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  • File : 1271698639.png-(13 KB, 636x281, mechmod system.png)
    13 KB Work in Progress TCG: MantiCORE Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)13:37 No.9294596  
    Good Afternoon, /tg/. I posted about this last night, but since then the basic rules have been straightened out, so it's easier to discuss.

    MantiCORE is a card game where you play as a faction in a small-scale skirmish; trying to destroy a rival's Headquarters as they do the same to you. Assisting you is a giant Mecha (the titular MantiCORE, or just CORE for short), who you can customise with new parts and upgrades. There are also Support Units who are weaker (like your regular tanks, infantry and battleships), but can be brought out in force.

    The (beta) version of the completed rules can be downloaded here:

    And a schematic of what the playmat would look like as pic related. If you want me to explain/elaborate on anything I'd be happy to. Any and all opinions welcome.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)13:39 No.9294613
    Well since it seems the file is temporarily unavailable, how bout a quick run down of the rules?
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)13:46 No.9294693
    Ah shit. It'll take a bit before it becomes available. Refresh like mad; or if you need me to, I'll change host.

    Basically it takes a few cues from a couple of card games, but the main theme is UPGRADE AND CUSTOMISE
    You have a Headquarters card with health that you must defend. It also gives you a minimum number of resources. You spend these resources to play cards.

    At the start of the game, your Mech is just a Main Core, which like the HQ is on the field before play starts. You must fully build the mech by attaching Parts before you can attack with it.

    Support Units are less powerful than the Mech, but they do more varied things, and can defend your Base for you (Mechs can attack, but can't defend your Base).

    Combat normally plays out similar to Magic (calling attackers and blockers, yadda yadda); but if your Mech targets the Rival Mech, there's a separate round of CORE Combat where they go one-on-one.

    You can't target the Main Core of a Mech directly until its other parts have been destroyed. Blowing up the Core puts it entirely out of action; and you have to spend some hefty resources to 'repair' the Core and let you attach Parts again.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)13:50 No.9294729
    Also, mirrored with MediaFire:

    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)13:55 No.9294801
    OP have you played this with anyone yet or this this all theoretical?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)13:55 No.9294810
         File1271699751.jpg-(55 KB, 400x400, Ms-05b.jpg)
    55 KB
    May I have a heat hawk?
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)14:00 No.9294852
         File1271700018.png-(699 KB, 547x750, Wide Burner.png)
    699 KB
    Theoretical, I'm afraid. Me and the guy I'm working with on this want to get some sensible rules down before we jump into card design; although some card concepts have already been dreamed up. To pick a few:

    Accelerando -- Arm Part (Sword weapon. Increases in damage for every point of speed faster than rival CORE)

    Ritenuto -- Arm Part (Hammer weapon. Increases in damage for every point of speed slower than rival CORE)

    GrooveMan, Playful Hacker -- Pilot (You may once per turn, redirect one attack to Piloted Unit. If Unit is destroyed, shuffle GrooveMan back into your deck)

    Product Recall -- Tactics (Choose one non-Pilot card in play. All instances of this card are returned to their owner's hands.)

    Stocktaking Spyware -- Tactics (Name a card. Opponent reveals his or her hand, and discards 2 cards for every instance of the named card.)

    Also, dumping what few Mecha images I have because why not.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)14:04 No.9294904
    Damn, sounds good.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)14:05 No.9294918
         File1271700353.png-(673 KB, 547x750, Camoflage Bazooka.png)
    673 KB
    Don't see why not, brah. The "Moon Millionaires" faction has Mech parts that parody existing Mecha anime stuff. Think of them as 'fanboys who took it too far, then went to war with their models'
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)14:21 No.9295080
    The rules look good.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)14:25 No.9295134
    any more example cards/help needed to make cards?
    or is it just here because you wanna show off?
    The rules look interesting and i'd give it a play.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)14:25 No.9295135
         File1271701548.jpg-(101 KB, 548x600, ray02.jpg)
    101 KB
    Well that's good news!
    Now, I wonder how we should go about card layout/design...
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)14:39 No.9295325
         File1271702354.png-(493 KB, 547x750, Sky Rider.png)
    493 KB
    Oh no, any card suggestions would be wonderful; we need cards to make up 'starter decks' anyway. Me and my work buddy designed two different factions.

    He designed the weapons-manufacturing space colony. He has a more realistic, gritty tone going on. That faction focuses mostly on Space Type support units. He designed 2 different Main Core cards for that faction.

    (RCU-g50v1) TIZONA v1---Main Core [RARE]
    If TIZONA is a Space type unit (i.e. has Space Travel legs), you may play a Deployable Mini-Turret token with one health and one attack in play whenever you play a Tactics card.

    (RCU-x03) BURTGANG Dual---Main Core [RARE]
    Remove one damage counter from BURTGANG during your draw phase, ignore this effect if BURTGANG is not equipped with a MantiCORE Head.
    BURTGANG takes two less damage from Sea type units.

    I designed the Renegade Earth-dwelling Hacking Faction. They specialise mostly in Infantry-type units and work by power of numbers. Tactics cards they use allow easier changes of CORE parts and recycle cards often. I imagines a more campy, cyberpunk tone than he did when designing stuff. My two cores are:

    Steel Symphony -- (Steel Symphony's Health increases by X for every Support Unit you control.)

    Metal Minuet -- (The Recource Cost for Scrapping CORE Parts decreases by 1 for every Infantry-type Unit you Control)

    I'm ok at designing Tactics cards and Part effects, but I'm useless at thinking up Suppport Units.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)14:59 No.9295614
    I suppose if the aim was to come up with starter decks, they'd be cut-down versions of the real thing.

    A deck would have a HQ and Core as standard, and (ignoring duplicates) something like...
    3 Arm Parts
    2 Leg Parts
    2 Head Parts
    3 CORE Upgrades
    3 Support Units
    3 Support Upgrades
    2 Common Pilots
    1 Unique Pilot
    2 Base Upgrades

    I don't know if the Deck should be 40 cards like the recent Magic set decks though - it always feels like they skimped on the cards.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)14:59 No.9295621
         File1271703596.jpg-(43 KB, 300x600, 1254440914257.jpg)
    43 KB
    Whoops, forgot my image.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:09 No.9295769
    Hm, Support Units..

    (S7a 3-Lx) "MoonShine" - MoonShine is a small support unit designed to for defense and tactical manouvers. It's main capabilities is to allow evasion or to halt attackers by blinding them (jamming their radar, etc). It has some offensive capabilities but it's very weak. It is, however, fairly fast and well built. Not for offensive pilots. (Mid-High Health, Low Attack. Can stop a unit from attacking or defending)

    (S7a 4-Is) - "Four Eyes" are fast recon units which can outmanouver many of the different support units. They have hacking capabilities and can easily go into enemy lines to disrupt their base and workshop. (Mid Health, Mid Attack, Can swap attack to look at top two opponents Workshop and put one on the junkyard and the other back on top)

    Are these the kinds of things you're looking for?
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:13 No.9295830
         File1271704381.jpg-(129 KB, 900x670, awdor-bike.jpg)
    129 KB
    Actually, yes! These are wonderful. These effects sound more like units for my Faction. Can Four Eyes be a Sidecar Motorcycle with the guy in the sidecar using hacking equipment?
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)15:19 No.9295930
         File1271704754.png-(27 KB, 578x486, testcard01.png)
    27 KB
    As promised, a first draft of a possible layout for cards.

    I like the idea of high contrats, but it's a matter of taste I think.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:23 No.9295992
    So, is this going to be made using Vassal?

    Because that could work pretty easily.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:25 No.9296011
    Actually, I agree. Cards which don't have too much info aside from Cost and Effect (like Upgrades, Tactics, and ESPECIALLY Pilots) would look great like that. And the 'tone' given off can easily be played with by adjusting what the contrasting colours are.

    Cards that are more stat-heavy, like the CORE Parts and Support Units might benefit from a more... 'computer readout' style look, if you get what I mean.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:26 No.9296034
    I am dumb and don't know what Vassal is. Is it a card-maker like the ones used in the Custom MtG threads?

    We intend to have this entirely computer-based if/when it becomes playable.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:27 No.9296053
    Separate deck for core parts, use both front and back of the card for info. To draw a core part, you have to activate an ability on a card to manufacture one? Other cards could let you salvage one out of current broken parts, or just let you randomly come across one.

    Just a vague suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:29 No.9296069
    ah fuck nigger I have my own work in progress mecha squad action customizing pilots+mecha TCG too
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:31 No.9296086
         File1271705469.png-(793 KB, 1280x1024, KoDTHACK.png)
    793 KB
    Vassal is a program that lets you write/play modules for board games and card games. I used to do a lot of vassal shit for /tg/, but people kept losing interest, and then the new DF version came out... Ahem. But yeah, you can write your own games in it, it's java based. Here's a screenshot of a module I was working on.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:32 No.9296098
    I suppose things like that would be more feasible since the game is played by computer. I never really considered the advantages digital TCGs had beyond automatic stat-juggling.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:35 No.9296139
    Yeah, you can do all sorts of neat stuff because it's on a computer. Drawing specific cards is very easy, shuffling is easy. You have an unlimited playfield.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:35 No.9296140
         File1271705715.jpg-(105 KB, 809x675, Graydesign.jpg)
    105 KB
    Oh, I see! In that case, we probably would use that - or something similar to it.

    It's cool, man. What kind of direction were you taking it in?
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)15:36 No.9296153
         File1271705778.png-(35 KB, 578x486, testcard02.png)
    35 KB
    like that ?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:37 No.9296172
    That a Grey Coated Weltall?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:38 No.9296189
         File1271705907.png-(206 KB, 480x480, 3354725.png)
    206 KB
    Hot Blooded Hero - If the core or support unit Hot Blooded Hero pilots is destroyed, that unit may interrupt with one attack before being sent to the junkyard.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:38 No.9296197
    I'm sorta imagining them as all mechs of different sizes, but if that's what you wanna go for, go for it. It's your game.

    I'll spout some more stuff.

    Kawaii! Technology or Ktech is a company made by one of the crazy far-too-rich-for-their-own-good Moonies and it's basically controlled by the daughter. Feel sorry for the workers, cause she is a bitch! Many of the works are useless and all of them are expensive, but jeez, some of them are fucking amazing. Have you seen the Kero-Kero upgrade? It makes the clunkiest CORE into evasive machines. There's problems with with Kawaii! Tech stuff though. Oh, and you better like pastel colours, 'cause they don't really come in any other.

    Kawaii! Technology Kero-Kero CORE-Upgrade - The Kero-Kero is a beautiful pastel green or pink attachment for the legs that adds an amazing amount of evasive capabilities. A mix of extra suspension and rockets means you can evade a lot of what's coming at you. There are two problems. One, it's expensive. you're not gonna like the price tag. Two, you don't want it touched, the Kero upgrade might as well be held up by fucking tape, but you can use that to your advantage. If you want to make sure you evade EVERYTHING? You can leap and use it as ballast, and whilst you will never be able to salvage it back, you'll survive another day. and that's what matters.

    Kawaii! Tech Turtle Base-Upgrade - The Ktech Turtle? It's fucking amazing in three ways. It's something that Ktech made that's useful, for one. Secondly, it does not come in pink. Thirdly, it gives your base one fucking hell of a defensive upgrade. The turtle is basically a system of defensive turrets and shields that fucking works on any base, space, sea, land. It'll help you survive an all out attack, but you want to keep your ass safe, because the main problem with it is that it's easily hacked. Keep an eye on it, and you'll be safe.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:41 No.9296239
         File1271706079.jpg-(42 KB, 282x523, Royal Warstrider-Vanguard Band(...).jpg)
    42 KB
    Sexy. Can you do a version of that with just the arm, or just the main body, for example?

    I feel like I'm being really commanding; sorry...
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:46 No.9296301
    Know what would be really cool? If every card was designed so they'd actually look like they'd be snapping into the piece next to it.

    Also, are certain parts going to work together and give you sort of like a "set bonus"?
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:46 No.9296305
         File1271706389.jpg-(63 KB, 500x375, 1270768685786.jpg)
    63 KB
    >a company made by one of the crazy far-too-rich-for-their-own-good Moonies
    Pic related. I love the way you think.

    I'm afraid I couldn't tell you. My knowledge of fighting robots comes from the Custom Robo and Megaman schools of thought. I'm definitely going to start looking at more 'proper' Mecha stuff in research for this, though.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)15:52 No.9296402
         File1271706759.gif-(81 KB, 360x392, ExodiaSet.gif)
    81 KB
    Parts produced by the same faction would be likely to work well together. Although I'm the kind of guy who would intentionally take parts from all over the place and see if there's a way to make it work.

    I pictured the CORE Parts to have a 'fit-together' look in the same way that Exodia does, but with both Legs on one card, there might be proportion problems.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:54 No.9296436
         File1271706897.jpg-(127 KB, 667x1000, 1243829037323.jpg)
    127 KB
    First of all, this idea is awesome and you should feel awesome for coming up with it.

    Second, can we get a better list of the factions you have so far, and the sort of thematic feel they should have? I'll admit I'm useless at mechanics, but I'd love to help fluff some of them out a bit.
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)15:55 No.9296445
         File1271706936.png-(45 KB, 737x486, testcard03.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)15:58 No.9296487
    When I first saw the support unit cards, I figured those would be other people within the mech who'd be fixing it up, upgrading it, or just commanding certain areas of it.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:00 No.9296521
    No problem!

    First, there's the Earth Government faction. They're the best at controlling Air-type Units. They became a unified government because so many people have decided to embrace space travel, so Earth is an economic husk. They've taken people into very standardised shelters to both keep them alive and happy, and to keep them away from those pesky Renegades.

    The Earth Renegades are actually spearheaded by a group of underground hackers who have ties with some millitary; and they tend to get funding in trading in information. A lot of the produced parts are re-engineered parts with quirky effects - the designers have an odd sense of humour. Most of the units are Infantry and city-based, but they've managed to get hold of stray satellites. It would be terrorism, if they didn't find that kind of venture unprofitable.

    A large colony of super rich ex-Earthlings now live on the Moon. They specialise in Rugged Terrain combat. (Land-type) >>9296197 has done a badass job of expanding them, actually.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:00 No.9296524
    When I look at these, I just imagine that if you flipped them over, they'd have a version of the same card, but "damaged". It'd still work, but the art would show it looking a bit haggard, and it wouldn't have as high stats.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:02 No.9296553
    That would make it hard to have them shuffled in your deck, though, since you could see where they were...
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:02 No.9296558
    In my experience with the Magic Set Editor it's not that hard to script out new designs for you cards, or I've even just photoshopped out card designs. I've never used Vassal personally, so I can't help you there.

    But If you're going for a computer operated system then anything I've said might be moot.

    That being said, just looking at the play-mat style makes me happy. Looks very similar to what me and my buddy have been going for with our own Mech game. Haven't looked at the rules though...
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:07 No.9296642
    Fourth, there's the Space Colony faction. They're the brainchild of the guy I'm working with. He's not told me much of their Lore, but they operate from a gigantic space station that orbits Earth. They're really big on weapon production, so I guess they might be a bit Space marine-ish. Oh, and he loves Armored Core.

    The last Faction is the Sea-specialising one. We got a bit stumped on this, but decided that they might be Eco Terrorists on Earth who want the Earth Government and Renegades gone, so they can reshape and repopulate the Earth their way. But I'm totally open to a better idea.

    YES I'm liking this. How do you feel about it?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:08 No.9296650
    I was imagining it going with this: >>9296053
    >Separate deck for core parts, use both front and back of the card for info.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:12 No.9296741
    I guess with the magic of computers, the art can be changed when they break. Also there's something in the rules about parts broken during combat:

    "If a CORE Part is destroyed, it is flipped over and becomes unusable in combat."
    "To play a CORE Part card in a slot that's already occupied, the Part in play must be Scrapped first. To do this, pay its Resource cost, plus 1 for every Damage Counter attached to it."
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:13 No.9296749
    Glad you like it. I've got a few more ideas for Ktech.

    Kawaii! Technology Butterfly Support-Unit - The Butteflies are the only Ktech stuff that's cheap and cheerful. Emphasis on the cheerful. Have you seen those things? They offend the eye and blind you more than the S7a MoonShines. They distract and make okay support units, but you put a _good_ pilot, and you'll have fantastic support. (low attack, low health, When piloted, Mid-high attack, mid-high health, allows pilot to use ability twice in a turn?)

    Hurry Production - Tactics
    (Discard cards to get extra resources)
    "I. WANT. IT. NOW!!!" - Sei-Sei, Kawaii! Technology Designer & Junior CEO, age 12.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:18 No.9296817

    Make the underwater guys like lost Atlanteans. They've been ocean floor colonies and production facilities that have been taken for granted by the surface dwelling population. Now they're willing to break their chains and claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

    They could have a defensive "home turf" advantage flavor to them. Slow moving but decisive.

    That kinda thing
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:21 No.9296868

    oh, if I remember correctly Gundam: Wing had some crazy underwater mech suits. Although I think Armored Core had some too...
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:21 No.9296882

    I have an awesome idea for the Eco-terrorist faction. I'll post it in a second, I have to put it in writefag form first.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:21 No.9296888
         File1271708519.jpg-(73 KB, 400x820, awdor-tabitha.jpg)
    73 KB
    I can see Sei-Sei looking like Tabitha from Advance Wars. I'm scared.

    Radio Host - Pilot
    If Piloting an Infantry-Type Unit, other Infantry-Type Units cost 1 less Resource to play.
    "He used to DJ for a pirate radio station; but then DELETE but his voice to a better use..."
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:25 No.9296955
         File1271708729.jpg-(92 KB, 850x700, bio-big-daddy-07.jpg)
    92 KB
    >ocean floor colonies

    A Big Daddy drill Arm Part. Maybe.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:27 No.9296990
    Wow, this looks interesting.
    >Assisting you is a giant Mecha
    . . . Oh well, that's not a death sentence, perhaps if they keep it like Warmachine's Mech units... Kind of steampunky and hardcore as opposed to Evangelion and gay... I'll scroll through the thread before I make my decision...
    >weeaboo weeaboo weeaboo weeaboo weeaboo
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:27 No.9296993
    I'd give the sea faction more powerful defenses for handling the pressure at the bottom of the ocean and superior 3D mobility if that could apply in any way.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:30 No.9297037
    Cry some more.

    Although large, pilotable steampunk robots sounds fun. Tell me more about Warmachine, please?

    Cool stuff - duly noted. I'm a little excited about the prospect of writefaggotry!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:31 No.9297060

    In the cold, in the dark, we have toiled for our brothers of the sun. They have relied on us, needed us. But the time has come for us to work for our own destiny. Ours is a world that crushes the weak, and rewards the hardy. Without sun and without stars we have dared to dream of a future brighter than any our enemies could hope to achieve. Let them come for us, let them brave the depths that we call Home. We will send the remains of their armies floating on the currents of our retribution, and crush their hopes in the depths of our vengeance.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:33 No.9297078
    Will they also drown in despair and cry rivers of regret?

    Just teasing. it sounds good!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:35 No.9297104
    Awesomegame sounds awesome, and I want to play it.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:37 No.9297142
    I'm gonna guess that's mostly my stuff (Ktech) but i hope you're noting that it's a tiny part of one "faction" and it's supposed to be weeaboo. They're moon millionaires, with more than enough money to be weeaboo. so they will be.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:38 No.9297151

    No I know, I was wondering how far I should push the undersea culture...

    Naming all their crap after fish, naval jargon becoming the norm, ect...

    That sort of cheesy crap goes a long way on flavor text (at least for me)
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)16:40 No.9297190
    The concept of mecha is weaboo to begin with.

    Let's enjoy this as it is.

    This is material for a great game.

    Stop saging. Start contributing.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:42 No.9297235

    I like the idea of the Moon guys being all super-Anime elitist style mechs. Expensive putitinyourbutt/pimp-my-ride style.

    By contrast the Space Colony mechs could subscribe to the cheaper more mass produced style. Cheaper to get an entire mech together but not quite as effective in the long run.

    the rest can take various shades/flavors between
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:43 No.9297254
    For sure. I couldn't bear for the entire game to be dark and serious all the time. I wonder how many computer/hacking/virus-related puns I can get away with for the Renegade faction...
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:43 No.9297259
         File1271709827.jpg-(392 KB, 700x990, Remember_The_Titans_by_ukitaku(...).jpg)
    392 KB
    Eco-terrorist writefaggory. Part two on its way.


    Everyone knows the story of Dr. Hans Moramanti. The lone engineer-scientist who developed the greatest weapon system the world has ever known. Few think about his assistants: the myriad engineers, scientists, physicists, and mechanics who worked under him to develop it. Even fewer know the story of his closest circle, his students—especially his star pupil, Dr. Keiko Kobiyashi.

    Dr. Kobiyashi was a prodigy, graduating with a PHD in Robotics at the young age of 22 and entering the world of science filled with potential and idealism. Moramanti saw this, and took her under his wing. She was his favorite assistant, and, in the years leading up to the creation of the MantiCORE system, his closest confidant. Of all people save Moramanti himself, Keiko Kobiyashi understood the CORE system inside and out.

    Which was why her departure was so unexpected. They had a falling out, after Moramanti sold his designs. Perhaps it was her idealism clashing with his mercantilism, perhaps it was a more personal conflict. Regardless, Dr. Kobiyashi vanished from the public eye for five long years. Rumors surfaced of her popping up in strange places—she was studying biomechanics in Brazil, she was surveying in the jungles of Africa, she was researching nanotech in Switzerland, she was collecting bizarre occult and spiritual texts in Asia. Her interests ranged wildly, and those who remained in contact with her thought she was simply trying to escape from the mechanical constructs that she had spent her life focused on previously—although all noticed a darkening turn in her later letters, a sense of fatalism and religious fervor.

    No-one was prepared for her return.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:46 No.9297290
    On a side note, would that /tg/-centric archive site (I forget the name of it) archive this kind of thread?

    I'm copying down most of it, but it would be good if I could read through it normally. Thank you so much for all your help, guys!
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)16:49 No.9297330
    of course it would : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)16:55 No.9297453
    Awesome, it's saving it now.

    One mech Piloted by Moramanti, working with the Space Colony for extra cash and to prove a point.
    One mech Piloted by Kobiyashi to show that money-grubbing tyrant that he's not king of the world.

    Explosions ensue.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:56 No.9297467
    PERSEPHONE - A repurposed exploration vessel designed for extended dives into the Mariana Trench. Its main feature is a projected energy shield which can protect its more delicate modules from the pressures present in the deep sea. Additionally, its structure is capable of bearing enormous amounts pressure, well beyond any naturally present. At the onset of war, these were some of the first cores put to work on the front lines. (High health core that provides damage resistance to attached parts)
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)16:58 No.9297502
         File1271710730.jpg-(329 KB, 700x990, Titans__Starfockers_by_ukitaku(...).jpg)
    329 KB

    The CORE emerged from the sea, surfacing like a serpent sliding up out of the waves. A thin, sleek design, its shell made of burnished metal that seemed to flow together seamlessly, a single gleaming eye of red piercing the dark from its metallic head. Alarms went off all over the base as it silently stood, before bolting quickly towards the CORE hangers. It had no visible armaments, no boosters, yet moved like a living thing, its gait natural and swift.

    The base defenses came out in force against it. It tore through the first row of support mechs like nothing, extending claws of polished steel and slicing them out of the way in one deft stroke. The rest open fire, tearing away chunks of metal from the machine's body as it ran flat-out towards the hanger. It looked almost as if it was bleeding, rivulets of silver and black running down it metallic skin as it tore the door off the building, rushing inside to where the prototypes were kept.

    No-one's sure what it was that CORE stole from Moramanti that day. It was a prototype, after all, still highly classified till this day. But what else they found, left in the depths of that hanger, was not, scrawled in black machine-blood on the wall beside the wrecked prototype—

    "Your stewardship is over, Hans. The machine, and the world, belong to us."
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)17:01 No.9297549

    Dr. Keiko Kobiyashi is gone now, her true name lost to all but the most classified of Earth Government and Corporate files. Her followers call her The Matron, the prophetess of a New World. She's gathered an army of followers around that statement, committed to a doctrine of environmental restoration and esoteric mysticism. To them, there is no difference between machine and nature—only man's stewardship of the earth is in error. Therefore, they have declared themselves its new stewards. By any means necessary.

    People call them crazy—but then, they look towards the sea, fearful of the silvery shapes that could silently emerge from their undersea hideaway....


    TL;DR version: the Eco-terrorists (The Stewards, perhaps?) are a pseudo-cult devoted to the teachings of The Matron, formerly a student of the creator of the MantiCORE system. Their COREs are small and have the lowest "health" of all types, but all their parts contain special partially biological nanotech that allows them to "heal" damage every turn. They specialize in hit-and-run melee tactics and stealth.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)17:02 No.9297566
    If they archived the 40k Mind Fuckstorm from last week then they'll archive this.
    >> Halo 04/19/10(Mon)17:02 No.9297572
    Considered making a set for use with LackeyCCG? (Or MWS)

    Could be useful in planning and playing...
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)17:10 No.9297701
    I suppose that's the direction we'll be heading in now that rules and card design basics have been established.

    Maybe "weak but regen" could be a theme alongside "slow and bulky" for The Stewards (I like that name, too). I suppose each Faction should start out with two...

    'CORE' Strategies!

    >> Halo !!VKHtgYbiSfh 04/19/10(Mon)17:11 No.9297718

    You so funny!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)17:13 No.9297753

    That works. Have some big, lumbering choices and some fast striker choices. I'd give the big guys some regen too, just to stick with the "biological" theme, just make their regen a lot slower.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)17:24 No.9297939
    Ok, so far:

    The Stewards focus on Sea Units, and play "Weak and regenerative" or "Slow and difficult to kill".
    DELETE focus on Infantry Units and play "Fast-switching Allies" or "Ruin your Rival"
    The Space Colony focus on Space Units and play "Cheap and efficient"
    Ktech focus on Land Units and play "Expensive but dominating"
    Earth Government focus on Air Units, but don't have any strategy at the moment.

    Maybe they like upgrading? They have Support Units that can allow simultaneous Upgrade/Pilot equips, and can recycle old Upgrades from the Junkyard.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)17:36 No.9298164
    Sounds good to me.
    Do you really want just Kawaii! Tech for the Moon Millionares? Even though I made it, it feels very restrictive flavour. some people may really not want to play it, just because of flavour. I suggest a few millionare companies, some more competent than others, Ktech was something that I had in mind as something that was very small in the war, but undoubtly, they're millionaires, so they have massive things.

    Salvage Scraps - Tactics
    Remove Junkyard from game, get pittance of resources for each card. You wouldn't want to make it too powerful.
    "Here at Gaia Corporation, we recycle everything, to give you, the customers, the best saving we can."
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)17:46 No.9298365
    That's a fair point. The Moon faction can be made up of a bunch of small companies. There's a rival company in the Moon that makes overly-showy and expensive 'Ferrari' Units. For when you want people to know just how large your wallet (and dick) is; even in the heat of Warfare.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)17:48 No.9298403
    well shit, this is almost exactly like the cardgame concept I mentioned on /tg/ a year or so ago, nice to see someone with the same idea actually put it into action instead of letting it die, like I did.
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)17:56 No.9298542
    Obviously, there should be downsides to mix different manufacturers.

    What I propose would be a shape system :
    Let's say a core has a square-square-square pattern.
    let's say an arm has a square-square-circle pattern.
    It has a one shape difference, so it would, say, cost one motr resource point to attach to the core in addition of its normal cost.

    each difference in the pattern adds one to the cost.

    Some tactics would allow to attach parts without paying that extra fee...
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)18:04 No.9298687
    That seems like a fair deal.

    Reverse Engineering Plant - Base Upgrade (DELETE)
    During your Begin Phase you may pay 3 Resources. If you do, you do not pay Compatability Costs for CORE Parts this turn.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)18:09 No.9298803
    Haha! Oh yeah, that sounds awesome.

    Starr Corps? They used to be laughable, but fuck, you gotta be careful now. They basically make dicks. Dicks for your COREs, Giant Phallus Support Units, they. make. dicks. Their dicks aren't big enough, so they make big dicks and go to war with them. But fuck. somehow, they make it work.

    Starr Corporation 91Kx Cannon Upgrade. - "The Starr Corporation 91Kx Cannon Upgrade is the biggest, baddest boys in the gun show. Capable of releasing 5'000 missiles in the time it takes the standard TIZONA v1 to release and reload 1, this is for when you need to bring out the big guns. Space, Sea, Sky or Land, the 91Kx surpasses all other competitors in the market. The 91Kx is the for the Elite. For the cream of the crop, and if you need to ask us for the price, we're sorry, but you won't be able to afford this. Starr Corporation 91Kx Cannon Upgrade. The biggest gun in space.
    Starr Corporation. Quality you can trust."

    The advert doesn't lie. It is capable of sending out 5000 more missiles than the Tizona, but ONLY in the right conditions, which is by the way, never going to happen. It's powerful, though. If they really want to spend the whole fucking arsenal, it's more than capable to practically destroy your CORE, and fuck. it's stable. it's stable as hell. You ever see this, I suggest you get everything you can at them first, before they do. and if you can't, run.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)18:13 No.9298863
    What about parts that only come 'custom made' for whatever you're equipping?
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)18:17 No.9298948
    Those are probably CORE Upgrades

    Gaze of Love - Core Upgrade
    Gaze of Love can only be Equipped if a Ktech Head Part is Installed. During your Attack Phase, if the Ktech Head Part destroys a Support Unit, Rival Base takes X Damage.
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)18:19 No.9298994
    Then, I'd picture the colonial forces as tough as nail motherfuckers.

    Slow, lumbering mechas, with rather high health, low speed and attack, cheap as dirt. But the pilots make up for their relatively bad equipment.

    There could be tactics only playable when a colon pilots uses this kind of mecha...

    Or maybe there could be a tactic resource, generated by pilots allwoing to pay for tactic cards...

    Once again, just throwing things up.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)18:20 No.9299008
    "The Gaze of Love is a high-powered laser installation designed only to work with Ktech CORE equipment. Why? Because Sei-Sei doesn't like it when you aren't playing with her toys. A lot of development time went into making sure the lasers fired just the right shade of Hot Pink."
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)18:24 No.9299076
    Do you mean the Earth Government or the Space Faction?
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)18:27 No.9299121
    space faction. You know, the kind of guys that were sent to actually set foot on Mars, Mercury, Venus, Io, Callysto and so on, that had too work in terrible conditions on these god forsaken worlds.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)18:30 No.9299168
    Ah, got ya. It would be a nice contrast to have some hardened, super-serious space soldiers to balance out the Moon colony that churns out weapons for a hobby.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)19:01 No.9299667
    Ah, the thread's slowing down a little. Let me just say thanks again for your input.

    There'll be another thread soon with all your input taken on board. We will come back better and meaner than before.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)19:09 No.9299791
    An aesthetic concern for the cards that make up your MantiCORE:

    The whole "construct your mech from parts" thing is awesome, but I don't like how each card is a part—arm, leg head, and core. The problem is that it's just a bunch of parts on the table. People are going to want to see how badass their mech looks PUT TOGETHER, not jut a bunch of part schematics.

    How about this for a minor change? The "Main Core" card, rather than just being a torso, would be the mech's
    "frame," the "base model" that you're working with, while the arms, legs, and head would be replacement parts or upgrades. That way, the Main Core could have a cool looking image of an entire mech.
    >> Six of Spades !!laKnRUJ70gO 04/19/10(Mon)19:11 No.9299851
    I suppose the other advantage to having this on computer is that it's pretty straightforward to have a complete-looking image displayed, based on the parts you've equipped your CORE with.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)19:15 No.9299914
         File1271718920.jpg-(281 KB, 1024x720, 1271283996375.jpg)
    281 KB
    Ktech needs a white devil mech.
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)19:33 No.9300180
         File1271720027.png-(44 KB, 720x960, MantiCore01.png)
    44 KB
    Fresh out of the mould.
    >> B&Hammer40Kun !o/uaSYM4lU 04/19/10(Mon)19:35 No.9300228

    I had a similar concept I tried to assemble on 1d4chan once : http://1d4chan.org/wiki/XLK_project
    >> "Sei-Sei" 04/19/10(Mon)20:23 No.9301101
    Sorry for the late return, but since you've archived this, i won't bump it.

    I think the company, whilst often called Ktech is often called by it's full name Kawaii! Technology. and yeah. she probably would make sure it's just the right shade of hot pink.

    That looks pretty damned awesome, but that is no way cute enough for Sei-Sei. MOAR PASTEL COLOURS AND CUTESYNESS. WHERE ARE THE FLOWER PATTERNS I SENT YOU?! I SAID I WANTED IT TO BE SLIMMER. YOU'RE FIRED!

    I see her as a 12 year old, incredibly intelligent but stuck up bitch, and since her parents won't discipline her, and she has more than enough money to hire someone to kill you painfully... yeah...
    She expects perfection, but often, a lot of things don't get done right. The Kero-Kero Upgrade is like glass because of the way it's built. The Turtle base upgrade didn't have space for computer defense. Even the butteflies are generally weak and way too dependent on getting a pilot in them. Kawaii! Technology works has flaws, but they're some of the more affordable tech you can get from the moon. You can go to Starr, if you can handle the MANLINESS. If you carefully mix and match, and set productions to overtime, fuck. The Moonies' tech are powerful stuff. It's just fucking expensive. Also, generally, shit pilots. although a handful of them are really amazing, imagine someone who has the drive to learn to drive these things. and then give them enough money so that they can learn everything about it they want.

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