09 No.15073149
    rolled 9 = 9

    bumpan for interest
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)18:45 No.15074940
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    I think that's the farthest they got in coloring them. I have this one too though
    >> Braith117 05/27/11(Fri)19:53 No.15075591
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    Also have some others people have posted, so I'll post what I can find(I need to organize my Warhammer folder bad)
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)19:55 No.15075612
    Wait a minute.

    Kyubey wants to stop and reverse entropy forever. Entropy is chaos.

    Kyubey eats souls.

    Kyubey turns people into meat puppets ridden by their torn-out souls.

    Kyubey makes deals with people but doesn't bring up any of the fine print unless asked.

    ...I think Kyubey might be a C'tan. Either the Deceiver, or a new one.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)19:56 No.15075624
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    >> Braith117 05/27/11(Fri)19:59 No.15075665
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    A few other pictures of the daughters, not from the same setting though.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:01 No.15075681
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    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:01 No.15075699
    The tiny wing flapping is still adorable.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:02 No.15075703
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    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:02 No.15075707

    entropy is not chaos.

    besides, C'tan generally want the universe to be dead.

    :3 face just doesn't give a shit about humanity, and has magic that needs something he ain't got.
    >> Braith117 05/27/11(Fri)20:02 No.15075711
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    And that's all I got
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/27/11(Fri)20:09 No.15075793
    Go on.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:13 No.15075827
    I thought the surviving ones (well, the Deceiver at least) don't actually want the universe dead, because then there won't be any delicious souls to eat.

    They just want the universe mindless. No emotions, no faith, nothing to empower the Warp.

    It's the Necrons themselves who genuinely want everything dead forever.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/27/11(Fri)20:16 No.15075854
    I thought it was just some troll pic from Deviant Art.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:23 No.15075901

    There's the "Meeting the Lion" story on 1d4chan and Lyra pops up in a few other stories too.

    I wrote the Meeting the Lion story, but I don't really know if people liked it enough for me to try anything more.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:30 No.15075953
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:32 No.15075959
    I quite liked it. If you have time, I'd be interested in seeing more.
    >> Braith117 05/27/11(Fri)20:36 No.15075976
         File1306542992.jpg-(33 KB, 550x392, 1294891233820.jpg)
    33 KB
    >>Was going to go to sleep at 6
    >>its 8:30 now
    >>been spending 2 hours I could be sleeping on /tg/ because of a Daughters of the Primarchs thread
    >>MFW I'm okay with this

    /TG/, there are moments when you make me proud, and by god, this is one of them.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:41 No.15076007
    Hmm, ok I'll try to cook something up for Lyra and post it. Although I'm still not quite clear on the setting.

    Is it: modern day with 40k bits tacked on or in the 40k time period. I went with the modern day with 40k elements for my story before.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)20:46 No.15076041
    Depends on the author, I guess. Both have been used, as well as odd mixes between the two. I don't think anyone will complain about it, so long as it's well written.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)21:05 No.15076192
    Agreeing, the setting is to personal preference I think, leaving a little ambiguity might broaden the appeal though.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)21:14 No.15076296
    Realistically, shouldn't it be the 30K time period instead?
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)21:24 No.15076370

    Eh, I said 40k in a general sense. Like there's a servitor mentioned in my story on the wiki page, there were servitors in 30k too.

    I meant more in a is this setting the far future or modern day?
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)22:11 No.15076752
         File1306548686.jpg-(80 KB, 540x700, Cora & Angela.jpg)
    80 KB
    Found these two, only one is related to the project but they both feature Raven Guard.
    >> Anonymous 05/27/11(Fri)22:12 No.15076761
         File1306548741.jpg-(136 KB, 882x900, Primarchs Corax by Rosiello.jpg)
    136 KB
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/28/11(Sat)00:00 No.15077792
    Keep this zombie thread staggering!
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)04:15 No.15079940
    If one of the writefags is still here, progress report might be nice...
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)04:25 No.15080005
    It goes, kind of debating how to represent Mortarion, just going off the "Meet the Primarch" story is kind of tough.
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)05:46 No.15080427
    hopeful bump
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)06:27 No.15080550
    >> Mattmaster 05/28/11(Sat)07:51 No.15080797
    I'll Try doing some writefagging, give me a couple of hours
    >> Iron Lung 05/28/11(Sat)12:09 No.15081944
    bumpan, Timmay!
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)12:26 No.15082064
    In keeping with the tradition of the dark angels, is Lyra a lesbian?
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)12:41 No.15082190
    All signs point to "maybe." Or at least, the "Meeting the Lion" story says she has a boyfriend, while "Hints and Suppositions" implies she is attracted to Freya - though not the Twins, so make of that what you will...
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)13:45 No.15082671
         File1306604708.jpg-(309 KB, 529x900, morticia_1.jpg)
    309 KB
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/28/11(Sat)13:49 No.15082700
    I wonder where the drawfag that made the original picture went...
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)16:06 No.15083844
    Any progress on that writefagging, various writefags?
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)18:23 No.15085046
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)19:12 No.15085446
         File1306624336.jpg-(27 KB, 400x266, 1292701399663[1].jpg)
    27 KB
    Someone find more fanfic about konrad curze
    >> Anonymous 05/28/11(Sat)21:00 No.15086325
    I'm still around

    I try to doodle a few things now and then but too busy with work atm -_-
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/28/11(Sat)21:47 No.15086741
    Do you have any more that hasn't been posted thus far?
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)03:06 No.15089565
    bumping this thread and my hopes
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/29/11(Sun)03:07 No.15089574
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)03:20 No.15089674
    Very cute, excellent work.

    What's the Imperial name for an inhaler? A Breatheratus?
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)08:45 No.15091601
    respirator, rebreather.
    >> Mattmaster 05/29/11(Sun)09:34 No.15091771
    I have been away since yesterday, I will try to do some writefagging now, but my sister is on the computer. Iwas thinking maybe a meet the parents for Isis, or I can try a Lyra/Freya "love story"
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)09:42 No.15091824
    I am going to clap so strong that your ears will hear the clapping without the need of internets. Pay attention, kind sir or madam, this is for you.
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)11:29 No.15092567

    Cries as the vision of Morticia he wrote so long ago, comes true in the beauty of that single image.

    Thank you drawfag that drew that, I now...feel inspired to write again.

    I'll read the new stories here and update the 1d4chan site for the girls as soon as I am done, hopefully that will make more stories spawn from the reserves of your glorious minds fellow tg/ians
    >> Mattmaster 05/29/11(Sun)12:57 No.15093231
    sorry i took so long, here is the first section i have written, ill keep going with the rest as soon as the first is posted
    >> Mattmaster 05/29/11(Sun)12:59 No.15093245
    Sam approached the large mansion with slight trepidation. It stood at the top of the hill, an imposing presence. No one could approach the hill without noticing it. It dominated the onlooker’s attention. It was large, almost unnaturally so. A large lawn with lots of trees, and surprisingly, flowers surrounded it as well, which brightened the garden magnificently. The lawn was surrounded by a wall, but the wall was not over the top, as some of the other Primarch’s homes had. The wall had decorative spike along the top in in the shape of crescent moons. The house itself was a lunar white, a black roof, and above the main entrance, the eye of Horus.
    He walked through the front gates and approached the front door. Calming himself, he pushed the doorbell. After a few minutes, he heard footsteps, and then the door finally opened.
    >> Mattmaster 05/29/11(Sun)13:17 No.15093402
    “You made it! Glad you are on time, my dad likes punctuality.” Isis said smiling and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Inwardly, Sam winced. He had heard from his friends what had happened when they had met their girlfriend’s fathers. While Greg had been lucky, many had been scared badly, and refused to talk about what happened.
    That would not happen to him, Sam decided. He would stand up for himself, and he would impress the Warmaster. As he decided these, he followed Isis, not paying attention to where they were leading him.
    Still lost in thought, he entered a doorway that Isis had just disappeared into, not paying attention even as she started talking to someone else. He snapped to attention however, when a deep and melodius voice addressed him by name.
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)13:54 No.15093620
    I wrote "Racing the Khan."

    ...Feels good man.
    >> Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO 05/29/11(Sun)13:54 No.15093625
    >> Anonymous 05/29/11(Sun)14:40 No.15094016

    I am having trouble editing the information update I have for the daughters, when I click save page it just goes to a blank white screen.

    As you have also edited the page before I was wondering if you had an answer that might help?

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