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  • File : 1305831038.png-(215 KB, 400x500, Abyssal Jaws Marine - Corvus Armour.png)
    215 KB Abyssal Jaws #11 Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)14:50 No.14981385  
    Link to Thread 10: >>14889413

    Founded in the 33rd Millenium when a lone Administratum clerk found a fragment of the text "Call of Cth-", the High Lords were notified and geneseed of the Blood Angels began being stockpiled for the founding of the Abyssal Jaws. Since its founding the Chapter has made itself known for its vicious tenacity in close range combat and specilation in aquatic enviroments as well as its open disregard for the Codex with its numbers being several times over the stipulated 1,000.

    Also, they have giant. Fucking. Piranhas.


    Things that we sorted out & discussed last thread:

    >Began fluffing out the planet of Maresia, its locations and its giant ghost city-ship.

    >Discussed the special weapons of the chapter; namely the use of Sonic Weapons.

    >Organisation shenanigans.

    >Some minor rules and so on.

    >Created their rivals; the Ivory Tusks, a warband of Night Lords in pith hats, hunting the most dangerous game of all.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)14:52 No.14981414
         File1305831149.jpg-(37 KB, 483x411, Abyssal_Jaws_color.jpg)
    37 KB
    A link to their 1d4chan article:
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)15:21 No.14981785
    Did we actually settle the debate on their enemy? I thought there were mixed feelings.

    Anyone who has opinions on the matter is welcome to chime in
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)15:21 No.14981791
         File1305832902.png-(43 KB, 254x443, Swanky, panky infobox.png)
    43 KB
    How the hell did I only just think of this?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)15:23 No.14981814

    Yeah, I believe there were a few doubters. Mainly people concerned about how the enemy should be some sort of Old One cult (which I disagee with on the principal that... Well, I'm just not keen on the idea.)
    >> RAWK LAWBSTAR 05/19/11(Thu)15:26 No.14981845
         File1305833199.jpg-(1.61 MB, 1500x2500, AWESOME1305612936898.jpg)
    1.61 MB
    to my knowledge no specific enemy has been settled on in favor of giving them a large slew of foes from both within (cultists of the mad old one, etc) and without (Eldar, Chaos of all Flavors, Dark Eldar)

    ...and honestly, since they are very much overstrength they need enemies everywhere to keep the inquisition mostly off their backs.

    Though out of the ideas for an enemy the Ivory Huntsmen were invented, which is pretty awesome in my book.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)15:32 No.14981916
    Going to use this chapter for the last stand now.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)15:47 No.14982082

    Holy shit is that Ivory Huntsmen fanart?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)16:03 No.14982230
    FOES OF THE JAWS (and their motivations)

    ELDAR: Humans are unfit to be the gatekeepers of the Mad One. They must be driven from the world before their ignorance is our undoing.

    DARK ELDAR: There's no feeling quite like sea breeze in your hair and the sun on your back as you rip across the waves at breakneck speeds on a skimmer as you take plunder and slaves from feeble apes. Fishing's good too.

    CHAOS, WORD BEARERS: There is a presence here, a dread presence from aeons pasts from a time when the Dark Pantheon was but a spark in the warp. This is our history, and we must return it to its rightful owners.

    CHAOS, TZEENTCH: The dreaming dead sleep here in watery prison. It's power will be ours.

    CHAOS, ALPHA LEGION: Inscrutable plot to bring own the Imperium as usual with a dash of a bid for eldritch power.

    CHAOS, IVORY HUNTSMEN: Maresia is a hunt like no other. It has beasts of the sea that can swallow a thunderhawk whole! it has mutant monstrosities that cannot be seen by the eye! It has space marines that swarm like maddened fish in a feeding frenzy! This will truly be a hunt to remember!

    TRAITORS, RELICTORS: The Abyssal Jaws do not put their bounty of artifacts and relics to use. Let us see to it that we do.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)16:04 No.14982240
    yes it is, had it drawfagged a day or so ago
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)16:20 No.14982372

    Yeah, that pretty much sums up the motivations. I'll put them up on the wiki.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)16:23 No.14982408
    and of course there giant sea monsters that need killing and cults to the Mad One that pop up,
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)16:25 No.14982423



    This is looking pretty good so far.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)16:53 No.14982672
    Bump and archived.
    >> Shock 05/19/11(Thu)16:59 No.14982747
    So, let's get some shit sorted out with Maresia. Last thread, I wrote this:
    Maresian Political System

    Maresia is a Stewardship, ruled de facto by the Abyssal Jaws from their fortress-ship of “Watch of the Deep”. However, the chapter prefers to keep out of Maresian politics, only intervening and taking direct control in rare circumstances, such as the brutal Maresian World War. Maresia itself is ran as an elective monarchy, where a successor is chosen by the Great Assembly The Great Assembly consists of the Matriachs (or in very rare cases, Patriarchs) of every House, all of whom are given the right to vote. Any possible successors to the title of Grand Matriach (men aren't allowed to become government leaders) must receive the backing of one of the Great Houses in order to stand for Grand Matriarchy.

    Nobody commented on it, so I don't know how people feel about it. Also, I'd say getting rules sorted out for the AJ should be a high priority as well, even though I personally don't play the game so I don't know jackshit about rules.
    >> Shock 05/19/11(Thu)17:00 No.14982761

    Oh yeah, and I'll take a name as well. I'm the guy who used to mark his subject as "1d4chan Faggotry".
    >> Shock 05/19/11(Thu)17:30 No.14983090
    Oh yeah, something for the wiki:

    1) How many Marines do we have? Was it 3000? Or did we lower it?

    2) What else would you guys like to see fluffed out/on the wiki page?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)18:39 No.14983758
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)19:15 No.14984080
    3000 at the lower end

    and a hell of a lot more chapters serfs than average
    >> Shock 05/19/11(Thu)19:54 No.14984474

    Thanks, added to the article.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)20:34 No.14984909
         File1305851689.jpg-(134 KB, 600x800, 1304975616892.jpg)
    134 KB
    So, should the Maresian SeaGuard have their own article?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/11(Thu)21:33 No.14985449

    and maybe once we have more on them
    >> Magi 05/19/11(Thu)21:51 No.14985613
    I'll get to it then
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)03:07 No.14988484
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)08:33 No.14990317
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)08:42 No.14990359
    thread so shitty he's bumpin' it because no one cares
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)10:54 No.14991072
         File1305903260.png-(94 KB, 192x187, 1305675879883.png)
    94 KB

    Yeah, nobody compares... Which is why the last thread reached the limit and started auto-saging. What do you have against the Abyssal Jaws anyway? Not enough SPIRITUAL LIEGE for you?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)10:57 No.14991100
    Fuff sounds like masive ass pull. There should be more elegant way to tie marines chapter to mythos
    And i think that Chaos marines would be better model. Like they worship some minor chaos god like Cthulhu
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)11:35 No.14991356

    Wait, are we talking about the Abyssal Jaws or the CSM rival they're supposed to have? If the AJ, well it has nothing to do with the mythos except a couple of references. There isn't a necromonicon, there isn't a Cthulhu and there isn't a R'lyeh.

    What you do have is an empire paranoid and backward enough to see a damaged copy of the Call of Cthulhu and think it a non-fiction, heretical text. You also happen to have an ancient, malevolent Old One (which are more frog-like, then squid-like) creature which is said to lurk beneath the oceans of Maresia. Imperial puts one-and-one together and decides that "THIS MUST BE CTH GET THE ABYSSAL ANGELS (what they were called at the time) TOGETHER AND SORT THAT SHIT OUT!"
    >> Emperor's Champion !!dTSxH/3+AFl 05/20/11(Fri)11:40 No.14991379
         File1305906003.jpg-(59 KB, 560x720, 1295099748604.jpg)
    59 KB
    Wait, are the Ivory Hunters really just Great White Hunters ramped up to 11?

    >mfw Chaos Lord Hemingway
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)12:01 No.14991513

    Pretty much, yes. Facial hair, country clubs and Carnifex heads mounted on walls.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)14:38 No.14992635
    Just thought... How big ARE the SeaGuard? Regiment wise, I mean? Are we talking in the double-digets? Or crazy Cadian triple-digets?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)16:09 No.14993340
    i doubt they are cadia sized

    I'd imagine they'd have one of everything on their walls and then invite their fellows huntsmen over to smoke pipes and sip brandy while comparing their hunts.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)17:30 No.14993974

    Oh god, I'm looking at Lexicanum and lots of Imperial Guard-types seem to come in huge numbers. So... How about a 92?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)18:41 No.14994714
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)18:42 No.14994721
    that works I guess

    I'm not terribly familiar with the IG myself
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)18:50 No.14994789

    Honestly? I'm not either.
    >> Shock 05/20/11(Fri)19:55 No.14995395
         File1305935745.png-(182 KB, 679x600, 679px-Coat_of_arms_Ivory_Coast(...).png)
    182 KB
    Does anyone want to have a go at making a colour scheme for the Ivory Huntsmen? I'm really struggling to come up with a decent colour scheme for them.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)19:57 No.14995411
         File1305935876.jpg-(22 KB, 325x450, pithhat.jpg)
    22 KB
    tan and white, though they might use some amount of camoflauge
    >> Shock 05/20/11(Fri)20:02 No.14995439

    Would they retain any of the symbolism and shit from the Night Lords? Would they be fairly liberal when it comes to customising armour and so on?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)20:15 No.14995543
         File1305936900.jpg-(59 KB, 400x500, Ivory Hunters.jpg)
    59 KB
    Might as well try.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)20:15 No.14995544
    I see them as looking down upon the Nightlords as gaudy, lowbrow rabble
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)20:47 No.14995857
    meh, make the trimming brass and the shin guards camo/some kind of green
    >> Shock 05/20/11(Fri)20:49 No.14995872
         File1305938959.png-(243 KB, 400x500, Ivory_Huntsmen_1.png)
    243 KB
    Two attempts I had. Don't think I'm really happy with either.
    >> Shock 05/20/11(Fri)20:50 No.14995878
         File1305939008.png-(234 KB, 400x500, Ivory_Huntsmen_2.png)
    234 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)21:05 No.14996067
    better, the white is a bit off. go for more of a tan. like the horns on his helmet
    >> Shock 05/20/11(Fri)21:48 No.14996557
         File1305942510.jpg-(112 KB, 400x500, Ivory_Huntsmen_3.jpg)
    112 KB

    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)22:33 No.14996968
    >> Anonymous 05/20/11(Fri)22:39 No.14996997
    that looks good

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