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  • File : 1299811210.jpg-(824 KB, 1920x1440, Rogue-Trader3-1920x1440.jpg)
    824 KB Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:40 No.14201552  
    Well shit /tg/. It's only the tenth session of my first Rogue Trader game and my Psyker Heretek Techpriest has already:
    >Made a shitload of profit
    >developed an addiction
    >Gone cold turkey
    >Pissed off the ruler of a hive world
    >Gotten blow up and put back together with advanced cybernetics, without losing any psychic potency
    >Integrated three laspistols into his robotic arm
    >Used a Baleful Eye to cut through a chandelier and crush a Daemon
    >Gotten shot in the ass and left to float in space
    >Reclaimed his ship alongside his comrades
    >Escaped the Sister of Battle three times
    >Discovered a map to the holy grail of the AdMech, an intact STC
    >Improved his brain implants with Heretech
    >Gained insanity points from sex with a Xenos
    >Thrown said Xenos into a volcano
    >Escaped the AdMech and Sisters of Battle while they were trying to kill each other
    >Increased our ship's speed and escaped the gravitational pull of a black hole

    Is this the normal level of awesome for Rogue Trader? Is so, I'm never going back to other RPGs.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:43 No.14201602
         File1299811390.gif-(127 KB, 379x188, awesome.gif)
    127 KB
    Pic realated it is how a normal rogue trader game feals like
    >> Engineer Guy 03/10/11(Thu)21:43 No.14201612
    Pretty much, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:46 No.14201646
    What did you get addicted to?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:47 No.14201659
    What kinda xeno did you have sex with?
    >> Alpharius 03/10/11(Thu)21:48 No.14201668
    Pretty much all of that, except maybe minus the "intact STC" bit. I really hate how DMs try to shoehorn that in.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:49 No.14201686

    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:50 No.14201690
    >Gained insanity points from sex with a Xenos
    >Thrown said Xenos into a volcano

    That better have happened with one immediately after the other
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:51 No.14201701
    Some blue cocaine-type stuff that acted like super LSD.

    This mermaid type thing. With four arms. And tentacles on her face.

    At least, I think it was a she.

    Well, it's way out beyond human space, so right now we're trying to get together some stuff before we go for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:53 No.14201731
    It did.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:53 No.14201732
         File1299812008.jpg-(3 KB, 126x126, donthititithsfeeling.jpg)
    3 KB
    Me too. My RT techpreist was a former crusader for the STC, but I want him to go mad looking for it, not get it because the DM thinks it's cool.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)21:57 No.14201795
    So anyways, I'm downloading Drydock right now, anything cool in it I should know about? This is my first Rogue Trader game, so I'm not exactly an expert.

    Any other books I should get?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:57 No.14201796
    We went 18 sessions before any of the other characters realized my Explorator was female.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:57 No.14201798
    So, I hope no one minds turnign this into a general RT thread, but I have a question.

    I've been playing a Navis Scion (Navigator with few mutations and lots of social skills) for awhile now, including such misadventures such as being barely 17 years of age when bequeathed to a rogue trader's vessel, becoming a younger sister to most of the bridge crew, being the only bridge crewmember aside from our Explorator not to fall to the worship of chaos after picking up a tainted artifact, shutting down the geller field mid-warp-jump in order to purify the ship of those who *did* fall to chaos (including the Rogue Trader himself, who was something of a surrogate father figure as he actually cared for her as more than a political plaything), surviving that, and between her, the techpriest, and what servitors managed to survive, purifying the ship of the residue when it left warp-space and limping back to Imperial space...

    Well, I've been given the old Rogue Trader's Warrant of Trade as a reward from the Imperium for my service.

    What the shit happened when a Navigator gets a Warrant of Trade?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:58 No.14201810

    An intact STC. As in, the computer that Makes the printout. Not merely a printout, not even a fragment of one. The whole fucking computer. That should not happen. ever. There are no complete STC's left. They've all been lost permanently, destroyed, or corrupted by time, malevolent AI or chaos. The AI bit is the most likely, since that's what they were.

    To put this in perspective, the guy that found the printout for the fucking knife the Imperial Guard uses was given an entire moon to himself. Another guy was given 3 whole planets for another printout. Finding even a fragment of a printout is an absolutely massive deal.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:58 No.14201815
    Is there a spot open in either of your games?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:58 No.14201819
         File1299812335.jpg-(14 KB, 300x193, I don even know.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)21:59 No.14201825
    Oh, sorry, I meant we found a map to a printout. My bad, I'm not up to date on all the terms.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:59 No.14201830

    Alas, mine (>>14201798) is a RL game, and even if you did live in the same general area I do, it's more or less full. DM dosen't like having more than six players.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:00 No.14201839
    I expect you to namefag your self. And update on your adventures>>14201830
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:01 No.14201854
    Any positions open in op game?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:02 No.14201875

    I tend to avoid namefagging and tripfagging unless I'm the OP, but once more adventures happen I'll be sure to start storytime threads about them. We more or less left off with my character receiving the Warrant (and the ship getting repaired), with the knowledge that her father and mother were, ah, on the way to see her to ascertain her wholeness.

    They don't know about the Warrant yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:04 No.14201895
    I expect they are horrible mutants

    Also Introduce gene therapy and medical intervention to minimize mutations
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:05 No.14201910
    Well that's ok then.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:07 No.14201936

    They're very powerful, influential navigators from a Shrouded House. Yes, they're horrible mutants.

    And fuck that, do you want my entire house to be rendered worthless to the Imperium at large? I'm not going to be doing gene-therapy on navigators EVER. I'm minimizing my own mutations by not taking to many Navigator powers--my main strength, as a character, is my Gaze to Pierce the Show being amazing (as I'm from a Shrouded House) and having Huge Fellowship and talking skills.

    I actually out-dealed the Seneschal before he bit it to Tzneetch-worship.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:11 No.14201992
    Experiment on bastard children?

    Don't take away what makes you a navigator from your line just try to limit mutations
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:13 No.14202007

    Bastard Children with a human parent are just going to be human. Bastard Children with another navigator would be... problematic for other reasons. I mean, it's probably heresy any way we do it, but...

    Hmm. Our Explorator *is* a Magos Genetor...

    Perhaps there's something to be done. Hmm.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:15 No.14202030
         File1299813337.jpg-(33 KB, 400x301, bro fisto.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:18 No.14202058
    Hell you could become head of your house. You could try to make them avoid the incest babies that could help.

    Also sounds like you know how to be sociable to near everyone why not give this characteristic to your heirs?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:21 No.14202083

    Ah, being socioable's nurture, not nature. I got lucky in the genetic lotterry and instead of having, say, no face, or slime coming from my skin, or any host of other defects, I'm merely supernaturally agile. I've heard it's disconcerting to watch me move, but no more so than to watch the Eldar.

    The issue is that there's really no way to avoid the incest babies. THe Navigator Gene is heavily recessive. To breed with someone who is not a navigator is to have children who will lack it entirely. The only way to produce more navigators is to breed only with other navigators. And seeing as how Navigators have been around for a long time, and did not have a large enough starting population to avoid inbreeding... well.

    It's a sad state of affairs. But perhaps there is something to be done.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:23 No.14202101
    Thats much more reasonable. To give you an example, the Land Cruiser and Land Speeder?

    They're called that because the guy who found the STC fragments that turned out to be complete technical specifications for those vehicles was called 'Land'. He would probably be the richest motherfucker in space right now if he hadn't come over all FOR THE EMPEROR and tried to go back in and retrieve some more tech in the hopes of helping mankind reclaim its former glory.
    >> Seneschal Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:28 No.14202146
    I have some options for you.
    Begin a Navigator Breeding program to make better/more navigators

    Set up training areas that are on the edge of the Astronomican

    Introduce gene therapy and medical intervention to minimize mutations

    Begin a Navigator Breeding program to make better/more navigators
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:29 No.14202155
    It's some kind of flying vehicle. Can go into space for limited amounts of time.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:30 No.14202163
    OP RL game? Or Online?
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:31 No.14202167
    Online. There's six other players besides me.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:31 No.14202177
    Marauders can do that, as can Valkyrie gunships (I think). If its a new pattern or (even better) an entirely new designation, you could be fucking rolling in it.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:31 No.14202180
    Shit no open spaces then? If not trip up and tell us more adventures in the future
    >> Navis Scion 03/10/11(Thu)22:33 No.14202191

    This could very well be what happens eventually. We'll have to see how things go.

    I'm still concerned over the political ramifications of being both a Navigator and a Rogue Trader, though.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:33 No.14202200
    Well, my PC has no idea what it is from the description, so it might be a new designation.

    Sorry, guy.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:34 No.14202204
         File1299814445.png-(29 KB, 336x336, Awesome_Face_bigger.png)
    29 KB
    OP, you really should pause for a moment and at least thank your GM for setting up awesome moments like these.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)22:36 No.14202225
    That depends. Are there any suspicions if the crew wasn't going heretical and instead you were the heretic?

    The crew might also be a bit worried their leader is a Navigator. You might want to try to hide it for some time. Gain their trust and eventually reveal it.
    Also be/look Pious might get rid of some suspicion.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)22:37 No.14202237
    Why did he have sex with a xeno?
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:39 No.14202250
    He was drugs. This was before he went cold turkey.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)22:41 No.14202265
    Was it at least humanoid?
    >> Navis Scion 03/10/11(Thu)22:42 No.14202281

    Well, I'm fairly certain I'm not a heretic, and that the bridge crew had gone heretic (judging from the, ah, paraphernalia, tattoos, miscellany, and, ah, recordings we have). Very little of the ratings crew survived the travels, so we've emptied out a few prisons and gotten some overseers gifted to us by a friend of the former Rogue Trader, who I'm fairly certain I can trust at least for this as he's specified in no uncertain terms that I will owe him a favor over this.

    I am a pious individual, so that will not be a problem, but if I am to hide my nature, then we're going to need another navigator on board, and I won't be able to hide it from them.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:43 No.14202288
    It was almost sort of a little humanoid.

    Like I said, mermaid with four arms and tentacles on its face. Also, it was green.

    The GM said he'd rather not describe what happened between us, just that I gained 2 insanity.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:45 No.14202299
    And you're a Heretek Psyker?

    You've reached new levels of heresy, my friend.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)22:45 No.14202304
    It's going to have to come back for you, with it's demands for child support
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:46 No.14202315
    If it managed to survive being thrown in a volcano, I'd say it earned whatever support it wants.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)22:47 No.14202325
    What exactly are your mutations? Crew moral will be low since they were press ganged. Try to gain their love and loyalty?

    Where is the Missionary where you need him?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:48 No.14202330
    You now have to one up it by having sex with a sororitas. Or puritan inquisitor.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)22:48 No.14202334
    Your going to have to tell us how the hell that all happend. How the hell did you get close enough to a xeno without anyone noticing?
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)22:51 No.14202348
    I don't think any SoB would stop trying to kill me long enough to be seduced, and an Inquisitor might not like all the heresy I've been getting up to. But sure, why not.

    Alright, it's not an extraordinarily long story, but whatever.
    >> Navis Scion 03/10/11(Thu)22:57 No.14202408

    My only mutations so far are Disturbing Grace (Unnatural Agility x2) and Strange Vitality (Regeneration), neither of which makes me look overly abnormal, provided I am unwounded and not moving very quickly. My plan is gain the crew's loyalty through the best way possible--the promise of profit, bribery, and the hiring-on of a Missionary to spread the word of the God-Emperor to all those in my holds. He is soon to be arriving on Port Wander so that he may board my vessel, along with the remainder of those I've hired to replace the old bridge crew--an Astropath, a Void Master (hopefully one that is not obsessed with hats this time), and a rather well-to-do gentleman, an Arch-Militant with a Kroot manservant, of all things.

    All in all, it could be worse.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:00 No.14202431
    So, the ship is in orbit around a planet on the map to the printout. We've just survived a major battle between AdMech and SoB, with us in the middle. So we're stopping to repair some shit. I'm doing my Heretek thing, making some systems better, and I'm assisted by a few Servitors. One of the engines has been acting up, and I'm trying to fix it amid the crew running around on damage control. So I manage to find the problem, but when I go to fix it I hear a very loud clang. When I got to investigate, part of the ship has fallen off into the planet's atmosphere.

    Now, at this time the rest of the players are fighting off some intruders towards the bridge, and I decide, fuck it, I'm going to get that piece of the ship and bring it back. The ship has a cool shuttle thing we got on a previous adventure, and it's large enough to fit the ship piece inside, so off I go with four Servoskulls with guns attached to them. I made them myself.

    I manage to keep the shuttle together as we enter the atmosphere, and find the ship part to within a few miles. It is emitting some radiation, so I can track it over the planet's surface. I land the shuttle precariously on the edge of a cliff, and step out. Rainforest is all around me. With the Servoskulls at my heels I enter the rainforest. Now, at this time, my character wants some of that Blue Gold that he loves, so he pulls out a stick of it and eats it. Then shit starts to get weird.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:02 No.14202450
    >shit starts to get weird
    oh boy oh boy oh boy
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:04 No.14202470
    Your /tg/ crew stands ever Loyal.

    Any other resources besides The ship, and your family?

    Why not establish a reputation for your house to be pleasant to deal with?
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:07 No.14202500
    Go on...
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:10 No.14202524

    Resources, resources...

    We've the ship, of course, a heavily refitted Lunar-class cruiser with a Teleportarium, murder-servitors, armed to the teeth and almost fit to lead a crusade, honestly, though the pride of the ship is the many and varied hidden cargo components.

    There's my family, of course, the Shrouded House of Ray'a'nor. Rather destitute, as far as Navigator Houses go, but there's no lack of trade or ambition in the house.

    There's the accounts of the old Rogue Trader, which I Have been given access to. Fairly well stocked, but not... overly wonderful. (Profit Factor 27.)

    There's the Tech-Priest who aided me against the old crew, a Magos Explorator Genetor. He's rather obsessed with perfection of the human form, but brilliant either in the engine room or in the medicae chambers. Not much of a conversationalist, but he does have many connections among the Adeptus Mechanicus.

    Finally, and perhaps most important, I inherited all the favors, debts, and contacts of the old rogue trader. He maintained good relations with several other trader dynasties, a convent of Adepta Sororitas which his sister had joined, had several friends rather high-ranking in the sector Administratum, and, perhaps most importantly, had done a great service to a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the Storm Wardens, transporting a load of gene-seed and a single surviving apothecary from a war-torn world in the Expanse to their homeworld in the Calixis sector.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:13 No.14202554
    I march through the rainforest, arm lasers and Baleful eye at the ready. The trees around me are starting to look green instead of red, and the ground is turning blue instead of yellow. Fish leap out of the water nearby, and into the trees. Giant Xenos fly overhead and explode like fireworks. I'm having a grand time just looking around. Eventually, the GM says I get close to where the radiation is coming from. There's a long line of burnt ground leading to a small piece of the engine, and as I walk towards it I become aware that there are Xenos swarming all over it. They're armed with bronze-age weapons and armor, and they walk on their lower arms, their tails keeping them balanced. In my drug addled state, I find them extremely attractive. And I think fighting one of them might win me their hearts. So I grab a Servoskull by the lasgun barrel and start beating one of them with it. The other ones all get out of dodge while I continue beating one of them with the Servoskull. Then I realize it's 'the most beautiful thing I've ever seen'. So I stop and help it to its arms, speaking in binary about how much I want to do it. It backs away from me as I pull down my pants, while the Servoskulls fly around guarding me. By now, the drug was fully affecting me, with hands grabbing trees and eating them, and the engine part doing a strip-tease. The Xenos has backed against a tree, and as I approach it starts looking around. Then it sees my fleshy bit, and starts cooing. Or whatever. I have no idea. But fucking it seems like a brilliant idea in while on drugs. So it starts using its hands on me, and then the GM says I wake up in a hut, the Xenos next to me, snuggled against my robotic arm. I have some vague memories of the night, and slowly some of what we did begins to come back to me. The Servoskulls are nearby, and I grab one of them and playback the footage of our passion. It isn't pleasant. The GM says I gain 2 insanity, as I continue to watch in horror.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:17 No.14202589
    You are now a zeus like figure to them.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:18 No.14202595
    Arkhan Land's name gets to live on in mass production. He found *THOSE* templates (and those on a tractor). Since a few planets would just be lost in the bureaucratic jumble and what he found was far greater than a stapler, they named the fucking things after him.

    Now everyone fields a handful on the table.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:21 No.14202622
    And you threw it in a Volcano? Killing it was your first step on the road to redemption
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:22 No.14202636
    I hope the tentacles were at least not on the face.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:27 No.14202686
    The drugs have worn off, and so I consider my options. I leap to my feet and erase all the footage of the last night's events from the Servoskull, which happens to be the only one with a recording device. By now I'm beginning to feel some of the bruising, and I'm very confused. I need to get rid of the evidence. The Xenos is still asleep, so I gas it with a small device I keep in my robes and pick it up. Walking back to the engine, guided by the radiation tracker, I pass several similar huts, most of them smaller, with other Xenos glancing at me as I pass. As I reach the engine, the Xenos on my shoulders is beginning to wake up, and looks at me very strangely, before reaching into my robes. I find this very disturbing, and pull its arm off my flesh. The Servoskulls have used their small arms to wrap the engine part with some wire, and I drag it along to my shuttle. It's a long walk, but I'm not bothered. The Xenos keeps trying to get me off, succeeding twice, and as I approach the shuttle it starts nibbling on my ear. So I drag the engine part into the shuttle, and the Servoskulls hover around it. I put the Xenos on the shuttle floor as I get into the pilot's chair and message the ship, who by now have repelled the intruders. I tell them I'll be right up, and I have the engine part in hand. They tell me to hurry the fuck up, as the Xenos sits down next to me and I start the shuttle. I consider what to do as the Xenos reaches towards me again, and I swat it away with the back of my hand. At around ten thousand feet up I spot an active volcano in the distance, and take off for it. As I approach, I get the shuttle to fly around it in a circle at three hundred feet, and grab the Xenos again. It follows me happily, or so I thought, and looks around in awe as I open the shuttle doors. Then I push it out, and watch it fall into the lava below.

    I take off for the ship and never look back.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:29 No.14202699
    Oh god wow.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:29 No.14202701
    Hilarious. Does your character have nightmares about this?
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:30 No.14202721
    For a few days, yeah.

    Sorry for deleting the thing, there were some errors.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:31 No.14202732
    I think you mean "Oh God-Emperor, wow".
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:32 No.14202743
    Since it's 40k it's probably prego and still alive.

    You have any other adventures to tell?

    Also some archive this shit
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:33 No.14202749
         File1299818001.jpg-(38 KB, 562x437, HA_HA_HA_OH_WOW.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:34 No.14202759
         File1299818060.jpg-(5 KB, 225x224, 1295463828028.jpg)
    5 KB
    Stone cold man
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:36 No.14202774
    You know they are probably worshiping you as a god right now.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:36 No.14202780
    Best Explorator ever.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:40 No.14202813
    Navis Trader tell us what happens next game.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)23:43 No.14202839
         File1299818591.png-(106 KB, 1284x702, Alien Sex RT.png)
    106 KB
    >> Navis Scion 03/10/11(Thu)23:47 No.14202876

    Will do, my friends. I don't think it will quite top our good Explorator's tale as already told, but then, that is quite the... well, I'm not going to comment on it.
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:54 No.14202948
    A few hours from know there will be rule 34 of this. And I can not stop raging
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:55 No.14202971
    Yeah, I got some more tales of the adventures of Engineer Electros, Heretek Psyker.

    There's only been ten sessions, but I could tell the tale of the time I got kicking into the vacuum by people trying to take over the ship.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:57 No.14202980
    Kicked into the vacuum, my bad.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/10/11(Thu)23:58 No.14202988
    rolled 13 = 13


    May I ask why an already radical Techpriest would be bothered in the slightest by a bit of Dat Xenos Ass?
    >> Seneschal 03/10/11(Thu)23:58 No.14202992
    This ended with you being reborn in warp becoming god of the mermaid peoples.
    >> OP 03/10/11(Thu)23:59 No.14203003
    According the the GM, the stuff we did was pretty disturbing for any human being to see, much less experience.
    >> Seneschal 03/11/11(Fri)00:00 No.14203015
    Disturbing how? It was at least a mammal right? Right?
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:01 No.14203019
    I don't fucking know. I wasn't even sure it was female.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:02 No.14203033

    I have the disturbing feeling that a cloaca was involved. Possible an exterior stomach.

    Maybe even spawning in the sense of 'spewing out eggs'.

    Nothing a quick trip to /d/ couldn't show you, I imagine.
    >> Seneschal 03/11/11(Fri)00:02 No.14203038
    I half want to hear this from the xenos point of view.

    OP I hope this prevented any future drug use amongst any more of your future characters
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:03 No.14203039

    Mermaid type thing, four arms, tentacles on face. Possibly blue.

    I can imagine some of the possibilities, all of them titilating. But i'm a /d/evian/tg/uy, so.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:06 No.14203067
    I don't think /d/ exists in the 41st millennium.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:08 No.14203082
         File1299820093.jpg-(43 KB, 655x411, Deadpool My Brain.jpg)
    43 KB

    Dear Emperor, OP. You have, quite literally, committed SuperHeresy. By banging a green alien chick(dude? both?).

    My hat is off to you, sir.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:09 No.14203094
         File1299820187.jpg-(20 KB, 299x276, 1274431773739.jpg)
    20 KB



    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:11 No.14203111
    Oh, right.


    I better not end up meeting Slaanesh in this game. I might lose it and go an hero with an atomic.
    >> Seneschal 03/11/11(Fri)00:11 No.14203113
    OP did you do anything to repent for it?
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:13 No.14203141
    I did a few things, but on the whole I wasn't too interested in repenting. Plus, I wanted to hide it from the others, so I couldn't afford to attract attention.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:14 No.14203144
    That would be cool.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/11(Fri)00:15 No.14203155
    rolled 8 = 8


    Shit, let me guess: The Emperor-Shouters are convinced that the STC is heresy, or have they just figured out that you're heresy? It sounds like this is getting very close to total war between the AdMech and the Catholic Space Popes.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:17 No.14203177
    If I ever do play RT (currently we're playing DCA) I'd play a heavily mutated Navigator. I think it would be very hilarious to see this heavily mutated motherfucker that goes anywhere without fear. What would be more hilarious if I had all my servants be "twists" (mutants) themselves. Sure I wouldn't go over too well with the Inquisition but I'd play him as fanatical religious man. While seeing his mutations as gifts from the God Emperor instead of the usual dogma of mutations are a curse...etc.

    He views mutants as gifted individuals that were gifted by the God Emperor. Normal mutants in his mind will due well to make their gifts work by serving him (and his clan) and they get no choice. So every mutant he sees (that's not an Abhuman) he presses into service. Those who resist he uses his 3rd Eye. He'd have his little private guard (all mutants) he forbids them from hiding their mutations. He's against Chaos though, since he's a Navigator I say he'd be able to determine which are Chaos latent mutations and which aren't.

    He'd be a walking contradiction instead of hiding his mutations and being a servant to the factories. He'd be one the richest most powerful people someone could meet, he'd be friendly to everyone (only hiding his 3rd Eye behind a headscarf with an eye on it). He'd recruit as many mutants as he can and they tend his every need in return he shows them kindness and a better life. His private guard would be there for the times when he needs to go "dirtside". His guard would be equipped and trained to be the best they can, often using their mutations for their advantage.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:17 No.14203185
    Well, they think the printout is heresy, yeah. But also I have some history with both the AdMech and the SoB that make me a prime target for purging or whatever.

    If I get the printout for the AdMech though, they might just forgive my Tech Heresy. And grant us great wealth, etc.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:22 No.14203228
    Anyone else want another story?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 03/11/11(Fri)00:24 No.14203247

    I too believe simply "finding" an STC is too simple. That's why I had my players fight one to prove they were worthy of its presence. That was a fun fight.
    >> Seneschal 03/11/11(Fri)00:25 No.14203249
    It ends up with another hillarious sex story that makes your explorator even more insane
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:28 No.14203277
    Ok then, I'll type it out real quick.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/11(Fri)00:30 No.14203285
    rolled 17 = 17


    Most definitely yes.

    The only way this campaign could get more awesome was if you hired on a bunch of Blood Axes Mercenaries and converted all of their Mekboyz to the Machine Cult just to troll the AdMech when they see the Stompa' covered in crude Signs of the Machine God and Ork Shoota' Boyz reciting Litanies of Accuracy.

    Bonus points if the Orky Gestalt Field makes their tech work better when prayed over.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:30 No.14203287
         File1299821414.jpg-(8 KB, 303x244, 1290994867366.jpg)
    8 KB
    Wait, DMs actually LET players find an STC and DON'T use it as a setup for disappointment?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:33 No.14203306

    My players have found three. One that makes a energy cell 50% more effective then the current guard model, one that makes a thermal undergarment set for ice worlds, and one that makes DAOT maneuvering units for void ships. The Admech gave the Explorator her own system. With two forge worlds.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:38 No.14203342
    Hey Pal. We need maguffins to keep our shit rollin' forward.
    Don't be dissin the Macguffin.
    >> Seneschal 03/11/11(Fri)00:40 No.14203362
    That STC would really help the Imperium out alot
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)00:44 No.14203388
    To the people complaining about the idea of finding an intact STC:

    Jesus christ haven't you people ever heard of something called rumors? Tabletoppin' games don't have to be like a freaking Bioware game. Every whispered rumor doesn't have to be TRUE. Just because it says it's an intact map to an STC doesn't mean that it wasn't just a bunch of fuckin' SEE THE THING style pamphlets some OTHER douchebag Rogue Trader put out in an effort to ambush and privateer a bunch of stupid yokels looking to make a quick buck.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 03/11/11(Fri)00:46 No.14203409

    Mine is a setup for disappointment. The STC and the Arch-militant have the same Ballistic Skill. The Arch-Militant keeps barely failing the shooting competitions they have together.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)00:50 No.14203437
    Funny you should say that, we've actually got some Orks in the crew. Not sure any are Mekboyz, I'll ask next session.

    This takes place after the whole thing with the Xenos sex. The other players never knew about the whole incident, for which I am very grateful. Our ship, a strange cross between a Lathe class and a Cobra class, has just been repaired, and we've left the orbit of the planet. I'm hanging out, working on the Teleportarium. I'm trying to modify it to teleport Atomics into enemy ships, rather unsuccessfully. I've take tons of things apart and put them back together, but can't find the parts I need to finish it up. So I use some psyker powers to locate the parts, and find some spares of the kind I need on the outside of the ship near an airlock. So I get ready to go outside, and get to the airlock, when my fellow PCs inform me there's a ship heading right for us. Shit. I get ready to help when suddenly I hear something. Down the long and impressive hallway, I see ten pirates armed to the teeth appear, and book it. They spot me and one fires a lasgun, but I manage to get away. I inform the others over my Vox just as I run into another group of pirates. Shit. So I turn and run the other way, back into the arms of the first group. I grab one of their heads and fire the laspistols in my arm, and Baleful eye one of them in the arm, and keep running. I eventually reach the airlock again, a dead end. The pirates come at me, and I take one of them out, when a stray lasgun shot hits the controls for the airlock. The doors open with great force, and I get sucked outside, another lasgun shot hitting me right in the ass. I'm floating in space, with the same momentum of the ship, so I'm still close to it. But I'm drifting further away.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)01:06 No.14203544
    I reach around in my robe, washed dozens of times after the whole thing with the Xenos, and pull out my bolt pistol. I aim away from the ship and fire over and over, slowly moving back towards it. Eventually I near a metal cable hanging from inside the ship, held in place by emergency airlock doors, and I pull myself closer. Just as I get inside the airlock, the ship turns wildly, and I smash my head into the wall. I tumble out of the ship, and but manage to grab hold of something on the outside. The part I needed. From the outside of the ship, I can see the pirate ship, now accompanied by another. They're Cobra class ships, and fast as fuck. Weak void shields. Struggling, I active my magnetic boots I made out of some parts from a tank, and latch onto the side of the ship. I have about ten minutes of air in my suit, so I get to work, pulling out the parts and climbing back inside the ship. The ship keeps turning this way and that, but I keep steady, and reach the outside of the airlock. I make some rolls, and get both sets of doors to close, then I seal them up with a small welding tool. Perfect. I was still not off the drugs yet, so I of course decide it would be a great idea to have some when I'm able to breath without a mask again. I walk down the hall to the emergency airlock, and open a panel on the side. There's a bunch of little wires, and a piece of a finger inside. I cut all the wires, and use the finger to make a quick circuit, opening the doors. Air comes rushing in, and I remove my vacuum helmet thing. I hear my fellow PCs yelling for me over the Vox, but I ignore it them and have some DRUGS. The parts I need in hand, I head over the the Teleportarium. Along the way I start hallucinating stuff, mostly crew members, and when I try to talk to them they turn into tiny versions of the Xenos.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/11(Fri)01:10 No.14203571
    rolled 13 = 13


    Check to see if there are any feral Orks in the lower decks of the ship, if there are, the biggest and baddest Ork Crewman (The one with the highest Toughness, Wounds, and Strength) will be declared leader of the Orks and sent down with orders to unite the ship-born feral Orks under his banner and add his newly founded Warband to the Rogue Traders Military Force, recruit periodically from the new Orks that crop up down there to keep their numbers up. If there aren't any feral Orks, have your Ork players run around in the lower decks until they start cropping up.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)01:13 No.14203599

    Yeah this is just begging for a NPC warboss or nob to suddenly appear and start a revolt onboard once he realizes that "Dem humie gitz are pansies!".
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)01:17 No.14203638
    Wait, are you that guy who turned up a couple of days ago and asked for advice on the background for your Heretek Psyker?

    If so, I feel very proud for having contributed until I fell asleep (and probably having contributed the most).
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)01:19 No.14203651
    I see a group of AdMech walk by, and when I wave at them they shoot at me. I throw a grenade at them, and get into cover, waiting for the bang. As I emerge from cover, about ten seconds later, having not heard a bang, I see the floor splattered with green paint near the bodies of the AdMech. I keep going towards the Teleportarium. It's still about ten minutes away, so the GM just describes all the wonders I see on the way. Robotic unicorns dancing with Daemons, and more AdMech, who I promptly kill after they fire at me. Eventually I reach the thing I needed the parts for, a single Atomic nearby. I hear an announcement over the Vox that they've take out one of the ships, but are sustaining heavy damage. I need to get the Teleportarium online, now. So, grabbing the dog head, I replace the cat head, and pull out the sausage links. Then I wrap the intestines around the arm, and attach the hand to where the sausage link connected to the basket full of flowers. That finished, I close the eyelid and screw in the bottles of rum. Then I flip the orange switch made of candy. The device hums to life, and I vox to the others to use the Teleportarium to send the atomic to the other ship. They respond that they can't, as the controls have been destroyed. So, I tell them to lock the Teleportarium onto the other ship and open the eyelid again. I fiddle around a bit with the arm, and remove the dog head. Shoving my arm into the hole its spine went into, I interfaced with the device. After a few rolls, I managed to begin activating the Teleportarium. It would teleport all matter not attached to the ship within twenty feet onto the enemy ship in thirty seconds. So, pulling my arm from the hole, I moved towards the atomic. Rigging it to blow in forty seconds, I turned and left the area, and told the others to pull the ship as far from the enemy ship as possible.
    >> Seneschal 03/11/11(Fri)01:19 No.14203652
    More OP?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 03/11/11(Fri)01:19 No.14203660

    >when I wave at them they shoot at me

    Generally a sign you're doin' it right.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/11(Fri)01:20 No.14203665
    rolled 20 = 20


    Learn to read, the entire plan hinges on an Ork PC being Warboss, preferably a Stormboy as they're the only Orks with any actual sense of loyalty beyond "Da Boss iz too big, I'd get slapped around like a grot". Keep them well payed and have lots of close-quarters fighting to keep them happy and it should work out.

    Converting them to the Imperial Cult/Machine Cult will make things even easier, the first one HAS happened, not sure about the Mek-Priestz though.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)01:21 No.14203679
         File1299824484.jpg-(77 KB, 360x270, 1298466562353.jpg)
    77 KB
    Alright, if we're turning this into a general RT thread I have a question, or rather several. I've never really run anything before but our regular ST/DM/Referee has said he's feeling burnt out.

    No one else wanted to so I said I'd run something in his stead.

    So I guess what I mean is, any advice for an aspiring RT runner?

    I just got a hard copy of the book and read through it, that's the level of newness to the game here.

    The characters I know about thus far is an Arch Militant and a Void Master.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/11(Fri)01:24 No.14203708
         File1299824680.jpg-(18 KB, 300x300, laughter-is-contagious.jpg)
    18 KB
    rolled 9 = 9


    >Everything after you got to the Teleportarium.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)01:28 No.14203749
    >Used a Baleful Eye to cut through a chandelier and crush a Daemon

    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)01:29 No.14203751
    >Converting them to the Imperial Cult/Machine Cult will make things even easier, the first one HAS happened,
    I demand the sauce. In the Name of the God-Emperor!
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)01:41 No.14203871
    After thirty seconds, the atomic disappeared, and the Teleportarium burst into flames. I put it out, and waited. Ten seconds later, the others reported that the enemy ship had exploded. Acknowledging them, I headed down the chocolate hallway to the bridge. There were still pirates on the ship. I ready my bolter, and look around for more AdMech. None are to be found, so I keep moving towards the bridge, feeding the hand-birds bits of metal. Eventually I turn down another hall, and spot some people a few dozen meters down. They are crewman, tinted blue, in a firefight with the AdMech. I consider my options, then go turn around. I continue up the first hallway, and climb a giraffe to the level above me about 30 feet. On the level below the bridge, I look around quickly, and keep going. Peeking around a corner to a set of stairs, I see several AdMech coming down, and throw another grenade. One of them shouts in Spanish, and tries to run back up the stairs, but too late, and they splatter green paint all over the stairs. Calming walking through the flowers and up the stairs, I almost slip on the paint. The stairs spiral upwards for a while, and over my Vox I hear my friends shouting the locations of pirates. After a minute I reach bridge level. Exiting the stairs, and entering the bridge, I hear shouting nearby. There is an AdMech attempting to do something to some controls, and as he spots me I dive to cover. Blind firing with the bolter, I hear some squishing noises, and get to my feet. Green paint is everywhere, and the AdMech is missing his limbs and half his torso. I go to see what he was doing.
    >> Tech Heretic !E1yyNEjdEc 03/11/11(Fri)01:49 No.14203940
    rolled 2 = 2


    Lexicanum is down, but I'm pretty sure there's stuff on the Internet about it.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)01:55 No.14203994
    It's a map of this level of the ship, and a bunch of numbers next to certain places. Noting the numbers and places they refer to, I exit the bridge. The other PCs are in cover, the now red Stormboy and the others firing at a group of AdMech. I go back to the bridge and close the doors to in front of the AdMech, before passing out in a drug induced slumber. When I wake up, I'm in a chair on the bridge. The others are talking to a group of about a hundred pirates, apparently captured. I see one trying to move away from the group, and with a well aimed shot from my laser arm slice his head off. The others look at me, and I wave, before exiting the bridge to get back to work. I had some more drugs along the way.

    Later I learned the a few hundred pirates had joined our crew after some of them got executed. Also, I got some test subjects for some Tech Heresy I was doing. So that was nice.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)01:57 No.14204009
    The numbers turned out to be places they were trying to place explosives, but my fellow PCs disarmed them after I passed out.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:00 No.14204046
    That one was less funny, but still kinda funny. Especially on the parts where you describe stuff as you saw it while on drugs.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:01 No.14204056
    OP, would you be so kind to answer >>14203638? Please?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 03/11/11(Fri)02:03 No.14204087


    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)02:04 No.14204093
    Was it about a week and a half ago? If so, yeah, that was me. I had actually played in two sessions before that, but most of us were still setting up our characters at that point.

    Anyways guys, tonight's Rogue Trader session just ended. Had some fun. I slapped together a bolter chaingun.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:05 No.14204113
         File1299827152.jpg-(55 KB, 360x191, Fucking-numbers-what-do-they-m(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:07 No.14204134
    You were playing while you typed all that out?

    That's why it took so long, huh?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:11 No.14204162
    OP, your Explorator has some serious issues.

    And it's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:11 No.14204170
    newfag here, is this like a videogame version of 40k or some shit? i dun get it and this sounds liek fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:13 No.14204183
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:23 No.14204264
    Wait, so what does a Baleful Eye do again?
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)02:25 No.14204272
    Shoots lasers.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:27 No.14204295
    Was it the one who got away from Sororitas about 5 times or so in his backstory? And the one who was speculated to fix a bolter without any knowledge whatsoever? If so, fuck yeah!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:30 No.14204312
    Leave. Now.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)02:31 No.14204324

    Fuck Yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:32 No.14204327
         File1299828765.jpg-(43 KB, 513x387, ffffuuuu.jpg)
    43 KB
    I have never met you and I already hate you.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:42 No.14204391
    Go die in a fire.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:43 No.14204395
    I really am so happy that someone could profit from my humble knowledge so he can have all that epic adventures now. A manly happiness tear was shed.
    >> OP 03/11/11(Fri)02:45 No.14204405
    And I am thankful for said knowledge. It helped me flesh out my character.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:50 No.14204431
    whats so bad? i only wanted to know what game this is!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:51 No.14204439
    Rogue Trader is a tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons or whatever where you play as a high-flying space trader / explorer / whatever in the 40k universe.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:52 No.14204440
    It's not a videogame, it's an RPG.

    It you weren't a troll you would never had said something so obviously wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)02:59 No.14204479
         File1299830363.jpg-(39 KB, 600x450, 1298584807755.jpg)
    39 KB
    Get your shit together /tg/.
    Don't fall that easily to trolls.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:04 No.14204501

    'Intact STC' is *usually* a trap.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:08 No.14204527
         File1299830933.jpg-(157 KB, 900x1200, death_korps_of_krieg_sniper_by(...).jpg)
    157 KB
    THANKYOU!!! was it that fucking hard for you to say it was a tabletop rpg rather than a videogame rpg like WOW? oh and also does GW still sell this game? i always though of 40k as a strategy/RTS type game, not an rpg. rpg sounds fucking amazing though
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:11 No.14204548
    >strategy/RTS type game

    Ok, now we KNOW you're trolling.

    40K is a fucking tabletop wargame, they just made the vidya after it was already successful.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:15 No.14204572
         File1299831344.jpg-(20 KB, 512x384, 1255671955603.jpg)
    20 KB
    >Get your shit together /tg/.
    Guess what we've been trying to do for the past year?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)03:23 No.14204601
    But the only solution we've been able to come up with is 'no fun allowed' and draconian mods.
    There has to be a third option here.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)04:51 No.14205041
    Bumping for hilarious super-heresy
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:06 No.14205080
    OP, you should go for Genetor, and augment yourself with Eldar and Kroot stuff. Enhanced nervous systems and indestructible bones. Maybe some stuff for the ladies, wink wink.

    Then you can be even more super-heretical. You could be the most heretical rogue trader character ever. Your heresy could be so potent as to take over the campaign.

    Actually, you should see about getting a Warrant for yourself. Then you can have your own ship, made with the most heretical tech, crewed by heretics, and Hereteks for enginseers.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:09 No.14205090
    Needs more heresy.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:11 No.14205101
         File1299838303.jpg-(35 KB, 410x599, breen.jpg)
    35 KB
    Welcome, welcome to Traditional Games.
    You have chosen, or.. been chosen to relocate to one of our finest remaining civilized boards.
    Whether you are here to stay or just passing through on your way to boards unknown...
    Welcome to /tg/.
    It's safer here.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:14 No.14205107

    He could develop his Psyker talents, or whatever. Go for Tech-Witch stuff. Summon Daemons to replace Machine Spirits.

    No, wait. Machine spirits don't exist. More heresy.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:18 No.14205118
    Not enough heresy.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:24 No.14205142
    Replace machine spirits with AI!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:25 No.14205147
    Yes, now we're getting somewhere.

    Bind Daemons into Force Weapons.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)05:30 No.14205172
    Download your brain onto a computer and become an AI.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)06:11 No.14205351
    thats a good star were getting somewhere, but the greater heresy is still needed !
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)07:08 No.14205614

    How to add even more heresy...

    Maybe some Pauldrons?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)07:29 No.14205730
    Stripped from that deamon that he killed and jury rigged to form, behold, SERVOPAULDRONS?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)08:30 No.14206016
    Yes, pauldrons and kneecaps with faces on them!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)09:00 No.14206141
    Kitten faces, covered in spikes.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)15:33 No.14208632
    The Pauldrons are controlled by AI.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/11(Fri)19:05 No.14210251
    This level of heresy needs its own motivational.

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