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  • File : 1301547272.jpg-(158 KB, 737x1024, pic705709_lg.jpg)
    158 KB AK-47 (The Game) Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)00:54 No.14424699  
    Guess what I've been playing /tg/...

    Rules for 15mm figures portraying "warlord-level battles" from the fifties through the eighties. Players create their own third-world nation--there's a random generator for creating your country's flag and name--buy units for it, and send it off to fight. A later supplement adds more political complexity--rather than a warlord nation, you can play a corporate army, insurgents, a US intervention force, a mercenary army, Israelis, Syrians...

    The game itself is quite simple, and the primary attraction of the game is "roleplaying" as the leader of your forces. Units may be Professional, Regular, or Militia (costing progressively less), and each unit may contain widely varying types of troops. It is all quite irregular, as befits the subject.

    Here's a copy of all the types of armies:

    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)00:57 No.14424720
    Is it just me, or does it seem like this game is in extremely poor taste?

    I mean...far be it from me to shy away from the controversial, or from black humor. But none the less this seems a bit over the line for me.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:00 No.14424751
    Yeah, because 40k is a shining bastion of light and good...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:01 No.14424758
         File1301547686.jpg-(23 KB, 512x379, 30474289.jpg)
    23 KB
    Any chance for a scan op?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:03 No.14424779
         File1301547793.jpg-(160 KB, 800x600, 1267633045307.jpg)
    160 KB
    What's in poor taste about it?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:06 No.14424809
    If anything, it's a refreshingly honest portrayal of the true face of warfare in the modern day.

    Let's liberate Libya!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:06 No.14424813
         File1301547998.jpg-(84 KB, 500x652, AAG-100.jpg)
    84 KB

    Do you feel that way about WWII mini games? Or Napoleonics? Or Roman? Or how about the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series?

    Its just a game. Relax and have fun. If anything historical wargames can help raise awareness and education of the past (or current events).

    Also, to be a terrible(?) person, we should do Gadaffi and Libyan TNC army write ups.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:06 No.14424814
         File1301548003.jpg-(14 KB, 240x164, images.jpg)
    14 KB
    fuck year
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:08 No.14424830
         File1301548116.jpg-(796 KB, 2592x1944, bmp-1_zu-23_aa_gun_2_of_3.jpg)
    796 KB
    Hehehe, I love the army descriptions/special events!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:08 No.14424833
         File1301548132.jpg-(26 KB, 645x303, AKnakedmilitia.jpg)
    26 KB

    Whichever lets me use the worst/most hilarious minis Peter Pig has ever made...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:09 No.14424835
         File1301548163.jpg-(110 KB, 750x563, meanwhileinafrica.jpg)
    110 KB

    That concern is not new with post-1945 gaming. I know my old club, back in the day, barred all WW3-type gaming, and took a very dubious view of my Vietnam campaign. It seems too close to home for some. These old guys had no problem mincing up legions of conscripts in Napoleonic gaming, but shyed away from anything they saw on the news.

    But I would suggest questions of morality stay the hell out of miniature gaming. No-one ever seems upset about people fielding Waffen-SS or Mongol armies despite the many atrocities they committed. Roll your dice and enjoy the game.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:10 No.14424845
    Cult/End of Days army all the way
    that, or the People's Liberation Front of Judea
    I'd like to see an expansion with post-communist states, where you can have raving racial supremacist and irridentist movements in eastern europe, not to mention some oh so sweet organised crime
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:11 No.14424854
         File1301548295.jpg-(67 KB, 600x400, meanwhilebotswanai8l0.jpg)
    67 KB

    > and the primary attraction of the game is "roleplaying" as the leader of your forces

    Much of African warfare seems focused on roleplaying.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:11 No.14424857
         File1301548313.jpg-(32 KB, 512x358, 1269564609200.jpg)
    32 KB
    Western Interventionist Army.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:12 No.14424863
    I remember reading the issues of Wargames Illustrated, about ten years ago, where this was all developed. Is Dagomba still around?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:13 No.14424875
    "So, before leading my troops into battle, we would get drunk and drugged up, sacrifice a local teenager, drink their blood, then strip down to our shoes and go into battle wearing colourful wigs and carrying dainty purses we'd looted from civilians. We'd slaughter anyone we saw, chop their heads off and use them as soccer balls. We were nude, fearless, drunk and homicidal. We killed hundreds of people -- so many I lost count. But in June last year God telephoned me and told me that I was not the hero I considered myself to be, so I stopped and became a preacher."
    -Joshua Blahyi, aka "General Butt-Naked", former Liberian militant.

    This man is my all-time hero of heroes.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:14 No.14424889
    Fuckign Liberians. PLanes and Mercs man, Planes and Mercs
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:16 No.14424893
    I dunno, man. Gives a whole new meaning to "rock out with your cock out".
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:16 No.14424899
    >>14424720 here.

    What do you know, the arguments put forth in this thread have convinced me I was just being oversensitive.

    I just got the image stuck in my mind of someone who lived through this shit seeing the most horrible part of their life turned into a game...but as anon said, it's really no different than any other kind of historical wargaming. Not in any ethically relevant way.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:17 No.14424911
         File1301548648.jpg-(86 KB, 610x448, FFL.jpg)
    86 KB

    One of these days I'm gonna write up a couple Ambush Alley scenarios based on the P&M's French Foreign Legion adventures. Air support asset-cards will be mandatory, of course.

    Oh yeah, there is what I'd play in AK-47, Corporate Mercenaries or whatever would be the closest match to the FFL. Buncha crazies...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:17 No.14424912
         File1301548654.jpg-(105 KB, 274x488, Derp J.D. Fan Art Coloured.jpg)
    105 KB
    >mfw that was a real person
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:17 No.14424914
         File1301548668.jpg-(27 KB, 400x277, 1272237462669.jpg)
    27 KB
    Mercenary Cored Army.

    Ex Reccondos.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:18 No.14424924
    Does it have rules for your troops ignoring your orders in order to rape civilians?

    It's not realistic if it doesn't have that.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:19 No.14424932

    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:22 No.14424954
    It's a very tight system, they've ironed out the bugs, and gameplay is fucking awesome.

    I was playing some Religious nutcases who got their hands on a T-55 and believed it was a sign from god, so they took it into a town across the border defended by a dictators army.

    It was pandelerium. The enemy brought up two wheeled gun vehicles but the inepts in the tank took them out (as well as some of their own troops near the vehicles) and saw this as a sign from God that their cause was just. It was all going so well until the elite guard showed up in an old Russian helicopter and ruined my day. Still, great fun.

    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:23 No.14424967
         File1301549003.jpg-(72 KB, 925x564, Rooikat_wheeled_tank.jpg)
    72 KB
    Yeah, these things can wreck your day. potentially.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:24 No.14424974
         File1301549071.jpg-(54 KB, 640x401, t55ak_3.jpg)
    54 KB
    "God Bless the T-55" eh?

    Whats the games combat system like? The only game I'm familiar with that is even somewhat similar is Ambush Alley/Force on Force.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:24 No.14424976
    Sadly I doubt civilians are in the game at all, much less the tabletop battlefield.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:27 No.14424997
    Actually several of the 'armies' have civilian mobs as assets.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:27 No.14425002
    It's distance, I think. Pre-20th century wars are long in the history books and no one actually remembers them, and technology and tactics have changed so much that they're interestingly different from modern day warfare. However, it's easy to forget that those wars were just as, if not more, bloody, cruel and horrible as wars today, just with weapons you had to work harder to kill people with.

    I'll take a middle ground here: the game in the OP does disturb a lot of people for legitimate reasons, and may well be in poor taste especially if it's poorly written and made. However, if it's worth playing on its own merits, it does offer something different to most wargames on the market, and raises some questions and conundrums worth discussing. And it might even be fun to play.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:28 No.14425010
         File1301549305.jpg-(1.17 MB, 2568x968, Madhi army.jpg)
    1.17 MB

    Actually, judging from Peter Pig's (the guy who wrote the rules) mini line for AK-47, there are. Looters at the very least.


    And a TV News Crew (damn the nosy Western media!).

    And Alligators...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:29 No.14425022
    They drop like flies under artillery, mortars, or heavy machine gun fire. But if they get close enough to hit with massed rifle fire/rocks/molotovs then your units are in for some hurt.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:30 No.14425023
    Please tell me we can make a scenario where you storm the fortified palace of an African dictator, fighting his elite guard and his pet tigers.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:31 No.14425037
         File1301549470.jpg-(56 KB, 568x357, black_hawk_down_pic1.jpg)
    56 KB
    It would not be out of place.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:31 No.14425043


    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:32 No.14425053
         File1301549552.jpg-(99 KB, 714x474, lord-of-war-5.jpg)
    99 KB
    So this is basically "Lord of War: Tabletop Edition"

    I'm sold.

    /I like it better my way. (Bring me the gun of Rambo)
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:33 No.14425064
         File1301549636.jpg-(1.44 MB, 2937x1245, 02a.jpg)
    1.44 MB

    I have no idea, but that would be pretty awesome.

    And damn, whoever painted these Eastern-European(?) style PP rebels/insurgents (PLO minis I think) makes me wish I had the money to spend on some Peter Pig 15mm minis to play Ambush Alley (and perhaps this) properly. They're lovely.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:35 No.14425082
    I am fucking SOLD on this now.

    That's it; building an army of Nicholas Cage impersonators. They follow the Gospel of Cage. Cameron Poe guides their bullets. And they will build a nation out of blood and fury to represent their dedication to their Lord and Savior.

    It's time for a motherfuckin' Cage match, bitches.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:35 No.14425083
    Why what? Why did Joshua Blahyi exist and do the things he did? Why is he my hero? Why is he running around in a gunfight with his schlong flapping in the air? Why am I on /tg/ at 11pm at night when I have a tutorial first thing in the morning?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:36 No.14425087
         File1301549769.jpg-(33 KB, 600x369, home made revolver.jpg)
    33 KB
    Are there rules for Chechnyan Firecrackers? Aka, these babies?

    Suicide bombers wouldn't be too out of place either. Damn, this game is fun once you put aside all good taste and decide to embrace what you see on the news.

    If anything, this game might help drive home the kind of horrible ass shit that happens in third world warfare.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:37 No.14425097
         File1301549827.jpg-(250 KB, 990x652, Africa.jpg)
    250 KB
    Ah, Africa. The closest thing to Hell you can get to on Earth.

    Anyone here actually have experience playing this game?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:38 No.14425117
         File1301549928.jpg-(399 KB, 1571x734, Su-22_Fitter_-_Libya.jpg)
    399 KB

    Gadaffi = Dictatorship Army or End of Days Government Army
    Libyan TNC/Rebels: People's Revolt Army

    Sound about right? Does AK-47 have fast-mover air assets?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:40 No.14425130
         File1301550022.jpg-(127 KB, 640x425, Technical.jpg)
    127 KB

    Perfect song to play during these matches. In fact, I would think purchasing the Lord of War, Blood Diamond, and Last King of Scotland soundtracks and making a mix to play during games might not be a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:41 No.14425144
         File1301550113.jpg-(620 KB, 1280x852, 1299842544940.jpg)
    620 KB
    /tg/ has been hoping on and off for Rules for AK-47 since Merc & Planes started up. I wonder if we'll ever get them.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:42 No.14425151
    I once thought about doing a miniatures game based on the drunken riots that broke out all the goddamn time at Ohio State.

    This doesn't seem that far off.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:44 No.14425169
         File1301550240.jpg-(569 KB, 1600x1200, wat.jpg)
    569 KB
    wat is going on with this mini?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:44 No.14425170
         File1301550242.png-(643 KB, 609x410, Life jacket.png)
    643 KB
    What, so there's no scan or anything? What do you mean?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:46 No.14425194

    What's the armor rating on a life jacket anyway?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:47 No.14425203
         File1301550424.jpg-(102 KB, 800x538, 1299648490189.jpg)
    102 KB

    Yeah, a scan is what I meant.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:47 No.14425209
         File1301550454.jpg-(32 KB, 512x389, Safety Conscious.jpg)
    32 KB
    Not enough, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:50 No.14425243
    OP again, I was promised a scan 8 months ago, I bought the game last week since I was tired of waiting.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:51 No.14425254
         File1301550706.jpg-(3 KB, 92x78, Female Trooper Vaskez.jpg)
    3 KB
    It's like Necromunda, but in Africa!

    Haha I love it.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:52 No.14425257
         File1301550747.jpg-(122 KB, 610x918, Hell Yeah.jpg)
    122 KB
    You know, I think I might purchase this and introduce it to my gaming club. In the meantime, I would like to assemble a song list to play in the background. If anyone has a good "African" war music track they'd like to contribute, post it.

    When Da Dawgs Come Out To Play by Bal Burea featuring Masta Kent and Bullet Rhymes

    Baai by Emmanuel Jal featuring Abdel Gadir Salim
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:54 No.14425282
         File1301550879.jpg-(265 KB, 969x610, Guinean BMP-1.jpg)
    265 KB
    Think you could scan it yourself? Maybe put a little "please buy this to support the company if you like it" disclaimer at the front, like /tg/ did with Battlefield: Evolution?

    Oh, and before I forget, would the rules accommodate different scale figures? 15mm is new and scary to me
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:55 No.14425288
    >and the primary attraction of the game is "roleplaying" as the leader of your forces
    Awww shit, there was a fuckawesome postapoka mini ruleset released in the 90's, practically unknown, that seem to play like AK47. Set in "the 120 last days humanity" and featuring troop choices such as "rape/kill gangs", kids with handgrenades and landmates. Yeah, but those where all psychotic since they're in an invincible killing machine and you had to roll up the nature of their delusion.
    I have I copy I've been intending to scan when I get the hardware. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:55 No.14425290
         File1301550930.png-(568 KB, 1187x760, 8b9uy.png)
    568 KB

    Someone post some of those Libyan Anti-Gaddafi raps that have been popping up.

    North Africa is cool too, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:55 No.14425293
    I'd recommend looking into Dirt and Mercs for anyone interested in participating in something like this. The game is currently residing on the Planes and Mercs forums an is basically that, but with land based mercs instead.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:57 No.14425309
    1) I already bought and gave you guys BF:Evo... (And WaW, And Zombies) I might scan this when I get a chance though.
    2) I don't see why you couldn't use different scales, but 15mm is really cheap and easy to collect. You'd be looking at maybe 50 bucks all told to field an army.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:58 No.14425313
         File1301551095.jpg-(1.19 MB, 1024x996, 1294440788986.jpg)
    1.19 MB

    15mm aren't that bad, easy to paint! (assuming you don't want to get crazy detailed like pic related) Plus Peter Pig's look damn nice (also pic related). The price is pretty good too, £2.50/$4.00 for 8 dudes is a pretty nice deal.

    They base individually on pennies!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)01:59 No.14425331
    Old glory sells infantry for 13 bucks = 50 dudes. There are some others out there with great stuff as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:02 No.14425354
         File1301551322.jpg-(138 KB, 893x588, Heavy technical.jpg)
    138 KB
    Ah, you're the same guy! I still have my copy of BF:Evo, which I still haven't finished reading. I promise I will buy it if I like it. Same for this one.

    So long as it's not explicitly referring to Gaddafi, it would be fine. I would think those type of songs would only work if one player was actually running a Gaddafi force.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:05 No.14425379
         File1301551501.jpg-(133 KB, 800x493, 2368607CT3.jpg)
    133 KB

    Eh, I've heard some worrying things about Old Glory. Personally I'd probably get minis from Peter Pig or maybe QRF.

    Does Old Glory even have pictures these days? Worst part about historical minis, so few manufacturers have extensive pictures to go with their catalogs.

    Maybe GW and the like have spoiled me?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:05 No.14425387
    15mm Bonanza



    Everything you need
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:07 No.14425397
    I've bought from Old Glory several times, and never had an issue. I can postsome of my stuff (ww2) for them tommorow.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:08 No.14425406
    So how hard would it be to use this for a Hammers Slamners style game, seeing as Hammer's Slammers was largely the Vietnam War with hover M551s and M113 ACAVs that had plasma guns?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:09 No.14425408
         File1301551748.jpg-(56 KB, 640x445, Old Glory African Irregulars.jpg)
    56 KB
    >>14425379 Again.

    Just checked Old Glory's sight, had one decent picture in their "Post WWII - Modern" section. African Irregulars.

    Rather "meh" quality, IMO, but it IS 50 dudes for 15 bucks, so not bad. Although I noticed that Irregulars are separate from Command/support weapons, and the latter also comes in a $15 bag of 50... do I really need 50 leaders and dudes with RPKs and RPG-7s?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:12 No.14425431
         File1301551940.gif-(2 MB, 388x240, 1290713084521.gif)
    2 MB

    Probably not hard if you just start crossing out the names of hardware, writing in sci-fi equivalent names and playing it "as is".

    I don't actually have the rules though, so don't quote me on that.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:14 No.14425447
    This reminds me of a joke I read while reading Save The Last Bullet For Yourself, where the author is talking about how mercenaries(this was before the days of the big PMC's) wasn't high paying work.

    >For a while, we at SOF actually made Soldier of Fortune Cookies. They had fortunes like, "You will conquer a central african nation and make five hundred dollars."
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:14 No.14425451
    Well, I think they look good. Do you need to buy 30$ worth of minis? No, not really as long as you clearly mark the bases to indicate a rifle stand vs an RPG team. But personally I like my dudes to be holding the right weapon.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:19 No.14425492
         File1301552381.jpg-(75 KB, 1024x389, Chechens Armyshot.jpg)
    75 KB
    >But personally I like my dudes to be holding the right weapon.

    Yeah, thats why I'd probably get Peter Pig, or maybe QRF. Since they come in packs of 8. Much easier to get close to the amount you need (typically with a few extra, which never hurts). Plus like I said, I love those Arab/PLO minis, here is some done up as Chechen rebels.

    Too bad they're both UK based, and I'm a Yank.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:21 No.14425505
    thats fictional almost satirical. this is just fucking dark... I mean the words "too soon" come to mind. also the fact how swept up grognards get in hurr durr Xeno filth, I just imagine some neckbeard laughing his Cheeto crumbs out about how his Blackwater themed army slaughtered an Islamic liberation force. this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth but the worst part is I really want to play it.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:21 No.14425507
    0AP, but +1 morale till the unit comes under fire.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:22 No.14425514

    You can *Never* have enough RPG-7s.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:23 No.14425520
    That's why I caution against Peter Pig.

    Check out Warweb or Scalecreep minis, they might have some 15s for this game, and they won't kill you in shipping costs.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:25 No.14425537
    The game takes a tongue in cheek attitude in the rules, but sobers up with almost every page having a quote from some loony-nut bongo wongo dictator that makes you feel if not sick, at least uneasy to your stomach.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:28 No.14425563
    Is there anything good for playing Rhodesians.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:30 No.14425579
         File1301553011.jpg-(39 KB, 400x610, db_beamanamongmen1.jpg)
    39 KB
    In AK-47 Republic? They're the perfect White Colonialist Army.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:32 No.14425598
    Somehow I felt all of /k/ and operatorch- cry out in pure joy at this statement
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:33 No.14425604
    Just an interesting tidbit fromthe victory points section.

    Unpainted models earn you -2 victory points. Having a model flying a two sided flag earns you +2 victory points. Most victory points are also variable (2d6 pts per helicopter destroyed: it makes for good video for news crews) so at the end of the day, the general who walks away with the highest fame might not be the winner of the actual battle in terms of casualties (although if you killed more stuff you will probably have a better chance of winning) I like the system because hey, you might have scored a great victory, but if the press doesn't know about it... Did you really accomplish anything?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:33 No.14425607
    yeah but you keep playing. I could see the guys that do war reenactments treating this with a sober tone but selling this to GW babbies scares the crap out of me. don't get me wrong I liked Blood Diamond and read Unknown Soldier but i still cringe when I remember that this stuff is really happening.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:34 No.14425617
         File1301553270.jpg-(12 KB, 261x193, images.jpg)
    12 KB
    Heh, loving the historical references and grim humour in this. The hardcover is cool as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:34 No.14425619
         File1301553295.jpg-(98 KB, 720x480, k0DJy.jpg)
    98 KB
    Hey OP, how many infantry bases and extras (Such as that T-55) does your average AK-47 Army contain? Just curious what a baseline price would be for getting the rules and getting an army.

    Rules - £30
    Minis - £2.50 per 8 dudes (enough for a couple bases I assume)
    T-55 - £6
    Toyota Hilux - £4
    "Technical" bits for Hilux - £2.50 (dude with an MG x6) - £2.50 (ZPU1 AA or Recoiless Rifle, x1 ea.)
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:37 No.14425638
         File1301553444.jpg-(76 KB, 400x281, 1271632149513.jpg)
    76 KB
    We play games about war, fighting, and violence all the time.

    I think it's refreshing to see a take on it that reminds us how horrible those things are in the real world.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:38 No.14425651
    >And Alligators...

    Since this is Africa there should be special character rules for Gustave. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustave_%28crocodile%29
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:41 No.14425676
         File1301553664.jpg-(42 KB, 750x562, africa_RPG.jpg)
    42 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:43 No.14425696
    is there a scan
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:45 No.14425707
    It depends on your army, each one is structured differently in the assets you have available (some are mob armies, others have a hard core of professionals, some rely on technology, others on brutal support options (like artillery out the wazoo)) Each infantry stand generally has three figures on it, if you had 50 dudes you'd be covered I figure. A couple of vehicles as well, depends how you build up your force honestly. I wouldn't expect to spend more then 100 bucks US in total aquiring units for every possible deployment capability of your army.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:47 No.14425730
         File1301554071.jpg-(176 KB, 990x692, uGuu4.jpg)
    176 KB

    Not currently.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:47 No.14425731
    >He is known for the few distinct bullet scars that cover his body: one on his head and three on his right side.

    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:50 No.14425747
         File1301554216.jpg-(23 KB, 258x370, face PAjoy.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:50 No.14425750
    What really sets this game apart for me is the variety in the armies and their playstyles. I like Force on Force, and mechanically I think it does some things better, but it doesn't always convey the feel of the army other then 'well trained, trained, not trained, peasants'' whereas AK has forces with really varied playstyles. Your religious dude swarms people, your dictator has more apcs, and the western intervention army has good training and equipment, but is always outnumbered. It goes beyond just a general effectiveness, to maximize your army you have to fight like they would.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:51 No.14425758

    Ah cool, thanks is that $100 with or without rules?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:53 No.14425769
    I can totally see some pissed off warlord flipping through the TV and seeing "America's Next Top Model" instead of his holy massacre against the godless communists of the minjawai province that he conducted brilliantly earlier in the day.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:54 No.14425782
    >Thanks for your request.
    >It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
    >This thread has been requested 1 times now.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:55 No.14425783
    >Scientists and Herpetologists who have studied Gustave

    I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:55 No.14425784
    any one have a pdf of this?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:56 No.14425794
         File1301554569.jpg-(49 KB, 570x447, vuvuzela-manual.jpg)
    49 KB
    >This thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:56 No.14425798
         File1301554586.jpg-(152 KB, 660x733, usmcp1000714_cropped_smaller.jpg)
    152 KB
    Depends if OP provides or not.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:57 No.14425804
    I'm not good with currency changes, but I got three t-55s, BMP-1s, BRDMs, Urals, and infantry for 100 bucks. (There were a few other things as well)

    Rules were seperate. For most games I will never be able to field everything I bought, at best like ten stands and 2-4 vehicles.

    Game time is variable, you start with 21 'turns' to finish the game, at the end of each turn you roll a d6 and subtract the result from 21. You could have 21 turns, you could have four. Always plan to achieve your objective quickly. You can't fence sit and seize an objective 'on the last turn' since the last turn might come up faster or slower then you expect. FORTUNE FAVOOURS THE BOLD!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)02:58 No.14425824
    >Faye and a documentary team attempted to capture Gustave in 2002 using an enormous trap, but the crocodile not only avoided it, but seemed to taunt the team as well.
    >avoided the trap and seemed to taunt the team as well.

    Requesting crocodile troll face.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:00 No.14425837
         File1301554806.jpg-(60 KB, 720x540, okqueq.jpg)
    60 KB

    Well, a scan would be awesome to see that army lists to decide which I'd want to play, and make sure I could get friends into it. However, if I was gonna go whole hog and buy an army from PP I might as well get the rules too.

    I wonder if I can pay my soldiers in counterfeit bills? Not like the uneducated fools know the difference!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:01 No.14425857
    Probably one of the odder concepts for a wargame I've seen in a while, but I'm intrigued anyways.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:04 No.14425876
    Dammit, I'm sold. There's just too much flavor here to ignore it. BF Evo is a little bland, i mean the units are different but a soldier is a soldier mostly. This seems to be quite different.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:05 No.14425882
    What is Bam Margera doing in Libya?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:06 No.14425890
         File1301555200.jpg-(179 KB, 1171x835, Panhard-AML-90-latrun-2.jpg)
    179 KB
    Man, I can't decide if I'd want a sweet T-55 like those religious yahoos, or a couple Panhard AMLs, or just a shitload of technicals...

    Game sounds fun. What are the basic mechanics like?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:25 No.14426087
         File1301556331.jpg-(199 KB, 675x450, 5gpTO.jpg)
    199 KB
    Just found this description of the game online:


    Okay, just glancing over my copy the gist of it is this. You get 600pts to create your force; of that 25 to 90 points must be alloted to the pre-game political maneuvering phase (which may end up helping you out or not). The remaining points are used to buy your forces, which must be split into five 'units', each one of at least 60 points. Typical costs for some sample elements are (per stand) as follows:

    Infantry with small arms - 7 / 10 / 17 (for Militia/Regular/Professional)
    Infantry with RPGs - 14 / 20 / 27
    Tank - 60 / 60 / 85
    Armoured Car (tank gun) - 40 / 40 / 50
    Truck w/HMG - 25 / 25 / 35

    These are restricted according to what type of force you're operating, for example for a Religious Movement, three or four of your five units must be comprised of Militia quality elements, one or two must be Regular, at least two must contain no vehicles, no Professional elements, no more than two units with tanks or armoured cars (and with all that Militia, you're going to potentially have a pretty large force in terms of minis needed!). The other forces all have different rules as to force composition.

    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:26 No.14426093
         File1301556365.jpg-(37 KB, 610x406, EG1QC.jpg)
    37 KB

    Force types include Religious Movement, Colonial Power/Settlers, People's Popular Front, Superpower Back Client Force and Dictatorship. All have their own political phase flow chart, where you spend your political maneuvering points to progress through the steps (which have a randomly determined cost so you can't PLAN the political phase). These have results that can assign you an extra unit, improve the quality of some of your troops, affect movement, cause enemy militia units to defect or run away etc. Fun stuff!

    Units arrive on the board as follows - at the start of game, line up your five units in the order you would like them to arrive. You then roll a d6 for each unit to see if it shows up for the start of the battle, for the first unit you need a 2+, second unit needs a 3+, third needs a 4+ etc. Any that don't show up arrive late and can enter on a 5+ (for the defender) or a 6 (for the attacker) on or after turn 4.

    Hope this helps! "

    Sounds interesting.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:45 No.14426262
    god thats awful, for every one who want's to live in Fallout go to africa
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:47 No.14426280
    That was quite a good watch, thanks for those links.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)03:51 No.14426322
    Now we need to know how the combat works, so we can place sense to all these pinning markers and aggressive shots stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)04:15 No.14426537
         File1301559309.jpg-(45 KB, 468x460, 1269140944660.jpg)
    45 KB
    Bump for Africa.
    I'm really interested in the Air Assets, too... There's got to be a way to represent first-world air assets bombing your force.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)04:47 No.14426738
         File1301561231.jpg-(199 KB, 1280x1024, Mr Rogers afterwind Africa tri(...).jpg)
    199 KB
    Africa must live! This thread must live!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)05:17 No.14426917
         File1301563027.jpg-(14 KB, 640x352, Firing Hind.jpg)
    14 KB
    Do you suppose that aircraft models are even available in 15mm scale?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)05:23 No.14426947

    of course, there are some great lines, Peter Pig do a few themselves
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)05:31 No.14426980
         File1301563899.jpg-(17 KB, 305x242, Mechanized Infantry.jpg)
    17 KB
    Well, obviously I haven't read the rules (hinthint), but the Peter Pigg store has F-15 and F-4 Phantom kits for sale, five pounds each, under the AK-47 Republic section. Plus, with the pre-battle political shenanigans, I bet you could end up getting air strike'd
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)05:36 No.14426998
    15mm is 1/100 scale bro. Check regular airplane model companies, see if they stock that scale. Or if you prefer, 25/28mm is 1/72. Whatever you want to run with.

    >google search 1/100 F15
    Shit, I think I have 2 of these from decades ago.

    I've been developing an interest modern wargaming, having a look at Ambush Alley, AK-47 Republic and the like. Nobody else at my FLGS is remotely interested in this that I am aware of. When discussing it with one of the staff there, he mentioned that they had stocked a bunch of box sets for Ambush Alley when it first came out, but none of them had sold. They're just collecting dust in their warehouse now, and I could get them dirt cheap if I wanted. I assume they are the Rebel Minis 15mm boxed sets. I'd need to be sure before grabbing them, but if they are everything is awesome for me.

    Well, aside from having no one to play against. But when has that ever stopped me from building an army or three?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)08:47 No.14427938
         File1301575629.gif-(2 MB, 1030x740, 1276028271877.gif)
    2 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)09:25 No.14428153
         File1301577941.jpg-(84 KB, 489x457, gipm1.jpg)
    84 KB

    You can usually get people to try things if you've already got all the stuff needed to play.

    Plus Ambush Alley can actually be played Solitaire too.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)09:28 No.14428169
    It's why I've got all my marines and a handful of insurgents painted. 15mm is cheap enough to buy everything you need for next to nothing.

    Damn all the buildings and terrain it wants though...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)10:54 No.14428653
    Papercraft buildings.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)10:58 No.14428685

    So what fun is that? You can't really determine your force levels? It's randomized before a game?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:00 No.14428693
    uh, real?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:03 No.14428724
         File1301583806.jpg-(828 KB, 2100x1500, 1290745201480.jpg)
    828 KB

    AK-47 Republic doesn't strike me as a serious, competitive game with well defined points lists and 100% evenly balanced forces. Which is why I am attracted to it, its a relaxed "beer and pretzels" game, or, as PeterPig puts it, "Rules For the Common Man".
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:09 No.14428767
    Have you ever seen a real battle, not just one in Africa? You fight with the forces you have, not the forces you wish you had. The mark of a true commander is to adapt to setbacks and maintain the objective. AK-47 seems to simulate the chaos of the region, and of battle, in this manner.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:26 No.14428898

    I recommend that everyone interested in this tabletop scenario go watch The Vice Guide to Liberia. The reporter hangs out with Butt-Naked, they talk about the good old days and it's fucking insane.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:33 No.14428946
    thank you
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:42 No.14429004
    >mfw when I now have an African soldiers picture folder
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:43 No.14429010
         File1301586195.jpg-(251 KB, 1600x1200, 2009_1208Image0001.jpg)
    251 KB
    The terrain is certainly easy to build.

    I also recommend looking up Bongolesia for very related amusement.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:44 No.14429016
         File1301586240.jpg-(13 KB, 320x240, 0_61_012108_ButtNaked.jpg)
    13 KB
    Yes, General Butt Naked (Joshua Blahyi) is a real person. That quote left out the part where he'd eat babies, but it's okay now because he got a vision from god telling him to change his ways and become a preacher.

    Liberia is a nice place.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:50 No.14429049
         File1301586600.jpg-(129 KB, 759x506, liberia_bulletstorm.jpg)
    129 KB
    It saddens me that I don't have the "PC's were here" version of this pic.
    >> Totally Not OP 03/31/11(Thu)11:50 No.14429053
    >“The enemy are indulging in the practices of bestiality and worship of the three headed serpent”.

    The outcomes are the best part.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)11:55 No.14429086
         File1301586926.jpg-(25 KB, 400x300, DEFA49F52451D1DA6FCEAD_Large.jpg)
    25 KB
    Watch: I know we're stalling, seriously I can't come up with a way to be more intimidating.
    Ward: I can. We get completely Nude! Naked Army, go all braveheart on them!
    Watch: I think the Euneuch division might gross everybody out.
    Ward: Yeah, maybe... But the Women's Auxillary? That would RULE!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)12:12 No.14429204
    how does combat actually work? you roll some dice to hit, then roll to wound?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)12:23 No.14429261
    More in poor taste than glorifying Catholic Space Nazi's? I guess.
    But then, as people pointed out, it's not uncommon to play as the Confederates, or the Nazi's, or such. People sometimes play as the Vandals or various armies in the 30 years war. The fucking 30 Years War. We all know that was not a friendly conflict. (or we SHOULD, but that's aside from the point.) Even the good old american standby of the Old West involves historical figures and events so morally dubious it beggars the imagination. (And not just the Whiteman. I won't shy away from saying that some of the more successful tribes were bastards by anyones definitions.)
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)12:27 No.14429287
    Saw a few people playing it a few years ago.

    It's pretty simple from how I remember it. Don't remember the specifics, but it's something like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)12:58 No.14429487
    Well, it has pinning, suppression, routing, etc as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:15 No.14429614
    Yeah but no matter how you cut it even at 15mm a 2x2' of painted, sanded and modeled cardboard buildings takes a while. A 40k table needs a enough terrain to fill a quarter of 4x6 so it's nearly as much work (and again I feel that buildings are more trouble than just trees and rocks and hills).

    If you're playing 25/28mm AA then move it up to 4x4' of terrain and various debris.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:25 No.14429679
    If you dont have time, you probably got money instead, money to buy someones time.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:29 No.14429716
         File1301592566.jpg-(165 KB, 700x1051, 1272238896330.jpg)
    165 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:30 No.14429728
    I have both, I'm just saying the terrain is a bigger project than the "armies" and also a relatively large project for a small scale.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say, that AA doesn't require a load of terrain for a 15mm game?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:31 No.14429731
    because defending your home from invasion is so horribly evil.
    inb4 slavery revisionism
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:32 No.14429743
    If you go to a toy store or places that sell toys you can usually find some good terrain for dirt cheap prices.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)13:35 No.14429766
    So these models are the same scale as FoW, right?

    Good news for me, because I've got some unpainted Soviet infantry lying around that could use some action. Bit of conversion work and I wouldn't need to pay shipping out the ass for the models.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)14:35 No.14430177
    its the same scale.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)15:04 No.14430429
    "Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. "

    -Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)16:08 No.14431047
         File1301602110.jpg-(56 KB, 600x439, Ahhhhh.jpg)
    56 KB
    Check out this link for some terrain:
    Problem is, it's meant for Army Men, which I think is 28mm scale. Anyway, you get shipping containers, cars, buildings, unit status markers, etc, all for free
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)16:16 No.14431138
         File1301602595.jpg-(120 KB, 1024x768, DSC06398.jpg)
    120 KB
    Making North African/Middle Eastern style adobe(?) buildings isn't too hard really. Here are some links I saved up for Ambush Alley:


    Bonus SUPER REALISTIC: http://www.009.cd2.com/members/how_to/nouaillier_a.htm

    Plus if you've got more money than time, there is always commercially sold terrain. Lots of 15mm Mid East/Africa stuff to chose from in that regard.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)17:32 No.14431927
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)17:39 No.14431984
    any scans today?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)17:40 No.14431986
         File1301607602.jpg-(18 KB, 500x279, Mountain-profile1.jpg)
    18 KB

    You're welcome, used to have more, but I lost my bookmarks in a hard drive crash a few months back.

    One of them was for making these neat "hills" with little platforms for minis to stand on (pic related), where the hills are actually supposed to be a loooongg ways away.

    For those times when your convoy gets ambushed in a mountain pass or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)20:54 No.14433648
         File1301619278.jpg-(55 KB, 600x370, 1290817053840.jpg)
    55 KB

    I wouldn't hold your breath for scans if I were you. We've been hoping for some for a looong time.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)22:21 No.14434770
    These rules good for Latin American Guerillas and/or groups?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)22:34 No.14434892
         File1301625255.jpg-(66 KB, 619x464, 1290775778093.jpg)
    66 KB

    They'd probably do a decent job. I mean a movement of religious whackos or populist front or communist revolution isn't too different in the general sense regardless of locale, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)22:58 No.14435155
         File1301626717.jpg-(56 KB, 1882x115, African Rifle Sights.jpg)
    56 KB
    Now, don't quote me on this, but I'm *fairly* certain there's actually a game system specifically designed to simulate Latin America. I just can't recall the name. I know I've seen it on /tg/ before, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/11(Thu)23:41 No.14435572
    Yeah, it would work no problem.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)00:02 No.14435805
    That's a pretty good idea, actually. This sounds like it can be adapted for pretty much every Cold War conflict fought by irregular forces.

    There's probably a better ruleset for playing a serious game of Cold War-era combat, but we're in this thread for the beer and pretzels game.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)00:35 No.14436208
    You guys are all assholes, seriously.

    You're taking tragedies in Africa, all the horrors over there, and making a joke out of them. That's fucking low, and disgusting. You should look up darfur, somalia, and all the conflicts in central africa.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)00:39 No.14436254
         File1301632760.jpg-(421 KB, 572x430, thouwroth.jpg)
    421 KB

    >did not read the thread

    You're taking tragedies in WW2, all the horrors in that, and making a joke out of them. That's fucking low, and disgusting. You should look up stalingrad, burma, and all the conflicts inbetween
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)01:32 No.14436777
    I don't play historicals.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)02:17 No.14437115
    That's beside the point. You either have a problem with all historical wargames, or you don't have a problem with them at all. War has always been a horrible and bloody affair, and if you're bitching about people playing games set in recent and current conflict zones, yet you have no qualms with people playing WW2 or WW1 games, or hell, wargames in any shape or form, you're just acting like a pompous ass.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)02:19 No.14437141
         File1301638795.png-(23 KB, 400x400, Trollfest.png)
    23 KB
    I did! They're awesome campaign material, dude!
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)02:30 No.14437229
    Yeah, we're heartless pagans who dare to make entertainment of the issues. Instead of acting like a good white Christian and ignoring the situation while demanding for lower coffee prices.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)03:11 No.14437629

    My god. He looks so... well-fed.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)03:33 No.14437773
    >>Implying I can't be a good white Christian and still enjoy the fuck out of this type of gaming.

    It's called pretend, bro. Us playing or not playing these games has no real bearing on anything except the sensibilities of one another.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)04:34 No.14438174
         File1301646854.jpg-(84 KB, 840x560, African Soldiers.jpg)
    84 KB
    OP, we've kept this thread alive for three days. Three days! Surely that proves how dedicated we are. Please, bequeath us a scan!
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)11:35 No.14440324
    Scans are hard to do.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)11:41 No.14440359
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)11:48 No.14440410
         File1301672884.jpg-(37 KB, 500x310, copper968.jpg)
    37 KB
    Meanwhile, in Ivory Coast
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)11:50 No.14440429
    +4 Cover Save!
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)11:59 No.14440482
    I forgot to mention that part of the game involves "15 days to war": essentially the build up of forces over time. This can drastically affect the forces available to you when the actual game starts, and is really quite fun and requires some serious strategizing.

    My Superpower backed army got a nice little boost with extra artillery. The game was so easy when I could call down artillery strikes with impunity, although the other playes tanks still gave me a roughing up before I disabled them as a threat.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)12:03 No.14440516
    >Implying IRL 40K would not be fucking horrible and disgusting
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)12:07 No.14440538
    >Implying playing as a first world war machine and slaughtering African revolutionaries isn't the most fun you can have with a wargame

    You suburban white liberals need to man up
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)16:46 No.14440852
         File1301690810.jpg-(60 KB, 599x399, Jungle.jpg)
    60 KB
    It's weird that Libya has been getting all the coverage for months, even before the UN intervention, and yet the Ivory Coast is a hell of a lot worse and has been going on much longer. Yours is actually the first picture I've seen from the conflict.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)18:08 No.14441452
    I really wanna buy a bunch of these minis even if I'll have no one to play with.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)18:11 No.14441482
    Fuck it, they're cheap. I'm buying a bunch just so I can paint.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)18:13 No.14441496
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)18:52 No.14441811
    I did the same, got some old soviet bloc stuff (55s and bmp-1s) from old glory, as well as insurgents and what not from QRF.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)18:55 No.14441838
    >one million refugees and brutal civil war in Ivory Coast
    >nobody cares
    >Quaddafi up to his usual shenanigans

    This annoys me as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)19:22 No.14442176
    The best part is that the USA is financing the killing in Ivory Coast through covert arms sales.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)20:14 No.14442689
    So no scans then?
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)21:23 No.14443305
    You can always like, buy the book and scan it for us?
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)21:29 No.14443346
    Goddamn, the White Colonial Army is so tempting...

    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)21:32 No.14443381
         File1301707975.jpg-(53 KB, 450x361, soundtrack-blood-diamond-13356(...).jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)22:26 No.14443888
    Great movie, and fantastic for setting the mood of this game!
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)23:44 No.14444763
    What makes a good army?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)00:50 No.14445238
         File1301719809.jpg-(71 KB, 640x480, ak47.jpg)
    71 KB

    Lots of these, I imagine.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)01:18 No.14445457
    mercenary force could work as Coetzee's men. are there any special character rules to make a counts as Vandy and Archer?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)03:45 No.14446311
    So my buddy, who is apparently the guy posting most of these African pictures, has a great idea for a Blood Diamond-esque scenario for this game. Is there rules for individual characters? Or a way to break down the models to smaller units that could replicate two characters?

    Also another request for the OP to scan the book simply because I'm too poor right now to buy a rulebook.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)03:49 No.14446335

    Ultimately it's a skirmish game, and there are rules allowing for 'special units', I'm sure it would be possible to accommodate that.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)06:06 No.14447174
    can someone who has the book atleast give us some stats and like a rundown of how a turn plays out?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)06:12 No.14447196
    I really want to play a force of guerrillas ready to fuck up whitey and the Great Satan.

    But seriously, this thread's still going? Amazing.

    I like the idea of the makeup and strength of your forces and the enemy's being randomly determined, should keep the munchkins at bay as well as make it less SRSBSNS.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)06:22 No.14447234
    Can you make a purely mercenary force with this?
    Because I keep having this idea for a insane ex-Soviet serbian warlord who's moved to Africa to avoid NATO, and was wondering if its possible
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)06:35 No.14447289
    /tg/ in the next few days I'll go dig up my numerous back issues of Wargames Illustrated, and find Chris Peers' original articles that started it all, scan them, and put them up here. They're basically the original rules. It will take me a while but this I promise you.
    >> frialim product, 04/02/11(Sat)06:35 No.14447290
    Read the army lists in the OPs post. One of them is a Merc army.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:01 No.14447411
    Because everyone else here is too much of a leech and faggot to say it: Thanks bro, we appreciate you taking your time to do this, and we look forward to reading it.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:07 No.14447434
    The Merc army could work, but its more a mercenary force, rather than a serbian warlord on the run.
    Thanks anon, will they be on /rs/ when you find them?
    >> Miro 04/02/11(Sat)07:15 No.14447486
    Thanks anon, I look forwards to seeing this. You are a good sir.

    >dale licedink
    Is that the good sir's name captcha?
    >> frialim product, 04/02/11(Sat)07:16 No.14447496
    You could just say the general is a Serb on the run. Or use one of the many Com bloc forces in the list.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:44 No.14447690
         File1301744656.jpg-(714 KB, 1700x2338, 001.jpg)
    714 KB
    >>14447289 here.

    All my older WIs are stashed in my dad's attic, but I'm going to see him tomorrow, and I'll sort them out. Give me a day or two to find the relevant issues and scan them, and I will zip and upload them then.

    I do have one relevant one on hand that I've just scanned : an article/battle report by Peers called "The Mission At Mongo", from April 2005. There is discussion of troops, rules etc and it is pretty enlightening.

    I do have a shitload of old wargaming mags I've inherited from retired gamers, from the late 70's / early 80's. You think /tg/ would be interested if I scanned a few?

    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:44 No.14447697
         File1301744695.jpg-(715 KB, 1700x2338, 002.jpg)
    715 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:45 No.14447705
         File1301744749.jpg-(725 KB, 1700x2338, 003.jpg)
    725 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:46 No.14447717
         File1301744806.jpg-(671 KB, 1700x2338, 004.jpg)
    671 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:48 No.14447727
         File1301744884.jpg-(937 KB, 1700x2338, 005.jpg)
    937 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:49 No.14447740

    6/6 and done. Rar here:


    More to come in the next few days I promise.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:50 No.14447744
         File1301745016.jpg-(756 KB, 1700x2338, 006.jpg)
    756 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)07:57 No.14447792
    Nice, looks like a fun scenario
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)08:01 No.14447820
    These are fucking awesome and I for one would like to see a whole lot more of this stuff on /tg/. There are a lot of other games and genres out there that get no time at all on this board.

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