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  • File : 1267929322.jpg-(30 KB, 456x693, 1267772097644.jpg)
    30 KB Tau Quest Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)21:35 No.8441332  
    The weight of the completed gauss carbine is reassuringly heavy in your hands, being the first real piece of weaponry you've managed to get ahold of since awakening in the Su'T'ji's stasis vault. The device, now baring only a superficial resemblance to tau technology, stands as a testament to the powers of creation endowed by your metamorphosis.

    You've come to think of yourself as Xeno, a name imparted on you by your mistress under the guise of a gue'la space marine; the sole survivor of an ill-fated expedition to study necron ruins and recover their artifacts. The earth caste archeologists discovered quite a bit more than they anticipated, returning inert but fully operational necron constructs to the science vessel - too late did they realize their error, when the ineffably ancient warrior-forms roused to life, murdering the crew and claiming the Su'T'ji.

    You now grudgingly serve the Lady of Infinite Abyss, a necron lord whose power has been undermined by its separation from its tomb. Its lieutenant, the Dusk of Uncountable Suns, seeks to overthrow it, wresting control of the necron forces aboard the Su'T'ji as a prelude to a full fledged coup. Unwillingly modified while you slumbered in cryogenic stasis, you now carry a measure of the Lady's 'beauty' - a nanomechanical phylactery in place of your heart, slowly reconfiguring you into a necron, yourself.

    Recently, however, you find your loyalties tempted by overtures from the Dusk, enticing you to go to deck seven and see the full truth behind the Lady's actions. The Lady, meanwhile, has instructed you to travel to deck three and retrieve artifacts of its power before they can fall into enemy hands. All the while, you and your loyal scarabs - collectively called Drone - seek to chart your own path, free of interference from ancient mechanical demigods.

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:37 No.8441356
    Go to deck 3.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:37 No.8441366
         File1267929471.png-(82 KB, 264x239, 1266038382364.png)
    82 KB
    Here's hoping we don't have a repeat of the clusterfuck that occurred this morning when you tried to do Tau Quest then.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/06/10(Sat)21:38 No.8441369
    Send one scarab to deck 7.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:38 No.8441371
    Let's go get that thing for the lady. To deck 3!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:39 No.8441390
    2 days in a row
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:40 No.8441409
    On to command center!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:40 No.8441415

    Scarab scout to deck 7, use the ventilation ducts. Meanwhile us and drone will go to deck 3.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:41 No.8441420
    Haha, what? B&? I'm still here.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:41 No.8441426
    Should we get a strap or something to carry the gauss gun?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:41 No.8441430
    this. can we also make it so we can see what it sees?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:41 No.8441432

    We can communicate with Drone over far distances right?

    Send drone as rep to level 7, get bits at level 3.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:42 No.8441438
    First check command center on current deck though
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:43 No.8441451
    Contact SHODAN, ask her what the fuck we're supposed to do, and see if we can get some Cyber Modules for Psi abilities.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:43 No.8441453
    Can we try to get into contact with dusk first before sending valuable drone?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:44 No.8441457

    inb4 u mad?

    Yes, I am quite vexed.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:44 No.8441458
    this is why we made drone2
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/06/10(Sat)21:45 No.8441468
    We use the second drone to spy on Dusk.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:45 No.8441472
    I thought we were in the security center?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:45 No.8441475
    Sure, why not?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:47 No.8441489
    We're in the security center
    Command center is a different room
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:48 No.8441500
    regardless, let's go to deck 3
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:50 No.8441527
    No, we're in the command center because in the last thread we realized that all the security stations had been gone over by necrons already, so we went to the command center instead.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:50 No.8441528
    It'll take five minutes to just pop our head in and see if there any computer terminals or datapads that might contain info on the necrons or us.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:51 No.8441545
    Oh, derp, nevermind then
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)21:51 No.8441546
    You give your newest scarab an encouraging pat on the head and send it into the air ducts to reconnoiter deck seven while you and Drone Prime make your way back to the lift shaft. Drone flies ahead, channeling optical telemetry back to you - apparently, you've developed some new hardware since last you checked, further cementing your symbiosis with your drones. The thought doesn't strike you as unsettling as it ought.

    The ship, you're realize, is beginning to undergo its own metamorphosis. Elements of the design and layout are beginning to change around you, taking on the characteristics of a necron tomb. With the loss of the Dusk's phase drive, perhaps the lord is planning to cast its influence more widely? It may merit further investigation.

    As if in answer to your idle speculation, you reach the lift shaft to discover that it seems to be missing its lift - in its place is simply a long, black tunnel stretching above and below, viridian pathways etched in its onyx walls.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:51 No.8441547
    5 minutes game time

    1and a half hours real time
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:51 No.8441550
    this is now RTS quest.

    we shall send off drone2 to gather minerals, and then use these minerals to make more drones. we then repeat this process. alot. then, we send a scout down to deck 7.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:52 No.8441564
    Let's be careful about sending out drone. If we go by System Shock 2 plot, Dusk is probably going to be many hiveminded and infectious. He got drone last time, and we don't know what data would be passed to him.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:53 No.8441571
    Bottomless pit?
    No problem!
    Time to pit those wings to use!
    C'mon xeno- make us proud
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:55 No.8441593
    Is there a ladder?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:55 No.8441597
    But isn't dusk the g-man?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:55 No.8441598
    Oh shit, you're right! Quickly recall drone2.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:56 No.8441621
    Fine, check for service ladder.

    But we have wings for a reason, you know.
    And it ain't attracting mates.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:57 No.8441629
    don't be ridiculous
    we don't need a ladder, we have wings.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:57 No.8441639
    I disagree. Xeno's wings are sexy as hell.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:58 No.8441659
    Well, in all fairness, we haven't used them before.
    Check for service ladder before suicidal jumps
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:59 No.8441671
    Trial by fire

    it's the Tau way
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:00 No.8441686

    Let's have some scarabs on hand to slow us down, guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:01 No.8441706
    it's real simple. we don't JUMP into the abyss, we lift about couple inches off the ground and FLY into the abyss.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:02 No.8441716
    Okay, this makes sense. Still
    Look for them
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:03 No.8441736
    Dig fingers into the wall with super strength

    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)22:04 No.8441741
    You glance down into the abyss of the shaft, although the slow pulse of the energy channels does little to illuminate the depths. You're unable to distinguish any means of descent save for the one growing from your back. With some trepidation, you spread your wings.

    The armored, scarab-like shell spreads wide to reveal the antigravitic vanes assembled by your latest upgrade. They oscillate rapidly, casting the same green glow as the tunnel walls as your hooves lift off the deck. With a deep breath - largely force of habit at this point - you begin to sink into the darkness.

    Roll 1d100.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/06/10(Sat)22:04 No.8441748
    Fly! Enjoy the freedom!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:05 No.8441752
    rolled 100 = 100

    rolling to stop bickering
    >> dice+1d100 Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:05 No.8441758
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:05 No.8441759
    rolled 12 = 12

    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/06/10(Sat)22:05 No.8441763
    Oh shi-
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:05 No.8441764
    >rolled 100 = 100
    So, I guess now we fight to the death instead?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:06 No.8441765
    rolled 93 = 93


    oh wow
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:06 No.8441769

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:06 No.8441778
    No fucking way
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:07 No.8441792
    It's fucking destiny.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:07 No.8441793
    And this is why we use the ladder.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:07 No.8441794
    Not linked to post
    Doesn't count
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:08 No.8441803
    This thread's still here?

    Didn't it already reach "BAD END"?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:08 No.8441812
    Obvious troll is obvious
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:08 No.8441816
    holy shit yes!

    that means that our roll is the 12 from >>8441759
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:08 No.8441818
    it was a roll for us to stop arguing, it had nothing to do with flying.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:10 No.8441840
    Ignore this!
    Not roll for flying!
    roll to end bickering
    Not linked
    Doesn't count!
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)22:10 No.8441846
    A feeling of calm overtakes you as you gently descend under your own power. The confines of the shaft are too tight to do much maneuvering, but that doesn't stop your mind from taking flight. You imagine yourself carried aloft by emerald wings, an expansive domain of beautifully ordered pyramids and obelisks stretching as far as the eye can see - your creations, all, a testament to your industry.

    You shake off the thought almost as soon as it enters your head. In your vision, you were surrounded by millions of scarabs, each looking to you as their mother and queen. In your vision, you were necron.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:11 No.8441854
    exactly, Shas just posted before me.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:13 No.8441881
    Yikes. The more necron we're becoming, the more brain-damaged we're getting. We're already halfway to thinking we're being carried off by beautiful scarabs.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:13 No.8441894
    We are not necron!
    We must remember we are mesme- combination
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:13 No.8441896
    And you say you're not trying to push us towards neconization. Tsk tsk tsk, getting some really mixed signals from you OP.

    Anyway, can we take the shaft all the way to Deck 3 or do we have to stop at Deck 4?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:14 No.8441898
    Fio Korst'la not necron
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:14 No.8441903

    No. We shall combine Tau implants to prevent to follow the pure Necron path.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:15 No.8441923
    Remember the greater good.
    No matter how tempting it may seem, we will not follow in the path of the lady or dusk
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:15 No.8441926

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:16 No.8441934
    Absorb some Tau propaganda data.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:17 No.8441950
         File1267931876.jpg-(183 KB, 700x1100, 1267846820929.jpg)
    183 KB
    We're going to be better.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:18 No.8441972
    You can fly!
    You can fly!
    You can fly!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:21 No.8441999
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:23 No.8442041
         File1267932215.png-(10 KB, 600x600, Do Not Want.png)
    10 KB
    So glad Shas didn't use that.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/06/10(Sat)22:23 No.8442045
    It kind of sucks that these threads get posted so late. I guess I'll just read the archive tomorrow...
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:24 No.8442051
    are we there yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:25 No.8442067
    I wish we started at 8 like we used to
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:26 No.8442092
    Don't tell me necrodermis is pixie dust
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:29 No.8442143
    So we're going to deck 3 right?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:32 No.8442186
    What are you talking about? We need to spend AT LEAST 2 hours real-time bickering on each floor about exactly what we're going to do.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:32 No.8442190
    Beggars can't be choosers
    A yup
    Pretty long elevator shaft
    >shuffles foot as the girl from Ipanema plays
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)22:34 No.8442213
    Your hooves alight upon the lip of the shaft on deck three, wings automatically folding back to their stowed position. Drone chirps a warning to you that this level may no longer strictly follow the deck plans it has access to, owing to the ship-wide reconfiguration apparently underway. Indeed, the antechamber in which you now find yourself more closely resembles the interior of an ancient temple than a starship, with black slabs of stone in standing in place of bulkheads and thrumming channels of emerald luminescence in place of lights. The most unsettling thing is how at ease you feel despite your surroundings - a part of you is intimately familiar with structures of this sort.

    You run a hand across the onyx surface, thoughts wandering in the same way an errant process may take up system resources. You don't feel any different than before - in fact, you can say with absolute certainty that you're the same as you've ever been, as far back as you can remember (which, you're prepared to concede, isn't a particularly long time). You know that you're tau, even if you may appear a little bit different than your fellows.

    As long as you remain true to yourself, it doesn't matter how much machinery overtakes you. You're Xeno - something different, maybe, unusual for sure. Like the ship around you, you're changing, becoming something other than what you were, but the things that have made you who you are - your experiences - those cannot be altered.

    It's a comforting thought.

    Roll 1d100
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:36 No.8442246
    rolled 68 = 68

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:37 No.8442261
    I suck my dick and swallow my own cum.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:37 No.8442263
    rolled 97 = 97

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:38 No.8442287
    I still don't get why everybody is so afraid of immortality. We're going to make an awesome Mistress of the Undying Swarm.

    Also, rollan.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:41 No.8442338
    Well, immortality is a very sucky thing. See http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WhoWantsToLiveForever

    But that's not really what we're worried about. We're worried about becoming just another mindless automaton. Of loosing what little soul we, as a Tau, have.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:41 No.8442355
    I suck my dick and swallow my own cum
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)22:42 No.8442374
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:43 No.8442388
    Shas has said we'd have to fuck up pretty hard to lose our soul
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:43 No.8442396
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)22:43 No.8442398
    rolled 80 = 80

    Your reverie is interrupted by the clatter of metal feet clicking against the obsidian floor, ranks of burnished necron warriors appearing from around a corner. Their gauss flayers burn with lambent menace, allowing you only enough time to ponder why anybody thought it was a good idea to bring so many of these things aboard in the first place before they open fire.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:44 No.8442408
    It's not immortality that's worrying, it's the getting brain-damaged and necron-mindless-husk thing and then fully-controlled-by-any-Lord-that's-around thing that is causing us alarm.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:44 No.8442415
    So, do we see anything?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:44 No.8442421
    I suck my dick and swallow my own cum!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:44 No.8442423
    He's also giving us these crazy necron visions. So yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:45 No.8442444
    rolled 19 = 19

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:45 No.8442447
    Well with that 80 we should be safe. Time to put this new weapon through its paces.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:46 No.8442466
    Sounded like Xeno just caught herself daydreaming to me. Crazy Necro-visions would be if she started imagining herself on a rampage across the galaxy, scouring worlds of life to feed her insatiable hunger for living souls.

    Wanting to build fantastic cities and adoring Drone swarms is a far way off.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:46 No.8442467

    Why limiting oneself to a path when we can be so much more. In the end we will transcend the Necrons and the Tau.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:46 No.8442474
    Start blasting
    Worse comes to worse, jump back into the elevator shaft
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:47 No.8442480
    rolled 36 = 36

    High is BAD Low is GOOD

    100 is the shitiest roll while 1 is the best.

    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)22:47 No.8442482
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:48 No.8442503
         File1267933731.gif-(964 KB, 275x190, 117495280440.gif)
    964 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:48 No.8442505
    Isn't that 80 the roll of the Necrons trying to kill us? So didn't they all miss?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:48 No.8442506
    It's still a crazy vision that we have no business thinking and that we wouldn't have thought of if we weren't a necron. There's no point in going back at this point, of course we're going to be full necron by the end, with a Tau soul. The worry is that with so much necron tech, we might be able to be controlled and/or mind-wiped.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:49 No.8442512
    The 80 was obviously for the enemy necron's accuracy/seeing if they manage to hurt us.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:49 No.8442514
    Antivirus software, man. Firewall that shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:50 No.8442516

    Not if we consume as well non-Necron tech.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:50 No.8442518
    and I never thought about tricking out a car until I bought my first one.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:50 No.8442523
         File1267933844.png-(112 KB, 479x351, 125875729899.png)
    112 KB
    Its not like your rolls matter
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:51 No.8442537
    Uh, guys- xenos is getting all shot up.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:52 No.8442550
    we're ducking and rolling
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:53 No.8442555
    Exactly. The solution is to never buy a car. But we've already got one so we might as well go all the way. Which is what we're doing. But there's no reason to be careless and leave ourselves open for exploitation.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:53 No.8442563
    DUCK AND ROLL >>8442444

    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)22:54 No.8442568
    The warriors' fire impacts harmlessly on the walls around you, failing to so much as scorch the alien material as you lithely roll out of the way. You take shelter behind a sturdy column, easily wide enough to protect you from incoming fire - at least until the warriors can reposition.

    Declare an action and roll 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:54 No.8442577
    rolled 55 = 55

    Return fire.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:55 No.8442582
    rolled 28 = 28

    I suck my dick and swallow my own cum!!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:55 No.8442583
    rolled 9 = 9

    We and Drone fire back
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:56 No.8442596
    rolled 37 = 37

    Yes, action time!
    Have drone flank the warriors while we provide covering fire with our gauss canon
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:56 No.8442597
    rolled 3 = 3

    fire back around column look for new position to move to once we finish firing back,
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:56 No.8442610
    rolled 25 = 25

    Fly up the side of the pillar, rake gauss on the column, shove column over and fly the fuck past the warriors while they're distracted.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:57 No.8442621
    mudda!...........I and this whole group in general always get the good rolls when they dont count
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:58 No.8442643
    Life's a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:59 No.8442653
         File1267934374.jpg-(47 KB, 399x604, Grammar Nazi.jpg)
    47 KB
    this group and I...........sorry, being grammar nazi to myself
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:59 No.8442656
    rolled 12 = 12

    a least we got a good roll on roll and duck
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)22:59 No.8442659
    That seems a little overcomplicated
    Cool, but overcomplicated.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:00 No.8442667
    I like this one. We can't possibly outfight every damned warrior on the ship. Evasion is a better strategy unless we're cornered.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:01 No.8442682
    So let me get this straight: ~1/3 of us are scared shitless of Xeno imagining the exact future the rest of us are desperately hoping for?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:01 No.8442685
    rolled 40 = 40

    You lean out around the column and let fly with your gauss carbine, feeling the thrum of the energy coils discharge. The necrons, however, advance undissuaded, the few shots that connect simply washing over their impervious, armored frames.

    Drone does somewhat better, striking one warrior repeatedly with bursts from its stinger, strafing the automaton from overhead. The necron goes down hard, fizzling with greenish sparks as it attempts to initiate self-repair.

    The remaining warriors return fire.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:01 No.8442693
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:01 No.8442697
         File1267934518.gif-(86 KB, 694x634, 125969293289.gif)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:02 No.8442702
    rolled 55 = 55


    Fly up the side of the pillar, rake gauss on the column, shove column over and fly the fuck past the warriors while they're distracted.

    Drone can help push the column over, and burn through it as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:02 No.8442709
         File1267934568.png-(330 KB, 1000x1200, Taucron In Progress.png)
    330 KB
    Curse you OP. Curse you for making this quest. Distracting me with this whimsical story that ignores fluff and breaks rules left and right. Why can't I quit you?!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:03 No.8442720
    And of course I roll worse the second time round. Figures.

    >~1/3 of us are scared shitless of Xeno imagining the exact future the rest of us are desperately hoping for?
    We're being cautious. Remember the tale of the Head of Vecna.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:04 No.8442733
    An errant blast strikes you in the shoulder, burning through the sleeve of your jumpsuit and sizzling your flesh. Roll 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:04 No.8442734
    We're adorable!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:05 No.8442743
    Gauss gun- why have you betrayed us?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:05 No.8442749
         File1267934742.jpg-(18 KB, 399x311, giggle.jpg)
    18 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:05 No.8442751
    rolled 29 = 29

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:06 No.8442760
    rolled 79 = 79

    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)23:06 No.8442761
    rolled 98 = 98

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:06 No.8442767

    We have no military training. We are Earth Caste.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:07 No.8442784
    Eh fuck the fluff, GW can't write for shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:08 No.8442802
    Point- mostly we've concentrated on hand to hand so far.
    Target practice anyone?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:08 No.8442808
    I'm convinced this "problem" with the Golden Throne is just it beginning to shut down because the Emperor is getting better and doesn't need it anymore. Everyone's just over-reacting to what should be a joyous occasion.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:09 No.8442821
    We're Tau. With our crappy eyesight we should be better with ranged weapons than melee even without training.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:12 No.8442868
    Should we roll to return fire?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:13 No.8442881
    after this fight we should fix our eyes and ears.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:15 No.8442910
    The pain is momentary, passing as quickly as the energy dissipates, absorbed by the idle nanites in your skin - the only sign of impact left by a silvery sheen that quickly returns to your normally blue-grey complexion.

    Opting to abandon ranged combat for a time, you leap straight up into the air as far as your legs can carry you - about thirty feet, it turns out - and spread your wings to hover just below the ceiling. The column remains between you and the advancing necrons, implacable as they close the distance.

    Roll 1d100 and declare an action.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:16 No.8442929
    rolled 51 = 51

    break the colum by shooting it with our gun and topple it on the necrons, make a run for it at that point
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:17 No.8442935
    rolled 71 = 71

    Now that we have the upperhand, literally, strafe the necrons while pushing down that column
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:17 No.8442950
    Today is not our day
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:18 No.8442956
    Shas' fluff is superior to GW's in almost every way conceivable. He makes Necrons interesting.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:18 No.8442962
    it's never our day
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:18 No.8442964
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:18 No.8442968
    Are you kidding me? These are great! We normally get 80+!
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:20 No.8442998
    rolled 74 = 74

    You blast the pillar repeatedly, but the necron material is seemingly impervious to gauss weaponry - a two-edged sword that protects you from enemy fire, but prevents you from toppling the column onto your assailants!

    Below, the necron warriors maneuver around the obstruction, splitting to either side in order to prevent you from further evading them. Once more, they open fire on you.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:21 No.8443004
         File1267935689.jpg-(60 KB, 300x300, dice.jpg)
    60 KB
    Problem, rollers?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:22 No.8443018
    The salvo falls short, striking the walls and ceiling around you as the warriors attempt to recalibrate. Drone continues to harry them, but the automatons ignore it in favor of the greater threat that you pose.

    Declare an action and roll 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:22 No.8443022
    Looks like gauss weapons aren't effective against necrons.
    Alight on top of pillar, snipe.
    >> dice 1d100 Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:23 No.8443032
    Drop to ground level and engage in melee.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:23 No.8443034
    great, we're gonna break our damn hand now.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:24 No.8443042
    Totally doesn't count, failed to roll.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:24 No.8443051
    Let me get this straight- you want a tau to engage in melée?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:24 No.8443053
    No deleting posts fuckwad

    sadly it was 100 = 100
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:25 No.8443066
    rolled 3 = 3

    Move quickly past them, remaining as far out of their range as possible.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:25 No.8443067
    rolled 46 = 46

    Hey, ranged wasn't working.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:25 No.8443072
    We seem to be rather good at it, what with punching a Tomb Spider to death.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:25 No.8443074
    rolled 34 = 34

    Gods above
    Twice, in the same thread?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:26 No.8443082
    rolled 3 = 3

    that means it was before OP's post, and therefore irrelevant.

    looks like it's time for tau melee! this is gonna suck.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:26 No.8443088
         File1267935984.jpg-(87 KB, 974x335, tau-firewarriors-large[1].jpg)
    87 KB
    Once this battle is over we should mod our NecroCarbine with additional upgrades. Selective fire (burst, automatic, single, supershot)m optics and include a permanent link with our mind.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:26 No.8443092
    This action
    I vote for this action
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:27 No.8443111
    If necron armor is immune to Gauss fire, we might want to look into making it fire Pulse rounds, like a Tau rifle. Those might work better.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:28 No.8443126
    We need to make our gun work on necrons

    We can't let Drone get all the kills
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:30 No.8443142
    >8443010 failroll post
    >8443018 Shas'o Tau'quest post

    yeah >>8443082 is right
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:31 No.8443157
    You buzz along the ceiling, the tops of your wing-shells practically scraping the masonry as you snap off attacks of opportunity at the necrons below. Each shot finds its mark, blowing apart warriors in a spectacular fashion. Between your fighting withdrawal and the continued harassment from Drone, you succeed in disabling the entire phalanx!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:32 No.8443165
    Assimilate them!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:32 No.8443169
    Maybe we can modify or gauss canon to act more like a pulse rifle if we can dodge these necrons for half a minute
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)23:33 No.8443177
         File1267936383.png-(221 KB, 480x358, teamwin.png)
    221 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:33 No.8443181
    Oh hey, our weapon works now. Sweet. Also, how much is a phalanx? Like, 10?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:33 No.8443183
    eat them and use the to make more drones with shields and armer wearable armor
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:34 No.8443193

    Improve our wepons, our eyes our sense of equilibrium.

    Also made a Necron shield.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:34 No.8443194
    See if we can hack one first
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:35 No.8443202
    Way to go Vas paus- guess who's getting a treat
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:36 No.8443208
    Hack while disabled
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:37 No.8443223
    I don't think there's much left to hack. I'd rather we use the to make like 5 more Drones.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:37 No.8443227
         File1267936640.jpg-(79 KB, 500x500, Feelsgreatergoodman.jpg)
    79 KB
    Awww yaaah
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)23:37 No.8443232
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:37 No.8443234
         File1267936674.png-(58 KB, 600x600, shades duo.png)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:41 No.8443293
         File1267936907.jpg-(403 KB, 1600x573, tauconcept1big[1].jpg)
    403 KB
    Perhaps we should try to build an armor and upgrade further our Necrocarbine.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:43 No.8443315
    Armor first, extra points if it's modeled after an XV22 suit.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:43 No.8443316
    You swoop down amongst the carnage, tucking in your wings as you touch down atop the smoldering remains of a warrior automaton. It half-heartedly grasps at your ankle, guttering sparks, but you discourage it with a booted hoof across the humerus.

    Their remains degrade into dust as you draw out the necrodermis, absorbing the raw material you need to fuel your phylactery. Your scarab foundry stands ready to kick into production, your subconscious mind streaming with new builds and schematics, but you'll need a safe place to begin fabrication. You're certain that more warriors are en route even now.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:45 No.8443340
    continue with our mission, we'll decide what to do with it later
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:45 No.8443342
    So, hack first, then, if nothing useful is accomplished, assimilate to create shielding, upgrade weapon, more drones, and or wearable armor
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)23:45 No.8443345
    We search for an empty room to hide and recuperate.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:45 No.8443352
    Leg it and see if we can find a secure room to start tinkering around with equipment.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:45 No.8443353
    rolled 3 = 3

    we find said safe place, and begin constructing additional pyl- I mean scarabs.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:46 No.8443360
    holy fuck second time in a row that I rolled a 3.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:47 No.8443369
    Right- leg it!
    Or wing it, as the case maybe
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:47 No.8443381
    Build a Tomb Spider. Do it. Dooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:48 No.8443395
    Shas said the other day that we're not going to be allowed to have a tomb spyder.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:49 No.8443401
    We need more scarabs

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:49 No.8443408

    Find a secure room.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:50 No.8443415
    actually im almost positive that if put our minds to it we could find use for pylons, once again just adding more video game references to this beloved RPG, i personally would be fine with this choice.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:50 No.8443423
    The fuck? When? Can you confirm OP?
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:50 No.8443429
    Are there any other necrons lying nearby?
    If so, assimilate
    If not, vacate
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:52 No.8443465
    You hoof it out of the antechamber,although without a deck plan to guide you, you're practically flying blind. Drone helpfully tracks your route, compiling an automap as you go.

    You begin to wonder how you're expected to find the Lady's trinkets if the ship is already so wildly different. How do you know that they aren't already in the Dusk's hands? It's not even as if you have a clear idea of what you're looking for.

    Roll 1d100.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/06/10(Sat)23:53 No.8443487
    rolled 80 = 80

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:54 No.8443492
    rolled 73 = 73

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:54 No.8443493
    No point in asking, Shas doesn't seem to post out-of-character in actual quest threads, just in the commentary and this morning's recap.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:54 No.8443495
    rolled 96 = 96

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:55 No.8443509
    Wait wait wait hold the fucking phone.

    Is this a tauquest without spam? And I've missed most of it?

    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:55 No.8443510
    back to normal it seems
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:56 No.8443524
    Yup to the both of you.
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:57 No.8443529
    moot came and showed us mercy
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)23:57 No.8443531
         File1267937853.jpg-(69 KB, 800x393, Angry Marine Fuck You.jpg)
    69 KB
    D=, it was bound to happen eventually.................
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/06/10(Sat)23:59 No.8443547
    You succeed in becoming so thoroughly lost that even Drone seems to be having a hard time in reconciling your location. You turn around, looking for some sign of a familiar landmark, but every corridor seems identical. As you heave a sigh of exasperation and turn around for another look, however, your hoof slips and you pitch off a ledge you had inconveniently overlooked!

    Roll 1d100
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:00 No.8443558
    > the only sign of impact left by a silvery sheen that quickly returns to your normally blue-grey complexion.

    so does this mean that our skin has already been altered? or just that patch?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:00 No.8443559
    rolled 73 = 73

    catch our fall and find a safe place
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:00 No.8443560
    rolled 60 = 60

    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:01 No.8443571
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:02 No.8443581
    Well fuck.

    Yeah, I've noticed. But anyway, when did he ever say that?
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/07/10(Sun)00:02 No.8443583
    Well FUCK us, then... (8 /
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/07/10(Sun)00:06 No.8443650
    You scramble for purchase, but there's none to be found as you tumble into the abyss. Just as you're about to deploy your wings, however, your fall is arrested by a web of dense polymer strands. You become entangled, unable to get adequate leverage to pull yourself free!

    Drone zips down after you, chirping inquisitively as if to see if you're alright.

    Roll 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:06 No.8443656
    rolled 52 = 52

    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:07 No.8443666
    rolled 28 = 28

    Open wings and burn the engines hard to get outta this web
    >> helpful /co/mrade 03/07/10(Sun)00:07 No.8443667
    rolled 98 = 98

    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:08 No.8443678
    see if drone can break us free.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:09 No.8443700
    i don't think antigrav burns
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:10 No.8443731
    I'm okay drone.
    I could use a little boost up here though- think youncan help me out?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:11 No.8443740
    rolled 2 = 2

    >arrested by a web of dense polymer strands.

    Oh seems that is time for our new friend...
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:12 No.8443761
    >Poor little fly
    >Why does she cry?
    >Caught in a web, soon to be-
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/07/10(Sun)00:14 No.8443803
    Although you're normally quite agile, you find yourself at a disadvantage amongst the flexing network of polymer cables you've fallen into. Drone tries to latch on and pull you free, but the exertion simply leaves its wings glowing white-hot.

    A shuffling, clicking sound carries across the expanse of darkness ahead of you, presaging a discordant voice. 'You are not of the tomb.'
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:16 No.8443819
    rolled 64 = 64

    Have drone eat the web, turn it into nanities
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:16 No.8443826
    Oooooooooooooh, it's that thing you showed us in the thread yesterday that we might meet, the necron-drow thing. Nice.

    "Maybe not. What's it to you?"
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:17 No.8443843
    not yet
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:18 No.8443867
    "Uh, hi, yeah, you see, I'm new. I only just started working here recently, and well, I got lost.
    Do you think you can help me out?"
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:19 No.8443895
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:20 No.8443903
    try to bluff, we may not look very robotic, but we have Drone and wings.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:20 No.8443909
    rolled 51 = 51

    Can we quickly construct something while trapped to get us outta here?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:22 No.8443925
    No no
    This thing may not like things loyal to the tomb
    Play it for more info before answering
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:22 No.8443937
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:24 No.8443974
    I'll be happy to answer your question, but can you help me out for a minute?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/07/10(Sun)00:27 No.8444030
    Will Xeno finally find an ally or make a new enemy? Can she escape the clutches of the Queen of the Silverweb Pit? Find out tomorrow when Tau Quest returns.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:28 No.8444048
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:28 No.8444050
    Damnit OP, quests need to be longer than 3 hours!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:29 No.8444054
    rolled 100 = 100


    What? A cliff hanger!!!
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:29 No.8444058
    Oh, you're ending so soon?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:30 No.8444087
    Anyone archive yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:30 No.8444090
    >Roll 100
    >cliff hanger
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:30 No.8444096
    Welcome to my parlour...
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:30 No.8444097
    we need to start earlier.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:31 No.8444119
    To be fair, he's done this quest every night for the last week:
    Dude deserves to go to bed on time for once
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:33 No.8444160
    Fuck you and your "logic" bullshit, that crap doesn't fly in /tg/. He should be here at 120:00 noon and go until midnight. And give everyone cupcakes.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:34 No.8444172
    OP need ring of sustenance.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:35 No.8444190
    OP needs to become a Necron himself.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:36 No.8444196
    OK so
    > the only sign of impact left by a silvery sheen that quickly returns to your normally blue-grey complexion.

    Does this mean our skin is a polymer?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:39 No.8444261
    Nanites in our blood absorbed the blast I think.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:39 No.8444262
    I read that as having nanites in our skin, but I guess it could be.

    Is that bad?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:41 No.8444303
         File1267940510.jpg-(44 KB, 500x333, MiyamotoPLANED.jpg)
    44 KB
    OP is a Necron Lord in disguise. He's slowly making us accept the idea of turning into Necrons ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:43 No.8444326
    Why has the gauss gun been so ineffectual?
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:43 No.8444343
    Because our rolls suck.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:46 No.8444387

    We are Earth Caste, read no military training. Sencond as Tau our sight have difficulties with moving targets over long distances.

    Also bad rolls.

    We raoed them in the end with the same gun so...
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)00:47 No.8444400
    Afterparty in >>8444354

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