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  • File : 1269191765.jpg-(116 KB, 800x600, class photo.jpg)
    116 KB The best campaign I ever ran Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:16 No.8703651  
    A few years ago, I had just finished reading the entire run of the 1980s New Mutants series and wanted to try working a campaign out of a similar premise (juvenile X-Men-in-training). I told my group that I planned on keeping a 50/50 mix of action and soap opera, and they all warmly welcomed the idea.

    It ended up being more soap opera than fight scenes, but everyone really got into their characters and the innocence of their situation.

    I'm going to post my notes, scripts for issues (I tried to present the GM narrative in a comic-book format), and the artifacts I made for the game.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:17 No.8703667
         File1269191860.jpg-(13 KB, 200x150, gendo.jpg)
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    Go on...
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:18 No.8703687
    .. any good super hero underage sex?
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:19 No.8703693
         File1269191957.png-(113 KB, 816x1056, letter.png)
    113 KB
    Before they could work on the crunch of their characters I had them fill this questionnaire out:


    The questions were written to give me lots of juicy plot hooks and to cement their characters' place in the setting in their minds.

    I also made copies of this letter with the names of the kids and their families (at least for the ones who had families/mailing addresses. More on that in a minute).
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:25 No.8703778
         File1269192306.jpg-(179 KB, 886x577, Mra2.jpg)
    179 KB
    I guess I should start with a breakdown of the game. All PCs were played by characters of the same gender.

    As you can see from my OP, I made custom minis for all the players, the NPC students, and at least 40+ more for other things.

    I set the game in 1995, which served two purposes: it was a time I am very familiar with in the Marvel universe, and it limits the use of clairvoyant technologies like cell phones and the internet.

    The adult X-Men were all referred to in-game by their surnames (Mr. Logan, Ms. Braddock, etc.). The kids were referred to by the adults using their given names, but I told the players to come up with codenames for when they adopted them in-game.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:31 No.8703871
         File1269192671.jpg-(90 KB, 800x600, Marisa.jpg)
    90 KB
    This is Marisa, aka Fade. Her powers are a lot like Shadowcat's (phasing through walls) with different fluff. The mini started out as Shadowcat as well :P

    Her parents were mutants who were supposedly killed in an anti-mutant riot, so she was living with her grandparents (her grandmother and aunts are mutants as well).

    As the game progressed, I turned her family drama into a well of gold mines for plot.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:34 No.8703925
         File1269192886.jpg-(84 KB, 800x600, Misao.jpg)
    84 KB
    This is Misao, aka Ember. She's half-Japanese, half-White, and has aerokinetic and pyrokinetic powers. Her twin brother Ishigami is a mutant with earth and water control, strangely enough.

    Her dad is a rich Japanese businessman with a bit of anti-mutant prejudice and her mom is a former famous actress.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:36 No.8703944
    Sounds quite comic bookish but then I guess that's what you were going for...
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:36 No.8703954

    .. any good super hero underage sex?

    Or we will lose interest, very quickly.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:39 No.8703988
         File1269193147.jpg-(71 KB, 800x600, Tornadito.jpg)
    71 KB
    This is Tornadito, aka Tor. (not really a code-name, but Tornadito's not his real name either).

    He was an orphan living on the streets of Rio in the first issue. Unlike most of the other New Mutants, his genetic heritage is obvious, as his skin is permanently metallic. In addition to the defensive benefits that provides, he's also super-strong.

    The player played him like a ladies' man, but it almost always blew up in his face (with lots of laughter from the group).
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:39 No.8703992
    Just say yes OP, CRUSH HIS DREAMS!
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:42 No.8704048
         File1269193355.jpg-(85 KB, 800x600, Jared.jpg)
    85 KB
    The last of the PCs is Jared, aka Blackout. He's an albino with the ability to drain electrical devices or channel electrical sources through him, expelling them in gouts of energy or using the current to heal himself.

    The player came in later, so all I can say about his background is that he's from Florida and his dad owns a car repair shop.
    >> Stran-G-ERR 03/21/10(Sun)13:46 No.8704098
    This is... actually a thread I'm interested in reading. Amazing.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:47 No.8704118
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:51 No.8704183
    Either this thread is dead already or OP has 56k dial up....
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:51 No.8704184
         File1269193876.jpg-(109 KB, 800x600, Classmates.jpg)
    109 KB
    I figured a proper high school setting wouldn't work with only three (later four) students, so I fleshed out some NPC kids with an eye on what would work well with/ cause friction with the player characters.

    From left to right we have Adelina de Leon, aka Hedron, a kinetic projector (force fields, etc). She's a rich girl from Mexico City.

    Next is Dana York, aka Shard, a white trash girl from a trailer in Nebraska with the ability to fracture crystalline objects along specific lines and handle them without injury (basically she can fuck around with glass all day and not get hurt).

    Her power is probably the weakest of the whole group, but she has enough minor abilities to make up for it.

    She ended up being a great antagonist for one of the PC girls.

    Last is Troy Halloway, aka Comet. He's a popular kid who's great at sports and is a genuine ladies' man. He's also an Omega-class mutant and, as a wielder of cosmic energy the most powerful of the students.

    What's that? You say I missed a student? That must be Jacob Swan, aka Blank. The localized magnetic storm around him blots him out of video recordings, as well as causing anyone near him to ignore his presence. Unfortunately he can't turn it off, so he can't use any electronic devices or even hold long conversations with people.
    >> Issue 1: Third(ish) Genesis Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:54 No.8704238
    The time: Early February

    Marisa knows something strange is going on, because it seems like her grandparents are trying to keep her uncle Jesse away from their house for the afternoon.

    She is sitting with her grandmother and Aunt Sarah in the kitchen playing dominoes when both her aunt and grandmother swivel their heads toward the front door. Her grandmother looks at the clock, sees that it it still two hours until Jesse gets back, and then places a high-scoring domino down.

    "Marisa, dear, would you please get the door?" her grandmother asks, seconds before someone rings the doorbell.

    When Marisa answers it, she is greeted by a bald guy in a wheelchair and a tall guy with crazy red sunglasses. The sitting man looks at Marisa and smiles.

    "Hello there. You must be Marisa," he says in a warm voice. "May we come in?"

    Marisa's uncle Jesse will not let Roman attend Xavier's, since he obviously doesn't agree with the X-Men (being a former supervillain and all). Also, he and the two aunts are Brotherhood sympathetic.

    But her grandparents (and Aunt Sarah) believe that Marisa might turn out evil (or at least without what they consider a proper attitude toward mutant-human relations) if she DOESN'T go to Xavier's.

    Her aunt Sarah drives her to Xavier's, and her grandmother rides along. Xavier and ??(Jean, maybe?) give her a tour of the Mansion. After showing Marisa her room (private room!) they take her down to the lounge, where the NPC New Mutants are hanging out. Jacob is not with the others (naturally- the girls might not notice him for quite some time). Adelina will be friendly enough to her (moreso when she discovers how much they have in common materialwise) and Troy might hit on her, but Dana will be hostile towards the younger girls, if for no other reasons than age difference and because they are "outsiders" compared to the kids that have been there for six months or so.
    >> Issue 1: Third(ish) Genesis Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:55 No.8704260
    Misao's brother Ishigami is obsessed with mutants, so he's probably a big fan of Sunfire, Japan's own superhero.

    >>> Note: Misao's mom is not present during this scene. <<<

    When Misao and Ishigami get home from school on Tuesday, her brother heads upstairs, but her father calls her into the parlor. Two white men are sitting there talking to her parents. One is older than her father, completely bald, and in a wheelchair. The other is sitting on a bench, and has large opaque red sunglasses. When Misao comes into the room, her father stops talking and holds out a letter addressed to her parents. (Give her her copy)

    Ishigami comes back down and listens in from the doorway.

    Her parents didn't need much convincing to send her to Xavier's. She hasn't so much learned to control her power as to not use it and avoid situations where she might accidentally trigger it. Her father believes (and her mother agrees) that until she learns to control her abilities she remains a danger to those around her.

    When Ishigami asks about going (which might startle people that didn't hear or see him come in), his father tells him that he is to remain in Japan. His power is not as dangerous, and he can control it to some degree. If he requires further training in the future, his grandfather may assist, or another tutor will be found. Basically, their father doesn't want Ishigami leaving Japan. Ishigami is pretty crushed at this, and after arguing (gasp!) with their father, he storms out. But their dad remains firm. Misao, of course, has no say in this.

    Xavier and Scott leave without Misao- she will fly to America (on a plane, ha ha) at the end of the week.

    Maybe after the New Mutants go back to Japan, their dad will decide to let Ishigami go to Xavier's.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:56 No.8704269

    What'd you use to run it? M&M? GURPS? Hero?
    >> Issue 1: Third(ish) Genesis Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:57 No.8704279
    The day after Marisa arrives at the school, she is instructed to ride along to the airport in New York City where "another student's plane is coming in." They meet Misao.

    There was a lot of catty drama in the house between two new hot-headed 14 year old girls and the hotheaded Shard.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:57 No.8704282
    Keeping an eye on this thread.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:58 No.8704291
    On February 13th, Adelina gets everyone thinking that they're spending three days at her parents' villa in the Mexican countryside, but she's secretly planning to take them all to Rio. The Professor knows they're flying to Mexico City, but after the first night at her parents' main house in Mexico City, she surprises them. At 5:00 AM she herds them all into a line and then into a small private plane.

    She won't say where they're going (and she'll resist psi-probes!) until they're in the air. Then she just says "Rio." As in Carnival.

    They get to Rio and Adelina buys outfits for anyone that needs them. They spend the day partying and having fun (and hopefully keeping their powers secret).

    A seemingly random subplot- Dana encounters some teenage thieves and ends up swiping cash from them after an impromptu street crime contest. This leads to a confrontation with the gang, where the New Mutants must use their powers (unless they're extra-smart). Either way, they are able to fend off the hoods.

    > During this fight, Jared gets cut with a knife- he drains a car battery to heal himself.

    >>> If they openly display mutant power, the gang that Tor runs with sees them. If not, then they just tell Tor about the foreign kids that beat up one of the major teen gangs (even if they really didn't beat them up, the messenger will exaggerate).

    A blend of 1E and 2E MnM
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)13:59 No.8704309
    Toward dusk, when things are getting really exciting, one of the PCs hears a strange noise- everyone else hears it when two military planes and three helicoptors fly overhead. The crowd seems to think this display is part of Carnival, until one of the planes explodes over the hills northeast of the city. Several more flashes and booms reach the crowd, then a rising plume of black smoke appears.

    The mood of the crowd changes noticeably, as the pageantry and elaborate costumes suddenly seem out of place. People begin to disperse as police and military vehicles arrive to keep things orderly and tell the crowd that nothing is wrong.

    The kids don't have to get involved, but there won't be any air traffic in or out of the country (and no travel out of the city) until this (the standoff) is resolved. Which means that if the PCs don't get back to Westchester, the Professor will find out what's really going on!

    Since the kids are probably the only group of mutants around, they can justify getting involved, since with great power comes great responsibility.

    The military has the region of jungle cordoned off by the time the PCs get to the explosion site, but Tor's gang can easily slop through! Since they reside on the outskirts, the PCs pass by them on their way to to the site. Being a bunch of obvious outsiders heading *towards* the chaos definitely draws the gang's attention. The army can't get close to the cave (a former tourist attraction until it was deemed unsafe!) because one of the other mutants is a telepath/mutant sensor.

    As the team sneaks part the army cordon, Adelina hears them talking about "mutantes"... mutants!
    >> Issue 1: Third(ish) Genesis Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:00 No.8704329
    (by the way, I made custom minis for this NPC mutant group as well)

    Inside the perimeter, the group is sensed by Network, who sends Dingo, (or "Ding") to investigate. He surprises the group and pins Misao up against a tree. The team has one round to act before Dispatch teleports in, sends Dingo and Misao to the cave-base, and then holds up a machine gun! He demands to know what the $&%@#! the team is doing here. Any hostility on their part results in him teleporting them all to the cave, where Julio can inhibit their powers.

    Once inside, Dispatch tells them that they will not be harmed, since "We aren't going to kill kids, and we *definitely* aren't going to kill MUTANT kids! After some tense sitting around (really!) Dingo is sent out on patrol, and Network sits quietly with his eyes closed, monitoring for army types. Dispatch tells Granite to show the team what it is that has the Brazilian army trying to kill them. She leads them a little further into the cave, where they behold the deactivated giant robot!

    Granite reveals that they were attacked by the robot, and managed to subdue it. Hacking its brain showed them:


    ... and that it was designed to hunt mutants.
    >> Issue 1: Third(ish) Genesis Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:01 No.8704343
    "But what does this have to do with the Brazilian government? AND WHY are they trying to kill you people?"

    Dispatch tells them that the Sentinel was being tested here, but it was built in America. From the name "Mark IV", there might be three other Sentinels (or at least three other TYPES of Sentinels!)

    The mutant group swiped this one, and they want to go public with it. Only problem is, the Brazilians (and presumably their American backers) don't want any information about the Sentinel program getting out. OR obviously any witnesses.

    So what are the New Mutants to do?

    Well, the cave is a pretty good place for a standoff. Dispatch was able to teleport the Sentinel into the cave, even though it almost killed him, but he had to do it or else the army would have found them sooner. Now, however, it's too big to take out in one piece.

    The main entrance (where the tourists used to come in) is thought to be the only way in or out, but Fade might be able to find an escape route. They might have a battle against the army unless they're very lucky.

    If the army gets their Sentinel back and the mutants escape without being identified, they will call off the national cordon for the sake of the tourist season (though it will play in the papers as an attempted military show during Carnival that turned tragic when a plane malfunctioned.)

    The Sentinel won't be able to ID the mutant group, since Pollen was able to put her computer skill to work and erased them from its memory.

    The two groups split up. The New Mutants probably didn't learn anyone's real name.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:03 No.8704375
    NOTE: This does not occur unless the encounter between Shard and a gang of urchins happened.

    After the two groups split up, the New Mutants and Tor head back to the city. On the outskirts, they avoid a police patrol only to encounter into the gang that Shard had a run-in with earlier.

    (Pointing at Shard): "You! You still owe me

    When their leader sees Tornadito, however, his mood changes.

    "You're with these fools, Tornadito?

    If the New Mutants used any powers during their first confrontation with the gang, their leader says "I guess you are like these people then, amigo."

    (luckily this all went down pretty much exactly as I had hoped for, but Tor wanted out of poverty and thought Misao was cute, so he had two incentives to go with them :D)
    >> Issue 2: Juggy vs. Spidey II Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:05 No.8704408
         File1269194721.jpg-(79 KB, 800x600, spidey.jpg)
    79 KB
    (spoiler: celebrity cameos go a long way to thrilling players)


    Picture of Stevie

    Jean Grey picks them up at the airport on Sunday afternoon. She is pleasant to Tor, and doesn't argue against bringing him to the school.

    It's raining when the mutants get back to the Mansion, but it's not the hot jungle rain- it's a cold drizzle that casts the rooms of the mansion into a deep pallor. The Professor telepathically calls them all in, and informs them that

    "I spoke with Adelina's mother yesterday. It seems that she was as uninformed of your trip as I.

    "Let me make this perfectly clear," he says, leaning forward. "As long as you remain enrolled at this school, you are legally in my care. If something were to have happened to you, I would have the unhappy luck of explaining it to your families, or the police, or worse.

    "That being said, I would be remiss if I ignored this incident. Until I say otherwise, consider yourselves restricted to the house and the immediate grounds."

    He looks at Tor, then says "Now, will one of you consent to me reading your mind and knowing all that transpired instantly, or are you going to tell me exactly what happened since you left the school."

    As they give details of the Sentinel, a haunted look crosses the Professor's face.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:06 No.8704428
    Finally, they finish their story. Xavier leans back for a second, lost in thought. He regains his focus, and says

    "You are dismissed. Young man", he says, looking at Tor, "would you please stay here? I would like to discuss some things with you."

    The other mutants file out, wondering if their only punishment will be a stern lecture.

    Depending on how much Xavier knows about Tor, he eventually cuts to the meat of legally making Tor a ward of the school and a US citizen. Obviously he has strings he can pull with his government friends to speed up the process.

    In the meantime, he says that the staff and the other students will help him with whatever he needs. He mentally calls Troy in and asks him to "please show Tornadito to his room next door to yours."

    The next week is a blur of classes- the mutants' noses are kept to the grindstone. There is also a change in the schedule since their return. The long free time after class has been replaced by a concerted effort to increase their control over their mutant powers.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)14:07 No.8704443
    >> Issue 2: Juggy vs. Spidey II Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:07 No.8704444
         File1269194829.jpg-(80 KB, 350x526, xmen50.jpg)
    80 KB
    First Danger Room training- Misao and Marisa vs. Storm and Polaris.

    All the girls have to do is cross the room and each push a button that ends the drill. As Storm says "When your button is pressed in, an alarm will sound and your drill will be over." Of course, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

    Polaris uses her magnetic power to encase Marisa in a cube of metal, while Storm physically blocks the other girl, bringing a rainstorm to quench Misao's fire, and sending Misao's own windgusts back at her, which also keeps her from advancing.

    The key to success here is that Polaris intentionally left one of the the side walls very thin. If she examines its molecules (as Polaris knows she can) she will see that she can probably get out. She might not think of looking AT the metal, since she knows she can't see THROUGH the metal. When she emerges, she will have a clear shot at her button.

    Misao's drill is a bit more esoteric. She can't physically get to the button because of Storm, but she *can* use her telekinesis to push it from a distance.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:08 No.8704471
    Forgot to point out: the flaw in Fade's power is that she can't see through metal.
    >> Issue 2: Juggy vs. Spidey II Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:10 No.8704500
         File1269195013.jpg-(20 KB, 226x295, Ep041_StevieHunter.jpg)
    20 KB
    On a Wednesday afternoon, Professor X abruptly calls the mutants into his study. Standing next to his desk is Stevie Hunter, the dance teacher. He announces that he and the senior staff will be away from the school for "a few days". In their absence, Ms. Hunter will be in charge.

    Obviously, there's a cool 32-page fight going on somewhere else in the world, but the mutants are stuck in Westchester. Their classes are apparently canceled until their teachers get back, since Ms. Hunter can really only teach dance.

    The next day, Adelina is bored (didn't see THAT coming!) She suggests a trip into New York City. Ms. Hunter was warned about what happened in "Mexico", so she initially refuses to allow them to leave the grounds. If they suggest that she chaperone them, a fake d20 roll gets her to acquiesce. (that's right, I fake rolls sometimes)

    Hopefully by this time the mutants have learned that they should always have their uniforms on under their clothes, or at least with them. If not, one of their classmates will point it out. Troy jokingly does a "Superman", where he pulls open his shirt to reveal his X-uniform, much to the gigglement of the girls.

    Once in the city, they shop about. Around 4 pm, Stevie decides that it's time to head back. They are driving up a fairly main road when suddenly the first-floor wall of a building explodes outward and the Juggernaut charges out, a sack in his fist, plowing away a couple of parked cars!
    >> Stran-G-ERR 03/21/10(Sun)14:10 No.8704502
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:11 No.8704522
         File1269195091.jpg-(55 KB, 300x421, Comic_art_03_Spiderman__.jpg)
    55 KB
    As the Juggernaut charges into the street, the flow of traffic suddenly becomes a tangled field of crashed cars. Stevie slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the jam, but the car behind her slams into her and pins their vehicle from behind! Their doors can still open, but they aren't driving anywhere! Once the crashes subside, Stevie gets out and they witness the Juggernaut throw a wrecked car up into a billboard. The metal heap crashes through the giant sign and impacts against the side of a building... then falls toward the sidewalk amidst a throng of screams!

    Suddenly, something miraculous happens- the hunched crowd slowly realizes that they still live, and look up in amazement at the car dangling a few feet above their head. From out of the plaster-dust leaps a red-colored individual that none of the mutants ever expected to meet- one they thought might be nothing more than an urban legend- the spectacular Spider-Man!

    He leaps toward the huge rampaging figure, snapping out a web-line to yank up a chunk of concrete and whips it toward the Juggernaut. He backhands it out of the way, sending the largest piece into Spider-man's head! While the two battle on the left side of the street, the damaged billboard falls onto one of the occupied cars! The mutants hear screams from inside the trapped vehicle...
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:13 No.8704562
         File1269195233.jpg-(44 KB, 350x445, Juggernaut-x-men-4813904-350-4(...).jpg)
    44 KB
    At this point, the mutants really only have two choices. They can be cowards and run away, or they can act like heroes and try to help the innocent bystanders, like the family trapped in their car by the destroyed billboard. Or they could stay in the car and hope they don't get tossed around. Three choices, then.

    Of course, they can't really take on the Juggernaut, but after making sure that everyone still alive stays that way, they might be able to help Spider-Man. At the moment, he seems really outclassed- all he can do is dodge the Juggernaut's blows and try to keep his rampage from hurting more bystanders.

    There are many injured people slowly dying in their cars and on the street, plus there are small crowds of people that were caught in the destruction, like the people pinned between a collapsing building and a pile of wrecked cars.

    There are ten bystanders on the street or sidewalks, outside of the cars. The crowd of six on the right side are in danger from the weakening building; the four scattered on the left are in range of the Juggernaut's rampage.

    There are another five people trapped in their cars, including the mother and daughter trapped under the billboard. No ordinary people can lift the sign, but perhaps a super-strong mutant can!

    Once all the people are rescued, the mutants can turn their attention to helping Spider-man. Confronting the Juggernaut head-on is suicide, but if they can keep out of his way and toss enough interference, Spidey might actually live for a few more minutes!

    (just a note for those /co/mrades out there: the subtext of this fight scene is a follow-up to the fight atop the World Trade Center in an issue of X-Force from 1994)
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:17 No.8704625
    (This line came to me fully formed, and I knew I had to use it. When I dropped it, the entire table burst out laughing)

    "X-Brats? What's next, I gotta fight Captain America?"

    Spidey (as he squirts Juggernaut in the eyes): "Quit name-dropping in front of the kids, Jughead!"

    A further complication arises when a TV news crew shows up to film the devastation. Appearing on camera with superhuman powers is probably a bad move, but Blackout can fry their camera. All it takes is a 10+, but a roll of 1 causes an electrical backlash that injures the cameraman! The PCs (and especially Blackout) can make partial restitution if they take the injured man to the hospital (the reporter can't drive the stick van).

    Blackout successfully fries (just) the camera, leaving the stunned cameraman with a zinger: "No comment."

    >During this, Blackout discovers that he can siphon Blank's EM field to boost his own power- the feeling is incredible- much better than the "biting into a lemon" feeling from draining raw electricity...
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:18 No.8704643
         File1269195526.jpg-(50 KB, 400x606, jean-using-mutant-powers.jpg)
    50 KB
    Of course, the mutants have no chance of stopping the rampaging metahuman. Just as Juggernaut is about to deliver a killing blow to one of the "X-Brats", he gets hit in the chest with a red laser blast that knocks him back. Cyclops and the X-Men are here! And they're in costume!

    "Back off, Juggernaut. The authorities are on their way."

    Juggernaut: Authorities? What are those library cops gonna do to me?

    There are a few more terse words, then Juggernaut pounds the ground, throwing up a cloud of concrete dust. When Storm's wind clears it, there is gaping a hole in the street, and Juggernaut is nowhere to be seen.

    "Should we go after him, Skip?"

    Cyclops: No. There are too many injured people here. JEAN, THAT BUILDING!"

    As he shouts that last part, the mutants' attention is directed to the weakened building that is now finally collapsing. Jean springs into action, enveloping the structure in a pink telekinetic shield. Though the strain on her is obviously enormous, she holds it until the building can be evacuated.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:19 No.8704661

    (brb 15 minutes sandwich run)
    >> Stran-G-ERR 03/21/10(Sun)14:21 No.8704689
    I love this element of less powerful heroes doing their part saving people and helping so others other heroes can stay focused on the big threat. In fact, some of my favorite moments in books are seeing Daredevil or even Spidey protecting bystanders or rescue crew while the Fantastic Four are dealing with something cosmic or some such. I gotta say, it looks like you are the kinda GM who 100% 'gets it', and I wish I had a game like this going on for me right now.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)14:21 No.8704706
         File1269195705.jpg-(34 KB, 447x447, luke_NOOOOOO.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)14:24 No.8704740
    Quick, while there's a lull in the action, go dump this on suptg so we don't forget later. This is too good to die out like any ordinary thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)14:32 No.8704855
    I would but I've forgotten how to on the suptg site
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:42 No.8705021
    I guess I never mentioned it, but the players started the game at PL2.

    The NPC students were all PL3 in the first issue.
    >> Issue 3: Spring Fling Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:45 No.8705102
         File1269197156.png-(28 KB, 1167x509, Salem High.png)
    28 KB
    We begin with Tor, Fade and Blackout in what seems to be a battle to the death against two hideous giant insectoids (the Starship Troopers bugs) in a gross, slimy hive. Some of the (adult) X-Men are trapped - partially cocooned - in the walls.

    The GM answers no questions about why or how they are in this place- if they stammer around, the bugs will take their forfeited turn. Use the stats of "Giant Insect" in the back of the book.

    If they think to spring the adults trapped in the walls, they will recover in five rounds and assist the New Mutants. The material holding the X-Men has a Durability of 5- both Tor and Fade can remove it on a successful power check (Fade's is Concentration+Power, and Tor's is Strength+Superstrength)- target number 20.

    The mutants have to destroy the bugs without being mortally wounded. If one of the PCs rolls a confirmed critical failure on their Toughness save, the bug pierces their chest, freezing and ending the simulation.
    >> Issue 3: Spring Fling Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:47 No.8705125
         File1269197223.jpg-(50 KB, 420x623, 165-15.jpg)
    50 KB
    Ways the mutants can save the day:

    There are sharp stalactite-like protrusions hanging from the ceiling that the mutants might Notice with a Notice (15) check.

    If Fade can get up to them (either by climbing or being thrown by Tor) she can use her molecular disruption to sever them from the ceiling and possibly impaling a bug.

    If that fails, Tor can wield a downed pseudostalactite like a club or spear, or even hurl it at a distant bug. Barring that, he can always punch one to death (maybe).
    Blackout can shock the bugs- alternatively, he can weaken and melt the material that makes up the coccoon and the pseudostalactites that hang above it by hitting it full-power (Concentration+Power) for two rounds. Alternatively, a Hero Point can instantly sever a pseudostalactite. Rolling a 20 on his power check to attack a bug will stun it for one round- he can keep it immobilized with continued shocks even if he doesn't roll another 20.

    So one of them dies or they defeat the bugs. Either way, the room, the bugs, and the adult X-Men fade away to the Danger Room's blank walls.


    But how did these New Mutants find themselves fighting holographic aliens? For that answer, we must travel back in time to the day before...
    >> Issue 3: Spring Fling Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:49 No.8705164
    The mutants are back where they left off last time- they just got back from New York and Misao has received a letter from her brother. The question is, will she read it right here in front of everyone, or seek the privacy of her room?

    Ms. Braddock hands the Professor a note and tells him "By the way, sir, the principal of Salem Center High School called for you."


    That evening, there is a brief story on the national news about the hanging of an "alleged mutant" outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The video shows a man hanging from a tree with a sign around his neck that says "Mutant". "Police have said they are still working to determine whether the death was accidental, perhaps a suicide."

    The pretty anchorwoman says "In a related story, a near-riot in Boston today, as pro-human demonstrators came under attack from a crowd of people rumored to have displayed mutant abilities. Three people were seriously injured, though all are expected to recover. (Marisa: Notice (10) to spot Roman on the tape of the "agitators")
    The governor of Massachusetts had this to say:

    "Rest assured that this kind of anarchy will not stand in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have spoke with both the Mayor of Boston and the city's Chief of Police, and they assure me that they have devoted their full attention to this case, and will not rest until the identities of these mutant subversives are discovered."

    "It was a big day in Hollywood, as celebrity couple..."
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)14:50 No.8705183
    Thread has been archived here.

    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:53 No.8705223
    (This part of the script was written for a new player that was supposed to join the group, but he never materialized so it never came up in-game. I'm including it here for completeness. /co/mrades might recognize the setup from the same NM issue where Kitty Pryde delivers her famous "kikes and fags" speech.)

    XXX's character is a student at the school. He is kind of unpopular, and there are rumors that he is a mutant. Some of the other students, as a joke-gone-too-far, call the M-Squad (out of NYC) to give him a scare- little do they know that he really is a mutant.

    Towards the end of the night, after everyone leaves, the M-Squad "apprehends" XXX for being a dirty mutant. The New Mutants must leave the dance, lose their civvies, and rescue him.

    They might think that Ms. Frost would discourage them from this sort of thing, but the truth is, she is the kind of person who likes to force mutants to use their powers in defiance of flatscans.

    The flatscan kids that called XXX in follow him outside, harassing him and secretly waiting around until the M-Squad gets there. When they do, they have a scanner that can detect whether mutants are present within 10 feet- after waving it at XXX and determining that he really is a mutant!!
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:55 No.8705274

    The M-Squad
    Marisa's family
    Bigoted students and faculty

    (note: before this issue I had worked on getting Misao warmed up to Troy, and they had been almost-flirting for a while.)



    Troy dances with Misao, getting all friendly and everything, then they get separated. She finds him a little later near the front door of the school, only he's making out with Dana!

    If she bursts into fire here, a bunch of normies will see her and Ms. Frost (who isn't in the area) might not be able to mindwipe them all before someone gets away or takes a picture or something.

    If she runs out the front door and down the steps, she passes a couple of teens making out in front of the window to the right ( --> ) of the main door. Once outside, she gets two Notice+Telepathy checks to notice Jacob "Blank" Swan standing outside a step from the sidewalk looking in through a window at some normies inside in the main hallway.

    Ms. Frost's power can't dampen his field even if she's right next to him, so he can't really interact with anyone there for very long (if at all). Very sad. So he's alone on the lawn of the school, since Jared only hangs around him to leech his electromagnetism and the other mutants are all inside.
    More electromagnetic vampirism? Maybe...


    What kinds of problems do these two have? Tor likes to flirt with girls, especially Misao (even though every overture just sets her off more).

    Jared and Tor are both kind of freaks- they both look weird and can't easily go out without being stared at. But they're physical opposites.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)14:58 No.8705319

    Carin Ritter
    Ivy Stange
    Suzy Poehl
    Noel Mortland
    Madeline Foster

    Craig Bradley
    Graham Pearson
    Terry Wilkerson
    Jon Jenkins
    Kyle Hurst
    Future developments:

    Yup, Roman is starting down the road to supervillainy. It's only a matter of time (issue 8?) before he reveals his AIM-designed supersuit, possibly committing a supercrime where the mutants have to stop him. Marisa's grandparents were right to be concerned. Also, what if the AIM people did something to "accelerate" his mutant genes, pumping up his telepathic ability but eventually turning him into a freakish monster (with telepathy)?!
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:00 No.8705361
         File1269198058.jpg-(109 KB, 500x751, Class picture.jpg)
    109 KB
    Pre-game point: Their "first appearance" is February 18th, a.k.a. Issue 2, at least their public appearance, if anyone cares. Of course, their technical first appearance beyond the fourth wall is Issue 1- Third(ish) Genesis.

    Pre-game point no. 2: Out of the core five X-Men, only Angel is absent. A Notice (25) check in the hallway near the Professor's office finds a picture of a blonde smiling guy with what look like angel wings. If asked, the adults will get all sad and tell them "That's Warren." If they press the issue, they are told that he died.

    In reality, he was "killed" by Apocalypse, who, unbeknownst to the X-Men, took him and made him into Archangel. He'll show up once he has a miniature (and maybe one for Apocalypse too).
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:01 No.8705383
    >> Issue 4: Mutant Trip to Japan, 1995 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:04 No.8705424
         File1269198253.png-(49 KB, 858x871, Yoshida house layout.png)
    49 KB
    (that letter, by the way, was informing Misao that her grandfather's 65th birthday is coming up and she will be traveling back to Japan to be present for it)

    We start with a cold end-of-winter morning (snow outside, frost on the windows, and everyone is wearing heavy clothing). Some of the mutants are sitting in the kitchen eating cereal and just hanging out (since it's Saturday). Suddenly they hear Troy yell "YES!" from the other room. If they don't investigate somehow, he comes flying (literally) through the house yelling "I won! Oh, yeah, yeah, I won! Whoo!"

    He won a radio call-in contest for two tickets to the New York Jets. He asks Dana to come with him, and she says yes. They seem to be becoming more of a couple now

    >>>Perhaps a Danger Room sequence where one of them does something reckless or inappropriate involving the other one? Like Troy veering off-course to punch out a bad guy threatening Dana?<<<
    This might not sit well with Misao.
    Jacob has developed a plan for counteracting his power. He got one of the adults to buy him a pet bird (since he couldn't make the transaction himself). Now the bird's chirping helps people hone in on his location, granting anyone trying to perceive him through a Notice check a +5 bonus. (though not Telepathy, though animal-telepathy would count).
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:06 No.8705473
         File1269198418.jpg-(76 KB, 800x600, Mr Logan.jpg)
    76 KB
    April 10th is Misao's grandfather's 65th birthday. Misao is obligated to attend, of course, but the rest of the mutants are also invited. Of course, they can't go without a chaperone, so Mr. Logan goes with them (since he's a little less conspicuous than Psylocke's purple hair).

    Jacob can't go because they're taking a commercial flight (the unshielded electronics would blank out). Troy already has permission to attend a professional basketball game the same day, and Dana was going to go with him. That leaves Adelina, who would love to see Japan, but has to complete a really big paper:

    "Oh, you're going to love next semester. Just you wait," she says with an evil gleam in her eye. So it looks like the PCs are the only ones who can go.

    Most Tokyo-bound visitors land in Narita International Airport, which is situated in Narita in the north of the prefecture, and connected to Tokyo by the JR Narita Express and the private Keisei Electric Railway.

    (Mr. Logan's mini used to have the blue-and-gold color scheme, but I redid it with the classic brown)
    >> Issue 4: Mutant Trip to Japan, 1995 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:08 No.8705494
    Day 2- Shopping in Shinjuku and Ginza, northwest of Tokyo Bay. Mr. Logan escorts them everywhere. If one of them succeeds at a Notice check (15) they observe Mr. Logan looking in the rear-view mirror a lot. He won't say anything, but the reason is because he suspects a car is following them.

    Shopping. Wow, Tokyo is advanced!

    That evening, they are to meet Misao's parents at a fancy restaurant.

    When they get back to their limo, their driver is waiting outside, leaning against the vehicle and drinking out of a paper cup (the kind bought from a vendor). He downs the rest of it as they approach, then throws it away and opens their doors.


    While on the highway to the restaurant, Wolverine is the first to notice that the limo driver is drifting into oncoming traffic. "Hey, bub! Watch the road!... huh?"

    Their limo driver slumps over, but his foot presses down on the accelerator! They're going 80 mph on the freeway with no driver!
    >> Issue 4: Mutant Trip to Japan, 1995 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:09 No.8705510
    (I wrote Wolverine for my own convenience, but keep in mind I never broke character and referred to the adult X-Men by anything other than their given names)

    Wolverine dives into the front seat and grabs the wheel, but they still collide with the base of a light pole, and Wolvie is thrown through the windshield! The limo is thrown around and ends up in the median.

    All the mutants need to make a check (tumble, phase, or whatever) or be injured, though none of them are ejected from the limo.

    >>>If Marisa phases out just before the limo hits the pole and "stops", her forward momentum will carry her through the vehicle and into the air- she must make a power rank + concentration roll to avoid solidifying and getting road rash.<<<

    As they climb out, one of them notices Logan laying unconscious on the road. Almost immediately, the sound of an ambulance siren becomes audible.

    The ambulance arrives, and four rescue workers get out. If anyone makes a Notice check, it seems a little odd that they seem to care more about Misao, even though she might not be the most injured (and especially since Logan is lying in the street).
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/21/10(Sun)15:10 No.8705520
    Goddamn, I want in on your group! this sounds like THE SHIT.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:11 No.8705530
    One of them begins walking Misao toward their ambulance, when Logan says "Hold it, bub" in Japanese. His "mortal" injuries seem to have mostly disappeared!

    "Ah, the gaijin 'Wolverine'," one of the ambulance workers says (in Japanese). "You are as formidible as we were told. But, one wonders, is Miss Kamuro?"

    As he says this, Misao feels a sting on her arm. The ambulance worker "helping her stand" holds up a syringe. Misao is injected with a powerful sedative that renders her woozy and nearly unconscious almost immediately. In this state, she is unable to focus enough to use her powers.

    If any of the mutants try to rush the ambulance workers, Logan stops them, as Misao now has a gun to her head.

    "What's this about?" Mr. Logan snarls. "You boys looking for some kind of ransom?"

    The men smile, and the one who spoke before says (in English, for the benefit of the kids) "Hardly. Our friends are not so crude. Miss Kamuro is merely being held as a bargaining chip. Once her...errant... father corrects his actions, she may return to you, if she likes. Until such a time, however..."

    His threat trails off as he signals to the man holding Misao. He pulls her toward the open rear doors of the ambulance as another snaps out a stretcher. The two men load her on and she disappears inside.

    "Now, please enjoy your dinner, and give our regards to Kamuro-san."

    It seems like Misao's father in in league with the Yakuza! Misao cannot believe this, since she knows her father to be an exceedingly reputable man.

    (one more note: the players obviously don't mind a little railroading, since they liked the atmosphere and everyone got weak-kneed whenever Mr. Logan said something :P)
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:12 No.8705556
         File1269198767.jpg-(40 KB, 408x555, Wizard-Wolverine-Xmen.jpg)
    40 KB
    >>>>>En route to the airport, Logan will give the other PCs the gist of their Japanese conversation <<<<

    After Misao is kidnapped, Logan meets the mutants' cries of "We have to go after her!" with "The hell you will." He drives "fast and furious", screeching to a halt outside of the airport. He hauls the kids inside, pulls out his wallet and gives (the most responsible one) enough yen to buy them plane tickets back to the States, and some American dollars for whatever.

    "Get on the first plane to America you can," says Wolvie, before jumping back in the car and tearing away to rescue Misao from the Yakuza ninjas by himself.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:13 No.8705578
         File1269198830.jpg-(81 KB, 400x607, 35020-3092-39112-1-uncanny-x-m(...).jpg)
    81 KB
    Do the New Mutants do as Mr. Logan says and go wait at the school? Does Magneto fear a refrigerator magnet?

    Of course, Wolverine is not one to call for backup. He heads straight for the scuzziest bar he can think of, one that he knows to be a hangout for the type of people he needs to talk to to find out where Misao is. Unknown to Logan, there is some old enmity here- when Clan Yoshida saw that the formidable Wolverine was guarding the kids, they called in Viper to help. It's only because of her that Wolverine was incapacitated before he slew all the ninjas and rescued Misao.

    Luckily for the New Mutants, Logan has a friend in Japan- Yukio! She has been monitoring the Yakuza, and was curious to see their ninjas dispatched. She arrived too late to stop the "ambulance workers" from taking Misao, but she followed the Mutants and Logan back to the airport.

    She steps out of the shadows as the mutants watch Logan drive off, and says (in English) "You're friends of the Kamuro girl, aren't you?".

    Immediate cut to Misao!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:14 No.8705583
    cool I might try this with exiles or age of apocalypse
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:14 No.8705592
    I don't have time to read this now, but the fact that you're still going strong makes me want to later. Someone be sure to archive this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:15 No.8705616
    Agreed. A lot of effort has been put into this, even if you've only condensed a quick summary of events for us to see.
    If you ever decided to do online sessions, I'd be thrilled to join.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:16 No.8705624
    Meanwhile, when Misao's sedative wears off, she finds herself on top of a bed in a luxurious bedroom, alone save for a clean-cut man standing by the door (Don't tell the PCs, but it is locked.) and a woman in a green outfit (Viper) perched on the footboard of her bed.

    >>>> Unfortunately, she's wearing a high-tech collar that inhibits her powers. Every time she tries to use a power, the collar inflicts painful but nonlethal damage on her equal to whatever the result of her d20 roll + power rank is. The only way she can blow it out is by rolling a 20 and remaining conscious through the pain long enough to pull it off before it resets. <<<

    >>> Viper will mock Misao if she tries to use her powers against Viper or the guard, explaining what the significance of the backlash pain is, and mentioning that the design actually came from the American government. <<<

    The woman (Viper) says to Misao "Finally awake? Was it all the noise earlier? Your poor excuse for a teacher was attempting to rescue you, but we saw to him. Now, let's hope your father is more reasonable, so we can get you back to your school."

    She turns and walks out of the room. If Misao tries to engage her, she gets backhanded for her trouble. Soon, she is alone with the guard. If she attacks him, he can zap her with a tiny remote control in his hand that makes her drop to her knees.

    She does have a nice view out the (bulletproof, hence unbreakable) floor-to-ceiling windows. The Yakuza house where Misao is held is situated on a cliff overlooking Tokyo Bay.

    Her captors refer to her as "half-breed". Her mother is also the target of several derisive phrases.

    (another note; I know kidnapping/ isolating a PC can cause trouble, but Misao's player is great at rolling with the story, and I tried to give her a lot of opportunity for verbal sparring with the Clan Yoshida people while the others were en route to her rescue)
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:19 No.8705681
    See here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8703651/
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:21 No.8705717
    From this point the players were on their own; Yukio was an asset but almost all the legwork and fighting was done by the PCs.

    tl;dr they slaughtered a bunch of ninjas, Misao was set loose, and Mr. Logan was found in a restraint pod... chair... type thing in the room opposite Misao's.

    After that there was a lot of drama between Misao and her father, where it came out that he probably valued her a little less than her brother and that was the reason he allowed her to go to Westchester but kept her brother close at hand (grooming him to take over the family empire was also a motive).

    I would love to run another New Mutants game.
    >> Issue 5: The New Mutants 2099 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:28 No.8705835
         File1269199717.jpg-(142 KB, 600x750, new mutants 2099.jpg)
    142 KB
    (note: I'm a shitty artist now, and I was even shittier three years ago when I didn't have a tablet to easily correct mistakes, but I'm doing full disclosure of materials here)


    (I read all this. It was very gripping, apparently.)

    First Page:
    First panel: An overview of the Mansion from high up.

    Second panel: A bit closer. We see the silhouette of a figure standing in a courtyard.

    Third panel: Closer still. The figure is holding a sword. Someone off-panel says "Hold your stance. Focus on what you're going to do."
    Second Page: (splash page)

    Misao facing forward at the reader, holding her new sword pointed straight at the reader. A butterfly floats near the blade, unaware of the danger.

    Text boxes:

    This is Misao Kamuro. She's 14.

    She's also a mutant.

    The past year has been pretty interesting for her.

    Last week, she was kidnapped by the Yakuza*.
    (box at the bottom: * Last issue! - Elaboratin' Eric)

    This week?

    This week, she's making sure it doesn't happen again.

    Mr. Logan yells "Begin! Forward thrust! (pause) Parry! (pause)Forward thrust! (pause) Slash!

    Give the PCs another 3 power points, bringing them up to 3rd level (with all the benefits that confers).
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:30 No.8705869

    Although i'm a little hesitant to leave my email on the likes of 4chan... If you needed to contact me for a game I can be found regularly here - http://easternfringe.com/forum/index.php under the name Deacon01.

    PM me there if you happen to be needing a spare PC.
    >> Issue 5: The New Mutants 2099 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:32 No.8705906
    After the Spring Formal, where the New Mutants meet some flatscan kids their age and *romance blooms* (awww!) for Tor and Carin Ritter, she lands a job working for Dr. Reed Richards, inventor of the unstable molecular fabric that the mutants are probably wearing. They are based at Four Freedoms Plaza in NYC.

    Since the weather is so warm, why not take the train into New York?

    Of course, they will have to have a chaperone. Mr. Drake is available (swoon).

    Unfortunately, prejudice rears its ugly head on the train- a guy calls Tor a "dirtbag mutant" and tells him to get off the train at the next stop. He doesn't listen to Bobby Drake's calming words, and gets right up in Tor's face, even going so far as to poke him in the chest while saying "I oughta report you to the government!"

    Obviously, the mutants should do something to help their friend, but a display of powers is a bad idea- there are several other people in the car.

    (a couple of crowd-sampling rolls later and it turned out that the majority of people on the train weren't willing to go along with the bigotry, so nobody made waves when Tor picked him up and made him sit down)
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:35 No.8705960
         File1269200153.jpg-(38 KB, 303x625, four freedoms 1995.jpg)
    38 KB
    Four Freedoms Plaza is at the corner of 42nd St. and Madison Ave. Troy, Dana, Adelina, and Jacob whine visiting "some boring science lab", instead wanting to shop and experience New York. Nevertheless, Mr. Drake escorts them all to their destination. There, they check in at the front desk, and are sent up to the 81st floor.

    When the car gets to the 81st floor, the doors slide open and a robot stands waiting on the other side.

    "Hello, friends. Please follow me." It gestures down the hallway, waiting for the mutants to step out and follow. It will answer most questions the kids have (Knowledge: Four Freedoms Plaza +12, Knowledge: Fantastic Four +12).

    On the walk down the hall, Bobby cocks his head and halts for a second. If any of the kids notice (notice check), they can stop and ask him what's up:

    "Hmm? Oh, I don't know.. I just thought I saw something, but... Oh, well, let's not get left behind," gesturing at the robot and the other students that are almost out of sight around a corner.

    They are led to a pair of large metal sliding doors that swoosh open into a large, brightly-lit laboratory, where Tor meets his sweetie, and Bobby meets with Dr. Richards. Reed tells Bobby that they're almost finished with this set of tests, so (the flatscan) will be free for the rest of the day. It's fine if they stick around in the lab.

    If any of the mutants are curious, Reed will tell them what the unfathomable machines are. The bulk of the room is taken up by a trans-dimensional spectrograph, but there is also a neutrino containment matrix, a kinetic converter, and several other "auxiliary" machines that extend to other floors or are redundant lab equipment present on every floor.
    >> Issue 5: The New Mutants 2099 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:37 No.8705979
         File1269200235.png-(1 MB, 662x854, foom+5+thing+1974+marvel+kirby(...).png)
    1 MB
    As Reed is talking to them, Ben Grimm pops in from a side door, wearing shorts with a towel around his neck. "Hey, Stretch! I'm done workin' out, so I'm gonna go change and take off."

    Reed: All right, Ben. I'll see you later.

    Ben: Don't wait up!

    The Thing laughs to himself as he walks away. If anyone asks, he has a date (with Alicia Masters, though Reed probably won't give *that* much away).

    I'm Viral on the suptg irc server if you ever hang out there. That'd be where I'd run it.
    >> Issue 5: The New Mutants 2099 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:39 No.8706028
         File1269200369.jpg-(94 KB, 800x600, The Doctors.jpg)
    94 KB
    Unfortunately for them, Doctor Doom has chosen this day to attack the Fantastic Four. If any PCs get bored and wander away from the main group, they will be jumped and restrained by Doom's henchmen (use the stats of Soldiers):

    "Please do not struggle! ve do not vish to hurt you, child!"

    After the main battle starts, any minions holding PCs are called in to the main fight, leaving only a single minion to guard each mutant. This is a perfect time to escape.


    Some of Doom's minions descend from the ceiling above the trans-dimensional spectrograph, while others swarm in through the two door entrances. Some of the Latverians will remain on top of the spectrograph and fire paralyzing bursts at everyone else, while the rest leap down and attempt to subdue Reed.

    Two rounds after they burst in, Ben shows up for clobberin' time! However, more minions from outside the lab move to block the door he comes in, so the mutants can't escape (since if they go outside they will obviously be instantly zapped by the horde of men with blaster-staffs-- deciding not to go through the doors is a no-brainer!)

    The battle rages on until all the mutants are standing on the hidden time portal. The lab's walls are super-strong, so energy blasts and the like don't really hurt them (just minor cosmetic damage).

    (pic related: repainted Reed, and that's actually a Doombot mini. Fuck if I'm paying eight bucks for a real Doom when the Doombot was in the fifty-cent bin)
    >> Issue 5: The New Mutants 2099 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:42 No.8706084
         File1269200564.jpg-(26 KB, 542x431, time travel.jpg)
    26 KB
    Dana attacks Doom with a piece of glass from the shelf, and is battered by the Latverian monarch ("Impudent girl! You dare attack me with a splinter of glass?" as he backhands her, knocking her shard out of her hand). Adelina leaps to her defense, but is quickly thrown by Doom ("Bah!") over the shelf and lands hard, knocking her unconscious. Obviously, some others must rush to rescue her (though not Troy- he has his hands full (see below)). At that time, some Latverians swarm them, forcing other mutants to come to their aid (Reed and Ben can't help them, since without Sue and Johnny they are fighting a defensive battle against the surge of troops.

    Once all the mutants (the PCs, at least) are gathered in the corner, Troy comes flying from the north, holding a minion in front of him. They smash through the glassware shelf and crash into the spectrograph. The machinery begins to emit a weird noise, and Doom himself pauses to yell "That sound! My time platform! Richards, you thief!"

    At that instant, the ground underneath the PCs begins glowing, and they are stuck in the rectangle if they try to get out!

    Doom: "But with the trans-dimensional spectrograph broken, the platform cannot be calibrated properly! Your hubris has cost these children their lives!"

    Reed shouts "No!" and lunge-stretches toward them, but at that instant, the time platform rises up to envelop them! He strains to reach them, but the mutants disappear just beyond his grasp!


    They are hurled through the maddening fourth dimension, where cosmic forces pull at them and rip their outside clothes to shreds, leaving only their UMF suits. The torrent becomes stronger, and Misao is pulled apart from them! (remove her mini from the board so there's no future confusion)
    >> Issue 5: The New Mutants 2099 Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:45 No.8706125
         File1269200732.jpg-(38 KB, 149x701, four freedoms 2099.jpg)
    38 KB

    Everyone else appears in the same spot at night, when the lights are turned low, though there is no more raised platform- they stand on level ground. There is a strange sense of disconnect- the hanging machinery and the room itself look pretty much the same, but everything else in it is different.

    There is only one scientist working here when they arrive. When he sees them, he says "What the shock? How did you get in here?" No matter what they say, he says "I'm calling security!" and moves for his computer terminal. They only have a second to stop him before he calls security.

    If they do nothing (perhaps because they think Reed Richards still owns the place) the security detail comes for them in thirty seconds.

    The building's layout is essentially the same- only the finishings and decor have changed. (Among other changes, there is a large Alchemax logo on the wall). The elevator is still in the same spot, but it's a fancy futuristic elevator that might have some security guards coming out of it!

    Luckily, Adelina is with them, and can make a shield to block their gunfire (though she can't hold it back forever). The other mutants only have three rounds to attack before her shield breaks.

    They can get inside the elevator- it remains open after the guards come out, though it quickly shuts down, trapping the mutants between floors. The only way to guarantee that they get escape the building is to each spend a hero point on a heroic-type action, layed out by the GM. Just beyond them down the final hallway lies a docking area for a hovercar, which is parked and waiting! Hedron falls behind and is separated from them when a thick door slides closed between her and the rest of the group!

    (I included Hedron because she could run interference during the fight scene and let me illustrate how deadly Alchemax guards are, and so she could get captured and act as a plot point for the players)
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)15:47 No.8706159
    Suddenly, hidden speakers begin blaring "All security to the eighty-first floor! Escaped test subjects are extremely dangerous! Repeat, all security to the eighty-first floor!" There is nothing the others can do for Adelina- the door (and the walls) are too thick for Fade to get through. It's harsh, but they have to leave her behind.

    There is no obvious way to start the hovercar, but Blackout can shock it to life with a little jolt, and away we go! As they leave Four Freedoms, they have the bitter taste of leaving Adelina locked behind that door.

    Little do they know that their hovercar can easily be traced, and Alchemax will sic the bounty hunter Venture on them.

    (brb grocery store run 15 min)
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)15:47 No.8706161
    No problemo, I'll keep a sharp eye for another campaign springing up in the mean time.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:14 No.8706603
         File1269202469.jpg-(250 KB, 780x1127, spiderman 2099 002-09.jpg)
    250 KB
    While the main group of mutants is seduced by Alchemax, Misao end up on the streets of Downtown the day before the others arrive.


    Misao becomes aware after what seems like a year-long sleep to the sound of cheering, and the smell of wet garbage. As she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a trash-strewn alley in a chilly early morning. If she looks around, there is litter everywhere that doesn't make sense:

    A bag of the snack food "Soy Chow"
    A plastic case for "McDonald's Nico-Sim"
    An empty box for "Synthia Home Plastic Surgery Kit"

    Plus, there are fliers on the ground and posters on the walls for lots of weird groups and activities she's never heard of, such as a "Say no to plugs!" sign with a crossed-out CD. On a Notice (15) check, she sees that some of them are dated from the 2080s to 2099.

    She encounters "Cyclops" and a bunch of other "costumed superheroes" on the street outside the alley, but upon getting his attention, she realizes that it's just a guy *dressed* like Mr. Summers! On a Notice check, she hears snippets of superhero-worship from people in the crowd:

    *Praise Thor! Praise Wolverine! Praise Namora!
    (If Misao comments that Wolverine was/is her teacher, the Thorite will reply "Yes, my child, Wolverine is a teacher to us all!" and then ignore her future insistations.)

    *By Spider-man's Web!

    One person compliments her on her "costume", asking her "You're one of the Avengers, right?"
    >> The New Mutants: SERIES CANCELLED Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:18 No.8706673
         File1269202709.jpg-(79 KB, 800x600, Ghost Rider 2099.jpg)
    79 KB

    (From here the game turns bittersweet, as this is the part where our gaming group dissolved for reasons I'm not going to go into. Everything beyond this point is strictly hypothetical, but I'm posting it so you can see where I was headed.)

    If she attempts to locate Four Freedoms Plaza, nobody in this time calls it that, so she is out of luck unless she can remember the address and find it by using a combination of asking people, looking around, and reading the remaining archaic, trashed street signs. If she succeeds, she sees the tower in its current state, dwarfed by the super-scrapers around it.

    Keep in mind that she's wandering around Downtown alone. This makes her prey for all manner of street predators (criminals, Public Eye groundboys, other criminals, etc.)

    She almost falls victim to some of these types, but is rescued from them by Ghost Rider 2099:
    "...anomalous genetic signature... you're a mutate? No wonder A-max wants you back so much! The slitches probably spent a gigadollar on you!"

    (pic related; pic was taken yesterday. You can see I never got around to finishing GR :[ )
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:20 No.8706702
    Ghost Rider is obviously a little confused, but if Misao asks, he readily explains that the only metahumans are hideous "mutates" created by the megacorps. There haven't been any "natural" mutants since the Age of Heroes ended almost a hundred years ago.

    It takes a little convincing, but if Misao shows that she's serious about being from the year 1995, he will fill her in on the current state of the world (although she gets a heavily-slanted view, since he's a techno-anarchist).

    Ghost Rider: A-max and Stark-Fuji are the two biggest sharks in the pool. Of course, around here, A-max is the big one.

    He points to a sign that reads "Welcome to New York: Proud to be a division of Alchemax"

    She learns what Four Freedoms Plaza is nowdays, and joins with an anti-Alchemax group. The other mutants meet up with her, Venture is hired to track the mutants down, and there is a cyborg showdown between him and Ghost Rider (but only if Misao was able to convince GR to help her and not be selfish), which Ghost Rider wins spectacularly.

    Ghost Rider abandons her just when she could use his help, but returns after she has obtained a card with information that he needs. Even though he could easily kill her and take the card (and tells her so), he agrees to help her in exchange for it.

    He can hack into Alchemax and find that they are still doing research on the lost art of time travel, as well as find that Adelina is still alive (though being researched on).
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)16:23 No.8706745
    >> NM unpublished future script Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:23 No.8706749
         File1269202995.jpg-(261 KB, 480x740, Xmen-days-of-future-past.jpg)
    261 KB

    The Future of Days Past

    The mutants emerge from the time platform to a ruined New York (ca. 2025, but they don't know that) scoured flat by some tremendous devastation. Four Freedoms Plaza is no more, but a derelict Reed Richards dreams of recreating a time platform to travel back in time and stop his family from being killed in the "second holocaust". The mutants must convince him to let them go back instead, since the platform will only function for one trip at a time, and if he goes he won't be able to fix it if he goes back first. Not an easy thing, since the holocaust drove him half-mad.

    Before he can get it to work, they need a strong power source to power it. According to crazy-Richards, the nearest source is located across the river (there are no bridges out of Manhattan anymore). He doesn't know what it is, but Reed will give them a small device that can locate it, as well as another that can mask their X-factor from the Sentinels that still patrol the land. Under no circumstances will he leave his makeshift laboratory.

    Perhaps they pay someone (with goods or supplies that they scavenge or steal- there is no money anymore) to ferry them across, or perhaps they figure out another way to get to the mainland.

    They fight off some gangers, hide from some Sentinels, feel pity for poor humans in dire straits, and eventually find the location of the battery. Unfortunately, it's guarded by a band of powerful (and nasty) mutants!

    Dennis deals with Tor

    Fireproof lizard-guy
    Allen obviously takes on Misao

    "Bonnie May"
    Power mimic
    Bonnie May deals with Marisa, using her phasing power against her.

    Other couple of mutants to get trashed by the PCs

    The New Mutants are subdued, and brought before their leader...
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:25 No.8706787
         File1269203115.jpg-(56 KB, 420x640, 202-1.jpg)
    56 KB
    It's Jared! Though he's only 45 in this timeline, he looks older (the effects of years of siphoning too much electricity).

    What's even more shocking is that next to him is Jacob! He has been subjected to crude (and painful) cybernetics to enhance his electromagnetic storm. He is also chained from his ankle to the floor when Blackout isn't toting him around as a walking power supply. According to Richards' device, Jacob IS the power source!

    The New Mutants must defeat Blackout 2025 and his gang. If they free Blank 2025 from his snare (and get the remote control from Blackout) he can help them out with his enhanced EM power that can make the PCs invisible to the gang.

    So how did they go from 1995--->2099--->a 2025 that isn't between these two? Secret DM plot:

    After encountering an ancient Kree computer, the Sentinels in the 2025-verse achieved sentience, and are attempting to spread to the New Mutants' home reality, converting it into a factories for more Sentinels before spreading out into other realities.

    Their manipulation of time has created problems with reality. That is why the New Mutants arrived in bizarro-2025 instead of traveling directly home.

    Back in 1995 (or so), all of Earth's heroes must attempt to destroy the menace of the Sentinels on the 2025 side of the time-rift.

    But not for quite a few issues.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:27 No.8706819
         File1269203223.jpg-(195 KB, 800x600, wolverine-christmas.jpg)
    195 KB
    And that's the end of my story.

    I hope you liked it.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)16:31 No.8706896
    Was awesome. The cameo's were a nice touch, and much of the main great plot devices of comics (time-travel, alternate universes etc.) were done really well.

    Will give me plenty of ideas to ponder in the mean time.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)16:38 No.8707017
         File1269203907.png-(30 KB, 604x834, 81st Floor Lab.png)
    30 KB
    Forgot one more artifact.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 03/21/10(Sun)16:40 No.8707062
    I would have played the shit out of this game. I already know what I would have made, too. A pacifist with kinetic slow/stop powers they would have found in a Tibetan monastery. Shit would have been awesome.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)17:07 No.8707539
         File1269205662.jpg-(371 KB, 937x1358, NewMutants#045-24.jpg)
    371 KB
    One more thing I thought of:

    This didn't make the notes, but Marisa's grandma eventually revealed that her parents were actually supercriminals who were killed by the police, not hapless mutant victims of an angry crowd.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)17:08 No.8707561
    Mutie scum
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)17:21 No.8707797
         File1269206504.png-(53 KB, 748x522, mutants in our society.png)
    53 KB
    I'm gonna post this stuff too, since that text link will be gone in a week or so.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)17:23 No.8707820
         File1269206589.png-(31 KB, 816x1056, questionnaire page 1.png)
    31 KB
    Questionnaire page 1
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)17:24 No.8707842
         File1269206651.png-(17 KB, 816x1056, questionnaire page 2.png)
    17 KB
    That does sound pretty awesome.

    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)17:25 No.8707874
         File1269206742.png-(25 KB, 816x1056, questionnaire page 3.png)
    25 KB
    And page 3.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)18:33 No.8709168
    This sounds very interesting, I'm planning on running an early X-Men era M&M myself. Thanks for posting this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)18:35 No.8709205
    Can you put this on a blogspot or something? I love reading campaign adventures, and this thread will die long before I finish.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)18:40 No.8709305
         File1269211209.jpg-(804 KB, 1280x4031, Annihilation Conquest 06 pg18-(...).jpg)
    804 KB
    Warlock is the best New Mutant.

    He's also the only one who has made an A-list Avengers villain scream like a little girl.

    Coincidence? I think not.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)18:57 No.8709630
         File1269212265.jpg-(123 KB, 800x600, the faculty.jpg)
    123 KB
    It's archived here:

    Awesome. If you're planning on running it online I'd love to play.

    What about Doug?
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)18:58 No.8709645
         File1269212318.jpg-(101 KB, 800x600, A-Max SpecFor.jpg)
    101 KB
    One more photo: it's the Alchemax guards.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)19:00 No.8709674
    Did he just pop a little exclamation point over his own head? That's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)19:01 No.8709689
         File1269212481.jpg-(358 KB, 1500x1125, yarrick.jpg)
    358 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)19:02 No.8709709
    Sorry, offline =p
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)19:12 No.8709859
    great stuff, just great stuff.
    I'm running a small marvel game right now. Mostly minor villain stuff but its set in 1984. Height of the cold war and beginning of the paranoia of mutants.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)19:30 No.8710146
    If you're saying I'm a crappy painter, you won't get any guff from me.

    I have to go do laundry now, but I'll be back in a couple hours if anyone has more questions.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)20:05 No.8710743
    They're both good, but I prefer Warlock.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)21:13 No.8712036
         File1269220401.jpg-(51 KB, 333x504, new-mutants_super.jpg)
    51 KB
    >> Stran-G-ERR 03/21/10(Sun)21:45 No.8712527
         File1269222300.jpg-(324 KB, 960x692, 1249926712533.jpg)
    324 KB
    Bump for being the only /tg/ thread that has pleased me all day.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:23 No.8713218
         File1269224619.jpg-(742 KB, 979x1537, Secret Wars 003-07.jpg)
    742 KB
    I'm back, but I don't know how much interest the evening crowd will have in this.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)22:25 No.8713258
    If you have more, we do want!
    >> Jacob "Blank" Swan Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:31 No.8713388
    I guess I can post the stats on the students.

    Jacob Swan
    age 14
    Mutant electrostatic generator
    PL 4

    Str 12 +1
    Dex 13 +1
    Con 13 +1
    Int 15 +2
    Wis 10 +0
    Cha 12 +1


    Electromagnetic Pulse x4
    + flaw: Broken Touch

    Fade x4
    + extra: Video Blur
    + flaw: Uncontrolled

    Detect electricity and electromagnetic fields


    Craft (painting) 5
    Knowledge (History) 3
    Knowledge (Trivia) 5
    Move Silently 4

    Jacob is a young mutant with the strange power of a localized electromagnetic storm. By simply brushing up against an electronic device, he usually shorts it out. This power also distorts recording devices, making the area around him blurry. For this reason, he has (obviously) been unable to use any electronic device (watches, computers, telephones, etc) since he entered puberty.

    Another aspect of his mutant power is his unconscious ability to make those close by ignore him. By interfering with the electric pulses in another person's brain, he causes those nearby to overlook and fail to remember his presence. This strange side effect requires others to make a Spot or Listen check at 10 + his power level every round to carry on a conversation. Failure means that the other participant(s) "forget about him" and cease interacting with him. This aspect also applies to telepathic communication- a telepath must make a power check against 10 + Blank's power level.
    >> Troy "Comet" Halloway Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:32 No.8713404
    Troy Halloway age 15 mutant atomic particle manipulator
    PL 4

    Str 13 +1
    Dex 14 +2
    Con 10 +0
    Int 10 +0
    Wis 9 -1
    Cha 16 +3

    +3 to Bluff & Diplomacy checks when appropriate

    Immunity to pressure, starvation/dehydration, suffocation, radiation

    Talented (Acrobatics and Balance)
    +2 to Acrobatics and Balance

    Cosmic Power x4
    Energy Blast x4
    Ranged attack; damage is power rank
    Flight x4
    20 feet/round; 5 feet per power rank/round;
    twice this distance as a full action, four times this distance as a sprint
    Force Field x4
    Add power rank to damage save
    Force field is visible
    Transmutation x4
    + Transmutation extra: Continuous
    + Flaw (Missing Effect: Cannot sense cosmic forces)

    Acrobatics 3
    Balance 2
    Drive 2
    Jump 2
    Swim 3

    Troy is a young man from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He has a fair amount of talent for sports, particularily football, but what he truly excels at is flirting with girls. He was extremely popular at his former high school until his powers manifested during a football game against a rival school. He created a force field and flew to the goal without even realizing what he was doing. After that incident, Troy became an extreme outcast, which, coupled with his inability to control his powers, threatened to consume him. His timely recruitment by Professor Xavier may have saved not only his own life but the lives of those around him.

    Comet has control over the very fabric of the universe. He can warp gravity around him, allowing flight and creating a shimmering yellow force field. He can focus this atomic manipulation as a blistering attack, or change the very atomic structure of an object, changing steel to water or lava into ice.
    >> Dana "Shard" York Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:34 No.8713434
    Dana York age 15 Mutant

    Str 14 +2
    Dex 16 +3
    Con 14 +2
    Int 14 +2
    Wis 11 +0
    Cha 13 +1

    Attack Finesse
    Attack Focus (Ranged weapons)
    + flaw (Shaped weapons only)
    Far Shot
    + flaw (Shaped weapons only)
    Immunity (Critical hits)
    Point Blank Shot
    + flaw (Shaped weapons only)
    Precise Shot
    + flaw (Shaped weapons only)

    Deflection x4
    + power stunt (Deflection Bonus: edged weapons) +2 bonus to these checks
    + extra (Automatic)

    Shape Matter (Silicates and crystals) x4

    Balance 3
    Drive 2
    Intimidate 4
    Move Silently 3
    Open Lock 4
    Repair 4
    Sleight of Hand 4
    >> Dana "Shard" York Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:34 No.8713452
    Dana is a troubled youth from Nebraska; her family could be uncharitably described as white trash. She and her younger sisters were raised by their mother, but Dana began a pattern of running away beginning when she was 12. Her glass-manipulating ability manifested at age 13, but were kept secret until she was arrested for stealing a car at age 14. Xavier interened on Dana's behalf, and convinced her mother that Dana would be better off in a private, supervised setting where her mutant state would not cause further isolation and antisocial behavior.

    She possesses the ability to affect the polarities of silicates and crystals like glass and quartz. By striking an object like a pane of glass (a process Dana refers to as "cracking", she can fracture it along lines that she determines. In this way, she can create shapes out of silicates, crystallines, and other similar materials. Furthermore, her power allows her a great deal of innate understanding and control over her fractured objects. She can throw them with pinpoint accuracy, as well as handle sharp pieces without injury. This power extends to substances that she did not use her power to fracture- for instance, she can leap (or be pushed) through a glass window without being injured. She has even demonstrated the ability to deflect sharp objects composed of metal and other substances she is incapable of "cracking".

    Much to her dismay, Shard's body is slowly changing because of her mutant abilities. Every time her flesh is cut, it regrows as a blocky, translucent silicate. Because of this, she is extremely sensitive about other people seeing her body.
    >> Adelina "Hedron" de Leon Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:36 No.8713477
    Adelina de Leon
    " 'lena"
    age 14 Mutant kinetic projector

    Str 9 -1
    Dex 14 +2
    Con 11 +0
    Int 15 +2
    Wis 11 +0
    Cha 15 +2

    Create Object x3
    + extra: Create Attack (suffocation)
    + power stunt: Extra Hardness (hardness x1.5)

    Bluff 3
    Computers 1
    Diplomacy 3
    Drive 4
    Ride (Horses) 3
    Science (Botany) 1

    Adelina is a child of wealth from Mexico City. She's used to having her own way- her weekends are usually spent cruising from one high-end mall to another. Her parents have a summer home in the countryside (where she learned to ride horses). She has her own car (though Xavier's prohibits its use during the school year), several credit cards, and as many outfits as the Massachusetts Academy's Monique St. Croix.

    Hedron's power allows her to form cubes and other polyhedrons out of solid force. She can make them either translucent or opaque, but they are always a bright purple-magenta color.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:45 No.8713632
         File1269225947.jpg-(468 KB, 2000x1221, mansionlayout.jpg)
    468 KB
    This might be helpful. I've got an official spiralbound book with detailed schematics on the Mansion and the grounds, but this is what I showed the players.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)22:49 No.8713698
         File1269226184.jpg-(82 KB, 488x747, survivalguide.jpg)
    82 KB
    pic related

    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)23:40 No.8714459
    I'm curious, when you stated up people like Cyclops or Wolverine what PL did you use? Or did you use an online source (I found a good one I'll likely use for my canon Marvel NPCs)

    PL 2 seems awfully low for a PC, even in the Hero High sourcebook the lowest they suggested was PL3 in the Pulp age. I'm planning on starting them somewhere between 5-7.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)23:47 No.8714545
         File1269229632.png-(150 KB, 527x355, interested koishi.png)
    150 KB
    rolled 16 = 16

    This looks like Mutants and Masterminds second edition but as far as I know there are no flaws for feats. The generally way to do that would be a container or inherit arrays that were done in Warriors and Warlocks. So is this the d20 version of first edition or some liberties being taken on the flaws and extra bit? Also noticing the "power stunt" bit which I'm unsure of. I did notice a few custom extras.
    >> Mutie-lover 03/21/10(Sun)23:58 No.8714701
    I picked PL2 because I wanted them to be mostly helpless save for what they could do with their powers. The blossoming into PL3 meant a lot more to them after several sessions at PL2.

    And I used Atomic Think Tank's stats for the grownups.

    I used a blend of 1E and 2E MnM. A lot of stuff is from Power Corrupts, a third-party supplement.

    (I'm going to bed; if this thread is still around tomorrow... bully, I guess.)
    >> Anonymous 03/22/10(Mon)00:04 No.8714775
    rolled 19 = 19

    >I used a blend of 1E and 2E MnM. A lot of stuff is from Power Corrupts, a third-party supplement.
    Ah, interesting to say the least. I may have to look up that supplement then.

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