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  • File : 1306086722.jpg-(52 KB, 333x420, machomanrandysavage1.jpg)
    52 KB Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:52 No.15013749  
    Okay, so it's a great loss that Randy Savage is gone.

    But we fa/tg/uys know that true heroes and legends never really die, they just ascend to higher planes of existence, and in some cases, even become gods. We ourselves have even canonized such greats in the past - Fred Rogers, human god of kindness and peace, Kromgol of the Wandering Eyes, half-orc god of savage-nobility and fatherhood, just to name two.

    And there are few who could dare say that Randy Savage was not also a legend. His voice inspiring the masses, his appearance unmistakably otherworldly...

    So I ask you, what sort of godhood is a deserving reward for the Macho Man?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:53 No.15013750
    Who the fuck is that guy?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:53 No.15013753
    >> Espagnoll !/5aJFFL8RI 05/22/11(Sun)13:53 No.15013757
    >Ascended to godhood.
    He wrestles Kord and defeats him.
    >Becomes chaotic good aligned good of manliness.
    All his paladins are also wrestlers and pile drive evil doers.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:54 No.15013763
    God of slim jims, badassery, machomania, and answering questions in the affirmative.

    OHH... YEAH...
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:55 No.15013773
    Rangers that worship him have favored enemy: walls.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:56 No.15013778
    >All his paladins are also wrestlers and pile drive evil doers.

    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:56 No.15013780

    God of Coffee and the big time
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:57 No.15013787
    No, that'd be Chris Jericho.
    >> Espagnoll !/5aJFFL8RI 05/22/11(Sun)13:59 No.15013796
    His temples are like wrestling rings. If you want a cleric of Macho man cast cure serious wounds to a member of your party, you have to wrestle him first.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)13:59 No.15013798
         File1306087159.jpg-(48 KB, 500x563, 3667ffc0-792d-4c01-8383-c60cc8(...).jpg)
    48 KB
    Macho Man saved us all from the Rapture yesterday. Clearly his power is great. OHHHHH YEAH!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:00 No.15013806
    Did you not watch his commericals? The man destroys in a wall in like very single one.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:01 No.15013818
    I was making a joke, too. Chris Jericho's theme starts out with the line "break the walls down."
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:02 No.15013829
    Macho Man Randy Savage.
    Chaotic Good
    God of Slim Jims, Beatdowns, Being a Bro, and Inspiration.
    Symbol: A title belt and a pair of brightly colored extravagant sunglasses.
    Favored Weapon: Grappling
    Domains: Good, Strength, Glory
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:03 No.15013834
    How to "be" the Macho Man...

    >the look
    The first and easiest step on your descent into Macho Madness is to emulate the appearance of Randy Savage. Most men in the field of professional wrestling define themselves through feats of strength, but Savage’s machismo comes from the subtle, perplexing atmosphere crafted by his futuristic space cowboy look. Seriously, would you mess with a guy who’s willing to dress like that and walk out in front of thousands of people on a nightly basis? That grimace is either a sign of confidence not seen since the likes of Napoleon himself or a man who has seen something so terrible, so mind shreddingly horrible, that it plunged him tassels first into the very heart of darkness.

    >the voice
    This may be the most difficult aspect to grasp, simply because his voice has the physical properties of sandpaper. If the sound of you speaking doesn’t naturally strip paint from nearby walls then you’re better off not attempting to emulate the sound of his voice as it may result in injury to yourself or a loved one. It doesn’t matter what you say so long as it makes sense to you and make liberal use of the word “yeah.” Your next step is to kick up the volume. Completely disregard the concept of an indoor voice. Your strong, bewildering words not only need to be heard, they need to serve as a fist that can strike the very balls of God.

    >the elbow
    We’ve already covered the senses of sight and hearing, let’s move on to touch. Specifically, you’re going to be touching people with your elbow, preferably while falling from a tremendous height.

    As described by Miyamoto Musashi in his opus The Book of Five Rings, the elbow is your body’s natural equivalent to a gun. Mastering the art of the lethal elbow is a long and arduous task, but as you can see the results are well worth it.
    >> Espagnoll !/5aJFFL8RI 05/22/11(Sun)14:06 No.15013867
    When it was the end of times in an alternate prime material plane and the Tarrasque appeared roaring at the horizon, all the gods didn't anything for protect their mortal followers...except for Macho Man.
    He descended from the heavens, pointed to the beast and then pile drive it into the core of the world. And then all the mortals who witnessed that incredible deed exclaimed at the unison:
    OOh YEAH!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:07 No.15013881
         File1306087670.jpg-(48 KB, 500x563, Randy Savage.jpg)
    48 KB
    >no bulge
    >lol the bearded lady
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:10 No.15013901
    the Macho Man is so manly his testicles cannot be perceived by the minds of mortals.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:10 No.15013904
    He's gone to a better place. Wrestler heaven, where all the greatest wrestlers who have passed on do eternal battle*. Free from the constraints and frailties of the mortal body, they are able to pull of moves so epic God himself has worn an ass grove in his personal ring side seat.

    * Except for Chris Benoit, who's only allowed to visit from hell on the first saturday of every month.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:10 No.15013907
    I...I think I love you.
    >> Brokazaki !!GGO9kwAPCR4 05/22/11(Sun)14:11 No.15013913
         File1306087865.jpg-(89 KB, 407x584, and then theres this asshole.jpg)
    89 KB
    >awesome photo depicting the macho man saving humanity
    >immediately looks for dick
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:14 No.15013947
    His Favored Weapon would be unarmed strike
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:18 No.15013972
    >Except for Chris Benoit, who's only allowed to visit from hell on the first saturday of every month.

    What about Thursdays? Because he hasn't been in wrestling hell on Thursday night either.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:19 No.15013978
    I'm picturing a paladin of Macho Man... his armor covered in tassels and sequins in garish patterns of fuschia and gold, his helm shaped like a cowboy hat, its visor a pair of flashy sunglasses, the shield on his left arm shaped like an Intercontinental Championship Belt, and, in place of a blessed sword or sacred hammer, his elbow is silver-plated.

    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:26 No.15014030

    Paladins of Macho Man also gain free proficiency with steel chairs.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:27 No.15014033
    He will always be with us, he said so himself...

    Soaring with the eagles and slithering with the snakes, I’ve been everywhere in between, I am your friend, I am the Macho Man Randy Savage. Speaking from the heart, it’s the Macho Man talking to you right now, let’s rock, dig it, dig it! Freak out, Freak out, oooooh yeah! This is the way it is and I will be there when it happens, the past the present and the future all in one time. We’re all gonna climb that mountain together and we are together forever, ooooh yeah!

    Wherever you go, I will be with you, I’ll always be with you, YEAH! The moon, the stars, Venus, Pluto, Sat-turn, yeaaaaah, lookin’ down.

    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:34 No.15014090
    My Roman Gladiator in 2ed was inspired by Macho Man. I called him Bonesaw, and he climbed onto a bar in a tavern and elbow dropped a man through a table.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:37 No.15014099
    drawfag needed.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:44 No.15014147
    Macho Man Randy Savage is a God-tier Bro. He sacrificed himself to prevent the Rapture.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:44 No.15014150

    In other words, Valhalla.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)14:49 No.15014186
    Okay, now I'm conflicted. At first I thought up the paladin of Macho Man >>15013978 but now I'm wanting to play a viking-style barbarian who worships Macho Man as some kinda war deity or something...
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:10 No.15014305
    bump for OOOH YEAAHH!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:12 No.15014329
    Play both.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:14 No.15014343
    shit, I read that in his voice, and it was fucking beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:19 No.15014367
         File1306091948.jpg-(22 KB, 447x338, ultimate-warrior.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:20 No.15014371
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:21 No.15014375
    A reading from the Book of Savage, chapter 30, verses 1-5.

    And the world did dim for the Macho Man, for in his mortal coil, there were only so many foes he could strike down. Time was his foe, time his bane.

    And so, he allowed his form to pass, and did ascend from the realm of mortals; and while none on earth did realize, in the heavens, there emitted a great OHHHHH YEEEEEAH.

    And the gods did turn to each other and stare, and they knew they were well and truly fucked.

    For they knew that they had allowed wickedness to fester in the hearts of man, and they knew that they had not shepherded their followers properly; and the Macho Man was there to put the them through the mat.

    And the world did continue turning, though the sound of the Savage Elbow did echo through the universe.

    And the faithful knew what had occurred; OHHH YEEEEAH
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:23 No.15014387
    Shut up. You're a prick.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:34 No.15014466
         File1306092873.jpg-(165 KB, 496x700, tumblr_li4pbgA3db1qfhcapo1_500.jpg)
    165 KB
    Out of curiosity, is there an RPG that does wrestling mechanics well?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:42 No.15014527
         File1306093349.jpg-(13 KB, 250x265, 1298198513085.jpg)
    13 KB

    I desire an answer to this, as well
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:43 No.15014531

    If there isn't, /tg/ could always make one.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)15:54 No.15014585

    I still say we need a Paladin of Macho drawn for this thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:01 No.15014638

    The only thing I can think of is Fantasy Craft, where there exist an entire line of wrestling feats and tricks. Grappling in that game is also absurdly overpowered.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:07 No.15014671
    I was thinking about making one.

    Basically the core mechanic would be "momentum". When a wrestler gets hit, their momentum is combined to calculate the damage done; which would explain the clotheslines and stuff. It'd also explain the fancy throws and high-fly attacks (you build momentum for your opponent and yourself so that your move becomes more damaging).

    There would be no-momentum holds of course, that drains the stamina of both fighters (so if you are in a lead you want to make a hold), and some kind of mechanic for breaking free of holds that should be unbreakable (fate dice?).
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:11 No.15014694
    Might also consider things like Crowd Pop; depending on your Face status, you could get a huge momentum boost from a Taunt check. Hulk Out or Macho Madness, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:12 No.15014700
    It kind of says something that I'm not even a wrestling fan in the slightest and I was still sad to hear Randy Savage died.

    Such a larger-than-life persona definitely deserves a place in the pantheon.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:13 No.15014711
    Heel equivalent = Cheap Heat?
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:14 No.15014725
    Yeah, I was thinking Face people could get some kind of Moral boost that they could translate into stamina. Heels would use moves that lower morale but are more damaging.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)16:43 No.15014966
    This thread should be archived.
    I've set a request in http://chanarchive.org/request_votes
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)17:01 No.15015121
    try suptg instead.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)17:19 No.15015276
         File1306099144.jpg-(111 KB, 500x381, tumblr_lgn3mfTAb81qfhcapo1_500.jpg)
    111 KB
    Please, continue.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)17:25 No.15015330
    There needs to be crowd mechanics where the crowd's mood affects the abilities of the wrestlers. Like a cheering crowd can revitalize a Face.
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 05/22/11(Sun)17:26 No.15015336
         File1306099611.jpg-(400 KB, 800x1200, MachoPaladin.jpg)
    400 KB
    And here's a shit scribble for you!
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)18:14 No.15015799
    I love you.
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 05/22/11(Sun)18:16 No.15015817
    Glad I could bask in the Macho Madness too! Damn near idolized him when I was growing up.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)18:17 No.15015832
    Macho Man Cvlt
    >> JSCervini !!L+hOixyXrvo 05/22/11(Sun)18:19 No.15015853
    Now that I think about it, Macho Man would make for a hell of an Inquisitor, as much as I loathe the FawtyKay. He's already got the basic clothing down, and the attitude to boot... Inquisitor Savage... it has a nice ring to it.
    >> Anonymous 05/22/11(Sun)19:16 No.15016420
         File1306106211.jpg-(41 KB, 300x393, wweknowyourroleRPG300x393.jpg)
    41 KB
    Bumping for Wrestling RPG

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