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  • File : 1298609921.png-(1.41 MB, 1024x722, spaceship.png)
    1.41 MB Dark Age of Technology Quest OP !IStSIACosg 02/24/11(Thu)23:58 No.14031712  
    *Bing ding dong*
    The electronic chime is the first thing you hear as you groggily rub your head. You've traveled in stasis during long warp travel before, and it's never felt nearly as disorienting as this.
    *We have reached your destination. I regret to inform you that warp travel has proved turbulent, and the trip has taken longer than was originally predicted.*
    Oh joy, that's just what you need. Traveling to Earth from Emarnar 5 was never a short trip, and with a delay you've probably missed your sister's birthday. The thought of her makes you smile as you lie back in the stasis pod. You should probably get up and move around, but it's comfortable and you still feel a little groggy.
    *We have arrived Twenty Two Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Six years after the projected time of arrival*
    Now you're out of the pod. 22,000 years?! That can't be right, there must be something wrong with the AI's internal chronometer.
    *We are receiving a hail. Would you like a com link established?*
    You look out the nearest window, and the vision of Earth is nothing like what you remember it as. You can't make out a single bit of ocean, and an enormous network of fortresses span all of Europe. It must be a network of them, there's no way one building could be that big...
    *We are hailed again. Five vessels approach us. Would you like me to open a com link?*
    Veronica's artificial voice snaps you back to the situation. Oh homeworld, you can't even remember your name.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:00 No.14031734
    "Yes, open com link."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:01 No.14031747
    Name: Simon Tam

    "Yes Veronica, open a com link.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:05 No.14031784
    >Oh homeworld, you can't even remember your name.

    "Say, what have you been doing for the last 22 millennia, Veronica?"

    We should probably reply to their hails.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:06 No.14031788
    "Open com link. Retrieve user data; subroutine primary user name."
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)00:06 No.14031789
         File1298610380.jpg-(247 KB, 600x772, admiral.jpg)
    247 KB
    Yes Veronica, open the link. You focus your attention on the holographic video field she generates before you, and an old man's face appears inside it. He has an augmetic eye, but not a very good one. Poor guy, he must not be able to afford a better one.

    "In the name of the God Emperor of Mankind, I demand that you identify yourself and explain why you have intruded into Terran space. Speak quickly, my men have firing solutions on your vessel plotted. "

    God Emperor? What's this man talking about?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:08 No.14031810
    "My name is Simon K. Tam, pilot of the Earth vessel U.S.S. Belfast. My ship has suffered a mishap - I seem to have arrived some 22,000 years after I was supposed to."

    "To whom am I speaking?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:10 No.14031824
    "Originally, I was supposed to inform the R&D department of AI-Col of a buffer overrun in the morality systems of their mark 5 colonial management AI. I'm a bit late though, I guess... 22000 years late, to be exact."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:11 No.14031829
    What kind of defenses does our ship have? Scanners? Engines? What type of ship is it, anyway?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:11 No.14031834
    "Emperor? Since when?"
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:13 No.14031858
    "God Emperor? who the Hell is that?
    Veronica, Initiate scans of their ships, what sort of idiots am I dealing with? Can our Shields hold?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:13 No.14031859
    Inb4 "HERETICS, player dies, etc."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:15 No.14031870

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:15 No.14031881

    Pretty sure our ship is going to outclass much of the current imperium tech
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:17 No.14031894
    Not if it's a garbage scow. I think a MOON COVERED IN LASERS would pose a threat to most ships, Dark Age tech or not.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:18 No.14031906

    I guess we'll see
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:19 No.14031910

    I'm pretty sure even a DaoT Garbage scow would do pretty well against a "Modern" 40K ship. your forgetting just how advanced we used to be
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:19 No.14031917
    "22 millenia? Dammit, they better have more realistic fembots this time period. Seriously, the one I bought in that shop in Oslo nearly ripped my dick off."
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)00:20 No.14031927
    "I am Captain Silas Aranson of the Terran Ascendance, and I will tolerate little of your lies. If you're going to claim tardiness as an excuse for not alerting Battlefleet Solar to your presence, make it a date that isn't in the Dark Age of Technology."

    The Belfast is not a military craft; aside from the standard warp drive and geller field generator you are equipped with mediocre void shields,

    You didn't bring much with you on the ship; other than personal effects you have a void suit, an array of emergency tools, a collection of books, a copy of the 12th edition of the Extraterrestrial Colonization Project's Standard Template Construct (personal edition), and your sister Alyssa's 43rd birthday present, a dynamic plasma sculpture. She always did think herself an artist.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:21 No.14031935
    One ship, yes. Six or seven, perhaps. But this is Holy Terra, the most heavily-defended patch of space in the entire Imperium.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:22 No.14031947
    >12th edition of the Extraterrestrial Colonization Project's Standard Template Construct (personal edition)

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:22 No.14031953

    "Okay... what? Sorry I just woke up out of stasis and my onboard computer told me how long it's been. What's this about a Dark Age?"

    Look for a keyboard or some way of communicating with the ship that won't be obvious over the com link.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:23 No.14031960
    "I'm not lying, Captain Aranson. What would it take to convince you that I am from when I say I am?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:23 No.14031970

    We got an STC, this is good, but we don't know this yet. Unless I'm reading that incorrectly.

    "Check our navigation systems and course plotting. I keep hoping you're the ones with the fudged chronometers."
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:24 No.14031982

    On a more serious note.

    "Terran Asendance? I thought i knew the designations of all the Ships patrolling...

    I'm sorry Sir... uh, Captain. my AI seems to have malfunctioned and taken me out of the warp at the wrong Co-ordinates, if you would just let me re-calibrate i should be able to make it back on my way towards my real Destination?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:25 No.14031985
    How soon could we make an emergency warp jump?

    How far away are the other ships?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:26 No.14031998
    >my AI

    Oh man, I don't want to metagame but this is gonna get us assraped. How about we just say navcomputer?

    And I agree on getting to Mars. It was a technological center in the Tech Age.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:27 No.14032011
    It's going to be a bit difficult to play this without metagaming like a bitch.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:27 No.14032014

    Most regular citizens, and even Officers of the Imperium would most likely have no Idea what a AI is. it could be Animal Intestines for all they know.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)00:28 No.14032027
    "You lie about your origins and you blaspheme His holy name?! I give you one final chance to explain just why exactly I should not give your craft a full broadside".

    Broadside? What are we, sailboats? "Veronica, analyze their weapon systems."
    *Processing. They appear to be equipped with kinetic and laser weaponry. Their void shields possess strength comparable to a 4wf shield generator.*

    4 warpforce? The Belfast's shields aren't the greatest for a civilian vessel and it still has 19. You tell Veronica to prep your weapons. You forgot to include them in your earlier inventory assessment, you possess vortex beams last clocked at 6wf.

    Captain Aranson continues to glare at you, having heard none of your conversations with Veronica.
    >> noko Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:31 No.14032060

    Dark Age of... What are you talking about Captain? In any case, I assure you I am not lying. My ship seems to have hit a warp storm and my on-board computer informs me that that particular hiccup delayed my trip by 22,000 years. Now can we discuss things like civil people and not point guns at my ship?
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:31 No.14032063

    Do this.

    If he does what any person in the Imperium does when our next words are not "All hail the undying god Emperor" Blast him out of the sky and hightail it to a safe distance so you can scan the system and converse with your AI
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:31 No.14032064

    "Sir I don't mean to be rude, but since my ship is more than capable of obliterating yours and it is only a civilian vessel I find it hard to believe you are in charge of protecting anything.

    Maybe I should be asking questions of you"

    Or something along those lines
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:32 No.14032066
    Blast 'em in the name of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:32 No.14032069
    Best we don't antagonize the defenders of Earth, whoever they are. This is the best place to get information, after all.

    Don't engage weapons if that act can be detected.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:32 No.14032076
         File1298611979.jpg-(15 KB, 268x188, 1286310976962.jpg)
    15 KB
    Pic related

    Do we have any stealth or holo-field capabilities? Maybe ghost away as we high tail it for Mars?
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)00:33 No.14032078
    "Uh.......Well, if you really don't want to listen I could just make a point of it and report to the proper authorities......I told you, something has to be a mistake. Perhaps if I send you my nav history and ship manifest that might placate you?"

    Also, I assume that our shield will laugh at pretty much all of their weapons but the kinetics. Can we get a scan of their weaponry Veronica?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:33 No.14032080

    "Captain. I assure you I am not lying. If I have made an error in protocol I apologize, and beg forgiveness, the simple fact is that I appear to be over 20 millienia away from my home time period, and this is rather a lot to process."

    Quietly ask veronica how quickly we can destroy the ships and get the hell out of here if it comes down to shooting.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:33 No.14032082
    No no.

    Even if we are independently powerful, they could teleport terminators onboard and we'd be in trouble. They could... open an airlock or something. I'm sure we don't have armor to stand up to a thunderhammer.

    We should stand down, and offer to let a party board to confirm our non-hostility.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:33 No.14032087
    Is the Imperium stupid enough to destroy a ship containing a complete, uninfected STC?

    My Matt Ward ball says "Yes."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:34 No.14032097

    The moment we let them on board we're dead.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:35 No.14032105

    Of course I don't think we know what terminators are. Also if this was really a military class vessel of the far future why would it have such weak systems.

    I'm just trying to act how someone from the dark age of technology would think, not someone on /tg/ who knows of 40k
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:35 No.14032106
    Worse than dead.

    But most importantly- we don't know that! Heck, for all we know we're nowhere near Earth.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:36 No.14032112
    *Cough* Bullshit the dude *cough.*
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:36 No.14032116
    The moment a single ship, no matter how advanced, is pitted against Fleet Solar, we're dead.

    Don't forget that the Mars defense grid took out a Necron vessel, and Necron technology trumps even our own.
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)00:36 No.14032119
    Seriously though guys......stop metagaming.....
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:36 No.14032124

    That's what I'm assuming in my posts. Nav error to some horribly backwards independent colony.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:37 No.14032128
    You realize we're dealing the the Imperium of Man, yes?
    Now, if we happened to meet the Reasonable Marines, then your position might actually work. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the regular ol' Imperium won't be having any of our heresy, especially since we have an AI on this ship.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:37 No.14032129

    This is what I'm saying

    captcha: eritys OBESITY
    Yes, this is /tg/
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:38 No.14032138

    These. Also inform them we were stuck in a Warp Storm. That might placate them somewhat.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:38 No.14032142
    "I couldn't help but notice that despite the size of your ship, your shields and weapons are putting out low levels of power. If you'd like, I could investigate them and possibly repair the problem."

    Oh my God /tg/.

    We might be capable of repairing the Golden Throne.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)00:39 No.14032146
    "Captain, I assure you I am not lying. My ship hit a warp storm and was delayed 22,000 years. I don't know what the "dark age of technology" even is, let alone anything about a god emperor. Now please, could we discuss this like civilized men and not point guns at each other?"

    Aranson continues to glare. "Very well, I'll play along. Fine then, if you wish to be civilized then drop your shields and and allow yourself to be boarded."

    It's at this point that you decide re-familiarize yourself with the inside of your ship. It's fairly small; the kitchen where Veronica synthesizes your meals is near the back of the ship while the main deck where you are now is towards the front. Your bedroom is nestled off to the side. All of the machinery is below, the manual access shaft disguised to blend into the floor of the main deck. You've never had reason to go down since you bought the thing, Veronica has always kept things running fine.

    Your clothes, books, and the STC you thought to bring with you in case of a breakdown are in your bedroom and the emergency kit and void suit are in a locker in the main deck. The main hatch to get in and out of the ship is towards the back near the kitchen.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:39 No.14032153

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:39 No.14032154


    But probably not
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:40 No.14032158
    It's been 22,000 years. Everyone we ever knew is dead. Pretty much everything ever could have changed, and we have no way to know.

    What would you do in this situation? Because I would like to find a bar.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:40 No.14032167
    First, we need to get this guy out of the circuitry, I think that's the heart of the problem.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:41 No.14032172
         File1298612480.jpg-(34 KB, 231x205, serious bussiness lego.jpg)
    34 KB

    Damn right

    "Don't teleport space marines on or ship please. The Emperor is awesome! Let's help you fight Chaos cause they are bad!"

    That's probably what we'd say right?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:41 No.14032176
    Personal weaponry: Do we have it?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:43 No.14032185

    No. Not really. But there is such a thing as looking through another person's perspective.

    "Hey there. I'm from 22,000 years in the past, can you help me?"

    How would you react if told that while on picket duty?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:44 No.14032199

    "Got caught in a warp storm huh?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:44 No.14032212

    We should hide all of our personal gear and things we don't want them to see in a safe or something (personal journals if there are any, sensitive materials, etc.). Do we have a pistol in that emergency kit? If so keep that handy on our belt, but in a non-threatening manner.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032213
    At first I would be skeptical and glare a lot. But once my scans of the ship confirmed that it was REALLY GODDAMN ADVANCED, I would attempt to capture it, first through subterfuge, and then through violence.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032215

    In a universe with demons and terminator robots? "That sucks bro"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032220
    Hide in the maintenance shaft and agree to be boarded, bring the suit and anything else important in case shit hits the fan and we need to vent the atmosphere.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032222
    No. You've never had much reason to go looking for violence, the only reason the Belfast has onboard weapons is they came standard and you were too lazy to sell them.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032223
    one of the tech-priests would chime in on the imperial navy ship and probably say something like "yes that is a ship from the dark-age of tech"

    And mars will string you up by the heels if you scratch it.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032225

    "Board me? and when did you decide that the starship Conventions of 12576 did not Affect you?

    I can show you the live feed of the schematics of my ship to your Holoport, but after your fear mongering performance of before I don't feel inclined to agree to your barbaric demands...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032226
    Please let there be an AdMech representative. Or at least a techmarine.

    That'll make things so much easier. Because they'll jump in front of the guns and scream "DON'T SHOOT THIS TECHNOLOGY IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOUR LIVES!"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:45 No.14032227

    "Captain, I have no intention of dropping my shields until I determine where and when exactly I am, and what has happened to Earth while I was sleeping."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:48 No.14032257

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:54 No.14032316
         File1298613244.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, image.jpg)
    3 KB

    Just saying, even in a galaxy where time travel is possible. It's like being on guard duty today, having a dude suddenly walk up on you and say "Hi, I'm from Canada!".

    It's possible. But if you didn't shoot him immediately you probably aren't a very good soldier.

    >osrvers Bong

    Pothead Captcha...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:56 No.14032340
    I am just imagining a poster in a mess hall that says "CANADIAN - SHOOT ON SITE" and has a picture of a dude in a hockey uniform riding a moose.
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)00:56 No.14032341
    "Boarding? Uhm......I can't exactly let you do that nor do I even have enough room for you to get IN here......Would you like to send in a scout probe or something then? Something small would be preferable."

    Do we even have an onboard airlock?

    >Metah utory
    Exactly, these meta-gaming bastards need to go back to their uterus's
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:56 No.14032345
    Except if you shot a Canadian citizen for no reason other than being confused near your guardpost, you'd be stripped of your rank and thrown into military jail while diplomats tried to avoid an international incident.

    The PROPER reaction would be to hold him until his information checks out with superior officers, then guide him back to Canada. Because we're not at war with Canada, and shooting a Canadian would be a crime.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:57 No.14032352
    >ON SITE

    Dammit. On sight.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:58 No.14032364
    I'm going to take this moment to thank OP for being awesome. That is all.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)00:58 No.14032366
    "Captain, while I do not mean to be rude and I admit I do not know the protocol this... time requires, where I come from we do not barge onto other peoples' vessels. A simple scan will tell you I am alone, and I can provide you a record of my warp logs. And frankly captain, if your going to make threats, you could at least bother to power your armaments out of standby. If I were hostile I could have dropped you in a heartbeat."

    A vein in Aranson's forehead bulges. "Well then "Simon K. Tam", if that really is your name, we HAVE preformed an auspex of your ship, which is how we know that you are lying yet again. You ARE alone, and thus could not fire on us even if you were foolish enough to want to. As you say, my men stand by to fire on my command while you are alone and speak to me. Now stand down! We will take your vessel in tow and escort you to Void Station 961 for a full debriefing."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:58 No.14032367

    It's like this scenario, except that if you shoot the canadian, he headbutts the bullet and then casually looks you over saying "that's the best you got?"

    I say we let them shoot us, and then after the shots no-sell off our armor, use that as evidence for who we really are.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)00:59 No.14032381
    I don't know how these things are handled in the us military but when I was in the army this was the procedure we were supposed to follow when on guard duty:
    "Stop or I'll shoot."
    >Warning shot.
    >Shoot to incapacitate.
    As long as the person wasn't clearly hostile.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:01 No.14032399
    On the one hand, making an enemy of this guy seems like a bad idea. On the other, being taken prisoner and our ship commandeered seems even worse, which from this guy's behavior we can figure will probably happen.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:01 No.14032401
    The Imperium does not half-ass its purging. If a dozen vessels cannot defeat us, they will keep sending more until they have none. And since this is Sol, getting into a fight and expecting to win is a No.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)01:01 No.14032414
    Fire a warning shot of their Bow, perhaps close enough to Disrupt their Shields, Then turn and try to make out way out of system for now.

    Perhaps towards mars? you have a freind who used to work at the university there.
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:02 No.14032424
    Fuck it, I'd be pissed at this man's arrogance, impatience, and naivety at this point. ESPECIALLY since we got warp stormed 22,0000 years into the future......and all of our family and friends are dead.....

    "Veronica, would we be able to just disable their weapons with ours?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:03 No.14032430
    Stand down, let them tow us. It's better than being boarded here, because in the time it takes for them to drag our ship, we'll be able to think/do plenty.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:03 No.14032432
    It's like that scenario, except there are a lot more than one guard, and while our skin may deflect their bullets, sufficient shots will probably break our skull. It may take a lot of shots, but this is Terra. The defences have a lot of guns, and those guns have a lot of ammo.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:03 No.14032435

    we're from the dark age of technology, bitches. If we kick their asses so bad that we get to the "kill screen", so to speak, then we just outrun their asses - not hard, given how slow their ships probably are compared to ours.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:03 No.14032436
    We don't know that. What do we think? Do we figure that we're in the wrong place as well as time, and are not near Earth at all?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:04 No.14032445

    Veronica, what the thundering fuck are these ships? The way he's talking suggests they have to fire the guns manually. Can you find out anything more about them?

    "Captain. Indulge me, what exactly was the dark age of technology?"
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:04 No.14032446
    Hey, meta-gamer. You heard of what roleplaying is? It means not to meta game and have fun......STOP META GAMING
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:05 No.14032450

    Yes, find mars. Always a bastion of science and reason. Plus our friend is there. We can't let these barbarians get their hands on us, it would mean certain death.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:05 No.14032456
    Given that, we don't need to kick anybody's ass. We can just leave. Right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:06 No.14032463
    Would to moon visibly be a giant weapons platform? because i think we would be afraid of that from the concept.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:06 No.14032466

    >new gandayua
    or we could go to new gandayua
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:06 No.14032467
    "Veronica, are able to disable their weapons from here?"
    *Focused shots could render every laser and kinetic weapon on all five ships inoperable in 6.42 seconds. I detect no Standard Template Constructors on board any vessel so they will be unable to repair without docking with an STC equipped station. The nearest vessel beyond the five are sixteen minutes conventional flight away. We could disable all enemy weaponry and be warpborne within two.*
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:06 No.14032469
    Non-metagaming thought process:
    And allow what are obviously barbarians or primitives, or even independent pirates, to get their grubby hands on our ship?
    If we really are in the boondocks, it would be better to just warp to another known center of civilization.

    Meta-gaming thought process:
    As soon as we're towed and they get us out of our ship, we will be executed and the ship taken apart and examined.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:07 No.14032477
    Sorry! Sorry! I like Canadians, I just pulled it out of thin air.

    This is quite true when on guard duty in a civilian center. But the imperium is in a constant state of war, and picket duty is a war guard.

    Identify yourself, if the target does not respond with the appropriate response you shoot to kill.

    I'm actually gonna grow quiet here because even though questing on /tg/ is always done with a peanut gallery, this doesn't feel right.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:08 No.14032480
    And go where? Metagaming, the Tau or Chaos are probably our best bet, but in character... We probably don't even know about /any/ of the races (nonhuman, obviously), let alone the factions.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:09 No.14032489
    1. Plot a course for the nearest inhabited system
    2. Engage warp
    3. Dissuade anyone who tries to stop us
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)01:09 No.14032490

    "Do it, I'm tired of this loud mouth and his Insane posturing.

    Before we leave could you perform a systems scan?
    What happened to the Universitys on Mars? the city on Luna? A-are you sure its been 22,000 years?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:10 No.14032495

    Knock out the weapons and try and find mars, or real earth.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:10 No.14032505

    "Captain, I beg your indulgence, but please assume for a moment I am from this 'dark age of technology' as you call it. What would I have missed in 20,000 years?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:11 No.14032512
    I'd say that, given we have a DAoT ship, we can probably scan the system well enough to know it's the Solar System, even if rather changed.
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:12 No.14032518
    "Captain, how about this, I'm giving YOU one last chance to stand down and reasonably speak to me. Tell me what the hell happened in the last 22,000 years or hell, send me a history book so I can at least get a better grasp on your procedures or at least know what to expect. Seriously, you think you can even catch us? What do you have to lose? If we aren't who we say we are, you can fire at us as soon as we pull up our warp engine's charge. If we ARE, and we ARE indeed from this "dark age of technology" then you will fire on a ship, even though much smaller and weaker looking than yours then be retaliated and have all of your weapons and engines disabled within mere moments. Hell, if we aren't who we say we are and you fire on us, we are dead in space or you could easily beat it out of us or whatever the hell you consider interrogation in this age if you manage to capture us."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:12 No.14032520
    "Veronica, please do a system scan. If this really is Sol, then Mars and the Luna colonies should come up on your scans. I can't believe that even after 20,000 years we'd lose them too."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:12 No.14032523

    Going warp-borne doesn't seem like a good idea after what happened last time, so let's avoid that if we can. I say we get more info out of the Captain about this Dark Age of Technology, then offer to be escorted to a station. If they try anything funny, we go with Plan B and disable their weapons and get outta there. Can we scan their engines? Are we faster than they are in conventional flight?
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:13 No.14032532
    "Veronica, just what ARE these ships? The way he's talking makes it sound like they shoot the guns manually."
    *They identify as Fury class interceptors, used in interstellar combat during the Ornack Wars. They have not seen production by any facility I know of in sixteen hundred years since our departure. As for manual firing, no spaceborne vessal has used manual firing exclusively since the earliest eras of space exploration.*

    Hmm. They're using outdated ships, their weapons are crap, their shields could fold in seconds, and you could hightail it out of here long before their friends could show up. But where would you go? Your old friend Alex lived on Mars studying astrophysics and engineering, but that was so long ago.

    Homeworld, he's dead now. So is everyone else. They probably don't even have ashes anymore...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:13 No.14032533
    I say we knock out his weapons and then reassert that we are from the dark age of technology.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)01:14 No.14032539

    True Enough. we should also try and scan "Earth" if it is indeed so for any familiar landmarks at all, plus major population centers ect...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:14 No.14032548
    Perform a scan of their tractor systems, compare with our engine strength. If we let them tow us, can we break free?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:16 No.14032560
    Head to Mars anyways. It was a center of scientific knowledge. Surely they'll be able to help you.

    (ooc: GET THE FUCK TO MARS!)
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:16 No.14032561
    *We are in the Sol system. The lunar colony has seen significant changes but is still extant, as has Mars.*
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)01:16 No.14032565

    Take out their weapons, and then try to talk to the captain again. Asking Veronica if there is anything In the STC to bulk or Armour up our Void suit may be a fairly good Idea too.
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:17 No.14032573
    Have a decent response and actions to take here, since we have all of our contingencies in place now.>>14032518
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:18 No.14032577
    What's the specs on the void suit anyway? As far as I remember, it could be anything, up to and including a skinsuit with a personal void shield.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:18 No.14032579
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:19 No.14032590

    Herping and Derping about going to see our long dead friend on mars. I am so dumb.

    But can we do something at least? Take out the weapons and ask him to chill
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:19 No.14032591
    To all the guys saying: Take out their weapons.

    They've done nothing overtly hostile besides threaten with words. If we escalate with force, the onus is on us.

    Seriously. We have a higher standard than that. We're not pirates. We are the highest level of sophistication in human history. We do not need to lower ourselves to barbarism just to get a point across.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:20 No.14032611
    What we COULD do is power our shields to full, to show what we're capable of. It's a purely defensive action, and would impress them with our capability.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:21 No.14032614
    Order Veronica to disable their weapons and get the ship warp ready. Since other vessels are 16 minutes away we have time to talk to the captain.
    "You see Captain Aranson I am no liar. I told you that I could destroy your ships If I wanted to. But I am a very reasonable and peaceful man. I have no interest in killing or fighting against you. But you leave me no other choice than to defend myself. I want some answers. There is no way that this could be Terra. You claim to be part of Terras defence and yet your ships aren't even a match for a civillian ship. Terra is a beacon of technology. I have seen colonies on the rim of the galaxy with better ships than yours. I want some answers now. Where and when exactly am I?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:21 No.14032616

    "Captain. I am by now pretty convinced that everyone I ever knew or loved is dead, and that my home has changed beyond recognition. I am very very close to saying to hell with it all and turning this ships weapons loose on you. So, I am asking you, nicely, to please explain to me what has happened to this planet in the last 20 millienia, so that I can start to come to some understanding of the world."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:21 No.14032618
    I agree. Let's try the diplomatic route. We need information about the past 22,000 years and the current era badly, and shooting the primitives is always an option for later.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:22 No.14032629

    This is true, but the guy isn't listening and we arn't killing people (maybe) we are disarming their ships. Right?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:24 No.14032644
    Contact Earth directly. Let's go over this guy's head. Hell, talk to Mars.
    >> Glassberg Never 02/25/11(Fri)01:26 No.14032666
    I like this idea, like a porcupine popping it's quills up, or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:26 No.14032667
    They're navy ships, and according to our scans, the guns are aimed and fired manually. If we take out the guns, we kill people, and we don't want to kill people - yet.

    My decision: Power down weapons to standby, ready to be rearmed at a notice. Power shields to 100 percent. Calmly ask the captain what in the name of Terra is going on.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:27 No.14032668
    Sounds like a good idea. Maybe warn them we are about to do so first, so they should keep us on scanners and not be alarmed?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:27 No.14032670
    See if you can hail a higher authority.

    The Commandant of Armstrong Outpost perhaps.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:27 No.14032671
    "Veronica, prepare to disable their weapons and slip to the warp. Plot a course to Mars, even after all this time a culture of science that strong has to remain. Talking to the Martians will be a lot more productive than this idiot."
    *Understood. Firing in 3 - 2 - 1*

    Crackling lines of warp energy flare towards the ships, brilliant flashes of immateria dance across their hulls. *Prepare for warp transition* you hear, moments before the viewport shuts off. *Estimated travel time: 2 minutes, 43 seconds* Veronica informs you.

    You've barely caught your breath when you re-emerge over the red planet. It looks nothing like what you remember; Mars was the model of teraforming, it was a paradise; the planet's traditional name lingering only in the locals' preferred color to paint their houses. What's below you resembles pictures you've seen in history books; if it weren't for the array of machinery on and above the planet's surface you would think you went thousands of years into the past, not the future.

    *we are being hailed* Veronica informs you.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:27 No.14032676
    Order Veronica to fire the weapons. Not at their ships but into empty space.
    "Like I said before Captain Silas Aranson I am no liar. As you can see I am very well able to fire this ships weapons. I have no intentions of causing any harm.
    What I said is the truth. So would you please explain to me what happend during the last 22.000 years."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:28 No.14032687

    "Patch them through." Pause "And be ready to run"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:29 No.14032696

    Open link and catch them up to speed. Barbarians in control of Terra, DAoT origin, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:30 No.14032703
    Well, looks like the calls for opening fire won out.

    "Veronica, accept the hail. I need to know what's going on.
    "Meanwhile, scan the surface. Maybe the University and the Martians decided to go underground as a defensive measure."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:30 No.14032704
    Answer the hail.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:30 No.14032705

    Rest in peace, everyone near the guns or too close to the probable gaping holes in the hulls.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:31 No.14032712

    Think about escalation and what happens after, though. We Take out their weapons. Then what? We flee and get no answers? If we intimidate them, they probably will become hostile and not give us answers either.

    I say diplomacy first, weapons are a strict Plan B. Do not agree to be towed, but agree to be escorted. Then as we are being escorted, get information out of the Captain. If they try anything funny, disable them and run. In the meanwhile, go to the STC and synthesize a pistol or something. These guys mean business, so we'll need personal defense as well.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:32 No.14032724

    Metagamewise, fuck 'em. Once mars learns of the STC we are cool bros
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:33 No.14032733
    Well, that was a model of bad decisions.

    Hopefully the lag in communications, combined with what we have to offer, will mitigate the damage.

    Patch Mars through. Let's try to be bros here.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:33 No.14032735
    Identify yourself and ask who you are speaking with.

    If they seem friendly, request protection from the Terran ships that will no doubt be following you.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:34 No.14032739
    "Open the link Veronica, but be ready to run"
    Once again the holo-field appears in front of you. You recoil from the sight in front of you, at first it seems like the man's face is almost entirely composed of tubes and wires. Calming down, you realize it's probably a mask.

    "What in the name of the Omnisiah is going on here? Battlefleet Solar is in a ruckus over some intruder and now you emerge from the warp on top of us? What is going on!? His next sentence takes on a curious tone. And for that matter, how did you manage to emerge within a planet's gravitational field?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:34 No.14032740
    I don't know that STCs work like that, fluff seems to suggest they each make a specific thing. *Shrugs* I could be wrong though.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:35 No.14032744
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:35 No.14032746
    Weapons should be beyond plan Z. Plan B is to keep the warp drive powered and locked to a known friendly system, along a calm warp lane. Maybe Metalica, industrial worlds are more likely to have answers.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:35 No.14032749
    >Well, looks like the calls for opening fire won out.
    <OOC> I'm lagging several posts behind thanks to the time it takes to write each entry. When I wrote the "shoot and run", it was what everyone was calling for
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:35 No.14032753
    Explain what has happened since we awoke, perhaps skipping over the whole "yeah, we took potshots at your defensive fleet" thing...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:36 No.14032754

    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:37 No.14032764
    This is where we facepalm......

    "Seriously, here too. Look, I'm apparently from the Dark Age of Technology. My ship for some reason, probably a warp storm, dropped me out of warp space 20000 ish years in the future. You mind filling me in on what the hell has happened in the past 20,000 years? If not, we probably are going to have to go to someone else.....hell, is there even anyone else. From what I remember of Mars it was a booming place of science and technology. Not some red dirt ball planet....."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:37 No.14032769

    Look for something to pound our head into in frustration.

    "My name is Simon Tam. I have been caught in a warp storm for 20,000 years. I just arrived at earth to find lunatics in antique ships yelling about a god emperor and dark ages and threatening me. Please tell me what the hell is going on,"
    >> Glassberg Never 02/25/11(Fri)01:38 No.14032780
    Some do, the one a colonist would have could make anything he might need, if he had the proper materials. It could tell you had to make a house given a stack of lumber and some nails, but you can't throw metal at one until guns fall out.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:39 No.14032784
    STCs are Standard Template Construct databases. There are none remaining in M41. Only printouts remain.

    "What do you mean, inside a planet's gravitational field? I know that it would have been a problem in times of old, but the ship's computer compensates for the curved geometrics of gravitationally distorted realspace."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:39 No.14032789
    These two, very much.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:39 No.14032790
    (OP, I know that quest threads are run by majority rule, but please do take some GM's discretion at critical times. Opening fire on Solar Fleet was a tremendously bad move.)

    "I beg your pardon...uh, sir? This is the vessel that fired on "Battlefleet solar, but I assure you it was in self-defense. You see, I've just warped in from 22,000 years ago due to a crazy trick of the warp, and the first thing these people due is threaten me with death. So I hoped I could find more reasonable minds on Mars."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:40 No.14032797
    No. Get out.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:40 No.14032800
    I seem to have suffered some kind of malfunction of my warp drive. I have reason to believe that I have been caught in a warp-storm for a rather significant amount of time.

    I was threatened by the barbarians in control of Terra, and was forced to disable their weapons systems before they could fire on me.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:40 No.14032801
    Well, yeah, that was pretty much what I meant. It might not make just /one/ thing, but it would be stuff for a specific purpose, not the whole technological knowledge of the DAoT (though who knows, there could be one like that). *Shrugs*
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:41 No.14032802
    An STC contains the full knowledge of the Dark Age, and is capable of providing complete instructions for the construction of nearly anything, provided you tell it what resources you have. The schematics it spits out are STC printouts, which is what people are normally referring to when they say STC.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:41 No.14032807
    "What do you mean with: how did you manage to emerge within a planet's gravitational field? Every ship is able to do that what should be so special about this? You ask what is going on?
    Well I would love to know myself what is going on. I was on route to Terra to visit my Sister. When I came out of the stasis chamber. The Ship's AI tells me that 22,000 years have passed since I entered the warp. Terra nor Mars look anything like they are supossed to do. I would love to know what has happend during these 22,000 years.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:42 No.14032809
    The masked man gives you a stare that he probably means to be imposing, but is actually just silly given all his gadgetry. "Your story is implausible, but given your unprecedented use of warp drive technology the Mechanicum is willing to entertain your notions at least for now. Dock your vessel at Void Station 14,621 and we will speak further.

    *We have another hail* Veronica chimes in. *This one from an approaching ship. It registers as a Borealis class battleship, last produced two thousand years since we originally took off. Its shields read 20wf.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:43 No.14032821
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:45 No.14032850
    <OOC> Ehh, it was plausible. Simon is panicking, out of his element, and from his perspective it looks like he's being harassed by yokels.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:46 No.14032860
    Hurmmm, after checking, you are right. Oh dear, if Mars gets this, the setting gets broken. Well shit.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:46 No.14032861

    See if we can extract some sort of vow or promise on the whole not killing us thing.

    Then dock. Carefully.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:46 No.14032870
    Start moving toward the dock. Take the hail.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:47 No.14032878

    Put both on together.

    "Okay... can we all talk this though maybe?"
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:47 No.14032879
    "Mechanicum? Sorry, buddy. I'm not docking anywhere till I get an explanation. Hell, a short run down of history would be fine. Just give me some damn reason to trust you. Also, call off your lackey behind me."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:47 No.14032884
    OOC: -God-, /tg/ can be so dumb sometimes.

    Discretion is the better part of valour. Too bad its a bit too late to make amends to Battlefleet Solar.

    We're a god damn civilian ship, people. A very strong one, but we don't really -stand- a chance against the heart of the Imperium.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:47 No.14032885
    And for emperor's sake, don't tell them about the STC just yet.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)01:47 No.14032887
    Maintain orbit for a moment, but try to stay away from that battleship for the moment.

    "No. I'm sorry, I've had a really bad.. 22,000 years here. I'm going to need more than a 'implausible' before I come and dock my ship. At least tell me why you are all using Ships that belong in Museums!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:47 No.14032888
    Really, there's no reason to wait every single time for us to say "Open a com link" and further slow things down.

    Also, 20wf is greater than our own shields. We might need to talk to Mars about getting asylum at this point.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:48 No.14032901
    Ignore the hail from the battleship if possible.

    Recontact the masked man we just spoke to. Request asylum and protection from the barbarians in control of Terra and their so-called "Battlefleet Solar".
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:51 No.14032921
    At this point, they've just displayed a ship that has shields 4 times as powerful as the first ship we encountered, and in fact are stronger than ours. It's not unreasonable to assume they have stronger vessels still. Saying "so called" might be a bit much.
    >> Gloqenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 02/25/11(Fri)01:52 No.14032927
    20wf is greater wf output than our shields yes. That does not mean that it can stand up to actual consistent and precise laser fire considering the fact that we are a smaller ship, have better targeting systems and probably even better energy efficiency, say we get hit by a laser that ship possesses, we could probably shrug it off.

    "Veronica, give me a scan of that ships weapons and power availability to it's shields. Also, open the com to them."

    Think about it like this. We have an SUV in modern times with a hunting crossbow for a weapon. They have wooden horse drawn carriages and a regular olden times crossbow. Ours are more accurate and more powerful. That ship behind us is probably a horse drawn carriage with some damn metal strapped on to its sides with slight better olden times crossbows.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:52 No.14032928
    In character, was Planet of the Apes still known during the DAoT ?
    If so, I'm genre savvy enough to get the hell out of here, find a nice, planet far away.

    Curiosity kills the cat, always.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:53 No.14032939
    <OOC> Long post = Long write time = too much shit gets unnoticed by me. Also, I've never GMed a quest before.

    "Unknown vessel, this is Admiral Octavian of the Unending Hatred. You fired upon vessels of the Imperial Navy and will face the consequences!"

    The man in the crazy mask addresses Admiral Octavian: "We have instructed him to dock at VS14621, allow him to do so and you may be present."

    The admiral responds angrily: "You're damn right I will be present! Vessel, make no move to flee and keep your weapons powered down. Proceed to the void station and you will not be fired upon but deviate from the course in the slightest and we will unload an entire broadside into you."

    Again with the broadsides. Your head starts to spin, and Veronica cheerfully informs you that while the battleship can be incapacitated in 23.85 seconds and she has identified "void station 14,621" as a small station about four minutes conventional flight away.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:53 No.14032941

    This. Since it seams that your warp drive technology is far superior to what they know and they are obvisiously interested in it make them an offer. You are willing to share your knowledge and in contrast you get asylum and protection from the barbarians from terra and their battleship.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:53 No.14032946
    I agree with both of your sentiments. I also think that emphasis should be placed on getting asylum with the Martians, what with the battleship coming up behind us being an actual, credible (if old and antiquated) threat to our survival.

    Maybe we could bring our ship in within the aegis of the Mars planetary defense grid?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:55 No.14032962
    Acknowledge, and go to the station. We're in enough trouble already.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)01:56 No.14032979

    We have to remember than we are a civilian ship too, A civilian ship whose shields are not even approaching the top of their class.

    We could assume that battleships from or time had 150 or more.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)01:58 No.14032997
    You sit down as Veronica guides the ship into the station. Your head is killing you and you feel like you might throw up. The battleship lags behind quite a bit, and you set down with a small thump. The hatch hisses open and you queasily look out at four people in red robes, most of which are wearing masks like the other guy. It's weird, in parts they don't look like masks.

    One points something that looks like a gun at you and tells you to step out of the ship. He then, in a less stern voice, asks if you really are from the DAoT.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:59 No.14033007
    Dock at the void station. Meet with the admiral and the Martian representative.

    See if you can explain the situation.

    Worst case scenario, you're already on board a Martian void station, and it seems that grants you some degree of protection from the Terrans.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:59 No.14033008
    whats are void suit like ?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)01:59 No.14033011
    OOC: Opening fire won't gain us any friends.

    Requesting asylum guarantees us one of three things: 1) the hope the Adeptus Mechanicus will embrace our knowledge with open arms and accept us as equals or... 2) they'll grant us asylum, confiscate our ship and give us a life of misery and servitude unlocking the secrets of the STC. Oh, and 3) they kill us for tech-heresy, take the ship, delete the AI and claim the STC for themselves.

    The only bargaining chip that we are (in-character) aware of right now is our ship. If our ship is taken away, we lose our freedom. In character, I have no idea what our dude should do.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:00 No.14033020

    "All I know is that my ships computer told me I'd been asleep for 20,000 years. I don't know what the warp blasted fuck else has happened in that time. Except everyone seems to want to kill me, and everyone's forgotten how to make decent ships. "
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:01 No.14033027

    "I don't even Know what that Is!

    I was was doing was bringing a plasma Statue to my Sister for her Birthday, I don't know how any of this Happened, and my ship is telling me I've somehow catapulted myself 22,000 years into the future!
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:01 No.14033030
    Really, really, really advanced space suit. Gravity thrusters allow movement in a vacuum, plenty of oxygen allows you to breathe for days, you get the idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:03 No.14033048
    Tell him that you don't know anything about a "Dark Age", or any galactic history after a certain date. All you know is that you seem to have been stuck in the warp for a seemingly impossible amount of time.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:03 No.14033049
         File1298617435.jpg-(10 KB, 256x197, why did tg have to do that.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:05 No.14033065
    how much Armour ?

    terminator Armour use to be for repairs in plasma reactors, get my drift ?
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:09 No.14033097
    "I don't even know what that is! All I wanted to do was give my sister her birthday present, and now people are talking about god emperors and dark ages! I have no idea what's going on, I mean why is Mars red for fuck's sake!? It hasn't seen an iron-rich soil in millennia!"

    The soldier looks at you almost apologetically. "Look, I'm sorry for the stress, could you please just follow me? You left the Hatred in the dust, it won't be here for about half an hour. The Magus wants to talk to you, he can explain things better than I can."

    You let yourself be led through the station. Veronica talks to you via the com link in your augmetic ear, she explains that more red-robed people are looking through your ship but she's sealed the door to your bedroom, thinking that you wouldn't want them poking through your stuff.

    Eventually you make it to what looks like a conference room, inside is the man in the mask from before along with more soldiers. Everyone is wearing red.

    "You clocked near lightspeed on a craft that shouldn't be capable of a tenth of that, and before that you made a warp transition within the gravitational field of a planet. Oh, and let's not forget that you destroyed the weapons on five Fury class interceptors in mere seconds. Mister Tam, you are giving great credulousness to your claims of originating from the fabled Age of Technology."
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:11 No.14033106
    Practically nothing by your standards, equal to low-tier power armor by Imperial standards.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:13 No.14033135
    we aught to wear that shit every where.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:13 No.14033136
    "That's... great, I guess. Sorry about the ships. I was having a little trouble with a Captain Aranson. Perhaps you know of him?"
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:14 No.14033137

    May I ask if we have any other Augmentations, also, what Is on our person at the current time?

    "What the Hell happened, why is it the 'dark' age of Technology? and why are you all using Ships that were scrapped for better desgins thousands of years ago...

    Are you really telling me these ships are your most advanced? Why are you firing manually? And what exactlyis compleeing you to wear those Bloody Masks!"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:14 No.14033144
    "I'm too tired for lies. According to my computer's estimates, I could have done the same to the Hatred in about 24 seconds. Seriously, why are you using upgunned museum pieces? Also, what happened in the last twenty-two millennia?"
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:15 No.14033146

    Bah, Compelling.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:17 No.14033166
    OH GOD. What the FUCK happened while we were away? Imagine a Roman citizen being frozen in 100 AD and thawed out 5 centuries later.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:17 No.14033170
    "I am glad I finally found someone who believes me.
    I hope we can forget the rough start and discuss this like civilised men. I have alot of questions and I guess you have too. So could you please fill me in on what has happend during the last 22,000 years?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:17 No.14033172
    >i don't think that word means what you think it means
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:18 No.14033174
    this is the main reason i hate humans in 40k, how mankind was so much more advanced thousands of years in the past from when the story takes place, it just really annoys me
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:19 No.14033193
    >durr wut r dark ages?
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:21 No.14033204
    Your left ear is the only organ replacement surgery you've undergone, done so you didn't have to carry a phone with you. A microphone comes standard with it, both activated by thought. Additionally, you have gotten a general performance update across your entire body, you are 58 years old but have the body of a 24 year old olympic athlete, and a general purpose information unit implanted in the palm of your hand; this functions as a combination of debit card and ID. With your com-link to Veronica you have access to all of her information, which comprises pretty much all applicable knowledge. Having a 600 Exabyte storage drive lets you store a hell of a lot of information.

    You're wearing the clothes you went into stasis in, a set of everyday casual wear. Your pockets are empty save for yo
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:22 No.14033217
    i never said that those never annoyed me, they do, but what does that have to do with the 40k storyline?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:22 No.14033221
    >Your pockets are empty save for yo

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:22 No.14033223

    1/2 a yo-yo?

    The DAoT must have been amazing to invent Yo's
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:23 No.14033232
    Wait I thought warp travel was slow even for DAOT humans.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:26 No.14033260

    I'm sure it was, its just 8 times as slow for the Imperium.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:28 No.14033275
    We're only hopping around in-system. Not too much time involved.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:28 No.14033280
    Blame autocorrect.

    "I don't know what the age of technology is. I didn't know I would be catapulted into the future, I was on my way to a birthday party damn it! And why are you making my ship sound so terrific? I got it used and it wasn't all that good new. All the ships I've seen so far are incredibly old, and it sounds like you're using them by hand. And do you have to wear those crazy masks all the time?

    "Mister Tam, our ships are top of the line models based on STC printouts Mechanicum Exploritor teams have recovered. The Age of Technology was a time thousands of years ago when mankind walked in communion with the Machine God, and wielded technology far surpassing anything seen sense. Simon, the Hatred is one of the fastest ships in its class, and yet it will still be 21 minutes before it completes the journey you made in two.

    Listen, the Admiral will be extremely angry with you. He will likely request your execution. The Mechanicum can protect you, but only if we have some reason to give the Admiral why you should be surrendered to our custody. Do you happen to possess any more examples of ancient technology than your warp and realspace drives? A gun perhaps, or a suit of armor?
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:30 No.14033296
    OOC: Okay, that was odd. That line was supposed to be "your pockets are empty", not sure where the yo came from.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:30 No.14033299
    for the love of god do not show them the AI
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:31 No.14033304
    Nothing more than my average STC system. Why?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:31 No.14033311
    Hmmm. Should we tell him about the STC? I'm betting he'd shit a brick, if all they've got are printouts.

    Or we could just give him the void-suit to keep the Admiral off our backs.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:31 No.14033312

    Okay the question now is do we tell them we have a STC. Or do we keep that for us and just tell them about the void suit?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:32 No.14033319
    "I've got an STC, some tools, and my sister's birthday present. My long dead sister's birthday present, I guess."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:32 No.14033322
    "Yes, brb." Go get them a print out for something small.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:33 No.14033323
    Why keep it? It's just an STC, everyone has one.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:33 No.14033328
    bring them a print out for that yo
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:33 No.14033329

    "STC Printouts you've 'recovered?' What happened to the STC? I don't have a gun or armor, I'm a civilian. The closest thing would be my void suit."

    (OOC: We should keep that STC a secret. It'll be our Ace-in-the-hole in case we get into deep shit.)
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:33 No.14033336
    These guys are keeping us from being shot. STC should be fine.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:34 No.14033338
    "Based on STC you say? I have one of those."

    Mechanicus shits them selves

    Mr. Tam executed


    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:34 No.14033345
    Given what they just said about their ships being the best stuff based on printouts they could get, I think it should be obvious to us everyone does not, in fact, have one.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:35 No.14033347

    I'm going to assume that by now we have realized that Throwing over an Entire working STC may not be the best Idea, and that we could use a bargaining chip or two.

    Offer them a Printout from our STC, perhaps of a personal Shield or something, Say it was part of the gift we were bringing. DO NOT let anyone else accompany you into your room, and put on the void suit when you make the printout. It could also be wise to tell veronica to be quiet. strengthen every advantage you have.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:35 No.14033348
    My void suit, I guess? Some tools? An STC?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:36 No.14033361

    They mentioned they recovered printouts. That means they probably lost the STC. Don't show them the STC; it''l be our get out of jail for free card. Just give them the void suit.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:38 No.14033377
    Seems weird, but alright.
    Give 'em that and some printouts.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:39 No.14033387

    This is good. Print out schematics for something like your void suit or a shield. There's no reason to put on our void suit though. We don't think it's that good of armor, do we?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:40 No.14033394
    Offering the STC is the in-game thing to do. Everyone saying to "hold onto it" is metagaming.

    We're a civilian from the Golden Age of Man. STCs are something farmer john has in his backyard while Iron Men work the fields.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:40 No.14033395

    Keep the void suit for ourself. Keep in mind we won't be able to get a new one and that thing could save our life.
    Instead give them STC Printouts.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:41 No.14033399
    While you're contemplating what to do, one of the soldiers speaks up: "Mister Tam, sir, is it true that back then there really were thinking machines? And that they rebelled against you?" "Pipe down Jagotel" the man who is apparently their leader interjects. "We will not have mention of such heritechal technologies as artificial intelligences on my void station! By the way mister Tam, my teams are having trouble exploring your ship. All we have found is a simple living quarter, where is the bridge? Navigation? Engineering? Where are firing bays of the guns you destroyed the Furies with?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:41 No.14033400
    "Do you have means to scan my body? If you have, do so now."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:42 No.14033408
    Metagaming? What the hell? How is that metagaming?
    We just got told that they only have STC Printouts.
    If Mars the planet which used to be a beacon of technology has only printouts. It is fucking obvious that the STC is of incredible value.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:42 No.14033409
    "Well, yeah. The Iron Men di- wait, what do you mean, rebelled?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:43 No.14033411

    Yeah, I possess an AI, you know? Artificial Intelligence? I got it with me, I even have plans to make some if ou like, would you like me to construct an artificial intellignece for you?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:43 No.14033413
    okay, then.
    Tell them you have an advanced locking mechanism or something, then tell them about the STC copy you have. That will keep them interested in your survival.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:43 No.14033420

    This... this is bad.

    "The ship is automatic, it is keyed to respond to commands given to my by implants coded to my DNA and brainwave patterns. Engineering is sealed to conserve the need for life support while traveling."

    "I have some tools, and a plasma sculpture you may find interesting"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:43 No.14033421
    bad idea.

    very. bad. idea
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:45 No.14033432
    "What bays? The ship has standard automation, everything can be run by one person. Boy, you guys REALLY lost a lot."
    >> Glassberg Never 02/25/11(Fri)02:45 No.14033434
    This guy.

    If some native asked me for an example of technology, I'd show them my phone and iPod, or my computer if I had it with me. They would be MIND-BLOWING to them, but to me they're no-longer-even-close-to-top-of-the-line tech that everyone has.

    >All this Mechanicus talk is getting to me, I just apologized to my computer for insulting it.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:45 No.14033435
    "Thinking machines? You mean AI? Yeah, we had them doing most of the menial stuff. Nobody needs to get their hands dirty cleaning toilets, you know? But, rebelled? Not that I know of. I guess that must've happened during the time I missed. Can I get that history book soon?"

    "I locked most of the doors on my ship because I didn't want you guys to activate something on accident. The weapons are integrated into the hull, and all the subsystems are combined in the navcomputer. It's got a (fuckhuge capacity/processing speed here) core.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:46 No.14033444

    Brilliant Idea. They don't get to know about the Ai. And beeing the only one to be able to command that ship makes our life even more valuable.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:48 No.14033455

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:49 No.14033458

    Okay, keep the void suit. Give them a print out for a suit of armor or something like that.



    "Well, the weapons bays and other systems are fairly complicated. They're used and controlled by the means of a vocal interface tuned to my voice specifically. The computer then alerts me of situations audibly through speakers."

    Through the Com-Link to Veronica: Veronica, lay low. Don't give any indication that you're on-board. Apparently these... engineers don't like AI. We'll have to make sure they never know you're there.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)02:49 No.14033461
    Okay, time for a vote. Simon tells them about any or all of the following:

    1: The void suit and tools. (Suit is described earlier, tools are sufficient to repair just about any minor problem and are themselves essentially a tiny Standard Template Constructor)
    2: The plasma sculpture (magnetic fields shape the plasma into whatever form the user describes with intricate detail, then maintains it indefinitely)
    3: The STC (Whoo boy)
    4: Veronica (Whoo boy^12)
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:50 No.14033469

    I'd say 2, then 1.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)02:50 No.14033470

    1.) the tools and Void suit. Mention we are the only one that can control the ship and that if we were to have an accident or be incapacitated, the ship would become useless.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:51 No.14033478
    1, 2 up front. Mention 3 in passing and wait for brick-shitting. Order Veronica to keep herself quiet.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:51 No.14033479
    do number 2, but if they don't buy it or it isn't enough then i think we should do number 1
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:51 No.14033480
    Option 2. We need some bargaining chips, and seriously, as long as they don't know about the STC, they have no reason to take us apart. Stay interesting, live longer.
    >> Glassberg Never 02/25/11(Fri)02:52 No.14033482
    Well after that earlier comment I would keep Veronica a secret, but probably show them the STC, maybe emphasize that they can't fly the ship if they kill you.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:52 No.14033483
    >>5. Verionica feels the warp over taking her.

    I vote #2
    >> Glassberg Never 02/25/11(Fri)02:53 No.14033492
         File1298620423.jpg-(29 KB, 358x266, 42541.jpg)
    29 KB
    >Simon Tam's face when someone accidentally a demon
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:54 No.14033497
    wait, why would they want to kill you if they know you have an STC onboard?
    But yes, show them 1 and 2 first
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:54 No.14033498

    2, then if they're not satisfied 1.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:55 No.14033503
    This. We really have no reason to be this cautious. Why would we care if they got an STC, it isn't like we're getting back on our ship any time soon.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:55 No.14033504

    I think number 2 would be a good starter. I am sure we could need the void suit and tools for our self.
    If the plasma sculpture isn't enough we can still tell them about the void suit and the tools.
    The other ideas are very bad.
    The only thing keeping us alive is their interest in our knowledge.
    If they know about the STC what would they need us for?
    And it seams that they aren't to keen of AIs. So telling them about Veronica before we have more info about what they think about AIs we should keep our mouth shut about her.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:56 No.14033510
    1, then 2. The tools would be most useful to them for wide ranges of use. The plasma sculpture technology could be easily made into weapons (lightsabers anyone?).

    I don't think we need to mention the STC, but if push comes to shove, suggest that we have a better bargaining chip, if they're willing to offer more in return.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:57 No.14033518
    Order Veronica to lock-out most of the STC's functions and knowledge.

    If we are the only one who can access it, we remain valuable.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:58 No.14033520
    Remember the STC printout of a KNIFE that the AdMEch gave the discoverers a PLANET EACH for?
    Why didn't they just kill them and take it?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:59 No.14033526

    We need bargaining chips; don't just throw that away. Besides, the could just kill us and grab the STC.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)02:59 No.14033528
    Number 2, while wearing our void suit. POut the STC into our pocket. Also, arm with something small from the armoury. Instruct Veronica to lay low, only communicate in text and hide her sentience.
    >> Iron Lung 02/25/11(Fri)02:59 No.14033530
    I vote....an antagonist race, say the Necrons, show up, hack our ship, and vanish with it.
    Everyone freaks the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033541
    The plasma sculpture.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033543
    Also, longer term plan, involving metagaming: As soon as we learn about machine spirits and shit, discreetly get a tech magos to sanction and consecrate Veronica. Better safe than sorry.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033547

    My name is Simon?
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033548
    You don't know what a "heretech" is, but it doesn't sound good and so you make a mental note not to mention Veronica. "The ship is mostly automated, those systems are controlled by..." "Neural implants that interface with subsystems slaved to a central processing core." Veronica cuts in. You parrot her explanation, hardly any of which makes sense to you. That kind of technical mumbo jumbo is best left to AI.

    "As for some technology, I don't really have much. How about the plasma sculpture I was bringing my sister?"

    The people in red look intrigued. "Plasma tech from the ancient times would be wonderful, and I believe that that may be enough to placate the Admiral. Where is this sculpture located?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033549
    Damn, got to go to work.
    Oh well. In before your sisters sculpture is in the shape of one of the chaos symbols, summons demons and gets us blammed for Heresy
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033550
    The discoverers were citizens of the Imperium. We're some unknown schlub claiming to be from the Dark Age of Technology.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:01 No.14033551

    What? No reason to be this cautious?
    Remember the Admiral wants us fucking dead for attacking their ships. The reason we are still alive is because the Admech wants to learn about technology from us. If they have a STC which enables every moron to produce everything what would prevent them from handing us over. They already have everything they want thanks to the STC.
    The STC is our most important asset.
    By now we have grasped that they have lost all STC. So it doesn't take a genius to realise just how important that is. If they for some reason decide to hand us over or harm us, we can tell them that we have an STC onboard and that if we get killed the ship will destroy itself.
    We still don't know who these guys are and if we can trust their word. It's always good to have a nice backup plan.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:03 No.14033568
    The sculpture's in our room, right? The same room that has the STC in it?

    Possible problem detected.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:04 No.14033576
    We have an STC, I don't think it's in any fucking doubt.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:05 No.14033583
    In my bedroom. I'll unlock it for you.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:07 No.14033599
    Unlock the bedroom. "In my room. Don't mess it up."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:08 No.14033603
    How, exactly, can we understand them?
    They are speaking a language that does not even resemble ours.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:11 No.14033617
    Veronica auto-pilot my brain, this is giving me an headache.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:11 No.14033621

    "In my bedroom. Allow me to get it for you. I'm afraid it's not of an impressive size, but I guess that'll make it easy to transport."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:12 No.14033627
    "I cannot vouch for the safety of anyone entering the ship without me. The systems are keyed and slaved to my neural implants, and non-authorized people rummaging through the ship could have unexpected results. The security mechanism is much like my body's immune system, beyond my conscious control. I offer you, Sir" - look at the leader - "the opportunity to accompany me and witness the technology first hand. Keep your scanners trained on me, to satisfy your doubts."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:14 No.14033645
    cognitive implants built from handwavium.

    Alternatively, High Gothic is Golden Age common.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:14 No.14033646

    I like this.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)03:15 No.14033659
    >> KarmaFix !!meTGBePAbSq 02/25/11(Fri)03:15 No.14033661
         File1298621727.jpg-(76 KB, 700x975, med_res1.jpg)
    76 KB
    sorry for horrible quality
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:15 No.14033663

    Sounds good.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)03:18 No.14033691
    "It's in my bedroom. The door is locked, let me go back to my ship and I'll get it for you." "That is acceptable mister Tam, but my Skitarii guards will be escorting you so do not think to run."

    You make your way back to the hanger, where the Belfast remains. More red robed people are inside, looking bewildered as they poke at the walls. "I have kept everything sensitive away from them" Veronica informs you. When you're in front of the bedroom door, a woosh accompanies its opening. All the Martians cluster around you as you walk in and take the sculpture, still in its gift wrap. Unwrapping it, you set it on a table and start it up. Magnetic fields engage and hydrogen plasma forms a brilliant ball about the size of a grapefruit. "You can form the plasma like clay, and the magnetics hold the shape" you explain as you twist and contort it into nothing in particular.

    "How long can this be maintained before an overheat?" the one they called Magus asks. "It won't overheat." You reply. "It lasts until the power cell goes dead." "Plasma technology that does not overheat and whose magnetic containment is perfectly efficient..." Magus mutters, swirling the plasma around with a finger. You notice he has a clunky glove just like his mask. "This will revolutionize the entire plasmonics field."

    "Magus" one of the soldiers says. "Admiral Octavian has arrived and demands audience with mister Tam." "Quickly" Magus asks you, "Do you possess an STC printout for this marvelous thing? If the Mechanicum can produce such perfect plasma tech it will be the greatest discovery in millennia, and far more than enough to placate the Admiral."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:18 No.14033694
    do it

    what was are dudes job btw ?
    he should be a total video game nerd.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:20 No.14033703
    Excuse me while I ask uninformed questions before I start reading this...

    Are we a cyborg?

    Do we have near technological immortality like in Eclipse Phase?

    Please tell me we get to meet Tech priests and troll them hard!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:20 No.14033708
    "Sure. I'll go print out a copy right now."

    I mean, I know it's stupid, but that's meta-gaming.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)03:20 No.14033711

    Uhhh, Yes

    I keep it.. In my... Underpants...uhh, Storage Facility..

    Let me go grab them, Uh, it.. for you..

    Run in, shut the door, print out, run back.

    or this, but not as silly.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:20 No.14033716
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)03:21 No.14033721
    OOC: that was gibberish. Veronica heard everything you heard, and realizes that they're wouldn't like her very much, so she gave you an explanation that at least sounds plausible.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:21 No.14033724
    "Of course. Why wouldn't I?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:22 No.14033735
    Our only augmentation is an internal cellphone. We have genetic longevity mods, but not immortality.

    The Emperor had some awesome stuff when he made the Astartes.
    >> Wattania !4moecyvXBw 02/25/11(Fri)03:22 No.14033738

    This, I want to see the reactions as we grab our STC, bring it over, skim past the schematics for the ships that were firing at us, and click on the statue, before presenting the readout to him.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:23 No.14033745

    "I do. It's possessed in my computer's database. I'll print it out for you."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:23 No.14033746
    "Well, yeah, of course I do. One second."
    Print that shit out.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:23 No.14033749
    I like this. Dance around the STC aspect so we always have the chance of revealing it.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:25 No.14033768
    Damnit, my beautifully laid out plan negated. Here's a hint: Keep another thread tab open, F5 it before submitting, that way you get the latest replies and can work with them.

    "Incidentally, I happen to have a printout. I need a few private moments though, to gather belongings. I might not see my ship again for a long time, and want to make sure that I have everything I might need with me. Don't want my implants to give out anytime soon, and your systems probably can't recharge them."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:25 No.14033774

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:25 No.14033776
    Good idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:26 No.14033777

    I think I have the one I printed out before leaving for Earth still by my bunk. What... what happened to the libraries of Mars? Why... what... I... Earth...

    *fall to knees and begin to shake with the realization that everything is horribly horribly wrong*

    What happened?!?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:26 No.14033782
    Get Veronica to print out the most obtuse, technical, jargon-filled schematic she possible can. The more mysterious the better.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:26 No.14033783
    I wonder if Veronica would see a Titan body as an upgrade or a downgrade.

    Size vs quality?
    >> Iron Lung 02/25/11(Fri)03:27 No.14033790
    Cosmetically age it, as well.
    Anything to make clear it isn't fresh from the STC itself.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)03:27 No.14033795
    "Sure, give me just a second" you say. You hear a loud thump and shouting by what sounds like Admiral Octavian. Back in your bedroom, you boot up your STC and request a printed schematic for a small plasma travel sculpture. With it in hand, you return to the main deck, where Magus is showing the Admiral the sculpture, who isn't terribly impressed.

    "Here you go" you say, handing the printout to Magus. He looks at it quizzically. "This STC printout looks brand new yet I can tell by the quality it is not a pictocopy. Where did you get this?"

    "From my STC of course."

    OOC: That's all folks, I have to work tomorrow. I'll start a second chapter to this sometime later this week.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:28 No.14033798

    This is not pansy quest.

    We are Golden Man, the best that Homo Sapiens ever turned out. We took this galaxy, and even our degenerate descendants are still holding onto it.

    We do not cry.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:28 No.14033799
    Lol what?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:28 No.14033802
    That. Being overly concerned about the STC really is metagaming. We are still reeling from being in some fucked up gothic dark age, why the fuck would we consider a book of blueprints that important?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:28 No.14033806
    Oh boy, here we go. You are good man.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:28 No.14033808
    it would need titan boobs

    any ways we should hold are cards close right now get them a print out say it's on the database (not the STC database but just you ships)
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:29 No.14033813
         File1298622555.jpg-(33 KB, 331x319, tearsofjoy.jpg)
    33 KB
    I love this quest already.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:29 No.14033817
    A BACKUP book of blueprints, probably. I mean, come on. Just hand them over. We can convince these barbarians we're worth keeping alive.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:30 No.14033822
    This should be good.
    The Magos better either faint on the spot, jizz his robes, or just stand there in shock.
    Preferably all of them in reverse order.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:31 No.14033832
    >AdMech dudes discover our STC
    >direct line to Fabricator General
    >suddenly, we have our own island on Holy Terra with all the things and people we could ever want

    Seriously. A complete STC would be the most important thing to happen since the Emperor revealed himself.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:32 No.14033834
    Someone archive thread
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:32 No.14033837
    Magos stands there in shock, utters in a monotonous voice, "I HAVE NO DICK AND I MUST JIZZ", then keels over.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:33 No.14033851
    We should get him some STC blueprints for an STC.

    It'd be hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:34 No.14033862
    the best idea ever
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:36 No.14033866
    "Why did I ever replace that last 5% of my flesh?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:36 No.14033867
    "From my STC, of course. Doesn't everyone have one?"

    Emperor on Earth, the expression on his face....

    Good show, OP. One of the only quests I've enjoyed following recently.

    I do hope this is archived?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:36 No.14033872
    You can't make another STC from blueprints. Of course you can, but it comes without the data. Better to give him any printout he might request, but keep the STC itself safely tucked away.

    Well then, smell you tomorrow, folks.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:36 No.14033876

    Any idea when that would be?
    >We are still reeling from being in some fucked up gothic dark age, why the fuck would we consider a book of blueprints that important?
    You answerd your own question. Because we are in a fucked up gothic dark age where almost everything that was common during our time is lost. Knowledge is power.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:37 No.14033879
    "So I mention my STC. Next thing I know, I'm in some kind of gigantic palace on Mars and I can have literally anything I want. Funny, the curveballs life throws you, huh?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:39 No.14033903
    General smashes it in anger, we become bros with AdMech and do space stuff, calling it now.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:39 No.14033904
    Beats the fuck out of being a random civvie with a needy girlfriend, I'll tell you that.

    One of the top-ten most important people in the largest power in the galaxy. Just because I graduated high school.

    Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:40 No.14033906
    >"So I mention my STC. Next thing I know, I'm in some kind of gigantic palace on Mars and I can have literally anything I want. Funny, the curveballs life throws you, huh? Bit of a shame they turned me into a servitor who only desires to do my duty, to maintain security..."


    >yealc transgenic
    Funny you should say that, Captcha...
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:41 No.14033919
    What, and waste the only person who actually knows how to fully operate the STC?

    That would be fantastically stupid. And besides, our ship might be coded to any number of personal things.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:45 No.14033938
    Damn looks like OP is already gone.
    Now no one knows when the quest is continued.
    This quest is just too awesome and missing it would be a real shame.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:46 No.14033948
    Could we get away with calling Veronica a VI, like in Mass Effect? That is, a non-sentient program that's merely programmed for ease of use?

    It'd be offensive to her, but this isn't exactly a usual situation. And I'm sure we can make it up to her by putting her in charge of battlefleet obscurus or something.
    >> OP !IStSIACosg 02/25/11(Fri)03:48 No.14033959
    I don't really keep to a schedule as to when I go to 4chan, but let's say Sunday night; sometime around 11pm EST.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:49 No.14033970
    I'm sure they have some way to render people compliant enough to not cause any security leaks while leaving enough capability to perform the tasks they wish them to.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:50 No.14033974
    "Yeah, it's just a VI, so go ahead and PUT IT IN CHARGE OF A BATTLEFLEET."
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:51 No.14033978
    This'll be good.

    "Why are you using flashlights as guns? We used (gun name here)."

    "Would you happen to have an STC printout for that?"

    "Yeah, here you go."

    *Admech rep. squeals like a schoolgirl*

    "Did you slap a gun on top of a tractor? A real tank would be (tank name here)."

    "Would you happen to have an STC printout for that?"

    "Yeah, here you go."

    *Admech rep. runs off to nearest forgeworld*

    "Boy, these guys sure treat me nicely." As we take a sip of our 1,000 year old bottle of wine and enjoy our massage from a member of the sisters hospitaller.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:51 No.14033981
    No. Servitorization involves all your higher functions being removed. They DO NOT KNOW how to make you simply compliant, or else it would be used all the fucking time.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:52 No.14033988
    Relax man, I was exaggerating.

    Of course they're not going to put a computer program in charge of a fleet. But maybe we could grab a bigger ship and upgrade it to standard. Then go rape face all over the galaxy.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:52 No.14033990
    "Lasguns? Aren't those civilian hunting rifles?"
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:53 No.14034003
    Good idea.
    Fun fact: this will eliminate all disease, as there was an STC printout that would do just that that the Dark Eldar stole
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:56 No.14034024
    brb, trolling the fuck out of Nurgle.

    And Isha.

    "What do you mean, it took you two weeks to cure Nurgle's bellybutton rot? I fixed that shit the day it came out! What kind of goddess are you?"

    And then Isha is all over us for our drug tech.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)03:57 No.14034036
    If this quest gets continued with a serious tone, then we are going to become one of the best-kept secrets in the Imperium.

    Because the next Black Crusade would be aimed right up our ass.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:00 No.14034055
    I'm curious in the genetic differences between Golden Man and Stone Man.

    We should run a comparison when we have the time.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:00 No.14034060
    You mean, right at MARS, of all places?
    Good luck with that, Failbbadon.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:01 No.14034064
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:02 No.14034072

    I would be more concerned about power hungry Highlords, Inquisitors and the like.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:04 No.14034086
    I thought Golden Man referred to humans pre-strife, and that Stone Men were genetically engineered humans built to survive harsh planetary environments that Golden Man had lost the ability to live in, and that Iron Men were the robots.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:07 No.14034102
    Then you would be wrong.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:14 No.14034167
    Checked lexicanum.

    Wow. Can't believe I went for so long mistaken.

    thank you for not being harsh, good sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:20 No.14034214
         File1298625643.jpg-(126 KB, 561x370, the_more_you_know2.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:22 No.14034228

    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:26 No.14034264
    He would be skinned alive, have his skinned reattached, flayed alive, have NEW skin made, then given to AdMech torturers to practice every form of torture they know. They would invent NEW forms of torture, JUST for him.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:30 No.14034290
         File1298626212.jpg-(19 KB, 500x281, Doit.jpg)
    19 KB
    We must make print outs for awesome tire (by our view point) augmentations, a non-heretical means of technological immortality, and the means for the best cybernetics surgeon in all of the Adeptus Mechanicus to safely install them.
    After that we should download Veronica into our newly enhanced brain and she will encrypt herself for protection. If we are religious, we will convert to the Machine Cult. Else, we pretend to convert to it.

    We will be the most epic Tech Priest EVER!
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)04:55 No.14034477
    Well even though this quest is hilariously silly, it has been very enjoyable sitting here giggling like a schoolgirl.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)06:39 No.14034982
    Except they can do something similar, as should be obvious from some of the augments high ranking AdMech recieve (removal of emotions, addition of memory space, hell, even moving the mind from a body to a machine can be done), it's just not the kind of thing they waste on random people (ie, anyone not of high AdMech ranking). I'm pretty sure they would make an exception for someone who knew how to use an STC. Hell, you think a random DAoT peep who's probably never put up with much hardship in his life could hold /anything/ back from the Inquisition? Let alone whatever horrible virus' the AdMech can unleash.

    >funds wstsou
    Yes Captcha, for the AdMech in a situation like this, funds are meaningless.
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)11:17 No.14036341
         File1298650645.jpg-(29 KB, 640x480, Fear.jpg)
    29 KB
    Does the STC contain any medical equipment that could help us revive the Emperor of Mankind?
    >> Anonymous 02/25/11(Fri)11:31 No.14036429
    I didn't see an archive so...

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