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  • File : 1301456331.png-(260 KB, 300x400, 301 Autumn.png)
    260 KB (Dead) King's Quest III Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:38 No.14411970  
    [ Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14397093/ ]

    >It is the 301st year After Unification.
    >It is autumn.

    After taking your first steps around your throne room after being newly able to leave the throne itself, the seven members of your inner court stand assembled, each ready and waiting to report the state of the duchy of fair Tautila as it stands under your (supposedly) second rule. All save one look to you as Holy Duke Liuva III, but despite this false identity -- or perhaps because of it -- you have managed to turn the duchy from the course of rebellion and starvation.

    The first of your court steps forward.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:39 No.14411981
         File1301456382.png-(226 KB, 300x400, Black Thane.png)
    226 KB
    The Black Thane stand beside you in the center of the room, walking around you. He seems amazed that you are able to stand, and your rich silken robe of black hangs off of your bones with austere dignity. The silver crown of Tautila sits on your head, and you grasp its matching scepter in your bony right hand. "Amazing, my liege, that now you are able to walk! The Necromancer does good work, and in coming seasons I can begin to train you myself."

    >The Black Thane may now instruct you in the art of the sword.

    "As for the task you set me to, I discovered two more Hildefons spies in your castle. Given the nature of the Dictator's task, I did my best to spare them. They live, though one has lost a limb and the other has relinquished an eye. I give you my sincerest apologies for the mistake."

    >The Black Thane interrupted two espionage actions this season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:40 No.14411989
         File1301456422.png-(257 KB, 300x400, Captain.png)
    257 KB
    The Captain approaches you, almost a full head taller, and reads from a letter. "I have assurances from my subordinates in the field that the funding of a new unit of troops has gone quite well, and they stand ready to defend the land of Tautila. What was left over from the funds were spent to pay off our debts with the smiths, and we may begin purchasing weapons from them in the future with ease."

    >Tautila is fairly equipped.
    >Tautila has three units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has one unit of elite troops.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:40 No.14411994
         File1301456458.png-(248 KB, 300x400, Dictator.png)
    248 KB
    Carrying a small token of amiable generosity from the Hildefons, the Dictator sets it at your feet. Unfortunately, most of it seems to be rum and fruit, and you cannot enjoy its bounty. "The Hildefons were relieved to hear you are making your best efforts to improve the lot of our people, and had decided to move from our borders. I was unable to secure them as allies, but perhaps no longer considering them enemies is enough. I instructed the Hildefons spies to be released in the last few days. Zlatan, however, refused to meet with me. It may be too far gone to find peace with them."

    >Hildefons no longer desires your people, and will not appear on further reports unless circumstances change.
    >Zlatan desires your land.
    >Gailavira is friendly.
    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary companies.
    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary bandits.

    "Financially, we are still lacking, but with the sale of the withheld luxuries from the Barons, as well as the ransoms from the captured mercenary bandits, we are not nearly as deficient as we were before."

    >Tautila is struggling. (You may make two major purchases a season.)
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:41 No.14411998
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:41 No.14412003
         File1301456498.png-(216 KB, 300x400, Necromancer.png)
    216 KB
    The Necromancer's usual taciturn nature is gone, and he is beaming with pride. "As you can see for yourself, my lord, our work together has vastly improved your capabilities, and you may walk and move as freely as any man may, and all without the need to sleep or eat. As you are currently unable to defend yourself, however, I strongly urge you not to leave the castle without the escort of the Black Thane, at least."

    >You may now leave your throne room during a season, but all reports and orders will take place there.
    >The Necromancer may now instruct you in the magic of life.
    >The Necromancer may now instruct you in the magic of death.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:42 No.14412008
         File1301456538.png-(202 KB, 300x400, Oracle.png)
    202 KB
    You turn to look where the Oracle usually stands, but she is gone, as are her attendants. The Black Thane speaks into your mind. "The Oracle is away, my liege, and will not be available for the season. Her powers are in great demand, as you know, and she is currently at the court of the Vesna, at the center of the kingdom."

    The Dictator speaks up at that, as apparently the Black Thane had been speaking to all those assembled. "They are distant, my lord, and we need not fear her powers being used against us buy the Vesna.

    >The Oracle is unavailable.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:42 No.14412017
         File1301456579.png-(259 KB, 300x400, Steward.png)
    259 KB
    The Steward then looks through her records. "Banditry has ceased in the countryside, my lord, and field once razed are being resown and being made fertile. Rain is plentiful and timely, and when the next harvest arrives we may be well into a state of plenty, or at least be able to swell our reserves."

    >Tautila is extremely fertile.
    >Harvest will begin in two seasons.

    As an aside, though incidents of lawmen quelling the banditry have increased -- a good thing -- the prison, have, ah ... The prisons are almost empty. This worries me."

    >Tautila has one unit of elite lawmen.
    >Tautila's lawmen are without mercy.

    "The foundation for the roads have been placed, but it will be at least another season before they are fully realized. Though you may wish me to oversee their construction in order to speed the process, I do not feel it is strictly necessary for me to do so."

    >Tautila's new roads are under construction.
    >Tautila is somewhat well-traveled.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:43 No.14412020
         File1301456610.png-(251 KB, 300x400, Wizard.png)
    251 KB
    Standing with his arms crossed, it takes a few moments for the Wizard to realize you are look at him. "Oh! Oh, right. I did all that dreadfully dull weather-working. Plentiful and timely rain, sunny skies, and so on. With all that sort of thing the Necromancer worked AND all of this, you'll be swimmin' in ... what do we grow again? Grain? Hemp? Whatever it is, we'll be swimming in it."

    >Tautila is extremely fertile.
    >The Wizard is bored.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:44 No.14412035
    The members of your inner court look to you for leadership.

    >The Black Thane is available.
    >The Captain is available.
    >The Dictator is available.
    >The Necromancer is available.
    >The Oracle is unavailable. (At the court of Vesna.)
    >The Steward is available.
    >The Wizard is available.

    Hail, fair Tautila! MORS VINCIT OMNIA!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:46 No.14412056
         File1301456803.gif-(1.56 MB, 368x265, 1281148368099.gif)
    1.56 MB
    Awww yeah. Its Dead King time!
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:47 No.14412062

    Okay, in the last thread, we discussed the possibility of having the Wizard construct for us:
    1. Enchanted arms and rings for our Captain and Lawmen.
    2. A scrying pool or mirror.
    3. An Orb of Storms kind of item, to control the weather within our Duchy and ensure good crop growth.

    Are any of these three options viable?
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:51 No.14412095
    "Now that the people are no longer starving and being preyed upon by bandits, the next order of business appears to be ensuring that our defenses can function... first, good Necromancer, may we work on a means of defending ourselves personally? Just in case our friends in Zlatan sends assassins... or some such...

    Likewise, Wizard, I think we need some sort of massive destruction spell to annihilate an intruding army. I'm thinking some kind of massive cloud of fire, or poison, or fiery poison. If you think you could develop such a spell without killing any of our countrymen, anyway."
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:52 No.14412106
    I think there were some suggestions at the end of the last thread. Can someone check? I can't stick around.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:53 No.14412115
    >The Wizard may enchant the arms and armor of your troops. This will require an upkeep of one season a year.
    >The Wizard may craft a scrying pool to increase the effectiveness of his scrying. This will require an upkeep of one season a year, and one major purchase on creation.
    >The Wizard may craft a weather talisman to increase the effectiveness of his weather control. This will require an upkeep of one season a year, and one major purchase on creation.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:53 No.14412117
    Life or Death, /tg/?

    I'm thinking life, what with our efforts to gain autonomy. We can study death later when we are in our prime.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:54 No.14412135
    Also, confer with the Dictator.
    We should still try a diplomatic approach to Zlatan, as per the Oracle's prediction from last season. I think he should try to talk with the Zlatan court again.

    As for the Steward, perhaps she should see to our textiles industry. We want to have a steady source of income.

    From the Necromancer, we should learn the Magic of Life.

    And for the Captain, I think we wanted last session to have him continue training the troops in the field, but that he should be allowed to visit his family more regularly.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/29/11(Tue)23:55 No.14412150
    >The Wizard may be sent to war to remove on unit of troops, regardless of skill level.
    >This action carries a risk of Injury.

    >The Wizard may create a wrath circle to safeguard your duchy from attack. This will require an upkeep of one season a year.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/11(Tue)23:57 No.14412176
    Whatever we do, we need to make the wizard get entertained, and FAST. This guy has no scruples, coupled with phenomenal cosmic power.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:01 No.14412211
    Hmmm, how about life?

    Also, see if the Wizard can create some sort of battle golem?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:01 No.14412214
    So the Wizard would be required for any of those options? So, like, with the Orb of Storms, we couldn't use it ourselves in order to free up the Wizard for other duties?

    If that's the case, by how much would the scrying pool and the weather talisman boost the wizard's capabilities?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:01 No.14412220
    Though initially wearied by the suggestions of further climate control, the Wizard seems to light up at your more aggressive ideas. The tingling sensation in the air grows as his pupils enlarge, and tiny sparks of light begin to bounce off of the metal objects in the throne room. He cackles with mad glee. "The Great Circle of Wrath? The Nine Stars of Thunder and Flame!? Oh, my lord, my lord! Milord, you are too kind!"

    >These actions may result in Insanity.
    >The Wizard is bored.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:04 No.14412238
    This sounds like it would help to keep him entertained.
    Simply...make sure that he understands that these are DEFENSIVE measures.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:06 No.14412264
    >You decide to be instructed in the magic of life.
    With a whirl of his shabby brown robe, the Necromancer turns to leave. "I shall gather the necessary reagents and scrolls so that I may begin your tutelage in power over the bounteous energies, my lord. We will begin once the rest of your will is made known.

    >The Necromancer is unavailable.

    "It is my purpose to see to your defense, my lord. If you would learn ways to vouchsafe your form, please. Allow me to share with you my knowledge."

    >The Black Thane may instruct you in the art of the sword.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:07 No.14412277
    For personal defense reasons, learning swordsmanship may be useful. Considering that Zlatan is still hostile and might send assassins next, I think it's a good use of the Black Thane.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:11 No.14412302
    Zlatan rebuffed the Dictator's attempts at diplomacy.
    Ask the Dictator if he knows of any moderates in Zlatan that he could re-attempt diplomacy with, or any neighboring nations that he could act through.

    If all diplomatic options with Zlatan are cut off, then one of the suggestions from last session was to have the Dictator take the more intelligent of our elite Lawmen and train them to become Inquisitors for counter-intelligence purposes.

    Also, can the Steward raise normal, less-elite Lawmen, who are just good enough at keeping civil order? Or does it have to be the Captain disbanding a military unit?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:13 No.14412314
         File1301458397.png-(264 KB, 300x400, Zlatan.png)
    264 KB
    Rolling out a map of the kingdom of Heva, the Dictator puzzles over Zlatan, with whom you share a border and a long-standing rivalry. "I am not entirely unconvinced it is possible, my lord, but if we were to offer peace to Zlatan, it may require measures far more extreme than a simple willingness to set down arms. They are cunning, and have already been revealed to be tied to actions that may be called seditious, in the form of the mercenary bandits that so recently roamed the countryside and razed our crops."

    He taps the duchy with a sigh. "I will go if you wish me to, and I may even succeed in getting an audience with them, but I am not optimistic in how it shall result."

    >Zlatan wants your land.
    >The Dictator may seek a diplomatic solution with Zlatan.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:17 No.14412349
    Tell the Dictator that the Oracle's advice so far has been sound, and at the very least, Hildefons is no longer an active enemy. He may reach some accord or understanding with Zlatan yet.

    I think it's worth a shot. And if we fail, we can show our allies that we tried to be nice and diplomatic, and that Zlatan continued to be a bunch of dicks.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:18 No.14412351
    Uh oh, the idea of entertaining him also might make him go insane. How do we please him without making him go off the deep end?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:20 No.14412369
    The only thing I can think of, is to build that scrying mirror, and let the wizard use it as his own personal Playboy channel when we don't require it's use.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:20 No.14412373
    What are the chances of them killing/taking captive the dictator and denying us his experience?

    It might be best to concentrate on autonomous magical defense, with the possibility of using it for magical offense. We outclass them magic-wise, and if open conflict comes on us we can have the wizard concentrate on offense.

    As long as we keep the wizard occupied with pleasures of the flesh, he 'probably' won't get too carried away. It might be best to leave instructions to our thane/bodyguard to knoc him out if he starts flinging fireballs.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:20 No.14412374
    "Train the lawmen for more unscrupulous purposes?" The Dictator strokes his short beard, seemingly surprised at your suggestion. "It would be quite possible to do so, if that is what you wish me to do. There are many task they would be suited for, my lord, and I would be happy to fit them for such. I simply ... To be blunt, I did not expect such pragmatism from you, at least so soon."

    >The Dictator may dissolve one unit of lawmen into one unit of spies.
    >Spies are capable of carrying out and intercepting espionage actions.

    He turns to the Steward for her opinion, who nods as he indicates it is her turn to respond. "As for some sort of lesser constabulary, I'm sure I could ask and go over some volunteers. We would have have some simple lawmen now, were it not for the, ah ..." she glances with trepidation to the Black Thane, "... the -uncompromising- tutelage of your left hand, my lord."

    >The Steward may attempt to hire one unit of lawmen.
    >This action may or may not succeed.

    "And as always, my lord," The Captain interjects, "I can simply appropriate some of my troops for that purpose, which will more likely to result in capable men."

    >The Captain may dissolve one unit of troops into one unit of lawmen.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:23 No.14412405
    We need to overhaul our justice system. The watch needs to be brought in line, and a stern, but fair justice system installed. Serious transgressors, that is, those who do not merit either a light punishment or death, should be given the option of paying a ransom, honest but hard work either in the fields or on the roads, or rotting in a hole until their sentence is up. The steward should see to this. The last thing we need is our people being brought from survival unrest to political unrest, as the latter is much more difficult to remedy.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:26 No.14412428
    "Capture? I suppose it is likely enough. I cannot see it happening anytime soon, as the jailing of a court member would be an outright declaration of war -- not only that, but you would be considered rightful in meeting in them on the field of battle." The Dictator narrows his eyes in thought. "Troubling. I had not thought of the possibility before then. I wonder wh--"

    >If a court member is captured in battle or during a diplomatic or espionage action, they will be Jailed.
    >A Jailed court member may be ransomed for one major purchase.
    >A Jailed court member may be released with a successful espionage action.

    The Black Thane interjects, taking a step forward with a hand on his sword in resolute intensity. "If a member of my liege's court is captured, and he wishes them returned, THEY SHALL BE."

    >The Black Thane may spend a season releasing a Jailed court member.
    >The Black Thane cannot be Jailed.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:29 No.14412459
    Let's have volunteers be our grunt police force. It will improve the morale of the populace to have familiar faces keeping them safe, and will instill the feeling that it is the people taking charge of their welfare, rather than being shepherded. It is also important to maintain a strong distinction between enemies of the state (ie foreigners) and mere criminals. If our soldiers get too involved in civil affairs, it could divide their loyalties.

    Mors, please implement this if it is compatible with the current system of laws. We wouldn't want to impose our morality on our people without them knowing the reasoning behind such decrees.

    Meanwhile, can we have the Dictator train our spy corps and have the Captain prepare plans for being invaded? Best to have them in place so that we're prepared for even border skirmishes, and can use those to show our military strength.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:30 No.14412466
    You wonder about the Wizard's mental stability. In response, the Black Thane's voice echoes in your mind. "He is a very unstable mortal, my liege, but his power is great. I am unsure whether it is the nature of all magicians, or simply the nature of your Wizard. If he grows too idle, he will slake his lusts rather than obey his decrees. However, if allowed to run rampant, he will do as he wills, whether it be on the field or in your court."

    >If the Wizard is bored, some orders carry a chance that he will refuse.
    >If the Wizard is insane, some actions carry a chance that he will do them again.

    "In an case, my liege," he continues, as a strange sparkle lights in one of his empty orbital sockets, "He can be brought in line, if you so wish it."

    >The Black Thane may spend a season to remove the Wizard's state of Boredom or Insanity.
    >This action has a chance of making the Wizard less loyal.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:33 No.14412497
    I agree.
    Have the Steward attempt to raise a civilian constabulary, the Dictator train spies, and the Captain continue field exercises.

    Can the Dictator train the spies AND negotiate with Zlatan, or can he do only one thing?
    Also, if the Steward fails, then next season we'll have the Captain dissolve a current military unit and turn it into lawmen, and have him raise another in response.

    Also, we should try to get another Black Thane-trained elite Lawmen squad when possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:35 No.14412506
    In private, enquire as to what it would take to incapacitate the Thane. If he has magical obscuring on him, could he take out enemy governments predator-style indefinitely?

    How efficient would it to have our peasants train as levies so we can shore up our ranks if things go to hell? I am reminded of the situation of early Israel when it was surrounded by hostile nations and its policy was to have everyone possess some degree of military training. Would it be productive to have everyone trained to hold ranks with pikes, so we can have cheap mass spear walls?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:36 No.14412514
    As you ponder aloud the state of your law, the Steward reminds you of the codex as it stands among the kingdom.

    >Justice in Heva largely follows this model. All transgressions in the duchy (unless specifically stated otherwise by the Duke) are pardoned by labor or ransom. The only exceptions are internal sedition and treason, where the transgressor may be held in prison indefinitely.

    >The level of law as it stands depends on many factors; the skill of the lawmen, the amount of lawmen (the rate of 'patrols'), and their mercy. Less merciful lawmen are more effective at stopping crime, but on the downside, do not add to the population of the jails, and thus, possible laborers and ransom income.

    >Tautila is sparingly patrolled by law.
    >Tautila has one unit of elite lawmen.
    >Tautila's lawmen are without mercy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:36 No.14412515
    We need the counter/intel abilities, we need a standing army, and we need lawmen who aren't going to be cold stone killers.

    Upgrade the elite lawmen to spies, let them keep their official law duties.

    Have the Steward hire lawmen to supplement the elite lawmen.

    Have the Captain hire another unit of men, to reinforce the borders. Being able to present a credible threat will make Zlatan less covetous and more inclined to diplomacy.

    Have the wizard work on his scrying pool.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:39 No.14412541
    >You decide to have the Steward focus on seeking out lawmen.

    "At once, my lord," the Steward says, calling for her servants to ready her horses, as she already begins scrawling the calls to arms and duty to be sent around the countryside. "I will do my best to seek out those with Tautila's good people in their minds."

    >The Steward is unavailable.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:40 No.14412545
    Do you have a complete overview of our civil/military forces? If not, I can write one up so the thread isn't slowed down. Can we get some general statistics on our population, how much land we occupy of what terrain, how many units we can sustain etc.? It'll let us know how far we can push our economy.

    Would it help/hinder our diplomatic relations to reveal we have agents that are fiercely loyal, sneaky, and will visit anyone who misbehaves?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:44 No.14412574
    You channel your thoughts directly to the thane, and he responds in kind. "I am equalled by no mortal man, my liege, but I am not invincible. Though no mere prison of iron can hold me, my form is as much bone as yours, and a multitude of men may yet leave with with marks to bear."

    >The Black Thane may not be Jailed, but he carries a regular chance of Injury if he is defeated in combat or vastly outnumbered (which may be rare, considering his abilities).
    >The Black Thane cannot recover from Injury with time, and will require the services of the Necromancer for one season to be restored.
    >Injury reduces the chance of success in all actions.
    >Injury for other court members may or may not be healed on their own every season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:47 No.14412604
         File1301460467.png-(150 KB, 300x400, Tautila.png)
    150 KB
    The Captain gets out his reaves upon reaves of paper again, informing you of the presence of every sword, every archer, every skilled thane and every lowly pikebearer. It goes on for many hours, and he does not hesitate to remunerate the status of your armies.

    >Tautila is fairly equipped.
    >Tautila has three units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has one unit of elite troops.

    He then confers with the Steward to make sure he has the fullest understanding of your civil forces as they exist around the entire duchy.

    >Tautila is sparingly patrolled by law.
    >Tautila has one unit of elite lawmen.
    >Tautila's lawmen are without mercy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:50 No.14412640
    I agree with the duty for the Captain.

    Again, I ask if the Dictator can only do diplomacy with Zlatan, or create spies. I think diplomacy should have priority, at least for one more season.

    As for the Wizard, I think magical defenses for the Duchy would be better. Remember, the Wrath Circle and the Scrying Pool both require annual upkeep of the Wizard's time for one season each.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:53 No.14412663
         File1301460801.png-(446 KB, 533x400, [Court 0].png)
    446 KB
    Your court as it stands;

    >The Black Thane is available.
    >The Captain is available.
    >The Dictator is available.
    >The Wizard is available.
    >The Wizard is Bored.

    Suggested courses of action;

    >The Black Thane may instruct you in the art of the sword.
    >The Captain may dissolve one unit of troops into one unit of lawmen.
    >The Dictator may dissolve one unit of lawmen into one unit of spies.
    >The Dictator may seek a diplomatic solution with Zlatan.
    >The Wizard may enchant the arms and armor of your troops. This will require an upkeep of one season a year.
    >The Wizard may craft a scrying pool to increase the effectiveness of his scrying. This will require an upkeep of one season a year, and one major purchase on creation.
    >The Wizard may craft a weather talisman to increase the effectiveness of his weather control. This will require an upkeep of one season a year, and one major purchase on creation.
    >The Wizard may be sent to war to remove on unit of troops, regardless of skill level.
    >This action carries a risk of Insanity.
    >This action carries a risk of Injury.
    >The Wizard may create a wrath circle to safeguard your duchy from attack. This will require an upkeep of one season a year.
    >This action carries a risk of Insanity.
    >> Mark Simulacra !!tr9Mfbnyhi9 03/30/11(Wed)00:53 No.14412666
    Is there a chance we could spend a major purchase to aid the stewardesses acquisition of lawmen? Use a bit of the treasury to ensure that those who would volunteer to be lawmen can be well trained and know they'll be taken care of, financially speaking.

    And are we resolved on having the wizard develop the Wrathguard? As that would be our other major purchase for the season then.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:54 No.14412675

    What kind of magic defenses? Land mines and other flashy border reinforcement, or something more subtle? An enchantment to make enemies of the state more likely to turn back at the border?

    Even simple detection and alarm enchantments would do a lot of good.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:55 No.14412686
    Quick suggestions:

    - Steward/Dictator to do PR for Wizard's -bleaker- duties, allowing the Wizard a bit of pride even if doing menial tasks (secondary)
    - Steward/Dictator to improve the masses' opinion or more precisely better educate them about necromancy, mayhap even suggesting the charity of giving your dead for the good of the land (fertility for now, other aspects later; also secondary)
    - Dictator to instruct the lawmen about being black shirts
    - Captain to improve a unit into elite
    - Necromancer to improve Black Thane's might
    - Thane to instruct upon swordsmanship, focusing solely on defense (we are not looking forward to being conquerors as yet, thus why not focus on self-defense for now)
    - Wizard for weather control orb, since it can be a defensive measure (make sure to note this to him)
    - Major purchases: weather orb and flax/cotton/whatever textile sources we use
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)00:57 No.14412706
    >You inquire about double actions.

    The Dictator balks. "Both? I ... My lord, I cannot be in both Zlatan attempting to curry favor with them in consideration for our diplomacy with them, and dividing my time here to train spies. I am not objecting to the hypocrisy involved, simply ... simply the practicality! But ... If you wish it, I will perform to my utmost."

    >You may have a court member attempt two actions or focuses in a season.
    >This carries two independent risks of each action failing.
    >This carries the risk of lowering loyalty.
    >> Mark Simulacra !!tr9Mfbnyhi9 03/30/11(Wed)00:57 No.14412709
    >The Dictator may dissolve one unit of lawmen into one unit of spies.

    Would there be any benefit of having the Black Thane further instruct these former lawmen? He did well before, and under his tutelage their efficiency and, more importantly, loyalty, would be ensured.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:58 No.14412714
    The Wizard wants to install a Wrath Circle for the Duchy.
    It won't require a Major Purchase, but it will require annual upkeep of 1 season a year, when the Wizard will not be available.

    Since it doesn't require a purchase, I think we should go with the Wrath Circle. If the Wizard makes a big enough show of it, Zlatan will know that we now have magical defenses around our Duchy, and they should become less inclined to invade.
    Once our military is strong enough on its own, then we can let the magical defenses lapse and construct a scrying mirror to acquire information, and use intelligence to defend our security.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)00:58 No.14412719
    Changing my vote for textile source purchase to this one
    Any other opinion we can do to be benevolent?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:02 No.14412760
    The Black Thane tilts his skull at your query. "Hnh. I, my liege? Train those skilled in the art of the underhand? I suppose I could. I may even get them to relinquish their frailties."

    >The Black Thane may dissolve one unit of spies into knives.
    >Assassins are less likely to succeed in other espionage actions, but are more likely to succeed in assassination.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:03 No.14412765
    I wouldn't want to chance Insanity at so early a stage. Are there ways to lower the percentage like the time we joined Steward and Necromancer together?

    Also, regarding Lawmen, we can keep the no-mercy Lawmen for now, in addition to any new ones the Steward gets next season. Tautila is still SPARINGLY patrolled by law.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:03 No.14412767
    [Assassins, that is. Not knives.]

    [Also, this list of possible courses of action is just getting longer and longer here, fellas.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:03 No.14412770
    Wizard goes for scrying enhancement. Info is vital. Dictator will train spies. Do not do diplomacy- It already has had huge benefits in that it halved our number of enemies without fighting. If wizard can use scrying enhancer this turn, have him survery ways we can target the enemy.
    >> Mark Simulacra !!tr9Mfbnyhi9 03/30/11(Wed)01:05 No.14412782
    I'd say train spies this season, with the objective of using them in tandem with the Dictator next season to ensure his actions in Ztalain are more likely to be met favorably.

    And no need for a double action yet. Seems like the kind of thing best used in emergencies, which we currently are not facing.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:08 No.14412808
    Hmmm, your paranoia about Zlatan is rubbing on me...
    But at the same time, I worry that doing any overt maneuvers to shock and awe Zlatan might also impress the other two nearby the wrong way.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:08 No.14412810
    >You decide to have the Dictator focus on training spies.

    "At once, my lord," says the Dictator, as he sends away his escort save one, who he instructs to round up those lawmen with very flagrantly displayed loyalty to fair Tautila. "You shall have loyal underhands in the courts of the other Dukes and Duchesses before the first flower grows again in Tautila, I promise it." He then heads for the deeper recesses of the castle, into paths not as often lit as others.

    >The Dictator is unavailable.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:10 No.14412827
    Since we still don't know if the Steward will be successful with her constables, keep the elite Lawmen for now.

    Dictator is to try diplomacy with Zlatan.

    Black Thane to teach us swordsmanship.

    Captain to continue training the army and preparing plans for possible invasion by more mercenary bands funded by Zlatan.

    Wizard to construct scrying mirror, to get intel on our enemies.

    Other Major Purchase is to go to the Steward to increase chances of success.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:11 No.14412833
    Your court as it stands;

    >The Black Thane is available.
    >The Captain is available.
    >The Wizard is available.
    >The Wizard is Bored.

    Suggested courses of action;

    >The Black Thane may instruct you in the art of the sword.
    >The Captain may dissolve one unit of troops into one unit of lawmen.
    >The Captain may train troops to increase their quality.
    >The Wizard may enchant the arms and armor of your troops. This will require an upkeep of one season a year.
    >The Wizard may craft a scrying pool to increase the effectiveness of his scrying. This will require an upkeep of one season a year, and one major purchase on creation.
    >The Wizard may craft a weather talisman to increase the effectiveness of his weather control. This will require an upkeep of one season a year, and one major purchase on creation.
    >The Wizard may be sent to war to remove on unit of troops, regardless of skill level.
    >This action carries a risk of Insanity.
    >This action carries a risk of Injury.
    >The Wizard may create a wrath circle to safeguard your duchy from attack. This will require an upkeep of one season a year.
    >This action carries a risk of Insanity.
    >> Mark Simulacra !!tr9Mfbnyhi9 03/30/11(Wed)01:12 No.14412844
    >The Captain is available.
    Could we have him combo with the Stewardess to increase chance of success / result in better training for the recruited lawmen?

    And would it be possible to use a major purchase to increase recruitments chance of success?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:13 No.14412852
    Alright then.

    Black Thane to train Swordsmanship.

    Captain to train troops to increase their quality.

    Wizard to construct a scrying mirror. He can use it for his...'personal studies', when we don't require its use.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:13 No.14412855
    On another point, can we send in the Captain to help the Steward to look for Lawmen?
    It sounded like her attempts to secure them might not be very fruitful. Captain is not really needed, unless we are pressing for a very strong military this early.

    Also, my vote for Wizard and a major purchase remain for Orb of Storms, fertility and a measure of defense at the same time.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:14 No.14412863
    >You spend a major purchase on increasing an action's chance of success.

    A servant arrives to receive your decree as you allocate some of Tautila's coffers to contribute to the Steward's survey of the peasantry and minor nobles for possible keepers of the law. The servant hurries off with the missive, hoping to inform the Steward himself.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:17 No.14412887
    Hmmm, that works too.
    So Captain to improve the army?
    Can we get a guess about the size of Zlatan's standing army? I want to compare it to our troops...
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:17 No.14412891
    >You decide to have the Captain focus on training troops.

    "I will relish this assignment, your lordship," says the Captain. Being recalled from the front for training certainly means he will have more time for his wife, which clearly pleases him. "Your troops will be the envy of Heva, I swear it," he proclaims, as servants arrive with his armor and accompany him out of the throne room.

    >The Captain is unavailable.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:20 No.14412917
    You look over the map of Heva, full of marks and notes by the Captain. Your reconnaissance is lacking, as you are (for now) only able to determine how many troops Zlatan has on your border, and not how many troops occupy it entirely.

    >Zlatan has four known units of standing troops.
    >Zlatan has one known unit of elite troops.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:21 No.14412921
    Alright, so I think we're all agreed then, to have the Black Thane train us in swordsmanship.

    The Wizard is a dicy one, though.
    You know what, why don't we just ask him, if constructing the scrying mirror that will let him look upon any woman, or the Orb of Storms that can let him be known as the Storm-Mage will relieve his boredom.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:21 No.14412923
    I add the sugestion for a scrying pool/mirror for the Wizard.

    Inform him he will have free use of it when we do not require it, and we trust him to test it "thoroughly".
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:23 No.14412944
    We really are at odds on what the Wizard ought to be doing.
    Do you prefer the chance of Insanity, or Boredom?
    I had the idea of sending him to destroy a mercenary bandit unit, but I think most are inside Zlatan's borders for now.

    What would we have the Dictator do?
    The current Lawmen shouldn't be disbanded yet, so do we dare the chance of getting him Jailed by sending him to Zlatan's court?
    Can he do inside PR inside Tautila for now?
    Or maybe even set him to oversee road constructions?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:25 No.14412953
    Oh, Dictator is already making spies... My bad.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:28 No.14412972
    Lost in thought and conflicted between the choices before you, your voice idly reverberates into the swiftly emptying chamber. The Wizard raises his eyebrows, and presses a hooked, lecherous claw of a hand demurely to his chest, as if the victim of abject flattery. "My ... My choice? You'll let me decide? Milord! You are too kind!"

    >You decide to let the Wizard choose between the weather talisman and the scrying pool.

    "What FUN this will be!" He runs off in a hurry, your signed letter of permission for him to take what he needs from the castle's coffers grasped in his sweating hand.

    >The Wizard is unavailable.
    >The Wizard has become more loyal.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:31 No.14412991
    Well, that certainly means Scrying Pool. :D

    Call the Thane! We're practicing getting run through with a sword! We're a skeleton! What's the wors-

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:32 No.14413006
    indeed, seconding.

    lets get swordy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:37 No.14413053
    Am I the only one confused at our choice to learn life magic? I mean, come on we're practically a Lich King here. There's a cliche for what we are.

    What are we going to do with life magic anyways? Make stuff grow?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:39 No.14413065
    >You decide to have the Black Thane instruct you in the art of the sword.

    Alone in the chamber, the Black Thane steps around you once more, and moves to the side. He takes up the long, straight, masterwork weapon that is your sword of nobility from beside the throne and hands it to you pommel-first.

    The scabbard is leather so dark as be cloven from the night sky, and the ring of bright metal sings as you draw the sword forth. It is inlaid with the finest silver of all the land, a single great onyx of deepest black in the pommel, its field broken only by three bright diamonds in the formation of Tautila's standard. The words "MORS VINCIT OMNIA" are etched into the cross-hilt. You look at your skull in the mirror of its flawless blade, and are overcome by feelings of belonging.

    If you were not this land's rightful lord before, you feel -- with every smallest part of your being -- that you are that ruler now.

    "Your sword, my liege," the Black Thane says, snapping you out of your reverie, and the length of steel he draws against you, though finely made, seems almost deplorable in comparison. "I am your tutor now, and you my student. I beg you to forgive what indignities may come from your tutelage, and to spare me your rightful indignation at being so lowered before a common soldier."

    He clashes his blade against yours. The ringing your sword makes in the air is so beautiful that it makes you pine to have tears to shed.

    "Stand fast!" The Black Thane cries, and you meet.

    >Your court has been set to their tasks.
    >Time passes...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:40 No.14413072
    we'll have the element of surprise is what we'll do with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:42 No.14413094
    We are a skeleton on a throne, who just regained mobility last season. We haven't got anything except an immortality, a mind-linked dead knight, a mutual-interest of self-preservation with a necromancer, and the whole region's attention.

    If we are indeed planning to do a lich-king coup, I think we might want to wait till the situation is a bit more stable...
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:47 No.14413137
         File1301464058.png-(260 KB, 300x400, 302 Winter.png)
    260 KB
    >It is the 302nd year After Unification.
    >It is winter.

    One year ago, you were bound to your throne, barely able to muster the force of the dread gravity within you to motion with your skeletal hand. These seven souls looked back at you with distrust and trepidation, doubt and despair.

    Now you walk amongst them, your long robe flowing behind you like a river of ebony, your head high, the scabbard and belt of your sword fastened around a 'waist' made of fine furs wrapped around your spine and pelvis. You feel their bounteous energies in the air, like invisible, sweet-smelling smoke. They look at you with respect and dignity, with deference and trust.

    The first steps forward to inform you of your duchy's progress toward a brighter star.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:50 No.14413180
         File1301464254.png-(229 KB, 300x400, Black Thane 0.png)
    229 KB
    The Black Thane is pleased with your progress. In your last few spars, you have even scored points against him. You are never without your sword now. "You learn the art well, my liege," murmurs his reverberation in your skull. "In time, you may even best me at it. I hope you will continue to grant me the honor of training you."

    >You are the equivalent of one unit of unskilled troops.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)01:53 No.14413205
    >You are the equivalent of one unit of unskilled troops.

    Exactly how many people are in a unit? Because we could be approaching PC levels of awesome.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)01:56 No.14413239
    Admiring your blade, perhaps overcome at seeing it for the first time in years on the waist of its (supposedly) rightful owner, the Captain shakes his head to come back to the matter at hand. "The training of our armies succeeded admirably, my lord, and as we practiced tactics we gathered the interest of some of the serfs. I am pleased to inform you we have entirely new pikemen to count amongst our number, in addition to those I have seen fit to promote."

    He clasps his hands together. "As an aside, I am pleased to announce that my wife is with child. The pride is ... is too much to withstand, my lord," he adds, beaming.

    >Tautila is fairly equipped.
    >Tautila has one unit of unskilled troops.
    >Tautila has two units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has two units of elite troops.

    >The Captain is expecting a child.
    >The Captain's child will be born at the beginning of this season next year.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:00 No.14413271
    Congratulate him on his son, and offer to throw a modest feast in celebration. Coupled with how proud he is, I bet this would boost loyalty through the roof. Not to mention reinforce the idea that we're not an unfeeling skeleton.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:00 No.14413283
    Congratulate the Captain on this happy news. We should make sure that he will be able to visit his wife when his son is expected to be born.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:01 No.14413285
         File1301464861.png-(253 KB, 300x400, Dictator 0.png)
    253 KB
    The Dictator steps aside to reveal a rather motley assortment of people, from surly tavern-goers to beggars to roadside merchants to curvaceous courtesans that draw the Wizard's eye so intently that it seems possible one of them may burst into flame. "The first of your underhand, my lord, trained and ready to the fullest of my satisfaction to protect our interests throughout Heva."

    >Tautila has one unit of standing spies.

    "Zlatan still sits coiled at the border like its namesake, seeking out our weaknesses."

    >Zlatan desires your land.
    >Gailavira is friendly.
    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary companies.
    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary bandits.

    "Financially, we are unchanged. I cannot adequately describe whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Time will tell, I suppose."

    >Tautila is struggling. (You may make two major purchases a season.)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:01 No.14413294
    Good idea, especially if our harvest are as good as projected.

    The Oracle DID say that we should showcase our benevolence more.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:03 No.14413310
    Ask the dictator how we can improve financially and FFS send him to Gailavira, just because diplomacy is in the cards doesn't mean it'll solve everything and these guys already like us.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:05 No.14413327
    The Necromancer produces a wilting rosebush in a sturdy pot, and asks you to perform the same feat he asked you to do many times before. You touch it with the tips of your long, bone fingers, and the bright blush of red is restored to its petals. "Your control over the vivacious nature of life grows ever more, my lord, and you take to the magic better than any apprentice I have known."

    >You may heal one Injury a season.
    >You may visit and heal the peasantry to lower Unrest.
    >> Mark Simulacra !!tr9Mfbnyhi9 03/30/11(Wed)02:05 No.14413330
    I thought the same thing; their friendly, why don't we send him there to try and make that relation flourish. Hell send him with some kind of tribute/gift/token of respect and see if we can't formalize that friendship.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:07 No.14413346
         File1301465279.png-(202 KB, 300x400, Oracle 0.png)
    202 KB
    [Ugh, keep forgetting the images, I like these portraits, dang it.]

    The Oracle has returned, along with her attendants. She seems very pleased to see you up and about. "I return, good Duke, and my powers are at your disposal. I am not so lessened as I have been before, but I caution you that the veil will not part as easily as it has either."

    >The Oracle may answer two queries this season.
    >When querying the oracle, do not dwell on specifics. "Query about harvest," or "Query about threats," etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:12 No.14413381
    Seconding the notion, though for a feast, delay that till next season, which is the harvest season if I am not mistaken.

    Ideas for now:
    - Spy at Zlatan's military might (Wizard); it does not seem like they will stand down from their aggression, but perhaps try to sue for cease fire?
    - We need income, thus commerce; between the Wizard's weather magic, Necromancer's secret fertility boost, and our own life magic, how far can we boost the produce of our land?
    - Improving relations with Gailavira and Hildefons, both diplomatically and commercially; can we give easier concessions to trade Gailavira to honor their aid during the low times of Tautila?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:15 No.14413410
         File1301465724.png-(264 KB, 300x400, Steward 0.png)
    264 KB
    The Steward steps back to reveal a humbly uniformed head of a peasant constabulary, who kneels and bows his head. "I thank you, my lord, for allowed myself and so many other souls of your great duchy of Tautila to serve her, and seek her betterment. It brings me great comfort to know that you have only our best interests in your ..."

    He falters, glancing up for a moment to stare at your ribcage. "... Your ... Your heart." He hesitates before bowing his head again and nodding. "Thank you, my lord, thank you," he mutters, before being ushered to the back of the room by the Steward, who takes the place he was standing in to relate her progress.

    "As you can see, our villages are safer than they have been in many years, though I tell you without folly that there is still room for improvement. The funding given to me was spent on a small incentive to be given -- secretly -- to those who met my standards, and as such we were able to find through close friendships or familial ties more capable souls than we expected to.

    >Tautila has two units of standing lawmen.
    >Tautila is often patrolled.

    "The roads are nearing their fruition, and already we draw the interest of neighboring merchants, though they have yet to invest or set up new businesses."

    >Tautila's new roads are near completion.
    >Tautila is well-traveled.

    "And," she starts, with a smile to the Necromancer and the Wizard both, "I await the bounty of the earth as given to us by the magicians of your court, my lord."

    >Tautila is extremely fertile.
    >Harvest will begin in one season.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)02:15 No.14413415
    > (...) curvaceous courtesans that draw the Wizard's eye so intently that it seems possible one of them may burst into flame.
    Ask the Wizard to occasionally regale us with stories of his conquest. Though we no longer have the equipment and the need, still there remains some interest in living vivaciously...

    Or maybe that's just me.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:18 No.14413448
    I can't help but feel that the first two hours of this thread were spent on things that got hashed out after OP left last time. We could have started with a new season following those directions instead of spending so much time on that one.

    Ah, well.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)02:21 No.14413468
    New options were given, along with their respective risks. Thus the procrastination; just giving those options their due.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:21 No.14413469
    As long as we do it when the full court is not in session, it might help keep the wizard from becoming bored.

    Also, yeah, I think we should have the Dictator try to increase diplomatic relations with Gailavira and Hildefons, and ironing out some trade agreements to sell our textiles in their duchies.

    Also, I suggest 1 question for the Oracle be spent on asking about how we should deal with our enemies.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:23 No.14413482
         File1301466207.png-(254 KB, 300x400, Wizard 0.png)
    254 KB
    "Hah, I'll give you my bounty, alright, milady," quips the Wizard, before he stops his jest with a withering glare from the Necromancer.

    Smirking wryly, the Wizard pulls out a round, strange assembly of geometric seals, wax and gold, around a set of rings comprised of various crystalline materials and precious gems. It hangs from around his neck on a simple iron chain that contrasts with its beauty.

    "This is the fruits of my labor, milord, one of the greatest weather talismans you'll be likely to see on this plane or any other, if I do say so myself." He looks to one of the Oracle's attendants and winks. "I've an artist's touch, after all, you know."

    >The Wizard now controls a weather talisman.
    >The Wizard may now send unfavorable weather to a duchy.
    >The Wizard may now stall the movements of a duchy's armies for one season.

    >The Wizard must spend one season maintaining his artifacts, or they will cease to function.
    >Only one season is required to maintain all his artifacts, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:24 No.14413496
    The members of your inner court look to you for leadership.

    >The Black Thane is available.
    >The Captain is available.
    >The Dictator is available.
    >The Necromancer is available.
    >The Oracle is available.
    >The Steward is available.
    >The Wizard is available.

    Hail, fair Tautila! MORS VINCIT OMNIA!

    [I'm hitting the restroom. Discuss.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:26 No.14413502
    >Lich King visiting peasants lowers unrest
    I had assumed the peasants did not know we were undead?

    That sort of thing might be a deal-breaker. Do other nations know about us? I'd think it better to let them think that Tautila was being ruled by the council.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:28 No.14413517
    Before we do anything else, I think we should consult the Oracle.
    1: How should we deal with our enemies? (means, how should we deal with Zlatan, and Hildefons)
    2: What will bring our duchy greatest lasting prosperity? (should we continue with agriculture, or will it be good enough that we can focus back on our primary export of textiles?)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:31 No.14413557
    We've got our fields going well, now it's time to look after our industry.

    We can give it a boost by spending one major purchase on refurnishing the stuff we sold off to get back on our feet. Beautiful tapestries and whatnot. Also, if they're amazing enough, they'll be self-advertising to foreigners for our products.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:32 No.14413564
    I think we should continue trying to Improve Infrastructure. Would it be possible to spend a major Purchase and get the Steward to begin set up of a grand market or Bazaar near the capitol? try to draw in merchants from around the land and boost trade Flow, get out textile mills up and running once more.

    I would also like to continue our lessons on life with the Necromancer and our swordplay sessions with our Thane.

    +1 to a feast for the captain
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:33 No.14413575
         File1301466827.png-(190 KB, 300x400, Gailavira.png)
    190 KB
    >You send the Dictator on a diplomatic mission to Gailavira.
    The Dictator seems taken aback at how quickly you make up your mind, but the surprise is quickly replaced by an equal amount of respect. "At once, my lord. I will choose from among the finest quality trade items that Tautila has produced and bring them to Gailavira in thanks for their lasting friendship in such times of trouble."

    >The Dictator is unavailable.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:37 No.14413600
    [A fair question - pardon the copy-paste from thread one for a second.]

    >It is a strange conflict within the history of the kingdom that concerns the undead. Necromancy, being the explicit concern of magicians, has never been seen as more or less evil as any other school of magic. However, all thaumaturgical pursuits seem regarded by the peasantry and nobility as 'no harm, if no harm befalls me.' This has led to a long but peaceful coexistence in most cases.

    >Necromancy, however, necessitating the remains of the human body, draws much ire from those of a traditional bent. It is also demonstrated throughout history that most devoted necromancers have succumbed to madness or foul ambition.

    >The undead, however, are seen mostly as victims, or at least as no more to blame than a bastard child for the sin of their parents. Especially the rare 'willful' undead, as there exist a few historical cases, equally for good or ill.

    [In short, once a citizen in Heva gets over the initial "FUCK, A SKELETON" the reaction is more likely to be a "shit, we pulled this guy out of the AFTERLIFE to deal with our mortal shit? Poor guy." Also, the reason it is only available after learning the magic of life that I neglected to elaborate on was that it would be a pilgrimage in which you use your powers to heal the petty ailments of the simple folk. Nice guy stuff.]
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)02:37 No.14413606
    Unsure of Gailavira, but Hildefons certainly knows, what with their spies, and Zlatan might have heard something from their mercenaries.

    I think the plebes all know by now. Though, they have a bit of respect for us, since the region have that ancestral worship going on and we are supposedly that great Duke from a golden age of Tautila.

    I am surprised that the Wizard went for the Talisman of Storms. Well, pleasantly surprised, that is.

    - Wizard to scry Zlatan military might, and if there are any pretty girls around
    - Unless it requires only one season, Steward to oversee road completion; else she is to attend the preparation to restart the textile production
    - Dictator to improve diplomatic and commercial relations with Gailavira, and if possible, with Hildefons too
    - Captain to command the Lawmen in a patrol across our land
    - Necromancer to find ways to improve Thane
    - Thane to escort us while we do some healings (Benevolence PR)
    - Oracle: Threat & Income; or can we improve relation with her instead?
    - Major purchase: Seed for Food and Textile Sources (silk? flax? cotton? wool?)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:39 No.14413620
    The captain should up the quality of our newest recruits. It's important to have a well-trained army, particularly since it seems our neighbors outnumber us.

    Necromancer should keep teaching us life magics.

    We should wait on dispatching our spies to see what advice the Oracle gives, but failing anything contrary I'm inclined to send them to Zlatan. We don't know enough about what they're planning and what their capabilities are.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:41 No.14413640
    I second this, with the addition that the commander train new recruits while staying close to home so he can care for his wife and be there for his child's birth.

    Additonally, we will have a feast next season to celebrate the birth and a bountiful harvest, and invite the nobles to impress them with our generousity.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:42 No.14413647
    >You offer to throw a feast in honor of the Captain's news.

    "My lord, you are too kind," the Captain protests, but his joy is plain to see. "But if you insists, then I suppose--"

    The Steward interrupts. "I'll make preparations immediately, my lord. I will set the date in a few day's time, and we will honor the growing of the good Captain's family as a court should."

    The Captain's impressive frame grows bashful. "I will not forget this, my lord."

    >The Captain has grown more loyal.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:46 No.14413683
    [This season looks like it might go pretty quick, actually! Just need a few more opinions to tilt the scales on the court members still available.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:47 No.14413697
    Personally I would like to see the formation of our first Cavalry unit. We need an edge and heavily armored horse borne troops might just be it.

    Anyone with me?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:48 No.14413710
    - Necromancer to find ways to improve Thane
    - Thane to escort us while we do some healings (Benevolence PR)

    These two, plus the market and the cavalry idea. Should get us going in the right direction.
    >> Greyheart 03/30/11(Wed)02:49 No.14413729
    I barely have any clue as to the totality of what's going on here...but I must say, awesome thread, interesting fluff.

    If I were to do anything, I would agree with others that we need more information on Zlatan, especially their intentions and military capabilities.

    Ask the Oracle about how to make our Duchy prosperous and how to deal with other nations.

    Direct the Captain to continue training the troops, but allow him to do so close to home for his wife and future child.

    Have the Necromancer instruct us further in life magic in preparation for a visit to the people.

    Have the Thane instruct us further in swordsmanship.

    Perhaps have the Wizard ensure fair weather for our Duchy's crops through to the harvest season, for which he will assuredly be "rewarded".
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)02:50 No.14413733
    Do our spy need overseeing by the Dictator? I do not want to send our untested spies out to Zlatan right now. Can they do their skull-skulduggery in Tautila this season?

    Regarding celebrating the Captain's wife pregnancy, should we do it this season, or the next, along with a big harvest festival? We can also add a kind of ancestral thanksgiving thing, which wouldn't be out of place and at the same time, truly thanking those dead ancestors of their... Donation to the fertility of the land, by way of the Necromancer.

    I'd want to send the Captain to reinforce/train the Lawmen all around Tautila for this season, but I could wait for it, if we decide to have a feast first. He could train the army again.

    Is defending us an action to be taken by the Thane, or is it an automatic thing?

    What'd we do with the Necromancer this season?

    Can we improve relations with the Oracle?
    Also, if it is possible, can we ask her why her interest in Tautila, and to us in specific?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:50 No.14413735
    - Necromancer to find ways to improve Thane

    Perhaps give him a few lessons n death? we could be the most awesomeist duo ever to grace the lands.

    And either the Healing PR or more swordsplay
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:51 No.14413742
    thats naff, focus on training the untrained unit of our army

    ask oracle about:
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:51 No.14413746

    +1 Change my vote to this one, for it 'tis awesome. lets give our self some more time to prepare and then come out and be a complete badass
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:52 No.14413751
    >throw a feast to celebrate pregnancy

    So, are we going to let our mandible soak is a bowl of wine then?
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)02:53 No.14413763
    Captain's child is to be born the following year, at the beginning of this season. Still about four seasons away.
    But still, maybe it is okay to keep him around this season. Being kind to the lady as well, since pregnancy have their hassles, and having the husband around to be bitched at helps even by a little.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:53 No.14413766

    Hell yeah, mandible soaking ftw.

    I also vote for Swordplay, life magic and Improved Infrastructure.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:54 No.14413773
    [Alright, votes are in. Just a minute. And as an aside, I appreciate the patience, guys, I'm a pretty slow typist.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)02:54 No.14413774
    I don't want to allocate the others until we hear the Oracle's answers.
    I believe we have a consensus on the questions, however.
    How to deal with our threats, and what should we do to increase prosperity.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:58 No.14413799
    With a burst of color and smoke, the urn's lid is released beneath the oracle's nose. The girl inhales deeply, eyes blooming a milky haze before convulsions begin to assault her body. Conniptions rob her of balance, and she falls backward into the waiting cushion held by the second attendant. All the while, the third stands ready with a sharp, thirsty blade of mercy.

    She arches her form, and the force issuing from her lips is one you remember from the interminable black void that precedes your return to the mortal realm. The cacophony of myriad tones and wails causes your will to recoil.

    >You query about threats.
    "Snakes, snakes, everywhere snakes. How fitting, then, that you have no blood to be poisoned, no flesh to be bitten. It is not so with your people, good Duke!"

    >Zlatan will focus on espionage.

    >You query about wealth.
    "It is a cheerful sound, the falling of coin into palm. Do not look inward, good Duke, for to pass coins amongst your own hands profits none but the ears!"

    >It is favorable for you to focus on commerce and trade.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)02:58 No.14413807
    Her vision expended, her attendants carry the oracle from the room. Exhaustion and delirium wash over her.

    >The Oracle will not be available for the rest of the season.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:01 No.14413824
    In earlier threads you said we could spend a season in close counsel with each member and get a benefit of some kind. What would be the benefit if we did that with the oracle? I'm also curious on how we can improve her loyalty. Might be worth doing since she's not a permanent part of our duchy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:02 No.14413832
    We should defiantly ocus on trade Infrastructure this season then.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)03:03 No.14413838
    Thank the Oracle. Set our Dictator-grown spies to find and perhaps subvert the Zlatan infiltrators. Give a major purchase to fund the subversion. Set the Lawmen to capture the rest.

    Extra spies, ransom, or labor... Gleeeee~

    On the second, Commerce it is. Steward to road, or to that Market idea. Fund the resource to seed the production of the raw materials. Or do we fund the industry? Or the market itself?

    We are growing dependent on the Oracle.
    Are there any ways to ensure her prolonged patronage to Tautila?
    Also, ask her the reason of her interest.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:04 No.14413848
    [Yes, that's correct. I once wrote;]

    >When you take extended counsel, you will spend time in private with the court member to focus intently on an area. Magical practice with the necromancer, strategize on maps with the captain, go over records with the dictator, etc. Doing so will see great success in that area, but all other matters in your kingdom will see no development, and may even worsen.

    [I initially decided to remove this mechanic, as people seemed generally unwilling to risk a backslide in so many areas, but you're right -- I made the offer, and it should stand. As for the outcome, that has to be left largely to mystery.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:05 No.14413853
    Have our newly trained spy/assassins run counter-espionage. Capture when possible, kill if necessary.

    As for commerce, get our textile industry to turn out a few extravagant pieces as advertisement of our people's skill. Let's become the standard by which all are judged.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:05 No.14413861
    Okay, given that, have our spies concentrate on internal security this season to counter-act the Zlatan espionage attempts.

    Have the Wizard scry on Zlatan to help bolster our spies against Zlatan.

    Have the Captain help to train the constables to increase their effectiveness. It will also let him stay near his wife, I think.

    Have the Necromancer increase our abilities with Life Magic, so next season we can really help the people out.

    Black Thane to train us in more swordsmanship; I want us to be able to fend off assassins ourselves.

    Steward to concentrate on improving and upgrading our textiles and export industries, so we can start making more money.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:06 No.14413866
    rolled 58, 100 = 158

    lets have the thane and us go train the untrained troupe , we learn a bit they get better win win also we can heal any training injures and use money to make sure it goes smoth

    caption to the boarder

    Dictator use spys to help our law men / uncover any plots Wizard use scrying to do this also

    Necromancer idk plan our next season of study

    Oracle money?danger?

    Steward use one money to start school/hospital
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:07 No.14413872
    In that case I would recommend extended counsel with the Dictator to root out the enemy spies.

    With that, I'm going to bed. G'night, and make sure this gets archived!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:07 No.14413875
    As for our Major Purchases:
    1. Improve industry (Steward)
    2. Bribe and subvert Zlatan infiltrators and spies.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:07 No.14413878
    We want the Grand market and Counter espionage actives going into Full tilt.

    Also, swordplay and Life magic. Lets see those fucking snakes faces when two neigh invulnerable skeletons come in, singlehandedly fucking wreck their shit, and then take over their country.

    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)03:08 No.14413881
    Oh, so next season, we do not ask her questions, but spend time with her instead? That gets my vote.
    Better yet: invite her to the Harvest Festival together!

    Make this certain from now! Don't wait till next season, when she might not be around.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:08 No.14413886
    A mystery eh? I think that's a mystery we might want to look into next season then. Assuming doing that won't make her condition worse if she's not doing well next season.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:10 No.14413897

    That is one of the most awesome mental images i have had of late. Thank you anon.
    >> Greyheart 03/30/11(Wed)03:13 No.14413917
    I agree to the use of the spies in order to prevent the Zlatan espionage. This is of extreme importance, so use a purchase to ensure its success; perhaps build them an indiscreet but capable headquarters. Couple the wizard's scrying with their efforts.

    As I said before, we should probably have the Captain focus on training the troops for defending the Duchy, but constabulary is important too, so I will side with the majority. Make sure he stays close to his wife, however.

    Necromancer further instruct us in Life magics. Thane accompany on the visiting of the people.

    Steward finish road construction so that foreign merchants/traders can get here ASAP and quickly travel to and from following that. Spend a special purchase on the market idea or road security perhaps, the latter to ensure safety from bandits and highwaymen.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)03:14 No.14413924
    >When you take extended counsel, you will spend time in private with the court member to focus intently on an area. Magical practice with the necromancer, strategize on maps with the captain, go over records with the dictator, etc. Doing so will see great success in that area, but all other matters in your kingdom will see no development, and may even worsen.

    At one point, we would have to do this for each of our council members, along with spending a major purchase to boost the results, with the focus of increasing THEIR OWN abilities, not ours or Tautila's. That way, they will benefit the region more the following seasons.

    My suggestion is to start with the Oracle first. Maybe get her more attendants, better incense, improve her psychic connection to the whatever, or just give her a relaxing oiled massages in between sessions?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:15 No.14413931
    Doing that will have major repercussions in all other activities! We'll possibly lose all of the advantages we've gotten till now!
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:15 No.14413933
    >You decide the Necromancer will instruct you in the magic of life.
    "Indeed, my lord. I will ready the incense, so that we may most readily grasp the energies of the living. I look forward to seeing if your improvement persists in such an explosive manner." He stands straight, and busily heads for the doors, already making a list of rituals and reagents. It has grown quite long by the time he vanishes around the corner.

    >The Necromancer is unavailable.

    >You decide the Captain will focus on training.
    "Thank you, my lord. I will return to the fields immediately, to train our army further, man by man if need be." The Captain immediately calls for his armor, and he moves to the back of the room to kiss his wife, as well as the small bump on her stomach. Servants return in less than a minute with piece after piece, and he walks out with it being still strapped onto his form.

    >The Captain is unavailable.

    >You decide the Steward will focus on building a market hub.
    "An excellent idea, my lord," says the Steward, as she leans over the map of Tautila and begins perusing its surface for the point at which the new roads will most regularly meet. Satisfied, she marks it with a pin and rolls up the map, calling out several needed materials to her servants and making notes of which merchants to leak the information of this new development to.

    >The Steward is unavailable.

    >You decide the Black Thane will instruct you in the art of the sword.
    As your minds are one and his will is consumed by your own, there is no hiding his solemn pride at your request. His words bloom in your skull. "At once, my lord. We will continue your study once the last of your orders are given."

    >The Black Thane is unavailable.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:18 No.14413953
    >You decide the Wizard will scry upon Zlatan.
    "Oooh, Zlatan," the Wizard says with quiet relish. "I hear the Duchess is a lovely, lovely, lovely woman, even for a mother of three, and with hair as golden as the sun. I wonder, wonder, wonder if that is true." With a swoosh of his black robe, he hurries off to his tower, as eager as a drunk for last call.

    >The Wizard is unavailable.

    >You decide the spies will be withdrawn to focus on Zlatan.
    You dictate orders to a clerk who writes down your every word, and assure you it will be distributed to your underhand before they leave the castle for the first time.

    >Your court has been set to their tasks.
    >Time passes...
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:24 No.14414008
         File1301469877.png-(260 KB, 300x400, 302 Spring.png)
    260 KB
    >It is the 302nd year After Unification.
    >It is autumn.

    You walk into your throne room after your first tour of the grounds. Flowers are in bloom, and everywhere you tread there are kneels of respect and admiration. Old women touch your trailing cloak for good luck, and young boys salute you with awe. A bright red rose is pinned into your ribcage where your heart once was, a flight of fancy from a young servant girl. You only had to tell the Black Thane once that she was not a threat to you. He may be learning!

    The first of your court approaches.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:25 No.14414015

    [Good going, dude.]
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:28 No.14414057
         File1301470136.png-(225 KB, 300x400, Black Thane A.png)
    225 KB
    "Your skill with a blade grows ever more formidable, my liege," murmurs the Black Thane, as he tests the grip of your hand on the sword at your side. "I fear for those who would stand before you."

    There is a pause.

    "That is a jest."

    >You are the equivalent of one unit of standing troops.
    >You may now instruct your court members in the art of the sword.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:30 No.14414071
    Y'know what the thane is doing this season?
    And the one after that I hear you say?
    We shall not stop until we are his equal, and then we will wreck some face with our duo skeleton awesomeness.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:31 No.14414076

    Could I Inquire, how many men to a unit?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:31 No.14414080
    From death springs life?

    That's so wacky it belongs on discworld. Or whatever that place was called.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)03:31 No.14414081
    > A bright red rose is pinned into your ribcage where your heart once was, a flight of fancy from a young servant girl.
    Awwww... I like that gesture.
    Keep the girl nearby and start looking into having a rose bush kept flowering all year long! And tell the Wizard to hands off!

    > You only had to tell the Black Thane once that she was not a threat to you. He may be learning!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:32 No.14414087
    >unit of troops
    >62 to 190 soldiers
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:35 No.14414119
         File1301470504.png-(256 KB, 300x400, Captain T.png)
    256 KB
    Your Captain arrives. He seems worried. "A single small foray of Zlatan soldiers crossed our border, my lord. Peasant scouts. I believe they are attempting to bait us into open war over an action they could claim as folly or poor discipline."

    >You have Jailed one unit of unskilled Zlatan troops.

    "On the more cheerful side, we are again swelled by the witnessing of our novice's training, this time by sell-swords who came to Tautila by the roads newly erected by the Steward's guidance, for the -market- newly erected by the Steward's guidance. They are the rather wild sort, but they are trained men, and I will not shun their search for glory."

    >Tautila is fairly equipped.
    >Tautila has four units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has two units of elite troops.

    >The Captain is expecting a child.
    >The Captain's child will be born at the onset of winter.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:36 No.14414126

    Fuck. Yes.

    We +Need+ to get up to black thane levels, thank of all the exploits we could get up too. This is going to be fun.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)03:43 No.14414220
    I just wonder what else can the Thane do aside from protecting (is this a season action?) and training us...

    If he is attached to the training of a unit of our elite troops, will they gain the Merciless tab too?

    I hope the Oracle is around. My vote for this season's action is full counsel with her, to improve her abilities and attachment to Tautila...
    The rest of the Council to do as they deem right and proper.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:43 No.14414225
         File1301471023.png-(247 KB, 300x400, Dictator D.png)
    247 KB
    The Dictator looks gravely at the Captain's news of Zlatan's incursion, but he stands shoulder to shoulder with an ambassador from Gailavira, dressed in the purple colors of his duchy. "May I introduce our ambassador to Gailavira, my lord. They are encouraged by our flourishing lands, and believe we have our people's best interests at heart. They are willing to open their coffers to us if we have need of them. I am gladdened to say that they are not only our friends, but that they are now our allies in Heva."

    >Zlatan desires your land.
    >Gailavira is allied with you.
    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary companies.
    >Zlatan has ties to mercenary bandits.

    "What this means for our treasury, though it swells from the influx of commerce and trade in the grand market, is that if we have need of them, we may take a loan from Gailavira."

    >Tautila is provided for. (You may make three major purchases a season.)
    >You may borrow one major purchase from Gailavira with the intent to pay them back in the next season.

    "And as for your spies, they have uncovered some very telling evidence in the supposedly accidental incursion of the aforementioned 'undisciplined peasant scouts'."

    >Tautila has rightful evidence to declare war on Zlatan.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:45 No.14414242

    What has the wizard learned besides the Duchesses' cup size?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:46 No.14414251
         File1301471196.png-(675 KB, 1200x1200, 25f9450f1f9341bb75a5b2671c7f53(...).png)
    675 KB

    But we need to have the Thane be on counterintel a few times.

    We also need the lawmen and the spies to have links, else they be lost in conscience, or be too conscientious.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:49 No.14414283
         File1301471392.png-(216 KB, 300x400, Necromancer L.png)
    216 KB
    The Necromancer holds out his palm without ceremony, and looks to the Black Thane. His eyes lock onto the warrior's skull, and the Necromancer begins to sweat with dread. You begin to wonder what is happening, before--

    "DO IT!" The Necromancer cries, and the Black Thane slashes open his arm with a single swipe. The Steward screams. A small plume of blood dashes across the sullen youth's robe, but you are prepared. He prepared you for this. Your skeletal grasp waves over his arm, and the wound shuts as easily as a book. The blood seems to boil, before washing off of his skin as simple, clear rainwater.

    "You ... You have surpassed my expectations so quickly, my lord," stutters the Necromancer. "I have seen you do this before, but... so easily, so quickly and without pain. I ... I can continue to teach you, but all that comes after this point will be beyond my ability to predict."

    >You may heal two Injuries a season.
    >You may prevent one unit of troops from falling in a combat you have joined.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)03:54 No.14414322
         File1301471655.png-(202 KB, 300x400, Oracle Q.png)
    202 KB
    The Oracle is present, as well as her attendants. She seems more bleary-eyed than usual, but her constitution seems fine. So attuned now to the energies of life, you know what she is capable of before she speaks.

    "I may answer two queries this season as the last, good Duke, but I fear I will have to move from your court after this season, if war truly is on the horizon. I will not leave you indefinitely, but I cannot feel safe knowing that an enemy counts me among you. As Oracle, I must preserve my impartiality. I cannot be swayed from this."

    >The Oracle may answer two queries this season.
    >The Oracle will be unavailable next season.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:57 No.14414348
    1. How should we deal with Zlatan? (Open War, or avoid it)
    2. What should we do for prosperity?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)03:59 No.14414362
    Let's wait for the rest of the reports.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)04:01 No.14414380

    Wait. She can't be impartial if all the lands belong to us, right? Right?

    Thus began the lich-king's campaign.

    On a more serious tone though, that she gave us that unasked answer to the Zlatan's intent is ominous...
    Awaiting the rest of the reports.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:02 No.14414382
         File1301472135.png-(258 KB, 300x400, Steward C.png)
    258 KB
    Though troubled by the air of impending violence and shaken by the display of blood, the Steward attempts to remain optimistic and cheerful, especially considering her news.

    "We no longer need to worry about at least our immediate future when it comes to our food, my lord. The stores swell! The people are able to openly rejoice in their plenty for the first time in three generations." She sighs with happiness. "It is is all owed to your leadership."

    >The harvest was plentiful.
    >Tautila is extremely fertile.
    >Tautila is well-fed, and has two seasons of reserves.

    "The law patrols not as over as I would like, but the increased activity has not yet translated into an increase in crime for the populace."

    >Tautila has two units of standing lawmen.
    >Tautila is often patrolled.

    "The roads are complete, and nearly all those made of stone lead to our new grand market, which is already bustling with activity. The Dictator has already mentioned how much we have financially grown!

    >Tautila's new roads are complete.
    >Tautila is a small hub of travel.
    >Tautila is a small hub of trade.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:02 No.14414386
    Can the wizard tutor us?

    How close can we come to true life?
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:07 No.14414431
    Okay guys, I'm usually not the agressive kind of person, but we are totally going to lead on the battlefield.


    Can we get the captain to tutor us in tactics? We seem to be doing alright in strategy.

    Also, can we heal our loyal skelly with our life magic?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:08 No.14414432
         File1301472492.png-(251 KB, 300x400, Wizard S.png)
    251 KB
    You turn to the Wizard. He looks more serious than he has before. Determined. If what news he has is enough to make a slothful lech look serious, it must be of grave news indeed.

    "Their Wizard is preparing something. I don't know what. It's only because you had me watch them that I noticed him, arms full of ampoules, clutching sigils and inks ..." His fists clench.

    "I can take him. He's not expecting me. But it would be unwise to wait any longer, and I can't get into Zlatan alone. Hide in the back of the Dictator's wagon, slip in with some of your underhand, maybe even take ..." He thumbs toward the Black Thane. "... You know. The -direct- approach. But it has to be soon, or whatever he's working on will reach fruition."

    >Zlatan is planning a sorcerous action.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:11 No.14414453

    it seems we need to take the first strike

    >captcha: role offilen

    i think it agrees
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:11 No.14414455
    >The Black Thane cannot recover from Injury with time, and will require the services of the Necromancer for one season to be restored.
    >Injury reduces the chance of success in all actions.
    >Injury for other court members may or may not be healed on their own every season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:14 No.14414488
    The members of your inner court look to you for leadership.

    >The Black Thane is available.
    >The Captain is available.
    >The Dictator is available.
    >The Necromancer is available.
    >The Oracle is available.
    >The Steward is available.
    >The Wizard is available.

    Hail, fair Tautila! MORS VINCIT OMNIA!
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:14 No.14414491
    Scratch that, we need to blitzkrieg. Can't have the Captain teach us while in war, can we?

    Tell him we are sorry to seperate him from his wife right now.

    Steward needs to do some propaganda withl what our spies uncovered.

    Dictator... should probably try to find allies should the assault fail we have something to fall back on.

    Thane should take the spies and get rid of the wizard. Possibly capture or bribe.

    Spend a purchase or two on warmachines.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)04:18 No.14414521
    +without lungs+

    So, indeed it is unavoidable. War looms.
    I was hoping that this season of harvest would be a season of celebration instead. Something to lighten up the mood of the people after all these dark times...

    Ask the Oracle about the whether to meet Zlatan on the battlefield or to quickly put down the enemy wizard would dampen the war effort.
    Thank her, and let her go.

    Whatever the Oracle's answers, Wizard, Dictator, Thane, and spies will be sent out. Maximize the stroke's effect. Finish it in one blow, if possible. Necromancer to boost the Thane beforehand.
    Steward to oversee defense of the people. Captain to see defense of the borders. Us to practice magic and train troops.

    Major purchases?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:19 No.14414525
    [After this season is decided, the next season reports will end this iteration of the thread. Time flies.]
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:20 No.14414535
    The necromancer... could we have him work with the wizard to whip up some really nasty curse?

    That leaves the Oracle.

    Ask her about war.
    Ask her about possible allies.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:20 No.14414538
    I wonder can we get Galvaira or Hildefons help for this war? I mean the Galvaria ambassador is right in front of us and the dictator and show him the justifications. We'll probably need more for Hildefons to help us. I think they will stay neutral in this.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:22 No.14414551
    Questions for the Oracle:
    1. How should we best take care of the Zlatan threat?
    2. What should we do to protect our Duchy's gains?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:23 No.14414557
    Mors, this is an absolutely fantastic quest and you should be proud.

    (Any chance of having the mechanics shared? I have to leave, but here's my /tg/ email.)
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:27 No.14414588
    You beseech the Oracle, and she acquiesces to your lordly demands. Her attendants anoint her forehead, and the urn of smouldering incense and deadly oils is released beneath her nose. She inhales, and begins to shudder.

    She falls back into the waiting pillow and violently convulses as her mouth falls open. You hear that same wailing cacophony of voices that reminds you so eerily of the blackness from which you returned.

    >You query about war.
    "You face a snake. A snake on their banner, a snake on their shields, snakes, snakes ... What else can you do but seize the head, and deny it the pleasure of striking?"

    >It is unfavorable for you to enter extended conflict with Zlatan.

    >You query about aid.
    "Oh, good Duke, only bone. Would that you had flesh to gird you, a heart to pine, a mind in which to find solace. Alas, you have none of these, and you are the most honest creature in form to walk the earth. Seek honesty in your plight. Why warn your enemy when you can warn your friends?"

    >It is favorable for you to reveal your evidence.

    She passes out shortly after, mumbling strings of nonsense and upsetting phrases that make the Wizard blanch. Her attendants help her out of the room.

    >The Oracle is unavailable.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:27 No.14414590
    Ask the oracle first.

    How to deal with Zlatan,
    About future prosperity.

    Other actions based on that.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:29 No.14414607
    I'm against outright war, even if we have reason. A wizardly defense coupled with the Thane should allow us to capture him if he is so engaged.

    Our wizard will be prepared, and the Thane can take instructio /be equipped to smash and grab.

    Meanwhile we need to call a council of our Barons to secure their loyalty via the Dictator. If war looms, we need their strength and blades.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:31 No.14414625
    WAR! In actuality, shock on awe.

    Prepare everything prior to declaring war.
    Move the spies + the wizard + the black thane into Zlatan.
    Make public the evidence against Zlatan.
    Spies + Black Thane hit high ranking officials in Zlatan = Duke, war chief, dictator, steward, generals, whoever they can. Wizard goes against their wizard.
    We lead our elite troops into Zlatan (if they share a border with one of our friends or allies, go through there, as they would expect it less.) Our less experienced troops remain on our line to prevent incursions into our territory, and if needed, push in from there.

    Use our purchases to buy better weapons/assassination gear/war implements.

    This will have a lot of our advisers working together.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:34 No.14414649
    As expected, Oracle! Shall we try to do a capture? Wizard and Thane and Spies to work together to capture, dictator to help sset it up to start.

    Dictator still needs to call a. Council though, which we can handle.

    I suggest stward and necro work together to speak with dead to discover any more means of wealth, eg the wealth of the dead, buried resources/forgotten trade routes etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:35 No.14414653
    Reveal our evidence to Gailavira and Hildefons.

    Also, with the Oracle's prophecy, I am of the opinion that we should do a swift strike utilizing the Wizard, Black Thane, and our spies to prevent Zlatan's wizard from completing their sorcerous action.

    Captain to see to our defenses along the border with Zlatan.
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:35 No.14414659
    Don't forget we can use the weather talisman to stop their movements in their tracks. We could have the wizards or the spies spy on the position of their armaments right now, then attack where they are the least defended, break through and rampage their countryside while they are frozen by the weather.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:36 No.14414662
    I like this. Meanwhile, the Steward and Necromancer work to keep the people of our land healthy and happy. This gets them working together, and they see each other as good people, hopefully making them like each other more. Steward knows what people want and need. Necromancer can cure the sick and wounded. Including soldiers returning from the battlefield.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:37 No.14414673


    she just advise against war.
    We need to kill their Wizard. Possibly their inner council too
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:39 No.14414689
    Let's combine these three. Dictator reveals evidence to our friends. Get our spies and assassins in order. Use the weather talisman to fuck with their shit. Reveal evidence publicly, declare war, assassins + thane + wizard strike. Us + elite troops sweep in from friendly land. Captain + standing troops + lawmen protect our border with Zlatan. This lets the Captain be nearer his wife. Steward and Necromancer keep our people healthy and their morale up like said here >>14414662
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:39 No.14414691
    War doesn't mean extended conflict if we win in a single season or so.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:39 No.14414694
    No, she only advised against extended conflict.

    If we want to kill members of the Zlatan ruling council, then we need to declare war for it to be legal.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:40 No.14414702
    >You decide your spies will carry out an espionage action against Zlatan.
    >You decide the The Black Thane will carry out an espionage action against Zlatan.
    >You decide the Wizard will carry out an espionage action against Zlatan.

    Without hesitation, the Wizard snaps his fingers at the Black Thane -- Not as if to order a dog, but to call an ally to one's side. You allow this to pass, and the Black Thane rushes to the Wizard. They discuss heatedly for several moments, and with his right hand the Wizard conjures a bit of paper and ink. A message is written, and with another gesture it flies away; you suppose it is to summon your nearby spies.

    "I will not fail you, milord," the Wizard says, with fires deeper than the the richest hearth in all of Heva burning in his gaze. Sparks snap along every piece of metal in the throne room, and his black robe glimmers with starlight from passages Beyond.

    With a sweep of his cloak he rushes out of the throne room. The Black Thane follows, as wordless and silent as an unmourned ghost, and they are gone.

    >The Wizard is unavailable.
    >The Black Thane is unavailable.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)04:40 No.14414706
    Thus indeed, strike first, strike hard, then you need not strike any more.

    Share all those evidences to the ambassador of Gailavira. We shall send the same to the Hildefons next season, or perhaps through other servants.
    Dictator to come to Zlatan under the guise of diplomacy, but in fact to deliver our declaration that Zlatan ought to stop this aggression. Full stop. No or else. At the same time, Thane, Wizard, and spies infiltrate the place and take out the Zlatan wizard.

    Perhaps even take Duchess and children hostage? Or that of the noble hostage in court thing the medieval times used to have?

    Major purchases:
    - Funds to facilitate the infiltrators, whether for supplies, bribes, or whatever for their duty and then escape
    - More arms for our troops
    - Something to give the infiltrators an extra bite? Some kind of magical item?
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:41 No.14414708
    This, basically.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:41 No.14414709
    Yeah. Let's do that. Go with the plans advised. Go with surgical strikes against their wizard and Captain, other war leaders, etc. Scare them into acquiescing. Having our units prepared to invade and battle would be a scare tactic at first, and if they didn't surrender, then we'd enter into battle. Hopefully we could get them to quit first though.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:42 No.14414724
    [Alright, think I've got it from here. Whew, you guys really knocked this one out. Typeity typeity.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:43 No.14414728
    We're here to fuck shit up.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:44 No.14414734
    With our spies gone, we must look to our dictator for spycraft. He should release the evidence/propaganda now.

    Not sure what to say about necro/steward, bit perhaps some time off for him at least? We've been working him hard.
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:46 No.14414745
    One more thing.

    I want us to be on the field. Imagine, an immortal saint back from the dead fighting along side you with the power to heal your injuries.

    Imagine a vengeful ghost back from the dead with the strength of a hundred man, and the the power to call those back you have killed.

    We are basically our own ace up the sleeve.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:47 No.14414755
    Oh, Captain to prepare defense plans both generic and specific. Our troops need good leadership ready.
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)04:48 No.14414766
    >and the the power to call those back you have killed.

    Not to mention to summon lightning and blizzards.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)04:49 No.14414773
    Dictator HAS to come with the Thane and Wizard, first to deliver declaration of war and evidences, and second to smooth out the wrinkles after we take out or capture enemy wizard.

    I do not think either of the Wizard or the Thane know more than kill or blast their way into cowing the Zlatan court.

    They might do the deed, evade capture, and probably kill lots of people in the court, but there might be backlash from the other political sides if Dictator is not around.

    Unless that is what we want, and we send Dictator to smooth out the ruffled feathers of the other sides instead of cowing Zlatan into submission with words (and the threat of releasing both Thane and Wizard upon their heads...)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:49 No.14414775
    seens as the necromancer taught us how to heal ourself could he maybe put some kid of protection on our troops?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:51 No.14414779

    kind not kid my apologies
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:51 No.14414782
    >You spend a major purchase to support your spies.
    You speak hastily, making sure that every last expense is afford. Your Dictator confers with you, sharing his knowledge. Together, you make short work of the list. Coin to be palmed into those who can leave the right horses in the right spot unattended. Fine drink, to be carried on a wagon with a fragile wheel past the guardsmen on certain rocky roads. The right incentives to be passed to merchants that will bring the peasantry of Zlatan in from their fields, where otherwise they might see other shadows moving in the night ...

    >You spend a major purchase on proclaiming your evidence.
    This, you write yourself. You pen each word with careful planning. You lay out each step of the Zlatan's dealings. The mercenary bandits that happened to raze your crops. The records of their ransoming by cousins to Zlatan minor nobles. The fact that though the 'undisciplined' scouts carries empty bottles of rum, their breath was clear, and none slurred. Each offense is laid out for the kingdom to see.

    >You spend a major purchase on defense.
    At your command, forges across the duchy leap to life. Hammers fall. Blades become keen. Sweat and blood falls onto scores of pikes, on enough swords to clear the fields of every stalk. Hilt is pressed into palm. At your whim, War comes to Tautila. Across the border, an unbroken line of black shields bearing three silver stars blot out the setting sun on the horizon.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:52 No.14414789
    He needs to be in OTHER people's court informing them directly, not in Zlaatan's court!

    Like Hildegaara. We've got an ambssador to that other place though.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:55 No.14414808
    >You decide the Dictator will focus on evidence.
    Nodding in silence, the stately nobleman obeys. "I will carry this evidence of our rightful outrage, and our great honor, to every court in the land, 'til I collapse. The coffers of our people that you have opened will pay to bribe the envoys so that this will leap to the fore of every Duke and Duchesses' agenda, to pay for a new horse whenever one tires, and those forsaken will be set free to roam rather than have time wasted to sell them."

    He whirls out of the throne room, a picture of poise, a glowering image of the offended nobility.

    >The Dictator is unavailable.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)04:57 No.14414814
    > Across the border, an unbroken line of black shields bearing three silver stars blot out the setting sun on the horizon.
    . . . What does our three stars on a dark night signify or symbolize?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)04:57 No.14414817
    Shit's about to get real.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)04:59 No.14414837
    >You decide the Captain will focus on defense.
    Wearing his armor of leadership, the Captain's gauntlet clanks against the breastplate over his heart. "At your will, my lord. The border of Tautila and Zlatan will be a bulwark against even the waves of the raging sea would falter, and not one more boot of Zlatan make will set itself upon fair Tautila's soil, unless CLEAVED from its owner!" He storms out, cloak flying behind him, the crest above his helmet rustling in wind as you watch him mount his horse at your doors and speed away toward the waiting armies.

    >The Captain is unavailable.
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)05:02 No.14414859
    As suggested earlier, can we go to the front ourselves?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:02 No.14414861
    Sheeeeeit. If we do a surgical strike removing their entire, or a large part of, their leadership, and route their armies in swift battle, we could possibly absorb most if not all of their land.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:04 No.14414879
    Goddammit people next turn is harvest. Training men would be crippling our economy. The Captain can hold a turn until the Wizard geta back to lay smackdown. Too
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:06 No.14414893
    How are people going to harvest, if the Zlatan army is invading our land?

    No, we need to get this done now. They were preparing for this, to attack us in the coming season, and we need to strike first.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)05:07 No.14414903
    +coughs without lungs+
    It is this turn, and they have been harvested.

    This is actually rather sound. We can go with Captain to bolster our borders, be another unit, and prevent Injuries.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:08 No.14414910
    Only if we levy everyone, which (probably) won't be necessary. It's not even a foregone conclusion that there will be war, assuming the Wizard and the Thane's action goes smoothly. We're just taking precautions.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)05:08 No.14414915
    As you stand, watching the Captain ride away in the lush fields of your front garden, your servants arrive. A suit of platemail arrives, each single piece kept in velvet. The servants seem ashamed that they have to dust each long-neglected section in front of you, but they quickly set to affixing it to your skeletal body. More furs are wrapped around your bones, creating the bloom of 'muscle' where it is needed.

    The Steward arrives from behind you, and servants help her onto a horse

    >You decide the Steward will focus on morale.

    The Steward bows curtly to you, at a loss for words as the mood of plenty and joy has turned to war and strife. She appears relieved to be set to a task that comforts her, and you know it is one she is well-suited for, or she would not be as beloved by the people as she is.

    A wagon arrives behind the Steward, drawn by the Necromancer.

    >You decide the Necromancer will aid the Steward.

    The wagon is filled with pots of rich dark soil and sweet-smelling flowers and roses from your garden, tokens of your love for your people. The peasantry and nobles alike will know that you do not lightly bear the responsibility of dukedom. The Necromancer nods to you, just as wordless, and the both of them leave.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)05:09 No.14414917
    Oh, wrong link. THIS is the one where we harvest: >>14414382
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:10 No.14414933
    >The wagon is filled with pots of rich dark soil
    I thought he wasn't doing... that anymore?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:11 No.14414938
    We DO have a standing army, remember. Put some faith in our Captain, he's got a bit more to look forward to sp won't die so easily.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:12 No.14414943
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)05:14 No.14414963
    >You decide to aid the Captain.
    The servants of the castle step back from you as the last piece of armor is set in its place. You wear armor older than each member of your inner court save one, armor unblemished and without flaw. It is polished and shined to a finish as silvery bright as your scepter and crown, and the soft glow of it in the daylight reminds you of the moon on a cloudless night. You ride to the crest of the hill.

    >You decide to lead an elite unit of troops.
    Knights line before you in columns, waiting only for your signal to ride for the border. You pause at the crest of the hill, seeing the land that is supposedly yours for the first time ever. You are not Holy Duke Liuva III, as they hoped. A grim resolve passes over you.

    You will be better than he.

    He -died-.

    Your sword raises, and a forest of blade rises up before you.


    >Your court has been set to their tasks.
    >Time passes...
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)05:15 No.14414965
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)05:15 No.14414972
    That's why we are just defending for now. I'm not in favor of attacking enemy territory, even if we have casus belli. Let the enemy throw away their men on our defenses.

    If our allies show up with their armies, then maybe we move in for a decisive strike.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:16 No.14414976
         File1301476574.gif-(91 KB, 390x405, 1301140212492.gif)
    91 KB
    >>Time passes...
    F5ing like the fist of the north star
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:17 No.14414987
    We're hard as fuck
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:17 No.14414989
         File1301476671.jpg-(42 KB, 448x310, Go Time.jpg)
    42 KB
    >You will be better than he.
    >He -died-.
    Let's fuck those Zlatan snakes up.
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)05:18 No.14414995
    This'd be great for us. The steward is blood related, meaning that she has a claim for our throne. With the aid of the necromancer, she'd be able to fill the hole we will leave once we are gone.

    Because we don't want to hang around all eternity to manage mortal affairs. The living should lead the living, not get bossed about by a shadow from the past, right, guys?


    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:20 No.14415004
         File1301476815.gif-(187 KB, 500x410, freddie-mercury.gif)
    187 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:21 No.14415008
    Well she's blood related to the OLD duke, but yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:21 No.14415011
    Let's keep things in perspective here. In all probability Zlatan's better trained, equipped, and manned than we are, seeing as we just came out of a prolonged slump. We have momentum on our side, so let's use it to our advantage. A season or two, at most.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:23 No.14415022
         File1301476989.jpg-(22 KB, 315x404, Homer is Boss.jpg)
    22 KB
    Don't be afraid . . .
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:24 No.14415030
         File1301477061.jpg-(267 KB, 1200x776, 1265167177055.jpg)
    267 KB
    >Because we don't want to hang around all eternity to manage mortal affairs. The living should lead the living, not get bossed about by a shadow from the past, right, guys?
    No, I think...we'll be sticking around for quite some time.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:25 No.14415042
         File1301477147.jpg-(417 KB, 1024x768, skeleton-king.jpg)
    417 KB
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)05:26 No.14415052
         File1301477211.png-(1.85 MB, 1066x800, 302 AU Zlatan.png)
    1.85 MB
    You were not prepared for war, but it does not matter. As soon as rumors whipped through the border that you were on the line, it came. Attack after attack, without mercy. Men scream and blood falls like rain. At times, you forget whether your armor has always been made of rubies.

    >Zlatan has lost two units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has lost two units of standing troops.

    Sometimes you meet the Captain on the field. He doesn't make a sound. His face is still, like an austere statue of some long-forgotten ancestor, and the intensity of his eyes make you fear things worse than death. You watch him remain stoic as a spear runs through his side, and carries something with it.

    >The Captain has suffered an Injury.

    But a wave of your hand, and he is whole again. You laugh at each other. It is a desperate laugh.

    >You have healed one Injury this season.
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)05:27 No.14415058
    Which is why we hide behind our border defenses, and pray that our ally sends military aid.

    Zlatan has been Tautila's rival for generations. They are not going to roll over just because they weren't expecting an invasion.
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)05:27 No.14415059
    Granted, I wouldn't mind becoming the terror in the night, but not as king. After we are finished with this whole king thing, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:29 No.14415069
    Was this pushing into Zlatan, or did they attempt an invasion as soon as they hear we were inspecting the troops along the border?

    Also, we may need to hire those sellswords next season to shore up our defenses.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:30 No.14415075
    Actual battle was supposed to come after assassinations, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:32 No.14415090

    Seems like Zlatan is trying to alpha strike us, too, and attacked as soon as it became known that we were out at the defensive front. Hopefully our alpha strike succeeds before theirs does.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:32 No.14415095
    That's what we planned, but it looks like Zlatan jumped the gun and immediately attacked.
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)05:33 No.14415096
    How much enemy forces are we getting hit with? I suppose the Captain will tell us that during the seasonal court.

    >But a wave of your hand, and he is whole again. You laugh at each other. It is a desperate laugh.

    Okay. That's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:38 No.14415121
    jeezus, where are you guys writing from? I've been following this thread for hours, but it's 5:30 in the morning here! Do you normally go this late? Don't you have school/work tomorrow?

    Holy crap!

    Btw, great stuff, think I'll catch this one weekly. Does she get to sup /tg/?
    >> Mathias Rex 03/30/11(Wed)05:39 No.14415131
    I'm in Europe, it's 11:40.

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:41 No.14415138
    Gotcha - an evening event then, yeah?
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)05:41 No.14415144
    2:41 here. I'm a night owl, but even I will need to retire soon.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)05:45 No.14415167
         File1301478331.png-(1018 KB, 1066x800, 302 AU Zlatan Castle.png)
    1018 KB
    It is the seventh day of fighting when the visions come to you. The break upon you in battle, and you see yourself staring out from an unfamiliar helm. No, wait ...

    It is a rain-slick stone precipice, and sparks fly from your sword. You feel the torrents slamming against you, threatening to cast you down to the ground. A man runs in front of you, and he is undone. His flesh parts in spiraling ribbons that smoulder like paper, and the hidden seal of Tautila loyalty falls to the ground. You are sure that it is not the first you saw die.

    >Tautila has lost a unit of standing spies.

    There is the crack of a whip, and the Wizard appears in his black robe, casting up a shield of brilliant white. "Thane!" He cries, over the thunder. "Thane, this is NOT for you!" Eerie tendrils assault the barrier, and the contact sends squealing cries through the air that shudder your skull. There is another boom. And you are flying. Flying, flying through the air. Suddenly, a Zlatan flag rips through your armor and sails above you. "THANE!" There is the squeal of the impaling pole bending under your weight.

    >The Black Thane has suffered an Injury.

    From your new vantage, you see it unfold. Smoke, mist, flashes of light and warping pockets of void that undulate. The Wizard meets a fellow in the center of the precipice in rich adornments of pale yellow and the emblem of a black snake. They exchange words in a language not spoken by any besides magicians. Harsh words, from the tone. The Wizard's robe burns. The other magician closes, and there is a sudden flash brighter than any light, and a deafening crack.

    >Zlatan has lost their court magician.

    A sizzling, blackened skeleton falls across the Wizard's lap. He pants for breath and produces his talisman. "Hh... Hhhh... I said ... m' an .. m'rtist." Marching with fury in all of his features. He vanishes back into the castle, and you begin to hear screams.

    >The Duchess of Zlatan has suffered an Injury.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:49 No.14415194
    Welp, I've been proved horribly wrong. Good job on the defence, guys.

    So, we lost our spies, and took a blow to Thane, and our wizard is now running rampant over the Zlaatan nobility. Great. Well, they set out what they needed to do.

    >The Duchess of Zlatan has suffered an "Injury".

    This isn't going to win us that many reputation points, is it.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:52 No.14415211

    Hey, Zlatan attacked us AFTER we shared evidence of their wrongdoing with the other major powers and BEFORE we struck at their court. We're going to come out of this smelling like roses, as long as we win the war.

    If we win, it may not be the best decision to completely absorb Zlatan. Geographically speaking, I wonder if they're located such that we could partition the land with our allies and with Hildefon?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:53 No.14415223
    I'm a little confused here, what happened? Our spies got killed by sorcery, and then.. OUR wizard whacked Thane? Or was that the enemy wizard?

    Anyway, poor spies. They died well. Or screaming in agony in a just cause, either way.

    I hope we get to heal a set of our troops after we're done battling. Those guys deserve our support.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)05:53 No.14415224
    With the expense expended to the evidence and Dictator proclaiming our right to be furious, I think we will do fine on that end.

    The battle (I do not care to call it war yet) do eat up a lot of our resources. I just hope that the Wizard have the cunning to cow the Zlatan, instead of an outright slaughter.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)05:54 No.14415231
         File1301478888.png-(1.89 MB, 1066x800, 302 AU Victory.png)
    1.89 MB
    It only takes days for the word to reach the front line, despite it actually being inside your borders. There is savage fighting for a few hours, whereing the Captain recieves a grevious wound --

    >The Captain has suffered an Injury.
    >You have healed two injuries this season.

    All at once they withdraw. You decide not to tell the Captain the details, and instead focus on chasing them back into their land, just far enough to ensure they will not return.

    >Zlatan has retreated.
    >Tautila has Jailed one unit of elite Zlatan troops.

    The next morning, forces from Gailavira arrive, and a lesser group from Hildefons. They are relieved to see you are well, and agree that Zlatan's were cowardly. Though they refuse to join you if you are to turn back into Zlatan anew, they offer to stand at your borders, and one of the leaders of Gailavira admits he was given leave to swear allegiance to you.

    >Tautila has gained one unit of standing troops.
    >Hildefons has stationed one unit of standing troops at the Zlatan border.
    >Gailavira has stationed one unit of standing troops at the Zlatan border.

    The season ends, and with the short war won, you return to court to debate your next course of action and hear the court's findings.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:55 No.14415236
         File1301478941.gif-(10 KB, 100x100, F5ing.gif)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:56 No.14415245
         File1301478997.jpg-(34 KB, 324x450, Mini-Rose-Bush-15014253982.jpg)
    34 KB
    >A bright red rose is pinned into your ribcage where your heart once was, a flight of fancy from a young servant girl.

    Can we make roses grow in our ribcage? It's corny, but it would look fairly sweet. Plus we have life magic now. Why not use it for some additional propaganda?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:57 No.14415248
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:57 No.14415251
    Oh, the fact that we're doing the right thing is fine, and it'll be justified to the other nations, but I was more referring to:
    >He vanishes back into the castle, and you begin to hear screams.
    >Duchess gets "injured"
    Tactically and politically, sending in the wizard was a good move. The wizard going around raping everyone with Black Tentacles afterwards? Not quite as much.

    It's a good thing the Wizard dealt with the enemy Wizard, I wouldn't like to get the Four Towers angry at us. Still, that guy is going to need to have some time off after this attack. Thane'll need healing up too, of course. How can we re-bolster our spies?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:58 No.14415252

    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:58 No.14415253
    That was a vision of the Wizard and the Thane, carrying out the espionage. We're still on the border.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)05:59 No.14415260
    The spies probably brought Thane and Wizard close enough, but got detected and slaughtered to a man by the Zlatan wizard. Our Wizard declared that this FIGHT is not for Thane, since his opponent is a magic user, however good the Thane is. The Wizard tried shielding the Thane, but he still got thrown onto a flagpole.

    . . .
    Will the Wizard kidna- I mean, take the Duchess into Tautila custody?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)05:59 No.14415261
    Fuck yeah.
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)06:00 No.14415267
    SO glad we took up life magic.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:01 No.14415276
         File1301479304.png-(260 KB, 300x400, 302 Summer.png)
    260 KB
    >It is the 302nd year After Unification.
    >It is summer.

    Seated on your throne, you realize sometimes even undead lords need to ease their burden. The weather grows hot, but it pales in comparison to the clambering, oppressive warmth of the battlefield. You spend most of the time on the way back attending to the injured, and they are gladdened for it.

    >You have saved one unit of standing troops from death.

    Your inner court stands ready to report, and you look first to the Black Thane.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:04 No.14415291
    Imagine having to break the news to the wife... dammit, that captain really watch his ass next time.
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)06:04 No.14415293
    Time to rebuild our military.

    We should also have two tiers of policemen. Merciful ones for regular patrols. Merciless ones deal with serious crimes.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:04 No.14415294
         File1301479481.png-(227 KB, 300x400, Black Thane E.png)
    227 KB
    The Black Thane's armor is sundered by the flagpole you watch impale him, and he is wholly missing a rib, but he seems fine. Still, his posture sags, and his voice is weaker in your mind. You feel his waning power in your heart of hearts, and it saddens you.

    "Our endeavor was a success, my liege. Our escorts and smugglers were, unfortunately, a part of the price we paid."

    >The Black Thane is Injured, and his chance of success in all actions is lowered.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:06 No.14415304
    We should heal him ourselves if we can.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:08 No.14415315
    >We should also have two tiers of policemen. Merciful ones for regular patrols. Merciless ones deal with serious crimes.
    That's what we had, before our merciless ones got killed off.
    Secret police don't need to be utterly merciless, though, just very expedient.

    I would suggest we sue for peace, with the threat of using our wizard to lay the smackdown. Currently they've just got faceraped by him WHILE they had a wizard, and now they have none. Cripple them financially.

    (in before Versailles Treaty comparison)
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:08 No.14415317
    Spies would have to re-recruited by Dictator.

    Now, the issue is that are we willing to give chase into Zlatan and eat the whole country? Maybe make it into a... What was the name.. Dominion? Protectorate? Colony?

    Or is that too much a hassle? Captain is currently uninjured, and we have two more Heals next season. We lost two units, gained an extra elite unit, gained defender units. No enemy Wizard, and it looked like our Wizard is uninjured in the duel.

    I just don't want them coming back a year later.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:09 No.14415325
    "My lord, I thank you again for your vigilance in battle," The Captain says, thanking you yet again. "Had you not been beside me during the skirmish, I ... I don't know."

    >The Captain has become more loyal.

    He gathers his composure before continuing. "As for our situation, circumstances have fallen in our favor. The arms we bought served us well in battle. We have given only few men in the meeting of swords, and we are bolstered to our initial numbers by the Gailavira. In addition, the troops from the other Dukes secure our borders still."

    >Tautila is sufficiently equipped.
    >Tautila has two units of standing troops.
    >Tautila has two units of elite troops.
    >Hildefons has stationed one unit of standing troops at the Zlatan border.
    >Gailavira has stationed one unit of standing troops at the Zlatan border.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:09 No.14415326

    We don't know Dead Magic. Plus, we really should not take the Necromancer's job.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:09 No.14415331
    Time to Vassal nation. This could not end well.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:09 No.14415333
    Definitely heal him.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:10 No.14415339
    Our Merciless Lawmen were left alone. The lost Spies were new recruit.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:11 No.14415346
    We can't, only the necromancer can.
    What WE need to do is call in our Barons and have a chat with them to keep them on their toes. While our captain was brave, we need more than one commander, and keeping our barons doing stuff will prevent them stagnating/corrupting/plotting.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:12 No.14415355
    We REALLY aren't ready for that. We came off very well this time, but only because circumstances came together nicely.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:14 No.14415374
    Well, we've got a bit of a problem. Namely having foreign troops within our borders. For now, the best move would be to move them into Zlatan and make the Zlatan lands they hold pay at least for a fraction of their upkeep while we pay the rest. We coud profit massively from that move either way, plus we won't have a foreign army on our land anymore...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:15 No.14415383
    >You decide to have the Dictator focus on training spies.

    >"At once, my lord," says the Dictator, as he sends away his escort save one, who he instructs to round up those lawmen with very flagrantly displayed loyalty to fair Tautila. "You shall have loyal underhands in the courts of the other Dukes and Duchesses before the first flower grows again in Tautila, I promise it." He then heads for the deeper recesses of the castle, into paths not as often lit as others.

    They were the lawmen the Thane trained, loyal men to the end. I can't believe ALL of them were wiped out, though, poor bastards.
    The Thane can train more while injured, can he? While less effective, perhaps that's for the best, since our next batch should hopefully be a bit less merciless perhaps...
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:15 No.14415387
         File1301480130.png-(247 KB, 300x400, Dictator E.png)
    247 KB
    "As for the diplomatic end," the Dictator begins, "things are equally as favorable. Our evidence has been spread across the kingdom, and aside from the expected abstains from the duchies most removed from ours -- to be expected, and a course of action I would advise you to take if strangers warred as well -- the rest of the kingdom shows no opposition if we were to invade Zlatan for rightful recompense.

    >Tautila may rightfully invade Zlatan.
    >Zlatan wants your land.

    "Financially, Gailavira has withdrawn their financial offer. I would not take this as a slight, however. It is to be expected they would prepare their own troops, as it is know they are our allies."

    >Gailavira is allied with you.

    "As for Hildefons, I would not depend on them too much. They look favorably on us because of our time of plenty for the peopl, but ... who knows."

    >Hildefons is friendly.

    "Financially, we are unaffected so far by the battles as they have gone."

    >Tautila is provided for. (You may make three major purchases a season.)
    >> hamtastic !!DseakrLqzEf 03/30/11(Wed)06:17 No.14415401
    Given that we definitely just rocked Zlatan's socks off, I don't know if we need to press the conflict. I second the motion for peace, but we need to keep them in line, too. Maybe if we get one of the other nations to mediate, we can impose a lasting peace?

    The Captain needs some time off. The Thane needs to be healed. The Wizard needs some time off. Let's lick our wounds for now; we have a very strong defense, with our allies at the borders. The Dictator can go about trying to negotiate the peace with the aid of our diplomatic allies, and the Steward can oversee preparations for the harvest. After all that work we put in last year, we oughtn't botch the harvest season!
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:18 No.14415409
    They already mentioned, they are not willing to invade the Zlatan borders. They are there to help if Zlatan chooses to attack Tautila further.
    But they are willing to play border guards if we choose to invade.

    Can Necromancer heal Thane before we march to Zlatan, IF we choose to?
    Can we buy more ready-made troops (read: mercenary) beforehand?

    Just questions to see the feasibility of taking down Zlatan in one more season.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:19 No.14415412
    Offer peace. Heal their duchess as a sign of good will.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:20 No.14415422
    Definitely. We shouldn't press deeply into their lands for now. We need to rebuild and heal. Our defense is pretty good right now, with ours and our friend's forces on our border, so we don't need to worry much about combat.

    But what we need is to replenish and retrain our soldiers, and get some more spy forces, if just for defense.

    Zlatan lost their wizard and a lot of prestige. If we get strong fast, we can send a delegation and demand vassalization, threatening to come in with force and take what is ours by right and law if they decline.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:21 No.14415426
         File1301480466.png-(217 KB, 300x400, Necromancer M.png)
    217 KB
    The Necromancer nods as you look to him. "The Steward and I did as you said, and ensured the people would not falter at the first glimpse of chaos from the Zlatan. There has been no uprising of any kind, and the people trust you."

    >Tautila generated no Unrest from war.

    "And, ah ..." He glances to the Steward, and you spy a dull flare in the energies of life that surround him. "No, ah, that's all, my lord."

    >The Necromancer's relationship with the Steward has improved.
    >The Necromancer is smitten with the Steward.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:21 No.14415428
    Fuck yeah harvest. It's a shame we didn't hold off on the feast for the Captain for the Harvest, it'd have been just the right time to do so to celebrate our victory AND his new kid.

    Still, we can get a lot of healing done in a feast. As well as talking to our people and so on.

    Anyone want to honour our lost spies publically, or should we honour them in quiet places where no-one will see?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:21 No.14415431
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:24 No.14415448
         File1301480661.png-(148 KB, 300x400, Oracle X.png)
    148 KB
    You look to the Oracle, but as she had said, she is gone to another court. "The Vesna, again," the Dictator mentions. "No threat."
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:25 No.14415458
    Ah, so the two Lawmen units we have we got from the Steward plus purchase boost? Didn't realize that.

    Just that this line doesn't seem to suggest that these were Lawmen:
    > The Dictator steps aside to reveal a rather motley assortment of people, from surly tavern-goers to beggars to roadside merchants to curvaceous courtesans (...)
    Or maybe that was the indication of how well the Dictator trained them in the art of disguise...

    Unsure if Captain and Wizard needed that time off.

    Ask each of their opinions regarding pressing the matter, since Oracle is not around this season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:31 No.14415503
         File1301481110.png-(260 KB, 300x400, Steward M.png)
    260 KB
    "Dear, where do I start," the Steward says, sighing. "The truth is, my lord, I have nothing to report. Your plan worked exceedingly; neither the Barons nor the peasantry fear for their lives, and the land is still bustling with trade and travel as opposed to the desolate expanse it was before your rule. Frankly, I ... I am speechless as you how I would dare improve it. Certainly, each one area could be improved, but none over the other draws my attentions."

    "See for yourself," she says, as she opens the charts for you.

    >Tautila is extremely fertile.
    >Tautila is well-fed, and has two seasons of reserves.
    >Tautila has two units of standing lawmen.
    >Tautila is often patrolled.
    >Tautila is a small hub of travel.
    >Tautila is a small hub of trade.

    As you peruse, she thinks you do not notice a wink to the Necromancer, which causes the usually scowling young man to flinch.

    >The Steward's relationship with the Necromancer has improved.
    >The Steward is smitten with the Necromancer.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:31 No.14415505
    Uh. We harvested already. Or do you mean the NEXT harvest to come?

    Well... Seems like more people wanted to hold off the invasion.
    Tell Captain, Thane, and Wizard to take time off?
    The Necro to heal Thane?
    The Steward to... I am unsure here. Start textile industry? Or boost market? Two funds here.
    Us and Dictator to go to Zlatan court to offer both healing and demands? :D
    I might not be kidding there.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:31 No.14415506
    Wizard gets time off for job well done, he can relax and take it easy (and perhaps maintain that weather control device of his while he's at it). Gets part of the celebration.
    Captain had his celebration and was healed, and needs to reforge the two units we lost, which is better than fighting.

    What should we do with the zlaatan troops?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:35 No.14415525
         File1301481300.png-(250 KB, 300x400, Wizard I.png)
    250 KB
    Tied into a knot neck the weather talisman around the Wizard neck is a braid of hair, hair as golden as the sun. "I'm back, aren't I?"

    >The Wizard's chance of Boredom or Insanity is lowered for this season.
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:35 No.14415533
    [*tied in a knot NEXT TO the weather talisman around the Wizard's neck]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:36 No.14415540
    No, it's summer NOW. Now is the summer of our disconharvesting.

    I think the peasants can deal with that themselves, and summer's a good time to start wheeling and dealing. This season we can get her to go abroad to Hildefons/Gailavira and secure some trading contracts to help while Necroboy there heals up Thane.

    Thane needs no time off, though, we can get him to train another group of men to elite merciless guys again (hopefully not TOO merciless this time though)
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:37 No.14415542
    Haven't caught up yet with the thread so I do not know if todays game is finished but I wanted to share something, hopefully OP or player take note.

    We have wizard in our council. An easily BORED wizard. But _A_ wizard nonetheless.
    That means there are MORE wizards around. They are probably not as powerful as OUR wizard since he is in our council and all, but they are still wizards.

    The weather modification for favourable crops is very important thing that we should continue doing, but it gets the Wizard bored. So I suggest we search for some mid-level wizards or wizards in training and make them The Wizards underling/helpers. They will do all the boring but important stuff, one of the main things will be weather-controlling, which is very important.
    Actually, we should build a special weather-tower which makes the task easier/more powerful. I suggest investing in it.

    As how to find those wizards.
    Well, there are 12 wizard towers with 100 wizards total at any given time in the Duchy. We could make the wizard go for gathering the underlings and have him unavailable for next season.
    But I suggest we do that in person, since we have acquired mobility we can travel all around. I say we take Black Thane and Necromancer with us in our travels, they will work together (to increase their disposition towards each other) to train us, Black Thane will train us in the ways of the sword and self-defence, the Necromancer will teach us magical stuff (like life magic)

    That will be the most time and cost effective method imo. It will have Wizard do something useful and will not intervene in our own training.

    We should get more pleasing looking attire though.
    A regal, gilded, full head helmet which has a face of an aged scholar or something and can have crown put on.
    Full body suit or robes.
    Gloves or gauntlets.
    So that none of our morbid skeletal features are seen.

    Now, I go back to reading.
    Hopefully this has not been for naught.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:37 No.14415546
    We should get back on top of texture and luxury fashion stuff.

    Agree with the rest. Thane should probably help training troops with the captain while healing. He's undead, he doesn't need time off.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:37 No.14415547
    Zlatan Elite will be either ransomed or used as labor.
    Or we can return them, stripped of their arms and equipments, to Zlatan, as part of our goodwill.
    Though I balk at such an act. Might anger our own military too.

    Captain to recruit troops then? So I guess that is the third major purchase.

    Dictator and us?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:37 No.14415549
    >Tied into a knot next to the weather talisman around the
    Wizard's neck is a braid of hair, hair as golden as the sun.
    >"I'm back, aren't I?"
    wizard is the best character
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:40 No.14415564
    Dude, getting trophies from unarmed women? That's kinda ruthless.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:40 No.14415566
         File1301481649.jpg-(26 KB, 200x300, kingdomofheavenleperking.jpg)
    26 KB
    >We should get more pleasing looking attire though.

    You're thinking pic related?
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:41 No.14415568
    Your inner court awaits.

    >The Black Thane is available.
    >The Captain is available.
    >The Dictator is available.
    >The Necromancer is available.
    >The Oracle is unavailable. (At the court of Vesna.)
    >The Steward is available.
    >The Wizard is available.

    Hail, fair Tautila! MORS VINCIT OMNIA!
    >> Mors !RID/UkIPGk 03/30/11(Wed)06:42 No.14415578
    [That's all for tonight, folks. See you next weekend.]
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:44 No.14415593
    Seems like a good opportunity for the wizard to maintain his item, or to use it on the crops.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:44 No.14415595
    That was AWESOME, Mors. Awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:45 No.14415598
    Good show!
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:45 No.14415602
    There's an idea. We need to find a slutty trainee female wizard for our own wizard to "train". That should keep him both busy and happy as well as let up upkeep our magical gear and other helper stuff.
    Though not too many wizards. We can't afford it in terms of power balancing.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)06:45 No.14415605
    Good ideas, but not much that hadn't been brought up before. We just didn't have the time.

    So Thane to train a standing troop into an elite Merciless troop?
    Necro to heal Thane.
    Captain to recruit troops. Fund it.
    Steward to boost market, whether through trade with the Gailavira and Hildefons, or some kind of infrastructure in Tautila. Double-fund it.
    Dictator can do the trade agreements with Hildefons and Gailavira instead of the Steward. Take a fund from double-fund Economy.
    Wizard to... With the less chance to Bore or Insane, what do we want him to do? Look for apprentices as suggested?

    We to... Plant roses in our ribcage?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:47 No.14415617
    Good show, Mors.
    Ruthless AND pretty hardass. Guy just toasted a fellow wizard, it was time for bitches.

    I just had a thought.
    >You look to the Oracle, but as she had said, she is gone to another court. "The Vesna, again," the Dictator mentions. "No threat."
    We should go to see our undead bro over in Vesna some time. Ahahaha.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)06:52 No.14415652
    >Dictator can do the trade agreements with Hildefons and Gailavira instead of the Steward. Take a fund from double-fund Economy.
    I'd rather have him work with Thane again to give the troops he's training some flexibilities as spies/secret agents again. Then again, I'd rather use lawmakers to do this, as they at least will have had several seasons of training and morals instilled in them that Injured Thane and the Dictator could wash out.

    >find slutty wizard trainee who's pleasing on the eye
    I am ok with this, as long as everyone's prepared for her inevitable betrayal.

    Well, I missed the start of the quest, but it looks like it went swimmingly anyway. Will probably miss the next start, too, but most of these ideas are good.
    >> GoldPanda 03/30/11(Wed)06:58 No.14415682
    The wizard might not like sharing his wizardly duties and taking on helpers. Check his opinion on it.

    We need a count of exactly how many units we were attacked with, and how many units the enemy retreated with.

    Thane: Train one of the units of lawmen?
    Captain: Recruit more units to replenish our ranks
    Dictator: Negotiate more trade contracts with our friendly neighbors? Try to raise a unit of spies from scratch? Negotiate for peace with Zlatan?
    Necro: Heal Thane
    Steward: Repair/restore textile industry, increase production of trade goods
    Wizard: Best use him while he's happy. Scrying mirror? Something boring?
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)07:02 No.14415708
    Actually, I think we still need more Lawmen, according to Steward. Lawmen could also probably be converted to either Spies or Standing Troops quicker, while Standing Troops probably would be harder/slower to convert to Spies.

    I am not averse of having a unit or more of Spies though.

    Can we train the Captain swordmanship as he recruits more Standing Troops? He seems to be in need of some. According to the first thread, he is more known of his tactics and brilliance rather than any feats of prowess or arms...
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:06 No.14415742
    We use Thane + Dictator to turn Lawmen into Elite Spies (possibly merciless). After Thane's training, we can't really let them loose on the land as direct lawmen, but should be going after the bigger fish like enemy spies and the like, and big crime.

    Alternately, we can have the Dictator suing for peace this turn and training the elite ruthless lawmen into spies the next. No synchronization bonus, though.

    Hm, could the necromancer teach Thane about undeath even as he's being healed? I mean, they're pretty related subjects.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)07:08 No.14415747
    Noted. Someone ask Mors on the next thread about the approximate number of Zlatan troops that escaped from battle last season.

    Regarding slutty apprentice... I'd say no. He would fall not into Boredom but instead into Hedonism. And I think that will have the same effect as Boredom.
    Better to have a hard-working apprentice with the heart at the right place who would handle the menial tasks, like the upkeep of the potentially increasing number of magical items.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:10 No.14415760
    After harvest, the Steward can do that, and we can spend a turn training the captain while we learn tactics.

    How should we dictate our terms? Penalising blow to them via a heavy fine? Deny them taking up arms again for a period? Either one works while we build up our strength. Though they may take the time to get a new wizard/other such bolstering.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:14 No.14415778
    We present him with an apprentice who gives him sex after he gets his chores done. She may actually have no magical ability and instead be a courtesan paid by us, but hey, whatever works.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:17 No.14415789
    I personally feel a hedonistic wizard would be better than a bored one, as they're less likely to run off, AND less likely to go about fucking half the populace (?)

    Having him be literally fond of the other wizard is another benefit, as he won't see them as a threat, while a hard-working one might be. And we might even end up with some wizard kids!

    ...Does wizardry run in families?

    But you make good points. Any backup wizard would be able to do upkeep and so on, and a bit of rivalry is good.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)07:18 No.14415792
    Hmmm, I think Harvest goes on without any of our Council overseeing it. Councilors only oversee the changes.
    When is the next Harvest season? Next Autumn or next Spring?

    Regarding terms with Zlatan -if we do send in Dictator- request reparations (around five major purchases' worth? trade concessions?), AND one of the Duchess' child as hostage in our court, else we invade?

    So long, guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:24 No.14415807
    Well, this harvest I assumed the Steward was capitalising on our good relations with trade relationships.

    >Regarding terms with Zlatan -if we do send in Dictator- request reparations (around five major purchases' worth? trade concessions?), AND one of the Duchess' child as hostage in our court, else we invade?
    Barely on this side of reasonable, not bad. Talk to the dictator to see how much we can push, and go one step past that.
    >> Perverted White Knight 03/30/11(Wed)07:25 No.14415809
    My point regarding Hedonism (a status effect that probably don't exist, yet), is that it might have the same effect on the Wizard, as in he might refuse/forget/goof off in his given duty. Worse, it might be that both of them are out of commission from to much snoo-snoo.
    With a hard-working apprentice, at least only one of them will be working.
    That is my reasoning.

    . . . A magic-less courtesan to whet his appetite, and an hardworking apprentice (who actually have magic talents). This might work.
    +makes notes+
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:32 No.14415823
    Nah, one courtesean wouldn't do it, powereless bitch. We're already funding his habits. What an apprentice offers is someone that has power, but someone who'd be learning from him too, which can be a lure. We'd have to ask him, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)07:57 No.14415919

    I thought having their ruler be a skeleton would upset people but it seems not to be the case so we don't need no masks.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)08:43 No.14416137
         File1301489008.gif-(1.1 MB, 255x255, worf laugh.gif)
    1.1 MB
    God, I love this quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)08:52 No.14416195
    purely for the cool factor.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)08:56 No.14416211
    What is stopping us from fully invading Zlatan and taking over their lands?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:08 No.14416259
    The fact that our primary ass-kicker, the Black Thane, is in need of healing by the Necromancer.
    Also, our military force is only just now equal in size with that of Zlatan. Without spy support, an invasion will be very costly, both in terms of resources and personnel.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:15 No.14416299

    I see.

    How about surgical strike?
    Sending Black Thane (after he is healed) to remove their leader?
    Also, they lack wizard now, meaning our can inflict massive damage without them having means to oppose it.

    Anyway, we might want to unearth some ancient documents to see if their has been any disputed territories with Zlatan which we can demand as reparation.

    Also, instead of asking one-time huge amount of money (say, like 5 investments worth) we should have them pay 1 or 2 investments each season for like 10 or 20 years. That will put a big strain on their economy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:23 No.14416357
    >Well, there are 12 wizard towers with 100 wizards total at any given time in the Duchy
    This is wrong. There are 4 Towers and 100 wizards in the entire Unified Kingdom, of which we are just one Duchy.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:28 No.14416394
    The Wizard can only be used to destroy 1 enemy military unit of any skill level, however such action carries with it the chance of Injury.

    If we send the Black Thane after healing, it would have to be the next season, which is autumn, rather than the current season.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:34 No.14416440
    I must have misremembered.

    But either way, no one is stopping us from going to those towers to get/hire new mages, right?
    There maybe few more hanging around in our duchy too, maybe there are some young ones with magical skill we could put under wizard for him to train?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)09:44 No.14416487
    Hiring new mages is possible but depends entirely upon whether we can afford the price that they will ask. Magicians are a valuable commodity, and the job market for them is a seller's market, as it were.
    Not to mention, we just created an opening for a Ducal Wizard in Zlatan, and they are far more wealthy than we are, even now.

    Which brings me to another point about invasion considerations: Zlatan has known connections with mercenary companies. If we invaded, then we need to be prepared for them to be able to double or triple their military numbers immediately, since they can hire mercenaries, some of whom have an axe to grind against us.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/11(Wed)12:02 No.14417495
    >>Tautila is sufficiently equipped.
    >>Tautila has two units of standing troops.
    >>Tautila has two units of elite troops.
    >>Hildefons has stationed one unit of standing troops at the Zlatan border.
    >>Gailavira has stationed one unit of standing troops at the Zlatan border.

    My math-fu may not be super-strong, but I think, we have now one more unit of standing troops:

    >>Tautila has four units of standing troops.
    >>Tautila has lost two units of standing troops.
    >>Tautila has gained one unit of standing troops.

    I think there are two things worth mentioning/remembering in next thread:
    -we can now train members of our court in swordfighting (I mean especially Captain, who didn't die only thanks to our life magic)
    -we now have two Zaltan units in custody(elite & untrained) - we can take theirs equpment & use as laborers/source of income(ransom)

    In free time we should continue to improve our personal power by learning from necromancer/thane & maybe wizard? We should see if we
    have capability in learning wizardry

    As for major purchases we should invest it in securing steady source of income

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