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  • File : 1302736386.jpg-(375 KB, 1570x662, 1302660796865.jpg)
    375 KB Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:13 No.14584095  
    Yesterday some dude asked in a thread about what penalties and bonuses could be applied to swords to have a more realistic/historical feeling, but the amount of madness was staggering. So I sort of challenge you /tg/. Lets have a realistic weapons thread without all the bitching. I'm sure we can do it.

    The examples yesterday were:

    Longsword/Arming sword:





    What would you say are the good and bad sides of each one?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:18 No.14584158
    Longsword: Acts as normal.

    Katana: Half Damage to heavily armoured opponents. Double damage to unarmoured or lightly armoured opponents.

    Rapier: Bonus to parry, half damage vs Armoured opponents.

    Claymore/Zweihander: Cut number of attacks in half (Rounding up), bonus to opponents parry or dodge, triple damage to umarmoured opponents, double vs armoured.

    Cutlas: Gives you scurvy.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:19 No.14584162

    I find sad that weapon talk causes so much BS when there are many of us here that know what we are talking about. But lets see, OP.

    Longsword/Arming sword: Good for cutting and thrusting and can be used by a shield but can lack power to deal with heavy armor.

    Katana: Best cutter and slasher out there, but pretty useless for anything else. Although it is a two handed weapon it lack punch to deal with armor of any kind, besides being difficult to use for thrusting. Better used against unarmored foes.

    Rapier: Insta-kill weapon in the right hands and against the right foes, but is frail as hell. Parrying a blow from a bigger weapon can bend the blade. Also useless against armor.

    Claymore/Zweihander: It was a weapon used against pikemen. The idea was to break the shafts of the pikes, but it is very heavy and really cumbersome for anything else.

    Cutlass: Assuming it is a navy cutlass, then you are talking about a cheap, cheap sword that was often used as a multipurpose tool for cutting ropes and stuff. Pretty much like a larger machete.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:25 No.14584222

    I don't know much about other weapons besides the longsword and the katana. For what I've learned from people who are expert in both is that they are sort of polar opposites.

    Western longswords are (generally) of lesser quality than katanas, however these were made in huge numbers. A longsword has a simpler design that makes it easier to use by newbies because it can cut and thrust regardless of the technique.

    Katanas are complex weapons made through a special forging method. Although we had similar techniques in the west sword were rarely done with such care as katanas did. As a weapon a katana is veru difficult to use for a newbie, but in the hands of an expert it has no match. Also katanas are two handed weapons that could apply a lot more power. A master could stab through a breastplate with a right thrust. I've seen a demostration where a swordsmith used a katana and a bastard sword to cut through a car door. And both went side to side.
    >> /b/ro 04/13/11(Wed)19:27 No.14584237
    No matter what you do, those huge fucking boobs are going to get in the way...
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:27 No.14584239

    Certain swords could even cut through the rapier's blade.

    There are records of a japanese sword cutting a western smallsword in half.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:28 No.14584250

    Yup, that is some delicious chub. MAKE MILK NOT WAR
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:29 No.14584259
         File1302737353.png-(8 KB, 570x533, 1289527813049.png)
    8 KB

    I don't know shit about swords OP, but I saw your pic and I thought...

    >Huge tits

    Not sure if want.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:30 No.14584274
    ignore katana
    get less trolls
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:30 No.14584278
    in4b katana loving wea- oh wait nevermind
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:31 No.14584286
         File1302737507.jpg-(23 KB, 800x533, 1250517472127.jpg)
    23 KB
    Women, Collars and Swords Thread?

    Here have some collar and woman.
    >> /b/ro 04/13/11(Wed)19:31 No.14584287
    Surely OP should've seen this complete disregard for his post coming...
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:32 No.14584297

    Western swords weren't as important as most people make them seem, OP.

    Most of the western warfare was done using polearms or blunt weapons such as maces and axes. Swords were either really shitty (falchion) or too precious and expensive to ruin it by bashing it against armor. Knights favored maces and warhammers, and peasants carried spears and bows.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:34 No.14584306
    Not all katanas were made with expert care. There are non-oriental swords that were on par with katanas in terms of craftsmanship, for example, Celtic blades, Damascus steel, German messers, etc. You can't take into account "quality" of a blade, that's like saying we should assume a katana is equivalent to a bastard sword, but due its superior production, should always a be considered master-crafted.

    Oh, wait...
    >> /b/ro 04/13/11(Wed)19:34 No.14584308
    Mainly because a sword isn't really going to do shit against plate mail. Or any kind of armor... Actually swords kind of suck.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:36 No.14584318
    surely decisions one makes in their appearance are not reflective of their actual personality. surely
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:37 No.14584334
    Eh, chill out there, buddy.

    Also, weren't rapiers specifically designed to pierce armour? I think you're all talking about sideswords or foils...
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:37 No.14584341

    I almost feel bad for that tank top.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:37 No.14584342
    but you turn over your longsword and beat the armored man to death with the cross guard and pommel.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:39 No.14584362
         File1302737948.png-(227 KB, 640x480, 1302635143175.png)
    227 KB
    >> /b/ro 04/13/11(Wed)19:40 No.14584373
    Ah, yes. This is true. But you have to get a good strike on a flat surface. Wasn't the point of armor to deflect things away rather than keep from piercing? It's like, if the angle of the armor is sharp enough, it doesn't matter how thick it is. Kinda like Tiger vs Abrams mentality in tanks.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:40 No.14584377
    No matter how hard it tries, this thread is not gonna beat op pic. And not because of the swords.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:42 No.14584390
    Rapiers are shit useful only for duels. You should take them off the list, OP.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:42 No.14584394

    cumbersome and slow
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:42 No.14584399
    >Western longswords are (generally) of lesser quality than katanas
    Completely false. The Tokugawa era Japanese produced large numbers of very low quality katanas.
    Also their steel was badly contaminated and they didn't have much of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:43 No.14584406
    Define 'longsword' OP.
    Are you using the pants on head retarded DND definition or the real one?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:43 No.14584410

    Compared to the other swords, yes.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:44 No.14584422

    God you're an idiot and a faggot.

    Rapier is a wide term for swords with basket handguards. Meaning it doesn't apply to the thickness of the blade.

    You're thinking fencing foils.
    Stop it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:45 No.14584431
    Perhaps he means the basket hilted swords that were in use around the 1600s? They were true military swords.
    But there also were much lighter dueling versions made.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:46 No.14584433
         File1302738364.gif-(1.08 MB, 267x200, 1276148259466.gif)
    1.08 MB
    I had a lot of fun reading the arguments over the actual use of varying types of swords yesterday. It's always cool to learn new shit about different forms of weaponry.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:46 No.14584440
    spar safe zweihanders? DO WANT
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:46 No.14584442

    I wonder what cup size is that chick. Do want.

    But seriously, rapiers can be tricky, OP. Rapiers caused small wounds that were of no corncern in the short term unless you managed to hit the head or neck. A needle thin wound to the leg wouldn't have the same effect as a big ass slash across the thigh.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:47 No.14584446
    >Longsword/Arming sword
    I'm in disbelief that someone would conflate to two.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:48 No.14584460
         File1302738488.jpg-(6 KB, 400x256, schiavona1.jpg)
    6 KB

    Is this a rapier too?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:49 No.14584473
    You are talking about dueling rapiers or perhaps smallswords.
    There was military versions of rapiers (the basket hilted swords) that did not poke little holes in people. For that matter, they were usually used to slash but could also stab if needed.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:50 No.14584487
    That is a broadsword.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:50 No.14584492
    no, that's a schiavona. a form of backsword.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:50 No.14584496

    Why it is that land whales love collars and small shirts?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:52 No.14584512

    Hi, I'm your femoral artery, my job is to ruin your day with seemingly minor wounds that bleed you out in seconds.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:54 No.14584523
         File1302738867.jpg-(86 KB, 750x563, 13011182298.jpg)
    86 KB

    >Huge tits
    >pleasantly thick looking
    >has as roll-free waist.

    >Land whale
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:56 No.14584538
    We got trolled this way yesterday too.
    Pointing out that her waist isn't particularly wide didn't stop the cries of 'land whale!'
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:56 No.14584542
    hnnnnnn chubby girl in a collar.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:57 No.14584547
    >land whale
    That's a pretty healthy build bro. Just because she doesn't have an hourglass shape doesn't mean she's a landwhale.
    >> /b/ro 04/13/11(Wed)19:57 No.14584552
         File1302739074.gif-(64 KB, 320x240, Will_Scarlett_O'Hara_1.gif)
    64 KB
    Daggers are the only weapon you need anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)19:59 No.14584573

    Yea, but this is the internet. Neckbeards think anything that isn't stick thin annorexic is a landwhale.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:00 No.14584580
         File1302739214.jpg-(89 KB, 700x450, 200285_109247632490765_1000021(...).jpg)
    89 KB
    Trollhoffer was here
    Mushashi is gay
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:00 No.14584586
    she's fat, get over it.

    no need to hide your chubby-chasing ways. fat girls need love too.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:04 No.14584621
    I have nothing against Mushashi.
    He had enough sense to point out that the Japanese martial arts of his time were bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:04 No.14584627
         File1302739491.jpg-(61 KB, 319x404, hitomi_t18.jpg)
    61 KB

    Actually I'd call that a psudo hourglass shape.
    Also, soft girls are best girls.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:05 No.14584634
         File1302739537.gif-(1.99 MB, 396x224, east vs west.gif)
    1.99 MB
    She has a bit of flesh on her, but that's not a bad thing.

    I guess I should go ahead and post this, I found it here about a year ago in a thread like this.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:06 No.14584639
         File1302739571.jpg-(90 KB, 720x494, 215141_158204867574325_1000015(...).jpg)
    90 KB

    then how about Anakin?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:06 No.14584644

    It was proved that is a wallhanger
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:06 No.14584646
         File1302739618.gif-(1.02 MB, 396x224, trollan.gif)
    1.02 MB
    And then I found this a few posts later, enjoy.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:07 No.14584653
    Obviously fuck him.
    No one likes that character.

    Cool shoops by the way.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:07 No.14584656

    I wonder if the chick in OP's pic has tits that big
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:07 No.14584659
    Isn't that the attention whore who took nerds money and used it to buy japanese made katanas?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:09 No.14584670
    Did she deliver with tits?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:09 No.14584672
    But it pretty obviously is a different sword. It has two edges towards the end.

    With all the 'katanas cut through western swords/rifles/tanks/plate mail/whatever' bullshit out there, you would think that there would be videos of idiots trying.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:11 No.14584688
    I know it's fake, I'm just sure that somewhere out there someone won't realize that and get mad.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:12 No.14584705
         File1302739977.gif-(2.78 MB, 380x224, 1290362933765.gif)
    2.78 MB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:13 No.14584711

    Actually it is real. It is from a German show similar to Mythbusters
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:14 No.14584721

    Looks pretty close body-wise


    Not fake brah.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:15 No.14584740

    yes, it's a fake. real one is this:
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:17 No.14584753

    Longsword/Arming sword: Mass produced with average quality. You could consider this the standard.

    Katana: Top quality but very rare. A blade for master swordsmen.

    Rapier: Another master swordsman blade. Delicate and deadly.

    Claymore/Zweihander: Anti-armor blade. But very difficult to use. Relatively blunt since it rely on its weight.

    Cutlass: Pretty much a sharpened metal slab. Cheap and easy to use.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:18 No.14584773
    Ugh. Those arms are flabby as fuck. She's lucky to not have a gut to match them.

    Maybe it's a good thing we can't see her legs
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:20 No.14584787
    >Katana: Top quality but very rare. A blade for master swordsmen.
    I'm unclear on what my fellow anons are doing by repeating this.
    Are people really this confused, or is there just lots and lots of trolling?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:20 No.14584788
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:21 No.14584789

    Nope, both are real


    Its from Welt der Wunder, a german tv show.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:22 No.14584806
         File1302740539.jpg-(237 KB, 622x912, 130014672497.jpg)
    237 KB

    Pretty sure is the same chick. She got nice legs I'd say
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:24 No.14584825
    You won't lose much by assuming it's the latter, mang. There was a sword thread that devolved from the get-go earlier.
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 04/13/11(Wed)20:24 No.14584827

    >splice of the two real ones

    The sword in the fake one doesn't even break the same way in slow motion.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:24 No.14584828
    >>Longsword/Arming sword:
    + great balance for parrying
    - low slashing ability

    + fantastic slashing and good power
    - not as good for parrying

    + fantastic reach
    - does dick to any kind of armor, even cloth, brittle blade can be broken by hand

    + fantastic chopping power, long thrust
    - poor slashing ability, slow recovery makes for difficult parries

    + compact slashing and chopping sword
    - one handed, low reach, mostly a side arm.

    >>14584095With all the 'katanas cut through western swords/rifles/tanks/plate mail/whatever' bullshit out there, you would think that there would be videos of idiots trying.

    you know who started that belief? Europeans with rapiers, because rapiers are relatively brittle anyways and they really do break if chopped into.

    because Enlightenment Europeans also saw dark age euros as pieces of shit primitives they automatically assumed longswords were slab iron crap too.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:24 No.14584832

    Fuck damn. That was awesome.

    My German is rusty, but I think they said both blades are top quality.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:25 No.14584834

    the second gif is shoped, in the first few seconds you see the katana then you see how the brodsword breaking... by another broadsword not by the katana. So yes, the second one is fake.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:27 No.14584861
    >>14584834 you see how the brodsword breaking... by another broadsword

    >>broadsword snaps
    >>katana bends

    The lesson people should get out of this is that swords weren't designed to smash into swords, it fucks them up regardless of their make.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:29 No.14584879
         File1302740990.jpg-(8 KB, 240x240, composite%20bow.jpg)
    8 KB
    Keep bitching swordfags.

    I'll just own you all from horseback and then take your loot and daughters.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:30 No.14584890

    That katana was shitty. I've seen videos of katanas enduring gunshots and water cutters.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:31 No.14584892
    >because Enlightenment Europeans also saw dark age euros as pieces of shit primitives they automatically assumed longswords were slab iron crap too.
    I did read that 19th century historians lied their asses off about how dull and heavy medieval weapons are. Modern historians actually look at the many, many surviving specimens and note that arming swords were about 3 lbs on average and longswords were about 3.5-4ish lbs.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:32 No.14584905
    i heard of an account (apologies the guy was here and did not give a source) of a european expert in rapier who fought of 4 men with katanas retreating to his boat
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:32 No.14584911
         File1302741163.jpg-(22 KB, 320x240, rlwfront.jpg)
    22 KB
    why is /tg/ so defensive about longswords and katanas? I like both of them

    You know what has really fucking cool longswords? Anime and manga man.

    You know what overpowers the fuck out of katanas? Western RPGs.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:32 No.14584912
    >I've seen videos of katanas enduring gunshots
    This just in: steel cuts through copper jacketed lead.
    Therefore the Tokugawa era and early 20th century Imperial Japanese government's lies about how awesome katanas were are true.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:32 No.14584914
    Metal armor is a collosal bonus for very little negative. Chainmail gives immunity to slicing weapons, and immunity to anything not designed for armour piercing (on the armoured area, of course).
    Plate gives immunity to almost all attacks apart from those that hit the joints. Makes wounding and killing much harder.
    Poleaxe + Plate Armour annihilates absoloutely everything, ever. But that's not interesting for a game. People like swords, and swords were obsolete (in the European theatre, anyway) after the early 15th century. As were any weapons not designed specifically to pierce armour. That Katana? It's not doing shit against anyone with decent armour. The best a claymore could hope to do is hit the head hard, or thrust into a joint.

    Of course, this is before plate armour itself became too expensive for its benefit due to firearms. But the late knights would annihilate any other melee infantry in history, Full stop.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:35 No.14584940
    I have a csaba grozer base old hungarian, i lurves it. I would love to get one of his horn turkish bows. Works of art.
    >> An0nymous !rzoIrjWXRs 04/13/11(Wed)20:35 No.14584944
         File1302741354.jpg-(74 KB, 550x444, roman history.jpg)
    74 KB
    rolled 33701 = 33701


    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:37 No.14584967
    But yeah, swords in general get trumped by polearms when your enemy has any armour whatsoever.

    There's a reason why spears are much more common throughout almost all of antiquity than swords. They are cheaper, easier to use and more effective on the battlefield than swords.

    Swords, however are good at causing catastrophic damage to animals and other unarmoured opponents, though. But you might as well use an axe.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:38 No.14584974
         File1302741490.gif-(24 KB, 245x343, spqr_stanchion.gif)
    24 KB

    >But the late knights would annihilate any other melee infantry in history, Full stop.

    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:39 No.14584983
    >Of course, this is before plate armour itself became too expensive for its benefit due to firearms.
    I hope you're saying that in the fact that it's cheaper to make a shit tone of firearms and not that plate covered guys are just targets for shooting when the period guns were used to show their worth?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:39 No.14584987

    But the sword was a symbol and when your polearm breaks it's a good enough sidearm.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:39 No.14584991
         File1302741598.jpg-(13 KB, 198x229, 6111.jpg)
    13 KB

    >Swords, however are good at causing catastrophic damage to animals

    Ever heard or hunting swords? fishing swords?
    >> An0nymous !rzoIrjWXRs 04/13/11(Wed)20:41 No.14585003
    rolled 4363 = 4363


    >Swords, however are good at causing catastrophic damage to animals

    >Ever heard or hunting swords? fishing swords?

    This is now my new Ranger concept.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:45 No.14585029
         File1302741900.jpg-(250 KB, 1200x900, PB130014.jpg)
    250 KB
    Fuck that big tittied weaboo and her katana.

    This is what a real weapon looks like.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:45 No.14585032
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:46 No.14585042
         File1302741971.jpg-(12 KB, 593x163, hunting-sword-sheath-1001.jpg)
    12 KB
    >Hunting swords
    Well what do you know, they exist.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:46 No.14585043
         File1302741976.jpg-(28 KB, 341x393, obj_kit_1281795768398.jpg)
    28 KB
    Good thing bodkins from a longbow only pierce plate at ranges of 100 yards at best.

    I'll just be here. 30 feet away from your flank and closing.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:49 No.14585068

    Sorry fellow fa/tg/uy, but huge boobs > no boobs
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:49 No.14585070

    Hey, I have those cushions at home, too...
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 04/13/11(Wed)20:49 No.14585071
    Be a man, hunt a bear/moose/boar/other aggressive animal with a three foot length of steel and your balls.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:49 No.14585077


    Please do not go down that road again.
    Unless you were joking?

    ....Obviously? Plate was, after all, bulletproof for early gunpowder period. But when you can train 30 gunmen for less than the price of a single Knight, and keep the deadly cavalry away with cheap pikemen (Hoperfully, anyway. Cavaliers were deadly beyond belief).

    Hell, the only advantage gunpowder provided in the period was a logistic and economic one. For the british, guns were largely inferior to longbows, but a musketeer could be trained in a week (exaggertion), wheras longbowman, while being superior tactically in all respects but armour piercing (e.g 3x rate of fire, 5x range) took a lifetime to train (All the skeletons of Yeomen of the period we've found have been deformed due to pulling a 200+ pound bow for their entire lives).
    The longbow was superior up until the popularisation of the Minie ball, and hence the rifle with a RoF worth a damn. Wellington looked into raising a unit of longbowmen during the Napoleonic war,as they'd be absoloutely devastating given the standard tactics of the period, but no-one could draw the bow anymore.

    Alright, no more irrelevant information.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:52 No.14585103
    Swords are good at *killing* animals, but when actually hunting you want as long a reach as possible. Hence hunting spears.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:53 No.14585110

    A baseball bat?...
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:54 No.14585121

    television, a weapon of mass distraction
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:55 No.14585128
         File1302742516.jpg-(17 KB, 400x256, obj_weapon_melee_wi120283.jpg)
    17 KB
    A bar mace.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)20:55 No.14585135
    Longsword/Arming sword: Damage increases more as strength increases.

    Katana: Does bonus damage to unarmored foes.

    Rapier: increased chance to hit.

    Claymore/Zweihander: Damage Bonus, allows you to strike first against melee opponents due to reach.

    Cutlass: Combine Longsword and Katana.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:00 No.14585189
         File1302742802.jpg-(53 KB, 171x297, BLOODY GENIUS.jpg)
    53 KB
    So wait. It's like... A club. Except the club's entire length is that of heavy mass flanges.

    Which means that whatever part you hit with, you're still able to fuck them up, unlike a regular mace which requires a level of precision that swinging a heavy mace head does not usually allow, and still have a chance to puncture armor or break bones?

    That's... Pretty brilliant, actually. You can parry with it easily and without fear of serious damage, it's not very difficult to wield and easily balanced with such a simple shape, and since it is nothing but an unsharpened x-shaped bar of metal, easy as hell to make. Why haven't I heard of it before?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:00 No.14585198
    Safe to say, putting soldiers armed with iron shortswords against soldiers in steel plate armour is not a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:03 No.14585218
    With a blunt weapon (or any weapon, really), it's better to put the majority of the weight behind the blow. Think of the physics behind it. Take moments from the point of impact and the centre of mass. Hence why axes hit harder than swords.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:04 No.14585226
    To clarify, I meant the centre of mass is behind the point of impact.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:04 No.14585228
    I think that's a bitch to swing with how it captures air instead of letting it flow around it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:05 No.14585242

    She's a fucking walrus. If you think that is hot then I feel bad for you.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:10 No.14585295
         File1302743409.jpg-(108 KB, 1780x1252, Sabre.jpg)
    108 KB
    Can people stop loving Katanas?

    They're not very good as far as swords go. It's just weeaboo hype, all of it.

    Here, have a sabre instead. It's a much more effective sword. Love it!
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:12 No.14585321

    I am amused that the sword in the slowed down closeup is actually a double edged straight sword. Look at the tip of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:14 No.14585346
    Yeah, and the sword breaks differently in the zoomed-out clip to the zoomed-in one.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:14 No.14585353
         File1302743681.jpg-(36 KB, 497x493, slowpoke-sonic.jpg)
    36 KB
    >They're not very good as far as swords go.

    >implying a swords effectiveness matters at all as far as popular culture goes.

    Katanas will forever be ingrained in the minds of the general public as "that cool looking japanese sword".

    Deal with it.

    Also, sabres will be forever thought of as "shitty swords for people that don't actually fight"

    When was the last time you've seen a movie with a sabre where the sabre is actually used, instead of just sitting pretty in some noble douche waist?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:15 No.14585360
    >Can people stop liking things I don't like?
    Fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:18 No.14585403
    >Hello I am a Weeaboo.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:18 No.14585408
    Please take notice of the file name.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:21 No.14585433

    She is healthy looking. That is how a real woman should look like. With smooth, squeezeable softness.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:21 No.14585440
    First step, define weapon stat categories and build from there. Stats should reflect the baseline of a given weapon, without consideration of quality of material or craftsmanship both of which could be secondary modifiers to the base stats.
    -Weight: probably influences attack speed/rate and strength requirements to use. possibly fatigue? -Reach: normal operational distance; let maneuver-based modifiers like lunges be a function of the user rather than the weapon.
    -Thrusting: how good a weapon is for stabbin' dudes.
    -Swinging: how good a weapon is for hackin' dudes.
    -Power: possibly related to weight. how much of your own muscle you can put behind the weapon, with heavier generally being better.
    -Precision: also possibly related to weight. how much of your own accuracy you can put behind the weapon, with lighter generally being better.
    -Cost: in abstract terms how expensive the weapon tends to be. mostly a factor when you need lots of them, such as to outfit an army.

    So from there, we'll pick an example weapon to be our middle of the road, and derive from there. Let's use the longsword as ours.

    Weight: **
    Reach: **
    Thrusting: **
    Swinging: **
    Power: **
    Precision: **
    Cost: **
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:22 No.14585444
    >>14585433 That is how a real woman should look like.

    only women in America, the most artificial country on the planet, look like that
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:23 No.14585461
    >>14585440So from there, we'll pick an example weapon to be our middle of the road, and derive from there. Let's use the longsword as ours.

    I think the katana is better as a middle of the road weapon
    it is between the longsword and scimitar in curvature.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:23 No.14585464
    In Sacred America, this woman is still walrus. Ignore him, he is probably Californian dog with no sense of scale.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:24 No.14585469
    That's a bit past healthy there, son. Not horribly unhealthy. I wouldn't call it fat. But it certainly isn't the epitome of health.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:24 No.14585470
    >America, the most artificial country on the planet
    Its like I'm really on /int/.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:25 No.14585480
    Curvature isn't everything. The Katana is a horribly thick weapon and very much different from most any other sword.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:25 No.14585485
    Then we just sort of extrapolate from there.



    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:26 No.14585490
    Is not a meaningful term.
    It covers a large variety of swords from a variety of cultures and time periods.
    I am confused as to why you think there is a particular curvature that is the scimitar curvature.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:27 No.14585504
    >reaches further than a longsword
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:27 No.14585506
    >>14585490Is not a meaningful term.

    and the same applies to longswords and katanas
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:28 No.14585513
    Yeah, I was mostly thinking to represent the curvature in having the katana with a higher swinging stat but a lower thrusting stat. They're basically a japanese cavalry saber with a longer hilt.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:29 No.14585523
    katana as middle of the road

    longsword is worse at slashing and better at parrying

    rapier is terrible at slashing and great at thrusting

    scimitar is great at slashing, bad thrusting

    falchion is great chopper, not so good thrusting or parrying
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:30 No.14585551
         File1302744654.jpg-(14 KB, 208x450, AH4316.jpg)
    14 KB
    It is meaningless to talk about "weapon effectiveness".

    We're in 2011. The only people who are going to be using swords in fiction are those with superpowers and/or plot armor. And at this point, it really doesn't matter. The character could be using a kitchen knife to deflect/cut bullets (actually, that'd be pretty awesome), and it'd make no difference.

    And if we want to be historically accurate, the Katana would never be in the same context as those other weapons, so, again, it's supposed effectiveness (or lack of thereof) is a non-issue.

    In conclusion, the only thing that matters is which sword you personally thinks that looks good.

    And on that note, fuck arming swords, they look boring as fuck. Even katanas look better.

    But everyone knows that the real deal is the Kopesh. Now THIS looks good.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:31 No.14585555
    >japanese cavalry saber
    No. No no no.
    The Katana is too heavy to use one-handed comfortably. A saber is a strictly one-handed weapon. The quickness of a saber lets you effectively use it for stabbing unprotected areas as well. You couldn't hope to do something like that with a Katana.

    The Katana is more akin to an axe than you'd like to believe.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:31 No.14585566
    Meh, none of this is set in stone, I'm just spitballing here. Feel free to suggest stat revisions. Mostly I was looking to put together a framework for comparison. Get things down to numbers rather than talking in more vague terms. I seem to recall the original thread from yesterday was mostly looking for micromanaged weapon stats.

    Well, that and talking about thick girls. But that was just gravy.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:34 No.14585594
    >fuck arming swords, they look boring as fuck
    I like them. Looking through all the variations of arming swords and longswords that Oakeshott and others have categorized shows the very wide range that existed.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:34 No.14585603
    My fault for lack of clarity. I was speaking more of it being a single-edged sword, curved blade, intended to be used (amongst other things) from horseback. Not so much literally 'this is a cavalry saber, but from grorious nippon'.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:35 No.14585616
    Fuck you and fuck that attitude. A realistic approach to roleplaying games and its battle systems is plenty feasible.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:36 No.14585622
    I thought about this before, and this is how it turned out

    rapier, longsword, spear
    katana, dao
    scimitar, glaive, (axe?)

    >>THICK/heavy (MORE DAMAGE)
    dao, falchion
    katana, (spear?)

    I doodled it as one of those cross chart things.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:37 No.14585635
    I came in near the end yesterday, but I think I've still got a handle on it.

    For one thing, it's important to remember that the longsword and the arming sword aren't the same weapon.

    Arming Sword: One handed, simple design, functional in all areas including the cut, the thrust and the parry. Served for a long time as a Cavalry weapon, and thus had comparatively little reach. The subject of over 9000 English epitaphs.

    Long Sword: Two handed, superior thrusting device, could theoretically penetrate any kind of armor if half-handed or the enemy was rendered prone. The subject of over 9000 German fechtbooks.

    Katana: Two handed (could be used one handed, this was only when used from horseback or by Musashi. Is actually short reached for a two handed sword, because it is abnormally thick, which is to increase its cutting power and durability. While katanas are actually not -too- fragile compared to other swords, their edges do chip in a dangerous fashion-they lose wedges instead of slivers. The subject of over 9000 animus.

    Rapiers: A joint effort on the part of Italy, France and Spain to troll the shit out of the German dueling community. A very long sword, a very fast sword, a very deadly sword with a bit of accuracy, and very difficult to fight if you learned to fight real swords. Of dubious utility on the battlefeild due to its thin blade and lack of a good cutting edge, but many were hardy enough for it, and there were thicker swords of almost identical properties, like the sidesword. the subject of over 9000 pages of John Silver's bitching.

    Cutlass: A short, chopping weapon designed for use on naval boarding actions, where close quarters and a lack of armor made cleaving cuts the coolest thing in school. Famously good on the defensive (almost certainly accidental, as the early ones didn't even have guards0 at least one Spanish manual recommended them as off-hand parrying weapons. The subject of over 9000 pirate deaths.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:39 No.14585649
    Fuck you buddy, if you're doing a realist aproach, why are you including the Katana at all?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:39 No.14585655
    You don't use two-handed swords from horse-back.

    The Katana was the last-ditch weapon of the Samurai horse archers. Basically when you'd fallen off your horse, your bow was broken and you'd lost your spear you draw this horribly clunky sword half in the hopes that it might intimidate the enemy half because it's your last hope.

    Katanas were not used from horseback.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:40 No.14585662
    Tch, damn, I didn't think to list Parry as a stat.

    Think that should be a separate stat, or should it be a modifier based on Weight to a defense ability (active or passive) that's a function of the user?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:40 No.14585667
         File1302745221.jpg-(8 KB, 390x185, pole010a_s.jpg)
    8 KB
    Poleaxes and halberds look as lethal as fuck
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:40 No.14585671
    Irony: Rapiers were often obnoxiously long, like 5 feet and can weigh as much as 4-5 pounds.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:41 No.14585678
    I'm not that guy. Personally I might not have included it. But the sole reason that the Katana did exist in real life, however much use it actually saw, is reason enough to stat it out.

    And if geographical distances is your issue, people do travel.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:41 No.14585679
    >Long Sword: Two handed, superior thrusting device
    There were lots and lots of different variations.
    Some were meant for thrusting.
    Some were not.
    Some were meant for slashing and thrusting with no emphasis on either.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:41 No.14585683

    in general, if the center of balance is closer to the hand it has better parrying ability but worse chopping power

    so rapier and axe are opposites in that regard.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:42 No.14585690
    That's mostly because they are.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:43 No.14585696
    The Katana did go through a lot of stages, in some of which it could have (and must have) served a cavalry function. Its curvature in particular suggests that at some point, people were doing driveby drawcuts with it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:44 No.14585709
    Source? Because I was very much under the impression that they were also the close-range melee option, counterpart to the spear. You're mounted, when you're charging down dudes you've got your spear. When you're in the thick of things, too close range to effectively spear dudes, you've got your sword to swing down on them while you get clear.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:45 No.14585731
    just use the fundamental information for stats and derive the rest

    Weight in kg
    Length in m
    centre of mass in % of the length
    Edge length in % of the length
    sharpness in a scale from 0-inf, 0 being flat or inf-0, 0 being perfect subneclear sharpness
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:45 No.14585734
    Every one I have seen looked like it was murderously thrusty. Now I'm not saying they were all tucks, but I wanted to save the "huge choppy sword" thing for the claymore/zweihander (which were also different weapons, Christ) which I then didn't get around to because I remembered something cool about the Cutlass.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:46 No.14585743
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:46 No.14585747

    their center of balance was for chopping though

    bastard swords with tmore sharply tapered points were built for thrusting over chopping
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:46 No.14585751
    Traditional dueling Katana are short, rather light. Being just a bit longer then a Wakizashi and more representative of Kodachi commonly.

    When they are long like Katana in popular culture they are more representative of Tachi or Daitō in length.

    The closer you get the 17th century the longer and heavier the standard Katana became.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:48 No.14585764
    You are correct. I'll get it right next time, coach.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:48 No.14585765
    I'm not sure you could even call it a Katana at that point. But maybe there's a name for a considerably shorter Katana-like sword. That would be completely usable off horseback. The point is that a Katana is too heavy to use one-handed effectively and you don't fight with a two-handed sword from horseback. You just don't. Especially not a curved one as curved two-handed swords cramp your reach. And they couldn't have made thinner Katanas because the whole reason is they needed to be that thick because of their smithing techniques.

    But a shorter one, by all means.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:49 No.14585781
         File1302745749.jpg-(35 KB, 339x512, fabio.jpg)
    35 KB

    Remember, Fabio support you and your efforts.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:49 No.14585783
    Closer to the hand also means better thrusting ability, in general.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:50 No.14585796
    Katana just means "japanese sword", at least according to my japanese animes like samurai x.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:51 No.14585800
    >>14585765and you don't fight with a two-handed sword from horseback. You just don't.

    nagamakis were used from horseback though, their extended grip is like a zweihander
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:51 No.14585803
    There is something like a golden rule for stating things for games:
    Reseach as much as you can about the actual purpose of the thing you want to stat.
    Stat it that it can represent its purpose in the game as close as possible to the "real world" example.
    Never use something as middle ground if it isn't in RL. To be specific: The arming sword is not a suitable reference point. Neither of this weapons could be that. Just stat them according to there purposes. It's more accurate than comparing numbers from a vague reference point.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:52 No.14585811
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:52 No.14585812
    Hey experts

    do katanas, longswords, scimitars and rapiers parry in the same manner?

    does anyone know how the fuck katars were used?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:53 No.14585830
    The thing is that they were all, except for the really big ones, "Katana." Japanese didn't really discern between them. In general, they got shorter and shorter ever after the Tachi fell aside. Tachi being a longer, straighter sword closer to a Chinese weapon. A lot of schools did different sizes, but northern Japan really liked big fucking katana, while southern japan liked shorter ones.

    The Central Katana must have been cavalry-usable, but not optimal, as there were pictures depicting Samurai using the Wakizashi from horseback. Which is a serious Wut.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:54 No.14585831
    Where do you people learn all this stuff? Because this is a pretty interesting discussion.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:55 No.14585852
    Generally, you parry with the broad of a sword, because anything else would severely harm it.

    Katars were basically used as daggers but gave you extra force when stabbing because you're not angling your arm strangely. But they were also able to cut efficiently when the need arose.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:56 No.14585855
    I'm not quite sure where you're getting the whole 'too heavy to use one handed from horseback' thing, especially when it's the horse that's providing the bulk of the momentum. Point of curiosity, about how long and heavy are the swords you're talking about? Because there's definitely a range of sizes, and some were certainly more suited for use on foot.

    Really, shit if we got down to it we could put together a whole separate stat block for katana v wakizashi v tachi v odachi v etc
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:56 No.14585860
    a lot of good stuff's been said about the weapons presented but a few more things to consider:

    Katanas: Japan didn't have a lot of high quality steel, hence the reason why swordsmiths had to fold the metal an ungodly amount of time to make good swords. It also explains why the armor didn't have a lot of steel elements.

    Claymore/Zweihander: Amusingly lighter than most people expect them to be.

    Cutlass: I'm going to assume that this is kind of a catchall term you're using for curved single-edged swords like Scimitars and Sabres too. Generally these are a lot better for use from horseback than straight swords.

    Another thing to consider is that swords were something of a luxury item. After all, they're long pieces of high-quality hand-crafted steel that take some time to make. If you're thinking of expanding the penalties/bonuses thing to include prices, they would generally all be quite pricey with the most expensive being the katanas for the elaborate crafting process and the zweihanders for just how damn much steel goes into them.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:57 No.14585869
    To a degree, parries are all similar, but those were weapons from radically different time periods and countries, so they probably did stuff differently.

    I do know that katana and rapier parries are the least similar things in the world. In a hypothetical fight, I don't even know if they would know how to defend against each other.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:57 No.14585870
    Swords are flashy.

    Pollaxes, halberds, picks and warhammers just kill people.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:57 No.14585871
    In general, they weren't. I can't remember reading about them ever being used in battle. But they could be used to punch with.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:58 No.14585874
    Query: Would there be any real benefit to having sharp edges on something like this?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:58 No.14585883
    My understanding is that modern fencers parry in their fun, if silly sport.
    Actually sword fighters did not in general parry or block.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)21:59 No.14585889

    Most of it is just intuition and a healthy understanding of physics.

    But a good bit of interest helps you as well. I've watched tons of videos on different experts (some more dubious than others). A good place to learn some honest knowledge on the subject is this series. Let's start with the Sword because it's thread related:
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:00 No.14585901
    All weapons just kill people. Swords just pick you up chicks while they do it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:00 No.14585902
    Isn't the point of something like that to not get fucked up when hitting armor?
    So one would not want to put sharp edges on it.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:00 No.14585910
    The average rapier user will have seen and may have trained against a slicing sword like falchions and scimitars, but it's doubtful the Katana wielder of the period will have ever fought something like a rapier before.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:02 No.14585931
    Method of parrying: No, they each handle differently. Easy way to see the difference would be to take a look at some modern sport fencing and see the difference in how a saber is handled vs how a foil is handled.

    Katars, how do they work?: On your fist. Think like a cestus or set of brass knuckles, only with a knife blade coming off from the business end.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:02 No.14585940
    Maybe a Jian, which is similar in a few ways to like... Backswords. Which are themselves only tangentially similar to rapiers.
    So yeah, not a lot of prep work going to be done.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:03 No.14585944
    Oh also this is an obscure but knowledgeable video that I really like. The speaker is an acknowledged master on the subject of medieval swords, sadly now diseased.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:04 No.14585952
    Fuck me, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqdpKHNQqqs
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:04 No.14585958
         File1302746694.jpg-(162 KB, 800x1142, Shigurui 24 - Page 8.jpg)
    162 KB
    >>14585869I do know that katana and rapier parries are the least similar things in the world. In a hypothetical fight, I don't even know if they would know how to defend against each other.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:06 No.14585977
    >I have seen both forms of outcomes in my mock-fighting practices, but more often the Japanese stylist underestimates the rapier rather than vice-versa. The katana is limited to about 7 or 8 cuts and a thrust -all of which are techniques already contained within the familiar longsword and short sword styles a rapier fencer would be somewhat familiar with. Whereas the katana fighter, in contrast, has no equivalent foyning style of rapier (or rapier and dagger) fencing in their experience. Historically, in the late 16th century, it was the rapier's very deadliness at making unpredictable, lightning fast thrusts from unusual angulation that made it become so popular so quickly in place of all manner of cutting blades.
    For your interest.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:07 No.14585988
         File1302746844.jpg-(132 KB, 800x1142, Shigurui 24 - Page 9.jpg)
    132 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:07 No.14585990
         File1302746856.jpg-(27 KB, 183x648, sword, estoc.jpg)
    27 KB
    He probably means that the balance point of the sword is intended for two-handed control, which is horribly impractical on horseback. Also, nice doubles.

    Anyway, More swords to look at!:

    The Estoc/Tuck

    It's a sword designed to pierce armor by focusing all the force on the tip. Sort of a forerunner of the rapier, only these tend to be very long, have crossguards and frequently have a triangular or diamond cross-section for the blade.

    Made for thrusting through mail or gaps in plate, most seem to be made for one or two handed use. I would assume two hands would provide more control and force though.

    Estocs are all about the pointy end, so they wouldn't actually have any cutting ability at all. But when you want to stab someone really hard from a meter away, it's your sword.

    It would probably have some parrying penalties as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:08 No.14586002
         File1302746912.jpg-(146 KB, 800x1142, Shigurui 24 - Page 10.jpg)
    146 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:08 No.14586005
    You'd be better off just leaving it blunt. To give it an edge you're either going to have to extend the flange thus making it more awkward to use, or shave it down, which would reduce its weight and therefor its effectiveness at crushin' fuckers.

    If you wanted to add a little extra fuck-you to that bar mace, add a spike to the end. Nothing fancy, but a round thrusting point can fuck a dude up in the right circumstances. Maybe add short stub spike to that ball pommel as well, like a skullcrusher on trench knives.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:09 No.14586010
    I'm guessing he's the villain?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:09 No.14586013
    >>14585990It would probably have some parrying penalties as well.

    nah, it's excellent for parrying due to its low center of gravity and lightness towards the tip
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:10 No.14586021
    Why the hell is there a Western basket hilted sword in the far east being used to duel Samurai?
    Plot device?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:10 No.14586022
    >It would probably have some parrying penalties as well.
    Why? It'd probably be easier to parry with seeing how you don't have to take care to only parry with the broad of a blade.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:11 No.14586032
         File1302747083.jpg-(147 KB, 1200x860, Shigurui 45 - Page 12.jpg)
    147 KB
    >>14586010I'm guessing he's the villain?

    everyone is a villain in Shigurui
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:13 No.14586051
    RIDDLE OF STEEL already handles this

    it handles it super well. They have a hardon for rapiers though
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:14 No.14586070
    Turns out the guy's actually an asshole samurai time lord.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:15 No.14586079
         File1302747315.jpg-(56 KB, 800x444, Grosse_Messer.jpg)
    56 KB
    My vote for "best-looking" goes squarely to the Groß Messer. A 3-foot knife? FUCK. YES.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:15 No.14586084
    Good enough for me.
    I'll donwload it later.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:15 No.14586086
    Perfect, got a new weapon for the protagonist of my stories.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:17 No.14586104
    Because the guy in question is Chinese and they had trade with the west far earlier then the japs.

    Regardless the comic takes place beginning in 1629. That's well after the Japanese had first contact with western values.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:18 No.14586116

    I've seen pictures (albeit of crappy quality) of this girl topless and she looks about that big.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:22 No.14586166
         File1302747762.jpg-(104 KB, 750x607, maciejowski falchion.jpg)
    104 KB
    Fair enough. Wasn't sure where the balance on the estoc was. So presumably it would perform similarly to a zweihander, only StabStabStab.

    More Swords!

    The Falchion

    Great name, horribly underrated and horribly misrepresented in most fiction (especially anime)

    Medieval single edged, one handed sword designed for chopping, and in that it functions like a machete. The broad blade means they're not as quick as arming swords. Great for plowing through mail, has more trouble with plate armor.

    They show up in art a lot but very few physical copies survive. There's speculation that they were used to chop things in non-combat situations as well, which is possible.

    A lot of people think they're a peasant weapon, which doesn't make much sense. It's still a sword and still much more complicated and expensive to make than a spear or axe.

    But yeah, Falchions. Pic related: that's one mean looking motherfucker of a sword.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:23 No.14586173
    The Kamakura period, the period that saw the establishment of the Samurai class, was only in the 12th century.

    The Sengoku Period, the period most known for open conflict, was from the 15th to 17th century.

    I'm pretty sure that fits a point where a basket hilt rapier could have made it over there.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:28 No.14586226
    I played that game once, and the only thing I learned is that zweihander fights turn into complex series of counters, half swording, murderstrokes and winding/binding.

    Rapier fights turn into horrifying bouts of beatthrustparryparrythrustthrustparryparrythrustparrythrustparryparrythrustparryDEAD. Really effective, but incredibly simple.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:30 No.14586250

    >>I played that game once, and the only thing I learned is that zweihander fights turn into complex series of counters, half swording, murderstrokes and winding/binding.

    manly bear fucking full of muscle to muscle contact

    >>Rapier fights turn into horrifying bouts of beatthrustparryparrythrustthrustparryparrythrustparrythrustparryparrythrustparryDEAD. Really effective, but incredibly simple.

    faggot twink fucking with glitter
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:32 No.14586273
    >It's still a sword and still much more complicated and expensive to make than a spear or axe.

    I'd say "barely". I mean, shit, the design of the Falchion varied pretty widely over the years, but in most cases it hovers between a slightly curved machete, a meat cleaver and a Scramaseax. That's pretty damn simple, as far as bladed weapons are concerned.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:37 No.14586330
    The katana is fine calvary sword and esentially acts as a two handed saber when dismounted but it was never very important compared to spears or bows in Japan.

    And the folding process used to forge them is nothing unique nor does it actually increase some inherent strength of a blade. Folding just evenly distributes carbon so that it doesn't build up anywhere and cause a fault in the steel. This had to be done because Japanese iron is some of the shittiest on the planet. As compared to continental Europe which lots of decent iron, and Asia Minor whicht was on major trade routes, hence folding was not needed. Viking swords were folded even more than the "best" katannas but were still not that great.

    The most important thing is to have a core(or back edge in the case of a single edged sword) with lots of molybdenum so it would be flexible and a cutting edge of more carbon rich steel.

    Most bastard, full, or greatswords were not even sharp for the first 10 inches from the crossbar. Both so that the blade would not chip as easily when parrying and so that it could be griped for use of half swording. This allowed them to be used to batter aside an opponent's weapon then be used as a short spear to stab at the armpit.

    You wouldn't use any curved calvary sword against a wrought iron or steel breast plate, though you might stab through the lacquered armor favored in the east or the light chain mail favored in the west. You could however use a sword with alot of weight at the point like may crusade age swords of the middle east to crimp the armor in the middle of the upper arm.

    Similarly don't use straight swords on horse back, use maces or lances against armored opponents or a curved sword against lightly armored enemies. A straight edge will wedge itself in your enemy and pull you off the damned horse or make you loss the sword altogether.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:38 No.14586346
    For bows. Fullbows(mad from one piece of wood) like the english longbow could tolerate heavier draws ranging from 140-210lbs allowing them to penetrate armor at 20 yards or so. And the Medateranean draw allows for a stronger draw. But they are useless when mounted since your have to lean into the bow to draw it rather than pull back with such high draws.

    The mongol bow averaged around 80-100lbs draw and was probably the best bow to use mounted since it was compact. And the mongol draw is more stable even if it doesn't give as deep a draw. Also don't use them in the rain, animal glue can come apart if it gets wet, but then again rain will fuck up a fullbow for future use too if it swells up.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:40 No.14586368
    Agreed but it should be noted that the Japanese steel quenching process of the mid and later Samurai eras automatically curved the potential sword blade. Smiths didn't always have to manually curve the sword.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:41 No.14586384
    True. As far as swords go they probably sit pretty low on the price side of things in general. The simplicity of the design(s) also probably means they were much easier to learn how to use properly than an arming sword. So really, I should've probably added that if a standard medieval peasant were to have access to a sword, this would be it. It would be expensive, but a stable weapon for a man-at-arms.

    Then again, one pays for quality and nobility could afford much better quality versions.

    It doesn't help that this giant spread of single-edged chopping designs are collectively called "Falchion."

    >dscreser Eze-
    No Captcha! Don't say squa-
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:45 No.14586417
         File1302749148.jpg-(27 KB, 640x393, Rapier.jpg)
    27 KB
    Back off, wiseass, I've got an ATN of 5.
    >> Devilist 04/13/11(Wed)22:46 No.14586428
    I had difficulty finding the sword in this image past all the cleavage.

    >tentru likely
    Indeed I am likely to tentru her in ways you can't imagine.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)22:48 No.14586449

    a $5 camping hatchet will cut through bullets all day but that doesn't mean it's got god tier craftsmanship. Lead ain't exactly the hardest metal.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:01 No.14586566

    Then share it, damn you
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:02 No.14586582
    Longsword/Arming sword: Cheap, easy to produce, not very good in any area. Poor at going through armor.

    Katana: Expensive, good at cutting through flesh, harder and longer to produce. Poor at going through armor.

    Rapier: A bit of a higher price, light, good at piercing armor.

    Claymore/Zweihander: Expensive, great range, heavy hitter. Slow, however.

    Cutlass: Fast, short range, average price, average production, no reach in open areas.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:03 No.14586597
    Actually a lot of impressive science goes into the blade of that five dollar hatchet.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:07 No.14586643
         File1302750451.jpg-(27 KB, 882x184, Falcata.jpg)
    27 KB
    And one more sword:

    The Falcata

    The term "Falcata" is a modern name for an ancient Iberian sword. The blade's about 60 inches long and slightly curved forward. The point was double-edged but the base was single edged. A solid, quick cut-and-thrust sword usable by infantry and cavalry.

    Apparently the real secret ingredient to these swords was the smithing process, which was apparently so skilled that when Scipio Africanus conquered Cartagena he captured a bunch of Spanish swordsmiths and told them "I want in on this shit" and the Gladius Hispanicus was developed.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:09 No.14586668
         File1302750565.jpg-(71 KB, 506x316, Bromans 2.jpg)
    71 KB
    Oh hold on, I can't hear you over the sound of the phallic gladius of Rome impaling the inferior culture of Gaul, and impregnating it with superior Roman values.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:09 No.14586670

    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:12 No.14586702
    Spain has, for unclear reasons, been a step ahead in the sword game since like 500 BC. It's been their 'thing' since forever.
    Good Swords, and Dead Muslims: Spain's greatest exports.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:15 No.14586742

    Long enough. Thanks, anon.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:15 No.14586746
    And delicious pig products.


    Fuck, now I'm hungry.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:17 No.14586771
         File1302751049.png-(53 KB, 800x800, Dat_Face.png)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:17 No.14586772
         File1302751066.png-(248 KB, 700x700, 130112266042.png)
    248 KB

    These are some nicely rounded tits for being so big. I thought she would be saggy, but her tits look awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:19 No.14586800
    They probably are saggy.
    I wouldn't judge sag off of that pic.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:20 No.14586809
    Fuck, that's a typo. Supposed to be centimeters
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:22 No.14586831
    Don't forget Spain's long and proud history of trade relations with the bottom of the sea.
    They export navies.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:24 No.14586849

    She's like an F cup and all natural for the looks of it. A littl sag is to be expected.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:26 No.14586867
    I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that I wouldn't judge the amount of sag off of that pic.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:31 No.14586921
         File1302751869.png-(90 KB, 281x308, 130183753485.png)
    90 KB

    Wait what?! What did I miss?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:33 No.14586951
    Nerd tits, anon. Juicy, fluffy nerd tits.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:40 No.14587029
         File1302752433.jpg-(59 KB, 450x588, 1296463111326.jpg)
    59 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:41 No.14587047

    They're all 3' to 4.5' of steel forged in different ways.

    If it wasn't already clear in the previous thread about this; a lot of the nomenclature and naming of these weapons is suspect.

    Longsword/arming sword - refers to a wide range of weapons from different historical periods. Some historians would include viking era swords as arming swords.

    Katana - this type is very difficult to pin down too; it's unclear whether the terminology refers to a different method of forging the blade entirely, or simply a different method of wearing the blade. (early "tachi" is contrased with later "uchigatana")

    Rapier - also unclear. Some historians distinguish rapiers by the fact they were made for civilian dueling use rather than actual battlefield use, while many RPGs and pop culture just use it to refer to any slender sword with a baskethilt.

    Claymore/Zweihander - One is from Scotland and refers to a basket-hilted one handed sword, the other refers to a two handed weapon from Germany.

    Cutlass - some interchangeability with a saber. Also as much a tool as a weapon.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:43 No.14587068

    Can someone repost or link?
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:56 No.14587201

    Seconding the request
    >> Anonymous 04/13/11(Wed)23:59 No.14587233
    There are tits all over the internet.

    Why do you need these?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:01 No.14587252

    Curiosity, interest, fun?

    Also I want to know if these look as nice as they do in that tank top
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:05 No.14587295
    Because those, my friend, are /tg/ tits.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:12 No.14587376
    Attached to a fa/tg/irl?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:13 No.14587382

    This. Someone share!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:28 No.14587558

    /tg/ tits are best tits
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:29 No.14587573
    No, they were severed tits.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)00:39 No.14587685
    Someone post the tits already!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:07 No.14588028
    The katana is an interesting conundrum. On the one hand, the best examples were hyper over-engineered and very deadly. On the other hand, theres no way to generalize them. Variations of the katana range from a little over the size of a short sword to massive monsters the size of claymores. Plus, they rarely left Japan, so its difficult to gauge how effective they would have been in relation to other technology.

    They are excellent slashing weapons, but of all the "damage types" you might look at, slashing is by far the weakest. Typical viking chain mail stops a katana dead, for example. And JUST to make things even more difficult, its hard to differentiate between the sword and the warrior. Samurai were some of the best trained warriors in history (note: warriors, not the same as soldiers, though they tended to be good at that as well). The best samurai could probably evicerate a knight in full plate armor without much difficulty, but that doesn't necessarily mean the sword is amazing, it means the warrior had experience fighting armored opponents with that sword and survived.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:08 No.14588038
    >>14588028 continued...

    In my mind, Katanas resemble rapiers in use if not in function. They were largely weapons used for dueling, single combat, or combating lightly armored opponents. Kind of like the ancient Japanese sidearm. There were versions of the weapon designed for heavy combat, but because of the time difference, its hard to see the subtle changes in between the weapons.

    So arguing if a katana is an amazing weapon now is somewhat moot. We don't have someone like Musashi around to show us the true potential of the weapon, and no way to gauge if the warrior would be equally deadly with a different kind of sword. We do know some of the inherent capabilities of the weapon. Its designed primarily for slashing, and against an unarmored opponent it can easily bisect a neck or even a torso. Its significantly less useful against medium and heavy armor, because it lacks any significant piercing point to punch through armor. Its possible a skilled swordsman could get it in under the armpit or helmet of an enemy, but again, thats the skill of the warrior, not the weapon.

    As strange as it is, I think that The Deadliest Warrior Samurai vs. Viking really showed the strengths and weaknesses of the katana well. Go watch that, as its the closest your going to get to a real cross-cultural comparison of the technology.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:09 No.14588049
    Nope, that train has sailed.

    Sorry /tg/, they were up once, they got pulled. You'll just have to dream.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:27 No.14588226
    >Samurai were some of the best trained warriors in history
    This is complete bullshit. Do you really believe that?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:29 No.14588239
    >go watch The Deadliest Warrior
    This is advice on the level of 'go get a knife and stick it into your eye'.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:32 No.14588258

    >implying you know the exact training regimen of Samurai and most other warriors in history, and thus can refute that point

    Not saying other anon can actually claim that point, either.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:36 No.14588293
    If we accept your post, then we need to all stop making claims about relative training levels.
    Surely there is some valid statements about training that could be made.
    Something along the lines of 'Western knights trained from childhood every day, multiple hours a day to master the arts of warfare'. But then I know that someone is going to claim that the Japanese did something similar.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:41 No.14588353
    Hey. Hey. The whole reason a number of us are IN this thread is the tits, man. Show some respect.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:45 No.14588380

    last I checked, all those 'knights' training from a young age were pages, and just carried around shit for the actual knights at the time. Little time for actual training; that said, some knights might have taken it upon themselves in their free-time to literally train their pages one-on-one.

    I don't know about Samurai though. One can assume as much.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:51 No.14588457
         File1302760296.jpg-(125 KB, 600x600, 64-106-thickbox.jpg)
    125 KB

    I think the sword is this one.
    >•Hand forged CS1045 Carbon steel blade

    >•Forged using Japanese Maru technique

    >•Hand sharpened

    >•Rayskin and cotton wrapped tsuka

    >•Double mekugi (Pins)

    •>Black laquered saya with brass inlay

    >•Tsuba features gold plant motif

    >•Comes with black sword bag

    >•Fully functional

    >Retail price: $149.00
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:52 No.14588469

    C'mon! Be a bro and share the goods.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:53 No.14588471
    I got it for not even half that at a trade show though
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:55 No.14588486
    >>Retail price: $149.00
    My 'stamped steel POS katana' sense is tingling.
    I know it claims that it was forged with a Japanese technique, but color me skeptical.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:56 No.14588502
    that dumb bitch is touching the blade too, I'd smack her and put her right back in her cage
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:57 No.14588511

    > I'd smack her and put her right back in her cage

    Given she is wearing a collar chances are she would love that.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:58 No.14588515

    Not to be a newfag, but what's wrong with touching the blade?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)01:59 No.14588525
    Sweat and skin oil. That isn't stainless steel.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:00 No.14588534
    hand oils cause rust, but in this case it's probably stainless steel anyway
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:00 No.14588540

    And it is not good for the steel?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:01 No.14588549

    >•Hand forged CS1045 Carbon steel blade

    /tg/ = didn't read
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:02 No.14588555
    Pages would receive minimal swordsmanship until they became squires, at which point they would have to follow the knight around through battles carrying his spare weapons, and protecting his body if he got whacked. This is what 12 year old knights did instead of learning how to write in cursive.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:02 No.14588556

    Ok, so what would happen to a sword that after a battle was left covered in blood for a while? The blade would get all fucked up?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:03 No.14588562

    "Japanese technique" could always be whatever they used to make Shin Gunto towards the end of the war.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:04 No.14588573

    Damn, I was hoping to see pics of her putting the blade between these massive tits
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:04 No.14588575

    You clean the blade off, there's specific steps in the process of sheathing a japanese sword for shaking the blood off, then using what amounts to tissue paper to clean it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:05 No.14588581
    Still no more examples of katana girl's tits after hundreds of replies.

    Shit sux.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:05 No.14588582
    Blood is slightly alkali, almost neutral.
    Skin oils and sweat are acidic.

    Salty acid + carbon steel = bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:06 No.14588598
         File1302761201.png-(353 KB, 457x586, WEEZY.png)
    353 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:08 No.14588621

    >> GL Pretentious Hipster !!NU1qDw5ZF2C 04/14/11(Thu)02:09 No.14588622

    Back in my day we wiped the blood off on the grass and then called it a night of pillage and rape, and that was good enough for us!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:09 No.14588623
         File1302761370.jpg-(281 KB, 835x825, 1b009.jpg)
    281 KB

    I guess you can call her collar girl too
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:10 No.14588633

    It's the Japanese, there's specific steps to do everything that involve appeasing the Shinto spirits/spirits of your ancestors/ancient tradition handed down for a thousand generations/whatever when you deal with the sword.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:11 No.14588638

    why some people look collars? These are creepy as fuck!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:11 No.14588643


    >> GL Pretentious Hipster !!NU1qDw5ZF2C 04/14/11(Thu)02:12 No.14588647
    >why do some people like pastels?
    >creepy as fuck
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:12 No.14588656

    She can't be a chan if she doesn't post here.

    It's basic 4chan stuff
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:13 No.14588658
    The oil from your hands tarnishes it
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:13 No.14588660

    Isn't this that furry Jessica Elwood bitch?

    The one that paid a camwhore to pose for her pictures, and then posted pictures of said camwhore and passed them off as herself, and most of /tg/ became slavering white knights over the whole deal?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:14 No.14588668

    nun-uh! tollbooth chan and pear chan and dead chan didn't post here, and they're chans!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:14 No.14588682

    Because they posted in /b/
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:15 No.14588691
    >The one that paid a camwhore to pose for her picture
    [citation needed]
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:16 No.14588698

    Fuck /b/. Why they get all the chicks?

    Is like my roommate who is a fat nerd fuck and is always banging cute chicks. I am in shape and look better and I don't even get a hello.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:17 No.14588717

    Tollbooth chan and dead chan most certainly did not post in /b/, and pear chan got her name long before she posted at/to /b/, not in /b/.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:18 No.14588722
    Uhh. There were side-by-side comparison pics of the camwhore in question, and JE's pics. Identical, save for shooped tattoos and jewelry.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:18 No.14588730
    It's actually the real Jessica Elwood, if you remember her. You know, the one who passed herself as a white girl of similar build and draws these very curvy furry girls?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:18 No.14588733
    Yeah, did no one else catch that?

    Sage for classic troll thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:19 No.14588737

    Cultist chan doesn't even exist and she is a fucking chan. THE chan
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:19 No.14588750

    So then who's the chick with the sword?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:22 No.14588773
    Maybe; that was my first impression too.

    It's bound to be on her EncyclopediaDramatica page. Won't link it, because they don't deserve to get ad revenue from me.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:23 No.14588788


    That went offline this week brah. /x/ was celebrating it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:23 No.14588789
    And JE does not strike you as the type to moonlight as a camwhore? I don't get it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:25 No.14588802

    I think some anons are saying the girl with the sword is a camwhore. Well, not a nerd camwhore but a paid one.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:25 No.14588810
    Because the Camwhore denied it up and down the halls.

    And JE has posed as other people before, with multiple fake pics.

    And it turns out she's Mexican.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:26 No.14588819

    I sort of doubt a camwhore would have a sword like that at hand to pose.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:27 No.14588825
    Wait, seriously? About damn time.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:27 No.14588830

    There aren't Mexican camwhores?

    What about the sword and collars pics?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:30 No.14588859
    To settle this quickly:
    The pictures she were fronting were of a paid camwhore named Camerella.
    When called on it, Camerella directly denied being Elwood. Camerella lives in New York, Elwood lives in CA, long since verified by others within the furry community.
    I have also seen pictures of Elwood taken at Anthrocon, a furry convention in PA. They are NOT the same person.
    >please note, I learned all of this from a old friend turned furry of mine
    >in fact, I stole the picture of Elwood from his pc, posted it on /b/, and started this entire flap singlehandedly
    >I have never been so proud of myself
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:34 No.14588893
         File1302762866.jpg-(197 KB, 900x675, camerella-in-her-robe-naked-01(...).jpg)
    197 KB

    I think you are wrong. Doing a quick seach show me this is Camerella.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:35 No.14588904
         File1302762941.jpg-(401 KB, 835x1400, jessicaelwood-d3dj2eu.jpg)
    401 KB

    And this is Elwood.

    Captcha: you miss
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:35 No.14588906
    Except that the camwhore JE claimed to be WASN'T MECIXAN. JE's IP was traced to Mexico, and other postings from that IP and her old e-mail accounts were found with pictures of a MEXICAN girl, among other things, drawing furry pictures.

    God, are you truly that dense?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:37 No.14588923

    But the chick with the swords and collars isn't that camerella camwhore. Look at >>14588904
    and >>14588893
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:39 No.14588935

    I am not dense, I just never heard of this before.

    But OP's pic isn't the camwhore you are mentioning. I am pretty sure Elwood likes to camwhore too.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:39 No.14588937
    >implying the Roman gladius wasn't just a cheap knockoff of older Celtic designs, just like all Roman weapons and armour

    Samurai were pretty average on the global scale. There were countless warrior cultures and more disciplined soldiers that would have left them looking pathetic at around the same era.

    >The best samurai could probably evicerate a knight in full plate armor without much difficulty, but that doesn't necessarily mean the sword is amazing, it means the warrior had experience fighting armored opponents with that sword and survived.

    No. Japanese have never fought anyone wearing a half-way decent suit of armour. A katana couldn't gut anyone wearing proper armour. WAY OF THE SAMURAI has nothing to do with that shit. Laws of physics come into effect.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:40 No.14588944

    They do have a VERY similar body type (thick with huge tits), but the face and hair is completely different. They are not the same person.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:41 No.14588952

    Well damn. She does have an awesome rack after all. And I think the old camwhore looks fatter.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:42 No.14588961

    It could be a wig, maybe?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:44 No.14588971
    Dude, brow, ears and eyes are different.
    Similar, but you can see the difference in the pictures. There are more at that.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:44 No.14588972

    > I am pretty sure Elwood likes to camwhore too.

    As proven earlier she does, Just that the janitor removed the naked pics
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:45 No.14588983

    They are completely different girls. The only similarity is the body. I doubt that Camerella chick would get a haitcut and dye her hair and change her eyebrows and eye color to pose for some pics with a sword.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:48 No.14589002

    I am confused. If Elwood has a body like Camerella's and possibly bigger tits, why not just post her real self from the start?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:49 No.14589005
    Someone needs to repost.
    like in /s/ or somethiong
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:50 No.14589012
    She's thicker (read: fatter), less pronounced curves and bum, face isn't as cute.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:51 No.14589025
         File1302763897.jpg-(974 KB, 1175x1600, Brown Elf Ranger.jpg)
    974 KB


    This is the same JessicaElwood that draws this???
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:52 No.14589033
    >> CS1045

    Low-High to Medium carbon, crappy edge.

    >> Maru technique

    Real forging technique, but the crappiest one for katanas- it's a monosteel sword. No layering, no composite forgewelding, no nada.

    TL; DR - stamped crap. The curve is manufactured rather than a result of differential tempering. The ray skin MIGHT be real, but I doubt it given the other evidence.

    >> sublethal rodarea

    Yes captcha, you couldn't kill a rat with it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:52 No.14589037

    I like Elwood's body more. Camerella got really fat ass and thighs. You can see the cottage cheese all over. I guess is because she is getting older too.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:53 No.14589042
    >Camerella got really fat ass and thighs
    Dude, I'm failing to see the bad in this.
    I like big ass AND tits.
    I always win.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:56 No.14589072

    Elwood got thick thighs too bro. Just look at >>14584806

    You fags are arguing about two chubby chicks who had a similar body type. Both are fat, period.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:57 No.14589079
    Ok, I still don't get it. Who is Collar Chan?

    Elwood or Camerella?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)02:58 No.14589088
    Yep. Hence the drama.

    The pictures of her that Elwood claimed she took are much better than that one.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:00 No.14589109

    I am just saying that based in what I saw from Google. Maybe she got fatter since the drama. But still I don't see a massive difference between their bodies. Camerella has bigger hips and Elwood is chubbier but has bigger tits.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:01 No.14589120

    I guess I now understand why she gives her drawings these huge boobs.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:02 No.14589129
    Idealized self.
    I guess I gotta lurk online for her pics, than.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:05 No.14589155

    /s/ bro here.

    Camerella is an odd case among camgirls. She has been around since about 2004, and by now she must be getting in her 30's. She has also gained a lot of weight since she stopped being GNDKayla and started her CamerellaCams site, so she recycles a lot of stuff from when she was younger.

    In a fun twist, Camerella got kicked out GND because she scammed a lot of the subscribers by secretly selling a sex tape she never delivered.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:06 No.14589164

    Possibly she draws them after her own pair. If you see most chucks in her drawings have the same size. Not bigger nor smaller.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:10 No.14589195
    Highly likely.
    Her drawings are all very busty, like herself, bt also very curvy, sporting perfect hourglass figures that she decidedly does NOT have.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:14 No.14589220
    You are a maximized bro of sterling caliber.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:15 No.14589225

    Hey, most real women don't have a figure like that. So we gotta cut her some slack on that. I doubt most comic artists are hulkin muscle masses like most superheroes are.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:15 No.14589230

    Ok, so want to motorboat these... damn...
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:17 No.14589250

    Wasn't there one of her pussy too? I saw the thumbnail but the janitor got to it before I could open it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:17 No.14589251
    I wasn't knocking her, bro
    >lol knocking, i wish I was
    But it's just how women are. No matter how good they are, they want themselves to be better
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:18 No.14589260

    Yeah, her tits are bigger than Camerella's
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:18 No.14589265
    Damnit, people! This was a good thread about swords. Take this nonsense about women elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:20 No.14589280

    I gotta agree with someone above. These barely have any sag for being so big.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:30 No.14589372
    Janitor strikes again, jesus does the guy sleep?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:30 No.14589379

    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:31 No.14589389

    God damn, I missed the pics again?

    Damn youtube
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:32 No.14589396
    I got the titty pic, will upolad elsewhere and link, k?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:32 No.14589401

    Maybe we have two Janitors. One could be an eurofag
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:34 No.14589417

    There was a pussy pic too I think
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:34 No.14589424
    Gotta be.
    Go forth and repent.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:36 No.14589446

    Thanks bro.

    She has one amazing rack.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:37 No.14589452
    Doing my part.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:40 No.14589476

    I wonder what are the chances of getting her back as a drawfag?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:41 No.14589484
    Somewhere between zero and none.
    She's still a pariah amongst the furries, and the ill favor garnered in the aftermath of last summer is massive.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:43 No.14589498

    Dunno. I post in that blue furry board from time to time and people seem to have mostly forgotten about the shit. And she is pretty active at DA again.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:44 No.14589505

    Screw furries, I am talking about drawfagging here.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:45 No.14589525
    Lol, the short memories. Did she actually follow thru on her commissions?
    Than see the second part.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:49 No.14589551
         File1302767354.jpg-(453 KB, 1126x1550, clockwork_devil_by_jessicaelwo(...).jpg)
    453 KB

    >Did she actually follow thru on her commissions?

    Apparently so. Pic related, warforged tiefling pally.

    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)03:54 No.14589588
    >see thumbnail, text
    >open pic
    >see tits
    >see rest
    >> Action Hank 04/14/11(Thu)04:48 No.14589930
    While I am sure it is too late and she is no longer here, I just wanted to express my appreciation for her looks and fine taste in swords.

    Thank you for making my day.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/11(Thu)08:06 No.14591109

    1. open a GURPS rulebook
    2. look up the weapons you need
    3. modify the rules for your system
    4. Profit

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