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  • File : 1268678524.jpg-(118 KB, 950x631, black-aces.jpg)
    118 KB Next Mission Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)14:42 No.8598508  
    OP again,
    Alright, so my F-4 is ebing repaired, and the Aardvark is also in maintenance. We'll be good to go for the next mission. Steve emailed all of us and said that we would be playing this evening, and would be tweaking a few things based on last session.

    I'm upgrading my F-4 as well, with an IR warning system, so hopefully I'll have a better chance of evading heat seekers.

    Steve said his rules are being put up as time permits. He also thought that MAS was cool, but his game incorporates a tabletop ruleset in addition to the RPG, like the mechwarrior rpg allows people. He liked the missions from MAS and the campaign generator.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)14:43 No.8598519
    Dammit, there goes the rest of my day.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)14:44 No.8598530
    Cool op.

    Also, hey man nice shot, to whomever that photographer was.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)14:45 No.8598542
    How much cash did you guys make?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)14:47 No.8598569
    Never mind the cash, what's going to happen about you shooting down the Sudanese fighter? Well not you, but Captain McMissile Barrage in his Flanker.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)14:54 No.8598626
         File1268679245.gif-(191 KB, 500x329, 1254935948_how_to_be_a_pilot.gif)
    191 KB
    For those who have no clue what is going on.

    OP is the most evil douche ever. RULES MAN! WE NEED RULZ!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:01 No.8598715
         File1268679685.jpg-(171 KB, 1000x562, AIR_AC-130U_Jettisons_Flares_l(...).jpg)
    171 KB
    Invest in Flares. maybe a belly launcher, since countermeasures are your friend, and I doubt you'll have too many radar missiles headed at you.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:04 No.8598748
         File1268679848.jpg-(1.15 MB, 3000x2400, F-4J_Phantom_II_VF-31.jpg)
    1.15 MB
    The hell is that shit in your post?

    You fly a Phantom, keep the girly hornet out of here.


    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:05 No.8598766
         File1268679959.jpg-(84 KB, 500x316, 1268422051395.jpg)
    84 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:13 No.8598874
         File1268680424.jpg-(181 KB, 770x571, 10.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:14 No.8598888
         File1268680473.jpg-(29 KB, 283x194, be-2500+.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:15 No.8598901
         File1268680519.jpg-(34 KB, 400x300, 2006_10_06_Fiat_G-91_5454_Tige(...).jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:16 No.8598916
    Who is that?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:17 No.8598931
    I'm going to have a guess and say Svetlana Kapanina

    InB4 I'm completely wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:19 No.8598963
    Look at the plane.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:42 No.8599295
         File1268682174.jpg-(22 KB, 797x393, f20bw.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:50 No.8599397
    What's the new mission?
    >> Atleast its better than strike witches 03/15/10(Mon)15:52 No.8599411
    Commence with mission specifics before something vaguely wrong happens.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)15:53 No.8599429
    Rawr you're back! Get those rules to us OP, asap.

    So whats the new mission? Have you heard? And I second the flare pod idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:04 No.8599582
    OP is the planetard version of a cocktease.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:05 No.8599605
    Erm...an in-flight refueling probe tease? A tail hook tease? Pilot tube tease?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:07 No.8599634

    It's like you have a good tone, but control won't give you the weapons free.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:12 No.8599694
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:15 No.8599749
    Fuck I know a pilot who'd say something like that if he knew he wouldn't be brought up on charges for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:18 No.8599789

    Wait, never mind.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:36 No.8600068
    OP Again, just got the email.

    BlackFlag Internal Document #100301

    Mission Briefing “Footloose”
    Deployment: Kisangani
    Pancake: Kisangani
    Alternate: None (We are still negotiating with the provisional government)
    AAR: None
    AWACS: “Watcheye” flight R-99A available for 10m, on request.
    CSAR: C-27J + Jaeger Flight. Ten Million Sortie Fee if utilized
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:41 No.8600140
         File1268685677.jpg-(152 KB, 1024x553, Wildcat_Falcons_by_nellenmelle(...).jpg)
    152 KB
    I'm sorry...pancake? wtf does that mean? Anyone?

    More as it comes in OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:41 No.8600149
    Contract Employer: Ministre de Sécurité Externale, France

    Objective: Destruction of bridges located at +3° 59' 37.61", +16° 7' 3.23" and +3° 59' 41.12", +16° 7' 35.43". Escort of FFL AN-12 to target area, followed by Close Air Support if required.

    Background: The French foreign affairs ministry appreciated your efforts in Sudan, and have asked for you on another strike mission. Over the past six months, they've been fighting a proxy campaign in the Central African Republic, using foreign regulars to combat the growing insurrection against their puppet ruler they instated. They've recently suffered setbacks, as armed technicals and stocks of ATGMs and RPGs have been making their way north into the country, as well as a growing rebel movement. They've identified a point of entry however, and have come up with a way to hopefully neutralize the shipments and earn the local population's support. By eliminating the bridges, the weapons shipments will be delayed. The French expect that the bridge destruction will make the rebels attempt to make a decisive strike on the town north of the river, especially when the radio transmissions will make it seem like the CAR army is preparing for an assault and is staging in the town, when in reality only a token garrison is present. The French ministry has arranged for a detachment of the French Foreign Legion to arrive in the “Nick of Time” to stop the assault. You will remain in the operations area, providing close air support until the FFL authorizes termination of air cover.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:42 No.8600159
    Intel (HUMINT free): Unavailable. The public supports the rebels in the area and the French have been unsuccessful at securing a reliable field operative in the region.
    Air Assets: None.
    Surface Assets: Unknown number of Towed BOFORs guns, SA-7, RedEye MANPADS.
    Intel (Remote Imaging free): Next overflight at 1438 local. Analysis and Imagery available for standard rate of 3 million.

    Threat Assessment: Very Low. Primary concern is on time delivery of fire support missions as called in by FFL ground troops.

    ROE: Visual Id/Defensive Fire ROE applies. Targets called in by FFL are considered valid for weapons release. You are not authorized to engage rebel targets until the FFL is on scene, even if the town Garrison is overrun.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:44 No.8600194
    I think it is an old term when an airplane crash lands. The way it is used here makes me think of it as simply an alternate for the word 'landing' or 'recovery'.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:48 No.8600255
    >Mission Summary: The French are dicks.

    Seriously, the way your ROE is setup, I get the impression that the French will arrive in the middle of a typical African bloodbath. Talk about a dick move to win hearts and minds.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:51 No.8600291
         File1268686281.gif-(31 KB, 210x316, jprofit.gif)
    31 KB
    Monsieur does not like how we conduct Business in L'Afrique?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:53 No.8600317
    Thx mate, that makes sense.

    Ok so looks like a standard ground target and close support action to me. You'll be able to load up on cheap munitions this time. Some iron bombs, a cluster bomb or two, gunpods, and token AtA load out just in case. With the amount of man portable SAMs about you'll want to stock up on flares. You'll also want to keep up some constant maneuvering whenever you're within range of the ground assets. The SAMs intel is suggesting are fairly primitive and can be fooled with flares and hard turns. The bofors are dangerous if they're radar guided or if they have good crews that know how to shoot well with just iron sights.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:53 No.8600318
    FLARES. As many flare packs as you can mount OP. I wouldn't worry about the Bofors, no radar, inaccurate against high speed jets. But the air missiles like the SA-7 and stinger are a problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:56 No.8600356
         File1268686574.jpg-(24 KB, 200x240, profit.jpg)
    24 KB
    OH SHI-
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:56 No.8600357
    unguided rocket pods are also good. And there's nothing like some good old napalm to break an enemies morale.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:58 No.8600387
    What's the range to target from their base? If they have to loiter doing close air at low level, they might have fuel issues.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)16:59 No.8600414
         File1268686769.jpg-(55 KB, 574x493, F-4B_VF-111_CVA-43_Santa_launc(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    FUCK YEAH! Op, you make my day! Now, to start mission planning for you!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:00 No.8600434
         File1268686836.jpg-(117 KB, 1024x768, imagemai06.jpg)
    117 KB
    God I love these threads

    Mercenary air forces are kickass
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:00 No.8600439
    Flanker up top for CAP.
    Mirage and F111 take the bridge and then take up secondary close air support.
    F4s loiter as first line close air support.

    Cut and dried pretty much. Unless GM throws a wrench in the works.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:02 No.8600456
    Seconded. OP, your GM has a dark mind, either that, or knows a lot more about how the world works then he wants to admit. I absolutely love the moral relativism that might be apparent in this op tasking.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:03 No.8600474
    This is where I wish someone had taken a dedicated close support aircraft. Everything your groups got is so fast that it makes pin point support difficult to achieve.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:03 No.8600482
    Yeah, if you read the other threads, you know their GM seems to like 'wrenches' and the KISS principle.

    We all thought they had a tight plan last time, and look at what happened.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:04 No.8600500
    Actually, if the FFL has laser desigs, then they could precoordinate and mount lots of laser guided 500lbers.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:04 No.8600501
    Does the GM have a map for you yet OP? Would be helpful if we're going to be helping you with planning and loadout.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:05 No.8600528
    No satellite intel unless they pay for it. Their GM seems to love making them make tough choices, especially financial ones. On the plus side, we can take a look on google maps, I think those are coordinates in the briefing.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:06 No.8600544
    true but that costs cash they'd probably rather not spend at this point in the game. Still it would help keep them out of harms way. I'd rather not have to have whoever's got the F111 get patched up after every mission.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:07 No.8600567
    And once again, the Flanker pilot is bored as hell.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:07 No.8600576
    Anyone good with coordinates and google maps? If they're accurate i'd love to take a peek.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:08 No.8600578
    Flanker can carry a lot of A/G ordnance, not the best aircraft for the mission, but it can do it.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:10 No.8600610
    I'd rather have him running CAP even if it means a boring game for him. Even if no credible AtA targets appear the rebs may be able to call in choppers that he could knock down.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:11 No.8600634


    Looking at the topography now, looks a bit hillier then the previous one.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:13 No.8600658
    >The public supports the rebels in the area

    don't bother bringing a parachute OP.
    You don't want to survive being shot down over this country.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:16 No.8600710
         File1268687785.jpg-(82 KB, 525x800, gbu-12_020302-n-2383b-504.jpg)
    82 KB
    GBU-12 OP, it's first gen 500lb guided munitions. Dirt cheap,or should be.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:16 No.8600718
    Ok so terrain is rougher and fairly heavily forested. Could make things tougher.

    Mirage should jet in and take out the bridges by itself then bug out. Flanker should escort the FFL in(i'm assuming they're coming in via transport). And the F4s and the F111 should meet them at the target.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:19 No.8600768
         File1268687971.jpg-(34 KB, 504x338, vietnamnapalm1966www.jpg)
    34 KB
    Forested area?
    All you need.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:20 No.8600783
    Agreed. And it'll freak em out.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:21 No.8600792
    OP again,

    We're trying to workout a good strategy for providing close air support. Based on last game, we never had planes over the field at the same time, and we are wondering how 'fast' the support has to arrive. We are also wondering how the FFL is coming, by parachute or landing, and where their plane will be.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:25 No.8600856
    A flanker escorting a Cub? Ever see the Simpson's episode where the mil pilots try to intercept the wright flyer? Yeah, this is like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:26 No.8600882
    Either way you'll want to make sure you plan on the possibility of the transport being shot down as it comes in and the primary plan going strait to pot. Be prepared for things to change drastically if it does. In that case you'd want to set up a rotating base of support and make sure you've got an aircraft loitering at all times until the FFL are able to be pulled to safety. If that means sending your aircraft back to base at intervals to get refueled and rearmed then thats what you'll have to do. If the worst does happen and you manage to pull off defending downed FFL the french will give you a massive bonus and be in your debt.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:29 No.8600928
    Shoot down the Antonov, and then deliver an indiscriminate carpet bombing to the area. The French will be pissed at the rebels for shooting down the FFL, and happy at you for blowing them back to the stone age.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:31 No.8600964
    You'll want to be on station far enough above them that the manport SAMs won't worry you as you loiter but close enough to get the support to them in a minute or two. Watch "We Were Soldiers", particularly the part where they declare "broken arrow"...the term means something totally different now but back then it meant the position was being over run on all sides and that air support needed to drop pretty much on the radio's position and on all positions around them.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:38 No.8601068
    hell yeah that film is badass
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:39 No.8601078
    All the aircraft need drop tanks. It's 600 miles to the target, and they have no Refueling. That's going to limit their payload.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:42 No.8601140
         File1268689335.jpg-(103 KB, 800x610, grumman-a6-intruder.jpg)
    103 KB
    Should have bought one of these OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:44 No.8601176
    When you resort to multiple UTF language for spam, you have truly failed.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:45 No.8601193
    Ok so drop tanks are needed. Yes that limits your payload quite a bit. Since that's the case you will want to optimize even more. Laser guided bombs may be necessary now in that case. I'd still like to see some napalm usage though.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:50 No.8601283
    Rocket pods are relatively light, and can be devastating to soft targets. I would say they should come along as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:50 No.8601284
    OP, where did Steve get his knowledge of air combat from? Just read last thread in the archive and now I'm mighty curious.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:55 No.8601370
    Yeah i suggested rocket pods too. You can stack those suckers up like three to a pylon on some aircraft. Still at least one aircraft is going to need precision ordinance for the bridge and any other pin point critical close support work that's called for. Hell the F111 pilot may want to look into buddy refueling pods just to make sure they get enough loiter time.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)17:57 No.8601421
    Shit, I never thought of Buddy refueling.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:01 No.8601482
    yeah not common any more but it'd be a cheap way to keep a group like the OPs in the sky. That is if the Ardvark pilot doesn't mind playing tanker for a game.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:05 No.8601562

    Afaik, the Flanker in OPs group is one of the oldest version, which were generally not fitted for AtG ops.

    The beginning is easy. Buy two cheap guided bombs and blow the bridges from too high up for the AAA and MANPADs to have a chance.

    Second part. Napalm, Cluster bombs, rocket pods, perhaps a few iron bombs. Just watch out that you don't toast the Frenchies.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:08 No.8601601
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:11 No.8601649
    Can't you tell the French to fuck off or something? Seriously they are being massive douchebags and I don't see why you'd work for them.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:11 No.8601651

    >OP, where did Steve get his knowledge of air combat from? Just read last thread in the archive and now I'm mighty curious.

    SRSLY. I'd love to know what extra rules he added to the MAS rules, because it sounds like he replicated the details of the electronic element of airborne warfare very well.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:11 No.8601662
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:12 No.8601674
    OP, I recommend your ground strikers take some gun pods, perhaps some 500lb bombs. If the Frenchies are going in on the ground, its guaranteed your GM will throw you a curveball and have shit go to hell again, in which case they'll ask for pinpoint CAS strikes.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:13 No.8601688

    You really don't get the whole "Mercenary" thing, do you?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:13 No.8601689
         File1268691214.jpg-(75 KB, 480x360, cr_03110_05_msc_v6.jpg)
    75 KB
    I can think of one good reason to work for them...
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:13 No.8601691
         File1268691215.jpg-(54 KB, 600x750, 63492.jpg)
    54 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:13 No.8601695
    they pay
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:14 No.8601701
    This is where a heavily moded Skyraider or A-26 Invader would be awesome to have on hand. Long loiter time and a shit ton of ordinance and guns.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:14 No.8601705
    What benefits do gunpods have over Rockets?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:15 No.8601723

    You can use them closer to friendlies without fragging your friendlies.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:16 No.8601742
         File1268691408.jpg-(16 KB, 700x336, a20.jpg)
    16 KB


    considering it's a prop craft, they should be able to pick one up on the cheap just for missions like this.



    A20 STRONG
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:17 No.8601760
    I get the feeling OPs GM is some current or Ex airforce/army intel guy. Maybe a training officer or something, since they have personalities that translate well to GMs.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:19 No.8601787
    A20 didn't get enough press but A26 is better in this case. Plus it got used for close support and black ops into the 70s...unlike the A20 Its also got more payload options.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:19 No.8601794
    Like I said in the last thread, it will all go horribly wrong.

    I can already picture it, some African hellhole, French troops running around, explosions landing everywhere as OPs group bombs indiscriminately, and rockets and bullets killing every toucan within a 5 mile radius.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:20 No.8601804
         File1268691621.png-(36 KB, 245x230, 1229984381092.png)
    36 KB

    That would make for an unstoppably awesome game.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:21 No.8601821
    How are you going to be prepared for the potential for armor?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:21 No.8601825
    as long as OPs group remains professional, cool headed, and keep their eyes clear and their coordinates right they shouldn't get in too much trouble. The only way I can think of them fucking this up is if the FFL radiomen give them faulty targets.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:23 No.8601849
    Actually, I'm wondering what targets the FFL will designate.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:24 No.8601853
    Does anyone in the party speak French? Because the language barrier might be a serious problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:25 No.8601869
    Hmm hadn't thought of armor. But if these are the same guys they bombed last time then we know they can get their hands on some respectable heavy tech.

    Current thoughts on loadout:
    Mirage: Pinpoint bomber(bridge and any other pinpoint problems)
    F111: Buddy refueler and back up pinpoint bomber
    F4s: General CAS loadout for both.
    Flanker: CAP and a gunpod or two if more CAS is needed.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:26 No.8601885

    OP again. I actually don't know what Steve does for a living, never really asked. He seems to know this stuff, most modern stuff, like a book. He doesn't look up stuff most of the time, he just tells us capabilities.

    Yeah, he actually explained the 'basics' of detection and stuff to us before we played, and said if we played smart with EMCOM we'd do well in a lot of situations.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:29 No.8601933
         File1268692142.png-(15 KB, 353x606, 1266641342674.png)
    15 KB

    That's just... phenomenal. He sounds like me, if I was even more of a plane geek then I already am.

    Also, Rockeye II cluster bombs penetrate tank armor, on the top. Yes, a cluster bomb that kills tanks. True story.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:29 No.8601952
    OP Again, nobody speaks french. Our campaign has me playing a German pilot, The flanker and aardvark are flown by Americans, the Mirage is captained by a scot and the other phantom is Icelandic.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:30 No.8601962
         File1268692248.jpg-(14 KB, 240x181, 38206_4c6p99lxmm_m.jpg)
    14 KB

    >scot in a mirage


    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:32 No.8601992
    OPagain, Yeah, he had tons of books last time, that we could flip though. Like a big set of blue encyclopedias for planes, one for every two years since 1990, book son tanks, apcs. According to him, as ex-mil pilots we 'd all know this stuff, or a brief overview of it, so if we ever needed to look up stuff all the refernces were there.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:32 No.8602001

    So... how are you guys going to communicate with the FFL? Even assuming some of them do speak English, what if those guys get offed in the thick of battle? You guys need to find a French-speaking dude to interpret for you during the mission.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:33 No.8602011
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:34 No.8602027
    All I can picture is a drunk scotsman with a wild bushy red beard swearing in a drunken rage at his own plane of which he understands only six of the switches on the dash.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:35 No.8602038
    I'm guessing the FFL can speak english...
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:35 No.8602049
         File1268692540.jpg-(36 KB, 240x240, 121523846794.jpg)
    36 KB

    >implying the french don't have translators


    Yes, ex-mil pilots would indeed know about that. Most air forces maintain "relic parks" where they have military vehicles from the world over (either purchased or "acquired") so fighter pilots can walk around and touch the ground-based threats they'll be facing.

    Shit, Lock On has approximately eleventy billion icons on the RWR, separate ones for pretty much every radar in existence, and no documentation for them, either (!!!) Actual military pilots know them all.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:35 No.8602052
         File1268692546.jpg-(389 KB, 947x592, blazngun.jpg)
    389 KB
    If only there was an aircraft that mounted enough cannon to strafe effectively.

    O Wate!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:36 No.8602061
    Oh god he'll jam the airwaves with his impossible to understand mile wide blue streaks at critical moments...ruining missions left and right. Put a sidewinder up his ass and save you and your ears the trouble.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:38 No.8602096
    This the the Foreign Legion we're talking about. You know how many languages those guys speak? Considering how many countries are represented in their ranks i'd guess a fuck ton
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:38 No.8602102
         File1268692702.jpg-(194 KB, 768x383, Kh-22-Kitchen-DD-ST-84-07764-1(...).jpg)
    194 KB
    Take out the bridges in style.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:39 No.8602114


    "I'm not gonna say it."

    "YES YOU ARE."



    "..... I'm giving 'er all she's got, commandah~"


    *Frenchmen listening in on the communications facepalming*
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:39 No.8602126
    I like this, a GM actively giving you the knowledge your character would have, instead of saying "LOL, why did you fly with your Radar on? You are the dumbz"
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:41 No.8602143
         File1268692873.jpg-(52 KB, 600x600, mow_ntro.jpg)
    52 KB
    Made of fuckwin.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:43 No.8602176
    That thing weighs 2/3rds the weight of the Mirage F1... Reading about it, it doesn't seem real. It's like a rocket propelled boat of explosives.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:46 No.8602212
    I think that looks pretty good, all things considered.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:48 No.8602245

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:48 No.8602246
    kh-22 isn't anywhere close to a realistic option until someone in OPs group buys a friggin out and out bomber...which wouldn't actually be to hard if you went slav. Still...not worth it...especially this early in the game.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:49 No.8602259

    Mission accomplished and everyone home alive?

    Sounds like a damn fine day to me!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:49 No.8602263
         File1268693378.jpg-(90 KB, 206x276, 1267580971939.jpg)
    90 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:54 No.8602324
    France has ratified the convention on cluster munitions, banning their use. In August 2010 the ban will go into effect for all members of this treaty. Something to think about if working with the French.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:54 No.8602325
         File1268693680.jpg-(289 KB, 1200x812, 0952837.jpg)
    289 KB
    Remember, if you have a heat seeker on your tail. Do a barrel roll.

    And smash that flare button like it's an orgasm button.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:55 No.8602336
    The french here seem to be hiring mercenaries and doing black ops in the middle of Africa. I don't think that treaty will really apply in this situation.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:55 No.8602340
    If you want to use a stand off missile pick up a Kh-35 Kayak or something similar. Still its not worth it for something like a bridge.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:57 No.8602367
         File1268693877.jpg-(37 KB, 240x239, millertime-thumb-240x239.jpg)
    37 KB
    Agreed. They got a little shot up, but everyone survived, and they still got the job done.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)18:59 No.8602383
    These are the greatest threads I have ever read on /tg/

    I might actually get back into gaming if these rules ever surface.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:03 No.8602439

    So? This mercenary air group is probably based out of some other country...why should the treaty apply to them?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:07 No.8602502
         File1268694466.jpg-(121 KB, 768x1024, MGS4MerylCosplay.jpg)
    121 KB
    What a mercenary may look like.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:12 No.8602568
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:19 No.8602666
         File1268695158.jpg-(219 KB, 1200x913, 1056265.jpg)
    219 KB
    Thread is decidedly lacking in Flanker porn.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:25 No.8602746
         File1268695520.jpg-(327 KB, 1800x1309, 1177897318277.jpg)
    327 KB
    What's that? I can't hear you over how awesome we all are!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:26 No.8602766

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:27 No.8602781
         File1268695634.jpg-(106 KB, 600x761, 1192249288685.jpg)
    106 KB
    See see?! Even the mighty F18 is forced to put up its hands in surrender to the awesomeness that is the F14
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:27 No.8602789
    >glance at thumbnail
    >see fractalforce

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:27 No.8602791

    >France has voluntarily bant one of the most effective aerial munitions because they're fucking pansy faggots

    France could ban BULLETS at this point and be OK, they never do any fighting.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:28 No.8602798
         File1268695701.jpg-(55 KB, 1024x768, 1713.jpg)
    55 KB
    Bring it on.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:28 No.8602802

    No the F-14 was like WHERE'S THE CHEETOS and the F-18 is like I DUNNO LOL
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:29 No.8602821
         File1268695785.jpg-(813 KB, 1600x1012, 1238597774020.jpg)
    813 KB
    OPs group should invest in a couple of Dragonflies for missions like this. Dirt cheap and reliable.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:29 No.8602822
    Yeah, but F-18 pilots are such pansies that they need someone to navigate for them.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:30 No.8602830
         File1268695809.jpg-(28 KB, 300x423, 608050-strike_commander_large.jpg)
    28 KB
    God help me, I keep imagining the missions in these threads as Ace Combat levels. I know it's too "arcadey" and shit but I can't help myself.

    Also got me thinking of picrelated.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:30 No.8602831
    That you hear about... They've been successfully conducting military operations in Africa for the past 30 years. WHich is part of what appeals to me about the Campaign so far, the GM seems to have a deeper knowledge of ops then most.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:30 No.8602841
    You mean the Sierpinski Triforce?

    They fought in the Gulf War. Granted, that was 20 years ago, but it's not quite accurate to say they never fight.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:30 No.8602842
    This thread reminds me of the Top Gun video games. They were HORRIBLE simulators, that reflected real combat about as well as my hand reflects a real woman, but my GOD the voice acting for Merlin was hilarious as fuck.

    "Hurry up Maverick, land this thing! I wanna get to the mess hall before the fat guy eats all the potatoes."

    (As you're waiting on the catapult) "So I had this weird dream last night. We launch off the cat, but we have no wings. So we crash, of course, and when they haul us out of the water, the only thing I'm wearing is my 'Go Navy' scarf. Think I should take this up with the ships chaplain?"
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:31 No.8602850
    lol that works so well. Looks like the F14 was even to the point of threatening the F18 if he didn't tell him where they were. See? The F18s backed into the corner and everything!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:31 No.8602860

    >They fought in the Gulf War. Granted, that was 20 years ago, but it's not quite accurate to say they never fight.

    Well, the did sink a greenpeace boat.

    That's a compliment, coming from me, btw. :D
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:33 No.8602877
    Yeah, if the French are willing to C4 the shit out of a boat full of hippies in plain view of the public, just imagine the shit they pull in some backwater hellhole.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:35 No.8602916

    Even better

    "OKAY, Mav, the button works!" (if you hold down the cannon trigger for a while.)

    (when you shoot somebody down)

    "SEE YOU ON THE 6:00 NEWS"

    "In the event of an emergency, your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. To use it, bend over and KISS IT GOODBYE"
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:36 No.8602934
         File1268696197.jpg-(40 KB, 500x430, 500-Douglas_F4D_Skyray_USS_Bon(...).jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:38 No.8602981
    Hi there.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:39 No.8602983
         File1268696342.jpg-(195 KB, 1000x869, 1267671435307.jpg)
    195 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:39 No.8602989
    Why? Its a pos aircraft that got replaced by some of the most awesome shit out there. GTFO my /tg/
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:39 No.8603003
    Smells like /k/
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:41 No.8603021
         File1268696483.jpg-(26 KB, 450x359, 450-McDonnell_Douglas_F-4E_Pha(...).jpg)
    26 KB
    OP here,

    Read all the suggestions, I'll talk about it with the group in our planning stage. Tell you how it goes when I get back.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:41 No.8603023

    A wise man once said this of /k/:

    "If /k/ was running the US Air Force it'd be armed with Extra 300s with open cockpits so the pilots could use M1911s."

    And that sums up what /k/ knows about fighters.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:42 No.8603039
    I am convinced that no ruleset for this supposed "game" exists and all these threads are an elaborate troll from /k/.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:42 No.8603040

    And? Where do you think my second home on 4chan is? Its a subpar plane.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:42 No.8603042
    Yeah, it does. It'd be /tg/-related though, if only OP POSTED THE PROMISED RULES

    Though the MAS rules were posted too so I guess it's /tg/-related already.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:44 No.8603072

    I'm beginning to suspect that myself. Though these are damn fun threads.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:45 No.8603084
    >Extra 300s with m1911s

    We'd be unstoppable!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:46 No.8603101
    I don't care if it is, this is the best thing to potentially have ever come out of /k/.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:46 No.8603102
         File1268696788.gif-(409 KB, 554x335, 1177947298902.gif)
    409 KB
    This is what's needed. Fuel/air bombs. Forget napalm fuckers. This is where its at.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:47 No.8603120

    Even as a part time /k/ommando I must agree. Even if its just one big troll its hella fun.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:51 No.8603176
         File1268697083.jpg-(498 KB, 2496x1200, 4chan_house.jpg)
    498 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:52 No.8603207

    He's already said that the game uses Mercenary Air Squadron rules, with some houserules on top.

    So all we're waiting on now is house rules.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:55 No.8603243
    Where did he say it was MAS?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:56 No.8603257

    last thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)19:57 No.8603277
    I wasn't aware he'd stated that. Where was that? Quote plz?
    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/15/10(Mon)19:58 No.8603284
    I thought that was some anon going "It has to be MAS"
    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/15/10(Mon)19:59 No.8603306
    >Steve said his rules are being put up as time permits. He also thought that MAS was cool, but his game incorporates a tabletop ruleset in addition to the RPG, like the mechwarrior rpg allows people. He liked the missions from MAS and the campaign generator.

    Plus, this little blurb in the first post. . . so no, it's not MAS.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:03 No.8603369
    Yeah ok I didn't think he'd said it was MAS.

    As you can see OP we're STILL waiting on those rules.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:03 No.8603370
    So basically:

    * GM is incredibly knowledgeable about IRL military affairs

    * GM homebrewed (from scratch) own system

    * Said system is a tabletop AND RPG ruleset

    * Said system apparently allows for an incredible amount of detail, including electronic warfare and detailed stats for a shitload of different planes and munitions types

    I dunno, it sounds too good to be true for me. Another Sameo.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:04 No.8603376

    >Steve handed us out aircraft data sheets, sort of like the one's in that MAS but different, there were some other things he add on them.

    This seems to imply that he's cannibalized the MAS rules to use for his homebrew.

    Also, "RPG and vehicle combat" could mean "MAS rules for fighters and GURPS on the ground," so, srsly...
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:05 No.8603391

    >Another Sameo.

    There's actually empirical evidence of such a scam being perpetrated?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:05 No.8603398

    There's always a chance. And if its not true then we'll just have to turn MAS or another of the game mentioned into something similar just to sate our hunger for such a game.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:05 No.8603409
    What is Sameo?

    OP sucks at english sometimes. It's annoying when it comes to stuff like this.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:12 No.8603528
    It does sound too good to be true. But goddamn, if it is true...
    Fuck, I'll be playing/GM'ing this to death with my group.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:14 No.8603557

    Why wait for this supposed Steve to deliver the goods? I suggest we good plane-crazy folk of /tg/ get together and make that ruleset right now.
    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/15/10(Mon)20:14 No.8603572
    The way I read it, it sounded like the OP showed Steve MAS and he was like "dude, this is kinda cool, love these bits" but only after they had been playing. But that's just my take on it.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:16 No.8603601
    I'd love to play it if it is true...problem is my current group, aside from me, has absolutely no interest in this sort of thing. They're all to much into the fantasy or steampunk style of games. And while I have not problem with those I'd dearly like to play modern D20, Spycraft, or something like this.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:18 No.8603639

    Modern games are very hard to do right. One would have to be working in the military to get all the details correct or it would turn into a Rambo movie-style implausible action campaign. Nothing wrong with those, I suppose, but I prefer a realistic feel.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:25 No.8603748
         File1268699126.jpg-(197 KB, 1024x692, 0862878.jpg)
    197 KB
    My read on it as well.

    Fuck your group. Get them to play this stuff!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:25 No.8603751

    Eh...no matter how hard you try its gonna be a bit fantastical anyway. And who says real life doesn't have a touch of fantasy and the fantastical already?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:27 No.8603789

    I'd have to get my old group back together(only possible over long breaks due to school etc) to even have a chance of playing this. My current group wouldn't even consider it. No interest in such things whatsoever. Sad really. Otherwise they're a great group.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:29 No.8603832
    They're morons. Get them playing!
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:30 No.8603866
         File1268699450.jpg-(725 KB, 2100x1605, Catapult_hookup.jpg)
    725 KB
    /tg/ is pulling for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:33 No.8603924
    You don't understand. Half the group is female and more interested in playing sexy half dragons or something similar. Of the guys only one is really into the whole 'slashy slashy smashy smashy' thing. So its kinda hard to pitch something like this to them.
    >> I apologised on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 03/15/10(Mon)20:34 No.8603940

    Yeah, If I ever managed to get a game of Spycraft going, I'd make sure the players knew that we weren't trying to be realistic by having their first mission be basically Metal Gear Solid 3 set in India.
    Complete with BEEEEEEEEEEEEES.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:38 No.8604005
         File1268699934.jpg-(2.95 MB, 3000x1602, f22 f4.jpg)
    2.95 MB
    I would literally suck a dick for this ruleset

    OP I hope you and your GM read this,

    also dumping my airplane porn, F4 related
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:39 No.8604021
         File1268699983.jpg-(304 KB, 2000x1312, f14.jpg)
    304 KB
    dat transonic pressure gradient
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:40 No.8604042
         File1268700048.jpg-(324 KB, 2018x1800, f22.jpg)
    324 KB
    I know people love the PAK-FA, but I still think the F-22 is a slightly superior fighter
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:41 No.8604047
         File1268700078.jpg-(395 KB, 2464x1632, f15 (2).jpg)
    395 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:41 No.8604053
         File1268700113.jpg-(1.39 MB, 3008x2000, f15.jpg)
    1.39 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:42 No.8604056

    You guys misunderstood. I don't mean realism as in "boring shit", I mean realism in terms of detail. I like to be able to describe military and intelligence stuff accurately. Like the mission briefings from Steve, they've got a very nice sense of detail and an authentic feel.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:42 No.8604072
         File1268700170.jpg-(192 KB, 1680x1050, 0231-t59427_PC022-030-starfigh(...).jpg)
    192 KB
    my favorite vietnam era fighter, wouldnt be much use to OPs squadron though
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:43 No.8604075
    >Half the group is female and more interested in playing sexy female half dragons or something similar.

    Dude, do you have any idea how fucking hot female fighter pilots can be?
    Fuck. Dem jumpsuits, dat hair billowing in the wind when they remove their helmet, glistening in the fading dusk.

    It's practically the same mentality. Female fantasy warriors and female ace combat pilots. Extreme skill paired with sexy good looks.

    there's your pitch. EVERYONE wants to be a pilot, because pilots are fucking boss.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:43 No.8604079
         File1268700206.jpg-(508 KB, 3000x1993, 0227-t59411_american nighthawk.jpg)
    508 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:44 No.8604088
         File1268700243.jpg-(143 KB, 2240x1460, 0211-t59304_f-14.jpg)
    143 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:44 No.8604098
         File1268700279.jpg-(793 KB, 3543x2353, 0200-t59265_Draken_05.jpg)
    793 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:45 No.8604115
         File1268700310.jpg-(705 KB, 3000x2008, 0011-t54345_A-10 wallpaper.jpg)
    705 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:46 No.8604127
         File1268700364.jpg-(402 KB, 1600x734, SU_PAKFA_pic_5.jpg)
    402 KB
    I wish the PAK FA looked more likethis concept art.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:46 No.8604131

    ah if only it were that easy to pitch. I'll give it a try though. We'll see how it goes.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:49 No.8604162
         File1268700551.jpg-(69 KB, 950x631, oops I trippedjpg.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Token Black Guy 03/15/10(Mon)20:49 No.8604166
         File1268700585.gif-(168 KB, 256x144, AAAAH.gif)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:50 No.8604179
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:51 No.8604182
         File1268700665.jpg-(270 KB, 1800x1197, 0099-t54572_Repair.jpg)
    270 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:51 No.8604188
         File1268700718.jpg-(847 KB, 2000x1274, 0020-1246940314423.jpg)
    847 KB
    This is the image I think of when OP describes his missions. If OP comes back or starts another thread ill dump some more high res aircraft
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:53 No.8604211
         File1268700837.jpg-(71 KB, 950x631, Runway Where.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:54 No.8604219
    Nice pic, for once it's the token white guy.

    Also, reminds me of Ace Combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:55 No.8604233

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)20:56 No.8604236
         File1268700970.jpg-(60 KB, 600x399, roflbot-2eMY.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:02 No.8604295
         File1268701365.jpg-(66 KB, 600x399, roflbot-kSAH.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:03 No.8604301
         File1268701387.jpg-(185 KB, 1280x960, Fox_2_by_nellenmellen.jpg)
    185 KB
    Need some F16s in the mix so you can look awesome like this guy.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:04 No.8604321
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:05 No.8604326
         File1268701506.jpg-(240 KB, 766x1024, MiG_21bis.jpg)
    240 KB
    If I couldn't have an A-4 i'd probably start myself in one of these babies. Yeah they're outdated for the most part up the fun as hell and with so many upgrades...*drool*
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:06 No.8604346
         File1268701595.jpg-(80 KB, 800x544, beyond_the_taiga.jpg)
    80 KB
    One of these wouldn't be bad either.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:08 No.8604355
    I don't know why but F-16's look so much better with camo paintjobs. Otherwise they look a little boring.

    Don't get me wrong, they are great planes but they aren't much to look at.

    And yes, picture is cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:08 No.8604361
    I always think of an uncircumcised penis when I look at those planes.
    >> Maus 03/15/10(Mon)21:10 No.8604378
    Fucking hope this is it~

    Fucking cockteases.
    >> Maus 03/15/10(Mon)21:14 No.8604413
         File1268702054.jpg-(13 KB, 443x378, emote1265747720987.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:19 No.8604453
         File1268702349.jpg-(31 KB, 463x339, Vic Viper.jpg)
    31 KB
    Reminds me of the Vic Viper.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:26 No.8604521
         File1268702773.jpg-(52 KB, 703x463, Reading.jpg)
    52 KB
    The original is better.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:29 No.8604547
         File1268702956.jpg-(17 KB, 500x334, French Pilot.jpg)
    17 KB
    I'd invade her airspace if you know what I mean.
    >> NERD !!WmOJ8rpAoSt 03/15/10(Mon)21:32 No.8604575
         File1268703164.png-(97 KB, 600x600, 1268169854923.png)
    97 KB
    DAT transonic pressure gradient
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:35 No.8604608
         File1268703313.jpg-(168 KB, 1000x635, 1215948838138.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:37 No.8604630
         File1268703456.jpg-(49 KB, 470x313, 1216679042460.jpg)
    49 KB
    I'd hit it like the speed of sound.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:39 No.8604659
    >I'd hit it like the sound barrier.

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:41 No.8604678
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:43 No.8604703
         File1268703788.jpg-(2.54 MB, 2816x1880, VDay_Parade_Rehearsal_Moscow03.jpg)
    2.54 MB
    >I'd knock her out of the sky

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:44 No.8604721

    >chick fighter pilots


    >they fly F-2s

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:44 No.8604724
    Well this has gone all day once again and still there's no rules to be had. How many more threads will it take OP before you either get them to us for you reveal yourself to be a megatroll?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:46 No.8604746

    Just play MAS and stop whining. Besides, all the plane geeks are geeking out about planes. Successful threads are successful.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:46 No.8604755
    Someone make sure this thread is archived before it dies out or is replaced with the next one.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:49 No.8604795
         File1268704165.jpg-(386 KB, 1500x1125, 1230986717537.jpg)
    386 KB
    >They fly F-2's
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:51 No.8604822
         File1268704264.jpg-(32 KB, 300x300, Eyes.jpg)
    32 KB
    Delicious helmet mounted display.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:51 No.8604835
         File1268704311.jpg-(13 KB, 320x311, circle-01.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:52 No.8604844


    First, we may as well mention the flight stick that snapped off mid-flight. (MADE IN JAPAN LOL)

    Secondly, the F-16 was the product of the "lightweight fighter development program," which was the brainchild of the "fighter mafia," a group of guys who advocated that the traditional American design philosophy of flying freight trains that raped everything was fine and all, but lightweight, manuverable fighters had potential too. (They were good in their time, but have been fagging up the defense talk blogosphere ever since with stupid.)

    Thus the F-16, a fighter designed entirely around light-weight and maneuverability, was born.

    Now you tell me. What is the one thing you can do to a lightweight fighter to totally invalidate it's fundamental design principle? And what did the Japanese do?

    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/15/10(Mon)21:53 No.8604849
         File1268704398.gif-(39 KB, 200x150, 1255986799214.gif)
    39 KB
    >do my bidding or I shall reveal you to be a troll ON THE INTERNET, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Cool thought, bro.
    >> Maus 03/15/10(Mon)21:58 No.8604909
         File1268704718.gif-(2.39 MB, 267x200, emote 1267247010744.gif)
    2.39 MB


    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)21:59 No.8604920
         File1268704765.jpg-(461 KB, 1024x780, six lawn darts.jpg)
    461 KB
    Sorry I can't hear you over how awesome I am.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:00 No.8604932
    I, for one, am curious.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:02 No.8604956
         File1268704923.jpg-(124 KB, 640x439, 1216841914465.jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:04 No.8604982
    ...Make it really fucking heavy?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:07 No.8605010
         File1268705225.jpg-(1.09 MB, 2250x1455, 1239122605260.jpg)
    1.09 MB
    In every squadron, there's always one assclown...
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:13 No.8605071
         File1268705596.jpg-(256 KB, 1600x1000, F-111-Fuel-Dump,-Avalon(...).jpg)
    256 KB
    Have any of you actually READ the MAS dl? It's more like sky chess, with no accurate spatial relation or specific maneuvers, just far, close, unspecified dogfight. And it's half economic simulation, for 2 or more players to lead a whole squad and compete for missions.

    Also I don't think the rules will be coming. Sounds to me like the DM is an excellent storyteller with a military fanboi inclination who makes sh1t up as he goes along. That's great, if you know what you're doing. But it is no comprehensive air battle ruleset.

    If he wanted to share what he has with the world he would have by now. Let them play their campaign and maybe after he'll wrestle up the stones to put up his homebrew on RS.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:18 No.8605128

    I think they are playing a session right now. I would like to at least know what kind of checks / dice rolls the GM is having the players do. MAS does seem like kind of a let down.

    Oh well, I hope OP comes back tonight, I cant stay up much later
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:18 No.8605130
         File1268705927.jpg-(155 KB, 685x1027, Demigod of F-16's.jpg)
    155 KB
    F-16 here, all other planes are small time.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:24 No.8605208
         File1268706291.jpg-(139 KB, 1372x900, 0087-t54555_Artistic_Eagle.jpg)
    139 KB

    thats an f-15 broseph
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:27 No.8605246
    Wild Blue actually sounds much more versatile. And it's supposed to be more of a military simulation with RPG. I haven't read it yet, but the link is somewhere in the threads on suptg.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:28 No.8605257
    It's only been a couple days, and it sounds to me like the GM has his priorities in order and is working more on creating sessions for his players than uploading/typing all his rules and stats.

    I think it's safe to wait at least a few more days.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:30 No.8605284
         File1268706604.jpg-(55 KB, 1024x768, homer.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:34 No.8605357

    I hear you, I just dont get on /tg/ every day and I dont want to miss when the rules are finally posted.

    Hopefully they end up on suptg or some such
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:36 No.8605386
    >herp, also sh1t
    Really? You can't hit the "i" key when you type out the word "shit"? Also, this guy is under no obligation to give you anything, ever. So sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and wait untill you hear from the guy. The OP has said a few times that he's typing it up. Just chill out.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:37 No.8605410
    Once they are posted a few of us will make sure to post them at least once a day for a week or so. There were enough people interested that I think its only fair to make sure everyone gets it.
    >> Assclown 03/15/10(Mon)22:39 No.8605442
    "I'm not the one upside down boss, you are."
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:42 No.8605488
    I think we are at 250 posts

    cmon OP, new thread when you get back tonight

    crossed fingers
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:44 No.8605514
    I still find it surprising he didn't write this stuff out on a pc.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:48 No.8605576
    Yeah, I'm on livestream chat which censors...

    I'm not saying he's a jerk for not posting it, I'm saying he's got nothing to post.

    So shut the fuck up short bus and wait for the grownups to finish their discussion.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:48 No.8605580
         File1268707695.jpg-(145 KB, 1280x853, 1268363812683.jpg)
    145 KB
    For you OP. Hurry back.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:55 No.8605696
         File1268708114.jpg-(78 KB, 604x453, 1180625552393.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:56 No.8605721
         File1268708199.jpg-(1.65 MB, 2000x1402, 0026-1246940448535.jpg)
    1.65 MB

    >delicious slav girl
    >delicious slav tank

    at first I fapped, then I BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTT like a good American
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:58 No.8605755
    >grownups to finish their discussion
    What discussion, all you did was go HERP HE'S NOT PLAYING A GAME, HE'S A MAKING SHIT UP! You also brought into question the testicular fortitude of a guy you've never met because he didn't post his rules fast enough for your liking. So tell me where exactly the adult in your post started talking?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)22:59 No.8605765
         File1268708348.jpg-(188 KB, 1200x833, 1110697.jpg)
    188 KB
    Don't think that's happening little boy. You gotta get past us first.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:01 No.8605798
    Implying you use close air power to kill The A-10's.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:02 No.8605811
    A-10 is only usable if you have air superiority.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:06 No.8605865
         File1268708761.jpg-(2.16 MB, 3000x2250, 0023-t54357_F22 wallpaper.jpg)
    2.16 MB

    Oh, we have air superiority
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:07 No.8605884
    An adult might have understood that 'making shit up' is a valid form of roleplaying which only implies drawbacks for us who were waiting for what by now has to be the ultimate revelation in dogfight rules to satisfy.

    An adult might also have surmised that 'wrestle up the stones" is a maybe crude but nonetheless valid allusion to the tedious process of facing your own creative work again in order to compile it so that a general audience may comprehend it.

    This is my last reply to you. Go troll someone else now.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:07 No.8605895
         File1268708878.jpg-(300 KB, 1200x812, 0927315.jpg)
    300 KB
    We doubt it.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:09 No.8605921
         File1268708948.jpg-(1.08 MB, 2018x1800, HighR.jpg)
    1.08 MB
    From miles and miles awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:10 No.8605934
         File1268709006.jpg-(517 KB, 2000x1250, 0033-t54368_plane_wallpaper.jpg)
    517 KB

    I hate to resort to this technique but

    >implying su-30s could combat f-22s in a pure air to air roll
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:10 No.8605958
         File1268709057.jpg-(754 KB, 3000x1967, Mig_29_firing_AA-10.jpg)
    754 KB

    We have the range advantage, not you.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:11 No.8605975
    That's the same overconfidence that led to the problems the US had in Vietnam initially.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:13 No.8606001
    There is no over confidence involved.

    American military power->>>>>Entire rest of the planets military power.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:13 No.8606003
         File1268709198.jpg-(1015 KB, 3000x1967, RaptorParty.jpg)
    1015 KB
    I hope you don't expect to dogfight.

    Enjoy getting sniped before your missiles are in range.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:13 No.8606005
         File1268709205.jpg-(1.7 MB, 1680x1050, 0120-t54607_Warbirds.jpg)
    1.7 MB
    Posting this because I dont have any good AWACS pictures,


    Missile range means nothing when we have an advantage in detection range.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:14 No.8606029
         File1268709268.jpg-(693 KB, 2700x1808, 1221319167889.jpg)
    693 KB
    Lol, no.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:15 No.8606049
         File1268709311.jpg-(176 KB, 1600x1200, 0061-t54515_Burners.jpg)
    176 KB

    A PAK-FA can contend with an F-22

    Even the most modern Flanker derivatives cannot.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:17 No.8606088

    And then another country calls in the US's debts.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:18 No.8606090
    I'm sorry, you and all the other F-22 supporters out there.

    What's the engagement range on an F-22? How far can the missiles fire? How many missiles can it carry? How does it survive in an active emissions environment? Does it have BVR IR capability?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:18 No.8606093

    Ahh, the Fishbed. The AK-47 of the skies.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:18 No.8606098
         File1268709499.jpg-(31 KB, 568x397, eots.jpg)
    31 KB
    EOTS up in this bitch.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:20 No.8606133
    ITT: Idiots arguing over capabilities on paper when OP's team demonstrated that once things get hot your paper burns real nice.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:21 No.8606137
    All of that may be true, yet you >implied none of that in your first post. The first third of it was listing out some negitives about MAS, as i've not looked at the rules myself, i'll take your word on those. However, when we get to the second and third parts of your post, we see the "herp" show up. The OP has mentioned quite a few times that Steve(the DM of the plane game) is typing up his notes/rules whatever, and he'll post them. I'll quote you for a moment: "If he wanted to share what he has with the world he would have by now. Let them play their campaign and maybe after he'll wrestle up the stones to put up his homebrew on RS." No where in that did you give the idea that doing a write up of anything is a big job, it was all "he hasn't posted his rules, he's just a tease". So, remind me again, why is my dismissal of your opinion any sort of trolling? Because it fit with the attitude you showed?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:21 No.8606148
    Ah yes, eots, the JSF gets tech the Fulcrum had in the eighties...

    The US is ahead in low observable tech and C3, but everywhere else, we are behind.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:23 No.8606172
         File1268709803.jpg-(61 KB, 440x279, eurofighter1.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:24 No.8606190

    8 AIM-20D In stealth configuration

    ~60nm (Im not sure on this one)

    No BVR IR (this is the PAK-FA's biggest advantage)

    but an F-22 can kinematicly defeat a long range missile and has a much better stealth profile than the PAK-FA
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:25 No.8606206
    Somebody make this thread in /k/
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:26 No.8606228

    No, any air power discussion on /k/ is so pants on head retarded it makes me feel bad for going on that board

    /tg/ knows much more about the military than /k/
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:28 No.8606252
         File1268710088.jpg-(201 KB, 1600x1200, 1225104449386.jpg)
    201 KB
    Faggots expecting a missile fight between air powers are hilarious.

    Hard to get planes off the ground when everything is already blown the fuck up.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:28 No.8606253
    Awww, I didn't know too much about air superiority in modern days so I hoped a discussion in /k/ would reveal some nice facts
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:28 No.8606255
    Obvious foreign spy detected.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:28 No.8606256
    A few things.
    F-22 carries six AIM-120s inside, I'll let you have Ds even though they are only now going into service. Range is at best 45 miles.

    PAK-FA RCS is unknown, no way to know what it looks like on Radar.

    Most planes can kinematically defeat a lot of missiles. But that ability is reduced the closer inside the misisle range you are. And when the BASIC russian missile has a 70nm range, and their advanced ones have a 110nm range, and their AWACS killers have 200+ nm ranges, then it all becomes moot. Furthermore, to launch an AMRAAM, you need a radar lock, and that means nose hot, and that means, the F-22 stealth means nothing.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:30 No.8606299
    The B-2, a bomber so expensive losing one actually puts a dent in the US military budget. A bomber so stealthy cellphones can detect and triangulate it when hooked up to a laptop.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:31 No.8606316

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:32 No.8606328
         File1268710336.jpg-(101 KB, 800x533, dirk_voortmans_a7pilot_1807.jpg)
    101 KB
    OP again, back, and I'm going to write up the mission as best I can. Was a lot of fun.

    Should I start a new thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:33 No.8606339
    The PAK-FA. What happens when the X-23 design is stolen and a Russian label is slapped on it.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:33 No.8606342

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I was under the impression that with integrated radar systems a fighter could fire a missile based on another aircraft's radar lock, meaning only one active radar in the field

    Also I am basing my analysis of the PAK-FA on:

    The design of the nozzles is not stealthy like the F-22.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:33 No.8606360
    >cellphones can detect and triangulate it when hooked up to a laptop.

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:34 No.8606364
         File1268710446.jpg-(17 KB, 249x211, 0021-1252544041180.jpg)
    17 KB

    oh god yes OP, I stayed up late tonight just for this
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:34 No.8606367
         File1268710450.png-(91 KB, 1197x770, 1.png)
    91 KB
    I don't think you remember when /k/ got their hands on an aircraft design program...
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:34 No.8606379
         File1268710481.png-(80 KB, 1229x742, 2.png)
    80 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:35 No.8606391
         File1268710517.png-(149 KB, 1205x763, 3.png)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:35 No.8606406
         File1268710554.png-(335 KB, 1219x776, 4.png)
    335 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:35 No.8606407
    That's downright fucking Or/k/y.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:35 No.8606409
    >/tg/ knows much more about the military than /k/
    Amusing yet true, but /tg/ really isn't the place for this.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:36 No.8606411
    I just read this whole thread and orgasmed twice and came close once more.

    I would never suspect that /tg/ had as many plane freaks here as... well.. wow.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:36 No.8606422
         File1268710594.jpg-(435 KB, 768x432, Sukhoi-T-50-PAK-FA-KnAAPO-2S.jpg)
    435 KB

    The 'stealth' argument on the F-22 is a joke, it's low observable. The PAK-FA also has multi axis thrust vectoring, the F-22 only has unidirectional.

    You mean the YF-23?
    The PAK-FA actually looks more like a flanker than an F-23.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:37 No.8606432

    Next time realize this is a thread about a homebrew mercenary air force game before saging the thread
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:37 No.8606434
    >The JSF
    >THE US

    Hold it, the EOTS was a concession to Europe who wanted something they already knew how to repair. Originally Lockeed-Martin put foreword a modern Infra-red search and track system more in-line with the Russian OLS with incorporated design ideals state-side. Russia didn't like that idea and sense everyone has a say with the (former) JSF program, it was benched.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:37 No.8606436
         File1268710641.jpg-(1.59 MB, 2872x1492, 20100314125220_1m2s.jpg)
    1.59 MB
    >aircraft design program

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:37 No.8606439
    Am I weird for thinking the P-51 Mustang looks the sexiest of the bunch?
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:39 No.8606459
    /tg/ really really IS the place for this. If you think differently go and bolter yourself for slaanesh or something.

    I could do without the unrelated slav vs us dongparison, but that'S 4chan for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:39 No.8606462
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:41 No.8606486
    Google Roke Manor.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:42 No.8606513
         File1268710935.jpg-(179 KB, 2100x1335, 0025-t54359_F-16.jpg)
    179 KB

    >I could do without the unrelated slav vs us dongparison, but that'S 4chan for you.

    Im sorry I just needed something air power related to talk about until OP got back.

    Ill stop now I promise
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:42 No.8606515
         File1268710939.jpg-(258 KB, 1000x1360, JSX.jpg)
    258 KB
    Speaking of stolen aircraft designs...
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:42 No.8606521
    Nah just post it all here OP. Easier than going out and looking for a new thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:42 No.8606524
    lazy bastard

    (opens google)
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:45 No.8606568
         File1268711141.jpg-(123 KB, 750x500, m-346_prototype.jpg)
    123 KB
    Meanwhile in Italy...

    Damn laughable but cute little bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:45 No.8606569
    >>Speaking of stolen ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING designs...

    Fixed that for ya.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:46 No.8606577

    or OP could link to the new thread so we can have 300 more posts of sexy airplanes and general fapping to a god tier GM
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:46 No.8606582
    So its a company that claims they make the best *everything* without becoming super massive

    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:47 No.8606607
    Fine, look up omni-static radar and then bi-static radar. That should put you on the right track.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:49 No.8606627
         File1268711348.jpg-(63 KB, 768x518, 1231486119493.jpg)
    63 KB
    I like it, reminds me of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:49 No.8606640
    I have an even better idea. Don't be a lazy bastard and owe up to your own accusations
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:53 No.8606699
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:57 No.8606743
    Wow... This is the first time anybody ever gave me a real source to anything in all my years at 4chan.

    Interesting read, I can see it becoming popular in the future for nations with the resources to build it
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)23:59 No.8606782
    OP taking this long to type his mission up is the worst orgasm denial ive ever experienced
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)00:00 No.8606796
    If a nation has a cell phone network, they've already built it.
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)00:08 No.8606917

    Op made a new thread!
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)00:19 No.8607085


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