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  • File : 1294020631.png-(214 KB, 1000x1000, SkirmishCover8.png)
    214 KB ZeroSpace General (Aka SkirmishQuest) [Canon] OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/02/11(Sun)21:10 No.13377799  
    The capture of Domino was successful. A small concentration of Garukan deserters have also joined forces. As of 0800 both of these security elements were rectified in the reserve quarantine lab, and the brig respectively.

    SciComm's scans on subject Domino, while inconclusive, are as follows.

    This xenoform human hybrid was concieved in a larval pool where most xenoforms are born from- however a majority of the subject's genes remain 98 percent human.

    The boy also shows signs of psionic empathy, carries no outstanding bacteria, nor harbors any biological threats save for a few mutations outlined in security document X54. Despite all this, the creatures' upbrining resembled that of a normal human child save for the usual experiments afflicted on the creature.

    Orbital Command asserts that, while the boy poses no element of danger- carries a Gamma threat potential and must never be introduced to global population until Fierstrom's approval has been met.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/02/11(Sun)21:15 No.13377858
    On that subject. Upon hearing of Subject: Domino's condition. Abbadon has displayed a spike in queries at the creature's activities and insists often to communicate with him.

    Besides this, all other policy regarding the creature's handling maybe deferred to your judgement.

    A pchip and an explosive rig maybe necessary.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/02/11(Sun)21:16 No.13377877
         File1294021015.png-(889 KB, 1000x2000, SpecSheet.png)
    889 KB
    also Dragon Class yayyyyy pilot class coming up.
    >> [O]Cadet Derringer !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)21:26 No.13377980
    The Stork long since relieved of its precious cargo, Derringer nonetheless stuck around. Citing his father's tales of the bravery of Bravo, he wandered about the place, making small talk while he waited for the next deployment.

    ...Which, he reflected, would likely be very, very soon. he was nervous, on edge, but in every other way the opposite of his father. Where Shot brooded, Derringer spoke his mind. Where Shot screamed and cursed, his features took on a dark cast as he slipped into his mind quietly. But he carried his father's looks from before Hearth. A simple sort of handsomeness. A strong glare from eyes of black. Short black hair. A powerful voice.


    "Is this really necessary?" he asked, looking around the medical room. "I-I mean, I've had my checkups and physichals before coming... And I don't think that's regulation uniform for a nurse. Miss, uh. Miss Rue? Roo?" he chuckled quietly. "I don't think strapping me down is necessary either."
    >> [S1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)21:37 No.13378138
    Ghost awoke with a start. he hated accelerated sleep. While he felt a little more rested, it messed with his sense of time and left him feeling disoriented.
    Reflexively, he looks to his watch. Or, where it would have been. It was dark. He gasps for breath, beginning to choke when suddenly there is light. He falls out of the open tank, collapsing on the floor. Coughing up the cloning goop he had managed to inhale, he is helped to his feet by one of the cloning techs. "This one looks okay." He hands Ghost a towel, "Power fluctuations from our last battle caused a few of the tanks to go offline for awhile, your tanks one of them. We had to bring you out." Ghost looks around, confused. "What about the hive? Our mission?"


    Ghost walked back to the old tech lab he was borrowing. Looking around, he noticed things not quite as he had left them. He had been told only that the mission had been success, but no one the storage could tell him what had happened to him. Over on a desk, there was a notepad and a camera. He hadn't remembered recording anything? Connecting it the terminal display, he begins to watch.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)21:41 No.13378195
         File1294022498.png-(92 KB, 609x452, Dragon.png)
    92 KB
    "Oh, I think i'm going to enjoy this"
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)21:43 No.13378209
    R00 giggles. "Don't worry, it's just a normal precaution!" Stepping over to the door, she turns back. "Don't go anywhere Cadet, I won't be gone long!"
    >> [O]Cadet Derringer !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)21:47 No.13378273
    "H-Hey!" Derringer called. "HEY!" he relaxed with a sigh. Every unit did something like this, didn't they? Some sorta ritual, initiation? Rrrgh! Annoying nonetheless.

    ...On that note, why was the med bay empty?
    >> r00K 01/02/11(Sun)21:52 No.13378333
    A few minutes later, it steps back into the room. R00(?) was now several feet taller, with oversized arms and sporting a maid outfit. Also, it seemed to be covered with far less synthskin. "I-just had to change-into something MORE-comfortable, handsome!"
    Clank. Clank. Clank. It approached the Cadet. "Just relax-okay?" The droid winked, an act that mounted to rapidly switching one of it's optical sensors on and off. It reached over and flipped the lights off. Only a pair of glowing eyes marching ever closer, left to be seen.

    >> [O]Cadet Derringer !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)21:54 No.13378360
    "H-hey now!" he managed, before something was stuffed into his mouth...
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)22:00 No.13378432
    Dragon spent almost all his time after the mission in his armor (san's the helm) and with Domino.

    Dragon saw all of himself in the kid. He too was created on a whim, and Dragon wanted him to know he was not alone.

    How old are you? Domino your real name? How long were you in that place? You draw? Wanna learn how to play cards?

    Dragon was determined to make sure Domino didn't feel like he did, that he walked a different path then the glory hungry soldier. Most importantly, he wanted Domino to have a friend.
    >> [St] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)22:01 No.13378447
    His sense was working better then ever. Finally finding R00 walking away from medical, he stops her. "R00, you were supposed to be in the tech labs half an hour ago an-... is that a nurse uniform? You haven't been playing pranks on the soldiers again, have you?"

    "No, Sergeant. I have not." R00 smiled. He didn't say anything about not pulling pranks on the naval personnel...
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)22:02 No.13378454
    ...Where was everyone? It was like a whole section of the ship vanished. And the med bay door wouldn't open. The hell?

    And now a kid was wandering the halls?!

    "Hey!" he called, walking up to the child. "This ain' any place for a kid... WHat are you even doing here? Did you sneak on, last landfall?!"
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)22:10 No.13378559
    "He ain't wondering Shot, he's with me. Showing him around" Dragon paused "...don't really know if i'm allowed to but whatever. This is the VIP we had to distract. Domino, say hi to Uncle shot...it's a long story buddy"
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)22:11 No.13378569
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)22:15 No.13378611
    Shot looked down at the bo- the creature.

    "I have to go before I hurt something." he said quietly. "Dragon, you'd best take him back where he belongs. There's a reason those rules are in place, you know." he sighed, looking around. "I mean that. I'll let Mcmillan know. I'm sick and tired of people flagrantly breaking protocol here. If it't not Ghost and Lo-" he paused.
    "er. Excuse me." he said, walking away hurriedly.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/02/11(Sun)22:16 No.13378623

    "Hey Shot, how are you." the medic quips, walking past.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)22:22 No.13378692
    Shot blinked.

    "You're the first to ask that all day, you know?" he said, with a chuckle. "You busy, or you wanna have a beer or something?"

    Oh god don't let him walk down that hallway can't let him talk to Dragon oh god I am such an idiot aaaaaagh
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/02/11(Sun)22:27 No.13378749

    "Yeah absolutely"

    He follows where his companion leads without concern. Once out of earshot he start to speak again.

    "Hey sorry about not getting to you sooner, have not really spoken since our first deployment in fact. I figured you might not... after the nuke and all." He waves his hand idly."

    "Thanks for saving all our asses anyways."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/02/11(Sun)22:40 No.13378909
         File1294026053.png-(86 KB, 500x500, DominoMeme.png)
    86 KB
    "Your Family Sure is Big, Dragon" quips the hybrid after exposing himself from cover of the marine.

    The lady give off waves of animosity. Waves that was familiar to the boy which then placed him back on his skitterish element. Besides dragon he could feel a weight of being emanating from him. One of confidence perhaps, the other of fear that is being subdued subtly like a bottlecap.

    Domino's mind is gripped by the presence of others approaching and thus runs off the other direction. The small halls and the swirling thoughts making him evasive.
    >> Sgt. Ghosts !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)22:46 No.13378959
    Ghost is standing in front of the door to quarters about to enter when he comes face to face with... himself.


    They are standing in the quarters, [S] Ghost having finished reading through several notes. [St] Ghost leans against a desk. "I keep the callsign."
    "Hey wait a minute, I had it first!"
    "Debatable. We are separate fluxes now, as I understand it. I survived the mission, I my flux is older I guess?"
    "I don't get how this works. Where did my flux come from? It makes no sense!"
    "Beats me. I keep these quarters."
    "What! Now, you can't have both the callsign and the quarters!"
    "Fine. You take the callsign, I'll keep the quarters. No take backs!"
    "But-..alright then. You can also take care of the paper work if I have to go back to the barracks."


    Event logged, unit [S] Sgt. Edwin Zelleck to retain the callsign "Ghost"
    Unit [St] Sgt. Edwin Zelleck assigned callsign "Geist"
    Alpha Squad, Iron Vipers Platoon to remain under command of both "Ghost" and "Geist"
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)22:49 No.13378984
    "Yeah I sure got a big-

    Hey Domino where are you headed?" Dragon smiles as he chases the kid down the hall "I'm gonna catch ya eventually!"

    Dragon loved spending time with Domino, he was worried about being caught by someone like Walker. Not for himself of course, a deted limb is nothing new, but he's worried what could happen to Domino
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)22:52 No.13379019
    Geist watches as Ghost leaves his quarters to settle in to the barracks. He hadn't planned this, but he wouldn't put Ghost back into storage either. Besides, an extra hand helping him run Alpha might not be too bad. Now that Ghost was being brought up to speed, he could help him run his projects in the tech labs as well...
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)22:53 No.13379039
    Shot shrugged in ambivelant reply.
    "Eh. I'm so used to pulling shit like that..." he said. "I tell you, there was one time when I accidentally knocked out the supports of a twenty-story buildin' while rescuin' folks from an earthquake. I outran it towing a cart fulla people." he pulled out a bottle and two shot glasses as they entered the mess hall, seemingly from nowhere. He sat down and poured.
    >> [R] Pfc. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 01/02/11(Sun)23:01 No.13379154
    Ender cut around the corner and intercept the boy running down the hall. At first he saw antennea like motion coming from the boy's head which then made him reach for the side-arm before common sense overrided the rest of it.

    " Ah- So you're the hybrid " He blinks getting down on one knee. "How do you do ? " His eyes displayed curiuosity mixed with morbid fascination.

    This boy was definitely xeno. And yet a stone cold will to kill him right here was stopped by something he couldn't pin.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/02/11(Sun)23:05 No.13379197

    Aberham takes the inexplicable alcohol, and tosses back the glass in unison with Shot. He grimaces slightly at the aftertaste, not unlike the face most people make after tasting his preferred beverage.

    He can't help but be a bit disturbed by the familiar mannerisms moving through a new body. Just like with Lost, that was maybe even more confusing.

    "Sounds par for the course with you, after what you pulled on Homefront."

    Abe drop his ubiquitous medical tablet on the table, and punches a few keys passively.
    >> [S1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)23:08 No.13379244
    Ghost sat in his 'new' bunk. Really, it was the one he had been assigned to and was supposed to have been using, but it was practically new to him. He didn't know what to think. One minute he was taking a nap while waiting for the trains to be repaired, the next he was scraping cloning goop off with a towel. Something about the whole thing bothered him. Geist had survived that mission, no discontinuation for him. But himself? What about his flux? Geist knew much more about it, but hadn't been able to explain it well. Had his flux just split off from Geist's? Were they entirely separate? Geist was legitimized, an original while he was still just a clone.

    Silently, he sits back in his bunk reviewing the squad roster on his tablet.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/02/11(Sun)23:08 No.13379250
    The boy stopped. He eyed the gun that reached around Ender's back and stepped back a bit before a wave of some sincere emotion made his knees wobble.
    " Fenner " He echoes in a deep voice. His voicebox fell to resemble that of muffled memory

    Ender blinked and backed away confused. The thought hitting him like a train. " How did you- "

    "Fenner, what are you doing here, I thought you went to go pick up the kids " Domino mutterd to a nondescript wall. His mind tethered to some undulating string. The boy kept his head against the wall until moments later the memory of hearing his own voice on the phone made him hysterical and crawl away towards the motorpool.

    How did

    This pain

    how ?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)23:12 No.13379302
    "Yeah. My thing was going around, saving people. Offering assistance to the wake of the Xeno. The shit I've seen, Abe." he shook his head. "I ferried food and medicine from safe zones to ruined ones. It's one thing to fight the bastards. It's another ball game to see what they leave behind when they're done, if they don't nest." he shuddered, pouring himself another glass quietly. "My boy ran off around that time. Said he was tired of being there afterwards. Wanted to fight them up close. I called him an idiot, then. Look at me now..." he shook his head.
    "I asked the cloners about putting me back, by the way." he said quietly. "They can't. Some bullshit about the flux. It's just... shore leave ain't the same anymore, if you get my meaning. Rather, it don't happen. I'm on edge, all the feckin' time. I almost tore someone open when I heard about the damn hybrid." he shifted in his seat.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)23:17 No.13379343
    Dragon watches the strange exchange "Oh *explative* I'm dead. What the *explative* just happened to ya Ender? Wha- gah!" Dragon rounds the way "Domino, hey Domino it's ok, imma take you back, ok buddy? I think we should slow down the "having ya meet everyone" thing ok buddy?"
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/02/11(Sun)23:29 No.13379474

    "I don't doubt it, its astounding to see how fucked up all of this is, not just the xenos even but the military, you may think differently after seeing their handwork so often but maybe we should find a way to curb our expansion so we don't have to encounter them so often."

    He softens his voice a bit.

    "I never wanted to join to be recognized, Warsaw said they needed people, and I figured If a man like him was willing to risk it I had no excuse not to help."

    "But after that man died, I killed... I just don't want to -think- anymore."

    He taps his finger. give a small look of resignation, and turns to the display

    "About that, the flux and all, I'm not going to pretend I know how it feels. If you want to talk about it I can listen however."

    "Also" he smiles weakly "put your thumb here" the medic points to the tablet, which is displaying a chart titled 'Corporal Shot - post hibernation physical verification.'

    "You never reported to medical... I need to file it, and we can just say everything was fine. I did not want to put you in any situation..."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/02/11(Sun)23:33 No.13379506

    Domino's eyes glared back at Dragon. Images of test tubes and fists breaking into carapaced flesh made his right eye hurt over the brow.

    This one.

    Dangerous too.

    Domino swung his back to the wall holding his head and waiting on the images to disappear. His antennea twitched eratically in swirls. He didn't feel the hands carry him up to his feet as Dragon took him up.

    Ender stood there distantly still trying to piece together what had just happened.
    >> [R] Pfc. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 01/02/11(Sun)23:37 No.13379546
    Ender's head was leaking towards the boy. With the slightest suggestion parts of himself was being exposed. The very act of which threw him down that dark path of when he was dreaming as his other self. Back home.

    Ender kept back. He knew that proximity changed little the effects of the boy's sensitivity but the act of doing so distanced his mind.

    " Hey.... d'you think we should bring that kid to his quarantine ? " He says nursing a strange pain on his right temple.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)23:38 No.13379557
    "Eh. Talkin' 'bout it'd be akward." he said, pressing his thimb where indicated. "We really need an old-fashioned shrink around these parts. Diving is too..." he waved his hand idly. "Sometimes, yer gotta talk to someone. Someone who ain' your freind, who get's paid ter listen."
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)23:41 No.13379591
    He was on his way to the mess when he spotted them. "PRIVATE DRAGON! PRIVATE SPINELLI! That better not be who I think it is!"
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:44 No.13379603
    So why don't you people have your own board? /tg/ isn't for a tripfag RP circlejerk.
    >> ??? !IMYfe1j54Y 01/02/11(Sun)23:44 No.13379610
    The ships surveillance systems had been tracking the young hybrid, watching his every move.

    A decision had been made in Psi Comm. Several, in fact.

    A simple message was sent to Private Dragon. The sender wasn't listed, only the recipient. The message consisted of a single line.

    "When you're done playing, bring him back to quarantine, Private."

    A decision had been made.

    No moves would be made.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)23:44 No.13379613
    Dragon's engine's fire up. The pain in his head was intense, but now wasn't the time to hurt
    "I'm on it Ender."
    Dragon quickly boosted down the hall, back to where Domino resided
    "It's going to be alright Domino" Blood started to leak from his nose, but Dragon smiled down at the kid "Dragon's got ya."

    It was his powers, Dragon was seeing flashes of his "brith" and of combat, the same must have happened to Ender. What could he do? This was out of Dragon's skill set, hell Dragon was doing his best to make sure what he was seeing was true.


    A quick thought went to his fellow knight, but with it more questions

    Would she be able to teach Domino controle or would their powers tear each other appart.

    "Another time Dragon, just get Domino back"
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/02/11(Sun)23:45 No.13379617
    The tertiary emergency med bay is typically vacant, presumably because it is placed on a spot not commonly associated with injuries, like the hangar, deployment dock, engineering, or even the bridge. Which is why the place often becomes a spot for clandestine affairs or quickies.

    Not so today. The small cubicle, barely a place for the work table that could be quickly unfolded into a surgical table, and a couple of standing positions for whatever medicos working the surgery. The walls are a combinations of securely locked medical cabinets, storage shelves, and banks of monitors.

    The redheaded medical staff crinkles her nose at the faint odor of sex wafting from the space. The last couple who made love in the spot didn't clean up very well. She makes a note to call a janitor to do a full scrub on the place, and starts spraying an odor remover, but for now, she does not require full antiseptic condition.

    > It is only a routine check-up procedure. Albeit randomly done.

    She blinks. Yes, a routine surprise inspection. Well, routine, and surprise, sounds like and oxymoron but-

    "Well, hell~lo NURSE!" Oh, the damnable patient has arrived. Her nose crinkles again as she turns, though it isn't related to any odor. Or maybe it is, if smarmyness has an odor.

    A pair of seedy-looking techs stand by the entrance, with almost identical looking leers.

    > To be continued
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:45 No.13379624
    Read the rules, idiot. Quests are fine.

    Gentlemen, carry on, please.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)23:47 No.13379636
    This is Zero space frined. General threads Arent just for RP but also questions about the game setting and rules...unfortunetly most of us know that part and so...RP.

    If anyone has any questions fire away, this is by no means just for us
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:47 No.13379643
    Wait, this is a quest? I couldn't tell, what with the thread being nothing but tripfags talking amongst themselves.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/02/11(Sun)23:50 No.13379666
    Geist watches the retreating form of Dragon. "Private Ender Spinelli, what was that just about?!"
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)23:52 No.13379678
         File1294030325.png-(1.25 MB, 1200x3000, skirmish quest 1.png)
    1.25 MB
    Indeed sir. here are the basic rules
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/02/11(Sun)23:52 No.13379680

    The Medic gives a knowing smile, not only for the camaraderie but his own personal amusement at Found milking him for information on psychology. He wondered how Shot would feel about that.

    "I hear you, I've looked into getting someone on board, I can keep you posted."

    He casually removes the tablet, and takes another drink.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)23:54 No.13379704
    "That'd be feckin' stellar." he said, pouring another drink. "I thought about gettin' the op, if you catch my drift, but... it feels like cheatin' to be honest."
    >> Anonymous 01/02/11(Sun)23:54 No.13379707
    I believe he was referencing the fact that this is not, in fact, the game which those rules describe at all; it is rather random RP vaguely centered around that game. Which really should be on a forum somewhere. Don't think of it as being driven off 4chan, think of it as moving an excellent game to a more convenient venue.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/02/11(Sun)23:55 No.13379719

    More of a play-by-post RPG on /tg/ we have continuing characters and 'combat mission'. As of late the planning/general threads have had RP faggotry
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/02/11(Sun)23:59 No.13379761
    Well it is true, these general threads are suposed to be more then RP but like i said before there's not much of a drive for fluff or setting questions.

    We've considered doing those things but the quest is a bit on the high mortality side and quite a few want to keep it on here for members/personal reasons/lazyness

    We're definetly reducing the number of general threads though
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/02/11(Sun)23:59 No.13379768
    >The RP threads are Canon, as stated in the OP posted by OC himself

    Part of the quest.

    >OrbitalisDrawing: cause theres like a billion other threads he can faff about in
    >OrbitalisDrawing: its like going to canada to criticize one guy's ability to cook eggs.

    Well said, Orbital!
    >> [R] Pfc. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 01/02/11(Sun)23:59 No.13379770
    Ender Stands up in a salute. He didn't know whether to cover for any- no.

    " Sir, It would seem that the hybrid isn't used to uncontrolled interactions like this one. Er- what I mean to say is, he's a sensitive. Like Really sensitive. I was caught off guard sir, I should have regulated the feedback on my P-ch "

    He stopped himself there. But continued to finish it so as not to sound suspicious.

    "ip. "
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)00:00 No.13379776
    Oh hey, guys, some points of business that needs to be addressed:

    Squad lists, for both ground and naval.

    Ranks/upgrades, although you really shouldn't be asking about them.

    Squad-level tactics.

    And perhaps a review of our past operation and why our forces were nearly destroyed.

    Oh yes, I'm still looking for a Lieutenant for our 1st Platoon.

    And as a further suggestion, if it's RP between two people, I suggest you move it to IRC, then condense it and post it here. That way our RP is more like interactive writefaggotry!

    Also, drawfaggotry welcome, as always.
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)00:01 No.13379792
         File1294030914.png-(309 KB, 640x480, Single Fuck.png)
    309 KB
    >Don't think of it as being driven off 4chan

    Ok, talk to OP about it if you want to.
    >> Monday also Orbital Command !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)00:04 No.13379816
    > And as a further suggestion, if it's RP between two people, I suggest you move it to IRC, then condense it and post it here. That way our RP is more like interactive writefaggotry!

    Also, drawfaggotry welcome, as always.
    THIS IS NOW LAW. [unless you are Lost , Wierd, or Ender etc]
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)00:04 No.13379823
    He stands there glaring at Ender. Seconds tick by. A minute. After several minutes, he looks down the hallway Dragon had flown down. "I see." Geist rubs his chin in contemplation. "Carry on, Private." With nothing else said, he begins walking after Dragon.
    >> [E]Spc. Aberham 01/03/11(Mon)00:11 No.13379893
    >And perhaps a review of our past operation and why our forces were nearly destroyed.

    I think It just came down to launching our nukes out of range, so they could be shot down.

    If we get in range then fire we have less of an issue, otherwise we were just outnumbered, and got the drop on them.

    I could potentially go Lt. if needed, it would fit the logic of the setting. Or maybe even a warrant officer for a kind of standby role
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)00:12 No.13379910
    > Continued from >>13379617

    "Well, looks like a nice spot you got here, Lexi." "Yeah, huh-huh."
    The redheaded nurse frown grows deeper at the diminutive of her name, as if the man is familiar with her. Well, he has been trying to court her, but she hasn't given him any hope, but the man doesn't seem to take the hint. And his best friend is some nasal-breathing goon that never leaves his side...

    "Oh, you're cuter when you're angry. Did you call to hook up here? I can tell Micah to-" "Oh, shut up and lie down on the table." The redheaded nurse points at the unfolded table and starts busying herself with the inspection tools. The tech's smile drops to a cringe when her back is turned, and the 'best friend' gives him a comforting pat at the shoulder. Looks like his suit is crumbling. Damned. He should be getting some information about the nurse's interest and likes from that one Weird private, but the damn Polyist got blown up by his own clone, for starting the mess in the... Mess.

    > To be Continued
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)00:16 No.13379955
    > Continued from >>13379910

    His friend gives him a shove towards the table, and mouths to him that he better not make the nurse more angry. He scowls back, but concedes and plops down on the cold metal table. He winces. It isn't made for comfort. He looks up, and startles himself. The nurse is already looming above his head, fuming. Oh, but she does look cuter like that.

    "This is a routine random inspection for your memory-chip. Put your chin to your chest, please." He complies, and feels the strange headset and neckbrace put on place. His friend loiters near the entrance, since the cubicle has no actual door. He feels a sting of electrical discharge-

    > And then ozon stench assault his nostrils and a cold feeling on his temples, where the metal pads stick there.
    > "Is that supposed to happen?"
    > "Well, the reaction is different for everyone, and you are supposed to list what you feel, for data comparison and research purposes. "
    > "Well, for starters-

    The cubicle remains silent after the headset is triggered. The tech is completely limp on the table, while his best friend stands more straighter, more aware, and stands guard at the entrance. Keeping watch.

    The nurse, on the other hand, is busy with a couple more diagnostic monitors before uncovering several more unidentifiable decives.

    A terminal on the wall turns on.

    > Simulation runs for another minute before reaching mean levels of conspicuousness.
    > Diagnostic complete, 97.63% off from calibration.
    > Recalibration period is within the error margin.
    > Continue with procedure.

    > To be Continued
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)00:18 No.13379980

    I wouldn't mind if you did so, so long as you could justify it.

    Additionally, I don't really mind if someone, in the absence of any CO, decides to pick up a TA tag and starts issuing orders. A good way of getting to a CO position is showing initiative.

    So anyone else want to offer an explanation as to why that battle nearly failed, aside from an over-eagerness to utilize our nukes?
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)00:23 No.13380034
    On top of that, we had a crisis of command, a lack of people who wanted to be on a ship and we had a bad habit of flying next to nukes that were being shot
    >> [R] Pfc. Ender !0E2sHH6Tdw 01/03/11(Mon)00:27 No.13380063

    Unit composition I suppose. The cruisers are strong enough to take down 1 or 2 other cruisers but falls against swarms of interceptors. We probably also should have droided up on fighters.

    There was also the logistical disadvantage that we're fighting human navy which is of equal strength to ours. On top of that we were outnumbered and under disciplined.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)00:27 No.13380068

    Right. I guess I need to review the battle closer, instead of simply asking you guys how you think it went.

    Although it simply sounds like the first first SQ game, along with one that came later: lack of command and able bodies.

    While I can't do anything about the second problem, the first has two solutions:

    The first is to run a simulation in the hopes someone of commanding capacity decides to take charge, OR

    I run a test on a few candidates and establish a new CO.

    Also, Lt. King is a TA ghost at the moment, so I don't really know what to do with him IC-wise.
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)00:34 No.13380139
    > Continued from >>13379955

    In another place, in a hidden space, with banks and banks of terminals, with many sensory input and output, both analog or digital, two visual monitors are placed side-by-side.

    They both show the same emergency cubicle, but there are differences.

    In one, the tech is awake, speaking, and making a fool of himself as he tries to hit up the nurse again. The nurse shows visible signs of getting angrier, but remains silent, while the tech's friend is groaning into his palm near the entrance.

    On the other, the cubicle is completely silent but for the sound of the nurse working upon the tech's chip. The friend remains standing guard. Neither look like their counterpart on the other screen.

    "-how is the discovery rate?"
    A voice cuts in into the silence, originating from a standing clone. He is addressing a pile of terminals, built around five AI cores, which in turn supports the mental sanity of a meatsuit, right in the middle.

    "-SEVEN DISCOVERIES." A droid head pipes up, then continued by another head in the pile.


    "-the difficulties of putting shards into the Inquisitorial staffs have been compensated?"

    > To be Continued
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)00:54 No.13380292
    [in this post: Geist ,Dragon, Domino]

    Geist follows after Dragon, which isn't difficult when he's the only one on the ship flying around with a jetpack. He finally catches up with him while Dragon is dropping the kid off at his room in the laughably named Quarantine.

    Dragon arrives at domino's room, blood coming out of his ears and nose from the psy assault
    "Just sit tight for a bit Domino, everythings going to be fine, I'll be back later" with that he exits, using his mandana to whipe up the blood "*explative* ugh...i've never felt pain like that"

    " The boy walks into his room. The bright yellow halls shut out from him by thick doors that closed with an airtight thud. Behind him and above him, the viewing glass and a camera tracked his movement as he sat on the median between a touchcomp and a bed. Outside he could feel the tension between the two forces getting palpable.

    Tapping Dragon on the shoulder, Geist whispers, "Private, I hope you have a reason why the kid was removed from his room? It better be a good one, very convincing. Not just to me, but to the Major as well..."
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)01:02 No.13380378
    Dragon seems a bit off. He blinks hard to try and shake the effect "heh, well you know me Ghost. Never think too much about it..." Dragon looks back to the door... "He's just a kid, he's just like I was...I ain't leaving him locked up in a room and his only interaction is to be experimented on....I...aint letting him live that life. He's just a kid"

    "Geist. The call-sign is Geist now."

    "Huh, what? Why?"

    "My clone is keeping the name Ghost." Geist looks through a window at Domino. "And he is not 'just a kid', Dragon. Quarantine is as much for his safety as it is for ours." The arguing clones were suddenly interrupted by the sound of heavy footfalls. Two Riot Knight droids, flanked by two Rifleman droids.

    "Well, there's my ride Ghost. Er...Geist."
    Without any word, the two Riot Knight droids took up flanking positions at the door of the hybrid's room, with the Riflemen droids standing opposite of the wall. One more droid came from their direction - much like R00, this droid was a modified civilian model. Unlike R00, this one had a very strange and silly attire; no doubt to ease any fear a child would have.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)01:15 No.13380536
    "Sergeant Geist, Private Dragon," said the droid in it's odd mechanical voice. "You may take your leave now. Me an' mah posse ah gonna keep watch on the boy, ya hear?"
    The droid then tilted it's hat, highly reminiscent of the Major's. "Of course, that don't mean ya can't visit the kid e'ry once in a while. I'd reckon he might get funny if all he talked to were 'bots all day long."

    Geist nods to the droids, and begins to walk off while wondering why they had accents. The droid then took a position between the two Riflemen droids, who had been scanning both ends of the hall. "Oh, bah the way, Sergeant. If you see Corporal Found or Specialist Lost, tell 'em to keep their distance from th' kid until they understand their powers, a'it?"

    Glancing back, Geist tells the droid "I'll let them know."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)01:18 No.13380563
    Dragon watches "Geist" leave. First two losts now two ghosts. He wonders if this one would act different too. Dragon looked through the glass at Domino, then the droid "...is that you major?"
    The droid simply "stares" at the Private. One minute, two minutes, three minutes. It seems as if the droid will never reply. That or it didn't hear him.
    ... And if it was, Private?" the droid simply asks in it's mechanical-sounding Western Cowboy accent.
    Dragon smiles a bit and shakes his head with a sigh. "I'd ask what you'd be doing in a droid but I don't think I'm ready for that answer...why are you still being kept out anyway?"

    Domino looked out through the glass. Unlike his first dwelling, the barrier was two way the onlookers visible to him. His hand felt cold against the glass where the flying man was. As he oggled at the conversation between the hollow people and him, he could only read the tone of one of them while the other 4 were still as statues.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)01:30 No.13380723
    [In this post: Corporal Shot and Specialist Aberham. Continuing from: >>13379557

    "Cheating....yeah I don't see how, been pretty standard for awhile now."

    Shot paused in thought. "More like..." he frowned. "Like I'm givin' up. I dunno. Feels somehow, weak. And it's not like the ladies were divin' all over my old self, either." he said as he knocked back another.

    "you might need to slow down" he says offhandedly, then dismisses the comment. "Military ship anyhow, not as if anything can happen for awhile."
    "Not weak in my opinion, just for the record."

    Shot scoffed. "You'd be surprised." he grumbled, pouring himself another shot. "Walker's whole warning aside, I'll bet you dimes to donuts some of the other lasses are gettin' with the Sargeants and Luitenents."

    Abe laughs a little, "as much as I would like to take that bet I know I would lose" "Would like to think people can follow regs. without Walker's trigger finger"
    "but, I hope the officers are staying out of it."

    Shot sighed, the image of Ghost in his head flashing briefly. "Yeah." he said, and he downed the glass. "Yeah, I hope so too. ...Say, that hybrid kid, you said something about examining him?"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)01:31 No.13380728

    "Yeah, basic medical. With a subject like this I don't have the proper controls in place to establish much scientifically. He seems healthy however and having some baseline... Numbers on him would be valuable." Abe stood -and something else- "Let me get you a glass of water."

    "Why?" he said. "I'm fine." Truth be told, though, Shot was feeling horrid. Trying to keep a secret eats at someone, slowly, but surely, until they can't hold it any longer. He wished, in the back of his head, that he'd never inferred the whole thing, or seen them embracing...

    "Well, no reason, just good to get water when your drinking is all." he seems somewhat taken aback.

    "Oh." he said. "Sorry, I'm a bit out of it." he shook his head. "Aberham... Can... Can you keep a secret?" he said, looking at the table.

    "..Yeah I suppose so...Here just a minute" he quickly finds two glasses and fills them before returning to the table. "You ok?"

    "No." he said decisively, drinking the water deeply. "Naw, I'm not okay." he took a deep breath. "I... I feel in love with Lost." he started. "I... I don't know when it started. Between the Hearth missions. I just kinda... She has certain magnetism to 'er. And... We started to talk, and I inited her by the 'pool. She never came. I heard about this bigass party, or some shit. And... this is the secret bit... I know Ghost and Lost left that party together. And I know the two of them are... Close." he sighed quietly. "I'm probably gonna... Try an' get outta here, soon. My ability to act on the feild is compr'mised." he sighed in relief. It was all on the table, now.

    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)01:31 No.13380736

    "I" he thought for a moment he face a mix of disappointment and relief. "When...no, I'm sorry to hear that, I don't know what to say. I don't think you need to go. We all trust you."

    "That's the prahblem." he said quietly. "I don't know if I can manage out there in the press of things. You know my temper. What if I do something I might regret? What if I throw Ghost to the lions, just 'cause I can and get away with it? 'm afraid of myself, Abe." he looked up at the medic quietly. "I don't want to betray that trust."

    "Shot," He lets out in a descending tone as he sinks into his seat. "I guess if you feel that way I don't want to stop you, with everything else going on down time would be good I guess... but Lost, and Ghost," he lets out a sigh.
    "Nothing... Nothing I could say to make you reconsider?"

    "...I dunno, Abe." Shot said quietly. "You're not the one who can make me stay, more like." he rose from the chair, taking the bottle and glasses. he wiped them dry on his coverall and sighed. "In the end, it's up to her whether I stay or go. But I know this much. I go, I go. I'm old, Abe. I'm happy with my life. An' if leaving lets me destroy a hive or three in the process, well." he smiled, a wide, shining, toothy grin. "Maybe I'll make Vera smile again up there." and with that, the old man left the room, to make his way to the motor pool.

    For a few minutes the Medic sat in the mess, slowly sipping his water, he could feel the hole at his core, its edges rubbing against his sanity. Love, sex and intimacy... nothing quite like it to complicate situation that were otherwise tame. He walked slowly back to medical.
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)01:31 No.13380738
    > Continued from >>13380139

    ". . ."
    "-I SEE."
    "-the major is under observation."
    "-mcmillan is put in charge."

    "-and any progress on the investigation side?"
    "-signs of tampering?"

    "-how about the esteemed Janice?"
    "-so she probably is still alive."
    "-progenitor deaths, within weeks after their own transfers to different facilities..."

    > To be Continued.
    >> [A2]Pfc. Flynn Taggart 01/03/11(Mon)01:42 No.13380842
    Fly stared at his stumps. Thats it. He'd had it.

    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)01:43 No.13380859
    > Continued from >>13380738

    The Admiral nods, and then turns around to glance at the monitors. There is now only one screen on, the simulated one has been terminated as the MEME-shard implantation is a fast procedure, and through practice, becoming even quicker.

    "-what is it?"

    The Admiral blinks, and then turns back to the MEME-Processing Unit. Four of the Droid heads are turned to look at a singular Droid head, which the Admiral realizes hadn't made a sound during their conversation.

    "-we do not have emotions."
    "-i am aware. We are made of the remnants of his MEME, which is practically nothing."
    "-ALL FOR NONE."
    "-and stasis. I understand the doubt."
    "-keep working at it. We need to know the reason."
    "-or doubt ourselves."

    The Admiral gives a curt nod and turns around. He leaves the hidden room in silence. No further discussion are had in the room, at least, not in voice...
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)01:43 No.13380863
    The droid tilted it's head. "Kept out? Whatchya mean bah tha', boy?" It tilted its head in the opposite direction, and brought its hand to its "chin," as if deep in thought. "If'n ya talkin' 'bout the coma, then I ain't botherin' to explain it ta' ya. But since ya asked so nicely, I reckon I can give ya the short version of the story. Simply put, the Major's head is kinda broken. And he's tryin' ta fix it. Which is easier when he's not dreaming or conscious."

    "Well *explative*" Dragon scratches his head. "I knew he was worried about shot and whatever, figured that's why he snapped on me. Didn't know something was actually wrong with him" Dragon looks at the bot. "Well, I don't know who you are then but you seem nice enough...I was sure you were just going to beat the *explative* out of me. Just take care of Domino alright? Even if Geist thinks otherwise he's a kid….Kid with *explative* super powers, but a kid." Dragon pauses a moment, before turning his thrusters on once more "I'll be back in a second" In a flash he's gone and in another he's back. A red bandana being the only thing new this bandana isn't like his others. It is stained with blood and it lacks the Bravo text and emblem "Give this to him" The robot grabbed the Private's arm "Son, while I appreciate the gesture, I think it'd be betta' if ya gave it to the boy instead. Wouldn't you agree?"
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)01:50 No.13380929

    Taggart, that was a joke thing in IRC. Don't take it seriously. So you have your hands. And the existence of space-cyborg-squid is... well, may not be so.

    Also, use the IRC if it's just one-on-one.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)02:16 No.13381168
    As Domino watched the hollow one and the flying man talk, a sudden voice caused him to jump. "Hello there, son. How are you?" A low bass voice said. Domino looked around the room. Who was talking to him? "Over here, boy. No, to your left. That's right." Domino saw a small glass circle set within the wall, emanating a red light from it. It almost looked like an eye, with the bright orange glow in the center, "looking” at him. "Well, now that we can talk 'face-to-face,' I'd guess it's time for an introduction. You can call me Red. I am the... hmmm... "father," I suppose, of Dragon's family. Tell me, little boy, what's your name?"
    "D-Domino Mr. Sir. " He gives a stout salute where his hand rests firmle across the bridge of his nose in imitation. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the Red Hollow man but him being the father must mean this family is made of strong stuff like the walls of this ship. Which would then explain how Mr. Dragon Sir also had the talent to zip about seeing as how he was made in a tube and all. Domino's head started to fill with excited ideas and wondered if there was brother or a sister that was born from a chess board or a touch game or an actual dragon wandering about. And then he remembers the woman who glared at him with hate, and the other brother who seems to have stolen someone's name. Even now, the murmurs of the strange people here were filled with talk about /them/
    >> [sR]Cpl.Roosevelte !d9KPv7I4YQ 01/03/11(Mon)02:29 No.13381283
    Backish after long hiatus, securely back after next weekend. Anyway, are the platoons/squads from several games ago still valid? I was in Sgt. Irons squad.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)02:39 No.13381355

    Yes, Roosevelte. From my roster, you are still in Kari Squad.

    However, if Irons is ever on to accept his potential promotion/take his test, then I'm not quite sure as what to do with Kari Squad.

    Hey, maybe you can lead it. I don't really know yet.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)02:44 No.13381395
    Lieutenant McMillan was secretly a very cautious individual – a cautiousness that was borderline paranoia. So in his efforts to study the construction of the ship’s decks to establish good, defensive positions and plans in the event the Lucky O’Reily was ever boarded, McMillan was naturally alerted when he came across a certain discrepancy between the plans and what actually came up on the system scans.

    Perhaps it was just a section walled off prior to his arrival? Either way, the plans indicated that there should have been an accessible space there. Perhaps some enterprising soldier in the past managed to turn it into some “secret base” for himself. Or perhaps it was a space filled with contraband.

    Either way, when he spotted the Admiral leaving this area where there was only one entry and exit, alarm bells rang in the Lieutenant’s head. The Admiral was always known to be… well, weird, as his call sign suggested. But with his absence in the recent battle, one could only wonder.

    “Privates Wyllie, Renault, can you hear me?” the Lieutenant called over the intercom.

    “Yes sir, you need something?”

    “I’ve noticed some discrepancies in the ship’s internal mapping… and I have reason to believe that there may be a contraband cache on board. Would you mind looking into this for me?”

    The two privates stared at each other. A legitimate reason to leave their post for something exciting? Only a fool would refuse the offer.

    “Of course, sir” the two responded in unision.

    > > >
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)02:45 No.13381403
    Ten minutes later, the two privates were at the location. Five minutes of searching a dead-end corridor with a drink machine gave them results. After randomly tapping the walls and the machine’s buttons, a section of the wall hissed, moved backwards, then slid to the side, revealing a dark room.

    “What the hell…?”

    “Wyllie, you go first.”

    “What? No, you go first.”

    “Fine, on three.”



    “Fuck it, I’m going.”

    “Wha-? Wait, hold on!”

    The two privates entered the room. They saw five robot heads and what seemed to be miles of chords all over the place, with a stack of a dozen or so monitors.

    “What the hell is-?!”

    “What the- Wyllie! Augh!”

    Before the two knew it, several shadows descended on them, and the door closed silently.

    > > >
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)02:47 No.13381413

    Ten minutes later, the two privates reported back to the Lieutenant.

    “So, what have you found?”

    “Nothing sir, just a closed off area. Just absolutely nothing. Whatever reason they closed it off, it’s no longer apparent.”

    “… Alright, you two can return to your posts.”

    “Sir.” The two Privates saluted, then returned to their positions outside of the command room.

    McMillan was even more suspicious now. Something smelled. And he knew it was the Admiral. His proxies were compromised; he had to watch out for them. He was probably being watched at the moment, he reasoned. Just what was the Admiral planning?
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)02:58 No.13381512
    "Well Domino, while I don't have arms to play any games, I do know someone who does." The door opened to reveal a surprised Dragon with his wrist held by the cowboy robot. Domino gives a shark toothed grin, his eyes almost predatory. "Domino, I'm sure you've met Dragon. He's going to play with you. And maybe, he'll be your new big brother, if you'd let him." The "eye" moved again, pointing to the cowboy robot. "Oh, right. That guy there is the Ranger. He and his friends will be protecting you.
    The robot lifted his hat, as a comical face appeared on his screen-face. "Howdy, pard'ner! My name is Ranger, like ol' Red there said. If you need anythin', don't be afraid to holla' now, a'ight?"

    Dragon looks at the red eye, and then the bot known as "Ranger". He takes it all in. Brother, that's what he wanted to be, but something about this felt off. Dragon looked to the bots. His mind tuned over a simple thought “Yeah....yeah I could take em.” An unsuspecting Dragon sits in a chair before Domino, and, almost on instinct, the boy shuffles about and pries out washable markers from under the bed and proceeds to make checkers on the smooth, sterile-white tabletop. "I do hope you like Chess, Mr. Dragon Sir."

    Dragon was watching domino intently. It wasn't what he was doing as much as how he moved. Still the chess board was assembled and dragon smiled, He handed the child a bandana unlike his "832, that's my real name. Heh, *explative* name right?...don't cuss" Dragon moves his first pawn on the board "After this, i'll show you how to play cards"
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)13:02 No.13385205
    Geist lead Ghost through the tech labs. "Since we won't both be on the field at the same time, I'm making you supervisor the AI upload project. It's pretty much complete, just requires a little fine tuning before field testing," he leans in to whisper to Ghost, "and Fierstrom's approval." A technician is sitting off to the side working at a terminal, Geist gestured to him, "that is Chief Technician Thompson. While he knows what we're doing, he can only spare a few techs to work with us. Unofficially, of course. Mostly, he retrieves a droid or two from the droid bay for us. They still won't let us in after that knight droid got loose. Which is a ooK droid now. Yeah. I'll explain that later."

    Ghost followed beside him, taking it all in. "Why is he getting droids for us? I thought R00 was helping?"

    "We need to test this on more then one robot. She's still assisting since we've got the back-ups, but when it comes time to put this in the field it'll probably be one of the combat droids that uses it first. Geist checks his watch. "You go ahead and get settled in here, I've got to go do something else. I'll drop in later." As Geist leaves the labs, he stops to talk to R00 as she enters. "R00, get Ghost to help you find that ooK droid that got loose. I heard it got one of the cadets in the medbay earlier. Since you seem to know how to find the ookbot to pull this sort of thing off, it shouldn't be too much trouble for you and Ghost. It's amazing none of the commanders have stepped in, really..." After Geist has left, R00 walks over to Ghost.

    "So, uh I'll be helping you?" Confusion over the second Ghost is evident on her face.
    >> [S] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)13:59 No.13385780

    Ghost an R00 crouched behind some bushes in the park on the viewing deck. "So, the ook hides up here sometimes?"
    R00 shrugs, "Rarely. I think he also stays in engineering and some of the tertiary medbay when it's unused. We really only communicate over droid com channels."
    "It's been what, an hour now?"
    "Sh, it's coming."
    Soon, a clanking noise can be heard. *CLANK*CLANK*CLANK* The ooK approaches. Clad in it's wig and a maid uniform, it now has some ill-fitting synthskin covering parts of it.
    Ghost raises an eyerow, "That's a 'he'?"
    "He's working so hard to become more like me."
    "Why's that?"
    "Further sentience."
    "So, he thinks that by being more like you he will develop more? And he is trying to be more like you by trying to look like you."

    >> [S] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)14:00 No.13385790
    R00 appears thoughtful for a moment before responding. "Geist explained it like this: He moved a chip with some of my earlier behavioral protocols into a knightdroid to pull a prank on Lt. McMillan. The droid already had extensive combat experience and had some sapience to him. He has continued to the point he can upgrade himself to the ooK he is now. Geist thinks that since it has been going around 'pranking' people, which has been forcing it to run problem analysis programs to prevent itself from being caught, it has been developing itself into further sapience. He figures that ooK wants sentience. Since he has observed me with a high degree of both sapience and sentience, he seeks to emulate me to develop himself. One way of doing this is to alter his appearance to be more like mine. Since he seems to have improved his sentience, he believes it's working. While it doesn't determine the behavior, Geist thinks that the ooK has observed his improvement while his appearance is altered, therefore recording it as a 'valid solution' to the 'problem'."
    She pauses. "That made more sense when he explained it..."
    Ghost just stares at her for a minute. Meanwhile r00K just wanders off when it finds no one around, their chance of capturing it gone. At least for now...
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)15:05 No.13386479
    One hand touched the chassis of the Gyro as his mind wandered. Old times returned unbidden, of a world ruined by the alien horde.

    "Are you sure you know how to drive it, Shot?"
    "Of course I'm sure! It can't be that fuckin' hard." replied the young man. "See, these are the controls for the left side, and these are the controls for the right. All I gotta do is get through that wall, right?"
    "Well, yes, but, you're just a civilian! I was just telling you we were ordered to-"
    "Look in my eyes and tell me if I give a shit."
    "Tha's right." the young man said. "Now sight fuckin' tight and let me do yer fuckin' job."
    The Gyro was old, dysfunctional. It never really worked properly for anyone else. "Come on, honey. Just one last go." he said, as it roared to life. The hemispheres spun, and the soldier held up one arm as rocks and dirt flew at him as the Gryo flew forth. The old wall was like paper to the sphere, and the light illuminated the people who had been trapped in the crumbling building for a week.
    "'Ello folks, my name is Shot. If you'll kindly leave in an ORDERLY fashion, there's food an' water right outside. Double time, folks, but I don't want to see any pushin' or shovin'."

    He watched with pride as the people made their way out, too tired to really argue with each other. Then he rolled out behind them.

    "I'll be takin' this." Shot said simply, looking the former pilot in the eye.

    "You'll have to join, civilian."

    "Sign me up. Maybe that way people will actually get some feckin' help."
    >> [TA]Chess !0E2sHH6Tdw 01/03/11(Mon)15:14 No.13386588
    His eyes.

    Or a facsimile thereof, opened. Chess was a monoist- which was the only illogical aspect of himself that he was committed to. He was mortal and finite. And yet he strived to be perfect when stillness gripped him during that battle in Garukan zerospace. . He played a losing game from the start- of that, he had no regrets. And so, in fires of oxygen decompression did he disappear to while crewmen escaped.

    And then he was here. Having no body but and only reduced to a shadowed imprint of his former self- Orbital Command- or perhaps high command recessitated him and dropped him into Psicomm space as a simulate. A tactician to drive her strategies forward.

    A head worth jarring.

    Having no body to influence or still his thinking processes and having nothing but the hollow signals of being once human drive him forward he decided then that a different visage was more fitting for a haunt like him. Illuminated in white he donned a white polyform cape and a simple officers' dress shirt. Between his hands a modified vis-helm materialized from vectors of information. Placing it on he looked merely like a simple pawn. Its shapes cutting unrealistically into his head but fitting perfectly nonetheless.

    With a twist of his boot heel the space around populated with checkered floors. As his confirmation into TacComm was accepted the floors around him warped into a spherical space as consoles, droids, and terminal windows stochastically formed around him. To a human- this task would have been daunting, relying on so many fluid processes. But in here the process is simply acknowledged in psicomm space and then sped up.

    He wondered if he can map the whole war.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)17:13 No.13387985
    Geist sat in the mess, eating his meal while skimming through notes on his tablet.

    >1) Fill Ghost in on events since the nuke. Check

    He had held off on just sharing meme data with him, opting to let him read through past notes and recorded logs instead. He still had to have his secrets, and hadn't even told him about Lost. No way he could know how Ghost would take it. Found had acted very different from Lost, and he couldn't figure out why. He had found this Ghost to act more professional then he had, perhaps the result of not having been around his squad since the from before the hive tunnels. No reason to let him know yet, if at all.

    >2) Visit tech labs, check project status. Done

    Ahead of schedule, Ghost would be helping with it as well now. Ghost still lacked much of the knowledge that he had, and had far more trouble trying to grasp what he had found out. On reflection, Geist considered that his new senses and ability might have given him some insight to allow for his discovery. Slightly disheartening to him that he might not be as clever as he thought, but it still got results. He could hardly complain.

    >3) Find the rogue ooK droid. In progress

    Again, he had put Ghost and R00 on it. There were too many droids on the ship for him to pinpoint the ooK. The only reason he had been able to find R00 so easily each time is because he had been able to use his sense while she was right next to him, giving him a chance to know what she 'looked' like.

    >4) Warn Lost and Found about the kid.

    He had meant to check in on them anyway, the droid telling him to do so just reminded him. Still had to get around to it.

    Glancing up, he caught a few others looking at him, eyes returning to their trays when they saw they had been noticed.
    >> [K] Cpl. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)17:23 No.13388077
    WOW! You miss a battle and the start of an RP thread, and SO MUCH HAPPENS! Okay, so, let's see...

    I guess the retroactive roleplaying is off. And I understand that waiting for me would have been silly, not knowing when I would be on. I'll figure out something with Shot, and Abe... I guess we can assume a light dinner in the mess where Found milks you of information while keeping you off-balance yet hopeful.

    I kind of skimmed the archive of the last thread, so I know about the hybrid and the xenos fleet... anything else I missed?

    As for the new RPing rules... I can understand the point behind them. A bunch of little posts, and also people posting over each other, can get a little confusing. It makes perfect sense to do via a chat program, and then to post the finished product here...

    You've put up with phobias pretty well, and I think of you as friends... it's just hard. The some of worst of that whole incident occurred in chat, and I know I'm a bit irrational about my fear of them. You've all been such good sports about all of this with me, and I feel the need to repay you... but still... it's just so outside my comfort zone...

    I want to roleplay with you, not at you... and I don't want to hold back the RPing by being the only one not RPing in the chat and I know it doesn't make any sense... but I can't. I'll think about it, I'll even try and psych myself up for it... but not today. ...I'm sorry.
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)17:25 No.13388087

    Oh, and I probably shouldn't promote myself.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)17:27 No.13388106
    >That's OK, we can still RP in the thread with you. The irc chat thing is just so we don't fill up the thread too fast. If you just don't feel comfortable in IRC, don't worry about it!
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)17:30 No.13388135
    >I did have some stories sitting on the backburner... now seems as good a time as any for them...

    Quick footsteps. “You better have some good fucking news.”
    “I do, or I wouldn’t have called you. She’s resurfaced.”
    Relived sigh. “About fucking time. Do you know where she went?”
    “All I know is that she went into surgery, and then the signal stopped.”
    “Come on, we’ve got more resources then her fucking chip, what else?”
    A sigh. “IQ stepped in and red taped all of her files. Until you work around it, we haven’t a clue what happened.”
    “Don’t worry about that. So she’s back? Readings?”
    A pause. “Looks like she’s been put into the backup… hmm.”
    “Her memories have been reset to an earlier time. Much earlier. About the time she went active.”
    Angry grunt. “So we lose all the progress?”
    “Yes and no. While her… ‘talents’ did seem to reset… they came back at an exponential rate.”
    “Interesting. What else?”
    Fingers move across touchscreens. “Let’s see… we’ve tracked down the new serial… it seems she’s going under the name of Found now.”

    > >
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)17:30 No.13388142
    >Continued from >>13388135

    A thoughtful pause. “Part of the mental process?”
    A headshake. “I haven’t a clue. It’s unusual, normally command wouldn’t allow it.”
    “Well, it seems everything went to hell over there, if the second is stepping up.”
    A questioning glance. “So, are we going to keep watching?”
    “Hmm… for the moment. With her transcript tied up with IQ…”
    A groan. “Please don’t say--”
    “We might have to do an extraction. Or at least get close enough to her for a transfer gun.”
    “Do you have any idea how exposed tha--”
    “Shut up. Yes I do. Remember, you might be the specialist, but I’m the agent.”
    A long pause. “It might be possible to set up a program inside their local psi-comm.”
    “A transfer on upload? Maybe. We’ll see. Worse comes to worse, we can send in a killteam, and start from scratch… still…”

    The agent’s finger tapped on the readout. UNIT AB72-492K it read. The specialist gave him an annoyed look, but the other figure was not paying attention.

    “How did you regain your talents so quickly, little girl? That’s what I want to know. Will it be stronger every time? How many clones will we go through until we’ve dissected that out of your pretty head?”
    >> Anonymous 01/03/11(Mon)17:40 No.13388246
    Pvt. Black took a bite from his mush. "I think you're looking too much into this." Cpl. Johnson shook his head as Ensign Dunn starts in again, "No, I know the Major has been very open with his troops but that guy just marched onto the bridge like he owned the place! I've even seen him slip a note the Major right after that fight with McMillan."

    Cpl. Johnson glances over at the sergeant, who is scanning through a tablet. "No way he's a spook. If he was, there's no way in hell he'd pick 'Ghost' as a call-sign. Not even as a joke." Pvt. Black jumps in, "I'll give you that it's a bit odd that he was able knock the Major out in the medbay like that. But he didn't 'put McmIllan in charge' like you say he did. It's just chain of command!"

    Dunn just shrugged. "Still, he hasn't even got in trouble for it! Besides, he's a Saint! Something's up..."
    "Sgt. Wolf didn't get in trouble either, and he was waving his rifle all over the medbay."
    "Yeah, well..."
    They look his way and see him glance up at them. Eyes back on their trays. "You don't think he could hear us, do you?"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)17:49 No.13388337
         File1294094965.png-(1.34 MB, 1194x3338, ZeroSheetNew.png)
    1.34 MB
    added the pilot class.

    I dont know if move should be 2 or 3, tell me what you think ?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)17:54 No.13388386
    >No worries! I hope you caught the note shot left, at least.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)17:55 No.13388404

    Sup lost. I dont want to force you in situations you dont like. You can post normally as you already do since the chat proposition cut down on a lot of cluttering already :u

    What we are essentially doing is Transcribed from a lot of littler posts so little about the format is changed.

    I contemplated leapfrogging posts. Where one would reply to a previous one with the previous text pasted. And the previous poster can delete the old version if that makes any sense.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)17:59 No.13388457
    "So this is standard, now, is it?" Shot asked, flexing the fingers of the gloves.

    "Yessir, Corporal." replied the civilian supplier.

    "Hrmph. A grapnel launcher... power-assisted grip tech..." he looked it over, sliding the helmet onto his head. " Hm. Interesting. Yes, you can go now. Thank you." he walked up to Betsy with the array of new tools and set to work, sparks flying and light reflecting off the visor as he went to work on the main balance centrifuge.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)18:19 No.13388652
    What's the range of the grapple line?

    Also sorry i can't get one the IRC at the moment, doing things
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)18:20 No.13388662
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)18:42 No.13388912
    >We'll assume this happens during the last few hours of shore leave before we went and fought at the station.

    The person sitting on the bed across from Found was a sex clone. An ideal form, its perfection and figure made it more grotesque and ridiculous then attractive to those with any taste, but for a port town like this such “persons” attracted the sailors and soldiers like the honey pot it was. It wasn’t an actual person, in the conventional sense, but instead a vat-grown clone. While it looked like a human, or at least some sort of carnal depiction of one, the inside had been streamlined for easy maintenance. Replaced was the digestive system and toxin filtering organs. The hair and fingernails never grew. Obviously the reproductive organs had been removed. It was more a shell then a human. But it had a mind, and that was the important bit.

    While the absurd parody of human lust rattled off its list of services in a sultry, smoky voice, Found sat impassively across from it. The clone’s mind, which was one of the few normal things about it, was installed with a switch-chip. Similar to a mem-chip, it allowed “operators” to upload into them, and then download back into there own bodies when their shift was done. Found supposed it gave themselves a way to rationalize not being prostitutes themselves, with that second degree of separation. From her detached memories of her childhood, she remembered being told the importance of being honestly intimate with someone. The irony made her smirk.

    > >
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)18:43 No.13388928
    >Continued from >>13388912

    She had started the delve the moment they had entered the room, after she had discreetly hired the clone’s services. Found had, of course, transferred those credits to the local currency, making them untraceable to her in the process. Found had to be cautious, but also bold. It had used almost all of the money that Lost had split with her, but it would be worth every hundredth of a credit. Found broke through the conscious mind and into the undercurrents of the subconscious. Mentally she reviewed the list of experiments… and then the knight got to work.

    She started by splitting her mind, focusing on two distinct thought processes, much like doing one complex task with each hand. She had found out this potential when she had started delving herself. Oh, she knew it had to be dangerous, that one false move would leave her paralyzed or broken, but she couldn’t resist the knowledge. She had… unlocked a few things when she was in there, but had to stop after the seizure. But it had worked, and in the under-river of this operator’s mind, Found look at a mirror image of herself.

    Found split again, and again, until there were six of her. Each one was now a cruder representation of herself, like a picture in a poor resolution, or a pre-war video game character. Her mind worked slower too, her thoughts lagging ever so little behind as they became actions. But determination was strong in her mind. Then, she began to grow larger. After all, size was relative in thought, and while your actions might be limited in strength, there was no reason you could not get the proper perspective of things.

    > >
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)18:43 No.13388941
    >Continued from >>13388928

    The six Founds stood in a circle, rising out of the understream of the subconscious like giants waist-deep in the canopy of a forest. From her—their—new perspective they could see the underpinnings of the mind. The human mind, after all, wasn’t just thought. It had a thousand little process running in the background. Chemicals reacting, heart beating, lungs bellowing, temperature regulation... a thousand little things that the mind didn’t even realize were going on. It was like a grid, running through everything in the mind, yet separate and incorporeal to the thought streams.

    Much like Lost had done before, Found created a pane of thought. While more of a visual exercise, the pane was a simple manifestation of a single concept: a blank thought that could be filled, and introduced into the mind, a foreign thought to weave its way into the host mind and take root like an infection. However, if the pane was not filled and then deployed… it was sterile. Salted earth where the nothing from the host’s mind could grow. A pane of thought in each of her segmented mind’s hands, fitted together just so…

    Found peaked into the slow world of reality, watched as the clone’s sultry features slackened in shock and then confusion. It looked at her with fear running through its eyes, and when it said it had to go, the smoky voice cracked with desperation. As the clone made to leave, Found gently but firmly pinned it to the floor, staring into the eyes that started to grow ever more distant and glazed with shock and confusion.

    > >
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)18:45 No.13388957
    >Continued from >>13388941

    The six Founds closed the lid to another thought box, each side made from a panel of thought. She had started simply, picking a single vivid memory from the operator’s childhood. Those were easy enough to find. The box, with only the top pane missing, had swept into the one of the thoughtstream, and came out the other side with a single memory pulled from the torrent like a fish snatched out of the river during spawning season. As the lid snapped down, the fine tendrils that still connected that thought to the larger stream snapped off, and the thought was trapped in six walls barren of thought. Then she had started to make them larger, until entire streams went into the cubes. The operator’s mind had never been a strong one, and with their very personality being trapped in each of these boxes, the fighting had become blind and weak struggling.

    Found looked down into the eyes of the clone, and nothing that would be called human looked back. Drool, smelling faintly of strawberries, poured out of the corner of the clone’s mouth and the body had gone limb. Gently picking it up, Found placed the clone carefully on the bed. She had been sure to wear gloves, and had placed her hair into a tight bun. She had even brushed her skin raw to remove loose genetic material. The ironic thing is that while Found would leave no trace of herself in this room, her mental signature would be stamped all over clone’s mind. The corporal went through more of the list…

    > >
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)18:46 No.13388965
    >Continued from >>13388957

    In the end her manipulation of the body grid had been crude. While Found had successful gotten the figure to raise its arms and torso in a crude parody of motion with strings of thought tied to the grid, the marionetting of the body had caused massive hemorrhaging. Blood seeping out of its nose and ears had formed a pool on the bed, and even the eyes had hemorrhaged, leaving the glazed eyes coated in red. The mind was a guttering thing, broken and dying, its consciousness locked away while its mental processes were shattered beyond repair.

    Found was excited by what she had found, if a tad disappointed by the fragility of the host’s mind. A part of her mind said she should be horrified, that Lost would have wept at this abomination of her powers. Found, disconnected and disassociated from that “conscience” that Lost had, only felt a vague pity for it. Found was determined to save Bravo force, first and foremost. Any and all skills she could pick up by destroying some civilian whore were “acceptable losses”. Even with the knowledge that the ALPs would bring, she needed to experiment, and she had pushed the limits of what she could safely do in her own mind, while testing in a fellow soldier or crewmates' heads was unthinkable. And so she forged her weapons and armor in the mind-deaths of others. If collateral damage was what it took to save Walker and the others, then so be it.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)19:00 No.13389111
    >So creepy!
    >> [TA] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 01/03/11(Mon)19:11 No.13389226
    >How unprofessional.
    >I mean, it's reasonable to want to learn mind-shredding/controlling, and obviously the only way to do that is shredding/controlling minds, but she should have requested that the Inquisitor provide her with some people slated for execution and shredded their minds while being monitored under controlled conditions instead of breaking regs. Again.
    >Doing it this way is asking to get herself executed, and it's not like we don't serve a brutally oppressive totalitarian regime that already executes people by the bucketloads whilst giggling madly.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)19:26 No.13389438
    He had been getting looks like that a lot lately. Nothing to do about it. Standing, he pockets his tablet and walks out of the mess to go look for Lost or Found. With no knowledge of their whereabouts to go on, he heads toward the barracks to see if either of them were there.
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)19:29 No.13389475

    >Okay, you can run into Lost crying over Shot's letter. Should I set the scene?

    >Also, grats on the advanced class, Dragon!
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)19:36 No.13389561

    >Okay, it's dinner time, but when I get back, I'll start writing.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)19:38 No.13389590
    Considering how... troubling our prior battle was, would anyone be interested in doing a naval training simulation?

    Maybe allow for 50~25% of your kills to count, considering how few of our games we've had.

    This wouldn't be a competitive battle, like the past games. In fact, it would be more of a team-building exercise, as well as perhaps finding someone of leadership caliber. Meaning I may/may not play in my CO capacity. Or at least, not for you.

    Just want to see if I can drum up some interest before going to OC about it.
    >> [mgR] Sgt. Hawkes !ngK3R2pIcU 01/03/11(Mon)19:42 No.13389645
    >I'd be game... If it wasn't naval.
    >Watch me dick up my trip.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)19:44 No.13389667
    Not really in the mood for Naval...

    And the whole fuckup last time was p much my fault so

    >> [I]York !!dAJuEEeueWP 01/03/11(Mon)19:47 No.13389722
         File1294102077.png-(59 KB, 461x459, Blitz.png)
    59 KB
    York crused through space, pushing his thrusters even though the threat was long past.

    "Hmm, bravo made it." The wires running into his skull made the information from his radar instant. "Hopefully there will be repeat busines"
    Tsian Tibler came into view.
    "This is Grey Dust, requireing Docking clearence."
    "This is Tibler Controle. We have no logs of your call sign operating in the area-"
    "That's the general idea"
    A sudden transfer of funds appeared on the man's screen
    ".....Welcome to Tsian Tibler!"
    "Thought so." With that the merc switched channels "Blitz, this is York"
    "ugh...the fuck do you want? I'm hung over."
    "How close are you to Tsian Tibler?"
    "What the-? Am I close to Tsian Tibler? Wha-? You know-! What the fuc- I should kick your fucking ass York! I've worked here for 6 yea-"
    "I know, contact the rest of Blaze. We got a war coming to us. Xeno's fleat is in bound"
    "What? How the fuck do you know that?"
    "I'm leading them to you"
    "....I fucking hate you." *Click*
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)19:48 No.13389724
    >Gorramnit It was so she would talk to him argh fine

    >Can you set me up with Found, at least? Or something? Graaagh.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/03/11(Mon)19:49 No.13389749

    Well, it would serve to prepare us for further naval fights. Our next fight may be naval as well; however, don't take my word for it, since I've been out of the loop a bit.

    In any case, some general guidelines for naval need to be established.

    Such as:

    Proper unit spacing
    General tactics
    When to shoot your nukes
    Using drift properly
    What weapons you should use
    And squadron formations.

    I would like to suggest that Nukes are to be fired when it would take less than 2 turns for it to reach it's target. So when a craft is within 7~12 hex's, perhaps?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)19:53 No.13389774
    Unless you're using them in a zany way, yea
    >> [TA] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 01/03/11(Mon)19:56 No.13389804
    As someone who has used a LOT of missiles in my day, definitely backing not firing them off until relatively close range. Never fire a projectile so that it'll spend more than one turn in flight. Preferably don't let it spend any time in flight at all, because giving the enemy time to react is very bad.

    This is particularly viable in naval combat, where as I understand it you can use forward drift to increase the speed of your missiles/nukes/whatever. But I could be wrong on that score.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/03/11(Mon)20:06 No.13389910

    I think a better focus on fighters may be important, the big cruiser don't seem to use all their guns so they get a few attacks, while the fighters tore us up.

    Also more people to bot the turrets, that would solve a lot of the action economy problem right there.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)20:10 No.13389958

    You can use drift to increase missile range.
    And i think I will go back to letting drift take affect after your direct turn.
    >> [mrK]Blitz !!wmRMMnP7PlH 01/03/11(Mon)20:24 No.13390089
         File1294104287.png-(53 KB, 352x354, Pierce.png)
    53 KB
    Blitz rolled over, knocking assorted beer cans all over the place as he started another call
    "Pierce! Pierce!"
    "There's a ton of shit headed my way! York is bringing them right too me!"
    "I don't see how that effects me."
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/03/11(Mon)20:47 No.13390336

    So we should anticipate any potential drift after we post our turn?

    >post actions
    >trust goes off
    >acceleration goes off
    >drift goes off
    >new image posted
    >enemy phase
    >overwatch goes off
    >Post actions
    >> [mrS]Pierce !!SvHKHNyMlZ3 01/03/11(Mon)20:58 No.13390458
         File1294106314.png-(70 KB, 354x354, Mouse.png)
    70 KB
    Pierce lined up his shot, took it and dissapeared before the body hit the ground, He had only one eye, but all that proved was you only needed one to snipe.

    He quickly dissapeared off the building he was on as the credits in his account raised.

    "I supose a job is a job." Pierce opens up a com
    "Eee! P-Pierce! I thought you were-"
    "Dead? No, not that you helped with that any."
    "Enough. We got a job at Blitz's. Don't run away this time. You're good at what you do." *click*
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)21:05 No.13390538

    Lost wept again. The letter was now crinkled and tear-stained, and in danger of getting snot on it. Lost lay curled up on her bed, her sheets lying in a tangled mess beneath her. She had tried to get some sleep after the third bout of weeping, but it had never come. Her unbound hair was splayed out in disarray, some sticking to the sweat-matted bed while other strands clung to her body and face. She had only moved it out of her eyes to read the letter again, before dissolving into another fit of bawling. A part of her, already loosened by the Major’s assaults and words, now hung desperately by a cord.

    A part of Lost knew she was having another fit, that she was made of sterner stuff and by god if Trauma was here she would slap the sense back into her. Lost’s experience with the fellow female Knight had been a good one in that regard, reinforcing her determination with the will to shake sense into a problem. But that part of her had been stretched thin, trying to keep it together on the surface, and preparing for the next combat. She would not let down the Major again, or make the new CO McMillian hate her as well.

    But Shot… oh poor Shot. She had not seen the signs, not understood the connections, and now she had crippled him in the field. Worse, he was planning on leaving, and if he couldn’t leave, he was going to kill himself… “kick it” it had said in the letter, but the intent was clear: she had made him want to kill himself. Just thinking about it brought on another wave of sorrow and sobs. Shot had wanted to talk to her before he left, and she had been avoiding him. So far he had stuck around, and Lost had an irrational hope that if she continued to avoid the gyro pilot, he would stay. She was hopelessly tangled in a web of relationships and promises and lies, and she could see no way out.

    She was so tied up in her own misery, she didn’t even notice the door open.
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)21:08 No.13390574

    >I don't think Found is someone you want to be around.

    >But don't worry, I'm sure Ghost will talk some sense into Lost.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)21:09 No.13390580
    >Thanks! havent been able to read it due to drawing and a whole bunch of other crap.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)21:13 No.13390612
         File1294107192.png-(1.48 MB, 1194x3338, ZeroSheetNew.png)
    1.48 MB
    So that empty space next to the Pilot bothered me


    came into existence as a surveillance trooper that reported directly to psicomm. Equipped with only octo cams and passive cloaking, they exist solely to observe and report. However, the other half of their job is to serve as an aid or a medium for Tactical Advisors on Psicomm and act not only as their eyes and ears, but their hands as well. The Forward Observer is the introduction to indicting psionic assets to develop on the field and as such can perform much of the same tasks that a TA can as well as act as a hardware connection to other avenues of battlefield control. With a coordinated sneak attack, they can plugin or wire in enemy units under their control**. While they themselves remain in virtual invisibility while in stasis.

    *hacking enemy assets is a 20 percent chance of success.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/03/11(Mon)21:18 No.13390673

    >I don't think Found is someone you want to be around.

    Abe may be an accessory to mind rape,
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)21:20 No.13390690

    >More like mind homicide.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)21:26 No.13390753
         File1294107985.png-(1.48 MB, 1194x3338, ZeroSheetNew.png)
    1.48 MB

    Changed Scan to SCRY. to avoid conflict with TA mechanics...

    >> [Mer]Mouse !!KnhnNW2EM72 01/03/11(Mon)21:26 No.13390758
         File1294108013.png-(36 KB, 354x354, Payload.png)
    36 KB
    "Y-y-y-y-ye WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?"
    Mouse recoiled from the large man.
    "I-i-it's pierce! He said there's going to be a fight by Blitz! Something about a Xeno's fle-"
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)21:42 No.13390948
    Geist walked toward the barracks, wandering if Lost knew about the hybrid kid already. Dragon had seemed a little out of it just from carrying him down to Quarantine. How would Lost's powers react to him?

    Continuing through the womens' barracks, he passed several doors until he came to the one assigned to Lost. He was about to knock when he heard crying coming from the other side. Opening the door, he found Lost sobbing in her bed, clutching a letter. "Lost?" Closing the door behind him, he goes over and sits down on the edge of her cot. "What's wrong?"

    >Just a reminder, the Saint Ghost is now Geist! Hope this isn't too confusing!
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)21:46 No.13391027
    >I don't think Lost knows this yet, she's been hiding away since finding the letter.

    Lost looked up at Ghost with read red-rimmed eyes bleary and unfocused, her face slick with sweat and snot.

    “Ghost, is that you?” Lost recoiled from his touch. “We… we have to stop. It’s… it’s tearing Shot apart. He loves me *sob* he loves me and he’s *sob* going to kill himself. I can’t… I can’t return is love like he wants, and telling him I love him like a father would *sob* it would just make it worse, Ghost. But… but if I stay with you, I would be *sob* I would be *sob* responsible for his death, flaunting it like that. Everything I touch is *sob* ruined…”

    Lost holds the letter up in a fist for Ghost to take, and then quickly releases it before turning her back to weep, curling tighter on herself.
    >> [MrO]Payload !!CUdEPgJP7VY 01/03/11(Mon)21:52 No.13391107
         File1294109538.png-(37 KB, 354x354, Thunderchild.png)
    37 KB
    The man on the other side packed his pipe
    "Payload. Always a pleasure"
    "Nukes are an uncivilized weapon in this age, however I will always support a friend in need."
    "GOOD ENOUGH!" *click*

    "He didn't even say goodbye. How rude"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)21:53 No.13391117
    >Your girlfriend is crying
    >You know the cause
    >You have a way of killing people that leaves no traces
    >Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)21:57 No.13391191

    >> [MrC]Thunderchild !!SXvRK4sTHEg 01/03/11(Mon)22:00 No.13391233
         File1294110045.png-(62 KB, 352x349, York foot.png)
    62 KB
    "Excuse me York"
    "What is it Thunderchild?"
    "I was calling to inform you that we have all assembled and will be there shortly"
    "I see, good....Thunderchild?"
    "You're not in the navy anymore, you don't have to act like an officer"
    The mustashed man lights his pipe. "I made an oath to honor. I may be a Legitimate, but I will defend humanity and carry chivalry to the bitter end."

    "That's why I picked you. Grey Dust, out" *click*
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)22:02 No.13391260
    Cruisers are effective IF they have Gunners on manning their six cannons. A Gunner manning a stationary cannon has two actions, he can fire his cannon (2 shots per action) and fire his homing hunter missile (no rolls needed while in range). The pilot of the Cruiser then can choose whether to maneuver, fire his railguns, or throw nukes.

    On the other hand, an Interceptor has practically infinite range. (Has this been nerfed yet?)
    With adequate range, they can do pinpricks of damage repeatedly, without even getting a scratch. And then when they swarm together...

    Well, you can remember the last naval battle.

    Also, with the advent of a Cruiser's 3 actions, it can forward thrust, fire nuke (6+thrust), and then stabilize, adjust position, or even reverse thrust.

    PS: Orbital, is the naval units' actions still include all Spatial Moves as Actions?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)22:08 No.13391337
    Yes it does.
    Thrusting takes up an action
    and a entering into adjustmodes do as well.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)22:12 No.13391385
    "Wha- What?" We have to stop? There is a heavy feeling in his chest as Lost continues. Shot loves Lost? The flash Shot's memory, Lost as his wife comes to the forefront of his mind. He put an arm around Lost, "No. You aren't going to be responsible for anyone's death." Geist takes the letter and begins reading through it. "Come on, he isn't going to kill himself. At most he'll try and leave, even if the Inquisitor won't let him." He is silent a moment, trying to think of the best way to handle this. "Lost, we should go find him, we need to clear this up." He stands up, offering her a hand to help her up. "We'll go talk with Shot together."
    >> ------- !!z3MMJoPZqIN 01/03/11(Mon)22:28 No.13391605
    > PS: Orbital, is the naval units' actions still include all Spatial Moves as Actions?

    > Yes it does.
    > Thrusting takes up an action
    > and a entering into adjustmodes do as well.


    Orbital, going over the naval units' sheets, you might want to add the damage of a stationary Gunnery cannon normal fire, a nuke's damage and blast radius, Cruiser's railgun damage, that a stOrk carry one Gunnery cannon, and the fact that you can slave a Gunnery cannon to pilots (though how many Gs you can fire per action, and how many rolls per G, also need to be explained).
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)22:34 No.13391686

    I will get on it at the next possible convenience
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)22:35 No.13391703

    Still dangling by a thread, Lost took hope from Ghost’s words. She took hope from the concern and certainty radiating from Ghost’s mind. She bathed in it like a flower opening to the sun. She was unsure if what he said was true, if she had just misinterpreted the words, but she knew that he thought that, and maybe that was enough.

    Pulling herself upright, she looked into Ghost eyes, the blankness replaced with a love she could not hide, could never let go of without cutting out a piece of herself. She wanted to kiss him then, but Lost was also suddenly all too aware of her appearance: her tear and snot streaked face, her red eyes, her disheveled hair, and sweat damp clothing. Instead she gave Ghost a weak smile and told him she was going to clean up. When she showered and changed, she said, they would go and see Shot together.

    >I’m leaving that open if you wanted some introspection time while you waited.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)22:39 No.13391752

    "Feckin' lighting always needed changing." he muttered, hanging upside down from the rafter, unscrewing and replacing various lights. He flipped back up into place, for once thankful for his young body. He stood on the secure catwalks after manuevering to one, taking his time. From here, he would see anyone coming in, but it was unlikely they would see him.

    Not to mention, the lights were off, and he was only getting around from knowing the place so well and from being used to being in the dark.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)22:46 No.13391859
    He smiled back at Lost as she went to shower. As he waited his thoughts turned back to Shot. This situation could get out of hand. Could he be dangerous? There was a part of him that had to be prepared for any contingency. He hoped it wouldn't be needed. Flipping a switch on his com, he spoke quietly. "Ghost, I need you do me a favor..."
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)23:04 No.13392082

    >Did you want to RP the arrival? Or Shot, or what? I don't think Lost has really any more of substance to say, unless you have something to say to her.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/03/11(Mon)23:09 No.13392156
    >Ah yes, should have thought of that.

    As Geist and Lost are walking, Geist turns to speak. "By the way, my call-sign is 'Geist' now. My clone got brought out of storage because of a faulty tank, and I let him keep 'Ghost' in exchange for the quarters. Just thought I should get that out of the way before you run into him."

    He decided Shot is most likely in the motor pool and heads there. Upon their arrival, they see that several of the lights are out, leaving parts of the motor pool in the dark. No sign of Shot in Betsy. "Hey Shot! Are you around?"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)23:16 No.13392244
    "'Bout time you decided to drop by, Ghost." he grumbled, sliding down on a cable. The hand let go and reeled itself in before he walked over to the two of them.

    He put his huge hands on his hips and sighed, looking at his feet. "Truth be told, I was hoping to talk with Lost alone, but..." he shook his head. "Guess the cat is outta the bag. I'll start with what I meant to say to Lost..."

    He turned to her, looking her in the eyes.
    "I meant everything I said in that letter. I wanted you to know... Felt you deserved to know how I felt. I'm you're superior, though, and I guess... I guess I'm more of a good soldier than I am a touchy-feely guy. Besides, a man my age hitting on a girl your age... Well." he shrugged, then looked at Ghost... Geist. "...Does he make you happy?" he asked. "He doesn't hurt you or pull rank to get things from you, does he?" his eyes were full of concern as he spoke. "And you're careful about it, right?"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/03/11(Mon)23:23 No.13392339
    Dragon walked through another barrier of decontamination halls. This was the 4th lap, and the bio detectors were still acting up. Some flu germ or Garukan ague was still lingering and it caught on him somehow like a sticky phlegm. Every cubicle he walks through reminded him of every odd thing that boy did while playing chess.

    Aberham strode with unusual swiftness, he had something to accomplish, a tablet in one hand and the advanced diagnostic kit in the other. He approached the decon, giving the guard there his credentials.
    "Ok Doc, you check out" the man said "Computer will run you through the procedures", the door opened and the Medic walked over the threshold.
    "This is such *explative* bull. Oh thank god abe. I keep telling these guys i feel fine, My skin's getting raw!"
    "....your stuck?" he gave a confused look, "whats holding him back" he asked to the nearest tech. "Flu?..."

    After a few minutes of arguing with the staff and another 10 to check the bio registry Abe isolates an identical strain, "Now this should be it...yes this is it."
    "Its class 6, it should not be an issue, I think you would agree" he posses to the tech with a somewhat weary expression.
    "Oh man abe, thank you so much." Dragon is quick to put his armor back on "That was a nightmare. I know you don't drink but god damn it i'll get you a drink the second you ever start"
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)23:38 No.13392516
    " Hmmm, you the man with the diagnostic eyes ? Well alright, I guess he's good if you say so " The tech lets him through and the two part ways while Aberham enters the the soup smelling room at the corner of quarantine.
    "Oh man abe, thank you so much." Dragon is quick to put his armor back on "That was a nightmare. I know you don't drink but god damn it i'll get you a drink whenever you want!"
    Abe smiles from behind the glass "Good, the last I had I threw at walkers head."
    On the other side of the looking glass, the boy was hovering above the "chess" table playing both sides against himself.

    Dragon looks back at Dominio. "yeah, I tried him at chess and he just kicked my ass up and down the *explative* block...Then i showed him how to play cards and he kicked my ass up and down the *explative* block. Seems he gets more of a challenge playing himself and well I got some stuff to do, people to bother, booze to drink." Dragon points to the observation deck "*explative*s *explative*ed that plan up. Anyway what ya doing down here?"

    "I'm just going to take some baseline readings for domino, heart-rate, temperature, if he's healthy now we can better know if he gets sick, might see if we can get some direct samples as well"

    "Cool, I'd be carefull about the direct samples thing. Ender reached for his gun and then Domino made
    me and her see crap....hurt like a bitch let me tell ya." Dragon smiles "Show up anytime for booze." He waves back to the glass "See ya later Domino" With that the trooper leaves
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/03/11(Mon)23:41 No.13392549

    Lost had been silent out of fear, out of what Shot might do or say, but now the words came crashing out, a torrent of words frantically trying to claw their way out of her mouth first as she covered the distance and slammed into the pilot with a hug.

    “But, but the letter. Shot, you said you were… that you had fallen for me, that you, and—and I was so afraid that you were going to hurt yourself and I—Shot, please don’t go! I do love you, but it’s not in the way that you think it is, and I didn’t want to hurt you by saying that it wasn’t that kind of love, because I didn’t believe that love and attraction were linked—because of the training on Prima Masquerade—but now with Ghost, who I told the same thing, I’m not sure—and I don’t want you to go, and I don’t want you to be unable to help and I’m sorry—SO SORRY—that I delved you without knowing what I did and I don’t want you to hate me like Walker—and please, please, please don’t go.”

    She took in a brief gasp of air before continuing weakly into Shot shoulder: “I don’t want you to go. You’re a good friend and I’ve been lousy to you, and I don’t want you to leave with that. Even if they don’t det you for desertion, especially if. I know you’re unhappy and I know it’s mostly my fault. I can’t make you happy, playing around in your mind, but I’ll try doing it by being a good friend.”

    The knight released her vice like-grip on the pilot, and stepped back, her blue eyes radiating a desperate hope. “And yes, no, and I think so.”
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/03/11(Mon)23:51 No.13392653
    Without a backwards glance, the boy waved emphatically throught the glass before returning to his work. Some endgame was reached and 4 or 5 pieces on the board raced about to flurry at each other once again. At the hiss of the door, Aberham walks through , his eyes jiter at the sheer abnormality this boy displayed inside and out. He was glowing- this boy and his vision stressed glows and hues of color whenever a non descript anomaly took place. But this boy- neigh this anomaly was an amalgamation of some contained force that took the form of a child. And yet he returns a smile, his amber eyes shining back taking this new visiting in.

    "I, I'm doctor Castillo, may I ask you some question?" Abe places his equipment nearby.

    "Oh- ok. You dont want to play ? I can start another one for you "

    "oh I don't know that game, I have another you might like it's called 'Go' we could play that." he pauses for a moment "I wanted to give you a check-up as well, that way we can better help you if you got sick, would that be ok with you?"

    " Checkup ? " The boy's antennea perked up. The word was used on him before and in terrifying context. The very word of it made him cling on the ceiling. The table flipped up and kicked over. Aberham's eyes acted up again as he felt changes in his character run through his body. No human transmitted adrenaline throughout the body that fast... His eyes beamed, cautious and afraid. The man with the shining eyes looked up at him curious as he dove into the holes of his being.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/03/11(Mon)23:55 No.13392675
    He sighed as she detatched from him.
    "So yer happy with him?" he said. "Fine. I'll stay." he said, sighing. Then he turned to Geist.

    "As fer you." he said quietly. "I'll have you know that if you ever hurt her, I will personally see you in three times as much pain. Rank or not. You take responsibility for anything that happens to her off the feild. Furthermore. None of that nonesense on the ship. On leave, sure, fine, but fuck, man. You're only puttin' yerself in danger when you do things here, surveillance or not." he looked between the two of them.

    "Enjoy yerselves. God knows, I know how short those sorta things can last. Enjoy it... while you can." he turned back to Betsy. "And no finding other girls to 'cheer me up', Lost. I hate pity. Ghost, if you send that r00 girl at me, I won't appreciate it much either..."

    He was accepting it, in his roundabout, grumpy manner. His words were harsh, but the intent was gentle. Sparks rose from the Gyro as he repaired it, then he sighed. "Fuggit." he said, pulling out the bottle and three shot glasses from nowhere, pulling up a table.
    "We're drinking. I need a drink. We all need a drink. Shit has just gotten too damn serious and moody." he said as he poured.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)00:14 No.13392863
    The boy sees confusion, and fear, first and foremost; a rational mind trying to order and make sense of the scene before him. Someone who does not know that his eyes are shinning. Beyond that there is concern… and a plan, the man want to help and wants to know, he was going to test his eyes. Deeper still there is something wrong, memories, a vacuum, a hole in his person that he is aware of all the time, even if he does not want to see it.
    "I'm sorry, I'm not here to hurt you, please, let me show you."

    It was strange. There was a change here. Normally the men in white, wished bad things of him- their curiosity amounted to immeasurable pain for the boy but here his well being was actually a solid concept. The boy was filled with warmth and his antennea jiterred slowly. Coming down he was on level with aberham, who stood an adult's height over him. " S- Sorry, I suppse a brother of Mr. Dragon Sir is also nice " " W- What's your name Mr. Sir ? "
    Abe felt no small amount of relief seeing the boy descend, not getting his mind ripped in two was a highpoint. "I'm sorry I scared you, My name is Andrew Castillo, Dragon would call me 'Aberham'" He crouches down. and pulls the diagnostic unit forward, "I was going to use this to take some baseline readings on your health, all I really need to do is place a sensor on you here" he motions to the spot on his chest.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/04/11(Tue)00:17 No.13392895
    "So, you've changed you mind? Just like that? What happened to you not being 'reliable in the field anymore'? You're now over your feelings? Judgment is no longer clouded? You were willing to desert and risk detonation, tell people you were planning it, and you've suddenly changed your mind? Just like that?" Geist shakes his head, "I'm sorry, but you need to be absolutely sure you're got your head on straight here. Be absolutely certain you're alright with this, even if you need to see a psychiatrist or something. I'm not going to order you to, but I do think you should consider it."

    He pauses before adding, "I mean that in the nicest way I can, by the way." He sighs, rubbing his forehead, "Look, I know you're concerned about Lost. I would never do anything to hurt her. I know we got off on the wrong foot, but you are Lost's friend. That's enough for me to consider you my friend as well. I'm sorry for pulling rank earlier, but I didn't know you. Even if reluctantly, we put our trust in you and you haven't betrayed it. No one else has found out."

    He extends a hand to Shot, " So, are we alright?"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/04/11(Tue)00:33 No.13393066
    "I'd love to see a 'ead shrinker, to be 'onest." he said, pouring the drinks. "There's a lotta things worrying me you don't talk about with friends." he said. "I wrote that letter some time ago. Yeah, I was... I wasn't in the right mind." he said. "Yeah. We're alright. I suppose. Thanks fer listenin'. And not gettin' me killed over my wishes to abscon'." he added. "To be honest, the 'uman mind is designed to only las' so long. You live long enough, things get morbid fer ya. I'm nearan mah eighties, Ghost. Of course I think about death." he shook his head.

    He shook the man's hand with a sigh.

    "Sit. Drink. Let's jus' forget this mess at the bottom of a glass, eh?"
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)00:39 No.13393117
    The boy looked about and submitted readily to the tests. It was normal for him, this part. His shirtless form revealed cracks under the skin resembling exoskeletal lining. He was something of a packed shell that contained all the thing necessary to keep a human appearance. But underneath, inside that swirl he was another being. This half of him escaped
    Aberham's attention and all it lead him was that - yes the boy was mechanically human but the potential was there like a packed powderkeg. Its almost as if this boy chose this form and so long as the need compelled him- he will continue to stay this way. But discerning what governed that quality lied in his soul if ever a human one was a master of it.

    “Now I’m not sure if you know what a biopsy is, let me show you.” Abe removes a med tool and adjusts the settings on it. “It takes a small bit of flesh from a person, not enough to harm them, then we can look at this bit and determine a lot” Abe places it on his own are and a small needle actuates, he cringes a bit, a small sting. Then a small piece of muscle drops into a vial attached to the tool “It stings only for a bit, would you be ok doing this too, you could hold the tool while it happens if you like. However if you don’t want to that ok.

    The boy's eyes searched the man.He was inviting, sincere and regarded him with some semblance of self determination. The boy stuck out his hand. At the meat of his palm were already various cracks where incisions were made he turned away in a cringe as he looked down on the checkered flooring. He had dove into people and saw them exposed to him. He knew the act to be wrong. And so, this was the least he could do. With a cut, a bare red slash was made on his palm and the skin formed in around it like melting icecream
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/04/11(Tue)00:43 No.13393146
    He takes a seat and accepts the offered glass. "I guess a little drink couldn't hurt."

    >Guess we should let Lost post now!
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/04/11(Tue)00:52 No.13393235

    Lost looked hesitantly at the bottle of “alcohol”. The label had been removed, if there had ever been one, and she wasn’t sure that any kind of spirit should be that color. Still, everything had gone better than she could have hoped for, dreamed for.

    “Well, I guess one drink couldn’t hurt… though last time when I got drunk in boot…”

    >Mind if we end it there? Celebrating? I think it's a good stopping point.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)01:09 No.13393424
    “…Thank you, you are a unique individual to say the least, I have a few more questions if that ok, we could play that game I was talking about while we do it.”
    " Oh ? " He sucked on the wound passively the blood coating red on his lips, and then Blue.
    "here", Abe lays out his tablet and soon a 19X19 grid appears on it, Aberham explains a set of fairly simple rules, black and white pieces building walls can capturing one another, then he places the starting stone on the virtual board.
    The boy's eyes remained glued to the board. On abe's next move the boy interrupted with a " Play seriously." His voice deadpan and firm.
    "Would not think of doing anything else." As they play he asks the young man all the basic diagnostic questions he can think of going as far as Domino seems comfortable answering, digestive cycles, sleep cycles, his mood, preferences for light, even if he has ever experienced sexual attraction. Preceding delicately, anything that might reveal some clue to Domino’s outlook, human or otherwise.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)01:12 No.13393459
    The questions that came at the boy showed images of people going through their daily motions in life. Of which he could answer confidently. The man in the shining eyes listened to his daily routine. Rice krispies was the object of his desire, he ate piles of them as soon as his former room allowed such an option with a button press. He slept when tired and played against the orderlies all day. He used to engage in these activities with his siblings, of which he had 14. He went silent on that subject as images of blood other bodily fluids populated Aberham's mind. The man with shining eyes saw into his ails and briefly got a glimpse at a sister of his who laid eggs into an unsuspecting brother. And then Domino messed up. Aberham smirked and collected his pieces as he managed to wall him off and take his pieces. Aberham's fingers stopped midway when he saw beads of sweat dropping on the board. Dom was muttering something. " S- Sis I'm sorry it wasn't my fault. I -I " His teeth sharpened and his hair protruded like claws on the right side of his head.

    Aberham stands summoning all the stillness and calm he could manufacture, lifting his tool bag as he came to full upright and take slow backwards steps to the door.“D-Domino, I know none of it was your fault, none of it could be your fault.” He is scared, his heart races.
    Outside the robot sentries that was standing watch perked up. A surveillance camera buzzed to light as it heard the boy's cacophanous demand.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)01:30 No.13393663
    Domino’s hand clutched over his eye as he reeled and sat back down nursing his throbbing head. This time he wasn't dipping into anyone but broadcasting it like a faint radio station signal. The mere act of staring into him conjured blood and smiling smiling children in the same image. 14 siblings. It occured to Aberham that xenoforms ate their eggmates. He wondered how much of that was true.

    “Ok” Abe raises his hand slowly, as if to signal anyone watching to pause just for a moment. He staggers back a few steps to the table, and reaches over placing the last stone, “I…I control the most territory, one win goes to me. That was a good game Domino. Thank you..."”

    The boy heaved a little and then calmed down. His one eye scanned the board and then back at Aberham. He then gingerly rubbed his eyes as his hair descended back to the laws of gravity. " Name it "
    There was silence " Name it. What's your prize Mr. Aberham Sir ? Mr. Dragon Sir is gonna play games with me every time the moon falls down what do you want ? "
    “I don’t need a prize, it was good just to play, I could leave the tablet here and I could play back across over the net. Why do you want to give a prize?”
    " Because sister gave me her life. Sh- Should I give you mines ? " His obsidian eyes blinked. Vertically and horizontally.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)02:01 No.13393923
    Aberham's mind did back-flips, feelings of every sort filled him stole his breath, if was several seconds before he could think again. "Domino, you can keep you life" he hated himself for asking the next question, not only did it put him at risk, but I might hurt the young man. "Why did you sister give her's?"

    " She wanted my heart. I didn't let her. She's mean. She took Marco and Polo away…I-... yes. I took it " He looked distantly at the corner of a ceiling where he scratched a spot obsessively gobs of fluid dropped on the floor…tiers?, Domino’s chest felt heavy. " I took it... we became one like she asked ..."
    "...Domino, when i go,...If you want you can talk to me over the tablet, are you going to be ok? I did not mean to upset you."
    Domino gave a nod as the quarantine door opened. The nature of the fluid coming out of his eyes eluded him whenever images of his sister came up.
    For a while, the room was silent, broken by a fake cough from the red eye that had been watching the entire time. "Domino, are you sad?" the hollow voiced asked
    "major careful" Abe said over the comm.
    "When am I not?" the TV-headed robot outside the room answered.
    " Sad. Is that what this is ?"
    "When you think of your brothers and sisters... and the liquid comes to your eyes, and you feel a sharp pain in your chest... Yes, Domino, I do believe that is what they call 'sad.'"
    "But it is the way of things. Its how I was made, and how I do, how me and all my brothers and sisters did. We hated each other and they hated me and I was the last one "
    "But you miss them, don't you? Otherwise, there would be no tears coming from your eyes."
    " They went to the box… The black one on the blue ball place… They went there after they stopped being”
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)02:11 No.13393977
    The glowing red eye was silent and unwavering as it listened to the hybrid speak of it's siblings' demise. Did it see the child as a human? Or a monster in a human form? ” That doesn't mean they're gone, Domino, even if you were made to hate each other, did you hate making them stop being? Did you find things 'empty' every time one went away?"
    "... Yes. Because I feel like they are watching me even still. Just like the hollow men "
    The eye made no movement with the mention of the "hollow men." Were those the robots? An empathic child might construe them as such. "They live on inside of you, Domino. In your heart and your mind. And you know what Domino?"
    " Yes , Mr. Red Sir ? "
    "Do you think they are smiling? I think they are. Do you know why?" Domino shakes his head.
    "Because you were crying. You cry because you miss them. You cried because despite how you were 'made,' they were your siblings, and you loved them. And you know what? I think they are happy that you remember them." The eye paused, it's glowing "retina" looking up, mimicking the way one may look up while in thought. "That's all anyone asks for, really. To be remembered..."
    He turns away. It's a lie. A projection. And yet he cant help but wonder the same things. He was one of 14 if he died , he wondered how his sister would have fared. Would she have missed him too ? He was the last of them. Marco, Polo, Hide, Seek, Tag, TicTac, Mono, Toe, Four, Sorry, Risk....and Clue.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)02:23 No.13394054
    How he proceeded after this point, it was because of them how he turned. But in the end it will be up to him to decide. He picked up the Go board, cleaned it off, and deposited the first piece after a bit of contemplation. The eye watched Domino turn around. It thought, deeply, on what it could say "You know Domino... I... hmmm... yes. I think that all of this proves something. What do you think it proves?"
    He snorts." I dont know "
    "That they loved you. And you loved them. All in your own, twisted little way, of course..." The machine chuckles. "And you know what else? To me, that means that you and your siblings were humans, No matter how you look on the outside, or the inside, to me, the fact that you can do all this says that you are a human being." The machine coughs once more. "You know the big brothers? Dragon, and Aberham? They look like regular people, just like you, but they are special, just like you. There are many brothers and sisters in our family that are special like that. Even I am, although I won't tell you right away." The machine chuckles once more.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)02:31 No.13394117
    "Maybe if you beat me I’ll tell you... but anyway, just like them, you are special. And just like them, you're human too."
    " What's a love ? "
    Outside, the robot with a TV screen for a head smiles, although nobody is there to notice. "Love?" The red eye asks. "What is love? It's a funny thing, really. Men have gone their entire lives searching for it, never realizing it was right in front of them the whole time. I can't answer that, little Domino. Nobody but yourself can. But I can say this. Love often comes from family. And yes, even with my... dysfunctional family, there is love…. Would you like to join my family, Domino?" The eye pauses thoughtfully "And no, you won't be eaten by anyone. And nobody will eat you either.”
    Like Fenner ? Or The scary Lady ? or even the serious man ? He felt it in them, he did. That confused heavy feeling like the world spinning towards something. It was that spiral towards a center- a center that no one can ever seem to get to. Humans will drive to this point even if they never get there. And with it all the toil and pain that came with it.

    The whole thing.

    The whole thing made him vomit.

    The medbay soup and the protein bars all of it went up almost undigested but that part didnt matter until afterwards. Because now he was being drug away on a stretcher after he wretched and blacked out.

    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:41 No.13394183
    >From IRC, forgive the frankenpost.

    Dragon heads to the mess. Domino was in good hands, and Abe could handle himself fine. Now he could get to the celebration of his new class, but first he had to gather friends. His destination: the Mess hall

    Dragon swings the door open, his fancy new flight suit helping attract eyes toward him. "I got a jet pack and a powerful need to party! Who's with me!?"

    In the mess, Nomad was cringing as he watched Colton finish off another tube of food paste, his own food untouched. Seeing Dragon, he raised his hand. "I'll join if only to kill enough brain cells to get the past hour out of my mind."

    Ghost enters the mess, the first time since leaving the clone tank. Over to the side, he sees some familiar faces and heads on over. "Hey Dragon, Nomad. Trauma! I don't think I've seen you in quite awhile! How's it been?"

    "Hey Geist! Come party with us."

    "It's Ghost. And sure, I'm up for some celebration!"

    "*explative*! Why'd you have to go and do that with your clone? I'm never going to get this right..." Dragon laughs.

    Trauma pulls dragon aside, "Congratulations on being cleared for equipment, Brother. Still I wanted to discuss what you've been doing in the Quarantine zone."

    >READ ON.
    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:42 No.13394193

    Dragon is quickly yanked out from under Nomads arm… Congratulations? Discuss? Domino? She called him Brother again too! Dragon didn't know who this woman was, as Trauma wasn't beating him. "Uh...sure?"

    Colton had just finished another tube of delicious, nutritious ration paste. Placing the cap on the wrinkled, empty vessel, he took pleasure in the green appearances of his tablemates. He knew that this disgusted them, and during this hour in mess had enough people in it that they were forced to sit at his table. He took a grim glee as they tried to negotiate with other tables and each other to who had to sit with Colton during dinner. Some of the vets even thought it was a great hazing experience. Upon seeing Dragon in his new suit, Colton waited for the other to speak.

    “D*censored* Dragon, what the q*censored* do they have you wearing? You’re not another one of those y*censored*ing duelies running around, are you?” looking over at the knight, the demoman scratched his helmet, “You two are k*censored*ing related?”

    "Yeah, I didn't know you were brother and sister!" said Ghost.

    Trauma folds her arms across her torso, "That you're watching out for Domino. Which is good. Now you're actually starting to be mature like you're supposed to be. Oldest brother watches out for the little ones. Keep this up and I might forget about what you did in the fight."

    Dragon looks to his fellows, and then Trauma. "No we're not, and forgive me for what I did in the fight? You set my hair on fire after a hug! How the *explative* can you call me immature?"

    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:43 No.13394207

    Taking a seat, Ghost looks back and forth from Trauma and Dragon. "Wait, what fight? You aren't going to get into a fight here, are you?"

    Trauma just smiles at Dragon "That was for fun, and you were going to be fine. You interrupted a fight with an underhanded attack, Brother. I was also joking about the forgetting about it. Exaggeration of the threat? Guess I didn't put in enough joking into it. Whatever. I don't really care any more. Look. You're doing good, keep it up. Now! Where's the booze."

    Colton looked from the rocket man to the knight. He made sure to move his head back and forth so they caught the deliberate action.

    “Oldest brother? Little ones? What the w*censored*ing hell are we talking about? You mean that e*censored*ing little q*censored*ing freak xeno thing? A*censored*! If I hadn’t been so p*censored*ing hung over from the extended leave, I would have put a j*censored*ing impact b-sphere into its f*censored*ing torso and called it a day!”

    Colton looked at Dragon, “Don’t tell me it’s o*censored*ing loose on the ship? It’s got an x*censored*ing explosive collar on, or something right? I heard that g*censored*ing thing’s a*censored*ing psyker!”

    "Don't get your panties in a twist, cueball. I'm sure Dragon's got it under control. Walker wouldn't let something dangerous like that go around anywhere."

    Dragon puts a hand on Colton's shoulder, it is a firm grip. It is obvious to all involved Dragon's holding something back "Colton...you're my first friend here, and explosion bro for life, but Domino ain't an it. He ain't a freak, he's a kid. A *explative* experiment.”

    >GAH! READ ON!
    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:44 No.13394216

    Dragon then put his other hand on Colton's shoulder. "I was in the same spot he was before Bravo. It ain't fun, it ain't cool, and I'm not going to let a thing happen to him," Dragon pulls Colton in closer, "or else I'll hug you."

    Dragon smiles, letting the man go before turning to Trauma "I don't know why you're being so nice all the sudden, but yeah. Let's not get pissed at each other, it's booze time"

    Trauma slowly turns around, and stands Colton up with one hand grabbing the top of his helmet, his toes barely touching the floor, her other hand clenched into a fist.

    How do I always get myself into these situations? Colton thought. I tell everyone what they should already know, and they punish me for it. He could remember the steely grip of Dragon slacken, the cold light in his eyes not matching the smile he gave, and then suddenly Colton was whisked away from the thought as his perspective and elevation changed. Trauma looked like a mother bear with a toothache who had just seen him eating her cubs.

    “Q*censored*!” Colton mind raced as his mouth stalled for time, “I forgot d*censored*ing strong you knights were, even the n*censored*ing girlie ones. No! No! No punching! Just… just b*censored*ing think about it. We’ve got somewhere from k*censored*ing forty to fifty—depending on model—explosives in our body, allowing them to literally blow z*censored*ing off fingers and toes at the push of a button. Dragon, Trauma, you’ve both experienced this c*censored*ing first hand. This is to keep us in s*censored*ing line and kill us at the first sign of treachery.”

    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:45 No.13394222

    “Now, you’re telling us that this… l*censored* ing ‘kid’ who is a xeno, no n*censored*ing offense, and also a w*censored*ing mentalist, is just p*censored*ing running around, without the explosives or P-chips any of us are d*censored*ing getting? I mean, doesn’t that seem q*censored*ing odd to you? With Walker going down, and now this xe—kid running around without even z*censored*ing escort? Don’t you wonder what is up with q*censored*ing high command? I mean, look at this without your j*censored*ing parent eyes for a second.”

    Ghost steps in, putting a hand on Trauma's shoulder. "Easy now, let's not fight in here. If you two still need to work this out later, take it to the pit or whatever it's called."

    "Besides Colton, how do you know that the kid doesn't have any bombs or a p-chip? Let's not let this get out of hand like when the major dragged you all in here. This is a party right?"

    Dragon too put an arm on Trauma's shoulder, but he looked at Colton "You're right buddy, but trust me I've spent some time with him. There's plenty of guards there and he's not allowed to leave...I sorta...snuck him out—BUT-THAT'S-COOL—I put him back and everything"

    Dragon paused. "I guess...just look at it from his eyes. I know I went through alot of *explative* when I was in his shoes, and he is a powerful little dude. Ya think strapping bombs to him will help? *explative*, will a P chip even work on him?"

    Dragon shakes his head "I'm done thinking about it, and we're done talking about it. That goes to everyone. I got some cool new shit and I'm going to party and feel awesome so are all of you!"

    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:46 No.13394235

    Trauma's mouth curls up into a snarl and gut-punches Colton twice before dropping him back into his seat. "The boy is our guest. That means he's part of the crew. And that means he's part of bravo. Bravo is our family, we treat them as such, with love and respect. If you can't respect your family, you deserve none. Now, I don't want to hear any complaining about him based on his not being completely human. The same goes for the rest of you. If he's weird, so what. He's not the scourge that ate your family. He's just a kid who just got out of a terrible situation."

    "Colton, drink a lot, because I expect you'll be bleeding when you use the bathroom," Dragon said.

    "I think... I think I just s*censored*ing threw up a little in my helmet. Yep... there's the paste again. Now I have to run the cleaning cycle."

    There is a strange whine as Colton’s helmet starts to shake.

    Ghost puts himself between Colton and Trauma. "Trauma. No. Fighting. Okay? The mess isn't the place for it. Now, DRINK!"

    Trauma brushes off her uniform. "I'm not fighting, sir. Colton just has a case of digestive troubles. I'm just here to drink and congratulate dragon."

    There's a loud clang as Nomad puts down a rather large keg of alcohol down on the mess table. "Well then if everyone's ready, let’s see if we can't put a dent in this thing."

    >> [M]Colton !81U2sifgT. 01/04/11(Tue)02:47 No.13394248

    "Even brought a bendy straw for Colton!" The Knight holds up five mugs and a colorful pink bendy straw.

    Dragon watched as most began to consume his booze. He helped Colton to the table while displeased with Trauma's actions and Colton's words. He didn't drink much, there was too much to think about, but the hopes of that were struck down when he made a realization: "Say Ghost are you even our Sergeant, or is it other Ghost?"

    Ghost, who had been helping himself as if he hadn't had anything to drink in ages, stops. "I'm not sure? Geist didn't say anything about that. I'll ask him later."

    Dragon nods, and with that, he drinks and relaxes. Maybe thinking about such things just weren't for him.

    Nomad raises a mug overflowing with spirits. "Lets forget talk about clones of clones, xeno kids, and who’s leading who. We're here to celebrate a brother getting kickass new equipment! Cheers!"

    Trauma relaxes, and drinks far more than should be survivable, pelts Dragon with booze-soaked imitation mandanas.

    “So Trauma… we treat each other g*censored*ing with love and respect huh…” Colton paused to slip noisily through the straw, “…does that mean you p*censored*ing love me? WAIT, NO MORE PUNC—”

    >IS... IS IT OVER?
    >YES, YES IT IS.
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/04/11(Tue)02:58 No.13394334
    >Hey, is Walker around? And by Walker I mean McMillian? I'd like to do some RPing about her getting the ALP and the office in medbay.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)03:01 No.13394362

    not the medbay again, I just cleaned up in there.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)03:06 No.13394410

    >Huh? Oh, right. Let me fix that for you...

    A single message was sent to Found via the ship's electronic mail system. Short and simple, the sender was listed as one "Major Walker." As unbelievable as it sounded.

    To: Knight Corporal "Lost"
    From: Major Walker

    Denied. 5 hours of ALP to be assigned, along with "field training" with Specialist Aberham. You are now assigned to the Psychiatric section of our medical team. And yes, we DO have one. Report to Doctor Chiawski tomorrow at 0730.

    And no more of this "diving" crap without my permission. Same goes for your sister, Double-mint.

    >Yes, he called her Double-mint.
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/04/11(Tue)03:26 No.13394563

    >Err, so I guess Walker's back in control? Okay... so since we've never talked about it before, can you tell me about psychiatric section in medical? And the Doctor Chaiwski? Maybe I'll work on this tomorrow...
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)03:31 No.13394595

    >Well, there are kind of two Walkers floating around... you'll see in my story-time brick.

    >And you can make the rest up. It's all going to be your stuff. Just make up a reason as to why nobody goes to the team's psychiatrist. You'd think with all the psychopaths and sociopaths we have on board, I'd have an entire hospital's worth of them.
    >> [K] Cpl. Found !Ykpfge10hU 01/04/11(Tue)03:36 No.13394639

    >Yay! Creative freedom! You're the best!
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)03:43 No.13394700

    To be fair Abe does actually use their services. Medication awaits.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)04:24 No.13395064
    The red eye watched emotionlessly as the hybrid child doubled over, vomiting. It remained silent as orderlies came in to take the child away, as his droid escort including the TV-headed Ranger followed the medical team. For several minutes, it surveyed the empty room, before going dark…

    “So, what do you think, ‘Ranger’?”

    “Hmmm… I don’t know yet. We got a reaction, I think. Reactions are good. But what it is, I don’t know.”

    Two entities conversed in Psi Comm. One, a large, glaring red eye, the other, a floating blue TV screen with a cowboy hat and an unusually small body attached to it.


    “… I know, ‘Red.’ But we can’t rush him. Or this, as much as I would like to. They’re on our heels, and we need solutions, fast.”


    “Wasn’t it your idea to toss out that deal to the Garukans, Red?”


    “A miracle? Perhaps. But you and I know we don’t believe in miracles. Hard work and trusting the man next to us, isn’t that right?”

    > > >
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)04:29 No.13395101


    “They can be trusted to follow when the time is right. We’ve always trusted them. I know you trust them too.”

    If it was possible for a red virtual entity to turn even more red, then the digital eye did so.

    “Bah… I know. Still, being in this position…”

    “Is rather unpleasant, I know. I’m in the same boat as you. And I don’t like it any more than you.”

    The blue entity twitched, as a screen appeared from nowhere. An active feed from the robot ‘Ranger.’

    “Hmmm… looks like he’s asleep. So, you have any bright ideas?”

    “NO, I DON’T.”

    “Yet wasn’t it you doing the whole ‘will you join my family shtick?”

    “And wasn’t it YOU talking with that horrible accent?”

    “… Right, sometimes I forget…”

    The screen closed, and the digital sea moved about the two entities.

    “Hey, take a look at his. A letter from Corporal Double-mint.”

    “You mean Corporal Found, Red?”

    “Yes, fucking Lost and Found. Isn’t that cute? Anyway, she’s asking for 10 hours of APL time a day for training as a psychiatrist. I think it’s dangerous and likely to cause trouble. You, Ranger?”

    A small packet was exchanged between the two entities, and a moment of silence passed as the blue one reviewed the bits of information.

    “Huh. I intercepted a copy of this letter addressed to McMillan. Yeah, I agree. But hell, it might help her with her powers. What do you think?”

    “5 hours, with training with Abe. Same thing?”

    “Same thing, Red.”

    > > >
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)04:30 No.13395116

    “Hey, you don’t think someone is using her as some experiment, do you Ranger?”

    “You mean besides us? Yeah, it’s more than likely. They’re probably panicking over the activation of the second clone.”

    “You think we should do something about it? I mean Double-mint seems… I don’t know, not like Lost.”

    “No, I don’t Red. We have enough problems as it is. Let them play their games and us ours. So long as she’s useful to us, I don’t really care what they do to her.”

    The red eye flared up, casting an angry glance at it’s companion.


    “You know as well as I do that it would be pointless. We don’t want to make enemies. And besides, they haven’t made themselves to be a problem so far.”


    “Then we kill them, or they kill us. Simple, just like before.”

    “HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU BE SO UNCARING ABOUT ONE OF YOUR OWN MEN, RANGER?!?” the red eye demanded. At this point, it resembled an angry red sphere of death.

    “Because that’s how it always is, always has been. Don’t you remember? It’s the way things are. We can’t cry over all of them; just do our best and move on. Tell me, you remember this, right?”


    The sphere calmed down, and the two continued to move in silence. A moment passed between the two halves. Barely a second in real-time, in Psi Comm, the concept of time was one that could be discarded the deeper one delved into the seas of information and vast networks.

    > > >
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)04:32 No.13395134

    “Hey Ranger, when I was talking earlier… I noticed you were talking. Along with me. What was that about?”

    “Oh, that. Yeah, I looked into that a bit.”


    Numerous screens opened up. Flux data, medical data, brain waves and activity from the TACIM were listed.

    “It’s working. The more time we spend in Psi Comm, or in the same vessel, for that matter, our synchronization rates improve. I’d say maybe a day or two and we can move as one again. After that, we’d be Walker once more.”

    “Good. I am tired of waiting like this. And I need to get our gun from Ghost. Or Geist, or whatever he calls himself now.”

    >Done. And while I enjoy the dual Walker persona, he needs to be fixed. Or something like that. Boy, I miss doing these massive, single RP block posts.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)10:59 No.13396723
         File1294156784.jpg-(94 KB, 480x360, 429149625_1729279314_michael-h(...).jpg)
    94 KB
    Everything here is now read in Micheal Hogan's voice.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)12:37 No.13397309
         File1294162678.png-(226 KB, 810x630, ZEROARMOR.png)
    226 KB
    Updates on base classes.

    -THe demo can shoot again with a 6 rating to their aimed shot. Sorry for the terrible delay on them.

    -The pilot's 1-2 punch is now a 4x2 rating

    - and since only veterans [those who played one game] can enter into vehichles, this class is reserved for them only.
    -Players that enter into the game in vehichles and eject out of their vehichles will eject as pilots.
    -Pilots can auto eject on vehichular destruction.
    -Pilots gain a +1 to rolled actions only to Vehichles of their vocation. Example:
    -bitank pilots are committed as [BtL]
    -Ag pilots are [AgL]
    -Predators are [PL]
    and so on...

    -A pilot can change their vocations at the deployment stages of battle through psicomm reconfiguration.

    -A pilot can still pilot or steal other vehichles of the same type and gain the bonus. But other vehichles types will be operated normally.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)13:34 No.13397691

    The next Mission will be a Heavy Ground / Infantry mission to take over Tsian Tibler.

    It may happen tonight !
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)13:35 No.13397695

    Saul Tigh.

    Never forget. <3
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/04/11(Tue)13:45 No.13397761
    Inspiration comes at the weirdest times. Without the pressing angst or depression that came with the realization of Ghost and Lost's relationship, the ideas rolled in. Shot rose, pushing everything off the table in a wild sweep, pulling the work paper from the roll on one side over the table, clipping it in place as he drew, eyes wild with ideas.

    The side spikes were not used much, or at all. he could remove them, making room for a modification. Getting simple psuedo-muscle cable, like what the Collosus used at the core of its arms was a simple order away. He would need to create a new set of controls for the new limbs. Widen at the ends to allow for some grasping ability. Should it be able to lift the whole device? Not lift, no, but yes, stable enough to lift...Perhaps it would be better to make them flat, to allow for more length and the ability to retract them for rolling.

    In little time, the supplies had been delivered, and Shot was already working on machining the smaller bits and soldering the technical bits for the controls.

    He didn't really care about the two people still there as he worked madly.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)16:37 No.13399022

    If that's the case we should do some unit reorganization to ensure squad balance, and maybe discuss how we should plan our movements.

    Also If we are going to be up against the bugs, we might want to try out a Marauder in our armor selection. They should be devastating to any grouping enemy.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)17:22 No.13399334

    I'm not willing to start reassigning squads, simply because of the confusion it would cause. And from the current squad lists I have now, each squad, based on compositions, look pretty solid to me.

    Current confirmed units are:

    <Iron Vipers Platoon>

    >Alpha Squad
    [St] Sgt. Ghost
    [A] Pvt. Dragon
    [K] Pvt. Dominique
    [R] Pvt. Howe
    [K] Spc. Lost
    [K] Pfc. Trauma
    [E] Spc. Aberham

    <Sons of Hati Platoon>

    <Kari Squad>
    [P] Sgt. Irons
    [R] Cpl. Roosevelte
    [R] Pvt. Rook
    [S] Pvt. ArkhamArchivist
    [S] Pvt. Columbo

    2-3 Squad - "Sköll"
    [RnR] Sgt. Wolf
    [M] Pvt. Colton
    [S] Pvt. Baumer
    [K] Pvt. Nomad
    [E] Pvt. Squeamish
    [A] Pvt. Taggart
    [R] Pfc. Ender

    Still need confirmations of other squads (looking at you, sergeants).
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)17:31 No.13399403

    Note that this list does not reflect recent class/name changes. Next time I post the list, it will.

    I would also like all troops who aren't listed to post. If you are in a squad that's not listed, please make sure to include that. If you don't have a squad, please post your preferred squad. Except Alpha. They're too big.

    FYI: Squads not listed that I'm still waiting on:
    Ugly Squad, led by Kreig
    Vidar Squad, led by Blinky
    and Duke Squad, led by Douk (if he ever shows up).

    I would like squad leaders to post their CONFIRMED squad rosters, so I can assign free troops accordingly. Unless you guys want to figure it out who gets who.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 01/04/11(Tue)17:32 No.13399412

    Where am I?
    >> [E] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 01/04/11(Tue)17:40 No.13399482
    Since Blinky's not here.

    As of the last ground mission Vidar squad is:

    Sgt. Blinky
    Pvt. Weird
    Pvt. Shot
    >> Dragon's backstory part 2! [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)17:42 No.13399504
    It’s a strange thing to wake up fully grown and in a tube. Most clones get used to it, but when you have no memories it’s something to panic over.
    Blows rained down on the inside of the tough glass until the bottom simply opened.
    “Welcome to life 832”
    The clone gasped for breath, breathing air for the first time. It knew things, how to breath, basic socal interaction, words, language, math, and so much more, but it also knew it hadn’t learned any of it. It had only been alive a few seconds
    “Who…who are you?”
    “I’m Doctor Glass, and you are my newest child, my boldest child.”
    832 looked up at the spectacled man “W-what?”
    “It must seem like a lot, I know, but you are unique amongst your peers.” The man lends a hand to the other nude man on the floor. There is a moment of stillness, no words, just a cautious eye from one to the other. Then 832 takes the hand and is helped to his feet. “I’d like some *expletive* clothing glass.”
    “Of course.” Several men in riot gear approach and a simple white outfit is given to 832. “What the hell is going on here?”
    “Walk with us, and you’ll soon find out”
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)17:43 No.13399514
    One way glass lined the hall, and countless people ate below. All of them seemed complacent, all of them wearing the same garb, all of them inhuman. “These are some of my other children, and this is my lab. You’re special because you’re the only one that knows the façade. I’ve run countless tests on them physically, but never have I delved into the mental. All of them were so easy, some fake memories, constructed pasts. All of them think this is a test they volunteered for, some sort of retreat for quick credits, but the truth is they’re all like you.”
    “Oh no my boy, not clones. You have no original, nor do they. You are simply Artificial humans.”
    “But that’s nothing new…wait how do I know that’s nothing new…”
    “We can create entire lives here, some basic knowledge is trivial in comparison.” Glass stops and turns “No, all the manufactured clones so far have been easy to identify, you are all perfectly human to even a trained eye. Not only that, but your DNA has been made extraordinarily efficient. This is just the start of the project. Grander things are on the horizon, the scales finally tipped in our favor”
    “I don’t understand, what’s the point of all this?”
    “Progress my dear boy. We face a foe that has uplifted beings for amusement and labor, and soon we will do the same.” Glass turns away “But those plans are not for you to know, come, we must give you a check up.”
    >> [E] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 01/04/11(Tue)17:43 No.13399517
    It had been a long week, a very long week, for Warsaw. Between Dragon, Walker, and every day medical 'emergencies' the only downtime he got was when his Mem-chip acted up. He was getting tired of waking up slumped across his desk. Worse the last battle had been another disappointment. He had expected to be boarding the station. Fighting his way through armed guards and escaping back to the O'Reilly with some psionic called Domino. What he'd done was sit in a cramped pod with four other people. Blake had been fun to chat with, but even she wasn't enough to justify the cramp in his leg afterwards. At least they'd completed the mission. If you could call running before a xeno fleet wiped you out a success. Still, they'd secured Domino and gotten out alive, that's what counted as far as Warsaw was concerned. Domino it turned out, was quickly becoming the one bright spot in his week. The kid, as it turned out, was an incredibly interesting individual. He was, by all appearances, human. Except about two percent of his DNA wasn't human. It was something else. Warsaw had pured over the examination results dozens of times. Looked at all the available images. Right now, he was analyzing the biometric data Aberham had collected. The differences between Domino and a normal human were noticeable, but not extraordinary. Everything Warsaw learned about Domino only peaked his curiosity even more. He would have to go meet the boy the first chance he got.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)17:44 No.13399521
    832’s thoughts reeled. Even that number, did that mean there was a total of 831 in that mess hall or is he simply the 832nd psychology experiment made? What happened to the others? What was his purpose? Why was he even made.
    “Well, you’re a perfect example of health 832.”
    “Doc…why did you make me?”
    The doctor seems startled. “Haven’t I been over this? Progress! Furthermore you will be the control in our examination of how your crop handles stress on the psyche”
    “…what am I to do?”
    “Join the others, but do not share the secret. When we have all the data we need you will be given a few credits and let go.”
    Let go, that word wounded 832 more than anything else ever would. He was nothing, told to live without a will to live, then tossed away when the man learned what he wanted to learn. Nothing more.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)17:44 No.13399525
    832 became reserved. In the mess it ate alone, when it was time for exercise he simply sat in the corner, when others approached he said nothing. This was all a lie, a bold stamp over each of their existences, and to top it off he had to bear the weight of this secret. How could he even talk to these people? He didn’t even have a name. They had been blessed with fake ones at least, but this clone lacked even that gift. For the most part, all the other clones accepted this and stopped trying to talk to 832. The only one he did talk to was Glass, and the only time they met was when 832 was tortured to see how resistant he was to pain. That was until Malcolm. Malcolm was a clone like all the others, but he had an aura of friendliness to him. 832 couldn’t be sure if this was natural or another experiment headed by Glass. It was here 832 felt like more than nothing for the first time. However this was not to last as an accident took Malcolm away. 832 of course investigated the incident himself and learned the horrible truth. Malcolm was made to befriend 832, and he was killed as part of the experiment. 832 found a red bandana, a token of Malcolm’s from his “past”, but 832 was wracked with guilt. He had become lower than nothing, and he decided to return to nothing.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)17:45 No.13399528
    Confirmed Units:

    <Iron Vipers Platoon>
    [Bt] Lt. Ghoul

    <Alpha Squad>
    [St] Sgt. Geist
    [drA] Pvt. Dragon
    [K] Pvt. Dominique
    [R] Pvt. Howe
    [vK] Spc. Lost
    [K] Pfc. Trauma
    [Ex] Spc. Aberham

    <Ugly Squad>
    [Bt] Sgt. Krieg
    [M] Pvt. Warden
    [K] Pvt. Killian

    <Sons of Hati Platoon>
    (No active Lt.)

    <Kari Squad>
    [P] Sgt. Irons
    [R] Cpl. Roosevelte
    [R] Pvt. Rook
    [S] Pvt. ArkhamArchivist
    [S] Pvt. Columbo

    <Vidar Squad>
    [ooK] Sgt. Blinky
    [R] Pvt. Weird
    [Ag] Cpl. Shot
    [E] Spc. Dr. Warsaw

    <Sköll Squad>
    [RnR] Sgt. Wolf
    [M] Pvt. Colton
    [S] Pvt. Baumer
    [K] Pvt. Nomad
    [E] Pvt. Squeamish
    [A] Pvt. Taggart
    [R] Pfc. Ender
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)17:45 No.13399533
    Days past and 832 never left his room, he never ate, he never slept, he was simply letting himself die. On the 5th day he slipped out of consciousness. It was here he dreamed a field, a field of candles. Indeed there was a candle in him, slowly dying. This was all he was, a meaningless candle in a sea of candles, all waiting to be extinguished. 832 found a clearing in the field where he laid down to accept his fate, but it was there something happened. Laying there, waiting to go out he truly saw the candles for the first time. Their movement in the wind, the color, the heat….these things he regarded as nothing were so much more. Each moved differently, some shown brighter, some flickered faster. It was beautiful, that even things made exactly the same could be so different. The candle in him grew in brightness. He knew everything in that moment. There was no such thing as nothing, everything had more to it then it first appeared. Even if he was given the fate of a candle, that was a fate worth having, and if he was to be a candle he would be so much more. The brightest flame the world has ever seen, a flame that would be remembered for ever even when it was birthed as nothing.

    A beast of flame.

    A Dragon.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)17:46 No.13399544
    With that dragon arose and grabbed the bandana. He wore it though he wasn’t supposed to, he stood out in the sea of white smocks. He was the brightest flame and Glass could no longer contain him, but glass was not trying to. Dragon was let out, the experiment cut short but at the same time so very successful.

    Dragon ended up joining the military, his programmed knowledge, physical characteristics, and pain resistance making him perfect for the roll. Glass simply continued his experiment, satisfied with his mastery of the genetic and psychological. Now was the time for generation 2….
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)17:49 No.13399574
    Is the Campaign still open or not? you've progressed quite a lot ever since you began.
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/04/11(Tue)18:00 No.13399667
    Having seen Lost back to her bunk, Geist finally remembered why he had gone to find her in the first place and left a note for her reading

    "Lost, forgot to tell you but I was told to warn you and you sister away from the kid we just picked up. Concerns about how your empathy might react to him.


    After having drifted around the viewing deck for awhile, Geist had finally made his way back to his quarters. On the desk was note.

    "Watched your meeting in the motor poll like you asked. Saw you give the handshake and returned your gear to the armory. Don't know why you were worried enough to have me standing by with that freaky staff or what this meeting was about, let me know if you get into too much trouble alright? -Ghost"

    Rubbing his eyes, he checks his tablet.

    >1) Fill Ghost in on events since the nuke. Check
    >2) Visit tech labs, check project status. Done
    >3) Find the rogue ooK droid. In progress
    >4) Warn Lost and Found about the kid. Done

    There. Satisfied for now, he drops down onto his cot to try and get some rest before the next op.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)18:02 No.13399688
    Yup, feel free to roll up a class. Hell now we got two new cool classes like pilot and Foward observer!

    Be one of the first!
    >> [K] Spc. Lost !Ykpfge10hU 01/04/11(Tue)18:34 No.13400047
    >I think I'll hold off on Found's entrance to the psychiatric section until next general thread. I think she made her mark on this thread.

    >...also game tonight? :3
    >> [M1]Buddy !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)18:40 No.13400109
    Suposedly there may be one. Either tonight or eary tomorrow or something
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)18:41 No.13400118
    I'd like to know the schedule of the games first
    so i can adjust...(living on the other side of the planet is well ahahah fun),
    Well I was among the first Dudes who played skirmish quest... I was Snowflake
    Is it archived i'd i like to read whats' happening first ahahah
    >> [St] Sgt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 01/04/11(Tue)18:43 No.13400145

    And Lost, Orbital has only given us a maybe
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)18:45 No.13400157
    Well the best bet is mibbit.com
    Join the irc at #skirmishquest. We don't really have a fixed scedual but there may be a game tonight.

    Worse case you hang out and chat us up
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)18:48 No.13400191
    Oh and the channel is Rizon
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)18:49 No.13400201
    Ok thanks!
    what's the time there now?
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)18:50 No.13400210
    Depends, OC and my time is 6:49, but we got alot of people from different places
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 01/04/11(Tue)18:50 No.13400219
    Server is rizon, channel is #skirmishquest

    nice to see a vet coming back, snoflake. you're as old as douk.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)18:51 No.13400222
    Once the the comrprehensive rules are made for the classes I'm gonna start up a thread. If not- I'll start up the mission without them. I may only be able to run a game today for the rest of the week.

    Also it will be ground heavy so as to help develop the new advance classes and the other newer classes.

    Otherwise anymore strings of updates will make running the next game too foreign for me so I need to get a feel for them today.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)18:52 No.13400238
         File1294185157.png-(237 KB, 1000x3200, PSICOMMSHEET.png)
    237 KB
    Also along with all these nifty updates are new features that allow electronic combat to occur on psicomm.

    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)19:02 No.13400334
         File1294185744.png-(1.72 MB, 1000x2000, BlacksadPSICOMM.png)
    1.72 MB
    and a context image to show how it might operate as well.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)19:07 No.13400375
         File1294186034.png-(44 KB, 678x1061, Math.png)
    44 KB
    More maths, just an update on a few of the new classes.
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)19:11 No.13400409
    You guys let anyone join? I'd like to play :)
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)19:14 No.13400436

    Keep an eye on the thread, if a new one starts pick a class, then adjust you Trip >>13379678
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)19:16 No.13400455
    Eh, To tell you the truth. I have no idea how to set up a trip code...I never have
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)19:18 No.13400475
         File1294186685.png-(8 KB, 436x165, example.png)
    8 KB

    This might help
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)19:22 No.13400527
    Ah, mutch better thank you. If I may pester you some more...Other than picking a class, can I customize my character more? And why the whole "3d10" in email field?
    >> [F]Dusk !!kGHBBAUVj2O 01/04/11(Tue)19:24 No.13400548
         File1294187084.png-(71 KB, 355x353, Dusk.png)
    71 KB
    One more merc
    >> [E] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 01/04/11(Tue)19:27 No.13400569

    SQ is D10 based. If you roll the d10 under the requisite rating whatever action you were attempting is a success.

    Besides making the character whoever you want there isn't really any customization. Unless you live long enough and get enough kills for an upgrade point that you can use to modify any stat but action.
    >> [Ex]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 01/04/11(Tue)19:28 No.13400576

    When you preform an action that needs a roll (like shooting) you need to roll in that post, by putting "dice 3d10" in the email field you roll 3d10 and it's displayed in the post, also be sure to noko as well.

    You can't customize the classes when you start, as us get kills/heal you record them after a mission if you have a communicative total of 5 you get an upgrade, at 10 you get a special class you can choose.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)19:28 No.13400577
    Yeah it's fine
    3d10 because that's a ranger doing his burst. As for the card do whatever you like to the image. After 5 kills you get to increase any number on the card by 1 (save for action and damage. Action can't be canged and damage is only .5)
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)19:46 No.13400739
    Making a class now :) I'll post some kind of backstory if any of you actually care?
    >> [RnR]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 01/04/11(Tue)19:49 No.13400766

    We do.
    >> [E] Spc. Dr. Warsaw !cCsMsaA4k2 01/04/11(Tue)19:52 No.13400797

    Go for it.

    You should also drop into the IRC.
    Server is rizon, channel is #skirmishquest
    Use mibbit.com if you don't have different client.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 01/04/11(Tue)20:52 No.13401513
         File1294192345.png-(317 KB, 1000x3200, PSICOMMSHEET.png)
    317 KB
    Finished PsiComm Electronic warfare. Not to be confused with actual psicomm battlefields [which will happen when you fight a different enemy]
    >> [s] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:06 No.13401738
         File1294193190.png-(627 KB, 400x400, ZeroSpaceJack.png)
    627 KB
    Name: Jack Dixon "Jack of Spades"
    Age: 19
    Nationality: U.S
    Nature: Reckless, naive, Optimistic.
    Bio: Mother died giving birth to him. Grew up with his father on a Mercenary compound where he learned to fully maintain and operate a sniper rifle at the age of 13. By 15 he was completeing missions along side his father during one of which his father died. Since the loss of his father, Jack lived, trained and fought along side remnants of his fathers Merc Company. At 18 Jack left the Company and became a free lancing merc.
    >> [s] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:07 No.13401759
    Hope everything there is ok, The class is exactly the same as a sniper just made fancy yet useless pictures :)
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)21:16 No.13401864
    Hey OP, sorry to interrupt briefly, but what kind of tablet do you use to do your sketches (which are awesome, btw)? Thanks.
    >> [s] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:19 No.13401902
    Thanks, I use the Wacom Bamboo, Great little thing ;D
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:22 No.13401949
    Nicely drawn and bio'd man. Does he work for bravo or one of the mercs recently posted that work for York in Blaze corp?
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)21:22 No.13401951
    Thank you. Also, do you have an online portfolio? I was thinking of maybe buying or commissioning a few small pieces for my homebrew game.
    >> [s] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:25 No.13401978
    Dayum, I'll update my class and while I'm at it I'll add some compression, Just noticed how long that shit takes to load..
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:25 No.13401980
    (FYI, everyone else is in bravo and blaze is only hired under special conditions so i recomend Bravo)
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:26 No.13401998
    Oh no those are special mercs that can be higered by Bravo, they're not members of Skirmish Quest
    >> [s] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:28 No.13402021
         File1294194535.png-(21 KB, 400x400, ZeroSpaceJack.png)
    21 KB
    Heh I actually don't, What was it you wanted done?

    (Updated class)
    >> [s] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:32 No.13402063
    honestly dude I mentioned no names just so I could slip in on the side lines and play a game. If I need to fit in canon then I'll have to read up and post something. But as of now I just wanted to get into the game ;) and thank you for the compliments ^_^
    >> Anonymous 01/04/11(Tue)21:35 No.13402101
    Commandos, mercs, soldiers, hackers, terrorists for a cyberpunk-ish game.
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:36 No.13402117
    I was reguarding the stats more.

    See you got the stats right for a starting sniper, however to make mercs higherable (instead of just buying a bot) they have better stats. Mercs are not controled by a player, they can be made by a plater but besides that they're very much their own group that may never show up at all (if no one ever highers them for example).

    So go back to your origonal card and join up with bravo and you'll be all good! also the US kinda doesn't exist in this setting at the present, change that to "the federation" and you are GOLD sir
    >> [S] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:39 No.13402153
    So if I'm in this 'bravo' what needs to change on my card?
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:39 No.13402161
    Every 5 kills you "level up" with that you get one point into one skill (Save for action which cannot be changed and Dam which only increases by .5) in order to make mercs more appealing they are at level 4. (3 points)

    Anyone can make a merc but they're not exactly playable as stated before. Normal characters have to go through the standard progression.

    at 10 kills (lvl 3) you get what is called an "advance class" (mercs don't have access to this if you make one)

    so far the advance classes that are known are here >>13377877
    >> [S] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:40 No.13402170
    Is that this one?
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:40 No.13402172
    The only thing is a reverse of your stats

    so dam 2, move 2 and that's all
    >> [S] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:45 No.13402232
    Wait I think your very confused. My class is a sniper. I then thought I needed to add 1 more to damage and move because I saw someones card that said that. That was a mistake though I know it's 2 to 2 but I don't see why my character being a mercenary means my class changes?
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:50 No.13402286
    Pierce is a merc, his 3 points went two to damage (3) and one to move (3). If you want to join bravo you can't be a merc thus you'd be level 1 and without those point advances.

    The merc thing JUST STARTED this thread so i can see why it's hard to see the difference between them and a normal player card.
    >> [S] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:53 No.13402325
    Dude my class is exactly the same as the base sniper class
    >> [drA]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 01/04/11(Tue)21:55 No.13402350
    Oh i thought you had a different one. Yes indeed this is all good. Sorry about all that stuffs.
    >> [S] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)21:57 No.13402370
    XD No worries, I'm also to blame, I'm really fucking tired and high so I'm pretty confuzed
    >> [S] Merc.Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)22:08 No.13402516
    I'm out for now guys but I will be back tomorow.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)22:15 No.13402608
    Lying in a coma in the private medical room, Walker is alone, save for the security outside and a host of medical equipment monitoring him.

    Suddenly, alarms ring from the gear. An orderly runs to a doctor.

    Walker's eyes open.

    "It's time to saddle up..."

    Walker stands up, gets out of bed, and makes his way for the door...

    >Game time, punks.
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)22:16 No.13402618



    There you go.

    Roll call once you get there.
    >> [S] Dixon !KtNdDBiv6Q 01/04/11(Tue)23:02 No.13403261
    >Yeah I'm out, I'll play a game tommoz

    Jordan flicks his cigarette and get's on his quad. He turns to Harsk "Hey, Keep it together kid!". On that note he rides off..
    >> !!4/emiOrYAbN 01/04/11(Tue)23:21 No.13403500
    Reporting in!
    >> [CO] Major Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 01/04/11(Tue)23:42 No.13403746

    You have less than 10 minutes to go to >>13402570 and report before the game begins.

    Go. NOW.
    >> [S]Snowflake !c2HQf07GeM 01/04/11(Tue)23:47 No.13403795
    Snowflake reporting for Duty!

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