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  • File : 1304043774.jpg-(904 KB, 1530x1700, 1302671108681.jpg)
    904 KB Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:22 No.14747429  


    ok guys

    Listen to me


    What if


    what if we make a marine chapter

    with aztec designs?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:24 No.14747450
    or 40k lizardmen?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:24 No.14747451
         File1304043890.jpg-(249 KB, 700x900, aztecdread.jpg)
    249 KB

    Here have some more

    also; see rainbow warriors
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:24 No.14747452
    Another one?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:25 No.14747467
    Don't really see the appeal TBH.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:25 No.14747469
         File1304043950.jpg-(432 KB, 1180x1300, aztecmarine2.jpg)
    432 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:26 No.14747473
    Sounds pretty cool. Not too familiar with Aztec culture and mythology so I don't know what would be fitting.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:27 No.14747486
         File1304044027.jpg-(204 KB, 700x755, aztec marine.jpg)
    204 KB
    aztec lizards too?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:27 No.14747492
    Wasn't Aztec marines covered in the "Lost Primarch" quest, or whatever the fuck it was called?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:27 No.14747499
         File1304044076.jpg-(325 KB, 1700x1295, azteclizard.jpg)
    325 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:32 No.14747565
    Or maybe chaos followers?
    Basically they were "BLOOD FOR THE SUN GOD"
    instead of "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
    Same concept, but the aztecs were gentlemen
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:34 No.14747590
    well what do you want to know? ask me anything.
    >> Hank Pym !!A0/lWspso1i 04/28/11(Thu)22:35 No.14747600
    But then no one would play the other chapters!
    But then no one would play any of the other armies!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:38 No.14747631
    Now that I think about it... They would be pretty cool
    They could fit so well in the 40K universe
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:40 No.14747674
    Of course, why use awesome Aztec designs to make a new and interesting faction when you could just make another space marine chapter.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:41 No.14747679
    We need to go DEEPER

    Instead of Latin, translate everything in Nahuatl.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:41 No.14747689
    Already existed, except they were the Slanns.

    because back then, lizardmens were also slanns in WFB

    only not as fat
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:42 No.14747714


    ok guys

    listen to me


    How about


    how about we finish a goddamn chapter first?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:43 No.14747721

    Yeah, the NPC missing Primarch had an Aztec-themed Legion.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:43 No.14747722
    Because Humans are the best race.
    And humans with aztec designs will make them even better
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:43 No.14747731
         File1304045033.png-(9 KB, 347x444, 1282515873950.png)
    9 KB
    Seems like a nifty idea to me OP. They look pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:44 No.14747737
    Or Mayan designs. And they can foresee a prophesy of great destruction in 40012, it'll be thuper duper cool.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:44 No.14747738
    survival of the most entertaining project
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:45 No.14747753
    I want this to be /tg/ fanon

    But otherwise, those could simply be un-faggy BA successos
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:46 No.14747760
    yeah and their cainswords are shaped like maquahuitls.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:47 No.14747773
    just look at the OP pic.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:48 No.14747785
    also, eagle warriors with beakies and jetpacks
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:48 No.14747791
    Fuck the space marines

    Another human faction living outside of the Imperium who wants to reunite humanity with science.

    And of course the imperium doesn't like that.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:49 No.14747798
         File1304045385.jpg-(53 KB, 447x352, e0014726_48000c7362816.jpg)
    53 KB
    So much of the art is human / terra biome specific it would be rather difficult to make a new faction with the art as the motivation for the creation. If another faction arose, and the art could be applied to it with thematic congruity... that would be awesome. Until then...

    Acolnahuacatl calls, and so we answer.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:50 No.14747807
         File1304045419.jpg-(62 KB, 290x536, Rainbow_Warriors_A-(n129712030(...).jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:50 No.14747809
    another boring regular sci-fi faction that tries to be even more dull and reasonablebright than the tau.

    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:52 No.14747825

    Slanns, as in the Old Ones.


    and they were a playable race.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:52 No.14747827
    I was thinking more like
    >Join us under our rules or we will rip your hearts and give them to Huitzilopochtli

    Something like that
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:52 No.14747834
    isn't this just the Imperium with another name?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:53 No.14747837
         File1304045590.jpg-(42 KB, 455x341, AztecWarriors3.jpg)
    42 KB
    Rainbow Warriors just sounds a little... gay. Could we stick to the Jaguar / Eagle type?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:54 No.14747845
    what does science have to do with that?

    also, if you want a xenos faction: >>14747825
    But now, they are more like isolated regressed dudes that barely know how to use spaceships anymore or their best weapons anymore.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:56 No.14747870
    meh, I was just thinking of a reason. The imperium basically conquers throught religion, so they could do the opposite.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:57 No.14747883
    Honestly, Space Marines need to move away from all the culture/religion wankery. It always ends up as hurr my cultures more badass/etc. Then in come in insults like weaboo etc., possibly racist remarks etc. Maybe even competition, "hurr my norse sm are better then your mongolian ones". Its just a mess and unneeded.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:58 No.14747893
    You've got the tau.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)22:59 No.14747910
    Fine, I guess you're right.

    What if they fight just because they like to fight? The aztecs made wars just for the sake of it. I'm sure that would be original right?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:00 No.14747919
    except that it's never serious, and always played for laughs.

    I think that you're a tau player, because they're the only ones that get seriously hated because of their (opportunistic) cultural influences.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:00 No.14747929
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:02 No.14747955
    What if they feel superior to the rest of the races, even the Imperium, and feel that they need to purge everything?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:04 No.14747975
    dark eldars
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:06 No.14748001
    Fuck it, I'm out of ideas
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:08 No.14748020
    japanese marines are an excellent idea, the only problem is that most people trying this just glue a few plastic cards on the pauldrons and add katanas. If you want to be more hip than them, either find a better culture-wankery, or get out of the hobby, because 40K is just fucking full of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:08 No.14748029
    That is definetly an interesting idea. We should have some kind of archive for the random ideas that pop from /tg/
    >> anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:08 No.14748036
         File1304046535.jpg-(25 KB, 299x275, rainbow warriors.jpg)
    25 KB
    they may look aztec, but they're actually Persian. Their primarch was Zoroaster and they believe you cross a rainbow bridge to god when you die
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:12 No.14748090
         File1304046729.jpg-(8 KB, 481x472, 1288049185543.jpg)
    8 KB
    >If you want to be more hip than them, either find a better culture-wankery

    Aztecs perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:12 No.14748095
    How about the world the chapter recruits from committed human sacrifices to the emperor? Maybe their psychers can only function when blood is spilled. They would be a successor chapter to the blood angels and would depict their primarch as a multicolored serpent or something. They would combat the influence of Khorn by only letting their powerful psychers handle sacrificial rites.

    The arrival of the primarch could be like the coming of Cortez to the Aztecs, prophesied to the exact date and such with a near exact description. Except the primarch's arrival wouldn't screw them over. He could have re-porpoused the blood rites to worshiping the Emperor to diminish taint. A chapter master or lone space marine would work just fine.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:14 No.14748118
    that sounds, not bad
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:15 No.14748137
    Their veteran companies would be the Jaguar Knights and the Eagle Knights. The Jaguar Knights would use melee infantry and the Eagle Knights would use Assault Marines.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:15 No.14748145
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:16 No.14748160
         File1304047011.jpg-(456 KB, 1500x1049, Tezcatlipoca_vs_Quetzalcoatl_b(...).jpg)
    456 KB
    Perhaps some dissension in the ranks?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:18 No.14748186
    without the Space Wulfies furfaggotry, yes.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:18 No.14748188
    Fuck it, where do I give you my money and how can I convince GW?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:23 No.14748254
    To fit in with Aztec myths of shape changers the Eagle Knights would be thinner than the average marine with feather like hair and sharp facial features while the Jaguar Knights would have larger canines and yellowed eyes.

    They would have very good relations with the Space Wolves, having a sort of "friendship" with the chapter.

    Any name ideas? Maybe something in Nahautl? Feathered Serpents maybe? Their main colors could be blue, green and red. Their armor would have very orderly paint designs along with anointments from each individual's tribal regalia from their past life.

    They could have a hate on for Khorn, since he needlessly spills blood and wastes it. They would also prefer taking prisoners to sacrifice. Khornites their favorite.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:25 No.14748278
    I have the perfect name
    It was the weapon wielded by Huitzilopochtli, the main deity of the aztecs.
    He was the war deity by the way
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:29 No.14748324
    >Khornites their favorite
    Sounds good for me
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:30 No.14748327
    >Get tired of 40k because Nids keep getting kicked in the nuts by GW
    >Come to /tg/
    >See this thread

    ... I swore I would never play marines, but DAMN is this idea tempting. I even have enough leftover lizardmen bits to make it work...
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:34 No.14748388
    I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one. The idea seems pretty neat
    >> Anonymity 04/28/11(Thu)23:40 No.14748449
    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i was having the same idea. from a month ago. and i just now manage to convince a draw friend to draw something.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:42 No.14748467
    >Any name ideas?

    Come on, say it loud.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:43 No.14748483
    Poster of
    Signing in, could some one archive this shit? I want to see what comes of this yet I need sleep, ling day of character rolling and approving ahead of me.

    I also feel like one of those original content do not steal fags right now... Should we stat up the chapter for Deathwatch after we fluff out and paint scheme?

    Another idea: they could have an oddly high amount of psychers, possibly due to warp storms in a near by system that are just near enough to touch them but far enough away not to turn everything to shit.

    The hatred of the Blood God could go both ways as well, with Khorn's chosen picking out these guys first and cutting them down with rage beyond normality. Due to the common nature of their sacrifices and their hatred of Khorn, the few [name] that fall to chaos usually end up in the service of Tzneetch, due to his close appearance to their religious figures and the psychic powers he grants.

    Their priest kings (librarians) could show odd mutations such as feathers and serpentine fangs as well. This is overlooked by the inquisition since it's the side effect of a gene-seed mutation, not chaos.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:45 No.14748506
    gee.. if only I already hadn't already done this... wait....... huh. That was easy.

    And yes, from Blood Angel successor chapter to a hate on for Khorne, I've already been down this road.

    And it is glorious.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:47 No.14748533
    But are they Jaguar knights?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:47 No.14748536
    That's the name of Quetzalcoatl's war-god form (Aztec gods had many forms with distinct domains and personalities). He was killed by the sun after he tried to knock him out of the sky with an atl-atl. Since that god is stupid (IE he did stupid things and died for it) I think it would be a bad representation of the chapter, especially for those who know about Aztec religion.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:49 No.14748563
    sniff. no. awesome, but no.

    RRRRRGHHGHH... now I need 10 pairs of lightning claws and more lizardmen bits. thanks.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:49 No.14748573
    Then mind showing us some of your models so we can shamelessly steal their designs four our own Mexica Marines?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:50 No.14748599
    I'm not gonna get home till around 11:30. If the thread is still around then, I'll try to get some stuff up.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:51 No.14748604
    Do you have any macahuitl (sp?) chainswords? I'm particularly interested in how to make those without just using full on Lizardman weapons.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:51 No.14748613
    what time is it there?
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:53 No.14748634
    I used the Lizardmen bits. I could probably make a macahuitl chainsword, but I'm out of casting materials right now.

    Also, my Furioso Librarian has a Throne on the front with an effigy of the "Emperor" entombed upon it.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:53 No.14748635
    God damn it /tg/ stop making me loose sleep over this stuff. I knew my obsession with Mesoamerican culture and mythology would breed only pain!
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:54 No.14748645
    I wasn't aware of how awesomely imperial iconography went through an aztec filter. This stuff is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:54 No.14748650
    >> Anonymous 04/28/11(Thu)23:54 No.14748654
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:03 No.14748760
         File1304049791.jpg-(73 KB, 600x800, DSCF6059.jpg)
    73 KB
    I have a friend who did this for his Space Wolves.

    Pics are of his models.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:03 No.14748761
    Rule wise I think this would work best using spacewolves as the Codex. wolf-priests become Sun-priests. Give you lots of room to work in fluff into your army
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:03 No.14748769
         File1304049823.jpg-(93 KB, 600x800, DSCF6050.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:04 No.14748778
         File1304049855.jpg-(102 KB, 800x600, DSCF6068.jpg)
    102 KB
    that's what i have on my computer right now.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:10 No.14748833
    ...nice. much better than mine.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:12 No.14748862
    Archived, I archived the fuck out of this thread. Or at least I think I did.
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:15 No.14748896
         File1304050525.gif-(1.37 MB, 200x113, 1292465561863.gif)
    1.37 MB
    I love that one in particular
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:19 No.14748942
         File1304050799.jpg-(120 KB, 800x600, Rhino.jpg)
    120 KB
    found a couple pics of his rhino
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:21 No.14748958
         File1304050875.jpg-(120 KB, 800x600, RhinoTop.jpg)
    120 KB
    >> Commissar Joe 04/29/11(Fri)00:21 No.14748966
         File1304050902.jpg-(861 KB, 2325x3225, IG.jpg)
    861 KB
    Look at the first guardsmen
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:28 No.14749038
         File1304051325.jpg-(11 KB, 250x250, 1264629717523.jpg)
    11 KB
    holy shit
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:39 No.14749153
    so.... Our homeworld is confirmed for Patria?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:40 No.14749180
    sounds accurate
    >> Commissar Joe 04/29/11(Fri)00:42 No.14749201
    just felt like posting the picture since it seemed relevent. Also funny that the Guard almost literally has a army for every real world army
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:44 No.14749212
    I now wanna see amish guardsmen
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:47 No.14749241
    Good luck painting all that shit
    >> Commissar Joe 04/29/11(Fri)00:50 No.14749267
    They'd probably be like squats since amish don't like tech such as lasers and space ships, so the inquisit
    >> Glassberg Never 04/29/11(Fri)00:52 No.14749289






    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:53 No.14749298
    Space Wolves vs Blood Angels

    What codex would work best for this new army?

    On one hand, we have the blood lust of the Angels, with the chance to lose their sanity due to the blood lust. They also have the sanguinary priests.

    On the other, we have the space wolves; their thunderwolf cavalry would work great for Thunderlizard riders. Their Runepriests could work well for high priests.

    So, debate. which would work best?
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)00:59 No.14749344
    space wolves is better. Their love for blood is refined, unlike the khornite's followers
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)01:01 No.14749365
    I though Space Wolves couldn't have successor chapters, due to geneseed impurity?
    >> Commissar Joe 04/29/11(Fri)01:05 No.14749415
    He's saying codex(rules) he should run his marines under. Even made up marines have to follow a codex, even angry marines
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)01:17 No.14749553
         File1304054248.jpg-(101 KB, 702x720, 1303067716706.jpg)
    101 KB
    wait, the angry marines are made up?
    >> ☭GLORIOUS COMMUNISM☭ !!BqZW/LIPDoC 04/29/11(Fri)01:21 No.14749604
         File1304054493.jpg-(35 KB, 476x318, 1302680454642.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)02:41 No.14750430
         File1304059281.jpg-(2.9 MB, 4224x2816, DSCF9205.jpg)
    2.9 MB
    So, As stated, I have returned.

    Bear in mind, the painting isn't great... I"m improving.

    Behold, my Furioso Librarian
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)02:42 No.14750441
         File1304059365.jpg-(2.86 MB, 4224x2816, DSCF9210.jpg)
    2.86 MB
    My Chapter Master
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)02:44 No.14750461
         File1304059466.jpg-(2.89 MB, 4224x2816, DSCF9215.jpg)
    2.89 MB
    A Landspeeder
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)02:45 No.14750465
         File1304059525.jpg-(2.89 MB, 4224x2816, DSCF9216.jpg)
    2.89 MB
    A Rhino
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)05:52 No.14751634
    my god
    it's beautiful
    >> Anonymous 04/29/11(Fri)06:47 No.14751871
    those are great, got pics of your normal tac marines?

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