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  • File : 1299123286.jpg-(102 KB, 800x600, smallfavor_800x600.jpg)
    102 KB DFRPG Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)22:34 No.14105497  
    So, /tg/, though I haven't read the books yet (as my friend who told me about them hasn't let me borrow them yet, and I'm about to break down and spend my monthly Magic money on getting as many as I can), I've read the Dresden Files RPG books (as I liked the system for SOTC and heard it used the same one) and... dear sweet *god* I have fallen in love with this setting. World of darkness? Fuck the World of Darkness, this is how Urban Fantasy should be, man. Love it. Need to read these books. But I have a couple of questions.

    one: Would it be acceptable to make a character with Inspire Emotion (Creativity) and EMotional Vampire (Creativity) as a sort of muse type character, or is Creativity considered to positive of an emotion for those two powers?

    Two: Is Submerged the standard assumption for starting characters, as it seems, or is one of the other ones better off as a starting level?

    As well, general Dresden Files RPG thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)22:37 No.14105532
    Can't wait for Ghost Story.

    Changes was really well done. Butcher took the series up to 11.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)22:49 No.14105668

    As I said in the OP, haven't read the novels yet, but they've been shoved to the front of my to-read list (well, not really--the shit I gotta read for my uni classes comes first). Hope I can manage to find the omnibusses for them, but I'll settle for individual books if I have to.

    They tend to not fall apart as easily, anyway...
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)22:54 No.14105735
    I've got the brainstorming for Fantastic Detroit on Saturday.

    I am please.

    I really should hit up SoulFire MUSH again, though.

    >ulawil Operator(s)

    ...Hm. Fey commandos?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)22:56 No.14105749

    Ulawil sounds like some sort of african myth, maybe. There's some pretty scary fucking 'fey' like creatures in african myth, IIRC. You should look that up.

    Also, any idea if inspiring and being an emotional vampire for creativity is okay, or would creativity be to 'positive' of an emotion? I'm honestly curiousa bout that.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 03/02/11(Wed)23:00 No.14105790
    >one: Would it be acceptable to make a character with Inspire Emotion (Creativity) and EMotional Vampire (Creativity) as a sort of muse type character, or is Creativity considered to positive of an emotion for those two powers?
    That seems perfectly reasonable and thematic. Just keep in mind that it's still mental influence (bad), and that feeding on people lightly will leave you feeling hungry, while feeding deeply can kill them.

    >Two: Is Submerged the standard assumption for starting characters, as it seems, or is one of the other ones better off as a starting level?
    Submerged is the most common, I'd say, as it's when all the options are open to you and it most closely mirrors the books. You can start at whatever level the group wants (as with any game).

    I just attended the first session (well, second--missed the first, was sick) of my friend's DFRPG game. Set in San Francisco, which I live in and which the rest of the group is near enough to to take field trips to.

    I was going to be playing a character with the high concept Financial Wizard (Wizard, Resources 5); two other people made wizards, so I went with 'Faery Lawyer'--a changeling lawyer... who specializes in contract law. I'm sure you can see where that's going.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:04 No.14105831

    Oh, that sounds like fun. But then, I have a law-on for Contract Law for various reasons.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 03/02/11(Wed)23:07 No.14105858
    It is. No combat skills whatsoever; I'm going to use Glamour and maneuvers to contribute if and when it comes up. And resources. For example, the people we're dealing with (Jade Court vampires!) have a dummy corporation. I'll probably end up buying it at some point to make life easier.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:13 No.14105922

    Hah! The wonders of lawyers, glamour, and money.

    As far as this character, I'm more or less making it to familiarize myself with chargen first, as I'm one of those people who has a dozen systems and a dozen characters for each, but only so much time in the day and only so many friends willing to learn, but. I've allways liked the idea of playing a Muse-type character, so I figured why not. I'm using the Emissary of Power template, since that seemed the best way to start off with, with the High Concept of CALLIOPE'S DAUGHTER.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 03/02/11(Wed)23:25 No.14106022
    >Hah! The wonders of lawyers, glamour, and money.

    Ayup. Still working on my Aspects. Besides the Concept I've got the Trouble "White Sheep of the Family" (he's the first "good guy" in a family of nasty customers; I'm planning to give the DM notes on some relatives soonish), plus "I have people for that."

    >I'm using the Emissary of Power template, since that seemed the best way to start off with, with the High Concept of CALLIOPE'S DAUGHTER.
    That's a plot-ready character right there. You could also go with a peculiar changeling, or something else.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:26 No.14106040
    hey a DFRPG thread.
    So I've been meaning to ask this.

    What to you elegan/tg/entlemen think of the idea of using the Feeding Dependency connected to magic use of some kind? (in this case just rituals and/or channeling not full magic)
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:39 No.14106163
         File1299127172.jpg-(76 KB, 550x549, 1287517284780.jpg)
    76 KB
    I'm playing in a DFRPG game, my second time around, taking place in seattle, our starting refresh was 8. I playing a bookbinding wizard in a party with a shape-shifting BEAR COP, a sorc/dancer, a focused practiconer black smith, and something is a mix between the punisher and wolverine. The game is super fun, take note that for a "rules lite" system knowing the rules and how concept/aspects/maneuvers work can make it run so much smoother, wizards and those who do magic can throw out nasty CC, and do tons of damage ( I did 18 shifts in one spirit evocation by free tagging aspects and maneuvers) so get used to wizards being able to do tons of stuff, not needless better than other people, but they can do unique things. We do a lot of investiagtion and heavy combat. A site I can not recommend enough is this www(dot)rickneal(dot)ca the site has a series of information guides on how the rules work, as well as play-testing and active games, your smart you can find the pages on it, either way have fun and till next time, don't touch those wards!
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:42 No.14106201
         File1299127324.jpg-(122 KB, 719x1024, SCALA_ARCHIVES_10310840850.jpg)
    122 KB
    Look up sponsored magic and the debt counter it uses, it is a -1 refresh cost to buy. Or allow someone to get a -3 evocation/thaumaturgy with a +1 catch/negative (dependency) making it a -2
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:47 No.14106255
    but this wouldn't be sponsored magic, the magic would come from inside.
    The family just suffers a heriditary curse connected to their magical ability, if they don't consume they loose ascess to their power and gradually weaken until they die.

    To be specific the character would be the last/youngest of a family of ectomancers who must feed on necrotic human flesh.
    The family name translates both as "speakers for the dead" and "eaters of the dead"
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)23:57 No.14106355
         File1299128249.gif-(2.44 MB, 312x176, 1287511783285.gif)
    2.44 MB
    Set it up how ever you (gm?) and player want to, You can use the sponsored magic (the debt mechanism) to make him owe his darker side, for example he casts a spell wants more success, so takes a debt counter rather than using a fate point and adds a +2 to the roll, now he has a debt counter that can compel him to eat flesh. I don't know the rules for the hunger track off the top of my head; but it is a pretty serious drawback/limitation, is the character getting something (extra refresh) from this?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)00:05 No.14106459
    feeding dependancy gives +1 refresh,
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)00:08 No.14106493
    Hey, everyone. GMing the Fantastic Detroit Game mentioned earlier in this thread. Any recommendations from people who have already played the system?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)00:11 No.14106531
    Dresden Files has always seemed too OVERT and high-powered/interconnected.

    To each his own, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)00:16 No.14106581
    Use TPB or demoniod, the audio books for the Dresden files are amazing, simply put, listen to them! James Marsters does an great job that adds a lot. thepiratebay(dot)org/torrent/5650126/ is the one used, its a clean torrent, a well worth it.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 03/03/11(Thu)00:18 No.14106608
    -Let the players drive the plot. Seed the game with interesting shit. Listen for when they're speculating about what's going on. Odds are, one of the ideas they toss around will be better than what you originally had in mind.
    --Character and city creation makes this even easier for you.
    --So do highly-motivated characters. When my friend ran the Eberron setting using Spirit of the Century rules, we were sky pirates, and we were constantly being proactive. He barely had to do anything other than improvise a bit. GIVE THE CHARACTERS LOTS OF THINGS TO BE PROACTIVE ABOUT. Part of doing this is MAKING SURE EVERYONE'S CHARACTER HAS SOLID MOTIVATIONS FOR GETTING INVOLVED. Spend extra time on character creation and weed out "strong silent type" and "reluctant hero... SUPER reluctant" concepts. Ideally, everyone has a character who is (a) fun for them to portray and (b) who will naturally lead to Fun Shit Happening just by them portraying the character.

    -Establish ahead of time that you're not sticking too closely to Dresden Files canon, whether it just never happened or whether it's all happening far off or whether Dresden's dead or what. Don't let your game turn into a Dresden-Files-canon-circlejerk.

    -Download/buy and read the Spirit of the Century book. It is chock-full of GREAT advice on running a FATE game.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)00:22 No.14106655

    Yea, wasn't planning on running this too close to canon, apart from the races.

    We're doing this pretty low-level, not sure on the exact refresh yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)00:32 No.14106775
         File1299130324.jpg-(19 KB, 285x392, 1288301082779.jpg)
    19 KB
    I like 8 refresh, it allows most of the templates (excluding rare ones like black court), you have wizards, mortals have stunts, AND the fate points to back them up, while those with supernatural powers can buy enough powers to do cool stuff, this level of power is a little bit weaker than the first dresden files book, now your PCs can do a lot more than dresden can (if they are creative).
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)00:46 No.14106962
    So, on another note...

    Which factions do you wish Butcher would explore more?

    I'm pretty sure everyone's got one...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)00:54 No.14107064

    I'd love to hear some stuff about the Jade Court actually.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)00:58 No.14107112

    You and me both, man. One line in a book released 8 years ago? You know they'll show up eventually...
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:01 No.14107151

    Oh no doubt. Everything comes back eventually in these books.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)01:04 No.14107186

    When Turn Coat came out, I asked JB at a signing. Man said that we might see them...God damn, Jim Butcher's trollface is genuinely hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:15 No.14107293

    I'll bet. I also want to know about the "Black Council"
    But I mean that should go without saying.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)01:21 No.14107347

    Yea, that's a given. Any theories on who it is?

    One rediculous one a friend shared was that McCoy was heading the whole deal.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:24 No.14107385
         File1299133444.jpg-(80 KB, 580x694, 082110w.jpg)
    80 KB
    I wish he would cover the The Prosthanos Society, more outsider stuff (aka HP lovecraft) and what else exists in the fae realms (they are infinite after all)
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)01:25 No.14107411

    Holy shit. I just remembered I have Side Jobs...and I haven't read Backup yet.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:27 No.14107433
    Love the game, hate a lot of the fluff.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:28 No.14107449

    He mentions the Fae realms being potentially lovecraftian, but so far all entities have been, well, Fae.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:37 No.14107523
    I've got some links. I hope someone finds them useful.

    Mystic Theory 101: Magic in DFRPG, Part One

    Evocation, or How to Blow Stuff Up: Magic in DFRPG, Part Two

    Thaumaturgy, or How to Break the Rules: Magic in DFRPG, Part Three

    Getting Ready, or A Thaumaturgic Preperation Cheat Sheet: Magic in DFRPG, Part Four

    How to Build Spells, or A Practical Grimoire: Magic in DFRPG, Part Five

    Math and Miscellany: Magic in DFRPG, Part Six
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)01:46 No.14107656

    Fuck, saving these!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:56 No.14107800
    -Establish ahead of time that you're not sticking too closely to Dresden Files canon, whether it just never happened or whether it's all happening far off or whether Dresden's dead or what. Don't let your game turn into a Dresden-Files-canon-circlejerk.

    I have a group like that. Good lord it's sometimes PAINFUL for someone like me, who has no love for the books, when canon comes up.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)01:59 No.14107832
    Look What I Can Do: Mortal Stunts in DFRPG
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:03 No.14107869
    Was it the faerie realms specifically that he mentioned or the Nevernever? Because the former is just a part of the latter.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:07 No.14107918
    Holy crap. A DFRPG thread.

    God I want to play this game. I've been wanting to roll the Summer Knight for a long time, but really any chance to play would be wonderful.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:09 No.14107942
    Do you not have a group or one locally?
    If you have one, get them to try it. If you don't, then look for one! /tg/ would probably help in that department.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:11 No.14107956
    I do not have a group. I'm working 12-9 now so I don't have much time spent socializing. I'm in the Tucson area. We have all of one FLGS here, so it's not easy to put together groups.
    >> Skype/Maptools Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:11 No.14107966
    Would anyone be interested in getting together for a game of this over maptools and skype? I just started reading the books, my god I'd love to participate in something similar.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:13 No.14107991


    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:15 No.14108004
    I would be all up ons, either Skype/Maptools or IRC
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)02:15 No.14108008

    This is actually the second night in a row we've had a thread. I'm regaining my faith in /tg/.

    As for games...I'm starting something on an IRC channel. We've got a 5-man group, if any drop out I'll let you guys know.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:18 No.14108040
    I've never used skype or maptools but good suggestion for something I should research.
    >> Captain Bubbles 03/03/11(Thu)02:19 No.14108044
    I'm downloading the DFRPG books right now, as well as looing at the rickneal links.
    Skype chrisrrawr@hotmail.com

    If no one wants to DM, I'll volunteer.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 03/03/11(Thu)02:22 No.14108081
    For people who got into it via the books, it's understandable, I guess. It's what they're used to. When we ran Eberron using Spirit of the Century rules, the guy playing our Artificer type kept trying to emulate 3.x-specific spells/effects, for similar reasons.

    It's a great game, man.
    I suggest the FATE mailing list (and the Dresden Files forums)--your odds ain't great, but they're better than nothing.
    >> Captain Bubbles 03/03/11(Thu)02:23 No.14108096
    Oh god your batman guide was amazing D:
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 03/03/11(Thu)02:25 No.14108117
         File1299137157.jpg-(88 KB, 454x328, Untitled.jpg)
    88 KB
    Those days are long past.
    >> Captain Bubbles 03/03/11(Thu)02:28 No.14108142
    Still amazing, none the less. Also, it gives me a reason to bump for getting a game together maybe-hopefully-I-can-dream.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:43 No.14108286
    LogicNinja, I'm pretty much the same guy as always. We've been in a lot of FATE-related threads together.

    And I still have no group.

    I would kill to play with you, man.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)02:43 No.14108291
    All I want to know is which Faerie Queen kept him from being all-the-way dead.
    I'm hoping for the Summer Lady, but I have a bad feeling it's Maeve, and she's thinking it's time for a change of the guard.
    And Black Council...
    Gatekeeper, anyone?
    >> Skype/Maptools Captain Bubbles 03/03/11(Thu)02:50 No.14108355
    Skype: chrisrrawr@hotmail.com

    Still LFP/DM - got one, need 2-3 more before I'd be willing to try anything.

    Maptools version b82 or b84.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)02:50 No.14108368

    Well, it's already confirmed that SOMEONE is cheating Fate by killing Harry this early...so maybe Fate's struggling to keep him mostly dead, not all-dead.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:17 No.14108660
         File1299140242.jpg-(96 KB, 583x1000, 1287518573207.jpg)
    96 KB
    His contract with the winter fae still stands even if he dies, but from what we understand is someone violated the 7th law of magic "Do not swim against the currents of time" getting him killed by either a twist in "fate" or a something from future.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:19 No.14108682
    I was under the impression that the Laws of Magic were White Court impositions, which didn't bind fae anyway, so that makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:20 No.14108688
    From what I understand He's DEAD dead. She wont stay that way, but he's a ghost. Not the first time.
    >His contract with the winter fae still stands even if he dies
    No. You're the Knight UNTIL you die. This is stated SO many times.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:22 No.14108711
         File1299140531.jpg-(67 KB, 540x1000, Cup, Seashell - Degen - 15(...).jpg)
    67 KB
    Fun fact if your a fan of HP. Lovecraft (Jim is) The Gatekeeper aka Rashid as been confirmed as killing Abdul Alhazred, aka the mad arab (wrote the necronomicon). On Jim's forums you can find "The word of jim" which is a collection of all cannon/world building he has brought up in interviews and such.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:22 No.14108720
    Which is precisely why there can be another Winter Knight. Mab has always intended that Harry get the title anyway; she kept the previous Knight alive until Harry was willing to take the mantle.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:29 No.14108787
         File1299140944.jpg-(190 KB, 818x1300, Reliquary of St. Alexius - Sol(...).jpg)
    190 KB
    "still stands even if he dies"
    Sorry about the confusion I mean unless (which he did) but if this comes down to time trickry the contract may be valid (mab could always try this line of reasoning) In any way I think harry will have to deal with mab's shitstorm of being cheated (if you can call it that) after be becomes Re-alive or un-undead. So as a plot point, I think it has some legs, or in game "service to winter" aspect. At least Harry will get fate points.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:30 No.14108804
    Whoever killed Harry was doing him a FAVOR. He gets out of most of his Fea debts this way. I mean, the TIMING could have been better, he was about to bang Murphy, but overall Harry owes his killer.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)03:34 No.14108841

    Word of God says no. Harry is NOT out of the contract yet.

    By the way, who wants chapter 1?

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)03:49 No.14108977
         File1299142192.jpg-(923 KB, 1730x1786, Brazier - Middle East - 1299.jpg)
    923 KB
    Cool read, I really like the other 3 chapters (open to change) that were read at dragoncon, the part about specters and ghosts will really help out my Wizard in game, using spirit attacks are fun. You can attack mental or physical tracks, and have more leeway in what you inflict/do, ghost summoning/binding is going to rock, that combined with "On the road" the next DFRPG book it looks like a great summer. Pic is a focus item for my thaumaturgey
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)03:52 No.14108997


    Wish I could play instead of GMing. Dammit, soooo many character ideas..
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)04:02 No.14109055
         File1299142968.jpg-(628 KB, 1536x1916, Tomb Guardian with Human Face (...).jpg)
    628 KB
    If you feel confident in your group you could always rotate, allowing you to "Guest star" once in a while, if they are not that competent, let one of them run the premade adventure: dresdenfilesrpg.com/2011/01/17/casefile-neutral-grounds/
    At least you get to eat some snacks an enjoy group suffering as the temp DM struggles, at best you can regularly swap, and have a player who can better understand things from your side (making him a better gamer) making things more fun. At least let 3 games occur until you let someone try and make that person read the rickneal.ca site! I know early on you asked for tips, the biggest one I have, help the players, and yourself find a way to explain what they are doing in game terms (adding a snappy pun helps too, so many goddamn puns) that way people wont struggle "trying" to do something, and just do it (in game terms) and describe how it plays out in the story/narrative.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)04:08 No.14109097
    Holy effing crap! this guy said he's about to start reading the books and I haven't read much in the thread, but already I'm seeing the worst spoilers in the world for this poor guy. Jeez. Do some spoiler tags or something. My god I feel bad for anyone who reads this thread without having read too far into the series yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)04:14 No.14109140
         File1299143661.jpg-(68 KB, 424x600, 1287518168840.jpg)
    68 KB
    No spoiler tags on /tg/ and some of the major changes (ha! pun) in changes impact the game a lot, namely the red court, and the fallout from their war. It sucks to spoil but remember the last book is over a year old, he publicly planned a ton more (more or less fleshed out what will happen from start to end), and the books are so good, and fun to read that while the spoiling may hurt, the books are more than worth it, brain candy really!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)04:57 No.14109452
    rolled 9 = 9


    He's already read the RPG books so he's come across quite a few already.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)05:00 No.14109471
    You put up a good argument. Didn't know there's no spoiler tagging on /tg/ and I think I've read the series 2 or 3 times now just because it's such a wild ride. On a more /tg/ related note, one of the funniest things I saw in a Jim Butcher interview was him saying that he'll never play the DFRPG because he'd be the most anal DM evar and as a player then after arguing with the DM on every point; if something didn't go his way he'd write it into the next series so he'd always win in the end. :P In reality I bet he plays it all the time.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)10:21 No.14111603
    OP Bumping for DFRPG, wishing I had a group to play with, as I giggled entirely to much upon deciding this character's trouble was I HATE YOU ANCIENT GREEK MOM.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)10:35 No.14111704
    Thr nevernever potentially contains ALL mystical other worlds. But it's so vast and ever-shifting that getting to them just by walking is a mug's game.

    To me, there seem to be 3 basic regions you'd ever encounter.

    1. Reflection/shadow land. Just on the other side, this region is a warped reflection of the real world. It's often spooky.
    2. Faerie. It's closest to the mortal world, and intersperses with reflection/shadow land. It's of a naturey bent, and doesnt match up to any literal point in the real world.
    3. Deep Nevernever. If you're here, you're fucked. It's so godsdamned nebulous and shifting, and full of so many dangerous spirit entities, you'd get lost there forever. This is where most of the unaligned spirit entities are, sentient and non-sentient
    4. Stable Regions. these are specific realms that you can travel directly to through some means or other, ruled by one or several entities. Like Asguard.

    this is the impression I get from reading the books, though. maybe the RPG settles it better.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)11:46 No.14112289

    One has to wonder if he just wrote all the liner notes for the books...

    I wouldn't put it past him.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)15:11 No.14113843

    It'd make sense, I think.


    It dosen't really touch overly much on what all's in Nevernever, I don't think, but I'm also not quite done with Our World yet, so I might have just not gotten to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)16:29 No.14114557
         File1299187761.jpg-(45 KB, 500x497, 3573334-9043059-thumbnail.jpg)
    45 KB
    We do know that UBERghouls come from the deep nevernever, and hell maybe a part of it as well, remember the weirdest stuff is from beyond the outergate, aka outsiders
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)16:41 No.14114678
    There's actually a 3rd book in the works, that will bring things up to speed with what happened in Changes. The book's basically a collection of pre-made campaign starting points.

    Other stuff:
    -Las Vegas. The entire strip is Accorded Neutral Territory
    -Russian Revolution (the other time when wizards meddling in mortal politics was a big, bad idea.)
    -A nevernever chapter, mainly about faerie's other border, between it and the deeper reaches where things are even weirder.

    But the coolest thing: The Gatekeeper's private citadel is somewhere in the Nevernever. THE ROUTE TO IT INVOLVES WALKING ACROSS THE SURFACE OF THE MOON.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)16:46 No.14114723
         File1299188767.jpg-(15 KB, 500x333, monkey-surprised-face.jpg)
    15 KB

    >Gatekeeper's fortress is in the nevernever

    Okay, no big sur-

    >walk on the moon
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)16:49 No.14114762
         File1299188977.jpg-(192 KB, 800x900, 1287511330483.jpg)
    192 KB
    Either that is straight up awesome, or you lieing and should apply to evil hat right now and start working on it! I knew of the third book, I heard they were going to cover going on the road, and the paranet too. Any more info on this?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)17:44 No.14115377
    Bump for people to post stories of their game, or ideas about the dresdenverse.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)18:02 No.14115569

    My ongoing IRC game (started from a tg post no less) involves a pure mortal Parkour vigilante looking like the Black Stig, an Emissary of Power under contract by a dracolich rival of Ferrovax, and a Sorcerer that, on accord of being a child of the eighties and nineties and growing up around modern tech, basically is the world's first technomancer.

    And we play in Arkham.

    Shit's so cash.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)18:04 No.14115583
    How did you work around the hexing ? Pay a few points of refresh to remove it ?
    >> fog 03/03/11(Thu)18:12 No.14115686
    >the moon.
    Shit pickles....
    Mages in space!
    Oh shitze!
    Oh what chaos!
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)18:13 No.14115704
    I want to play this game.

    I have no one to play it with.

    This sucks.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)19:24 No.14116456
    Even been born recently hexxing should still happen, either purposefully or accidental, now maybe these character spends effort to suppress the hex field, for example Harry can keep his power under check at the Larry Fowler show (until he gets angry) and non human magic or rituals don't effect tech. I'm sure you can "magic proof" stuff, or heck even make magical equals of normal tech, take the blue tooth for example. You could model speaking stones or use magic to create a sympathetic link or dual scrying, hell thaumaturgy breaks the rules of reality, I'm sure you can do amazing things by just "bending" it.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)19:34 No.14116593
    There's an interview with Fred Hicks in episode 56 of the 2d6 Feet In A Random Direction podcast. That's where I got the info. And the book is going to be set up as though it's a series of reports from the paranet on what happened at the end of Changes.

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)20:32 No.14117378


    I should not have read that! Even more anxious to read Ghost Story now.

    Also if you are playing with people who are mainly new to the setting I recommend starting around "Feet in the Water" and then moving on to higher levels
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)21:24 No.14118034
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:38 No.14119009
    So, /tg/, how's this character look, do you think? Made it by myself over the past day, just as an experiment and to make sure I understood the system, so I had to make up her last two aspects myself, but, well.

    Name: Cally Erato

    Power Level: Submerged (Superb skill cap)

    Template: Emissary of Power





    Empathy: Superb
    Performance: Great
    Discipline: Great
    Deceit: Good
    Presence: Good
    Investigation: Good
    Scholarship: Fair
    Alertness: Fair
    Lore: Fair
    Conviction: Fair
    Stealth: Average
    Endurance: Average
    Driving: Average
    Fists: Average
    Weapons: Average

    Supernatural Powers:

    Glamours (-2)
    Marked by Power (-1)
    Incite Creativity, Lasting, Potent (-3)
    Emotional Vampire (Creativity) -1
    Feeding Dependency (+1)
    The Sight (-1)
    Soulgaze (0)
    Wizard's Constitution (0)

    The Social Graces: +2 empathy for social initiative (-1)


    Physical: 3
    Mental: 3
    Social: 4
    Hunger: 4

    Total Refresh Adjustment: -8
    Adjusted Refresh: 2
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:41 No.14119043

    With the feeding dependency affecting her Glamours and her Sight, forgot to note that when copying it over.
    >> guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)22:42 No.14119058

    Looks pretty interesting. Im guessing she is a Greek muse?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:47 No.14119117

    More specifically, her mother is one, and she's more or less inherited a portion of her mother's power (hence the CALLIOPE'S DAUGHTER high concept, Calliope being the greek muse of epic poetry, and the I HATE YOU ANCIENT GREEK MOM trouble aspect--she's more than a little bitter about being turned into, more or less, a psychic vampire without her consent, and her mother is well aware of this.)
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:48 No.14119137
    Nice mary sue.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:51 No.14119173

    I'm curious as to what about the character has triggered your mary sue detector. Do go into detail?

    (not being condescending, honestly curious.)
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:53 No.14119190

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)22:57 No.14119233
    Ignoring the fact that deities would have absolutely 0 interest in sex of any kind...why? it just dosn't make sense at all. It more seems like an excuse for uberpower.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:00 No.14119267
    You're kidding right? Zeus got with mortal women all the time. A lot of greek monsters came from his wife being a jealous cunt.
    >> guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)23:00 No.14119279

    >Implying that the entire Greek pantheon weren't pervy enough to make Slaanesh blush... or /d/ for that matter
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:01 No.14119297
    Obviously you missed the entire last half of my post. Please reread.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:01 No.14119299
    >the fact that deities would have absolutely 0 interest in sex of any kind

    What? Dude, every single greek myth has a god boning a mortal somewhere in there. Zeus was the GOD OF RAPE.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:03 No.14119330

    More or less what the fellow anons have said: them greek divinities were perverse bastards. And asking why is more or less like asking why have a fae as a parent for the Changeling template, that's just an excuse for uberpowers. I could've even made the character as a changeling instead of an Emissary, more than likely, and she would've been just as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:04 No.14119332
    I wholeheartedly believe that's people adding their own embellishments. Why the fuck would a being of energy care about dickin' humans?
    >> guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)23:08 No.14119399

    In the words of Bob the Skull....

    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:11 No.14119431

    may want to recheck, but I thought stunts were mortal only. Are those minor powers?

    We've got a good group up in Green Bay, WI. A focused practitioner metal smith (Norse roots, baby), A vet-nurse with Cassandra's Tears and the Sight, a hexanwolf, a paranormal investigator/author, and a changling of some sort of unknown fae with glamours.

    We started at 6 refresh but bumped up skill pts sightly .
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:14 No.14119467

    Stunts are open to everyone, it's just that powers are more expensive so if you're supernatural, you'll probably have less stunts. The example character (Dresden himself, natch) has both supernatural powers and stunts.

    And of my powers, Glamours is fey, Incite Emotion is psychic, the two feeding powers are vampiric, marked by power is minor, and the rest are from the spellcraft section.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:17 No.14119509
    >people adding their own embellishments
    what the fuck are you talking about? Until Jim Butcher says something different, we assume that myths are more or less true. That means that ZEUS PUT HIS COCK IN EVERYTHING THAT HAD A HOLE, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT IT MOVED.

    Also, this.
    >> Johnny Ridden !tyRw75WsKs 03/03/11(Thu)23:18 No.14119514
    Bump for Dresden.

    Also all campaigns need more Zombie T-Rex Riding
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:26 No.14119612
         File1299212770.jpg-(71 KB, 430x478, 1297921001521.jpg)
    71 KB
    Woah, bro. Calm down. I meant the myth in general. But it sounds like /tg/ doesn't like debate.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:28 No.14119647
         File1299212921.jpg-(20 KB, 300x382, denver_airport_horse1.jpg)
    20 KB
    I'm planning to run a game set in Denver. I haven't been able to do too much layout planning, since I can't get a good map on the internet (I'd rather have something bigger than a sheet of printer paper)
    I do know this much.
    Campaign Name: Rocky Mountain Way. (Denver, due to the amount of traffic that goes through DIA, will be a nexus of leylines and such, kinda like chicago.)
    And I'm going to use that horse outside DIA. Anyone who's been to denver knows what I'm talking about. For everyone else...
    This bitch is going to be an Outsider. I'm such a bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:29 No.14119653
         File1299212946.jpg-(81 KB, 400x400, F017659.full.jpg)
    81 KB
    Ignore replies of "marry sue" they add nothing, and detract nothing more that "I don't like it". Your skill set up could do with a fair bit of changing around, read over the skills some, performance isn't that great I feel, and if you drop "the sight" (trust me it sucks, mind rape town) and marked by power you can almost afford ritual, allowing you do to a lot, a no you can not have a wizards constitution without taking the template or meeting all the requirements for it, its a -0 as a freebie for the intense cost of the wizard template. I'd adjust your high concept and trouble slightly, they are both hard to compel and nether are very snappy. Over the look is good. It doesn't feel strong enough for the game I play in, Careful spell-casters bring spirit attacks equal to tank rounds by the bucketful. What is the exact function you hope you serve in game, how will you run it, and when can you tag or compel or aspects/trouble. "onferman logic"
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:32 No.14119684
    Sorry, I guess I did overreact a bit. But seriously, what are you talking about? I can't think of any greek myth that doesn't involve a little bit of sex.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:32 No.14119689
         File1299213153.jpg-(199 KB, 500x603, Armor (Yoroi) - Japan - 14th c.jpg)
    199 KB
    If you haven't yet, stat out the city with all the concepts and troubles it has (the city character sheet helps here) That way your city can run off plot rather than plot (map joke). If you want a big map you can buy a city road map or use a cache of Google earth imagery. An outsider, thats means bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:35 No.14119722

    More or less I plan to be a sort-of social character, and more or less a shoulder to cry on. Performance that good or not, it does fit the concept. The high concept aspect might not be snappy, but it wouldn't be that hard to compel--Calliope being the greek muse of epic poetry, more or less anything to do with the arts could be used as a Compel. I think you might be right as far as the Trouble goes, so I'll try to think about that. Wizard's Constitution dosen't say only wizards can take it, but that you might be like a wizard in that you can heal completely (without scars) and live longer, and it's a way of showing how my character's supernatural heritage has allready effected her body--I plan to pick up toughness powers later. Same, more or less, with the Sight--she's the daughter of a muse, I feel it's something she'd have. And I can't drop marked by power, it's required by the Emissary of Power template.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:40 No.14119755

    That's because humans (a strongly sexual people) invented the mythos. If the beings really did exist, I challenge you to give me two good reasons they'd have any interest in wanton sex with mortals.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:41 No.14119774
    Yeah, I know it's a dick thing. I'm not sure whether it's actually going to involve an outsider, or just some nasty demon. But that horse will come to life. JUST SO THEY CAN DESTROY IT.
    -Denver does have a fairly large hispanic population, so I might be able to work the Red Court in.
    -Continental Divide will have to be a huge ass leyline
    -A lot of music comes through denver, I might be able to work that in somehow. Maybe some sort of minor deity or other semi-strong supernatural being that's linked to music.
    -Cattle Mutilation. It'd be a crime not to use that (sure it's not in denver, but there's stuff happening in colorado)
    -Mile High=Air is thinner=walls of reality/walls between real world and nevernever are thinner. Just like a baseball player can hit the ball farther in denver, it might be easier to summon stuff from the nevernever in denver than in other places.
    -Plenty of gun nuts and hunters in CO (I think) could use that to bring in some link to the Erlking
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)23:50 No.14119872

    Erlking innawoods. Oh, God, that would be awesome..
    >> Anonymous 03/03/11(Thu)23:54 No.14119932
         File1299214447.jpg-(110 KB, 600x750, Theodore Roosevelt pleased.jpg)
    110 KB
    Oh god, I had the greatest idea ever.
    >> Guybrarian 03/03/11(Thu)23:56 No.14119955


    Holy shit, this explains sooooo muuuuch.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:00 No.14119993
    Ooooh, and I can't believe I forgot about this one. Denver had the King Tut exhibit at the art museum until January. What if something got left behind...?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:16 No.14120193
         File1299215765.jpg-(10 KB, 400x300, 1287512647089.jpg)
    10 KB
    You could try and bring the stygian sisterhood into your game (Sidejobs: backup) they would be a perfect foe/trouble for you. And yea reading over the two talents I can see where the book says "Wizards—and perhaps other types of spellcasters and magical folk" Should work for you, the sight is still a nasty thing, but you can do super natural investigations with lore instead of investigate. and fists are very, very meh.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:23 No.14120283

    fists are there as more of a last resort thing, I could probably swap it around for something else.

    Frankly, I think in combat most of what I'd be doing would be messing around with Glamours to fuck with my opponent's heads, which could very well make or break a combat if used intelligently.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:26 No.14120324
         File1299216396.jpg-(86 KB, 554x600, 1289036147579.jpg)
    86 KB
    I'm not solid on glamor rules but that would be a lot of maneuvers aka apply free +2 tags on foes and friends. is that correct for glamor?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:28 No.14120346

    I believe so--I can, more or less, place veils and make objects and people that either I own or am in a pact with (or myself) appear to be something else.

    The tickets are now diamonds, in other words.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:40 No.14120475
         File1299217234.jpg-(402 KB, 700x743, 1287628267744.jpg)
    402 KB
    Or make a zone wide glamor, the air is now bugs. that should give you a good free aspect to tag.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)00:42 No.14120492

    I don't think I can say I own all of the air in a zone, though. Does air even count as an object? I know for veils, at least, you have to have Greater Glamours, which are only open to true fey, to effect a whole area. I think you'd need the same for seemings.
    >> Skype/Maptools Captain Bubbles 03/04/11(Fri)00:43 No.14120503
    Skype: chrisrrawr@hotmail.com

    Still LFP/DM - got one, need 2-3 more before I'd be willing to try anything.

    Maptools version b82 or b84.

    I will DM if we get 2-3 more people and no one wants to. Expect a bumpy ride; I'm new.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)01:12 No.14120828
    I would join, but I wouldn't have a clue what I'm doing, and might be going out.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)07:02 No.14123806
    Bump because I really wanna do this.

    I'm also skype. Skype name is theacidtruth.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)09:53 No.14124900
    bumping for dresden files.

    >Captcha is mab educhr

    fuuuck, am I about to get educated by mab?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)10:04 No.14124977
    July can't come soon enough.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)14:24 No.14126888

    I NEEEEED more Dresden Files. I NEEED IIIIT.
    >> Guybrarian 03/04/11(Fri)14:39 No.14127014

    Like crack, man. Like crack.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)15:48 No.14127713
    Exactly like crack. See, you can't read a Dresden Files book twice, much like you can't snort the same crack twice. But you can remember how great it was, and you instinctively want more.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)19:28 No.14129533
    Okay so /tg/ I've got a couple of character concepts I wanted to get a read on.

    Were-Raven Journalist, probably High Concept with something like "Eye in the Sky", not quite sure about the trouble though.
    A White Court, or White Court Virgin, feeds on wrath, is PI. Considering "Hungry for Truth" as high concept, not quite sure on trouble again.
    A focused practitioner, Ferromancy, probably some sort of guy who works in demolitions, is a vigilante on his nights off. Don't have anything in mind for High Concept though.
    And then there's the FBI Agent Emissary of Power, cut a deal with a dragon. Not sure about anything else.

    What do you think /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)19:44 No.14129687

    The wereraven's trouble could very well be "Murdered the Crows" involving some group of werecrows or a gang or something he made angry at him.

    The trouble for the WC virgin could be, hrm... I have no idea.

    I do like all those concepts, though.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)19:55 No.14129771
    Yeah so do I.

    Which is the real problem.
    >> Guybrarian 03/04/11(Fri)19:58 No.14129804
         File1299286680.jpg-(53 KB, 367x325, sadfr.jpg)
    53 KB

    I object to that. I can re-read them. I'm doing it right now.

    >mfw when I re-read Carmichael's death not three hours afters after I had read the preview chapter for Changes.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)20:01 No.14129840

    You mean Ghost Story?
    >> Guybrarian 03/04/11(Fri)20:19 No.14129998

    Right. I knew that. My brain is not shot from 8 hours of office work, I swear!
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)20:23 No.14130047
    Heh. It's cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/11(Fri)21:18 No.14130620
    If you guys need another way to avoid going crazy from a lack of Dresden Files until July, get the audiobooks. Seriously. They're read by James Marsters, and he is good. Especially when there's stuff involving Bob.

    ...Just, don't listen to the last 2 chapters of Changes around other people. Unless you want them to see you cry, of course.

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