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  • File : 1265152750.jpg-(55 KB, 640x480, Winry.jpg)
    55 KB Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:19 No.7893309  
    You are the girlfriend of a famous hero, known throughout the land. His exploits are known in every city and town. Songs to his glory occasionally become hits, and while both of you find it embarassing, the fame does help you get discounts and gifts from merchants.

    The problem is.. you hardly ever see the guy. always on a mission or quest to save the land or something similar. Once, you were getting hot and heavy with him after not seeing him for six months and he gets the call and just leaves you there.

    You've been dating for five years. You've just turned 26 and the relatives are starting to pester you for a wedding date. All of your friends have settled down and married.
    Why even your best friend Sara managed to get an engagement ring from that shiftless mage.

    You still love him, but this lifestyle is ridiculous. He's got to settle down and accept his responsibilities as a husband and father at all costs!
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)18:20 No.7893326
    This it, by hook are by crook, you are going to get your boyfriend to propose to you as soon he get back from his trip to Hilvania today, if not sooner.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:20 No.7893328
    cut off his legs...
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:20 No.7893329
    Yeah, I remember this.
    You end up an vampire bride and he has to kill you.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:21 No.7893342
    Girlfriend-Quest ended badly about a month ago.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:22 No.7893356
    >> Tech Priest Naile 02/02/10(Tue)18:22 No.7893357
    If you really loved him, you would accept his adventurous needs and either wait patiently for him at home with a loving household to come to, or figure out a way to accompany on adventures.

    Not nag him to death about "settling down".
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:22 No.7893358
    Vampire Bridge had such a shitty ending.

    Fuck your epilogue UM, we wanted that greater summoning circle!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:23 No.7893368
    The first Girlfriend Quest had a better Winry pic.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:24 No.7893375
    was it ever saved on suptg?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:24 No.7893382
    Meh, I gave up on Vampire Bride Quest after UM railroaded us into eating those babies.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:24 No.7893385
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:25 No.7893396
    Train in white magic, join party.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:26 No.7893406
    Trust me, it'll all work out for the better in the long run
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:28 No.7893434
    Step 1-become a bard singing his songs, end each story with revelation that you are his mate or whatever the locals call it.
    Step 2-Pick up magic.
    Step 3-accompany him.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:29 No.7893441
    No, go into basement, use Wish scroll, wish for him to notice you a bit more. Grow a pair of balls (metaphorically) and go talk to him. That plus the Wish should be enough so that he stops taking you for granted, and he'll, with some luck, accept your proposal.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:31 No.7893470
    Time to become an adventurer.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:32 No.7893473
    Go into cellar. Strangle the Sprite. Take the Wish Scroll. Wish the Vampire Lord and his kin into thin air. Ask your boyfriend to finally settle down, for fuck's sake.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:34 No.7893504
    Just because first OP said pixie was going to turn traitor doesn't mean she will this time. Besides, once the scroll is used she'd have no reason to go back to him.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:34 No.7893509
         File1265153686.jpg-(72 KB, 447x636, 1265085640347.jpg)
    72 KB
    Find the Vampire Lord.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:35 No.7893519
    The idea of joining up with your boyfriend and his party runs across your mind, but you quickly dismiss it.
    Your boyfriend has, in no uncertain terms, made it clear that anyone who comes between you and him is dead.
    The lich found that out the hard way.
    As much as you would love the idea of roaming the countryside with no responsibilites, righting wrongs, and fighting alongside your hubby, he would never agree to it.

    >Currently, you are at home-a small manor bequethed to your boyfriend after helping the local lord with a dragon.
    Currently, you are in the parlor room.
    Doors lead to the Outside, your Bedroom, the Kitchen and the Basement.

    Your boyfriend is due back today.
    At least, that's what he said in his letter.

    You have: 1 Apron, 1 Hair Clip, 1 bunny slippers

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:36 No.7893540
    Find the nearest garden boy, mailman, or TV repair man, strip naked, and fuck them.

    Or flirt and get raped. Either way.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:36 No.7893543
    Go to basement.
    >> LOUDFORGED 02/02/10(Tue)18:38 No.7893560
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:38 No.7893566
    Wait, how does him being willing to kill anyone who would try to come between us and him equal us knowing that he wouldn't want us with him? Wouldn't adventuring with him actually let him keep a closer eye on us, so as to prevent anyone from kidnapping us and using us as leverage?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:40 No.7893595
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:40 No.7893597
    The cellar?
    But that's where your boyfriend keepsartifacts of eldritch design and unworldly power, books of of forbidden knowledge man was not meant to know that send the reader insane, and other evil bits and bobs he has collected in his travels.
    Hmm, well, maybe you could find something useful down there- like a love potion, or maybe some sort of wish granting scroll!

    Yeah, and maybe a unicorn will appear and give you relationship counseling right before vomiting up a rainbow.

    Oh well, it's worth a shot.
    After all, what's the worst that could happen?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:42 No.7893614
    >Yeah, and maybe a unicorn will appear and give you relationship counseling right before vomiting up a rainbow.

    I will have you know that Dr. Brightwhite McRainbowcakes is a HIGHLY respected and sought after Relationship Counselor!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:42 No.7893624
    Well, we could answer the door without checking who it is first and end up getting raped by a viking. But since that would suck, basement it is!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:43 No.7893639
    head over to /adv/ with relationship problems, after all thats what it was made for
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:43 No.7893640
    inb4 no wish scroll
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:44 No.7893652
    The Dr. Phil of our time.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:46 No.7893667
    That's why you need to lock the vault damn it!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:49 No.7893707
    Oh well, you might as well check it out. It's always irked you that your boyfriend forbid you from going down there, and ignoring his warnings give you a small thrill as you walk down to the baement.
    It's not the same as forcing him to commit, but it still feels good to be your own person for once.
    Heh, maybe you should do this 'Breaking the Rules' thing more often.
    Down the cellar stairs, you finaly reach the landing, where you take off your necklace and press the crystal pendant into an inconspicious hole, hop forward three times on your left foot for every second brown flagstone, and hum the tune your loves favorite song 'The flowers of Lapland,'
    There, that should deactivate the magical wards he has.
    It's the work of a moment to reach out, grab the big brass key hung convientaly nearby, and to put the key in the lock, thus activating the tumblers and opening the door.
    You reach out to the door, and firmly grip the handle-
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:50 No.7893718
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:51 No.7893723
    I'm calling bull. Different writing style, plus basic spelling and tense mistakes? You don't sound like OP. Will the real OP kindly put on a trip so that we can know who he is?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:52 No.7893734
    >Heh, maybe you should do this 'Breaking the Rules' thing more often.

    How about no.
    >> northern /k/ommando 02/02/10(Tue)18:52 No.7893739
    well the isnt really anything keeping you from following him.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:52 No.7893741
    You see a young man, bleeding out heavily over a wooden floor.
    You feel the heft of a heavy ax in your hands and bring it down on his neck.
    A shudder jolts up and down your arm as the ax head digs through flesh and bone, digging deep into his vertabrae.
    Somewhere nearby, a high pitched voice chuckles,
    “Just like the old master,”
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:53 No.7893750
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:53 No.7893760
    Open the door.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:54 No.7893766

    >Stealing Rabbit's writing style.
    >Not being Rabbit.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:54 No.7893770
    I gather all the men in the village and get gang banged and bukkaked. in front of my boyfriend. And at the end of it all. tell him this is all the sperm you could have poured into while you were gone. I even whip out a statistical chart based upon having sex twice a week....all the while still covered in cum.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:54 No.7893771
    A black shadow flits across the edge of your vision
    You have to get away, you don't know why, but you have to get away.
    You run and run and run, but no matter how fast you move your legs, you move seem to move slower and slower
    And that shadow is getting closer
    The black shadow unfolds, like a man and unlike a man
    Cold like the grave
    Two red eyes
    Those TEETH
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:55 No.7893780
    You know, this thing where some guy just reposts an old thread from the archives is getting ridiculous.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:56 No.7893795
    Reposted repost is reposted.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:56 No.7893797
    I'm more pissed about the derailment. This is why quest OPs need tripcodes.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)18:56 No.7893803
    >I can bring pleasure as well as pain

    A thousand gibbering voices rush through your ears, chattering, taunting you, pushing you, calling you weak and whispering promises of power and redemption.
    Each screams its vision over and over again
    Your boyfriend will love you again
    You'll be respected like you've always wanted
    You'll rule the world
    Just listen to me
    >Listen to ME
    >LiSten to mE
    TO ME
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:01 No.7893849
    A woman in white
    Long blond hair
    So beautiful, but her beauty is odd, like that of a china Doll, inhuman in its cold, stark, beauty
    And those eyes,
    Those eyes are the eyes of a corpse
    Like blue glass

    Dear God, those are your eyes.

    >this is you

    Manacles, screaming
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:02 No.7893863
    >Butchering Rabbit's writing style; using incessant cliches.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:03 No.7893871
    A sense of anticipation, strength, exhilaration

    For one sweet second, you are whole

    You are the night

    You are free

    >A young man in simple clothes-PAIN

    > An old drunkard-DISGUST

    > A creature of light and beauty-HATRED

    > A young woman, no older than yourself-TERROR

    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:04 No.7893879
    Who is rabbit?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:04 No.7893880
    Who's Rabbit?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:07 No.7893912
    One after the other, the faces pass by your vision, until you are unable to pick out the individual features, thought beginning to blure and meld into a single mask of horror and death
    >A corpse, pale, white. So small, So very small
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:10 No.7893954
    And then, your holding your boyfriend.
    You look into his face, and you see nothing but love, pure unadulterated love.
    Your boyfriend looks up, and smiles, before mouthing a single word
    his blood
    So much blood,
    all over the ground,
    all over you
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)19:13 No.7893993
    >Well that was weird.
    >Hmm, it appears our heroine has fainted.
    >Oh, well. While we wait for her to return to consciousness and recollect what remains of her sanity, why don't we think up the best ways to help her out?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:16 No.7894027
    Author of Rabbit Quest. He'll return one day. I hope.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:16 No.7894034
    Clearly our game has glitched. That was shit from our last playthrough. Uninstall the game, restart the computer, re-install the game, star new game. Go to basement. Find Wish scroll.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:17 No.7894047
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:20 No.7894072
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:22 No.7894099
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)19:24 No.7894124
    Oh, what in the name of the seven gods just happened?
    It was horrible.
    You felt as though something had taken control of your body, of your life, and played its sick and twisted games for it's own horrifying concept of amusment, while forcing you to watch.
    Slowly you pick yourself up and take stock of your surroundings.
    It appears that when you fainted, you feel inward, across the threshold of the cellar.
    Aren't you supposed to be do something down here? Something about making your boyfriend commite to marriage?
    However, you are distracted from your repieve by a small tapping noise, like someone shaking a marble in a glass jar.
    "Hey, lady, are you alright?" a small, muffled voice inquires.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:28 No.7894186
    Check out where the voice is coming from, whatever it is, I'm sure it means us only the best of intentions.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:30 No.7894209
    Wow, you're really not going to railroad us into doom and gloom? I'm am pleasantly surprised.

    Ignore the tapping for now. Let's take a look around the room and see what there is. Later, or maybe tomorrow, we should see a doctor about that fainting spell we just had.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:31 No.7894217
    *I am

    Please excuse that horrendous assault on the English language.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:35 No.7894277
    Going against your natural inclination of curiousty, you decide to ignore the small voice.
    After all, this is where your boyfriend keeps some pretty nasty stuff. Maybe it isn't in your best interest to be sticking your nose into random cursed books.
    Still a little shaken from your previous, erm,
    you begin to look through the cellar, taking extra precaution not touch ANYTHING that looks remotely demonic.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:37 No.7894318
    ...and? What do we see/find?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:40 No.7894354
    Hmm, a weird staff, some glowy rock amulet thing, some book with odd symbols that make your eyes hurt when you stare at it too long, a gigantic skull, a much smaller skull, a small scroll with the word wish on it in bright pink letters, a picture of some old frowning man-
    Hold on, what was that last one?
    Holy Shit- from the looks of it, it really is some sort of magical scroll that would grant you a wish!

    You may need to reschedule that appointment with Dr. Brightwhite McRainbowcakes.

    Suddenly, you hear a knock without.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:42 No.7894371
    A knock without a what?
    >Why, a knock without the door
    A knock without a door? What is this, Zen or something?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:44 No.7894398
    Where is the knocking sound coming from?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:45 No.7894415
    Oh fuck, it's the viking. Just ignore it for now. We don't have time to do that crazy ritual to put the wards back in place. Besides, if it's our bf then he has the keys.

    Take the Wish scroll, but don't use it yet. And for the love of god don't reschedule Dr. Brightwhite McRainbowcakes, do you have any idea how much he charges? Now, a small skull you say? Hmm. Let's go find out what that annoying tapping sound is.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:46 No.7894421
    Use the scroll to wish for the strength to be able to keep him home.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:50 No.7894475
    You decide to ignore the knocking noise. If it's your boyfriend, he knows damn well enough to let himself into the house, and if it should be anyone else, you don't need the extra distraction and the wards built into the house are specifically designed to keep unwanted intruders away.
    You turn to where the small noise was coming from, and discover a small fairy of some sort trapped in a glass jar.
    "Hello, lady" it says in mildly annoyed tones, "took you long enough,"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:52 No.7894493
    "What is it? I'm trying to find something here, but I think I've got it."
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:52 No.7894497
    rolled 6 + 1 = 7

    Activate girlfriend class feature: PMS Rage.
    Roll for Init
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:56 No.7894567
    Wait, is this a d6 or d20 system?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)19:57 No.7894592
    rolled 3 + 1 = 4

    It can be whatever you want it to be ;D
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:05 No.7894695
    Ask pixie/fairy what she wants.
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)20:07 No.7894717
    "Hey, hey, lady," the fairy says, waving it's arms in a defensive pose
    "Don't go dumping on me just because it's your time of the month. Speaking of which, it's nearly my time of the month- that is, the end of my summoned period.
    Thing is, some jerk sealed me up here, and I can't get in or out. Do a pal a favor and let me go, okay?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:08 No.7894732
    "That's preposterous! Everyone knows that when a summon's time is up they just disappear back to wherever they came from. Why do you lie?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:10 No.7894757
    Clearly, the intelligent thing to do for any competent young lady in that situation is to gird up her loins, and march off to help finish off all the long running problems your paramour has. Ever. If he doesn't have anything he can legitimately be dealing with, he pretty much has to stop ignoring you. That, or you just attach yourself to him, and go along on the wacky adventures. Either they won't actually be dangerous for you, or if he has to wreck shit in a fortress of evil or w/e, you just stay in town/other safe, but close area and wait for him to come back.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:13 No.7894781
    Or we could use magic to make him stop ignoring us.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:13 No.7894794
    Ask why we should let her go? What is she?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:16 No.7894830
         File1265159767.jpg-(414 KB, 477x1241, 1252111698315.jpg)
    414 KB
    Grab the fairy, lick her like a popsicle. Manually. As a girl yourself you know which parts to focus on.
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)20:16 No.7894835
    "Alright lady, you wanna get technical?
    This jerk, who shall remain nameless, has put anti-summoning wards around this particular piece of property.
    That means stuff can't be summoned into the defined boundareis, great if you do want to wake up with a dozen assasin imps hanging around, but bad for me because it also prevents any summons to bring something OUT as well.
    Now I don't know what will happen if I'm here when my summoned period is over and I'm summoned back to fairyland, but I don't want to stick around to find out." it says, and takes a moment to get down on one knee and raise it's arm in a gesture of pitiful supplication
    "Please, help a poor sprite down on his luck. It ain't my fault I got summoned by some wackjob lich,"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:18 No.7894871
    Hmm, 76 posts before porn request. Better than I expected.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:18 No.7894875

    "How do I know this isn't some clever ploy to have me release you so you can pull all sorts of mischief or wor--wait, what was that about the lich?"
    >> Abaddon 02/02/10(Tue)20:19 No.7894901
    Don't listen to the fea
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:20 No.7894912
    "Yeah! Or that you might just go back to him! How do I know you're not trying to trick me?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:23 No.7894949
    Gee, ya think?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:24 No.7894969
    I always solve this by having my loved one follow the party. DM's love it when you give them plot hooks.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:27 No.7894998
         File1265160424.gif-(1.09 MB, 275x155, claw_wire.gif)
    1.09 MB
    Do the Batusi.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:27 No.7895010
         File1265160472.gif-(755 KB, 275x155, coffin.gif)
    755 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:28 No.7895018
         File1265160509.gif-(1.15 MB, 275x155, family_chicken.gif)
    1.15 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:29 No.7895025
         File1265160548.gif-(715 KB, 275x155, featherbottom.gif)
    715 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:29 No.7895033
    follow him, because surely he will be able to protect you
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:29 No.7895037
         File1265160579.gif-(485 KB, 275x155, gm_punch.gif)
    485 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:30 No.7895045
    He's not home right now. And we've already got a scroll of Wish to make him settle down with us. No need to be put in mortal danger by following him into dungeons and shit.
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)20:31 No.7895052
    "Oh dear lady, kind lady, most noble, beautiful, magnumnious, ecunimical, lady," Here things have gotten a little bit ridiculous as the sprite begins to wallow on it's stomach
    "I'm but a poor fey who was in the wrong summons in the wrong place. Don't ask me why an evil lich would summon a good alligned Sprite, such as myself, with such pitiful array of puny spells,(Probably crazy, glad he's dead, he was such a horrible dresser, he looks so much better as a paper weight, his skull really brings a sense of jovality to the room) but the ways of you big type folks are beyond my lowly intelligences comprehension.
    PLEASE, by the light of the Seven, LET ME OUT. If you do this, I promise that no harm will come to you or yours. I'll just be gone and on my way, back to fairyland.
    So come on, PLEAAASE?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:33 No.7895072
         File1265160802.gif-(418 KB, 275x155, magic.gif)
    418 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:34 No.7895080
         File1265160842.gif-(727 KB, 275x155, mole.gif)
    727 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:34 No.7895087
         File1265160876.gif-(487 KB, 275x155, party.gif)
    487 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:35 No.7895089
    He seems harmless,
    what the hey, let him out
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:36 No.7895105
         File1265160977.gif-(924 KB, 312x176, arrested dev dance 3.gif)
    924 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:36 No.7895106
    "...know that my boyfriend is the one who dealt with that lich, and should you be lying and try to get revenge somehow he can easily handle even a threat like that with ease.

    Regardless, I have a few more things to check here before I go and redo the wards, so you'll have to wait a minute."

    Check the skulls to see if they're mimirs. Maybe they have an idea that could help us.
    >> Abaddon 02/02/10(Tue)20:38 No.7895141

    Stop, don't talk to anything else. Leave this place now and reseal the wards. tell your boyfriend that you peeked inside.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:39 No.7895157
    how do we keep becoming these things, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:41 No.7895180
         File1265161293.jpg-(28 KB, 495x465, gayracula.jpg)
    28 KB

    something doesn't feel right about this.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:42 No.7895197
    Instead of a vampire, let's become a mortal sorceress, that way we can actually adventure with our BF.

    Tell him that you would like a nice spellbook from his next adventure, to put in the library as a conversation piece. Be sure to butter him up with how his adventures always get the neighbor's approval.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:45 No.7895242
    The Sprite settles back into a sitting position and lets out a sigh.
    "Sure, sure, take your time," it says (you can't really see if it is male of female because of the distortions of the glass bottle)
    "Just don't forget about me, okay?"
    With that, you turn away from the fae and turn your attention to the skulls. The largest one is of some creature or another, probably slain by your boyfriend. The other is human, and despite the fact tjat it has been cloven in twain, probably by a sword or axe of some sort, jewels of some variety or another have been set into eyes.
    Cautiously you pick it up and speak
    "Hello? Is anyone home?"
    "Hmph, if you're looking for a conversation" the imp says with a small note of frustration "You should have tried to talk to the lich before his phylactry was destroyed" and pauses a moment to get up and begin to pace before continuning a conversational tone "Admitedly he probably would've tried to suck your soul out through your arshole, but that's niether here nor there...."
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:49 No.7895290
    The skull of a lich?

    That's probably a fairly magical artifact right there.

    Free the pixie in return for information on where to find beginner's level magic education.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:49 No.7895301
    Well, that's good to know. Has the knocking from the door stopped?

    Oh, idea! We might not know how to use a scroll, but in exchange for the fairy showing us how to do it, we let him/her go. After making the Wish to make sure it didn't trick us, of course.
    >> Abaddon 02/02/10(Tue)20:50 No.7895311

    Leave. This doesn't end well for you. Go run from this place lock the door, seal the wards, put a closet in front of the cellar, wrap chains around that, build a gate in front of it, cement that in, get dwarfs to vault that in, and destroy the key
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:51 No.7895321
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:52 No.7895331
    Nah, just take the scroll and leave. Do the dance thing to reseal it and try to remember if we know how to use a scroll.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:53 No.7895349
    Well this guy posts about as often as UM so maybe we'll have some fun with it after all.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:54 No.7895367
    "If I let you go," you say, with a hint of fear, hope, and excitment in your voice, "would it be possible for you to teach me magic?"
    "Lady," the sprite says after blowing air frustratedly through its nose, "I would teach you to turn straw into gold and mud into husbands if it meant you would let me go,"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:55 No.7895381
    Fucking faggots.
    >> Abaddon 02/02/10(Tue)20:56 No.7895388

    Stop don't go, your boyfriend is almost here. we can finally have a full talk with him, just leave this room.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:56 No.7895395
    "But you just said that you wanted to be freed so that you could go home. And magic doesn't seem like something that takes only a few hours to learn. You're just saying what I want to hear. I got what I came here for; I'll be going now. But don't worry, the anti-summoning wards will probably just make it so that you don't go back. You *probably* won't die."
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:56 No.7895398
    Make it take an oath first, then let it go and have it teach us magic
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)20:57 No.7895408
    And then take the scroll and leave the basement, redoing the wards, in case it wasn't obvious.

    Alright, but if talking doesn't work we use the Wish.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:08 No.7895546
    And with that, you turn on your heel and begin to make your way out of the room when the imp begins to shout once more
    You ignore the creatures' begging entreaties and are about to lock the door when something catches your eye: the creature has written something on it's jar container. It appears to be have written in a greenish purple ink, and-
    wait a second, that's not ink, that's it's own blood!
    The sprite, seeing that it has your attention, places it bloody palm over its' heart and closed its' eyes,
    "I swear," it recites, "by the seven bright ones and the sacred mother, to serve you loyally to my fullest ability, to have no master other than you, to keep the sacred bounds of the sigils, and to teach you, honestly and without guile, all that I know about magic, during the duration of my stay within this mortal realm, consisting of fifteen days, nine hours, fourty four minutes, and thirty seconds"
    It then looks up at you with a pitiful glance, and says, weary with exhaustion,
    "Now, will you please let me out?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:11 No.7895580
    Hmm, I say we still leave him, just to fuck with the DM
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:13 No.7895607
    "Tell you what. I'm going to leave now. This isn't the kind of thing that should be decided on the spot. I'll come back tomorrow with my decision."

    I figure, by tomorrow we should have him, one way or another, and then we won't need magic and he'll be here to keep us safe so there won't be any harm in letting it out.
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)21:21 No.7895700
    You pause for a moment, and then shrug,
    "Listen, you seem like a nice, well, whatever you are, but my boyfriend generally keeps things locked in this cellar because they're dangerous. Listen, why don't I go talk to him about you, and see what he says. After that, well, we'll see where it goes,"
    At this point, the sprite just turns away and begins beating its' head against it's glass container.
    With a small shrug, you turn the key in the lock, whistle the overture to Theldspar's third movement, carefuly hope on your right foot on every second grey flagstone, and remove your crystal pendent with a counterclockwise twist from the small indentation in the wall.
    There, nothing is getting out of THAT cellar.
    You quickly climb up the steps, taking them three at a time, with your heart filled with joy. Maybe this time, you'll to talk directly and plainly with your boyfriend, and he'll understand.
    And if that doesn't work, there's always the wish scroll you've secreted away in your pocket.
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)21:23 No.7895740
    You enter the hallway, and catch a glimpse of someone in muddy clothes standing in the foyer.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:23 No.7895741
    >Wish scroll
    "I wish I was my boyfriend. and he was me."
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:24 No.7895746
    Well, nothing to do now but wait for him to come home. Unless that really *was* him earlier, in which case he probably let himself in.

    Oh, and what time is it, approximately?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:25 No.7895760
    Huh. Do we recognize him?

    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:27 No.7895793

    I thought we had shit up around the house to keep intruders out!
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)21:30 No.7895824

    >it is a little after midday.

    With a little inspection, you see it is your boyfriend, a little battered and muddy but very, very happy to see you.
    He hands you a bunch of Flowers, which look suspiciously like the ones that grow beside the road to town, and opens his arms wide to hug you.

    "Honey," He says, "I've missed you so much,"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:32 No.7895860
    Hug him back
    >Goddamit, I didn't sit through Vampire quest only to mess up our one chance for good end
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:34 No.7895881
    (I know. I don't care if we have to use the Wish to completely change the laws of the multiverse but by god, we will have GOOD END.)

    Take flowers, hug him. Ask him if he wants to clean up and then go somewhere for lunch.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:41 No.7895955
    >With a little inspection, you see it is your boyfriend, a little battered and muddy but very, very happy to see you.

    Well, at least he appreciates having us here. Now we just need to make him understand that we want him to be around more because we feel the same way about him.

    Return hug, put flowers in vase.
    >> RQAN 02/02/10(Tue)21:44 No.7895995
    A sense of wistfulness and determination overtakes you, and hug him as tightly as possible.
    "Woah, woah" He says after a minute, "I've only been home for five minutes," and distangles himself from your embrace to tiredly flop on the couch.
    He empties his backpack and places a bag of 50 gold coins on the table. "Orc loot" he says.."Or in our case, food and clothes for both of us for the entire year".

    "Sweetie," you begin to say, but are cut off by a wave of your boyfriends hand

    "Oh, and the King wants you to have this," he says, nonchallantly, handing you a diamond-encrusted Tiara.
    "It's for the harvest feast in two months. Hopefully I'll have defeated the Vampire Lord by then. You'll be so beautiful in the King's court, wearing that white dress and that Tiara! All the ladies will be jealous! Don't get to attached though, it's a loaner."
    And, having said his piece, and left a small depoist of soil on the couch, turns to put his feet up on the divan.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:46 No.7896012

    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:47 No.7896031
    wish to change bodies with boyfriend
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:49 No.7896054
    Try again. He's said his bit, and we don't have TV here (I'm guessing). There's nothing to distract him now. Ask him to clean up so we can get lunch and relax, maybe talk for a bit. He did just get back; surely he's had enough killing for a few days at least and would want to spend some time talking to us?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:50 No.7896059
    Try to remain calm, we haven't come this far to have marriage and a stable relationship be sabotaged because ouy boyfriend is kind of tired after killing a whole encampment of orks.
    Sit down on the sofa next to him, and quietly broach the subject of maybe going out to see a bard or something
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:51 No.7896073
    We are not going to give up that easily.Sit down on his lap and don't let him up until he talk with us. He needs to realize that we need him around more.
    >> Abaddon 02/02/10(Tue)21:53 No.7896105
    Ask him to wait. We just want to see him for a few hours before he departs, after all when was the last time he visited.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:55 No.7896130
    So, I take it, one way or another, Vampire Bride Quest finished?

    (sage for OOC talk in a quest thred.)
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)21:57 No.7896157
    Yeah. It got archived, check sup/tg/.

    sage for non-relevant conversation.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:00 No.7896211
    "Honey," you say again, though this time witha bit more force "I think wee need to talk,"
    "Sure, what about?" he asks, suddenly at attention. There, now that's got his attention.
    You sit down on couch next to him, and look him earnestly in the face
    "I need to talk to you about us; you see I-"
    "Oh, hold onto that thought for a second," He says, and abruptly gets up, making his way to answer the door.
    You sigh frustratedly and fold your arms over your lap as you hear conversation from the outside. Most of it is muffled, but you're able to make out a cry of
    Oh gods, that can only mean one thing
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:02 No.7896233

    Why you do dis? We were making progress!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:06 No.7896281
    "Eliphas, my main brotherly man,"
    Oh for the love of the seven-not that knuckle headed paladin.
    You hear your boyfriend chuckle at something and then say
    "Really? Well, don't worry, I got you covered. My girlfriend, nah, she won't mind. This house is so big I get lost in it some times.:
    Oh no.
    He can't possibly be thinking-
    He wouldn't
    He couldn't
    "Hey," your boyfriend says as he pokes his head around the doorjamb "My party needs some place to crash, so I said they could stay here while we finish resuppling,"
    He did.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:06 No.7896290
    Oh no, he is NOT going out on the town with one of his friends. Get in there, start out nice, but if whoever it is doesn't take the hint by god we will force him to leave. This is important!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:06 No.7896296
    It wouldn't be much fun if everything was handed to us on a silver platter, would it?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:06 No.7896297
    Slap him. Walk off without saying another word. Be passive-aggressive.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:08 No.7896316
    Are you kidding, he'll never realize why we're mad. He'll just chalk it up to "women". No, we need to be assertive. Those fucks can go stay at an inn or something. This is our time with him, and we barely see him as it is. WE ARE NOT GOING TO SHARE.
    >> Abaddon 02/02/10(Tue)22:09 No.7896321

    no don't slap him, grab some of the gold from the table and hand it to the party, they can go to the inn tonight. The we need some alone time with our BF.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:10 No.7896334
    You know, for vampire quest we ran off and became an evil sorceress and got our boyfriend killed because we wanted attention.

    we should really tell /r9k/. They'll love it.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:10 No.7896342

    holy crap they're going to ruin all your furniture! insist that they must sleep on the floor and not track mud inside the house.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:11 No.7896360
    Is this worth an archive?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:13 No.7896389
    Not yet. Wait and see if we hit autosage or make some more progress. But I'd say this has promise.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:15 No.7896406
    Don't make them stay at an inn, you'll just upset your boyfriend. Let them stay at your house, and then when they wreck the place, use it to endlessly guilt-trip him.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:19 No.7896464
    Well maybe he needs to know what it feels like to be upset and not be able to be with your friends and loved ones because they're somewhere else.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:29 No.7896634

    But he could just go hang out with them! We need him to see how his lifestyle hurts us and make him feel bad about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:30 No.7896649
    "Now just wait a minute," you begin, "I am not going to give up my only time with you since Gods-know-when just to clean up after your friends,"
    Your boyfriend seeems a little taken back, but continues on, nonetheless
    "Come on, baby, it's not like that. You'll barely notice they're here, I promise. Besides, I can't just leave them like this,"
    "If your feeling so magnaminous," you say "Why don't you just put them up at the inn?"
    "Well, I did," your boyfriend says, "But they got kicked out. I mean, how was Eliphas supposed to know that barmaid was the tavernkeepers daughter?"
    "Fine," you say, "I suppose they can say"
    But just as quickly as he appeared, your boyfriend has duck out of sight, shouting
    "Right, anyway, it's about time you met the rest of the team. I picked up a few guys on that last trip through Holdsfast.
    You remember Eliphas, of course,"
    And so saying, the lanky paladin enters the foyer, ducking under the arch to get in, and sits down on the divan.
    In full plate mail.
    "Of course," you say, silently grinding your teeth
    "Then there's Fai'recht-she's new, we picked her up in this wacked out temple,"
    A young women with brown eyes and a single braid of hair enters the room and bows deeply.
    "May the light of the seven shine upon your pathway,"
    "Than there's Sandy-I think you only met her once, but I don't think you remember her because you were being kidnapped by that lich,"
    A young women with dirty brown hair and dark brown cloak enters, sitting down on a chair and putting her feet up on the coffee table.
    "And, well, you know Ertyn,"
    As the old, you perk up a bit as the old dwarven cleric enters into the softest cushions of the couch.
    "Hallo, lassie," He says, "Good to see you again,"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:35 No.7896714
    Hey wow, that doesn't sound like being firm and holding our ground at all! But whatever. We can salvage this. They want to stay? Of course they can! But dearie, dearie me, we wouldn't want to get in their way, would we? No, it's probably for the best we and bf go stay at the inn instead.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:35 No.7896716
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:39 No.7896769
    "So nice to see you all," you say, through clenched teeth before wheeling on your boyfriend and forcibly pulling him over to the doorway
    "Listen, we need to talk. OUTSIDE. NOW'
    "Um, sure," Your boyfriend, startled, replies, and turns back to his friends
    "Um guys," he says "Make yourselves at home, I just gotta go outside for a minute,"
    "See ya,"
    "Man, she has got you whipped-no two ways 'bout it"
    With a glare at Eliphas, who is miming an imaginary whip, you forcibly drag your boyfriend out the main door and slam it behind you.
    "Okay," he says, a tad bit nervous, "What did you want to talk about?"
    >Take it guys?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:42 No.7896816

    start making out with him
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:43 No.7896828
    Lay out our concerns in a calm, yet assertive manner while employing positive communication and good listening skills.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:45 No.7896857
    "Listen sweetie, this is important. You love me right? And you like spending time with me, right? I love you too, and I love it when we get to be together. But you keep going out adventuring for months on end. I know you're doing good, but I hardly ever get to see you. And now you come home, and I wanted us to be able to go out and get lunch, and then the rest of the day and for however long you'll be staying this time we would find stuff to do together, just you and me. But now I can't even have that because your friends are staying at the house, and I know you like them, but you've just spent weeks with them. I just want to be able to be with you.

    I don't want to come on too strong, but... you've done so much for the country already, and you keep having to go farther and farther away each time. You don't have to answer me now, but could you please just think about maybe going on adventures less often?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:50 No.7896921
    Um, if anyone thinks this is crap and shouldn't be said, by all means speak up.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:52 No.7896944

    go for it i'm too lazy to come up with anything else
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:53 No.7896958
    Sounds okay.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:56 No.7896987
    This may not work, the whole reasoning thing. He will most likely listen to his friends if left alone with them for too long. Its our house, and we can hire cleaning help. get him and go to the Inn, leave the friends here.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:59 No.7897018
    Oh. Well I was going to wait and see how he reacted first, then suggest we leave them to a cleaning crew and stay at an inn why they're here.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)22:59 No.7897020
    "Honey, I'm sorry," your boyfriend says, and turns away from you, his check flushed scarlet.
    "I know that I'm not home very often, and that you want me to be with you more, and I would, if I could.
    But I can't. I can't stop what I'm doing. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Please try to understand.
    I love you-I love you more than life itself.
    When I'm out there, fighting zombies, or orcs, or zombie orcs, or whatever, thinking of you and this home has kept me going more times than any potion of healing.
    I promised myself that after I killed the evil dragon that I would do nothing more than spend the rest of my life with you.
    But then that lich turned up, and after that I was knighted, and well" Here he stops to sit crouch down and pick up a few rocks, which he starts to through directionlessly.
    "It's not like I go looking for these kinds of things" he continues "-stuff just happens, and it always seems like it's me and only me who can stop it. I can't help it. It's fate or something."
    He looks at you again,
    "I'm sorry, that our lives are so complicated I-"
    That's it-
    You tap him on the shoulder once, and place your lips on his lips.
    He presses back
    A moment passes, and you slowly unwrap yourself from him.
    "You talk too much, you know that?"
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:00 No.7897028
    what the fuck ? Am I in the Eye of Terror or something? I'm sure this quest just ended yesterday!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:00 No.7897031
    >ending for tonight
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:02 No.7897049
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:04 No.7897073
    >I promised myself that after I killed the evil dragon that I would do nothing more than spend the rest of my life with you.
    >But then that lich turned up, and after that I was knighted, and well...

    It's the same,
    old song
    But with a different meaning since you've been gone

    "I understand. I don't like it, but I understand what you mean. I- I wish there was another hero or adventurer who could do these things.

    Can we at least spend the time we have now before you go off again together? Go out, spend the night at an inn, just you and me?"

    So yeah, we might have to wish for a better hero to do this instead of him.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:05 No.7897078
    Well will you be back sometime?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:08 No.7897105
    Hi, I'm the OP of Girlfriend Quest.

    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:10 No.7897131
    Hi, I'm the guy that suggested Girlfriend become villainess to get hero's attention AND I AGREE WITH YOU
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:13 No.7897167
    You know, that pixie WILL sell you out to the lich, notice that nobody ever mentioned anything about a phylactery?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:14 No.7897183
    > UM railroaded us into eating those babies.

    I didn't mind at the time since Andy just peeled our face off :( and after that fuckup with the holy water , I said pour it on her while she's asleep but NOBODY EVER LISTENS
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:15 No.7897193
    Who said we're going to free it? Also, fuck you, you're not running this anymore. And it was indeed mentioned that they destroyed the plycantary.

    >BAWWWWW, people are having fun with an idea I had that didn't work for me but is now working for someone else!
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:16 No.7897206
    I know! I was saying we should do it too, but nooooooooo, she might be expecting it. Seriously? /tg/ can be so stupid sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:21 No.7897263

    GFQ OP here. I'm happy someone's going to do GFQ, I really am, but the metagaming hurts my eyes.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:25 No.7897323
    Well what do you expect? We're given a chance to do this and not screw up. Besides, there's enough differences to make it worthwhile, the new OP isn't so full of himself that he foolishly tries to run three different quests at once, and we've already diverged quite a bit from the original.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:28 No.7897343

    UM has concluded his quest. Boyfriend dies, we are officially evil vampire sorceress , we have a posse of imps and a whore minion... but we will have sequel ! After all the Vampire Lord isn't dead ! And we are now set on a path to POWER with no human love to stop us.

    The quest got generic so UM ended it.

    not saging, VBQ and GFQ are very fucking related.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:29 No.7897361
    Bit late there, aren't you?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:30 No.7897374

    I just logged on, nigger.
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:40 No.7897463
    >> Goddamit, I didn't sit through Vampire quest only to mess up our one chance for good end

    well it's /tg/'s fault, with the same fucking anon going WALK INTO SUNLIGHT every 3rd post.


    (Maybe this is taking place in the afterlife.. since our vampire winry is soulless and bf AND his party have all died.. perhaps this is the Wish she never knew how to cast)
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:45 No.7897506
    Goddammit GM where are you? Don't make me break out the Katana Imps on you pockmarked ass
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:48 No.7897526
    >> Anonymous 02/02/10(Tue)23:57 No.7897632

    >> Undead Monstrosity 02/03/10(Wed)01:41 No.7898960
    If you found the ending unsatisfying, you have my sympathies. I didn't see a better one coming, and it was the best I could manage.

    Oh, come on. When was I going to get another chance to have you do that and have it actually be a logical occurrence? The moment was too good to pass up!

    Apparently this is one of those "play the game until you get to see all the endings" bits. I didn't even know quests did those. Will be amusing to see if it manages success.

    Your not minding the blatant "suddenly, you ate a toddler" that I pulled warms my heart.

    Still haven't decided where the sequel will go, but the heroine will probably have ascended into one of those superpowerful shadowy background figures by then. I'll likely choose or invent someone to make the new main character.

    Won't be for a while, anyway.

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