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  • File : 1301223640.jpg-(116 KB, 417x323, 1274117662795.jpg)
    116 KB Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:00 No.14381189  
    SO I'm running a Christfag campaign, and one of my players wants to play this cheesy Mage-Prophet from The Book Of Mormon. Personally I prefer to run my campaigns either Canon only or with Paradise Lost, but I know this can get boring after awhile.
    Should I let my player use BoM? Also: Yaweh RPG General.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:01 No.14381197
    >either Canon or with Judas Gospel
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:05 No.14381207
    Maccabees were here, all others are smalltime
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:06 No.14381209
    >Judas Gospel

    All gnostic modules suck monkey balls save John but that is the only even vaguely balanced one.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:06 No.14381213
    New Testament? Enjoy your World of Christcraft.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:07 No.14381214
    Well seeing as how I'm Mormon I'd say go for it. It's just another expansion to the Bible... I mean Mormon's are technically Christians.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:07 No.14381216
    Quran or Torah are the best modules.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:08 No.14381223
    Dude, No. Just no. BoM is the most broken Apocrypha ever released and the John Smith is the most mary-sue fucking splat since the Savior.
    Fuck your player, make him play a Philistine
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:09 No.14381227
    Thanks for wasting those minutes of my life OP.

    For those not in the know, BoM is some fan-made supplement. It's not supported by Popes of the Vatican. Personally I think they made a huge mistake with the Gutenberg License, letting all those third-parties make up whatever they wanted.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.14381230
    Man, my last group for this game broke up when one player wanted to use the infancy gospel of Thomas. Powergaming pedophile...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:10 No.14381231
    I had a female player once who wanted to play a Half-Angel Rogue.
    A Half-Angle.
    I had her play Lot's Wife instead.
    >> www.emlia.org 03/27/11(Sun)07:12 No.14381240
    On a slightly serious note, look up the web original Pantheocide. If you get past all the tom clancy style military hardware fappage, it's actually a really good take on the End Times mythology.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:14 No.14381249
    >half angel
    >no mention of Nephilim
    Son I am disappoint
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:15 No.14381252
    That's a supported race as long as the campaign is set pre-Deluge. The angels fell in love with mortal women, bred with them and spawned the Nephillim. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephilim)

    Now if you are raging about the rogue class you have a point. Rogue is not a favored class for giants.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:17 No.14381260
    So I'm running an Exodus Campaign, right? The guy playing The Prophet uses his Whiskey Priest feat but fumbled and ended up drunk and naked in his tent. But then this NPC wanders in and sees him, and The Prophet CURSED HIM WITH DARK SKIN. I made him burn a point of Faith to avoid a revolt.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:18 No.14381271
    Edition Wars
    Armagheddon edition.

    Monotheist Bash 2011

    Yahweh vs Jesus vs Allah

    with prematch show:
    Buddha vs the Hindu pack

    Live commentary by Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard
    Festival Fair with free baptisms, circumcisions, mass wedding ceremonies, chanting, a show match by the Competitive Worship League of America, hate speech, scripture reinterpretation workshops, ...

    It's a fun time for the entire family.
    Warning: Attendance may jeopardize your eternal salvation. Restrictions apply.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:28 No.14381319
         File1301225320.jpg-(66 KB, 700x587, 1274117693810.jpg)
    66 KB
    >Apocrypha thread
    >No mention of Dead Sea Scrolls
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:28 No.14381320

    Did some fool attempt to start a new religion while the Prophet was gone?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:30 No.14381332
         File1301225458.jpg-(130 KB, 500x746, preacher2_prev2093010.jpg)
    130 KB
    Angels you say...
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:33 No.14381347
    Don't they always?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:35 No.14381354
    All you oldfags in here are just mad that they nerfed Jesus in the Quran. Son of God my ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:35 No.14381355
    rolled 1, 5 = 6

    Obligatory Mormon Song
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:36 No.14381368
    Anyone ever used 'Melchizadek'?
    Immortal Priest-King of Salem?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:37 No.14381378
    What the fuck you talking about?
    They just removed a prestige class but left him with all his powers AND made the motherfucker immortal.
    Dying? Pshaw, that shit is for pussies.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:38 No.14381385
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:39 No.14381394
    You think you have it bad OP? My group has that one guy who always insists on playing Wiccan, and he's not even the worst of it. Apart from him we have one Jedi, and the weeaboo who wants to roll a "Haruhiist" whatever the hell that is.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:40 No.14381403
    Ugh, my players got a hand on the Modern Perceptions splat; now all the want to role up are sex-crazed fetish whores and jackass pretty-boy angels. And they want their halos to function as both permanent light sources, deal passive damage to demonic enemies and be useable as thrown weapons.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:40 No.14381405
         File1301226051.jpg-(198 KB, 1000x657, 1274126957985.jpg)
    198 KB
    >Dying? Pshaw, that shit is for pussies.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:42 No.14381414
    >Catholicfag detected

    Enjoy never getting any updates. Encyclicals just don't cut it when some rules are horribly outdated.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:42 No.14381419
    Reminds me of my Moses Python campaign:

    The desert bums are chasing a new high. More and more eremites are being found dead in the foothills asphyxiated next to the ashes of a bush which in combustion apparently releases psychotropic fumes that can induce vivid hallucinations.

    One of the intoxicated however shows little signs of failing health. Instead he is prone to erupting into impromptu ravings which have attracted quite a following. Young men from the smaller villages and a few scholars unwelcome at temple congregate at night to watch the man set fire to a bush and then tell of his visions. It is said to be quite a show...
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)07:44 No.14381429
    Someone's been watching too much Tron Legacy.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:44 No.14381431
         File1301226249.jpg-(669 KB, 1024x768, 1274118425475.jpg)
    669 KB
    I fucking despise that book. ANGELS ARE NOT FUCKING PRETTY, GODDAMNIT
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:47 No.14381446
         File1301226476.jpg-(644 KB, 800x721, 1287618811938.jpg)
    644 KB
    I have my players burn Faith if they even SEE an Seraph.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:49 No.14381452

    I should have known from the start that shit would go down since one of my players is a weaboo and another a Supernatural fangirl. I'm thinking of forcing a "Be Not Afraid" roll everytime they use angelic powers regardless of situation if they keep this shit up.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:50 No.14381455
    Should have made her play one of his daughters. . .
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:51 No.14381466
    Am I the only one who still runs Knights of Aquinas? Beatific Vision is one hell of a capstone. Is it the peaceful conversion thing? I know nobody likes peaceful conversion.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:52 No.14381471
    You weren't already?
    Angels are so horribly imbalanced anyway, and you were letting them slide on about the only check against their efficacy?
    There's only one reasonable explanation.
    You're playing a Dispensationalist campaign, aren't you.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:52 No.14381472
    Our new beginner package has "Everyone goes to Heaven" rule. Do you think it makes the game too easy?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:54 No.14381482
         File1301226845.jpg-(990 KB, 802x1296, Metatron.jpg)
    990 KB
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)07:54 No.14381485
    Yeah, as well as breaking all the rules in pretty much all the editions and all the third-party add-ons.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:55 No.14381493
    Episcopalians, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:55 No.14381495
    Depends on what kind of campaign you're running, it obviously won't work for an Apostasy/Born-Again game, but for a more kick-down-the-door styles like Inquisition it's... acceptable.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:56 No.14381499
    I honestly can't tell if this is a hypothetical thread or if you guys are actually talking about a tabletop Judeochristian mythology RPG
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:57 No.14381506
         File1301227049.jpg-(239 KB, 900x1128, cherub.jpg)
    239 KB
    So my cherubim player is complaining that he terrifies everyone when they see him. Should I just slap him upside the head?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.14381507
    Have faith.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.14381509
         File1301227104.jpg-(20 KB, 540x539, templar.jpg)
    20 KB
    Am I the only one who thinks the Crusades were just Wizards of the Sky trying to rip off the Clan Invasion in Battletech?
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)07:58 No.14381511
    >his cherubim player thought "cherubim" meant chubby little baby with wings
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:59 No.14381519
    Don't hit him, just let him play something that isn't scary.
    Like a shepherd.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)07:59 No.14381523
    Dominions totally are.
    Though it is a terrible beauty, like a hawk. And they wield orbs of light.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:01 No.14381531
         File1301227267.jpg-(290 KB, 1024x781, CHRISTO DOMINUS.jpg)
    290 KB
    >MFW Richard the Lionheart is Anastasius Fochtt
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:01 No.14381537
    Well they actually ARE if you're using Paradise Lost, which everybody I know does because without it Free Will and Omniscience are so broken that you can break the game with a nat 21 on a goddamn THOUGHT EXPERIMENT.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:02 No.14381540
    He even complains that he has no free will or feelings. What the fuck, man.
    I mean, the others are fine with solemnly saying "kyrie eleison" and stabbing dudes, but he has to bitch about it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:03 No.14381547
    Paradise Lost is for heretics.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:03 No.14381551
    >someone hasn't been reading the Screwtape & Job handbook on temptations of the flesh, mind, and demons
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:03 No.14381553

    I don't think so.

    The Crusades was a much older game.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:04 No.14381558
    Unfair. Salahadin was more like Fochtt, Richard was like Khan Ulric.
    Edward the Longshanks was... I don't even know. The whole history just gets really confusing after a while.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:05 No.14381570
    First off, Be Not Afraid rolls are only required by a couple of powers like Glorious Appearing. Second I was going for a fightin' and smitin' campaign since our last one was Gnostic and I wanted something with a little more jazz. Yes, I am using modified Dispensationalist rules; I was hoping to get some unique takes on angelic forms, besides the beryl-colored wheel intersecting a wheel that everyone rolls up. Instead I got an emo boy whining about how humans are dirt while shirtless and rubbing his abs.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:05 No.14381572
         File1301227545.jpg-(21 KB, 300x279, Blue_Angel_by_henreki_san.jpg)
    21 KB
    Goddammit people, Angels have Shapeshift (at will) as their racial ability so they can assume any form they want instead of their original form so stop penalizing players who just want to have fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:06 No.14381576
    Shepherds have got to be the most broken class ever. Even the fluff seems to know they are broken; they even compare powerful NPCs to the shepherd class.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:06 No.14381579
    >he's a Twifag

    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:07 No.14381587
         File1301227628.jpg-(36 KB, 350x465, Pope_Benedict.jpg)
    36 KB
    Let's just come out and say it: WotS are off their ball these days. You can spot the BBEG 5 books down in their new adventure paths.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:07 No.14381593
    >SO I'm running a Christfag campaign
    And you just had to tell us, didn't you.
    Subtle troll thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:07 No.14381594

    Did you educate him beforehand about the angels' whole shtick? He should play a different system if he's not fine with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:08 No.14381598
    >implying all angels are malakhim
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:08 No.14381599
    Give him more edible scrolls so he can boost his fellowship when needed.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:09 No.14381612
         File1301227789.gif-(673 KB, 300x200, Deal With It.gif)
    673 KB
    The edition wars are over. Pantheon is out of print and it ain't coming back.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:11 No.14381624
    I was going to start a new thread, but I guess I'll just ask here...
    Should I let my Rabbi craft a Golemn?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:12 No.14381625

    Advanced animism was here. Fucking youngfags, in my times spirit was a class.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:12 No.14381631
    >Old Testamentfag detected
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:12 No.14381632
    Fuck that I'm not playing another game with some neckbeard having a six year old girl with a twenty foot wing span in a bikini.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:13 No.14381634
    Only if you guys allowed third-party manuals. It's not in the original gamebook.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:14 No.14381642
    Yeah, but make him do a scribe roll not to fuck up the lettering, or it'll become an engine of death and kill everyone.

    IMPORTANT. The clay will wear of its own accord. Make him re-scribe it every couple of days.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:15 No.14381645
    He just has this conception that "good" is something other than whatever YHWH says it is.
    Apparently, despite it being ordered from on high, putting a town to fire and sword isn't good.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:16 No.14381652
    Obvious he doesn't know what the DM has planned for the rest of the game, so he should just shut the fuck up and jive with it.

    inb4 railroading
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:16 No.14381656
    I've thought about it, but he always brings snacks and sodas without expecting us to help pay for it. It's kinda like meeting a really cute retarded chick, everything good is balanced out by everything bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:16 No.14381657
    >It's not in the original gamebook.
    Niether is the Antichrist. I dunno how you Canon-Onlyfags can even play without Splatbooks.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:16 No.14381663
    What do you guys think about Schism? A lot of people think part of the fun of playing it is getting excommunicated and/or building their own Faith ability trees for that extra heresy.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:17 No.14381664
    >You have no concept of good and evil.

    What YHWH asks commands you to do is good and if you refuse that is evil. Play some other system if you want to decide for yourself.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:18 No.14381668
    They make small references to the Antichrist in the last chapter, but yeah, nothing solid. Which is fine, for GMs willing to go the extra mile and craft a good BBEG. Otherwise you're just stuck with a bunch of cliche examples made up for filler material in the splatbooks.

    Besides, none of the splatbooks really keep to the theme of the original handbook.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:18 No.14381670
    >implying anything changes about the malakhim besides name in the new testament
    Angelos, heard of them? at least read the fluff before being ignorant about it
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:19 No.14381672
    You need a new system or new players, bro. Try DH.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:19 No.14381679
    They were apostates. What's there to misunderstand?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:19 No.14381681
    Not my thing, but I've played it and can appreciate the appeal. Gameplay is solid and it's got some great fluff (Xenoglossy lol) but I just prefer the feel of the old school Fire & Brimstone game.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:21 No.14381688
    Schism trimmed alot of the excess fat that got tacked on via FAQs and edition updates over the years. I like the way it plays, but some people complain that it's too simple.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:21 No.14381692
    So, I'm thinking of having the final battle of the campaign be against heathens with iron chariots.
    Is this just too powerful? It IS a First Sphere game.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:23 No.14381697
    But Satan, False Prophet and the Beast are in the main rule book. Isn't Antichrist just a fan nickname for False Prophet?
    >> Alpharius 03/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.14381701

    Oh, man. Iron Chariots as the first battle? You might as well just skip the formalities and tell your players to wear goathide shirts and start the self-mortification now.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.14381702
    Does anyone know if the Abomination of Desolation .pdf on /rs/ are legit? I know it's only been out for a week but I figured some kindly fa/tg/uy might have scanned it.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:25 No.14381705
    No wait, dude, it depends.

    Is this oYRPG or nYRPG?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.14381708
    I'm just going to say it. I'm a douchebag DM. I spent most of the first session causing tsunamis, giving AIDS to babies, killing devout followers, putting transitional fossils in the ground to troll the party's Fundamentalist, etc., and so far they've spent most of their time trying to do damage control.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.14381709
    No, no, final battle.
    >> Alpharius 03/27/11(Sun)08:26 No.14381713

    I assumed oYRPG. You just don't hear a whole lot about Iron Chariots in nYRPG. I mean, I guess that they're still there, but it's not as big of a deal.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:28 No.14381721
    Derp, I had a mindderp then.

    Dude, depends on how many sessions they've had. They shouldn't be facing iron chariots until they're at least level 8, and even then, in small numbers. Otherwise they're just gonna TPK like no tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:28 No.14381725
    I doubt iron chariots suddenly became less powerful.
    It's just that nYRPG is less combat oriented.
    Except Second Coming, of course.
    >> Alpharius 03/27/11(Sun)08:29 No.14381727

    Well I'll be damned and cast into eternal fire and darkness, I just saw it starting with "f" and assumed first. Yeah, it'd probably be better as the climax battle, but it'll still be really tough. You should go in anticipating a TPK.

    Fucking Assyrians.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:29 No.14381731
    Antichrists are any NPC who takes the Messiah prestige class without the Divine Birth feat. It is an odd rule that tends to get house-ruled so it only applies to some the Beast NPC. Last thing any DM needs is a punch of munchkins rolling antichrists.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:29 No.14381732
    >first sphere game
    iron chariots are just bogeymen at faithful levels
    could probably throw one as a boss in a third sphere but at first they'd barely be cannonfodder
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:30 No.14381733
    >>14381708 douchebag DM

    If one of the players is brave enough to pull some blasphemous shit, bring on those calamities again. Your players seem like good followers, though... just keep it in mind if they decide to be dicks.
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 03/27/11(Sun)08:31 No.14381738
    >faithful levels
    >he's playing Pilgrim's Pathfinder, not oYRPG
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:32 No.14381742
    If the power of YHWH Himself couldn't prevail against a force of them, I doubt any angelic force will have an easy time of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:34 No.14381754
         File1301229299.jpg-(67 KB, 480x480, 1292819558256.jpg)
    67 KB
    Alright, /tg/, lets settle this once and for all.
    Creator or Demiurge?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:36 No.14381762
    you'll note that the mentions of iron chariots are all about the faithful or chosen fighting them. There's a reason that angels get so little play in the fluff, they are serious rape to just about everything except other angels.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:37 No.14381763

    Ugh, I don't like the vibe of Antichrists. They look like they're the type that'd die or get fucking condemned eventually during the course of a campaign.

    Or do they have some neato tricks that I'm not seeing here?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:39 No.14381774

    Haven't looked over the stats of demons/devils, but I'm imagining that angels would rape them too in single combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:42 No.14381792
    set it in 2011,

    nobody has a clue whats going on,

    no special powers except in confrontaions where the the whole party is transported into another dimension.

    ie party enter bar, halfway through ordering bears.. bears really?
    the barkeep turns into werewolf.. suddenly big underground dungeon.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:42 No.14381795

    Your... your fucking Kidding right?
    Have you seen the powers a well built Antichrist can bring to the field. If you pull it off perfectly they can be pulling "Gates of Hell" at level 5.

    You read that right.

    Fucking level 5
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:42 No.14381798
    Fuck you. I'd roll Man of Lawlessness with Akeldama and Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes and watch you squirm as I betray your followers and convince them that the only way to survive is to fight against everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:44 No.14381812
    Hey, has anyone tried using the Inferno module? My group is about to finish a Buddhist campaign and I don't really have another one ready. Should I try Inferno or should I go with Lucifer's Fall?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:46 No.14381828
    That's right normally they do condemn everyone that balances them out. That is why you don't use Satan or Hell when playing with Everything is forgiven rule. It would make Antichrists godless killing machines with no worry in the world.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:49 No.14381844
    >If you pull it off perfectly they can be pulling "Gates of Hell" at level 5.

    Enjoy not being able to use your powers for shit if someone takes Katechon. If you minmax so you can pull of Gates of Hell that low level there is no way you'd have physical stats or skills necessary to get rid survive.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:50 No.14381852
    So I'm thinking of running a gnostic campaign but telling my players it's Abrahamic. I mean I was going to do Abrahamic originally, but when we got together for roll ups one of my characters rolled up a human priest, which is fine.

    The others kind of troll faced and started throwing out angelic power builds though despite my saying "no nephilim or divine templates to start."

    So since my group seems to be mostly That Guys, I guess what I'm asking is...is making them deceived agents of the Demiurge a decent plan?

    Also planning on implementing the "In His Image" optional rule for humans, to help out the one guy who listened.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:52 No.14381866
    Antichrist always has "Separated from God" so the demonic hosts don't attack them unless there are no faithful around. Powergamers just open the gates and run fuck away.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:54 No.14381879
    Why not do both with Lucifer's Fall as a precursor to Inferno? Depending on how it goes, switch out some of the positions of power for their old characters and run with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)08:57 No.14381891
    Because the source material doesn't fit together. How the hell does the pretty boy from Paradise Lost become the huge monster that chews Brutus, Cassius and Judas?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:00 No.14381904
    Man, you're not paying attention to the fluff on the Supernal and Infernal realms are you? It's all based on perception and half truths, they can both be mutually true from certain viewpoints. Limited human (as in your players) understanding allow both to be true, especially if you run Inferno with humans or angels more prone to see those prancing nancy-boys from Paradise Lost as monstrous traitors.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:03 No.14381924
    If they rolled up angelic templates when you said no nephilim then they're just going go all LOLRANDOM throughout the campaign; making them agents of the Demiurge in any form just gives them another excuse. What you should do is go pure Abrahamic, give the angelic douches the False Prophet trait and the human priest Cast Down His Rod. Have the priest fuck them up whenever they try any shennanigans.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:08 No.14381955
    Read the fucking book before you open your mouth. Katechon is a person or thing that has to be destroyed before Antichrists can manifest their power. PC and NPC's can take it as a feat, or you can have an item with that property.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:08 No.14381956
    This thread reminds me oh so much why there should be a Shin Megami Tensei PnP.

    Nocturne even more so, provided delicious campaign fuel with alternative, even pro-lucifer side of the conflict.

    Then again, what you'd expect from a universe where Yehovah was already killed once?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:11 No.14381970
    So... I'm not the only one thinking that we should really make this game, am I?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:12 No.14381976
    You know it's weird, when I came in here I was all "nah", but I'm getting there.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:13 No.14381977
    Archive it and unleash the homebrewers.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:24 No.14382037
    I was assuming that Katechon was already broken in campaigns where Antichrists are used. Why would anyone roll not yet manifested antichrist?
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:30 No.14382058


    Fuck, that needs to happen.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:35 No.14382084
    I had a friend do it, the character was actually a genuinely good guy trying to save the world. Just a bit misguided, and by the time he realized where all of his powers were coming for and who he was actually working for, it was too late.

    Granted he was treating the Southern Salvation module like Smash In The Gates- with the generally "heroic" role of the evangelists being treated like monsters for their close minded xenophobia... but it worked.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)09:38 No.14382103
    RP, trying to keep the various pcs balanced, most of the dm's I've played with tread manifested antichrist as high or epic level shit.

    I once played an apocalypse campaign where the antichrist didn't know what he was because of a Katechon piece of jewelry he always wore. Me and the other pcs were charged with preventing satanists from destroying it and unleashing armageddon. We failed bad and my char was the only survivor of the TPK the satanists and antichrist unleashed. Next campaign my surviving char reforged the Katechon jewelry into the hilt of a sword and dueled the antichrist in the temple of Jerusalem.
    >> Anonymous 03/27/11(Sun)13:20 No.14383519
    BoM sucks. It's a poorly-edited third-party splatbook that takes great steaming dumps all over the lore and was obviously never playtested. Most players who want to use it just want in on the rampant power creep.

    If your player is serious about lacking options, try and convince him to roll up a Baptist (the original ones, not the overpowered Southern Baptists that would be out of place in a Christfag campaign anyway). They aren't very popular because on paper they seem weak, but even a Messiah will bow to a properly run Baptist. (Hint: the first mistake most Baptist players make is assuming they work like every other class in nYRPG and take Reborn in Spirit at level 1. Baptists are support, they need Consecrate the Body and Sign of the Dove more.)

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