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  • File : 1270381649.jpg-(479 KB, 2482x3508, paper_texture[1].jpg)
    479 KB Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)07:47 No.8971202  
    You are now aware that Batman would make a great inquisitor in 40K.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)07:51 No.8971244
    Batman would be a great everything in fact.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)07:53 No.8971267
         File1270382003.jpg-(43 KB, 320x310, my_parents_are_deeaaaaaad.jpg)
    43 KB

    he's not a very great friend.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)07:53 No.8971274
    *cue shitstorm*
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)07:57 No.8971304
    Tragic past.
    Can go toe to toe with the most powerful beings in his setting with little trouble.
    Gary Stu-Dom for The Bat?!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)08:04 No.8971354
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)08:09 No.8971394
    >I have never seen The Bat brood. Ie I have never read, seen or experienced any Batman but Adam West.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)08:12 No.8971421
    >Having not read a single comic means I have never seen heard or otherwise experienced anything Batman related after the sixties
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)08:28 No.8971556
    Batman's not that brooding imo. Okay, he kinda is, but at least he keeps it to himself and doesn't go door to door with his psychological problems.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)08:34 No.8971599
    He goes out every night to beat up criminals who serve as a surrogate for the person he could never stop killing his parents. He does this dressed as a Bat.
    He's insane, by any standards.
    He takes his psychological trauma to every door in Gotham...
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)09:46 No.8972269
    As long as Judge Dredd is also in as an inquisitor
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)09:51 No.8972305
    He would make a terrible inquisitor for one simple fact: He never kills anybody.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)09:53 No.8972318
    But batman is a primach, the night lord one
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)09:55 No.8972335
    Which gets retarded because by now The Joker has killed *hundreds* of people, and escapes Arkham every single time he gets sent there.

    The first time, I can understand sending him back. Second time, I'd send him somewhere else. A third time? If you don't kill him, every new victim is on your hands just as much as his.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)09:57 No.8972351
    so why DID batman become such an emo?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)09:58 No.8972358
    Try thousands.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:02 No.8972383

    Oh yeah? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu_lw3cRz3k&feature=player_embedded
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:07 No.8972407
    Burtonman doesn't have any trouble killing in cold blood. He even SMILES while he shoves a stick of dynamite up a crook's ass.

    If he didn't have such problems with authority, he'd make a great inquisitor.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:37 No.8972633
         File1270391847.jpg-(11 KB, 350x119, batman_judgedredd1.jpg)
    11 KB

    Yes, but having a problem with *legitimate* authority is fine in an Inquisitor. He just does his own thing, without bothering much with civilian law enforcement. Terror as a weapon is also a fine and longstanding tradition among the Ordos. He does have an unnerving habit of allowing his greatest enemies to escape, however. A radical.

    Inquisitor Dredd, by contrast, is all about enforcing the Law of the Imperium at all costs. Brutal, efficient, but resolutely by the book. The guilty are always punished, but the innocent (few in number though they are) are protected. He's also so strong willed that he punches warp entities in the face until they die. No capture and release for him. The ultimate puritan.

    No wonder they come to blows from time to time.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:41 No.8972666
    Recent Judge Dredd has him both supporting democratic bids in Mega-City one (he knows they will fail), ensure more representation for citizens, and bringing muties from the Cursed Earth into the city. He's all about enforcing the law, but he is the law.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:47 No.8972757
         File1270392478.jpg-(211 KB, 600x947, batman-judge-dredd.jpg)
    211 KB

    That's what I mean. Law above all. Not a step over the line, even with the ultimate power of the Inquisition. He'd probably get along really well with Godwin Fischig.

    Thinking of Fischig... perhaps the Joker is a demonhost that Inquisitor Batman lost control of a long time ago. Arkham is just a manse somewhere where Lord Batman keeps his tools. It would explain why he doesn't kill him. Too valuable.

    The rest of the rogues gallery are likely former acolytes or people that the Bat encountered. Poor Interrogator Dent. He could have been an Inquisitor one day.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:50 No.8972784
    Get out of here, Joker.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:50 No.8972786
    Man. I really really want to read the rest of this now.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:53 No.8972837
    Would Bane being a Khornate Chrono-Gladiator be too obvious?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)10:59 No.8972909
    Well, his Inquisitorial team would just be Arbites kill-teams and the occasionally psyker (no parallel for Psi-Judges, sadly). Technically, the Mega City Judges employ sorcerors and hereteks as well...

    Not to mention there are no restrictions on consorting with aliens.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:02 No.8972945
         File1270393350.jpg-(65 KB, 777x441, The_Rogues_Gallery_by_BTAS.jpg)
    65 KB

    Maybe, but it fits so well. ManBat's clearly possessed, or the work of some maddened Adeptus Biologis. Mr. Freeze is a heretek. Zsasz is a murder cultist. Killer Croc might be some ginormous and murderous mutant.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:04 No.8972964
    ...well, fuck me.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:04 No.8972967
    Electing the Mad Hatter as a Tzeentchian mind controlling sorcerer or a heretek.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:05 No.8972980
    Clayface is clearly a daemon
    Catwoman is a death cult assassin
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:05 No.8972985
    Poison Ivy is a rogue Biomancer specialising in plant control. Harley Quinn is a daemonologist who worships the Daemon Prince bound into the Joker's Daemonhost.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:06 No.8972989
    The Riddler is obviously a Tzeentchian cult leader.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:06 No.8972990

    This will be a great campaign to throw at my group. They know so very little about comics. Time to educate, no?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:07 No.8972998
    Scarecrow's just some fucker with a shit-ton of hallucinogen grenades
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:07 No.8973000
    Catwoman is too sane and not fanatic enough to be a Death Cultist.

    Clayface could be a daemon, but he'd be better as an experiment or Xenos creature.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:07 No.8973005
         File1270393653.jpg-(47 KB, 354x500, RasAlGhul.jpg)
    47 KB
    Arch heretic.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:07 No.8973007
    By the way, would anyone happen to know where I could get the rest of this comic?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:08 No.8973010
    Yeah, some underworld arms dealer Heretek.

    Catwoman is just a regular assassin, albeit a very competent one.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:08 No.8973013

    Or a corrupted Adept with a defective Meme virus.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:08 No.8973022

    oooo yeah, xenos. Fits with his slightly-more-sane times too. Maybe there's some compound on his home planet in the air that's missing in most human worlds?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:08 No.8973023
    Obviously they'd have special rules making them fear gas only.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:09 No.8973028
    I will be the Quixos to your Eisenhorn, Detective...
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:09 No.8973033
    Personally his abilities remind me of the female branch of the temple assassins...

    Someone who reacted poorly to the shapeshifting drugs and then fled into the wilderness?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:09 No.8973034
    I'm changing my original theory to this one.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:09 No.8973035
    I like this better.

    Apostate Cardinal or Planetary Governor, who has turned an entire Death Cult away from worship of the Emperor. A traitor to the Imperium who desires secession for his territories.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:11 No.8973052
    Not all Callidus are female, it's just that women metabolise the drug better.

    In fact, canon has a radically mutated assassin who was given something called 'hyperpolymorphine' allowing here a liquid-like state. Make Clayface the best male assassin in the temple, given the new drug to see how it affected men. The results were even worse.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:11 No.8973057
    I read this in David Warner's voice.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:12 No.8973059
         File1270393925.jpg-(183 KB, 600x949, jog4.jpg)
    183 KB

    I posted them, and I'm afraid I only have bits and pieces. This is the collected book http://www.2000adreview.co.uk/reviews/extra/2004/trades/batmandredd/batmandredd.shtml

    One story has the Joker becoming a Dark Judge, while another has Scarecrow and Judge Death having fun. Death gets a blast of fear gas and freaks out. Pic related
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:12 No.8973064
    It turns out the mind was not meant to exist in such a mercurial state, and he went quite incurably insane. Only Inquisitor Batman can stop him now.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:13 No.8973074
    Yeah, the female assassin who was given 'hyperpolymorphine' is homicidally insane, so it fits really well.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:13 No.8973079
    Clayface: The result of Testosterone and Polymorphine.
    I like it.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:14 No.8973093
    There's already a Batman in 40k. His name was Konrad Kurze, and he was a Primarch.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:15 No.8973109

    Yeah, but that was in the regular 40k. This is an Elseworlds story, like Red Son or Red Rain.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:16 No.8973130
    Or that one where he fought Dracula?

    Anyways, yeah, Inquisitor Batman.

    But what's his crazy High Gothic name?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:18 No.8973155
    Inquisitor in charge.
    Escaped daemonhost made by Batman. Batman seeks to recapture him.
    >Harley Quinn
    Daemonologist who worships Joker Daemonhost
    >Poison Ivy
    Biomancer psyker who specialises in plant control
    Callidus male given 'hyperpolymorphine' which caused powers and insanity
    Corrupted adept with a defective meme virus
    Chrono-Gladiator who is a Khornate cultist
    Underworld arms-dealer who creates hallucinogens. Tech heretek by default.
    Private assassin.
    >Harvey Dent
    Batman's previous Interrogator, turned traitor.
    Possessed scientist or insane Magos Biologis
    >Mr. Freeze
    Heretek developing radical new technologies
    Frighteningly adept murder cultist
    >Killer Croc
    Enormous 'scaly' (Necromunda mutant variant) mutant
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:19 No.8973170
    What? Are you retarded or something? He's the Emperor damned Batman!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:19 No.8973171

    No, I am not.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:19 No.8973172
    There are canon male Callidus. Just make it the enhanced version of polymorphine, which is also canon and gives clayface-like abilities.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:19 No.8973176
    The Batfamily:

    Batman - Inquisitor
    Robin(s) - assasin / scum to Interrogator(s)
    Nightwing - Interrogator turned full Inquisitor
    Alfred - Bonded Emissary
    Oracle - Adept
    Jim Gordon - Arbiter
    Lucius Fox - Techpriest
    Catwoman - scum with many, many, many acrobatic talents
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:20 No.8973179
    Heh, well I wrote it in his voice.
    He was just PERFECT wasn't he?
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 04/04/10(Sun)11:21 No.8973187
    >Harvey Dent
    >Mr. Freeze
    Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:21 No.8973198

    The Hyperpolymorphine's to give him his distinctive "I'm meeeeeeellllltttiiiiiiiiiingg" look, as well as the total psychosis.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:23 No.8973220
         File1270394620.jpg-(64 KB, 500x754, Azrael04.jpg)
    64 KB
    Yes, yes he was. Not even Liam Neeson approached that level of Awesome Ra's.

    Anyway, on a more thread-related note... This shit is AWESOME. And I will be stealing it so hard. However, I'm really curious about everyone's take on the most 40k Batfamily member of all.

    Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:25 No.8973250


    i would so play this game
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:26 No.8973255

    Crusader (or whatever the guy's with shield are called) from Ascension?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:27 No.8973270
    Complaining Batman never kills the Joker is dumb and just shows you're so stupid you can't even understand a character as simple as Batman.

    The whole POINT of Batman is that underneath the mask and the theatrics and the batsuit he's still just a scared little kid who doesn't want to see anyone else die. In his mind, if he were to kill someone he'd be no worse than the guy who gunned his parents down in front of him.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:32 No.8973317
    >Ra's al Ghul
    Imperial traitor and arch-heretic, commands a renegade group of Death Cult assassins.
    >Mad Hatter
    Tzeentchian cultist and telepath
    Inquisitor Excommunicate Traitoris, a former friend turned to evil
    >Black Mask
    Sadist underworld boss
    Uh... sadist underworld boss? Could be a mutant
    Private assassin, again.

    These aren't so good. Anyone want to work on them?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:34 No.8973350
    Black Mask & The Penguin are clearly very powerful nobles scum with vast criminal empires. Maxie Zeus is a cleric and latent psyker who has come to believe he is the Emperor himself. Many, many bio-lightning attacks. The Ventriloquist is permanently bonded to a chaos idol he touched, and is now controlled by it.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:36 No.8973385

    Penguin, king of the dung heap. By the standards of the underhive, he's a rich man, dealing in every manner of legal and illegal good. This, on top of his successful taverns and nightclub, has made him a small fortune, and he loves to flaunt his status by wearing nothing but fancy eveningwear stolen from the upper hive. Unfortunately, like many underhivers, Penguin was born a mutant, stuck with two oversized, flapping feet that force him to waddle rather than walk like a man. Though he insists his constant companion umbrella is for style (and to protect from aviary dung), most know that it doubles as his walking stick.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:37 No.8973397
    >noble scum
    You don't have to use the careers, 'criminal noble' sounds better.

    I think those are good calls for Black Mask and the Penguin, but they should be differentiated somehow.

    The Ventriloquist is great, Maxie Zeus is pretty good as well - an apostate cardinal who has manifested latent psychic powers. Those who followed him worship him as the Emperor himself.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:41 No.8973441
    >and escapes Arkham every single time he gets sent there.
    Arkham is there to create monsters, not to contain them. Great White Shark, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:41 No.8973448

    I'm trying to find that picture from the Radical's Handbook of the short Malfian noble. That, but in black not red and with a top hat, is basically the penguin.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:42 No.8973457

    So Inquisitor Batman is an Istvaanian, then?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:43 No.8973465
    Batman has no faction, he's the Emperor-damned Batman!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:44 No.8973475
    Obviously Kurze was Inquisitor Batman's inspiration, hence his radical-ness.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:46 No.8973501
    Exactly. Inquisitor Batman, searching for the one thing criminals truly fear, modeled himself on the deadly Night Haunter, because what's scarier to a criminal than a BATSHIT INSANE SOCIOPATH DRESSED AS A BAT?

    If comic books have taught us anything, there's no such thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:47 No.8973516
    His most sweeping act was being able to process an Administratum mandate that insisted all Underhive buildings have skylights, despite there being no sky or light.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:49 No.8973549
    Or better yet:

    Brusus Waynus: Hmmm these criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot, but they have to deal with feral mutants, daemons, up-hive kill-teams and other gangs on a daily basis. They have become immured to fear!

    Adept Nigma: Why sir, look here at this apocryphal tale of the fallen Primarch Kurze. 'Tis said he subjugated all criminals and heretics on his world by dressing as a bat and striking without warning!

    Brusus Waynus: Brilliant, Edward! You've solved yet another confounding riddle for me!

    Adept Nigma: Muahaha- *cough* ahem yes, sir.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:50 No.8973568

    In order to get the order put through, he had them reclassified as "Emergency Vertical Fire Escapes"
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:53 No.8973619
    Batman as an Assault Marine.
    No skylights needed.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:55 No.8973652
    But see, that defeats half the point of Batman being Batman. He's a badass normal dude, not some superhuman altered mutant thingy.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:58 No.8973686
    nothing about Batman is "normal" anymore. hte guy clearly has some superpowers, he's jsut too damn proud to admit it.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)11:59 No.8973703
    Oh, fuck you. What bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:02 No.8973742
         File1270396950.jpg-(109 KB, 800x600, 800x600_spirit_13.jpg)
    109 KB
    Pic related, it's the only thing more absurd than your claim.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:02 No.8973745
    Batman believes the Joker can be fixed. He doesn't hate him. Read The Killing Joke.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:03 No.8973754
    Here's the thing though: Batman is insane. The Joker is a madman who kills because his psychosis makes him find it amusing, but the Batman is just as crazy, just in the opposite direction: any death at all is anathema to him, and the idea of he himself killing is even more abhorrent. He's crazy, just in a way that a lot of people don't quite realize.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:05 No.8973785
    Batman is quite insane, but he's also a master of about a dozen martial arts, a super genius, and a millionaire. He's the kind of crazy you pretend is sane, because his crazy works for the greater good anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:06 No.8973801
    Also because are you gonna mess with a guy who has infinite money and spends his spare time punching criminals in the face?

    Seems risky, bro.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:07 No.8973808
    That too. Plus, Arkham can't keep hold of the Joker, what are the chances they could hold him more than two hours?

    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:08 No.8973822
    Yeah, that's the point I was trying to make.
    They ignore his insanity because it all works out in the end, and also because he could break your spine seven ways with an empty soda can.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:09 No.8973835
    "Only the insane have strength enough to prosper; only those who prosper truly judge what is sane."

    That's a quote from Dark Heresy and Inquisitor. Yet more proof this idea is solid as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:10 No.8973849
    Batman seems like the kind of guy who, if they made a reasonable argument for him to go to Arkham, he'd do it. Then after about a week he'd realize that being locked up in an insane asylum prevents him from cracking criminal skulls together, subdue a half-dozen guards, and escape.

    Plus, he'd only go to Arkham willingly (the only way they'd ever get him there) if they let him keep the costume on, because Bruce Wayne and Batman must never be connected.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:10 No.8973861

    I'm not sure if this line would fit better coming out of the mouth of the Joker or Batman. Hmm.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:12 No.8973881
    Definitely something the Joker would say. His insanity is more overt. Batman pretends he's sane, and does a damn good job of it, too. It's also something confusing enough that the Joker (who is at least as smart as Batman) might try to use it as a mindfuck.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:16 No.8973946
         File1270397789.jpg-(382 KB, 993x1523, batman-arkham-asylum-pg018.jpg)
    382 KB

    Parting is such sweet sorrow dearest. Still you can't say we didn't show you a good time. Enjoy yourself out there. In the asylum. Just don't forget if it ever gets too tough .. there's always a place for you here.

    -- The Joker "Arkham Asylum : A serious house on a serious earth"
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:21 No.8974034
    Batman was an Inquisitor. He impersonated Dasaad, who is Darkseid's Inquisitor.
    Darkseid> anybody from Warhammmer 40k
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:22 No.8974043
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:31 No.8974187
         File1270398695.png-(539 KB, 618x348, aff.png)
    539 KB

    Abbadon is.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:41 No.8974317
    Hahaha, holy shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:43 No.8974336
    Well this is just a fucking invitation, isn't it?

    I think at this point we have permission to try and 40kize ANY DC character.
    >> Lace 04/04/10(Sun)12:44 No.8974355
    >Implying Batman wouldn't make a great anything.

    Batman can probably roleplay better than all of us, and has probably made his own homebrew that he chose not to release because it would make EVERYONE in the world want to buy it, and stock prices would collapse or some shit.

    In fact, with Michael Caine as Alfred, his butler can act better than all of us.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:47 No.8974384
    It's simply that the character of batman fits really well in the mould of an Inquisitor, and his Rogues gallery in the mould of the villains.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:51 No.8974426

    Yeah, the super powered superheroes don't really work in 40k because they're aliens/magic/cosmic lawmen. Batman and friends are street heroes, with just their wits and specialised equipment to get them through.

    That said - Green Lantern Ring = A Halo Device
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:53 No.8974464
    Oh god. An organisation of space policemen driven by Halo Devices. The horrors those monstrosities create cannot be written, as the paper itself recoils from their works.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)12:56 No.8974521
         File1270400197.jpg-(111 KB, 600x328, blackestnight13132rise.jpg)
    111 KB

    And of course, a Halo Device can bring you back from the dead...
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:00 No.8974582
    The Halo devices don't share a universal template of powers. A good way to do this would be to strip back the lanterns so there is only one for each power source. Individualise them, then unite the resulting six or seven individuals and grimdark their asses to taste.

    Also: The Green Arrow - Feral World vigilante?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:02 No.8974613

    Nah, a rich noble who went on a hunting trip to a feral world and was marooned there. He had to learn bow craft to survive. When he got home, he decided to use his wealth to make bigger, better bows!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:03 No.8974624
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:05 No.8974659

    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:07 No.8974683
    then we have to do superman don't we?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:09 No.8974708
    Emprah. Done.

    Too far.


    Roger that. His bodyguards and servants are all feral worlders from a clan he led, and he lives in the jungle-habitat of his noble estate, not the mansion or grounds.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:09 No.8974714
         File1270400958.jpg-(20 KB, 444x319, m990085a_99060101453_BASanguin(...).jpg)
    20 KB

    pic related?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:10 No.8974733
    What if the POWERBOWS fire CHAIN ARROWS?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:11 No.8974751
         File1270401114.jpg-(6 KB, 236x199, Hmm.jpg)
    6 KB
    "But then there's the matter of that young cadet and his naval friend, Inquisitor Thompson."
    "Undoubtedly heresy, Inquisitor Thompson."
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:13 No.8974764
    The thing is, why would the bow have a power field? It'd be useless. Power fields are too rare to stick on arrows, so chain arrows fit just right. I can see a hydraulic bow, or bionic arm implants, or vat-grown muscle arms, not a bow with a power field.

    Maybe even a bow servitor.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:13 No.8974777
         File1270401229.jpg-(4 KB, 153x148, 1227646265915.jpg)
    4 KB
    Blistering Baneblades!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:18 No.8974843
    Tintin would be a fucking terrifying Inquisitor. Ordo Hereticus naturally, some sort of crazy ass Xeno hound all servitorized and whatnot as his companion/bodyguard. Maybe a hulking cyber mastiff.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:20 No.8974873

    I wonder what first Imperial Tin-Tin book would be, since it was adventure in soviet union..

    "Tin-Tin in the land of tau" ? Doesn't have the same touch as the original..
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:21 No.8974904

    It'd probably be on a planet or in a system that had declared indepedence from the Imperium.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)14:20 No.8975902
    >Not Communist
    > lolwut.jpg
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)15:36 No.8977139
         File1270409780.jpg-(331 KB, 600x600, 11.jpg)
    331 KB
    Bumping with a minor warp dabbler who helps out from time to time...
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)17:03 No.8978615
         File1270415004.jpg-(220 KB, 659x1000, WonderWomanToga.jpg)
    220 KB
    Bump with living saint.

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