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  • File : 1306253838.jpg-(329 KB, 650x1097, 57065-1.jpg)
    329 KB Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:17 No.15036495  
    Do I sense a setting idea?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:23 No.15036554
    FATAL, the trading card game?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:27 No.15036576
    Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:28 No.15036583

    Don't be ridiculous. The fluff wouldn't be nearly as racist.o
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:29 No.15036596
         File1306254575.jpg-(392 KB, 812x1344, 1dccda4e1f173afa9e2ea6c863f189(...).jpg)
    392 KB
    Well, this is interesting. It's like pokemon, only with rape. There was some setting with lusty, willing wonster girls though.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:38 No.15036676
         File1306255113.jpg-(7 KB, 200x155, 1242349411-1242349368-667627pi(...).jpg)
    7 KB

    Pika? PikaaaAAAARGH
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:40 No.15036696
    ohplease /tg/ don't let me /d/own
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)12:43 No.15036729
    Leave this board at once, furry, and return to /b/ from whence you came.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:45 No.15036751
         File1306255547.gif-(710 KB, 140x130, reaction.gif)
    710 KB

    There's a hand in her vagina.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:49 No.15036790
         File1306255765.png-(275 KB, 370x454, 1298056675093.png)
    275 KB
    Wait so fucking monster girls is furry?

    ....Well shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:50 No.15036802
    >Monster girls = furry
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:51 No.15036816
    So you have to beat up the pokemon until it can't evade your penis? Raise the rate with sleep or paralysis? Ohfuckgod.
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)12:52 No.15036836
    Oh, I thought you were talking about raping pokemon. My bad. Bumpin for monster girls
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:54 No.15036844
    >monster girls
    >belonging on /b/
    >monsters girls
    >not on /tg/

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:55 No.15036859
         File1306256148.jpg-(95 KB, 500x625, tumblr_l6qu3wq5Qu1qczxu6o1_500.jpg)
    95 KB
    So, rapis\tg\uys, what system shall we use?
    %%I'm so gonna get banned%%
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:56 No.15036874

    Well we got no choice
    All the girls and boys
    Makin all that noise
    'Cause they found new toys
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:56 No.15036875
    Oh, god, i herped so hard, i derped. Sorry about that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:58 No.15036887
    There is only one real choice for a setting like this.

    We must run this in FATAL.
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)12:58 No.15036890
    Percentage rolls for capture, variable by rarity and strength, and with bonuses to rolls according to SLP/PAR/restrained, etc.

    inb4 elf princess
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:58 No.15036892

    Roll for orifice size, gents.
    And ladygents, of course.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)12:59 No.15036899
    Ugh? What? i dont even...
    It is an opposite day? Or you are just troll?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:00 No.15036917

    indestructible isn't a keyword brah
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:00 No.15036919
    This thread needs drider bitches
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:06 No.15036965
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:08 No.15036988

    It's simple, Dick Magic is the most powerful form of magic in the lands. Only an erect penis has the magical power necessary to seal a monster away and prevent them from harming human communities.

    [oh god what the fuck did I just write]
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:10 No.15037006
         File1306257046.gif-(1010 KB, 300x169, 1267944795197.gif)
    1010 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:10 No.15037008
    You could always go with a Dragon Quest Monsters kind of angle where the captured monsters are used to protect people and aid in everyday tasks. In a setting where pretty much everything wants to eat you, it's nice to have some backup.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:12 No.15037022

    You're welcome, Mr. Harris.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:14 No.15037036
    Well, but how can they protect people if people able to deafeat and rape em in the first place? Why not those who rape monster girls, protect villagers?
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:16 No.15037060
    It could be that your character BELIEVES this, when in reality he is a homeless person on a massive doubledose of Meth and DMT, and is wandering the streets looking for victims. Their twisted forms reflect his sober subconscious fears, and to conquer the hallucinations- to conquer himSELF- he must rape ALL the bitches

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:18 No.15037077
    >The Escapist
    Oh shit nigger what are you doing.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:18 No.15037078

    terrible portals from another world opened up all over the land, besieging good folk with monstergirls. most of them want nothing more than to hunt humans down and roast them on a spit, but in the early days a few of them were willing to be bargained with or might even have been genuinely helpful. coupled with >>15036988's dick magic, thus began the first order of Monster Dickers.

    dicking a monster allows one to summon it again later with the proper ritual, and they are for the most part under magical indentured servitude to the Dicker. they help the Dickers battle their own kind and exhaust them, so they can be Dicked more readily.

    the ultimate goal is to rid the land of the monstergirl threat, perhaps locking them all away, perhaps learning to live in harmony with them, perhaps something else entirely.
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:18 No.15037088
    The what now?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:19 No.15037094
    >serial rapists
    >protecting villagers (probably from pillaging and rape)
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:21 No.15037105
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:21 No.15037106
         File1306257668.jpg-(219 KB, 672x800, 1301992597167.jpg)
    219 KB
    Also he takes polaroid photos, which he shows then to his next victims thus weakening their will.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:23 No.15037129
         File1306257808.jpg-(15 KB, 500x281, finn-wow..jpg)
    15 KB

    Glorious. Now we need a list of monstergirls and a ton of crunch.
    >> Spanky Jefferson 05/24/11(Tue)13:24 No.15037142
    I wonder if he realizes that those are BLIGHTsteel colossi and that they have INFECT.
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:24 No.15037149
    Said polaroids not only double as the Tablets of Summoning (which me babbles about as he wrestles the pantsuit off an elderly woman in a pillbox hat), but also will be found by the Coalition of Silver Star Warlocks, who will try to seal him in a magic prison filled with spiders and agony. (read: dem po-lice)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:26 No.15037173
    Oh man, dat drider.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:27 No.15037177
    >you know imagine her placing her silk over your dick to make a condom
    >you know are aware of the fact that female spiders eat their partner after mating
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:28 No.15037188
    You do realize that /tg/ is all about monster girls right? I mean before the mods ruined everything with their IRON FIST we used to have tons of drawfriends and writefriends and monster girls were aplenty.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:28 No.15037191

    /d/'s got an entire monster girl bestiary, translated and everything. can't remember the name of it, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:29 No.15037203

    actually, >>15036992 is a page from it
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)13:31 No.15037220
    You are now dually enlightened. First, you NOW know the correct spellings of "now" and "know".

    Secondly, you are aware that the act does not count as mating if the male wears a condom.

    Is this awesome y/n
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:32 No.15037233
         File1306258348.jpg-(2.73 MB, 4561x3609, mg1.jpg)
    2.73 MB
    >Now we need a list of monstergirls and a ton of crunch.
    *sigh* for once, morality be damned...
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:33 No.15037247
    Can you provide us with a link or the name?
    Also, there was some PnP pokemans game, can we use a setting with it?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:34 No.15037253
         File1306258451.jpg-(1.98 MB, 4615x3605, mg2.jpg)
    1.98 MB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:36 No.15037279
    How can one damn that which does not exist?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:37 No.15037285
    Thank you, good sir.
    So there's only crunch left to find and implement.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:39 No.15037310
    this is coming along entirely too well...
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:45 No.15037361

    But good sir, those monstergirls are the ones doing the raping; it's the Dickers that are supposed to be doing that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:46 No.15037372

    /tg/ gets shit done. Besides, is it really rape if you're raping a monster that wants to rape you to death?

    Also, if there are any drawfags around, we need a picture of a knight with no pants. That shit's going on the cover of the rulebook.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:47 No.15037385
    >we need a picture of a knight with no pants

    Can we make it Rance? He just seems like a natural fit.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:49 No.15037395
    Shouldn't the /tg/ original dragon raper character work for that? I mean he already has it as his lifegoal to rape every female dragon in existance, so he would seem like a kind of natural spokesperson.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:49 No.15037406

    Haha, yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:49 No.15037407

    hrm. this complicates things.

    perhaps both monstergirls and dickers manipulate dick mana, the dickers having first learned to do so from cooperative monstergirls and the monstergirls doing so for sustenance or power or even just addiction, in the case of the rather human-like "amazonians" and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:52 No.15037425

    Are there evil dickers? Those who use their fiendish dick-mana on regular women? That we have to stop with our monster army that we dicked?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:52 No.15037427
    So humans are vulnerable to dick magic too? Interesting.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:53 No.15037442
    What happens if you dick a monster that was dicked by someone else?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:54 No.15037452

    > dick mana

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:54 No.15037457
         File1306259676.jpg-(36 KB, 480x353, SIGVALD.jpg)
    36 KB
    That's what slaneesh is all about
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:56 No.15037474

    Then you are a double rapist. That is worse than a regular rapist.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:58 No.15037492
         File1306259889.gif-(2.18 MB, 302x347, supershots.gif)
    2.18 MB

    jesus christ
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:59 No.15037505
    Okay so Dick Mana is now Orgone. Got it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)13:59 No.15037507
    You measure your dicks (dick-mana) with the guy who dicked monster before you. It's obvious.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:00 No.15037511
    My name is Rance, High Orgomancer.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:03 No.15037545

    dicking a monster that was previously dicked results in an opposed dickery contest. while dicking the monster you slowly drain the influence that binds her to her current dicker, and he must either fend you off and dick the monster back to full influence, or grab another orifice and out-dick you.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:09 No.15037631
    What happens when one dicker tries to dick another dicker?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:11 No.15037652
    They go and play FATAL instead, with each other.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:12 No.15037656
         File1306260729.jpg-(132 KB, 493x425, ironsport why.jpg)
    132 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:13 No.15037665
    we need a mechanic for orgomancy(binding) and one for summoning
    what have we been doing with our lives
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:13 No.15037668
    Cockfights are illegal for a reason
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:17 No.15037724
    O'kay, what do we do to bind a monster girl? Do we simply wear her off or breaking her will? Obviously we need stats for this.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:19 No.15037745
    Perhaps the reason monstergirls rape villagers is to collect orgone to imbue their abilities. Dickers can "overcharge" them, creating a binding addiction to that dicker.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:19 No.15037749

    more importantly, what sort of game is this?

    collectible card battling? dungeon crawling? something in between, like the queen's blade battle what's its?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:22 No.15037767
    So the Orgomancer is someone whose gathered an usual amount of life-energy
    (stay a virgin until 30 to gain magical powers, whee! Also no cheating or you'll turn blind and be corrupted by eeevil)
    thus becoming magicaly viral and allowing them to use secret techniques to bind monster with their lust!
    the same mana pool is used to sommon them later leaving the orgomancer "drained" and vulnerable only to be defended by their charges until the power is returned!

    This shit writes itself apparently.
    also lifeforce is the only natural resource that even remotely justifies alien invasion, goddamnit
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:23 No.15037787
    I think of fantasy roleplay tabletop with cards come to play only in form of binded monster girls.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:24 No.15037792
    Sounds like a combination. Dickers recruit monstergirls for both adventuring and professional contests. When dungeoncrawling all you want are the best combatants and support types you can get, but the contests are as much about breeding and appearance as they are about fighting ability.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:25 No.15037805
    Orgomancer could have a subcaste of servants specialised in healing magic (especially in respect to STDs). Maybe another subcaste of stealthy hunters. Or bondage specialists.That could provide more classes.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:25 No.15037810

    so we are combining both pokemon and lightning warrior raidy, then?

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:26 No.15037825
    Why do we even need classes? It's not like i hate class-based systems, just want to know if it's justified here.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:29 No.15037850

    It would explain why so many damn monstergirls are fueled by sex/semen.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:30 No.15037863
    think Shin Megame Tensei series
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:31 No.15037874
    The only classes that matter are dickers and not-dickers. Otherwise it's all about the different monstergirl types. Normal humans , regardless of other factors, just can't enter sexual combat like the dickers can. Maybe have a minor specialization for saying someone knows magic or is good with a sword, but that's about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:33 No.15037901

    evil orgomancers come from those too weakwilled to withstand the training, they are driven mad and left mutated with hairy paws and such
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:35 No.15037923
    Maybe not classes; perhaps talent trees, or feats, or specialisations. Something to allow character customisation.
    "Zolofar is mostly specialized in Anal Dicking (with relevant perks) but can also heal herpes and use basic bondage abilities on unconscious or willing targets."
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:35 No.15037927
    Why do you need sword or magic when you have monster girls backing you up?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:36 No.15037934
         File1306262174.jpg-(145 KB, 800x600, 247990.jpg)
    145 KB

    I think Dick Wizards would be interesting opponents to mix things up occasionally, but the key decision seems to be if Dickers engage in physical combat themselves or if they are entirely dependant on a benevolent starter-monster.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:43 No.15038027
    I imagine that they would need to be capable of subduing the monsters themselves. It may be possible to surprise a weaker monster that thought he was a normal villager, but a dragon can probably fight back well enough that it takes a veteran orgomancer to bring her to heel. Your monsters can help subdue her, but you have to do the deed yourself.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:45 No.15038056
    Oh hey, what's going on in this thread!

    ... Oh.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:47 No.15038083
    If I have to pick one or the other I lean towards giving the Orgomancer physical capabilities.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:50 No.15038118
    Either way really. Orgomancers will certainly need to be physical because of what they do but might not be trained as warriors. Some could use the power for sex magic or something like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:52 No.15038138
    Why not both? Magical dickers could use spiked tentacles, paralysis, mind control, vibrating magical penis etc; while physical dickers would use brute force, chains, and pinning/incapacitating martial moves.
    Magical dickers would have an easier time dicking, but their dicking would prove less effective than those of physical dickers.
    High ranking orgomancers could combine both for highly effective dickings.

    Alternatively, magical dickers could be women and let the magic do the dicking.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:52 No.15038144
    What if some Orgomancers could drain orgone from the monstergirls to take on their characteristics. Just to spice up being an Orgomancer, and make them more physically capable.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:54 No.15038163

    eehhhhh.... but then you'll open the door for Biff McLargeHuge to just rape his way into being some sort of horrible chimera and eliminate the need for Collecting Them All
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:54 No.15038173
    It could be temporary.

    And that would be a pretty decent villain I feel.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:56 No.15038187
    >SHOUNEN saturday morning cartoons
    >but with rape, sex, and monster girls
    No, just no.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)14:59 No.15038220

    Women would generally be Toyomancers.

    Protecting men from rape and violation by taming monstrous perversions of females with strap-ons, magic, and domination.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:02 No.15038246

    Binding monsters would mean a portion of their Orgone Power would then be linked to yours, improving the character's stats or feats. Only the most powerful example of a monster type defeated in such a way would give you the benefits, though. No sex-slaving a horde of easy slime girls to give yourself HUGE stats.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:04 No.15038270
    I think the people of the setting will be very cautious of women taking any part in defending them due to feminine nature of ALL monsters.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:04 No.15038272
    Well obviously. Taking on powers should be a fairly high level ability. But I mean we should make more interesting things you can do with Orgone.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:06 No.15038309
    It's true. And from the bestiary, many of them can apparently kidnap human women to turn them into more monstergirls. And such women would clearly be at risk. That doesn't mean that they wouldn't exist though.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:06 No.15038313
    all this and no mention of Johniass Dragonraper?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:06 No.15038316
    alright, so:

    Dickers will probably need to get physical to tame a wild monstergirl, or else have a Dicked companion pin them down or use dick-magic to subdue them
    Dick Magic is something that will need expanding upon for the purposes of BBEGs and potentially PC Dick Wizards
    >>15038138 brings up the possibility of female Dickers. either giving them sole jurisdiction of magic, or some sort of weird magic strapon setup. perhaps a gender distinction is not even necessary and we're all being dick-centric because dick is a funny word.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:11 No.15038360
    "Should you choose this path, a grim future awaits you. You will meet naught but suspicion and distrust. That is the price of protecting those you love. Will you take the strap-on, girl? "
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:16 No.15038421

    Actually, more along the other way. Men that fail are going to end up harvested for their Orgone by the monsters until they're nothing more than withered husks aiding in the monster's survival/reproduction. The worst that will happen to the woman is a relatively swift death.

    Of course, women have to get their own supply of Orgone to keep their bound monsters functional, but being human can use it far more efficiently (and give it to their monsters) than the monsters raping it out of men can. And heck, they build it up twice as well if they're having sex themselves, or just plain getting themselves off.

    (Good grief, this is the first time an idea from a frickin fantasy-based adult site has actually been useful for me on /tg/...)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:17 No.15038438
    Oh, god, my lungs.
    I've just discovered that i have no macros discribing laughing, What a sad prick i am.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:17 No.15038441
    I'm fucking on to you /tg/. I just finish jerking it, and come on, and there's this thread sitting right here, enticing me with your damn monster girls and dick magic.


    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:19 No.15038463
         File1306264768.jpg-(122 KB, 880x1024, 1301950545667.jpg)
    122 KB
    You're pretty confident.

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:19 No.15038467
         File1306264777.jpg-(168 KB, 909x746, GOOD MORNING.jpg)
    168 KB

    one of these days, anon...

    one of these days~

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:19 No.15038468
    I was talking about prejudices.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:20 No.15038476
    Oh man Robots. How to they interact with Orgone?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:22 No.15038508
    They are not. Let's focus on the matters at hand.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:23 No.15038513

    I think it's safe to assume there are no robots in this setting.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:24 No.15038529
    In the far future, it has been discovered that Orgone can be processed to form clean, environmentally safe energy. Despite all research into other methods, the form that naturally processes this energy the best is a female body. In reponse to this, many models of Orgone reliant humanoid robots have been developed to aid in everyday life.

    Then, the robot apocalypse happened.

    In a world where gynoids seek to extract Orgone from humans, you are one of the surviving males. Are you man enough to force these automatons to submit to you and take back the blue earth?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:27 No.15038553
    File deleted.

    Stop feeding the rping troll, let's keep this thread on topic.

    [spoiler]Dammit, vamp, you're ruining everything! Do you want the humans to get suspicious? It's been way too long since I got my last hit of orgone![/spoiler]

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:28 No.15038573
    Spoilers don't work on /tg/

    You're furthering the impression that he's onto us friend.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:28 No.15038575

    Well, shit. That was totally just a joke, alright? Let's just continue discussing delicious orgone magic. Nothing unusual going on here, maybe you guys can fap to the images or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:32 No.15038614
    Guys, please archieve the thread somewhere, i'm going to sleep and want to see how's this all turns out.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:34 No.15038644


    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:39 No.15038696
    I really don't know what you're talking about ~

    In any case, let's get back to work on the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:43 No.15038728
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:44 No.15038740
    I surrender.
    This. This thread right her. This is why I love you fa/tg/uys.

    .......but seriously, I surrender
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:48 No.15038787
    right. we can all play with him later.

    anyway, it sounds like we need a system that can handle head-to-head card duelling along with some light skirmish wargaming/tactical dungeon crawling, which sounds..... really weird. and labour intensive. but also kind of nifty. but also labour intensive.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:50 No.15038803
    It does, but I think it would be rewarding.

    You know if we could find anybody to play it with.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:52 No.15038825

    I'm sure one or two fatguys would play it over IRC once and then never speak about it again, at least.

    but this is the sort of thing that needs to be done for its own sake, for the pride of /tg/ and the "oh god did they really do that" reactions of the other boards.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:53 No.15038838

    Well, How would card duEling come into this? I thought it would be more liKe feats or somethiNg frOm traditional dungeon craWling like "Advanced Anal Fucking" or "Lube Proficiency" or Something like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:54 No.15038840
    Okay first question.

    What kind of Dice System do we want to use?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:58 No.15038872

    I feel we need cards up in this primarily because it's a fetish game and we need something to look at. also we are basing this off of a sexémon joke.

    "feats" could still sort of work, in that monstergirls would need abilities and such. por ejemplo snakegirl would have that huge tail and could use it for sweep attacks. proper D&D feats would depend on what sort of progression would be involved, PC or otherwise, indeed if any.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:58 No.15038876
    retineo vir actito, expiscor domus
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:59 No.15038886

    Shit, meant to post that on /lit/ in a roman literature thread. Ignore please.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)15:59 No.15038895
    You could just delete it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:00 No.15038902
    give each monstergirl type two setsn of stats, one for when they're wild, and a weaker set for when they've been capture. as for the actual capturing mechanics...remaining hp + the monster girl's endurance stat vs. the dicker's END+ bonuses for techniques+ 1d? d6 for casters d8 for physical guys? casters have more powerful techniques, maybe? and then monstergirl's counter attack would of course be END+technique+1d10 vs. dicker's hp+END. and yes, we need to include endurance, cause there should be non-sexual threats too (ie party member's knife in the back)
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)16:00 No.15038905
    Let me see if I got it all
    Key points:
    - Sexmages bind Orgone monsters by overriding their Orgone signature with their own.
    -Synchronized/bound monsters add their energy too the caster's pool, making it possible to capture bigger opponents because
    - high level monster girls need a more skilled caster with larger... reserves.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:01 No.15038909
         File1306267286.jpg-(436 KB, 740x1048, 1294342767548.jpg)
    436 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:02 No.15038922
    Are we basing this off a D20 system? Or are we making a new system?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:02 No.15038924
    Do we even have a name for the system yet? I was thinking something along the lines of "Dick Magic: The Fuckening", or something like that.

    Also, it'd be hilarious as fuck if we actually ended up finishing this system. I know I'd love to play with some fa/tg/uys and have a good long, hard, pulsing laugh about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:04 No.15038945

    d20 as a system is poopy and we ought to be avoiding it at all costs. although twenty sided dice themselves aren't out of the question. personally I am leaning more towards a simpler d6 system, but I wouldn't know where to start.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:05 No.15038957
    We should make like...

    A pbworks or something. A wiki. A blog. A place we can go to post our work on the system.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:06 No.15038961
    I'd rather see a huge will score. The score decreases as the victim is getting dicked: an exceptional dicker can break weak monsters directly on entry, but a scrub would take several rounds.

    There should also be a stamina value for the orgomancer. Even if the monster is bound, a noob dicker will be unable to break a dragon; he would but pump inefficiently before passing out.
    Female orgomancers will have an equivalent focus value, if it reaches zero they will be unable to manifest their magic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:14 No.15039058
    wel yea, that was my intent with the endurance score. and hp-will, w/e works. the whole point is that the tamed monstergirls are gonna beat your target up before you rapoe her, right? so I'd expect some correlation. a totally unharmed one should be harder to break than one that's almost unconcious
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:17 No.15039078
    that's all I have to say on this, mainly cause It's too much work, and I'm lazy. time to go play dungeons

    Curze out
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:19 No.15039115

    Endurance/Will/Resistance, whatever. it's all the same thing.

    the important part is that it can be worn down- through combat, being pinned down by a harem, though magic and just plain fucking.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:19 No.15039117
    Body-Strength and endurance
    Agility-dodge and strike, balance and thievery skills
    Mind-Willpower and magic

    each is rated 1-5, you get that many d6's to roll, 10 points to spend at start. Highest die wins, can add multiple dice with same face together.

    How's that sound?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:20 No.15039123
    Pretty solid to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:21 No.15039132
    If we need to do cards couldn't the spells be cards?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:21 No.15039134
    >dicepool card battlan


    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:22 No.15039144
    Attacks can be intended to wear an opponent down (success takes away a point of endurance) or to humiliate and degrade them (damages willpower). Physical attacks use Body, mental attacks use Mind
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:23 No.15039155
    Would grappling wear down agility? Because we can damage the other stats.

    Also couldn't you use Agility for bondage based attacks?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:23 No.15039159

    the monstergirls need to be cards, too. pictures are important for this sort of thing. but, yeah, no reason we can't do both.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:24 No.15039182
    Upon losing all Endurance/Willpower a human is either unconscious or broken. Monsters suffer the same conditions but can be bound in specially prepared cards that will hold them until summoned again. They obey their new master and are bound to them for whatever effects we come up with later.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:26 No.15039193
    I hadn't thought of that and I'm kicking myself. Yes. We need to give a bonus to the other attacks once they're bound.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:26 No.15039196
         File1306268808.jpg-(48 KB, 444x366, 1286885306862.jpg)
    48 KB
    but what do we do with the cards once we turn them into cards? Can we summon them back in a Yu Gi Oh esque manner? Or do we just keep them as cards?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:27 No.15039198
    Do we have to regularly enforce our Orgone signature because theirs tries to reassert itself.

    Or do once we overwrite their signature is that permanent.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:28 No.15039213
    i thought we were just gonna use cards for game mechanics, like stat cards in warmahordes
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:29 No.15039216

    Yu Gi Oh seems to be the operating assumption.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:29 No.15039219
    At least in pokemon there are people who dress up as particular species. Perhaps something similar is possible for those who want to emulate a certain monstergirl? You can dress as one that is bound to you for some smal;l bonus, either physical or mental, as long as you keep the costume.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:30 No.15039238

    Of course, you can only bind so many monsters, since you've got to feed them Orgone- or the bond breaks, the monstergirl goes feral again, and you have a rapebeast on the loose.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:31 No.15039244
    They are summoning cards that release them on command. They need to be given a "fix" every so often or will grow desperate and easy prey to other orgomancers. Those that go really long may even run away when released and become feral horrors.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:32 No.15039255
    well, duh. card duelling games have game mechanics on their cards.

    no, go away.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:33 No.15039269

    Sooo....we get to cosplay as cute monster girls?

    Oh man, this is just picking up even more of my fetishes. A human trap dressed as a succubus that wants so many big sisters that he goes around fucking more monstergirls to act as his big sisters and teach him how to be more feminine.

    You guys should get /d/ on this. They'd do all the heavy lifting if it means getting a game like this.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:34 No.15039274
    I thought that was going to be a high level Orgonemancer technique.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:34 No.15039281
    We can ask them for art. I think the game mechanics should be all inhouse.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:35 No.15039287

    Yes someone go post this on /d/. This game has to happen.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:36 No.15039303

    but... this is /tg/. /tg/ gets shit done.

    also most fa/tg/uys are already /d/eviants anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:36 No.15039309
    Can't go away as I'm posting rules right now.

    There's probably a risk of corruption if taken too far. Don't fuck a monstergirl you're dressed as unless you want to be less human. Most men eventually become real monsters that rape and breed harems in their lairs. Women become more monstergirls. Traps and tomboys and such could go either way.
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)16:37 No.15039315
    Cockring totems.

    Slide a Slime token on your "staff" and a Slime appears before you in a blaze of red light. A bit of Yu-gi-oh mixed with poke-balls.

    This does open up the way for multiple monster summons, however (depending on the girth of the staff in question). Powerful dickers can be recognized by their glittering, segmented codpieces, displaying proudly their prowess in battle and harem of monster waifus.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:38 No.15039322

    I want this game. someone post one of those monster girl roll lists or something so we can see our options.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:39 No.15039326
    The technique gets better as you become more powerful. To begin it's an extra die based on the monstergirl's highest stat. Later the bonus gets bigger or grants an ability. Mages like monsters with lots of powers for them to copy.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:39 No.15039327

    I like this idea.

    Weren't we using the bestiary.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:40 No.15039337

    So it'd be possible to roleplay as a human male that wants to gain the power of monstergirls by becoming one himself, so he drains monstergirls and tames them so that he can learn their techniques for himself. And then later on, when he feels he's learned all he can as a human, he goes out and just goes buck wild until he's transformed into the queen of monsters.

    Actually, that sounds like a good way to set-up a main villain for a campaign in this game. Turning yourself into a monstergirl could be the equivalent of wizards turning themselves into lichs in DnD.
    >> Altair !!zGugwPj6mpj 05/24/11(Tue)16:40 No.15039338
    This was meant to be a response to >>15039196. Also, it allows for a free market of delicious waifus, slavers, thieves, and all manner of Team Roecketesque baddies. Just a thought.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:43 No.15039368
    You know... I once played a character who thought that all problems with all attractive females of any race could be solved by sex.

    Seriously. Hot dicking, cook her breakfast, send her on her way, call her tomorrow and have a talk about why exactly she was trying to destroy the town with an army of zombies, work shit out.

    I played the world's most perverted super optimist. If those steps didn't work he'd drop it back a notch to "take her to dinner and talk about the whole 'evil' thing. See where it goes from there".
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:43 No.15039376

    I like this idea. Basically, it's like you sacrifice your masculinity and humanity for a giga boost to your Orgone powers, and whatever abilities the monstergirl you're transforming into normally has. Maybe as a side effect, from being a previously high-leveled Orgonomancer, the sheer power you exude could cause monstergirls to flock to you naturally, and recognize you as a leader. But as a tradeoff, you become vulnerable to being tamed and made into a servant yourself by an Orgonomancer who's stronger than you.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:44 No.15039388
    Maybe high-power monstergirls could override other monstergirls?

    Or weaker Orgonemancers?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:47 No.15039413
    There are also male monsters out there far past human, possibly the lords of their species and capable of fucking human girls (maybe men too) into more monsters as they breed them. Perhaps the monsters need to create these males and thats where the techniques were first learned.

    Dragons that were once men go around kidnapping princesses and such. Take them back to their lairs to rape and breed among the other dragongirls.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:48 No.15039423

    Alright, so, you've got naturally powerful monstergirls that can fight toe-to-toe with organomancers and come out on top, using the defeated as orgone batteries or possibly even converts to create a loyal guard unit of organomancers-turned-monstergirls. Then you have the organomancers that willingly give up their body and soul for even more power as a monstergirl, and then the regular organomancers who use monstergirls as their own personal fighting force....

    So we've pretty much gone from "only girls get transformed" to "anyone's fair game, if they have enough power level to make it worthwile".
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:50 No.15039437

    I dunno, I prefer the "monstergirls" only thing. We could always go with the "Organomancers that didn't transform, but went mad with power anyway" idea if you want male villains, as mentioned in >>15039309
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)16:50 No.15039440
    I propose the following:
    Once a monster is sealed, you have to permanently invest a small amount to keep the construct stable.
    Summoning can be performed by releasing all the seals at once (risky because it has a certain chance of undoing all your work) or in a controlled manner that keeps her tightly bound which also costs more.
    Banishing back into the card is cheap.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:50 No.15039441
    how's a Monster Dicker sposed to Dick a dude monster? that's pretty gay, bro.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:50 No.15039450
    Actually, FFXI has a similar situation with the Blue Mages. If you succumb to the "beast within" you turn into a Mind Flayer, with some very nice powers but utterly bestial. The last Aht Urghan plot arc revolves around exactly that (major Blue Mage becoming Queen of the Monsters, I mean)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:50 No.15039452
    We have female Orgonemancers now.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:52 No.15039470
    The male monsters are intended for the female orgomancers. Men don't dick them, they slay them. Possibly while their dragon-pregnant love interest tries to use her own powers to protect their draconian master. Unless you can fuck her back to human and the kid too after defeating the monster lord.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:52 No.15039471

    But that adds more danger. So now, you don't only have to worry about getting beaten and raped, you have to worry about that pack of werewolves going "You know, we do need a new leader, and this guy here's pretty powerful...I wonder what he'd look like as one of us?" Plus, it could open up things like a previously transformed Organomancer focusing past the addiction to return to his duties of protecting humanity. So there could be a whole sect of Organomancers called "The Penitent" or something, that spend the rest of their lives fighting in their new forms for the sake of their original species.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:53 No.15039480
    Likely with dragon powers of her own!
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)16:54 No.15039485
    From this I gather. that simple exhaustion is enough to force an imprint?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:54 No.15039486
    Okay, so far we have schools of Orgonemancy


    Anything else we want?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:56 No.15039492

    I wonder how awkward it would be for an Orgonomancer to work with one of the Penitent, only to find out that she was previously his best male friend or something.

    "So, you're the Organomancer I'll be working with. Rest assured, I may look like this, but my mind-Wait a second. Steve?"
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:56 No.15039494
         File1306270582.jpg-(53 KB, 500x500, shocked box.jpg)
    53 KB
    Oh God.

    This is like FATAL´s geekier little brother.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:56 No.15039499

    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:57 No.15039502

    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)16:59 No.15039519
         File1306270760.jpg-(158 KB, 850x1201, sample_e9ced0ee07fd18ce04b4c0f(...).jpg)
    158 KB
    It's like Blade all over again.
    (Or the Vizard, but not everyone would know what I meant).
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)16:59 No.15039524

    captcha: despacer cityporn
    right captcha
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:01 No.15039531
         File1306270882.jpg-(32 KB, 500x384, slowclap.jpg)
    32 KB
    image's this thread so far and what will come out of it.
    Has it been /r/'d for archiving yet?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:03 No.15039548
    Already been archived friend-o
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:03 No.15039549

    "So....uh.....Brad, what's new with you?"
    "Well, aside from the double Ds on my chest, the claws, ears, tails, hips, waist..."

    Cue awkward adventure with confusing feelings and underlying emotions! Just like a real JRPG!
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:04 No.15039556
         File1306271076.jpg-(57 KB, 571x459, 1306084409307.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:05 No.15039560
    Say pals. Could we juice our on monsters with Orgone? Shove some into them and make them stronger?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:05 No.15039562
         File1306271113.png-(124 KB, 349x340, mfw.png)
    124 KB
    OP here, in awe.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:07 No.15039578
         File1306271259.jpg-(58 KB, 750x600, choices.jpg)
    58 KB
    Is that awe or fear?
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)17:07 No.15039581
    Lifesense (general skill?)
    Mental mastery (trippled reaction speed, perfect recall, hyperawareness)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:15 No.15039645
    I can see lifesense, but how do we fold scrying and mental powers under our sex-magic umbrella.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:15 No.15039649
    Oh /tg/, you are brilliant.

    And weird.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:18 No.15039663
    Scrying: Sense fetish, maybe?

    Like, you can detect people with certain sexual inclinations at a distance?

    The higher your scrying skill, the more fetishes you can detect at once, narrowing your search.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:19 No.15039668
    Couldn't that just be part of the lifesense power?

    Like we can detect the amount of Orgone in people?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:27 No.15039723
    Possibly we could scry for sexually charged objects, then, or objects that lend themselves to certain fetishes. Rubber, rope, etc.

    Perhaps it could be argued that everything has a sexual charge, just at different levels, making some things easier to scry for. Rule 36, and all that.

    It's easier to get to pre- and postcognition from there, you just look across the timeline for sexually charged situations. And, once again, rule 36 means all times and places have some level of sexuality.

    God, what has 4chan done to me...
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:29 No.15039740

    So instead of "Detect Evil" spells, we have "Detect Sexiness".

    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)17:34 No.15039768
    Lifesense: "4 females are currently in the room. One is aroused, the other sad... no strong emotions from 3 and 4"
    Scrying: find a person whose signature you have obtained and memorized.
    Lets you track them and get a rough reading of their emotional state.
    works only on blood relatives, romantic parryners and people you've had sex with.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:40 No.15039807
    Also, we need rules for group binding, so a group of weaker orgonmancer can gang...ekhem, bind way stronger monstergirl and than share her power.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:51 No.15039885
    The description doesn't mention that it involves penises.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)17:59 No.15039943
    Yes, the description and title were mysteriously changed.The tags too, for fuck's sake.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:11 No.15040024
    So... I made a thing. You guys are talking about a different set of rules than this now but I'm not really seeing any concrete mechanics besides stuff I incorporated into this.

    Orgomancer: the Dicking

    roll one d6 per point in relevant stat

    stats rater one to five as per WoD or D:tD
    Wits (includes Manipulation and general cleverness of tongue)
    Intelligence (research, making of orgone-fueled artifacts/non-monster cards)
    Penis Size (maybe other (gender-neutral) name)
    Orgonomics (determines max Orgone energy, 5x perhaps)

    Orgone Pool: Orgone x 5 + Penis + Charisma
    Health Levels: Constitution x 5 + Strength

    Attack: Dex v Dex, Damage: Str
    Sex: Roll Penis v comparable skill each round, subtract value from her Orgone pool and add to yours. When fucking a monster girl, she becomes a card when she is out of energy. Human women just orgasm, but still fill your Orgone pool.
    Summon: Spend monster's cost in Orgone

    More complicated stuff through feats as per Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:13 No.15040046
    >Penis Size (maybe other (gender-neutral) name)
    Assets? Endowment? Size? Talent?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:16 No.15040070
    I vote for "Endowment".
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/24/11(Tue)18:20 No.15040092
    Seconding endowment.

    Oh, and a school of oral pleasure would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:25 No.15040115
    A dicker doesn't give pleasure. He violently stuffs pleasure down your throat until you break.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:27 No.15040133
    Sounds like a monstergirl skillset, then.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:29 No.15040139
    Detect Orgone
    You detect items with orgone energy nearby
    Cost: 2 O
    Cards: 0
    Items imbued with Orgone through Orgomancy (need a word for this): 3
    Fetish items: 9
    Item has been used in sex: -1
    Item is used in sex often: -3
    Item is somewhere you cannot currently see: +1
    Item is more than 100 meters away: +3

    You determine the prevailing emotions of nearby individuals.
    Cost: 2 O
    Difficulty: Wits score of individual target

    find a person whose signature you have obtained and memorized. You may see them and there surroundings, and may perceive their prevailing emotions. Works only on blood relatives and people you've had sex with.
    Cost: 20 O
    Wits score of target
    -1 using a reflective surface such as a mirror or still pool
    -3 if you have something associated with the target such as a lock of hair or treasured possession.

    Endowment is good.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:29 No.15040144
         File1306276192.png-(104 KB, 430x470, mfw.png)
    104 KB
    >this thread
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:42 No.15040221
    I really think we should curb some of the RPG mechanics in favour of cards
    You have a deck that contains your mana pool , equipment, spells, summons, skills and such that you can use outside of combat(using orgon to cast a spell means you start combat with one orgon in the junkheap for example, the rate of recovery is determined by your stats r you can rest in between)
    you don't necessarily level up, but earning experience lets you buy new cards
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:44 No.15040232
    I'm a bit late to this thread, but the vidya game Lost Kingdoms might be a good reference source for this sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:55 No.15040287
    Someone should start a wiki or a pbworks or something so we could colleborate in a persistent fashion.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)18:58 No.15040299
    I would if I knew how.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:09 No.15040384

    Okay. Fumbling around trying to make it public.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:14 No.15040416
    /tg/ you rock.

    I see some requests for more card based rules here. How should that work? As in, the game is played with cards that represent everything? Or the characters in an rpg have them as items within the game?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:16 No.15040429
    Should we do this as both a card game and an pen and paper?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:17 No.15040438

    Interest seems to have died down, gonna sleep. Send a pm or something to Penile Lord on the wikia if you want admin privileges, will do so tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:19 No.15040452
    Seriously? What's wrong with 1d4chan? Every single case of /tg/ getting shit done is there. Even shit like the Unified Setting with like 50 pages works fine there.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:21 No.15040464
    Wikia allows creating tons of different pages and organise stuff instead of wall of text wall of text.
    >> Alpharius 05/24/11(Tue)19:23 No.15040475
         File1306279397.jpg-(274 KB, 1024x768, I was on tg.jpg)
    274 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:27 No.15040517
    Interest died down because we're talking crunch now, that's how getting shit done on /tg/ always works. It'll open back up when we ask for ideas for monsters, powers, stuff like that. Probably won't happen in this thread though.

    The characters in the RPG have them as an item in the game. I like the idea of players also recording their monsters on cards and playing them like a mix between the two things, though. Drawing monster cards from the deck and playing them from the hand.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:29 No.15040529
    1d4chan also allows creation of exactly as many pages are as needed. I can't imagine us needing more than a relative handful.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:31 No.15040543
    Why don't we just have both? The 1d4chan can have the main article as per usual. The wikia, since it exists now anyway, can have each monster and feat on its own page.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:32 No.15040552
    Well go then right ahead, should bring more traffic too.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:32 No.15040557
    >not Dicking
    What the hell is going on
    that's not how this stuff works!
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:33 No.15040569
    We can rename it later if we need to.
    >> Alpharius 05/24/11(Tue)19:33 No.15040570
         File1306280034.jpg-(68 KB, 640x463, kill it with fire promotional.jpg)
    68 KB

    And if you wanna play a more grimderp campaign then play a non orgonemancer, tasked with ending threats like mantango infestations, with a flamethrower. all infected must burn....

    Killing succubi, imps, slimes. mimics and anything else that is a threat to humankind.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:35 No.15040580
    Are we using the beastiary in this thread as a jumping off point for the monsters?

    Or do we want one of the rolling charts?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:36 No.15040596
    We can use either and both as a jumping off point.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:44 No.15040640
    RogueMortal and Faustianfool are now admins and bureaucrats on the wikia; will contribute tomorrow. G'night.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:44 No.15040648
    It's almost like I'm back on old /tg/!
    But instead of tits there's faggots telling me to go back to /d/ for liking monstergirls.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:46 No.15040657
    There were tits, they got deleted.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:46 No.15040666
    I don't really remember anyone except that one faggot who claimed monstergirls were furry who mentioned going to /d/.

    We were considering asking for their help.
    >> Alpharius 05/24/11(Tue)19:46 No.15040667
         File1306280814.jpg-(274 KB, 500x414, monster girls and adventurer.jpg)
    274 KB
    here is a high level orgomancer.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:47 No.15040671
    Color me curious, can someone link them?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:47 No.15040679
    No man is legally permitted to look that bored/annoyed with five women rubbing themselves on him.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:49 No.15040687
    Huh? Thread still has tits.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:50 No.15040697
    This man is a high level Orgomancer. That shit?

    It's every day for him. That's his 9-5, those tits.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:55 No.15040738
    The couple that got deleted is what I was on about.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:56 No.15040748
    I think he's sexhausted.

    ...I just coined a status condition for the game, didn't I?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:59 No.15040777
    I moved the crunch to Wikia and altered it a bit:
    On a related note, how do you make headers in Wikia software? I couldn't figure it out.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)19:59 No.15040784
         File1306281589.jpg-(374 KB, 600x800, 1282885076924.jpg)
    374 KB
    Awesome. Will post tomorrow too.

    Anyway, how aggresive/civilized do we want the monsters? The males as I said are pretty much beasts. Do the females have recognizable, if primitive societies? Or are they lone predators too?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:00 No.15040798
    I'll post when I have something to post.
    >> Titanium Man 05/24/11(Tue)20:02 No.15040811
    What the...I don't even...

    I'm so glad this wasn't around when I was writing the Maureen stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:02 No.15040818
    Depends on the power of the monster. As we said powerful female monstergirls attract other more servile ones.

    Could Monstergirls dominate other monstergirls?

    Could they dominate non-Orgomancers?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:05 No.15040845
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:07 No.15040861
    I feel like we should at some point go back to the three stats system though, just on account of it's simpler.

    We can have some of the other important things be skills. But I'm willing to work on whatever.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:13 No.15040914
    I don't know how categories work on this Wikia stuff. Do any of you guys? We probably ought to have a category for Feats, as well as one for Monsters once we have some of them to categorize.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:15 No.15040934
    Probably stuff about equipment.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:16 No.15040953
    I agree. I came up with three for simplicity before and thought we could make skills for details. Also I'm thinking about just having the classes as "Styles" like Macho for buff warriors, and others for the other types.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:17 No.15040959
    Do we want to be Equipment oriented? I was thinking we could do with some weapon feats as per Pokemon:TA and some similar Armor feats, and a Wealth merit as per WoD and leave the rest up to roleplay. Magical/Orgone equipment should probably factor in too.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:18 No.15040972
    Which is a better name for the stat: Magery or Intelligence?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:19 No.15040973
    For equipment I was more getting at bondage gear for the monstergirls.

    I kind of feel like we should come up with a smoother name for them too. considering they're not just girls.

    Is anyone capable of starting an irc?

    Because if we had one up, we could pop in when he have the time to discuss stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:19 No.15040981
    That's not simpler than not having skills.

    I like the idea of going full P:TA and having "classes" be feat chains.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:21 No.15040999
    Gear should just be a bonus die in appropriate situations. Like a sword gives a +1 on damage during real combat, a rope is +1 to grapple, things like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:21 No.15041000
    I am part frightened and part pic related by this thread. Mostly pic related.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:22 No.15041008
    What about Gnosis?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:22 No.15041012
    Forgot your pic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:22 No.15041019
    Your partly nonexistant?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:23 No.15041023
    I was thinking more like a flat numerical bonus.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:24 No.15041036
    We also need feats representing proficiency, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:25 No.15041040
    Do we?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:25 No.15041048
         File1306283150.jpg-(8 KB, 194x259, itsbeautiful.jpg)
    8 KB
    Damnit, I could have sworn that I had included this pic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:26 No.15041049
    why are you people so enamoured with complexity?
    like I said:
    you buy skills, spells and equipment according to XP and as quest rewards
    your stats can determine how effective they are, but theres no reason to build an elaborate maze of character development when most of the game is about letting others do the fighting for you
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:26 No.15041050
    Flat bonus works then. And I don't like feats for proficiency, I'd rather simplify. So anyone who has a warrior related "style" can use an weapon. And a mage style would allow them some magic effects.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:50 No.15041265
    Yes. That sort of thing is like the most basic form of martial advancement.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:52 No.15041293
    >Instead of Feats, add a new system in addition to feats
    That is the exact opposite of simple. It's increased complication. And it also limits the player's options by artificially enforcing a class system.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:54 No.15041317
    I'd like some opinions on this, please. Magery or Intelligence. Or maybe Gnosis. It determines hand size and also would be rolled along with Orgonomics to make magical items.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:57 No.15041348
    Gnosis seems like the most accurate term.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)20:59 No.15041375
    I know it's the most accurate, my concern is that it's a bit archaic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:19 No.15041556
    I added this:
    A vile force of monsters is attacking the universe. They manipulate the orgone energies of the world. Thankfully, when they first reached this world, some were comparitively friendly, and so some humans learned the secret or Orgomancy. That's you: Through Orgomancy, you can work great magics, and you can bind monsters to your will through vigorous sexual intercourse. You are charged with using this power to drive the monsters away.
    to the fluff page. This is a pretty good approximation of the fluff thus far, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:21 No.15041574
    Wait... is there any magic in this universe besides sex magic?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:21 No.15041575
    Do we need other magic?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:23 No.15041594
    Really? A one time, "You know how to do these things" vs. needing to pick multiple feats for all your weapons? Why can't we just have a warrior that knows how to use whatever weapons he finds?
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:23 No.15041606
    As it stands, there's none. We don't need magic in general, I think. It might be cool to have some other sort of demon summoning having existed in the past, and having somehow resulted in the current troubles. Good old fashioned pentagram stuff. But that would have been eclipsed by the card summoning of Orgonomic magic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:25 No.15041615
    I would presume other magic exists but the players aren't going to use it much. Maybe use something simple for it if needed.
    >> 40Kfag from /m/ !!rthE8hgFXea 05/24/11(Tue)21:25 No.15041618
         File1306286746.jpg-(52 KB, 1280x720, 1302330004858.jpg)
    52 KB

    Clearly this universe needs virgin magic.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:26 No.15041628
    We have that by default. Any fellow can pick up a sword and hit somebody with it. This would be beyond that. I'm thinking we could have weapons give a bonus to damage by default, and with these feats, you could get an attack bonus for your chosen weapon.
    If you want to have some other thing as a prerequisite to being able to use weapons at all, that could work ("Martial Training" or something) but I'd still be inclined to not require it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:28 No.15041640
    That's already involved. By remaining virginal for thirty years, you become an Orgomancer.

    It occurs to me that this could be related to sacrifice of virgins.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:29 No.15041648
    I see. Really I'd rather not add too much detail to the weapons seeing as it's going to be secondary to the sexings. Everyone can use all weapons then? Maybe we build weapon specializations into the skill system? Still something basic, like melee, thrown, and archery.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:29 No.15041651
    Rather than specific weapons, we should go for broad weapon classes. Swords, maces, polearms, spears, bows, etc
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:31 No.15041664
    In this setting life is power, and sex is how it is harnessed. There's plenty of room for creativity in how it's used, though.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:33 No.15041678
    How about Edged, Blunt, Piercing, and Ranged? Each skill rank grants a +1 to hit with that weapon type. At 5 skill you deal an extra point of damage.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:33 No.15041681
    That works. Then we can have specific feats on top of that for people who want to get even further into weapon specialization.

    >Everyone can use all weapons then?
    Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

    >Maybe we build weapon specializations into the skill system?
    There is no skill system. Just attributes and feats.
    And your Orgone energy pool and Health pool.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:38 No.15041736
    Virgin Sacrifice
    You sacrifice a virgin, gaining all of the energy her life has accumulated
    Cost: -
    You gain Orgone Energy equal to the sacrifice's age x 10. This may bring your Orgone total above its normal limit.

    Since right now the normal maximum you could have with maxed out stats is 35, this is pretty potent. In addition to sacrifice of virgins, it should have some prerequisite(s).
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:43 No.15041787
    Ah, ok. I was still under the impression we had skills of some sort. Ok, everyone can use all weapons, specialize through feats, and use feats for other specializations and abilities too. So a feat could be a bonus to hit or damage, or another to make you tougher or better in bed.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:43 No.15041796
    Blood sacrifice should be one option, and a "sacrifice" via dickings another. And that can be by the caster himself or by rapebeasts. Each options has pros and cons of course.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:49 No.15041819
    If we're going just feats - each weapon adds a certain amount to damage (range of 1 to 6, same as a single die?) the feat for that category can add to attack (about 3, deviation inversely to the damage of weapons of that type?) and the last level can add to both attack and damage (2 each?)
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:52 No.15041887
    Seems too high. I'd say age x 3. Then a 15 year old will totally fill the a maxed out Orgone pool. You can't expect to often find people much older than that who are still virgins, so people will be able to more than double their Orgone pool, but it won't get ungodly.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)21:58 No.15041958
    There should probably also be a feat that determines if someone is or is not a virgin, too.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)22:01 No.15041983
    Nah, too easy to lose a feat like that in this setting. It should just be a choice at character creation. Maybe it gives a bonus as long as you stay that way. Also, why 30? Most adventurers are a good bit younger than that.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)22:17 No.15042160
    I meant like a divination thing, to see if someone else is a virgin.

    30 is the age when they believe you become a wizard in Japan. Ask /a/ about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)22:18 No.15042173
    I was thinking maybe feats could have dot costs, like merits in WoD. That way not all feats are created equal even before you take prerequisites into account. That one would be a five dot one.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)22:20 No.15042200
    Detect Sexual Experience
    You become aware whether or not the target is a virgin. If the target is not a virgin, you get a general idea of how long it has been since the target had sex.
    Cost: 2
    Difficulty: Target's wits score
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)22:42 No.15042452
    Virginity should definitely be something that is as much a penalty as a boon. A bonus to something, a penalty somewhere else, and a one time resource that can be spent or taken.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)23:04 No.15042648
    The penalty is you can't have sex or you lose it.
    But the PCs can't really be virgins. They wouldn't be able to get any cards or Orgone Energy then.
    >> Anonymous 05/24/11(Tue)23:18 No.15042805
    Do we want to start a new thread or just keep the rest of this off /tg/?
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/25/11(Wed)00:18 No.15043399
    Have two of your goo girls pin down a Naga.
    Explore her nethers while she's immobilized, writhing on the floor.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:21 No.15043420
    Why the hell would it ever be off /tg/? That leads to things dieing. Is it going on anywhere besides /tg/ now?
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/25/11(Wed)00:21 No.15043426
    Another thread just for announcing the wikils and IRC.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:22 No.15043440
    Does anyone have an objection to this? If not I'll go modify the feats we've got so far.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:25 No.15043469
    Wait, what's the IRC channel? Is there one?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:26 No.15043481
    Moving to IRC is a bad idea. If you go off the board, nobody can see it, and then it dies. That's killed a hell of a lot of projects already, and I'd not see it kill this one as well.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:28 No.15043501
    Going to IRC can keep a project going if it's on it's not too well-loved by /tg/, but I agree that this project shouldn't go there yet.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:29 No.15043511
    Even then, going to tgchan is better. The Unified Setting kept going for like a year there after it died here.
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/25/11(Wed)00:32 No.15043543
    An IRC is yet to be created.
    >>>/d/ thread were?

    /a/ has ADHD of the on-the-job degree, but they'd also provide an alternative POV.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:34 No.15043562
    I guess the answer is "no".
    Any issues with the following?:
    Lifesense: •
    Detect Orgone: ••
    Detect Sexual Experience: ••
    Scrying: ••••
    Virgin Sacrifice: •••••

    Back to the subject of "new thread or not" I reckon we can ride this one a bit longer.

    Wikis are not suitable for discussion.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)00:35 No.15043570
    I've just created #Orgomancy on Rizon, but I agree with the notion that we shouldn't use it.
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/25/11(Wed)00:45 No.15043669
    > moving to IRC
    Hell no, that's indeed a terrible idea.
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/25/11(Wed)00:52 No.15043754
    What is the difference between magery and orgonomics?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)01:01 No.15043850
    What they're used for. Magery determines hand size, Orgonomics determines Orgone pool.
    I guess that's not super clear what the difference actually is in fluff though. If we changed Magery to Gnosis like someone suggested, we can make Gnosis be exactly what the original definition of the word means, and Orgonomics just how well your body channels Orgone energy.
    >> Hexer !NHpYSS45yU 05/25/11(Wed)02:03 No.15044480
    Makes sense...
    How does ( if at all) total Orgone factor in during initial capture?
    Ordo we want it to only matter when summoning and contolling,making the sealing a purely physical task?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)02:18 No.15044600
    By current rules, Orgone functions as sexual hit points as well as mana. Presumably monsters will spend Orgone to fuel their unique abilities too, once we get to that.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)02:27 No.15044674
    Weapon Training
    You have received training with a particular type of weapon, and are skilled in its use.
    Dexterity ••
    Cost: Passive
    You pick a category of weapons for this feat when you take it. You get +3 to attack rolls using weapons of that category. Example categories include:
    * Polearms (Halberds, Glaives, Guisarmes, or similar)
    * Swords (Arming Swords, rapiers, Claymores, etc)
    * Knives (Butterflies, Switchblades, Bowies, Dirks, etc)
    * Bows (Recurve, compound, longbow, etc)

    Weapon of Choice
    You have used on particular weapon heavily, and have become quite good with it.
    Dexterity •••
    Prerequisite: Weapon Training with the relevant category
    Cost: Passive
    You make pick one single weapon from a Category which you have already taken Weapon Training for. You get +2 on attack and damage rolls with that weapon.

    Any issues?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)02:30 No.15044691
    I've been thinking about character creation and advancement. I'm thinking we go full point-buy. One point per dot of Feat, three per dot of Attribute. Recommend giving six dots per session and making starting characters 60 points. Thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)02:53 No.15044879
    Okay well nobody responded so I've done this and I'm going to bed now. If anyone else feels inclined to actually do anything, feel free, otherwise I'll start another thread some time tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)02:59 No.15044910
    I really think we should just build off of the beastiary, it already has basic personalities and everything for all of em anyway. And fuck adding male monstergirls, it sort of defeats the point. this is a niche game, it doesnt need to appeal to everyone
    >> Dramatis Personae Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:19 No.15045020
    So the monstergirls come from elsewhere. For now I'm calling that place the Orgone Plane. Anyway, that place has to have power structures, and the game needs BBEGs, so here we go:

    Queen Forma
    The Ant Queen rules over a hive of thousands of lesser ants, her workers continuously working for her and hauling eggs from her ever-producing abdomen. As her soldiers guard her hive, the males constantly pleasure her.

    The Bitch Queen
    This old one-eyed wolfgirl rules all the wolves of the Yifflands. She's short tempered and perverse, but her shear size and muscularity ensure that the rest of the Pack follows her word.
    The Moon Prince
    The only one to regularly disregard the word of the Bitch Queen, this younger male as a trickster and a knave who enjoys gallivanting about and doing all manner of odd things. He is the only wolf who lacks an aversion to silver, and he shows this off with a silver crown that he wears.

    Royal Jelly
    The overseer of the Sea of Slimes is quite possibly the single largest entity in the Orgone Plane. She is surrounded by (and to some degree intermixed with) googirls of every type and color. Deep within her body rests the entire treasury of the Slimes.

    The Empiress
    This towering succubus is the truest ruler of the Orgone Plane. She lets her vassals do as they will within their own lands, the Abyss that she dwells in is irrefutably under her control. Her gem eyes sparkle in every wall, and the fires of the Abyss claim any who displease her, inflicting intense pain but never death. She is clad in black leather and holds the Whip, her symbol of power, at all times. She doesn't hesitate to employ this whip on the myriad demons that constantly attend her.

    There's no reason not to allow for males, if people want to go that route. The concept doesn't inherently preclude it.
    >> Slants 05/25/11(Wed)03:26 No.15045068
    I can't believe I barely got into this thread by page 15 and with no hope of bump.

    I wanted to say you are all amazing, and I want to know if we can have another thread soon pretty please with sugar on top.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:29 No.15045089
    I'll make one tomorrow after I finish my final, if nobody else makes one first. I'll have stuff to get the discussion going with then. For now, it's late enough that probably nothing would happen anyway.
    >> Slants 05/25/11(Wed)03:32 No.15045109
    I'll have my fun on the wiki I guess...
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:33 No.15045114
    >the Yifflands
    We don't need to encourage the perception of this as furry.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:37 No.15045135
    True, but it's the perfect name.


    The Beast King:
    This huge Bull man is known as a master of the two-handed axe. He is fond of war, and would gladly march forth to fight, but he has lately been constrained to his great stone throne by his people's need of rule since he first became King.
    >> Slants 05/25/11(Wed)03:39 No.15045150
    No, it's not. Yiff it's a weird lingo from the furry community and it's strongly tied to them.
    >> Anonymous 05/25/11(Wed)03:42 No.15045166
    Okay then. I guess we'll just go with Beastlands, for now.

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