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  • File : 1268563536.png-(139 KB, 2544x752, versus.png)
    139 KB Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:45 No.8577633  
    sup tg, lets have a versus thread.

    whenever i read about humans in 40k two parties are mentioned the most when it comes to being the most skilled in single combat: eversor assasins and space marines

    fluff wise what are the odds of an eversor defeating the following types of space marine and how badly will he win/ lose
    1. scout
    2. full fledged marine
    3. librarian
    4. chaplain
    6. grey knight
    7. dreadnought

    both sides duke it out 1 on 1 and start with full health / equipment.

    if the eversor has an advantage / disadvantage feel free to make it a 1 v 2 / 2 v 1 onwards
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:47 No.8577644
    He dies horribly to a librarian and anything above
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:47 No.8577649
    Eversor kills Scout and Marine. Librarian wins.

    Chaplain probably loses. Terminator wins. Grey Knight wins. Dread wins.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!y4krTe8P2kd 03/14/10(Sun)06:47 No.8577650
    i'd say he would be killed at terminator or grey night.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:49 No.8577667
    Are you talking TT-wise or fluff-wise?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:50 No.8577675
    He's got a power weapon, iniative, and a bucketload of dice.
    Only the Librarian and dread stand a chance.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:51 No.8577692
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:51 No.8577694
    If he's talking Fluff-wise, the GK would trounce him. Considering that Grey Knights are an entire CHAPTER of psykers.
    >> Protofag 03/14/10(Sun)06:54 No.8577717
         File1268564046.jpg-(562 KB, 898x942, Baaaaaawrrrrry.jpg)
    562 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:54 No.8577719
    Librarians are pretty hax.

    They have the biggest survival rate of all Space Marines.

    I mean, they're Hulk-sized commando wizards who can see the future ahead.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!y4krTe8P2kd 03/14/10(Sun)06:54 No.8577728

    yep, grey nights are killing 1 ork per second because they are that awesome.

    and if custodians was on the list they would be killing 5 orks per second.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:56 No.8577742
    The only thing that kills faster than a Custodian is fucking Exterminatus man...
    >> Protofag 03/14/10(Sun)06:56 No.8577745
    eversor blows up when he dies right? should ties be factored in too?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:56 No.8577746
    If the custodians were on that list they would fart and the Eversor would melt.

    DAoT enhancements >>>>>>> Everything the Imperium can muster now.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:57 No.8577756
    sure why not, itd count as a draw if his opponent is wounded badly enough to be caught in the explosion and die
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:59 No.8577772
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)06:59 No.8577780
    Eversors aren't the kind of guys you'd send after Space Marines.

    You'd use a Culexus assassin or a Vindicare assassin.

    Eversor excels in brutal shock attacks. Guess where Space Marines excel in...
    >> Protofag 03/14/10(Sun)07:01 No.8577797
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:01 No.8577802
    Protomarines come in and kill all...return to golden throne to play baccarat.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:03 No.8577815
    Assymetrical warfare, mate. Learn your Codex Astartes.

    Only Black Templars are stupid enough NOT to fight assymetrical warfare, but when you have over 10,000 space marines under your command you can waste some lifes.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:04 No.8577820
    i figured as much, but it wouldnt be as fun a match since you replace awesome combat with "that tech marines a spah!" or "do you notice a glint in that wind-"
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:05 No.8577827
    I remember reading somewhere that every so often all the chapters come together for wargames where a warrior from each represents their chapter in a while range of gnarly and idiotic tests of strength and valor. Salamanders win...all the time
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:05 No.8577828
    Eversors are the best out of trillions marines are the best out of millions.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:06 No.8577840
    Aren't eversor's supposed to be able to single handedly fight through an entire fortress worth of defences, including kicking down walls and shit.

    If they're only as strong as a librarian or whatever, why not just send a librarian. No need to be secretive about that. No need to have an entire secretive temple dedicated to making them, either. Just dress the librarian up in unknown clothes and let them do their thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:06 No.8577842
    Not really, all assassin candidates are bred in the temple, theyre not just plucked out of the imperium.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:06 No.8577849
    Salamanders ALWAYS win.

    Fuck, their planet is a giant volcano and they named themselves after VOLCANO DINOSAURS.

    How could they not win?
    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/14/10(Sun)07:07 No.8577851
    I like that pic. Not participating, just digging the art. Is it yours?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:07 No.8577854
    In war, its irrelevant who's best, its only relevant who's decent, and how many of them are decent.
    >> Protofag 03/14/10(Sun)07:07 No.8577855
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:08 No.8577861
    Really? I thought they were the best of the best recruited by the temple then upgraded with the best mars could offer.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:08 No.8577867
    Pointing to some fluff (from the Rulebook) didn't a chapter of Marines attempt to take down the Master of the Assassin Temples? Something like 100 mixed Assassins against a full chapter. All I recall is that only one Marine survived long enough to kill said master.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:08 No.8577869
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:09 No.8577874
    Librarians are fucking rare, and their death is a huge loss.

    Eversors are incredibly welltrained, but in essence, they're a bomb.

    Once their killdrive is activated they have 8 hours to live, thanks to all the combat drugs, chemicals and other dangerous liquids in their body.

    They are expected to die.

    A librarian is expected to reach 1000 years.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:10 No.8577883
    I call bullshit.

    I doubt that the Master of Assassins has ever been assassinated by Space Marines.

    They're soldiers. Not assassins.

    They can fight wars, but they can't kill the fucking MASTER OF ASSASSINS.
    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/14/10(Sun)07:12 No.8577899
    Fuck, man, I give you internet props, that's some good looking stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:12 No.8577900
    i thought the dead mans switch was just a side effect of the drugs / engineering and back up plan if they get killed, arent they supposed to try to make it back and go back in statis
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:13 No.8577903
    Salamanders also never suffer crushing defeats since the Horus Heresy, they are always there to help civilians, they bitchslap Inquisitors, Commanders, Generals and generally everyone who fucks over Imperial citizens, they're fucking rich, they can function independantly from the Imperium...

    ...fuck the Ultramarines. Salamanders are supreme.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:13 No.8577909
    Fuck yes.

    Salamanders FTMFW.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:14 No.8577910
    I've never really seen the point in eversors anyway. All the other assassins are used for specific purposes, usually secret.
    The shapeshifting ones are there to be secretive as hell. The sniper ones are there to secretly take down someone, usually in the middle of a crowd. Everyone knows that they died but they're not sure how or why.

    Eversors are used so that everyone knows exactly what's going on. You've pissed off the wrong people, now you've got a whirling, death dealing bomb kicking down your front door, and you're going to die. A space marine chapter would work better for that, on all fronts. Hell, not even a chapter, just a squad.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:14 No.8577916

    Sorry, it is canon. 5th edition rulebook, page 124.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:14 No.8577921
    Considering that all you need to do to make an eversor is pump them full of drugs, give them a nice gun and a power claw, then strap a bomb to them, as opposed to years and years of modifications...
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:15 No.8577924
    Nope. They're really human bombs. In the fluff, they're sometimes send as a distraction for another assassin.

    There was a nice comic about an Eversor and a Culexus assassin working together to kill off a renegade Governor.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:15 No.8577927
    Thanks for that. Didn't have my book handy.

    That said, it took an entire chapter of Marines to make it possible. The guy was probably beaten and bloodied already.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:16 No.8577936
    i was pretty dissapointed in the eversor in that story didnt expect a highly trained assassin to go down from a guardsman shot
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:16 No.8577939

    But they're expensive to make and train/hypnotise/whatever they do to them, and they're almost guaranteed to not come back. The space marines would probably all come back.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:17 No.8577944
    They are human bombs but I believe they are recalled to their stasis drop pod if the successfully terminate the target to be refrozen.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:17 No.8577945

    You do realize that in order to reach their full potential, an eversor needs years and years of training.. right?

    The drugs may enhance their abilities, but you don't just pick up street thugs and turn them into assassins
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:18 No.8577951
    wasn't their a Eversor that malfunctioned and killed an entire city over a period of months?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:18 No.8577953
    Definately would have had to do with storming the temple of the assassins, which by their nature would have that whole thing filled to the fucking brim with gnarly traps.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:19 No.8577959
         File1268565557.png-(3 KB, 296x288, template.png)
    3 KB
    thanks, i used this template some anon posted a while ago in case you want it
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:19 No.8577964
    But this time, it isn't a squad.

    It's one guy.

    ONE GUY.

    He's a terror weapon.

    Imagine, you're a traitor governor.

    One day you wake up, and there's a droppod crashed into your palace. Everywhere is gunfire. EVERYWHERE, and you see a weird black figure with a skullface running over the ceiling killing off security to the left and right.
    He's shot in the head and the heart AND HE JUST KEEPS RUNNING! Suddenly, the tank that guards the patio outside rides in and begins firing with heavy weapons... and the assassin stumbles out of the explosion, STILL alive. He drops dead before your feet, and then...

    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:21 No.8577977
    I can imagine that.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:21 No.8577978
    >He's shot in the head and the heart AND HE JUST KEEPS RUNNING!

    Come on, that's just silly, especially considering the size of the average gun in 40k.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:21 No.8577982
    True. It says that the Assassin cults took time to set up their defenses, so the kills cannot be levied totally to the work of the Assassins. All the same, they were a force to be reckoned with.

    I would love to see a block of new fluff on the situation, given that the Master had all four of the High Lords of Terra offed at once. It would be interesting to see the motivation.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:22 No.8577991
    The Eversor in an official 40k comic was shot one or two times in the chest, and the text mentioned that it didnt matter as his third heart was still fully functional.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:22 No.8577995
    The eversor really would keep going. You know how when you shoot a large animal in an obviously vital spot and they just keep coming? Same thing, except instead of sheer size and hardiness, it's I DO COCAAAAAINE!
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:23 No.8577999

    There's no point using a terror weapon if the only people who see it in use are all dead. No one is going to walk onto the aftermath of an eversor attack and think "holy shit, one guy did all this", they're going to think "what the fuck how did I miss the war".

    Terror attacks only work if people know what happened. The methodology of the eversor ensures that no one who sees it in action lives, and if it dies, it explodes. If anyone survives (doubtful), they have no evidence to back up their story.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:23 No.8578006
    >550.M37 The Occlusiad
    >The northwestern fringe is ravaged by the Apostles of the Blind King, rogue Tech Priests who view humanity as an affront to the Machine God. The Apostles uncover wondrous artefacts lost in the Dark Age of Technology that allow the creation of supernovae from the hearts of living suns. Constellations are forever changed as the Apostles purge the outer Segmentum Obscuras. War rages for a decade, until the Navigator Joyre Macran discovers the palace-warship of the Blind King hidden in a fold of Warpspace. Escaping with his knowledge, Macran guides the Emperor-class battleship Dominus Astra to the palace's location. The Blind King is killed when the Dominus Astra's lance batteries pierce the palace-warship's hull, and without his presence the Apostles are swiftly overcome.

    Doesn't the Emperor lack lances in BFG though?
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:25 No.8578021
    Which is part of the terror. All they know is that SOMETHING came in and fucked shit up. No enemy combatants left over. Any recording devices would just show a howling black blur and the trail of gore it was leaving behind.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:25 No.8578025
    Surviving soldiers, cameras, sensors?

    I imagine Inquistors sending skull bots after an Eversor, taping the whole thing, then sending copies to nearby rebel planets.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:26 No.8578031
         File1268565995.jpg-(23 KB, 450x338, 600107-oh_you_super.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:26 No.8578032
    I masturbate to the thought of a foaming at the mouth Summer Glau behind that leering skull mask.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:26 No.8578034
    that made me lol
    i can imagine a couple of peasants trying to explain to the authorities while they brush it of, "evidence (laugh) what evidence? that man shaped hole in the wall? silly that cant prove anything"
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:27 No.8578036
    I would love to see small pieces of fluff like that animated into 10 - 15 minute episodes. HYPER VIOLENCE
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:27 No.8578038
    Fluff doesn't have to follow the rules mate.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:30 No.8578064
    Yeah. If you want to scare the fuck out of something you deploy a death leaper.
    That fucker killed the entire top of a government. One by one, at different times. Infront of the eyes of the leader. And then just walked away.
    Just to point out "I can fuck up your shit anyday and you know it"
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:32 No.8578072
    [Camera Pan In] -High Lord of Munitorium sitting at desk, filing papers. Screams and combat sounds from hallway.-
    [Snap to camera on face, showing door] -Head snaps up and whirls to face the door moments before it bursts open to show the frothing, gore covered form of an Eversor.-
    [Camera to black with a scream.]
    [Camera in on face of Munitorium Lord with shocked expression, slowly zooming out to show the head resting on a platter with the body several feet away.]
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:34 No.8578091
    Zoom out to see the other lords dead and dismembered then fade MARINES PREPARING FOR WAR
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:39 No.8578133
    Nah. Four lords, four assassins. Gotta go through the different kills.

    [camera on a factory, the Lord of Mars inspecting in the presence of a dozen high ranking Magi and scores of guards.]
    [Zoom out, slowly showing crosshairs on the image as the camera pulls back through the scope of a rifle.]
    [A gunshot is heard, followed shortly by a spurt of blood from the Lord of Mars's head]
    [Camera flips away to the side, showing a Vindicare swiftly darting back into a vent pipe to hide and await his evac orders.]
    [Camera follows and Vindicare speaks into a headset radio] VINDICARE: Mark has been neutralized.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:41 No.8578144
    >Four lords, four assassins.
    Way off. Got my fluff fucked up.

    More of the scenes to come.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:42 No.8578152
    >Nova Terra interregnum
    >The time of Twin Empires. The Ur-council of Nova Terra denounce the High Lords and claim the rule of Segmentum Pacificus. For nine centuries the Imperium becomes a realm split in twain.

    "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the galaxy, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Man and of the Emperor of Man entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:46 No.8578184
    We'll have to extend the length of the episode....The Marine chapter storming the temple must be violent.....
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:46 No.8578185

    People in the 40k universe, especially humans, have a hard time believing anything that doesn't follow established facts. Which is why anyone who claims to have seen ork commandos (using stealth) is killed for lying.

    "One guy came in and butchered everyone" = "this guy is making shit up because he failed".
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:47 No.8578196
    [Camera comes in on a heavily armored transport. Pans down to show window with the Master of the Astronomicon sitting within, escorted by guards.]
    [Camera swings in through window, showing the old man shivering.]
    [MoA screams, holding himself as the guards look between one another looking wary of the old psyker.]
    [Camera snaps up as a hole blasts through the roof and the leering skull of a Culexus pops through, the eye of the Animus open fully.]
    [The MoA's eyes go wide in terror.]
    [Cut to outside as the Culexus drops in. Lasfire bursts around the windows and a beam of blue light blasts through the rear of the vehicle. It careens off of the road and into a building.]
    [Culexus opens a door and walks away, showing the smoldering, headless corpse of the MoA.]
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:56 No.8578273
    [Camera showing exterior of a massive chapel with divisions of troops assembling around it. Camera pans around the building on a helicopter style lift, showing guards posted on every parapet and at every window.]
    [Camera stops at one window and passes through, showing the Master Ecclesiarch in a room, pacing before the window. Three guards are in the room.]
    ME: I...I can't believe it! How is it that this...this absolute Heresy has not been halted!? By the Emperor's Holy Name, I must remain safe! I must spread his word!
    [ME turns to face the window, the camera showing his face as the middle guard draws two knives, silently killing the men to either side with a single thrust, lowering them to the ground.]
    [Middle Guard approaches, holding one of the knives as ME faces the window.]
    ME: But...I am safe here. None can reach me within these halls, with Guardsmen watching the walls and my most trusted aides within. I feel at ea-
    [The blade of a long knife bursts through his chest and the Guard pulls it out before covering his mouth and slitting his throat. The guard then steps away from the window and places a hand to their ear.]
    Callidus: Master, the Ecclesiarch has been dispatched.
    [Camera follows as Callidus exits to the hall and a quick clip montage of the Assassin exiting the building. Once outside she sheds the guard's clothes, and runs, the black bodysuit covered form shifting quickly to a more feminine one.]
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:57 No.8578288
    And there is the intro to a very, very bloody film on an interesting piece of Imperial fluff.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)07:58 No.8578296
    dude he can take them all one on one-room one ha killed about 100 in one go before explodeing
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)07:59 No.8578309
    >> OnetimeTrip !!1ihovTcMOSN 03/14/10(Sun)08:33 No.8578641
    Just pretend that the post is blank.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)08:39 No.8578699
         File1268570380.png-(6 KB, 296x288, Tech-Preist Xanthis Criswald.png)
    6 KB
    Damnit. I just saw that template, and I had to make my current DH character. Sorry that my Paint-Fu is weak.

    Don't have that Medicae Mechadendrite yet. But I'm shootan for it.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)08:41 No.8578722
    ¡A continuación!

    [Camera comes down through a building, passing over the corpses of several Space Marines, their bodies shredded by power weapons. There is a hiss and clash of weapons. Passes into a room through a pair of fortified doors that have been blown off of their hinges. Within, an Eversor is fighting the Grand Provost Marshall of the Adeptus Astartes.]
    [The GPMotAA is wielding a two handed power sword, the Eversor fighting with its power sword and neuro-gauntlet.]
    [Eversor dodges under the sword and rakes the GPM's chest with his claw, gouging deep into the armor. GMP throws his knee into the Eversor's head, flinging him backward with a howl. Eversor lands all fours, howling in fury as it charges forward again. The GMP takes a few blows and brings his sword crashing down, severing the Eversor's arm off. In his drug fueled rage, he continues to attack. The GPM splits his legs at the knees. The Eversor falls and continues to drag itself toward the GPM. With a final howl, it falls dead. The GPM seems to relax for a moment, before the Eversor explodes. GPM is flung backward, his face bloodied, armor scarred.]
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)08:47 No.8578773
    [GPM rises slowly, shakily. He walks out into the hallway, seeing the remains of his Honor Guard. He becomes enraged, curses, and passes into a shadowed hallway.]

    [GPM is with the yet living High Lords of Terra, minus the Master of the Officio Assassinorium.]
    GPM: My friends, one in our rank has turned against us. He has sent his soldiers, the coward that he is, to seek out some vendetta. He will not go unpunished. [Slams fist down on table, shattering the face with his gauntlet.]

    HIGH LORDS: (ad lib vehement agreement)

    ==(Might extend speech a bit.)
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)08:53 No.8578827
    Scout will get slaughtered
    Marine will get slaughtered

    Librarian will have a good chance, psycic powers + precognition will avoid the assassin getting too much of a jump on him but if either side slips up once, they've lost.

    Chaplian has great combat skills, but not on par with the perfect combat assassin, coupled in with the fact that the assassin will get the jump the chaplian doesn't have a chance.

    Terminators are notrious for having poor manueverability at the expense of massive durability and power, but against an Eversor he will won't be able to land a hit and will get torn to ribbons.

    Grey knight. as elite warriors and adaquate psykers, they have many of the benefits of the librarian, however I think the Eversor has the advantage here.

    Dreadnaught is a tricky one, It's possible for the Eversor to defeat it (Yay meltabombs) but unlikely, since if the Dread gets a single hit in then the eversor is out. It's a case of the Eversor needs to be lucky every time wheras the Dread needs to be lucky once.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)08:54 No.8578829

    [GPM goes to meet the Chapter Master of (x) chapter.]
    GPM: Brother...it is no easy task that you have been dealt. These dogs will have protected themselves well. You are likely to lose a great number of your own brothers in this mission. Should you wish to decline this...

    Chap Master: No. We will not turn this down. If ever there has been a time to prove ourselves to the Emperor, it is now when one of his most trusted servants has gone astray. The (chapter name)s will not fail you.

    [GPM pats him on the shoulder and CM makes the sign of the aquila on his chest. Camera fades to a preparation montage as the brothers of the chapter don their armor, the techpriest prepares weapons, Chaplain does Litanies of Hate, etc.]
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)09:02 No.8578889
    Oh god, I love this one. The image of a Cullexus assassin tearing a hole in the roof of the transport and then looking in, Animus fully open and glowing. It's glorious.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)09:04 No.8578903
    [Battle Barges of (chapter) arrive over the Temple of the Officio Assassinorium. The camera cuts to the bridge of the ship, where the Chapter Master stands with the other Masters of the Chapter. He holds a vox horn, speaking to all of the brothers in the ships at once.]

    CM: We will be storming the very temple that these traitors know as home! Within, you will find beasts that have been bred, born and raised to kill. They will be absolutely lethal and completely ruthless. We will show them the true meaning of the Emperor's fury! Their blood shall run until every last one of them has been purged and given the Emperor's justice. Ave Imperator, Brothers.

    [As he speaks, the camera goes to the Thunderhawks and Drop Pods where the brothers await the command to launch.]

    CM: Go, my Brothers! Deliver the Emperor's wrath unto our foes!

    [Camera cut to outside as the drop pods and Thunderhawks launch, clouds of jet burn showing as they hurtle planetside. The camera cuts in to follow a Drop Pod as it breaks atmosphere, panning to show it and a cloud of its fellows hitting and shattering the ground in near unison.]

    [The bays open and the Marines pile out, 90% of their number instantly dropping as holes are blown through their helmets. After they hit the ground, gunshots finally reach them. The remainder take cover behind the drop pods, scrambling to get out of the line of fire.]
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)09:05 No.8578909
    Glad you appreciate it, anon. That one was my favorite mental image as I wrote it.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)09:15 No.8578970
    [The camera snaps out to a distance, showing several Vindicare assassins in camouflage, only the red lenses of their masks visible. Several more shots crack out and the camera swings, following one of the bullets in slow motion. It flies up into the air, hitting the thruster of a down-bound Drop Pod. The guidance is knocked off, hurling the pod down at an extreme angle. It hits side first and shatters in the impact, a few Marines pulling themselves out of the wreckage. Both are dismissed with further shots. Panning back, one of the Vindicares looks up as a Thunderhawk screams closer. He takes a shot at the cockpit but the bullet skims off of the glass. The cannon top charges and unleases with its Turbolaser, annihilating the line of snipers. Said Thunderhawk sweeps down, dropping a group of Assault Marines from side hatches to clear out the remaining shooters in that area. The Marines at the drop pods see this and begin surging forward, unafraid now.]

    [Camera pulls back and shifts to another part of the advance as Thunderhawk transporters come down, dropping dozens of tanks. They begin to cross the ground toward the building and, as they cross a patch of ground, hatches slide aside and a group of Eversors launch out. They quickly move from tank to tank across the line, planting Melta charges in the tread cages and around hatches. As they blow holes in the vehicles they leap inside, shredding the men within.]
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)09:16 No.8578972
         File1268572564.png-(51 KB, 570x520, inquisition.png)
    51 KB
    i just HAD to draw that
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)09:25 No.8579017
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)09:31 No.8579063
    [Eversors approach another Land Raider, this one bearing more chapter iconography than the others. They plant a Melta Charge and blow the side hatch open. A moment later, as they dive in, they are blown backward and are leaped upon by two Marines in highly ornate artificer armor wielding shining blades. After killing them, they Marines leap free and run, leaving the exploding Eversors behind as they leap back in. The Chapter Master stands up out of the top hatch, opening a vox horn.]
    CM: Onward, my Brothers! Do not let them slow our advance! First Company, advance on the building!

    [As the tanks advance, the Hammer of Valor (chapter battle barge) moves into view in the sky above the temple. There are flashes on the underside and thin rays of light hit the massive temple.]

    [There is an explosion of light as the First Company Terminators teleport in. They immediately form a perimeter, purging the few Assassins in the room.]

    TERMINATOR SERGEANT: Master, the area is secure. We are clear to enter.

    CM: [Via Vox] Excellent, Brothers. Hold the area for our advance.

    [Another of the Terminators calls out]
    T1: Contact! Three marks!

    [Terminators turn, a few watching rear as they open fire on three shadowy forms sprinting toward them. They dance around and through the shots with preternatural ease. As an Assault Cannon opens on them, they disappear into the shadows.]

    T SARGE: Stay vigilant! They are here yet!
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)09:33 No.8579075
    [In a burst of green light, one of the Terminators falls, screaming. A Callidus assassin darts forward, plunging her blade into another Terminator. She is batted down, crushed by a Power Fist. A moment later, the offending Terminator is hit through the helmet by a sniper round. The Vindicare is taken out with a rattle of Storm Bolter fire. The remainder of the Terminators end up in a pitched combat, slowly losing out as they are overwhelmed. The final one is the Sergeant.]

    T SARGE: Master, we have failed.

    [Camera cuts to the Chapter Master as the vox bead goes to static.]
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)09:34 No.8579089

    Haha it's even better than it was in my head. Awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)09:41 No.8579143
    >Grey knight. as elite warriors and adaquate psykers, they have many of the benefits of the librarian, however I think the Eversor has the advantage here.

    This is heresy.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)09:49 No.8579189
    whatre you gonna do?
    have him assassinated?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)10:02 No.8579273
    Holy crap Inquisitor Cale, you are awesome. MOAR damnit!
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)11:04 No.8579793
    Disappeared to do laundry, eat cold pizza and hit a few shots. Aaaah, spring break. :3

    Glad to know that I'm appreciated.

    More to come after I look over what I've already got done and get my brain back in the right spot. Currently on hour 30 without sleep.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)11:22 No.8580008
         File1268580128.jpg-(396 KB, 1230x806, 40k_Assassins_by_IronShrineMai(...).jpg)
    396 KB
    I'm back, bitches!

    [The resistance falls away out side of the building. The Assault Marines that survived launch up and land in the open front bay of a Thunderhawk as it swoops low. As it passes over a spire of the temple, there is a howl and an Eversor is catapulted onto the hull of the Thunderhawk. The Thunderhawk goes over the remaining tanks and explodes as the Chapter Master wheels to face it, his face a mask of rage.]
    CM: Forward, Brothers! Into the Temple!

    [Explosions behind the command vehicle and CM spins in the hatch to see half of the remaining vehicles go up in flame. Howls of fury from several Eversors fill the air.]

    [From within the Land Raider]
    Chaplain: Brother, continue inward! I will see to it that these scum pay.

    [He strides out of the Land Raider and touches his hand to his helm]
    Chaplain: Brother Avalon, I request your aid.

    [A deep, mechanical voice]
    Avalon: And you shall have it, Brother.

    [Chaplain raises his crozius toward the wreckage as five Eversors stand in the flames, the eyes in their skull masks glowing. They howl and rush forward as four massive Drop Pods fall around them. They open and reveal massive Dreadnoughts, one covered in heraldry with a massive banner bearing the name Avalon.]
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)11:32 No.8580109
         File1268580720.jpg-(142 KB, 1008x632, Eversor_Assassin_Quik_Sketch.jpg)
    142 KB
    [The Eversors charge, and so do the Dreadnoughts and the Chaplain. A moment before they connect, the camera snaps to the Chief Librarian, sitting in a Land Raider with the other Librarians of the Chapter. He is looking down, massive hands wrapped around a sword. There is a heavy vibration all around them and he looks up, his eyes burning from within with energy.]

    Lib: Now is the time, my brothers.

    [Lights flash around them as he rises, his sword beginning to crackle with energy. The staffs and swords of the other Librarians glow with their own energy, nowhere near as powerful as that of the Chief Librarian.]

    Lib: Into the very maw itself we march!

    [The hatch of the Land Raider opens and they thunder out, into an open room. The Land Raider had burst through a wall of the Temple, guiding the men in. Moments later, dozens of other Marines charge through the breech that was made, spreading and setting up heavy weapons. The Librarians spread out, their psychic hoods crackling as their own energies expand. Almost simultaneously, they all shiver.]

    Voice: Nex ut Monasteriense.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:33 No.8580119
    The librarian and grey knight would sense him coming so they'd have the best chance, the grey knight would cleave him right in half but whether the librarian would win or not really depends on his weapon choice and speed with said weapon more than anything.

    He could just bounce right off of the chaplain's force field, and would then proceed to quite likely eat crozius.

    Couldn't hurt the dreadnought really.

    Terminator... the powerfist would likely mean he'd lose, if he had a sword he'd have more of a chance.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:35 No.8580134
         File1268580935.jpg-(104 KB, 464x1464, 1265868732810.jpg)
    104 KB
    Picture somehow related
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:39 No.8580163
    eversor assasins are armed with a combi pistol, neural gauntlet , power sword and meltabombs
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)11:42 No.8580197
    Chief Lib: Show yourselves!

    [He rubs his eyes, and the other Marines are scanning the darkness, searching.]

    [This time, two voices at nearly the same time.]

    VOICE: Nex ut Monasteriense.

    [Within moments, it is echoed by more voices, all of them seeming to reverberate through their heads. A moment later, a cluster of grenades are thrown in, blowing apart some of the Marines. The remainder fire at the sources, pitching grenades of their own. After a few more moments, there is silence again.]

    [Several voices, all at the same time.]
    VOICES: Nex ut Monasteriense.

    [Beams of energy blast out, reducing a few of the Librarians to slag. Howling Eversors blast into the fray, attacking where they can. The ones subdued explode quickly, exterminating those caught nearby. Culexus Assassins make themselves visible, continuing to hound the Librarians.]
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)11:50 No.8580266
    [The Chief Librarian strikes for one of the Culexus Assassins, his eyes going wide as the field around his weapon fades. The Culexus is struck, but does not fall. He swings again, but it weaves, reading his thoughts. Around him, Marines are falling ten to one against the assassins. Soon, though, he is the last alive, left with the Culexus he is against. They circle one another, the Librarian scowling, the Assassin's mask locked in its eternal grin.]

    CUL: Vos mos intereo procul meus manus.

    LIB: I will not be dying to you, abomination!
    [He strikes again, the Culexus weaving and avoiding his blows. In weaves and, in a snakelike move, flings the blade from his hand and across the floor. The eye of the Animus opens wide, glowing with a deep energy.]

    CUL: Absum

    [The beam of the Animus hits the LIbrarian, slowly burning his body out of the armor from within.]
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:51 No.8580278

    an Eversor Assassin making a Kool Aid Man style DYNAMIC ENTRY! is always related.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:55 No.8580307
    it's called terrorism.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:58 No.8580324
         File1268582292.jpg-(13 KB, 358x127, blade of infinity.jpg)
    13 KB

    speaking of rulebook fluff, Abnett or McNeill need to write a novel about this.
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)12:00 No.8580353
    Writefaggotry archived.

    Currently sporting a headache. Gonna take a quick nap, will be back to finish. If the thread dies or you have some suggestions or such, lemme know via email: inquisitorcale@gmail.com
    >> Inquisitor Cale !!TLjU8vp8jvg 03/14/10(Sun)12:03 No.8580365
    Probably oughta left the link.

    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)12:05 No.8580388
    Lets play galactic scale VS....

    Necrons VS Anyone
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)12:09 No.8580418
    op here, sorry bro but im rather lacking in warhammer fluff.
    ive browsed through pretty much all the codex but the only things ive actually read in depth are the spess marines, chaos, guard and orks. i also havent played the tt game, out side of codex and /tg/ all the warhammer ive had is from the vidya , novels and the comic books
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)12:13 No.8580441

    It's ok... long story short the galaxy gets purged of all life... again
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)12:14 No.8580453
    didnt he want some sort of 1v1 race representatives dueling ala dragon ball tournament?
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)12:58 No.8580881
    okay, here we go,
    1) scout shoots like crazy but misses every shot and gets killed
    2)Space Marine takes a swing, but misses and gets killed
    3) Librarian's head explodes from to much warp power
    4) Chaplin hits the Eversor assassin in the head, making him retarded
    5) terminator is called to die a on space hulk
    6) grey knight says "im to awesome for this shit" and walks away
    7) venerable dreadnought walks up to the assassin, says "fuck this shit" and falls on him
    the end

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