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  • File : 1274341493.jpg-(141 KB, 500x281, assassins.jpg)
    141 KB Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:44 No.9933783  
    Out of curiosity, has anyone here played a game of Assassins? it seems interesting, but I'm not sure if it's as good as it sounds.
    >> Thatassholewritefag !!bTfelQViuUO 05/20/10(Thu)03:46 No.9933810
    only good with the right people.

    9 times out of ten you kill an innocent and lose because of it.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:47 No.9933819
    relevant to interests
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:47 No.9933823
    Sounds fun. How is it played?
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)03:49 No.9933851
    The basic rules are simple: A group of people get together. Every person is secretly given the name of another person in the group. That's who they have to "kill".

    So everyone has one person to kill, and one person trying to kill them.

    If you kill anybody but the person trying to kill you or your target, you lose. If you fail to kill your target, you lose. If you get killed, you lose.

    At the end of a round, everyone that hasn't lost gets a new target.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:50 No.9933871
    Everyone is given a target. They must track down and eliminate that target. Eliminations can be almost anything - from putting tabasco sauce in their food (poison), shooting them (nerf), car bombing them (my favorite - putting a CD in their car's cd player that says: "BOOM"), etc, etc, etc.

    Kill your target, and you get *his* target. game goes until only one assassin remains.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:52 No.9933902
    I've always wanted to play, but can never find a group.

    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)03:52 No.9933903
    You 'kill' someone by doing something that, if you had a murder weapon, would kill them. Typical limits: No touching/grabbing/ect. After a kill, you document it with a picture.

    Typical ways to do it: Shooting them with a nerf or squirt gun.

    "Poisoning" them by putting salt or hot sauce in a drink, or something else where they can tell that you tampered with the food and got them to eat it.

    Cheesy: Boxes with "bomb" written inside that you get them to open, or an alarm clock or cell phone with bomb written on them you plant near them, then have go off to draw attention.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:55 No.9933948
    I remember playing this.

    Good times were had, especially when I managed to car bomb people.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:55 No.9933950
    I presume this shit has limits and rules.
    Easy Mode shit like Texting someone's phone "BOOM" should be like worth nothing.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:55 No.9933956
    My uni RPG society has tried this a few times, but it never seemed to go particularly well.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)03:56 No.9933958
    I once "killed" someone by walking up behind them on the steps at school and patting their shoulder, then telling them I'd just given them a hard shove. He gave me the kill with the understanding that a header down thirty steps onto cement may or may not kill you, but it would fuck you up plenty.

    Typical rules;

    1) Only between 9am and 11pm.
    2) No kills at work or in class.
    3) No getting someone not involved in the game to make a hit.
    4) No sharing information about who your target was, even after your killed.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:57 No.9933981
    ...that makes no sense.

    Just texting someone's phone with "BOOM" means nothing. You have to rig it to explode first. Now, if you texted: "Check behind the battery cover" and you had a piece of tape with "BOOM" written on it that you planted under the battery cover, that would be different.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)03:57 No.9933985
    Bombs are typically considered pure easy mode, but everyone pretty much agrees: It must be bomb sized, our limit was a shoebox had to be planted within 10' when it goes off.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)03:58 No.9933996
    ...that would be pretty fucking awesome, actually.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)04:00 No.9934018
    So if you could get a shoebox sized object with bomb written clearly on it within range then make it make an attention sound, you've killed someone. Note that "don't kill anybody that isn't your target or hunter" still applies so if you blew up everyone in their study group, you lose.

    You can hide the object. Leaving a bag beside someone, waiting until they are alone then calling a cellphone inside with your proxy bomb is a good kill.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:02 No.9934046
    Played a game once in college for money. Forgot about it after getting only one person and came in first half way through the semester.

    All and all, pretty fun stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:03 No.9934059
    We always played with the rule, "You're not allowed to kill anyone in view of witnesses." We also passed on our targets to whoever killed us, so it became last-man-standing.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:04 No.9934074
    Greatest kill I've heard of:

    A guy I know went into his target's house. There, he rigged up a pair of Tommy 20s (basically automatic nerf guns) to fire at the door when it was opened. Guy walks in, gets mowed down by like, fifty darts.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:06 No.9934099
    We have school-wide tournaments. It's fun when you get to kill some first year who is known by nobody.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)04:07 No.9934105
         File1274342836.jpg-(40 KB, 400x650, 1273804742182.jpg)
    40 KB
    That is pretty awesome. My best was just "slitting" someone's throat with a red sharpie.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:07 No.9934106
         File1274342841.jpg-(88 KB, 720x480, 20977_302659269246_583309246_3(...).jpg)
    88 KB
    How about Humans vs Zombies?
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)04:08 No.9934121
    Fun fucking game.

    If you ever get the chance, Penn State holds an invitational game, and shit is pretty fucking epic.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:12 No.9934162

    Mine was "mortar attack" (three-man slingshot and water balloons). I knew where his car was parked, so no bystanders.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:13 No.9934182
    I've heard about this game before and it sounds really interesting. Though, I wonder, is it possible to be sniped in this game? Such as someone hitting someone else with a really long ranged nerf gun?
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)04:14 No.9934195
    Oh, yeah.

    Well, you'd have to define "long range," but there's people who can modify their nerf blasters to fire well over 100 feet.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:14 No.9934200
    speak of the devil im playing that right now at osu
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:15 No.9934207
    In the dorms, yah.
    I'm not bitter.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:16 No.9934219
    Best one I saw was a guy who followed his target from a uni in England to Amsterdam.

    But it's great trying to track down someone when all you know about them is an alias and a photo.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)04:16 No.9934220
    >>Trusted his girlfriend

    Obviously, you were not paranoiding hard enough.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:17 No.9934228
    Me and some others tried this once

    Rather than ending up as weeks of stalking, everyone ended up on one room and it went into battle royale mode.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:17 No.9934231
         File1274343442.jpg-(81 KB, 720x480, 20977_302659264246_583309246_3(...).jpg)
    81 KB
    This was in UC Santa Cruz. Total people was over 150 for one day, 6 hour game.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:17 No.9934233

    You bet your ass you can be. It all depends on what you allow. Tippman 98 with a flatline barrel and the pressure dialed up to recockulous = sniper.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:17 No.9934235
    THAT is some fucking dedication
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:17 No.9934242
    In some Assassin rulesets, a sniper rifle is a camera with a rong-range lens. Usually the kill requires a certain kind of sequence to be shot in order to count.

    Still, tends to be kinda lame.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:19 No.9934253

    See, that's why we had the "no witnesses" rule. You had to get your target ALONE, which made it that much harder. Waaay more STALKAN, less SHOOTAN.

    It also resulted in alliances, where two assassins would travel everywhere together. Which got downright lulzy when one got their target and their target turned out to have their partner's name.
    >> Daemon Prince Naile 05/20/10(Thu)04:19 No.9934262
    My favorite has got to be the red marker one. I'm not a big fan of the "Can't perform assassinations in public" rule, but I would say that if what you do actually causes people to ask what the fuck is going on THEN you've failed.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:21 No.9934279

    Guy I know was chasing another dude down the street with a nerf gun, ran around the corner into a cop and nearly got shot. Was freaking hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:23 No.9934302
    This. This is the big reason why I like the "do not let others notice what you're doing" rule.

    Last thing we need is cops wigging the fuck out because it looks like you're ACTUALLY trying to kill someone.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:23 No.9934308

    OH SHIT. Wow.

    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:25 No.9934322
    Anthrax = Envelope full of glitter, posted to the target.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:28 No.9934374
    Oh, man, tell me about it.

    I was playing with a group of seven people two years ago, it ended up being me and a friend of mine as last ones standing. We spent probably a week fucking up each others assassination attempts (we knew by then that it was the two of us), shenanigans ensued. Finally, the group got tired of neither of us winning and pushed us to finish it, so we agreed to a duel on the university grounds. Word got around, we decided we were going to brawl with wifflebats, first solid hit to the head wins.

    I knew he was going to cheat, and he did; he pulled a nerf gun and shot me, but I'd written "firing pin removed" in really small letters behind the trigger.

    Should have seen the look on his face when I smiled after getting shot, pulled my own nerf gun, walked up and shot him in the back of the head when he turned to bow to the audience.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:30 No.9934404
    Oklahoma OSU?
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)04:30 No.9934408
    Not only an excellent kill, but an excellent kill with style.

    I applaud you, good sir.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:30 No.9934410
    I really wanna play this shit now
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:31 No.9934421
    >"firing pin removed"

    Now THAT is a pro-kill.

    CREEEED!!-level dickery, my good sir. Well played.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:35 No.9934457
    Wasn't there a book of rules and shit for this game once?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:36 No.9934464
    Wish I'd known about Tactical Genius, I would have brought a cigar and hurr'd.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)04:36 No.9934465
    Yeah, it was "Killer" by Steve Jackson Games.

    I'd kill for a download, but the only one /rs/ has is dead.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:43 No.9934557
    I did this once, fired rubber balls everywhere. Eventually got smacked in the back of the head. Shit was so cash.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:45 No.9934572
    anyone going to be at the University of Arizona this summer would be epic to have a game of this going
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:45 No.9934574
    I did a team game once that was pretty damn awesome. We were split up into two teams. Each player was given two cards, one with a teammate to protect and one with an enemy to kill. If you kill your target you get his cards. I got my first target with "contact poison," vaseline under the handle of his car door. I managed to save the life of both of my teammates when I caught their assassins making their moves. The third guy I killed, the second guy attempting to get my Teammate, had 6 cards which put me in a strong position to win the whole thing.

    It came down three of us, me and a teammate neither had the other's card so we did not know we were on the same side and one enemy, I had his card. He was super careful, he escaped three poisoning attempts and one sniper shot, leading to a chase through the campus. My backup plan got him, I had tied a piece of twine between two posts at knee level and led him right into it. I was running full speed and heard him yell, "Dammit, you got me." I turned around and he was looking completely disgusted at my trap.

    At the daily phone check-in the Referee confirmed my victory. All told I killed 6 players, two with poison, two with guns, one with a knife, and one with the booby trap. The other survivor on my team was 3 cards behind me, my last kill was the deciding factor.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:47 No.9934603
    I really, really want to play this. But I don't see my friends being dedicated enough.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:48 No.9934613
    I played once. Some guy who was really into it got me, and I was like "well dang, well played!". But I lasted pretty long!
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:51 No.9934660
    Try starting out small, like a day off or a weekend or something, then see if you can't pad it out longer if they like it.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:58 No.9934748
    reading through this I started counting my friends that could/would play..... 0. I hate my life...
    >> Alpharius Orkmegon 05/20/10(Thu)04:59 No.9934754
    o god i really want to do this now. but itd probably get down to me and two of my other mates, one of whom is a lovecraftian genius who i probably shouldnt have sent a link to this thread, and the other who is a military/stealthkill nut. still itll be interesting...
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)04:59 No.9934763
    5. If someone not in the game catches you doing whatever, it doesn't count.

    Played a game once. It was fun, but largely because it was with fun people. I could see playing it with a bunch of neckbeard gaymers sucking.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:00 No.9934772
    For the love of goat fucking, do NOT mail the word "bomb" to someone for a letter bomb.

    Don't write "bomb" everywhere is a general good rule.

    Have a word or picture to substitute for kill methods. Poison was the letter P with two circles around it and a bomb was a B with a square around it. We also had size requirements. Poison had to be at least as big around as a bottle cap but had no other restrictions. Bombs had to be at least a square foot.

    Poison was one of my personal favorites. Hard to get in place, but pretty trusty if you got it there. I made a bunch of "poison tokens" by cutting out a few circles of construction paper, punched holes in them, and strung them on a necklace that hung pretty low inside my shirt so I could get to them easily. Toss one under someone's plate while they're eating and you're done. Or you can put them under something in their fridge, inside a cereal box, or put some anthrax [lower case A with a diamond around it] on the inside of their phone. This is back when flip phones were new and impressive.

    My personal two best kills were putting a rubber snake and a mouse trap under someone's pillow. The trap didn't hit them, but the motion and sound was the snake's bite. If gives them a chance to notice and remove it so that it's a little more fair. The other was jamming Kool-Aid powder into the shower head at a chick's apartment. I licked some clit to get the chance to do it, when enhances the story when told to people I know and just makes it creepy when it's in text.

    My roommate got me with a water bottle that he slapped on the counter like it was a glass bottle and hit me in the neck. I don't think I've laughed harder. His girlfriend was an evil genius of the highest caliber though. She had the all time best kill. She put a magnet in her vagina so that it would stick on his dick piercing. It was like a NERF version of a Viet Cong hooker.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)05:02 No.9934789
    Planting a poison marker under a plate =/= you poisoned them. You need to get it into their food.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:02 No.9934795
    Bombs are the shit. Mailboxes are the best for this. You tape a piece of paper to the mouthlid and to the top and when it opens they see the paper that says "BOOM!" and they're out of the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:04 No.9934819
    what? if you can lift the plate, place the marker, and replace it so they dont notice it would be easy as fuck to just sprinkle shit into their food
    wtf is wrong with you
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:05 No.9934823
    >put a magnet in her vagina

    Okay, that's taking it a little TOO seriously.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:05 No.9934825
    We put it under their plate so that we didn't have to touch each others food. One of our guys had severe OCD and would flip shit if people messed with his food.

    Getting it under their plate without them noticing is harder to do anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:07 No.9934849
    Bombs ARE shit. If I wanted to win I could just print a bunch of bombs at home and slap them everywhere around the guy's apartment and LOL I GOT U! It's retardedly unrealistic, and the name "Assassins" implies assassination, IE a stealthy kill, not some fuckhuge explosion.
    >> Daemon Prince Naile 05/20/10(Thu)05:09 No.9934870
    I'm with you, dude. Change "bomb" to "venomous snake" and now we're cooking with fire!
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:10 No.9934882
    Yes. But also AWESOME.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)05:11 No.9934892
    Well, whatever works for you. This would be a really bad game for someone with OCD though, and I sure as hell wouldn't recommend that. Of course, you don't really mean OCD, you mean molysmophobia. If you have a serious phobia or necrotic disorder you really, really shouldn't play this.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:12 No.9934898
    Yeah, it was kind of creepy, but a solid kill and so funny that it more than made up for it.

    It wouldn't be surprising if you knew those two. I bet between them they had 15 pounds of metal in them that you still wouldn't see if they were at the beach.
    >> Ixalite 05/20/10(Thu)05:12 No.9934901
    My Dorm at college did this once. We all had airsoft guns though, you know the cheap shitty ones you buy at wallmart for $12? well, it was prettty much open season, especially with the way our dorms worked (two rooms sharing a bathroom between them) meant that even if you locked your door your swetemate could still let "them" in while you were showering.

    I lasted a week, until my )(*&(* roommate left the door unlocked (because he was out after all) and three guys burst in at 3am. Sleeping with your gun only works if you are not in fact asleep.

    It was not safe to walk, because our dorm was a four-story building with every room having an outside window that opened, and many people had upgraded to more expensive guns. I myselff wielded a metal-gearbox electtric M4 firing at about 500fps (very VERY fast for airsoft, with a long barrel good to about 100')
    We allowed marker kills, but no bombs. Kills could be made at any time, and any person seen to carry a weapon was fair game. I spent several happy afternoons unloading 30-40 rounds at a time at luckless freshmen comparing pistols down below.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:12 No.9934904
    Question: It seems to me the "you can't kill them in public" thing is a pretty acceptable rule... I would certainly play with it... but what if you snipe them with a camera or nerf gun while in public? Or poisoned them? Or something else?

    It seems to me this would be an acceptable caveat.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:14 No.9934922
    >herp derp I correct people about a common misuse about OCD that they probably knew they were using wrong.
    >necrotic disorder

    Man, that was like correcting the teacher while picking your nose.
    >> Ixalite 05/20/10(Thu)05:15 No.9934936
    We just made flashing your gun in public a shooting offfense, so anyone sees that you are armed, you are fair game until your gun is no longer visible.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:16 No.9934938

    Sounds more like "Somalia: the LARP".


    That's why our rule was "no WITNESSES". So if no one sees you pull the kill off, you're golden.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:16 No.9934945
    Kool aid powder? How does that kill people?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:17 No.9934953
    With poison they're considered dead once they find it. As long as no one saw you slip it in, or if they're on your side and say they don't, it counts.

    The "don't do it in public" thing is basically putting a rule to "if you knife someone in public someone's calling the cops" and going to jail is a loss.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:17 No.9934956
    I see it as you can't be seen as the killer in public. Like.. you could poison their food in public or hit their PO box with glitter anthrax, but you can't spoon someone in the back TF2 style in the middle of a mall.

    If you were really killing the person this way, would people around you be able to finger you as the killer? If so, bad end.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:17 No.9934958
    I rember this game back in my old 'The Huanting' Days. Killed three people with my props. Fun times....till that alien bitch shanked me in the balls! Still fun
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)05:17 No.9934959
    I don't know, typo vs someone that was conceptually flawed. Using OCD as a shorthand for every kind of neurosis is stupid.

    And while funny and not what I intended to say, a necrotic disorder would be something you'd want treated before you spent time playing assassin.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:18 No.9934964
    With fairy fucking magic you dick lick.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:18 No.9934969
    They used the wrong word. You used the wrong word.

    Don't try to put yours in a new dress by calling it a typo.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:19 No.9934974
    I'm serious. I don't think you thought it out, I think you just wanted an excuse to eat that girl out.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:20 No.9934979
    For us, the thing was that you had to have plausible deniability (with the exception of the duel thing, because we were all about done). If your kill was made in public and the other assassins were positive it was you, you were open game for everyone, not just your hunter.

    Cameras are a bit iffy. If it were that simple, pointing your fingers at someone and going "bang" would be considered viable. I'd stick to long-range nerf guns if you want. That adds the difficulty of having to conceal and place a sniper-rifle rather than just taking your camera phone out of your pocket.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/20/10(Thu)05:20 No.9934984
    never had the chance to play.
    but from what i hear the more detailed definition is "people cant see you do it"
    thus if someone sees you poison them, the poison is nullified, if they see you sniping it's not counted cause you were seen, slit throats someone has to seen, enemy cant scream or call attention to them like dicks.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:20 No.9934990
    Not getting caught is the main thing. We had two guys who took martial arts classes together and were both really fast, so they managed to pull of a few "knife" kills without anyone seeing.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:22 No.9935012
    I reckon he just thought acid, anthrax, poison... whatever. I can see it working.
    >> Hammerknife !7ITukp3Pj2 05/20/10(Thu)05:23 No.9935015
    I remember playing this one summer after third year at college.

    For two weeks I open carried my AR-15, round chambered, bolt closed. Nerf gun on my belt. Nobody tried to assassinate me.

    But the guy running the event told me I couldn't do the next round with them for some reason
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:24 No.9935032
    I don't need an excuse. Vagina is delicious.

    The red Kool-Aid in the water was supposed to be turning their water heater up high enough to burn them. Saw a movie when I was a kid where a living house killed a chick by burning her to death with the shower and keeping the door shut.

    Obviously a couple burns that fast wouldn't be a kill on it's own, but that's enough of a fuck up that the ref counted it. We cared a lot more about creative kills than just shooting someone and calling it done.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:25 No.9935048
    >some reason

    Probably because you're a dick all concerned with winning and not about playing.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:26 No.9935049
    Oh man you are super cool.
    I mean totally awesome.
    Like Patrick Swazye or some shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:28 No.9935085
    >open carried my AR-15

    Did you normally concealed carry a rifle?

    I don't think you know what an AR-15 is.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:30 No.9935120
    I was at a three day camp out with my martial arts school and a few others from the area. There were around 40 or 50 of us there total, and we were all in it.

    No guns, melee weapons only, but we could do unarmed kills too. It was a kill if you made two head contacts, three hits to the body, or could keep a hold for three seconds. It was one of the best times of my life.
    >> Gaow? 05/20/10(Thu)05:35 No.9935185
    So everybody was kung-fu fighting? I'd find that deeply disturbing, personalty.

    People can get very excited about these games. One of the reasons a common rule is that you can't grab, punch or hold people, and that touching has to be kept to a reasonable limit.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:40 No.9935238

    > So everybody was kung-fu fighting?

    Everybody was kung-fu fighting
    Those cats were fast as lightning
    In fact it was a little bit frightning
    But they fought with expert timing
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:41 No.9935253
    rules and lists of these kinda games plox
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:44 No.9935288
    >One of the reasons a common rule is that you can't grab, punch or hold people, and that touching has to be kept to a reasonable limit.

    That rule makes perfect sense.


    Jesus Chris. Did Shas O'Rmyr change his name and I wasn't around for it or something?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:44 No.9935289

    Given that it was a camp for a Martial Arts school, they're all probably trained decently. Odds of shit happeneing is inverse to the fighter's skill.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:45 No.9935297
    Physical attacks would be less dangerous if they all have expert timing.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:46 No.9935310
    Expert timing? Surely you can't me-- SUCKER PUNCH KIDNEY RAPE
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:47 No.9935318

    And the instructors are all "lrn2parry n00b" when he goes to bitch about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:49 No.9935334
    No one with less than a year of training was allowed in the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:50 No.9935358

    And that's cool.

    It all falls into place.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)05:51 No.9935369
    Did a guy just come up to you and declare mortal combat or what? Any team-ups? Back to back badasses perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:01 No.9935484
    A few times, once we brought in the "it still counts if you kill all the survivors." The idea there was that you should run to a ref and tell them before they could catch you; but that wasn't thought out every well AT ALL because everyone wanted to take down the assassin they caught for an extra point.

    The Tae Kwon Do people were the worst about it. They started traveling in packs. They were even using the "buddy system" for going to the bathroom by the end of it. They still didn't win.

    The last two matches had the instructors in too. That was not fun. No one wanted to get a master's name for their target. You HAD to be sneaky about that.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:02 No.9935502
    >Cameras are a bit iffy. If it were that simple, pointing your fingers at someone and going "bang" would be considered viable. I'd stick to long-range nerf guns if you want. That adds the difficulty of having to conceal and place a sniper-rifle rather than just taking your camera phone out of your pocket.
    Good luck getting a viable kill image at sniper distance using a cameraphone.

    Here are the weapon rules for Swedish Death Game: http://deathgame.se/rules/weapons/

    Take three photos in a row where your opponent is not aware of his picture being taken. This must be done from a distance greater than 10 meters. To get the kill you must contact your opponent and show your pictures as evidence of the sniping. Alternatively, send the pictures to a game master for approval and then contact the victim.

    The pictures should be centered around your opponent and show him clearly. On at least one of the pictures your opponent's face must be clearly recognizable.

    Can you use a cellphone?

    Does the sniper rifle shoot through glass?

    How soon do I need to inform my victim about the sniping?

    If you wait more than 24 hours the attempt is invalid. If you don't want to physically approach your opponent you can send a text arranging for the pictures to be shown via mail or similar.

    What happens if the victim suddnely notices the person taking pictures?
    Then only the pictures taken before the victim sees the camera are valid.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:05 No.9935548
    Uhhhh, lolwut?
    >For two weeks I open carried my AR-15, round chambered
    Where the fuck do you live?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:11 No.9935616
    See, the problem with that is I'm sure everyone knows one or two people with cameras, expensive or otherwise. I personally know like five people I'd play with who have decent cameras and two people with fuckexpensive hobby cameras. It's not something like a nerf gun that you can go to the store and pick up for fifteen bucks; saying "everyone who has a two hundred dollar plus camera gets a free sniper" is just dumb.

    Especially with the random "no camera phone" deal. My freaking parents both have cellphones with eight megapixel cameras that I doubt they've ever used. These days you can barely tell if something's taken with a camera phone without looking at the .EXIF data.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:14 No.9935651
    Of course, I was being facetious. In general, though, we're still talking something that can still fit in your pocket.

    I'm sort of liking those rules, with the multi-picture function on a phone, three pictures is a snap (lolpungetit?). I'd think of putting down a restriction, like you need to carry and place something about the size of rifle (branch, broomstick, etc) and pick a "vantage point" without getting spotted by anyone to be considered a valid sniper.

    Yes, I know, you can technically snipe with a pistol from more than 10 metres, but I just think a camera is a bit unfair. Too small and portable with too much zoom and easy to take three pictures with.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:16 No.9935686
    Take two pieces of string, cross them in an X over the lense and keep them on with a rubber band. The cross hair HAS to pointed at a vital area.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)06:17 No.9935703
    Crossing my fingers this will still be here when I wake up. Don't let me down, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)07:54 No.9936881
    >implying megapixels have anything to do with picture quality
    You just disqualified yourself from discussing cameras for all future.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)08:54 No.9937470
    I would like to propose an alternate rule to the rule stating that kills must be made with no bystanders.

    My proposal is for a "disappear into a crowd" rule where if you are in the vicinity and line of sight of, say, 20 or more people kills made in public still count.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)09:38 No.9937869

    At a campus, or a party- yea.

    At a shopping centre- nay! You don't want to get busted by mall cops.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)09:54 No.9938039
    Ah, Assassins. About ten of us gave it a go in sixth form, standing in a circle and pulling names from a hat. A few sharp glances later and it turns out every single one of us had concealed an airsoft pistol in a blazer or tucked into their belts. A few minutes of Mexican stand off later and everyone was 'dead'. Que next time we tried it the only real rule being "no fighting in the war room".

    Good times.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:02 No.9938099
    I donned a tophat and a flintlock cap pistol. Shot a guy in the back of the head while he was sitting down then told him he'd been "lincoln'd".
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:12 No.9938188
    I used to play this in college.
    My best kill was a break board on a guy's couch rigged to set off a slingshot in his bathroom, which lobbed a water balloon into his lap, filled with flour and little pieces of paper with the words "You are dead" printed on them.

    I watched him for 3 days to learn his daily ritual and set that up.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)10:22 No.9938309
         File1274365365.jpg-(29 KB, 333x432, cover-lg.jpg)
    29 KB
    I know a guy who owns this, and I read it cover to cover long ago.

    Sounded way superior to just "lol nerf guns." Anything that *could* have been a murder weapon counts as one so long as it's labled such that anyone actually examining it would be able to tell just as easily as if it were the real thing.

    He had a lot of great stories of people "sniping" with expensive telescopic cameras from water towers, turning in the pictures as proof, guys hiding in pillow forts in their own houses only to get offed by their own mother, and even one paranoid douchebag who'd been avoiding death by staying at a different hotel every night getting "killed" when the only other survivor went down to the water treatment plant and took a bunch of pictures of himself giving a thumbs up and pouring a big bag labled "Poison (not really)" into the town's water supply.

    Of course, that guy technically lost due to the massive negative points he incurred by the thousands of civilian casualties, but he was still the last one alive.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)10:25 No.9938369
         File1274365557.jpg-(22 KB, 250x250, smile - large.jpg)
    22 KB

    I also loved the simplicity and charm of some of the book's examples... particularly dropping a pillow on someone from a third story window, a pillow wrapped in black and clearly labled "Three Ton Safe."
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/20/10(Thu)10:31 No.9938444
    god damnit, when i stumble across a winning tattslotto ticket i'm finding a way to track you 3 down to play this!

    talked to some mates of mine, the response was a pretty solid "meh, water pistols are too expensive"
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:32 No.9938450
    >when the only other survivor went down to the water treatment plant and took a bunch of pictures of himself giving a thumbs up and pouring a big bag labled "Poison (not really)" into the town's water supply.

    I can't stop laughing. That's fucking great. Although, the game is "Assassins", not "Amoral Sociopaths".
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)10:36 No.9938513

    That's why he still lost. Witnesses = penalties, civilian casualties = BIG penalties.

    In fact he probably went further into the negatives than anyone else in the game.

    ...Still an awesome dude.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:38 No.9938544
         File1274366332.jpg-(18 KB, 240x249, 1260238399275.jpg)
    18 KB
    Damn it, I'll be living on campus this next semester I think I know what I'll be doing~!
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:45 No.9938616
    I'm thinking of running this now any major tips I should know for a first time player?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:46 No.9938627
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:46 No.9938630
    Fuck, I'm long out of college, and my group of friends is way too small to start this up, but I'm still brainstorming ways to "kill" folks.

    Dammit /tg/, I had other things I was planning to do with my morning, you fuckers.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:48 No.9938648
    This game is fucking awesome. Definitely will have to try doing it.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)10:49 No.9938659
         File1274366963.jpg-(21 KB, 250x250, hedging.jpg)
    21 KB

    That's just it.

    You don't play Killer with a group of friends like you do other games. It means everyone will know precisely who to suspect, rather than having to split their suspicion amongst EVERYONE THEY SEE.

    How are you supposed to stakeout a buddy and establish their routine and so on if they KNOW you're playing?

    Killer should be played with as many random people as possible.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)10:50 No.9938666

    TRUST NO ONE. Travel in threes, all armed, because two might mean you + assassin.

    Vary your routine. Take different routes to common hang-outs, classes, and the like.

    Respond to bottlenecks and obvious assault points (front door of your house, entering / leaving work or school, getting into / out of your car) with overwhelming force. In the real world, you'd want bodyguards. For the game, witnesses will do the trick.

    Be proactive. Paranoia only keeps you alive. Killing others wins the game.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:01 No.9938780
    Fuck, I'm really stuck on this poison idea.

    Public poisoning, in a mall for example:
    Approach the target after getting a hot, fragrant food, like pizza.
    Talk to them casually, but avoid eating the food.
    Wait until they comment on how good it smells, how hungry it's making them, whatever.
    Depart, patting them on the back as you leave.
    Use the pat to plant a note on their back, labeled "please hand me this note."
    Inside should read "Inhaled poison just kicked in. Mmmmm, delicious pizza." or similar.
    If you were nowhere around at the time of "death," it should count as no witnesses.

    Good, or should I keep trying?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)11:05 No.9938825

    The problem is you never did anything to the pizza, so he had no chance to avoid. Wouldn't count. Slapping something on him like that might qualify for a contact poison, though... It's been years since I read the book.

    My favorite example of "how to do food poisoning right" from the book was writing "Enjoy your (imaginary) poison!" on the bottom of someone's glass with a sharpie, backwards so they read it when they drink the last bit.

    Works best if they're drinking something dark.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:07 No.9938857
    I'd keep trying, inhalable poison in a public place would result in a fair few casualties, poison should be restricted to a form that doesn't kill everyone in the immediate area, lacing food and drink is the best way to do this, or you could of course use a blow pipe or similar and the dart has "you have 5 minutes" to live written on it, it could give people a chance for some pretty awesome final stands and chases
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/20/10(Thu)11:08 No.9938863
    hilarious, but if it was inhaled you'd be dead, or they'd have died while you were sitting there.

    get up to leave say your late for an appointment and that they can have said food instead. problem solved.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:10 No.9938883
    >they can have said food instead
    completely inconspicuous
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)11:13 No.9938916
         File1274368381.jpg-(25 KB, 250x250, smirk.jpg)
    25 KB

    I'd rather do something like this:

    "Hey, pizza guy. I didn't ask for pepperoni. Why is there pepperoni under my cheese?"

    "I was told you should peel off all the cheese to find out."

    "Oh shit."

    >target peels off cheese

    >pepperoni spells out "gotcha!"
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:13 No.9938926
    Hmm. Ok, back to the drawing board. Didn't even think about bystanders getting poisoned. Considered accidentally poisoning myself, but presumed an assassin would be assumed to have antidotes to whatever he's using.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/20/10(Thu)11:14 No.9938941
    well i tend to not stuff my face while in an active conversation with someone, and saying your late and need to run is kinda a good reason not to stop for lunch.

    seriously, ever seen somoene eating a slice of pizza while running?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:18 No.9938991
    Just writing "BOOM" is shit tier.
    >Victim goes to start car
    >Car doesn't start
    >Opens hood
    >One cable disconnected from battery, battery has picture of bomb taped to it
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:20 No.9939011

    yes, sadly
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:23 No.9939058

    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:29 No.9939140
    topic, relevant, interests, to, etc.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:29 No.9939142
    Small cheese. HvZ at UF. Registered players at just above 1000. Second game ever played at the school
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 05/20/10(Thu)11:33 No.9939215
    Ah play something like this once. Never know what to call it though. 50 people.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)11:34 No.9939225
         File1274369647.jpg-(22 KB, 250x250, frowm - small.jpg)
    22 KB

    >players all know who else is playing

    >game only lasts six hours

    Totally doin' it wrong. That's not a game of paranoia, surveillance, and assassination, that's just nerf/squirtgun wars.

    Not that nerf wars aren't fun, but still.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)11:51 No.9939483
    >>Victim goes to car
    >>Turns on car
    >>CD player kicks in, yo
    >>Speakers say: You're dead.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)11:52 No.9939503
    I think that's HvZ, not Assassins.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/20/10(Thu)11:56 No.9939562
    easiest solution to this is "ok,. everyones here. youvve all got your targets, nobody can be killed for the next 2 hours. goodluck."
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)11:58 No.9939600

    >Everyone is here

    Nope, still shooting yourself in the foot from the getgo.

    The only one who should be allowed to even know who is playing is the GM.

    Get the Killer book and read it.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)11:59 No.9939613
    What's assassins?

    Is that like Killer?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)12:02 No.9939656

    Assassins is sort of like Cops and Robbers in that it's been around forever and lacked standardized rules, and most versions of it had some glaring flaws.

    Killer is an old Steve Jackson take on the game that fixes most of the problems, adds a scoring system so creativity and getting away with no witnesses and so on matter.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)12:02 No.9939662
    Exact same thing.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/20/10(Thu)12:03 No.9939682

    No, not really. For example, most of the time when you see advertisements for Assassins games its stupid "hurr nerf guns only" shit instead of awesome.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)12:05 No.9939712
    Depends on who's running it. last one I played was: "If you could say 'I killed you' and they would feasibly be dead, it counts"

    Also, people couldn't see your kills, in an attempt to hide it from the campus authorities.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:10 No.9939783
    Killed someone with an killer origami bird once. The rules were pretty tame so I was allowed to just lob it at him right in front of his DnD group.

    Unfortunately my guy got someone to drag me out of Electrical Analysis. I cottoned on just before the guy pulled out an air-filled baseball bat and whipped out a paper sword out of my sleeve. We both killed each other in that exchange.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:11 No.9939816
    This. We got into serious trouble when a botched assassination attempt ended up in an eight man shootout in the library. Since we're in England and they're all super fucking serious about their weapon laws, we made sure to only use colourful, obvious nerf guns. One guy used a sling shot firing tiny balls of clay surrounded by thick foam. He got suspended for having an actual weapon. The rest of us got off with disciplinary hearings and a heavy warning.

    Yeah, it's a library, but people were cheering and laughing as we Hard Boiled it over chairs and around bookcases. Pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:12 No.9939828
    ...Coming to think about it the only bad thing about that was I wasn't allowed to test my origami crossbow out on people. It could shoot a bic pen right across a decent sized room and stick in corkboard.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:13 No.9939845
    Ah, wifflebats. For when you want to go real mafia gangland assassination.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:13 No.9939859
    >shoot a pen hard enough to stick into corkboard.
    No fucking shit you weren't allowed to use it.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:21 No.9939994
    Oh come on. I'd have used nonfatal stuff like... those arrows with sucker pads on the end. It would have been pretty nifty.

    The bright side was that since it was made of a A2 WoW poster it was purple.
    >> Beergut 05/20/10(Thu)12:29 No.9940110
    As far as the whole "No witnesses" rule, we used the solution from the Killer book. If you go to a secluded location and put on a mask, then you're anonymous. You can perform the kill but you have to find another secluded area to remove your mask.

    My favorite kill took place at college. I put my mask on in the men's room and snuck up on my target and put a rag sented with citrus oil on their shoulder. After I held it there for a second, I showed them that it read "chloroform".

    The best one that happened amongst our group was the dropping of a beanbag chair onto someone from their roof. It had "20t" written on it in duct tape.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)12:42 No.9940290
    Oh, man. I love this stuff.

    Oh, Kimmo. Why so blatantly insane?
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/20/10(Thu)12:51 No.9940417
    time spent reading : 5 minutes
    time spent laughing: to be determined when i stop.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)13:15 No.9940771
    Fuck year, assassins
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)13:16 No.9940789
    We had a game once. Rule was you had to use a watergun, splash someone, etc. You could do it in public, but if another person in the game saw you, they could shout spotted, and you'd have 5 seconds of truce, then a three way duel. So, I make a pact with a few of my good friends, we tell each other who we are going after, etc etc. After one of the friends leave, I confide in the rest that he was my actual target.

    So, next morning comes. I tell my target that I'll help him get his guy; we go out the side of the cafeteria. Peaking around a corner, I stand right behind him. Pulling out my spray bottle of lens cleaner, I push it into the small of his back and whisper "this hurts me more than it hurts you" and spray. He jumps around and shouts "YOU SON OF A BITCH"

    Good times
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)13:25 No.9940950
         File1274376355.jpg-(32 KB, 410x298, Plan.jpg)
    32 KB
    Assassins is pretty much the only good LARP.
    >> Gaeth !!ZoprFrt8MKQ 05/20/10(Thu)13:28 No.9940984
    HvZ is pretty fun if people are in character
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)13:40 No.9941159
    Played it a few times throughout uni. We had 2 main rules.
    1: No Witnesses
    2: Nobody but the target can die.

    My friend got me in the most ingenious way I've seen so far.
    He stole my spare room key from my bag while I was in a Lab session (he was not even in our group he just walked in and took the key).
    He took me out for a few drinks that night, buying me a few whiskeys (which he knows make me sleepy).
    We head home when I get tired, he heads up into his dorm, I head alog the road to mine and crash.

    I woke up the next morning with the keys taped to the mirror, a note saying "Here's your spare keys, oh and btw, you're dead." I was confused for about half an hour, that was when I noticed the red sharpie line accross my neck.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)13:47 No.9941258
    Played with college dorm, 120+ people. Fucking rocked it until a girl hid in the WASHING MACHINE where I did my laundry to get me.

    Prior to that, I conned my target that I wasn't his assassin so he'd drive me off campus to get food. We'd be eachother's witness to prevent assassination. He actually served as my witness preventing my attacker from getting me on the way out the door (revealing my assassin to me, which allowed me to shoot him on sight in the future to give me 3 mins of immunity).

    We had a great conversation all the way to the restaurant and back and I shot him seconds before we were back in the dorm in front of witnesses.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)13:56 No.9941393
    put this on a burned CD, draw a bomb in sharpie as label.


    or set his computer browser to put the youtube page as his homepage.
    >> Ofdensen !!w6j1ULI0ay+ 05/20/10(Thu)14:04 No.9941491
    No, dude. I've gotten my target with this in their car.

    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)15:29 No.9942782
         File1274383752.jpg-(206 KB, 500x499, 1260232765634.jpg)
    206 KB
    Hrm...I think I would prefer not to rely the on bombs
    It just seems so fucking cheap to do/.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)15:34 No.9942855
    poison is too easy with people who bum cigarettes
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)15:40 No.9942949
         File1274384416.png-(389 KB, 1129x716, 1219823809839.png)
    389 KB
    I played once (stickers to kill) I spent a lot of time insuring that my targets didn't know I was after them, and only struck when I knew I could get away with it...

    My second kill was in a public place (Halloween party). No one noticed... but the target immediately turned to her target on the other side of the room and said "Hey *****, **** has you as a target now."

    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)15:57 No.9943188
    What a cocksucker. People like that shouldn't be allowed into the next game.

    If you're going to act like an utter bitch, don't be surprised when even your friends don't want to play shit with you.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)16:01 No.9943258
    I played Assassins with a group of 15 people during a long weekend. We used Paintball guns, water balloons filled with paint, and other miscellaneous stuff.

    The highlight of it was when one guy brought a spray-paint backpack and used it as a "flamethrower".
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)16:09 No.9943345
    Anyone here ever seen the movie "The Tournament"?

    Shit is epicly cash, and a hoot to boot. Assassin tournament and whatnot.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)19:26 No.9946726
    I want to hear MORE STORIES.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)21:16 No.9948769
    Any suggestions for some people getting into this for the first time?
    >> Jercius 05/20/10(Thu)21:49 No.9949374
    Anyone play this with money? Like a 5 dollar entrance fee, and winner gets the pot?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)21:56 No.9949490
    We played a massive game of this, for a pool of cash, at university. Something like three hundred participants, only valid kill method was a standard-issue compact water pistol. The only restrictions were that there was no shooting anyone in class or at work.

    Now, I was at a technical school where few people knew others outside their immediate floor, classmates, and circles of friends, and since $3000 ended up being on the line, people took the whole thing rather seriously. After the first 48 hours, in which it was firmly established that hallways were no longer safe and that all strangers were the enemy, people got paranoid.

    I ended up lasting almost three weeks and acquired two dozen kills to my name, well beyond anyone else in my circle of friends. I was on a meal plan which forced me to the cafeteria, that den of danger, and shifted from a casual lunch/dinner paradigm to eating breakfast within minutes of their opening and dinner within minutes of their closing, both wolfed as quickly as possible with my back to the wall. I stopped opening the door to my room without first having someone else check that the hallway was clear, and generally used the window instead anyway. I concealed my distinctive long blond hair, present in all pictures of me, by wearing various hats at all times, alternated between wearing and not wearing my glassed, and swapped jackets with my friends regularly. I arrived slightly late to all classes, and stayed until I was the last one in the room so that anyone lurking in the hall would be obvious. I stopped acknowledging it when people called my name. I showered only in the dead hours of the night, and even then as quickly as possible lest someone catch me off guard.

    On one notable occasion, I dropped a tray full of food and sprinted across a crowded cafeteria full-tilt, slid under a table full of people, and sprinted a hundred yards, leaving my backpack behind.

    It was a wonderful experience which I have no desire to repeat.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:03 No.9950789
    Quick question. What happens when you kill someone who's already killed their target? Do you just stop there? Or what if you get yourself as a target?

    I'm planning on doing this with a small bunch of people and there's a chance this could happen.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:06 No.9950849
    Assassin is structured as a singly linked loop, to use a computing reference. Each time you kill your target, that person's target becomes yours; thus you never run out of people to kill, and you know that someone is always hunting you. When you kill someone and they were targeting you as well, you know you've won.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:06 No.9950864
    idk if it's been posted yet or not, but you can download the pdf here:

    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:08 No.9950897

    Does it always work out like that?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:09 No.9950941
    If it doesn't, whoever's administrating the game screwed up. You should still end up with multiple closed loops regardless, though, so you can compensate with a second/finale round.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:10 No.9950945

    Ah, right. So those 2 cases will never happen. I was stupid about that.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:11 No.9950981
    It's super fun. We got in a bit of trouble at college for "disturbing" classes however.

    Teachers apparently don't like nerf darts flying about classrooms...
    >> Jercius 05/20/10(Thu)23:21 No.9951173
    Well, couldn't you also do a free for all, but going "Hey, so you have X and Y as targets, but watch out for anyone else aiming for them." type thing?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:21 No.9951182
    I played twice. First time, I managed to take down one guy with a nerf gun before I was defeated by contact poison (Vaseline) on a doorknob.

    Second time, I played exclusively with a red marker and got a fair number of kills. Best part was the final battle, where my opponent missed me with a nerf gun ambush in the washroom. It then turned into a chase that ended with us in a parking lot. At that point, he had to reload. I took advantage of that and gave him a line across the throat before he could aim at me properly.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:22 No.9951187

    Ha, that's me.

    As for targets, I'm going to give everyone a card. The card will have two things on it:

    Assassin: Their name.
    Target: Their target's name.

    This is to prevent confusion from when you kill someone with multiple cards on them.

    Does this system work, or am I making it too complicated?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:22 No.9951193
    I'd love to play just an all nerf version, no poison or backstabbing.

    Be like all the war games I played with my friends as a kid...
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:29 No.9951304
    That works. If you're willing to put a little extra work into administrating the game, you might consider laminating and punching the cards, then putting them on keyrings when you hand them out and instructing people to add their victims' cards to their ring. It'd keep everything nice and in order, and provide a sense of accomplishment and tension as people gauge the game's progress by their kill cards.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:29 No.9951309
    We played this once, it was a blast.
    Only witnessed killing was allowed. No bombs, of anything like that. Just nerf weapons or spoons sort of thing. I used the school's copy machine to make a bunch of stickers.

    We had a big setup meeting, everyone got a mug shot, filled out information.
    The guys who ran the game would slip an envelope under your door with a picture of your current target and a kill by deadline (hehe pun), full name, a note of fluff written on the back.

    It was pretty intense. I did pretty damn well, but had to drop out to go back home for a few days.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:30 No.9951321
    Does anybody have that Killer pdf? The copy on /rs/ is dead.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:31 No.9951333

    Just thought of something else. What if I get a player who blows up his target + another assassin in the game? What do I do about the assassin who got killed in the process? Count him as a kill?

    I think I should count it as a bystander kill and penalize the player who planted the bomb. The blown up assassin continues on. Does that work?
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:32 No.9951350
    Red marker only? You probably watched Leon the Professional one too many times.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:32 No.9951357
    >>9951321 look here >>9950864
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:32 No.9951365
    The game is assassin, not rampant murderer. If a player "kills" someone aside from their assigned target, it should either not count or be penalized somehow. So your plan is reasonable, yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:33 No.9951380
    usually if you kill an innocent you're out of the game, or thats how we play.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:36 No.9951441
    I don't have an account at Prime.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:39 No.9951501
    Ever dual wielded nerf guns to shoot your target, who's throwing red markers at you?

    It's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:42 No.9951561
    Anyone have a copy of the "Killer" book they can upload?

    Also, http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9933783/
    >> Anonymous 05/20/10(Thu)23:45 No.9951603
    already upped
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:08 No.9952076
    This game.... Damn, I'm never going to play it.
    >> Qes !OZqrVI/9AU 05/21/10(Fri)00:11 No.9952135
    Yes and it's a lot of fun.
    But any and all organized institutions will hate it for the "disruption" it causes. Be it work, school, church, the library, the department of transportation, the illuminati, actual assassins guilds, banks, the mafia (who would rather you play their game), Realators, political parties, and of course, the National Bull Fighters association.

    Dont fuck with those last guys.... ever.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:13 No.9952160
    Assassin's in the middle of the Running of the Bulls?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:14 No.9952180
    I got the mental image of a bull with red sharpies taped to its horns.

    I liked that image.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:36 No.9952473
    Add a nerf gatling cannon lashed between its horns, being manned by someone standing on its back and laughing at everyone running away.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:38 No.9952496

    Represent anon, I traveled all the way from Indiana to play in that invitational. Most fun I've had ever.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:43 No.9952585
    My sniper rifle was a work of art. It was one of those large nerf 3 piece rifles with the bipod. The sight was replaced with a real (though Cheap) telescopic hunting rifle sight. A plastic tac rail, cut from a junky airsoft gun held a laser sight bellow the barrel.

    My third target into the game my Rifle finaly got its chance to shine. My target had gone to great lengths of paranoia. His lunch consisted of a picnick for one in the center of an empty athletic field, With hundreds of feet of clear ground between him and any would be ambushers.

    Mid lunch on the most overcast day I could wait for. I slipped away and ascended a service ladder in a rarely traveled section of the school. I then stalked head low back across the school building. To avoid detection I avoided the building edge as a setup location, I instead chose a raised air conditioning unit a few feet back from the edge.

    I assembled my weapon from a backpack. and took aim at the luncher.

    As he lifted what appeared to be a ham and cheese on wheat I flashed the sandwich 3 times with my laser. Relished the confused look on my targets face. then flashed his sturnum 3 more times as the realization of what was happening sunk into his expression.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)00:46 No.9952640

    Just got a game started, to see if I can run it between two schools.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:47 No.9952663
    I played a game once. I got killed way too soon 'cause I let my guard down.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:54 No.9952766
         File1274417669.jpg-(79 KB, 517x1000, 1272585977488.jpg)
    79 KB
    Good evening /tg/ I regret to inform you that this thread was just a clever plot to keep your attention focused elswhere. I regret to inform you that I have replaced your floor with Lava and your ceiling with Bees. Rest in peace my friends.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)00:56 No.9952789
    I need a little help formulating rules for the game, as what I have can be easily misinterpreted.

    Might I have help building rules for the game?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:57 No.9952816
    I thought in this paranoid society we live in nowadays, anyone playing assassin would be arrested or something.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 05/21/10(Fri)00:58 No.9952823

    Okay. I can't see my floor, this place is such a mess.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)00:59 No.9952852
    It's really easy to cheat. Best to play it in a semi-confined area (like a convention, school campus, or office) with some rules about "cannot get them while they're off the grounds, no witnesses, no getting them before they've checked in/after they've checked out of work"

    Or in a free for all "no getting them while they're at their job," since just showing up at your friends office and shooting him in the back while he's at his desk (or behind the counter) is easymode and stupid.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)01:01 No.9952873
    In this unique game, each player becomes an assassin, stalking one (or all) of the other players. Squirt guns replace pistols; water balloons become bombs . . . whatever your fiendish mind can devise. As the assassins take out their targets, the number of players dwindles. The last one alive is the winner.

    No real weaponry of any kind is allowed.
    Nerf weaponry is allowed.
    Anything that can cause a disfiguring injury, fatal injury, or even a minor wound is not allowed.
    You must kill your target, or your assassin by the end of the day, with photographic proof.
    A kill may only occur in a place with 2 people, to a place with 20 or more. In the case of a 20 or more place, a 3 minute time count is created to give any other persons playing the game the chance to nail an assassin.
    Poison can be used. The poison can be such things as Tabasco sauce, glitter in an envelope, or other NON LETHAL things.

    At the end of a day, if an assassin has killed his target, he moves on to the next round. The photo must be sent to a specific e-mail by 11PM of that day. If an assassin fails to kill his target, but successfully kills another assassin due to public circumstances or successfully defending oneself from another assassin, that assassin moves on.

    If an assassin fails to kill any target, or is killed, they do not move on to the next day.

    At the end of each day, all successful assassin's will receive a new target.

    If there are questions on the rules, feel free to contact Andrew Nakamura, of El Toro High school for clarification.

    Requirements to play:
    Must live in city of Lake Forest, and attend a high-school, college, or middle school, in that city, or district, or attend a college in that city/district.
    Must be under the age of 25.
    Must be over the age of 12

    thats what I got so far
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:05 No.9952910
    >It's really easy to cheat.
    Can you give an example of how? A true game of assassin is a 24/7 thing, and while minimal considerations may be made to the realities of life (don't want to get people fired from their job for running around with nerf guns in the office) for the most part it should be no holds barred.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:13 No.9953054
    The rules we played with in college involved a very interesting twist.

    You could only kill your target, if you were alone with them, and they didn't suspect.

    Imagine, a campus full of people, getting cozy, "hey man, the new Batman movie is out, let's catch the midnight showing!" and then, afterwards, finger to the temple, "bang".

    Oh, the rage.

    Interestingly, the female players had a fucking field day.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:14 No.9953078
    My gods.

    Pull a fire escape and load up on nerf ammo.

    You can rename yourself Deathstroke for the kills you rack in a single hour.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:17 No.9953128
    ...how? You're only allowed to kill a single person, your target, and then their target after you've succeeded. So you pull the fire escape get the first guy, he tells you who the second guy is, and that guy is also outside, so you get him. At this point fucking everyone will have noticed that you're running around with a nerf gun, water pistol, or whatever. Anyone playing will take steps to respond.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:19 No.9953176

    Our high school played this with the graduating class every year. It would be decent given more time.

    And a more assassin way of elimination than catching someone alone and saying gotcha, no matter what the specific circumstances may be.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)01:38 No.9953466
    need help on the rules fa/tg/uys... Please
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:44 No.9953552
    Look, man, the rules are not overly complex. They come in numerous variation and have been discussed here already at some length. What the heck's the problem?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:44 No.9953553
    Not if you pull the escape while everyone is asleep and thus disoriented by the time they get outside.

    Also, the "only kill your target" thing is a specific variant, I've played plenty of games based on facebooks and a list of players.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:47 No.9953593
    I would not consider a game in which you have multiple potential targets simultaneously to be assassin. Some bizarre mutation of the game, perhaps, but not the assassin I know.

    Even so, what you describe is not really cheating. Your fellow players should have treated any anomaly, such as a fire alarm, as potentially hostile action and used an alternate exit from the building. Windows are good.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)01:50 No.9953639
    I mean rules that forge the game into something concrete, and playable for my school.

    The rules right now leave too much to interpretation, and few are usable at my school
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:53 No.9953683
    All you do is sit down with all players and agree on rules. That's what makes them concrete. New Jersey Assassin is different than Seattle assassin.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:54 No.9953700
    Then apply your gamer's creativity and your rules lawyer's instincts to working out the specifics.

    Everyone gets a target.
    Everyone must "kill" the target.

    All the other rules are basically fluff, and can be tailored to suit the needs of your specific players.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)01:55 No.9953720
    My goal is to build it so that it is accessible to everyone, and that all people can use standardized rules with house-rules based on this design.

    I eventually want to build a sourcebook for this game, which is why In need better rules that what is currently up.

    I.E. Rules on poisons, rules on nerf guns, rules on bombs, etc.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)01:56 No.9953742
    I got that much, but I need rules for other things so as to make it... lawyer safe?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)01:58 No.9953765
    I suppose by "cheat" I meant "play poorly" and give yourself away so early it makes it fundamentally impossible to take your target out. Especially if you're playing in a group of people that don't know each other that well.

    In one instance we were playing and had "poison" rules (where you could poor salt into someones drink), best way to kill them in a crowded room. Well... from across the room I saw a guy pour salt into my drink and spent the rest of the weekend game-time straight up avoiding him and chasing down my own targets since he blew his cover.

    So the game can really suffer if one person gives up or one person blows their shit and you don't have a backup.
    >> anonotron 05/21/10(Fri)01:59 No.9953786
    Anyone know of any other games like this, or that humans vs zombies game. post em plox
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:02 No.9953818
    I remember reading about how a bunch of Mario Question Boxes were hung from trees and lightpoles and stuff and the city pulled in a bomb squad. Cost something like $100,000.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:05 No.9953885
    I don't see how that's a problem at all. Your observation skills made it that much harder for him. Means it's up to him to find a way to get inside your guard and kill you.
    Brotip: You're trying to do this across an entire town. It won't work. Assassins basically has to be confined to a college or school or something, where everybody knows everybody, there's room for social mingling, and it's absolutely got to be outside the confines of general society.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/21/10(Fri)02:05 No.9953894
    its a game between two schools, less than a mile away from one another...
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:09 No.9953956
    this is funny only because a savy assassin would falsely poision not his actual targets rink, throwing them off guard.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:16 No.9954076
    you should look into how the mooninites shut down boston for a day.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:17 No.9954087
    This is very true. >>9949490 here- my kill streak eventually ended when my next target was a commuter student to my university with classes which conflicted with mine in time. The guy was hardly ever on campus; I just couldn't get him unless I was willing to hunt him down in his house in suburbia.

    Which, I suppose, is another point. Assassin is in many ways a game of how far each player is willing to go. Don't be caught off guard when it turns out to be surprisingly far.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:18 No.9954104
    Damn it, this is the sort of game I really want to play. Too bad there isn't...I dunno, a site for my city, or something.

    As it is, it seems the only way I'd get to do anything like this would be if I played the (significantly differing) iPhone version.

    http://killer-game.appspot.com/ <- this one.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:21 No.9954140
    And this apparently costs money, too. I mean, more money to get in every time you die. Fuck that with a rusty spoon.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:35 No.9954327
    I once got someone by having their little sister leave a 25 pound stuffed tiger on their bed.
    ...It's probably easier, but less stylish, to use snakes.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)02:55 No.9954659
    I've got a modified Nerf Sniper Rifle and (though it plays havoc with the aerodynamics) some special darts made up. The darts have red marking chalk inside them, so when they hit it leaves a fist-sized patch of red powdered chalk.

    Few things are as satisfying as seeing no less than six people walk into the briefing room sporting red patches on various parts of their bodies.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:02 No.9954756
    the password is ThePoet
    reading it now liking it
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:03 No.9954780
    That is 007 levels of assassination, my friend.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:10 No.9954889
    I am a typical guy. I've got the kind of face that you wouldn't be able to pick out of a crowd even if you wanted to, but you know by word of mouth.

    I am currently in a game with 55 players, and I have slain 11 would-be assassins with nothing but a little red sharpie and a turkey baster filled with red chalk powder.

    Today is the third day. I think there's 7 or 8 people left.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:11 No.9954912
    ps: contact poison on your keyboard David.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:12 No.9954938
    Nice try. The name's Jerry, silly billy.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:14 No.9954959
    curses foiled again!
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:14 No.9954960
    ps: contact poison on your keyboard Jerry.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:14 No.9954969
    Look up, Jerry.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:14 No.9954972
    On a scale of one to ten, with ten being freaking the fuck out, how freaked would you be if >>9954938 got your name right?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:15 No.9954986
    If my name were "David", not very.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:17 No.9955024
    Your name IS David, fuckwad.

    Here we are all David.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:17 No.9955032
    I see nothing.

    Stylus to poke the keys. Its slow, but its better than being caught off guard.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:18 No.9955044
    David is the new Alpharius?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:19 No.9955060
    what about rubber gloves?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:19 No.9955063
    My name's Jerry. The phrasing, I'll admit, was a bit archaic.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:19 No.9955064
    Did it once. We weren't told who was in charge, but we all got a note saying who our mark was.

    I thought I was the last guy because it was me and one of the cooks. He told me his last mark wasn't me. I thought it was just trying to get me in trouble until that evening while in the galley I get shot in the back of the skull while eating by a Navy Captain whit a Nerf Gun.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:21 No.9955097
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:21 No.9955098
    It bothers me that this "specific" target thing is so widespread, but not popular where I live.

    You guys would say it's cheating to shoot at a guy, then run into a stairwell where your partner has the automatic Nerf mounted machine gun, mowing down everyone who chases after your friend.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:24 No.9955128
    A viable option, but assuming I got disposables there's too much of a chance of contamination.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:24 No.9955137
    I'll just say it was a rather important Iowa Class ship.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:28 No.9955197
    Jerry, you asshole, I thought that was you in the hallway. Not even a how do you do before I see a big-ass spray of dust hitting my shirt, hear a camera click, then see I got marked.

    Not cool, bro. I liked that shirt.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:28 No.9955209
    Is it allowable to kill your assassin?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:29 No.9955230
    Hmm... I got three people in a hall, and two of those with my turkey baster. Name?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:30 No.9955234
    Holy Fuck dude
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:31 No.9955248
    You are encouraged.
    >> Gaow? 05/21/10(Fri)03:31 No.9955249
    Depends on the game. Typically, yes, if someone comes kill you you can kill them first. The best can be when you know they are hunting you but they don't know their cover is blown.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:33 No.9955277
    Harold. Right outside of the library, first day.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:34 No.9955292
    At De Anza in Cupertino we were playing and I tried to rush my mark while he was on stage playing guitar. He blocked it with his guitar without skipping a beat. Six times.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:36 No.9955340
    Is it? Check your ID.

    Personally, I would have rated that as invalid because you got someone else to do it. Then I remembered you got a stuffed tiger onto their bed, somehow, and no longer cared.

    Again, you make the rules up. There's no such thing as rules-lawyering in the game, it's all based on an honour system, or if there's a serious problem, the organiser gets called in to decide if a kill was valid or not. I can't think of many situations where it would be unclear if the kill was valid...
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:38 No.9955352
    I remember. It was a black shirt, with some kind of band on it, right?

    I hope you didn't try to rub the stuff off. That'll just make it worse. Shake off as much as you can initially, then machine wash in warm water.

    Oh yeah, I got Delilah yesterday. I don't think she was expecting a marker kill in the bleachers.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:39 No.9955379
    That. Is. Awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:42 No.9955432
    1. Get a whole mess of red sharpies
    2. Get the cores out, strip their plastic
    3. Attach cores to stick
    4. ???
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:46 No.9955474
    >I don't need an excuse. Vagina is delicious.

    I don't care how awesome this thread is, this singular comment exceeds it. It made my day.
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 05/21/10(Fri)03:46 No.9955478
         File1274427981.jpg-(84 KB, 244x361, 1273302116525.jpg)
    84 KB
    Played it, game lasted between me and my killer for three months.

    Feels bad man.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:48 No.9955506
    ...Well I'll be damned. Most of the shit came off.

    Gonna have to wait till tomorrow to wash it though. Where are you holed up right now?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:49 No.9955526
    I'm afraid I can't tell you that, David. All I can say is that I'm not in the dorms right now.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:52 No.9955547
    I'm in not in the building, if that's what you're asking; I'm close by though.

    I aim to win this thing, Harold. I'm not giving away my position away that easily.

    Oh, and can you go tell whoever's outside my door right now they can stop the stake-out? I've got all I need for tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:54 No.9955576
    >> Symmetry !ShiNKU/JVI 05/21/10(Fri)03:55 No.9955594
    I'm a professor. I think I'll set this game up with coworkers.

    Should be fun trying to teach while watching out for other teachers and students they've coerced. Is that allowed?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)03:56 No.9955602
    I prefer using the little red revolvers from the dollar store, with the small rings of popcap ammo. The suprisingly loud snap and the smell are so much more satisfying that the silly rubber band nerf 'thunk'
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:00 No.9955645
    Fucker shot me with a nerf gun and hit me in the forehead before I could tell him. I think he's a little jumpy.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:00 No.9955653
    You make up the rules of your game, if you are organizing it; you decide what is allowed and what isn't.

    Don't do shit that will prevent people from getting their job done, or the police called on you.
    >> Symmetry !ShiNKU/JVI 05/21/10(Fri)04:02 No.9955671
    Oh, don't worry. None of us are stupid (except some of the janitors and the retarded people they have to hire for equal representation), so we won't do it in the middle of an active class or anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:05 No.9955708
    That'll be Jacob. I'm pretty sure he's got my name.

    Assassin signing off for the night. Gotta get an early start tomorrow.
    >> Jacob 05/21/10(Fri)04:27 No.9955981

    Aren't iPads wonderful, as an aside?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:32 No.9956026
    jesus christ this thread is still here
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:40 No.9956099
         File1274431239.png-(13 KB, 446x361, dicks_reaction.png)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:48 No.9956180
    i hope someone modifies a vacuum to blow chalk dust in to your room under the door crack while you're in there.
    >> Jercius 05/21/10(Fri)04:50 No.9956219
    Good attempt at poisoning at least. Gonna suck to clean that up though.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:51 No.9956227
    You're welcome.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:52 No.9956245
    How would one go about doing this with a normal upright vacuum, purely out of curiosity?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:54 No.9956265
    Skip that shit and just hook a compressor to a garden hose
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:55 No.9956282
    Would it be viable to have a goon squad of some kind? Like a small team of people who act like detectives trying to catch out the normal assassins and arrest/kill them? Would this be badass or not?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)04:56 No.9956297
    I'd just chop off the top half of it so it doesn't pull in to a dust bag but blows free. Then put down chalk dust where vacuum sucker can pull and it'd blow out the back end. Hopefully it'll go in the room and not everywhere outside the room too; otherwise would be victim could claim you poisoned yourself in the attempt.

    Experiment a little. You'll get it right.
    >> Jercius 05/21/10(Fri)04:56 No.9956303
    Maybe for a VIP game or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:05 No.9956396

    Gentlemen, it's been a fun game. I'll hold a vigil after I've executed the two of you.

    Harold, Jerry, you'll meet David soon.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:05 No.9956400
    I was thinking they would just have target: all assassins and then leave it up to them to work out who is trying to kill who and try to catch them out with photographic evidence and such...? The assassins would be informed that this could happen to them so be extra careful. This would make people participating, particularly in a no witnesses game, extra paranoid. Obviously they would not be specific targets themselves but may still be killed by anyone.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:10 No.9956447
    After searching the internet, I've tracked down an rs link.


    You're welcome.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:25 No.9956610
    My personal best would have to be putting an origami version of the puzzle box from Hellraiser on the dash of my target's car. Instead of gluing the bottom of the box shut like the rest I taped it to the dash so that when they tried to move it opened and dropped a note that said "You've open the box and thus the gate. No one escapes Hell."
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:30 No.9956647
    One guy in our group made a picture file of the words "Child Porn" and put it in a guy's music folder. There was also a text file that said "People in jail aren't kind to people who fuck with children in it. I've called the police already."

    That was a huge dick move and you shouldn't do shit like that. For fuck's sake.
    >> Jercius 05/21/10(Fri)05:35 No.9956687
    That counted?
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:35 No.9956694
    Built an old movie style bomb out of LEGOs that I barely set together, put a string inside it tied to a golf ball, and I tied that string to their door so that it would rip out the golf ball to make it look like it exploded once they opened the door.
    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:40 No.9956736


    >> Anonymous 05/21/10(Fri)05:55 No.9956908
    We've always been a gaming group with a high value on creativity.

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