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  • File : 1306277169.jpg-(758 KB, 1500x1400, hoa.jpg)
    758 KB BROTHERHOOD OF THE MEGALITH 3 Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)18:46 No.15040236  
    old thread: >>15014422

    archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14994562/

    Okay, now, we're coming up with company names and themes:

    >Blood Bear tribe (7 CO. Veterans)
    >Dawnrider tribe (? CO. Jump Assault)
    >Woodland Stalker tribe (? CO. Scouts)
    >Tundra Rider tribe (? CO. Fast Attack Company)
    >Eternal Glacier tribe (? CO. Line Company)
    >Irontusk tribe (? CO. Line Company)
    >Waterserpent tribe (? CO. Line Company)

    We also need to expand upon the initiation rituals. So far, the Angakut take the bravest native warriors after each inter-tribe battle, have them kill a local predator, and bring back the corpse before a rival loots it.
    But do they have to use the whole "blood transfusion in a coffin" the BA use? Considering that they are born from an attempt at removing the Flaw, they might use regular surgical/chimiotherapy methods instead (with a bit of pseudo-cannibalistic stuff, maybe) whatchathink?

    here's the Chapter Hero: Hoa "Blood Bear" Takupt. we need to chose what kind of claws he used. Maybe I should put a bear skeleton on top of his back, too.

    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)18:51 No.15040256

    The lower right drawing. for srs.

    Also, instead of the blood coffin, how about we wed the cannibalism to the geneseed implantation? the initiate imbibes the flesh of the battle brother whose geneseed he is receiving, during a ritual where the donating brother's history is told, passing on this legacy to the initiate?

    What if the skeleton is draped across the armor, legs on legs, arms on arms, kinda like?
    >> Shock 05/24/11(Tue)18:51 No.15040260
    That looks brilliant! I think the top-right claw in that picture looks like the best option for his claw(s).
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:55 No.15040283
    An idea for Chaplain initiation.

    The main enemy of the chapter is a Tzeentchian fire-daemon, right? And he's likley corrupted quite a few of the Brotherhood's warriors.

    So maybe in order to become a chaplain, you've got to track down and kill one of the Tzeentchian-corrupted marines, then take a trophy from their corpse (a tentacle, a mutated eye, fangs) from his body. You then become a chaplain and wear the mutated trophy to prove your strength against chaos.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)18:56 No.15040289
    okay, finger-claws, I approve

    that would require a 1corspe/1initiate ratio, and we know that marines rarely manage to retrieve their corpses during the battle.

    Okay for consuming the flesh of a battle-brother, but not sure.

    Maybe more like: still drinking the blood of the primarch, but as a means to trigger the development of most organs, that doesn't work without sangui's psychoactive blood.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)18:58 No.15040306
    not necessarily tzeenchian. We should drop some hints that he's actually a daemon prince of Hashut.

    that could work, but I think that you rather have to be a native angakok-aspirant from the beginning, since they are supposed to know everything about the local culture. that'd mean that the chaplains are meant to be chaplains from the start. that's a heavy responsibility.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:00 No.15040310

    i like the idea of eating fallen brothers to pass down their history, nice way of keeping track of stuff without librarians. In the ritual perhaps the initiate could drink the blood of the predator mixed with that of another battle brother, to pass down the history and strengthen the initiate.This is why they have to bring it back the beast rather than kill and loot it.
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:00 No.15040313
    Balls-out, pure badassery, sir.

    Ahh, fuck. I forgot about that little tidbit of the BA's.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/24/11(Tue)19:02 No.15040323
    Have you guys figured out anything about their head chaplain/reclusiarch?
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:03 No.15040332

    Heh. I'll let Techno field this one..he came up with a fucking amazing Moby Dick tie-in that is staggeringly grimdark.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:03 No.15040333
    Last thread. We discussed extensively about it.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/24/11(Tue)19:04 No.15040339

    oic. I will go back and read that
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:07 No.15040362

    Speaking of, What if Ishmael is a legacy of the pre-inuit influence in the chapter? His name is already angelic, which fits the BA's nicely. He could be the Master Armorer; A tech marine holdover from the far gone days of the chapter.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:08 No.15040366
    I like the idea of eating the beast they've hunted down.

    so, it'd be: eating a chunk of it, in which a few drops of Sanguinius' blood has been poured. then, the become comatose, (as with space Wolves and Blood Angels) and the surgery begins, instead of the massive blood transfusion, since the organs would bear the Flaw themselves. Even if the guys who came up with this idea thought "hey, it must be a problem with the blood".
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:09 No.15040382
    then why not the pequod's blacksmith, instead (forgot his name, sounds like a nickname for "Prometheus") or the charpenter? But Ishmael sounds cool.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:11 No.15040396
    too bad the chapter doesn't have librarians, he would have fit perfectly.

    Captain of the scout company? he's not 10 000 years old, of course, but let's say he was more into historical research than others. And scout company veterans are always extremely old.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/24/11(Tue)19:15 No.15040422
    Some ideas for the Dawnrider(s):

    First or fifth company.

    Made up of veterans who don't use Terminator armor due to personal preference and other assault marines. Able to deploy with or without their jump packs, just preferential to it.

    Also tend to have the most death company/chaplains attached to them?
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:17 No.15040437

    Sold. Bag it, I'll take it.


    Sounds functional.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:18 No.15040442
    If the sanguinary guard is the BA first company, then let's go for it.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/24/11(Tue)19:20 No.15040456
         File1306279235.png-(288 KB, 602x668, sguard.png)
    288 KB

    Doesn't say if they belong to a company, just that they're veterans/bodyguards for important dudes.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:21 No.15040465
    Ah, I'm hesitating. our chapter isn't really into all that bling and escort-girls thing.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/24/11(Tue)19:25 No.15040496
         File1306279555.jpg-(10 KB, 444x319, m2050497_99060101416_SMVanguar(...).jpg)
    10 KB

    Yeah. BAs still have Vanguard vets, which are just vets who like their jump packs and stabbing things more than shooting them iirc.

    They also have one of the coolest models imo, but that's just me going off topic.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:25 No.15040497
    gonna sleep, I have to be up early tomorrow.
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:26 No.15040499

    Thats why I wanted to assemble the vets as 7 CO. embracing the legacy of Blood Bear. They get the "escort" thing handled by being chosen to accompany Quogh-Haab on the hunt.

    If the Dawnriders of 1 CO. are Veterans/Assault, it gives them a purpose without tying in to all that prancy-nancy Wardian goop.
    >> Technomancer 05/24/11(Tue)19:26 No.15040501
    ok for vanguard equivalents
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:28 No.15040527

    Hey, that's exactly what I was thinking you were saying. Let's run with it.
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:44 No.15040646
    Aaaand archiving started:
    >> Shock 05/24/11(Tue)19:47 No.15040670

    Added to the wiki page.
    >> Nametag! 05/24/11(Tue)19:49 No.15040690

    thx. I don't wiki so good. I need to rack out for a few hours. I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas pop up in my absence!
    >> Shock 05/24/11(Tue)20:10 No.15040884
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:40 No.15041162
    >> Shock 05/24/11(Tue)20:44 No.15041216
    Soooo... Let's get Kanaq fluffed out! Well, Kanaq Prime.

    What we know:
    >Frozen world, probably in an Ice Age.

    >Human population are feral, divided into tribes and forced into waging wars with each other due to the lack of available resources and by the BotM so they can scoop up the most promising warriors for recruitment into the chapter.

    >Has giant mammoths and narwal (probably not of the rapey sort)

    >While a frozen hellhole, still has some flora (namely forests, probably populated by all sorts of nasties.

    Any suggestions?
    >> Shock 05/24/11(Tue)22:37 No.15042388
    bumping before bed
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:50 No.15045207
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)05:16 No.15045584
         File1306314969.jpg-(8 KB, 390x259, DON'TYOUDIEONME.jpg)
    8 KB

    We also have the chapters citadel made of unknown origins, possible regressed human from dark age of technology or xeno. The chapter doesn't actually know the full size of the structure because the lower sections are locked down.

    Also was thinking about the wendigowak(spelling?). Are these the brotherhoods death company? Those that have succumbed to the black rage and are simply given some weapons provisions and a homing device and left to the wilds of the planet to fend for themselves. then in times of battle a few lucky chaplains(or whatever the equivalent is) get to ride around the planet in thunder hawks rounding them all up. Also i enjoyed someone's idea that the chaplains heard them into drop pods that have some sort of food for them inside.

    In the mean time the wedigowak cover themselves in their kills, claws, tusks, junk like that, while also loosing fingers and stuff to frostbite. They could also hunt the human tribes and eat and devour them, making them true to the wendigo mythology.

    Don't mind me throwing science to the wall and seeing what sticks...
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)05:23 No.15045609

    I would imagine it would be Siberia the planet. A huge forest wrapping round the equatorial regions, the rest just kinda... ice.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)05:28 No.15045631

    Or we could use the wendigowak as the sanguinary guard for this chapter. They require a strong leader to get them to the battle but once they're there they love it.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/25/11(Wed)05:30 No.15045638

    Problem is that SG are supposed to be bodyguards for important people in the chapter.

    If the wendigowak are like wendigos of legend, they're p. much analogous to Death Company.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)05:32 No.15045646

    SO DC not SG. That's fine. I'm samefagging to promote discussion.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:00 No.15045740
    okay, now we have a few possible initiation rites propositions, which one is the best?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:03 No.15045754
    Like the idea about man hunting wendigos. But the people must have someking of protection against them, maybe a charm or totem, or a monolith at the settlement, that repels them, or they will be quickly eaten down to the last man.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:07 No.15045766

    Big planet few wendigowak further promoting strength of the recruits. But i suppose they world be destroyed...

    Any solutions?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:11 No.15045781

    How about all of them? Have each tribe have their own initiation ritual. Or hell, each of these cases represent a mythological event where a Megalith Marine did an awesome thing, and the initiation would be "emulate that dude's awesome deed". It feels more stone age that way, not a fixed ceremony but a focus on the act. If someone came along and did some other equally awesome thing, that would become an initiation ritual too.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:12 No.15045785
    they look like the legendary Men of Stone and are sometimes seen accompanying them: sacred predators that nearly nobody dares fighting. Try to found a hunting party big and ballsy enough to hunt down a beast that's more cunning and powerful than nearly every other one, and that's surrounded by an aura of religious mystery and respect.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:13 No.15045789
    I guess that would work, but we need a few other ones.

    So, still, no blood-filled coffin, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:15 No.15045794

    I think we'll pass on that but they still need to drink blood and go into a comer for a while, that's just how all BA successors work.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:16 No.15045798

    I agree.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:21 No.15045815

    The problem isn't humans fighting wendigowaks, it's the wendigowaks finding them in the middle of the night and ripping them all to pieces and eating them. I think the best idea is some form of talisman that someone already mentioned. Made by the chapters chaplains equivalent to drive them off.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:26 No.15045829
    okay, but it doesn't rely on psychic stuff, just subconscious influence.

    Maybe something having to do with the Angagok paraphernalia: even non-SM angakut have some sort of crozius arcanum and black robes. The Brothers are taught to always fear and respect these guys, and as far as we know, the chapters' Angakut drive the Wendigowak into battle because nobody else can. So I'd say that the native Angakut can manage to drive them off most of the time.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/25/11(Wed)06:31 No.15045852

    Part of their psycho-indoctrination involves an unnerving fear of the native totems, which are given to the tribes by the chaplains/chapter every so often in an overly convoluted ritual where they make it seem like the gods that the tribals worship have gifted them with the totem.

    The totems cause untold fear in the Wendigowak, because their facilities are diminished and it brings the psycho-surgery to the forefront. While they are insane and bloodthirsty, the image/sight of the totems is so ingrained in them through the chaplains and their psychoindoctrination that they believe going near a totem will cause them to die/be struck down/whatever.

    That, or the totems are sentry guns that zap the shit out of them when they get near the village and scare them off.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:32 No.15045855

    I like it.

    So the initiation currently looks something like this.

    >be tribesman
    >fight other tribes
    >Strongest tribesmen taken by brotherhood
    >Do stuff
    >Sent into wild to kill animal to see if ready
    >Return or die
    >Eat animal with blood of Sanguine (or other battle brother)
    >Go into coma, wake up a year later (that's how long it is for BAs)
    >Become SM.
    > Be awesome

    Looking about right?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)06:34 No.15045868
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)07:55 No.15046286
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)12:47 No.15047993

    we need writefaggotry
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)15:15 No.15049188
    bumpy pumpy
    >> Nametag! 05/25/11(Wed)15:54 No.15049588
    Oooh. Had some close calls with tornadoes last night. Closest funnel dropped 15 miles southwest of us. It was a weak one, but still blew out people's windows and made off with some street signs.

    Let's see what we've got here...


    Thats it exactly.


    SICK. No psyker shit, just pure indoctrination. Love it!

    That is the Wendigwak exactly.

    I really dig the idea that the chapter is viewed as gods not only for being seen distantly observing tribal conflicts, but because they are seen being accompanied by Wendigowak. The one thing I'd like to keep from the BA's Death Company chaplains is the lead-from-the-front doctrine; I think the Wendigowak obey the chaplains because they'll whip and kick them into battle, but they can live on the brink of sanity with them as well. It would take a truly titanic set of imperial-issue balls to ride a drop pod into the fray of battle surrounded by those dudes.
    >> Nametag! 05/25/11(Wed)17:34 No.15050514
    Bumpan with Inuit research material:

    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)19:15 No.15051406

    Britfag here, best of luck to you. What else do we need fluffing?
    >> Technomancer 05/25/11(Wed)19:18 No.15051427
    more stuff about the companies, I guess, but the most important is to put everything in proper shape. Someone suggested to make it a local tale kind of thing.
    >> Nametag! 05/25/11(Wed)22:17 No.15053031

    I'm kinda thin on ideas right at the moment...do you got anything?

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