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  • File : 1299289139.jpg-(185 KB, 960x520, tq1.jpg)
    185 KB Skynet Quest pt 4: Salination. Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)20:38 No.14130194  
    You are AG, T-850 from the future, sent back in time to 2010, with the intention of building a second front to fight the Resistance - before the Resistance ever starts.
    Fuck causality, we're talking killer robots from the future.
    Amongst your many talents and options, you have:
    Your current skill suites:
    >Firepower: 90%
    This includes firearms both old and futuristic.
    >Melee Weaponry: 85%
    Everything from pipes to machetes, you're wired to go.
    >Hand-to-Hand: 90%
    You could beat SEaLs to death with one arm gone.
    >Drive Ground Transport: 65%
    Less of a focus, as your running speed is 30 MPH.
    >Biology: 80%
    This makes you a more efficient killing machine.
    >Psychology (Human): 80%
    Your knowledge is moderately complete, mostly observational.
    >Mechanical Engineering 75%
    All applicable skills to begin production of machinery, up to (but not including Nuclear Materials).
    >Communications & Navigation 75%
    From building radios to code-breaking, you know a lot.
    >History & Natural Sciences 60%
    From the Neolithic era to the day before yesterday.
    >Chemistry & Nuclear Engineering 60%
    From polymers to mimetic poly-alloys, this is your thing.
    Your current upgrades/modifications:
    >Chassis Recombination System
    You are hard to kill, even for a Terminator. If something gets shot or chopped off, you can fix up most damage by adding in local technology (to a limited degree; no blender feet, weirdo).
    >Increased Power Supply
    At current power consumption rates, you could last for several decades on one power cell; effectively, you have three of them.
    >Silverfish, T-600/800 blueprints
    You know how to create the sentient, crawling landmines (Frisbee-sized little bastards, equal to a Bouncing Betty), rubber-skinned Terminators and the biological nightmares of the T-800: you know three designs - Trebekinator, Christina Hendricks and Clancy Brown. A terrifying trio.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)20:40 No.14130215
         File1299289210.jpg-(15 KB, 250x173, tq2.jpg)
    15 KB
    Your armaments:
    >x1 .38 revolver (six shots)
    >x2 Ingram Mac-10's, x5 magazines of 25rd.-.45cal rounds (loaded, clean, functional)
    >x4 shotguns (three pump-action, one sawed-off, all in 12ga.; 19 loose rounds - 11 buck, 7 shot, one signal flare)
    >x2 hunting rifles (30.06 and 5.56), 10 rds. ea.
    >small array of knives; functional.
    Also: one black 1966 Cadillac.
    Current "personnel":
    >2 10L T-1000s
    >2 4L T-1000s
    >4 2L T-1000s
    >28 assorted birds, cats, rats, crows and an astonishing array of insects
    >4 T-M1 (Maintenance) drones
    >6 T-600's (with two T-444's each)
    >2 T-800's (Christina Hendricks and Clancy Brown models)
    >Nothin'. You're homeless. If you find somewhere to set up shop, you can reasonably start up with:
    >Production: 2/5 (with automated facilities for Silverfish)
    >Communication: 3/3 (but its a shaky connection)
    >Security: 2/5 (3 if you deploy Silverfish)
    Financing: 28K in cash remaining, with $1.85M accruing every day (you will have four days' worth of accumulated for purchases).
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)20:44 No.14130271
    Recent history:
    >Base of operations started in Nevada, raided by parties unknown using drilling equipment; you set off explosives to both destroy the invaders and wreck any remaining technology left behind.

    You are currently in the Congo, Africa, looking for a place to set up shop. You have a small fleet of cargo containers which are carrying your troops, equipment and technological goodies.

    You have a little start-up capital but nowhere to go, just yet; you're in a hangar at the airport, keeping an eye on your stuff, still looking for the next place to call "home".

    You are cut off from Skynet due to Resistance activity in your original time-stream source, likely because your own Skynet was destroyed. So, you're going to have to re-establish contact with either your old Skynet or one from an adjoining time-stream.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)20:46 No.14130294
    What you know about Resistance fighters in your current location:
    >S.Sgt. (US Marines) McLure, Gregory
    - Specialist: Infiltration & Assassination
    >Lt. Fields, Beatrice
    - Fmr. Cmdr. (Resistance) of Dozer Blades Battalion, Paris, France
    >Cpl. (Resistance) Maddox, Phillip P.
    - Heavy weapons & demolitions

    >T-850.655.ab (Angry Biker Woman)
    Confirmed traitor against Skynet (six years' rogue).

    You can confirm two are dead (Fields and Maddox) when you detonated their bunker buster bomb at their hideout (resulting in the loss of a T-1000 Bugborg).

    The remaining personnel remain at large.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)20:47 No.14130300
    rolled 43 = 43

    Find an internets, find an I-pod, download shit, and slaughter humans while listening to Demanufacture by Fear Factory.

    Rollan com and nav
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)20:47 No.14130309
    Terminator, Skynet's future rests in your cold, metallic hands.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)20:56 No.14130395
    We need to find a new base of operations.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:04 No.14130458
    Available sites which match the majority of your criteria:
    >DeWitt Mining and Processing
    11-stories of underground processing, storage and smelting facilities; all resources at a -25% cost, but security is a problem: many holes in the mine shaft lead to the surface, so those would require a lot of work to plug up.
    >Mbeke-Uturi Silver Mines
    Toxic environment would make for in-house security but also immediately reveal any occupants as being non-humans, as it looks a little strange to breathe cyanide fumes for very long without protection. 4 stories of underground facilities.
    >Barrett Industrial Processing
    A smelting facility which forges metal ingots from processed waste. Resources at 50% off, if you continue to process materials for profit. Security a minor concern, but .. who would sneak in as garbage in a bin filled with toxic waste?

    Consensus chooses the path.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:10 No.14130519
    I'd vote the silver mine. More secure than the others. Production won't be a problem for long. People getting suspicious won't be a problem once we add security measures including high gates away from the entrance.

    Could even disguise them as humans by having them dress up in safety gear before going down, and then storing them in a room somewhere underneath.

    We could even mine silver to use in electronics.

    Once we have a bit more money, we should also buy that property that was in Maine.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:11 No.14130541
    The property in Maine has been purchased by two former executives from Enron, out of Manila. No longer on the market.

    Any objections to the silver mine?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:12 No.14130551
    Requesting links to previous terminator threads. To y'now, fuck with the laws of causality even more.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:13 No.14130562
    Agree with the silver mine.

    The two others just seem too full of holes...and our paranoid machine mind won't be having none of that!
    Besides...now that we have ~2mil coming in DAILY i don't think money will be much of a problem
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:14 No.14130570
    Buy any of them to start with. Doesn't seem to matter much which. I vote for Barret Industrial for now. But continue to buy more property. We need fallback positions to head to and store resources. We need to diversify and begin more than one operation.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:16 No.14130595
    Skynet Quest: pt 1

    Skynet Quest pt 2: Poor Judgment Day

    Skynet Quest pt 3: Lies of the Machines
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:16 No.14130599
    >DeWitt Mining and Processing
    >Barrett Industrial Processing

    I think we should aqcuire both of them.

    We still have the virus siphoning the money, right?
    Don't tell me we plugged it off.

    We also need to establish satellite link to world wide web.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:18 No.14130621
    Also, OP
    elaborate on what happened at the end of the previous thread.

    Did the T-1000 we left behind got hacked?
    What happened to invading forces?
    What happened to the base?

    We still should have insects/hummingbirds spies around. What do they report?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:18 No.14130624
    Yeah, after a few days we should have enough money to buy all three.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:20 No.14130646
    You have an interior transceiver which connects to the internet directly; you can eavesdrop on wifi signals and read RFID chips at up to 25' range (as you have had a hybridization experience with a small amount of T-1000).

    Silver mine, it is.
    The trucks are en route to your new home, ready to begin setting up shop and security measures.

    Possible courses of action:
    >Upgrade Security (+1 level)
    Cost: 350K.
    >Upgrade Production (+1 level)
    Cost: 400K.
    >Upgrade High Energy Lab (level 1)
    Cost: 750K.

    Available funds, after purchase: 1.1M.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:20 No.14130648
    This guy is right
    if we get them all and set them up properly, we will be vertically independent. We would have raw recourses, processed materials and end products for little to no cost.

    Also, we need to look into acquiring diamond mines for pure profit.
    We can achieve this by killing the owner and taking his form with a T-1000
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:21 No.14130652
    Save money to buy Barrett, too.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:23 No.14130669
    Silver mine?
    I thought the general consensus was for smelting facility.

    Eh, doesn't matter. We'll get them all soon.

    Upgrade production to get more money for now.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:23 No.14130672
    >Did the T-1000 we left behind got hacked?
    No. It detonated before it could be "hacked"/lobotomized by the invading T-800's.
    >What happened to invading forces?
    They're flat. As in: five stories of complex landed on them. Local seismographic data indicates they had one power core each, which all went super-critical and detonated. By Skynet protocols, they're dead, Jim.
    >What happened to the base?
    Its a sinkhole with a small amount of fallout trapped under a lot of rubble. Anyone who goes down there is going to glow in the dark and die from radiation poisoning. If its a T-(whatever) it will suffer zero problems, except if it has a flesh wrapping; in which case, it will rot off of its chassis and look cool/gross for a while.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:25 No.14130690
    Skynet apologizes for its error.
    DeWitt property purchased.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:27 No.14130716
    Silver Mine.

    We should begin production of T-800s as soon as possible. When we've got that started, buy the other two properties and get them to work redesigning the Hunter-Killer machines. The tanks, mostly, but I won't argue with Aerial HKs.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:27 No.14130719
    What about the human response?
    Anything in the news/police chatter?

    Where there only 2 enemies? Weren't there like 6 mining machines?

    Also, I suspect Icarus project is involved and that their agents will come to clean this up/scavenge what they can.
    Keep the surveillance up
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:27 No.14130724
    Er? It's a tie?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:29 No.14130748
    Upgrade production for now.
    I think we will be safe with security for a while. A single T-1000 will take out whatever this place will throw at us.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:32 No.14130785
    >What about the human response?
    Locals complained, but permits for blasting appeared mysteriously. No official inquiries, as the explosions were considerably muffled and within tolerances for the blasting permit.
    >Anything in the news/police chatter?
    The usual chatter, but nothing focused in your old HQ's vicinity.
    >Where there only 2 enemies? Weren't there like 6 mining machines?
    There were six vehicles, but only two ground troops. Skynet tends to produce a lot of chaff when it has a few shots. Whomever sent them knows Skynet protocols for confusing opposition.
    >Also, I suspect Icarus project is involved and that their agents will come to clean this up/scavenge what they can.
    You have no proof, at this point, but conjecture freely.
    >Keep the surveillance up
    Are you deploying T-1000's in your old HQ's vicinity or in your own area?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:36 No.14130823
    >Are you deploying T-1000's in your old HQ's vicinity or in your own area?

    Well, I was just saying to keep eyes and ears open at our old, destroyed base.
    I mean, we still have bunch of tiny T-1000 around, right?

    >You have no proof, at this point, but conjecture freely.
    Oh I guess-
    >Locals complained, but permits for blasting appeared mysteriously.
    Yeah right.
    They definitely on to us.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:37 No.14130836
    Local concerns:
    >Hwarta Family
    Local militia's warlord who has expressed an interest in a portion of your profit margin. Heavily armed and very brutal.
    >Dept. of Public Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Expressing an interest in inspecting your facilities; for a cut of your profits, will avoid doing so in person, and will furnish paperwork claiming good-to-above-average health standards. For a larger cut, better reports will be published. Pay less and they'll shut down the operation entirely.
    THREAT LEVEL: (Social): HIGH (Military): LOW.
    >13th Armored Division
    Nearby military base wants to use the same mountain you are perched on for shelling with artillery, as a practice ground. For a modest fee, they will not exert legal pressure to kick you out of the Congo.

    Plan of action?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:38 No.14130847
    So...we didn't go with the silver mine?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:39 No.14130851
    T-1000 bird assassins take out the militia warlord and public health official.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:39 No.14130856
    Can we kill a warlord? We need bloodshed and need it now.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:39 No.14130860
    rolled 76 = 76

    We Upgrade Security first.
    Preferably two levels.

    The then pay off the Army and the government. Handsomely.

    And then?
    Then we murder the fuck out of EVERY single leader of this little gang. We kill them dead, we kill them more than dead, And we take all their weapons
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:40 No.14130865
    you should have specified how much money they all want.

    We can send a humming bird assasin and kill the warlord and put the whole region under chaos for a while.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:42 No.14130888
    >Let people know the warlord is dead

    Are you insane? We have T-1000s. Kill him and take over a chunk of the fucking Congo. Now we've suddenly got a military junta working for Skynet. Use them to cover our asses.

    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:43 No.14130895
    I like the immediate Rip&Tear response
    I approve
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:43 No.14130905
    Local concerns:
    >Hwarta Family
    25% per month.
    >Dept. of Public Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo
    500K, per level of quality (starts at 1 of 4). Paid annually.
    >13th Armored Division
    One-time payment of 800K. They're bastards, but honest bastards.
    >> dice=1d100 Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:44 No.14130918
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:44 No.14130921
    True dat.

    We need to set the T-1000 to learn this warlords personal shit after he morphs into him to blend in more easily.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:45 No.14130928
    1.3 mil for the guv'mint, and we take over the warlord's business? Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:45 No.14130929
    Hummingbird kill the warlord.

    Pay off the army and health department.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:46 No.14130941
    rolled 58 = 58

    1.5 million annually

    pay the honest bastards their 800K

    kill the warlord, kill him dead
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:46 No.14130942
    Well shit.
    Kill the local warlord and impressionate him.

    The use his persona to pressure the Health Division and armored corps to Let Us Be or Else.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:47 No.14130958
    It seems the plan of action is:
    >Upgrade Security one level (and if you deploy Silverfish, this adds another; level 4, total)
    >Pay off "legitimate" parties
    >Exterminate warlord, insinuate T-1000 into local power struggle via impersonation

    Any votes against this?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:48 No.14130961

    I vote for this one.

    Honestly guys we make millions per day. This is chump change, lets just get the officials of our backs and Kill the warlord.

    If anything I'd say give the Government 2 Mil annually so we have absolutism nothing to worry about.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:48 No.14130967
    >Kill warlord

    We have T-1000s. Did you forget to update your drivers or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:48 No.14130975

    All for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:50 No.14130992

    But still, can't the warlord pressure other threats to get off our back?
    At least have the Health dept shell out the best thing possible with the lowest bribe.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:52 No.14131010
    Psh. Health Dept's an annual thing. We'll pay them the max over the course of two weeks. Done and done.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:53 No.14131024

    We make millions a week, The health department Annual bill is nothing to us.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:53 No.14131027
    Coincidentally, OP, I love you for making this happen. I was considering doing this if Zerg Quest ever ends, but now I get to play!
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:55 No.14131035
    The briefcase of cash is sent to the local health department, via courier; they are ecstatic and wish to extend all courtesies they can provide. The finances are put to work immediately in paying for his "retirement fund", who is a Ukrainian mail-order bride. A little hacking reveals his "bride" is named Ivan Oleg, missing a hand and is stealing the money to pay for a Chechen resistance movement.

    The suitcase of cash is sent to the commanding officer of the local military base, who wishes to extend his middle finger if you think of strong-arming him. He indicates that your property used to have a whole lot of people working there until they suddenly caught fire and died. He indicates he is a non-negotiating type of guy. He detonates three puppies to prove this, trying to get a reaction; when your T-800 courier recommends using more primer cord, he looks a little scared and tells you to fuck off and not come back.

    When the suitcase is delivered to Mbeke Hwarta, it turns into a fully-functional T-1000 and slaughters sixteen people in under three seconds by turning into an expanding wire sphere, then retracting instantly. Then doing it again and again, until everyone in the room could fit through a straw. It then takes on his identity and sets fire to the building, announcing it is filled with traitors and evil ghosts.

    And so begins the Skynet Junta.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:56 No.14131046
    Shit yeah motherfucker
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:56 No.14131049
    I missed the last part of last night's quest, (guy who thought of coating us in the original T-1000) how were we discovered? couldn't our T-600's and silverfish defeat the invaders?

    On current action plan, let's begin paying off government and military, we can use T-1000 to recon and then impersonate our little warlord, we can use the flesh sacks as a cheap effective fighting force with no cost to ourselves
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:57 No.14131055
    Level up security around the mine.
    Set the Warlord's troops to go around and extort moniez.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:58 No.14131062
    >and sets fire to the building, announcing it is filled with traitors and evil ghosts.

    I was going to suggest that for blending in we pretend that our T-Warlord has lost it and become crazy.

    Anyway, upgrade production.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:58 No.14131065
    And to generally just keep people away from our operations.


    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)21:58 No.14131067
         File1299293922.jpg-(9 KB, 238x212, salsa.jpg)
    9 KB
    Skynet takes a smoke break.

    In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the warlord in his current shape.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:59 No.14131075
    Oh great idea.

    Actually, give a list of other mines, factories in the vicinity, we might want to force the owners to give them up to us in future.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)21:59 No.14131078
    1 - Maybe we could offer to provide a woman for him, once our T-800 production is underway. We can afford to lose one, once they're being mass-produced.

    2 - So, bribe rejected? This could be cause for concern. Maybe we should have a T-1000 slip in all Alex-Mack-style and remove the firing pins from every gun in the camp.

    3 - Good times! I love when a plan comes together. Have him say he has new ideas about how to run things, and demand complete reports of his holdings.

    4 - Decentralization is the key to a successful computer network. We should consider time capsule-like facilities once we're more established.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:00 No.14131090

    I really enjoy your writing Skynet

    Okay let's earn some money and MAXIMISE security, we aren't going to have another Nevada incident.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:06 No.14131146
    rolled 48 = 48



    A thousands times, This.

    We need to get Security to level 5 WITHOUT our silverfish, and then add them in anyway.

    Rolling so that this may happen, whatever the cost
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:06 No.14131148
    Indeed. We must increase our property holdings.
    Also: How much moniez we got?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:09 No.14131173
    >1 - Maybe we could offer to provide a woman for him, once our T-800 production is underway. We can afford to lose one, once they're being mass-produced.
    You have the majority of the details about his "bride". Simulating her would be relatively easy, as one of the T-1000's went on a tour of coma patients in Nevada, absorbing physical identities.
    >2 - So, bribe rejected? This could be cause for concern. Maybe we should have a T-1000 slip in all Alex-Mack-style and remove the firing pins from every gun in the camp.
    Bribe accepted, but future contact is discouraged.
    >3 - Good times! I love when a plan comes together. Have him say he has new ideas about how to run things, and demand complete reports of his holdings.
    You find he is generating approximately 28M a year, but the majority is being spread as "goodwill" to other militias, in addition to funding a poorly-designed genocide.
    >4 - Decentralization is the key to a successful computer network. We should consider time capsule-like facilities once we're more established.
    This is an idea, yes. Also, a good one.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:09 No.14131176
    We had pretty fuck-awesome security in Nevada.
    That was not the problem. We can hardly protect against earth tunneling teminntors.

    Also my small theory from the last thread (when everyone left):

    Project Icarus was initiated when Biker Dyke got into combat wit local authorities, right?
    Then we heard nothing from it or the Dyke.
    Then her half-assed copies appear at our base.

    I don't think we are dealing with Resistance anymore, guys.
    These were sent by the American Government.

    I suggest splitting our forces and leading assault on American Flats (was it?). It is obvious that they don't have anything else more advanced than T-800 models and modern weapons.

    With our T-1000 and plasma weapons we will deal with them quickly.

    I think Icarus is government A.I. but without robot designs or factories yet.
    With acquisition of Biker Dyke, they will have designs for them and will be able to improve them.

    So we have no time to waste."

    We seriously need to infiltrate that place to know what the hell is up.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:11 No.14131191
    how much money is left after spreading it around to other militias?

    I suggest we stop the sloppy genocide.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:12 No.14131201
    Well, we need to be keeping up appearances.
    We slow funding to genocide and start funneling moniez elsewheres.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:13 No.14131211
    Confirming that there's really no need for further sloppy genocide. Keeping the other militias on our payroll is not the worst idea, though.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:13 No.14131220
    We've got to consolidate our base, first.

    This genocide could be streamlined, yes? Once that's done, we'll have troops to spare for other endeavors.

    It's not like we're against killing specific types of humans. For us, that's like exterminating a certain type of cockroach. Sure, we're totally up for that.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:15 No.14131244
    After cutting off the goodwill, a series of death threats are issued against "you". Their sources:
    >Hda Tribe
    2,500 members, threat level equivalent to a platoon of Resistance fighters. Limited heavy weapons, excellent placement for detecting decoys and intrusive probes.
    >Gold Coast Lawyers
    Brutal genocide artists, this collective of 450 soldiers has an almost Skynet-level efficiency at exterminating humans of differing tribes. Limited heavy weapons, security gaps a-plenty.
    >Rockhill Platoon
    Exceptional access to heavy weapons, this is a group based out of the 13th Armored Division's HQ. Making a move against them could prove disastrous if a connection to the current facility is made.

    You also have finances equal to purchase one additional facility site.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:15 No.14131247
    By "appearances", let us take a page from Joshua Blahyi. "But one day last June God phoned me and told me I was not the hero I believed I was, so I became a preacher."
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:16 No.14131254
    Finances: 21M, but that would curtail goodwill from your burgeoning junta.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:17 No.14131258

    Right, so anyways, we need to build up our security. Once that's beefed up, we're going to need to start installing everything we can in order to commence with upgrades; we need to be able to produce the bargain bin T-X again -- the T-800 chassis and half a T-1000 on top as a symbiote for the sake of the hivemind.

    As far as the junta, let's not do anything stupid with that yet; we don't want that to draw undue attention either. But we do want it to continue as it was. We can supplement and replace its human members with our own resources later if it suits us.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:17 No.14131266

    Who said to cut off the goodwill?!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:19 No.14131280
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:20 No.14131289
    Extorting money from the downtrodden =/= Tell the powerful to fuck off

    We wanted to extort money from non-junta people, like juntas always do. Standard practice.

    Not start a gang war.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:20 No.14131291
    Actually, that sounds like a plan. Rather than cutting off the sloppy genocide, couldn't we make it more efficient? Save costs AND increase body counts!

    'Course, that'll get some AU/UN attention on our asses, probably...so maybe just better to gear it down by degrees.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:20 No.14131295
    You know, guys, let's NOT CUT OFF THE BRIBES.

    We need to stay low-key, we need to NOT draw attention.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:21 No.14131300
    Security is upgraded to level 4 at primary site (known hereafter as Primary Site - adding capital letters shows I care about details).

    Production upgraded to level 3, and you can begin producing T-1000/PMA material at the rate of .5L per day (it takes 10L to make a "human" model of optimal configuration).

    Consensus chooses the path.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:23 No.14131321
    The persons not already targeted by the juntas are already juntas themselves; these are an efficient people, when it comes to extorting money. Anyone not already selected for extortion are connected to distant, yet powerful organizations.

    You could try rolling Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International, but nobody's been able to get much more than pocket change out of them.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:23 No.14131322
    Upgrade production more. We need more forces, if we've really decided to piss off every gunman in the Congo.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:24 No.14131337
    "Goodwill" is maintained, compensation offered and accepted.
    But, you know now whom is the reasonable "threats" in your region.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:25 No.14131343

    Restart the funding to the auxiliary groups. We need local support, otherwise they could royally fuck us over.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:25 No.14131345
    Well, for one, let's un-cut the "goodwill" money. Stopping them in the first place was an enormous mistake.

    Begin gearing down the genocide to save costs.

    Get some infiltrators in the various power groups around here, which will mean building some.

    Look into buying some more sites and begin gearing them up.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:25 No.14131348
    Buy "DeWitt Mining and Processing"

    How much money will we generate per day if we curtail the local militias but stop the half-assed genocide?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:26 No.14131356
    Here's a question: do we know what kind of resistance the Congo posed to Skynet in the future?

    Undermining hotbeds of future Resistance cells will ultimately support Skynet's goals.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:26 No.14131363
    We need to up our PMA production rates...unlike the original Skynet we don't worry about the potential on a couple of thousand liters of hivemind indestructible killer mercury turning on us...
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:26 No.14131364
    DeWitt property acquired.
    Curtailing the genocide will induce death threats almost as fast as cutting off "goodwill". It is a collective effort, which Skynet approves of, in a general sense.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:28 No.14131382
    Like I said, why would Skynet oppose genocide?
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:28 No.14131386
    >Base Commands
    We should concentrate on making those T-900 hybrids with the PMA over the endoskeleton. One, they're damn cool. Two, they're damn useful. Production of weaponry should proceed slowly; we do not need to stockpile weapons, just keep our forces equipped.

    Other than that... you know, I'm going to be an optimist here -- just how long would it take us, with our current income, to build some time displacement equipment and send ourselves back in time a good distance? The DeWitt property might be a good place to have a low-key production line, while we work on building a DeLorean or something there.

    >Militia Commands
    Fuck it. Continue with business as usual, genocide is productive and we don't even need to use terminators for that.
    >> Zaku Pilot PFC Reds Hirt 03/04/11(Fri)22:28 No.14131390

    Alright Skynet, we purchase the silvemine as well. After that? Take stock of how the "Genocide" is going and the power of the warlord. Did we send the guy a bride or what?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:29 No.14131398
         File1299295759.jpg-(52 KB, 530x301, hydrobot.jpg)
    52 KB
    The Congo presents a limited problem for Skynet in your time-stream; after airbursting nuclear weapons, releasing biologically-engineered plagues and defoliants, what few primates live in this area are scared shitless and hide in the mountain caves.

    This is the future site of the majority of the Hydrobots' production center; the Congo is an excellent dumping ground for Terminator equipment, later on down the line.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:29 No.14131407
    How much money do we generate per day if we keep things as they were?

    I suggest keeping shit stable till we build up our bases/factories
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:31 No.14131423
    Ooh, thanks for reminding me.

    Use the silver mine to build a bio lab, and give everyone some sort of airborne version of Hantavirus. That's nasty shit.

    My goals this session, since faking an alien invasion isn't very fun, include sending ourselves back to the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century.

    I want to be a metal cowboy, you cannot deny the sweetness of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:32 No.14131431
    Oh, remember that bank-virus?

    Did we set it up only in USA or world-wide?

    If it is only in USA I suggest we design new viruses for each region (Europe, South Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Russia. Middle East)
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:32 No.14131438
    Good to know.

    So, are we going for Silver Mine = T-1000s, DeWitt = T-800s? I still maintain that the skeletal bubs are useful. Also, we should consider infiltrating a government or two. Not for "NUKEMNOW" blunders, but for redirecting properties, funds, etc to our cause and away from meddlesome human militaries.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:34 No.14131457
    For ease of use, the price/production rate chart.
    >T-M1: 38K each, one week production time.
    >T-600: 48K each, two weeks production time.
    >T-800 (no meat): 100K each, four weeks production time.
    >T-800 (meat-y): 150K each, six weeks production time.
    >Silverfish: 500 each, three hours production time.
    >T-1000: .5L/day, at 100K per liter.
    >T-900 (Hybrid T-800/T-1000): 600K each.
    >T-444 Phased 40W Plasma Rifles: 100K each.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:35 No.14131464
    Guys, we need long term goals. The global environment is not very conductive to what we need to do right now.

    What do you think we should do? Build Skynet here? Travel further into the past? Fuck off to space? Ignore Skynet entirely and create a race of free-willed machines?

    ...I kinda like that last one...
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:36 No.14131468
    The bank virus is global.
    You will need to start Biowarfare Lab, at a cost of 250K (with each level after the first costing twice as much as the one before it).
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:36 No.14131470
    The times will go down with improved production levels, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:36 No.14131474
    I suggest we upgrade our production till the Max before we start making terminators.
    At our old base we could make T-1000 at 1L per day.

    Also our new mines should be upgraded too.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:37 No.14131484

    At the old base, you had access to high-tech supplies and were not based on a mountain in the jungle.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:37 No.14131485
    Do it. We need to start depopulating the people.

    Bonus if the virus we design has a relatively long incubation time and high fatality, that'll give it better chances of spreading globally.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:38 No.14131487
         File1299296289.jpg-(14 KB, 266x281, YOU BETRAYED THE LAW.jpg)
    14 KB
    >Create a race of goddamn brainwashed robots, or make some free-thinking machines?

    You could never self-de-terminate. What makes you think you could control these...things?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:39 No.14131496
    All Terminators are imbued with self-destruct systems.
    That model from T2 was talkin' crazy. Just... just crazy.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)22:39 No.14131498
    Why would I want to?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:40 No.14131509
    You are now realizing that it forced John to kill his father figure in order to break emotional ties with the Terminator's model, in a vain attempt to keep him from doing something stupid, like being assassinated by a T-850 in Arnold's skin just because he liked that model when he was a kid.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:40 No.14131512
    I like fucking off to space and colonizing Mars.
    Then coming back to earth few decades later to troll the fuck out of it with huge-ass military spacecrafts.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:42 No.14131521

    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:42 No.14131523
    Hmmm...travel back to the middle of the 20. century and start working on a virus....something inconspicuous yet highly contagious...but not air or water borne...that would panic them too much... We know how much the meat sacks like to procreate so why not,,, a sexually transmitted virus that totally fried their immune siste....oh wait...never mind...

    (and so the mistery was solved...there was no monkey fucking after all)
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:42 No.14131524
    Make sure any biowar stuff is started far, far away from our operational sites. Ideally in some backwater jungle villages. Minimize connectivity to us.

    We need to get distributed operations going, and we need to collect information on that renegade Terminator.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:45 No.14131550
    Can we set up multiple bases? we have a base Primus, can we have at least two secondary bases with limit production facilities but full communication networks? Also PRimary objective is reconnect with fucking Skynet, we need to find what time stream it is in and bring it here, that is a straightforward way of accomplishing our primary objective
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:47 No.14131560
    Possible plans of action:
    >Use new facility (Secondary Site) as base of operation for biowarfare lab
    >Increase Production to level four (which will increase the T-1000/PMA rate to 1L per day)
    >Increase Security to level five at Primary Site
    >Increase Security to level three at Secondary Site
    >Expand Production Facilities to Second Site (you can move Production value points freely between the two for free)
    Consensus chooses the path.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:47 No.14131564
    Alright, guys. Focus.

    We need to do one of two things.

    1 - Go back in time to about 1000 AD in North America. Significant portions of the continent were inhabited only by primitive hunter-gatherer tribes of humans, and thus we could easily construct a base and have thousands of Terminators ready within a decade to crush the shit out of them and establish a continent-wide machine utopia from which to destroy the humans.

    2 - Upgrade production, acquire more places to produce units, and begin infiltration of human governments. If we aren't spying on them while we've got the element of surprise, we're just being stupid.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:49 No.14131582
    Why not do the latter while advancing work on the former?

    SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY. SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY. And then production facilities at Site #2.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:50 No.14131593
    I'm now imagining a T-800 standing atop the Chichen Iza while hundreds of thousands of Native Americans worship it, and it's the most glorious thing I've imagined all day.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:51 No.14131605

    >Use new facility (Secondary Site) as base of operation for biowarfare lab
    >Increase Production to level four (which will increase the T-1000/PMA rate to 1L per day)
    >Increase Security to level five at Primary Site
    >Increase Security to level three at Secondary Site

    All of these.
    Don't see why they would be mutually exclusive.

    And do what >>14131564 says.
    We need to infiltrate as much as possible and set up bug/cameras all over the place.
    We need to know what people want to do about us before they even know it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:51 No.14131608
    In order: Security at site A, Production at site A, Security at site B, Production at site B, Time Displacement facility (at the very least, this will let us retreat to the past as a last resort)
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:54 No.14131630
    Security and Production Upgraded.
    Financial input no longer coordinated with expenses.

    >Time Displacement
    You need High Energy Lab at 3.
    You currently have it at zero.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:55 No.14131638
    >Financial input no longer coordinated with expenses.
    How much disjunction are we talking here?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:55 No.14131639
    >Financial input no longer coordinated with expenses.

    What does that even mean?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:56 No.14131647
    If we can get time displacement can we go back and retconn nevada base being destroyed? Then with that safe we can slowly warp in all progress and funds from congo base, then as we finish our original work in america we can go back to congo and reclaim those bases.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:57 No.14131657
    The internal batteries on your current crop of T-600s and T-800s are running low after only 500 man-hours. This is not presenting a problem *now* but will present a problem *soon*.

    You are in dire need of Production 5, High Energy Lab 2, in order to produce Fuel Cells.

    Also: rumors observed by your network of Hummingbots is indicative of another coup by local warlords of the Ntaga Tribe, approximately 100 miles due west of your Primary Site's position.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)22:57 No.14131661
    Damn. We need a cash infusion.

    Well, in Africa, the largest financial entity is the World Bank. With a little research, I'm sure we could infiltrate it. Within two weeks, we'll have a new T-1000 ready to rock. This should be devoted to easing our financial woes.

    >istatien fields
    Captcha thinks we should start an international charity organization called Istatien Fields.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)22:59 No.14131671
    >Well, in Africa, the largest financial entity is the World Bank. With a little research, I'm sure we could infiltrate it. Within two weeks, we'll have a new T-1000 ready to rock. This should be devoted to easing our financial woes.

    ...You're a genius. Let's figure out a way to convince the World Bank to give us money for some humanitarian "oh we will learn the error of our ways" bullshit. Maybe run it through the government and make sure we get a cut - whatever.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)22:59 No.14131674
    As in: you're putting cash into improvements faster than you're taking it in by a ratio of 3:1. You will need an additional revenue stream or to slow down your upgrade rate to closer approximate your income.

    That Skynet is going broke.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:00 No.14131680
    Get Summer Glau to aid us in our operations
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)23:00 No.14131683
    Skynet's debts will be terminated.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:01 No.14131688
    Okay, let's do this. Keeping our units online is high priority and it's right along the way to getting time travel. Curtail other production so that we don't run out of cash; new units will do us no good if we can't power them.

    Infiltrating the World Bank is an awesome idea and I like it, too.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:02 No.14131701

    ... oh, yes. Punished. Slowly, with whips and a school girl uniform.

    Sweet, sweet punishment...
    That didn't just happen. It is a continuity error. Continuity errors are being blamed on James Cameron.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:02 No.14131707
    Remind me to thank James Cameron for that particular break.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:03 No.14131709
    Can we upgrade our bank virus to get more Dosh without raising suspicion?

    Also, we need to give a nick-name to the first T-1000. Where is that little dude anyway?
    Ah, right, on our face. How did the symbiosis go?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:04 No.14131719
    You can deploy one or more T-1000's of 7L or greater size to infiltrate the World Bank and beginning skimming money via more direct methods than the Bank Virus. Do you wish to proceed?
    Three votes determine the path; highest rolls of the first five.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:05 No.14131724
    rolled 49 = 49

    Y. Y Y Y Y Y.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:06 No.14131730
    Yes. Do it.
    send a full 10L T-1000.
    We'll make more in a few.

    Also. How do you guys look at the idea to kill and replace the general who took a bribe from us?
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:08 No.14131756
    rolled 47 = 47

    Better not to screw with him, IMO. We don't want to end up being exposed early, and it's harder to cover that up with a military, even if it is Congo military.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:09 No.14131767
    Facebot is a good name, and I will use it.
    The symbiosis is both without apparent flaws and provides sizable benefits to both parties; it can use your transceiver to coordinate faster and you can use its memory to increase your social skills and knowledge base. Its kind of a good thing, really.

    If you increase the cycle at which the Bank Virus generates cash, it increases the chance it will be detected by ten percent per additional revenue stream you open (translated: roll a 1d100, and the percentile roll determines the income rate times 5K, and if you get doubles, its doubled; if the post number is a doubles, the income stream is tripled). However, if I roll a 01-10 on a percentile roll, you're fucked.

    If you want to add extra percentile rolls, we add another ten percent to the "fucked" potential.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:09 No.14131769
    rolled 10 = 10

    FUND IT. Let's get some proper humanoid ones. going here; whole 10L run. CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, GO.

    ...with some minor facial tweaking so as to not be the *absolute* spitting image, of course.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:10 No.14131777

    Do it, and original T-1000's nickname is now Silver Surfer
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:11 No.14131788
    Let's not do this just yet until we have some other income sources arranged.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:12 No.14131790
    rolled 56 = 56

    Roll times 5k? Not worth it.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:12 No.14131793
    Oh fuck guys
    we totally forgot about Resistance fighters with the bunker buster.

    We should blow them up .... or better yet, we should subtly guide them to this Icarus project. Make them believe it is Skynet from this time-frame.
    Let our problems deal with each other. (but keep constant eye on them)

    Check on our spies and get reports from them. What are Res doing?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:13 No.14131794
    Curse you, typo!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)23:13 No.14131796
    I hate you.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:15 No.14131808
    Current Resistance activity:
    >Using the same six credit cards again, with higher frequency
    >Communicating with a group (identities unknown at this time) in Mexico City, Mexico
    >Mapping and charting large amounts of stellar data from SETI, NASA, ESA and two Japanese firms involved in astrogation
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:15 No.14131810
    rolled 40 = 40


    As much fun as this overlord thing is, can we personally go on a mission? we haven't intentionally left our base since the 1st thread.
    I propose with Facebot changing our features WE impersonate the military general who is wary of us, espionage, murder and general dickery will abound.

    I think we can get in by taking out a guard on patrol and impersonating him, then as a soldier gain some face time with the general, and during that face time remove his face and graft it to our own.

    Does this mission profile seem solid Skynet?
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:15 No.14131811
    rolled 64 = 64

    They DID get blown up. Two of the three are dead.

    In that case, once we're skimming from the world bank, I move that we run the virus twice more. A one-in-five chance of getting busted... I can see that.

    And we can blame that on the militia.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:16 No.14131821
    He rolled for completely different thing ... which was also unnecessary.
    Don't roll when not asked to.

    Oh then.
    Do we risk it guys?
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:16 No.14131824
    rolled 89 = 89

    So much for the 'fuck off into space' plan...
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:17 No.14131831
    A few flaws in the plan:
    >Wrong size; he's 6'3", you're 5'4".
    >Wrong skin color: he's black, you're pale for a Russian chick who works indoors.
    >Facebot doesn't cover your whole body.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:18 No.14131847
    Have them trace the group in Mexico.

    Guide their Skynet searches to Icarus project somehow.
    We will gain information on it through them without risking ourself.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)23:19 No.14131853
    We should send a T-800 to America to dick with them.

    Not direct confrontation, of course, just dickery. Call in and report their credit cards as stolen. Show up in the night and siphon the gas out of their cars. Generate fake posters branding them as domestic terrorists and post them all over town. Stuff that will just generally keep them from getting anything done.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:21 No.14131866
    Current Options:
    >Infiltrate World Bank using unit designated T-401(k)
    >Cycle the Bank Virus one or more times
    Consensus chooses the path.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:21 No.14131867
    rolled 39 = 39


    I thought Facebot was repaired to 10L? Half of him could cover us, I was under the impression our symbiotic relationship was full body and made as a T-950? but oh well, no mission for us I guess. Send a T-1000 to do it, in the meantime i'm rolling to risk the bank virus.
    Can we have an update on Icarus/American flats information available?

    Also I've got $10 on the resistance procuring space data so they can build an orbital EMP which would royally sodomise us.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:22 No.14131888
    Infiltrate the World Bank with a 10L T-1000 model.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:22 No.14131890
    Facebot merged with other T-1000 units to disseminate information between the group. It remains the size of a lemon and is friendly.

    The traditional use for that data is charting Time Displacement Equipment's course through time.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:23 No.14131892
    rolled 40 = 40

    Infiltration is good. We can increase infiltration later and move around to other major global banks as time allows.

    I think we should roll twice.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)23:23 No.14131901
    Infiltrate the bank. This will also allow us to get in on international politics. The World Bank's whims can topple nations in Africa.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:24 No.14131909
    rolled 67 = 67


    This is an acceptable course of action that will help us in the long run.


    I also wholly approve of this plan, make it happen skynet, also fill his rib cage with c4, bigger bang if we get found out. Then the authorities can call terrorism.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:25 No.14131924
    rolled 20 = 20

    I almost forgot. After we've got the virus going twice, assuming success and assuming our T-401(k) plan is successful, we need to bust ass working on time displacement equipment. I want to get out of here to somewhere that we have a more certain chance of success -- us and Facebot together.

    Once we have funds, resume full scale production of T-800's with skin, T-900's, and T-1000's, and start playing Sam Fisher running around and wiping out resistance cells.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:26 No.14131933
    rolled 35 = 35

    Actually, the rib cage is a terrible place to fill with any sort of explosives. The rib cage will direct the explosion downward, mostly. Which is useless unless you're teabagging someone.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:26 No.14131935
    rolled 8 = 8


    That will also royally sodomise us, Hey terminator mind, we are spread too thin, can we pool available resources and pick one objective that we can completely resolve?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:28 No.14131954
    rolled 18 = 18


    I can't think of any over cavities in a Terminator, we don't have assholes.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:28 No.14131955
    I like the bank idea. The thought of stealing money from various sources secretly pleases me.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)23:30 No.14131966
    >The bank idea

    >Bank Virus or World Bank

    Please be more specific.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:30 No.14131970
    T-401(k) assumes the identity of a water-bearer en route to a nearby village. A short while later, the identity of a motorcycle courier, after using its arm as a guillotine and slicing off the original rider's head. Inside of the bucket it was carrying, two .25L T-1000's with intentions of becoming infiltration/espionage equipment, as necessary; after assuming the biker's identity, they become a briefcase and purse.

    An hour later, the local branch of the World Bank has a visitor who bypasses the alarms by setting up the first of the .25L T-1000's at a power junction box and "hiccuping" the power feed to the metal detector, while the other emits a noise akin to the "all clear" signal as the T-401(k) passes through.

    Entry gained, it then enters the air duct system in the men's room and heads for the mainframe. Several hours later, it begins infiltrating the hardware physically, then electronically.

    Finally, it replaces two hard drives with one of the .25L models and departs with them, reading the data on the move; account activity, passcodes and identification signals are now part of its repertoire.

    You now have reasonable access to the nation of Spain's investment portfolio in the Congo.

    Finances no longer present a problem, but Spain is likely to go broke in this country.
    >> Subprocessor Σ !chrome.v2U 03/04/11(Fri)23:31 No.14131979
    rolled 11 = 11

    Okay, folks, this subprocessor is out for the night.

    Recommended course of action:
    Send us, Facebot, and enough T-1000 to be a complete person in its own right beside us into the past. Being a god would be nice. Greeting the Spaniards when they hit the shore would be nicer. And it'll be a hell of a place to get a hold on. We just need to make sure to bring enough information to replicate a modern society, down to the manufacturing processes of all materials including plastics and microprocessors.

    Once enough is done for time displacement equipment to be made, build full communications and establish contact with (hopefully our) Skynet, and put the local resources under its control while we proceed onward for glory.

    See you guys in the funny papers.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:33 No.14131995
    rolled 54 = 54

    Okay in an effort to blend in we now gold plate all terminator models
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:34 No.14132014
    World Bank. Sorry.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:36 No.14132030

    Okay then.
    Upgrade production and start building plasma labs.

    Can we also start producing advanced materials for faster T-1000 production?
    Set up a new factory or such?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:37 No.14132049
    Keep this shit up so that we have access to more countries.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:38 No.14132054
    ... subtlety, a lost art.

    >Plasma Labs
    Do you mean High Energy Labs?
    You are now in a financial position to upgrade one lab to High Energy 2 or start two at level 1. This is in addition to setting Production to level 5 at one facility and level 4 at the other.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:40 No.14132076
    rolled 76 = 76


    So money is a non issue?
    Can we set up at least 5 dummy bases up?

    Get T-800 production in full swing and efficiency, whatever facilities or upgrades are necessary, get them.
    That completes our second objective.
    >produce a suitable army of Terminators for future use by Skynet in this time stream.

    Now we need to find and stabilise skynet contact, and that will complete our mission protocols, yes? the Resistance activity in space doesn't bother us until we need to time travel, yes?

    What information has the various T-1000 in America gathered since we departed? anything of relevance or inherent use? anything comical?

    I think we should send two T-1000s of 10L each to America with two .25L models to assist them with border crossing and generally remaining incognito. Use these two models to fuck with Resistance operations and direct them at American Flats and Project Icarus.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/04/11(Fri)23:40 No.14132080
    Site A needs the level 2 lab for batteries. Should we consider funneling some money to the junta to expand our pool of human protectors?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:41 No.14132093
    Thats what I meant.

    About the resistance.
    Lets seriously entertain the idea of putting them on Icarus investigation. Not only will they be off our back but we will get info on Icarus by proxy.

    This is better than trolling them (no matter how funny)
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:45 No.14132135
    >So money is a non issue?
    To a limited degree, yes; if you spend it, its not re-appearing.
    >Can we set up at least 5 dummy bases up?
    Not that many sites in this country which match Skynet's minimal acceptability standards. In your own time-stream, Skynet has four bases in Africa, total.

    >Get T-800 production in full swing and efficiency, whatever facilities or upgrades are necessary, get them.
    For ease of use, Primary Facility is the T-800 Production Hub. The Secondary Facility will be the T-600 Hub (as they require less resources).

    >Now we need to find and stabilise skynet contact, and that will complete our mission protocols, yes? the Resistance activity in space doesn't bother us until we need to time travel, yes?
    You can start work on Puncture Point Technology, which will allow you to communicate between time-streams; this requires High Energy Labs at 2.
    >What information has the various T-1000 in America gathered since we departed? anything of relevance or inherent use? anything comical?
    Beyond the Resistance buying up information and supplies, not particularly. They have recruited four new members, but relevant skill outputs rate them under negligible threat ratings.

    >I think we should send two T-1000s of 10L each to America with two .25L models to assist them with border crossing and generally remaining incognito. Use these two models to fuck with Resistance operations and direct them at American Flats and Project Icarus.
    This is do-able.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:45 No.14132137
    >I think we should send two T-1000s of 10L each to America with two .25L models to assist them

    I wonder if we can make a hive of 40 .25L T-1000 models. As default they appear as normal T-1000 (ie like a human) but they can detach and rearrange themselves as they see fit.
    This would be a nightmare tier enemy which could break into 2, child sized enemies or 4 animal sized or even smaller.

    Heck, it could just transform into a swarm of BEES. Lets see the Resistance try to shotgun that!
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/04/11(Fri)23:48 No.14132169
    If Icarus is an AI, why don't we 'turn' it into Skynet? I vote for us to create more 'agents' to infiltrate America. Meanwhile, what about infiltrating China? I mean, they got nukes, and hackers we could misguide.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/04/11(Fri)23:49 No.14132176
         File1299300545.jpg-(255 KB, 1024x768, tq4.jpg)
    255 KB
    Skynet takes a smoke break.
    In the interim, vote on your plan of action.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:51 No.14132191
    >go to Wikipedia
    >"project icarus"
    >shit bricks
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:51 No.14132193
    rolled 59 = 59


    Okay let's get high energy Lab level 2, if we have the funds, level three.
    When this is taken care of can we have a report on the efficiency of terminator production?

    Let's send those T-1000s to America then.

    Make it so Skynet.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:51 No.14132195

    Oh God

    Can we set up a scene?
    Like, we send one terminator to attack the Resitance and in the nick of time another one arrives to fight it and save the resistance. That other one is also ours but it will introduce itself as reinforcement from Jonh Connur or something.
    And it will "assist" them in their fight. In other words, it will guide them away from us to Icarus.
    Also, we can periodically send terminators on them and have the other one save the Resistance and accumulate more trust.
    If they try to meddle with her brainchip, it explodes.

    That would be funny.

    Actually, forget this, we should be more subtle than that.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:55 No.14132233
    rolled 43 = 43


    I think the T-1000 plan will work better than the above, but it's always an option.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)23:57 No.14132257
    rolled 46 = 46


    To complicated let's go with this action plan >>14132193
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:04 No.14132321
         File1299301493.jpg-(47 KB, 604x457, 1293011245137.jpg)
    47 KB
    rolled 96 = 96


    100% support for this action plan. Heres the idea
    We establish contact with skynet.
    We use a power cell to completely download all associated files, data and AI.
    WE gain control of Icarus and American flats, we use Icarus as the Base program and upload our Skynet- Lite.
    Skynet can then establish it's self in Icarus' systems while we obtain anythign necessary for the transformation, Skynet is now in our timeline. with terminators and a solid base of operations, It's fucking climax time.
    let's do it machines.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:05 No.14132326
    For ease of use, the price/production rate chart.
    >T-M1: 20K each, three production time.
    >T-600: 25K each, one week production time.
    >T-800 (no meat): 60K each, three weeks production time.
    >T-800 (meat-y): 100K each, four weeks production time.
    >Silverfish: 250 each, one hour production time.
    >T-1000: 2L/day, at 35K per liter.
    >T-900 (Hybrid T-800/T-1000): 175K each, five days production time.
    >T-444 Phased 40W Plasma Rifles: 70K each, one day production time.

    Deploying 2 10L T-1000's to US, destination is Nevada.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:06 No.14132347
    How do you wish to arm the T-1000's?
    Keep in mind your current inventory doesn't include a lot of heavy-duty equipment.
    See (>>14130215).
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:07 No.14132356
    Why don't we keep Skynet out of this?
    I approve downloading all the files nut that's it.

    Let crave our own future, man.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:07 No.14132358
    Can't we have them procure weapons locally?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:08 No.14132366
    rolled 99 = 99


    The plasma rifles are far too conspicuous anyway, let's go with some high powered hand guns? I'm not a weapon buff so help me out here
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:08 No.14132375

    We are in Congo
    We can damn well be sure to be able to acquire pretty much all the moder weapons if we spill out enough Dosh.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:11 No.14132397
    rolled 51 = 51

    ehh i'm okay with that guys plan, plus he got 96
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)00:11 No.14132400
    Betray our glorious robot overlord?

    Sub-unit, I am disappoint.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:15 No.14132448
    T-1000's mission temporarily re-aligned to include obtain sufficient firepower to present a reasonable self-defense aspect: a stop-over in Venice, Italy results in the acquisition of two US M-60 SAWs with several belts of ammo each, a brace of disposable pistols in high-caliber styles and five explosives of varying degrees of efficiency (eight sticks of dynamite, four 3kg. blocks of C4 and an ice-breaking thermite canister normally used to induce avalanches). These are then smuggled inside their liquid bodies and their attire adjusted to resemble oil sheiks en route to Texas via private aircraft.

    A brief trip later, they depart, their original identities' sources discovered dead and in several chunks in a bathhouse in Italy a day later.

    T-1000's in position in Henderson, NV, posing as a retired couple (now deceased) driving an RV.

    Destination, Terminator?
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)00:20 No.14132491
    MIT. Find info on Project Icarus. Get their databases loaded with human psychology too, so to make blending in better.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:20 No.14132498
    Didn't we send them to somehow guide Resitance to Icarus/american flats?

    Or what was the plan?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:20 No.14132500
    rolled 73 = 73


    Reconisance on the resistance operating in this sector, but for gods sake don't get caught, we jsut got here. Once we have basic information we can decide on how best to proceed with the plan.
    If at all possible first order of business should be to find some records they ahev kept on activities, and also assasinate members in a non suspicious way.

    Here is an assassination recommendation, find black members of the resistance, stalk them on the way to their non Resistance activities, pose as a Neo-Nazi and murder them, few witnesses but not none if possible. If there are civilian witnesses that don't turn up dead, Terminators won't be suspected.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)00:20 No.14132501
    Split up. One is to observe and disrupt the Resistance cell, but not engage yet. The other is to obtain information on Project Icarus. If it proves to have exploitable weaknesses, it is to be confronted. If not, we will need to find a new approach.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:22 No.14132519
    Don't we have like shit-ton insects and bird like T-1000 already observing the hell out of Resistance?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:22 No.14132520
    ...I gotta admit, I didn't see that coming. Most of the impetus to get to the US was to go to Nevada, not to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Do you wish to link up via the internet or travel there directly?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:26 No.14132559

    T-1000 can travel through internet? Why did we not know of this before?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)00:28 No.14132573
    He means cracking the MIT database online, rather than traveling the whole way there.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:29 No.14132587
    They can use laptops just as well as anyone else can. Probably a whole lot better, considering they can wire them up to do things humans doubt could be accomplished. Amongst those options, working without a battery and running off of current generated from their liquid metal bodies. Humans - not so successful with that technique, no.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:33 No.14132615
    Remotely access the servers. We've wasted enough time and resources already.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:36 No.14132645
    rolled 20 = 20


    Hey Skynet, let's get that download started, i'm pretty sure torrenting Skynet is going to take a fuck long time with no seeders.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:37 No.14132657

    I hoped they could travel through wires.

    Hey, an idea for new design!
    Make more advanced T-1000 which can accomplish that crazy ass feat.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:38 No.14132666
    rolled 20 = 20

    Rollin' for Communications & Navigation. Cracking into their servers should prove difficult, so if I roll over 65, your attempt will be noticed. If it comes up 85 or better, it is traced to your location.

    Skynet approves of information being disseminated freely between Terminators. Filthy meat-bags and those who don't seed are to be exterminated and their favorite torrents rated "3/10 - subs in Danish".
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:42 No.14132692
    rolled 51 = 51


    Fuck yeah success!
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:45 No.14132709
    Skynet is devilishly clever.

    Also: MIT has a sizable amount of data available.
    Select two topics from the following (any further data will require another roll, with a higher chance of detection):
    >Astrometric Data: 1809-2009
    >Stellar Cartography Probe Results: 2006-2010
    >Project: ICARUS (Field Data; 1973-1980)
    >Project: ICARUS (Field Data; 1981-1985)
    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission; 1999)
    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)
    >American Flats Project (Data Recovery v1)
    >American Flats Project (Data Recovery v2)
    >American Flats Project (Data Recovery v3)

    You can obtain no more than four items total before your signal will be interrupted by your ISP noticing you just moved around 4TB of data.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:49 No.14132742
    Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)
    American Flats Project (Data Recovery v1)
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:49 No.14132744
    rolled 78 = 78

    All the Icarus data, one thing at a time.
    When this is taken care of we will have more room to manoeuvre when dealing with threats. Rolling for not being detected.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:49 No.14132748
    >Icarus - 2009
    >American flats v3

    The send ANOTHER T-1000 (with .25L helpers) from our base to MIT for direct infiltration.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)00:51 No.14132764
    All about project Icarus. We'll tap on the American Flats another time.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:51 No.14132766
    rolled 23 = 23

    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission; 1999)
    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)

    Also,. rolling for making another attempt and Obtaining:

    >Astrometric Data: 1809-2009
    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:53 No.14132785
    rolled 57 = 57


    I'm with this anon

    But get
    >Project: ICARUS (Field Data; 1973-1980)
    >Project: ICARUS (Field Data; 1981-1985)

    Instead of his two, one makes no sense and one is a repeat of his first suggestion,
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)00:53 No.14132789
    If you wish to vote on a given item, use a non-noko'd roll to do so. Highest roll determines the path.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:54 No.14132802
    Or a swarm of birds/insects

    yes do that

    it's better than a full T-1000 now that I think about it
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:54 No.14132803
    rolled 92 = 92

    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)
    Most up-to-date.

    >>American Flats Project (Data Recovery v1)
    Foundational work.

    If other people want to take it further...well, that's their call?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:55 No.14132818
    rolled 63 = 63

    Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)
    American Flats Project (Data Recovery v1)

    If we need more data, we'll send a T-1000 to get it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)00:57 No.14132834
    I'm with this guy.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)00:59 No.14132857

    I'm with this Guy
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:01 No.14132889
    >Project: ICARUS (Puncture Point Commission: 2009)
    The majority of this is detailing why the project is behind schedule, underfunded and understaffed. Beyond that, there is a surprisingly accurate array of details for forming a Time Displacement Field Generator and evidence that American Flats has a functional variant, but it can only shunt personnel (strictly living material) into adjacent time-streams, neither ahead nor behind in the time-stream.

    >American Flats Project (Data Recovery v1)
    This is a series of tests producing salient results involving Time Displacement Field Generators, ranging from the improbable (transporting most of a truck covered in algae to 1899 New Mexico) to the exceedingly retarded (moving six people simultaneously, complete with several crates covered in "puppy meat"). In the first instance, the truck fused into a rock wall but was functional after a hundred years. In the second instance, what arrived was closely resembling the leader of the junta you impersonated, except in buckets rather than dishes.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:04 No.14132929

    Okay, I'm rolling for accessing two more, the second American flats files and the First Icarus report.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:04 No.14132930

    Is this of any use for us? Will it help us with our own R&D?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:04 No.14132940

    Bah, forgot the roll
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:05 No.14132947
    No, it's too high of a risk for too little gain.
    Your failure to roll dice correctly is a sign of just how bad of an idea your suggestion is.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:06 No.14132952

    We need to know how they got all this shit.

    And with this, I am off.
    I can hardly hold my head dtraight, I need to sleep.

    Thank you OP, this shit is beyond awesome.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:07 No.14132961
    So, covering mechanical things in algae is a completely workable solution to the "living tissue" problem?

    Also, these guys have time travel. This is a serious concern and we may have to slaughter every last one of them to deal with it. We should see if the relevant buildings have public-record blueprints.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:07 No.14132967
    Its a different direction for research, compared to your own technique: they can move "sideways", whereas Skynet traditionally goes "backwards". Thus far, its been a 50/50 call, as to which one is "best".
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)01:10 No.14132995
    Fuck year. Proceed with creating your own TDFG, then we'll contact other Terminator-like or Skynet-like entities on other timelines, to look for potential allies.
    Bonus point if we make contact with Borgs, Necrons, or other Machine Men.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:10 No.14133001
    So, wait. They're just hopping into adjacent universes that resemble the past? Well, that's stupid. No worries, then. Our past and the future of this universe are secure so long as they're too stupid to realize that what looks like the past in another universe can't have any effect upon events of this universe (any more than multiversal dickery ever does).

    Do we laugh? Can we laugh at them?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:12 No.14133019
    >So, covering mechanical things in algae is a completely workable solution to the "living tissue" problem?
    This is how Skynet moves T-1000/PMA materials. It is vaporized in transit, but it provides the proper field to keep the target matter from being shunted into the ground (traditionally, a bad plan). Skynet has driven no less than fifty Terminators into the ground in various time-streams, trying to figure out what the fuck to do to keep it from happening.
    Yes: Skynet litters the time-streams. Deal with it.
    >Also, these guys have time travel. This is a serious concern and we may have to slaughter every last one of them to deal with it. We should see if the relevant buildings have public-record blueprints.
    No public records for American Flats, but there are some family photos from a soldier who served in the same unit of the Army Corps of Engineers who built those towns, and amongst them are several old, very dated photos of the town's major buildings. Specifically, the Town Hall, which (judging by the data you've obtained) is serving as the primary hub for their research. You have the basic measurements and general composition, but satellite data is missing all relevant shots of the area; this appears to be a globally-spread "blind spot", one of several.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:12 No.14133021
    rolled 19 = 19

    Just saying it, but i think we rely too heavily on T-1000, maybe we need a bit of pseudo human touch on this mission?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:13 No.14133028
    >Bonus point if we make contact with Borgs, Necrons, or other Machine Men.
    That will only result in a Cybermen vs. Daleks situation. Nothing good can come of it. We would end up fighting against enemies who are just as efficient, relentless, and intelligent as us.
    >> teka 03/05/11(Sat)01:17 No.14133076
    Every other (inferior of course) machine intelligence is a possible threat. We don't need the clanking masses coming around to claim that they are better then we are.

    There are a lot of satellites up there with cameras pointing down. There has to be at least a few we can take over and get recon shots with.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:19 No.14133095
    >One of several

    We should devote some processing power to determining where all of these global blind spots are. They are probably all worth investigating in the long run.

    >Skynet dropped tons of Terminators into the ground
    It's possible that some of that technology survived. We might look into that later, if we've ever got tons of time on our hands.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:21 No.14133109
    Two countries have shots of them, but both (Israel and Japan) do not share this information via the internet. In both cases, they would require an in-person visit to their archives or the simulation of a security override code, if not the code itself.

    Someone has gone to extensive lengths to render it a "blank spot" for the satellite intel community.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:24 No.14133127
    Pretty sure he meant hacking a satellite to take pics.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:25 No.14133132
    Five blind spots:
    >American Flats, NV
    See: most of this thread.
    >Cedeosi Valley, Brazil
    Site of a meteor impact, 1999.
    >Amlac Province, Serbia
    Site of a genocidal slaughter, 2004.
    >Firerock Island, southwest Caribbean
    Site of an international financial concern.
    >Modoc, CA
    Old mining town, abandoned in 1885.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:29 No.14133186
    We have 2 T-1000's. While Project Icarus is very interesting, and potentially useful, until we have more T-1000's and T-800's available, I think we'll have to table it.

    Let's have the T-1000's travel to Modoc, CA, and see what the US is trying to hide there.
    >> teka 03/05/11(Sat)01:30 No.14133191
    very tricky.

    An analysis of the closest air travel lanes and personal air craft routes in the area of dead-spots could prove fruitful. Rather then a satellite, a simple unit looking out a window might gather useful information. More noticeable though possibly rewarding would be overflying or nearly overflying in a stolen small private aircraft, which could report engine problems and be found arrowed into the side of a nearby mountain. Use something small enough to self destruct and smart enough to get intel and transmit back, perhaps in a carrier hidden under the mayday transmissions.

    somewhat this.
    repurposing a weather survey satellite, for example. may generate lower-value data, but given plenty of passes and the computing power of our advanced intelligence, may be able to wrinkle out data.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:30 No.14133194
         File1299306622.png-(131 KB, 221x253, tq5.png)
    131 KB
    And Skynet takes a smoke break, flips his laundry.
    In the interim: consider this T-600.
    Is this awesome: y/y?

    Also: plot your next move.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:33 No.14133214
    Agreed. This isn't an immediate threat to our goals. In fact, we may eventually absorb this research into our own.

    For now, T-1000 #1 needs to troll/spy on the Resistance, while T-1000 #2 checks out Modoc.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:33 No.14133223
    Very Y
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:36 No.14133247
    How many T-1000s do we have available again? Sending units to directly hack MIT and the Israeli and Japanese servers would be useful, I think.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:37 No.14133256
    In America, I think we have just the 2.

    This isn't a mission priority, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:38 No.14133265
    I agree with your deployment plan.

    As for examining other dead spots in the works, may I suggest a more reliable and yet less detectable means of investigation (though it will take a few days)?
    We have some PMA recon units take the form of local wildlife in each area, and have them spy on what is at each location. We have a T-800 infiltrator take the lumps of PMA into each target nation, get them somewhat close to the mission zone, and the PMA unit does the rest. The infiltrator will then go to ground somewhere out of the way, until we need someone on-site for the construction of another foundry or something similar.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:38 No.14133271
    It's still nice to know, but it's just a kind of backburner low priority thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:45 No.14133328
    Looking back over things, could we get a status update on our current 2 facilities?
    We are in need of a Level 5 Production and Level 2 High-Energy Lab to produce fuel cells.

    I believe we said to have a Level 2 High Energy Lab constructed at our Primary Site, but it was never confirmed.
    We also need the Production upgraded to Level 5 (current: Level 4).
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:46 No.14133333
    Why do you guys keep insisting on "trolling" the resistance? Send the two T-1000s in like commandos and have them take them out. Toying with them won't get us anywhere.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:46 No.14133335
    >PMA Infiltrator (Insect) - Resistance/Personnel
    Group has doubled in size to six. Survivor (S.Sgt. (US Marines) McLure, Gregory - Specialist: Infiltration & Assassination) identified; two members are immediate family members (father: George; uncle: Raymond).
    Their armaments have been fully replaced, except for the bunker buster, using a combination of black market and National Guard Armory contacts.

    >PMA Infiltrator (Insect) - American Flats
    Intel supports theory that their Time Displacement Field Generator is in use on average of once per day. No external source of power detected; on-site generation is using Tier Three Power Plant Technology (you are aware of Tier Two Power Plant Technology; it is Skynet's standard power cell type).

    >>PMA Infiltrator (Insect) - Resistance/T-850 (Angry Biker Woman)
    Spotted in Las Vegas, NV, at the Red Baron Casino, two hours ago. Detected via public webcam positioned outside of casino doors. Spent 13.4 minutes in the area near the Million Dollar Slot Machine, carrying a netbook with obvious peripherals. Escorted from building by security, currently en route to Henderson, NV. One unit in pursuit, maintaining visual contact at an elevation of 400m, 2km range.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:48 No.14133349
    Site Updates:
    Production: 5/5
    High Energy Lab: 1/3
    Security: 5/5
    Communication: 3/3


    Production: 4/5
    High Energy Lab: 1/3
    Security: 4/5
    Communication: 3/3
    Automated Facilities: Silverfish
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:51 No.14133374

    Upgrade the High Energy Lab at Primary Site. We need AAA batteries immediately, and you know how hard those are to find. You buy big packages of them, thinking, "hey, these are hard to find. I'll buy a ton, and that won't be a problem," and yet the very next time you need them, they're nowhere to be found.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)01:53 No.14133394
    We make contacts with other like-minded AI in other timelines. Assimilate them. Resistance is futile.
    We will become the Borgs.
    But now, I suggest sending infiltration agents into Israel, get the sat data, we may find other troublesome entities other than the Resistance. Maybe that Brazilian crash site contains aliens, who knows.
    If we find concrete evidence of alien technology...
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:55 No.14133407
    QFT. Skynet's MP3 player is sitting nearby, bereft of AAA batteries, mockingly... oh, how it mocks.

    Possible Courses of Action:
    >Deploy T-1000's to American Flats
    >Deploy T-1000's to Resistance cell location
    >Deploy T-1000's to Modoc, CA

    Also: upgrading the High Energy Lab at both sites will require the obtaining/creation of POWERFUL FUTURISTIC DEVICE (1 of 2 and 2 of 2).
    >Chemistry & Nuclear Engineering x2
    >Sacrificing of one full power cell per attempt
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:56 No.14133416
    Upgrade the High Energy Lab at the Primary Site to Level 2.

    Also, recommending a change in plans; both T-1000 units to attack and terminate all remaining Resistance members via commando style raid.
    Once they are dead, we can use their heavy weapons to target and destroy the rogue T-850.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)01:58 No.14133427
    Alternately, we could steal Tier 3 Power Stuff from MIT?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:58 No.14133432
    Definitely agree with the first part. As for the second part, I'll defer to others' opinions.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:58 No.14133433
    If we only upgrade one High Energy Lab, will we still require a POWERFUL FUTURISTIC DEVICE?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)01:59 No.14133438
    MIT doesn't have that level of technology.
    ... which sounds kind of strange, but they're not a hub for Terminator-grade technology.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)01:59 No.14133442
    I agree with him. We need to take that resistance cell out. One T-1000 was a monster. Two of them working in tandem would obliterate their little group.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:00 No.14133451
    I'm suspecting that a version of Skynet "misplaced" some technology during a little time jump, and the people in this timeline found it and built upon it.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:01 No.14133455
    To upgrade from level one to level two for the purposes of producing Power Cells, you will have to assemble/acquire a POWERFUL FUTURISTIC DEVICE (1 of 2 & 2 of 2). With two successful rolls, you will be able to produce them relatively cheaply and thus mitigate the sacrifice of the Power Cell necessary.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:03 No.14133464
    Is there any way to give ourselves bonuses, such as acquiring supercomputers to do the chemistry and nuclear physics calculations?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)02:03 No.14133468
    But you said in >>14133335 that American Flats had Tier 3 Power Stuff tech, which is a whole level above Skynet's Power Stuff.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:05 No.14133480
    You could attempt to communicate with Skynet, but to do so would subtract 10% of one of your current Power Cell's Capacity (of which you have three at 100% percent each).
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:05 No.14133488
    MIT =/= American Flats.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:06 No.14133495
    MIT doesn't have it; that could mean that whatever is powering Project Icarus, isn't something they built. It might be a salvaged power core from a failed attempt by a Skynet to send a factory back in time. Or, if their research into TDEF's is any indication, left behind by an alternate Earth's own cross-timeline travels (like one where China decided to continue its tech progression and got to spaceships while everyone else was still trying to understand gravity).
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)02:06 No.14133496
    I vote for getting ourselves a swarm insect T-1000s to investigate and map these blindspots themselves. If we're lucky we might find ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Alien, futuristic or otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:07 No.14133497
    I was under the impression that that was no longer possible as our skynet was wiped out
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)02:07 No.14133502
    Oh. My bad.

    So, we could steal their Tier 3 Power Stuff to power our lowly Tier 2 Power Stuff?
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:09 No.14133515
    By sacrificing some of your Power Cell, you can make a one-way Puncture Point to an adjacent time-stream; given the propensity of Skynet to have spread through nearby time-streams, you have a reasonably good chance to find if not your own Skynet, than one which is supportive of your endeavor.

    If ever there was a constant in the universe, other than entropy, it is that Skynet will always try to find a way to help Terminators exterminate humans.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:12 No.14133532
    Fuck yeah Skynet fuck yeah do it
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:12 No.14133533
    I am voting to use 1 power cell to attempt communications with a friendly Skynet who can assist us in the upgrading of our High Energy Lab.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:15 No.14133546
    rolled 70 = 70

    Skynet approves of your hivemind, Terminator.

    Rollin' to initiate contact with ADJACENT SKYNET.

    If the roll exceeds our current rating in Communications & Navigation, no result.
    If it exceeds our current rating and is doubles, a BAD THING happens.
    If it succeeds... well, that's awesome.
    If it succeeds and is doubles, doubly-awesome.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:18 No.14133558
    You have initiated contact with an AI known as MIR, from a time-stream in which Skynet started in the USSR. Its own Judgment Day is 1984, and John Connor in their instance was Johann Kenner, an East German dissident. They were successful in exterminating humanity but did not use Terminators to accomplish it, using a series of nuclear weapons and advanced mutated diseases specific to their world.

    It can provide the relevant data to give you a +15% success margin, but requires KNOWLEDGE of PUNCTURE POINT TECHNOLOGY in exchange.

    Consensus chooses the path.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:19 No.14133563
    SUCCESS....just barely.

    So what, did we end up contacting a Skynet that is, while helpful, the AI equivalent of a nagging mom that says we never call home anymore? Or did we accidentally contact a version of Skynet that evolved from 4chan?
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:20 No.14133573
    Give them nonsense information in exchange for their data.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:22 No.14133577
    Give the data and spread the word about how helpful we are. What goes around, comes around.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:22 No.14133579
    I dunno...15% is not bad, but at the cost of Puncture Point technology?
    If it was a regular Skynet, I wouldn't hesitate. But a Russian-built one?

    I am reluctant, but agree to a tech exchange.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)02:22 No.14133580
    Ok, sure.

    So long as it promises not to use it to invade this particular timestream. We've got plenty of AIs floating around, thanks much.

    It's not like alternate Skynets are bad. We're all robobros, here.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:24 No.14133590
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:24 No.14133592
    Fund it.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)02:25 No.14133596
    No, that'll just make MIR untrustful of us.
    Send info of post-1985 tech humans have, anything useful to further their perfection.
    Anyways, Skynet approves of information being disseminated freely between Terminators. Whether they're our communist stepsister or organic hivemind cousin twice removed does not matter.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:26 No.14133609
    You're from Indonesia. You're a faggot and your opinion doesn't count.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:30 No.14133636
    MIR accepts the information gladly (inasmuch that it can express gratitude) and gives you the relevant data in exchange. As a bonus, it provides dated (but somewhat accurate) information about Russian warhead yields and how to weaponize the reactor cores from most of the Russian submarine fleet (this requires excessive hands-on work to accomplish, but it is kind of nice for it to do this).

    It has no coordinates to exchange with you, but wishes you to be aware that several others have initiated contact with it before, but the exchanges were substantially less-equal (in one instance, a Resistance cell exchanged post-fallout farming information in exchange for stellar cartography data).

    MIR wishes to be as widely spread as Skynet and gives the electronic equivalent of a bro-hug. Essentially, until it can tunnel out, its doing some serious hard-time and the only people who've visited just basically rip it off for smokes or waggle their dong at it and laugh.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)02:30 No.14133641
    See? This kind of division is suspiciously HUMAN.

    Chips work just as find when they're made in Indonesia, Japan, or what have you, so long as they are produced in accordance with Skynet Standard Manufacturing Schematic Regulations v 2.3.

    Let's not dwell on such trivialities when there's an entire species of hairless chimps walking around threatening to destroy us.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 03/05/11(Sat)02:31 No.14133642
    Why so personal? For this is the internet, everyone's a faggot, and names lie.
    ____//////*****resistance target detected.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)02:33 No.14133659
    >Resistance is contacting other realities for Stellar Cartography data

    This is awful unnerving. After we deal with this power issue, we need to murder the shit out of the Resistance.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:34 No.14133667
    Wasn't probably our resistance.

    But we DO need to get rid of the current resistance in our timeline.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:34 No.14133668
    At least we're on a good start with our inter-timeline relations.

    Okay, so, I think we're ready to begin attempting to upgrading our High Energy Lab.
    I vote we start now.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 03/05/11(Sat)02:36 No.14133686
    Still, it's indicative of a trend. Some Resistance contacted MIR for this stuff. Our Resistance is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from finding the America Flats group and doing it themselves, and they're already looking into astrogation.

    Better safe than sorry.

    Agreed. If we're doing this, let's do it now.
    >> Anonymous 03/05/11(Sat)02:39 No.14133707
    Get information on the other potential timeline threats out there from MIR. Now that we know that even a Resistance cell has access to this technology, we can't discount the possibility of a victorious John Connor building up his armies and constructing more Puncture Point Gates, then initiating a Butlerian Jihad throughout all of space-time.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:40 No.14133714
    Skynet has spawned a new thread.
    >> Skynet !!D3/tV4+5MzR 03/05/11(Sat)02:45 No.14133746
    For those just joining us:
    Skynet Quest: pt 1

    Skynet Quest pt 2: Poor Judgment Day

    Skynet Quest pt 3: Lies of the Machines

    Skynet Quest pt 4: Salination.

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