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    167 KB Adeptus Eva + Aztec Myth Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)19:40 No.14200338  
    So, Adeptus Eva with Aztec Mythology. How do I make that work? The theme of various worlds, with a cycle of death and rebirth is rather fitting, as it involve trippy end and people escaping it. I can see that work as a metaphor for Third Impact/Instrumentality.

    There's also the aztec theme of sacrifice in order to ensure the survival of the world. Fitting, since Eva pilots lose everything in the end.

    But aside from that I'm completely clueless, because aztec myths are perhaps a bit TOO trippy for Evangelion.
    >> <E!_Mance> !PmqM6b1Vqg 03/10/11(Thu)20:43 No.14200951
    What will you be including and how would Evas fit in to the whole theme?
    >> macrophage 03/10/11(Thu)20:54 No.14201054
    I already did this, bro. My game was called Neon Genesis Anasazi, and it took place in Arizona, as well as other locations. I'm in the middle of running a game, so I won't reply to a large degree now now, but I'll fill you in on the details in a while. I went from Hopi mythos in s1, to Navajo in season 2, to Mesoamerican in season 3.

    Season 3 Kachina: Tlaloc, Coatlicue, Pahana(Adam equivalent, holdover from hopi naming system), Quetzalcoatl(the OD), and the final kachina, Tezcatlipoca.

    I included the idea of multiple worlds, death and rebirth, and a breaking of the current cycle for a chance at a new, as well as sacrifice.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)20:54 No.14201055
         File1299808458.png-(81 KB, 514x516, Jehudiam.png)
    81 KB
    Don't be silly. Nothing is too trippy for Evangelion.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)20:58 No.14201102

    Okay, I have an idea for you, buts its pretty dark.

    No, really.

    Remember that according to the Aztecs, the age ends with the sun going out and, in the darkness, celestial monsters descending to devour humanity.

    The world is plunged into perpetual night. That's your Second Impact calamity.

    Are you a bad enough bunch of troubled teens to light up the night and bring back the sun? Or has the sun set on the human race for the last time?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:20 No.14201342
         File1299810022.png-(281 KB, 585x338, andilikeit.png)
    281 KB
    > I have an idea for you, buts its pretty dark.
    >The world is plunged into perpetual night.
    >> macrophage 03/10/11(Thu)21:31 No.14201452
    The basis for my game's mythology was such. Stars versus Suns. Two races, fates inextricably linked in death, life, and rebirth, and three(or four) worlds. The world before, the world they inhabit, and the world they will reinherit.

    The pilots don't know this, but the earth they inhabit is a lie. See, earth died a long time ago due to bombardment by AT Waves, which caused horrible, terminal dissolution of self(tanging).

    The world they live in is a complicated simulation in a failed terraforming/escape project known as the "Red Egg", that never left Earth. The Kachina(angels) are artificial intelligences who have taken the identities and self-awareness of men to properly foster a world in which simulated personalities can metabiologically evolve to one day resist the effects of AT Waves. They know that their mission failed before it began. They also know that even if they succeeded, they'd die. They were created as nothing more than sacrifices. Gods of governance of lesser importance.

    To this end, they've tormented humanity as Angels. This simultaneously satisfies their urge for justice, as well as driving humanity towards spiritual evolution through conflict. The world the pilots know only really began 17 years ago during Second Impact. Everyone's memories from times before are hazy or nonexistant.

    The pilots themselves were created in a situation that mirrors the Kachina's. They were part of a large-scale eugenics project by NERV to create a generation of synch-positive Eva pilots, whose lives were intentionally made crappy in order to foster synch-positivity, which is strongest when rebelling, due to the urge to define yourself.
    >> macrophage 03/10/11(Thu)21:33 No.14201467

    Through conflict, love, and determination, the pilots defined who they were on their own terms, defying or coming to grips with the fact that they were engineered, created beings on multiple levels, convinced their evas and OD(all kachinas who gave up their identities and memories to varying degrees to help humanity, the OD being the master program control) to sacrifice their lives for the creations they so loved, letting go of the remaining 300 teenaged survivors of mankind to let them forge their own destiny on Earth, hoping that they had evolved to resist AT Waves.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:36 No.14201506
    Well that sounds Evangeliony.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)21:46 No.14201639
    Here's a thought. The Aztecs had this idea of a parallel world (done to death, I know, but hear me out) where every being has a twin. The evangelions, being unnatural, have no twin in the other world, so to live they need to steal the twin of someone else by killing them in our world. Enter the pilots' parents.

    Of course, it didn't take the first few times. In fact, it didn't take a whole mess of times. Most of the shadow twins evaded NERV's grasp. And they were angry. Usually when you die in one world, your twin dies in the other, and you're rejoined to journey to the afterlife. The twinless dead, denied that chance, came to hate NERV, and eventually all of humanity. So they came together to form the angels (or whatever appropriately mesoamerican name you prefer) to take their revenge on our world. They'll tear down the veil, smash our world to rubble, and drag it kicking and screaming into an eternity of undeath, or they'll go to oblivion with a smile.

    Of course, there are still the gods to contend with, and who knows that they want?
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:31 No.14202174
    Evangellion and South American Mythos?

    I thought that was called Rah Xephon.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/11(Thu)22:34 No.14202203
    I thought that was called Ergo Proxy with bigger robots.

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