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  • File : 1272144619.jpg-(679 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00027.jpg)
    679 KB continued from last thread SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)17:30 No.9404013  
    -survey satelite launch success, we can expect new readings of the surrounding areas soon.

    - fleet command unit upgraded with new security system and AI fail safes.

    - dedicated engineering facility open to new base enhancement prospects.

    >> )} 04/24/10(Sat)17:31 No.9404027
    Quest is quest.

    >> Fire Control Center 04/24/10(Sat)17:32 No.9404048
    Fire Control Center receives your signal and grants you authority to land, USN Harrier.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)17:32 No.9404056

    We need to request authentication now, don't we? We should do that.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)17:34 No.9404085
    HOLY hell were you not in the last thread ? remember what happened last time we granted permission for some random ship ie, the USN ARCHEMEDES to come in and get repaired.. they were usn fugitives that got us all almost smoked from a spaceship bigger than our entire base.
    >> Geo Specialist P. Shepard 04/24/10(Sat)17:34 No.9404087
    Delicious expansions, are delicious.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)17:34 No.9404094
    an0nymous (the 2nd AI) posted these:

    Security Protocols Reinforced:

    1. All inbound ships must supply USN IFF Code Protocols.

    2. Crew of non colony ships are Restricted to Green Areas (Entertainment/ Leisure areas)

    3. Captains are to be escorted to Military CnC for debrief.

    4. All Class I (Potentially Lethal) firearms are to be confiscated for the duration of the visit and returned upon departure.

    5. All transactions with Colony Staff will be conducted in USN Credits (Current exchange market value available at USN.ECON.DBRST)

    6. All interactions will be recorded by AI: Stored at Data Stack Primaris. Access Granted only with the approval of Senior Staff and On Duty AI.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:36 No.9404116
    Security Officer Reeds Reporting in!

    ****Scout ship has my OK to land for repairs.
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)17:37 No.9404123
    Varnigan grumbles something about not getting his "damn soil information" yet and continues working on his low-grav vegetables.
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)17:37 No.9404124
    Woo, we finally launched that sat, and I've worked all the night shifts I lost on that card game...

    I guess I'll get to some drone design and programming. I could probably rig some repair/construct drones for the Harrier fix job
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)17:37 No.9404126
    To aid the reconstruction of the records, can I please have a labelled diagrammatic representation of our base, a list of named personnel, and a list of as-yet-unnamed additional colonists?
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)17:38 No.9404135
    We will need to see your identification codes, "Harrier", as well as a copy your flight log before we can permit landing clearance. Standard procedure, you understand.


    *to security*
    I want a background on this one.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)17:38 No.9404140

    (Yep Alyssa came up with some nice protocols.... And now I am off. good luck all)
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)17:38 No.9404143
    ((We need to be a a lot more vigilant (bordering on overzealous) when it comes to granting docking permission.))

    Now that the satellite is in orbit I'm gonna hafta wait for the computer-whizzes to replace our AI and get our IT infrastructure up again. Seeing as we are going to start our mining operations I'm going to start designing and building an all purpose exo-skeleton work platform.

    (( If op wants to draw it, think of it as something like the power-loader from aliens, but more like a monkey, capable on walking on two feet and using two for carrying, or mounting drills on it (on the stomach or back) and then walking on four legs.))
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)17:39 No.9404159
    I'm lost in work on these beauty (look at her go!) for a moment, and you lot start dealing with space scum? What are you, tired of being alive?
    >> Roug3 04/24/10(Sat)17:40 No.9404166

    (I feel so bad right now...)
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)17:42 No.9404194
    This quest looks bloody sweet.
    I mean, is op actually drawing and keeping the base on an image?

    That's fucking brilliant
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)17:42 No.9404195

    (No worries mate, it was fun XD)
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)17:42 No.9404197
    Or we could go build some far mining platforms, now that we're getting geological survey data.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:42 No.9404202
    Cheerful as ever I see.
    >> Fire Control Center 04/24/10(Sat)17:43 No.9404206
    FCC was established after said incident. Memory banks are still partially faulty after the AI attack. Attempting recovery of bad sectors...
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)17:43 No.9404211
    So you're Bellins eh? Nice to meet ya. I found some paper copies of Head field engineer williams work here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9397343/.
    There's some other stuff in there as well, but I think the only valuable information is Williams'.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)17:44 No.9404214
    // See the rest of the threads on suptg. And yeah, OP is awesome
    // Also, duh, greetings everyone, I guess I've missed half the fun for today already
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:45 No.9404236
    So fellas, I've been Earth-Side for a bit...so can I get a current status report?
    >> Dr. Corleone TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:45 No.9404239
    “I've been trying to analyze our local star to determine age and possible elemental output. From what I can tell its a late stage yellow dwarf, that means all of the heavier elements will be on the inner planetoids. While the outer planetoid will have a light elemental makeup, even the possibility of a thin atmosphere. I think that we can safely assume that this planetoids composition consists primarily of Magnesium, Iron and Manganese. The water deposition that are claimed to be here might have been deposited by asteroid impact."
    >> Geo Specialist P. Shepard 04/24/10(Sat)17:46 No.9404247
    //No kidding, it's kind of an OH SHIT feeling to wake up to AI REVOLT.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)17:46 No.9404251
    Dorkins! We have work to do! You can either try to isolate whatever is left of the rogue AI while we wait for the "Expert on terrorism" to arrive, or you can come over here and help me with these power-lifters! Make yourself useful, son!
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)17:46 No.9404254
    And why should I be? You lot are like babies - I take my eyes off you for a second, you get yourself in trouble.
    At least I hope I don't need to change your diapers.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:48 No.9404287
    So...a rogue AI happened? Did none of you guys watch the movies?! Aw man, what else did I miss?

    ------Going on patrol/touring facilities
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:49 No.9404300
    "Shepard! I heard you're the Geological specialist colony-side and I was wondering when you are going to start putting out surveys of our localized area?"
    Dr. Corleone gives a broad sweep of his arm as he approaches Shepard with each odd step thudding against the floor.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:49 No.9404305
    If we start wearing diapers, I'm outta here.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)17:50 No.9404311
    Dorkins! (jokingly) You ain't the guy to talk about getting into trouble, mr "I've got a hydraulic cutter and I'm not afraid to use it", now come here and give me a hand.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:50 No.9404317
    I arrived and some ship was found to be a pirated ship with stolen goods.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:51 No.9404329
    >> Geo Specialist P. Shepard 04/24/10(Sat)17:51 No.9404343
    "Pleased to meet you! I was planning to put in a request to expand my mining operations beyond our current borders. I'm sure I can find something useful once I get authorized."
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:52 No.9404349
    Diapers are actually part of space suits.... sooo goodbye
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)17:52 No.9404353
    Dammit, I'm going to get no resources for robots if an AI went rampant.
    My AIs are Restricted Sapience! There'll be no rampancy, I'll even cut out the self replication programs
    >> Fire Control Center 04/24/10(Sat)17:52 No.9404355
    Colony-wide Fire Control Center was established to maintain control of high-grade weaponry tasked to preserve and protect the Colony and its Inhabitants. The AI Uprising compromised said facility, but now we are setting up stricter controls and firewalls.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)17:52 No.9404361
    +++++Personal Log, Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister+++++

    My arrival on Long Reach colony was uneventful. After a short security debriefing I was shown to my quarters by a gruff techie in smudged overalls. It's clear that the base is in the middle of serious expansion work, and the staff have expressed limited interest in supporting my investigation. Having grown up on a frontier colony myself, I know that if I don't start earning my oxygen by doing some work, I won't get anywhere; they don't like freeloaders in these parts. With that in mind, I've reported in to Engineer Tycho to assist with the AI rebuilding efforts. I've been able to patch a few of the more blatant security holes and repaired some of the damage done by the rogue AI. This work has furthered the investigation as well; I've managed to retrieve some partial traces of the AI's and section them into a non-networked terminal in my quarters. Now I'll have to separate the code strands in order to isolate the rogue AI from the station AI... It's a mess.
    My next objective is to interview some of the people who witnessed the incident. The main question is: how did the rogue AI get into the station network and how was it able to do so much damage?

    +++++Log entry ends+++++
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)17:53 No.9404363
    As Dorkins proceeds to aid Tycho, he's heard grumbling: "See, I was right about pirates just waiting to jump at us this whole time, see!"
    >> Dr. Corleone TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:53 No.9404373
    "Ive made preliminary estimates of this planets composition based off the stars phase and structure information."
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:53 No.9404380
    Not in my suit.
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)17:55 No.9404400
    Right then, following SoP, here is a rundown of the current state of our colony to the best of my knowledge.
    Colony Resources Logbook Version 1.6
    System: LR023
    Colony Name: Longreach
    Report Filed by: Head Field Engineer M. Williams, Acting Resourses Manager
    Named Characters:

    - McCallahan, Fleet Liaison (Comms Officer)
    - Lister, Electronics Specialist
    - M. Williams, Head Field Engineer
    - P. Shepard, Geological Team Specialist
    - Tycho, Electrical Engineer
    - 'Comrade' Docter, Biological Sciences Specialist
    - Brown, Areospace Engineer
    - Kevin, Local Smartass (General Specialist)
    - Dorkins, Mechanic
    - McCain, Mechanic (Specialist)
    - Doctor Salazar, Hydrophonic Specialist
    - Carson, Hydrophonic Engineer
    - Reeds, Senior Security Officer
    - Winkel-Schmidt, Technician
    - Alan Gary, Energy Systems Engineer
    - Cadet, Reynolds
    - Corpri, Custodian
    - Huxley, Environmetal Engineer
    - Dr. Corleone, Physicist
    - Varnigan, Genetic Engineer
    - Dr. Octavius, Psychiatrist
    - Leonard Krupp-Forthwright, High Commandant of the "Alexander"
    - Bellins, Archivist
    - "Leo" (TheLionHearted), Astrophysicist
    - J. Dirte, Custodian
    - McAlister, Lieutenant Jr. Grade
    - Borvagh, Cadet
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:55 No.9404404
    *******Request construction of radiometric telescope.
    >> Geo Specialist P. Shepard 04/24/10(Sat)17:56 No.9404414
    "Fantastic, I can finally stop drilling blind."
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)17:56 No.9404418
    Total Specialist Work Force (Known workers): 37 of ??
    - AI's: 0
    - Archivists:1
    - Custodians: 2
    - Commandant: 1
    - Fleet Liasion: 1
    - Engineers (Total): 22
    - (Areospace): 1
    - (Electrical):1
    - (Enviromental): 2
    - (Energy Sys):4
    - (Field):1
    - (Genetics): 1
    - (Hydroponic):2
    - (Prefab Industry): 10
    - (Planetary): N/A
    - Miners:N/A
    - Psycholgist: 1
    - Scientists/Specialists (Total): 4
    - (Biological Sciences): 1
    - (Electronics): 1
    - (Geological): 1
    - (Hydroponic): 1
    - Security Peronnel: 9
    - Senior Security Officers: 1
    - Junior security officers: 8
    - Surveyors: N/A
    Other Colonists:N/A
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)17:57 No.9404433

    (If you are rebuilding the AI, I can bring Alyssa back, if there is in character consensus... will be back in an hour... so.... yeah.)
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)17:57 No.9404438
    Ey, chief, I suggest marking the ones failing to report on the common radio channel for an hour or so with an asterisk, so we knew who to go save next.

    // Seriously. It'd be nice if you'd mark who's idle and who's active.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)17:58 No.9404463
    >>"Leo" (TheLionHearted), Astrophysicist
    >>Dr. Corleone, Physicist
    Im the same person.
    >> Engineer Officer Josef 04/24/10(Sat)17:59 No.9404470
    Hey chief, aren’t you forgetting some one?
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)17:59 No.9404479
    Officer's Personal Notes:
    We lost 2 colonists in the recent Rogue AI debacle as well as our standing AI. Sadly I did not know the two personally. Their bodies have been cremated as standard protocol and sent up with the survey sat. Repairs are being done and we're slowly piecing together what went wrong. Damn those pirates! This was probably their doing.
    I have sent out another request form for a new AI, but I have a feeling the brass will be reluctant this time to do so, and so much red tape to go through! God, can't we go a single quarter without losing one?

    I need a drink...
    End Report.

    Sending Report To Fleet Command...
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)17:59 No.9404483
    //If we are going to let that ship land

    ****I'll take 4 junior security officers out to greet and inspect them.

    //If not, then nevermind as I will resume patrol.
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)18:01 No.9404495
    "You!" A grizzled old fellow hobbles toward Shepard, waving a clipboard in one hand, the other hand occupied with a blued steel cane. "Get this filled out and returned to me as soon as bloody possible!"
    The grouchy man hands Shepard the clipboard; the attached form is a soil survey, demanding densities and purities of various chemicals and the like.
    The man grumbles off, muttering, "Don't know how they expect me to make this damned rock livable when no one will tell me what's in the damned dirt!"
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:01 No.9404506
    Well, Dorkins, you're wrong in a sense, since the pirates didn't actually do anything but sell us stolen cobalt. It's quite possible that they aren't even aware of their AI jumping or cloning itself into our systems. I'm more interested in how Alyssa, an apprently -military grade AI made for battleships- couldn't stop this intrusion.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:02 No.9404522
    I see we are back to business as usual.

    Is there anything i should be aware of?
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)18:02 No.9404524
    Ah, sorry. You a new arrival? I'll put you down for the next report.
    *walks off searching for his report chit... and a drink*
    >> Dr. Corleone TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)18:03 No.9404532
    "Trust me, Varnigan. I've been trying to get the information for days. I need to know what materials are available to construct with."
    >> Geo Specialist P. Shepard 04/24/10(Sat)18:04 No.9404539
    "Yes sir!"
    //Oh balls, something came up. I'm bailing out for now, hopefully the thread will be up when I get home. Sorry guys.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:04 No.9404547
    Well, I'll be damned, it's seems our favourite rock-boy is back from the dead! Now that we have the satellite up you have no excuse for skipping work, son. Me and Dorkins are gonna have a few all-purpose suits ready for when you locate a good mining position.
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)18:05 No.9404554
    Noted. sorry your nametag keeps changing between sessions. Got confused.
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)18:05 No.9404556
    Well, Alyssa was a decommissioned, demilitarised AI - she was optimised for colony data admin, not E-war. I'll put a stronger firewall array on the next one
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:05 No.9404558
    Well, I just got back from Earth, and from what I can tell, our AI went Wacko, and we were sold stolen cobalt.

    So, yep...a regular day at home.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)18:05 No.9404561
    They didn't do anything YET, Tycho, and they are pirates for a reason. Once they see you're not strong enough to fight for yourself, they rip you to goddamn shreds, and then sell the materials to some other goddamn frontier world.
    That's how they get military-grade software, weapons, whatever - salvage from the ships and worlds they plunder. So I can't say I'm surprised our AI did not do that well.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)18:05 No.9404564

    Well, Sir, I might be able to answer that. At least in part. I've been going over the security access logs and I noticed a firewall blocking a path into the Fire Control node had been temporarily disabled prior to the incident. It wasn't done by the AI... It could have been a glitch, a power spike or something like that, but it may have been that the firewall was deliberately lowered.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)18:06 No.9404572
    ((Wait, are you playing two characters? Could you be a bit more clear when separating them then? ))
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.9404583
    Yep, son. I still have the hydraulic cutter, and I'm still watching you. You make a move to sell us out to those damn space scum, you're done for.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.9404586
         File1272146825.jpg-(265 KB, 1195x1472, The_Russian_general.jpg)
    265 KB
    Due to a need for a more human touch, FCC has named a head adviser for defense management and colony defense coordination.

    *Ahem* "Its nice to be working with all of you. I hope that you may all place your trust in me to effectively protect our home."
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.9404588
    This is Gunnery Sergeant And Gunnery Specialist Ricky, on transfer to Longreach Mining colony.

    My Shuttle contains raw materials and blueprints for a D Class Medium Stationary Cannon

    D-Class M.S.C
    Effective range to 2000km past lowest stable orbit
    300MM Armor Piercing Rocket Assisted Projectiles
    300MM EMP Burst projectiles (unable to engage beyond 500km past lowest stable orbit, 30km burst zone)

    Estimated Assembly time: 2 weeks.
    >> Engineer Officer Josef 04/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.9404590

    Anyway chief, with our increase in traffic, an expansion on our current spaceport maybe on order and a hangar could also be useful for ship repairs, storing and construction.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.9404591
    I am aware of these events. Nothing else then?

    Also, I have ordered some of my men to patrol around the settlement, so if you see any military personnel, do not be alarmed.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.9404596
    Fortunately, Chief Williams has that covered.

    Could any of the surveying or construction teams provide me with a labelled layout of the base so far?

    it'd be real useful in cataloging the development of the base.

    //Seriously though I don't have a clue what half of that stuff is, or who's 'territory' it is. I know we've got the military, our civilian security force, at least two sets of scientists and the faceless mooks, but I have no clue where they do what they do, as far as buildings go.
    Someone want to label an up-to-date image with what each building is?
    >> Specialist Mechanic McCain 04/24/10(Sat)18:08 No.9404602
    since we'll be foreseeing some extensive mining due to the survey probe, our next priority is what to make with all the materials.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)18:08 No.9404610
    Same person.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:09 No.9404622
    Officer on deck!

    Sir, what are you doing here? I was sent here for the exact same purpose as you claim to be, Sir!
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:11 No.9404649
    Maybe you're being replaced Cadet.
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)18:11 No.9404661
    We could tunnel it out below the landing pad - More surface space for other purposes, and keeps the ships safe from meteor strikes/pirates. Easier to keep an eye on too.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)18:13 No.9404710
    // I'd do a labeled map i I knew what that structure to the left is. The one with the glass surface-level roof. A second habitation hub?
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:13 No.9404713
    "I'm terribly sorry for the confusion my good man, I have no intention of removing your control of the Colony's Military. I have arrived to assist in managing the Colony Defense Hardware, such as ground to space emplacements and other Colony Defenses."
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:15 No.9404725
    Understood, Sir.

    It is good to have someone of your experience aboard.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)18:15 No.9404736
    Underground shelter, isolated from the main network.
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)18:15 No.9404737
    SIR, Where should i begin deployment of the M.S.C.?
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)18:15 No.9404741
    A small, fuzzy, gecko-like animal pokes its head out from under Varnigan's labcoat collar. He feeds it one of the odd nuts he grows in his quarters, it croons happily in response and ducks back into the collar. "I can make space-lizards, I can make space-moss, assuming I can get a read on what the soil's made of."
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:15 No.9404746
    And he dresses better than you.
    welcome to the Colony sir.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)18:16 No.9404756
    Request construction of radiometric telescope

    - request granted, specs downloaded to primary engineering fabrication facility.
    - structure to be situated as an addition to the comunications array adjacent to the landing platform.
    >> Engineer Officer Josef 04/24/10(Sat)18:17 No.9404768
    Excellent suggestion Schmidt, sent the request for schematics to command.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:17 No.9404769
    "Its always good to see a competent infantryman around. I'll see what improvements I can make so that you won't have to end up fighting in space."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)18:17 No.9404771
    I propose that we do it like they do on the nautical aircraft-carriers, replacing the landing pad with an elevator leading down into a larger hangar. We need to include some sort of rail system for moving them around underground, but that should not be an issue.
    How is the work going with the underground tunnels connecting all the facilities with the habitation modules?
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)18:17 No.9404772
    ***********OFFICIAL CHANNEL
    Request construction of radiometric telescope

    - request granted, specs downloaded to primary engineering fabrication facility.
    - structure to be situated as an addition to the comunications array adjacent to the landing platform.
    >> Specialist Mechanic McCain 04/24/10(Sat)18:19 No.9404801
    all the facilities are already connected VIA underground
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)18:19 No.9404804
         File1272147558.jpg-(679 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00028.jpg)
    679 KB
    -radiometric telescope construction complete
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:19 No.9404812
    well, time to get back on patrol
    ----Resumes Patrol
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)18:20 No.9404835
    we still have all that cobolt, also we have a downloaded spec for an inter system ship... we can build a massive ship
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)18:20 No.9404841
    I'm new to the colony, but I'm struck by how much of the rote manual labor is being done by human personnel instead of automatons. Especially all the space-suit work that the techs do on the base exterior.

    Maybe we should put in a request for robot specs?
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.9404851
    ((Was me))

    I suppose the decision on that cannon is yours, commander, but unless you can promise me that you can keep those damn turrets in line I'm going to have to "disassemble" them myself. We've already lost two men to those machines.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.9404860
    Oh right, before i forget again.

    ***** Requisition the construction of an infirmary

    Better have one and not need it than need one and not have it.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.9404862
    "A beautiful weapon... We should begin construction on two of them for now. One on the upper left of the colony and one on the lower right as to distance them from civilians and buildings of higher importance. EMPs should be used with extreme caution, as mishandling one could lead to disaster for our electronic systems."

    "Good to see you, Security Officer Reeds. Continue doing a fine job keeping order around here. We can't risk any people getting out of line in this delicate habitat."
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)18:22 No.9404874
    I'm working on it, I've just been a little busy.
    And the rogue AI put everyone on edge about robotics.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:23 No.9404890
    Are you out of your mind son? Considering that we JUST had a rogue AI almost take over our entire base I'd say giving it access to the physical world would be a stupid decision. Not to mention that robots doing anything other than very simple construction need to be supervised by humans anyway.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:23 No.9404895
    I think you will find most colonists hesitant to accept robotic help after all the problems we have been having with AI.
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)18:24 No.9404909
    Sir yes sir!

    Sir EMP rounds are typically used for anti missile salvo duty or for shutting down the shields of rapidly approaching spacecraft so they have a rough time with planetary approach, sometimes causing atmosphere burn up
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:25 No.9404924
    "That unfortunate disaster was the result of a failure on part of Softbody A13, who was attempting to recover control of the FCC after the rouge AI infiltration. I was woken from Cryostasis to take on new management, and the Softcore has been retired from duty. With our new manual controls and isolated systems, we should be able to purge infected sectors immediately and effectively should another attempt occur. We will not repeat our previous mistakes that two of our best paid for with their lives."
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:25 No.9404927
    Well, I'm aware that your average military man is not very sharp, but perhaps you've noticed that we don't actually have an atmosphere, son?
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)18:27 No.9404955
    Sir I did notice Sir, I am just repeating vital information on ammunition ability sir.
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)18:27 No.9404958
    Look, an autonomous engineer/cargo drone is nothing like a full sapience AI. No personality, no real independence. Just problem solving algorithms and a task hierarchy. I'm 99% sure nothing can go wrong
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)18:27 No.9404964
    "If there's been an atmosphere this whole time and no one told me, /someone/ is going to get my cane up their ass."
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:27 No.9404970
    "Understood, Gunnery Sergeant. An effective preemptive strike tool then. Though I was not aware that this colony had much of an atmosphere to speak of."
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)18:28 No.9404978

    There's no need to connect worker 'bots to the AI directly, they can be programmed with routine tasks from a console by a trained tech.

    Also, the best way to protect against an AI takeover is redundant systems. With your permission, I could do a full overhaul of the server array to allow two AI cores to run at the same time, monitoring each other for errors and attacks. But I'll need a bit of time, and the cooperation of the Engineering and Tech staff.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)18:29 No.9405002
    Hey, what happened to that ship that requested to dock?
    >> Specialist Mechanic McCain 04/24/10(Sat)18:30 No.9405030
    I'd like to request the construction of a dedicated HRR (hangar,repair and refuel) facility for all the vehicles on site. as of now they are scattered all over the place. who do i have to gripe to to get this done?
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)18:31 No.9405042
         File1272148288.jpg-(980 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonisubsurgace.jpg)
    980 KB
    survey satelite tasked with first assignment
    - sub orbital sweep of bace showing all sub surface structures and tunnel excavation.

    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)18:32 No.9405068
    We could combine it with the spacecraft subterranean hanger, but we should probably wait for drones and exo-suits to help with the heavy duty digging
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)18:35 No.9405147
         File1272148541.jpg-(730 KB, 1921x2305, 1272147558942 copy.jpg)
    730 KB
    // anything I'm forgetting or getting wrong here?
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)18:36 No.9405161
    I think it's still in orbit waiting for clearance to land. Have they given us their ID and travel logs yet?
    >> Engineer Officer Josef 04/24/10(Sat)18:37 No.9405182
    I say the sooner we start the better.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:37 No.9405183
    Damn, while we're requesting things, I might as well re-submit that Environment-Dome idea I had.

    Requesting clearence and supplies for E-Dome
    Create contained atmosphere for ease of travel withing compound.
    Would allow Science Team to run vegetation growth experiments in controlled environments.
    Increased protection from solar storms, and other alien elements.
    Please consider.
    ----Security Officer Reeds
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)18:37 No.9405189
    +++++Personal Log, Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister+++++

    Work on the AI reconstruction is proceeding on schedule. I've managed to isolate a few memory modules from the remnants of the rogue AI, and will attempt to run them on my closed system in order to "interrogate" the AI concerning its mission and origin.

    I'm getting to know the colony well enough. The high amount of military personnel on site makes me wonder, though. Is the USN brass expecting an attack on this sector? What is so important on this planetoid that makes the safety of the base so paramount? And who let the rogue AI onto the base? Was it the same person that sabotaged strategic parts of the security system, allowing the rogue AI entry into Fire Control, as I am now beginning to suspect? I must investigate further.

    +++++Log entry ends+++++
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)18:39 No.9405215
    I second that. We'll need a garage/hanger for all the new vehicles and to facilitate the mechanics' needs.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:40 No.9405232
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:40 No.9405239
    Oh yes, might also add this to the Infirmary order.

    **** Requisition medical staff. At least one surgeon.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)18:40 No.9405240
    - small to medium sized bio dome specs approved and sent to engineering facility
    - dedicated medical facility specs aproved awaiting selection of area for development.

    - manned work platform units approved, specs downloaded into fabricator units to begin immediatly.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:41 No.9405262
    Awesome, Let's go for medium guys!
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)18:41 No.9405271
    - medical team with 1 senior surgen en route via stasis pod. expect arrival2 days 0400 local base time.
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)18:42 No.9405287
    Varnigan returns to his dimly lit quarters, sitting back down in front of the glowing, glass tube that dominates the room. The dog-sized lizard in the tube squirms a bit at the disturbance. Varnigan sighs, flips through a few pages of research, and hunches over at his computer to continue working on... whatever that is.
    >> Specialist Mechanic McCain 04/24/10(Sat)18:43 No.9405298
    they get their biodomes and hospitals,but i still have to foot-slog it across the damn place to repair all the rovers?!
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)18:44 No.9405319
    ****Requesting Surface to Space Heavy Gun Batteries for defense of Colony if necessary, along with Gun Crews if needed.

    Requesting additional fortified underground habitation modules for addition colony housing as well as expanding tunnel system.
    >> Dr Hassan 04/24/10(Sat)18:44 No.9405328

    This is Dr. Hassan of the medical team assigned to Longreach, having looked over the specs of the colony I recommend the medical facility be placed close to the hab modules as well as the genetics lab.
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)18:45 No.9405336
    "permission to begin removing material in our south eastern zone for M.S.C. bunker facility SIR?"
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)18:46 No.9405357
    I've been asking permission to build full drone fleet since they thawed me. All I got for it was days of repair work and book keeping. You gotta keep the requests current, admin has a short memory
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)18:46 No.9405375
    Sir with all due respect, one to two M.S.C should be able to stop anything short of a large fleet, or at least make them consider their options before attacking us directly.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:47 No.9405377

    Yeah, the schematics on these power-lifters are pretty much finished by now, right, Dorkins?

    ((OP, as soon as you draw up these
    >>9404143 power-loaders they'll be ready for use.))
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:47 No.9405378
    Good point, try sending a request for a large, underground garage that has surface access to like, three points on the base.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)18:47 No.9405383

    (And no AI to take care of the miscellaneous things.... XD)
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)18:47 No.9405385
    You smartheads weren't around, but I remind you - this star isn't stable, solar storms happen. And we only have a single shelter for 24 men - more than we had then, times less than we have now.
    Isn't it time to do something about it?
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)18:48 No.9405420

    See, this is why the colony needs an advisor AI up and running again. It would process and summarize all requests in order to streamline admin decision-making.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)18:49 No.9405437
    tried that once...I think he died.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)18:49 No.9405442
    Much obliged, Dorkins.
    You're keeping this place running, man.
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)18:51 No.9405471
    Sorry for my sleep, comrades. Is there any way for my helping? I see no volunteer for scouting dat beeeg crater.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)18:51 No.9405477
    Don't ask me - I'm the guy with the wrench as his wench, building things, not making "schematics". You have them "specialists" for that.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:52 No.9405505
    I agree, Dorkins, we're gonna need them soon, but even if a storm hits we're not in any real danger atm.

    Someone suggested a dual-AI setup, I'm not one of the computer-whizzes, but the benefits seem obvious. If I remember correctly there should be an off-site backup of Alyssa.
    ((Previous thread: "Meh, I just needed to get going... but there was also that burst transmission to Fleet Com with a Backup of Alyssa.... so... not all is lost"))
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)18:55 No.9405552
    Borvagh! When did they sent you planetside?

    We need to celebrate this!
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)18:57 No.9405585
    If you think that information is important just put in a request for our surveillance satellite, son.
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)18:59 No.9405613

    Request for clearance to construct additional underground shelters is already in the chute. Other than that, we'll just have to wait.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:00 No.9405641
    "Its always better to be over-prepared when an enemy comes knocking, Gunnery Sergeant. I'd rather have superior firepower any day of the week than suddenly find myself falling short when the axe comes to the grindstone."
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)19:00 No.9405650
    Good point, if there's ore down there we could drop a sample drone down, see if we could start a deep mine
    >> Specialist Mechanic McCain 04/24/10(Sat)19:00 No.9405656
    guess ill be doing the summarizing now till the AI's get back online.

    current requests/construction projects:
    -exoskeletal lifters
    -underground garage
    -Surface to Space Heavy Gun Batteries
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)19:03 No.9405689
    Can I please get authority for a robotic engineering fleet? It'll make us far more efficient - one engineer can supervise an entire construction project alone
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)19:05 No.9405726
    Those pirate on Archemedes had take me for slave! I escape when they come though. Is not bad, no? Does I need papers and sillywags?
    >> Specialist Mechanic McCain 04/24/10(Sat)19:07 No.9405754
    current requests/construction projects:
    -Exoskeletal Lifters
    -Underground Garage and Repair bay
    -Surface to Space Heavy Gun Batteries
    -Robotic Engineering Fleet
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:07 No.9405755
    If we're gonna build a pair of those fancy heavy gun batteries you keep talking about (do you mean the standard sized battleship sized gun batteries here?) we're gon' need more power.
    For future base design I'mma recommend splitting the base straight through the middle, with each AI controlling half of the critical systems each, to provide some redundancy, with both systems having to come to a consensus on larger things like data bursts. In case of one of them are compromised only energy intensive machinery like heavy production and heavy defense turrets go offline.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:08 No.9405772
    Ideally, but if the Cadet can vouch for you and have ID rushed through by military networks, we shouldn't have to detain you just yet.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)19:09 No.9405803
         File1272150598.jpg-(683 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00029.jpg)
    683 KB
    - dedicated medical facility completed with access to the large atrium
    - dedicated mechanic hanger construction complete.

    - medical team with senior surgen arrived and retreived from stasis pod 0400 hours.

    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:10 No.9405820

    You were a prisoner of the pirates? I need to ask you a few questions, then. Did you ever hear them talking about a rogue AI?
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:11 No.9405828
    Borvagh is a good man through and through. I'm sure you can find his name in the USN Militare Academy Index.

    Come then, old friend, I have some "refreshments" back at the barracks!
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:12 No.9405855
    I assume you mean that each will have access to the whole complex, but will focus on the day-to-day running of a subset of tasks?

    If Alyssa can be cleared through the USN, then I recommend that it maintains the turret systems, gun batteries and mining operations.

    The other AI can cover hab maintenance and hydroponic/agricultural duties, monitor requests and manufacture, and track personnel.

    I also recommend that if it is necessary to integrate the hardware the suite studying the fragments of the Roug3 AI into our computer network, that this is NOT done using any systems that can lead to Alyssa - the other AI can monitor externally this section of the complex.

    //Who is this other AI?
    When did that appear?
    Or are we maintaining Roug3 as the alternative AI?
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:12 No.9405858
    Harrier, you may land.

    *Whispering to Security Officer Reeds*

    Get your men to the docking area. We will detain these men.
    >> Engineer Officer Josef 04/24/10(Sat)19:13 No.9405879

    we could let then land and hold then until we get orders from command
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.9405881

    We can run 2 copies of Alyssa monitoring each other, or requisition another AI from Fleet Command. I'm not sure which one is the best solution.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.9405883
    // I'm going to keep the annotated version of the map, and I'll post one at the beginning and the end of each thread for the ones joining us and the ones reading the archives.
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.9405884
    Varnigan disappears into his quarters for a few days. No one hears a word from him except for the occasional sound of glass breaking or an odd growling.
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.9405885
    Sound good! Who I see for ID?

    No, they have me in with cargo.
    //I just got in on the last thread, don't really know what is going on//

    Ah! Yes! Those pirate kept me lock up for long time.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.9405888
    Absolute refusal until indepently-confirmed USN identification can be made.

    I recommend we bring all armaments online, and alert all personnel to prepare to take cover in the nearest safehouse, bunker or hard structure should the need arise.

    Check your routes to the nearest safe place, people.
    >> Noh Koh 04/24/10(Sat)19:15 No.9405900
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:15 No.9405909
    its op drawing shit
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:16 No.9405931
    As Senior Security Officer I grant you permission to land on Pad 1. Myself and a security team will greet you there.

    *****Preparing team of 4 men to meet the ship.
    All right, I want those Turrets pointed at that ship. If something goes wrong then I want the rest of you to be prepared to fight back. Hopefully these guys aren't pirates.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:17 No.9405939

    If that is a pirate ship, they may retaliate or run if they see the colony bringing defenses online. It's more strategically sound to let them dock, interrogate them and detain them then hand them over to the USN authorities if they really turn out to be pirates.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:18 No.9405955
    //Cheers Dorkins-controller.

    VERY NO until we can say absolutely certainly we have the capabilities to both atomise their ship and detain their entire landing party should they become a threat.

    Who or what just landed next to our Fleet-Comm array?
    Unless I get an answer I like, I want Security over there immediately.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:18 No.9405957
    I'm taking care of it fellas, so cool your jets.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:18 No.9405965
    Hearing that on the open channel, Dorkins proceeds to do some minor repairs at the USN command facility, making sure the turrets are directed at the incoming craft, and stay that way after it has landed no matter what happens.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:19 No.9405967
    Even if they are not pirates, they are in possession of Cobalt. That's contraband. Reason enough to lock them up and call Fleet Command.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:19 No.9405985
    If they land a party decked out like stormtroopers and flatten our security and under-exercised squaddies, then splat out measly turrets too, we're in a sea of cold, airless shit.
    i don't like this plan.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:20 No.9406017
    I will dispatch the rest of the security team to that location, along with some of Jim's men.
    Dorkins, If no one is alive in that pod I want you to take it apart and see if we can get any use out of it, but let the guys with guns check it out first.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:20 No.9406019
    What I MEAN is that AI one has control over one half of the critical systems in the base, while AI two has control over the other half. This means we will survive even if one AI goes bonkers and decides that disabling all our power is a good idea. Our power supply would be cut in half, more than enough for life support and such.
    For things that are somewhat harder to split in half, such as control over life support, a consensus has to be reached between the AIs before anything is done.
    For everyday mundane ordering of tasks and logkeeping no preference is made between them.
    The system promotes redundancy and survivability. Even if we lose control of one AI we should have enough time to physically override it and hand over complete control to the safe AI while we remove the source of the problem. Both AIs should come with some sort of "Master Physical disconnect switch" which disconnects it's core and all of it's data banks from the complex.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)19:21 No.9406025

    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:21 No.9406030

    >Who or what just landed next to our Fleet-Comm array

    That's the medical team. They're being issued security clearance at this moment.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:22 No.9406041
    That's a drop pod. The sat we just launched was made of salvaged parts of the two previous ones.
    Don't make that googly eyes look like you've never seen one before.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:22 No.9406042
    Do we know the Cobalt is contraband in this case?
    Could it not be an oddly-specialised trading run?
    Or another settlement that stuck lucky and is trying to turn it into gold?

    Still, we detain them anyway. Suspicious looking gits that they are.

    I don't care if we get a reputation as a paranoid iron-world, I want to go home and see my kids one day.
    Even if they don't want to see their Daddy anymore.
    Bitch of a recently-ex-wife.
    >> Engineer Officer Josef 04/24/10(Sat)19:22 No.9406046
    I say we let them land and have the security personal secure them until can get someone from command take them.
    Also I put in a request for a holding and quarantine facility as well as a long range radar and transmissions array
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:23 No.9406060
    We have a barracks full of soldiers, and the security staff of Reeds to boot. A scouting ship can't have enough men to even challenge us.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:23 No.9406075
    Well you're not in charge of security. And if they make a trajectory that will endanger my men and myself, the Turrets will take it out.

    *****Dispatching Security team to unknow pod location
    *****Dispatching Security team and myself to landing pad to escort and contain shuttle crew until transactions are complete.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:23 No.9406077
    "Defensive turrets are Online and will be actively tracking the ship while it undergoes repairs. Please refer to protocol when dealing with the ship's crew. USN Command will be under lock-down for the duration of the ship's "visit" in case of hostile action."

    "If one of them are compromised and we lose half our defense during a critical situation, I wouldn't want to be responsible for the entire Colony being turned into glass. I want those turrets isolated from the main power grid and free from AI control."
    >> Technician Winkel-Schmidt 04/24/10(Sat)19:24 No.9406087
    I guess some sentry bots would be a little too much, too soon?
    Yeah, guess it's too soon. I'll let the soldier boys decide when we need the, I'm going to finish this construction code then head to the shelter. Shifts up, I need a rest and if there's shooting I want to be deep underground
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:24 No.9406089
    This was the first thread when I clicked /tg/. My day is now full of sunshine.
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)19:24 No.9406093
    Whoa, wait that would be our new Doctor coming in from the fleet. Hold your fire. Also, isolate the landing pad's access tunnel. Don't want them getting into the tunnels.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:25 No.9406099

    *****Reeds to Pod team, potential friendlies, check your fire and don't shoot first.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:25 No.9406111

    Affirmative, Fire Control. I'll stay in the civilian command area and monitor the non-FCC systems for hacker attacks.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:26 No.9406115
    I assumed that was already the case, commander.
    I was referring to things such as life support and other more "mundane" needs.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:26 No.9406116
    We know Alyssa, and she works.
    Also, it's easier than documenting a whole new AI.
    So I vote we have Alyssa and Elissa running the AI face of the complex.

    The medics will get a warm, perhaps slightly hot, welcome, but at least we're sure.

    Brace for cheek-spreading.
    >> Dr Hassan 04/24/10(Sat)19:27 No.9406135
    *Emerges from the pod, only to be met by a line of armed men*

    Oh man. This is one of _those_ colonies, isn't it?
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)19:28 No.9406154
    sir reporting for gunnery duty sir!
    >> Pvt. Mook 04/24/10(Sat)19:29 No.9406158
    Not usually, Doctor, but you caught us at a real bad time.
    If we can just get you ID'd and underground, you'll be processed as soon as we can get it done.
    And it'd be great if you and your boys - and lady, sorry Ma'am - could stand ready, just in case.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:29 No.9406159
    "...I may be old fashioned, but I'm rather uncomfortable with AI controlling our life support. The last thing we need is having our air cut off and being unable to access re-breathers and space suits. If it will streamline Colony output and we have appropriate mechanical backups that cannot be overridden by the AI, I have no qualms with it."
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:30 No.9406170
    *Radioing his men from the Command bunker*

    Keep your eyes on the crew of the ship. Disarm them ASAP when they exit the craft.

    Any resistance is to be considered a hostile action and you and your men are free to do what you deem necessary.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:30 No.9406177
    *Voice crackles over com*
    "Sorry for the warm welcome Doc, but we had a pirate incedent recently so we're a bit over-cautious. Don't worry, these men will escort you into the compound. Welcome to the Colony."
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)19:30 No.9406178
         File1272151840.jpg-(690 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00030.jpg)
    690 KB

    - manned exo work rig construction complete with 3 additional rigs being constructed for 0800

    -new support unit exo work rig
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:30 No.9406183
    "Gunnery Sergeant, get me a firing solution on that ship and track it until it docks with us. If the crew tries anything funny, cripple it on the landing pad while we mop up the attackers. It would be useful to have another vessel."
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:31 No.9406191
    I'll process them and get them on the rosters as soon as we see how this situation turns out.
    In the meantime, we'll have a chat in one of the underground rooms.
    Thankyou, Mook.

    //I was Mook.
    Just felt like rushing the Doc through.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:33 No.9406223
    "Would you all calm down? Not everyone in space is out to kill us."
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:33 No.9406230

    That ship looks identical to the pirate vessel that identified itself as the Archimedes. Did they just swap IFF codes and come back for another go? Control, could I get a detailed scan of the ship sent to Fleet Command for analysis?
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:34 No.9406246
    I trust my men not to use lethal force until it's absolutely necessary.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:36 No.9406276
    Well, most USN ships are built on similar lines at that kind of size-class, and much of the external equipment is vital across all classes of ship for scanning, atmospheric testing and adjustment, fine micro-meteorite deflection and the like.
    But I see your point, Lieutenant.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:37 No.9406295
    Attention Crew of the USS HARRIER, please come out with either no weapons or weapons holstered. We have at least two Turrets pointed at you and we do not want a reason to fire them.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:37 No.9406299
    This way or the other, it's time to test what's our security force is good for.
    In the meanwhile, the sat could be scanning the vessel - Tycho, Winkel, do we per chance have it on the right orbit?
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:38 No.9406333
    I like you more and more for each word you say, Newitz. I agree with you completely on not trusting the AIs, but the life support systems are already hooked up to them. I suppose that they would be rewirable, but I think that the system that I am proposing is still safe, while letting the boys not worry about not having enough oxygen.
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)19:39 No.9406337
    Ship engine systems locked,
    Ship shield systems locked.

    Turrets on standby.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:40 No.9406360
    It's maintaining a geosynchronous orbit right above us at the moment. Just go to the engineering bay and use the manual console there. Once we get the AIs back online it'll probably be their duty.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)19:40 No.9406372
    **** Requisition for ore processing facility.
    **** Requisition for a smelting facility.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:41 No.9406380
    Hey wait where is the flag?
    Just a simple one.
    A flag is space exploration
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:42 No.9406396
    Aren't you over there somewhere? I have some backup console repairs to finish here in the USN command, hate leaving something half-done.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)19:42 No.9406397
         File1272152542.jpg-(680 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00031.jpg)
    680 KB
    - usn harrier unresponsive to orders.

    - you begin to hear the sound of compression units then you see they are powering up their thrusters.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:43 No.9406411
    Turrets need to put that ship down ASAP.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.9406434
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.9406435
    Just destroy their thrusters in that case.
    We can repair them if it was an understanding, we can't resurrect the crew if it was.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.9406436
    *Through radio*

    THEY ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE! Squad Alpha and Bravo, storm the craft!
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:45 No.9406442
    ****Security team backs up

    *Over com*
    I want turrets to take out its engines now, if these are pirates we can apprehend them. If these are scarred minors then we can apologize later.

    ****When security team is clear. Give OK to fire.
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)19:45 No.9406450
    Disable the ship if possible! Commander, on your order.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:45 No.9406453
    If we shoot down that ship, it'll cause damage to whatever structure it falls on! Command, you need to order all non-essential personnel out of the adjacent buildings and into the shelter!
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:46 No.9406469
    It's only a landing pad.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:46 No.9406472
    Dorkins nudges Ricky: "Hey, dontcha think it's time to put a blast or two up their mobility systems?"
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:46 No.9406478
    Shit, too late for that Dorkins, I'm taking shelter in the tunnels below engineering.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:46 No.9406479
    When the security team checks through the ship, they find it is strangely empty.... until someone finds the crew...
    ...horribly slaughtered.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:47 No.9406486
    Demand an explanation.

    Inform the USN via the comms array, giving them EVERYTHING we've got on record - I've already assembled most of what we've got on all previous encounters, and I'm in the process of collating everything we're taking from the scans at the moment and an account of the current encounter.

    Do our military members think we're at risk of a bombardment from space?

    Doctor Hassan and his team are checking equipment, but nothing dangerous appears to be in their kitbags.
    I think I'm getting paranoid, I'm even keeping an eye on them as I assemble the scans.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:47 No.9406492
    Do we not have something we could latch the ship to the ground with?

    Like magnetic hooks or something?
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:47 No.9406495
    "Ahem, all Colony members and security teams, get inside and into the specified underground shelters immediately. Do not attempt to board the ship."

    "All Turrets, disable the ship's thrusters and take out their shields and any visible weaponry."
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)19:48 No.9406519
    I agree. Notify the closest USN authority and allow them to handle it. Tell them we feared collateral damage.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:48 No.9406521
    the art from this reminds me a lot of 3D Ultra Pinball.


    fuck year pinball
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:49 No.9406534
    Already on it sir.

    ****Security Team proceeds to safety
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:49 No.9406537
    Commander, if they have shields, can our guns penetrate them?
    And can we take out the shields with our EMP shells without blacking out nearby structures?
    And will the ship not fall on a couple of our structures?
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:49 No.9406540

    ****Escorting any colonists to safety
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:51 No.9406561
    Goddammit soldiers now is the time to earn your pay, their engines are warmed up and if you wait any more they'll get of the ground!
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:51 No.9406570
    Squads Alpha and Bravo, disregard that last order. The batteries are going to fire at the ship. Take cover.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)19:52 No.9406583
    Bellins, you damn sissy, do you prefer having them in orbit, bombarding the ever-loving heck out of us, huh?
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)19:53 No.9406607
    No we can't the shells have a 30 km blast.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:53 No.9406615
    Would Someone please fire already?
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:53 No.9406618
    "EMP Blackouts are an acceptable risk in this case. If we cannot penetrate their shields through conventional methods, we must be prepared for the Colony to lose power in the worst case scenario. As for the ship falling, I'd rather risk a few structures than have it attempt to plow into or fire at our colony. We can rebuild with our people safe underground, but not when we have something shooting at us."

    "Fire conventional weapons first, if that fails use EMP charges. Brace for power loss. All personnel should be in atmospheric suits and with emergency supplies."
    >> Gunnery Sergeant Ricky 04/24/10(Sat)19:54 No.9406637
    SLAG EM!
    *turret sounds*
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)19:55 No.9406649
    How about having an EMP take out all of our life support including our self-containment suits?
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)19:55 No.9406655
    Commander, once the colonists are safe and the ship downed, I suggest a perimeter to be made around the ship. We should not board the ship, far too many casualties. Rather, prevent them from exiting the craft, warning shots first. Contact the Fleet and tell them we have a situation and request backup.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:55 No.9406660
    ((nothing to do but wait for OP to draw an update, I guess))
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)19:55 No.9406664
    *Over com*
    That does not sound like a good thing.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)19:56 No.9406679
         File1272153392.jpg-(694 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00032.jpg)
    694 KB
    - A hurried mess of comm transmissions is followed by the skys above Longreach being lit up by compression turret fire, the rounds clip the nose of the Harrier as it is in its assent.

    - the ship begins to loose controll of its climb as the bridge is taken out by a direct hit
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)19:56 No.9406680
    EMPs would take out self-contained suit. Anything electronic that is running, including just on standby mode, will be fried.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:56 No.9406683
    I can have my men to do this once the ship has been shot down.
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)19:57 No.9406698
    Atleast it's veering away and all the colonists are in the shelters.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)19:58 No.9406714
    ((inb4 it was just a civilian ship that had a damaged communications array))
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)19:58 No.9406718
    Why are only two turrets firing?
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)19:58 No.9406726
    "Security Teams stand ready for immediate boarding action. All ground personnel brace for impact. Excellent shot Gunnery Sergeant!"
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)19:58 No.9406728
    Shit it looks like its about to hit the array!

    Brace for impact!
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)19:58 No.9406732
    ((Wouldn't explain why they decide to suddenly bolt))
    >> Dr. Corleone TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)19:59 No.9406736
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)19:59 No.9406740
    Keep fire away from the engines for a second or two - we want to make damn sure it takes a dive AWAY from the important structures.

    And I'm adding this to the transmission to the Fleet - I want it to be clear that, even though we fired first, they're being damn suspicious.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:00 No.9406755
    You have a lively imagination, boy, but no tech experience to talk about, I see. Your space suit is a much more sturdy thing than they led you to believe on the trainings, and our tech is designed to survive solar storms.
    I suggest you don't speak up on the things you don't know heck about, k?
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)20:00 No.9406761
    My men are ready to form a perimeter around the wreckage. We can also assemble a small strike team to enter the ship, if you so wish, Sir.
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)20:00 No.9406769

    Wait commander! Before we sed men into a potential deathtrap, may I make a suggestion?

    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:01 No.9406777
    // PHIL is controlling the third.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:02 No.9406789
    Wait a second before you enter the ship, once it's down i'll train the satellite on it and look for life signs.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:02 No.9406802
    "And a regular solar storm doesn't compare with weaponized EMP's. Those thing can cause a surge that's 400 times more than a normal storm. And don't call me boy, I'm nearly 50 and am obliged to no one."
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)20:02 No.9406805
    >>9406789 Was me
    God dammit, can anyone see where it's headed?
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:04 No.9406828
    Who's on the channel? The blasts seem to be jamming communications, no ID is seen.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)20:04 No.9406842
    "Concerns noted, Williams! If the Security teams have no issues with it I'll authorize it immediately."
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)20:06 No.9406880
         File1272153996.jpg-(697 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00033.jpg)
    697 KB
    - the USN Harrier careens off to the south of the base and slams nose first into the dirt, its thrusters still firing its main burn it has enough thrust to drive a deep crater into the ground.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)20:06 No.9406881
    Sir, with all due respect, I say we need to enter the ship and detain the crew.

    What if they have explosives in there? They could wire them to blow and take out a large part of the colony with them.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:06 No.9406883
    You may claim to be a techie all you want, boy, but its we who use the gadgets in the field. And they work just fine under shielding.
    By the way, who the hell are you anyway? I don't recall seeing your mug before.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)20:08 No.9406902
    "Wait for satellite to tell us if anyone survives the crash then create perimiter, then send in teams of 5.
    If there are survivors, and they are just confused minors, I'll let the brass handle it. If they are pirates then we can interrogate them.
    If no survivors are detected or found, then we can have Dorkins and his team turn the ship into something useful."
    >> Electrical Engineer Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)20:08 No.9406910
    Alright, I'm gonna get on the scanner, I'll feed the images to you all shortly. ((OP, I'm expecting you to make one of those fancy images to show any survivors in there))
    I suggest you destroy the engines.
    >> Lieutenant Jr. Grade McAlister 04/24/10(Sat)20:08 No.9406911

    Good thing it didn't hit anyone. Well, the immediate crisis seems to have been averted and it's time for me to go off my shift.

    ((leaving for sleep now))
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)20:09 No.9406914
    "Thank Space Jesus that the ship didn't hit any buildings!"

    "Your call Cadet, but I'd advise you to check it out slowly first. You don't want that thing exploding once you're inside it."
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:09 No.9406925
    Hey, good shot, Ricky.
    Going nice, time to notice the fleet, whatever we decide to do with the downed vessel.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)20:09 No.9406930
    It's actually my call sir, being the senior security officer on this colony.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)20:10 No.9406937
    Carefully shoot the thrusters, if it is possible to kill them without blowing it all space-high.
    Then go for the bang-and-clear.

    Quickly ideally, so we don't have thruster backwash blowing through the base for too long..
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)20:10 No.9406939
    On a sidenote, why are we still firing into the air? :P
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)20:10 No.9406940
    "We don't want to damage it to the point where we rupture something explosive and cause it to explode next to our colony."
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)20:10 No.9406946
    I volunteer to enter the ship personally. I want to see who tried to escape us.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:11 No.9406955
    Im Dr. Sam'ial Corleone, an Asrophysicist and qualified enough to speak my mind.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)20:12 No.9406960
    "Forgive the error, Reeds. Your call then."
    >> Genetic Engineer Varnigan 04/24/10(Sat)20:12 No.9406963
    Varnigan checks the transmission chatter he's been ignoring for some time, and seems pleased. "Excellent! Once they clear the mechanical rubbish out of that crater, there ought to be a bit of atmosphere built up in the crater. A good starting point for terraforming."
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)20:12 No.9406969
    *over the com*
    It looks like the ship is far enough away from our colony to use EMP shots. If that's okay with you guys I suggest doing that.
    >> TheyKindaStuffedMeOntoThisDamnShip Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:13 No.9406979
    Corleone, huh? Where's your ID then?
    Astrophysicist-astroshmisicist. Look around to see who was right. Do you see the systems blacked out? Thought so.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)20:13 No.9406983
    Not without my say so Skippy.
    just wait for that life sign scan.
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)20:13 No.9406988
    Wait for me frand! I come with!
    >> Head Field Engineer Williams 04/24/10(Sat)20:14 No.9407004
    Looks too close to our comms array. Don't know if the sensitive equipment can deal with a glancing blow from an EMP blast.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)20:15 No.9407023
    - tonights session will be continued tommorow.i need to sleep, for those of you who have been with this from the begining you'l know i've been drawing for the better part of 6 days on these.

    - well alots happened to our little space colony since the first tentitive steps out of our little craft with oxygen tents.

    i want to continue with this colony for the forseable future but dont think i wont distroy it all if you make the wrong moves or annoy the wrong commander/trader/pirate/etc, the colony has some specs for inter system ships and has allready launched a satelite, i dont think it will be too long before we establish trade routs with other systems and begin building up the settlement in ernest, possibly some long term story arcs will emerge with people trying to terraform etc thats all cool, if you build the right structures work together and get everything up and running withought killing one another there are no limits and i'l hapily draw on this project in my spare time for the next year.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)20:16 No.9407026
    Of course. You are in charge.
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)20:16 No.9407028
    Want to risk it? I mean, I don't want their engine core going critical right outside our perimiter.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:16 No.9407031
    Thats because they didn't use EMP rounds.

    EMPs have blast radius of 30 km.
    >> Victor Newitz, FCC Senior Commander 04/24/10(Sat)20:17 No.9407042
    Awesome, glad I could contribute.
    >> Cadet Raynolds 04/24/10(Sat)20:17 No.9407047
    > i'l hapily draw on this project in my spare time for the next year.

    ((I think i squealed a bit))
    >> Security Officer Reeds 04/24/10(Sat)20:18 No.9407065
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)20:18 No.9407067

    Yaaay. Good job everyone. :D
    >> Guy who plays 'Head Field Engineer Williams' 04/24/10(Sat)20:20 No.9407099
    But of course. You're the DM of this motley crew. Wish we could have dealt with the 'pirates' first but, hey I can wait. G'night and good luck in your endeavors.

    Let's aim for the stars people!
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)20:20 No.9407106
    //That was fun everyone.

    This is my first time RPing. Am I doing well? Any tips would be appreciated.

    Also I was going for a mix between Boxer from Animal Farm and Heavy if anyone caught that.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)20:21 No.9407109
         File1272154861.jpg-(714 KB, 1921x2305, RPGcolonist00034.jpg)
    714 KB
    - the ship sits smuldering too dangerous to enter for the time being.
    >> SPACEcolony !!6KxdhP9PEsr 04/24/10(Sat)20:21 No.9407126
    can somebody make a gif ?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:22 No.9407139
    Good going. Can't wait to see what's inside the ship, though.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)20:23 No.9407148

    I'll upload all the .jpgs I've collected.

    Give me a moment.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)20:23 No.9407152
    //Oh thank, god, I'm dead on my keyboard.
    But this has been the coolest not-quite-Quest thread in ages.
    Also, if we terraform the planet which the other villages arise on, that would be amusing. Pretty much for it's own sake though.

    Not bad.
    But you could get involved more.

    Is it ~2pm tomorrow as well?
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)20:25 No.9407174
    Can we get a pause at the end of this one?
    If it was you that did the last one, then it flipped back to the beginning a little too fast...
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)20:26 No.9407187

    I wanted to get more involved, but was afraid I'd do something stupid, although I've seen the stupid stuff mostly gets ignored.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:26 No.9407199
         File1272155186.jpg-(771 KB, 1921x2305, 1272147558942 copy.jpg)
    771 KB
    Okay, here's the final annotated map.
    Feel free to post it at the beginning of the new thread, I tend to miss them due to real life stuff/sleep/whatever.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)20:27 No.9407213
    Cheers, I'll be archiving that. Har har.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:28 No.9407218
    And the frames go too fast, generally. Some 2-3 seconds should be given for each, and some ten at the end, I'd say.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:29 No.9407245
    You did just fine, but it won't hurt you to read the rest of the threads and make sure you know what's what and who's who.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:32 No.9407284
    I got the boxer reference. One of my favorite characters.
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)20:34 No.9407307
    Are they archived anywhere?

    Yeah, he was my favorite.
    >> Guy who plays 'Head Field Engineer Williams' 04/24/10(Sat)20:35 No.9407312
    In the meantime, I guess we'll plan how to approach the ship. I still say we keep the ship locked down and dig in around it while we await the fleet for reinforcements. Anyone still alive on the craft will be facing a burning, leaking deathtrap. Either they surrender, come out shooting (for which we'll be ready), or die.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)20:35 No.9407314
    10 minutes for picture upload.

    Its about 26 megs.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:35 No.9407316
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:35 No.9407318
    Why do you keep behaving like a derp, by the by?
    Are you trying to ruin this consciously, or are you just that kind of a guy?
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)20:36 No.9407343
    ahh thanks
    >> Cadet Borvagh 04/24/10(Sat)20:39 No.9407392
    Also is the village quest thread the same op?
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:39 No.9407396
    Dunno, they could have a reactor there. I say we inform the fleet about it first, then scan it from orbit. If there are people still alive inside, we have sec and military to decide what to do with them - but generally we should try to establish communications with them first and demand surrender, if they threaten us or try to get dangerous - well, let reeds and the cadets loose on them.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:40 No.9407414
    Warning: pornspam debris field and crew bawfests ahead!
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)20:41 No.9407436
    So... whats the word on the AI?

    I'd like to bring Alyssa back, but I want to know if you guys would like it, or if you'd like a new AI?
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:42 No.9407468
    What are you talking about?
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/24/10(Sat)20:44 No.9407501

    This is the entire picture file from the beginning.

    It can only be downloaded 10 times, so please limit it to those who are going to make the /gif please.

    I'd upload it to mediafire but I've been having issues with that lately.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)20:44 No.9407507
    >herp-derp 30 km
    >herp-derp we're all going to die
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)20:44 No.9407509
    I didn't think he was, particularly, but then I may not have been reading his parts as closely because his name isn't his name, if you see what I mean.

    Dot com

    I suggested Alyssa and Elissa earlier.
    Or a second (IRL) person could be recruited to run a new second AI.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:45 No.9407523
    Thats the info we were given and I was reiterating it. Read the thread.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:47 No.9407553
    I'd say bring the AI back. Who's going to turn the lights off in the toilets otherwise?
    Build a luxurious AI core for it, too. So we have something to bomb when the things go haywire.
    >> Archivist Bellins 04/24/10(Sat)20:49 No.9407614
    Not sure what you mean.

    Anyway, Imma hit the hay.

    See you all tomorrow.
    >> Guy who plays 'Head Field Engineer Williams' 04/24/10(Sat)20:50 No.9407645
    Well, we did blow out their bridge which should have knocked out most of their systems. Although yes, it seems that the reactor is still temporarily operational, judging by the engines. Wonder how many holes they have in the hull? Their landing wasn't all that soft.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)20:54 No.9407712
    The funny part will be when it turns out it wasn't a pirate at all.
    Had we just disabled its engines, this variant would be easy enough to settle. Now, with the bridge blown, if it wasn't really a bandit, we're fucked.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)20:56 No.9407740
    Yeah, that'll suck. Wonder what the USN will do?
    >> Guy who plays 'Head Field Engineer Williams' 04/24/10(Sat)20:57 No.9407763
    Yeah, I'm afraid of that outcome too. But, well, now we gotta deal with it for better or worse.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)21:00 No.9407837
    Actually, while we're all here, let's think on the strategic goals of the colony. What's that we wanna achieve?
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)21:03 No.9407889
    I want to get this to be an efficient mining facility, trading post and scientific outpost.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)21:07 No.9407972
    I for one think that since we have decent mining down already, we should start up some heavy industry. Steel and plastics plants, then a full-fledged robot factory (those we sell and send to mine distant regions of the planet), and then maybe even a spaceship yard. How cool would that be.

    Also, we shouldn't forget about the orbit group - now that we have a scanning satellite, I say we consider some LR-radar one and maybe a half-dozen combat ones. Replace the laser batteries with the heavy guns we've gotten the schematics for, and send the outdated lasers up the well.
    >> Guy who plays 'Head Field Engineer Williams' 04/24/10(Sat)21:09 No.9407994
    So far, I'm thinking of a successful mining and industrial colony. A secondary colony might be cool, but the logistics of it seem nightmarish. The Terraforming the planet could be a long-term goal.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)21:12 No.9408042
    Well, we're long way from a secondary colony or even an orbital station for all I see.
    Duh, perhaps we'll be able to salvage something from that downed ship...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)21:18 No.9408178
    >> OOC Tycho 04/24/10(Sat)21:21 No.9408239
    First we need the OP to finish my scan and see if someone actually survived. If it's pirates then everything is good, if it's not... well... A blown up pirate ship looks just like a blown up civilian ship, am i right?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/10(Sat)21:21 No.9408257
         File1272158509.gif-(2.42 MB, 1000x1200, SpaceVillageChp2.gif)
    2.42 MB
    Giffed... Two seconds between frames and a ten second last frame pause.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 04/24/10(Sat)21:36 No.9408566
    Unfortunately, this is a planetoid so it doesn't have enough mass to hold a respectable atmosphere so terraforming would involve a planet wide dome.
    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)21:45 No.9408736
    Not in the documents, no.

    >> The guy playing Dorkins 04/24/10(Sat)21:46 No.9408755
    >it doesn't have enough mass to hold a respectable atmosphere
    Not if handwavium science has anything to say about that!

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