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    36 KB Rogue Trader Part 5: Promotions! 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)16:46 No.14431487  
    The Continuing Log of Seneschal Vorgen Thayle

    Parts 1-4

    This Week: Chaos, Slavery, Goddamn Craftworld Eldar, and Somebody Kind of Important Dies
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)16:48 No.14431509
    So we are in orbit over the planet of Valcente’s Salvation and Rogue Trader Cornelius Gilliam has roused himself from yet another bender. While the Adeptus Mechanicus are busy doing their thing on the planet below, Alisander the Navigator has picked up a new mutation: the freaky agility one which makes him a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    Boss Gilliam informs us that things are in order and tells us to “Leave and go make money.” Back to Footfall!

    Weeks go by uneventfully and we dock at Bartleby’s station at Footfall. “What’re you boys doin’ back in town?”

    “Looking for work.”

    “Well, I gots 8 Profit Points for a simple passenger job to deliver some people. I can send you down to the Foots to meet Korelus. Just, ah, don’t take your priest.”
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)16:54 No.14431565
    Gilliam agrees and we leave Ramirez on the boat, presumably at Scottish Joe’s Sandwich Shack. While we’re away, someone from Gun Deck 7 by the name of Ed approaches him. “’Ello Father, there’s some things going on in the under decks. There’s meetins’ going on an’ people talkin.’ I’m not literate but here’s a pamphlet. Looks like somebody’s openin’ up annuver church, preachin’ to the people about the blessings of the Suffering God.”

    As for us, we reach the Foots and find Korelus in a bar. Someone decides to call him Koko. The Explorator, 62-SXE chimes in with “I’m a hungover robot.”

    I should note that this week SXE & Gilliam were back in action and Astra was off hiding in the corridors of the ship trying to hunt Quint.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)16:58 No.14431615
    The job Koko wants us to pull is to move some “items” to the Feral World of Ricara. There’s 50 of these “items” that need to be delivered and they’ll be on Subdeck 412 of Footfall. Some cash is passed up front.

    Along the way, Alisander picks up a shield because he’s squishy and Vorgen purchases a set of Shock Carapace. Unfortunately, the GM vetoed his attempt to buy a Grapplehawk to serve as his own personal “jetpack.”

    At Subdeck 412, Astropath Remi Malachi senses 50 psykers. 50 slightly starved, chained together, locked in a warded cage psykers. Alisander & Remi hear their screams and moans in their heads.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:04 No.14431676
    Remi asks about the warding on the cage, which is basically a crate. He learns that their powers are useless outside the range of the wards. “So they can’t think outside the box,” he says and gains 1 Corruption from the GM.

    The Box is loaded onto the boat. Quint looks at it then at Gilliam, who shrugs. Quint then proceeds to have the box stacked in the back.

    Ramirez informs us of the rumblings below deck. Time to investigate. Vorgen fails hilariously. “Get out of here Narc!” Alisander succeeds. This group has set up a chapel near the plasma engines and is preaching to the lowest of the low. The leader is a crewman named Horus Stane. This can’t be good.

    We send security down to get him and they can’t find the guy. SXE goes over the security tapes and fails to spot anything. Quint chimes in with “I can try to find him.”

    Gilliam gives him the go ahead and the void master vanishes into the ship’s tunnels for 2 days. He comes back with a knife wound. “Found him. He got away. Some bad stuff going on down there Chief. It don’t smell like decent religion.”
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)17:05 No.14431695
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:10 No.14431760
    We weigh our options. We could cut off life support to the problem decks. We could also round up 50 of them and put them in the box with the psykers, which in theory would solve the problem of feeding the psykers. We decide to “Cohaagen” the life support.

    It takes about a day for them to run out of air. Since they’re dead we need to replace them, so we throw a career fair to get new goons. The plan is for the new crew’s first task be to shovel out the old crew. We divide them into teams of two: 1 gets a shovel or broom and the other gets a bucket. If one falls, the other picks up the other’s equipment, Stalingrad style.

    As the doors are opened to the purged sector, the dead bodies can be plainly seen. Great job. And then their eyes glow green and they stand up. Well shit, space zombies. On a camera, the heretic preacher points and shouts “Ramirez! Your religious Kung-Fu is weak!” before running off.

    “Fuck zombies,” Quint says and closes the bulkhead doors again.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:16 No.14431808
    We weigh our new options. Alisander recognizes them as Warp Zombies imbued by Nurgle. Aiming for the head is recommended. So is not getting bitten.

    SXE can rev the plasma engines and flood the whole deck in question with hot plasma. Only thing is we’ll have to repair the engines afterwards. Gilliam boosts SXE’s ability to do it. He also has to spend a fate point to succeed. “I can do this! Wait, no I can’t. Oh yeah, there’s what I wanted!” He succeeds in flooding the deck with plasma, reducing the Nurgle Zombies to less than ash. The deck is scarred by scorch marks and melted things. Nice, safe and anti-climactic.

    The new crewmembers are sent in with brooms and dustpans. The engines need to be repaired. SXE and some hired AdMech people go to it. It takes a few days.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:20 No.14431842
    So after a week or so extra, we finally get to leave. Alisander plots a course and Quint pulls us out of port with no problems. Gilliam delegates Remi to feed the psykers in the box. The Astropath opens the box and puts some food in their cage. One verbally asks him for help. Remi doesn’t respond and backs out and closes the door.

    We reach Ricara. It’s a feral world with a small installation that’s giving out an Imperial signal. Alisander & Remi ping the general area. There’s some small ships, a couple Raider-class traders and a smaller, unfamiliar design about the size of a troop transport. Remi mind scans the planet. There’s about 200 minds at the installation. There’s also a lot of null areas that are probably psyker holding pens.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:27 No.14431893
    The Astropath hails the installation, which identifies itself at Ricaria Farming Installation Seven.

    “We have some “Farming Equipment” to drop off,” Gilliam says, doing the air quotes. The box is dropped off and money exchanged.

    As we’re down there, psyniscience feels nice and pleasant, completely unlike most other psyker ANYTHING. Blade notices it looks like an Imperial Guard Special Forces training base, but its NOT actually Imperial Guard. It’s a military base made to look like an agricultural facility, but it still looks Imperial Guard-ish.

    Back in orbit we consider this and make sure the money is transferred to our accounts before Vorgen calls up Scholar Quill. The story we settle on telling is that we got invited to do some shady work and decided to investigate it before reporting it.

    Remi calls up the scholar and Fred is with him. “Ah, Mr. Kowalski,” Vorgen goes. “We’d like to talk to your, uh…”

    “You wanna talk to my boss?”


    6 hours later we hear a cultured voice take over our Astropath as Inquisitor Iacton Veck dominates Remi’s mind. We tell him about the facility. He tells us that he’ll take care of it and will send an agent to wipe our memory banks to keep things discreet. “Anything else?” he asks.

    Vorgen scratches his head. “Well, Critchlow’s a bitch.”

    Veck laughs a lot and then says “Yes. Yes she is.” Then he hangs up.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:33 No.14431931
    We leave the area and on a trade route an Adeptus Mechanicus ship catches up with us. Tech Adept Koe asks for passage and identifies himself as the guy Veck sent. SXE shows him around to the memory banks to wipe the Ricara mission and while he’s at it he also wipes SXE’s memory banks of the mission.

    An “assistant” accompanies Koe. He talks to each of us in turn. Gilliam promptly forgets about the mission. Vorgen notices him trying to enter his mind and manages to say “Hey wait a min-” before the Ricara mission is wiped. Blade is quickly mind scrubbed. Ramirez, who’s actually not been involved with the deal at all and already knew nothing, is passed over. Alisander knows the guy’s a psyker and they mind-talk for a bit, basically clearing with the guy that only this stuff is going to get wiped. The Psyker, who’s name is “Karl” politely mind wipes him. Now we all think we’ve gone to a completely different agro world to deliver normal farming equipment. Instead of 8 Profit we get 2.

    Then Karl gets to Remi.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:39 No.14431977
    As Karl talks to Remi, Veck takes over and offers the Astropath a job as an agent on the ship for him. He would offer access to resources, gear and also offers to train him in things that Astropaths can’t normally do. And he’d also have the protection of the Inquisition. Remi asks if he can get his eyes back. Veck laughs and says that it can be arranged. Remi goes for the deal and Karl doesn’t wipe his memory. Instead, Remi gets a whopping 12 Corruption Points.

    When that’s all done, Gilliam claps him on the shoulder and says “Whaddaya say, Wi-Fi? How about on to the next easy mission.”

    “I feel like picking a fight with something,” Blade adds in the typical Arch-Militant view.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:42 No.14432009
    We fly back to Valcente’s Salvation and find the city operating fine. Time to restock and resupply. We take the Jailbait shuttle and some cargo lifters and land outside the city. There’s some trees, some rocks, a lake. Oh yeah, and an ENCOUNTER!

    Ramirez & SXE succeed at awareness. They notice some people in the bushes. The ones farther away are wearing orange & black and are carrying big guns. The closer ones are some chicks in white armor with flowing hair and their accompanied by our ol’ buddy Mornlath.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:46 No.14432055
    Alisander wins initiative and draws his hellpistol at Mornlath, who dodges. Mornlath charges Ramirez while Sedara, Exarch of the Howling Banshees, charges Blade. 2 other Banshees close on Gilliam. Sedara hits Blade for 6, a Banshee hits SXE who shrugs it off and Ramirez parries Mornlath, but since the Eldar is using a power claw, it destroys his Angevin-Era Chainsword. The preacher looks confused and sad. Remi tries to use a Storm of Force on the Exarchs and misses.

    Then the Hidden Team goes. Members of the Gilliam Family Guard erupt from the water and open fire on the Fire Dragons and proceed to miss horribly.

    Vorgen hides like the dirty coward--I mean, tactical thinker, that he is.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:50 No.14432097
    Gilliam draws his Inferno pistol and shoots at a Banshee and misses, then he misses the other with his power sword. And they mock him for it.

    Blade swings the thunder hammer and hits Exarch Sidara with a resounding Crunch, killing her instantly.

    Somehow, this sound plays when it happens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcrLkwIfXLU

    >project stinkshi
    No thanks Captcha, I'll pass
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)17:57 No.14432160
    The Fire Dragon Exarch, Fahoorin, fires a Fire Pike at Blade, who dodges. The Beam chews clean through the rock behind him. “Hey, I’m hiding here!” Vorgen shouts through the hole.

    Remi gets hit by a Fire Dragon fusion gun and takes 8 wounds. The other Dragons shoot at the Gilliam Family Goons, taking out three of them. Ramirez, who still has a flamer, draws it and shoots at the 2 Banshees on Gilliam, who both dodge. SXE pulls a hellpistol and semi-autos to shoot the Banshee on him, injuring her. Alisander misses on the same Banshee.

    Ramirez spends a fate point to re-roll a dodge, still fails to dodge and gets taken down to 6 wounds. Gilliam parries 1 of the Banshees on him but gets hit by the other. Remi fails to do anything psychic and shoots his plasma pistol, hitting a Banshee and nearly killing the bitch.

    The three remaining Gilliam Goons fire and 1 hits a Fire Dragon with a lasgun and injures. “You!” Gilliam shouts. “You’ve got a future on Gun Deck 7!”
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)18:01 No.14432201
    Vorgen (who’s taken an Exotic Weapon Training) draws his Splinter Pistol and shoots through the hole in the rock he’s hiding behind. And it hits Mornlath pretty damn hard, including toxic damage. Not bad, especially since Vorgen’s still hidden.

    A Banshee dodges Gilliam and another parries. Mornlath dodges Blade’s hammer. Blade dodges a Fire Dragon shot and Remi dodges the Fire Dragon Exarch’s shot. The rest of the Dragons finish off the Gilliam Goons.

    Ramirez tries to flame Mornlath but he and a Banshee dodge. SXE hellpistols the Banshee on him, killing her. He’s happy since he can use his storm bolter again.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)18:12 No.14432273
    Alisander moves to point black and shoots his at Mornlath, missing. Mornlath attacks Blade who dodges the power claw but doesn’t dodge the power sword. Gilliam manages to parry 1 Banshee’s sword but gets hurt bad by the other. Remi tries to dominate one Banshee and fails, then he fires his plasma pistol at Mornlath, killing the fucker. Vorgen fails to hit a fire dragon with the splinter pistol. Gilliam’s inferno pistol jams and his power sword is parried. Blade charges the Banshees on Gilliam and misses.

    The Fire Dragons move forward and 2 of them hurt SXE pretty bad, knocking the big guy into -2 wounds (no mean feat considering he’s got like 20 wounds) “Error 404” the Techpriest starts repeating. The Exarch shoots at Gilliam, who dodges. The wounded Dragon takes a shot at Blade who also dodges. The last Dragon takes a shot at Alisander, who does not dodge and goes to -6. Critical chart says: His left foot is gone and replaced with a charred mass. Ouch.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)18:22 No.14432354
         File1301610174.jpg-(38 KB, 559x450, firehead.jpg)
    38 KB
    Ramirez opens up on 2 Fire Dragons with his flamer, lighting both up with the flames of irony. SXE levels his storm bolter and sprays the dragons, killing three, including the Exarch. Footless Alisander spends a fate point and shoots his warp eye at the Dragons, killing the last 2.

    The surviving Banshees attack Gilliam. He dodges 1 but gets hit by the other and goes to -9 wounds. He gets stabbed by a Banshee power sword and his body erupts into flames, dropping to the ground as a crispy-fried corpse.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)18:28 No.14432390
    Remi fails to pull off any psyker shit and shoots at a Banshee, who dodges. Vorgen, who’s too busy snickering about Gilliam’s death, misses a Banshee. Blade’s attack is also dodged. Ramirez grabs Gilliam’s power sword from the ground and attacks the Banshees, who dodge. SXE shreds 1 of the banshees with the storm bolter. Alisander (who’s hopping around at this point) shoots and the attack is also dodged. The last Banshee, in a blind rage, attacks Ramirez, who parries. Remi succeeds at Force Choking her, hurting her pretty badly. Vorgen levels his bolter cane, but Antidisestablishmentarianism misses horribly and removes him from hiding. Blade draws a bolt pistol and spends a fate point to hit her, killing her and ending the fight.

    We immediately start going through Gilliam’s stuff. Blade calls dibs on Gilliam’s Best Quality Carapace armor (might have to do something about the hole). Ramirez keeps the Captain’s power sword. SXE tries to loot Mornlath’s power claw, but since its attached to the armor (and a bunch of soul stones) Vorgen talks him out of it. Blade also loots the Banshee power sword that killed Gilliam and calls it the “Boss Killer.”
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)18:31 No.14432419
    Vorgen spends a fate point to automatically succeed on a lore test. Mornlath’s armor has 9 soul gems, one for each previous Mornlath. Its more of a title than a name, and if you take the armor, the Craftworld won’t be able to appoint another. Until they hunt down the armor and butcher whoever has it. We leave the armor.

    Hearing the commotion, more Gilliam family forces move in and claim the Fire Dragons’ stuff for Boss Gilliam. Damn. No Fire Lance for us. Alisander loots an Eldar power sword before collapsing from the shock of having his foot slagged.

    So, we’ve gotten to rank 4 (well, everyone except the Captain) and got some nifty new stuff. And a dead Rogue Trader. That’s going to be a fun conversation with his uncle. However, as it stands, Vorgen Thayle is (again) the ranking commanding officer of the crew.
    >> 30 Meter Murphy 03/31/11(Thu)18:37 No.14432471
    And its archived: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14431487/

    So yeah, what with our Astropath making a deal with an Inquisitor behind our backs and the Rogue Trader getting himself dead (he could've burned a Fate Point but wanted to bring his DH character over), we're kind of hurtling towards something very painful.

    And then next week: It. Gets. Worse.

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