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  • File : 1273908193.jpg-(29 KB, 336x433, Magic-fc copy.jpg)
    29 KB Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:23 No.9828295  
    ITT mundane magic items

    That doesn't mean "useless" items: well, maybe mechanically, but still ridiculously useful roleplay-wise. Stuff peasants and farmers would really love to have. The kind of shit you should be able to find in any wizard's room, easy to create and use and fucking useful inside your house.

    Sticky Keys - You never lose your goddamn keys. Reach out to your pockets, and there they are.

    Tub of Warmth - A bathtub that warms up the water just the way you like it and it keeps warm for friggin' HOURS.

    Pitchfork +1, Shitbane - Just look at how this goddamn fork buries itself into that pile of cow manure, goddammit!
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:40 No.9828544
    Outhouse of Self-Cleaning. Where does all that shit go? Fuck if I know, but it sure as hell isn't staying here.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:42 No.9828579
    Boomerang of Returning
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:45 No.9828607
    Shovel of Digging.
    >> Gaow? 05/15/10(Sat)03:48 No.9828657
         File1273909710.jpg-(94 KB, 558x789, 1273466669498.jpg)
    94 KB
    Mage-light. A magic lantern that creates steady, bright illumination with no fuel. This is a kind of huge deal, really. Keeping a room well lit with lamps and candles is a huge pain in the ass.

    Stone of clean water. Placed in a pitcher, bucket, trough or tub, this stone will make it clean and safe to drink. Any dirt settles on the bottom and won't come out until the stone is removed.

    Barren amulet. This dark wooden disk suppresses fertility as long as it's worn around the neck. Works for men and women, and causes no lasting damage.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:50 No.9828684
    a scarecrow of fertility, with enough range to cover a decent size field
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:51 No.9828687
    Is there more of the series this picture comes from? I am interested in the adventures these two have.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:51 No.9828692
    >stone of clean water
    consider this ganked
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:52 No.9828711
    Darts of Truestrike: Enchanted darts that give a +10 to hit, deals no combat damage. Mostly used by 'magicians' and hustlers.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:54 No.9828730
    What was that one artifact that was like a sponge that could suck up a fifty foot cube, but when it is squeezed only exudes the normal amount for a sponge of its size?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:54 No.9828734

    We had this in a campaign once, along with a hammer of hitting and a flask of fluid containment.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:55 No.9828749
    yer mom?
    >> Anonymuos 05/15/10(Sat)03:56 No.9828754
    Iron Ring
    When you wear this simple metal band, all of your clothes look nice and creaseless. +1 to any social checks.

    Debit Purse
    This small bag is magically linked to a bank vault (usually yours). Any coins you remove from it are taken directly from the vault. If the vault is depleted, the purse acts like a normal little bag.

    Walking boots
    These leather boots will never wear out and will always keep your feet dry and comfy. One size fits all, though they're never quite stylish.
    >> Gaow? 05/15/10(Sat)03:56 No.9828759
         File1273910208.jpg-(72 KB, 800x600, 1273467299653.jpg)
    72 KB
    Not that I know, I'm afraid.

    Hot pan. A magic pan of cast iron. The bottom and sides heat to three hundred degrees in a few moments with a command word, and a second word allows it to cool.

    Soap-wand. Cast a simple spell that causes oil, dust, dirt, dead skin and any other filth to fall away, allowing a person to be clean and refreshed.

    Blade of shaving. Perfectly removes hair without razor burn, irritation and without any chance it will cut skin. Making it totally worthless as a weapon.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:57 No.9828765
    Self-guided Plow:

    No Oxen required. Simply guide it and it propels you along at 30ft/sec, mulching the ground behind you. Check for our automated seed planter.

    Scarecrow of avian consumption:

    Why scare the crow off when this will eat them, fertilizing the field as it goes. Manufacturer is not liable for crops stained red, bird feet in the owner's house, or horrific flaming scarecrow rampage.
    >> Gaow? 05/15/10(Sat)03:59 No.9828793
         File1273910359.jpg-(152 KB, 582x975, 1273465774288.jpg)
    152 KB
    Oh, the soap wand works better as a magic cloth. Something like a small towel that is always damp to the touch and never gets dirty, yet can wipe away dirt, grime, dust, oil and dead skin, leaving you fresh scrubbed and clean. You can even wash your hair with it.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)03:59 No.9828795
    Digger's Friend: A shovel that can dig into any ground as if it was moist dirt.
    >> Anonymuos 05/15/10(Sat)04:04 No.9828859
    Tinder Hatchet: Any wood you cut with this axe is instantaneously dry and easy to burn. Acts as a normal hatchet in combat, albeit any limbs it hacks off are dry and easy to burn.

    Scholar's Spectacles: Automatically correct any eyesight, no matter how horrible, and you can read in any light. They also make you look smarter. +1 to diplomacy, ignore any effects that affect the eyes.

    Friends' Notebook: Two notebooks that automatically record anything written in either one. Commonly used by friends seeking to stay in touch.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:06 No.9828880
    Door Frame of Cleanliness: Any who traverse this door frame are cleaned and refreshed, pressing and straightening their clothing and removing any mud or filth on their clothes or shoes.

    I sprung one of these on the party, stated as a magic trap of a lvl0 spell. Fuckers spent three hours trying to disable it and failing because of their low level before one of them walked through and was laundered.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:10 No.9828917
    Projection dome: This dome shows the current night sky, regardless of the time of day. Useful for astronomers and other stargazers, and can be built into any room for dramatic effect.

    Table of Observation: Any object placed on this table is well-lit and easily discernable. It also does not give off ambient light. Useful for those scholars trapped in places with only a weak candle guttering out for light, or other places where poor lighting is common...
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:13 No.9828946
    Amulet of Joy: Prevents pregnancy when worn.

    Self Warming Stewpot: Cooks food placed in it at just the right temperature, provided the lid is on.

    Bag of plucking: Kills and prepares any small bird placed in it. (Note that you have to get the bird in the bag first.)

    Travel Documents: Minor magical aura added to mundane documents to prevent fraud. Aura quite hard to copy.

    Stone of cleaning: Removes any organic waste from the surface of a living being. Basically, it wipes your ass for you, 3 times a day.
    >> Iron Lung 05/15/10(Sat)04:15 No.9828969
    Breathing Combat Harness.
    -This armor harness flexes and expands the attached armor with it's wearer, making breathing markedly easier.

    Expelling Boots.
    -These comfortable, airy boots eject rocks, grit, and water for the wearer.

    Featherweight Holster/Sheathe.
    -Weapons placed on one of these have an effective weight of 1lbs to the wearer until drawn.

    And from a modern game:
    Smarter Mags.
    -Whether magazines or speed-loaders these ammunition containers automatically maximize their loads, and arrange themselves so the user will always draw a full one first if there's enough ammo.
    ie: you have 38 rounds and 15 shot mags. You fire three shots and reload. The smarter mags transfer 3 rounds into the partially expended magazine, keeping all topped off while there's loose rounds to employ.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:17 No.9828987
    Box of cleaning.

    Place any items, no matter how soiled and stained into the box, and as long as you can close the lid on the box, one hour later you will find the items warm and clean inside.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:17 No.9828991
    pen of deceit
    the dictator instinctively knows that the pen will write falsehoods. The actual power of the pen is to write the truth, or some facsimile related thereof.. If a person saves versus charm, or mind effecting compulsion they realize the true power of the pen. However, they may still deny the truth of what has been written.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:19 No.9829004
    mouser statue

    feline statue which wakes up a midnight to hunt mice, leaving them piled within sight of the front door, or in front of the stairs.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:28 No.9829091
    Magic Larder: a large cabinet that prevents food kept inside it from spoiling.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:33 No.9829149
    Pewter Hairpins: Placing even one of these hairpins in your hair will prevent it from growing any longer. No matter how long you wear the pin, your hair will never grow. Removing the hair pin removes this effect, but does not make your hair as long as it would be if it had been growing all this time.

    The Ring of Salt: This is a silver ring with a single salt crystal instead of any rubies or diamonds. When consuming food, it will always be properly salted to the wearer's preference, even if no salt was ever used in the cooking process. It cannot, however, make food less salty if the cook added too much.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:36 No.9829184
    >And from a modern game:

    Doesn't need to be modern: I see no reason why this wouldn't work on repeating crossbows as well.

    Angriz's Chest. Check out Races of the Dragon.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:38 No.9829210

    Also the pantry of preservation of Stronghold Builders Guide, with optional usage as a morgue.

    Plus, they had the everful larder.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:41 No.9829242
    Didn't remember it from there, but now that I think about it, I'm fairly sure I've seen it elsewhere. It's basically Gentle Repose for food after all.
    >> Writefag Chronicles !42DalLaSf2 05/15/10(Sat)04:45 No.9829293
    Rubik's Cube of Presidigitation: It takes a full round to shift a face to one color, but when you do, you can use any of it's abilities. Such a fun spell.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)04:58 No.9829421
    this is in D&D, 2nd level spell, permanent
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)05:37 No.9829737
    Anti-rust Grease. Protects your metal items from rust and similar wear, keeping them nice and clean. Doesn't work on rust monsters, sadly.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)06:58 No.9830397
    Fertile Fertilizer. Helps all the nice plants and crops grow, keeps off weeds and little bugs.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)08:13 No.9830891
    This thread is giving me so many new ideas!
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)08:32 No.9831031
    Pants that deflect any paint, glue, filth or other stuff you would need to wash out.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)08:35 No.9831058
    Thin Paints: Paints that are pre-thinned.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)10:23 No.9832012
    Ring of Etiquette: The wearer automatically knows basic etiquette skills if he or she did not know them before. This effect lasts only while they are wearing the ring.

    Amulet of Remembrance: When worn during the organization of a room, the Amulet allows whoever is wearing it to instantly know the location of anything in it. Note that the organization doesn't need to be all that traditionally "organized". Just ordered in some manner the organizer would know. Thus someone wearing this amulet in a library ordered according to the librarian's personal whims would instantly know the location of every book.

    Point of Power: A box that creates a magical display that can explain, by creating magical image and text projections, anything on a series of documents. Also produces an unfortunate boredom side effect.

    Music Box: Can be used to record any live song performed by a minstrel or other performer, and replay it exactly as it was at the time whenever the user wishes. Can hold up to ten songs. Banned in many cities with a strong Bard's guild.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)10:25 No.9832026
    As a note, the Amulet of Remembrance could be absolutely vital to a campaign. Say if you are breaking into an evil magician's library where almost all the books are actually traps and want to find one specific book. You find the amulet, and you suddenly know what book it is.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)10:35 No.9832111
    "Continual Flame" is a permanent spell that basically creates a heatless torch (although you could cast it on any small object you wanted) for continual illumination. I was quite fond of using it on stones and then flinging them around as flares to illuminate dark places. Put a cover on it and you have a lamp you can turn on or off.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)10:40 No.9832163
    Chest of Preservation - close the chest and speak the right command and it stops time for everything inside it. Mostly used by the fabulously wealthy to preserve foods or have rare delicacies transported impossible distances, it also sees some use on the battlefield in stabilising the critically injured.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)10:54 No.9832287
    Ink Bug:

    An ink bug is a small insect with a glossy black carapace. if a word is spoken in its presence, the ink bug will seek out the closest written instance of that word. For an example, speaking the word "dog" will cause the ink bug to crawl all over the place until it finds a D next to an O and a G written down, either in a manuscript or carved into a wall. It will alert you that it has found its prey by singing like a cicada.

    After it has completed its mission, it is a good idea to reward the ink bug by dipping a quill into an ink pot and allowing the bug to lick a drop off the tip. Otherwise, it may eat the word it was sent to find right off the surface of the manuscript.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)11:55 No.9832914
    Darred and Family, Low Magic at Low Prices.

    You enter the small shop and find yourself surrounded by shelves of curious items. Bags which seems to be filled with something that is faintly glowing, shovels, rings, boots, cloaks, insects in small cages, even wands and the shop seems to be much bigger than it looks, with corridors leading further into the store. Many items cost a fair amount more than they normally would, but you doubt that no other shovels you have found in your travels would allow you to carry twice your capacity, although the shovel is very oddly shaped.

    A fairly old and smiling man nods at you behind the counter, "Welcome to Silver Spells, where we sell low magic at low prices. I am Mikael Darred and you, look like an adventurer. Perhaps I can interest you in some cheap and useful items?" The man runs off a list, stone of clean water, a bag full of glowing stones (you decide that if you'd need to find something to enchant to glow brightly and sell, stones would be the easiest and cheapest of things to find.), a ring of fertility, the ring of sterility (you've seen many of those around the townspeople's fingers.), hundreds of simple magical items.

    "But of course, you are adventurers, perhaps you are able to help escort my son to the nearest city. We wish to expand, and if nothing befalls my son or the stock, then you will be paid very well."

    (and for the actual intelligent players, they can ask for a discount for getting the son to town B, buy tons of low magic items and sell them yourselves as you go through your travels)
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)13:36 No.9834401
    Point of Power seems awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)14:42 No.9835553
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)15:45 No.9836607
    I gave my players a small cube that transformed into a queen-sized bed that was invisible from the outside and deflected rain, snow, hail and wind and the temperature was auto-controlled to always be comfortable to humans. Also a magic comb that washed hair or styled it to be curly or straight.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)15:47 No.9836636
    >I gave my players a small cube that transformed into a queen-sized bed that was invisible from the outside and deflected rain, snow, hail and wind and the temperature was auto-controlled to always be comfortable to humans.

    Am I the only one who thinks this'd be really kinky?
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)15:49 No.9836658
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)16:12 No.9837021
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)17:48 No.9838545
    Pendant of flashing. Prevents cold, dirt, and various diseases, but only up until what normal clothing would. Needless to say, it finds a lot of use among nudists.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/10(Sat)18:10 No.9838937
    I'd like one.

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