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  • File : 1305650335.jpg-(44 KB, 391x494, Ice serpants mahreen real 2.jpg)
    44 KB Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)12:38 No.14957888  
    HEy all. Fumbles here with a new ICE SERPENTS thread.

    so. we need write fagging, world geography fluffing, culture and traditions, and general maor stuff.

    Thread 1
    thread 2
    thread 3
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)12:42 No.14957912
    I am thinking of or allience with the enigmatic Emperors Nightmare Chapter.

    I feel that the Serpents would supplement the Shock and Awe tactics of the Dawn with use of Tank Terror blitzkriegs. and we could combine forces to become epic fortress-world crackers. the Serpents of the Third Company would pound the fortifications to dust while the dusk infiltrate and the Dawn Deepstrike.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)12:47 No.14957946
    Also: the Space Knights:
    I am think that they would be the CC Company, A kind of redemptonists cult feeling, each knight trying to make up for his biological failings by felling the enemies of the Emperor.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)13:03 No.14958076

    come on, Help a Battle-Brother out.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)13:46 No.14958442
    No one?

    bump for hope.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)13:47 No.14958444
    friken capatcha. eating my bump!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)13:49 No.14958460
    OP, I wanna help, but screaming hangover means that anything I come up with will be garbage. Give it a go later, and I'll be right on top of it.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)14:07 No.14958609
    okay, i'll bump in around an hour, and see if we can get some helpers. and thank you.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)15:04 No.14959051
    Back again. any takes to help out now?
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)15:05 No.14959056
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)15:27 No.14959262
    Ice themed Speesh mahreens? That has a Forge World? Might want. I think we need to work more on the chapter itself before we can think of any crossovers with the Nightmares, but that's just me.

    Also looked a little bit on the archives, I like the implication that they were founded with Loyalist Luna Wolves who were absorbed the Ultras during the heresy..
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)15:57 No.14959536
    I'll help in anyway I can once I've read through the archives.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)16:22 No.14959790
    jut so good freind. ultra moons.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)17:58 No.14960813
    Okay... Companys:
    First Company: Formerly Storm Wardens (turns out that name's taken) Now nameless, Led by Chapter Master Alexander Constantine.
    >Terminators and Elite Veteran troops. Masters Of Close-Quarters combat.

    Second Company: Sons of Glacialis Elle, led by Captain Theseous Montoren
    >Almost entirely Heavy Armor and Heavy Armor support.

    Third Company: Winter's Hammer, Lead by Captain Herlad Saintson
    >Siege Warfare specialists. Second only to the Imperial Fists.

    Fourth Company: Ice Fangs, led by Captain Neco Radix
    >Specialized hunter-killer units. Lots of specialized drones and servitors.

    Fifth Company: Hail Storm, led by Captain Animus Frigus
    >Advance charge deep-strikers. Favor high-mobility bikes in support of the absolutely horrifying Scout-Variant Bane-Blade.

    Six Company: Space Knights, led by Chaplin-Captain Galeus 'Fumbles' Cycanus
    >Special reserve and support roles. Generally not on the front-line, due to developmental errors in the Initiation process.

    Seventh Company: Frost Zephyrs, (Scouts) Lead by Scout Captain Dertum Foscali

    Eighth Company: Home Guard (Permanent Garrison/recruitment) Led by Apothecary-Captain Infragilis Moenia

    Ninth Company (Librarians, need name) led by Brother Chief librarian Novus Inimicus

    Tenth Company (Dreadnaughts, need name) led by Certo Pugnaculum the Unshakable.

    Eleventh Company (Artillery Shock and Awe specialists): Storm Serpants led by Battle-Captain Reboare Vigoro

    we need to fulff these guys up, don't be shy.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)18:00 No.14960828
    The terrain of their homeworld should be based off of Russia
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)18:05 No.14960876
    It is filled with crags, glaciers, semi frozen seas and vast platues, mesas and butts that support a massive ice shell 6 miles deep that is kept ther by the
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)18:10 No.14960931
    opps did not meant to cut that off: dense cloud underneath the shell that quickly wells up into fissures and freezes repairing any damege
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)18:36 No.14961232
    The Third and eleventh companies always work in close concert,

    some Fauna.

    Uturiteil the 'Tank-crabs'
    Gigantic 10 legged crustaceans with half foot thick armor plates as strong as plasteel. they have 3 sets of arms, the upper two have insanely powerful claws capable of crushing a car. the lowest set are small grabber claws the length of a mans arm. they live in the shallows of the ice seas, banding together to hunt sea-dragons.

    they storm the beaches in their thousands at intervals corresponding to the movements of the closest 2 moons. They mate on the beaches and then seek higher ground to lay the eggs, as most human settlements reside on said higher ground this forces most settlements to be heavily armed if they want to survive.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)18:44 No.14961347
    Huh I thought that there was a sea beneath the Ice cover (gas pockets would be very rare).

    I like the idea of under water citys. The forges placed on vents to use the geothermal power. I also wonder what it would look like, to stare into the darkness of the depths. The only light sources would be the various bioluminescent fish clustered around the hydrothermal vents.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)18:49 No.14961398
    well, we have a titan down there, so i allways just thought, hey, must be air.

    but the chapter master would probley be the one to ask.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)19:10 No.14961667
    Right then.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/17/11(Tue)19:17 No.14961755
    SOrry guys, i am not good with the actuall chapter's stuff, like who does what, i know to little about SPESS MAHREENS [i am mainly IG] SO i stick to their back round and stuff.

    the outer moons of Glacialis Elle are used as the main space ports as they move the slowest, and are the safest [comparatively.] they are locked in geosynchronous orbits almost directly on the other side of the planet from each other.

    rat sized invertebrates with 10 long, mucular legs sprouting from a angular shell. Akivon are mostly harmless, and infest the beaches of Glacialis Elle's Southern seas, their meat is a delicacy, but their brain matter is highly toxic which is a problem because each 'leg' holds at its' core a section of the brain.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)22:02 No.14963558
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)23:27 No.14964401

    a Insect about the size of a lion that huts in packs of up to 50. has a double mandible used to pry open the armor plates of Tank Crabs.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/11(Tue)23:33 No.14964468
    Due to the often time impassable terrain of Glacialis Elle most civilian traffic is made possible by gravcars and trundling mecha-busses imported from Glacialis Binary. for thoes who can't afored any thing else and/or are compleatly insane, The Tank crabs can be used as a mode of transport, being able to move at speeds of up to 30 kph while carrying a load of 2 tones.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)00:47 No.14965349
    bump? i am sad now :c

    Ryalys Fax
    15 foot tall penguin like creatures, prowl the northern oceans hunting for eels and macro-krill.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)01:25 No.14965669
    does no one at all want to help? shucks.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)02:13 No.14966147
    I would but I have to finish my class work first
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)02:46 No.14966439

    Neco Radix's reputation was cemented for the first time at the Battle of Glacier Plateau, in which he commanded several hunter-killer teams to be executed at the same time. The Hive Mind could not anticipate the hunter killer teams quickly enough, nor focus their psychic powers quick enough to raise defenses in order to shield themselves from Radix's many hunter-killer drones. Radix managed to kill 3 Hive Tyrants through rapid precision and execution of his skills with drones. However, at this time, the Hive Mind had grown wary of the drones and were beginning to block the drones from attacking their Hive Tyrants.
    Still, the death of 3 Hive Tyrants at a crucial point in the battle caused a turn in the tide. With the hive mind temporarily damaged and synapse of the higher tyranids no longer in effect, the termagaunts and hormagaunts turned to natural instinct, only to be cut down in the thousands.
    By the time fresh leaders could go to the front of the battlefield to aid the gaunts, reinforcements had arrived on the side of the Ice Serpents. This would not be the end of Radix's accomplishments on this day, though.

    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)02:47 No.14966447
         File1305701242.jpg-(74 KB, 800x600, 2333_md-Scouts, Snipers(...).jpg)
    74 KB

    By examining his scout drones and analyzing the movements of the tyranid army, he discovered that he could cut off the synapse at a crucial choke point, sealing the tyranids into a frozen valley.
    He immediately lead a team of 10 scouts into hostile territory. By the time he reached the choke point necessary to seal the tyranids in, 7 of his allies had fallen. Because the Hive Mind was now anticipating the drones, he had no choice but to turn to his personal weapons. He turned to his sniper rifle, delivering a crucial blow to a Tyrant's head. The tyranids immediately started to scurry, looking for where the shot came from. However, this was soon lost, as they payed more attention to the countless space marines closing in on them.
    As he stared at the endless tide of gaunts, he could see land raiders forcing the tyranids into the frozen valley, and units already lining the top, ready to rain death upon their alien foes.
    Following this victory, Radix was highly praised for his dispatching of 4 enemy leaders in one battle, and even named a captain of a new company: the Ice Fangs. This new company, under Radix's command, would prove to show the pinnacle of both hunter-killer stealth and stratagem.
    Overall, a pretty dull story. Probably could've done better.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)07:43 No.14968084
    The Guardian Exemplar thread from a few days back didn't do to well either. I guess everyone who wants to work on a chapter is doing either the AJ or the EN.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)10:45 No.14968862
    Thanks man!

    The ice serpents revere the saint of this world, paying homage to him in many ways, many marines inscribe his gospel into their right pauldrons.

    the first company sugestions
    Name: Änglarna i ogiltiga
    Angels of the void

    Tenth Company: Choir of the Ancients
    the Moon Guard
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)11:08 No.14968958
    Well, here is my contribution:


    I honestly know next to nothing about these guys, which is why there is pretty much nothing on the page.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)11:17 No.14969010
    thanks you so much man :D

    Lud'Hom Chequer the name of the plateau that holds the fortress monestary
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)11:20 No.14969027

    Its cool bro. Would it be possible for you to write up a paragraph describtion for these guys? You'll hopefully get more contributors if people know more about these guys.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)11:40 No.14969119
    i'll try.
    The Ice Serpent chapter is an Ultra marine sucsessor chapter that actually is descendent of the Loyalist Luna Wolves that where absorbed by the UM after the heresy. Our Original Chapter Master was said to be as powerful as the Primarchs, but was killed in battle bye a Assassin sent by an Eldar corrupted planetary governor. Leading to the Eldar being the main enemy of the Ice Serpents. originally the chapter did not know it's true lineage until the Chief Librarian Novus Inimicus revealed the truth.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)11:46 No.14969141
    the Ice serpents modus-operandi in battle is armor, artillery and walls of lead, to the point of having no assault marines out of the Space Knights company. The amount armor of the Ice Serpants allow each company to have at least 6 land raiders, and 2 bane blades. [yes, Baneblades] Even the Frost Zephyrs[scout company] have a few Scout variant Banblades.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)11:48 No.14969149
    >The amount armor of the Ice Serpants HAVE
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)11:49 No.14969154
    sorry to say this, but really, how many homebrewed spehssmhereen chapters does /tg/ really need every week?

    I'm sure they're very wonderful and special, and all that, but god, dont you get bored of the same old shit?
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)11:51 No.14969162
    Sometimes i eat a load of tacos so my shit is different.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)12:06 No.14969227
    The Ice Serpents do not turn their failed Marines into severators when possible. instead Folding them into the Space Knights Company, lead by Chaplin-Captain Galeus 'Fumbles' Cycanus. the Space Knights See them selves as a stain upon the Ice Serpants and an affront to the God Emperor, Leading them to throw them selves at their foes with a fiery rage with no regard to their safety, hoping to die for their god and chapter while killing their foes. Most find their absulotion in 2 or 3 battles but those who survive several engagements often request augmentations to further their quest for death. the most common are chain fists and chain swords to replace hands and Aggression booster implants, one, Knight Erlicid has survived over 3 dozen engagements, which others would think a blessing, he considers it a curse: to be denied his chance to absolve his sins with his death. Erlicid has had tens of augmentations, limb replacements, optic enhancements Slaught' injectors connected to his spine. His left hand replaced with a chainsword and a storm botler grafted to his right. he is a terror on the battle field.
    >> TGfag !dHZQ7MXogI 05/18/11(Wed)12:08 No.14969239
    thats why we make new ones, we are bored of the old stuff, so we make moar snowflake chapters to feed our 40K addiction.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)12:13 No.14969276
    I have work to do, so i will be back later to complete the explanation.
    >> TGfag !dHZQ7MXogI 05/18/11(Wed)13:02 No.14969590
    back, and getting writing the next paragraph
    >> TGfag !dHZQ7MXogI 05/18/11(Wed)13:03 No.14969602
    oh no. my secret is revealed. oh well.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)13:21 No.14969775
    Any ways.
    The Ice Serpents have Conrol two planets, the Shrine-world Glacialis Elle that is a death world in all but name, and the forge world Glacialis Binary.

    Glacialis Elle is covered in a 6 mile thick shell of ice suported by massive plateaus mesas and buttes that cover the surface. Bio luminecent bacteria live on the roof of the caverns, casting a plae glow on the land bellow. the terrain it's self is insanely hostile with crags, rifts, mountains and skree fields littering all but the beaches of the toxic seas. this means that the only effecient means of civilian travel is gravcars and Striders a civilian variant of the sentinels imported from Binary.

    THe flora and fauna of Glacialis Elle is hardy, aggressive and big. from crabs the size of tanks, to vicious macro-krill the size of cats. the only reason Elle is not a death world is because officially, only the surface of the shell is inhabitable.
    Glacialis Elle is ringed by 8 moons, each wit it's own meandering path. the two farthest out are the space ports of Elle, one for the civs, one a void fortress of the Ice Serpents.
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)13:26 No.14969830
    Elle's sister planet, Glacialis Binary, is a extremely advanced forge world capable of producing vast quantities of military supplies, feeding the armored legions of the Ice Serpents. *One of the few exports that don't go into the Ice Serpent's hands, the massive factories churn out Warhound Titans almost In Mass. The relatively massive turn-over of these God-Machines are the primary reason the other Powers that be in the Imperium don't mind the Chapter owning it's own forge-world.

    * taken from Chapter Master Alexander Constantine's explenation.
    >> Anonymous 05/18/11(Wed)13:37 No.14969930
    >> Brother-Captain Fumbles !qe95VseFaE 05/18/11(Wed)16:32 No.14971405
    going to finish this night.

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