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    535 KB Zerg Quest XLI Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)21:00 No.14895317  

    It has been a lazy couple of weeks. The Brood runs pretty efficiently on its own. Toaster has produced almost a hundred nuclear missiles for us. Internbrate has tested the new corsair fighters, and given them the go-ahead for battlefield use, though Warbrate isn't convinced we need two anti-aircraft fighters. It thinks we should just pick one and stick with it. It doesn't seem to have a preference for which one.

    Labbrate has gotten enough of the Aleman station running to get up a basic functionality, though the lights do tend to flicker in a way that it describes as "unequivocally creepy." It can't figure out why.

    Our dropservers over Brullant have had to pull even farther back every few days, as the detector satellite network has grown more complex. At this point, the planet is in visual range, and we are able to intercept broken portions of VoidGate's signals. Cyberbrate has decrypted what it can, but apart from vague snippets about force fields and periodic bursts of comm that simply read "One. One. One," it has little to work with.

    Our exploratory party to Lutrious, an observer and a dropserver, are about to arrive. We shake off our lethargy and have our massive-pauldroned ridge scratcher massage one of our ventral ridges to help us focus.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)21:10 No.14895420
    The two ships arrive to find the Lutrious system as a binary star system orbited by three gas giants. Between them, they have seventeen moons. Initial scans show a small Terran colony on one of the moons, but very little comm traffic. There is no evidence of any transmissions from VoidGate.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)21:19 No.14895539
    (I've got all the time in the world. Readin' comics, drinkin' beer)
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:22 No.14895567
    Can we start a search for the element needed to begin manufacturing arbiters?

    Can we find a way to produce it biologically? or implament it into overlords?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:24 No.14895602
    I say we perpare for a all out nuker attack on void world. Also fighter that is cheaper to make make should be our main, with the coatly as a less produced back up.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:25 No.14895610
    Contact the terrans?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:29 No.14895651
    Secounded, lets do it with our Zerg T.V Mr. Rogers, also check in with lil sis see what she's been up too
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)21:30 No.14895677
    Cyberbrate and Labbrate agree that producing arbiters requires multidimensional materials we do not have, and neither of them is entirely sure how to get them.

    The dropserver relays an anonymous transmission to the surface, requesting information. After a few moments of silence, a docking code is transmitted from the colony. Apparently, the Terrans wish to speak in person.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:33 No.14895703
    Send Zerg Rogers! Aslo still want to nuke void world just waiting for more votes.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:33 No.14895711
    Sure. WHy not?
    Though we will need a way for them to translate....
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:35 No.14895721
    don't we control it?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)21:37 No.14895749
    1 vote for just nuking Brullant

    Internbrate gently reminds us that our only biological unit in that system is obviously Zerg, and it takes weeks to get there. If we do this, it will be obvious that we are not Terrans.

    Preeeety sure he's talking about Brullant, not Dagobah.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:39 No.14895775
         File1305164368.jpg-(2 KB, 160x97, NUKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(...).jpg)
    2 KB
    Do we, oh meant Brullant, which I thought IT was void world reguardless I say Nuke its the only way to be sure
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:42 No.14895804
    after we make sure that the nukes won't be destroyed mid-flight.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:44 No.14895819
    Alright, why did someone think it would be a good idea to contact the Terrans?

    The damage has already been done, however. Have the dropserver attempt to dock. Also, can its reactors go critical overload? I want that dropserver to self-destruct if it looks like it'll be captured.

    Also, 100 nukes is insufficient to be able to take out Brullant. We need more nukes, and a larger conventional space force.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:48 No.14895861
    I vote no on this course of action and,just send them a tramission saying we need time to perpare a delgation to meet them then fly off. Also 100 nukes should bve more than eough as long as we aim for comannd and controll targets, then we bring in space forces to wipe out what left.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)21:50 No.14895884
    (It's been weeks, gametime. We've rebuilt a lot of our forces. I'm happy to say that you're not longer in danger of winning your way to extinction)

    The dropserver could certainly self-destruct. It would likely take most of the colony with it.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:52 No.14895903
    First, a delegation would require several weeks of flight time to get there.

    Second, considering what VoidGate was capable of before it had its detector network in place when we attacked Dagobah, and its current space forces in the Brullant system, it would be trivial for VoidGate to swat down the nukes with point defense systems.
    Also, given how VoidGate designs its facilities, all of them will be hardened and nearly a mile beneath the surface. A concentrated bunker buster strike would still only be enough to take out a primary system for a few seconds before its backup system came online.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:56 No.14895960
    Cerebrate, run an analysis of the transmission protocols used by the Terrans in the Lutrious system. Do they indicate whether these are Confederacy, Umojan, or Kel-Morian colonists?

    Also, have the Overlord stay cloaked and begin scanning the moons for anything out of the ordinary.

    I want to know why VoidGate appeared to be interested in this system.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)21:57 No.14895967
    And how long have we had Dropservers checking the place for nice big fat targetsWe need only have them bring in nukes with cloack tech then plant them and blow up at a timne of our choosing. Other wise I see your point and need for caution but the longer we leave voild gate the forces it will build and the more pain it will take to bring it down, I say we end this war today.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:00 No.14896002
    >We need only have them bring in nukes with cloack tech then plant them and blow up at a timne of our choosing
    Did you miss the part where we had to pull our dropservers back because VoidGate's detector satellite network is now fully online?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:02 No.14896033
    Did we at least bring a drone or two to the Lutrious system?

    The next time we go to any system more than 15 minutes away via warp-travel, we should definitely bring the means to creat nydus canals.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:04 No.14896045
    Does not change the fact that they were there for a sighmfent amout of, Ill admitt the the have them bring in nukes was a bad idea, so lets just brute force our way in, then nuke comannd amd controll targets.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:05 No.14896060
    And if it fails? How will you make up the loss of our nuclear stockpile?
    That close to the planet, cloaks won't be any good since VoidGate has detectors in orbit.
    We need to nuke a path to Brullant through VoidGate's defense grid and wipe out the detector network. In order to do that, we need more than just 100 nukes.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:05 No.14896061
    As a matter of fact, the communications protocols don't match the profiles of any legitimate or not-so-legitimate Terran organization we've encountered. It's subtle, but the indications are there.

    Aside from the colony, there doesn't appear to be a lot going on in the system. It's got some potential for mining and habitation, but it's nothing special.

    Well, apart from being way the hell out in the middle of nowhere, weeks from the nearest Terran outpost.

    >I say we end this war today.

    Badass words, friend.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:07 No.14896081
    Trying to brute force our way through VoidGate's forces without a covering screen of nukes would be foolhardy.
    In addition to VoidGate's willingness to sling nukes around like conventional missiles, its planetary defense plasma cannons are complete by now. Our forces would be slaughtered before they could even achieve orbit over Brullant.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:09 No.14896107
    ...Can we breed an invasion force on one of the other planets?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:12 No.14896137
    >Doesn't match any Terran comm signature in the Koprulu Sector
    Sounds like a UED outpost.
    Have the Dropserver transmit that a signal is being sent back to its home base and a contingent will arrive in a few weeks to talk with the colony.
    Imply that the dropserver is nothing more than an automated exploration probe.
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)22:12 No.14896146
    ... this better not be the UED. It would make no sense for VoidGate to flee towards Earth anyway. As for Brunhilda and the satellites, I say SCOURGE and lots of them, followed by nukes.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:15 No.14896175

    The clues indicate that we're either dealing with a new terran faction (possibly a monitoring outpost from Earth) or Void Gate forces maskerading as humans while they prepare the system for settlement. Caution suggested.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:17 No.14896194
    Not without a drone.

    Anybody else up for this plan?

    1 vote nukes
    1 vote scourge, then nukes
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:17 No.14896202
    We can attack when we have more nukes and not before.
    What incentive could we give Protoss or Kingston to attack Brullant? Kingston's armada is already weakened after the battles at Shakuras and Olayhus, and it's debatable whether he would be in any shape to fight VoidGate on another entrenched world.
    As for the Protoss, VoidGate has all of their security codes, and built backdoors into their entire defense network. There's no way to be certain that they've been able to clean out their computers yet.

    Go ahead, see if you can get others to support your plan. If it fails miserably, it'll all be your fault.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:17 No.14896205
    So then what we do nothing, this AI has proven time and agin it can and will build up faster than we do, so loger we wait the more of hole we did gig ourseves in. I understand why you want us to hold back. But right now we can't aford too, but if don't want us to waste resoucres attacking it why tell the Kingstion and the protoss where it is and see what they do about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:18 No.14896209
    Vote from me.

    Also, lets keep a few drones on each mission we send out from now on.

    Just in case.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:21 No.14896231
    Scourge followed by nukes isn't enough. You'll also need to send in regular forces as well to follow up.
    We're looking at a significant investment of resources, which might not be enough.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:24 No.14896265
    Voting No to attacking right now. Insufficient nukes, scourge, and conventional forces we can throw at Brullant at this time.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:26 No.14896281
    I feel like there should be a Dorf Fortress mod for this.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:26 No.14896293
    Nukes: 1
    Scourge, then nukes: 1
    No. No attacking for you: 1

    (Ok...if you're not attacking, and you're not talking to the Terrans...then what?)
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:28 No.14896306
    Zerg Fortress?

    It wouldn't be any fun. Everything would do what it's told.

    Might work as an extreme makeover of Liberal Crime Squad, though...
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)22:28 No.14896308
    We ask what the terran news has been saying while we napped.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:31 No.14896330
    Continue colonization efforts, and try to re-create exotic arbiter matierials.

    And watch our soap's.

    <<Captcha says: thenseak lozi
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:31 No.14896334
    Not attacking doesn't mean doing nothing.

    It means telling the Terrans in the Lutrious system that the dropserver is just an exploratory probe and that a living delegation will arrive in a few weeks. That delegation being a few Infested Terrans in a Dropserver, and an assault force of Zerg in cloaked Overlords in case we need to take control of the colony.

    I also means continuing nuke production and building up our space forces so that we can launch an attack when we have 300 nukes ready, and a mass of Scourge big enough that it would even give the Tarsonis Defense Grid a run for its money.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:33 No.14896351
    The news has mostly been concerning Kingston's decisive victory at Olayhus over the Dark Computer System, VoidGate.

    Debates rage over the whether this computer is a greater threat to humanity than the Zerg or Protoss, and just what to make of our claim to be defending Terran space from it.

    Also, there are investigative stories about the fates of lost colonies, heartwarming tales of survivors, and a harrowing, introspective series on whether this is humanity's twilight era.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:35 No.14896366
    Agreeing on this, then?

    It has one vote, but so do the other plans.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 05/11/11(Wed)22:39 No.14896403
    >>Not attacking doesn't mean doing nothing.

    It means telling the Terrans in the Lutrious system that the dropserver is just an exploratory probe and that a living delegation will arrive in a few weeks. That delegation being a few Infested Terrans in a Dropserver, and an assault force of Zerg in cloaked Overlords in case we need to take control of the colony.

    +1 votes from me.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:40 No.14896416
    Nukes: 1
    Scourge, then nukes: 1
    No. No attacking for you: 2
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:42 No.14896434

    Scourge, nukes and insertion forces but with a twist.

    Scourge waves to escort 1/4 of the nukes with overlord support.

    2/3 of the nukes to be loaded into Overlords. Use 30 overlords for each nuke (i.e. 1 overlord with the nuke and 29 empty overlords).

    The role of the empty overlords is to do a warp jump straight to the location that you want the nuke to detonate. 90% of these will die. Once a overlord has successfully warp-jumped to the desired location, the nuke-laden overlord then jumps to the pin-pointed location with much greater chance of success and blast the area into ash.

    Once done, 30 more overlords warp in loaded with all we need to establish nydus canals and establish a bulk-head. Lurkers are going to be the main priority for insertion, with orders to burrow immediately and attack whilst burrowed.

    Transport worms should be used to deliver troops underground.

    Handle the insertion personally. Have warbrate handle the scourge/nuke forces in space.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:45 No.14896464
    Nukes: 1
    Scourge, then nukes: 2
    No. No attacking for you: 2

    Though, I'd like to point out that Nydus canals...do not work this way. They are, if memory serves, specifically underground tunnels, not magical teleporters.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:52 No.14896524
    (Still readin' comics and drinkin' beer)
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:54 No.14896547
    Well, I'm not budging on "No attack for you".

    Cerebrate, should we just roll dice between the two options that have 2 votes each?
    Just to get things going again?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)22:56 No.14896565
    Normally I try not to make decisions, not since the Overmind incident anyway, but whatever, nothing's happening.

    Any way, I vote that we do >>14896334 as our move. No attacking for us.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)22:57 No.14896578
    Oooo. Classy.

    Sure. First result on a d20. 2 - 10, nukes and scourge. 11 - 19, No fighting now. 20, Cerebrate Anon does something crafty. 1, your day just doesn't go as planned.
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:00 No.14896615
    made obsolete by
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:01 No.14896621
    rolled 19 = 19

    I was going to add a roll to that
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:05 No.14896663
    So it is. Alright.

    The colony receives our signal, and we send a dropship with infested Terrans toward the colony, trailed by an invasion force that could easily wipe out a colony of that size. Weeks later, they arrive. Once again, our dropship contacts the colony, and once again, it is met with a docking code.

    Our nuclear missile count is now 230. We have stockpiled more scourge than normal. On the other hand, several of VoidGate's newest satellites have cloaked. We cannot be 100% sure of where his sensor net extends.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:05 No.14896671
    Alright, looks like we wouldn't have been attacking anyway.

    Alright, let's put this extra time to good use.
    We need to keep Colonylord and Citybrate busy by finding new worlds to colonize.
    1 Nuke World is good, but 2 Nuke Worlds would be better. Have Colonylord be on the lookout for a candidate planet to become Nuke World #2.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:06 No.14896672
    >Roll made obsolete
    >Roll confirms the choice anyway, just to be sure

    Well, that's cool.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:07 No.14896690
    We've got to take some sort of action against voidgate. Scourge rush against his satellites? At least give him some limitations.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:08 No.14896696
    Have the Dropserver dock with the colony while the Overlords stay cloaked.

    We're close to having enough nukes. Build up a couple extra Overlords who will be looking for those cloaked detector satellites when we launch our attack. Tell Warbrate that he is to begin making invasion plans for the Brullant system.
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:12 No.14896724
    I also found that interesting
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:20 No.14896806
    If we use our nukes too early, we might reveal our hand.

    It's not exactly well known that we have such a large nuclear arsenal.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:24 No.14896841
    Warbrate thinks that, unless VoidGate is hiding something, a mixed group of scourge and overlords should easily be able to destroy the satellite grid, and then it's just a matter of nuking the cannon, and everything will be set. It finds this...unreasonably easy.

    Gorn suggests sending Bernie's brood in first, to bore a hole into VoidGate's defenses, and likely do to that hole what it does to ANY hole. This, it says, will tip VoidGate's hand for any surprises it may have.

    The dropship lands, goes through the standard post-flight check-up, and the loading bay opens. Our infested Terrans step out. They are greeted by men wearing uniforms we do not recognize.

    "We welcome you on behalf of the United Earth Directorate. We don't recognize your ship's markings or transmission codes. Would you mind telling us where you come from?"
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:25 No.14896854
    Oh dear.

    See if we can kidnap a few to infest and interrogate.

    And we're a group of deep-space scientists.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:30 No.14896897
    (Still waiting for TUCAMP to write out a long, rage-filled post...)
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:30 No.14896901
    We come from the land of Nod, but did you say Earth Directorate? Now what are you folks doing so far from home?
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 05/11/11(Wed)23:30 No.14896902
    The Intersteller Confederation of Free Species my good chap.

    I was unaware the UED had any colonies out this far. Might I inquire as to its purpose?
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:32 No.14896908
    Why would it be rage filled? I've been expecting them since the Psi Disruptor kicked on... a great many threads ago.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:33 No.14896917

    Do they think our infested guys are armored terran people, or is it really obvious that they're humanoid aliens with organic zergy bits sticking out?
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:34 No.14896927
    >United Earth Directorate
    Oh crap.

    "We're from the Kobol Union.
    "Earth? The great homeworld? We'd thought that it had been rendered uninhabitable through continuous wars."
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:40 No.14896983
    (Well, you seemed pretty hostile to the idea earlier in the thread. Heh. You just wait)

    We quickly manufacture an identity, and have one of our five infested Terrans speak up.

    "We represent the Poe Guild, a small mining company. We spend a lot of time in deep space. We weren't aware there was a UED colony in this system."

    The man who spoke, obviously the leader of the four men, smiles.

    "This colony is young. We only arrived a few weeks ago. The databases are a little behind. We almost got lost, really. We would be glad to swap updated maps with you."
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:41 No.14896998
    They're out infiltration units. It would require a thorough scan to determine that they are not human.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:44 No.14897020
    On the one hand, the UED could give Kingston another thing to worry about, which is good.
    But it means letting the UED play in our backyard, which is very bad.
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:45 No.14897028
    It was only a mild disdain for the idea of bringing in the UED in this manner. But let's whip up a map that only included terran space and voidgate. Also, complain about Kingston.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 05/11/11(Wed)23:47 No.14897050
    Yeah, oh. Lets give them some maps to a small portion of contested territory. (contested between zerg and terran.)
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:49 No.14897067
    Make sure we only give them a sanitized version.
    Mostly civilian systems and frontier worlds that only miners would be interested in. A few military systems, but have a couple holes with just "Restricted System" to show that civilians aren't supposed to go there.
    Include a few Protoss systems as well.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:50 No.14897078
    (In my defense, the UED has been expanding all over the galaxy while the Koprulu Sector Terrans basically had to rediscover space travel, and VoidGate's intel on Earthbound humans ended in the 22nd century. It had NO IDEA these guys would be here. Would have been a NASTY surprise)

    1 vote for Terran/VoidGate Space map
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:51 No.14897097
    1 vote Terran/VoidGate map
    1 vote Terran/Zerg map
    1 vote Terran/Protoss map

    I feel like I'm setting up a Battle.Net match.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:55 No.14897140

    Terran/VoidGate map.
    >> TUCAMP 05/11/11(Wed)23:55 No.14897142
    And we start playing zone control, defense maps, and WWII maps.
    >> Anonymous 05/11/11(Wed)23:56 No.14897145
    I don't think we should let the UED get ahold of VoidGate technology.
    If there's anyone who would have the tech base to really take advantage of VoidGate's technology, it would be the UED.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/11/11(Wed)23:59 No.14897184
    I honestly only ever play Evolves. It's so damn fun, and unless somebody's a faggot and uses their defenders for an early-game cheesefest or feeds their ally, there's not a whole lot you can do to grief. But that's...not really what we're here for.

    2 votes Terran/VoidGate map
    1 vote Terran/Zerg map
    1 vote Terran/Protoss map
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:01 No.14897203
    I suppose that is a concern, but if they say they're from Earth VoidGate will blow a fuse.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:05 No.14897242
    Wanna give it 10 more minutes then go with whatever has the highest?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)00:06 No.14897253
    Works for me. I'm getting darn close to finishing up this comic series...
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:15 No.14897364
    Tell them about Voidgate as well, specifcally that there's an AI with genocidal intent towards humans.

    I vote contested territory, with a mention of the protoss and Confederacy, plus the memories of every PR human we've every eaten spinning the hell out of the Hashashin brood.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:21 No.14897416
    Terran/Voidgate Map

    Then send any Obviously Zerg Units we have, with functioning vocal cords, to visit this colony and say hi.

    They're UED, and so, they shouldn't know of us.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)00:22 No.14897421
    We begin the map exchange, carefully only including worlds owned by VoidGate or the Confederacy. The map data begins to appear from the UED systems, showing us an empire spanning two...no, three space sectors, each the size of the entire Koprulu Sector, plus outlying colonies...before the feed shuts off entirely. Before we can say anything, the uniformed man speaks.

    "Koprulu Sector. Considering the data you've given us, and the fact that no Poe Guild exists there, that would make you Zerg, no? We offered you alliance once, and you killed us. Now, we return the favor."

    The Terrans in the room leap into the air, and begin to tear our infested Terrans limb from limb.
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:24 No.14897444
    DYYYYYYYYYYYYLES!!!!!!! Kill them all!!!
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:24 No.14897447
    "Wait, what? We've never heard of you!"
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:26 No.14897468

    DYLES! Or was it Gyles?

    Shoot 'em dead. These zerg-lite parasites have lived for far too long.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:27 No.14897479
    Wait...am I missing something? Because I don't remember an offer of alliance with between the Zerg and the UED before this mention of it.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:29 No.14897489
    Send in our assault force! Wipe these pretenders to the Swarm from the face of the galaxy!

    But keep their computer systems intact; it looks like they have real UED star charts.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:29 No.14897493
    Ask the UED to elaborate on it, make no move to fight?
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:30 No.14897498
    It wasn't the UED it was DYLES! on Goyu, crazy zergish tadpoles from spooky zerg quest. I sure hope that Dyles hasn't taken over the UED.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)00:30 No.14897499

    (Is the UED reveal sufficiently dramatic, now?)

    Our infested Terrans, sadly, are caught completely by surprise. They are all dead before we can even react.

    Seething, we immediately order the overlords and their invasion force into the atmosphere of the moon. Cloaked as they are, there is no fire to dodge...
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:33 No.14897521

    It's the Dyles hive-mind. Introduced during the Halloween Zerg Quest.

    Basically, we encountered them when we were exploring a quarantined planet. We got into talks, but decided that it would be really complicated and too much of a headache trying to balance an alliance between VoidGate and the Dyles Hivemind (and the bit where the Dyles Hivemind were basically neural parasite things that turned any dead or live organic being into a zombie thing). So we killed their delegates and glassed the planet they were on, and made sure nothing escaped that planet. We even made sure to destroy a battlecruiser that was about to land on a Confed. colony.

    Apparently, that wasn't their only colony. Whether they've assimilated a UED colony or have managed to fan out and zombify other parts of the UED remains to be seen.
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:33 No.14897522
    The United Earth Dyles will BURN! Like Tarsonis, but I think BURNING Dyles takes priority. Wait we need more samples. YAY SAMPLES! Maybe we can find a way to detect them at a long range so we can actually scour them from the universe.
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:35 No.14897545
    Not a confed colony, Moria, the second most heavily populated world in terran space.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:37 No.14897553
    Completely forgot about Moria.

    Could Dyles have infiltrated the Kel-Morian Combine?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:37 No.14897558
    This would be a really good time to have some Zerg-Terminators on hand.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:37 No.14897563
    Say, given the potential threat that these parasites represent, would we be able to get the Confederacy or Protoss involved?

    "This is a ZergTV Special News Bulliten: a minor colony from what was claimed to be founded by the United Earth Directorate has been determined to be infested by the (Insert original planet here) parasites. More details as the situation develops"

    And the "neutal" Archon Protoss, would they be willing to sell us multidimensional materials?
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:40 No.14897587
    This is a ZNN special report, I'm Lord Dapper.
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:43 No.14897608
    Thinking about the heretics, didn't we leave an overlord there? If so... what do overlords eat when they stay away from the creep so long?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:44 No.14897619
    Probably hold Creep in their transportation sacs, like camels.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)00:44 No.14897621
    >original planet name here

    We have no idea where they are from, actually. I suppose we could ask them...

    >Ask the Jael'Aten for help in building an arbiter

    Anybody else up to this? We haven't spoken to them in a long while...


    Anyway, you guys have any plans before the ground troops land?
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:45 No.14897637
    Not a good idea. We're the ones who let the things get off of the planet in the first place. Kingston had things under control and quarantined until we interfered.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:47 No.14897649
    Capture as many as efficiently possible for later dissection by Nargil.

    Hijacking an enemy hivemind has got to be easier than actually killing the damn thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:47 No.14897656
    If we still have control of the dropserver, get ready to overload its reactors just in case.

    We want to try to take the colony's computers intact, but any and all non-Zerg lifeforms are to be terminated with extreme prejudice.
    Man, I wish we had some Infested firebats or terminators.
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)00:49 No.14897670
    Clearly he didn't, that's why the Salamander was out and about.
    We should check in with them, just to say hi. Maybe also chat up sis, in that we mention the freaky tadpole zombies that we though we got rid of... and the UED. I do like making sis worried.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:51 No.14897689

    Quickly identify spaceports or other buildings that they're likely to have spacecraft on. Send our fast flyers to destroy/disable them if there are no immediate detector structures about. If there are detectors, disable them first before going about destroying space facilities.

    Have our heavy air clear out landing zones for our ground forces if we have any. Have them provide support for our ground as they try to take communications buildings or other places that could potentially have valuable data on other nearby colonies or spacecraft charter logs. We want to know where the Dylesmind has potentially spread to. If possible, have hatchworms disgorge ground forces near those structures.

    Have some aerospace assets on standby in orbit in case Dyles tries to lift off other spacecraft to escape.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)00:53 No.14897702

    Seconding on checking up on the Jael'Aten. We shouldn't ask them too much at first, but it's not a bad idea to see how they're doing.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)01:02 No.14897764
    "So, what you're saying is that you found a psionic hivemind like our own, and instead of feigning an alliance long enough to infest their hivemind and add it to the Swarm, you immediately killed three of its faceless minions, just to piss it off, and now it has possibly infested the entire UED, consisting of two or three times as many member planets as every armed force in our entire war combined? That's not encouraging, Cerebrate, but it does soften the news that Tasssadar and Fenix have basically wrested control of the Protoss from me, by allowing Artanis to sacrifice himself to defeat my infested Conclave..."

    The Jael'Aten are pleasantly surprised to hear from us. Isolated as they are, they seem not to have heard of the massive turmoil across the sector. They ask if we wanted to talk about anything specific, or if we were just checking in.

    The invasion force lands, and our forces spring out. Warbrate demands that we cloak them, which we sheepishly admit to forgetting about far too often. Our troops begin rampaging through the colony, meeting with only sporadic resistance, until an alarm sounds, and missile turrets spring from beneath concealed panels. Immediately, the civilians begin attacking our troops with superhuman abilities.

    (Sorry. You guys asked for ground forces...and hatchworms are way too large to be carried inside of an overlord.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)01:06 No.14897808
    "Look, sis, we're sorry but we couldn't take the chance that the neural parasites could have ended up infesting US. It was just too big of a gamble to take, and you know our luck when it comes to gambling.
    "Hey, on the bright side, we've got a map of UED territory and their fringe worlds, right?"

    Attempt to shut down the colony's central computer and power systems, but don't destroy them. We need to capture them intact.
    >> TUCAMP 05/12/11(Thu)01:06 No.14897809
    On the plus side... yeah I got nothing. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)01:14 No.14897888


    To be fair, we didn't kill three of them. We glassed an entire planet of them. And it was very likely that they were already spread beyond that planet by the time we got there, if the typical haste that Terrans react to virulent hivemind things held true. And they don't appear to have a hivemind per se, more like one mind acting through many bodies. Almost like one of those terran games where you control massive armies. So, "infesting" their hivemind would essentially be like trying to gain control of the entire Zerg Swarm by mind-controlling a zergling. Also, we were allied with VoidGate at the time, and it would very probably have lumped us up in with these humanoid alien things on its "To EXTERMINATE" list if we entered an alliance with it.


    Ease in to the conversation. Inquire if they would like any information on the happenings in the Korpulu Sector. Then if they're giving no signs of hostility or agitation, gently broach the subject about Protoss craft design and try to steer it towards the Arbiters.

    >Dylesmind vs. the Zerg

    Superhuman strength compared to ZERG is balderdash. Try to spot for any power generators that might be powering the defenses and try to take them out with long-range air units. If we have any guardians, have them do their long-range acid spit to dispatch their static detectors.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)01:22 No.14897971
         File1305177746.jpg-(169 KB, 600x937, Captain America Explains CW.jpg)
    169 KB
    As Captain America says, the problem with bad ideas is that they seem really good until you think about them.

    It takes hours to regain our forward momentum, and we have to pay bitterly for every inch, but after nine hours, we finally destroy the last of the Dyles Entity's Terrans.

    We have only three zerglings left from the invasion force, one of which is missing several limbs.

    After a bit of work, we discover that almost all of the computer banks in the colony are empty. Several have been wiped since our arrival, but most were empty long before. It seems that the Dyles Entity doesn't need to store much data.

    Next week: Oh, God! Is the UED really controlled by the Dyles Entity, or was this an elaborate trap? Kerrigan has lost control of the Protoss! We remembered the Jael'Aten after like, 8 threads! We forgot to nuke the shit out of Brullant this week!


    And remember: Nothing on the 25th, because I'll be interviewing for a far-away, really cool job that you should all be petitioning your deities for me to get. It's an opportunity for me to, you know, be able to afford food and Internet at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)01:29 No.14898034
    If our production numbers hold, then we should be able to get right to the Invasion of Brullant right at the start of next session.

    I'll miss it by a few hours, unfortunately, so don't screw it up.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/11(Thu)01:29 No.14898042
    Oh, good luck with the interview, Cerebrate. Hope you get it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 05/12/11(Thu)01:31 No.14898067
    Thanks! I'm trying not to get nervous, yet.

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