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  • File : 1294021696.jpg-(67 KB, 468x318, tokyo_genso_1.jpg)
    67 KB Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:28 No.13378007  
    So I'm interested in apocalypses.

    I think there are a lot new fantasy catastrophes waiting to be discovered. Do you have any ideas to contribute?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:28 No.13378017
         File1294021726.jpg-(106 KB, 600x424, romain-laurent_tilt-campaign_5.jpg)
    106 KB
    Especially in the field of "traditional" fantasy, there are some elements that I don't think have been very well explored. Like the fact that many worlds are made of flat planes.

    What if the center of gravity slowly started shifting in one of these worlds, until the "ground" was completely vertical? How would the few survivors adapt?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:29 No.13378028
         File1294021782.jpg-(24 KB, 640x480, 163737086aHJqHa_ph.jpg)
    24 KB
    Another one I'm interested in is deadly rain.

    What if it suddenly just started raining non-stop and the rain melted human flesh. How would humans adapt?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:30 No.13378035
    Initial Cause: magical cataclysm and psychological warfare
    Threats: giant bears, diseased animals, and disease
    Survivors: 19.0% of the population
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:31 No.13378056
    Sturdy leather clothes similar to the middle eastern head to toe robe thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:34 No.13378082
    Initial Cause: bioengineered plague and cultists
    Threats: toxic food, diseased humans, pools of acid, and giant wolves
    Survivors: 28.3% of the population
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:36 No.13378115
    I was thinking of something kinda similar. Like... dust or spores in the air. Breathing it in makes you go insane, so people have to stay inside or go out in protective gear or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:36 No.13378119
         File1294022198.jpg-(22 KB, 544x400, Spider charmer.jpg)
    22 KB

    Grappling hooks and Spider-man.

    >>coolness Linund
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:40 No.13378172
    One thing I thought about was if one specific kind of material just disappeared of started to degrade rapidly.

    Like metal. What if all the metal on earth just vaporized? Shit would get real.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:44 No.13378216

    Or worse, if all the iron rapidly oxidized and filled the air. Then you would have massive structural damage, landscapes would shift, industry halted, no tools, and massive clouds of airborne rust to kill people and the environment.
    It would be the perfect storm of global destruction, and it would still make room for people in environmental suits to scrabble around concrete rubble, beating each other with clubs.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:47 No.13378271
    Hmm... suddenly every single animal on earth becomes hostile towards humans?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:49 No.13378302

    Welcome to the real world.

    The only animal that hasn't killed a human yet is Goldfish, and not through lack of trying.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:51 No.13378326
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:57 No.13378400
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:02 No.13378453
    Yeah, I imagine like... people living in skyscrapers in little colonies, you know? Siphoning water off to little greenhouses to farm. Herding rats for meat, maybe?

    If it's constantly raining, the streets must flood down below. Maybe they have some people who work as scavengers to go out and gather supplies and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:04 No.13378485
    Caves could be a good source. Basements, cliffs, etc. Building would collapse easily I'd imagine.

    People could travel by means of climbing gear: ropes that have been firmly fastened into rock or concrete. For food I imagine... birds, scavenging canned food, cannibalism? It would be tough.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:06 No.13378506
    That's no funny dude. My brother was killed by a goldfish. It was a drug-deal gone bad.
    >> vanTheMad 01/02/11(Sun)22:08 No.13378534

    Goldfish are actually just a tiny breed of carp, which are considered an invasive species in many places, and thousands of dollars a year are spent to control them. You could probably make some strange eco-system breaking apocalypse about the carp eating too many of the other fish, and it throws the balance off or some shit.

    obviously, not an accurate apocalypse theory, but how many really are?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:09 No.13378537
    What if the air....turned into wood
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:10 No.13378550
    Excellent point

    People always imagine apocalypses happening on earth. But if we imagine other places, the possibilities open up.

    Like a space station could have all the air slowly sucked out of it by a hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:12 No.13378577
    They also grow based on the size of their container.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:12 No.13378579

    Or a goldfish with enormous lung capacity.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:13 No.13378585
         File1294024403.jpg-(29 KB, 400x347, mothra19616.jpg)
    29 KB
    Close, but you're missing something.

    What if ALSO every human on earth shrank to 1/10 their original size? Or what if all the hostile animals became enormous? Now that's good.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:14 No.13378595
         File1294024450.jpg-(41 KB, 275x216, cylindrical_colony.jpg)
    41 KB
    Forgot my image, not that it matters.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:15 No.13378603
    What if a meteor shower blinded everyone who watched it, and then strange new mobile plant creatures began to kill off Earth's blinded inhabitants with some kind of crazy poison?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:15 No.13378612
    All the porn sites on the internet go down simultaneously for 24 hours. Horny basement dwellers everywhere commit suicide.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:17 No.13378629

    Horny basement dwellers have a backup stash on their own hard drives.

    But suppose all electricity on the earth went down for 24 hours? Horny basement dwellers everywhere commit suicide.

    Also, more interesting things elsewhere in the campaign. EVERYBODY WINS
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:18 No.13378643
         File1294024716.jpg-(59 KB, 601x480, NT3778851.jpg)
    59 KB
    Get me Prime Minister Churchill! We've got a best-seller on our hands!
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:19 No.13378651
    My preferred fantasy setting includes no metal reachable by man, but the idea of all iron, copper, and any workable metal suddenly vanishing or deteriorating to unusuability sounds cool too. The lost Golden Age was called so because Gold was the first metal to vanish.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:19 No.13378655

    In a fight between triffids and goldfish, who would win?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:21 No.13378674

    Have the goldfish evolved into saltwater fish?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:22 No.13378688

    It's perfectly possible to acclimate a freshwater fish to live in saltwater. No evolution necessary.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:23 No.13378700
    My personal favorite is "everyone in the world gets the ability to use magic at once". Mass panic in the streets, people setting people on fire with their minds, massive terraforming, the world's economy is completely useless, governments crumble, everyone vs. everyone.

    My second favorite is the appearance of a new planetoid in our gravitational pull that just completely ruins shit, especially if it's full of asteroids full of toxic shit that fall to Earth.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:24 No.13378706
    The earth suddenly stops spinning. Half the earth becomes a cold, dead wasteland (eventually) and the other half turns to desert, and the only habitable region becomes a small narrow band where the sun is eternally precisely over the horizon.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:24 No.13378712
    This reminds me of a long, mostly-unrelated, tedious story:

    I was watching the first episode of of an old BBC series called Connections, and it talked about what would happen if all modern technology failed suddenly. It was very chilling, because once you stopped being able to rely on the leftovers from what society had left, people genuinely do not know how to survive.

    The old quote from the show I remember is "so imagine that you've finally managed to find a farm, after all that's where the food comes from. It's taken a series of miracles for you to get this far, but do you know how to kill and butcher a cow? Do you know how to plow a field and harvest grain? And most importantly, are the previous owners of this farm still there? Are you willing to do what it takes if they won't let you into their house willingly? What, in your comfortable urban existence, has ever prepared you to make that kind of decision?"

    Good show.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:25 No.13378718
         File1294025105.jpg-(28 KB, 600x300, rainbowsplosion.jpg)
    28 KB

    I had no idea. Those triffids are fucked.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:28 No.13378760

    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:28 No.13378769
         File1294025313.png-(1.78 MB, 1456x1018, e2.png)
    1.78 MB
    Ah interesting. I like cosmic dangers. Things with planets and gravity and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:31 No.13378807
    Hellstar Remina is actually a pretty good example of that, except the planet's alive and shit. Still, it fucks up the gravity of the planet with its presence and disrupts the tides, and as an added bonus there's a giant cult riot based around appeasing the planet. You gotta figure that would happen; hundreds of years after the world changes, people fear and pray to the planet that changed the world.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:33 No.13378837
    All colors start to slowly fade away. They become dull then monochromatic. Then the contrast starts to fade away until all you can see is a flat sheet of grey. Everything is now effectively blind.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:34 No.13378846
    Oceans and all bodies of water become devoid of life and becomes deadly to drink directly. (Don't know about ground water systems though).
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:37 No.13378879

    Solar apocalypse. Fear of nuclear war means that an Endwar style nuke defence shield is built. However, this shield cannot absorb directed energy, and so, solar powered lasers are mounted on satellites by the newly established UN peacekeeping force, making most war obsolete, since the baddies can be vaporized. A group of terrorists, seeing that they can take control through these satellites, launches a massive attack on the secret base the satellites are controlled from. While trying to hijack the system, something goes wrong, and failsafes (kill everyone, zap everything) are engaged. Billions die as roughly fifty satellites blast away cities as fast as they blast individuals. Now, people are trapped underground, and the surface of the Earth is a dead, scorched hell.
    >> scaredofshadows !!dfImxwWkJxb 01/02/11(Sun)22:38 No.13378890
         File1294025939.jpg-(36 KB, 533x400, tornado-iowa.jpg)
    36 KB
    the plague on two-legs cuts all the lumber from forest, taints all the water in the sea and poisons the air

    suffocating in its own poison, mankind is beset by wrathful sea, sky and earth in retribution for its misdeeds
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:39 No.13378898
    Hydrogen no longer bonds with other elements
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:47 No.13378968
         File1294026471.jpg-(49 KB, 305x400, head asplode.jpg)
    49 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:51 No.13379013
         File1294026705.jpg-(46 KB, 345x375, Old-Farmer-717332.jpg)
    46 KB
    um...I do what I always do. Im a fucking farmer. I just have to deal with the fact Im gonna have to lose most of my heard and downsize due to lack of fuel
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:57 No.13379085
    Locate City nuke on damned neared any planet is going to fuck everything up pretty much forever.

    An 80 mile diamter half sphere suddenly crushed into the earth like the fist of an angry god is going to cause all sorts of disruptions, begnning with allthat space filling with air now that the ground is gone, and that 80miles is pretty fucking deep, so if it doesn't penetrate the mantle, it will probably become an amazingly deep inland sea that will be colder than fucking all getout and have no natural life in it.

    Tho I'm not good with geology so I dunno what would happen really.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)22:59 No.13379120
         File1294027160.jpg-(360 KB, 1920x1200, 1258490007008.jpg)
    360 KB
    That being said personally, I prefer the sort where Portion of hte population simply vanish no death and destruction just, say a few million people are gone..and promptly we switch to their view weather its river world, Lenore III the 4chan archipelago. Whatever.

    Its a point a Loft of people miss, An apocalypse is simply a large change. It doesnt have to be the end of the world just a shift in the status qou in a big way.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:02 No.13379158
    Its not pretty, think of it like an asteroid impact minus ejecta. Lots of earthquakes would occur, most likely if it is some sort of push or even a simple rapid scoop it could actually tilt the axis of a planet.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:05 No.13379206
    Oh, oh!

    Everyone on earth loses one of their five senses, but not the same one. So some people are blind, some deaf, some, some can't feel pain, etc.

    Well... i don't know if that would really destroy civilization, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:07 No.13379232

    Anywho, I'm incredulous to your claim since most farmers nowadays are on such an enormous scale that going back to substance farming with basically just a plow and animals would be difficult.

    And besides, there'd be literally thousands of people who would want to take what you have.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:09 No.13379255
    One day everybody on the planet gain psychic powers, varying in strength and type.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:11 No.13379283
    Not all of us, There are still small niche operations out there and if they did well, thank god for my fellow farmer. Co-ops are a wonderful thing you dumb chucklefuck.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:16 No.13379332
    Hmm... all plants on earth wilt and die?
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:18 No.13379349
    Continuing, I have a farm of a huge number...sixteen beefers and a handful of chickens. its not our main focus so we've kept small We're also not out West which is where the vast CAFOS that you city slickers feed off of generally are. We're also in an area that has generational farming taken place which has resulted in strong networks of cooperation and protection.

    Small farms and towns exist. They still operate pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:21 No.13379395
    Whew, I can't go five minutes without pissing someone off.

    I know, you're right. But it was still a really good episode about our reliance on modern technology.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:23 No.13379420
    I perfectly understand, really Im just venting. Ive been at work for the past six hours sitting around watching the minutes tick by. That being said I understand the concepts you're getting at. These days more than 90% of most nations populations couldnt farm it if they tried...which personally I find sickening. Hell most of them cant even hunt without someone rigging the odds.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:28 No.13379463
    Oh, no problem.

    And you're right, I think that's probably why all these apocalyptic scenarios appeal to people so much. Because it exposes just how the average person is to death at any given moment.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:33 No.13379507
    True its also a fun way to prove social ideas and concepts. Look at the project 4chan stuff. the nations that arise typically reflect a lot of the culture coming in.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:34 No.13379515
    Hmm... how about a disease that selectively rots off appendages.

    There's no telling how much it'll take off: one arm, or all your limbs, or your eyes, or your tongue, etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:37 No.13379543
    I imagine there will be still be books on the topic of agriculture and experienced farmers willing to train people with talent.

    If fuel, artificial fertilizer and herbicides dry up then farmers will suddenly need to recruit a whole lot more manual labor.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:39 No.13379566
    Alright. How about Planescape gone over-the-top?

    In other words, suddenly portals form EVERYWHERE and you constantly are terrified that one wrong step will transport you to like... the ninth plane of terror
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:40 No.13379582
    fuel especially, fertilizer for any farmer worth his salt should be abundant in the form of scat. Also a fun fact. Avoid CAFOs at all costs if you are in a post apoc world. They will be areas that would make papa nurgle sick to his stomach
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:44 No.13379612
    Everything is now carnivorous. Including non-living materials.
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:45 No.13379625
    We have that. It's called leprosy
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)00:35 No.13380147
         File1294032942.jpg-(126 KB, 468x610, tokyo_genso_2.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Maxwell Wilde 01/03/11(Mon)00:46 No.13380236
    What If weather patterns became sentient and decided fuck people?
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)01:22 No.13380629
    Hah, oh I like that a lot.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)01:37 No.13380792
         File1294036647.jpg-(173 KB, 667x659, tokyogenso_17_large.jpg)
    173 KB
    >> Maxwell Wilde 01/03/11(Mon)01:39 No.13380813
         File1294036792.jpg-(9 KB, 185x176, 185px-Pandorym.jpg)
    9 KB
    Evil hail cloud of doom
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)02:28 No.13381276
         File1294039733.jpg-(814 KB, 1930x900, tokyogenso_12_large.jpg)
    814 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)02:43 No.13381388
         File1294040638.jpg-(301 KB, 827x1169, tokyogenso_30_large.jpg)
    301 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)11:04 No.13384332
    How about the planet is being xeno-formed? A bit like evolution minus the hilarity. An alien bioshphere is slowly starting to take over the world.

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